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Item level and Mythic+ changes

With the incoming release of The Emerald Nightmare in Mythic, we have decided to increase the item level cap. The new cap is now 895 and Mythic will be increased to 15 in order to reflect the release mentioned above. Item level from drops will rise up to 875, with the weekly chest granting a base item level of 880. We have bigger news coming soon!

Mythic 1: 840 Mythic 2: 845 Mythic 3: 845 Mythic 4: 850 Mythic 5: 850 Mythic 6: 855 Mythic 7: 855 Mythic 8: 860 Mythic 9: 860 Mythic 10: 865 Mythic 11: 865 Mythic 12: 865 Mythic 13: 870 Mythic 14: 870 Mythic 15 and above: 875

All weekly chests will remain the same and all loot you obtain has a chance to proc an upgrade up to 895!

Stay tuned and have fun!

October 11, 2017
Cross-faction enabled!

As you can see most of our Gul'dan realm population moved to our other successful realms Sylvanas and Garrosh, mostly resulting from the fact the expansion wasn't that popular to start off with. Because of that, you guys suggested this idea, and we hope this can make Gul'dan enjoyable again for many of you. We'll be implementing Cross Faction, this feature has proven to be popular on Garrosh and helpful, so we've agreed to add it to Gul'dan.

Cross-Faction allows members from the Horde or Alliance to party together as if they were from the same faction. You will be able to have and make mixed raids, dungeons, guilds. Player vs. Player will be faction locked, and the realm will remain that way as well. We expect with this to allow more content to be done, such as Hellfire Citadel which is been under development, new releases soon, and as well to keep the realm enjoyable for everyone. This will be released on October 10th, 2017.

Thank you all and have a good game!

October 9, 2017
The Emerald Nightmare (Mythic)

The true challenge has arrived at Firestorm! Emerald Nightmare Mythic is ready to be unleashed upon Sylvanas! Beware of the dangers ahead, because on that plane of existence nothing is always what it looks like! Are you prepared to face on the nightmare the opponents you thought defeated?

Gather your friends, guild mates and fight the Nightmare! The Emerald Nightmare in mythic mode will be available on October 11th, 2017 at 18:00 (server time)!

October 3, 2017
Vault of the Wardens

Today, we'll be releasing on Sylvanas with all bosses available. All difficulties, loot, and achievements will be available too!

September 18, 2017
Black Rook Hold

Today, we'll be releasing on Sylvanas with all bosses available. All difficulties, loot, and achievements will be available too! We're working on,,, and they will be available soon.

September 12, 2017
Mythic Rankings

Today, we're releasing our newest addition to the website that is the Mythic Ranking. On this page, you can view the current affixes, mythic level, time, group, and date of completion. Each week the ranking will reset. You can check out this new feature by visiting the Mythic Rankings page!

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August 22, 2017
New arena season (15 #3)

The current season on our Mists of Pandaria realm will end on Wednesday, July 26th, 2017. We will launch the new season a week after on Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017. This will leave a week of inter-seasons.

The conquest points will be reset when the new season is set. You will have a week, with the inter-season to spend your remaining points. Titles except Gladiator seasons will be removed, and the achievements will remain.

The rewards will be distributed only to 3v3 teams. Here are the level of rewards:

1 - 15: Brutal Gladiator, and the mount 16 to 30: Gladiator, and the mount 31 to 100: Duelist, 101 to 200: Rival and 201 to 300: Challenger and

About rated battlegrounds, Hero of the Alliance / Hero of the Horde with the achievement / will be given to for the top 10 players in rated battlegrounds who have won at least 50 games. 

Good luck and congratulations to all participants.

July 7, 2017
Shop Update

For the past two months, the web development team has been working on a huge update to the shop. Let's dive straight into this update, examine what's new and changed to the shop. We have removed the old layout of the shop. The new design features improvements to the user interface and navigation. You won't be lost any more when navigating around the shop!

Most of our feedback from players was about the prices, we've done a clean sweep of the shop and reduced the price on mostly everything in the shop! If that's not enough for you, we've added new items, mounts, pets, and more items to the shop. Time to be fabulous, we've added Warlords of Draenor's transmogrifications onto the Legion shop. Are you ready for the next transmog contest?

We have improved our "Character Marketplace" to enhance the privacy of your account when you sell a character your name and guild will no longer be displayed. To top off the cherry we've implemented, a new feature called "Highlight my Character" that allows your character to be displayed first with 5% more charge. As well, we've increased the sale tax from 15 percent to 25 percent when selling a character.

Weekly Promotions (also known as; Special Offers) this system will display special offers for items that are on discount on the shop. Don't have enough points for this one favorite mount? No stresses, possibly your most loved mount will be added to the weekly special offers system at a reduced price! Artifact Appearance requested a lot by the community has been added to our shop! This way you can get them faster! Need a specific look? Now, you can choose your favorite!

Most of the suggestions for the shop update were taken from the forums and Facebook. In addition, the site is expected to have scheduled maintenance as we integrate the new shop to the website.

June 24, 2017
A true Vanilla experience arrives at Firestorm!

Many people wonder what's next for Firestorm Servers, and we'll let you know many things are coming. However, it's with great pleasure that we'll be announcing our newest project to Firestorm; this has been a project that we thought about for years. We have decided to commit ourselves to offering a stable realm to the community! Are you ready to travel back in time and explore Vanilla? Firestorm is proud to introduce you our newest realm "Blackrock".

Blackrock will release content following a predefined timeline similar to the patch release calendar made by Blizzard in 2004. All content will be progressively unlocked to let player experience the initial experience of World of Warcraft.

Why choose Firestorm over other any other Vanilla project that exists:

A team who has ten years of experience in World of Warcraft private servers. We can guarantee your characters won't be deleted or wiped resulting from to technical issues or something. We have daily backups of the databases. Unlike other projects that support English, we'll have English, French, and Spanish community to provide support in those languages (Game Masters, Forum, and Technical Support). We have a well developed DDoS protection after 10 years of improvements which guarantees no realm unavailability Nostalrius core is used as a base in order to keep developing on a quality proved code base A fresh start with progressive releases of content.

Realm Details:

All experience rates will be x1-5. Ability to support up to 10,000 players online. Realm type: Player vs .Player (PvP). Progressive release of the content. No shop at the opening.

The development of other expansions isn't affected at all since it's handled by old developers who stepped back from the Private Server community a few months/years ago and came back to offer us to open a Vanilla realm on Firestorm. Most of us are early World of Warcraft players who have played Vanilla! We are proud, eager to work and play on a realm that offers the first version of World of Warcraft that was so amazing. The realm will be opening on July 1st, 2017.

June 20, 2017
Legion: Summer Content Patch

Do you need more of a challenge on our Legion expansion? Here is our newest update pack of content that comes out on Wednesday, June 7th, 2017. 

The raid "The Emerald Nightmare" will be released in heroic. This version of the raid has been tested for several weeks, and many players have confirmed that this one was ready for an official exit. Mythic mode will be available on all the dungeons that already exist;,,, and . For those who aren't familiar yet with mythical mode, a detailed guide on how it works is available here. The new dungeon will also be opened. It will be available in all modes (normal, heroic, and mythical ). We decided to announce the arrival of the first real arena season on Sylvanas. For the arrival, we will implement the new version of Blade’s Edge Arena. We will update the max item level to  885. We will add a good part of the High mountain zone. This will include the first five chapters (out of 7 total) and as well four new World Bosses;,,, and 

Are you ready for this update patch? We wish you a good game!

June 6, 2017