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15 March 2022

[Revendreth][Campaign]Break Out should only be captured once and becomes friendly at the end of the channel

Currently, a player can channel the same captive multiple times to get the 6 credits and will directly reward the quest

Quest :
Proof :
How it should be :
[Revendreth][Campaign] The Traitor

In addition to the issues listed below

This sentence must be launched only once, currently on the Dev, the NPC launches this sentence in a loop.

On approach:

Sinkeeper Mateo says: Come for the mirror shard, have you? I am afraid I can not let you have it.

This sentence is missing

Sinkeeper Mateo yells: Come sinners! Serve your master!

Proof :
How it should be :
Quest :
[Revendreth][Campaign]Crypt Crashers

Missing speech

As you're exploring near the crypts

Excavation Enforcer says: Don't try to hide anything you find. The Sire will not take kindly to any more treachery.

Excavation Enforcer says: Leave no stone unturned. The Master wants the Curator's stolen goods returned!

Excavation Enforcer says: Keep digging! We will find every artifact the traitor has.
[Revendreth][Campaign]Special Access have no abilities, she should have all listed below :

|T132303:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:329013|h[Blink Step]|h|r
|T1373912:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:328287|h[Heart Strike]|h|r
|T1357803:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:344663|h[Shattered Psyche]|h|r

Same for no abilities, he should have
|T136047:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:328286|h[Nimble Dodge]|h|r
|T1357803:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:344663|h[Shattered Psyche]|h|r

The same for she should have

|T3528312:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:328411|h[Dark Bolt]|h|r
|T3528307:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:329414|h[Twilight Restoration]|h|r

Also there is no speach at all

Upon engaging Examiner Ionata
Ionata says: I control the crypt! You will not take this from me!

Upon defeating Examiner Ionata
Examiner Ionata says: No... This was my chance... to make it.

Upon engaging Examiner Boian
Examiner Boian says: I do not fear you, mortal. Taste my blade!

Upon defeating Examiner Boian
Examiner Ionata says: Impossoble. The blade failed me...

Upon engaging Examiner Daciana
Examiner Daciana says: The artifacts will be claimed in our Master's name!

Upon defeating Examiner Boian
Examiner Daciana says: The knowledge... we could have had.

Approaching Nourman
Nourman says: Oi! Boss says no one goes in unless their fangs be right.
[Revendreth][Campaign]Mirror, Mirror...

In addition of the two issue listed below

Missing speech

On accept
The Curator says: Now that we have all of our components we can proceed.

The Curator says: Once the mirror is complete, remember to apply the Death Lotus Powder. If you do not you... well it is definitely not good.

The Curator channels a spell on the mirror and completes it.

Entering the mirror without the powder

The Curator says: My memory may be going... but yours seems to be going even faster. Use the powder to enter safely.

Proof :
How it should be :
Quest :
[Revendreth][Campaign]Break Out they should have these spells :

|T3199068:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:328969|h[Knife Toss]|h|r
|T1357803:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:344663|h[Shattered Psyche]|h|r

Also;mode:lfr dont have any spell, it should have this one |T3528306:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:328414|h[Soul Flay]|h|r
[CN][Generals] Denathrius' Room Door

How should it work:
The Door to Denathrius's Room suppose to be closed until you kill Generals.

How it is working:
Right now the door is open and you can pull Denathrius.
[Bastion][Campaign] Return Lost Souls

Currently, the weekly quest isn't available
[ToP][Gorechop] Adds vs ragging

Adds on Gorechop are affected by Raging, but all boss adds should be affected by it. Also adds are doing way bigger dmg when jumping.
[TOP][xav the unfallen] - banner vs raging

Banners on are also enraging , they ofc shouldn't.
[TOP] Miniboss Aggro Range

The Minibosses are supposed to see through invis and stealth abilities.
The only way to skip them is with Stealth/Invis + Distract to reduce aggro range
[ToP] portals vs druid forms

description of bug
there is a serious issue with the interaction of druid with the portal in the necromancer zone
when they use the portal they go back into human form which is a big problem for a guardian druid as once they exit the portal they are in human form and will take high damage or other player will be killed if they dont go back into bear form again

how to reproduce
go to the necromancer zone use one of the portal in any druid form(cat,bear etc) and you will be turned into human form whn you use it

how it should be
the druid form should not change when he uses the portal he should be in the same form in which he entered with

[retail proof]()
[ptr proof]()
[NW] Monstrosity Hitbox

The monstrosity casts Chill Schyte : |T338484:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:324381|h[Chill Scythe]|h|r
The hitbox of the ability isnt correct atm.
Low priority cause fighting this mob is like arguing with parents on videogame addiciton. pointless


13 August 2021

[Misc] 8.3 Recipes loot chances

Dev note: Every 8.3 recipes have had their loot chances increased to 1% if it was below (and for some it was a lot below) to make things easier and less frustrating.

10 August 2021

Teleport visual on fear

When a warlock fears a player with Fear |T136183:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:65809|h[Fear]|h|r or with Mortal Coil |T607853:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:6789|h[Mortal Coil]|h|r a visual bug will happen:

during the fear, the caster will see his target staying on place
after the fear, the target will like "blink" to another place

The bug is seen by the caster and by all other players around, while the target is seing himself running around normally.
Haste and dots scaling

Warlock dots do not scale after 100% haste.

A few examples:

Agony at 0 haste 9 hits, 100% haste 18 hits, at 200 300% also 18 hits
100% haste 18 hits
250%+ 18 hits

1 cast 24 hits

1 cast 45 hits

This applies to ALL dots!! corruption, siphon life etc.

Destruction warlock "Immolate" same promblem 1 cast 12 hits maximum
100% haste 12 hits
250% 12 hits

19 hits

22 hits
[Restoration] Cloudburst Totem

Cloudburst Totem is healing player's pets, making the totem completely useless in raid environments.

|T971076:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:157153|h[Cloudburst Totem]|h|r
Haste and dots scaling

Priests dots do not scale after 100% haste. Should be the correct formula =2/(1+haste) or 3/(1+haste)
[Shadow] Shadowy apparitions

Atm, on live (not PTR/dev), the formulas for auspicious spirits is counting a surplus of +25% damage all the time, as if it was counting the auspicious spirits all the time (with and without the talent)

FS = With talent : shadowy apparitions X1.25 +X1.25
FS = Without talent : Shadowy apparitions X1.25

RETAIL = With talent = Shadowy apparitions X1.25
RETAIL = Without talent = Shadowy apparitions

[Misc] Reputation Buffs
[Quartermaster's Bounty]

This quest is not available in the NPC
also, if you add it to yourself, there is no reward.
[Misc][Essence] Conflict and Strife

Conflict and strife, is not giving procs correctly, Essence restarts in combat all the time making it impossible to sustain the 8 stacks....


In this video from the linked minute, you can see how the mage doing his normal rotation without taking excessive damage gets all 8 conflict stacks in less than 30s. And he keeps them as long as he is in combat.

In firestorm they are constantly restarting in combat, sometimes reaching 8 and sometimes no more than 3.
[Misc][Corruption] Void Ritual

Gain Void Ritual, giving your spells and abilities a chance to increase all secondary stats by every sec for 20 sec. This chance is increased if at least 2 nearby allies also have Void Ritual.

The corruption effect doesn't proc.

Tier 1: |T136194:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:318286|h[Void Ritual]|h|r
Tier 2: |T136194:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:318479|h[Void Ritual]|h|r
Tier 3: |T136194:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:318480|h[Void Ritual]|h|r
[Misc][Corruption] Twisted Appendage vs Versatility
[Misc][Corruption] Twisted Appendage after death

Twisted Appendage, sometimes keep doing damage after damage. From our tests, it was mostly Demonhunter issue using either an order of spell or idk to bug the tentacle.
As Feral druid I always killed it without problems, this is all we know.
Demonhunters might be the cause.
[Corruption] Twisted Appendage vs Changing Target

After Shelby's fixes, if you've a tentacle procced and decide to change target, it will duplicate its damage debuff to your new target.
[Misc][Essence] Ripple in Space R3

|T973919:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:168852::::::::120:::::|h[Stalwart Battlefield Memento]|h|r

Should be sold by:

50x |T1594746:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:168802::::::::120:::::|h[Nazjatar Battle Commendation]|h|r
10x |T236248:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:169614::::::::120:::::|h[Call to Arms Distinction]|h|r

Currently it is not, so you cannot get that Rank 3 for Ripple in Space.
[Misc] Wrathion R4 Tank Essence

Fixed an issue where some players could buy |T135979:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:173311::::::::120:::::|h[Resplendent Warden's Badge]|h|r without having R3 essence
[Misc] Wrong stats on 11th raid boss's azerite stuff

Several players (if not all) are getting Azerite gear with too few stamia on the 11th boss of Ny'alotha,

So for now, we got :

|T3048010:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:174117::::::::120:::::|h[Spaulders of Miasmic Mycelia]|h|r Cloth
|T2917479:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:174166::::::::120:::::|h[Pauldrons of Infinite Darkness]|h|r Plate
|T2978244:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:174136::::::::120:::::|h[Tortured Fleshbeast Cuirass]|h|r Leather
|T3036536:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:174151::::::::120:::::|h[Helm of Actualized Visions]|h|r Mail (not reported yet but 100% it's bugged too)

Dev note: Fixed and gear already looted got corrected !
[Misc][Essence] Memory of Lucid Dream on vendor

If you have the essence as R3 on a character, you should be able to buy it on your alts, but currently it's not possible (the issue seems to only affect this specific essence)
[Misc][General] relog during instance

how its bugged: currently there is huge problem when a player gets disconnected while they are fighting a boss in a raid or dungeon he/she cannot log back in until that boss is dead this can cause huge problem for the player as they wont be able to get loot from that boss they got disconnected on or will cause the entire group to wipe
[Misc][Battlegrounds] Amount of players

There is something wrong with the amount of players in BG, a lot of them proc and stay at around 5v5
[Misc][PVP] Assassin Buff

|T236625:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:264314|h[Horde Assassin]|h|r
|T236590:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:264415|h[Alliance Assassin]|h|r

There are 2 issues related to those buffs right now, which weren't there in 8.1 (it got broken on the switch to 8.2)
The buff can currently be removed by relogging, when you should only lose it once you get killed IN PVP (dying by falling shouldn't remove it for example
you can currently fly with a mount when you have the buff, which shouldn't be possible: you should be "stuck" on the ground like in a no fly zone
[Misc] Bonus roll on arena

how its bugged: if the player does not receive an item of equipment, this item drops out. |T900318:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:163827::::::::120:::::|h[Quartermaster's Coin]|h|r
how it should work: if the player does not receive an item of equipment he receives this item
[Misc] Cloak Corruption Resistance Catch-up

Players now can catchup properly with current corruption resistance with Rank 15 cloak beyond 50 corruption resistance
|T530999:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:169223::::::::120:::::|h[Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve]|h|r
[Misc][Essence] Cooldown glitch

Once you use certain essences you can't see their cooldown. Example The Crucible of Flame: if you use both stacks of the essence it bugs out and the game thinks you only used it once (visually). Same thing with Breath of the Dying, both essences reproduced on dev's as well as live.
This issue has been here since 8.2 patch.
[Misc] Essence vendor issue

Currently the Essence vendor works properly, except for the "group essences" thing.
If you have 3 essences that belong to the same group (all 3 are unlocked in the same way, but the player has to chose between the tank, dps or healer one), having one of those 3 as R3 should unlock all 3 essences on the vendor, and not just the one the player unlocked.

This is designed to help even your main character get the remaining 2 without having to farm more.

15 July 2021

[Demonology]Call Dreadstalkers

Dogs should attaks the main target after adds death.
Currently when the target of the dogs dies, they no longer attack any targets
Tricks of the Trade

Spell: |T236283:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:57934|h[Tricks of the Trade]|h|r

Currently this ability does not work as it should when redirecting to someone/target... This is not triggered and the mobs attack you... as if you have never used the ability.
[Marksmanship] Trueshot + Aimed Shot

Report: / / /
Spells: |T132329:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288613|h[Trueshot]|h|r / |T135130:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:19434|h[Aimed Shot]|h|r

The part "Reduces the cooldown of your Aimed shot by 60%" isn't working (this also cause some visual bug on Aimed Shot tooltip).
[Havoc] Fel Lance

I tested Rain from Above on Retail back then, in 8.3.7.
From my tests this came out:

Rain From Above should take benefit from:
DH's Mastery;
DH's Versatility;

should NOT take benefit from:
DH's Chaos Brand;
DH's Core Passive;

Now, the current bug we have is, it is taking benefit from Chaos Brand, so 5% more damage. Should not be the case.

After saying that, the spell should deal its decent amount of damage without go panik insert meme here

|T1380371:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:206803|h[Rain from Above]|h|r
|T135797:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:206966|h[Fel Lance]|h|r
[Misc][Achievement] Insane in the Membrane

With the recent script of the Darkmoon Faire, we are able to earn this achievement now, but the Feat of Strengh isn't available here.
[Misc][Professions] Preserved Contaminants on crafted gear

Preserved Contaminants should be usable on S4 crafted gear.
[Misc][Quest] Servant of N'Zoth

Hello !
Not "urgent" but I was told to put it here.
This toy makes you hostile to both factions, and sets you in a third one : a Horde player will be hostile to horde players and alliance, but friendly to ones using this toy.
A lot of people are waiting for it on Sethraliss.

[asks you to kill people from your faction, that's the concept]
Horde's quest :
Alliance's quest :
I haven't tested the toy on Retails, but here is what I could fine out :

__Working__ :

You get the right item when you accept the quest
It turns you hostile toward your faction
Other people using this toy are friendly to you (it's a real new faction)
The aura, the looking, sound effects etc work well
The kill counter works well, and after 10 you can reward the quest.
You do get the tittle.

__Not working__ :

Quest is not given when you hit assassin of the Horde / Alliance
The toy (the reason why you make this quest) isn't given as a reward, nor the 50 conquest.
(Not sure how it should work !) Dying should make the quest fail.

__Other informations I could find on wowhead, unchecked yet__ :

You will be neutral to your faction's NPCs, not outright hostile. You are able to traverse through your faction's areas without being attacked, __but you will be unable to interact with any NPCs.__ : I could take quests from Baine as Horde with the aura, and use the flymaster, so I guess broken ?
In N'Zoth invasion zones, invading forces will be also neutral to you
[Misc][Corruption] Twisted Appendage Nameplate

Last issue remaining: the NPC is missing its template (even if you ctrl + V to show nameplates in combat) meaning you have to press tab to target it when you should be able to click on it easily.
[Misc][Essences] Rank 4 visuals

Dev note: every broken Rank 4 visuals from 8.2 essences got fixed as some of them still weren't working (sorry about that !)
[Misc][Corruption] Deadly Momentum

Deadly Momentum has these issues:

doesn't stack;
if you unequip a gear and put it in your bag with this corruption, it will proc;
if you stack it, it prioritize only the Tier 1 corruption;

Note: I don't know if all corruptions have these problems since they don't work. I'll leave the main general card here

Tier 1:
Tier 2:
Tier 3:
[Misc] Change Faction Quests

Some quests would need to be removed when you change faction (WC 8.2.5) because otherwise your progression gets stucked.

List of affected quests:
If you were alliance and switched to Horde :

If you were Horde and switched to alliance :
56496,57088, 57090,57091,57092,57093,57094,57095
[Misc][Achievement] Mad World

Should grant the title "The Faceless One" upon completion, but doesn't at the moment.

Dev note: title reward added, any character that already has the achievement will have to relog in order to get their title !
[PVE][Uldir] MM difficulty closed

For quite some time Uldir in MM difficulty has been closed and thus players can't enter it

Dev note: Indeed, was to fix a usebug but we forgot to reenable it ! Fixed now so you can slap G'huun in his final form !

7 June 2021

[Horrific Vision] Stormwind Achievement

So I've recently done a full stormwind vision clear but i didn't get the achievement for it.
Update: It didnt work on ogrimmar vision either, still no achievement.
[Achievement][Horrific Vision] Full clear visions (+1mask)

As you can see on this gif, I am on a character who has already unlocked 3 masks with all the objectives of facts. Achievements have not been unlocked.

These achievements are important to be able to link and be able to enter groups more easily.


Wowhead links :

Masked Soliloquy :
The Even More Horrific Vision of Stormwind :
The Most Horrific Vision of Orgrimmar :

2 June 2021

[PVE][Ny'alotha] 3rd Wing Release !

Ny'alotha's 3rd wing, 'The Gift of Flesh' is now available on Sethraliss in LFR, NM & HM difficulties !
Shad'har, Drest'agath and Il'gynoth will be waiting for you, so you better be prepared !

For more information:

1 June 2021

[Unholy] Faction swap issue

After joining a BG/Epic BG as Alliance (with horde main faction) or the opposite. We can't use our Abomination, it is unusable and it's big issue since we can't use our burst in one or other way.
It is not an certain map issue, it happen in all BG maps.

|T298667:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288853|h[Raise Abomination]|h|r
[Misc][Achievement] 5 Mask Full Clear

After completing a 5/5 full clear objectives 5 mask vision, you do not recieve the following achievements in the list down.
[PVE][OM] Weaponized Crawler enrage

how its bugged: The Weaponized Crawler cannot be dispelled from the Enrage affix
[PvE][MM+] Obelisk interaction while mounted

While we entering the Obelisks mounted there is the message 'You are mounted' (or smth.) We have to dismount ourself which by blizzlike isn't like that.
How it should work: When we are mounted and click the obelisks we should auto dismount.
[PvE][SotS] Falling to Death

It is currently possible, while jumping in combat, to die to falling damage out of random. Mostly happens before second boss.
[PvE][SotS] Guardian Elemental

Fixed the bug that reflect magic damage spells could not reflect Electrifying Shock (|T136050:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:268233|h[Electrifying Shock]|h|r) But now that spell doesn't apply to tanks. If there is no other target nearby, it does not cast.
[PvE][WM] Devouring Maggot under texture

This buddy is under texture and most likely gets damaged by some aoe therefore puts players into combat forever.
[PVE][WM] Gloom Horror combat bug through wall

As shown on screen, Gloom Horrrors can leap through the texture at this place and cause a combat bug, while being unkillable. They will follow the target, but still stay out of bounds. Dieing will make him try to go at his original place again, but stuck through wall; making people entering the tunnel take aggro again.
[PvE][WM] Matron Bryndle

Currently, this Npc cast "Thorned Barrage" on random target, it should focus only the tank with this ability.

Spell: |T136104:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:265760|h[Thorned Barrage]|h|r
[PVE][SotS] Environment falling

Once we pulled these 2 sets of ads, I got ik at the spot. Not sure if it's a general dungeon bug or something wrong with ads.
[PVE][OM:Workshop] Neutrals shouldn't bolster elites

Neutrals shouldn't bolster elites, that is the case in pack after the second boss and also pack after the third boss where even rat bolsters other big ads.
This issue was found only in this dungeon.
[PVE][AD] Dazar'ai Juggernaut

Dazar'ai Juggernaut shouldn't be able to rush (Merciless Assault) trough solid texture.
This ad has another problem: If you stun the ad while it's rushing somebody and your stun goes off, he still finishes his cast, thus aoe dmg.

wowhead proof:;mode:normal
[PVE][WM] Gloom Horror stuck behind textures

Gloom Horror, when jumping on people beside the walls, can glitch through it and get stuck as on the screen; going far with the aggro does NOT debug the monster.
[PvE][WM] Soulbound Goliath - Soul Harvest

Wowhead link of the spells:
|T463284:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:196098|h[Soul Harvest]|h|r
|T429590:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:260547|h[Burning Brush]|h|r

Soul Harvest doesn't increase the damage of Burning Brush, making the fight significantly easier as you can stack extreme amounts of stacks without getting punished after resetting them. Soul Harvest should increase the damage of Burning Brush causing the group to take insane amount of damage on high stacks.
[PVE][SotS] Vol'zith Shield


When the boss phases and gets a shield (with so much hp that it's more feasible to cut off the cast than to lower the shield). This shield doesn't seem to scale with difficulty level. Since it takes 2M damage (dots etc) to break it and the boss ends the cast by starting the phase again when the players are still in the other phase.
[PVE][OM:Workshop] K.U.-J.O. Venting Flames

How is it bugged: When the boss is casting Venting Flames you can taunt it and shadowmeld and the boss will stop casting.
How it should work:The boss should keep casting.
Wowhead boss link:
Wowhead spell link:|T629054:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:291946|h[Venting Flames]|h|r
[PVE][OM] K.U.-J.0. Box save zone

the firesafe area behind the box is too small
[Misc] Legendary Cloak unobtained

We have several reports of players who complete the quest do not get the legendary cloak.

They do have the quest rewarded, but no cloak in the item logs (and none in bags, obviously).

Dev note: Cloak will be sent by mail to players on login if they have the quest rewarded
[PVE][Workshop] Shield Generators & AoE interaction

Shield Generators appear to be able to be cleaved by AoE & AoE dots, even though they should only be damaged by direct single target damage.
[PVE][OM] Zap Bot

Zap initial dmg is wrong.
In retail in mm0 it should start with 17k (fortified week) base dmg and then increase with keystone lvls (challenger's might buff affects it)
In FS in mm0 base dmg is 4.7k

Retail (Zap: 17k)
[PVE][OM:Junkyard] Zap bot damage

Currently, the buff from the zap bot found in the dungeon looks to both proc at an incredibly low rate (scales with haste but still is way too slow) and deals MASSIVELY underwhelming damage compared to retail.

Attached logs from retail proof, obviously this is with a topend geared character doing massive pulls in the highest key level but it is doing nearly 50% of his overall damage.
[PVE][MM+] Obelisk spawn time at last boss

how its bugged: in firestorm the obelisk at last boss( if any were left) spawn at the same time the boss is pulled which shouldn't happen

how it should work: the obelisk add should spawn after 510 seconds(approx.) after the boss is pulled not at the same time

retail proof(watch from 26:15):
[PVE][OM:Workshop] Explosive Leap

Kujo's Explosive leap is not targeting the correct amount of players per cast, it should be:
1st cast 2 targets
2nd cast 3 targets
3rd cast 3 targets
4th cast and beyond 4 targets

|T1029718:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:291972|h[Explosive Leap]|h|r
[PVE][OM:Workshop] Mechanist's Garden - Hedge

SelfTrimming Hedge is doing way lower dmg to players than should. On +20 tyrannical it hit me only for 35k, where on retail +25 forti it takes over 75% of health.
retail proof:
[PVE][SotS] Last Boss MM+

if you do not kill an awakened mob, for example, a spider, in the sanctuary, then on the last boss it remains in the first phase, and, unattacked, simply kills everyone.
[PVE][OM:Workshop] K.U.-J.0. Boss fight

On retail when the boss casted explosive leap, it would always charge the target that is the furthest away first, and if you used FD or shadowmeld at the right timing, it would not charge the other players and completely stop the cast. but currently on Firestorm it doesnt work like this and keeps leaping into the other players even if you meld it. (Just to precise that this isnt an abuse/exploit it is a normal usage of spells that is blizzlike, you can check high workshop keys and you will see that its what they do)
[PVE][Boralus] Lieutenant's portal destroyed by artillery

Sighted Artillery spell (from Ashvane Spotter) destroys lieutenant's portal, but it should not.
|T132212:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:272421|h[Sighted Artillery]|h|r
[PVE][MM+] Blood of the Corruptor

Blood of the Corruptor, Actually this miniboss, creates areas with the maximum instantaneous size, making it almost impossible to dodge at least 1 hit in very close places... The animation is correct but the hit area is the largest when spawning the puddle.

Defiled ground (|T236296:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:314565|h[Defiled Ground]|h|r) The hitbox should grow together with the animation progressively...
[PVE][SotS] Lieutenant attacking while in an other phase

Any lieutenant pulled with the last boss will not go to players phase but will continue to attack them, making really hard to survive.

How it should work:
[PVE][MM+] Lieutenants respawning

Even though we killed Samh'rek in Junkyard (as you can see on the screenshot) it spawned from obelisk at the last boss again (instead of slime).
[PvE][UR] Feral Bloodswarmer

Hitbox when fixated should be way lower than it is now.

retail proof:

28 May 2021

[Demonology] Imps loss

1.If the imp spawns outside the range, it runs pointblank to the target and then starts casting.
2.Imps should go to the los behind the texture (the threshold for the imp is also texture, because they are small).
solution: if he is in the moose without, he must run to the target and not waste energy until he reaches close range.
on fs: imps run and cast on the go.
[Balance] Balance spells vs shield

|T136060:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:272871|h[Streaking Stars]|h|r
|T132123:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:202770|h[Fury of Elune]|h|r
|T631519:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:202342|h[Shooting Stars]|h|r
If you use these abilities against opponents with shields (Lady Ashvane, Unbound Abomination), the damage from abilities above is not applied.
more info:
Thirsting Blades lost stacks

Once you enter combat in PvP you lose all the stacks of Thirsting Blades which shouldn't happen
retail proof:
[Misc][Essence] Spirit of Preservation R3

After consuming the stacks with Spirit of Preservation R3, the increased% buff should only expire after casting the classspecific Quick Heal (on Hpal it's Flash of Light). Atm it is consumed after any spell is cast (without critting)

|T2967101:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:310530|h[Devout Spirit]|h|r
[Misc][Item] Gouged Eye of N'Zoth

Item from PvP s4 cannot be socket with Gouged Eye of N'Zoth.
Item from mythic+ and mythic0 cannot be socket with Gouged Eye of N'Zoth.
Items from Horrific visions cannot be socket with Gouged Eye of N'Zoth
Trinkets from weekly chest, can't be socket
[Misc] Talent lost in Arena

There are several reports about this issue, like this one:

Basically some classes upon entering an arena, BG or dungeon lose some talents (it's no longer selected on the UI). It seems to only happen with certain talents.

How to reproduce for paladin:

play Ret Pala and select talent Divine Purpose
tag skirmish
before joining the game, use the avenging wrath CD
in the arena you won't have any talent selected for the lvl 100 line

This issue doesn't happen if avenging wrath isn't on CD

Dev note: Fixed, was caused by some wrong function calling when joining the cross server. Every classes that had the issue shouldn't anymore !
[Misc][Achievment] We Have the Technology

Some players didn't get their achievement ( ) even though they completed the necessary requirements. It works fine for the majority of players.

The bug is that when you purchase every talent in the Titanic Research Archive, it's possible that some players get their achievment while others don't even if they completed it on the same day.
[Misc][Quest] Rajani & Uldum Paragon

The 2 quests related to 8.3 paragon reputations cannot be turned in as the NPC doesn't allow it.

Dev note: fixed, now you can return the quest and should properly get your paragon rep reset to 0/10000
[Misc][Corruption] Hunter FD vs Thing From Beyond

When you cast Feign Death, Thing From Beyond should target pet and explode on it.

|T132293:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5384|h[Feign Death]|h|r
|T3004126:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:315184|h[Grand Delusions]|h|r
[Misc][Quest] Call to arms 8.3 / Ripple in Space R3

It's look like there is no Call to Arms available since 8.3 release, also there are 2 new Call to Arms that should be add:

Call to Arms are required to get essence "Ripple in Space" R3.

18 May 2021

[Restoration] Vision of Perfection vs Healing Tide Totem

If VoP procs and you use your Healing Tide Totem, your totem (not VoP) will stay without healing.
If VoP procs once and another proc will occur after few seconds, the totem will do nothing.
If you use your Healing Tide Totem and VoP procs, VoP will stay and do nothing.

|T538569:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:108280|h[Healing Tide Totem]|h|r
Portals missing

Apparently the 2 new allied races cannot learn some portals on any trainers.

Dev note: Fixed ! For some reasons those portals were disabled
[Misc][Achievements] BFA S4 PVP Titles

Titles aren't being awarded upon completion of those achievements:

Dev note: They were indeed missing the title in their reward, fixed now and everyone who had those achievs will obtain upon login their title :)
[Misc][Essence] Formless Void r3 & Focused Iris

When you copy the iris with the formless void, and cast it currently in movement, it casts correctly... But if you continue moving (as iris works in r3) it cancels it automatically as if it was still r2.

[Misc][Essence] Guardian of Azeroth

Guardian of Azeroth must scaling from haste. Proofs:
DH with many haste (and azerite talents very many haste) 1 use 55 casts

much less haste than dh, 27 casts.
12.05.21, DH, 20 casts
[Corruption] Infinite Star range issue

It seems that Infinite Star can only proc when you are between 0 and 15 yard to your target, higher than 15yard there is no way to get proc of this corruption.
Tested with addon "RangeDisplay".

|T236168:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:318488|h[Infinite Stars]|h|r
[Raid][BRF][Blackhand] Platform Missing

When you get to Blackhand, the platform is missing, tried to get to him after the Iron Maidens, also after every boss gets killed, is still not there.
[Raid][Blackrock Foundry] Blackhand

The first platform in the room for Blackhand ( Mythic mode ) disappear when we try to get in. When we get out of the room, platform appears.
[Cataclysm][Raid][Firelands] Reputation Avengers of Hyjal

Trash and Boss from Firelands don't give reputation for "Avengers of Hyjal".

Amount reward by each Npc is listed on Wowhead:

13 May 2021

[Destruction] Vision of Perfection Major

After this fix, 2 bugs appeared.

1) If you use your Infernal (30s) and VoP Infernal proc (10.5s), after VoP Infernal expires, your Infernal despawn too. Should not be the case

2) Grimoire of Supremacy (ID: 266086) lasts for 30 seconds when VoP Infernal procs, should be 10.5 seconds.
|T136219:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:1122|h[Summon Infernal]|h|r
[Shadow] Spiteful Apparitions hotfix missing

Spiteful Apparitions (Trait) is missing that hotfix from Blizzard. Before the talent damage bonus (from auspicious spirits) was removed but now it should be applied and it is 25%

NOW 8.3 WITH TALENT (it should be like that with one trait)

|T458229:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:277682|h[Spiteful Apparitions]|h|r
|T1022944:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:155271|h[Auspicious Spirits]|h|r
[PVE][HorrificVision] The Valley of Spirits - gate

The gate to Valley of Spirits doesn't open.
fs proof:
[Misc][Corruption] Gushing Wound

10 May 2021

Grimoire of Supremacy

After the last fix of Vision of Perfection for the warlock, destruction, during the summoning of Infernal, the buff from the talent Grimoire of Supremacy is sometimes canceled by itself. In the video, an Infernal was used and proc an additional Infernal from Essence. The buff time was supposed to be 3740s, but it was only 12s
[Misc][Quest] Curious Corruption

If a player refuses the quest, he apparently has no way to reobtain it again, even if he loots another corrupted item.
On retail, this quest autopops on login if you have a corrupted item and don't have the quest yet, would need to do the same

Dev note: quest will now be automatically readded upon relog if you meet the requirements
[Misc][Essence] Breath of the dying R3 reset

Killing pets (summoned by dk hunter lock etc ) gives you reset and bonus damage on next use of Breath. They shouldn't count as a reset possibility for Breath of the dying R3.
[Misc][Corruption] Expedient

Increases the amount of Haste you gain from all sources by %.

Dev note: Added somes spells in the blacklist based on retail info

4 May 2021

[Misc] Can't collect illusion

Dev note: Need SMSG_ENTITLEMENTS & proper implementation, illusions are hidden client side if related ModifierTree isn't completed.
[PVE][Nyalotha] 2nd Wing release !

Xanesh, Vexiona, Hivemind & Raden are now available in LFR, NM & HM difficulties !

Good luck to everyone attempting to slay them !
[Misc] Shop update

The Shop has been updated to include items from Ny'alotha's 2nd wing bosses.

The new Warglaive of Azzinoth has also been added to Legion's category of transmogrifiable weapons for Demon Hunters (since the old one can no longer be used)
[Misc][Corruption] Twisted Appendage procs

Twisted Appendage same as for Deadly Momentum was not proccing at all inside a raid envoirment for MOST people. Not sure what the cause of this is.

It did work on dummies the same day just not inside raid.

|T254105:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:318483|h[Twisted Appendage]|h|r
[Misc] Battlegrounds team balancing

Since 8.3, it happens often that some BGs are for example 15 horde vs 10 alliance when it should be caped at 10v10.

Dev note: should be fixed, was caused by the auto mercenary feature that was checking the wrong team !
[Misc][Item] Psyche Shredder

The second part of the trinket isn't proccing with Damage Over Time

|T1354410:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:174060::::::::120:::::|h[Psyche Shredder]|h|r
[Misc][Loot] AoE loot can't auto loot

Currently, the AoE loot system is not working on the 8.3 zones (Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossoms). When ever you loot from the zones and the lesser visions , that a loot piece is stacked, you can't loot the whole loot, instead you will only loot the pieces of that npc that dropped, while others are not looted and gave the error "Already looted"
[Misc][Corruption] Surging vitality

Surging vitality currently procs from heals even though it should only proc from damage taken.
wowhead link: |T461117:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:318495|h[Surging Vitality]|h|r
[Misc][Item] Torment in a Jar

Torment in a Jar is supposed to be affected by crit strike, atm it's not


Unleashed Agony

Explosion of Agony

|T1396977:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:173943::::::::120:::::|h[Torment in a Jar]|h|r

27 April 2021

[Elemental] Tectonic thunder vs critical strike

The azerite tectonic thunder can be crit.
Actualy, he can't crit on firestorm.
Typhoon not working

Typhoon right now is completely broken and is litteraly a gambling machine, sometimes the adds are immune to your typhoon for absolutely no reason, sometimes the typhoon knocks them but at the opposite direction of where they should have been knocked and sometimes, like 1 typhoon out of a 100, it actually works.
[Misc][PvP] Arena never end

When an ennemy player die from their "Grand Delusions", they aren't count as dead, it cause arena to continue without any member of the other team alive.
[Misc][Trait] Swirling Sands

Traint Swirling Sands should have cap on max 18 sec. Right now it looks like it doesn't have any as you can see on the ss.
wowhead link: |T796638:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:280429|h[Swirling Sands]|h|r
[Misc][PvP] Leech from gear in arena

There is a very abusive issue in arena, that applies to every spec that can gain leech from a spell / talent / something in arena.
Considere they got 20% leech from stuff.
Entering arena, the leech stat is absent. But as soon they will get leech from something (like dh from his burst), they will gain the 20% leech buff from gear, and that until the end of the arena.

Here is a simple way to reproduce it :
Take a rogue in arena, with 28% leech from stuff.
Apply the 10% leech poison (12% if you use the first talent).
> You now have 40% leech.
Change of talent, so you lose the 12% leech from it.
> You still have the 28% leech for this arena.

Speed, leech and avoidance from stuff shouldn't be present in arena, but at least the leech is.
[PVE][Lesser Vision] Loot from mobs

To get loot from mobs, you need to search each corpse.
[PVE][Lesser Vision] Invincible Enemies

Sometimes enemies that spawn become immune to all damage, can't be killed.
[PVE][Horrific vision] Orgrimmar - bug with Garona

If you kill the mobs and run forward very quickly, Garona can break down it will be impossible to talk to her, and she will not go anywhere.
[Misc][Essence] The Unbound Force

Minor effect should give 70% for 6s.
On fs it gives 90%.
[PVE][Horrific vision] Faceless Mask of the Burned Bridge pools

In visions when running the Faceless Mask of the Burned Bridge. The void zones that spawn should appear behind the player no matter if the player is slowed. This results in unnecessary Sanity loss.

Currently the zones appear either under the player's feet or really close behind. It should have some space.


|T446125:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:310007|h[Faceless Mask of the Burned Bridge]|h|r
[PVE][Visions] Vez'okk - Orbs have wrong hitbox

Vez'okk the Lightless one of the bosses found in Visions of Orgrimmar is spawning orbs that have the wrong hitbox. A trick I used back on Retail is to stand inside the hitbox of the boss (the red targeting cirkel) to avoid getting hit. However on FS the orbs have the hitbox too big resulting into getting hit and stunned.

[PVE][Visions] Dark Delusion add wrong visual

The add that spawns from the Dark Delusions madness does not have the correct visual causing it difficult to see and getting stunned by it if u did not pay attention to it or missed it.


|T3163618:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:306954|h[Madness: Dark Delusions]|h|r
[PVE][Horrific Vision] Neglected Guild Bank

This crit buff guy is in wall therefore its not attackable
[PVE][Lesser Vision] Trading with corpse

In lesser Vision you can trade with dead npc.
[PVE][Horrific vision] Inquisitor Gnshaal

When the boss casts void torrent you are either supposed to line or constantly run in circle to avoid getting hit, and if you do get hit you get a 3 second stun and loose 25 sanity, but on firestorm right now if you get hit you will get stunned and the boss will keep spamming the cast on you until you go from full sanity to zero.

wowhead link:
retail proof:

23 April 2021

Beacon of Light/Glimmer vs N'zoth realm (S4 MM+)

Beacon of Light/Glimmer is healing through realms, triggering combat (and not letting players click the portal to get out)
|T236247:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:88852|h[Beacon of Light]|h|r
|T1360764:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:287268|h[Glimmer of Light]|h|r
[Windwalker] Whirling Dragon Punch vs SEF

As you can see on this twitch clip, when SEF is expiring and you do Whirling Dragon Punch, the clones stays to finish WDP and then vanish. While on FS they vanish without completing the spell.

|T988194:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:152175|h[Whirling Dragon Punch]|h|r
|T136038:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:137639|h[Storm, Earth, and Fire]|h|r

If you didn't undestand, dm me on discord.
[Windwalker] Reverse Harm

There are two issues with this spell right now.

First, its damage is inconsistent. When you cast it on someone sometimes (4050% chance) its damage applied 234 times (hits) in one cast even though its healing applied as supposed to, one times. This can be abused with high stamina pool tanks in keys like DKs and Druids.

Second, it counts as two different spell casted in a row. For ex you get two stack of Hit Combo and two stack of Fury of Xuen

|T627486:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:287771|h[Reverse Harm]|h|r

Transcendence doesn't take weapon tmogs into account.
spell: |T627608:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:101643|h[Transcendence]|h|r
[Mistweaver] Focused Thunder vs Secret Infusion interaction

After 8.3, Second Thunder Focus Tea empowered ability from Focused Thunder started to grant Secret Infusion sec stat buff. This shouldn't happen. Only first empowered ability should grant sec stat buff accordingly. This bug can lead to unwanted sec stat buffs.

>To note, you only get a single buff each time you cast Thunder Focus Tea, so if you have taken Focused Thunder, you will only get a buff based on the first spell you cast after Thunder Focus Tea.

Spell: |T611418:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:116680|h[Thunder Focus Tea]|h|r
Talent: |T839394:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:197895|h[Focused Thunder]|h|r
Trait: |T611418:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:287829|h[Secret Infusion]|h|r
[Havoc] Meta loses combat

Once you pull ads and use metamorphosis you instantly lose agro of them and they will go at their set locations.
how it should work: You should stay in combat with ads so they don't reset.
retail proof:
[Misc][Essence] Breath of Dying R3

Right now there is a faulty behavior with the Rank 3's passive that resets the CD to 5 sec and doubles next cast damage when you kill a target, because it sometimes triggers when it doesn't kill the target.

Dev note: wasn't calculated properly indeed (not taking shields, target versa etc into account to see if it would kill)
[Misc] LFG General improvements

A developer has been working on several improvements of the group finder system:

Multi Queue: you can now queue for several things at once: the first one to find a group will then pop up, which will "pause" your other researches and resume them once you're back !
Role check system has been fixed
Raid finder will now start once the minimum number of players have been found (rather than always waiting for a full group)
Personal join / leave from queue after being invited to the group
Queue maintained if you relog rapidly
[Horrific Visions] Immunities

Using any immunity spell while in combat (Netherwalk, Divine Shield) will reset the aggro
[Misc] Flask of Appearances

this item for Cosmeticator shouldnt be sellable on AH
[Horrific Vision] SW weird respawn

If you die in SW's horrific vision for fall damage (like i did because of nitro boosts) you will not be recalled back to the chamber, instead you can release the spirit but you will be teleported to Hillsbrad Foothills, near Dalaran's crater.
As you can see, you will still be inside the vision (your sanity will be drained) but with no way to go back to SW.
[Misc][Shop] Lootboxes description

Still mentions it can warforge / titanforge when it can't now
Need to replace with "has a low chance of bearing a corruption" or something
[Misc][Profession] Jewelcrafting: R1 Recipe

|T133737:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:174365::::::::120:::::|h[Design: Unbound Leviathan's Eye Loop]|h|r

Item has an insanely low drop chance at the moment.

Dev note: multiplied it by 10, so it's now easier to loot it !
[Misc][PVP] Weekly Chest Rewards

A review of the loot table from Weekly chest (and perhaps of end of match reward) needs to be done to match this table (the green values)

I assume we took a different one which ended up being wrong when we scripted that

Dev note: indeed some thresholds had wrong rewards, sorry about that ! Fixed now
[Misc][Quest] Finding the Rajani phasing

now that the zone where this quest happens is being assaulted by N'zoth, players cannot see any Mogus.
That being said, invisible mogus can still hit the players. This quest should be doable at all times, even when the assault is happening there.
Double fel rush

When you click fel rush 2 times in a row you get this delayed fel rush right after the first one. You cannot prevent it from happening needs fix asap. And no it's not my latency issue (reproduced on dev's as well as live).

20 April 2021

[Misc][Profession] Alchemy: R1 Recipe

|T133737:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:171318::::::::120:::::|h[Recipe: Unbound Alchemist Stone]|h|r

Item has an insanely low drop chance at the moment.

Dev note: multiplied it by 10, so it's now easier to loot it !
[PVE][Horrific Vision] Stormwind Issue

While it works properly on Orgrimmar, there is an issue with the 2 following masks in Stormwind:

Mage quarter with 1 mask active: |T367814:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:172947::::::::120:::::|h[Faceless Mask of Dark Imagination]|h|r
Old town quarter with 1 mask active: |T367033:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:170062::::::::120:::::|h[Faceless Mask of the Pained]|h|r

Even if you complete the objectives, they do not get rewarded, you only get corrupted mementos and a gear piece
[PVE][Assaults] Hidden objectives

Hidden objectives of some inactive factions are doable even if they aren't the one assaulting.

For example today in Uldum it's Black Empire assault and yet you can complete Amathet & Aqhir hidden objectives (some are displayed, some aren't but if you know them you can complete them) and you will get reputation for them.

The Amathet game where you should push pilars to block light beams and the Aqhir scenario where you need to protect NPCs against attacking NPCs
[Misc] Breath Essence by spec

If you're in healer or tank spec, and your loot spec is set on "default" (your current spec) it will instead create the DPS one.

For example, try with a druid:

get in restoration spec
set lootspec to "Current specialization (Restoration)
.debug devstart + .debug essences + .additem 168436 (r1 essence & learn it) + .additem 174288 3 (the 3 breath)
try to combine the breaths, it will give you the token of death's mark instead of the swirling stardust.

If you were to select your lootspec as forced Restoration, it would work out fine, only the default lootspec fucks it up
[Corruption] Twilight devastation / hitbox

Twilight Devastation's hitbox is supposed to be located on the beam, rn it's located in front of the player the moment the TD spawns. This means TD can only damage adds that are in melee range of the player

Dummy away from direct melee range, no hit from TD
[Misc][Quest] Alapa quest

Fixed an issue that was resetting the players' progress
[Misc] Refer a Friend

Since 8.3 there are no buttons to click in game to recruit someone.
Zhalf pls

Dev note: Refer a friend will be disabled since it's no longer working with all the changes 8.3 induced. Sorry lads !
[PVE][ML] Last Boss Rockets

When the boss enters Phase 2, gets in the air and takes 99% reduced damages, he's supposed to send several Big Red Rockets that are a part of its mecanic.

Several players report that those Rockets never "spawn" and thus it's impossible to remove the boss' shield essentially dooming the encounter.

Wiping doesn't always fix the issue, but it's neither something that happens 100%: when it does though, it can be a run killer
[Horrific Vision] Snapping in Vision

After teleporting to the area with chests, the boss snaping to you.

14 April 2021

[Assassination] Crimson Tempest After Fix Problem

Refreshing with above 4 sec of remaining duration doesn't matter of what you do and always is at 20 sec.
Refreshing whith 5 cp above 4 sec remaining duration, GIF :
The 5 cp used ups to 20 sec instead of 16 sec (12 sec (5 cp) + 4 sec)

Now, refreshing with below 4 sec of remaining duration also doesn't pay attention to how many points are used and has a wrong base value.
To remind it, it should add the remaining duration to the base duration depending on the cp amount used.
Refreshing with 5 cp with a below 4 sec remaining duration : gif : > 18 sec duration with a 2 sec remaining duration instead of 14 sec (12 sec (5 cp) + 2 remaining sec).
What we can see is that there is a 16 sec duration to which we add what we have to add depending of the cp. The 16 sec seem to be a script of the 16 sec it should have been from the first fix (so 12 sec (5 cp) + 4 sec) but as a permanent duration that substitutes the cp base duration at any time instead of having fix the pandemic of apply effect during the refresh. So, when we refresh, we have a pandemic effect applied to a 5 cp crimson tempest as the base duration, and we always have the 4 sec that we add which means kind of a double pandemic buff.

Link :
Crimson tempest : |T464079:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:121411|h[Crimson Tempest]|h|r
[Assassination] Nothing Personal

The damage from the azerite trait Nothing Personal got broken.

It no longer takes into account the mastery nor the rogue assassination aura.

The correct formula should be :
Base damage of Nothing Personal x Versa x Mastery x AssaRogueAura

Right now the formula is :
Base damage of Nothing Personal x Versa
[BeastMastery] Condensed Life Force - Mastery interaction

Currently on Firestorm, some essences are buffed by BM's mastery of increasing pet damage.
A clear example is Guardian of Azeroth from the Condensed Life force essence.
Even if the guardian acts like a temporary pet, it should not be buffed by it.

On Firestorm, it can reach up to 100k vs generic 20k range of current ilvl similar to log, depending on how much mastery the hunter can stack.
[PVE][Visions] Auras that stay

Some auras can stay even if you get out of the minor vision, like this one who was reported: |T615101:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:316768|h[Denied Power]|h|r

There might be some others too
[PVE][TD] Sand Queen not spawning

We're having a few players recently reporting that the first boss of Tol Dagor didn't spawn (for some, in several tries after depleting).

Dev note: the zone in which you needed to go through to trigger the sand queen's intro was really small: we increased it significantly to make sure that regardless of your route you will trigger it !
[PVE][Horrific Vision] The Drag, event issue

If you kill some pack of trash too fast, Garona can't follow to unlock the next objective (then you can't complete The Drag, event is "stuck").
[Misc][Essence] Breath R2 by role

Several reports of a Priest or a Shaman unlocking the Tank essence by fusing 3 |T463539:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:174288::::::::120:::::|h[Breath of Everlasting Spirit]|h|r

Something's wrong as they shouldn't be able to.

Additional issue is that it doesn't take into account lootspec but only your current spec

Dev note: If you were healer spec, it was learning you the tank essence. Spaghetti code fixed + now takes your lootspec into account to know which essence to create
[Misc][Item] Forbidden Obsidian Claw Issues

Mana given by Forbidden Obsidian Claw should stack with Haste. Tooltip shows correct value but the actual mana given is basic, which is 10k. (depend the ilvl ofc)

wowhead link: |T1508487:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:173944::::::::120:::::|h[Forbidden Obsidian Claw]|h|r
[PVE][Horrific Visions] Masks loot

Even if you already have them, you will still loot the cosmetic masks in the chests.

Updated 120421 17:55 :

Cosmetic masks are only supposed to be dropable once per account.
But when they are in the bank, it is possible to loot them a second time in the chest.


Even it is not important, the cosmetic mask is only supposed to drop when a vision is completed with the 4 quarters and the equivalent mask active during the vision.
[Misc][Quest] Searching the Ruins

The 2 NPCs that should follow you when taking the quest aren't there
[PVE][Lesser Vision] Denied Power

If a puddle spawns under you after exiting lesser vision, you will have Denied Power before relog.

|T615101:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:316768|h[Denied Power]|h|r
|T1394893:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:316707|h[Madness: Promised Power]|h|r
[PVE][Horrific Vision] Error-disconnect

if during the vision player disconnects with error 132, after login he appear, not in a vision, but in some other location. Command .st teleports player to vision, but Sanity Restoration Orb are missing. There is simply no button. Checked in Live Sethraliss 09.04.
[PVE][Horrific Vision] Rewards based on the number of masks

The problem is that the item level of the items we gain at the end of a vision with masks decreases by 5 ilvl at the next reward. This is normal except that this item level should not decrease for all other mask levels.

Let me explain, for the example, I made 1 full objective vision with 1 mask and then I directly followed up on a full objective vision with 3 masks.

On my first vision (1 mask), I loot an item 450, everything is fine but when I made my second vision with 3 masks, I received the 5 less item levels on my item which was supposed to be item level 460.

The reduction of the 5 item levels should only apply on the next runs of the same difficulty level with the 5 objectives done !

And for an other example, if I do a 5mask vision the first time, I will have an item 470, then an item 465, then an item 460, then an item 455 but if I decide after these 4 5mask vision runs to do a 4mask vision , I should receive a 465 ilvl part because the decrease should not apply.

For all these examples, I invite you to consult the list of rewards in relation to the number of masks that you will find below.
[Horrific Vision] Rexxar's Boar Spawn

The bug is simple, when the fight begins, the 4 boars spawn at the same time instead of respecting the same order as in the video below :
[Misc][Quest] Knowledge of the past

Once you leave the caravan, the NPC doesn't spawn.
After killing the 3 assassins, the 2 Npc to end the quests don't spawn until logout/login.
[Misc][PvP] Display in arena replay

Display to stop/moving forward, isn't here anymore in arena's replay
[PVe][Horrific Vision] Weird spot (Orgrimmar)

If you fall at this place, you can not escape from this place, + the monsters get stuck out of bound.
[PVE][Horrific Vision] Orb Operation Manual

The orb that that fills your sanity when u activate it does not work if you stand on the gate between the areas within the vision.

|T135939:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:307527|h[Orb Operation Manual]|h|r

In the screenshot I marked where I opened the gate for the next area to unlock and pressed my orb, it didnt fill my sanity back.
[Misc][PVP] Season 3 Rewards

PVP Season 3 rewards have been delivered !

The top 12 in 2v2 got the Notorious Gladiator achievement, and the top 25 the Gladiator BFA S3 one.

Considering the state of the 3v3 bracket, no rewards have been given there.

Congrats to all the winners !

9 April 2021

[Fury] Gushing Wound

Fury warrior's mastery should increase the damage of Gushing Wound trait as you can read here:
|T132344:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:76856|h[Mastery: Unshackled Fury]|h|r
But currently it doesn't:
20% mastery
150% mastery
[Elemental] Surge of power

The proc on lightning bolt only trigger 1 elemental overload.
It should be between 1 or 3 (rng).
Light's Decree not scaling from mastery

(2009+2009+1832)x3cp=17550 (see screenshot, without mastery i have 24%)

Spell should scale from mastery
Vision of Perfection / Avenging Wrath

Using Avenging Wrath on top of the vision wings will simply refresh the 7 seconds of vision, wasting the entire Avenging Wrath cd
[Balance] Streaking stars and celestial alignment
Visual bug wings

Since the launch of the 8.3.7 there is a visual bug with DH wings when they are used. The wings are blinking (on / off visual effect) (Green wings glyph)
Fel rush delay

Fel rush is delayed and makes it very annoying to dodge certain mechanics. (on retail it's smooth) Also the distance is random, sometimes it makes full distance as it should but sometimes it just doesn't do anything or does half of it's distance.
retail proof:
wowhead: |T1247261:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:195072|h[Fel Rush]|h|r

Dev note: new servers seemed to have fixed this spell's clunkyness ! yay !
[Misc] Shop Boost missing weapon

On the 425 ilvl character boosts, people cannot select weapons because it shows custom_premade_no_items_to_display
[Misc] Back Item Category dropping from bonus roll

Currently you can loot a Back item from Bonus Roll Coins which shouldn't be possible due to our 8.3 patch.

Happened in a Mythic+ Session
[PvP] BG Amount of players in v10

The max amount in V10 Battlegrounds is bugged. The max number of players can currently be exceeded.

On the attached screenshot, a Gilneas fight, where we see 13v10 players.
[PVE][Mythic+] Keys doesn't deplete + upkey after crash

I've depleted several keys but they doesn't deplete only change to the different dungeon of the same level. Also if you deplete a key after a crash happens it automatically upgrades itself once you finish it.
[Misc] Visibility Distance in open world

We used to have a visibility distance of 60 yards in open world, when on retail it's closer to 90. With the new servers, we decided to increase it to match that value, but will monitor the impact it has on the CPU: if it induces too much latency, we might revert it partially or entirely.

FYI, this is the distance at which entities (players, NPCs) start appearing on your screen. Basically your depth of view !
[Misc][Quest] The Humanoid Cannonball

After landing in the exact center of the area, it didn't give me any points towards quest completion, i got 1 point for landing a bit outside of the circle.
Sometimes it also doesnt give you wings so u can't press the button and u just fly in the air without any control as of where to land.
[PVE][Horrific Vision] Stun after dragon breathe

If you use a quest item and get a stun from the dragon's breath, then there will be no further continuation.
[Misc] Loots in MM+ displayed as Mythic 2

Following the fix applied to prevent items having the display "Mythic X Mythic X", now all loots in MM+ regardless of key level have the mention "Mythic 2".
Their ilvl and stats are correct though
[PVE][Visions] Orgrimmar Garona issue

Apparently she is stuck at the beginning, and won't move, preventing you from completing the vision
[PVE][Mythic+] Motherload last boss

In MM+ only, the goblin that spawn from the last boss doesn't take any damage, keeping you in combat and preventing you from looting
[PVE][Motherload] Last boss issue

Apparently after the last boss is killed, the little add doesn't spawn.

Also, ALT + F4 gets you placed in a fresh MM0 which means you won't be able to loot

Dev note: way too much issues on this boss, everything should be fine at least now !
[Misc][Professions] Shred of Insanity drops

Drop chance of this quest item should be like this according to a wowhead comment:


Regular Battleground: 1 Shred per WIN
PvP Brawl: 1 Shred per WIN
Rated Battleground: 1 Shred per WIN
Epic Battleground: 12 Shreds per WIN
Honorable Kills: Honorable kills within Battlegrounds have a very rare chance to drop a Shred.
Note that these are not capped, and you can obtain multiple per day.


Skirmishes: ~50% chance to get 1 Shred per WIN
2v2: ~70% chance to get 1 Shred per WIN
3v3: Close to 100% chance to get 1 Shred per WIN

right now its completely random.
[Misc] Heart of Azeroth AP Catch-up system

HoA AP Catchup system should've been implemented on the 31st of March. Atm it's still missing.

Dev note: fixed, now every wednesday AK will increase by 1 which means 30% less AP required

6 April 2021

Charge damage hit/cast

Damage from Charge shouldn't be applied instantly when a warrior charges. It should be when he reaches the target
[Protection] Consume Slime & Spell Reflect interaction

Prot Warriors should be able to reflect the debuff from this ability, right after the toxic monstrosity finishes Consume, the ability that pulls all near it.

|T132107:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:300659|h[Consuming Slime]|h|r
[Destruction] Vision of Perfection

If vision procs while under the effect of Summon Infernal, it won't spawn a 2nd Infernal but it will just extend 1st Infernal duration
Eye of Kilrogg

From 8.2:

Eye of kilrogg (126) is not working as it should.
PT1: If you have pet active, once you use eye, your pet bar should be hidden ( this part work). once eye of kilrogg is canceled/dead your pet bar should be back, but instead it remains hidden. ( SS below)
PT2: Eye is doing dmg, 23k per second, but it shouldn't.
PT3: Mobs pulled by eye will not chase eye, instead they remain in one place and once eye is dead they will attack the caster of the eye. How it should work, they should chase the eye and once its dead they will focus the caster.
[Destruction] Chaos Shard - shards refund interaction

The component from Chaos Shard that restores a shard over 2s, when another is filled, should also work with soul shard refund mechanics, such as those from Lucid Dreams essence or Soul Conduit talent.
Furthermore please check Chaos Shard has the 2s interaction script wise with all of the following that fills up a soul shard:

|T134075:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:287637|h[Chaos Shards]|h|r
[Demonology] Supreme Commander

With VOP as a major essence you can have up to 3 Tyrants active at the same time + if you have a Supreme commander trait you should get a special buff from each when the Tyrants disappear but on FS only the old buff is refreshed.

at 9:32 it can be seen that the man in the video has 2 buffs from the Supreme Comander trait.

|T2065628:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:279879|h[Supreme Commander]|h|r
[Elemental] Storm Elemental vs Primal elementalist

Currently the Spell rotation of the Storm elemental is bad.

when you are not in combat the rotation is OK :

Call of lightning (on CD) > wind gust

when you are in combat the rotation is not weird :

Sometimes elemental cast call of lightning on cd
Sometimes elemental only cast wind gust
Sometimes (most of the case, 80% of the time) the elemental cast call of
lightning and then wind gust, and if call of lightning become avaible during
the cast time of wind gust, the elemental ignore call of lightning and
continue to spam wind gust

It look like it's the same issue for Immolation > Fire blast for the fire elemental with primal elementalist
Earthbind Totem vs Combat Interaction

Earthbind Totem should put the caster and the target in combat the moment it starts slowing.

|T136102:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:38304|h[Earthbind Totem]|h|r
Hex vs essences/trinkets

Actually, hex can trigger trinket/essences, it shouldn't be the case.

here are the following trinkets/essences :

|T1717110:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:169304::::::::120:::::|h[Leviathan's Lure]|h|r
|T967535:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:169313::::::::120:::::|h[Phial of the Arcane Tempest]|h|r
|T236224:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:168905::::::::120:::::|h[Shiver Venom Relic]|h|r
|T3015740:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:295384|h[Concentrated Flame]|h|r
[Elemental] Storm Elemental + Primal Elementalist + Vision of Perfection

As you can see here a VoP proc should add 10,5 seconds to the elemental uptime. But currently it doesn't:

Don't look at the weak aura but the elemental itself.

Same thing happens if you have a VoP proc and use the spell (you should have 10,5+30 seconds uptime but it only last 10,5 seconds):

Also, if you don't use the Primal Elementalist talent, VoP (essence) and Fire/Storm Elemental (spell) spawn two different elementals instead of adding time to the other's uptime:
[Assassination] Pandemic Crimson Tempest

The pandemic effect does not work for the Crimson Tempest, it's not fixed on live !

Gif of how it should work :

12s (5cp) + 4s = 16s (not 12)

Same fix to do as here :

Link : |T464079:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:121411|h[Crimson Tempest]|h|r
ID : 121411
[Discipline] Penance

Penance goes into cooldown without any effect if you LOS the target immediately after casting it:
[Shadow] Dispersion

8.2 issue:

Actually Dispersion can be used after beeing interupt, it shouldn't

Retail (30sec) :
[Holy] Glimmer of Light

As you can read here "Glimmer of Light's healing is affected by Critical Strike, Mastery, and Versatility", and should also be effected by |T135875:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:31884|h[Avenging Wrath]|h|r .
But actually Glimmer of Light is not affected by Mastery or AW.
[Holy] Glimmer of Light / Avenging Wrath
[Mistweaver] Teachings of the Monastery

This passive currenty doesnt benefit from 8.3 blackout kick 10% dmg buff.

In screenshot you can see first hit does 1.1 times Monastery hits.

|T611422:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:116645|h[Teachings of the Monastery]|h|r
Zen Flying

If you are monk and use mounts in flying in zen flying and then when you come on the ground, you instantly mount, its possible to have 45 mounts for example
[Brewmaster] Summon Black Ox Statue

1 Instead of pulsing threat constantly it does only once.
2 Casting Provoke (Taunt) on Statue should make mobs get taunted to monk but mobs get taunted to Statue
3 After Statue died all remaining threat should be transfered to monk

Wowhead link: |T627607:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:115315|h[Summon Black Ox Statue]|h|r
Spellsteal echoing void corruption

Apparently you can spellsteal echoing void corruption.That should not happen.
The picture provided is from a character without echoing void corruption.It was stolen with spellsteal.
[Survival] Wildfire Bomb + Wildfire Infusion

Wildfire Bombs should destroy shaman's totems even when talented with Wildfire Infusion but currently they only do it when non talented.
How it should work:
[BeastMastery] Bestial Wrath able to be cast without a pet

Bestial Wrath for BM Hunters should not be able to be cast if no pet is currently summoned, resulting in ur pet not having the buff when summoned after. The same applies to Aspect of the Wild but this ability works.

This issue was fixed back in 8.2 but came back in 8.3
[Beastmastery] ghostcrawler pet ui bug

How it's bugged: when a player clicks this pet(ghost crawler) a item upgrade ui screen pops up out of nowhere

How it should work: no item upgrade ui should pop up when u click the pet
[Beastmastery] Spirit mend

Sometimes for some reason Sprit Mend heals the enemy when it is on auto cast.

|T237586:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:90361|h[Spirit Mend]|h|r
[Feral] Jungle fury trait duration

The duration of the trait "Jungle Fury" is currently wrong.

The base duration is 12 sec which is working, but when using the talent "Predator", the trait should then be applied during 17sec when you use jungle fury while one of your targets bleeds.

Link of the spell:

Video proof:

On the attached screenshot you can see that the duration of the trait is not the same than the buff
[Unholy] Control Undead vs Pet

As Unholy DK, since you have already a pet, if you control undead a trash, it should else dismiss the pet you already had, or not allow you to do so.
Currently you can have 2 pets up at the same time. (> see my screen)

|T237273:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:111673|h[Control Undead]|h|r
Eye Beam functionality

Casting Eye Beam while not facing the target and then using your keyboard to rotate doesn't deal dmg to the target (game thinks you are not rotating but standing still). Once, you start rotating your character by using mouse, everything works fine.

video link
[Misc][Quest] Darkmoon: Putting the Crunch in the Frog

Currently at the live realm in Darkmoon Fair event the following quest Putting the Crunch in the Frog doesn't work properly. We should trow the frogs in the cauldron instead of tauren. I upload a proof video about it below

Retail vid:
[PvE][KR] Purification Construct

If you push the Purification Construct during the Purification Beam, then it stops spinning.
[PvE][Mythic+] Malicious Growth targeting player

Malicious Growth are targeting players and put them in the combat. They should not target players and even if they damage from vile corruption spell it should not put players in combat.
[PVE][KR] Mobs clipping through walls

Shaman's Storm and Druids Typhoon; necessary to decast high damages spells of this room, put mobs behind textures, making them unable to go out and invincible.
[PVE][Ny'alotha] Maut - Ancient Curse

does not damage the raid when the debuff is removed
[pve][mythic+] enviromental falling insta death

how its bugged: The texture near the pack of adds in the video proof given below causing players to instantly die die due to falling which cannot be avoided at all
[PVE][Ny'alotha] Wrathion - platform

Apparently on Wrathion, the shards have a chance to spawn on the border of the platform, and thus they don't "really" spawn P2 of the boss isn't doable and therefore players have to wait and then take a dot
[PVE][Mythic+] Necrotic Affix

Currently, necrotic affix damage scales with key level.

It should not. The damage should be the same in +2 as well in +25.

The base damage should be 332 unmitigated, and ignores armor since it's a bleed. The damage stacks linearly with number of stacks you have.

25 stacks = 332 x 25 = 8300 unmitigated.

Credit : Bug Tracker
[PVE][Mythic+] Necrotic Affix bosses

When necrotic affix is active, dungeon bosses should apply a stack of necrotic every second successful melee hit. (dodges/parries are not counted)

Currently, bosses apply necrotic with each hit
[PvE][Mythic+] Explosives and Raging

Explosives are affected by raging, shouldn't be the case since it's a "summoned" unit.
[PVE][Ny'alotha] Maut - Mana

There are 3 different bugs related to mana in this encounter. We tested on live realm, 16 HC.
1: Dark Manifestation adds have way to much mana (26M, they should have about 5M with this party size). I already reported this bug time ago and was fixed but it popped up again.
2: Maut itself has too much mana (64M, he should have between 45 and 50M with this party size).
3: During phase 2 he should get less mana. I don't know how he regen so fast but as you can see on this video we did the mechanics properly and despite that (and despite our DPS) he losed no mana except for that 10% every 6 sec from Consumed Magic spell.

[Misc] Seal of Wartorn Fate in World Boss

If you use Seal of Wartorn Fate on world boss you got 430 item raid finder.
[PVE][Ny'alotha] Maut - Forbidden Mana / Distance

Damage from soaking the Forbidden Mana Orb is not scaling correctly with the travel distance since the spawn.

HC Retail log:

2:35mins Orb is soaked very close to boss, dealing 104k raw dmg to the whole raid
2:15mins 118k

(check FS log, way further) 2:42mins 135k

HC FS logs:

2:27mins Orb is soaked far from the boss, dealing almost the same dmg (94k) to the whole raid

2:34mins 75k
2:42mins 137k (both orbs were soaked from the same distance from boss, but almost x2 damage)

Damage is way higher in FS, even while soaking almost right after the Orbs spawn.
Atm we're stacking defs cds even in Heroic to survive, in Retail it's not that necessary, damage is way lower.
Edit: Damage is more than mythic in some cases
2:58min , orbs soaked very close to boss, easy to counter.
[PVE][Ny'alotha] Maut - Dark Manifestation

When Dark Manifestation is spawning (The Whirlpool is dragging players twoards it self) The pool should despawn if Maut Reaches 100% mana. Currently, if the Pool is still there, and Maut reaches 100% mana, the add will spawn anyway.

Videoproof: Watch the right side of the screen, Pool dissapears, and no add comes out.
This doesn't apply that any existing adds should despawn, Only the Pool that is spawning the add should vanish, and should not futher spawn any add.
[PVE][Ny'alotha] Maut - Mana pool

Maut's mana pool is not affected by flexible raid, it's always 40M
20man raid

Retail: 21man raid

Same goes for the Dark Manifestation add, Mana should be affected by flexible raid
[PVE][FH] Skycap kragg delay spawn

After you kill the adds to spawn the boss he should immediately spawn but rn tht is not the case there is a delay of 2025 sec for him to spawn this will heavily affect when players are running m+ where it will lose time waiting for boss to spawn.
[Misc] Bonus Roll and Cloak

Bonus roll can't loot cloak in 8.3 (cause there is the legendary cloak)
[PVE][KR] All Bosses - wipe & DBM

DBM doesn't end timers when the boss was Evaded
[Warcampaign 8.2.5] Bug when faction change

There is currently a bug of phase for players who switched faction while doing the 8.2.5 warcampaign questline.

This bug lead to players seing everything hostile in orgrimmar + capital doors being closed.

The only way to fix this is via GMs who will complete the questline to the players.

How to reproduce:
you start alliance warcampaign
you switch faction
you get phased in the new capital and unable to interact there without having the questline getting completed by a gm
[PVE] Blackrock Foundry

The script of Thogar & the 2 twins do not start, preventing you from being able to pull the bosses: therefore you cannot finish the dungeon
[PVE][Mythic+] KR Minions of Zul 1 HP

In King's Rest +4, Minions of Zul NPCs were stuck at 1HP without any possibility to kill them, which made the key impossible to do
[Misc][Profession] Engineering - Rocket Fuel Leak

This debuff from Nitro boosts (belt enchantment), shouldn't critical hit.
[PVE][Horrific Vision] Disconnect, "Death"

When you are in Horrific Vision, if you are disconnected or when you die by falling damage (like engineering belt fail), you are teleported to "Hillsbrad Foothills" while your Vision isn't end yet.

Tested on Live, in Stormwind Vision.
[Misc][Achievement] Gladiator: Battle for Azeroth Season 4

The following achievement gives the mount but not the title
[Misc] Change Faction issue

If an alliance player starts the 8.2.5 WC and then switches to Horde, they can encounter one of those 2 issues:
Stuck in 8.2.5 phase of Orgrimmar, all doors closed and hostile to everything
Impossible to do the Horde WC

The problem seems to be caused by quests not being removed when faction changed: 56494 & 56719
[Misc] Darkmoon - Spawn of Shipwreck debris

The shipwreck debris are currently all spawning at the same location. And only 2 are spawning.

How it should be:

The crates should spawn a bit all around the island
[PVE][Freehold] All Bosses - wipe & DBM

DBM doesn't end timers when the boss was Evaded
[Misc][Achievement] Battle for Azeroth Keystone Conqueror: Season 4

The following achievement for Battle for Azeroth Keystone Conqueror: Season 4 do not give the reward the title ''the Awakened''
[Misc][PvP] Quest giver in arena

I was doing "The Ghostlands" quest where Alleria Winderunner was following me around, once I entered arena the quest giver joined me as well (yes, she was attacking enemies).
[Misc][Item] Diver's Folly

As you can see in the video last 30sec when divers folly reprocs you lose your restored bioelectric charge damage.
Proof video:
Diver's Folly can be reproced and that means you lost your charge and your %5 dmg output.
[Misc][Corruption] Avoidant

Currently avoidance bonus from this corruption doesnt get updated properly. For ex you Eye Beam (with 3x Furious Gaze), get haste bonus from trait, Equip this corruption and after haste bonus is gone avoidance bonus stays same.

for general you can BL and equip this. Avoidance bonus doesnt get updated when BL gone
[PVE][Freehold] Combat Skycap Kragg Intro

Until you perform the intro before the first boss you will be in combat
[PVE][Mythic+] Mindrend Tentacle & Combat

The combat with the Mindrend Tentacle does not end until they are all killed
[PvE][UR] Rotting Spore & Volcanic

Reduced the number of explosive spawns on certain bosses in Underrot, Temple of Sethraliss, and King's Rest on Mythic Keystone difficulty.

Rotting Spore should spawn less Volcanics than normal mobs.

Also on the last boss room, volcanics can spawn underground (your are unable to see them) an hit you.

1 April 2021

[Elemental] Stormkeeper & tectonic thunder interaction

The interaction between Stormkeeper & tectonic thunder (azerite traits) is bad.
Normaly when you have a proc of tectonic thunder and you use your stormkeeper, the next lightning bolt or chain of lightning should consume one stack of the stormkeeper effect. (Priority for Stormkeeper)
Currently, when this case happen on FS, it consumes stormkeeper stack AND tectonic thunder stack.

On this video (on retail) :
At 00:21, he get Stormkeeper buff and tectonic thunder buff, and his next chain of lightning consumes one stack of his stormkeeper buff and it not consumes his tectonic thunder buff.
[Enhancement] Stormbringer vs Ascendance

Auto attacks in Ascendance become windlash. It change nothing, except that windfury proc. But when the winfury is consume by your windlash (instead of your auto attack) there is 0 chance to proc stormbringer.

On a 4minutes 35s pull with only windlash damages :
100% uptime Bloodlust (30% haste)
100% uptime Ascendance
windfury trigger 67 time > 0 proc of stormbringer
[Restoration] High tides vs Resurgence

The mana refund by the passive resurgence remoove a part of the mana stack in the high tide talent.
[Restoration] Soothing Waters

Only during a High tide proc, casting a chain heal made procs the azerite Soothing waters on the main target + you (if you are heal by chain heal) by chain heal. It shouldn't be the case.

The azerite power Soothing Waters should only heal the 1st target of chain heal.
[Elemental] Elementals and Blood of the enemy

All elementals should benefit from the critical strike chance and critical strike damage of blood of the enemy buff. Currently they gain critical strike chance but not critical strike damage.
[Elemental] Master of the Elements & trinket interaction

Master of the Elements is upgrading damage from trinkets / is consume by trinket procs or it should only affect spells

Shiver Venom Relic, nature damage from the trinket are getting buffed by master of the element |T236224:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:168905::::::::120:::::|h[Shiver Venom Relic]|h|r

Dribbling Inkpod, nature damage from the trinket are getting buffed by master of the element |T1500960:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:169319::::::::120:::::|h[Dribbling Inkpod]|h|r

Aquipotent Nautilus, only consume Master of the Elements procs |T1498847:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:169305::::::::120:::::|h[Aquipotent Nautilus]|h|r

|T136027:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:16166|h[Master of the Elements]|h|r
[Restoration] Earthgrab Totem vs Stealth Mechanics

Earthgrab totem should cancel stealth and put the target in combat.

|T136100:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:51485|h[Earthgrab Totem]|h|r
[Resto] Deluge

Healing Wave, Healing Surge, and Chain Heal heal for an additional 20% on targets affected by Healing Rain OR Riptide.
On fs, you can buff these spell for 40% (healing Rain + Riptide on the target) or it's always 20% on retail.

On FS :
Chain of heal without buff : 2994
Chain of heal with riptide buff : 3592 (2994 1.2)
Chain of heal with riptide and rain buff : 4310 (2994 1.2 1.2)

On retail :

Chain of heal without buff : 2994
Chain of heal with riptide buff : 3594 (2994 1.2)
Chain of heal with riptide and rain buff : 3593 (2994 1.2)
[Elemental] Storm elemental missing spell

Storm Elemental (pet from talent) has two spells that have the same name but do different things:

Currently he is missing one (157382):
Zen Pilgrimage

Return doesnt work. This not transfer you to the monk's headquarters.
[PVE][Horrific Vision] Torn pages drop

Torn page of Fearand should be obtainable on every minor achievement chests
Torn page of final truth will be obtainable in every advanced achievement chests only

Currently you didn't get 2 torn pages when you did 2 minor objectives in the same vision, but only one.
[PVE][Mythic+] Phase change

With a boss bullet, the phase does not change again. In the video, heal was left in another world
[PVE][Mythic+] All lieutenants mechanic

When an elite dies in the realm, their debuffs/abilities automatically cease to have any effect on enemies and/or disappear as is the case with some area abilities.
> From the minute shared in that video you can see how the MiniBoss areas disappear.

Another example, when Samh'rek, Beckoner of Chaos dies, and there are enemies with Tear Flesh, it must disappear or not apply fear.
[PVE][Mythic+] Boralus - Iron volley

You can get hit even if you are in the realm of nzoth.
[Misc] 8.3 World Bosses have low ilvl Bonus roll

Bonus roll for 8.3 world bosses was rewarding raid finder loot, now fixed
[PVE][Mythic+] obelisk bosses stunnable/fearable

How it's bugged: every add in obelisk realm is stunnable fearable can be trapped and sapped

How it should work: they should be completely immune to stuns and fear
[Misc] Mythic Keystone deleted

There have been reports that for people who opened their Weekly MM+ Chest between today's reset (4AM) and the crash at 6AM lost their keystone.

On top of that, it apparently was generated with wrong affixes

Dev note: This shouldn't happen starting next week, sorry about that !
[Misc] Breath of Everlasting Spirit

The first time you complete one of those dailies each week, you should automatically get a Breath of Everlasting Spirit, which doesn't work:
Today with the reset people only got gold after completing Vanquishing the Darkness

Dev note: There was indeed an issue preventing you from getting additionals Breath past the first ever you obtained. Since this is now fixed, the next daily you will do will grant you one if you didn't get one yet this week !
[PVE][Mythic+] Samh'rek / Cascading Terror

Lieutenant Samh'Rek is supposed to cast Cascading Terror roughly every 20 seconds. Atm he's casting it too fast one after the other.
Also, if Samh'Rek dies while party members still have the debuff, they should not get feared

|T237569:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:314483|h[Cascading Terror]|h|r

31 March 2021

Imp not attacking

Warlock's pet Imp is not doing anything upon commanding it to attack, it just moves to the target, without casting anything.

|T136218:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:688|h[Summon Imp]|h|r
[Elemental] Unlimited power
[Restoration] Downpour

Formula is ok.
But the cooldown is not increase by the number of target effectively healed.
[Restoration] Spouting spirits

Currently on FS, the azerite trait spouting spirits is not affect by the mastery.
It should be the case. (cf : |T136041:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:77226|h[Mastery: Deep Healing]|h|r effects)

On fs with 38% mastery and 1 trait (who heal for 9724hp) :
with 100% HP :
9724 healing
with 35% HP :
9724 healing
[Enhancement] Stormbringer

Actually, Stormbringer can proc on auto melee hit without windfury buff.
However, stormstrike off hand and windstrike off hand damages can't trigger stormbringer, or it should be the case.

here is the following spell that can trigger stormbringer :
winfury proc
Stormstrike (Main hand + Off hand)
windstrike (Main hand + off hand)
Lava Lash
[Holy] Glimmer of Light

Formula isn't matching anymore. It's healing 4k with x3 traits
Should be:
wowhead Tooltip number x corepassive (+40%) x versa x mastery
[Misc][Quest] Restored Hope

If you have chosen one essence, then 2 you can buy from the merchant Zhang Ku.
[Misc] Tertiary Stat & Socket on MM+

In addition to items not being able to corrupt on MM+ end of dungeon chest for example (which got fixed a few days ago, see changelog), it seems it's not possible for them to get a tertiary stat or a socket, which should still be possible, independently from the corruption
[Misc] Void Focus Recipe

It doesn't drop
[Misc][Corruption] Echoing Void vs Misc

Eye of Corruption (when you've 20+ corruption on yourself) gives free stacks of Echoing Void.
[Misc] Adventure's Guide MM ilvl display

Currently shows rewards to be 370 ilvl. This is only visual though.
[Misc] Quests that require an item

A lot of quests that gave you an item to use are bugged and it says "you can't use the item"

Dev Note: If the bug persists, abandon the quest, delete cache and repick the quest again. If it still persists you can contact Elliot on Discord. (Only if the quest used to work and doesn't anymore, it won't magically fix that random lvl 58 quest in the depths of a TBC zone)
[Misc] Weekly Sign & Quest

Since last Wednesday, the Sign was the Battle one (for Battlegrounds), with its corresponding quest. But today (Tuesday) or yesterday, the sign changed to warrior, with the corresponding dungeon quest (the rotation should happen on wednesdays only).
On top of that, the dungeon quest doesnt reward anything

Dev note: Fixed, and Sign change now properly happens on Wednesday !
[Uldum] Wastewander coins

Wastewander tracker should disappear after looting it, but instead it stays there empty with no quest item to pick up. Sometimes they work but 99% of the times they don't work at all.
[PVE][Assaults] Invisible quests on the map

Some quests are currently not showing up on the map, but you will still see them when approaching the npc
[Misc] new zones visual bug map

Upon entering one of the new content zones (Uldum, Vale of Eternal Blossoms) you don't see current patch map, although once you relog it fixes itself.
[Misc] WOD Client issue

If you download the game with the minimal client, it didn't work

Dev note: fixed too !
[Misc] Emissary of War reward

Starting today (Wednesday) people who completed the emissary of war got 370 ilvl reward from it.
Yesterday they didn't get any reward.

Dev note: Fixed since today's update. The only remaining issue is VISUAL ONLY: you can get a cache from Uldir, Dazar'alor, TEP or Ny'alotha but they all reward the correct items ! This visual thing will be fixed tomorrow
[Misc] Laucher http Error 302

Some players report that on their launcher whenever they click on any expansion they get a pop up with "Http Error 302"

Dev note: should be fixed now !
[Misc] Assaults missing on map after teleport

After sort of teleportation (using a portal or heartstone). Assaults don't show up on map until relog.

30 March 2021

Spell reflect & Eye of Corruption interaction

Similar to previous report with Grand Delusion, the eye damage should also be reflectable.

|T3004126:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:315161|h[Eye of Corruption]|h|r
[Arms] Bladestorm and Die by the sword

While Bladestorm is active, you should be able to use Die by the Sword. (atm you can't)

|T132336:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:118038|h[Die by the Sword]|h|r
[Enhancement] Shamanism vs Ancestral resonance

Normally when you play with Shamanism talent and Ancestral resonance, the duration of bloodlust is extend for 5s.

Cf youtube :
00:51 : BL use, 15s duration
[Mistweaver] Renewing Mist

In retail when everyone's health is full, it stays on the last person it healed.

Right now in firestorm, it bounces around, thus makes easy to burn existing Renewing Mist. For ex you can't precast both charges of Renewing Mist properly because it jumps like crazy and most of time you burn second charge by reapplying it.

Also it should have a visual effect when hoping to another player. Right now it has only in first cast.
retail vid:
[Fire] Ignite munching adjustment

Previous fix from 8.2 for Ignite with the munching extension second was applied for +0.6s above 9.00s did not cover the full extent of the window intended.
Under big latency this can lower the burst output significantly, so a full correct adjustment for 8.3.7 is intended.
The munching window should be increased by an extra 0.3s for the full duration to be the correct one.
Mages with correct end gear of Nyalotha mythic, should be able to reach 300k ignites, which currently won't happen with the previous fix.

[Misc] Pandaren Death Knight

When trying to create a Pandaren Death Knight, it says "Error creating character'

Dev note: Fixed, and also the first DK quest afterward so Pandaren DKs should be fine now !
[PVE][Ny'alotha] Boon of the Black Prince

Upon killing Either Xanesh, Shad'har or the Hive, Wrathion should spawn as on the screenshot, and give any players who pass by a buff "Boon of the Black Prince"
[PVE][OM] Shield Generator

Workshop Defender should cast more often Shield Generator
[PVE][OM] KuJo explosive leap

Explosive leap targets 4 players instead 3
[PVE][Mythic+] OM: Bolstering

Scrapbone Grunter & Tank Buster MKI cant be no affected by Bolstering
[PVE][KR] Minion of Zul unkillable

We used the key, and the Minions of Zul were unkillable remaining at 1 hp and still damage us. We tried skipping them but they appear throughout the dungeon.
[PVE][SOTS] Aquisirr sea blast

How it's bugged: after the boss transition into phase two he splits into 3 mini boss and if no dps or tank are in meele of them they do not cast sea blas

How it should work: if no one is near them the should start casting sea blast constantly unless someone is on meele

|T1020350:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:265001|h[Sea Blast]|h|r
[Misc] "Unkickable" kickable casts

Many kickable casts show like "unkickable" look at the color of bar. It seems this bug appeared at the end of 8.2 and persisted in 8.3. Bug relevant for live Sethraliss and Dev 8.3 too.
[Misc] Training dummy near great seal

Most abilities deal way less damage they supposed to this dummy compared to other dummies. This confuses players and makes them think their class abilities broken.
[PVE][HFC] Noxious Spewer

Noxious Spewers should not attack players + they are invisible except 3 without gm on.
[Misc] Mechagon MM+ Ranking

Dev note: Since the 8.3 update shipped, there was no ranking on the website for the 2 parts of Mechagon in MM+: Junkyard & Workshop.

This is now fixed, you can head there and check it !
[Misc] Uldum/Vale Quest Markers

There are some quest markers on the map that do not actually have quests at the directed location. ex. Windows to the Soul (Vale), Ancient Armaments (Uldum).
[PVE] Highmaul NPCs faction

Butcher & Tectus bosses both attack you, but you cannot target them to hit them back. Tested Horde side
[Misc][Quest] Report to Gila

If you complete the quest: "You Must be This Height" you do not get
[Misc] Flying mounts

flying mounts do not work properly in non flying zones they move slow even when u dismount and remount
zones tested: all bfa dungeon/ all bfa raids / Everson Woods/ Azuremyst Isle / bloodmyst Isle
[PVE][Horrific Vision] Sphere in texture

I can use sphere in this spot.
.go 1679 4411 26
[Misc][Corruption] Whispering Eldritch Bow

Right now doesn't reduce Barbed Shot's cooldown which is main point of taking this bow.

The Skitra bow basically makes it so every single autoshot cuts 2 seconds off one of your Hunter abilities (at random) that's on CD. This is a fantastic tool as it increases both the potency of our utility effects (when we use them) such as Feign Death or Counter Shot by reducing their CDs by a little bit while also reducing the cooldown on the critical rotation spells of Kill Command and (more importantly) Barbed Shot.

[PVE][Ny'alotha] Gryth'ax the Executioner loot

The add Gryth'ax the Executioner should drop Corrupted Momentos, 200 if I recall correctly. But currently it does not.

This should have a weekly reset so its not farmable

[Misc][Quest] Tears in the Vale

Like 50% of the void portals don't work at all, ads are not coming out of them upon clicking.
retail proof:
[Misc][Quest] The Strongest Among Them

Daily quest "The Strongest Among Them" don't reward Rajani rep.
[PVE][Ny'alotha] ID not saving

After killing Wrathion , or Maut / Skitra , the ID does not get saved and causing players to redo the first boss after everyone leaving the raid.
Needs review to see if others are getting the issue
[PVE][OM] Trixie & Naeno / King Mechagon

After the last update 26/03/2012 for fixing quests and stuff (probably) Trixie & Naeno and King Mechagon are undoable.
Naeno stays with 1 HP everytime before dying.
We tried to kill Naeno first, still 1 HP after killing Trixie :s
Same for King Mechagon the moment the gnome jumps out the bot, remaining at 1HP
[Misc][Quest] Face Your Enemy

Cant use quest item.
[PVE][Mythic+] Combat bug in all keys

1) Combat on players bugs very often. If in dark world (pillars) no mobs in combat players must be out of combat. Often players in combat and cant use portals for exit dark world.
2) If MM+ ends, players in combat cant loot reward chest. If they use altF4 or exit instance, after they enter, they appear in M0 and cant get reward. Easy fix: removal of combat from all at the end of the key.
[PVE][Dungeons] Riding speed

If you are using a flying mount with an expert or higher level of riding, then the speed slows down a lot. If the riding level is lower than the expert level, then everything is ok.
[PvE][Dungeons] Low threat / Threat loss from tanks

Idk how to prove it exactly but today, so many tank players from my guild and my friends are having issues about holding the aggro at dungeons. Its started to happen this week, its like a skittish affix (we have teeming & quaking affix this week) and cuz of that dps are getting instantly one shotted all of a sudden.
[PVE][OM] King Mechagon Hardmode

Right now when king mechagon ejects from big reaver, you can't kill it. His health stays at 1.
[PVE][Ny'alotha] Azerite Power Drops

Bosses should reward 900 AP each on every difficulty. Right now it rewards 100 AP.

normal source:
heroic source:
[PVE][Ny'alotha] Scales of Wrathion

If player wipe, while Scales of Wrathion are falling, The moment the boss dissapears, the scales will remain and wipe any released players.
[PVE][OM] HK-8 Freezing

Sometimes last boss bugs HK8 Aerial Oppression Unit does not reach and freezes, and Tank Buster MK1 dont appear. It often happens when players rush and aggro packs of trash when the boss flies from one point to another. The screenshot is not mine, another player, not a tester, told about the bug, but I myself saw it too, in a myth mechagon 8.2, not MM+ 8.3.
[PVE][OM] Vision of perfection loot

|T2915721:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:169172::::::::120:::::|h[Blueprint: Perfectly Timed Differential]|h|r

Currently the item for obtaining essence at rank 2 is not being dropped, or has a very low chance. (Only r3 has % loot and only on heroic difficulty).
[PVE][OM] Blastatron X-80 despawn after crash

At the live realm, doing m5 we was to the part of killing the npc
The mob was 6070% while server crash and after our resuming when we checked the mob was not there and door wasn't able to be opened.
He wasn't there at all like he was killed and script for bridge didn't worked as well.
[PVE][Mythic+] OM: Omega Buster bolstering

Currently on FS live, after Omega Buster dies with bolster affix, it bolsters King Mechagon. This shouldn't happen.

retail vid:
[PVE][Mythic+] OM: Junkyard Crash Protection

in mythic keys after server crash, It teleports you to junkyard's starting zone and there is no way to go in.
[Misc][Rare] R'khuzj the Unfathomable damage

Rare one shoting.
[PVE][Ny'alotha] Shadhar myth Dog feeding

On 8.3 Dev food instantly disappear after explode Living miasma.

[Misc] 8.3 World Bosses

Dev note: World Bosses enabled and their WQ will be now visible on the map.
[Misc][Corruption] Infinite Stars

Last remaining issue is that the proc can hit out of combat ennemies, which shouldn't happen
[Misc] Emissaries reward ilvl

Since the restart of Wednesday, Emissaries give 300 ilvl gear instead of the 445 properly shown on the tooltip
[PVE][Horrific Vision] Madness: Haunting Shadows

If the character dies during fear, then his spirit will not appear and sometimes he will be able to move and use abilities.
[PVE][Horrific Vision] Server CrashRestart

When Sethraliss crashes/restarts, Alleria/Thrall's room is either locked or boss becomes Orange OR Evade all attacks OR Disappear.
Many players complained in world chat and guild chat about it, talking about losing a Vessel for such reasons.
[PVE][Horrific Vision] Rexxars boars

Rexxars boars cant dispawn after boss.

[PVE][Horrific Vision] Emergency Cranial Defibrilation

Upgrade doesn't work at all.
[PVE][Horrific Vision] Voidbound Ravager

The abillity "Oblivion Strike" Should leave a debuff on the player, currently, it's a buff, which player can simply remove by right clicking on it. It should be a debuff.
[PVE][Horrific Vision] Vez'okk the Lightless

Defiled Ground is a frontal that should targets where the player was standing casts and will hit there. Right now it casts into the player and will 100% hit him and its un avoidable because it casts into target and not a frontal.

Which is weird because it works perfectly fine on Thrall as an extra spell after you kill Vez'okk.
[PVE][Horrific Vision] Stormwind Permanent Debuff

After killing Slavemaster Ul'rok i'v been stuck with the debuff Chains of Servitude, no matter what i did i was stuck with it for the rest of the run. It drags my character at the boss location at all times.
|T463560:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:298691|h[Chains of Servitude]|h|r
[PVE][Horrific Vision] Trigger Decimator Shiq'voth

After killing Decimator Shiq'voth and the small adds next to Zekhan, Zekhan must go in to open the area because an npc does it, not you.
You shouldn't need to enter that area directly after killing the decimator to activate the event... You should be able to go to another zone if you wish.
When you return the npc should open the area for you.
[PVE][Horrific Visions] Under map after fear

I got a report that you can go under the map if you get feared. Also, we should send the loot form visions via mail in case something happens.

Dev note: should be fixed
[PVE][HorrificVision] Expensive Mind

This upgrade should stack together for everyone in party. For ex for 5 man with all have all upgrades, they should have 1000 + 150x5 = 1750 sanity. Right now It doesnt stack (1000 + 150x1 = 1150). Check 5 man retail video below.

|T237548:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:312889|h[Expansive Mind]|h|r
[PVE][Visions] Sanity Restore Orb

In Orgrimmar atleast, The sanity restore orb totally did not work. On Stormwind it did however. Not sure if this is an 100% occuring issue.
[Misc][Quest] Surfacing Threats

This quest is bugged, this is part of the legendary questline but it still shows that i need to talk to the npc even though the questline has been completed.

Dev note: was caused because the quest was already rewarded (and players past it in the questline) but for some reason it got readded to them. Shouldn't happen anymore now !
[Misc] Corruption Loot Chances

Dev note: In 8.3, you should be able to get corruption on looted items that come from certain contexts (like MM+ end of dungeon chest) at a rate of around 2%. Because of an issue in the code, this wasn't working at all, and has since then been fixed !
[PVE][Horrific Vision] Thrall doing nothing

Thrall used the ability and after that, does nothing.
[PvP][Battlegrounds] Mercenary contract issue

When you enter in BG with Mercenary Contract, it's like you have no faction: Horde and Alliance are hostile.
I tested as Horde, i spawned well in Alliance side, but my char' was still Horde.

|T133785:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:193475|h[Mercenary Contract]|h|r
[Misc][Corruption] Twisted Appendage vs PvP

The tentacle appears sometimes as ally (when fighting in arena against people from the same faction it seems).

On top of that it's missing the nameplate and cannot be targeted except with a macro, which makes it extra hard to deal with it.
[PVE][Horrific Vision] Faceless Masks

You dont get mask if you clear all objectives as group even thought you should.
|T446126:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:174080::::::::120:::::|h[Faceless Mask of the Long Night]|h|r
[Misc][Trait] Ablative Shielding

The armor granted by this trait is not reduced when taking damage

|T645224:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:271540|h[Ablative Shielding]|h|r
[Misc][Quest] Legendary Questline Skip with alts

If we already did full questline with a main char, we should be able to skip scenario inside The Halls of Origination and The Mogu'shan Palace with alts:


Retail screenshots:
[Misc] Elites/Rares Damage scaling

Dev note: Vale and Uldum Rares/Elite will now hit considerably less
[Misc][NPC] Vendor Provisioner Qorra

This npc sells the mount Wastewander Skyterror, however it has no price tag on it.
[Misc][Quest] Assault: The Black Empire

While some managed to return the quest without any issue, many report that they have the quest shown as completed on their feed, but cannot return it. Investigations show that server side the quest isn't completed, so something wrongs the client into showing that it is !

Dev note: Generic fix done to prevent the completing of an objective if previous ones aren't completed, so this issue should be fixed ! (players will have to kill the boss last)
[Misc] Random falling one shots

In several places, it can happen that you instantly die, from falling damage according to the damage log. It can happen when you get grabbed by the NPCs in Freehold for example, or in Visions.

Dev note: a fix has been made that should prevent that from happening, will monitor the results !
[Misc] Corruption Resistance

corruption resistance doesnt get updated properly after you upgrade your cloak until you relog.
forgot to show in video but cloak is r4 and have upgraded from r3 12 resist to 20 resist
[Misc] Auction House Refresh doesn't work

Currently on Live realm while choose any category and refresh it doesn't refresh it, tried without choosing and with choosing a category, still the same. Tried with 3 characters.

As you can see it says ''The Auction House is busy''

Note: I also saw few players also complaining about it and one guild mate. Not sure if server delay/lag cause it.
[Misc] 50 % bonus Threat on tanks

When you unlock major slot as tank spec on 8.3, as tank you gain 50% bonus threat.
It's also applied on bear forms in all druid's spec.

There is no longer any bonus threat for each unlocked slot, you just get a sizable threat bump from the start.

Changing specializations to a nontank specialization or leaving Bear Form will remove this threat modifier.
[Misc] Vale Void Conduit

Dev note: Fixed the event, fixes the beam that was appearing on relog too
[Misc] 8.3 World Boss bonus rolls

Fixed infinite roll for 8.3 World Bosses
[Misc][Toy] Darkmoon Seesaw
[Misc] Uldum Dailies

Uldum dailies aren't working, they had a wrong condition that prevented players from getting them.
[Misc][Corruption] Searing Flames stacks out of combat

how its bugged: the searing flames stacks are stacking up out of combat this shouldnt happen

how it should work : the stacks should stack up only in combat

|T1354169:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:316698|h[Searing Flames]|h|r
[Misc][Corruption] Mind Flays doesn't work for ranged

Currently on live realm, the corruption Mind Flays doesn't work well for ranged doesn't work. As mele it does normal dmg, but as ranged as you will see on attachments i attach, it stays next to player and does not do anything.
At the 1 picture: You can see that corruption proc and stays next to player
At the 2 picture: You can see that with ranged it doesn't do any dmg.
At the 3 picture: You can see the test we did with mele attack as ranged class.
Note: This doesn't work with any ranged classes only mele
[Misc] Melee classes base crit

Dev note: Melee classes were currently only having 1% base crit chance instead of 5%, fixed now !
[Misc][Quest] Preventative Measures

When you are doing the daily quest "Preventative Measures" in lesser visions the void portals doesn't spawn as often as on retail, so if there are more than 4 people you are unable to complete the quest

retail proof:
[Misc] Ashjra'kamas and upgrades

Currently, when you have Rank 5 Cloak or below, you can enchant, add tertiary stats, and put socket on it which shouldn't be possible.

Dev note: This is no longer possible, and we've removed all tertiary stats, enchants & sockets from every player's cloak. Those who used item upgraders from the shop got refunded.
[Misc][Quest] Assault: The Endless Swarm

Some players cannot return the quest (but some others can)
[PVE][OM] Vision of Perfection into Mythic Keystone

In Mechagon Junkyard and Mechagon Workshop on Mythic Keystone difficulties, endofrun chests now award Engine of MechaPerfection, or Blueprint: Perfectly Timed Differential, or Progression Sprockets for your Vision of Perfection.

25 March 2021

Burning rush

Burning Rush actually kills you since release of BFA. It shouldn't kill you, should automatically tuns off at ~4% HP instead at this moment u must cancel it manualy at low HP to not die. In addition it should stop also when you mount up. On Retail it always cancel automatically at ~4% HP to not kill you.
Pet Important issue

Warlock pets are heavily bugged

Dev note: was induced by a recent fix we made close before the release, sorry about that things are back to normal now !
Hi-Explosive Trap

The trap should push in the opposite direction to the movement of the target touching it.

Edit: If the player steps into the trap already placed it works correctly. If the hunter throws the trap directly at the player, whether moving or not, the trap does not work.
[PVE][Visions] Spark of Unwavering Strength
[PVE][Mythic+] Boralus Last pillar

If you killing 4 pillar,on last stay 1 pillar and spawn boss.
[PvE][Awakened] Malicious Growth untargetable

All Malicious Growth should be targetable the moment you are in N'zoth realm. Currently you cant target them until at least you walk to their aoe blood on the floor or use aoe spell on them.
[PvE][Awakened] Defiled Ground hitbox

Defiled Ground hitbox is a little bit bigger than visual.
[PVE][Mythic+] Huge number of lieutenants

Lieutenants on the last bosses of all dungeons spawn in huge numbers.
[Misc][Achievement] Hall of Fame: G'huun

The following achievement does not give the reward
Reward: Title ", Famed Slayer of G'huun"
[Misc][NPC] Harbinger Il'koxik

On the live realm the Rare was dead in the air and didn't drop, he use one of his abilities jump while get killed by ranged in the air.
[PVE][Mythic+] obelisk portal after server crash/restart

how iti is bugged: after a server crash or restart the obelisk portal tht were created before it just disappear.

how it should work: the obelisk portal shouldn't disappear after server crash/restart.
[PVE][Ny'alotha] Maut - Dark Manifestation

The elemental disappears for an unknown reason.
[Misc] Fishing in 8.3 zones

You currently cannot fish in any of the 8.3 zones

Dev note: fixed !
[Misc][Quest] Vale mantid assault quests

Cant take a quest.
[PVE][Ny'alotha] Maut - Dark Manifestation

The mob should have much less mana then it actually has. As you can see on Normal with ~20 players it should have ~4M mana, on Heroic, with ~25 players, it should have ~8,4M:

Yesterday we tested it on live realm, Normal difficulty, and it had ~17M mana with 21 players in party.
[Misc][NPC] Veskan the Fallen

This rare's abilities are broken. It should spawn pool when he casts Pool of Muck (312627). Instead it applies players a debuff just like they standing in pool for 10 mins.
retail vid:
[8.3 Essence] Essences dropped in Horrific Visions

Horrific Visions should drop DPS/Tank/Heal Essences but if I play dps with loot healer spec it won't drop me anything.

Rank 1: |T237543:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:168936::::::::120:::::|h[Ward of Unwavering Hope]|h|r
Rank 2: |T135876:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:168937::::::::120:::::|h[Ward of Reciprocation]|h|r
Rank 3: |T1391754:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:168938::::::::120:::::|h[Ward of Mutual Aid]|h|r

This should work but give it a check, I saw some people are unable to drop it (some classes perhaps? one hunter from guild doesn't loot for example)
Rank 1: |T2065618:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:173288::::::::120:::::|h[Overflowing Azerite Geode]|h|r
Rank 2: |T2967103:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:173289::::::::120:::::|h[Pulsing Azerite Geode]|h|r
Rank 3: |T2065616:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:173290::::::::120:::::|h[Quickening Azerite Geode]|h|r

I don't know if it's working but give a check tyvm :pray:
Rank 1: |T136080:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:173308::::::::120:::::|h[Mark of Boistrous Duty]|h|r
Rank 2: |T1505960:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:173309::::::::120:::::|h[Water Dancer's Technique]|h|r
Rank 3: |T133740:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:173310::::::::120:::::|h[Manual of Unbalanced Tactics]|h|r
Tokens (to combine for Rank 3): |T348560:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:174287::::::::120:::::|h[Sparks of Unwavering Strength]|h|r
[Corruptions] Echoing Void

On retail, once the stacks started dropping you were not able to generate any more stacks during that period, but right now you're still able to get more stacks as they're dropping.

|T1022950:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:318486|h[Echoing Void]|h|r
[Misc][Essence] Breath of the Undying Minor

This Essence is legit insane right now on Firestorm.

9+ minute fight, 30 procs, 10th in dps

9+ minute fight, 24 procs, 13th in dps

5+ minute fight, 25 procs, 8th in dps

Damage is between 20k27k non crit depending the versa and neck ilvl from the wowlogs, here it's 30k+ with 475480 neck ilvl

Dev note: Damage seems fine, the issue is the procrate: all sources indicate 10PPM, but by checking logs it seems to be actually closer to 3. Since the R3 of the essence indicates an increase in 400% of the PPM on targets below 20%, it is safe to assume that the 10PPM is actually the value with the increase included which would mean the actual real PPM is 2 (scaling with haste) which is what got fixed here.
[Misc] Ny'alotha Raid Ranking

The Ranking on our website for Ny'alotha has been fixed !
[Misc] Legendary Cloak Cap

The cloak should be upgradable up to rank 6 instead of rank 5.
[Misc] Assault Cache bags full

Several people reported that if you have your bags full you don't get the assault cache sent by mail as it should
[Misc][NPC] Jeeves bank access


This broke down with the 8.3 update, you can no longer access your bank
[Misc] Black Empire Coffer

Impossible to open those even if you got a Cursed Relic
[Misc][Item] Seal of Wartorn Fate - Infinite roll

When using the seal of wartorn fate after the kill of the boss, the roll will never end unless you relog

Dev note: Fixed, but was only a visual issue that happened when you would get either gold or AP, which you did get (even if not shown)
[Misc][Quest] Down from the Sky

Many players report not finding the NPCs needed to complete the quest

Dev note: their respawn time was of 2 hours, it's been lowered drastically to allow everyone to complete it !
[Misc] Bee Mount on Horde side

Since 8.2.5 the "Maya" bee mount was solely alliance, but we worked our magic to make it available for horde players too !

For this to work you might need to clear your cache:
1) Close your client & your launcher if you're using one
2) open your 8.3 FS Wow folder
3) delete the folder named "Cache" located inside
4) you can then start your game normally !
[PVE][Visions] Breath of Everlasting Spirit
[PVE][Mythic+] Mechagon Workshop End chest

In case the realm crashes while in the key, you can resume it properly but the end of dungeon chest won't be there
[Corruption] Obsidian Skin dmg not working

How it is bugged: when in combat the corruption doesn't explode to do damage after 30 second(infact doesn't even do any damage)

How it should work: every 30 second it should do aoe shafow damage equal to 700% of character Armor

|T132154:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:316651|h[Obsidian Skin]|h|r
[PVE][Lesser Visions] Lightning Storm ground effect animation

During the lesser visions Lightning Strike is in effect. Sometimes the ground effect animation where the lightning should tike is not correctly scripter, from time to time noticed that before the lightning strikes the ground the ground effect will disappear before the lightning hits the ground. It mostly triggers if the player is near or under the lightning where it will strike
[PVE][Mythic+] Samh'rek and textures

Waycrest Manor:
If players dont use pillar with Samh'rek, and he appear near last boss, he can get stuck in textures. Tested in live Sethraliss 23.03

24 March 2021

[Retribution] Crusade vs Vision of Perfection

Basically same issue with but different spell, which is Crusade.
Missing the Time Remaining from Vision + Crusade buff time

[Fire] Ignite spreading issue

When Ignite spread on an entity having damage reduction buffs, it can receive millions of damage from the Ignite ticking
[Misc] Authenticator Bag Space

You need to activate the authenticator on your account if it's not done yet to receive 4 additional spaces on your primary bag !

Here is a guide on how to do it:
[Misc][Corruption] Ineffable Truth

Spells affected by Ineffable Truth used before the buff proc wouldn't actually benefit from the spell once it triggers: visually the cooldown would lower but server side the cooldown would still reduce "normally"
[PVE][Ny'alotha] Wrathion - Burning Cataclysm

During the spell the safe spot should always be opposite of the boss, as you can see here:
Yesterday we did it in live realm (normal difficulty) and the safe spot was close to the boss most of the times
[Misc] Horde players teleport on login

Horde characters who used to be alliance before report that on login they always get teleported to the cell where you're supposed to do the "Out Like Flynn" Alliance intro quest.
[Misc] Chamber of the Heart teleport undermap

Many players report falling undermap when teleporting to the chamber of the heart
[Misc] Corruption on PVP Items

You cannot apply corruption on PVP items bought from the shop
[Misc] Enchantment - Machinists brilliance
[General]Drums of Fury vs Time warp
[Misc] Emissary Azerite missing rings

Players reported looting 3rings 445 Azerite gear instead of 5rings in emissaries
[Misc][Profession] 8.3 Recipes can't be learned

At least confirmed for Engineering and Jewelcrafting (Cooking works fine), you cannot learn 8.3 recipes
[Misc][Uldum] Flying Mount when disconnecting

If the player log out in Uldum, while on a flying mount, you won't be able to fly when you log back in. But if the player remounts, can fly with no issue
[Misc][Essence] Blood of the Enemy

crit modifier doesnt apply to melee attacks.
[Misc][Profession] Fishing in 8.3 zones

Fishing in 8.3 zones doesn't work
[Misc][Quest] Stay Low, Stay Fast

If you abandon it and take it again you might lose your summon
You can complete the second objective before the first one making Neri despawn after doing some RP
[OM JUNKYARD MM+] No loot chest

We completed a Junkyard MM 15 in time and there was no loot chest where it should be.

Here you can see where the loot chest should be 27:56
[Misc] Losing health on Login

Some players report when logging in losing 5070% of their max health.

Dev note: caused by a trait, fixed !
[Misc][Quest] Up Against It (H)

Markers are wrong
[Misc] Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossoms dailies quests

Dailies quest in Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossoms don't reward any reputation.
[Misc][Vision] Group Quest Item Loot

While in Group, if you complete the Horrific Vision, and have a quest for the Cloak, only one player gets the Item. Everyone should get thier Item for the Cloak Upgrade.
[Misc] Flying mounts in dungeons

when you mount up to flying mounts in some dungeons with BfA Pathfinder Part 2 (spell id: 278833). You get "You are in the wrong zone." error and move with base speed (100+10%)
[Misc][Quest] In the Shadows of Crimson Wings

The quest doesn't reward the Crucible of Flame R3 Essence as it should
[Misc][Title] Veteran of the 4th War

Horde players do not obtain it when they complete the achievement

Dev note: fixed, those who had the achievement already will receive their title on login
[PVE][Motherlode] NPC Scaling MM+

NPCs before the first boss and first boss HPs do not scale with the level of the key
[Misc][Quest] War Campaign Issue
These two quests cannot be taken at the same time. If you take one of these quests, the other will no longer be available. Because of this, it is impossible to complete WC
[Misc][Quest] The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Several reports about this quest not being completeable (nature of the issue is still uncertain, but it didn't happen on 8.2)
[Misc] Scouting Map in The Great Seal

This is how The Great Seal's Scouting Map looks like. As you can see there is not any option to pick a mission or check the followers. I checked the second Scouting Map ( on the ship ) and its working fine, but this one in the Seal looks like that. Also I checked with and without ElvUI and its still the same.
[Misc][Assaults] Party member disappear on map and minimap

As you can see on the video we record party member disappear on map, we tryed without and with .debug nzothassault commands still the same. While move few yds away of my Party member he (his classcolored point) on map/minimap just disappear also you can see there is no arrow on minimap which is showing where's he.

22 March 2021

The 8.3 Update is live !

The final patch of the Battle for Azeroth expansion has been applied on Sethraliss !

For more information on all the new content the 'Visions of N'Zoth' version brings, you can read our post here: (you can replace EN in the link by FR / ES / PT or RU !)

It will also include a link to a guide on how to update your client, because it will be required for you to play on Sethraliss now ! Direct link: (you can replace EN in the link by FR / ES / PT or RU !)

Have fun !

25 February 2021

[Blood] Dying while in ghost

Dev note: this issue is here since 8.2 started, but we never had the proper information to fix it until then: when a blood DK dies in PVP and releases spirit, he will die again after a few seconds, stucking him. This issue was a generic one that for some reason only affected this class, and this spec but it's fixed now !

26 January 2021

[Misc][Essence] Condensed life force major PVP mod

Dev note: According to some tests on retail before SL release, Guardian of Azeroth from Consended life force major should have 60% pvp mod. Considering this Essence is atm way stronger than it was on retail, this mod has been applied.

21 January 2021

[PVE][TEP] Mythic Custom Nerf

To reduce the difficulty of The Eternal Palace in Mythic mode as a whole, we applied a custom nerf: 5% HP & damage to all the instance (packs & bosses)
[PVE][TEP] Azshara - Hotfix Nerf

A missing hotfix has been applied on Queen Azshara in all difficulties:

Powering up an Ancient Ward or draining Azsharas Ward of Power now reduces the maximum health of the caster by 8% per stack on all difficulties (was 10%).

At 10 stacks: Health reduced by 80% instead of 99.9999%
|Mechagon] Paint Vial: Mechagon Gold

Drop chance are increased
[Mechagon] Paint Vial: Lemonade Steel

Drop chance are increased
[Mechagon] Blueprint: Rustbolt Requisitions

15 January 2021

[Holy] Guardian spirit vs Dampening

40% of maximum health healing from Guardian Spirit isn't reduced by dampening. It should.

|T237542:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:47788|h[Guardian Spirit]|h|r
[PVE][ML] Mogul Razdunk MM+

Boss respawns if you finish the MM+ by killing it (meaning if you already completed the 100%).

Dev note: should be fixed now !
[PVE][TEP] Azshara's chest golds

Increased gold of Azshara's chest.
Please note that gold is distributed to every raid member at the moment the first player opens the chest: this explains why people who won't have any gear in the chest will find it empty (but they would have still obtained the golds)
[PVE][KR] MM+ completion %

An issue sometimes causes players to not be able to reach 100% completion despite killing every NPC.

Dev note: should be fixed
[Misc] Mining - Gathering while mounted

An issue caused everyone to remain mounted when Mining or Gathering herbs regardless of VIP or Sky Golem mount.

Now the only 2 cases where you will remain mounted are:
For Mining & Gathering, if you are VIP
For Gathering, if you are on the sky golem

Note: Mechanized Lumber Extractor should give the same perks as the Sky Golem, this will be fixed on Jan 18th.
[Misc] Cosmeticator usability

Following feedback we had, we have authorised the use of cosmeticator appearances & effects in dungeons & BGs. They remain unavailable in raids & arenas, for clarity purposes.
[PVE] Loot distance Dungeons & Raids

Dev note: Following retail information we had, we removed the distance check that could prevent a player from looting or being able to trade a loot in dungeons & raids: now, as long as you are in said dungeon or raid group regardless of distance you will be added to the looter list.

The distance check has been kept in general cases (like open world) as it is meant to be.
[Misc] Weekly Events (Signs)

Since 2021, weekly events (Sign of the Emissary, of Battle, of the Critter, of the Warrior, of the Skirmisher) stopped appearing. The issue is now fixed and they will keep on rotating each week as it should be !
[Misc][Shop] 3D Viewer

The 3D viewer feature on our shop has been fixed !
You can now preview everything before buying to make sure you'll get what you like !

10 December 2020

Grounding Totem

Grounding Totem is currently redirecting only 1 spell and then it "dies".
It should redirect ALL spells within 3 seconds until it's destroyed.

destroyed = casting damaging spells on totem itself, not on shaman or any ally

|T136039:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:204336|h[Grounding Totem]|h|r
Glide/Forward boost

Glide should only boost you forward once when you're constantly on the air. Right now on firestorm it boosts you forward at all times when using it midair. After the first boost, using Glide again should act as a slowfall, as is showcased here:

How it works on Firestorm:

Edit (Current problem): Right now, any Glide cast that is not the first one while in air, reduces your gliding forward speed to default player movement speed, instead of it being a)Default Glide speed (~178%), when no other spell has been used), b) Player speed + 75% when used after Fel Rush, c)250% when being used after Vengeful Retreat.
[Misc][Questlog] Questlog full

Since 8.2, several players have been complaining that they have the "questlog is full" message when trying to retrieve a quest, despite only have 2 or 3 quests in their questlog.

Dev note: issue was fixed several months ago, but it broke again on 8.2 indeed. Should be fixed now !
[Misc] Azerite Gear Token on Cross

If you use Azerite gear tokens on cross realm, you do not get any gear.

Tested & confirmed
[PVE][Tempest Keep] Kaelthas

Dev note: Kaelthas now falls to the floor when killed, so players can loot it
[Misc] Gnomish / Goblin Engineer

When you unlearn gnomish or gobling engineer, you cannot relearn any of the 2
[PVE][TEP] Lady Ashvane - Number of Coral spawns

The number of coral spawns should be incremented by 2 then 1 then 2 and on and on.

For example :
First spawn is always 3 corals (Or after regaining shield)
Next spawn should +2 corals (5 total)
Next spawn should +1 coral ( 6 total )
Next spawn should be +2 coral ( 8 total )
[PVE][OM] Hard Mode: HK-8 stuck in air

HK8 becomes stuck randomly in different hard mode runs, even after doing the first 3 bosses in the right oder.
Should spawn/go down after the first 3 were done.
[PVE][Atal'Dazar] Skyscreamers

Skyscreamers from the middle of the platform can sometimes get stuck on the pillar, making it hard for melee classes to dmg them or CC them.
[PVE][TEP] Za'Qul - Psychotic Split Echo of Fear

After killing the 2 echoes of fear in delirium and fear realm, the boss keeps casting the psychotic split and wipes the raid
[PVE][TEP] Lady Ashvane - Exposed Azerite

Explosed Azerite should hit 6 players max on Mythic Difficulty
[PVE][TEP] Blackwater Behemoth - Holy Paladin's Glimmer of Light trait at boss

Wowhead link of the spells: |T136122:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:292127|h[Darkest Depths]|h|r
|T1360764:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:287268|h[Glimmer of Light]|h|r

How is it bugged:
Currently, the debuff that prevents all healing stops you from applying the azerite trait Glimmer of the Light even though you should be able to.
How it should work:
You should still be able to cast Glimmer on targets with the Darkest Depths debuff, but it should do no healing until they get the Bioluminescene buff.
FS: picture i sent there im used the spell very often, i did go out & in to the water but still same issue, you cant see glimmer of light buff on me.
Retail: Holy Paladin POV 0:05(from the first seconds of video you can see the buff getting applied on other players in raid):
[PVE][TEP] Za'Qul - Mind Tether

Mind tether should link the target to his closest ally.

Atm mind tether links only between tanks, no matter the distance

Using 1 only tank, tether links the tank to a random ally (no matter the distance)

30 November 2020

[TEP][Za'qul] Manic Dread

fs: the boss misses a second application of the Manic Dread spell because the application time of the Manic Dread coincides with the application time of the Psychotic Split ( )

retail:the boss uses Manic Dread a second time as soon as he finishes using the Psychotic Split or if the Psychotic Split is interrupted according to the mechanics of the spell ( )
[TEP][Za'qul] Horrific Summoner

boss calls for new Horrific Summoner by timer even if there is no player without debuff Delirium Realm/Fear Realm

boss does not call for a new Horrific Summoner by timer if no players are within the "normal" realm.

24 November 2020

[Protection] Thunderclap - Avatar interaction



When in Avatar, Thunderclap is supposed to have reduced cooldown. (Edit: if you have Unstoppable Force talented). If you hit thunderclap and then avatar, the cd of thunderclap is supposed to be reduced, and right now it's doesn't get reduced. Check gifs.
[Protection] Intercept

Currently Intercept has a little bug,


When targeting an enemy, deals (11.466% of Attack power) Physical damage and roots the target for 1 sec.

When targeting an ally, intercepts the next melee or ranged attack against them within 10 sec while the ally remains within 10 yards.

Issue is on the second part, somewhat on kinda all friendly /allied NPCs Intercept can be used, but when you do so, it doesn't do the charge, just goes on cd.

working exemple:
[Protection] Into the Fray

Wowhead link of the spell: |T132334:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:202603|h[Into the Fray]|h|r

Into the Fray should give haste stacks while enemies(mobs or players) or allies near you so, it works normal except on neutral mobs. When you start a fight against a neutral mob it should give you the stack cuz mob becomes enemy. Neutral npcs (for example as an orc when you go undercity, near to a neutral undercity npc) are working fine.
[Fury] Glyph of the Blazing Trail

Glyph isnt working as in retail.
[Destruction] Summon Infernal + Vision of Perfection

Summon Infernal+Vision of Perfection
he must fall next to the target and start attacking it, and not appear next to the warlock and run Millions of years towards his goal, when he reaches the goal, he already disappears

how should it work
and this is how it works for us
[Demonology] Demonic strength vs Felstorm

While your pets felstorm is on CD and you use Demonic Strength, the cooldown of your pets Felstorm gets reset back to 30 sec. This shouldnt works like that.


Retail video:
You can se the on the right side his pet bar and in the mid of the screem the Demonic Strength. As u can see Felstorm doesnt reset.
[Protection] Ardent Defender

Ardent Defender most of the times isn't preventing the Paladin to die.
Try to spam it in a dungeon and you'll see you gonna die most likely.

|T135870:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:31850|h[Ardent Defender]|h|r
[Holy] Flash of light pvp mod

Flash of light is missing a pvp mod of 115% effiency.

RETAIL : 767 vs 882 in pvp.

|T135907:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:19750|h[Flash of Light]|h|r
[PvE][WM] blade flurry vs Runic Ward

Runic Ward is getting ignored by outlaw rogues Blade Flurry
[PVE][TEP] Azshara loot

Azshara doesn't give gold to everyone in her chest
[PVE][Antorus] Garothi Worldbreaker

Boss can't be done, which makes the whole raid undoable.

Many reports from players about it

Dev note: Bugged spell fixed, boss should be properly doable now !
[Misc] Zandalar Skinning Enchant

|T463531:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:159467::::::::120:::::|h[Enchant Gloves Zandalari Skinning]|h|r

This doesn't work, it doesn't speed skinning at all (several reports)

Dev note: happened in some cases, but should be fixed now
[Misc][Essence] Ripple in Space R3
|T973919:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:168852::::::::120:::::|h[Stalwart Battlefield Memento]|h|r

This R3 item cannot be obtained it seems: only the first weekly quest "call to arms" rewards the commendations, then it doesn't work

Dev note: indeed, it should work now for next quests !

18 November 2020

[PVE][TEP] Mythic Mode !

Azshara's Eternal Palace has opened its mythic doors!

Face the 8 bosses at their strongest, and race for the top 3 full Mythic clear for a special reward & announcement!

Good luck, champions of Azeroth!

6 November 2020

[Destruction] Vision of Perfection vs crashing chaos

With vision of perfection and crashing chaos trait the infernal cd is 2.2 min. but whenever vision of perfection procs (as major essense) and you cast the first chaos bolt it will increase to 2.4 min (as if you dont have crashing chaos trait) and stay that way permanently until you reequip your armor.

Steps for reproducing the issue:

Crashing chaos: |T236291:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:277705|h[Crashing Chaos]|h|r
Earth Shield

The 10% more healing part was working only for Shaman spells, should work for all healings regardless class/spec.

|T136089:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:974|h[Earth Shield]|h|r
[Misc] Black Marcket outbid money

Several players are reporting bidding on the black market, getting outbidded and not getting their money back.

Dev note: Fixed the issue: it happened whenever you were outbidded while offline: the mail wasn't going through. In the same manner, if you won the auction while offline, you didn't receive the mail with the item. Should be fixed now, sorry for the trouble !
[Misc][Item] Anu-Azshara, Staff of the Eternal

AnuAzshara, Staff of the Eternal is pulling mobs out of combat , the item missing a check if the target is in combat or not .
[Misc] Auto Login

Whenever you put your credentials on the BFA client, it should now automatically log you onto Sethraliss (so you no longer need to select the realm)
[Misc] Battle Pet Cage in Mail

If you put a battle pet in cage and then send the cage by mail, it can be retrieved but the cage will be bugged: you cannot use it.

So basically you just lose the pet

Dev note: got broken recently, it's now fixed sorry about that !
[Misc][Quest] A Stitch in Time

Quest can't be completed as you don't get the NPC spawning when taking it

2 November 2020

[Destro] Immolate vs versa and damage reduction

Immolate DOT (|T135817:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:348|h[Immolate]|h|r) isn't reduced by versatility and damage reduction like Barkskin (|T136097:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:22812|h[Barkskin]|h|r) or Divine protection
(|T524353:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:498|h[Divine Protection]|h|r)

Instant/direct damage is reduced, but not dot.

FS 100% versa :

FS no versa :
[Destruction] Infernal Stun and Immolation

1. Infernal Stun and Immolation shouldn't hit through pilar/wall etc
2. Radius of Stun and Immolation should be only radius around infernal. Atm, the radius is like a "sphere", Infernal's Immolation and Stun can hit above and below him.

30 October 2020

Spell Reflect vs Thorns

How is it bugged: When you reflect Thorns the druid is getting the damage but isn't getting the slow
How should it work: He should get the slow as well.
Proof: Warrior Class discord:
[Arms] Ravager with Gathering Storm Trait

Wowhead link of the spells: |T236303:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273409|h[Gathering Storm]|h|r

Gathering Storm trait doesn't give u strength when u use Ravager, it must give strength when u Bladestorm or use Ravager but it only works on Bladestorm.
[Protection] Spell Reflection vs Guardian Elemental

As can be seen in that video from 2:08 pm The warrior tank can reflect Electrifying Shock, Currently in Firestorm Sethraliss you cannot.
I also know that this can be reflected by the monk using the Diffuse Magic talent.

|T136050:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:268233|h[Electrifying Shock]|h|r
|T775460:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:122783|h[Diffuse Magic]|h|r
|T132361:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:23920|h[Spell Reflection]|h|r
[Demonology] Implosion

Implosion got bugged after Imp's card fix.
Imps explode on the last enemy you killed instead of the target you select

[Destruction] Crashing Chaos + Vision of Perfection

When your Vision of Perfection major procs, you should receive crashing chaos buff. As it is now you don't get any buff from this trait.
Pet spells

Lock pets should use their spell with conditions of energy.
Felhunter Shadowbite (|T136214:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:54049|h[Shadow Bite]|h|r) :

if PetPower(Felhunter) >= 170

Imp Firebolt (|T135809:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:3110|h[Firebolt]|h|r) :

if PetPower(Imp) >= 120

Succubus Lash of Pain (|T136136:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:7814|h[Lash of Pain]|h|r) :

if PetPower(Succubus) >= 170


FS :

At the moment, lock pets can spam spells without any conditions of energy
[Destro] Cremation

Cremation damage isn't reduced by versa, it should

[Outlaw] Ruthless Precision

The Ruthless Precision is not adding the proper crit chance to Between the Eyes (+60%) and other spells (+20%).

With 80% crit, I had non crit Sinister Strikes and with 40% crit, I had some non crit Between The eyes
[Shadow] Shadowfiend

Shadowfiend doesn't provide insanity anymore

[Feral] Moment Of Clarity

How it should work:
When you are not using the talent ( Moment of Clarity ) your auto attacks should proc omen of clarity ( Clearcasting ) making your next healing spell cost no mana or dmg spell ( Shred, swipe, brutal slash, trash ) cost no energy. Each AA has 8% chance.
When you are using talent Moment of Clarity proc chance of Omen of clarity ( clearcasting ) should be increased by 50% and you can have 2 charges of clearcasting.
How it works on FS:
When you are using Moment of Clarity proc chance is still the same, maybe even lower.
Talent is half working
Bugged part: Does not increase proc chance
Working part: You can stack charges up to 2.
SS 1 with Moment of Clarity
SS 2 Without Moment of Clarity
( Shred used for each clearcasting, count )
[Misc] Drinking while CCed

Currently some CC abilities allows the target that was eating/drinking to still benefit of this while controlled. Should not happen so.

ex: Polymorph, Mind Control, Blind
[Misc][Event] Hallow's End

There are a few issues in regards to Hallow's End Game Event:

Trick and treats of Eastern Kingdoms achievement has 3 non working conditions:
A Frightening Friend achievement can't be completed because there is a missing pepe in Garrisons
For the Headless Horseman, you should be able to spawn the headless Horseman by speaking with the pumpkin or the dirt pile, which is not working currently
The loot for this dungeon should always be a "lootfilled pumpkin" and not "lootstuffed pumpkin". Some players got the correct one, some the other. Only the lootfilled can reward the Horseman's Reins mount
|T133661:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:117392::::::::120:::::|h[LootFilled Pumpkin]|h|r
|T133661:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:149574::::::::120:::::|h[LootStuffed Pumpkin]|h|r
|T132501:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:37012::::::::120:::::|h[The Horseman's Reins]|h|r
[PVE][SOB] Captain Lockwood

Since yesterday, boss is impossible to do.

Dev note: sorry about that, fixed !
[Misc][Scrapping] Missing expulsom
[Misc][Item] Revitalizing Voodoo Totem

Currently the item benefits of the dynamic hot/dot mechanic in a faulty way.
The item is capped at 13 stacks, meaning the number of healing ticks should not be extended with haste, but instead just reach them faster compared to the maximum 6s.

20 October 2020

[Demonology] Imps

Demonology Imps do not attack the target when you use Mouseover OR Focus macros, making them stay for 15 sec and boosting Summon Demonic Tyrant pet.

How they should act: they should attack/cast the target you attacked with Hand of Gul'dan or in combat with and not your current target
[Windwalker] Tigereye Brew vs Blessing Of Protection

Using spell with Tigereye Brew active should damage though Blessing of Protection, since it's Nature damage. At the moment, it doesn't.


|T613399:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:247483|h[Tigereye Brew]|h|r
|T135964:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:1022|h[Blessing of Protection]|h|r
[Misc][NPC] Lost Emberspit Scorpion

NPC is missing, and if spawned has 150 HPs.
Nice NPC for Hunters to tame, would be nice to fix it !
[Misc][Essences] Healer Essences bad condition

Fixed an issue making heal essences not being able to be equipped: 'you do not meet the requirements'. This happened following a fix last week.
[PvE][Underrot] Respawning pack

A pack of trash respawned in an M+.
This pack had an emissary of the tides. We killed it, did 3rd boss. On the way back to 2nd boss the Fallen Deathspeaker respawned, and after 2nd boss the rest of the Reanimated Guardian (excluding the emissary) respawned.
It was Fortified, Teeming, Quaking week.
|Misc] Xiwyllag ATV - Paints

The paint for mount Xiwyllag ATV are displayed correctly
[Misc][Construction] Reclamation Rig

Reclamation Rig are now scripted
[PvE][Underrot] Cragmaw - Summon Larva bad hitbox

The boss|mode=m
uses this ability |T1394887:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:260793|h[Indigestion]|h|r

which places random larva on the ground, the player needs to step on them to destroy them.
Currently, many of the larva pools need multi steps to be destroyed due to bad hitbox, this problem is deadly in high keys.
[PvE][Underrot] Faceless Corruptor evade

If the group/target/combat dies while the Faceless Corruptor is casting Maddening Gaze, he will not return to his original position after the end of the cast.
[PVE][Mechagon] Innkeeper Rest Zone


In this place, there is a hearthstone, it is a rest area so you can change talents inside. Currently in firestormSethraliss you cannot

Inkeeper :
[PvE][WM][Heartsbane Triad] Soul Manipulation

|T892448:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:260907|h[Soul Manipulation]|h|r

Sister Solena will gain access to the Soul Manipulation when she holds the Focusing Iris. This will mind control a player until they a reduced to 50% health.

Currently on Firestorm, the mind controled players get his HP doubled when he is under Mind Control.

see screenshot

Retail POV:

He doesn't got his hp doubled.

Kinda a huge issue since you need to dps down to 50% ish the mind controled player.
[PvE][WM] Jagged Nettles not dropping instantly

player hp at 92% debuff did not drop.
|T959837:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:260741|h[Jagged Nettles]|h|r

Player hp went above 90% threshold and the debuff did not get removed, it should be instantly removed.
[PVE][AD] Echoes of Shadra Yazma spell - Bad hitbox
|T134321:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:250050|h[Echoes of Shadra]|h|r

You should be able to soak these but they have a bad hitbox, I tried popping my aspect of the turtle as a hunter with speed buff too. was only able to soak one due to bad hitbox.
[PVE][AD] Rezan - Pursuit targeting


How Rezan should fixate players:

IF There are at least 2 players (>= 2) at range (everything : healer tank dps)
THEN Target random player at range
ELSE target random player (healer and tank included)
[PVE][AD] Rezan - Serrated Teeth

This spell currently have a major issue.

|T236304:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:255434|h[Serrated Teeth]|h|r

It's affected by player armor. It's a bleed, so it shouldn't

no armor: => 130K

armor (13%: / 27% ) => 121K => 106K

|T236304:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:255434|h[Serrated Teeth]|h|r
[Misc][Item] NRG-100 not getting removed from the player bag

Related to this quest/daily

You get an extra one everytime you make the quest

12 October 2020

[Destruction] Vision of Perfrection w/ Grimoire of Supremacy

Currently, when playing with vop major and you have the talent Grimoire of Supremacy, the talent has wrong condition of activation with the infernals.
On firestorm, the condition of having the grimoire of supremacy is having an infernal active (whether it's a vop one or normal one). This is not correct.

The correct way is to add each time a duration to the buff whenever you have a proc or cast a normal infernal.
For example, when I cast a normal infernal, I get a base buff of 30s duration.
When I get an infernal vop proc, I ADD 10,5s to the active duration.
If I get another vop proc, I ADD 10.5s to the active duration.

Meaning I can get a : 30s + 10.5s +10.5s If I get 2 procs after I cast a normal Infernal.
And viceversa If I start with a vop proc and I cast a normal infernal : 10.5 + 30s

The duration to add is 10.5s for Rank2+ and 7.5 for Rank1 (35% and 25% of 30s)
[Destruction] Vision of Perfection

When using the azerite trait Crashing Chaos and vision of perfection major, when you have a vop infenal proc you should gain the crashing chaos buff at 8 stacks for 35% of its damage buff if Rank 2+ or 25% if Rank 1 BUT with the full 8 stacks duration. ( the 35% / 25% is applied to the damage value not duration )

In all cases, meaning :
normal infernal then a vop proc OR
vop proc then normal infernal OR
vop proc then vop proc

the trait gets refreshed AND overriden, meaning I had 9000 damage buff of trait with a main cast of infernal and if I got a vop proc while the buff is up, the buff gets refreshed to 8 stacks with 9000 x 0.35 = 3150 damage buff.
The buff gets refreshed and overriden with the latest value.
[Fire] Ignite Munching QC

Currently on Firestorm Ignite does proper damage, but due to latency and how the ability was modified back in Legion to corespond with actual retail mechanics, a certain aspect seems to be off, and that is munching.
Even if the total damage output and snapshots are working fine with mastery changing and adjusting every hit that contributes to Ignite, when we check for overall on a fully deployed/ended Ignite the damage is legit, but the construction of the dot seems rather slow, and that has to do with munching.
What might be the cause of this and what we might be missing is a PeekSavedValue timer extension, that would allow Ignite to munch faster in burst, without changing its overall dmg output.

( example in the video, right above his healthbar check the ignite timer )
notice how every ability ( ignite modifiers ) that enters the munching window ( a gcd ) seems to extend the peeksavevalue by about 0.3s above the 9s and allows it to go down normally in between. On Fs it seems we are missing that extension.

[Arcane] Arcane Explosion

After todays maintenance (08/10/2020 dd/mm/yy) Arcane Explosion started doing no damage, does not show in combat log, anything.

|T136116:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:1449|h[Arcane Explosion]|h|r
[Marksmanship] Vision of Perfection

VoP proc Should extend the duration of Trueshot if it procs while Trueshot is active by xxx seconds depending the rank of the essence and traits

TrueShot duration proc is correct but the buff duration isn't
[PvE][Underrot] Respawning mobs

Some mobs on Underrot are respawning in random areas after when you kill them, most likely at their usual patrol locations.
[Misc][Islands] Skittering Hollow - Lightcrystal

Does nothing, spawn invisible entities that autoattack mobs and it's unlimited use, should be 1.
[Island][Quests] Proudmore Admiralty

I dropped the item on an island, however, it is impossible to turn in the quest as i don't even have the quest nor can't get it.
The item is currently useless.
[PvE] Affix Bolstering vs Boss

Bolstering should be affecting dungeon bosses if they are in combat: right now it's never affecting them, making fights much easier
[Misc][Essences] The Well of Existence

It just does the opposite of what its passive should, It does not heal the target with less than 50% in r3. It is healing yourself.

As seen in the box, "What happened to me?" image adjunto.
[Misc][Item] Diver's Folly Bioelectric Charge Pulls Everything

Wowhead link of the item and spell:
|T3004386:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:168900::::::::120:::::|h[Diver's Folly]|h|r
|T3004386:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:303353|h[Bioelectric Charge]|h|r

Diver's Folly Bioelectric Charge is now pulling mobs that u didnt even interacted with em, makes the dungeons harder and wipes the party mostly. It was fixed before but now it started again.

8 October 2020

[Enhancement] Thundercharge
this spell should reduce the cd recovery of the spells, actually on ptr is reducing the CD of the spell itself and not of the others (also the spell becomes visually available but not clickable until the real cd expires
the spell should have 45 sec cd and reduce by 30% the cd revovery rate of all the other spells for 10 sec

Timers are visually bugged.

for info:
GCD and Haste

Currently, rogues' GCD scales with haste and reduces it from 1s.
It should not. It should always be a static 1s GCD.

The only way to reduce GCD as a rogue below 1s is in outlaw spec and using Adrenaline Rush. The spell brings GCD down to 0.8s
[Arcane] Explosive Echo

Currently the additional second effect of the trait is not properly affected by multipliers.
How it is scripted currently:
(SP formula + effect 1 of trait) x mods + effect 2 of trait ( if 10% chance ).
Should be:
( SP formula + effect 1 "if 10% chance" + effect 2 ) x mods

Sp formula= intel x spell coef ( baseline damage )
[Arcane] Arcane Explosion

Following today's update, the spell deals no damage.

Dev note: will be fixed tomorrow, sorry about that !
[BeastMastery][Exotic Pet] Spirit Mend

Instante Care = (AbilityDamage 0,6) 3 1,0504) TotalHealingMultiplier Core

Periodic Care = (AbilityDamage 0,6) 2 1,0504) TotalHealingMultiplier Core
Cooldown = 30
Duration = 10
Interval (sec) = 2
Tick Count = 5 (No Tick Immediately)

Affected by: Aspect of the Beast

Additional Informations:

Instant care replaces Immediate Tick
Periodic care cannot be critical.
Instant care can be critical.
[BeastMastery] Pet - Bite

The Bite inflicts less damage than claw and smack (without AOTB)

__Formula:__ 0.333 x 1464 x 1.152 x 2 x 0.94 = 1 055,8
[Misc][Essence] Essences interaction with damage multipliers

Some Essences have wrong interaction with damage multipliers

Interactions that shouldn't increase damage

The Crucible of Flame and Ripple in Space shouldn't get affected by
[Dark Archangel] ID: 197871
[Schism] ID: 214621(Note : it's not Affecting The Crucible of Flame)
[Tormentor] ID:207029
[Skyfury Totem] ID : 204330
[Eradication] ID:196412
[Alpha Challenge] ID: 207017
[Flamecannon] ID:203284
[Necrotic Aura] ID:199642
[Murderous Intent] ID:207018
[Inquisition] ID:207028 (Note : it's not Affecting Ripple in Space)
[Sins of the Many] ID: 280391 (Note : it's not Affecting The Crucible of Flame)

Blood of the Enemy , Essence of the Focusing Iris, Purification Protocol and The Unbound Force shouldn't get affected by
[Skyfury Totem] ID : 204330
[Eradication] ID:196412
[Flamecannon] ID:203284
[Necrotic Aura] ID:199642

Interactions that should increase damage

Ripple in Space should be affected by
[Chaos Brand] ID:255260
[Nemesis] ID:255260
[Charred Flesh] ID:264002
[Haunt] ID: 48181
[Shadow Embrace] ID:32388
[Endless Affliction] ID:305391
[Hunter's Mark] ID:257284
[Misc][Item] Ashvane Razor Coral

Wowhead link of the item: |T1526612:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:169311::::::::120:::::|h[Ashvane's Razor Coral]|h|r

Ashvane's Razor Coral stack procs have so much lower chance than retail. Check wlogs,
retail: coralretail.png
fs: coralfs.png

Fight is approximately 5 minutes.

UPDATE: On dummies, when you reactive it to get crit buff, it doesnt work & sometimes stacks resets when u reach +50 stacks. When you reach like 5456, suddenly stack drops to 2. On st somehow it does work normally.

UPDATE 2: Another bug on raid TEP, you cant see your stacks at phase 2 of the blackwater behemoth fish boss. It's stacking and working and you can reactivate to get crits but you cant see how many stacks you got on boss.
[Misc][Item] Diver's Folly damage overall

Wowhead link of the item and spell: |T3004386:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:168900::::::::120:::::|h[Diver's Folly]|h|r
|T3004386:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:303583|h[Bioelectric Charge]|h|r

Item's overall dmg is not correct as it supposed to be, for example of wlogs (Ashvane hc boss wlogs, freely you can dps the boss) there is a huge gap. bioelectric charge does %7 of total dmg of a dh player, in fs its only %1. Here are logs.

retail: retaildiver.png

Fight duration is approximately 4 minutes.
[Misc][Essence] Visions of Perfection major procs with cooldowns/traits

Currently every trait or special mechanic linked to VoP major procs has an issue:
The moment the major procs during the ability it should affect, trait bonuses linked to it do not extend by the same amount the main ability does.

Ex: Prot Warrior with Avatar and Bastion of Might
If the warrior uses Avatar, the trait will activate along for the full duration
during Avatar and traits duration, VoP major might proc.
Lets say it procs near 15s of normal Avatar, it will extend this one to 20+ ( depending on rank 2535% )
On Firestorm the trait does not get that extension, when it should.
Note: Durations of traits outside VoP proc ing during normal ability it should affect are workig fine.

Look at the Av and trait buffs from 2:30 onwards, see how they jump from 14 back to 20.
[Misc][Essence] Vitality conduit - Health transfer from pet

Vitality conduit shouldn't transfer health from pet and summoning stuff, it should transfer health from player only.
[Misc][Item] Cyclotronic Blast (red card)

Cyclotronic blast cast time should get reduced by haste (channel time is fine).
NOTE: Check gif

5 October 2020

PvP System Shock / Seal Fate.

System Shock's crit gives 1 combo point thanks to seal fate, which is wrong and strong in PvP.

Firestorm Example :

Retail Example :


|T1398089:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198222|h[System Shock]|h|r
Envenom's buff / Pandemic

I noticed something wrong about Envenom's buff, actually if you have already an envenom buff, the next one gives you max duration of buff even if it's 1cp finisher. Edit : It should have same Pandemic functionality of Rupture

Reproduce : Use Poisoned knife > envenom(1sec) > Poisoned knife > envenom(6sec)

Firestorm Example :

Retail Example :


[Assassination] Double Dose | Seal Fate

The azerite trait Double Dose is triggering Seal Fate when it crits and rewards a combo point.

It shound not trigger seal fate. Similar issue it had with Poison bomb and Poisoned knife and System Shock.

Again, only (MutilateMainHand, MutilateOffHand, FanOfKnives, Blindside, ToxicBlade) should trigger Seal fate

Dev note: rescripted the spell, instead of adding a blacklist, made a whitelist of those 5 spells so it shouldn't proc anymore on other stuff !
[Discipline] Shadowfiend mana regen

Shadowfiend shouldn't regen mana if you don't use this talent (|T136214:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:123040|h[Mindbender]|h|r). At the moment, Shadowfiend (|T136199:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:34433|h[Shadowfiend]|h|r) regen mana even if u don't have Mindbender talent.
[Brewmaster] Stagger priority vs absorbtion

After noticing a weird behavior of stagger while watching a shadowlands video, you can see that while under the effect of aka a huge abso shield, the brewmaster stagger kept going up.


Watching a video from patch 8.2 confirmed this.

You can see that he has 2 absorb shield on him: refracting prisme and resounding protection. Tho his stagger went up with both shields on him.

Issue on firestorm is that, with an absorbtion shield on you, you will not stagger.
Ring of Peace vs Greater Fade

Ring of Peace should works on a target using Greater Fade, since it's a knockback.


|T839107:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:116844|h[Ring of Peace]|h|r
Polymorph & Dots

Using the spell |T667691:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:161372|h[Polymorph]|h|r in PvE shouldn't remove dots on the target

Ps: removing dots part should be only a PvP mechanic
[Survival] Sticky Tar

Sticky Tar don't work at all. Was working some months ago, maybe got broken.
[Marksmanship] Trick Shots

Trickshots should have " Looking for new target system " which is missing on fs
After activating trick shots via attacking 3+ targets with double tap or multishot
I should be able to aoe targets and if tank pulled more targets while I am already channeling rapid fire it should bounce to the new targets.

If tank pulled more targets after i activated trickshots on lets say 4 mobs, he pulled 3 more as I am casting aimed shot, it should cleave to those new targets as well.

Retail gifts of how it works
[Beastmastery] Dire Beast : Basilisk attack speed

1 ) Dire Beast: Basilisk hits are too fast on FS. Naked vs naked (without any haste), Basilisk should have 2 in attack speed (retail) but on FS he has 1,63.

2 ) And movement speed bug on FS :19% , retail : 30%

|T1412204:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:205691|h[Dire Beast: Basilisk]|h|r
[Survival] Mending Bandage vs Camouflage
[Survival] Bloodseeker vs bleed from party/raid

Bloodseeker speed attack should proc from allies's bleeds too on different target. At the moment, it's ONLY working with hunter's bleeds.

Exemple from retail : I bleed the target A, my mate bleed the target B, I get two proc of Bloodseeker speed attack


[Marksmanship] Rapid fire bouncing effect missing



This is very important because it allows the hunter to aoe out of his line of sight, like behind him with bouncing effect / looking for new target system too.

Atm on fs, as you see in the gyf its working wierd, when i activate trick shots, it shoots only what my multi shot hit, if other targets slightly out of range or new targets pulled, it will not hit them.

shouldnt work like that.
[Misc][Item] Hyperthread Wristwraps CD

The wrists's CD has a chance to bug itself and be shorter, but with no functionality, creating an extra 20s of real cd until they regain the effect on a second attempt.

|T1981725:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:168989::::::::120:::::|h[Hyperthread Wristwraps]|h|r
[Misc] Essence of the Focusing Iris vs Bm/ MM hunter

Focused Azerite Beam is getting interrupted as soon as the player uses it.

see the following record :

from Banana: Issue occurs on marksman hunter too, maybe check if autoattack is causing it to be interrupted?
[Misc][Item] Rumsey Rum Dark

This item gives 450 stamina when it should give only 15 at level 120.
Adding 15k unintended base health.
[Misc][Item] Diver's folly

Diver's folly should hit 3 targets when it procs instead of the 1 currently
[Misc][PvP] Notorious Gladiator's Safeguard

Notorious Gladiator's Safeguard should have 3 minute cooldown, at the moment it's 2.

|T1028988:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:167384::::::::120:::::|h[Notorious Gladiator's Safeguard]|h|r
[Misc][Items] Mechagon punchcards warforge/titanforge

Currently punchcards can't warforge/titanforge.
Should be able to do so, both crafted and drop.
[Misc][Stats] Avoidance player cap

Should be 20% ( pet avoidance is fine dont touch )
Confirmed from dev there wasnt one.

[Misc][Item] Dreadtick Larva

The 30% leech bonus buff should disappear inside an instanced pve.

|T236197:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:150546::::::::120:::::|h[Dreadtick Larva]|h|r
[Misc][Item] Mudwrap - crit on tick

The Item Mudwrap 170192 should not be able to crit. (Tested on retail).
[Misc] Nazjatar Supplies

Chests obtained from:

Are empty.

It looks like the unshackled one also resets your reputation entirely for some reason.

Dev note: fixed, and reputation restored to those who had the issue !
[Misc][Essence] Lucid Dreams r3 - Prot Paladin

Lucid Dreams is proccing on every prot paladin ability.

How it should work :

"15% chance when using SotR or Seraphim to regain half of the Shield of the Righteous charges consumed. Also gives you versatility when the proc happens." from wowhead guide
[Misc] Crafted Items with 3 stats

Some items that are crafted still have 3 different stats instead of 2.

Dev note: Fixed, for players with such items, make an in game ticket so GMs can remove the item & provide you with the crafting reagents
[Misc][Item] Azerite Person-Computer Interface

|T2115322:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:300168|h[PersonComputer Interface]|h|r

This unique Azerite trait boosts the same secondary stat as the largest stat socketed into the Yellow Punchcard slot of your PocketSized Computation Device.
For example:
If you have a Forceful Efficient Logic Board socketed, the PersonComputer Interface will increase your Critical Strike.
If you have an Optimized Effective Logic Board, the PersonComputer Interface will increase your Mastery.
PersonComputer Interface will always choose the greater of the two stats granted by your trinket.

This effect will be inert if you do not have your PocketSized Computation Device equipped, granting you no stats until you reequip your trinket.

PersonComputer Interface can only be found on the four Goggles awarded after defeating King Mechagon in Operation: Mechagon on Hard Mode.

Currently in firestorm it gives you all the statistics, whether or not you have the trinket equipped.
[Misc][Essence] Vision of Perfection & Paladin Avenger's Might

|T135875:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:272904|h[Avenger's Might]|h|r)

As you can see from both the logs and screenshot provided, Avenger's might doesn't have the same duration (always) than crusader / avenging wrath. This happend when you have a vision of perfection proc while already in crusade / avenging wrath.

The Azerite trait Avenger's might doesn't get extended.

It should always have the same duration as Crusader / Avenging Wrath
[Misc][Essence] Focusing iris Vs Quaking

When quaking kicks a players during essence of the focusing iris major spell beam, the player should be fire locked. Atm, Essence of the focusing iris is not kickable with quaking
[Misc] Isle Issue after Crash

When the server is crashing during an Isle, and you relog, the Isle will simply restart you from the beginning, BUT at the end of the Isle, it will be impossible for the player to go out of the instance. (The Display Messagebox "Victory" keeps spamming).

18 September 2020

Blind & Dots

Using the spell |T136175:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:2094|h[Blind]|h|r in PvE shouldn't remove dots on the target

Ps: removing dots part should be only a PvP mechanic
[Outlaw] Blade Flurry vs Absorbs

Currently in Firestorm Sethraliss, if you have Blade flurry active and you are hitting a target with some type of nonimmune absorption (Shields etc) your damage is not scattered.
[Assassination] Rupture DoT

The pandemic mechanic is active for the remaining 30% of the total timer of the current effect.
This mechanic on firestorm has always been correct on the garrote but not on the rupture.
It allows to be able to refresh the garrote or the rupture (5cb) without wasting energy / combo points (For a perfect DPS rotation) if we respect the deadlines below :

30% of a baseline garrote of 18 sec is 5.4 sec. Or 23.4 sec max at the next garrote.
30% of a base rupture (5cb) of 24 sec is 7.2 sec or 8.4 sec with the Deeper Stratagem talent and 6cb which gave 28 sec baseline.
31.2 sec max for the next normal rupture.
36.4 sec max for next rupture with deeper stratagem.

The problem is therefore the following :

// As I said before, this mechanism is functional for the garrote but not for the rupture.

// When I refresh a garrote between 5.4 and 0 sec, the addition will always be the following for the next garrote: X sec (Time left) + 18sec with a limit of 23.4 sec.
GIF : 1st (~3s left + 18s = ~21s)
2nd (~10s left + 18s = 23.4s)

// While with the rupture, regardless of the time remaining, between 31.2sec and 0.1sec, the next break without Deeper Stratagem talent recovers 31.2 sec (Max of 5cb) instead of respecting the same addition that I demonstrated for the garrote.
GIF : Firestorm

// Fix : (Without deeper stratagem) X sec (Time left) + 24sec (5cb) with a limit of 31.2 sec
(With deeper stratagem) X sec (Time left) + 28sec (6cb) with a limit of 36.4 sec

Deeper Stratagem : Rogue talent |T644377:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:193531|h[Deeper Stratagem]|h|r

Note : This is a real advantage over a long fight for an assa rogue in PVP as in PVE, not to be taken lightly.

IDs/Links :

Rupture :
ID 1943

Garrote :
ID 703

Deeper Stratagem :
ID 193531
|T644377:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:193531|h[Deeper Stratagem]|h|r
Mounting while in stealth

When you cast a mount in stealth, you should not break your stealth until your mount cast is successful and you get mounted.

Currently, while in stealth, if you cast a mount, you instantly break stealth.
[Holy] Greater Heal & Mastery

Following testings done on retail 8.3, and no bluepost of that, Greater Heal PVP talent should only trigger the Holy Priest's Mastery 'Echo of Light' at 28% efficiency:

10% Mastery Greater Heal 3912 Echo of Light full heal 108
20% Mastery Greater Heal 12246 Echo of Light full heal 686

|T135915:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:289666|h[Greater Heal]|h|r
|T237537:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:77485|h[Mastery: Echo of Light]|h|r
Hi-Explosive Trap

When you put a new explosive trap (after the cooldown of your previous trap expired), the first placed explosive trap should disappear. Only one explosive trap can be active at once.

Currently on fs you can place multiple explosive traps. (See attached screenshot)

Another issue on explosive trap is the radius of activation, currently, it only activates if the target is right on top of it, it should be 3 yards.
[Marksmanship] Careful Aim

|T132217:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:260228|h[Careful Aim]|h|r

Aimed Shot deals 50% bonus damage to targets who are above 80% health or below 20% health.

Not working anymore since, 15/9 fixes ( Tuesday )
Aspect of the Turtle vs Burst

On retail Aspect of Turtle deviate the debuff Burst from affix bursting and the hunter doesn't take damage

Issue : On FS it only give a 30 % damage reduction.

|T132199:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:186265|h[Aspect of the Turtle]|h|r

Note : AoT doesn't remove the stack.
Rapid reload is triggered from 2 targets

FS issue : Rapid reload has an effet from 2 targets instead of Trigger if TargetsInRadius(MultiShotMarksmanship) >= 3 or TargetsInRadius(MultiShot) >= 3.
According to retail it should have an effect for 3 targets and more
[Misc][WQ] Quelling the cove

The gauge doesn't fill

Dev note: WQ removed from the rotation
[Misc][Achievement] Azeroth's Next Top Model

This achievement doesn't give the title "Stylist" when it should.

Dev note: scripted, everyone who has the achiev will receive their title on login
[Misc] Rival Title

Title isn't given by people who obtain the achievement

There was a similar issue to Combatant & Challenger titles and their respective achievements which got fixed a few weeks ago

Dev note: Fixed, and onn login those with this achievement will receive their title !
[Hunter Freezing Trap - Triggers

Azerite traits or trinkeds should not proc from "Freezing Trap"

Trap = |T135834:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:187650|h[Freezing Trap]|h|r

Trait = |T840409:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273834|h[Filthy Transfusion]|h|r
Trinked =
Spell = |T136243:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:285469|h[Thunder Jolt]|h|r
[Misc][Item] Inkpod when dead

Inkpod should proc when the boss is under 30% hp even when you are dead
[PvE][TD] Key Cell

Currently you can "spam click" the key used to open the prison cells.

see gif
[PvE][ML] Rowdy Reveler & Bolstering

Neutral NPC shouldn't trigger bolstering to other, only beetween each other.
[PvE][ML] Venture Co. Skyscorcher affected vs raging affix

At last boss "Mogul Razdunk" adds "Venture Co. Skyscorcher" are getting affected by raging affix that should not happen.
[PvE][ML] Addled Thug vs Clothesline

Currently this ability has an incorrect interaction, this ability is supposed to be like charging a warrior. Charge a random party member (Not the tank). And just carry that party member. Currently it does not charge the target or if it wants to, it does damage, but if it stuns what is in its path to the target and it does damage.
[PvE][TD] Barrels on 3rd boss

Barrel spawn isn't "blizzlike", atm it seems that you can never have more than 4 barrels up at the same time / spawning at once. (meaning you can have 4, 3, 2 and even only 1 barrel spawning from time to time on firestorm)

On retail it can spawn up to 6 barrels.

i guess, not 100% sur that it should spawn 2 to 6 barrels.
Never saw less than 2 (watched several videos)
[PvE][TD] Upheaval

Upheaval should be pretty much impossible to dodge if you are targeted.


The Sand Queen will burrow under the ground before marking a player for Upheaval. Moments later the boss will appear at that location, dealing damage and knocking up all nearby players.
The target of the Upheaval cannot avoid the damage, but the rest of the group can.

This is half true. Ways to dodhe it is:

vanish (or night elf racia)
fenght death

those spells should "reset" the upheaval, making the boss appear where he burrowed.



aka using a movement spell at the last second.

Currently on Firestorm you can easily dodge it, just by walking.
[Misc][Islands] Azerite Fissures

This happen:
Can move while doing it, can't interrupt the cast, no animation of the neck.

Note: you don't complete the cast if you move but you can't even interrupt it so it's annoying.
[Misc][Islands] Azerite Energy

When you pick an Azerite Energy globule, all party members within the range (20yard) should benefit from it. At the moment only who picks it gets the buff.

|T2065616:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:265703|h[Azerite Energy]|h|r

16 September 2020

[Destruction] Death coil healing with Havoc

Using Death Coil on two target with Havoc should heal only once, on FS you get x2 healing from Death Coil.

|T607853:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:6789|h[Mortal Coil]|h|r

Freezing Trap & Dots

Freezing traps are not supposed to remove dots from the affected target in pve situations.

Removing dots is a PvP mod.

Tested on retail
Kill Command vs Dodge

Kill Command cann't be dodged, parried or blocked.
Somehow it broke again and you can dodge it.

BM: |T132176:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:34026|h[Kill Command]|h|r
Survival: |T132176:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:259489|h[Kill Command]|h|r
[Survival] Spider sting

Once you use spider sting and than you use serpent sting, they cancel each other out, and they shouldnt.
[PvE][ML] Mogul Razdunk & Homing Missile

While damage matches adventurer's guide tooltip, retail comparison shows that the missiles are doing more than twice the amount of damage they should.
Dev note: Indeed, added a damage mod of x0.45
[Misc][Essence] vitality conduit interaction with smoke bomb

Currently Vitality Conduit is ignoring Smoke Bomb giving hp to targets inside Smoke bomb , it should not continue giving hp from the caster to target and vice versa if Smoke bomb is up
Fs proof
[Misc] Faction Specific mounts

Currently, most faction specific mounts that have a counterpart in the opposing faction aren't being added.

Let's take this example: (Alliance) (Horde)

If you reward the Alliance one, you will get the Alliance mount added to your collection, but not the horde one.

Another example is:
|T236239:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:44235::::::::120:::::|h[Reins of the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth]|h|r (Alliance)
|T236239:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:44234::::::::120:::::|h[Reins of the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth]|h|r (Horde)

From wowhead comments: if you buy the reins on any character, every one of your characters will have the factionappropriate version
[PVE][ToS] Missing Eye for the skull

Dev note: Multiple eyes are now spawned, to avoid issues where one disappears which would prevent the completion of the dungeon
[Pve][SoB] Ashvane spotter spot Teeming

The ashvane Spotter present in the screen at the right should only be present in Teeming week, right now, it is present every week.
[PvE][ToS] Merektha toxic pools

The toxic pools are bigger than they look. You still have debuff if you stay outside of them. In screen I'm standing outside of pool and still afflicted by debuff.
[Misc][NPC] Cavaleiro Medonho Zak'gal

Players are unable to attack Cavaleiro Medonho Zak'gal.

NPC = 125252
[PvE][ToS] Aspix | Conduction

Spell should have a cast time, it's instant on FS
[PVE][TOS] Static charged Dervish

Static charged Dervish (adds that you need to kill before spawning the third boss) should not deal auto attacks and thus not giving necrotic.
On Firestorm, they do.
Season 3 and 4, will be the same

Proof: Season 3
Proof : Season 4
[PvE][ML] Off-Duty Laborer & Throw Wrench

Should only target the tank, currently target random ppl.|mode=normal
|T134520:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:258674|h[Throw Wrench]|h|r
[PvE][ML] Venture Co. Earthshaper & Rock Lance

Should target the closest target, currently target random ppl.|mode=normal
|T237002:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:263202|h[Rock Lance]|h|r

15 September 2020

Blessing of kings

Greater Blessing of Kings is not reduced by dampening.
[Misc][Item] Cyclotronic Blast

How it's bugged :
Tooltips and damages for are wrong :

Tooltips :
"dealing 23923 damage every 0.5 sec" but when you put it in |T2115322:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:167555::::::::120:::::|h[PocketSized Computation Device]|h|r damages are lowered to 22413 this happen when you have only the red socket enabled "Cyclotronic Blast"
But when you equip any Yellow socket the tooltip get fixed somehow

Red only :
Red + Blue :
Red + Yellow (Tooltip fixed)

Damages part :

Damages done on dummy are also wrong : 20787 vs 23923 (Tooltip) (Tested on both dummy Qa/Armor but since it's "Fire" shouldn't be a problem here)

You shouldn't be able to interrupt the first cast (Cast Time) using any ability nor moving, atm you can do it by spamming abilities like Vivify in this exemple.

In retail only the channeling cast (Channel Time 2nd one) is interrupted if you cast anything
[Misc][Alchimie] Potion of Empowered Proximity

Doen't work, same main stat value alone than with several trashs around.

"I just tested this ingame:

0 or 1 enemies within 8 yards = 360 main stat
+360 main stat for each additional enemy within 8 yards
4 enemies within 8 yards required to be worth more than a superior potion (1440 vs 1215)
5 enemies within 8 yards required for maximum of 1800 main stat"
|Misc] Armored Vaultbot

Dev Note: Fixed an issue where the rare Armored Vaultbot doesn't trigger the event "explode" when near to the coil
[Misc][Rare] Mechagonian Nullifier

Player cannot interact with the Object to spawn the NPC even with the correct blue Punchard.
[Misc] Drill Rigs and related events

There are multiple locations where Drills can spawn, you build one. Then you defend it while it removes the rubble to the entrance of the cavern. Rares and other loots like [Energy Cell] etc spawn in there.

Requires: Drill rig construction projects to be active

Video of how it works

DRTR28 (Ol' Big Tusk, 56.15 36.32) and DRTR35 (Earthbreaker Gulroc, 63.53 25.00) both in Scrapbone Den area spawn time is around 15mins.

Drill Rig DRJD41 (Boilburn, 51.44 50.25) and DRJD99 (Gemicide, 59.65 67.20) are located right and left of the walls of Junkwatt Depot area, spawn time is 15mins.

Drill Rig DRCC61 (Gorged GearCruncher, 72.63 53.85) + DRCC73 (Caustic Mechaslime, 66.40 58.84) + DRCC88 (The Kleptoboss, 68.38 48.14)

Spawn timer is between 30mins1h. Since all 3 "DRCCxx" rares are located in the same underground area called Crumbling Cavern but they are connected with 3 different tunnels leading into an underground cave. After drill clears the rocks and opens the tunnel timer starts with 5mins until rocks collapse, rares must be killed within this time or else all inside will get teleported out, and the tunnel will be closed and rare despawns.

(Scrapbone Den) DRTR28

(Located right and left of the walls of Junkwatt Depot area) DRJD41

(Crumbling Cavern) DRCC61
[Misc][OM] Bonus Roll

You currently canno't use bonus roll on any of the Mechagon bosses.
[Misc][Achievement] Rest in Pistons - Vaultbot

Vaultbot does not count twoards the achievment completion.
[Misc][Essence] Vision of Perfection R4

R4 essence is not given by the NPC
[PvE][WM] Intro

Intro to the dungeon is no longer working. It's not triggering.

14 September 2020

[Protection] Revenge

The spell Revenge is Currently hitting everything around you, as you can see on this gif:

It should only hit targets that are in front of you.

Retail gif:
[Arms] Sweeping Strikes

Sweeping strikes should depend player's position to spread damage, but it depends on target's position now.
> if its scripted in the way of "chain" hitting, just add 8 yards restriction for it to jump to other target, if warrior is more than 8 yards from it.

[Elemental] Stormkeeper

Stormkeeper [Spell ID =191634] gives 2 charges, when you use the first charge, the cooldown of the second charge is reset ( to 14 secs), it shouldn't, it should be same for both.
[Restoration] Tidal Waves vs Healing Wave

Casting Chain Heal or Riptide reduces the cast time of your next Healing Wave by 20% or increases the critical effect chance of your next Healing Surge by 30%. Stacks up to 2 times.
Tidal Waves should reduce the cast time of Healing Wave but atm it's reducing it + increasing its crit chance too (Healing Surge should have more crit chance).

|T237590:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:51564|h[Tidal Waves]|h|r
|T136043:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:77472|h[Healing Wave]|h|r
[Protection] Shield of the Righteous cone effect

Shield of the Righteous is missing it's cone effect.


|T236265:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:53600|h[Shield of the Righteous]|h|r
[Retribution] Zeal

Zeal should increase the attack speed of your next 3 autoattacks by 30%
Atm attack speed slows down after each stack

[Retribution] Shield of Vengeance into dampening

Currently something makes the shield drop too much into dampening.
For example if I have 250k HP and 20% versa, I should have a 70k shield.
At the moment it is under 50k in the start of the game with 20% dampening.

250k x 0.3 ( SoV formula ) x 1.2 ( versa ) = 90 x 0.8 ( 20% dampening in arena start ) = 72k intended

|T236264:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:184662|h[Shield of Vengeance]|h|r
Repentance & Dots

Using the spell |T135942:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:20066|h[Repentance]|h|r in PvE shouldn't remove dots on the target

Ps: removing dots part should be only a PvP mechanic
[Brewmaster] Guard Script Disabled


The script of the spell got disabled because it induced a crash, will be reenabled tomorrow ! Until then, please switch for another talent as this one doesn't work !
Sorry for the inconvenience
[Marksmanship] Surging Shots hit vs cast

Currently Surging Shots, the trait for MM hunters procs on Aimed Shot hit instead of cast.
This is problematic as it doesn't allow the hunter to chain Aimed Shot into a cd refreshed Rapid Fire.

7:58 ( slow video speed if needed )
[Beastmastery] Mastery: Master of Beasts PVP mod

According with retail test :

All test with 120 naked char vs 120 naked on retail :
Agility 1474
Weapon : Lvl 11 Dmg 57 Speed : 3.0 so Weapon DPS : 12
Mastery : 15%
Versa : 0%

Enter arena or duel dont affect mastery tootlip or value.

Murder of Crow :

Formula Pve calcul : 0.23 x AbilityDmg x mastery x core = 0.23 x 1486 x 1.15 x 0.94 =369.46
Confirmation : Damage on retail on 30% armor dummy : 259
Damage 120 vs 120 per tick [non crit] : 370.

So mastery is not affected by a mod.

Bug on FS : Beast mastery has 18% pvp mod.
Note : it should be deleted in arena and world pvp.

spell id =76657
[Survival] Bloodseeker

Versatility should increase bleed damage from talent "Bloodseeker", atm versa don't increase it.

[Havoc] Mana Rift Hitbox range

Currently the hitbox of Mana Rift seems to go above the intended range, even when the player exits it in a safe time gap.

|T1033912:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:235903|h[Mana Rift]|h|r
[Misc] Mechagon construction

Reduced the respawn time for construction in Mechagon, the zone should be more dynamic now
[Misc][Item] Shiver Venom Crossbow vs Traps

The passive on this item procs when the hunter uses freezing trap on enemy resulting in insta break of the CC.

|T2830999:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:168273::::::::120:::::|h[Shiver Venom Crossbow]|h|r

|T135834:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:187650|h[Freezing Trap]|h|r

Passive should not proc from freezing trap spell
[Misc][Essence] Conflict & Strife Versatility Visual

Conflict & Strife Rank 2 (and Rank 3) should visually update the Damage Reduction provided by Versatility.

On my case, when I'm stunned the Versatility shown on Character Panel/WeakAuras should be x2, from 8.93% to 17.86%

Retail (weakaura):

NOTE IF YOU SEE THE GIF FROM RETAIL: Conflict & Strife has been nerfed in 8.3 and instead doubling the damage reduction, increases it by 50% (52.57% x 1,5 = 78.85) so don't mind that.
[Misc] Armory Construction Leftovers

Sometimes, when Armory despawns, it leaves behind some equipment that should have despawned with it.
[Misc] Automated Flame Turret

When getting aggroed, the Automated Flame turret are currently moving, while they should stay still on place.

Wowhead link:
[Misc][Quest] Mechagon - Ravenous Rescue

When player interacts with a Injured Mechagnome, Nearby Rustwing Scavenger should become hostile, and attack the player.
[Misc][Rare] Deepwater Maw

It is spawned few yards above water and melees without jetpack can't reach it since it doesn't move.
Maybe it's too high or hitbox too small, hard to tell.
[Misc][General] Trinkets vs Modifiers

Hello hello.
After few researches and tests from people we realised that Trinkets (damage and healing) should not take in consideration.

Trinket(s) in general should only benefit from Versatility.

[Misc][NPC] Jawbreaker
|T133015:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:290600|h[Bot ReEnergizer]|h|r

Jawbreaker, almost upon entering combat, should res the pups that are dead on the ground, which never happens now.
[Misc][Quest] Mechagon - Clues Abound

Sir Finley Mrrgglton does not follow the player when you enter the quest objective area, he just teleports behind him if he is too far away.
[PVE][TEP] Queen's Court - Suffering heal absorb bar

Sometimes, when you get the Suffering debuff, the heal absorb bar gets visually bugged
[PVE][TEP] Queen's Court - Bosses Dying

When boss is casting a spell, and reaches 1 Health, They should stop casting thier current spell, and start casting the Healing one.
[PVE][TEP] Queen's Court - LFR HP

The current values of the bosse's HP is way too low, Both of them should have 50 mil HP. Curently, they have 17 mil.
[PVE][TEP] Queen's Court - Obey or Suffer

In testing, Needs more information.
[PVE][TEP] Queen's Court - Boss Attacking after being defeated

[PVE][TEP] Queen's Court - Form Ranks Damage

Currently, When All Ranks are soaked, You still correctly recieve damage, However, if you leave 1 Rank unsoaked, you still recieve the same damage, same amout of times. I am nost sure how it's on retail, however, i don't think this is Blizzlike.
[PVE][TEP] Adds out of water

Adds before behemoths (fish) can go out of water.
[PVE][TEP] Queen's Court - Final Verdict on People with Fanatical Charge

Players with Final Verdict should not recieve the Fanatical Charge on them selfs, and vice versa.
[Misc][Quest] Mechagon - Abduction Reduction

Quest should not be visible on the map for Alliance Players.
[Misc][Item] Remote Guidance Device

Remote Guidance Device is not sharing 20 sc cd when used with other on use trinkets

proof :
Remote Guidance Device : |T2902999:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:169769::::::::120:::::|h[Remote Guidance Device]|h|r
[Misc][Item] Tidal Droplet Effect
[Misc][Item] Bloodthirsty Urchin

not working :D
PvP: Bloodthirsty Urchin's healing output has been reduced by 50%.

|T1498848:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:169310::::::::120:::::|h[Bloodthirsty Urchin]|h|r
[Misc][Azerite Trait] Loyal to the end

The bonus part of the trait doesn't work.

How it should work : (copy/paste from source)

The bonus you get from each ally scales with how many stacks of the trait you have on your gear.

The trait gives you X mastery. Each additional ally with it in your group gives you X/4 additional mastery. The most you can get is 2X mastery. So, 4 allies with it is the most that would be useful anything past that wouldn't increase it further.

If all your azerite items were the same item level, having 2 of the trait would change X to 2X. Having 3 would change it to 3X.

Currently on Firestorm, other allies don't give you any bonus mastery.
Also, I heard the dying part of the trait doesn't work either, will update ticket later on when tested.
[Misc] Nazjatar - Mardivas Lab

Dev note: Implemented !
[Misc][Item] Lady Ashvane - Inkpod interaction with absorb shield
[Misc][Item] Dripping Inkpod stacks with multiple trinkets in party

|T1500960:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:169319::::::::120:::::|h[Dribbling Inkpod]|h|r
|T1500960:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:296963|h[Conductive Ink]|h|r

Currently, Dripping Inkpod does not proc for all players after the mob has reached 30% hp. My current hypothesis is that the person who has the LEAST amount of stacks does the damage, according to those stacks (the damage seems to be correct), and every other player with higher amounts does 0 damage from that trinket. (This is obviously expirmental, tried with 2 and 3 players, always the player with the least amount of stacks did damage). FIX before releasing 8.2
[Misc][PVP] 1800 rating elite leather set

After I got the 1.8 rating, I was not given 3 items from the elite leather set (helm,should,chest)

Dev note: Only leather set wasn't working
[Misc] Mount Equipment

A lot of players still have the display as if it was locked even though they are level 100+
I tried using the |T1379171:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:168419::::::::120:::::|h[Comfortable Rider's Barding]|h|r and it seems to work, but I can't see it in my mount collection tab
[Misc][Achievement] Battlefield Master

Those achievements can no longer be obtained in case you are level 500 honor, since you no longer gain any.
It should still update the criterias for those achievements
[Misc][Item] Vision of Demise

Issues ( for all versions ) :
The additionnal haste given by stacks based on %health missing still doesn't match the tooltip
If you use the trinket on a target with some %hp missing, after trinket expires you end up with LESS haste than you had before you used the trinket, resulting in people having 0 haste after some fights, needing to relog.
[Misc] Battlefield Brawler/Tactician/Master Achievements

At the moment the Honor gained in Skirmish Arenas/Rated Arenas/WorldPvP are counting towards these achievements below, should not.
[Misc][Item] Salvaged Mekacycle Shielding

The offensive mechanic consisting of nature damage that should proc when enemies attack during the shield is not working.

|T2902485:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:169068::::::::120:::::|h[Salvaged Mekacycle Shielding]|h|r
[Misc][Essence] Essence Of the Focusing Iris - Focused Energy

Hello, I noticed something wrong about Focused Energy which is the minor power of Essence of the Focusing Iris

Focused Energy is triggered by any AOE spell even if there's no damage applied
On retail minor effect is triggered only if there are damage applied to target
Casting Iris of Focalisation or Fan of Knives shouldn't trigger Minor Effect if there's no target.

FS Example

Retail Example


Focused Energy on Firestorm is triggered by an azerite trait "Blightborne Infusion", so every seconds of Blightborne Infusion, you gain 1 of minor effect.
It shouldn't trigger Focused Energy

FS Example

Retail Example


On tooltip it says [ This Haste is lost if you stop using spells or abilities against the initial target.] actually on Firestorm, you can stack Focused Energy even when you attack an other target than initial.
On retail, when you change target you stop stacking buff and cooldown is decreasing if you don't attack initial target.

FS Example

Retail Example


|T1778229:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273823|h[Blightborne Infusion]|h|r
[Misc][Essences] Focusing Iris hitbox

Currently the hitbox of the major's ability on Fs is lower compared to retail.
Should be a few yards larger.

[Misc][Item] Luminous Jellyweed

Luminous Jellyweed buff don't decrease when target get heal. It's an insane abuse in arena, because ppl keep constantly 10% healing buff


MrRobot :
[Misc][Essence] The Ever-Rising Tide buff

Actually after 8 sec of Overcharge Mana (299875) the buff that increase healings (299624) disapear instead of staying 8sec.
So we should stack for 8sec and then we got a buff for 8sec, and while the last buff is active mana is not halted

fix duration of Overcharge Mana
during the last 8sec mana is not halted
[Misc][All Classes] K-value system

The K value is a fixed value set by Blizzard, that determines the impact of your defensive stats. These defensive stats are : Armor, Block and Stagger.

The damage reduction from Armor and Block and the amount of damage staggered should scale with the type of content you're doing using the Kvalue.

Basically, all the stats give reduction % using the following formula :

% Reduction = Base Stat Amount / ( Base Stat Amount + Kvalue)

The base stat amount is the rating of armor and block. For the stagger, it uses it's own formula which is fine. (don't touch it)
The Kvalue is a setting you can change to reduce the amount of reduction you gain from the stat. The higher the Kvalue, the less reduction you have.

_How it should work_
To understand better, consider the Kvalue a hidden stat for each player.
Currently, the KValue on Firestorm is a fixed value based on the enemy npc level. This is fine when the player is from lvl 1 till 119.

This shouldn't be the case when the player is at max level (120). In fact, when a player reaches max level, his Kvalue should be dynamic and scale with the type of content he's doing and no longer scales simply with enemy npc level.

For example, when a player enters bod mythic, his KValue should change to 11478.6. In firestorm, it stays at 6300. This change should reduce the damage reduction you gain from Armor,Block and stagger.

Dev note: The system was implemented already, but badly. I fixed it, and this is the important part: Armor % of NPCs no longer decreases with difficulty (for instance, Heroic TEP bosses had 17% Armor, they now have 30%). Also, Brewmaster Monks were staggering a bit too much.
[Misc][Essence] Condensed Life-Force Rank 3

Wowhead link of the essence:

As you can see in the video, player has condensed life force as rank 3 and guardian only lasts for 1920 seconds but it should last 30 seconds. As rank 1 and 2 it works normal, lasts for 30 seconds.
[Misc][NPC] Sentinel

Sentinel does not appear if the player has turned in Dark Tides

But you need him to take
[PVE][TEP] Orgozoa - Flying Bug

Players are able to fly after using the teleport pads.

2 September 2020

[Misc][PVP] Combatant & Challenger titles

Those 2 titles aren't being rewarded to players who complete:

Dev note: Fixed, upon logging players with those achievements will automatically receive their title !
[PvE][Shrine of the Storm] Forgotten Denizen

At last boss during Grasp of the Sunken city, the adds Forgotten Denizen cast Consume Essence, which needs to be interrupted.
But they continue to cast it and deal groupwide damage even after they're dead (adding a vid)
[PVE][OM] Trixie - Taze

In this video
It looks like it should be possible to hide from Taze by hiding in the cloud, just like you hide from Mega Taze. (retail)
Currently that's not possible on FS.
[PVE][OM] Mechagon Renormalizer

Both it's spells, Shrink and Enlarge should be interruptible, the default nameplate lights up as if the spells should be interruptible when they cast it, but they don't react to interrupts.
Also video proof:
[PVE][OM] Magneto-Arm

The damage reduction from distance is not applied.
Dev Note: Fixed base damage from distance, spell damage less
[PVE][OM] Spider Tank - Sonic pulse

Spiders can silence you even when you're at the side of it, the hitboxes are not correct.
[PVE][OM] HK-8 Arial Opression Unit

Currently, there is a chance that the HK8 unit will "switch" onto a location that he is already patroling, this shouldn't happend.
[PvE][WM] Heartsbane Triad - Focusing Iris

Currently Heartsbane Triad switch the Focusing Iris at 60% hp instead of 50%.

Resulting in a kinda harder fight than intended.

|T134336:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:260805|h[Focusing Iris]|h|r
[PvE][Shrine of the Storm] Mending Rapids

This ability should heal enemy mobs, and not allied party members, however heal everyone equally.
[Misc][Islands] Kapital Risk Event

These NPCs are friendly while they should attack the horde players
[PVE][OM] K.U-J.O - Explosive Leap Debuff

Explosive leap isn't placed in the debuffs aura but as a buff, we can right click it and just prevent the boss from leaping.

Live :
PTR/Live :
[Misc][Islands] General Visible Enemy Players on MapMinimap

Player should be visible on a map/minimap with a marker when they are within the visible range of allied players (Or the player him self), Currently, there is no marker.
[Misc][Islands] Quest Broken Compass 53177

Impossible to return this quest to the NPC Flora Silverwind
[Misc][Islands] Un'gol Ruins - Russian NPC

X: 14 Y: 1121 Z: 8
Not scripted probably, not attacking, not moving, does not even enter in combat
[Misc][Islands] Snowblossom Village - Azergem Shardback

doesn't move nor attack.
X: 2315 Y: 375 Z: 19
[Misc][Islands] Quest Elemental Core 53169

Duke Hydraxis is not present In game for finishing this quest
[Misc][Islands] Invasions

During islands there should be invasions.

Exemple : Pirates or Mogus on Molten Cay, Dire Mire, Skittering Hollows, Verdant Wilds.

the type of invader normally conditions the mount that can be obtained after the island. Ex: killing pirates allows loot Squawks

Note :
I noticed that on Molten Cay, crepuscular dragons were present. Surely data which were taken from a draconic invasion but it is not on Molten Cay permanently.
[Misc][Islands] Merger Specialist Huzzle not moving

As title says, this npc is not moving at all.
[PVE][OM] Sparkflux - Hidden Flame Cannon

Wowhead link of the spell: |T524795:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:285443|h["Hidden" Flame Cannon]|h|r
You randomly get stacks even tho you don't get hit by the cannon.
[PVE][OM] Tussle Tonks - Piston Smasher

Wowhead link of the spell: |T1405803:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:282943|h[Piston Smasher]|h|r
Hammers should almost one shot mobs on retail but here it deals 0 dmg.
[Misc][Essence] Focused Life Anima

When you have an essence R3 from Focused Life Anima, you cannot create the other ones for your offroles
[PVE][AD] Shadowblade Stalker - Missing Stealth Detection

This Npc on Retail has Stealth Detection, currently on Fs I can go invis walk next to it and it wont detect me.
[Misc][Quest] Emissary of War

Quest can't be picked up from the NPCs, despite the week being under the sign of the warrior.
Also, loots from TEP's second wing should be added to the pool of rewards
[PVE][EP] Release of 2nd Wing !

The second wing is now available in LFR, NM and HM difficulties.
Have fun and good luck !
[Misc] MM+ Damage visual Issue

There was an issue yesterday with visual display of damage (and the one logged by detailslike addons) was really low (for example, 4 damage for a single spell).

Dev note: should be fixed
[Misc] Essences on Shop !

Essences have been added on the BFA shop in R3 and R4 !
[PvE][UR] Indigestion

You shouldn't be able to dodge Indigestion by sidestepping. Only going the way he will spit: aka backpedaling

or the |T451165:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:272457|h[Shockwave]|h|r spell used by
Sporecaller Zancha should be similar.

[PvE][UR] Spells that should recast

The list of the following spells should be recast if not "interrupted" (aka when stunned, gripped, knoked ...)

Barded spear |T135130:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:265376|h[Barbed Spear]|h|r
Gift of Ghuun: |T1357795:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:265091|h[Gift of G'huun]|h|r
sonic screetch: |T252188:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:266106|h[Sonic Screech]|h|r
Wicked Frenzy: |T136224:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:266209|h[Wicked Frenzy]|h|r
[PVE][UR] Feral Bloodswarmer

Feral Bloodswarmer [ Creature_entry = 133835] Spell Thirst for blood [Spell_ID= 266107] should not make the swarmer instantly charge the target, the spell works with distance, on retail, if the target is far away, the spider will charge him but if he is close, he can kite it.

On Firestorm, the swarm instantly charge the player as soon as he gets debuff inflicting shadow damage with melee attacks (it shouldn't, this is making the spider oneshot himin high keys), How it should work player gets debuff and after like 1 sec, it will start following the player, if he goes far away ( 5 meters ), it will charge him and so on, on Fs, it only charges once(when player gets debuff) and that is it, it should do that as soon as distance_condition is not respected.
[PvE][UR] Tantrum & armor

After looking at retail logs, it does that Tantrum should ignore armor.


Tested on Firestorm on +23 Tyrannical, took 7073K damage per tick (with around 30% armor)

Here on those logs you see that even the Protection Warrior (heavy armored tank > have around 4050% armor passivly) took some nasty 90K+ hit.

"Cragmaw the Infested Tantrum Trellclap 96392 (A: 559) (U: 101350, M: 4399, 4.34%)"

u can see at the end that the "M" stend for mitigation, and if armor applies, there is no way it's 4%
[PVE][OM] Tussle Tonks - Buzz Saw

The Buzz Saws that spawn around the arena and spin around the place should not be parryable.
[PvE][UR] Unbound Abomination - Last Phase

This boss, with a dh in the party reaches 28% life, currently in firestorm it does not.

|T1450142:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:255260|h[Chaos Brand]|h|r
[PvE][AD] Gilded Claws vs Dispells

Somehow we cannot dispell Gilded Claws anymore.

|T237389:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:255579|h[Gilded Claws]|h|r

You can see that i've used consume magic (via my weak aura, on the left of it) on the boss, and he still have Gilded Claws on him (you can see it on Boss Carde encounter) while normally my UI show magical dispellable buff on nameplate.

[PVE][AD] Reanimated Honor Guard vs Feign death

The npc is not resetting to its original location when a hunter uses feign death,
it just stands still next to the hunter.

It should go back into its original location.
[PvE][AD] Priestess Alun'za (8.2)

Priestess Alun'za Gilded Claws damage bonus increased to 300% (was 150%) but duration reduced to 6 seconds (was 12 seconds).

Priestess Alun'za Corrupted Gold damage increased by ~544%

Priestess Alun'za Molten Gold damage increased by ~667%

Priestess Alun'za Tainted Blood damage increased by ~685%
[PvE][WM] Soulbound Goliath - Burning Brush

Currently Burning Brush doesn't scale at all with MM+.

Tested on MM0 and MM+10 Tyranical, took like 5K damage per tick from it.

|T429590:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:260547|h[Burning Brush]|h|r
[PvE][Shrine of The Storm] Blowback

Hitbox of the tornadoes is kinda off most of the times, Hitting when nowhere near them.
[PvE][WM] Wildfire & Scaling

Currently the AOE left by the thunder striket in the central courtyard area of Waycrest Manor doesn't scale at all with MM+.

in MM0 : 5k /tick
in MM+ 10: 5k / tick
[PvE][WM] Lady waycrest

Lady waycrest attacks palyers when shes doing her RP at the beginning of the key

[Misc][Islands] Skittering Hollow - Locked stuff

Locked after killing mobs.
X: 8745 Y: 5150 Z: 4

1 September 2020

Demon Armor

Demon Armor buff gets removed once you change zone(Any), example move from elwynn forest to stormwind, but it shouldn't be removed. Also same thing happens if you are using essence Conflict and strife as major.
|T136185:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:285933|h[Demon Armor]|h|r
Feign Death in PvP

Currently when a hunter use feign death in arena's or bg's specifically and open world he get distarget from enemy and friendly players

How it should work : when a hunter use feign death he only get distarget from enemy players

wowhead link : |T132293:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5384|h[Feign Death
[Marksmanship] Double Tap interaction

|T537468:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:260402|h[Double Tap]|h|r
|T135130:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:19434|h[Aimed Shot]|h|r
|T461115:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257044|h[Rapid Fire]|h|r

How it should work
Double tap into Aimed shot ( while aimed shot is flying to its target the double tap buff doesn't get consumed allowing you to have 2 aimed shot and while that is happening you use rapid fire ( 20 shots instead of 10 shots ).
You technically benefit double tap for both Aimed shot and Rapid fire.

This issue was fixed a while back but broke with 8.2 release
[Marksmanship] Aimed Shot internal cd

During Trueshot window, you gain cd reduction on charges and speed cast, cast for a while, you will notice that your aimed shot has charges available ready to use, you click the spell but you cant use it.

Its either related to having a lot of haste or trueshot breaking it, I can reproduce easily but I do not know the source of the issue.

|T135130:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:19434|h[Aimed Shot]|h|r
[Misc][Profession] Inscription - Highborne Compendium of Sundering

Item doesn't seem to be working at all
[Misc][Essence] Worldvein Resonance

Wowhead link of the item:
When you finish Azerite for the Alliance Quest and if your inventory is full, you cant get the essence. You are not getting a mail for it too.
[Misc][Enchanting] Enchant Weapon - Force Multiplier 8.2

Currently on DEV, the enchant does not work at all (no procs).
[Misc][Enchanting] Enchant Weapon - Naga Hide

Wowhead link of the item: |T463531:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:168598::::::::120:::::|h[Enchant Weapon Naga Hide]|h|r

It just doesn't work, doesn't procs on attacks.
[Enchanting][Bfa][8.2]Enchant Weapon - Machinist's Brilliance

The enchant adds int but not the other effect where it is random if you get haste or crit or mastery.

item id = 168593
[Misc][Essences] The Well of Existence rank 3

Rank 3 major doesn't work properly : "The Well will not release more healing than needed to fully heal the target" atm even if you are max hp it use all the health stored
[Misc] Contracts

|T3007457:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:168959::::::::120:::::|h[Contract: Unshackled]|h|r

This stays only until you log out, when it should last a whole week.
I assume most / all of them are having the same issue

27 August 2020

[Misc][Islands] PVP Azerite Residue

When you kill a player it should give x4 the value of Azerite Residue, atm it's x1. (example: max stacks 225, when you kill it gives 225 instead of 225 x 4 = 900)
PvP Island Expeditions
Azerite Residue now increments every 1 second (3 minutes 45 seconds to reach full).
PvP Island Expeditions
4 Azerite per stack of Azerite Residue, 900 Azerite total per player at full stack.

|T2065560:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:260738|h[Azerite Residue]|h|r

26 August 2020

[Mistweaver] Way of the Crane interactions

Way of the Crane should not buff, nor heal proc based physical damage attacks from sources like trinkets, but only your damage sources such as autoattacks and physical school MW abilities.
[Blood] Vision of Perfection

Vision of Perfection minor effect (reduces cooldown of your spec cooldown by X scaling with azerite level) doesn't work on Blood Dk Vampiric Blood. Tooltip shows reduced cooldown but the actually cd stays 1 minute 30 seconds
[Misc][Item] Shiver Venom Lance

Currently procs on nondamaging spells, which shouldn't be the case (like Monk Ring of Peace)
[Island Expedition] Sets

These items are not giving to the player the correct item, instead they give NOTHING.

|T391126:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:167848::::::::120:::::|h[Island Expedition Bracers]|h|r
|T309793:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:167850::::::::120:::::|h[Island Expedition Boots]|h|r
|T947377:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:167851::::::::120:::::|h[Island Expedition Gloves]|h|r
|T309802:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:167853::::::::120:::::|h[Island Expedition Legwear]|h|r
|T359725:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:167855::::::::120:::::|h[Island Expedition Belt]|h|r
|T1029325:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:167858::::::::120:::::|h[Island Expedition Cloak]|h|r

These are the items for each Armor Type Class:
[Island Expedition] PVP Queue Issues

It happens that when you queue, you load the island and then get tp'ed to your hearthstone location. Players can't get inside the dungeon cause it says Transfer Aborted: Instance is full.
[Island Expedition] PVP Can't use PvP Talents

Currently even if you're in a PvP Zone, you can't use your PvP Talents.
Tried in duel and they work but not on PvP Islands.
[Island Expedition] Pandaran Herbalist's Kit Herbal Medicine
[General] Island Expedition Queue

Only a party leader should be able to que for Island Expeditions.
[Island Expedition] The Dread Chain - Gnash

Gnash applies "stunned" state, but doesn't actually stun you.
[Island Expedition] Respawning under ship

Currently, players have high chance of respawning under the ship.
[Island Expedition] Azerith Gain

Currently no azerite is awarded when you win an island.

Also it seems that AP gain (that are in the UI) are still the same than 8.1 ones:

show 350 AP for MM / PvP islands while it was increased with 8.2.

Artifact Power gains from Normal, Heroic, Mythic and PvP Islands increased. Mythic Islands now reward 450 AP (was 350).

PS: i'm waiting infos for NM and HC
[Island Expedition] Treasure Map Item
[Misc][PVP] NPC Vendor

|T413585:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:171198::::::::120:::::|h[Quartermaster's Prize]|h|r

Can't be used at the horde NPC, because he still sells S2 items (reported by a player)
[Island Expedition] Quest NPCs

Current NPCs don't provide any sidequests when you are interacting with them.
[Island Expedition] Scouted RaresScouted Azerite

Scouted Azerite/Rares should dissapear from map once they are slain. Currently, the markers stay there.
[Island Expedition] The Dread Chain - Volcano

Volcanos have invisible model. (136181), Also i belive they should be unattackable and should be spawning small AoEs around them selfs.
[Island Expedition] The Rotting Mire - Neutral Trolls List

x : 9498 y : 9977 z : 0
ID npc troll : 139338 + 139337 + 139339 6 trolls

x : 9584 y : 9824 z : 0
ID npc troll 139342 + 139341 2 trolls

x : 9514 y : 9989 z : 0
ID 1 troll : 139341

x : 9102 y : 9879 z : 0.5
ID 6 trolls 139338 + 139339 + 139337
[Island Expedition] Bonus Objectives staying after Island is finished

[Misc][Quest] Storming the Battlefield

Horde side only it seems, the quest could be removed from players by the NPC for no reason
[Misc][Profession] No Stats crafts

It's been reported that some items are crafted but do not have any random stats: |T1391765:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:168702::::::::120:::::|h[Crushing Leviathan's Eye Loop]|h|r
[Misc][Profession] Scraping crafted item should refund Expulsom.

Scraping crafted item should refund Expulsom since 8.1.0, its not working on Firestorm.

Note : since 8.2.0, scraping should refund you half of the expulsom used to craft the item you scrap.

25 August 2020

[Affliction] Focusing iris + DoTs

"the essence of the focusing iris minor effect (haste stacking buff) isn't being given when casting dots, this happens with agony, corruption, siphon life, unstable affliction and phantom singularity"

Dots should give stack of haste on application
[Outlaw] Between the Eyes vs Hardiness

The orc racial 'Hardiness' doesnt work on the stun outlaw 'Between the eyes' the stun should be reduc by 20% but its not

|T133125:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:20573|h[Hardiness]|h|r Hardiness Outlaw stun
[Assassination] Subterfuge

At 0s of subterfuge, you should not be able to cast stealth spells.

With this bug, in FS you can garrote 4 times out of stealth while you could only garrote 3 times in retail (empowered garrotes)

+ Edit by Optiroth 160920 20:18

At the moment on firestorm (After the fix) :

And on retail :

I am still able to put on 4 garrotes but noticed some minor change after the fix. I have the impression that it is random, once in 5 times, it is impossible for me to put more than 3 garrotes.

But we can see that in retail, it is only a question of fluid GCD between 3 garrotes which is totally impossible to put on 4 garrotes in a row.
[Assassination] Echoing Blades with Seal Fate

Hello, there's a bug with azerite trait [Echoing Blades](insertlink), when [Fan of Knives] crits, the echoing blades gives an extra combo(thanks to seal fate) on target which is wrong and op. On AOE situation you build full combo with only 1 Fan of Knives if azerite trait equiped.

|T236273:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:287649|h[Echoing Blades]|h|r
|T236273:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:51723|h[Fan of Knives]|h|r
|T236281:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:14190|h[Seal Fate]|h|r

Tested on retail on mono target and multi target. Just spamming fan of knives and looking combat logs
Ring of Peace update timer

Dev note: Increased Ring of Peace update timer to 0.6 sec from 0.4 sec. This should prevent double or triple hits that knock you out way too much
Anti Magic Shell

Versatility as applied twice in the formula, resulting in higher than intended shield values
[Misc][Item] Shiver Venom Relic

Shiver Venom Relic on use part should be usable only when your target has 1+ stacks , currently on fs you can use it without stacks

Shiver Venom Relic : |T236224:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:168905::::::::120:::::|h[Shiver Venom Relic]|h|r
Fs :
Retail :
[Misc][Profession] Herbalism - Germination Seed
[Misc] Emissary of War

Emissary of War should apparently reward 430 ilvl gear.
We kept it at 415 since it could be shared every week, but now we'd need to update it to 430
[General] (combo/chi) builders vs dodge and immunes

The classes affected by this bug are Rogue , Druid and monk , those classes use the Combo points and Chi as resources , having more of these resources results in more damage dealt .

Rogue :
using Mutilate (CP builder) on target under immunitie like Evasion or Ice Block grants you combo points which shouldn't be the case , if the target immune or dodge your builder you get 0 CP with 20% energy spent back .
NOTE : the energy regen part is working fine

Druid :
druid's has 2 issues
First issue is the same as detailed for rogues getting CP vs immunes
Second issue is they lose 1 CP when they use Finishers vs immunes
this is more detailed on this report .

Monk :
Monk's have the same principle as Rogues and Druids ( builder / spender )
So they have the same issue as rogues when useing their builders Tiger Palm and Fist of the White Tiger .
[Misc][Quest] Call to Arms

Both aren't working, kill credit isn't given
[Misc][Item] Revitalizing Voodoo Totem
[Misc] AK Level (Azerite Power)

Each week at the weekly reset, the AK (artifact knowledge) level goes up by 1, which reduces necessary AP to level up by 30%.

The issue was that it went up on Mondays instead of Wednesdays, which just got fixed.
This means that last Sunday, Ak level was 3, on Monday it got up to 4, today it went back to 3 and tomorrow with the weekly reset it will go back to 4.

So you did NOT actually lose any AP ! It's just that if yesterday you were at 30k / 35k to level up, now you will be at 30k / 45k which translates into a visual reduction of % on your azerite bar.
This was an issue that got fixed, now everything is back to normal !
[Essences] Can't change essences during Preparation

You should be able to change essences while being in Preparation (before BG/Arena start) but atm you can't. It was possible few days ago now it fucked up.
[Misc][PVP] Drinks PVP Mod

Currently, drinks mana regen is affected by the class base mana regen pvp mod, which makes them close to useless.

Dev note: Only base mana regen is now affected by the regen PVP mod. It seems on retail the regen is somewhat boosted, will try to find info to make drinks more "blizzlike", in the meantime now it should be better
[Essence] Vision of Perfection vs Magus of the Dead

When Vision of Perfection procs on Unholy Death Knight and that DK has Magus of the Dead, VoP should spawn Magus of the Dead for entire duration, not 25%35% of the original duration.

|T348276:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288417|h[Magus of the Dead]|h|r

21 August 2020

[Feral] Vision of perfection's interaction with Incarnation: King of the Jungle

Issues :
Vision of perfection giving feral druids the full duration of Incarnation ( 30 sc )
Incarnation procs from Vision of perfection should not make ferals able to cast Prowl

proof :
hotfix :
[Misc][Quest] 3 daily quests in Mechagon

Those are the 3 daily quests in mechagon that award galvanic oscilators, very important for essence progression. Right now there is a chance that you don't get any of them in a single day.

Note: I've been doing all dailies since day1 of the launch, I've never quite seen the one with 6 treasure chests.

Dev note: Fixed, junkyard treasures was missing from the rotation so when it was this one u basically had no quest
[Misc][Quest] Wanted: Braxicus

Dev note: Fixed
[Misc][Quest] Wanted: Emorneth

Dev note: fixed
[Misc][Professions] Leatherworking 8.1.5 questline

Dev note: scripted
[Misc][Quests] Hajeer Disguise

Dev note: fixed the disguise not working in case of faction change

Should fix:
For affected players
[Misc][Item] Gloves of Incomparable Beauty

Effect doesn't proc
[Misc][Profession] Skinning - WoD: Not able to Skin

You're right now not able to skin animals in Legion zones. From skinning you should get recipe.
[Misc][Item] Eternity Keeper's Greatbelt

The item isn't working
[Misc][Profession] Skinning - Legion: Not able to Skin

You're right now not able to skin animals in Legion zones. From skinning you should get recipe.
[Misc][Profession] Missing Rank 2 plans

|T1041266:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:168698::::::::120:::::|h[Abyssal Orthogonal Optics]|h|r
|T1041266:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:168692::::::::120:::::|h[Abyssal Gearspun Goggles]|h|r
|T1041266:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:168699::::::::120:::::|h[A5C3ND3D Orthogonal Optics]|h|r

When you craft those, you do not get the plan to craft them in 430 ilvl.

For those that crafted Rank 1 items before the fix, you can make an in game ticket so GMs can learn you the rank 2 recipe provided they find logs of your craft ! Press escape > help > write down the issue precisely with the name of the item you crafted.
[Misc][Quest] Storming the Battlefield

There are 2 important issues on this quest right now:
Some BGs / Epic BGs do not seem to count for their respective objective (maybe the map isn't flagged as a BG / epic BG ?)
You can currently share the quest, withouth any check on the player's faction resulting in some horde players having alliance version and vice versa

Link of the 2 versions:
[Misc][Quest] Azerite for the ...

Does not give any reward. Need to fix that + reset every player's progress of this quest so they can complete it again and get the rewards.

We got reports for the Horde version, but I assume the Alliance one isn't working either
[PVE][Mechagon] Hard Mode Loot table

It's been reported that some players loot in Hard mode items they cannot wear (plates for a Mage for instance)

19 August 2020

[Skinning][BfA] Skinning ranks are off...

Right now on FS you get 13 leather from mobs with rank 3.
On retail you get 25 leather from a mob.
[Misc][Profession] Alchemy - Greater Mystical Flask

Once you drink the Greater Mystical Flask (looted from the cauldron) you get no buffs
|T134786:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:168655::::::::120:::::|h[Greater Mystical Flask]|h|r
[Misc] Nazjatar random enchants

Dev note: Fixed random enchantments for Nazjatar crafts
[Misc][Profession] Trainers

Dev note: Fixed all nazjatar trainers for both horde & alliance (Jada, Alikana & Narv)
[Misc][Profession] Gathering Skills Rank 3

Rank 3 of gathering skills for Nazjatar ressources (Osmenite Ore, Zin'anthide, Cragscale and Dredged Leather) doesn't gather more ressources than Rank 1 and Rank 2.
[Misc][Profession] Rank 2,3 are not awarding correct values

Zin'anthid, Osmenite Deposit, Osmenite Seam rank 2 and rank 3 do not award proper rewards (check other ores/herbs for values, they're the same).

|T2563958:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:298143|h[Zin'anthid]|h|r (r2 zin'anthid)
|T2563958:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:298144|h[Zin'anthid]|h|r (r3 zin'anthid)

|T134561:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:296148|h[Osmenite Deposit]|h|r (osmenite dep r2)
|T2543233:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:296147|h[Osmenite Deposit]|h|r (osmenite dep r3)

|T134561:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:296144|h[Osmenite Seam]|h|r (osmenite seam r2)
|T134561:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:296143|h[Osmenite Seam]|h|r (osmenite seam r3)
[Misc][Item]Storm of the Eternal Heal/Damage issues

Common issues for Storm of the eternal items :
Vethan's Icewalkers
Eternity Keeper's Greatbelt
Handguard's of the Hghest Born
Gloves of Incomparable Beauty

The first shot is instant at the proc
The 2 other shots must be made at random during the 10 seconds
They can target a different enemy each time
[Misc][Profession] Inscription - Milling / Zin'Anthid

You can't use Milling with the Zin'Anthid herbs (error message: "You can't mill that"
[Misc][Profession] Skinning] - loot get displayed wrong

The loot of skinning is getting displayed wrong.
It should be "You receive loot:"

I think this bug has something to do with the ranks, because you get more materials the higher the ranks are.
[Misc][Profession] Cooking - Famine Evaluator And Snack Table

The latest feast added in 8.2 doesn't work.
When you place it, the feast doesn't appear.
[Misc][Profession] Skinning - Stealing Skinning loot

On Firestorm when you hit an NPC and a random player hits it as well both get the right to skin this npc. It shouldn't be like that. The first person which attacks will be able to skin. After a time if the person doesn't have skinning, other players will be able to skin it.
[Misc][Profession] Skinning - Despawn-time

Right now on FS the animals are despawning to fast. Skinable npc should have a higher despawn rate. (Problems with skinning multiple animals by a big pull)
[Misc][Profession] Jewelcrafting - Prospecting

When prospecting new ores, it says no ores so impossible to get new gems.
[Misc][PVP] +96 rating limitation

You will now earn 96 rating on win up to 1500 rating, from 1000 before to help get started in arenas
[Misc][Racial] Embrace of Krag'wa

Spell got disabled because it gave way too much hp, reenabled now
[Misc][Profession] Alchemy - Rank 3 potion crafting multi proc chance

Wowhead links of the item recipes: |T1387622:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:170208::::::::120:::::|h[Recipe: Potion of Unbridled Fury]|h|r
|T1387622:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:170210::::::::120:::::|h[Recipe: Abyssal Healing Potion]|h|r
Rank 3 Potion of Unbridled Fury & Abyssal Healing Potions multiple crafting proc doesnt work at all.
[Misc][PVP] Weekly Chest Issues

2 issues happened with today's weekly pvp chest:
People who opened it before 7AM ST got Season 2 rewards instead of Season 3
People who should have gotten Rank 2 of only got rank 1

With today's latest restart at 4PM, new chests have been given back to people affected by the first issue, and Rank 2 essence has been sent by mail to people affected by the second one.

Please note that it's NORMAL not to get |T458971:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:169590::::::::120:::::|h[Burgeoning Battlefield Furor]|h|r yet, as it requires to already have the Rank 2 of the essence.

18 August 2020

[Demonology] Vision of Perfection + Demonic Tyrant

"Vision of Perfection of Demonology Warlock ( spell=299370 ) summons the Demonic Tyrant ( spell=265187 ) which is all good, the bug comes when you have the Demonic Consumption talent ( spell=267215 ), the additional Demonic Tyrants summoned by the Vision of Perfection CONSUME YOUR IMPS TOO WHEN IT SHOULD NOT WORK LIKE THAT. Additional Demonic Tyrants should NOT consume your imps"
|T2065628:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:265187|h[Summon Demonic Tyrant]|h|r
[Elemental] Vision of Perfection & Talents

Using talent result to a broken elemental summoned by the VoP proc.

First : Storm Elemental( |T2065626:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:192249|h[Storm Elemental]|h|r) isn't taken in account, with talent selected the elemtal summoned is still a fire one.

Second and the most important issue: |T651081:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:117013|h[Primal Elementalist]|h|r make that your elemental will be more powerfull, and grant you the control. BUT it makes that the elem summoned last for full duration... 30s insted of 25%30% of 30s.
[Assassination] Seal Fate

Poisoned Knife and Poison Bomb trigger Seal Fate.

They should not trigger seal fate.
Only (MutilateMainHand, MutilateOffHand, FanOfKnives, Blindside, ToxicBlade) should trigger Seal fate
[Assassination] Vendetta

Vendetta is increasing trinket damage (and essences), which is wrong.


Issue related to:
[Holy] [Avenging Crusader] vs Vision of Perfection

The proc lasts the entire ability instead of 25%
[BeastMastery] Vision of Perfection vs Primal instinct

When your char is already under [Aspect of the Nature + Primal instinct], proc of VoP add time on Aspect of the Nature buff but not on Primal instinct (Azerite) buff.
On retail it add time on both

Note : Work fine when your char have no buff active (Aspect of Nature or Primal instinct), proc of VoP give time bonus for Aspect and the trait Primal Instinct.
Death and Decay

Currently Death and Decay does more ticks than intended.
Tested both Unholy and Blood spec (without talent Rapid decomposition) and it dealt 13 to 14 ticks.

Should do 10 + 1 tick no matter your haste (without talent): 1 instant when used and 1 tick per second over 10s.


Duration (sec)
= 10
Interval (sec)
= 1
if HasTalent(RapidDecomposition)
= IntervalSec / 1.15


|T538560:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:194662|h[Rapid Decomposition]|h|r
|T136144:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:43265|h[Death and Decay]|h|r
[Pve][Freehold] Trothak

Blood pools stacked together get consumed at once, if a shark gets to a blood pool while there are 3 or 4 close to each other, the shark eats the pools all together, only the closest pool next to the shark should be consumed.
[PVE][ToS] Avatar of Sethraliss - Line of sight in room

You can't heal or damage in Room the Avatar of Sethraliss. If the target is on the other side of the room
[PvE][KR] Barrel Though

If Aka'li the Conqueror is First or second in the boss fight, He will cast his Barrel Though at 3rd boss after he appears, however, it will not finish casting it. He will cast it fully, but no charge or damage.
[PVE][WM] Soulbound Goliath - Soul Harvest

During the boss fight, the fire does not appear, which is why the boss does not reset the stacks
[Misc][Nazjatar] Crystaline Cat Figurines

[PVE][WM] Soulbound Goliath - Server crash

After crash server you can't enter combat with boss
[PVE][KR] Golden Serpent - Spit Gold

Boss only cast that spell in one player, only change target if player dies.
[PVE][KR] Aka'ali the Conqueror - Barrel Throught

Sometimes Barrel Throught ignoring other targets, when boss was first in rotation and defeated
[Misc][Nazjatar] Leveling Up Your Body Guard

Every time you level up your body guard, you will gain 250 reputation with this faction.

Currently not working.
[PvE][ToS] Gal'vzzt

Gal'vzzt on mythic and mythic+ pillars are spawning with more delays than it should.
Currently a new pillar spawns when the previous one is about to go off.
What it should be like : 5 sec after a pillar spawns, you should start seeing the aoe of the next pillar which means it is about to spawn.
Any video from 8.1 Mythic+ can be a proof.

Proof :
[Misc][Pet] Igneous Flameling

Igneous Flameling pet from Midsummer Fire Festival isn't added into collection upon learning, shows known but can't be summoned via /summonpet either.

|T1020381:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:141714::::::::120:::::|h[Igneous Flameling]|h|r
[PvE][KR] Zul & release

If party wipes or dies on Zul, players will be unable to release thier spirit.
[PvE][ToS] No Loot

At first boss, if you kill Adderis first and you lasthit Aspix with Gust from a spell reflect from a prot warrior, they don't drop loot.
[PvE][ToS] Pulse

the spell Pulse on Avatar of Sethraliss should stop after killing all the Hoodoo Hexers , currently on FS it does not stop which makes the fight way harder

Pulse : |T237237:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:268024|h[Pulse]|h|r
Retail proof :
FS :
[PvE][ML] Mogul Razdunk respawns

Once you complete the keystone challenge and defeat the boss after short time it respawns.
[Misc][PVP] Rating Calculation

Dev note: To prevent high rating players from grinding the ladder against low rating teams, adding a limitation (similar to the one on retail):
If you have more than 600 more rating than the opposing team, you will earn 0 rating in rated v2 & v3

It should reduce the maximum rating at the end of season, while keeping a more accurate & healthier bracket
[Misc][Nazjatar] Arcane Chests

[Essences] Vision of Perfection Outlaw Rogue

Brigand's Blitz (ID : 277676) procs for 20sec instead of 5/7sec
Loaded Dice works on the vision procs or it shouldn't "Activating Adrenaline rush .." |T1373910:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:256170|h[Loaded Dice]|h|r
[Misc][Website] Error on shop

Some people report that the shop gets stuck for them.
Seems to happen on Legion shop mostly
[Misc][Essences] Vision of Perfection Holy Priest

Vision isn't proccing with damage spells
[Misc][Essences] Vision of Perfection Affli Warlock

Darkglade spawn for is full duration (20sec) should be : 5sec rank1, 7sec rank2

Darkglade ID : 205180
[Misc][Essences] Vision of Perfection Prot Warrior

Bastion of Might procs for 20 sec instead of 5/7 sec
And Avatar at the first rank procs for 6sec instead of 5sec

ID Bastion : 287377
Avatar : 107574
[Misc][Essences] Vision of Perfection Enhancement Shaman

Feral Spirits procs without using any abilities/spells (maybe it cames from |T462329:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:33757|h[Windfury Weapon]|h|r ? get naked and see)

With Elemental Spirits talent wolfs spawn an gave a bonus that stays 15sec (wolfs uptime)
|T237577:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:262624|h[Elemental Spirits]|h|r

Feral Spirits ID : 51533
[Misc][Essences] Various PvP Mods

List of missing PvP Mods for Essences:
[Misc][Quest] Abandonning quests with items

There is an issue on FS for a long time, where to abandon a quest that has an item as one of its objective, you had to abandon, relog, and re abandon the quest.

Dev note: abandonning now properly works the first time. This should help players who find themselves stuck in such quests, like "Dominating the indomitable"
[Misc][Essence] Crucible of Flame

Minor Essence damage is too low compared to calculations (1k8 vs 2k3 for example)
[Misc][Mechagon] Adventurer Augmentation

When this item is used, the item crafted appears as ilvl 1 or 2 instead of 410, and doesn't have any stats (got 2 reports by players)

Crafted through this with Pascal at Mechagon:
|T1405813:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:169113::::::::120:::::|h[Advanced Adventurer Augmentation]|h|r
[Misc][Mechagon] Rustbold Defender

They should behave the same way as booty bays guards, jumping on any player who attacks another player: currently they don't do anything
[Misc] AP converted into Gold for maxed neck

Ppl that have Max neck should have the Azerite Power from Wq & missions

World Quests and Missions now offer gold or war resources instead of AP to players who can no longer progress their Heart of Azeroth (level 70).


also the same for Bonus roll that should give you AP, you should get 2000 gold instead.
[PvE][WM] Fire Patches in the courtyard

There is no fire spawning in the courtyard when beguilling affix is up.

You can't make soulbound goliath destack in the fire, making the fight extremly difficult
[Misc][Nazjatar] Glowing Arcane Trunks

[Misc][Profession] Stuck at 150

Dev note: Made a fix for chars created before the 8.2 client update that would be stuck at 150 profession level max instead of 175: upon logging the issue should be fixed.

We are now working on Abyssal Focus, that allows to craft gear, and professions in general !
[PVE][TEP] Radiance of Azshara - Warrior Druid charge

If warrior go to Arcando and fly, and use charge to boss, he fall through textures.

14 August 2020

[Fury] Death wish

The pvp talent "Death wish" can be stacked before arena start. It should reset at arena opening.

|T136146:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:199261|h[Death Wish]|h|r
Spell reflect

The spell reflect should work on a small timeframe, and not on the very first spell that hits you only.

If 2 different spells, casted by 2 different NPCs hit you at the same time, both should get reflected
[Retribution] Ultimate Retribution

Currently it's proccing on 40% HP instead of 25% HP and shouldn't proc on Paladin himself, only when an ally is 25% or below HP.
somewhere you see pala dying and not proccing wings.

Also, if the ally falls below 25% and manage to heal himself to 30% and then goes down to 25%, should not pop again wings. This would lead to have perma wings

|T135889:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:287947|h[Ultimate Retribution]|h|r
[Retribution] Lawbringer

Lawbringer damage is not reduced by Versatility and by any Defensive CD.

[Misc][Rare] Crazed Trogg

NPC can be doublespawned sometimes.
[PvE][ML] Call Earthrager (8.2)

Call Earthrager spell from Azerokk boss should now summons 2 Earthrager per cast (up from 1).

|T136024:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257593|h[Call Earthrager]|h|r
[Misc][Item] Yellow Punchcards

They give less stats than tooltip.
List of all Yellow Punchcards:
[PvE][TD] Heavy Cannons (8.2 hotfix)

Heavy Cannons now have an Energy Bar of 100.

Each Cannon Blast costs 20 Energy to use.
The Well of Existence

The Well of Existence
ID 19
SpecSetID 49

MAJOR: Refreshment

Couldn't test since the Minor isn't working.

wowhead link:
amr ink:

MINOR: The Well of Existence

It isn't storing any of the caster overhealing and so it makes the essence itself unusable

wowhead link:
amr link:

Should not crit.
The Well of Existence (Essence) now becomes stealthed when its wielder enters stealth (e.g. Druids' Prowl or Rogues' Shroud of Concealment).
The Well of Existence (Essence) now despawns when the player who placed it logs out.
The Well of Existence (Essence) now floats near you while airborne on a flying mount and no longer interferes with having a Battle Pet active.
PVP: The Well of Existence's (Essence) stored healing is now reset upon Arena and Battleground start.


AzeriteEssenceID Tier MajorPowerDescription MinorPowerDescription MajorPowerActual MinorPowerActual

19 1 296197 296136 296197 296136
19 2 296200 296192 299932 299935
19 3 296201 296193 299933 299936
19 4 299529 299530 299933 299936



___add the obtention way, if properly working check____
[Misc] Legendary Transmogrificator

Currently, you can Tmog any unintended item piece on legs, (For example gloves) and that will make the legs invisible.

This goes for all categories, As you can Tmog a pants transmog onto gloves and etc.
[Misc][Quest] Rescue the Farseer

Many reports about players looting the key but not getting the credit for it.

Dev note: was caused by pets (so it affected hunters & people they did the quest with mostly). Not only do they steal their owner's loots, but now they also take their quest objectives _. Fixed now !
[Misc][NPC] Rolm (Nazjatar)

This NPC doesn't teach anything, so Horde players are currently looking for the Alliance version that works properly (Ulooaka)
[Misc] Emissary AP reward

Emissary still give 1K5 AP insted of 3K as for 8.2.
[Misc] Bodyguard level up Reputation

When one of your bodyguard ranks up, you should get 250 reputation towards its faction, which you currently don't receive
[Misc] Keystone missing

Dev note: Players lost their keystone if they logged between 5:40 and 6:20 today, which was caused by an unwanted affix rotation on Sethraliss.

The affix rotation has been fixed, and your keystones are now safe, but for those that lost it, or got a new one during this timeframe (which you will lose again upon relog since it doesn't have the correct affixes), we apologize.

You will need to get a new key from a MM0 or by doing someone else's key !
Sorry for the inconvenience
[Misc] Weekly MM+ Chest S2 Rewards

Dev note: For those of you who got a Season 2 reward out of the Weekly chest (either by opening it on wednesday right after the reset, or on Thursday evening / night), your chest has been readded so you can retrieve your rightful Season 3 reward !

11 August 2020

[Survival] Vision of Perfection

Broken essence: Vision of Perfection
Effect: Gives the specialization offensive CD for 25% duration.
Issue: For hunters, pet is receiving the CD proc from this essence for 100% of the duration instead of 25% as well
[Unholy] Pestilence

According to the guide Pestilence should have a cap, (capped at generating a total of 10 wounds).
But it's not capped at all, see:

With one usage of death and decay, got 16 and 21 wounds.

[Misc][Item] Diver's Folly

|T3004386:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:168900::::::::120:::::|h[Diver's Folly]|h|r

Currently pulls out of combat NPCs, it shouldn't
[Misc][WQ] Gilded Loa Figurine reward

Following a recent fix, most WQ only gave as reward this item:

|T516666:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:158153::::::::120:::::|h[Gilded Loa Figurine]|h|r

Dev note: indeed, fixed and sorry about that !
[Misc][Quest] Cogfrenzy's Construction Frenzy

Final objective does not get completed once construction is completed.
[Misc][NPC] Captain Krooz

The npc dont work. When you talk to her, she does not teleport to the port of zuldazar.
link wowhead
link youtube
Tested in sethraliss realm.
[Misc][Achievement] Diversed Investments

Construction objectives do not count twoards the Achievement completion.
[Misc][Item] Rustbolt Supplies

This is the Paragon Chest for the Rustbolt Resistance faction. Right now, nothing drops from the cache, not even War Resources (checked multiple times).
|T2909316:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:170061::::::::120:::::|h[Rustbolt Supplies]|h|r
[Misc][Npc] Danielle Anglers

NPC id: 151462
NPC name: Danielle Anglers

After abandoning quest [A Gulper Ate The Rolly], id: 56373
Go to the NPC and you can't reacquire, hence cant go further with the quest chain and can't unlock world quests related to the completion of the chain.
[Misc][Quest] A Gulper Ate The Rolly

Mob is not attackable, and there's also no puddles to fish, therefore making the quest undoable.

When I tried,the mob was hostile and could be killed. Once that was done the puddles did spawn as well.
The problem was that you could not fish the correct type of fish from those puddles and only looted random ones appropriate to the zone.
[Misc][Quest] Unsafe Work Conduction

Quest is shown on the map, however, the quest is acually not present there.
[Misc][Quest] Prototypes for Inspiration

Quest is shown on the map, but there is no acual quest to pick up.
[Misc] Bodyguard faction change

When you use a change faction, now the reputation for your bodyguard will transfer:
Onowari Poen
Akana Neri
Ori Vim
[Misc][BFN] Unstable Manapearl

Doesn't work, i correctly got the buff after killing the 5 commanders but i checked both in Nazjatar, Zandalar, even went to Orgrimmar to be 100% sur i still had the same stats.

|T237368:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:168003::::::::120:::::|h[Unstable Manapearl]|h|r

Dev note: Now always grants versatility (tested on retail)
[Misc][Essences] Raid boss and reset

Essences cooldown should reset when Raid boss are killed / reseted. (Even if they have less than 3 minutes cd)

You can see that on this videos

at 22minutes
[Misc] Monster Scaling Mechagon & Nazjatar

We're missing the scaling of NPCs on Nazjatar & Mechagon.
Some hostiles in Nazjatar have 50k hp
[Misc][Item] Emergency Anti-Gravity Device

After 2 seconds of falling, it should proc a parachute. Atm it doesn't work
|T134390:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:168648::::::::120:::::|h[Emergency AntiGravity Device]|h|r
[Misc][WQ] Energy Cells for Everyone

When you complete the contribution, the station disappears.

You complete the quest

But you dont complete " Build the Charging Station" from and too

(I have already tried to disconnect / reconnect nothing change)

Item for contribution :
|T2902386:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:166970::::::::120:::::|h[Energy Cell]|h|r
|T2915723:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:166846::::::::120:::::|h[Spare Parts]|h|r
[Misc][Mount] Sandy Nightsaber
[Misc][Mount] Azure Water Strider

This mount should have already disabled water walking since we have mount equipment system now.

|T648868:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:118089|h[Azure Water Strider]|h|r
[Misc] Sheep and Cows

Sheep and Cows in Elwynn Forest are phased and only visible with GM ON.
They're the only ones missing for the achievement where you /love some critters.
[Misc][General] Item level issue

When you relog, or exit from an arena sometimes your ilvl is lower than it should be. In my case 6,19 item level. Don't know by what is caused but the stat lose is real as you can see the gyazo.

Dev note: Temporary fix for players about that problem is by removing the neck or any item and put it back, and it will fix it. So its not an urgent issue for people who knows that.

Tested on live with my dk char.
[Misc][NPC] Wrong scaling Ruins of Gilneas

Bloodfang Scouts (entry 45481) 2 shot level 110 players (Ruins of Gilneas)
[Misc][Item] Leviathan's Lure

Leviathan's Lure trinket shouldn't proc on auto attack.
(|T1717110:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:169304::::::::120:::::|h[Leviathan's Lure]|h|r)

Luminous Algae debuff shouldn't proc on non damage abilities.
(|T1717110:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:302775|h[Luminous Algae]|h|r)

FS : (at 0:04s, Luminous Algae proc on Hex, at 0:17s, damage proc come from auto attack)
[Misc][Essence] Crucible of flame in arena

Concentrated Flame buff shouldn't stay when an arena begins.
Atm you can stack Concentrated Flame buff before arena begins, and start fight with 200% buff.
[Misc][Quest] Clearing Out the Cache

Hello, it seeems there is a problem concerning pets classes or allies. Your Charactere needs to last hit all the mobs in the scenario for completing the quest. If you don't last hit, it doesn't complete the quest.
[Misc][Item] Ingenious Mana Battery

Does not regen any mana
[Misc][Construction] Charging Station

Players can now contribute to charging station and charge empty cell for crafting items to Pascal.

10 August 2020

[Destruction] Vision of Perfection + Grimoire of Supremacy

"Rank 1: Passive, 0.851 RPPM (depending on spec). Attacks and abilities have a chance to trigger your specialization cooldown for 25% of its base duration (including some Talent and Azerite effects)." For Destro its summon Infernal

When you have already active Infernal and lets say 8 stacks of Supermacy, and when Vision of Perfection procs during Infernal active, 1st Chaos Bolt/Raid of Fire will reset all previous stacks.
|T135804:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:266086|h[Rain of Chaos]|h|r
[Fire] Spell batching and Hot streak interaction

The issue can be noticed If I cast a spell and start spamming a key to cast the next, but NOT exactly when my client shows the cast has ended, it will automatically send me into that second cast.
This is a rather big issue, as it might not have an intended ms window or it doesnt register incoming procs to stop the 2nd cast from starting ( example hot streak for fire mage )


[Misc][Quest] Drill Rig Construction

When the player finishes adding the required items for the drill to appear and then the drill and before it start to drill to free Pascal K1N6 , a reset or crash happends. When he player re logs, the drill is gone, making the quest unable to complete + the quest can't be abandoned.

Update : If the player regains the quest with outside help, 1 items will be unable to regain if the quest gets added. The items is called Energy Cell |T2902386:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:170500::::::::120:::::|h[Energy Cell]|h|r , this item can be dropped from rares, but the only issue is that the npcs can only shop up when a World Quest is up, plus, the other way to get it, It was from an award of completing We Can Fix It, but since after that quest, and the rares that only show up in WQ in between, there is no other way to get them.
[Misc][Item] Phial of the Arcane Tempest


When you hit ONLY 1 target, you should gain a stack (max 6) reducing dramastically the damage interval of the trinket
= 2 BuffStack(ArcaneTempestStack) 0.25

RPPM of 1 x Haste

|T967535:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:169313::::::::120:::::|h[Phial of the Arcane Tempest]|h|r
[Misc][Item] Trajectory Analysis

Not gaining any stack when I get attacked by physical attacks.
Max stacks 99

|T134392:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:168798::::::::120:::::|h[Trajectory Analysis]|h|r
[Misc][Item] Ashvane's Razor Coral "hidden" on death interaction

On retail, when a mob that has stacks of Razor Coral dies, it should give the player the according amount of crit, as if they used the trinket a second time

Note: Very important for the trinket's overall usage, especially in m+.
[Misc][Epic BG] Bonus reward rework

To encourage people doing epic BGs, rewards will now increase based on the time epic BGs haven't been started yet.

Let the epic fights begin !
[PVE][OM] Tussle Tonks - Gnomercy 4.U Melee Dmg

Wowhead link of the npc:
It deals melee dmg which is shouldnt.
[PVE][OM] Living Waste - Melee Attacks

Melee attacks hitting for 220k
[PVE][OM] Bridge & mob waves after conveyor

You can skip the bridge because it's always down, it's not like that in retail. You have to kill all the 3 wave of mobs before it so the bridge goes down.
[PVE][OM] Sparkflux - Line of sight bug

You can LOS the boss behind middle pillar, you can't do that in retail.
[PVE][OM] King Mechagon - Giga-Zap

Wowhead link of the spell: |T896468:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:292267|h[GigaZap]|h|r
Zap misses like 99% of the time, gigazap can target the same player more than one time.

6 August 2020

[PvE][8.2 Affix] Emissary of tides vs double cc

If two players apply the same cc to the emissary of tides, the second cc has the full duration.

For exemple, rogue A saps then rogue B saps emissary of tides while A's sap is still on, the B's sap is a full 1 min
[Misc][Essence] Blueprint: Perfectly Timed Differential

You don't get the blueprint from King Mechagon
[Misc][Essence] MM+ Essences

Dev note: Fixed 2 issues regarding the MM+ Essences:
You were looting Essences in chain when doing a MM+ despite the fact you already had it
Some people couldn't loot the essence in one of their rôle despite doing MM+ several times
[PVE][TEP] Aqueous Reliquary loots

You shouldn't loot any Aqueous Reliquary if you do an LFR run after having done an Heroic one for example.
[Misc][Quest] A way home H

Leather class horde side could sometimes not get any reward as gear
[Misc][Quest] Dark Tides H

Horde side, some classes like Monk could sometimes not get every type of weapon they could equip

5 August 2020

[Misc][NPC] Brood Queen Tyranna

Fixed damage multiplier (she was dealing way too much damage)
[Misc][Command] fsdie

You can no longer use fsdie command in arenas (but you can still do it in BG)
[Misc] Old Content Fixes 3/4

Various NPCs & Quest fixes

Fixed spells NPC "Living tornado"
Fixed spells of the NPC "Fat Iceworm"
Fixed spells of NPC "Theramore inhabitant"
Fixed spells NPC "Tormented Soul"
Fixed spells NPC "Tormented Citizen"
Fixed spells NPC "Zandalari military scout"
Fixed spells NPC "Stained Lightwing"
Fixed spells of NPC "Shainfested predator"
Fixed spells NPC "Infectious worm"
Fixed spells NPC "Charged Geode"
Fixed spells NPC "Skirmisher from the Bloodmaul clan"
Fixed spells of NPC "Guardian of Vor'gol"
Fixed spells of the NPC "Earth Sage of the Iron March"
Fixed spells NPC "Evil Priestess"
Fixed spells of NPC "Snake of the Viscous Marsh"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Spiny Forest Spirit"
Fixed spells of the NPC "Fiend from the Bloodmaul clan"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Ik'tik Raider"
Fixed spells NPC "Portal Engineer"
Fixed spells NPC "Quartermaster Zolix"
Fixed spells of the NPC "Infernal of the Nether Flame"
Fixed spells of NPC "Insha'tar"
Fixed spells NPC "Ionis"
Fixed spells NPC "Spark eel"
Fixed spells NPC "Withered hunter of magic"
Fixed spells NPC "Yorkhuttam"
Fixed spells of the NPC "Kamenorsky Warrior"
Fixed spells of NPC "Kamenor Ogre"
Fixed spells of NPC "Stonegor"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Stonebite Raider"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Stone Finger Ripper"
Fixed spells of NPC "Stone cutterripper"
Fixed spells of NPC "Bladespire Moose"
Fixed spells of NPC "Rockhideherbivore"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Captain Zipper"
Fixed spells NPC "Claw of Doom"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Sorceress from the Darkcrest clan"
Fixed spells of the NPC "Witch from the Serpentine Rings camp"
Fixed spells NPC "Konk"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Kor'tik Warmonger"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Kor'tik the Bloodletter"
Fixed spells of NPC "Kor'tikchitinid"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Frostfire Bonebreaker"
Fixed spells NPC "Bone Reaver Bloodmane"
Fixed spells of NPC "Krasarang runekeeper"
Fixed spells NPC "Krecht slave"
Fixed spells of the NPC "Bloodfist Lizard"
Fixed spells of NPC "Shan'ze Stone Crusher"
Fixed spells of the NPC "Blacksmith of the Iron March"
Fixed spells NPC "Lava Ooze"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Frostback sting"
Fixed spells NPC "Ice Fang"
Fixed spells NPC "Forest Hunter"
Fixed spells NPC "Forest Catcher"
Fixed spells NPC "Forest Predator"
Fixed spells NPC "Una tuna catcher"
Fixed spells NPC "Hunter of the Shadowmoon"
Fixed spells NPC "Moon Tree"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Lunar sporoscat"
Fixed spells of NPC "Moonfin Forest Predator"
Fixed spells of NPC "Sunfury Archer"
Fixed spells of the NPC "Mage of the Boulder Fist clan"
Fixed spells NPC "Magmawhead"
Fixed spells NPC "Magnetic Elemental"
Fixed spells NPC "Makazradon"
Fixed spells NPC "Small Frostfire Gronn"
Fixed spells NPC "Manogut"
Fixed spells NPC "Martikar"
Fixed spells NPC "Windward Tiger"
Fixed spells NPC "Thunderfist Matriarch"
Fixed spells of NPC "Meredil flyer"
Fixed spells of the NPC "Meredil Ravager"
Fixed spells of NPC "Vile Scorpid"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Voidbound Steed"
Fixed spells of NPC "Mo'argblacksmith of doom"
Fixed spells of NPC "Mo'arg the gunsmith"
Fixed spells NPC "Young Dark Claw"
Fixed spells of NPC "Young Digger"
Fixed spells NPC "Vengeful Gurtan Spirit"
Fixed spells NPC "Tormented Spirit"
Fixed spells of NPC "Overseer Durant"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Overseer Saw Cutter"
Fixed spells NPC "Overseer from the Bloodscale clan"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Overseer from the Blackrock clan"
Fixed spells NPC "Overseer of Two Towers"
Fixed spells NPC "Vineyard overseer"
Fixed spells of the NPC "Slavemaster of the Bloodscale clan"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "questmaster of the Darkcrest clan"
Fixed spells NPC "Raider ZhuJin"
Fixed NPC spells "Unstable spores"
Fixed spells of NPC "Unstable Minion"
Fixed spells NPC "Jade Guard"
Fixed spells of NPC "Norlax"
Fixed spells of NPC "Nuramok"
Fixed spells NPC "Mangy Thorn"
Fixed spells NPC "Fire Scale"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Fire Rider"
Fixed spells NPC "Hungry swamp"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Huge thicket stalker"
Fixed spells NPC "Odd'nirok"
[Misc] Old Content Fixes 4/4

Various NPCs & Quest fixes

Fixed spells of NPC "Deer Scorched by Leyline"
Fixed spells NPC "Blinded by hatred skinner"
Fixed spells NPC "Sharpeye from the Dark Conclave"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Sharptooth crocolisk"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Osul the Long Walker"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Hunter from the Wild Scale tribe"
Fixed spells of the NPC "Hunter of the Blackmane Pack"
Fixed spells of NPC "Hunter of Terror"
Fixed spells of NPC "HunterRazorfang"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Scavenger from the Trembling Reed tribe"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Singing ax from the Warsong clan"
Fixed spells of NPC "Infantryman ZhuJin"
Fixed spells NPC "Brewer from the Bloodmaul clan"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Swing Reed Beggar"
Fixed spells NPC "Lord of Terror"
Fixed spells of the NPC "Blackmane Pillager"
Fixed NPC spells "Crippled Defender"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Conquered Scale Lord"
Fixed spells NPC "Creeping swamp hummock"
Fixed spells NPC "Enslaved spirit of the earth"
Fixed spells NPC "Spawn of dirt"
Fixed spells of NPC "Portsite the Quiet"
Fixed NPC spells "Disturbed Spirit"
Fixed spells NPC "Fel Storm Caller"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Windcaller from the Warsong clan"
Fixed spells NPC "Soulcaller ShaoTien"
Fixed spells NPC "Preacher Margrom"
Fixed spells NPC "Manifestation of pride"
Fixed spells NPC "Plains Hawk"
Fixed spells of the NPC "Scout of the Iron Horde"
Fixed spells of NPC "Scout of the Sunwalkers"
Fixed spells NPC "Furious Crusher"
Fixed spells of the NPC "Rai'vosh"
Fixed spells NPC "Dawn Crane"
Fixed spells NPC "Rotek"
Fixed spells of NPC "Male of the Wind Runner"
Fixed spells of NPC "Male of pearlskin elekk"
Fixed spells of NPC "Male stonehide"
Fixed spells of NPC "Icehoof Female"
Fixed spells NPC "Glowing Orchid"
Fixed spells NPC "Frostwolf"
Fixed spells NPC "Frostwolf"
Fixed spells NPC "Frostwolf"
Fixed spells of NPC "Silroth"
Fixed spells of the NPC "Siren from the Darkcrest clan"
Fixed spells NPC "Rock Kaliri"
Fixed spells NPC "Nether Ray"
Fixed spells NPC "Sorrowful Screamer"
Fixed spells of NPC "Sorrowful Poison Spit"
Fixed spells of NPC "Scorpid Kor'tik"
Fixed spells NPC "Hidden Basilisk"
Fixed spells NPC "Traces of pride"
Fixed spells NPC "Snowworm"
Fixed spells NPC "Snow Fury"
Fixed spells NPC "Snow Rilak"
Fixed spells of NPC "Saltskinned seal"
Fixed spells NPC "Sporoskat"
Fixed spells of NPC "Silverhorn Deer"
Fixed spells of NPC "Silverhorn First Years"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Silver Skin Horse"
Fixed spells NPC "Elder ZhuJin"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Death Guard of Two Towers"
Fixed spells NPC "Guardian of the Suramar Shield"
Fixed spells NPC "Twilight River Monster"
Fixed spells of the NPC "Suramar Grizzly"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Talbuk the shipeater"
Fixed spells NPC "Hardhide Clefthoof"
Fixed spells NPC "Thaelin Darkanvil"
Fixed spells of the NPC "Dark JumperHunter"
Fixed spells NPC "Dark Eye"
Fixed spells NPC "Dark Eye"
Fixed spells NPC "Shadowclaw"
Fixed spells of the NPC "Shadowloving bull"
Fixed spells of NPC "Shadowloving mushan"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Tennespore Giant"
Fixed spells NPC "Shadow of the commander Zela"
Fixed spells of NPC "ShaoTien pain weaver"
Fixed spells NPC "Weaver of Sorrow"
Fixed spells NPC "Yearning Ghost"
Fixed NPC spells "Fluttering Moth"
Fixed spells NPC "Jailer of Ethereum"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Killer of Razorspeed"
Fixed spells NPC "Void Horror"
Fixed spells NPC "Ukin Shaman"
Fixed spells of NPC "Scientist of the Sunfury clan"
Fixed spells of NPC "Fal'dorei Hunter"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Hyakker the Reaver"
Fixed spells of NPC "Coldsnout boar"
Fixed spells of NPC "Hmelechlob Una"
Fixed spells of NPC "Hozencutthroat"
Fixed spells of NPC "Hozenbadass"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "HozenLandman"
Fixed spells of NPC "Hozendagger"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Master of the Cyberfire Forge"
Fixed spells NPC "Master of the Steel Ridge Forge"
Fixed spells NPC "Keeper of the Flame from the Sunfury clan"
Fixed spells NPC "Felstorm Warlock"
Fixed spells of the NPC "Warlock from the Bloodmaul clan"
Fixed spells NPC "Laborer of the Dregs tribe"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Shaman of the Tail Tribe"
Fixed spells of NPC "ShaoTien Dominator"
Fixed spells of NPC "Silkfeather Hawk"
Fixed spells of the NPC "Shra'tikswift cutter"
Fixed spells NPC "Tentacle of the Abyss"
Fixed spells of NPC "Amber Basilisk"
Fixed the positions of the NPC "Bloodscale NPC" stuck in the textures
Fixed replicas of the NPC "Slave from the Frostwolf clan"
Fixed the level and hostility of the NPC "Baby Stone Worm"
Fixed characteristics and population of the NPC "Magmagan"
Fixed the chances of dropping items for the NPC "General Volroth"
Adjustment of the quest "The dish is served by boxes"
Adjustment of the quest "Visions of the Past"
Adjustment of the quest "Necessary Trick"
Adjustment of the "Curse that cannot be removed" quest
Adjustment of the "Fun with magnets" quest
Adjustment of the quest "Not on my shift!"
Adjustment of the quest "Calm the Elements"
Adjustments to the quest "Zuluhed the Tormented"
NPC "Wind" will not fall from the sky when players approach
NPC "Shrieking Witch" will not fall from the sky when players approach
NPC "Shrieking Sister Witch" will not fall from the sky when players approach
NPC "Lunarfall Raven" will not fall from the sky when players approach
NPC "Moon Song Dove" will not fall from the sky when players approach
NPC "Trained Parrot" will not fall from the sky when players approach
NPC "Bone Chewer Fel Eater" will not fall from the sky when players approach
NPC "Foulwing Chimera" will not fall from the sky when players approach
NPC "Absorber" will not attack other NPCs
NPC "Midnight Kaliri" will not fall from the sky when players approach
NPC "Singing Siren" will not fall from the sky when players approach
NPC "Sik'tik Worker" will not fall from the sky when players approach
NPC "Snow Rilay" will not fall from the sky when players approach
NPC "Dark Eye" will not fall from the sky when players approach
Disabled 22 legacy chain jobs starting from and
Disabled the obsolete quest "quest: Deliver a Message"
Disabled obsolete quest "Strange mushrooms"
Disabled obsolete quest "Terrace of Medivh"
The item "Wreath of Dark Flowers" has been added to the vendor's assortment
The item "Wreath of Courage" has been added to the vendor's assortment
The item "Wreath of Fortune" has been added to the vendor's assortment
The item "SlimeCovered Mold" (starts an obsolete quest) has been removed from the drop
The "Cursed Talisman" and "Cracked Talisman" items can now only be used up to level 99 inclusive
Removed duplicate NPC "Ansel Mildenhall"
Removed duplicate NPC "Ansel Mildenhall"
Removed duplicate NPC "Honey"
Reduced the respawn time of the NPC "General Volroth"
[Misc] Old Content Fixes 1/4

Various NPCs & Quest fixes

Added NPC "Isabella"
Added missing object "Gem of Hellfire"
Added missing NPC "Brother Yachya Horseshoe"
Added missing NPC "Knight Commander Dalfors"
Added localization of the "Sea Stalk" object
Added localization for NPC "Thistleleaf Pest"
Added localization of NPC "Potions Vyazkus" replicas
Added localization of the replicas of the NPC "Cagraxis the Defiler"
Added localization of the NPC "Eye of Gurga" replicas
Added localization of NPC "Midnight" replicas
Added localization of the replicas of the NPC "Rogue from the Brotherhood of Irontide"
Added localization of replicas of NPC "Rayesh"
Added localization of NPC "Elana" replicas
Added localization of the replicas of the NPC "Eliezer Hammerbeard"
Added missing replica of NPC "Negolash"
Added missing NPC "Decrepit Hoof"
Added missing items to the assortment of the "Koren" merchant
Added missing items to the sale of the NPC "Battle Mage Kat'lin"
Added missing items to the sale of NPC "Valadar Starsong"
Fixed overstated damage of NPC "Zarion"
Fixed the chance of dropping out of the "Favorite Livestock Cookies" mount
Fixed the probability of falling out of the "Fatty Cave Rat" item
Fixed localization of NPC "Messenger of Netherstorm" replicas
Fixed localization of phrases of NPC "Balos Haken"
Fixed localization of phrases of NPC "Verog Dervish"
Fixed localization of NPC phrases "Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem"
Fixed localization of phrases of NPC "Jin'tala"
Fixed localization of phrases NPC "Manager Smithers"
Fixed localization of NPC phrases "Jarvi Step Through the Shadow"
Fixed reward for the quest "Fish Fury"
Fixed incorrect faction of quest NPCs for the quest "Innocent Creatures"
Fixed a bug due to which the quest "Sign of Power" was not available
Fixed a bug due to which the quest "Zuluhed the Tormented" was not available to the race of people
Fixed a bug due to which the quest "Netherwing Ally" was not available to the race of people
Fixed a bug when using the "Tonga Totem" item
Fixed a bug due to which the NPC "Shore toothy burrow" did not stand out in the target
Fixed a bug due to which the NPC "Felskorn Tormentor" was invulnerable to players
Fixed a bug due to which the NPC did not complete the quest "Juju Trolls"
Fixed a bug due to which it was impossible to remove invulnerability from the NPC "Alani"
Fixed a bug due to which the quest "Night Hunter Village" was available to the Alliance
Fixed a bug due to which the quest "Outpost of Wandering Spirits" was available to the Alliance
Fixed a bug due to which the quest "Prison of the Nepersets" did not complete after completion
Fixed a bug due to which the "Treatise of the Meadovar, Volume 1" object was not activated
Fixed position of NPC "Warden Sira"
Fixed the position of the NPC "Sentinel of Darklight" stuck in the textures
Fixed the quest sequence of the Dark Sorrow chain
Fixed the drop of the "Irradiated Mechanism" item in the heroic mode of the dungeon
Fixed the quest "Amulet of Grol"
Fixed the quest "Gurubashi Arena: all against all!"
Fixed quest "Sheep on the Run"
Fixed quest "Innocent creatures"
Fixed the quest "Ruthless Plans"
Fixed quest "Blessing of the Incinerator"
Fixed the quest "The dish is served by boxes"
Fixed quest "Battle El"
Fixed the quest "Fight against slavery"
Fixed quest "In shackles"
Fixed the quest "Into the spirit world"
Fixed quest "Into the hell"
Fixed quest "Profitable exchange"
Fixed quest "Summon Gurubashi"
Fixed the quest "Grummel! Grummel! Grummel!"
Fixed quest "Discrediting enemy agents"
Fixed quest "Road to Dragonmaw"
Fixed the quest "Down to Ashes!"
Fixed quest "Lost in a Dream"
Fixed the quest "Defenders of Darrowshire"
Fixed quest "Zombie voodoo"
Fixed quest "Yorkhuttam"
Fixed quest "When death is not over yet"
Fixed quest "Lightforged Beacon: City Center"
Fixed the quest "Revenge for Iskaal"
Fixed the mission "Sea battle"
Fixed quest "Don't go to the basement"
Fixed quest "Necessary Trick"
Fixed the quest "Carried by the Will of the Waves"
Fixed quest "New Kargat"
Fixed the quest "Lonely Mountain"
Fixed the quest "Lonely Mountain"
Fixed the quest "Shields down!"
Fixed quest "Again lazy farm laborers"
Fixed the quest "Tools of Evil"
Fixed quest "Defiler"
Fixed quest "Defiler"
Fixed the quest "Axis of Terror"
Fixed the quest "Disable the protective field"
Fixed quest "Cut off escape routes"
Fixed quest "Purification"
Fixed the quest "Bash'ir Stasis Chambers"
Fixed quest "Defeat in the ring"
Fixed the "Battered disguise" quest
Fixed the quest "Put out the fire"
Fixed quest "Abducting the Ogre"
Fixed quest "Chase a cat"
Fixed quest "Calling Elements"
Fixed quest "Churban's Adventures: Rendan's Weakness"
Fixed the quest "Nature will provide everything you need"
Fixed the quest "Feeding for Nether Rays"
Fixed the quest "Against the wind"
Fixed quest "Empty chores"
[Misc] Old Content Fixes 2/4

Various NPCs & Quest fixes

Fixed the quest "WANTED: Maa'ruhn's Hoof"
Fixed mission "Reconnaissance"
Fixed quest "Messenger"
Fixed the quest "Shrine of the Storms: Whispers in the Deep"
Fixed quest "Secrets of Ethereum"
Fixed quest "Burn everything to the ground!"
Fixed quest "Forces of Nature: Hippogriffs"
Fixed quest "Forces of nature: mountain giants"
Fixed the quest "Glory to the electric shock!"
Fixed the quest "Blind Rage"
Fixed the quest "Death to Zaragoza!"
Fixed the quest "Death to the witchmother!"
Fixed the quest "Neighborhood with the Yeti"
Fixed the quest "Among the Rangari"
Fixed quest "Urgently need ale!"
Fixed quest "Harder than stone"
Fixed quest "Harder than stone"
Fixed quest "Troll Hole"
Fixed quest "Corpse Beast"
Fixed the quest "Destruction of Jukgar"
Fixed the quest "Calm the Elements"
Fixed the quest "Ha! You're not that big now!"
Fixed the quest "Ha! You're not that big now!"
Fixed the quest "Worse than getting on the butcher's counter"
Fixed stuck NPC "Sentinel of Darklight"
Fixed movement of NPC "Guard of Niuzao"
Fixed scaling of the level for the NPC "Slayer from the Mosshide tribe"
Fixed scaling of the level of the NPC "Spirit of Fel"
Fixed scaling of the level for the NPC "Rival in the Gurubashi arena"
Fixed NPC phasing during the quest "Amulet of Grol"
Fixed spells of NPC "Amani Skirmisher"
Fixed spells of NPC "Ango'rosh Ogre"
Fixed spells of NPC "Ango'rosh Shaman"
Fixed spells of NPC "Antiquator ShaoTien"
Fixed spells of NPC "Archon of Ethereum"
Fixed spells NPC "Ba'ruun"
Fixed spells of NPC "Batrak from Two Towers"
Fixed spells of NPC "Fringed Silkwing"
Fixed spells NPC "Pale enslaver"
Fixed spells NPC "Shiny amber fly"
Fixed spells of the NPC "Battlemage from the Bladespire clan"
Fixed spells NPC "Swamp Hydra"
Fixed spells NPC "Swamp Monster"
Fixed spells NPC "Swamp bloodthirsty"
Fixed spells of NPC "Swamp Parasite"
Fixed spells NPC "Swamp Ripper"
Fixed spells of the NPC "Swamp Firefly Drone"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Swamp Ravager"
Fixed spells of the NPC "Great Zangar Stingray"
Fixed spells NPC "Wild Scale Poacher"
Fixed spells of NPC "Bridgeport Guard"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Swiftwing Scourge"
Fixed spells of the NPC "Archmage from the Sunfury clan"
Fixed spells NPC "Wind"
Fixed spells NPC "Enraged Swamp Firefly"
Fixed spells NPC "Sovereign of Ethereum"
Fixed spells NPC "Water Strider"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Wave Runner from the Bloodscale clan"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Horsewoman from the Warsong clan"
Fixed spells NPC "Disturbed wren"
Fixed spells of NPC "Withered swamp"
Fixed spells of NPC "Gan'argengineer"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Gathrul'lon Seer of Curses"
Fixed spells of the NPC "Geomancer from the Bloodmaul clan"
Fixed spells NPC "Glamdor"
Fixed spells NPC "Rottooth"
Fixed spells NPC "Thunderfist Gorilla"
Fixed spells of NPC "Gormal Raider"
Fixed spells NPC "Gormal Pyro"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Mountain Bonebreaker"
Fixed spells NPC "Mountain Predator"
Fixed spells NPC "Mountain Predator"
Fixed spells NPC "Mountain Hawk"
Fixed spells NPC "Lord of Terror"
Fixed spells NPC "Deft Tail Robber"
Fixed spells NPC "Maned Mushan"
Fixed spells of the NPC "Thug Una"
Fixed spells NPC "Thunder Wolf"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Muddog Razorfun"
Fixed spells NPC "Dirty scavenger"
Fixed spells of the NPC "Gurn Glutton"
Fixed spells NPC "Baby of the Dark Claw"
Fixed spells of NPC "Baby Rockhide"
Fixed spells NPC "Icehoof Cub"
Fixed spells NPC "Jarvox"
Fixed spells NPC "Wild Huntress"
Fixed NPC spells "Wild Catcher"
Fixed spells NPC "Wild Catcher"
Fixed spells NPC "Wild predator"
Fixed spells NPC "Iron March Miner"
Fixed spells NPC "Woody Kor'tik"
Fixed spells NPC "Ancient rottooth"
Fixed spells NPC "Ancient Deer"
Fixed spells NPC "Ancient Guard"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Deft Tail"
Fixed spells NPC "Breath of Evil"
Fixed the spells of the NPC "Spirit of the Earth of the Iron March"
Fixed spells of NPC "Echidian Hydra"
Fixed spells of NPC "Echidnean Stonetooth"
Fixed spells NPC "Living Blood"
[Misc] AK display

Dev note: Applied a fix in regard to the wrong display of AP needed to get to the next level.
Some addons might still bug it though, like Elvui.

PLEASE NOTE that this issue is ONLY VISUAL anyway: server has the correct values, so you're not "stuck" or "scammed", you will level up normally.
[PvE][8.2 Affix] Enchanted Emissary count

Enchanted emissaries are currently giving count for trash requirements.

They should not.
[Misc][NPC] Captain Krooz Teleport

Once you first go to Mechagon through the storyline, Captain Krooz will no longer have the option to teleport you there
[Misc][Quest] Drill Rig Construction

Should work now
[Misc][Quest] Stay of Execution H

Attempted fix for Saurfang no longer moving, preventing completion of the quest
[Misc][Quest] Essence Quests

You can no longer reward quests that should give you an essence item if you don't have enough space in your bags.

NOTE: in case this issue happened to you, please make an in game ticket so Game Masters can give you the essence item
[Misc][Quest] Disruption of Power A

Dev note: Fixed an issue that prevented players from completing the quest
[Misc][MM+] Reaping affix

Some keys generated today still had the Reaping affix, should be fixed now !

NOTE: If you still have one with reaping, just downgrade it and it wills witch to the proper affix
[Misc][WB] Nazjatar World Bosses

Dev note: Bonus roll done on Nazjatar World Bosses was granting 400 ilvl loot instead of 415, should be fixed now.

4 August 2020

[Misc] 8.2 Content Update !

The 8.2 Content update, 'Rise of Azshara' has been applied on Sethraliss!
A lot of new contents are available:
2 new zones: Nazjatar & Mechagon
The 1st wing of the new raid Azshara's Eternal Palace in LFR / NM / HM
A new megadungeon: Operation: Mechagon
A new season for Mythic+ with a new affix: Beguiling
A new season for PVP: the Notorious Gladiator one which will start on August 12th
The Essence system for your Heart of Azeroth
Continuation of the War Campaign
and more!

More information here:

15 July 2020

[Fury] Cold Steel, Hot Blood %mod

Currently Cold Steel, Hot Blood has wierd interaction with %mod done.

|T236276:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288080|h[Cold Steel, Hot Blood]|h|r

Dev note: Indeed, mods were applied twice
[Misc] RPPM Formula

Dev note: Added a generic security to prevent multiple consecutive procs.
Now an aura cannot proc for a third of its average proc interval once it successfully procs.
For an item with 3PPM, which means 60/3 = 20sec of average proc interval, once it procs it cannot again for 20/3 = 6.67 seconds.

For 1PMM auras, the security is 20 sec.
For 6 PPM it's 3.33 secs, and so on.

This is affected by haste if the Aura's PPM is to avoid issues. We will assess efficiency of the fix and modify this security if needed
[Misc][Item] Bwonsamdi's Bargain on wipe

The debuff from this trinket should be removed upon boss reset, just like the sated debuff from bloodlust

|T1778226:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288194|h[Bwonsamdi's Bargain Fulfilled]|h|r
Debuff to clear
[Misc] LFR Disband

How it's bugged :
Currently when someone leave the LFR group, all others players get kicked out after few sec/min, it just like someone deleted the whole group, this bug is annoying as hell. (Like doing the Jaina quest for war compaign)

BT reports:
[Misc][Quest] A Bitter Reunion

Thomas casts, but nothing happens
[Misc][Quest] Speaker's Imperative

This quest was added automatically:
to everyone who entered Orgrimmar (Horde version of the quest)
to everyone who entered Stormwind (Alliance version of the quest)

without checking for the player's faction, so you could end up with a quest for the other faction, which can't be rewarded.

Horde version:
Alliance version:

6 July 2020

[Misc][Profession] Alchemy - Mystical Cauldron

Since 8.1 Mysical Cauldron should give main stat flask for Tanks, exemple it should give Agility Flask for Monk / Druid / DH Tanks, and Strengh For DK / Paladin / Warrior Tanks.

Currently it only give Stamina Flasks
[Misc] Mail & AH Item issue

The Auction House & Mail issue that caused you to lose items has been fixed !
If you lost something because of it, you can make an in game ticket including the item names, numbers, date where you obtained them, and how (through trade, AH or mail) and we might be able to restore some of them on a case by case basis.
Every request will be checked: if you lied, you will be punished so don't try it !

Thank you for your patience and understanding, have a nice day !
[Misc][Profession] Archeology - Examiner Alerinda

Examiner Alerinda <Archaeology Trainer> does not have a vendor option where you can sell 'restored artifact'

16 June 2020

[Restoration] Surging Tides PVP mod

Currently this trait is overnerfed due to conjunction of 2 pvp mods.
The previous 0.75 and the extra 0.5 from 8.1 flat nerfs across the boards.
This is a main trait for Resto Shaman, so the issue is major.
The only pvp mod for this should be just the 0.5 one.

check dev reply about the question

|T252995:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:278713|h[Surging Tides]|h|r
[Holy] Guardian Spirit

Guardian Spirit should not increase any %hp based healing.
Making it pretty much OP in PvP situations.

_(Greater Heal)_

_(Desperate Prayer)_

_(Greater Heal)_
Before & After>

_(Desperate Prayer)_
Before & After>

|T237542:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:47788|h[Guardian Spirit]|h|r
|T135915:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:289666|h[Greater Heal]|h|r
|T237550:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:19236|h[Desperate Prayer]|h|r
[Mistweaver] Life Cocoon

Apparently Life Cocoon's absorb is not reduced by any healing reduction effects. Only Dampening prob

|T627485:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:116849|h[Life Cocoon]|h|r
[Mistweaver] Mist Wrap

Currently this talent is not increasing Enveloping Mist healing by 10%.
The increased tick +1 works fine, but the healing value not.

|T988196:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:197900|h[Mist Wrap]|h|r
[Restoration] Feral Afinity bleeds snapshoting in and out of Cat Form

Currently Resto druids can benefit from the bleeds that are buffed by Feral Afinity in an unintended way.
After you go out of Cat Form, the modifiers that affect the bleeds should be reduced, meaning 15% with normal feral afinity and another 25% from Master Shapeshifter talent, and regain them once you go back in Cat Form snapshoting issue.

retail proof:
|T236161:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:236144|h[Master Shapeshifter]|h|r
|T611425:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:202157|h[Feral Affinity]|h|r
[Misc][Vendor] Izzee the 'Clutch'
The vendor is missing the main pieces of items (head/shoulders/chest/gloves/legs). There should also be an option to unlock the full set for 12 marks of honor (just like the legion pvp sets).
(Merciless Gladiator, season 3)
[Misc][Battleground] Eye of the storm - Flag

Players should be able to see on the map what faction is holding the flag
Both minimap if they are near theflag and big map if they are faraway

Flag should be red for horde and blue for alliance

Atm factions are unable to see what faction holds the flag
[Misc][Arena] Robodrome boxes

In Robodrome there's like 2 or so flying untargettable npc boxes in the air that can be somehow pulled, and if pulled they follow you (or your healer, if he takes aggro with heals) around the arena. It's not gamebreaking, just annoying. Could only check it on Live since can't get into arenas on dev. Attaching some screens of the boxes.
[Misc][Item] Sigil of power

Sigels drop from first boss in Terrace of endless springs even when you dont have the quest fr the legendary cloack, also the whole item is not available anymore and cant be used after patch 5.4
[Misc] transmog set unlock achievements

fix achievement relatred to tmog sets see
[Misc][Toys] Toys counting and achivement issue

The toys that players owned are not counting in total. Some achivements miss counting them and therfore even you gather achivement requirements you do not get any achivement
[Misc][Arena] Surrender Match

Surrender Match isn't working at all.

12 June 2020

[Disc][Glyph] Glyph of Dark Absolution
[General]Transmog Weapon Sounds

Currently, if you transmog your gun to bow. use rapid fire/other spells ( you will hear gun sounds ).

You should hear the sound of weapon type that you transmog to regardless of your weapon.
[Transmog][8.2] New transmog options

Blizzard added new transmog options in 8.2.
So you can now hide all armor exept pants.
Even if it was added in 8.2, I think its fine that we will have those stuff implemented.
[Battle pets] Renaming pet system

Renaming a pet doesn't get saved. When you relog/take a fly, the pet gets its previous name back.
[Misc] Toys fix

all toys listed here are fixed:
|T134271:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:138202::::::::120:::::|h[Sparklepony XL]|h|r
|T132484:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:86583::::::::120:::::|h[Salyin Battle Banner]|h|r
|T134227:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:108735::::::::120:::::|h[Arena Master's War Horn]|h|r
|T133865:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:142265::::::::120:::::|h[Big Red Raygun]|h|r
|T133201:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:87528::::::::120:::::|h[Honorary Brewmaster Keg]|h|r
|T571321:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:119163::::::::120:::::|h[Soul Inhaler]|h|r
|T604252:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:131811::::::::120:::::|h[Rocfeather Skyhorn Kite]|h|r
|T574567:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:147832::::::::120:::::|h[Magical Saucer]|h|r
|T629054:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:116757::::::::120:::::|h[Steamworks Sausage Grill]|h|r
|T1392558:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:129961::::::::120:::::|h[Flaming Hoop]|h|r
|T236307:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:129057::::::::120:::::|h[Dalaran Disc]|h|r
|T132129:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:118222::::::::120:::::|h[Spirit of Bashiok]|h|r
|T792903:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:140314::::::::120:::::|h[Crab Shank]|h|r
|T135753:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:109739::::::::120:::::|h[Star Chart]|h|r
|T135799:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:151184::::::::120:::::|h[Verdant Throwing Sphere]|h|r
|T458243:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:64358::::::::120:::::|h[Highborne Soul Mirror]|h|r
|T331784:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:131933::::::::120:::::|h[Critter Hand Cannon]|h|r
|T876916:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:141299::::::::120:::::|h[Kaldorei Light Globe]|h|r
|T133015:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:88802::::::::120:::::|h[Foxicopter Controller]|h|r
|T1529269:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:130151::::::::120:::::|h[The "Devilsaur" Lunchbox]|h|r
|T463534:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:122129::::::::120:::::|h[FireEater's Vial]|h|r
|T442731:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:119421::::::::120:::::|h[Sha'tari Defender's Medallion]|h|r
|T660263:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:104323::::::::120:::::|h[The Swineskin]|h|r
|T660263:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:90883::::::::120:::::|h[The Pigskin]|h|r
|T132623:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:88579::::::::120:::::|h[Jin Warmkeg's Brew]|h|r
|T133795:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:127707::::::::120:::::|h[Indestructible Bone]|h|r
|T628135:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:89222::::::::120:::::|h[Cloud Ring]|h|r
|T1117883:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:153253::::::::120:::::|h[S.F.E. Interceptor]|h|r
|T135484:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:127859::::::::120:::::|h[Dazzling Rod]|h|r
|T132261:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:71137::::::::120:::::|h[Brewfest Keg Pony]|h|r
|T132804:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:88387::::::::120:::::|h[Shushen's Spittoon]|h|r
|T236344:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:134026::::::::120:::::|h[Honorable Pennant]|h|r
|T236344:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:134034::::::::120:::::|h[Esteemed Pennant]|h|r
|T236344:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:134031::::::::120:::::|h[Prestigious Pennant]|h|r

4 June 2020

Grounding Totem

Grounding Totem don't die instantly. We need to hit totem few times, that's very embarrassing in arena. He should die at first hit, as you can see on gif from retail.

|T136039:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:204336|h[Grounding Totem]|h|r
[Retribution] Art of War rppm

RPPM of Art of war is too high, arround 45 rppm (without haste) when it should be :
RPPM = 2 (1 + TotalHaste)

Tested without talent "Blade of Wrath"

After a retail test, rppm look like x2

|T236246:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:267344|h[Art of War]|h|r
[Beastmastery] Barbed shot

Barded shot should never be critical.

source :

The conditions on the Stomp formula are never applied. Multiplication by 0.6 is not linked to animal companion talent.

= 0.5 AbilityDamage(true) TotalPetDamageMultiplier ArmorReduction
if CurrentPet = MainPet or CurrentPet = AnimalCompanion
= Damage 0.6
if CurrentPet = DireBeast
= Damage 0.15
Formula :
= (0.5 x AbilityDamage(true) x TotalPetDamageMultiplier x ArmorReduction) x 0.6 (without animal companion)
= ((0.5 x AbilityDamage(true) x TotalPetDamageMultiplier x ArmorReduction) x 0.6) x 0.6 (with animal companion)

Calculation (compared to the screen):
= ( ( 0.5 x ( ( ( 3 + 5 ) / 2 / 3 ) x 6+1467 ) x 1.15 x 0.7 ) x 0.6 ) x 0.94 (core)
= 334,83975 (without animal companion in FS)
= 334,83975 x 0.6 = 200,90385 (with animal companion in FS)
= 334,83975 x 0.65 = 217,6458375 (with animal companion in official because this talent is buff at 8.2.5)
[Misc][Achievement] Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part One

The reward of this achievement doesn't work.
There is no passive in our Spellbook, where previous Pathfinder are.
[Misc][Quest] Emissary of War

Currently you can 4/4 dungeons in Motherlode in normal mode (even if it says you should do it in mythic, it still counts in nm there)
SOB has the same issue
[Misc][Vip] Gathering while mounted

Currently Vip doesn't allow players to gather Herbs like the vip is supposed to work.
It is probably related that the Script isn't applied to all Ids of the spell of herbalism since it has ranks
[Misc] Sign of the Skirmisher

The event doesn't give a 50% bonus honor with swkimish wins
[Misc][Item] Trident of Deep Ocean

The shield has a max amount of X, and is supposed, until cancelled or depleted, to block 25% of incomming damage. Right now, there is no check for max damage, meaning if you have 10k shield left and get hit for 100k, it will block 25k damage instead of only 10k
[Misc][Profession] Inscription - Mass Mill

"Once you are skill level 50, you will pick up Mass Mill recipes such as Mass Mill Riverbud that allow you to mill 20 herbs at a time. Since you will need to be milling a large number of herbs anyways, this is a great way to level up your Inscription. These recipes turn yellow at 70, green at 75, and grey at 80. It is a good idea to run this all the way to skill level 80 since you will be needing to do large amounts of milling anyways."

Atm isnt't giving any skill.
Tested for each herb and same happens for all (riverbund, sirens, anchor etc)
[Misc][PVP] Vicious War Basilisk

Vicious War Basilisk is a season 3 pvp mount. At the moment, u get it when u get season 2 mount.
[Misc][Trinket] Dead-eye Spyglass

If someone else in the group uses DeadEye Spyglass and they mark their targets as Dead Ahead, you get crit buff too even if you haven't got a proc Dead Ahead

26 May 2020

[Unholy] Damage to Invisible Triggers

With the aoe damage from unholy dk's (bursting sores), you can hit invisible triggers
[Misc][Skills] Unlearn specialization

You are now able to unlearn a profession specialization through your profession UI.
(Eg. Gnomish or Goblin Engineer, Elixir or Potion Mastery)
[Misc] Air Drops phasing out

Issue that is happening to many players on fs ^

" Suggestion, make the drop drop in all available phaeses ( but can be looted only once by each player "
[Unholy] Festering Wound vs Reaping mobs

Unholy Dk's Festering Wounds is hitting inactive reaping adds, resulting in combat bug with them until they are activated.
[PVE][CoS] UU'Nat - Combat stop after wipe

After wipe addons works as combat with boss going
[PvE][KR] Kula the Butcher's Axes

You sometimes take no damage from the Axes
[PvE][FH] Vile Bombardment

Vile Bombardment is no longer working, no damage, no puddle on the ground after it lands
|T1500941:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:256035|h[Vile Bombardment]|h|r
[PVE][CoS] Restless Cabal - Witness the end

The [Witness the end](|T651085:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:282621|h[Witness the End]|h|r) is unaffected by kick lockout, making the adds recast witness the end the moment they are kicked.

This should not be the case in heroic/normal/lfr difficulty.

This mechanic is only in mythic mode.
[PVE][Ataldazar] Restart key after server crash

If server crashes while inside Atal'Dazar MM+, when everybody log back in, they will be stucked in textures right after the key starts
[PVE][BoD] Declining Raid ID

Join a group with the leader having a raid id 3/9 killed, you have 0/9
You enter BoD. pop appears do you want to accept 3/9
If you decline you get loading screen which teleports you out of dazarlaor and you go under texture into your death.
Then you have to unstuck from the website
Then you are stuck as an alliance..
[PVE][BoD] Jaina Title

Once you kill jaina, you get the achievement but not the "Hero of Dazar'alor" title

You also don't get this other achievement with the title "Famed Defender of Dazar'alor"
[PvE][FH] Restart key after server crash

If server crashes after you completed the event to unlock 2nd boss (council of captains), when you log back in to complete the key, you will have all of the mobs as enemies (like if you haven't completed the event)
[Pve][FH] Council o' Captains perma bug

During the encounter of council if your team wipes at some stages where the bosses somehow engage themselves ( wich suppose to be not happening ) they drag you into endless combat and non of your team is able to release since the boss encounter still goes on.

How it should work ; Bosses should not engage each other if the team moves away from fighting area or wipe. They simply has to reset.

18 May 2020

[Implosion] Animation/damage delay

How it should work:
Once you use implosion and imps reach ( hit ) the target they should explode, dealing the ??? amount of damage the moment they exploded.
How it works on FS:
Once you use implosion, imps will reach the target, sit under it, than there is a 0.3 0.5sec delay and than they will explode dealing damage all at once. This is problematic in both pvp/pve content because of this delay in damage, wrong animation, your dps goes down and sometimes you cannot execute someone because of this delay in explosion.
Screenshot of imps sitting at dummy (FS)
[Holy] Greater Heal in arena

Currently Greater Heal heals less then it should be.
Upon starting an arena with a 20% dampening, considering the friendly target's maximum ( or yourself ) healthpool is around 250k, it will heal for under 100k ( 80k more exactly based on spotted issue ) which is not right.
250k x 0.65 x 0.8 ( damp at start ) = 130k.

|T135915:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:289666|h[Greater Heal]|h|r
[Brewmaster] Celestial fortune & Diamond-Laced Refracting Prism

Actually "celestial fortune" passiv doesn't work well with the trinket "DiamondLaced Refracting Prism".
It only buffs the 1st absorption tick and not the others nor the max value of absorbption.

In short if u get like 10k per tick as normal tank, Brewmaster should get 10k (1 + Crit) on each tick

So with 10% critical strike Brewmaster should get 10k 1,1 per tick so maximum abso will be 5 11 = 55k
[BeastMastery] Kill command pvp mod.

On retail duel 2 naked char (0 armor 0 versa) 120 vs 120.
KC :1573 dps.

Agility : 1474
Mastery : 15.2%
Versa : 0

Formula (pve) : 1.12 X 1474 (agi) X 1.152 (mastery) X 1 (versa) X 0.94 (core) = 1787

pvp mod (retail) : 1573/1787 = 0.8802 (12%)

On Firestorm KC was doing only 1471 dmg (18%).

Hibernate isn't removing DoTs from target.


[Balance] Fury of Elune

Spell isnt scaling with haste, and last partial tick must be full damage, formula is fine. (having 10% or 47% haste still results of 17 ticks, even poping BL and troll passive)

This is for astral power gene:
Duration (sec)= 8
Interval (sec)= 0.5
Periodic Refresh TypeRestart

This is for damage tick
Duration (sec)= 8
Interval (sec)= 0.5 / (1 + TotalHaste)
Periodic Refresh TypeRestart
Partial Tick?Yes (This will do a "tick" at the end of the timer for full damage.)

How spell should work after fix;
must have 1min CD and be instant
beam should follow enemy target
spell should do aoe dmg
duration should be 8sec
should ALWAYS generate 40 astral power (no matter of haste 40 astral)
partial tick must be full damaged
interval of damage should e 0,5 sec REDUCED BY HASTE

|T132123:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:202770|h[Fury of Elune]|h|r
Decomposing aura and flask

Actually this pvp talent removes flask on other players
(Same issue with druid talent leader of the pack)
[Blood] Bonestorm

Bonestorm got nerfed in 8.1, making it so that it can heal up to a maximum of 15% of max hp, which is not the case right now.
(maxhp=272k, it should heal for approximately 40,8k).
The patchnote of the nerf:
[Blood] Bones shield

Uppon losing a stack of bones shield, the buff get refreshed back to his full duration.

Only gaining stack when using |T1376745:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:195182|h[Marrowrend]|h|r should refresh the buff.

|T458717:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:195181|h[Bone Shield]|h|r
[Havoc] Speed / Mastery: Demonic Presence

Upon login, as Havoc i have 126% speed insted or 111%112% (10% via mastery + 2% via night elfe passiv)

It goes back to normal (111%) when you swap spec.

BT report:

Edit: the bug appear now only when u load. Aka uppon loading speed was normal but without mastery applied, then when u loaded it goes back to the bugged state, aka like if 1% mastery = 1% speed
[Misc][BG] Isle Of Conquest

Siege Engine:
Missing fire turret and turret
Energy regenerate not working
For some reason, many parachutes appear in aura bar
Missing texts in workshop
[Misc] 8.1.5 AP Rewards

With the release of 8.1.5 Blizzard buffed AP rewards from almost all sources.
[PVE][Emerald Nightmare] Illgynoth HP scaling

The HP scalling of Illgynoth is the one of Legion, and is not adapted to the BFA extension (too much HP currently).

Link of the report:
[Misc][Mythic+] Keystoneinstance lock out

Depleting a keystone more than 4/5 times ```might``` cause an instance lockout on the player's account.
It shouldn't work like that. In fact, the cooldown for running instances (limited to 10 per hour) is accountwide.
[Misc] Ravika (NPC) Vendor is missing
She should be available in Echo isles, but right now shes missing from the game itself.
Her location:
I did the sniff of her, the vendor window and the items being used:
[Misc][Mythic+] Siege of boralus saving even after crash

Since mythic+ runs and events are being saved in case of a crash, siege of boralus was forgotten.
After killing 3rd boss, there is an event in which the door explodes and give access to last boss.
Right now after a crash, the door is locked again, which makes it impossible for players to go for the % needed to end the run after killing last boss.
[Misc][Quest] Kill-Collect
The two bugged npcs are: Juntz Fitztittle and Ephram Moonfall.

They their Gossip not working at all, it should be npc_gossip giving items to finish quest.
[Misc][Quest] The Land Provides
The plants doesn't give any loot.
[Misc][Quest] The Tempest Crown_53762

Speech missing

On accept
Xal'atath says: It is no mere coincidence that our paths intersect, <name>. You were meant to find me. I was meant to find you.
Xal'atath says: A grand destiny lies before us. Surely you sense it as well as I.
Xal'atath says: But enough musing. Make your way to the shores of Vol'dun. That is where the third prize awaits.
[PvE][SoB] Teeming & Respawn

Pretty much all extra trashs spawned by teeming have a short respawn time (like 510 Minutes instead of 2 hours)
[PVE][BoD] Jaina - Chilling touch refresh rate

Chilling touch should refresh and increase stack every 6 seconds after first phase. On firestorm, it refreshes every 5 seconds.
[Misc][Quest] Test Case #1; Mech vs. Mekkatorque_54004

Sometimes G.M.O.D stay in the air and did nothing, this issue are totally random, this issue occured to me 4 times.

i think issue are with areatrigger.

Many reports from BT

12 May 2020

Victory Rush

Should be usable ONLY after dealing killing blow to a target that can grant you exp or honor, but now, you can easily spam it in mm+ without even lasthitting adds you are fighting with.

|T132342:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:34428|h[Victory Rush]|h|r
[Fire] Flamecannon

Currently the effect from this pvp talent, activates while standing still both out of combat and in combat.
It should occur only when you are standing still in combat.

Bestial Wrath should remove some effect on pet

BW should remove some effect on pet :
blind (rogue)
paralysis (monk)
frozen trap (hunter)
fear made by Psychic Scream (priest) : if hunt and pet are feared, hunt stay under fear but removed on pet

Note :
fear made by lock is NOT removed by BW. BW simply lights up on pet and hunter.
[Beastmastery] Kill command generate threat when it shouldn't

Bug : Kill command generate threat on FS.

On retail it doesn't.
[Beastmastery] Stomp generate threat when it shouldn't

Bug : Stomp generate threat on FS.

On retail it doesn't.
This spell have just an attribute aggro on a radius but doesn't generate threat on targets.
[Feral] Leader or the pack

While you got a guardian or battle elixir like "Flask of the Currents" it disappear if you have the pvp talent "Leader of the pack".
It also remove guardian or battle elixir of other people in the group
(it shouldn't)

|T135881:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:202626|h[Leader of the Pack]|h|r
Dash & Tiger Dash

Dash and Tiger Dash should be out of GCD, at the moment they are not.
Retail (from Elliot):

|T1817485:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:252216|h[Tiger Dash]|h|r
[Frost] Echoing Howl

The trait is not replicating the second part, when it is empowered by rime.

|T135833:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:275917|h[Echoing Howl]|h|r
[Havoc] Last Death Sweep vs Metamorphosis

When Metamorphosis is <1sec duration and you cast Death Sweep it should increase Metamorphosis by 1 sec to allow the player to finish the cast/animation of Death Sweep.

|T1309099:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:210152|h[Death Sweep]|h|r
[Havoc] Thirsting Blades (pvp)

Azerite trait Thirsting Blades, empowers the player with a stackable buff which gradually increases the damage of Chaos Strike/Annihilation, up to 40 stacks. Upon entering an arena, buff stacks should be resetted to 0. However, the stacks should not be removed once the arena gates open (which happens here right now), whereas you keep the stacks on retail.

Trait: |T1305152:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:278736|h[Thirsting Blades]|h|r
Comment by the FelHammer discord (Wowhead community DH discord): attachment.
[Havoc] Metamorphosis vs clone

Using the spell Metamorphosis makes you immune while in the air / leaping.
Currently cyclone bypass this "immunity"

[Havoc] Mana Rift + druid interaction

Using Mana Rift on a druid that is in cat/bear form should still deduct the mana (8%) from their mana pool, whereas here currently it doesn't.
|T1033912:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:235903|h[Mana Rift]|h|r
[Havoc] Eye Beam vs Demonic

When Demonic is talented, Eye Beam causes to enter demon form for 30 secs for the first tick and then goes to 8 sec (as it should).
The 30 sec thing is wrong.

|T1305156:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198013|h[Eye Beam]|h|r
[Misc][Trait] Azerite Globules is proccing on DoTs

Dot shouldn't make proc azerith globules wich is removing stealth for rogues atm. "Your damaging abilities"
|T646670:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:279955|h[Azerite Globules]|h|r
Hearth of Azeroth Cap 8.2

Hearth of Azeroth should be capped to 70 in 8.2, right now it's set to 54 only
(It's only 8.2 content since essences/ questline are available to test)
[Items][BoDl][Azerite Armors]

Hello, currently you can trade azerite gears after selecting it's traits from different classes. This issue mostly happening within the bod raid items. For example you can pick the hunter traits and trade the item to the shaman but as the result of this ;
1 Item wich suppose to be not tradeble gets traded.
2 Classes can abuse different kind of beneficial traits from different classes.
3 Even if the item gets traded it's unable to reset or refresh to use rightful traits.
4 Might cause crashes since its trying to overwrite data incorrectly.

Update : For example if you are plate user class you can equip all the other gear types wich means you have access all other classes traits and their usable traits wich dosen't require class but not for your class either.
[Misc][MM+] Grand challenger's bounty

( could not find it in wowhead since they removed it for some reason)

( loot process)
( after fail loot process)

How to reproduce: When someone invites you while opening the box the loot will bug out, forcing you to exit it. Then if you open it again there will be no loot. And then again it will say that you already opened the weekly chest.

How it should work: First of all the item should not ever be lost even if you close the loot window. They have to remain until you get them, Items should only fade if you don't get them until the next Weekly chest. Second point is that the weekly chest should not be affected by a change of phase if someone invited you.
[Misc][Feature] Inspect tool

Currently, you can not inspect people that aren't in the same Map ID as you.
Also, if the character or you move while inspecting, the windows closes automatically
[Misc] Pets vs tank specs in pvp - missing mod

Currently the +40% damage pvp mod of received damage for tank specs in pvp does not affect pets, which is not intended.
Classes that are mostly focused around dealing damage with pets such as:
Hunters, Locks, Uh DK and additionaly Mages clones or pet, probably even monk's SEF and Xuen..should also benefit of that +40% damage vs tanks, since its the overall class toolkit.
[Misc][Zandalar] Pterrordax Swoop

Hi, actually player can use the racial for glide with the Flag on Bg
|T1850549:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:281954|h[Pterrordax Swoop]|h|r

If they use the spell, they should lose the flag
[Misc][PVP] Adaptation cooldown vs DR

Currently a player can benefit more than once within 1 minute from this honor talent, which should not happen.
The issue is that when the free stun activation of the talent occurs, if the player is out of the diminishing return rules for that type of CC that was dispelled, Adaptation will bug itself to proc again, even if its within a minute ( +15s from when the effect of the CC stopped ). This should not occur.
The talent should proc once per minute set in stone.


AuraEffect is bugged.
After Emblem buff expires, most of the HP given remains to the player and so it "heals" the player, should not work like that.
Should act as a temporary health, lost when buff expires.

|T132344:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:165056::::::::120:::::|h[Sinister Gladiator's Emblem]|h|r
|T132344:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:167378::::::::120:::::|h[Notorious Gladiator's Emblem]|h|r

After Strenght in Numbers buff expires, most of the HP given remains to the player and so it "heals" the player, should not work like that.
Should act as a temporary health, lost when buff expires.

|T136031:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:271546|h[Strength in Numbers]|h|r

After Rallying Cry expiries, most of the HP given remains to the player and so it "healed" the party members, should not work like that.
As the tooltip says, it's a temporary health so you should lose the HP given by the spell.

|T132351:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:97462|h[Rallying Cry]|h|r

11 May 2020

[Misc][Quest] Dun Morogh - Forced to Watch from Afar

8 May 2020

[Affliction] - Wracking Brilliance

"Every other Soul Shard your Agony generates also increases your Intellect by 1054 for 6 sec."
Every 2nd sould shard you get from Agony should give this buff even in aoe or st fight (atm only counts primary target )

|T237564:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:272891|h[Wracking Brilliance]|h|r
Nature's Guardian in PvP

How it's bugged :
Somehow |T136060:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:30884|h[Nature's Guardian]|h|r dosen't trigger when you drop bellow 35% of your HP in PVP, that may happen when you get full CC (the same issue was fixed back with Healing Elixir in Legion)

Proof :

(Here it trigger at 21% instead of 35%)
[Holy] Greater Heal

Greater Heal isn't affected by any Healing Reduction (once again)

|T135915:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:289666|h[Greater Heal]|h|r
[Protection] Seraphim

Currently Seraphim is not smart enough to consume charges that on cd, it consumes only FULL charges, but it should consume full charges and the ones thats still on cd.


You can see here, that I have no charges available, but I still can use Seraphim and I recieve effect of it.
(it was 50% cd charge, so I've recieved only 4 seconds of it effect)


You can see here, that I've used all SoR charges and used Seraphim right away and still recieved effect of Seraphim, based on cd of the first charge.

So, if I will use Seraphim and 1 full charge and 0.5 charge available, I will recieve 8 + 4 seconds of its effect.
[Windwalker] Pressure Points

How it's bugged :
|T606552:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:287599|h[Pressure Points]|h|r is making your Touch of Death reset no matter if your target dies or no, so you can just run and spam it
Touch of Death should reset only when your target die with ToD damages, or die while ToD debuff is still active.

Also damages seems to be a bit to high, it should be 200% (Without any modifiers) of your target HP in pvp, and 100% of yours in PVE (Touch of Death shouldn't reset in PVE to avoid spamming it)

Last edit :
[PVE][BoD] Jaina - can't be kicked after killing images in phase 1.5

After killing all the Icebound Images during phase 1.5, jaina cast can't be kicked to resume the fight.
Clip from today's raid
[Misc] Flight Master's Whistle

Fixed multiple issues like player are dropped of vehicle and doesn't get the teleport to nearest flight master. After the teleport you should don't fall under map. Vehicle can't move in wall anymore. You can't use Whistle if you don't have unlock the requirement related to the continent.
[Misc] Bounty Hunted debuff

|T236188:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:272296|h[Bounty Hunted]|h|r
When a player have this debuff, they can be tracked down by opposite faction on minimap and bigmap, however the debuff should be removed when the player dies / killed.
issue: Alliance perspective, they can still track the horde player even after killing him when he had the debuff.

Note for 8.2
The player with this debuff can't use the flying mount and fly in BFA zones// If they receive debuff they get dismounted and fall with a parachute.

Debuff can be removed by:
Entering portals
self kill, jumping off a cliff.
[Misc][Event] Children's week

Dev note: Orgrimmar & Stormwind questlines scripted !

1 May 2020

[PvE][Underrot] Cragmaw - Charge

[Charge] not working properly, damage can be avoided if you are standing within 5 yards
[Misc] Treasures of Drustvar

Chests should have a puzzle required to unlock and count for the Achievement
[Treasures of Drustvar](
[PvE][SotS] Animated Droplets

As Sethraliss is approaching 8.1.5 content, Animated Droplets should NOT trigger on death affixes such as Bolstering/Sanguine etc. (Right now they do on DEV,)
[PvE][SotS] Dredged Sailors

As of 8.1.5 patchnotes, Dredged Sailors should not trigger on death affixes, such as Sanguine/Bolstering (I've seen Bolstering on Sethraliss, and tested Sanguine on DEV)
[PvE][Underrot] Cragmaw - Indigestion and Summon Larva - Breath

This problem is not current it's been going for quite some time so.. The issue is when you stand around the corners wich i marked on the picture he spouts larvas to the underground. Sometimes larvas hatches and strike you from underground, sometimes they remain there do nothing and sometimes they all popup suddenly and gang your team up.
[Misc][Gold strongbox both horde and alliance version]

|T1041435:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:165714::::::::120:::::|h[Gold Strongbox]|h|r
On firestorm you get 0 5 silver
On retail between 150 250 gold

Retail proof:
[Misc] PVP quest rewards

Should give you a chest which contains a random item, currently they don't give anything.

Dev note: should be fixed, sorry about that !
[World Quests] Reputation mixed!

Currently the horde gaining 7th Legion faction reputation from complete quests and doing objectives/killing rares etc. And as for alliance they are getting honorbound reputation so wich suppose to be opposite! This might cause some big issues / dramas so i am labeling it as a urgent!

Not : All the world quests resulting same issue / for horde you get 7th legion and for the alliance you get honorbound even for the champion of azeroth quests!
[Misc] Stuck on "logging"

Dev note: Applied a fix for people who had their account stuck at "logging" after putting their credentials, it should fix most of those issues, another one is gonna be made (most likely applied tomorrow morning) to fix the remaining issues.
[Misc] Your questlog is full error

Dev note: Following yesterday's fix that cap'ed your questlog to 25 (counting only active quests), an issue was introduced which also counted "hidden" quests in those 25, resulting in a visual error displayed (even though your quest was properly added to the questlog). This should be fixed now.

Please note that if you do have more than 25 active quests currently, you will still need to complete / abandon some of them & relog until you have less than 25 ! Today's fix only prevented this error from displaying when it shouldn't, but there are still cases where it's relevant !

30 April 2020


the shaman spell ' Hex ' is not breaking within the correct value of dmg. So according the formula it has to break if the victim recieve %2+ hp as damage and as you can confirm in the footage from the retail, the caster recieve %4 hp from his spell as a damage and it's just breaks. However in here hex dosen't breaks unless you recieve %10 health or above as a damage from any spell.
[Mistweaver] Soothing Mist Visual + Jade Serpent Statue

How it's bugged :
When you cast |T606550:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:115175|h[Soothing Mist]|h|r once with |T620831:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:115313|h[Summon Jade Serpent Statue]|h|r
Your statue will start casting it normally but if you break your own cast and try to cast Soothing Mist for the 2nd time, the visual is interrupted and you have to summon Jade Serpent Statue again to fix it which is annoying.

Last fix for Soothing Mist visuel :
[Mistweaver] Soothing mist channeling

Soothing mist channel effect is interupt when the target is out of range but it shouldn't since it's a channeling effect

at 6.27
Camouflage vs Spirit Mend

On retail Spirit Mend dont break Camouflage on the hunter and on the pet (Hati or Spirit Beast family).
On FS Spirit Mend make the pet and the hunt lose Camouflage.
[Survival] Wildfire Bomb

Wildfire bomb is not doing any directly damage how its supose to do, just the dot.

Wowhead : |T2065634:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:259495|h[Wildfire Bomb]|h|r)
Camouflage vs Bestial Wrath remaining buff

FS issue : If you use Camouflage on Hunter (and his pet) under Bestial Wrath, he is not invisible during the remaining time of Bestial wrath.

On retail hunt become invisible as soon as Dissimulation is launched, even if the bestial wrath buff is still on the hunt and pet.
Melee pet attack speed hard cap 0.25 not script

The attack speed cap of 0.25 (4 hit/sec) is not script. Now on FS a pet can have an unlimited attack speed if he accumulates buffs.
[Marksman] Lock and Load

When you have Lock and Load proc, it should give a charge of Aimed Shot (Modify Cooldown effect).
Now on FS this effect don't work.
[All Specs] [Roar of Sacrifice] UseBug

Video shows how it works on fs and Retail

Currently, Roar of sacrifice is available for usage even while hunter pet is NOT ACTIVE. Spell usage is tide for active pet ( pet must be called out for the spell to function )

How it works on firestorm:
When I learn the spell from my pvp talents:
1) I can use it without any active pet in all specs.
2) I can use it while my pet is under crowed control, hex, poly, sap, etc.

How it should work:
1) Spell must be learned via pvp talent.
2) Spell must not be useable while pet is affected by crowed control such as mage freez, poly, hex, sap, stun, setc.
3) Pet must be active for the spell to function and work.

|T464604:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:53480|h[Roar of Sacrifice]|h|r
[Misc] Restarting Mythic plus after restart or crash server

1. You will be teleported to the beginning of the dungeon to wait for the group members.
2. Was added the expectation of all members of the group in dungeon.
3. 2 minutes were added to the main time.
4. When Mythic plus was restarted you will be teleport to "saving points" (Not all dungeons. Example: The Underrot, Waycrest Manor and etc...).
5. The group leader can kick a member to Restart mythic plus, if a group member offline too long.
[Misc] Quest log cap

You won't be able to accept more than 25 actives quests at a time.
If you currently already have more than 50 active quests, only 50 will be added to your quest log upon login, the other quests won't be deleted.

If you notice some missing quests due to this fix, you can either complete or abandon some of your quests and relog.

28 April 2020

[Protection] Glyph of Thunder Strike

Glyph of Thunder Strike works only if it hits the hostile target.
So if it hits noone, while having this glyph, new animation won't show up.

Retail GIF:

|T254306:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:49084::::::::120:::::|h[Glyph of Thunder Strike]|h|r
[Fury] Raging Blow proc animation

Raging Blow proc animation missing

|T589119:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:85288|h[Raging Blow]|h|r
[Arms] Test of Might

The test of might Buff for arms warriors should be applied even after the mob with the collousus smash debuff dies

Retail Proof ^
[Arms] Defensive Stance animation

Currently whenever you are canceling Defensive Stance new stance animation doesn't appear.

|T132341:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:197690|h[Defensive Stance]|h|r
|T132349:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:212520|h[Defensive Stance]|h|r
[Protection] Glyph of the Blazing Savior
[Arms] Sudden Death rage refund

Sudden Death shouldn't refund your rage, that you are using on your Execute (read Execute Description)
Starting bugging with rage refund after using regular execute.

> Note:
Don't mess up fury's Sudden Death, cuz it should grant your rage there.

|T132346:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:29725|h[Sudden Death]|h|r
Glyph of Disguise

Whenever you are trying to copy target's appearance THIS can happen.
Either target is naked or wierd looking.
|T254303:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:45768::::::::120:::::|h[Glyph of Disguise]|h|r

[Holy] Glyph of the Val'kyr

Val'kyr should fly over the ground and cast, but currently it stands on the ground and do kick and smash animation.

|T254302:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:87277::::::::120:::::|h[Glyph of the Val'kyr]|h|r
[Windwalker] Pressure Points

Pressure points PVP talent is suppose to do 3 things, 1. Execute targets below 10% health 2. Reset it's cooldown if target dies while affected by touch of death 3. Reset it's cooldown if touch of death damage kills it's target after expiration.
First 2 work just fine but when target dies from touch of death damage it doesn't reset it's cd
[Windwalker] SEF Animation

How it's bugged
We have the wrong animation for Storm earth and Fire; both clones are greenhalo and wearing 2x 1handed weapon,
Earth clone should be Green Halo with x2 one handed weapon
Fire clone should be Red Halo with 2x one handed weapon
Chi Wave Animation

How it's bugged :
Part 1:
At the moment Chi Wave |T606541:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:115098|h[Chi Wave]|h|r animation isn't correct, it start from the feet instead of your chest and the monk don't get hurt (animation) when he get healed

Part 2:
also we have 1 second delay before it actually starts doing stuff, on retail its instant and it's speed is a lot higher than we have now

Firestorm :
Retail :
[Fire] Meteor Animation Sync issue

Current Meteor Animation diverses from retail and seems like it has 1 second delay from what we have on retail.

Retail GIF:
[Fire] Living Bomb visual missing

Living bomb is missing it's animation, currently nothing happens.

Retail GIF:

(all graphics settings are equaly same)
|T236220:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:44457|h[Living Bomb]|h|r
[Fire] Phoenix Flames damage animation sync

Currently Phoenix Flames has 2 issues that can affect Fire spec gameplay with it's damage trigger animation.
Retail GIF:

As you can see on retail, side target recieving damage after a little delay, rather than on FS and targets are recieving damage even BEFORE phoenix actually hits the target.
Retail GIF:

As you can see, damage is triggering when phoenix didn't even hit the target, also side targets recieving damage faster than main target.
|T1392549:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257541|h[Phoenix Flames]|h|r
[All] Conjure Refreshment table (visual)

|T135739:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:43987|h[Conjure Refreshment Table]|h|r (check screenshots)
With 8.2 , Conjure Refreshment Table received a visual update. Currently it has the old visual on it
Visual Stance bug

With crossbow/gun or bow.
strafing causes the hunter to twist the torso and as you can see in gif you remain in combat stance/animation even while not in combat.
Travel Form + Master Riding

Druid travel form is not gaining any benefits from Master flying (310% flying speed) even with the Master riding travel form speed stays at Artisan riding (280%) Mounts on the same character work fine with Master Riding all mounts are 310% flying speed.
Non-working glyphs

This ticket lists the glyphs of the DH spec who aren't working.

Glyph of Fearsome Metamorphosis
Glyph of Shadow Enemies
Glyph of Fel Touched Souls
Glyph of Mana Touched
[Misc][Skirmish] Issue with team

It happens that sometimes there are 3 healers against and other team.
There should be only 1 healer per team

Link to a report with screenshots :
[Misc][NPC] Amisi Azuregaze Dalaran Heartstone

She should give you the HS whenever you talk to her, might be a good idea to script her since many players "delete" it x)
[Misc] Randomly flying issue.

Recently we got alot of complains about that players finding themselves into air or flying somewere unknown after logining into game. Some of them were able to use abilities on the air, some of them are unable to move when they land, some of them flys around 1015 munites like its never ending and some of them dies where they lands.

Note : You can get rid of this issues by using unstuck option from website however.. If you are in raid the entire raid group has to wait you 10 munite for sickness. If you are in mythic plus and relogged then this happened that key is bb. If you are anyway near to doing something as group it's just gets delay for 10 munites %100.
[Misc] 8.1.5 cap WQ items

World Quest rewards max ilvl increased by 10 to allow an easier catchup for new characters
[Misc][BG] Temple of Kotmogupvp brawl Deep Six-Temple of Kotmogu

During the fight on the battleground Temple of Kotmogu and PVP Braul "Deep SixTemple of Kotmogu" we can't see what faction has Orbs of Power at the moment. It's alliance tag when orb catch by Horde and vice versa. You can see on the screenshot that horde dk has currently the orb but on the map is alliance tag.

23 April 2020

[Marksmanship] Rapid fire vs BoP

How it's bugged :
When a allied paladin casts Blessing of Protection on you, Your Rapid Fire can't be casted and goes on cooldown after clicking it, or when channeling it, BoP just stops the channel.
How it should work :
BoP shouldn't affect Rapid Fire cast or stop channeling of it
[Misc][Item] CoS - Harbinger's Inscrutable Will

Harbinger's Inscrutable Will is missing PvP Mod of 0.5 and should have a 1.5 RPPM. At the moment it's proccing most of the times making it broken.

|T1028999:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:167867::::::::120:::::|h[Harbinger's Inscrutable Will]|h|r
[Misc][Arena] Dalaran Sewers & pets

Pet can be stucked in arena entrance channel when you begin arena. Same bug noticed in 8.0.1 (picture from live) and 8.2.
[Misc][Arathi] Buff pathfinding

In arathi, some buffs are half undermap. See attached screen. (on the screen, the buff is in the ground), the second screen shows how it should be.
[Misc][Silvershard mines] Arrival box can not be closed

Before the cart arrives to the final box, you can close the flap to win time. Actually on cross PTR you can't.
[Misc][Arena] Pets stuck at Dalaran arena entrance

Pet are stuck at entrance of Dalaran arena. The only solution as a player right now is to dismiss the pet and summon it again, which takes time.
It happen for hunter, dk, mage ....

22 April 2020

[Shadow] Thought Harvester

Retai: proc 12 times per minute while on Firestorm has almost 100% uptime.
As AMR says, should have a RPPM of 2.

|T135978:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288340|h[Thought Harvester]|h|r
Pushback reduction

How it work on retail :
When casting a spell: The first and second hit will add .5 secs each to the cast time.
All hits after the second will have no effect.

Paladin have hidden aura : Pushback reduction of 70% for first hit and for second hit. so 0.3 X 0.5s + 0.3 X 0.5s = 0.15s + 0.15s = 0.3 s per cast
Gif from retail :

anomaly on FS :
Pushaback is often 0.1 / 0s instead of 0.3s. And looklike 0.1s is more visual number, in fact cast is often not slow.

Gif from FS :

This issue is important for PvP, lot of player have fun making fake cast vs dps without consequences.
[Survival][Tip of The spear]

Tested on live, the buff of Tip of the spear is shown on the hunter and it does stack BUT no damage is being added to Raptor strike with 1x 2x 3x stacks.

My avg Raptor strike remained at 10705 with 1x buff
My avg Raptor strike remained at 10705 with 2x buff
My avg Raptor strike remained at 10705 with 3x buff

|T1117879:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:260285|h[Tip of the Spear]|h|r
[Havoc] Demonic appetite - Trigger

The proc rate of the talent Demonic Appetite doesn't work on live

1.1 : How it should be:

The RPPM of the talent should be given by the following formula:
Real PPM = 6 (1 + TotalHaste)

1.2 : Observed on live:

With an average haste of 24% (min = 14%; max = 45%), and during a fight of 11min, only 37 procs were observed

According to the formula, the number of procs should have been in the following interval (taking into account max and min haste): ~[75 ; 95] procs

1.3 : Other point observed:

On live at the beginning, during 1 or 2 min, the proc seems correct, but when the fight lasts, the proc rate will not work correctly anymore (see the attached video, given by a player, and comfirmed by tests on live)
[Misc] Losing rating on crash

Need to add something so rated games are ended on realm / cross crash without anyone losing rating, nor the game counting as a "loss" (if we can avoid it showing on the ranking as well)

Dev note: should be fixed !
[Misc] Areatrigger issues

Following a generic improvement made on Areatrigger handling, some of them broke, like the Buster Cannon of Mekkatorque who hit everyone. It should be fixed now !
[Misc] Missing Rare Elite spawn
[Misc] Tiragarde Sound chest

this chest (50.86, 23.03) can 't be open.
[Misc][Quest] Forbidden Rites

[Brother Pike]( is phased out and therefore players can't reward this quest
[Misc][Quest] Burn it all down

There are two towers with different IDs. One tower disappears when it burns. After this, players cannot complete this quest for several minutes.
[Misc][Item] Void Stone

Void Stone ( should be reduced by 70% when using by a NONHEALER class. Atm, when you use it as non healer class, you have same reduction as healer class (45%).

21 April 2020

[Survival] Tracker's Net vs Touch of Karma vs Ultimate Sacrifice

|T1412207:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:212638|h[Tracker's Net]|h|r
|T651728:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:122470|h[Touch of Karma]|h|r
|T135966:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:199452|h[Ultimate Sacrifice]|h|r

Proof from retail:

Firestorm bug:

When a survival hunter uses Tracker's net on monk as soon as touch of karma is casted, the monk should remain rooted for the entire duration and the root must NOT break when you damage the other target same goes for Ultimate sacrifice from Paladin.
[Survival] Wildfire Bomb vs Shaman Totems and Shadow priest psyfiend

Despite the fact that totems and psyfiend are not killed by any aoe in the game, hunters bombs are an exception!!! Hunter's bombs such as spell "Wildfire bomb" (spell=259495) and talent "Wildfire infusoin" (spell=271014) HAVE TO kill Shaman's totems and priest's Psyfiend (spell=211522) via 1 ricochet.
So if shaman stand into 4 totems, hunter needs just to use some bomb on shaman and ricochet will kill all the totems. Hunter dont need to target each totem to kill them via wildfire bombs.

In short, the bombs from survival are an exception and they indeed can jump from any target that they were cast on and kill all the totems.

(Ricochet is when example: "You use the bomb on a target and then it jumps to the other targets")

Retail proof:
0:25 0:35 in slow motion you will see the hunter using the bomb on the shaman and the ricochet damage from the bomb kills the totems.
[Survival] PvP Trinket and Pets

This video contains how its working on firestorm and retail.

Pvp Trinket should remove cc effect from hunter and the pet at the same time on use.

Example, hunter and pet are feared, fear should be removed from both the hunter and the pet when the pvp trinket is used.
[Survival] Pet auto-attack pvp mod

Auto attack of pet in SURVIVAL spec is taking the pvp mod of BM spec. It shouldn't be the case
[Misc][Professions] Herbalism - Seeking More Knowledge ALLIANCE HORDE

The quest "seeking more knowledge" seems to be broken again (same problem, can't pick the book)

Dev note: respawntime was one week, set to 10sec so everyone in the group can pick it
[Misc] MM+ save on crash

Dev note: A recent fix broke the save system of Mythic+ on crashes, attempting a fix. In case you encounter an issue with the save, please send a message to the admin Pantoufle on discord !
[Misc] Silithus phasing issue

Players report they often fall undermap there.

Dev note: Should be fixed !
[Misc] Arena deserter upon leaving

Since today, if you leave an arena while dead and your mate isn't, you can sometimes get deserter, it shouldn't happen.
[Misc][RBG] Flag stacks on druid healer

In rated battleground when a druid heal take the flag and change form he doesn't get stacks from the flag (Warsong gulch)
[Misc][Battleground] Seething shore and druid form

When you are on the boat and you go on a druid you are stuck for the rest of the battleground, you can't move, you can't die etc ..

[Misc][BG] Warsong Gulch Flag's debuff

In this battleground when you take the flag and drop it you still get the debuff of the flags even if the flag is put on base
It remain all the dungeon (and maybe when you are out of bg but i couldnt test it yet)
[Misc] Battle for Wintergrasp

Tour of Duty achievement + Wintergrasp Victory Quest interaction

If you log Epic BG Battle for Wintergrasp, take the quest Victory in Wintergrasp
you win, and you wait with turning the quest in until you're outside of the BG, you can turn it in in one of the zones required for the Tour of Duty achievement (Zuldazar, Nazmir, etc...) and it will give you the achievement instantly, since the quest gives 1500 honor (and you need 1000 honor in said zone for the achievement)
This just accidentally happened to me after finishing a game and I instantly got one Tour of Duty achievement on my alt.
[Misc] Premade Groups & Quick Join

New System implemented !
Implemented quick join
Implemented quick join notification
Implemented request to group
[Misc] Noblegarden Bugs

Various fixes
[Misc][Quest] Sealed Fate

After complete the quest "Sealed Fate" a npc should appear and give us the quest "The final ascent"
But the Npc doesnt appear after complete the quest.

Sealed fate quest :
The final ascent quest :

17 April 2020

[Misc][Achievement] Bless the Rains Down in Freehold

Hitting these targets listed in the achievement, you won't get any completion out of them. Not working.
[Bless the Rains Down in Freehold](
[Misc][Achievement] Exploration Southern Barrens

Razorfen Kraul dont count for exploration achievement
[Misc][Quest] Emily Mayville

This World Quest doesn't work, the 'Emily' NPC that appears is not needed for this quest
[Misc][Quest] Show-off

Same problem as


Players only saw Cooper (horse) but dont saw other npc)
[Misc][Quest] Pike invisible when reward quests in the wrong order

Players take and at the same time.

When the player reward sealed fate, Pike and others NPC disappear. The player is stuck, can't reward the 1st quest and can't complete the questline.
[Misc][Quest] Out Like Flynn

Since yesterday (or the day before, but it's recent) there are a lot of tickets about the Out Like Flynn quest.
Players have issues completing the quest, so they abandon it, or use their hearthstone, and then they cannot get back into the cell, so we have to teleport them there
[Misc][Achievement] The Reining Champion

Reach 600 point does not activate the achievement

[The Reining Champion](

Tested on Dev branch and also bugged
[Misc][NPC] BloodMaw not spawned

is template was set to default value so i guess nothing is scripted for this npc
[Misc][NPC] Adhara white

need a script for fighting WQ not added atm
[Misc][NPC] Riding wolf empty life bar

The ridding wolf which is also an important skin of hunt pet : is script but bugged, have an empty life bar and stay dead.
[Misc][Quest] A Weather Eye

Fixed the quest helper so you know where to go
[Misc][Quest] Get Your Bearings

Flight Master objective wasnt being completed
[Misc][Quest] Sealed Fate

When player follow NPC, they disappear near to the door where the quest have to be reward.
Players can't reward the quest, take the other and the doors can't be opened by the event launch by Brother Pike
[Misc][Quest] Goblins - Final Confrontation

Thrall doesn't cast any spells / doesn't do anything to Trade Prince Gallywix which makes it impossible to finish it and get out of the starting zone.

Another issue is when they unstuck from site and it teleport them into vulcano unable to get out of it
[Misc][Quest] Mista Nice

Some players don't get the morph when they take the quest, which makes it impossible to complete for them

16 April 2020

[Brewmaster] Stagger

How it's bugged ;
Stagger sould tick down in duration of 3 seconds when the combat ends, at the moment it ticks down for the whole duration.
Proof ;
[Windwalker] Whirling Dragon Punch

How it's bugged :
Currently each tick of |T988194:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:152175|h[Whirling Dragon Punch]|h|r have 450ms of interval; it should be 250ms only
Transcendence: Transfer

How it's bugged :
When your aren't in range (40yards) from your |T627608:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:101643|h[Transcendence]|h|r, your Transcendence : Transfer isn't greyed out, so basically you don't know when your are in range.


|T237585:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:119996|h[Transcendence: Transfer]|h|r
[Frost] Orb interaction

Frost Mage's Frozen Orb, should stop when hitting a target and slowly move upon starting the damage sequence.
Currently the orb does not register correctly combat upon launching in the middle of a pack of mobs in the first second.
Bleed with versatility

Bleeds of druids (all spec) aren't reduced by versatility. Tested with Rake and Rip. Tested bleed with resto spec, same shit happened, it's about all spec.

Rake 289 damage with and without versa
Rip 232 damage with and without versa
[Unholy] Raise Abomination speed

At the moment on FS, the abomination has 100% move speed.
Retail abo has 55% move speed.

LINK : |T298667:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288853|h[Raise Abomination]|h|r

Note: While following you, abo should still have 100% speed, but as soon as it engages someone, its speed should be reduced
[Misc] Summoning Stones

With the 8.1.5 update, they stopped working
[PvE][CoS] Etruvis the Vassal - Mind Scramble

On the first Trash of CoS (Etruvis the Vassal), Mind Scramble don't apply a debuff on the players who'll make them Hostile to allies for 12 seconds. On the dev server it work's but not on Live.
[PvE][CoS] Tempest Caller

In the alley between the first boss and the second boss, if a dps take Tempest Caller and die with it, it will disappear.

Adds (Eternal Guardian) would not die if the Tempest Caller isn't used and groups will face major difficulties to pull the boss (usually they up again the raid).
[PvE][CoS] Uu'nat - Storm of Annihilation

The [Storm of Annihilation](|T252174:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:284601|h[Storm of Annihilation]|h|r) ability from relic deals double damage per tick.

Currently, it deals 41396 per tick while it should deal half of that, 20968.
[PvE][King's Rest] Spectral Beastmaster

Spectral Beastmaster is currently missing the abillity "Deadeye Shot" (ID 270506)
[PvE][CoS] Restless Cabal - Witness the end

The [Witness the end](|T651085:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:282621|h[Witness the End]|h|r) ability deals twice the amount of normal damage.

Base damage in heroic should be : 69947
[PvE][CoS] Restless Cabal - Shear Mind

Shear Mind don't apply the debuff on Monks Brewmaster sometimes. Normally, it should be applied even if they dodge the attack.

You can see in the two first videos below that the tank "Laeshell" didn't take the debuff. Or on the last link, on retail, the monk had always the debuff on him for each application of the Shear Mind.

15 April 2020

[Protection] Bloodsport trait leech value.

Bloodsport azerite trait at ilvl 420, prevents 6,626 dmg and grants 40 leech for 8 sec.
Instead of granting 40 per trait, it gives 88 leech per trait which is not correct.

|T1377132:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:190456|h[Ignore Pain]|h|r
[Demonology] Implosion

Formula is halfworking, this is how it should be
= 0.24 x TotalSpellPower x TotalPetDamageMultiplier
if not HasBuff(DemonicTyrantEnergy)
= Damage x 0.2 x BuffStack(WildImpEnergy)
Explanation: "Implosion deals damage to the primary target roughly equal to the remaining damage of each imp based on current energy, while secondary (cleave) targets will always take damage equal to a 100 imp energy implosion (e.g. if each imp Firebolt deals 100 damage, an immediate 1imp implosion will deal 500 damage, and an implosion after 1 cast will deal 400 damage). Implosion can crit and scales with mastery, but is not affected by From the Shadows or the Tyrant empowerment. "

2nd issue is similar as Hand of Guldan one, when you cast implosion and target dies, they should explode AOE to other enemies

[Beastmastery] Thrill of the Hunt

Thrill of the Hunt isn't increasing correctly the crit chance. This talent isn't working at all.

I set my crit chance to 91% + 9% from talent = 100% but I made non critical hits and the average crit% is 91%.

|T132216:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257944|h[Thrill of the Hunt]|h|r
Rune Regeneration visual

Dev note: Applied a fix to properly sync client & server regeneration visually, should look a lot better now !
[Misc] 8.1.5 Update !

New content has been added:
Xal'atath questline (intro to CoS)
Crucible of Storms Raid in LFR / NM / HM
8.1.5 War Campaign
Hati Questline for Hunters

More details here:

10 April 2020

[Subtlety] Shadow Blades

The [Shadow Blades](|T376022:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:121471|h[Shadow Blades]|h|r) ability is supposed to deal shadow damage equal to 50% of the spell that triggered it.

Right now, it deals the 50% of the spell + it reapplies all modifiers (like nightblade, dark shadows, nightstalker) on top of it, resulting in double mods applied to shadow blades.

No modifier should be applied to this spell (not even versa) since it deals 50% of the spell that triggered it. (And that spell is already properly modded).

The only modifier that should be applied to this spell is the havoc's [Chaos Brand](|T1450142:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:255260|h[Chaos Brand]|h|r) magic debuff, adding a +5% damage.
Stable Masters don't work

Some stable master are bug.
some were functional but no longer work

Horde :
4 on Orgrimmar
1 on Dazaralor
1 on Dalaran (Broken isles)
1 on Crossroads (Barrens)
Alliance :
2 on Stormwind
1 on goldshire
1 on Ironforge
1 on Boralus
[PVE][BOD] Jaina - Howling winds - Boss Spell

visual bug with "can't interrupt" when all the Icebound Images were killed
[Misc][Quest] Vol'dun - The Perfect Offering

Cannot complete the quest, the
somehow the NPC doesn't give me the Jorak's Offering
|T348519:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:152894::::::::120:::::|h[Jorak's Offering]|h|r
[Misc][Quest] Storm's Rage

Completing this quest Storm's Rage should not take more than two minutes. But several players try to kill the same orcs on Firestorm. Even at 4 AM this quest can take about 30 minutes of life.
[PVE][BOD] Jaina - Glacial Shard

Should be despawned in case of wipe, defeat, or if the target was immune
[PVE][BOD] Jaina - Glacial Shard 2

Sometimes the spell is invisible

8 April 2020

[PVE][BoD] Jaina - Glacial Shards intermission 1

[PVE][BoD] Blockade - Tempting siren

On mythic difficulty, tempting sirens must spawn on both side of the platform during phase 2. Right now, they don't which makes the phase way easier
[PVE][BoD] Jaina - Ice Shard

Ice shard damage on tanks:
Retail minmax 235260k (based on multiple logs, damage doesnt seem to be the same for each 1st Ice Shard cast)

FS: (77% reduced physical damage)

Damage seems to be mitigated (even though it's not shown in the FS logs idk why), but it's still too much damage
[PVE][BoD] Jaina - Icebound Image

Sometimes, they do not appear.
[PVE][BoD] Jaina - Icebound Image VS interrupt

Should be interrupt cast

7 April 2020

[Misc] Latency Optimization

Dev note: A fix was applied which should reduce lag in raids & dungeons when there are a lot of players connected
[PvE][AD] Yazma spiders

Currently, as a Fury Warrior (Probably Arms and Prot too), if you step into a spider (Echoes of Shadra) during Yazma encounter, it activates Victory Rush as if you killed an enemy.
It shouldn't do that. In case you need proof

at 23:50 the warrior steps into a spider and doesn't get Victory Rush.
[PvE][WM] Devouring Maggot - Spit

Groups of Devouring Maggots will cast Spit at random targets, dealing moderate magic damage and applying a 10 second dot.

Should target random players, currently on firestorm it's always top aggro player.

[PvE][WM] Devouring Maggot - Infest

Some Devouring Maggots have the Parasitic buff. This grants them access to the Infest spell.


When a maggot casts Infest, it will burrow into a player and despawn whilst applying a 10 second dot. At the end of the debuff, two new Devouring Maggots will spawn from that player, each with a chance to have the Parasitic buff.

1st issue: on firestorm maggots doesn't "burrow into a player and despawn", they only lay eggs into the targeted player.

Players should attempt to interrupt the Infest cast with crowd control spells, or to simply kill the maggots before they have the chance to cast the ability.

2nd issue: the spell visual show as non interruptible, though you can still interrupt it.

[Misc] NPCs in Tiragarde Sound

There was a issue in Tiragarde Sound about 1 week ago. Players can't see any NPCs In Freehold zone (not instance). Because of this, players cannot complete the quest line. Players will again be able to see these NPCs after completing Reporting In!
[PvE][WM] Coven Thornshaper - Infected Thorn

Infected Thorn is a 2 second interruptible cast which deals a burst of damage to a random player and applies an 8 second disease dot.

Should target random players, currently on firestorm it's always top aggro player.

|T136068:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:264050|h[Infected Thorn]|h|r
[Pve][AD] Vol'kaal

If Boss dies and a player stands on Aoe shit on the ground, player will keep the debuff of the aoe until he is dead.
[PvE][AD] Dazar'ai Honor Guard - Fervent Strike

The spell |T840734:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:256138|h[Fervent Strike]|h|r used by the Dazar'ai Honor Guards should hit closes melee, currently it only hit the tank.

How it should work: if tank isn't at melee range of the Honor Guards, the Fervent Strike should hit the closes target.

[PvE][AD] Yazma - Soulrend adds


As shown on the screenshot, the link from the player to the add still exist even if the player is dead.
[PvE][SotS] Guardian vs Forgotten Denizen

How it's bugged :
|T136038:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:137639|h[Storm, Earth, and Fire]|h|r clones can't attack adds, all their attacks miss
Firestorm :
[PvE][Underrot] Befouled Spirit
should recast |T1726347:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:265568|h[Dark Omen]|h|r if stunned during his 2.5 initial cast.
[PvE][WM] Mobs pulled from beneath the ground

Both this zone should be hackfixed to avoid mobs being pulled with some spells such as Starfall.
[PvE][Underrot] Bloodsworn Defiler should recast |T136197:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:265487|h[Shadow Bolt Volley]|h|r if knocked back during its cast instead of kicked.
[PvE][WM] Soulbind Goliath Burning Souls

Burning Soul's damage should be fire damage, not physical and it should be Burning Fists, not melees.
[PvE][SotS] Aqu'sirr

Aqu'sirr is agroed before Lord stormsong spawning finishes animation, and it deals damage to players before it's spawned.
What should happen is that the boss stays in the middle after it's first time spawning instead of being automatically agroed.
[PvE][WM] Deathtouched Slaver

The mob summoned by Gorak Tul should be knokable. (Gripable to)
[Misc] Quest reward

Dev Note: Fixed quests where doesn't show reward on details/submit of quest but only at the complete.

6 April 2020

[Protection] Into the fray

"Into the Fray" get benefit from summoned battle pet, while it shouldn't.

|T132334:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:202603|h[Into the Fray]|h|r
[Demonology] Random Demon: Eye of Gul'dan

Caster pet.
Formula is wrong, should be:
0.065 x 0.3 x TotalSpellPower x TotalPetDamageMultiplier x 1,25
[Enhancement] Crash Lightning + Stormstrike

How it's bugged :
|T1370984:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:187874|h[Crash Lightning]|h|r dosen't increase damage of |T132314:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:17364|h[Stormstrike]|h|r anymore

How it should work :
You should get 5% more damage on Stormstrike for each target you hit with Crash Lightning
overflowing Shores

Restoration Shaman azerite Trait Overflowing shores trait isn't increasing the aoe range.
Proof : as you can see the aoe cursor is increased correctly but the aoe casted isn't right.
Counter-strike totem

Shaman Pvp Talent counter'strike totem only reflects damage when the totem is set before being hit, you can't reflect damage once you already got hit.
[Enhancement] Elemental spirits talent

Elemental core passive talent [Spell ID = 262624] flame wolf isn't not giving the 20% increased damage to the fire spells.
[Enhancement] Frostbrand and Flametongue

How it's bugged :
Both Frostbrand and Flametongue are missing Pandemic effect (30%)
So you don't get any extra sec when you refresh both
[Holy] Divine Vision aura missing

Divine Vision aura is missing on the paladin, that has this talent active.
(but animation still can be seen and it can be seen via .list aura)
|T135934:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:199324|h[Divine Vision]|h|r
[Holy] Auras vs Combat

Holy paladin auras shouldn't engage paladin in combat.
Only exception should be Aura of Mercy when it heals nearby player. (when it HEALS, not applied)

[Windwalker] Mark of the Crane Tracker

How it's bugged :
Atm you can't see how many stacks of motc you have on your action bar and that's making any Weakaura tracker for motc stacks useless

How it should work :
Retail video :
Your SCK show how many stacks you have.

Tracker here :
[Frost] Frozen Orb speed vs reaching the target

Frozen Orb should have a slow moving speed upon reaching the enemy, currently it stops completely ( excluding solid objects in the pathway ).
This is only for the simple version of the Frozen Orb, and not the one altered by the pvp talent.

|T629077:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:84714|h[Frozen Orb]|h|r
3:25 aprox 1 yard / second
Conjure Refreshment (table) low level

Conjure Refreshment doesn't create table, while in a group at low level, until level 80
|T609813:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:42955|h[Conjure Refreshment]|h|r
[Frost] Glacial Assault animation missing

Glacial Assault trait animation is missing.

How it should look like:
|T2126034:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:279854|h[Glacial Assault]|h|r
[Frost] Ice nova DR

Ice Nova should not share diminishing returns with other roots type of spells, similar to Frost Nova or pet Freeze.

|T1033909:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:157997|h[Ice Nova]|h|r
Aspect of the Cheetah

Aspect of the Cheetah is not increasing speed by 30% for 9 seconds when it should
[Beastmastery] Wild protector vs unaura pet arena

Wild protector pvp talent is aura made by pet which applies to allies in pvp.

Currently on firestorm, there is a kind of unaura that applies to the pet every time it is summ :

the first appearition in the arena blew up the buff wild protector, it can be reset with a talent switch

summ pet automatically disable buff wild protector

in more problematic arenas like the Dalaran sewers or the pet must be invoked outside the starting area (otherwise it remains stuck in the starting area). When summoned, he never has his wild protector buff and no means of reraising pvp talent when the fight is launched : (see the issue about Dalaran )

Maybe for the fix it would be necessary to "authorize" the pet to keep this aura
id 204190 at his summon
[Survival] Aspect of the Eagle vs Primeval Intuition

Using mongoose bite or raptor strike under Aspect of the Eagle don't trigger the trait Primaveral Intuition

|T612363:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:186289|h[Aspect of the Eagle]|h|r
|T132210:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288570|h[Primeval Intuition]|h|r
[Marksmanship] Double tap issue

Double Tap is not working when there is one charge of aimed shot 1/2
It should work with 2/2 1/2 normally, having one charge out of two should not disable it.
Animal Companion

Talent "Animal Companion" is too nerfed.
Naked Char retail vs FS.
KC without Animal Companion do 1255 dmg, so there is a nerf with Companion Animal but too much on FS.

|T461112:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:267116|h[Animal Companion]|h|r
[Restoration] Mark of the Wild

Actually Mark of the Wild is stackable and multiple druids can buff it, it's wrong.
Should NOT be stackable.

And when you untalent it, buff still remains on target. Should not.

|T136078:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:289318|h[Mark of the Wild]|h|r
[shaman][Enhancement] Sundering

Sundering [Spell ID=197214] has a big chance not to hit targets while they are beneath the player in stairs or when the targets is underneath the shaman.

Proof :
[Unholy] Abomination HP

How it's bugged :
Currently Abomination HP |T298667:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288853|h[Raise Abomination]|h|r are wrong, they are set to 70% of DK max Hp
It should be set to 40% only

FS: Dk : 22020 x0.7 = 15414

Retail : 4279680 x0.4 = 171192
[Misc][Azerite] Seductive Power

Seductive Power is only affecting Stamina, not all stats.

0 stacks:

2 stacks:

|T2442247:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288749|h[Seductive Power]|h|r
[Misc] Arathi Darkshore Rotation

Rotation will now happen every 4 days, so that both Alliance & Horde can do the World Bosses each week

31 March 2020

Pack Spirit

Pack Spirit doesn't work if you enter combat while in Ghost Wolf vs Players.
To make it work correctly, player needs to exit Ghost Wolf and reenter it.
Also, when you go out of combat, it stops (afaik).

|T136095:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:280021|h[Pack Spirit]|h|r
[Enhancement] Thunderaan's Fury

After hitting 100 times with Stormstrike with Thunderaan's Fury Trait I've realised that its proc chance is different from 8%.
100 hits:
trait uptime:

It procced 25 times (counted ofc) after hitting 100 Stormstrikes.

|T136046:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:287768|h[Thunderaan's Fury]|h|r
Gathering stormascendance

While with Ascendance aura, gathering storm is not consumed while it should and it should increase its damage.

Proof : Any retail video with ascendance talent equipped can prove it.
[Assassination] Stealth Vanish

Multiple issues with Stealth and Vanish and talents affecting it.

Dev note: fixed the remaining issue "The 3s vanish should count as "stealth", and thus, reseting garrote if specced into subterfuge / give you master assasin buff / give you nightstalker buff"
Greater Fade vs Sanctum

Upon casting Greater Fade while using Sanctum trait, caster doesn't get the magic absorb and so makes the trait useless.

|T135994:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:213602|h[Greater Fade]|h|r
[Holy] Glimmer of Light VS Cloak of Shadows

You can't apply glimmer of light to a rogue when he has cloak of shadows up.
[Mistweaver] Overflowing Mists

When you have trait called Overflowing Mists everytime it procs, it also interrupts your castings, if you are casting while this trait active.

As you see on the gif, When you use your [Essence Font], [Crackling Jade Lightning] or [Spinning Crane Kick] it gets interrupted.

Trait Mechanic : When you use your [Enveloping Mist] on target, and if he gets damage from any source [Overflowing Mists] procs and heals target.

Test on PTR

|T775461:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273328|h[Overflowing Mists]|h|r
[Restoration] Rampant Growth

Rampant Growth is applying Regrowth HoT on last target targetted/healed by Lifebloom instead of the current target being healed by Lifebloom.

|T136085:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:278515|h[Rampant Growth]|h|r
Masterful Instincts Buff

How it's bugged :
When you use |T132214:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:85842|h[Survival Instincts]|h|r once you don't get the buff of |T236169:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273344|h[Masterful Instincts]|h|r however your stats are correctly increased, the buff appear only when you cast Survival Insctincts twice in a row

Without SI :
First cast of SI : (Mastery/Armor increased, buff missing)
2nd cast of SI :
(Mastery/Armor increased, buff is here)

Same issue with Chi Torpedo of Monk :
[Restoration] Tree of Life

During the incarnation : Tree of Life, your dispell "Nature's cure" takes you out of incarnation but you still have incarnation buff going
[Feral] Leader of the Pack

Actually Leader of the Pack is stackable and multiple druids can buff it, it's wrong.
Should NOT be stackable.

|T135881:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:202626|h[Leader of the Pack]|h|r
Decomposing Aura

Decomposing Aura is stackable, should not.

Note for players: if you don't see your Aura on target it means another DK has applied it to the target, don't be scared.

|T1390945:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:199720|h[Decomposing Aura]|h|r
[Frost] Icy Citadel

Icy Citadel is currently working bad.
It gives around half of the strenght shown on tooltip + the buff description show a huge amount of strenght (only visual bug);
Also, max stacks obtainable from Icy Citadel is 20 but atm you can go further (which is statistically impossible but who knows).

|T135372:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:272718|h[Icy Citadel]|h|r
|T458718:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:51271|h[Pillar of Frost]|h|r
[Unholy] Raise Abomination vs Combat

Raise Abomination gets the target in combat regardless of distance between them, might be painful for rogues.
It should get incombat aslong they enter near AutoAttack area or DoT one (since Abo dots AoE)

|T298667:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288853|h[Raise Abomination]|h|r
[Havoc] - 2 casts of Fel Rush in 1 global

Under the right circumstances (lowish fps, mostly), spamming felrush with two charges up will result in the spell being casted twice inside one global (haven't noticed that effect before felrush fix)

|T1247261:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:195072|h[Fel Rush]|h|r
[Misc][Racial] Blood Elf - Arcane Torrent

Currently most of the times in pvp, when used the ability will dispel a base positive buff instead of the last one used.

For example: Arc Intel Temporal Shield, the racial should dispel temporal, but it goes after the arc intel, in the sequence mentioned above.

|T136222:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:28730|h[Arcane Torrent]|h|r
[Misc][Azerite Trait] Dagger in the Back

Dagger in the Back can proc on its own ticks and keep you in combat. It's a huge issue in PvP cause you can't really go out of combat + having always 4 stacks.

|T135642:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:280285|h[Dagger in the Back]|h|r
[Misc] Grizzek's Rocket Hop

[Grizzek's Rocket Hop](|T511727:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:281901|h[Grizzek Rocket Hop]|h|r) button should disapear when player finish and reward quest, actually not
[Misc] Can't log in, char appears online

Dev note: there was a fix applied for the issue that prevented players from entering their account after exiting with ALT+F4 (because the game froze), and kept on showing them online to everyone else despite them not being logged in.
[PVE][BoD] Mekkatorque - Bots are immune to grip

Bots are immunte to death grip from blood dks since few days ago. On retail, bots can be gripped by dks
tested on mythic

|T237532:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:49576|h[Death Grip]|h|r
[Misc][Azerite Trait] Vampiric Speed

It doesn't work when someone else did the final hit to the mob. So basically it gives the buff only when I do the last hit to the mob
|T237395:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:268599|h[Vampiric Speed]|h|r
[PVE][BoD] Variable Intensity Gigavolt Oscillating Reactor

The crit buff value you get when the effect is active is not working properly (value is not correct, a bit more than half of that of the tooltip)
[Misc][Quest] Forced Grounding

Impossible to pull the quest mob with the spear, Currently, when you throw the spear, Nothing happens, the mob is not pulled twoards the player.
[Misc][Quest] March of the Loa

March of the Loa questchain changes phase near Atal'Dazar. These mobs attack the player if he changes his faction.
[Misc][Quest] The Fury of the Horde
The Fury of the Horde 53856 changes the phase of The Norwington Estate. If a player has changed his faction, then he cannot complete quests in this zone.
[PVE][BoD] Melee attack generic fix deals almost 3x damage

Mekkatorque auto attacks deal almost 3x damage than retails after comparing Real value and a naked tank.
the same thing about blockade mini bosses but haven't tested it
[PVE][BoD] Rastakhan - Boss stuck

Rastakhan and bwonsamdi are now stuck in the stairs they spawn on, on the wrong side of the fence, which make the boss impossible to kill
Tested on mythic but i think it applies to all difficulties
[Misc][PVP Reward] Priest Weapons

Currently any Priest spec doesn't loot Sinister Gladiator's weapons from Arena Rewards, should get Staff but no Staff over 500 won arenas.

Horde: |T2139104:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:165032::::::::120:::::|h[Sinister Gladiator's Staff]|h|r
Alliance: |T2143644:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:165035::::::::120:::::|h[Sinister Gladiator's Staff]|h|r


18 March 2020

[Enhancement] Windstrike vs Crash Lightning

When you use Crash Lightning on 2 or more targets, Stormstrike or Windstrike (replaces Stormstrike when in Ascendance) should deal nature damage to all enemies in front of caster.
Works with Stormstrike but not with Windstrike
More info:

(|T1029585:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:115360|h[Windstrike OffHand]|h|r)
[All] Polymorph - damaging trinkets interactions

Polymorph should not activate damage ruled proc trinkets.
Those trinkets should proc only from damage type abilities.
all abilities ( includes cc or non damage stuff ), all damaging spells ( only abilities that do damage ).
Invisibility precast on arenas

Invisibility precast shouldn't be discarded once arena starts.

[Frost] Brain Freeze vs Flurry

Whenever you use Flurry while having Brain Freeze proc, Brain Freeze should disappear, right after Flurry cast has ended, but not when it actually hits the target.

|T236206:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:190447|h[Brain Freeze]|h|r
[PVE][BoD] Stormwall - Melee hits from mini bosses during phase 1

Currently, the melee hits from sister katherine and brother joseph deal twice the damage to tanks on mythic difficulty compared to retail. Average hit is twice compared to retail, i compared it with different logs from firestorm and retail.
[PVE][BoD] Stormwall - Tempting siren

Tempting siren should be immune to all crowd control, now it's affected by slows and can be killed before it reaches ground during phase 2 which makes the fight easier.
[PVE][BoD] Mekkatorque - Robot spawn at last phase

Currently there is only one robot spawning on last phase, but there should be two in mythic and heroic difficulty.
[Misc] EXP x10 event has started !

You will be able to talk to the NPC "Toran the experience master" located in every starting zones & main cities to select the x10 experience multiplier. You can also reduce that multiplier if you wish to.

Happy leveling!

16 March 2020

Spell Reflection

Currently spells can be reflected only if you used Reflection BEFORE cast ended, but in reality it should reflect spells when it HIT you, while Reflect is active.

|T132361:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:216890|h[Spell Reflection]|h|r
|T132358:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:213915|h[Mass Spell Reflection]|h|r
|T132361:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:23920|h[Spell Reflection]|h|r
Soul Leech vs Healing Reduction Effects
[Elemental] Eye of the Storm AoE

How it's bugged :
When you have more than one target;
your Eye of the Storm (Storm Elemental+Primal Elementalist) get his damages increased by 5% only on the main target

Exemple : Base Damage of EotS : 978.84
Main target : 978.84 x1.05 = 1027.78
Second target : 978.84 Only

How it should work
All targets (AoE) should take the same amount of damages
Formula : Base damage x 1.05 for Each target

|T132845:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:157375|h[Eye of the Storm]|h|r
|T2065626:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:192249|h[Storm Elemental]|h|r
|T651081:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:117013|h[Primal Elementalist]|h|r
Earthen Wall Totem

The shaman totem earthen wall , does affect people that ar, mean that if a shaman places the totem inside people that are duelling they will be affected by the totem

|T136098:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198838|h[Earthen Wall Totem]|h|r
[Enhancement] Windfury (visual)

Winfury procs don't have any animation on Firestorm.


[Elemental] Master of the Elements and Lasso

How it's bugged :
Casting |T1385911:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:204437|h[Lightning Lasso]|h|r while |T136027:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:260734|h[Master of the Elements]|h|r is up consume the buff Master of the Elements

How it should work:
|T1385911:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:204437|h[Lightning Lasso]|h|r shouldn't consume the buff and dosen't benefit from it either
[Assassination] Subtefurge and garotte

With subterfuge your abilities requiring Stealth can still be used for 3 sec after Stealth breaks but atm subterfuge isnt working for garotte, you only can use it one time like if you dont have subterfuge, it should be able to be used several times until the end of subterfuge

[Discipline] Dominant Mind

Doesn't work at all, it says "Level of your target is too high"

|T1386549:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:205367|h[Dominant Mind]|h|r
Shadow Mend

If you are spamming shadow mend into one target, damage ticks should sum up, for the damage that didn't tick before refreshing the debuff, but currently it leaves a debuff unstacked.

(look at damage ticks)
Retail GIF:
take a note that if player is using |T136176:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:193063|h[Masochism]|h|r talent it should work for same way.
Retail GIF:
|T136202:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:186263|h[Shadow Mend]|h|r
[Frost] Frostbolt-Brain Freeze hit vs cast interaction

Brain freeze should not proc when it hits enemies but when the cast of frostbolt is ended.

[Marksmanship] Double Tap

Double tap is refreshing the charges of Aimedshot it shouldnt.

Have 1 charge left, cast double tap into aimed shot, resulting 2 charges ready.

|T537468:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:260402|h[Double Tap]|h|r
[Marksmanship] Trueshot

Trueshot is currently resetting your Focus to 100 as shown on this:

Retail proof for crybabies:


(check if [Trueshot Mastery](|T132329:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:203129|h[Trueshot Mastery]|h|r) is involved on this spell)
[Marksmanship] Trick Shots vs Aimed Shot

Aimed Shot is doing 100% of normal damage instead of 50% to AoE targets.

|T461846:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257621|h[Trick Shots]|h|r

"Melee attackers take Nature damage when hit and their movement speed is slowed by 50% for 4 sec."

So basically, thorns should only reach melee but instead of this, when a caster hits the target's thorns they take damage too

Switch Hitter

|T135879:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:287803|h[Switch Hitter]|h|r
The issue is that you're supposed to get the buff according to your druid affinity spells that you used.

Currently it procs on baseline spells.
Exemple: As rdrood SwiftMend, Gardian Frenzied regenaration, Feral Bite, Boomie Starsurge shouldn't proc the trait.
[Feral] Primal Wrath

|T1392547:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:285381|h[Primal Wrath]|h|r

The talent increases the duration of Rip dot, when it should reset it, but Rip should extend Primal Wraith's dot.
[Balance] Arcanic Pulsar

Whenever Arcanic Pulsar gives you Celestial Alignment for 6 seconds it also should give you 12 Arcane Power.

|T135730:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:287773|h[Arcanic Pulsar]|h|r
[Feral] Iron Jaws

Iron Jaws trait literally doesn't work.
Damage output highly diverses from what is it said in it's Azerite Trait:

Also damage is same as if I'm using Maim with 5 CP or with 1 CP
|T132134:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:276021|h[Iron Jaws]|h|r
[PVE][BoD] Mekkatorque - Miscalculated Teleport

|T134391:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:287114|h[Miscalculated Teleport]|h|r

The issue: When the boss is using his crush ability on the players that are high in the air, they get killed.
You should not receive damage if you for example " Slow fall, disengage, blink, glide, etc..

The ability damage is ground and should not hit the player in the air

What you need to fix is the texture of the aoe "Hitbox", it should not hit players high/mid in the air slow falling or using any other movement ability.

Wormhole Generator
Nontank players teleported by the Wormhole Generator have a chance to be afflicted with one of two different additional effects.
Four players will be chosen for a Miscalculated Teleport, the player will be flung high into the air after being teleported.
This deals a large amount of fall damage which can be mitigated through the use of teleport/immunity/ Slow Fall spells.
Although the fall damage isn't enough to kill a full health player, the teleport is usually accompanied by a Crash Down zone at that location.
All players must be ready to mitigate the fall as to not land in the Crash Down zone.
This can be done be a large variety of class/racial abilities. Those who do not have these available must receive a Mage's Slow Fall, or a Paladin's Blessing of Protection, or a Priest's Levitate/ Leap of Faith grip.
[PVE][BoD] Stormwall - Sea Storm timer

sea storm timers reports (on fs it's cast 2seconds earlier, which will eventually lead to overlap with sea swell)


[Misc] Tracking currency or ignore it on bags

Tracking your 3 currencies on your bags does not save if you relog or disconnect. They should be saved no matter what unless you change or untrack them.

[PVE][BoD] Stormwall - Voltaic Flash timer

Voltaic flesh timers reports (on fs sister casts voltaic flesh twice before storm's empowerment):


[PVE][BoD] Mekkatorque - Signal Exploding Sheep

When entering phase 3, mekkatorque casts only 1 explosive sheep during the entire phase, and that one is just after entering phase 3.

What should happen is that mekka keeps casting signal exploding sheep same as phase 2 which he doesn't.
[PVE][BoD] Mekkatorque - Wormhole & Gigavolt Charge overlapping

|T465876:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:287952|h[Wormhole Generator]|h|r
|T2065637:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:286646|h[Gigavolt Charge]|h|r

This overlap does not happen in retail.

Players debuffed by the gigavolt charge should never by targeted by the wormhole.

What happened is, a player was debuffed by gigavolt charge, went to drop his bomb and at the same time the boss targeted him by wormhole and right when he dropped radiation we all got pulled into it.

Boss should never target players affected by gigavolt charge.
[PVE][BoD] Mekkatorque - Buster Cannon hitbox

Sometimes THIS can happen. See clips.

|T1717108:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:282182|h[Buster Cannon]|h|r
[PVE][BoD] Mekkatorque - Enormous buff

When the player receives [Shrunk] the boss should never cast Enormous on them.

Issue: After entering the bot I received Enormous, which kicked me out of the bot, resulting in failing the mechanic because I couldn't tell them their colors..

How Shrunk and Enormous work:

Each time Shrink is cast, one additional player will receive a new 1 min debuff, Enormous.
Enormous players deal 10% more damage and healing and can Trample on fullsized players.
If an Enormous player runs over a Shrunk player they will Squish them, dealing 1 million physical damage to them likely oneshotting them.
The Enormous player needs to be exceptionally careful when moving around the encounter space, as they could quickly cause havoc if they're reckless.
Once a player has become Enormous, others should move away from them as to allow the Enormous player to stand to the side of the raid, away from others.

>An additional player receives Enormous not the shrunken players, those shrunken players need to enter bots and do that mechanic.

9 March 2020

[Arms] Sweeping strikes vs Crushing assault

As you can see on the Gif, When i use my sweeping strikes on the crushing assault proc, the other target get damage from normal slam without azerite trait. It should work even on the second target but at 75% of the primary target slam damage.

|T132340:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:278826|h[Crushing Assault]|h|r

[Fury] Fresh Meat

This spell still has it's legion code. +% crit was removed once we got into BFA.


Tested with 0% crit value, I still did crits with it.
|T538039:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:215568|h[Fresh Meat]|h|r
[Protection] Shield Slam pop-up animation

Sheild Slam is missing it's popup animation when it goes off cd after it's passive effect. (should fade away if you are using Shield Slam or after 5 seconds not using it)

Retail GIF:
|T134951:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:23922|h[Shield Slam]|h|r
[Subtlety] Cold blood

It supposed to deal 10% hp of the target instead it deals 10%hp's rogue

|T135988:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:213981|h[Cold Blood]|h|r
Psychic Horror DR

Psychic Horror (Shadow Priest Talent) actually don't share DR (Diminushing Return) with the stuns category.

|T237568:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:64044|h[Psychic Horror]|h|r

Exemple of spell that have to be on DR with Psychic Horror:
|T135963:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:853|h[Hammer of Justice]|h|r
Mind Control vs Shadowfiend(or Mindbender)

Basically you SHOULD be able to Mind Control players/mobs while your Shadowfiend is active but at the moment it is NOT working.

|T136206:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:605|h[Mind Control]|h|r
[Shadow] Spiteful Apparitions

When you've selected a talent that is not Auspicious Spirits < [[wowheadlink]](|T1022944:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:155271|h[Auspicious Spirits]|h|r), the damage of Shadowy Apparitions bugs out after the first it:

(from 3420 to 2162 with no procs)

Spell: |T458229:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:78203|h[Shadowy Apparitions]|h|r
Trait: |T458229:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:277682|h[Spiteful Apparitions]|h|r
Judgement glitch

Currently if you will use Judgement right before your autoattack, Judgement's animation will be delayed / glitched.


I think that's more of generic issue, but can be handled case by case. All character spell animation should be prioritized over autoattack animation.
[Holy] Avenging Light vs Combat

Currently Avenging Light proc when you are healing target even if its at 100% HP, leaving caster in combat, doing hit for nothing.

Retail GIF:
|T571555:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:199441|h[Avenging Light]|h|r
[Retribution] Judgement Rank 1

Judgement has several ranks in spellbook and currently Rank 1 judgement has Rank 2 properties in it.
(Mostly refers to character leveling process)
[Protection] Inner Light

The azerite trait "Inner Light" doesn't work all the time after using "shield of the righteous"

|T236265:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:275477|h[Inner Light]|h|r
|T236265:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:53600|h[Shield of the Righteous]|h|r
[Windwalker] Storm Earth and Fire Clones

How it's bugged :
After the last fix
When the target of Fire/Earth clones die, they stop casting anything and they stuck in one place making the whole spell useless
[Arcane] Arcane Pummeling - Clearcasting interaction

If the mage has the Arcane Pummeling trait and procs Clearcasting when spamming Arcane Missiles, the normal waves will be affected by the trait ( even if those are pre Clearcast Arcane Missiles ) enabling the bonus from trait.

The bonus from the trait should kick in, the moment you cast the Arcane Missiles affected by Clearcast only.

|T136096:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:270669|h[Arcane Pummeling]|h|r
Haze of Rage vs Fear

When you use Bestial Wrath under Shadowfury (stun), Haze of rage (azerite) proc.

When you use Beastial Wrath under Fear, Haze of Rage dont proc. He should because Bestial Wrath is his trigger.

|T132127:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:19574|h[Bestial Wrath]|h|r
|T132127:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273262|h[Haze of Rage]|h|r
[Beastmastery] Some Pet abilities are not affected by Aspect of the Beast

Aspect of the beast should buff a list of 58 pet's spell/abilities.

Exemple with spell : 90361 : Spirit Mend
with talent : first : 9017, tick : 5613 hps
without talent : first 9017, tick : 5613 hps
Dire Beast : Hawk dont take mastery stat

Curently Dire Beast : hawk is not affected by mastery hunt stat.
Check on retail show that it should like all pet attack affected by PetDamageMultiplier.

|T612363:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:208652|h[Dire Beast: Hawk]|h|r
Pvp 5 % dps difference on arena (vs world pvp)

DPS same target with 2 naked char (pvp/player : 0% armor and 0% versa ) on arena, and world duel.
All attack of hunt get 3 5% reduction on arena .
Ex :
KC 1464 outside, 1433 inside arena
Cobra Shot : 355 / 365
Bite : 387 / 397

Note : I also tested with other class like a paladin and mage they keep exactly the same amount of dps

naked char fighting (no armor, no versa)

test on duel : Melee (pet) 423, Bite 591, Kill command 2177, chimera shot 2053, crow (hit) 542, cobra shot 1313,
test on arena : Melee (pet) 406, Bite 567, Kill command 2088, chimara shot 2052, crow 520, cobra 1313

Look like, mastery (pet damage mult) affected spells take 5% : bite (pet), melee (pet), kill command, crows ...
[Survival] Wilderness Survival vs Raptor Strike

At the moment the trait damage is put at the end and not before multipliers.

_It does work good with Mongoose Bite but not with Raptor Strike._

FS: 0.7 x AbilityDamage(true) x TotalDamageMultiplier x ArmorReduction + AzeriteItemEffectBudget(AzeriteWildernessSurvival, 3.815951)

Should be: 0.7 x AbilityDamage(true) + AzeriteItemEffectBudget(AzeriteWildernessSurvival, 3.815951) x TotalDamageMultiplier x ArmorReduction

|T1376046:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:186270|h[Raptor Strike]|h|r
|T132214:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:278532|h[Wilderness Survival]|h|r

NOTE: This formula is for RAPTOR STRIKE and not for Mongoose Bite.
[Marksmanship] Rapid Fire Channel is stopping on its own

Rapid Fire channel stops on its own in arena " Happens a lot in Arena "
Rapid Fire channel stops on its own in pve ( while fighting a boss ). " Doesn't happen alot, but it does "

Video proof of the issue happening during pvp

These are recording on firestorm pvp where rapid fire is getting interrupted

|T461115:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257044|h[Rapid Fire]|h|r.
[Havoc] Rain from Above

Rain From Above should take benefit from:
DH's Mastery;
DH's Versatility;
DH's CorePassive;

should NOT take benefit from:
DH's Chaos Brand;

|T1380371:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:206803|h[Rain from Above]|h|r
(|T135797:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:206966|h[Fel Lance]|h|r)
|T1450142:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:1490|h[Chaos Brand]|h|r
[PvE][AD] Yazma - Soulspawn

Scaling of the adds is wrong. They have way more hp than they are supposed to have
[Misc] Autoattack animation glitch

Currenlty Auto Attack animation has better priority over other spell animations. Issues that can cause this are linked in card links below.
All in all, it can cause character glitches and spells being used after some kind of a delay. On retail each spell has more priority rather than autoattacks.
Check card links for more info.
Another issue cuz of this: Animation for Outlaw rogue mastery is missing aswel, because auto attack override it.
[Misc] Guild rewards & vendor

Guild rewards got some improvements:
Fixed case where some guild vendors do not sell all items
Allied races can now buy item on guild vendor
Added missing guild rewards
Condition for some items are updated (heirlooms for example)
Only the Guild Master can buy the 7th & 8th bank slot now
Fixed order and condition of all rewards on tab (UI only)
[PVE][BoD] Stormwall - Energized Storm

Energized Storm is currently spawning under texture on the bridge.
[Misc] Healing with potion & healstone

should return "You are already full health" if you try to consume a potion with full health
heal shoudn't be affected by versatility

char on screen have versatility
[Misc] Darkshore game objects vs char movement

When attempting to do a WQ objective( like picking an object or interacting with one ) on specific gameobjects in Darkshore, the player will receive an error message Cannot do that while moving.
The above also affects casting and mounting up.
The issue can be spotted easily on almost all wooden gameobjects from the zone and on the pile of rocks.
Special movement mechanics like Blink, Charge, Fel rush..can take the player under the map when used near these objects.
[Misc] Warchief's Command Board Hero's Call Board

Dev note: Fixed an issue where choosing a zone doesn't give you the quest
[PVE][BoD] Jaina - Roiling Tides vs Chi TorpedoRoll

When player uses Chi Torpedo, or Roll, while on the Second phase, Players will recieve the damage from the Water, below, This shouldn't happen
[PVE][Bod] Jaina - Glacial Shards

Bug is occurring in Heroic difficulty, Glacial shards in intermission hitbox is more than graphically indicated (Projected texture activated)/ High graphics.

Didn't test in normal/Mythic/LFR
[PVE][BoD] Jaina - Alliance Outro

NPCs on the ship that you get teleported onto after the fight are missing emotes/waypoints, Etc

Tandred also shouldn't offer players to be teleported back to Mekkatorque anymore.
[PVE][BoD] Stormwall - Soul of the tidepriesttidepriestess

Mythic Mode: During phase 2, These 2 npcs deal way too much damage compared to retail
Purple color is firestorm
For soul of the tidepriestess jolting volley:

For soul of the tidepriest tidal volley

As you can see, the casts are less frequent and deal absurd amount of damage. Which make boss during phase 2 almost impossible to kill
[PVE][BoD] Stormwall - Sea swell from spawn of laminaria

Mythic Mode: Sea swell is casted at 10th second after pull instead of 20th second which makes it collide with other casts from brother joseph and sister katherine.


it should be 20 > 40 > 60 and so on, instead it's 10 > 30 > 50 ...
[Misc] PVP Weekly chest

PVP Chest tier should be based on your highest rating of the previous week.

If you unlock the chest being rival, then get to glad the same week, the next week's chest should be a glad one (currently it's not, the chest is "locked" at the rank you have when you cap conquest)

28 February 2020

[General] Grimoire of Sacrifice + Command Demon

Command Demon stoped working with GoS.
"Sacrifices your demon pet for power, ...." You dont get its power atm.

|T538443:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:108503|h[Grimoire of Sacrifice]|h|r
|T236292:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:119898|h[Command Demon]|h|r
[Windwalker] Fist of Fury radius

How it's bugged :
radius is broken again, it's hitting in 360 degree, it should hit only on front
Last fix :
[Windwalker] Touch of Death Pressure Points

How it's bugged :
Exemple : Your target is set to 30% Hp, if you cast Touch of Death (with |T606552:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:287599|h[Pressure Points]|h|r), and ToD base damages drop your target to 10% or less it will exec her, so it's like Touch of Death hitting twic

How it should work :
Your target is at 10% Hp or less, you cast ToD > Exec
Your target Hp is higher than 10%, if she take any damage (Touch of Death excluded to avoid double hit) that drop her at 10% while ToD debuff is still up > Exec

So if my Touch of Death drop my hp target from 30% to 9%, there will be no execute.
[Windwalker] Combo Breaker Pressure Point

How it's bugged :
|T606551:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:278577|h[Pressure Point]|h|r should set your |T572033:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:137384|h[Combo Breaker]|h|r chance to 10% instead of 8%
Atm it's acting like 8% (Base Spell) + 10% Trait = 18%
[Windwalker] Touch of Karma Versatility

How it's bugged :
Somehow Touch of Karma got broken and it's doing incorrect damage when you have Versatility
Pet Haste isn't dynamic

Curently on dev when you increase hunt haste, pet keep the haste of hunt when he was summoned. He doesn't dynamically scale with hunt variation of haste (BL, trinket buff, trait ...) but he should. So interval of autoattack is the same even when the haste of hunt increases.

Interval of pet auto is : = 2 / (1 + TotalHaste) / (1 + TotalAttackSpeed)

This issue was fixed previousy but it's broken again.

Dont reproduce it with debug haste which does not mod interval of auto but with aura like 264667.
Bite Pvp mod -35% is broken

Tested on 2 char 0 armor / 0 versa / 0 trait / focus power spend 50 per bite

Bite formula :

Pve base damage formula : 0.333 X 2726 (agility) X 1.2433 (mastery) X 2 (floor spend/25) X 1.0116 (versa) X 0.94 (core BM) = 2146.41 (2140 on Fs client)
Pvp should be Pve X 0.65 (35% reduction) : 1391 (good number for pvp reduction)

But bite in pvp do 806/805 all the time after a first hit which can be normal.
Wild Charge

|T136148:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:102416|h[Wild Charge]|h|r

The movement speed granted by wild charge isn't right, as shown on screenshots.

It should be additive
Soul of the forest re-enabled

Dev note: Spell got disabled Wednesday, and is now reenabled !
[Restoration] Overgrowth

Casting Overgrowth while Soul of the Forest is active should increase the healing of Overgrowth's Rejuvenation, instead of its Regrowth heal over time effect.

|T236160:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:158478|h[Soul of the Forest]|h|r
[PVE][BoD] Jadefire - Spirit Of Xuen

Spirit of Xuen should be stunnable on all difficulties.
[PVE][BoD] Conclave - Akunda's Wrath timer

Akunda's Wrath should be cast 25 secs after he engages the fight, and each minute after that.
At the moment Akunda's Wrath is cast 30 secs he engages the fight, and each minute after that
[PVE][BoD] Conclave - Kimbul's Wrath timer

Kimbul's Wrath should be cast 50 secs after he engages the fight, and each minute after that.
At the moment Kimbul's Wrath is cast 1 min he engages the fight
[PVE][BoD] Conclave - Pa'Ku's Wrath timer

Pa'Ku's Wrath should be cast 60 secs after entering the fight, and 70 seconds each cast after that.
At the moment Paku's Wrath is cast 70 seconds after entering the fight, and 1 min each cast after that
[PVE][BoD] Opulence - Chaotic Displacement Timer

The invulnerability debuff is applied before the teleport, people will have to stop 1 sec before the debuff expires in order not to lose it

The afflicted players receive a 6second debuff before they are teleported which indicates that they are about to swap positions. " Apply the debuff 12 sec before teleport " and show linger on them for 6 seconds after the teleport until its broken with movement "

This ability cannot target tanks or healers and will occur every 30 seconds.
[PVE][BoD] Conclave - Pets vs Summoned Raptors

Pets are not following the combat Ai system vs the summoned raptors.

Issue 1: Pets go straight in front of the raptors and get 1 shotted.
Solution: Pets of all kinds need to go behind the raptor.

Issue 2: Avoidance does reduce the damage of the raptor for pets, currently not.

Retail BM hunter pov

His pet always attacks raptors from behind, his pet never died while attacking them, never even got damaged.
[PVE][BoD] Opulence - Chaotic displacement teleport

Sometimes players affected by chaotic displacement aren't teleported which forces their pair on other room too teleport twice. First to the other room and then back to his original room.
[PVE][BoD] Opulence - Chaotic Displacement

Chaotic displacement should only target 4 people each cast, sometimes (i know you hate the word sometimes) it targets 3 or 5,6 ... etc.
[PVE][BoD] Jadefire - Spirit of Niuzao

Spirit of Niuzao should leave Trampede all over the place he walks on, Currently, he only leaves it on the spots that he leaves his image on.

Also, the image should not be even visible, only the one that is running across the maze should be visible.
[PVE][BoD] Opulence - Chaotic Displacement Pets

Pets are not teleported with their owners
[Misc][Arena] The Robodrome - Starting spot usebug

Players can literally stay in the starting spot and they will be never ported / pushed out.

[PVE][BoD] Champion - Zealotry Stacks

When adds are interrupted in mythic mode (The ones that got revived), They will add 20 stacks to boss. They shouldn't do that.
[PvE][KR] Council of Tribes

Players are complaining that they can't see some Council of Tribes bosses, while other players can see them.
Player A B C D E can see and fight 1st boss
Player A B C D E can see and fight 2nd boss
Player A D E can see and fight 3rd boss
no clue how to reproduce it
[PvE][KR] Embalming Fluid

Standing within the Embalming Fluid patches applies a stacking debuff which deals ticking damage and slows the players movement speed by 10% for 20 seconds.
Players who do not move from a patch quickly will gain stacks of the Embalming Fluid at an alarming rate, which in turn makes it more difficult to move out of the patch.

|T461804:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:271563|h[Embalming Fluid]|h|r

Currenty you can stay inside the pools without taking more than 1 stack.
Each AOE should applie 1 stack per second.
[PVE][BoD] Jaina - Ballistas Reset

When boss resets due to a wipe, if you had any ballistas that were on fire during that attempt, they'll burn forever for the following attempts. You won't even be able to put out the fire through Avalanche
[PvE][Freehold] Ring of Booty

Trothak should be attackable after 40 second.
Now he comes to arena after 32 second. It happens on all difficulties.

FS :

Retail Log :
[Misc][Vendor] JANG QUILLPAW

add missing techniques to vendor
[Misc][Profession] Skinning Leather Gathering Rank 3 Horde

Horde players loot |T1064503:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:161424::::::::120:::::|h[Ivory Handled Dagger]|h|r which begin instead of |T463557:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:161431::::::::120:::::|h[Ancient Skinning Knife]|h|r which begin

Bref, Horde loot alliance item and can't do the quest.
[Misc][Profession] Inscription - Contract

This new contract from Inscription don't work at all; it don't give +10 Reputation when you complete World Quest, and it last for ever when it should last only 7days.
|T2440517:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:165017::::::::120:::::|h[Contract: The Honorbound]|h|r

Contract: 7th Legion, for Alliance, don't give bonus reputation aswell, but last 7days as it should.
|T2440572:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:165016::::::::120:::::|h[Contract: 7th Legion]|h|r
[Misc][Item] Set Gift of the Loa don't work in BoD

|T2101985:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:290263|h[Gift of the Loa]|h|r is limited to Zuldazar open world only atm, it should be active in BoD as well
[Misc][Profession] Skinning ranks don't impact bones, skins, scales

When you use skinning on mobs from BFA, as if you have rank 2 or 3 for the different skinning ability, you only loot 1 or 2 items by types (instead of more and more with every skill rank up)
[PVE][BoD] Conclave - Gonk's Wrath melee hits

Gonk's Wrath raptors are melee hitting the players around them (not the fixated ones), resulting sometimes in a 1shot

25 February 2020

[Brewmaster] Gift of the Ox

Gift of the ox is supposed to log every "raw damage" the Monk takes, to spawn orbs at a certain threshold.

The issue is that currently, the damage logged isn't the one before stagger is applied. Even though damage done by the stagger itself is logged afterwards when it occurs, it can result in a significant loss of damage logged by Gift of the Ox in case you purify a lot of your stored stagger.

Dev note: Rewrote the script to instantly log raw damage (before stagger), Stagger damage isn't logged by Gift of the Ox anymore.
[Unholy] Necrotic Strike

UNFORTUNATELY Necrotic Strike is able to crit for the 50% of the absorbed value, at the moment on Firestorm it is unable to crit.

|T132481:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:223829|h[Necrotic Strike]|h|r
[Misc] PVP Mod for tank specs in pvp

Tank specs in pvp currently take only 25% additional dmg in pvp, a mod left from legion, while currently the value should be 40%.

With the recent nerf to tanks in pvp on retail 8.3, where it states that the dmg bonus they receive has be upped to 50% from 40%, and checking for logs for 8.3/8.2.5 changes that do not include the 2540% transition, this mod most likely was stealth added early bfa.

current 40%, upped to 50%
[Arena] The Robodrome

The Robodrome arena has currently one issue:

Eyes/Crystals (Stealth Detection) are immediatly available at arena start, should not be the case.
[Misc] Rated BG fixed!

You can now queue in Rated BG, and face 10 other players!
[Misc] Arena Replay NPC

Jazdaqat, the Arena Replay NPC has been added in Durotar (next to Orgrimar), Elwynn Forest (next to Stormwind), Hook Point (Boralus) and Mugambala (Zandalar).
It will allow you to watch any match done by someone in the top 32 of its ladder (2v2 & 3v3) from any of the involved player's point of vue!

Ready for big plays and bigger fails? :^)
[Misc] Enlistment Bonus

Enlistment has been fixed !
If a faction is outnumbered at least 1:4 by the opposing one (counting number of people in queue and on cross), their players will receive a buff that increases honor & Azerite gains!

Balance in all things...
[Misc][Item] Tidestorm codex

You do a cast but it doesn't do anything

24 February 2020

[Arms] Bastion of Might vs Ignore Pain

Currently the Ignore Pain Absorb given by this trait is not scaled down by 50% in PvP.
Might be related to maybe?

|T1377132:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:190456|h[Ignore Pain]|h|r
|T254108:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:287377|h[Bastion of Might]|h|r
[Subtlety] Night's Vengeance
[Windwalker] Touch of Death and SEF

How it's bugged
Damages don't seem to be accurate when you use SEF+Touch of Death

Test (1) : Without SEF
168380 Max Hp / Mastery : 25.66% / Mystic Touch / 0% Versa

1.05 x 0.35 x 168380 x 1.25 = 77349.56
Damage done on dummy : 77349 (Damages are fine)

Test (2) : with SEF:
168380 Max Hp / Mastery : 25.66% / Mystic Touch / 0% Versa

Base damage of ToD : 1.05 x 0.35 x 168380 x 1.25 = 77349.56

Damage done while ToD debuff is still on : 68512.7
|T574573:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:271232|h[Touch of Death Amplifier]|h|r

SEF take 30% of your damages done instead of 10%
(List of things that ToD take in account
Main body damages only here (Melee from main body are stored also)
Karma or Spells that SEF don't copy/Trinkets/Essences contribute 30% instead of 10%

68512.7 x 0.3 = 20553.81

Final Damage of ToD : 77349.56 + 20553.81 = 97903.37
Damages on dummy : 89977

Note : Also it's dosen't mater if you cast ToD first then SEF, Touch of Death Amplifier store 30% of your damages in both case if monk have SEF aura.
[Windwalker] SEF and Sunrise Technique

How it's bugged :
Clones don't copy the azerite trait "Sunrise Technique"
Each clones should put a debuff "273299" on their target and deal 45% of normal damages like any spells they copy
So one target can have 3 Sunrise Technique debuff if it's the only target

Exemple : Tooltip 696, so each one will deal 313.2 x Modifiers

|T642415:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273298|h[Sunrise Technique]|h|r
|T136038:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:137639|h[Storm, Earth, and Fire]|h|r
[Ww] SEF Clones focus

How it's bugged :
When you have more than 1 target, both clones are attacking the same target when they spawn
or when you force them to switch target with [Tiger Palm/ Bk (Any spell that apply Mark of the Crane)]
Firestorm :

How it should work :
When you cast SEF and you have more than one target, Each clone choose one target and focus it, when they switch target each one choose another target so basically they never attack the same target until you use "Fixate" or you have only one target alive.

Retail (When you Cast SEF, then Tiger Palm+Blackout Kick):

Retail (AoE) :

More info/explanation here :
[Feral] Iron Jaws
[Misc] Avoidance Stat

Avoidance stat is still broken and it is not reducing the damage of aoe spell by the propper %

dev note: Indeed... fixed !
[BoD][Opulence] Melee hit damage

Both Inzashi and Yalat melee swings damage is more than +100%, tanks are getting wrecked even while using all defensives. Opulence himself might have the same issue


19 February 2020

[Protection] Ignore Pain

Ignore Pain is not affected by any Healing Reduction Effects or by normal ones (Mortal Wounds, Wound Poison, etc)

|T1377132:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:190456|h[Ignore Pain]|h|r
The beast Within

Actually on FS when you cast Beastial Wrath hunt and pet stay feared.

Test on retail show that when hunt are fear and casting beastial wrath, fear effect is remove on pet but stay for hunt.

|T132166:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:212704|h[The Beast Within]|h|r
[Restoration] Regrowth Wrong PvP Mod

Currently Regrowth is having wrong PvP Mod on Firestorm.

Retail PvE:
Retail PvP:

Firestorm PvE:
Firestorm PvP:

As you can see from the screenshots, Regrowth has around 19%20% (1104 x 1.19/1.20 = 1318 more or less) of more healing in PvP while on Firestorm around 4%5% (1013 x 1.04/1.05 = 1053 more or less) more which is completely wrong.


[Misc] Battle Pets not saved

Since 8.2 update, some battle pets aren't being saved whenever you log out, disappearing from your collection despite the spell being known.

Dev note: Fixed the issue, it was due to the fact both Legion & BFA use the same table, and a realm's data could delete the other one. This shouldn't happen anymore BUT if you still have issues with some battle pets, please make an in game ticket or a shop ticket if it was a shop bought pet.
[PVE][AtalDazar] Instance Save

Dev note: Scripted the save of the instance, in case realm crashes during a MM+ and you triggered some mandatory events, they will be completed when you log back in!
[PVE][Underrot] Instance Save

Dev note: Scripted the save of the instance, in case realm crashes during a MM+ and you triggered some mandatory events, they will be completed when you log back in!
[PVE] BoD's Mythic Mode is out !

Mythic difficulty has been enabled on Battle of Dazar'Alor: come fight the 9 bosses at the peak of their power!
Good luck to everyone ;)

18 February 2020

[Elemental] Healing Surge

Currently Healing Surge on Elemental Spec is healing more than intended.
1,57 x 3244 x 1,65 (CorePassive) = 8403 vs 9234 ingame

Ele/Resto: |T136044:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:8004|h[Healing Surge]|h|r
[Enhancement] Stormbringer

Currently Stormbringer can proc from Abilities like Stormstrike itself, Lava Lash, Sundering or idk what else, check the whitelist pls.


Should proc only from Autoattack, Rockbiter, Windfury, Frostbrand, Flametongue, CrashLightning
Subterfuge vs Gnaw

When the rogue starts the opener and subterfuge procs, if the rogue is stunned by the ability Gnaw from dk pets, the ROGUE actionbar will refresh into normal unstealted abilities ( even if the subterfuge proc is still up) as it can be seen on gyazo gif.

Also sometimes this bug is affected by stormbolt warrior and warrior fear in arenas but i don't have any record about it.

The only mechanic that should remove subterfuge its hunter's flare spell


[Discipline] Trinity

At the moment, when you use Power Word: Shield on pets, it counts to Trinity while it should not.
Should count only players.

|T135940:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:17|h[Power Word: Shield]|h|r
[Discipline] Power Word: Shield Missing PvP Mod

Discipline spec should have 10% more healing on Power Word: Shield which is not the case on Firestorm.

|T135940:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:17|h[Power Word: Shield]|h|r
[Fire] Pyroclasm vs Hot Streak

Pyroclasm buff is getting consumed by throwing the instant Pyroblast given by Hot Streak buff.
Only the casted Pyroblast should consume Pyroclasm.
Also, when Pyroclasm triggers, you've 2 stacks of it already, should be 1.

|T236218:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:195283|h[Hot Streak]|h|r
[Survival] Serpent sting

When you apply two times serpent sting, last hit is reduced af. Like a partial damage. It should be full damage, not partial.

Serpent Sting : |T1033905:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:268423|h[Serpent Sting]|h|r
Ysera's Gift

Ysera's Gift has some wierd interaction with Bear Form.
Ysera's Gift should heal for 3% in all specs exept Guardian (in guardian spec its 1.5%), but whenever you are entering Bear Form Ysera's Gift thinks that you are in tank spec and nerfs it to 1.5% from 3%.

So Ysera's Gift shouldn't be affect by character's forms, but only from it's specs.

|T134157:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:145108|h[Ysera's Gift]|h|r
[PvE] MM+ Start conditions

You should be able to start an MM+ (inserting the key) even if you killed some of the NPCs. At the moment it says "some creatures have already been killed".
[PVE] Mythic+ Saving Progress

Dev note: Implemented a "save" system on dungeons, so if the realm crashes or restarts, when it's back up you can resume your try.

We are aware of 2 issues so far:
Sometimes only the first person to log back in has the timer visible to him (this doesn't have any impact on the key itself)
On some dungeons, mandatory events aren't properly saved, which can prevent you from completing the dungeon once you log back in. Dungeon developers are scripting those at the moment, and they will be applied ASAP.

In the meantime, any feedback on the system is welcomed!
[Misc] PvP bonus roll

At the moment, you cannot bonus roll in arena, ever.
Even if you have roll coins, you don't have the option to use them like when you kill a boss
[Misc][Racial] Zandalari - Embrace of Bwonsamdi

This Embrace of Bwonsamdi is currently procing on CC spell (Sheep, and probably other).

Edit 15.02.2020

Wowhead link: |T2446016:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:292360|h[Embrace of Bwonsamdi]|h|r

This spell should ONLY proc on damaging spells (currently it also proc on spells like sheeps for example).
[Misc][NPC] Broken AI

In Vol'dun the mob:

127758 Thornspine saurolisk got a broken AI resultinghim doing an insane amount of damage to players.
[Misc][Vol'dun] Dervish

In Vol'dun when entering the zone near the Vorrik's sanctum, you will instantly get a "buff": dervish 261477.

This deal a great amount of damage to players.

14 February 2020

[Enhancement] Ride the Lightning targetting

Forked Lightning (one of the spells that can get triggered when you have talent Ride the Lightning) can currently target Units that aren't in combat. This shouldn't be the case.
Consecration tick interval

Consecration tick interval is kinda unstable, with naked character it does different ammount of ticks. Becomes more broken if you are stacking haste gear.
Should be 1 / (1 + TotalHaste)
Different ammount of ticks screenshots:

Raise abomination vs hex

Dk pvp talent raise abomination is castable during shaman hex, which should not because "" the victim is incapacitated, and cannot attack or cast spells.""

Hex: |T237579:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:51514|h[Hex]|h|r

Raise abomination: |T298667:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288853|h[Raise Abomination]|h|r

tested 3 times in one arena vs shaman and all the 3 times i was able to use raise abomination while in hex mechanics
[Misc][Trait] Omnipotence


Should trigger when you have damaged or healed 1.5m and give a buff to primary stat

Instead it has 100% uptime, triggers as soon as you do damage atleast
[Misc][Trait] Tidal Surge vs CCs

Currently Tidal Surge is proccing on every CC spell like Polymorph, Hex etc.. while it should proc only from damaging abilities.

|T136100:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:339|h[Entangling Roots]|h|r
[Misc][Trait] Swirling Sands

Swirling Sands is increasing by 1 sec everytime you crit but has no cap. The cap should be 6 more seconds as you can see on AskMrRobot.

|T796638:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:280429|h[Swirling Sands]|h|r

11 February 2020

[Arms] Victory Rush vs Absorb-o-tron

When you damage a target that has this Trait/Absorb, it will count that you killed the little robot thing and you can use Victory Rush, which is completely wrong.

|T132342:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:34428|h[Victory Rush]|h|r
|T1336885:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:280181|h[Personal AbsorboTron]|h|r

Same happened to DK but it got fixed by Anbush:
[Elemental] Primal Elementalist CD interraction

How it's bugged :
When you have |T651081:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:117013|h[Primal Elementalist]|h|r talent and already have one elemental summoned 'Fire' per exemple' and you try to spawn earth elemental, the 2nd spell goes into cd and you get the error "You already have one creature summoned"

How it should work:
You shouldn't get any CD if you don't correctly summon the elemental
[Elemental] Lightning Lasso
Pickpocket spell

The spell "Pickpocket" doesnt work.

Psychic Scream

Targets that got affected by Psychic Scream should flee away with fear, but currently they stay on one place.

|T136184:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:8122|h[Psychic Scream]|h|r
[Discipline] Shadow Mend Missing PvP Mod

Shadow Mend is missing 25% more healing in PvP instances.

|T136202:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:186263|h[Shadow Mend]|h|r
[Holy] Holy Shock crit chance

Holy Shock still benefits from the x2 crit chance of Legion, when it should only have the +30% from BFA.

At the moment, if you have 35% crit on your char, your holy shock will always crit (35 x 2 + 30) instead of having 65% crit chance
[Fire] Cauterized reset

The Debuff Cauterized should not remove after you die in open world/dungeon. It should reset only in raids after encounter reset
[Misc][Arena] Black Rook Hold Arena

Black Rook Hold Arena's gates should stay like on screenshot when an arena start. Atm, sometimes, gates can get closed or opened randomly. You can get stuck in starting arena with that.
[Misc][Quest] Lordaeron_27098

Should not be auto completed, atm it is
[Misc][Quest] Cornered and Crushed!_27194

NPC at quest rewarder are phased out and therefore player can't reward this quest
[Misc][Quest] Lordaeron_27098

Normally once the quest accepted the player gets on a mount and follows Lady to the point of arrival.

Atm nothing happened, Lady are just staying.
[Misc][Quest] Lordaeron_27098

Dialog missing because because the cutscene does not start, normally once the quest accepted the player gets on a mount and follows Lady to the point of arrival
[Misc][Trait] Bonded Souls - Perma Combat

If someone has the [Trait Bonded Souls] and walks nearby a ghost it causes Perma combat ( with reaping )

|T895888:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288802|h[Bonded Souls]|h|r
[Misc][Quest] The Warchief's Fleet_27065

Missing speech

Admiral Hatchet says: Who's not drunk, Torok?
Warlord Torok says: Including me?
Admiral Hatchet says: Yes.
Warlord Torok says: <hic>! Well... Let's see... By my count, nobody. The whole crew's drunk out of their gourds, admiral... 'cept the sea pups... <hic!>
[PVE] Ivus the Decayed : Playgueling

Sometimes the adds go undermap and the boss need to be reset for have a chance to kill him.
[Misc][Darkshore] Cyclarus

The visual effect are missing [Windwall](|T1029585:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288705|h[Windwall]|h|r) and he deal no damage [Windwall](|T1029585:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288700|h[Windwall]|h|r)
[Misc][Darkshore] Lor'Danel plague

Players should get the Aura 285233 while within Lor'Danel area that's taken over by plague
[Misc] Aoe Heal Cap

There are a few spells that are missing a certain mechanic to make them less powerful when it comes to area of effect healing for bigger and bigger raid groups/amount of targets. Here is an explanation for how this mechanic should work for Halo as example:
''At the time you cast Halo, each ally within 40 yards performs a clump check
This clump check looks to see how many allies are within 30 yards of them.
The total number of allies within 30 yards of them then determines how much that target is healed by Halo if hit by it.
The amount healed is the amount shown on the tooltip, if there are 6 or fewer allies within 30 yards of them.
The amount healed is the tooltip_amount 6 / number_of_targets if there are more than 6 allies within 30 yards of them.''

Do note that this clump check should only take into consideration players.

Link to the Website with the info:
Bluepost concerning this mechanic:

|T537026:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:110744|h[Divine Star]|h|r
|T135734:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:123986|h[Chi Burst]|h|r
[PvE][SoB] Stand By Me

Achievment doesn't count when completed correctly.

9 February 2020

[PvE][TD] Block Warden

The trash Block Warden just before Jes Howlis, doesn't use the spell lockdown.
Pbly due to the fact that he fight other trashs ?

PS: he does only if you kill the trash around him and then reset him, aka never
[PvE] Mobs with pathways vs CC

In dungeons

If you CC a trash that is not the leader of of formation, he will till folow. Aka "walk" under CC.
You can see several exemples on gifs bellows.

How it should work:

If you CC (imprison, sap, para, ...) the leader, the formation should stop patroling (until the cc expire)
if another trash get CC, he shouldn't move, beeing "appart" of the formation.

PS: i guess it happens also in open world.

7 February 2020

Health Funnel

Pet shouldn't run around your character like crazy, when you are casting Health Funnel into him.

Retail GIF:
[Demonology] Umbral Blaze vs From the Shadows

Damage from Umbral Blaze should be affected by the talent From the Shadows. Right now it's not.

|T1378282:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:267170|h[From the Shadows]|h|r
|T236296:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273523|h[Umbral Blaze]|h|r
[Restoration] Healing Surge Missing PvP Mod

After few tests on retail I've noticed that Healing Surge is doing 15% more healing in PvP;
this PvP Mod is not applied on Firestorm.

Retail PvE:
Retail PvP:

Firestorm PvE:
Firestorm PvP:

As you seen on last gyazo link, healing stays the same after attacking a Player

|T136044:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:8004|h[Healing Surge]|h|r
[Enhancement] Ride the Lightning

Ride the Lightning behavior is wrong on Firestorm, it is casting CL on Single Target while it should cast CL only when 2 or more targets are near the caster.



|T839974:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:289874|h[Ride the Lightning]|h|r

_CL = Chain Lightning_
[Frost] Chill Streak Wrong Formula

Chill Streak is currently focusing companion pets which is not the case, this spell should only focus players AND normal pets. Formula is also wrong

|T429386:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:305392|h[Chill Streak]|h|r

Infected's note: the bouncing speed should be slowed a little bit, watched few retail vids and it isn't bouncing that fast as Firestorm
[PvE] Knockout immunity on NPCs

Regarding a fix that was made yday, now a lot o thrashs are now immune to a knockout. (knockout mechanic refer to spell like RoP, Thyphoon .... Take note that you also should be able to grip them)

Here is the detailed list.



Shrine of the Storm:



King's Rest:


Siege of Boralus:

Temple of Sethraliss:

Tol Dagor:
[Misc] Raid buffs on MM+

Raid buffs (like Mage Intellect buff, or Priest Stamina buff) should be removed on MM+ start, if the caster of the buff isn't in your group (to avoid every possible group having all possible buffs)
[PVE][Elder Stonefort] Entrance missing

Report link:

The Lower Black Rock Spire Portal is missing on Sethraliss as you can see on the screenshot.

This portal is needed to complete the following achievement:
[PVE][Fireland] Wrong loot table in HM

When you do the raid Firelands in heroic mode, you get the normal stuff loot table instead of the heroic mode loot.
[Misc][Quest] The Warpack

When player take and do the quest, the final NPC don't appear. (

Players tried to relog, retake the quest without succes
[PvE][ToS] Xuen vs Lightning Shield

How it's bugged :
Xuen is getting targeted by Lightning Shield damages, since he's doing AoE damages with his Crackling Tiger Lightning ()

Same thing for |T606548:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:287055|h[Fury of Xuen]|h|r (Azerite trait: who invoke Xuen for 6sec)

How it should work :
Xuen (Pet) should be immune to Lightning Shield

|T136051:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:263246|h[Lightning Shield]|h|r
|T620832:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:280753|h[Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger]|h|r

6 February 2020

[Subtlety] Shuriken Storm

From what I've seen Shuriken Storm might has wrong formula on Firestorm.
0,243 x (28,8 x 6 + 414) x 1,21 = 172 vs 132 ingame

|T1375677:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:197835|h[Shuriken Storm]|h|r
[Outlaw] Outlaw Mastery and Combat Potency

The Outlaw Rogue mastery: Main Gauche should count as an offhand attack and therefore triggering Combat Potency. (Every Main Gauche attack has 75% chance to regen 10 energy).

Currently, it doesn't.

Credit :
Mastery : Main Gauche : |T135651:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:76806|h[Mastery: Main Gauche]|h|r
Main Gauche (attack) : |T135651:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:86392|h[Main Gauche]|h|r
Combat Potency : |T135673:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:35551|h[Combat Potency]|h|r
Cloak of shadows

Cloak of shadows shouldn't drop flag on bgs

|T136177:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:31224|h[Cloak of Shadows]|h|r
[Outlaw] Mastery: Main Gauche

Mastery: Main Gauche is missing CorePassive on its formula.
Retail: 2 x (28,8 x 6 + 414) x 0,1276(Mastery(False)) x 1,13(CorePassive) = 170

Firestorm: 2 x (28,8 x 6 + 414) x 0,1276(Mastery(False)) = 149,7 < Firestorm

Wowhead: |T135651:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:76806|h[Mastery: Main Gauche]|h|r
Divine star targeting issues

Currently Divine Star can target companions (battle pets) and players that involved in Duel, friendly Npcs, literally EVERYTHING, even gm triggers.
Greater Fade

_Greater Fade lasts 4 sec or until you take a hostile action._
At the moment you can cast everything while under the effect of it. It should remove if you cast any harmful/hostile action.

|T135994:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:213602|h[Greater Fade]|h|r
[Retribution] Shield of Vengeance

Pala rets' Shield of Vengeance is not affected by Wound Poison when it should be.

Note that I tested the spell with dampening and it is reduced by dampening but not by wound poison of rogues. (I didn't test other healing reduction spells like MS)

Shield of Vengeance : |T236264:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:184662|h[Shield of Vengeance]|h|r
[Beastmastery] Pet Melee Missing PvP Mod

Pet Melee is missing PvP Mod of 0.90 damage. Instead it is doing the same damage as PvE.


Formula: 0.6 x (38.3 x 6 + 414) / 6 x 2 x 1,152(Mastery) x 1(Versa) x 0,94(CorePassive) = 139 vs 123 ingame
It's hitting 123 so it has a PvP Mod.

On Firestorm it is hitting 138, why? Cuz no PvP Mod applied.
Dire Beast : Basilisk

From test on retail:

WeaponDps : ((692 + 936) / 2) / 3 = 5.5
AbilityDamage : 5.5 6 + 4888 = 4921
Mastery : 15.20%
Versa : 1.15%
Damage = 2669 (non crit)
So formula of melee did by Basilisk is :
0.7073 X AbilityDamage X PetDamageMult X ArmorReduction (0.7 dummy) X Core (0.94)

Curently on FS it's underestimated,
with my char : Ability dmg : 9397 / mastery : 39.58% / Versa : 0.98 % i did only 4680 damge instead of 6187.73

The previous formula was a theorycraft without retail checking made in 8.0.

|T1412204:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:205691|h[Dire Beast: Basilisk]|h|r
[Misc] Darkshore toys

|T1379232:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:166790::::::::120:::::|h[Highborne Memento]|h|r

Supposed to turn you into a ghost for 10 min. No aura and no transformation. Some short glowing animation halo around you and then nothing.

Narassin's Soul Gem
|T133239:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:166784::::::::120:::::|h[Narassin's Soul Gem]|h|r

Can be casted on living living targets as well as dead one. Should only be able to cast on dead ones. When cast your char is supposed to hold it up and a lifesteal like ray is supposed to radiate from the gem.

Twiddle Twirler: Sentinel's Glaive
|T2200994:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:166787::::::::120:::::|h[Twiddle Twirler: Sentinel's Glaive]|h|r

Supposed to look like you're holding a war glaive as a fidget spinner. Instead it summons a rabbit with the name spinning. Since fidget spinners are cancer maybe best to leave? :)

Twiddle Twirler: Shredder Blade
|T134427:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:166788::::::::120:::::|h[Twiddle Twirler: Shredder Blade]|h|r

Same problem as Twiddle Twirler: Sentinel's Glaive.

Detoxified Blight Grenade
|T252179:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:166785::::::::120:::::|h[Detoxified Blight Grenade]|h|r

Seems to work proper
[PvE][SoB] Losing My Profession

Objects are spawned, however, when player interacts with them with correct proffesion, there is no gossip to spawn the rare npcs.

Video guide
[PvE][SoB] Ashvane Cannoneer

His spell |T252185:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:268260|h[Broadside]|h|r does not always aim where he is currently looking,and you can't dodge his attack 100%.

This is where I was:
This is where he actually shot:
[PVE] Timed Detonation stack on pet

Timed Detonation of first boss : |T615339:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:256137|h[Timed Detonation]|h|r can target the pet (like hunt, mage, lock pet) and stack on him. It should not.
[PvE][ToS] Galvazzt beacons

Beacons shouldn't spawn inside of the boss.

been looking for shit tonn of videos, and tried it myself on retail and it never happened, but currently it can happen in 8.0. and 8.2 aswel

They should spawn around the boss at a set range (i guess between 15 to 20y) but only insied the boss room.

Also the spawning timers are a bit off. They should overlap aka when the first beacon spawned, after 45 ticks another one spawned. When the first expire a new one spawn, and so on ...

1st: 45 ticks > 2nd spawn
1st expire, 3rd spawn
2nd expire, 4th spawn

The second beacon seemed to prespawn (animation aoe on the ground) at the 4th tick of the first one and became active like 34 ticks later, so at least 4s later.

seen in this video :
[PvE][Sob] Ashvane Spotter Sighted Artillery

Currently, the Spotter's Sighted Artillery doesn't damage the spotter but damages every single other mobs in the instance, this is half true.

The spotter's Sighted Artillery should not hit these mobs as well :
Ashvane Commander :
Ashvane Spotter : (of course)
Bilge Rat Demolisher :
Ashvane Cannoneer :

Note that the Sighted Artillery should work on boss adds but not boss itself.
(Normal cannoneer is not affected by the spotter but the boss cannoneer is affected)
[PvE][Sob] Ashvane Spotter and Asvane Sniper

Currently, the Ashvane spotter's Sighted Artillery breaks hard cc on Snipers when it deals damage.

It should not.

Screen (retail) :
[PvE][Motherlode] Azerite Extractor

applies a different version of BURSTING and NECROTIC based on how many you pull and kill
Example : 3 different versions,1 for the rat,and 2 for each extractor
Example 2:
[PvE][TD] Irontide Raider and affixes

The adds inside the cells in Tol Dagor shouldn't proc any on death affixes if they are pulled / released during Jes Howlis boss fight.

They should only proc them if a player open their cages / cells before pulling Jes Howlis.
They should give trash count if a player open their cages / cells before pulling Jes Howlis.

It's explained on this video.

Plus proff here : as you can see no bursting when they died / didn't give any %.

Currently they always proc on death affixes + never give trash count
[PvE][BoD] Jaina - Stuck in combat

The entire raid was stuck in combat after defeating Jaina we were unable to loot the chest because of this issue.

Feign death and other combat escapes didn't even work, we had to alt f4 and come back.
[PvE] Mythic+ Reset of Bloodlust

When you start a new key, any previous debuff from used bloodlust should be reset.

(Make sure to also cancel the bloodlust aura at start of the key so that people can't double bloodlust on start)
[Misc] Crowd control vs range aggro

A lot of CC doesn't act as they should.

They have 2 separate "effect"
Generates no threat when used on the target
Reduce the aggro range

Take note that of the following spells only sap and imprison should reduce the aggro range to 0, and thus allowing to skip packs in dungeons.


The only spell that is working "normally" is paralysis: |T629534:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:115078|h[Paralysis]|h|r

Others are not.

|T135834:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:187650|h[Freezing Trap]|h|r




Ps: asked a lot of test on retail about this
[PVE] Pet take debuff from Static Pulse

On FS pet take damage and debuff fromStatic Pulse :|T136050:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:262347|h[Static Pulse]|h|r .

FS :

He should not, like retail.

4 February 2020

[Demonology] Grimoire: Felguard

Duration should be 15sec, atm its around 16.5 resulting extra hits.
[Demonology] Random Demon: Bilescourge

Duration of pet should be 15sec,
atm its liek 13,5, and last hit is missing
[Destruction] Internal Combustion + DMG Buffs

If sth buffs dmg (ex. 10% more dmg Eradiction) it should buff 10% dmg of Immolate Ticks and that will indirectly buff IC, but IC it self should not get buff.

|T236220:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:266134|h[Internal Combustion]|h|r
[elemenental] Surge of power

|T136088:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:262303|h[Surge of Power]|h|r
atm on live surge of power is not empowering lava burst, with the other spells works fine
[Enhancement] Roiling storm

Roiling storm is not increasing the damage like it is supposed to be.
Added 3 traits roiling storm 370 ilvl tested with two builds:
1st build: 3 roiling : damage gained : (+13303) / what it gave 2150
spell indicated : 3550 so it should be 3550 + 13303
2nd build: with no roiling ==> Damage 3550
Mind Control

There are 2 important issues on Mind control:

When the MC ends, the target you were controlling gets teleported back to its original position.

i have tried this on dev and it works fine the way to test it is get 1 healer 1 dps and priest on the other team when the priest mind controls ur dps he should become hostile which is working correctly on dev realm. Currently on sethraliss (cross most likely) when u mind control a enemy they don't become hostile to their partner meaning they could heal their partner and so forth) making this spell even more useless
Divine Shield vs Sinister Gladiator's Safeguard
[Retribution] Unbound Freedom

Currently if you will cast it on yourself, it still can be dispelled or spellstealed, but if you will cast it on another friendly target its fine.

|T135968:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:305394|h[Unbound Freedom]|h|r
[Fire] Pyromaniac

The talent currently seems non functional.
It should have an 8% to regain Hot Streak when using instant Pyroblast or instant Flamestrike with a previous hot streak proc.

Kill command can be dodged or blocked


Kill command id : 34026 for BM, id : 259489 for SV can't be dodged, blocked or parried. :

Survival : |T132176:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:259489|h[Kill Command]|h|r
Beast Mastery : |T132176:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:34026|h[Kill Command]|h|r

On FS he have a chance to be dodged :
When some classes use spell of "avoidance" they can dodge it : like rogue (evasion), or dh (blur) which should never happen
[Beastmastery] Pet Bite Missing PvP Mod

Pet Bite is missing PvP Mod of 0.65 damage. Instead it is doing the same damage as PvE.


Formula: 0,333 x 413(AttackPower) x 1,152(Mastery) x 1(Versa) x 0,94(CorePassive) x 2(Focus>50) = 297
It's hitting 184 so it has a PvP Mod.

On Firestorm it is hitting 297, why? Cuz no PvP Mod applied.

[Feral] Feral Frenzy

Currently the secont part of Feral Frenzy is wrong, even with .unaura all the damage doesn't match the formula so I suppose it has wrong formula.

|T132140:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:274837|h[Feral Frenzy]|h|r
[PvE][ToS] Adderis and Aspix vs Necrotic

currently each of them apllies his own necrotic

[PvE][AD] Gilded Priestess vs Affixes

applies a different version of necrotic and bursting.
Second 1 stack of bursting deals same damage as your high stack of bursting.

Example : bursting,that 1 stack does same damage as the 5
Example 2:
[PVE][BoD] Stormwall - Siren moving

Siren has the chance to randomly move across the boat once she engages
[Misc][Quest] The World Awaits

The quest The World Awaits (Horde Side) is not completable at the NPC.

quest Link:
NPC link:
[PvE][WM] Gorak Tul - Dread Essence

Whenever the boss casts Dread Essence, it should heal all alive Slavers to full health, currently, it only ressurects the nonburned bodies and ressurects them to full health.
[PvE][WM] Lady Waycrest - Phase 1 immune should be immune to kicks while she has her 99% damage reduction aura,she currently can always be kicked.
[Pve][Atal'Dazar] Yazma Loot

Yazma trinket loot [Item ID =159610] Vessel of skittering shadows can be looted on healer spec, it shouldn't.
This is a role dps trinket and cannot be looted in any healer spec (Discipline priest included)
[Misc][Quest] Massacre At Light's Point

Dk starting zone:

The quest has a malfunctioning cannon The cannon is able to kill only one NPC at a time, so you must fire it about 100 times in order to complete this essential quest. Should be easy to fix.
[PvE][ToS] Eye of Sethraliss

on mythic + mode should each give 5.45%,for a total of 10.9%,they currently only give 5.45% total.

PTR live:
Retail :
[Misc][Quest] Bloody Breakout

DK starting zone:
This quest doesn't work at all. When you complete the objective and go to complete it, the NPC to complete it should wake up from the bed and give you the next one, but it never does this, so you are stuck.
I can get more details if needed.
[PvE][WM] Lord Waycrest - Waisting Strike should recast his ability |T132100:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:261438|h[Wasting Strike]|h|r if he fails to finish his cast.

currently the tank can just side step it, move away a little, and boss doesn't recast.
[Misc][Quest] For Zandalar P1 - K'zoltec missing

Players are stuck in the scenario at the beggining,

They had to road K'zoltec, but he don't appear.
[PvE][TD] Despondent Scallywag & Bolstering

The neutrals should only proc bolstering between them, not to other aggressive trashs.
[PvE][Affix] Sanguine vs Reaping

Reaping Souls should not be healed by sanguine affix.
[Misc] Dark Shore & Arathi Portals

Portals are overlapping on top of each other...
There shouldn't be TWO portals for one location#
There should only be one portal for Arathi and one portal for dark shore when it is available.

Go on live now, you will see another Arathi portal inside Darkshore portal
its a 50/50 chance to get ported to the wrong location..

There should be one portal for each zone and they should not be in the same spot.
[Misc][Item] Sinister Gladiator's Maledict

The healing absorb is scaling with versatility, but the way it's scripted currently, it gets applied on each tick, which is wrong. Instead of doing for example 10000 > 20000 > 30000 it does 10000 > 23000 > 40000.

Dev note: Rescripted so versatility is only counted once.
[PVE][BoD] Mekkatorque - Gigavolt Charge Texture

On Skull marker, the texture is still uncertain, 90% of the times, the bomb explodes into the whole raid.

30 January 2020

[BOD] Mekkatorque Buster Cannon Target

Doesn't go exactly where it should be, a few degrees of difference.

We think the boss moves between the start and the end of the cannon loading time. To hit his initial target which is supposed to be able to dodge this attack.
[PvE][SoB] Srimshaw Gutter & Kul Tiran Footman

|T236304:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273930|h[Hindering Cut]|h|r and |T133724:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:256616|h[Tooth Breaker]|h|r both cause spells to be unusable after a few applications of the debuff.

Example with more than 1 debuff: you literally can't use some cooldowns for a while after this happens.

28 January 2020

[Misc][Quest] Moxie Lockspinner disappear

When player reward one of the 2 quest the NPC gave, she disappear and players are no more able to reward the 2nd quest and continue the questline.

Quests :
[PvE][SotS] Aqu'sirr

This boss shouldn't be able to move.
[PvE][Waycrest] Bosses vs Necrotic

These bosses don't trigger necrotic, but they should
[PVE][SotS] Aqi'sirr

Randomly changes the way he looks while casting Surging Rush
[PvE][SotS] Abyssal Eel vs on death affixes

shouldn't proc on death affixes.
[Misc] Crafting interrupted

Problem with work, we can't do "craft all". The craft stops immediately after the first object created. This is an aura problem because when we remove all the aura the bug disappears. But he comes back later.

List of aura that cause this bug :
Ysera's gift Aura ID 145108
Ancient Ahk Talisman ID 287774 / 287775 / 287777
Honorless Target ID 2479

Dev note: Made a generic fix that should prevent all similar auras casted periodically to cancel your crafts clientside
[PvE][AD] Vol'kaal vs Holy Priests

Currently Holy Priests will never be affected by Vol'Kaal's green pools that are spawning under players on phase 2.
[PvE][SotS] Vol'zith the Whisperer vs Holy Priests

Currently Holy Priests will never be affected by Whispers of Power during Vol'zith the Whisperer fight.

|T1386549:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:267034|h[Whispers of Power]|h|r
[Misc][Quest] Global report concerning phasing on questlines

This bug is about 90% of the IG tickets concerning quest issues.

How to reproduce : add 2 or 3 quest which will following, complete and reward one of them, the NPC will disappear and player will not able to rewards others quests. The player is no more able to continue the questline without doing a ticket, due to invisible NPC, GM have to complete, reward and add the next quests.

Alliance side :
Stormsong Valley :
Add +
Complete and reward

Horde side :
Nazmir :
Take + (warning, this quest is not give by an NPC, it's auto added to players) +
Complete and reward one of theses 2 last quest in the wrong order and the NPC will disappear.

Take +
complete and reward > you'r fucked
[Misc][Enchanting] Coastal Surge

1.When Coastal Surge procs it doesn't do any healing.

2.Coastal Surge should proc from Hots
[Misc][Item] BoD's item set Keepsakes of the Resolute Commandant

Atm if you got 2 exemplars of the sword equipped, it activates the effect of the set.
The set should be completed only if you wear weapon + Ring.

|T135780:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:290362|h[Keepsakes of the Resolute Commandant]|h|r
[USEBUG] Autoattack speed

You can make your main hand autoattack speed really fast. Simply log your character with second game window, while attacking a dummy.
(to fix the issue, just reequip your weapon)

27 January 2020

[Demonology] Hand of Gul'dan

"...and summons up to 3 Wild Imps, based on Soul Shards consumed."
IF target dies and you already casted spell (while meteor is travelling to the ground, mob died) imps wont be summoned.
Imps should be summoned, becouse you spend shard, it doesnt matter if target is hit or no, just on spent shards.

"..Deals up to [3 (16% of Spell power)] Shadowflame damage on impact to all enemies within 8 yds of the target..."
IF target dies and you already casted spell (While meteor is travelling to the ground, mob died), spell wont hit other mobs that are near its location, but it should since its AOE.

|T535592:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:105174|h[Hand of Gul'dan]|h|r
[Windwalker] Pressure Points Reset CD

How it's bugged :
When you have |T606552:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:287599|h[Pressure Points]|h|r talent, and cast Touch of Death on your target and the target die by anything else while the debuff is still up, your ToD CD isn't reseted.
[Mistweaver] Overflowing Mist + Mist Wrap Duration

How it's bugged :
|T775461:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273334|h[Overflowing Mists]|h|r Overflowing Mist duration isn't increased when you pick |T988196:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:197900|h[Mist Wrap]|h|r talent

How it should work:
Overflowing Mist should have the same duration as Enveloping mist no matter what
[Windwalker] Sunrise Technique and Mastery

How it's bugged :
After few tests on retail, Sunrise Technique don't seem to be affected by Mastery even if AskMrrobot is saying that it does

Test : Tooltip 639
639 x 0.79 x 0.7 x 1.05 = 371.03
Retail : 369

How it should work :
|T642415:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273298|h[Sunrise Technique]|h|r should be affected by Core passive, Armor reduction, Mystic Touch and Versatility only
[Windwalker] Glory of the Dawn and Mastery

How it's bugged :
After few tests on retail, Glory of the Dawn don't seem to be affected by Mastery even if AskMrrobot is saying that it does

Test : Tooltip 13294 / Versatility 0.99%
13294 x 0.79 x 0.7 x 1.05 x 1.0099 = 7795.58
Retail : 7796

How it should work :
|T1381297:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288634|h[Glory of the Dawn]|h|r should be affected by Core passive, Armor reduction, Mystic Touch and Versatility only
Strength of Spirit

How it's bugged :
1) Mistweaver only : |T606546:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:274774|h[Strength of Spirit]|h|r isn't affected by Monk Core passive (40%)

2) All specs ; Strength of Spirit isn't affected by Versatility

How it should work :
Strenght of Spirit should be affected by both MistWeaver Core passive and Versatility.
[Restoration] Solar Wrath Empowerment in Balance Affinity

Empowered Solar Wrath doesn't get any bonus after you cast Starsurge with Balance Affinity.
It works if you are Feral and Guardian spec (this is fixed before). but not if you are Restoration spec using Balance Affinity.
Links with correct IDs for spells are under, becouse Solar Wrath and other spells don't use same ID in different specs.
Balance Affinity as Restoration uses different ID than Feral and Guardian aswell.
Travel Form

Basically if you get in combat while in Travel Form you should not get slowed, it should happen only when you cast/recast it while in combat.


|T132144:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:783|h[Travel Form]|h|r
[PVE][BOD] Mekkatorque Hide doesn't work behind rock

Even if the players are hiding behind the rocks with : |T2065637:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:286646|h[Gigavolt Charge]|h|r

they can take loads of
|T136050:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:283411|h[Gigavolt Blast]|h|r

And player behind the rock take 3 stack instead of 1.

Maybe it's a texture bug
[PVE][BoD] Mekkatorque - Crash Down

Crash Down hits twice even when player is outside of the Impact circle, This shouldn't happen, the damage that's beeing dealt is like if player was inside the circle, Only 1 damage should be applied.
[PVE][BoD] Stormwall - Kelp-Wrapping

KelpWrapped Debuff from tanks does not apply KelpWrapping on nearby allies and enemies (Except the boss)
[PVE][BOD] Mekkatorque - Shrunk

During the shrinkage, some players cannot enter the robots (the mouse remains a sword especially during the 1st narrowing of the transition), but can enter it once they have returned to their normal size.
[PVE][BoD] Mekkatorque - Tank targeting

[Shrunk](|T236446:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:284168|h[Shrunk]|h|r) and [Gigavolt charge](|T2065637:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:286646|h[Gigavolt Charge]|h|r) never target tanks. Normally, they can affect tanks, even the target of Mekkatorque.

Shrunk proof ( for ):
[Threat]() vs [Debuff]()
[PVE][BoD] Mekkatorque - Shrink

The number of people [shrunk](|T134164:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:284219|h[Shrink]|h|r) in p2 must be half the group with a limit of 11.

15 players = 7 shrunk per wave
20 players = 9 shrunk per wave
25 players = 11 shrunk per wave
30 players = 11 shrunk per wave
[PVE][BoD] Opulence - Doors

1)The Doors to Opulence Constructs should only close once construct has passed into the next room, Currently, they close on a timer.
Video Proof (From the start of the video)

2)Also, Doors around Opulence it self should NEVER close, all 4 ways should be opend for the duration of the fight. Video Proof :
[PVE][BoD] Opulence - Ruby Beam

When one ruby beam ends, another one should be already spawning 3 seconds after the previous one stopped spreading, currently, it takes like 8 seconds to spawn another one.

Another issue, The beam should show where the beam is pointing to everyone, currently, only the marked player which it will follow will see it.

Whenever a beam is about to spawn, and the swirly circle is on the ground, it shouldn't be moving (the circle) only the beam it self should be moving when it spawns.
[PVE][BoD] Rastakhan - Greater Serpent Totem

Any remaining Greater Serpent Totem should disappear once entering PH2
[PVE]BoD] Mekkatorque - Melee

Currently melee autoattacks does low damage on all difficulties.

[PVE][BoD] LFR Alliance transfer to Horde

On Alliance side of LFR, player are not beeing changed to Horde when they enter the wing.
[PVE][BoD] Mekkatorque - Shrunk on Tanks

Shrunk should be able to target tanks, However, it should target only 1 tank at a time.
Video Proof: 1:20 in the video.
[PVE][BoD] Mekkatorque - Spark Bots Root

Spark Bots can be mass rooted in the air, making them inactive for 40 seconds, they won't cast stun and won't follow players.
[Misc][Mount] Stormcrow (from shop) disappeared

Player who buy on the shop haven't got it anymore.

This mount was create as a custom spell but it's add IG now.

It's quite urgent because player buy it in the shop with their money.
[PVE][BoD] Jaina - Alliance Release Spirit

After alliance players kill Jaina and release spirit, (If dead) they will be teleported back to the encounter boat, instead of the finish boat in boralus.
[PVE][BoD] Mekkatorque - Pterrodaxes

The Pterradoxes dissapear once taken, meaking that if you disconnect or die and release on the trash pack before Mekkatorque, you will be stuck on the balcony.
[PVE][BoD] Jaina - Ring of Ice LFR

On LFR Difficulty, Ring of Ice shouldn't root players that are outside of the circle.

[PVE][BoD] Opulence - Spirit of Gold Movment speed

Spirits of Gold do not reset to thier normal movment speed once they have been slowed.

24 January 2020

[Fury] Enraged Regeneration

Enraged Regeneration healing part stopped working after the latest fixes.

|T132345:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:184364|h[Enraged Regeneration]|h|r
[Holy] Avenging Crusader Missing PvP Mod

Reverted the pvp mod, which was apparently wrong.
Back to 250% heal now.
[Marksmanship] Lone Wolf

|T1033494:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:155228|h[Lone Wolf]|h|r

Lone Wolf increases the damage of the hunter by 10%
All his abilities you can see in the link all the affected spells

Atm It is not increasing the damage of Auto shot by 10%
I did 514 auto attack damage with and without the buff for 10 minute test.
[PVE][Uldir] Mother - Trash Crawgs ignoring stuns

Trash crawgs are ignoring stuns
[Misc][Quest] Repairing the Past

Players cannot complete the quest. Akunda does not appear.
[Misc] Cast issue when dismounting in world

Some players complaining about that they can't cast anymore after dismounting on a building.
"can't do it while in movement"

The problem is also the same with Mage transfer in arathie
[PVE][BoD] Mekkatorque - Idle bots

If you die while fixated by a bot, this one will stop moving.
It's targetrelated, if you use spells that reset aggro such as Vanish and Feign Death, the bot will stop moving.
[PVE][BoD] Mekkatorque - Spark Bot fixate

Fixate from Spark Bot should dissapear once shrunk player enters another Spark bot, currently, they will be stacked on top of eachother.
[PvE][ToS] Static-charged Dervishe(s)

Staticcharged Dervishes, mobs before the 3rd boss in Temple of Sethraliss, are spazzing out all over the place when being pulled, making it very annoyng to predict their movement and damage. Clip only shows one spazzing out, previously it was all of them but one, but we couldn't get a good clip in time
[PVE][BoD] Mekkatorque - Wormhole Generator

Wormhole Generator selects dead players, It shouldn't
it also teleports all dead players.
[PVE][BoD] Jaina - Wall of Ice 1st intermission

When player interrupt Jaina's Howling Winds during 1st intermission that Wall of Ice should spawn in 10 sec after interrupting spell.
[Misc][Quest] Of No Consequence_27547

[Cowering Trooper]( dont count
[Misc] RPPM Calculation

We're currently missing the reset of the "last proc" and "last proc attempt" on raid boss pull & arena start.

Dev note: Added, and also on aura apply (meaning your trinket or weapon won't proc right away if you just equipped it)

23 January 2020

[Arms] Intimidating Presence

As you can see after fear expired or get removed from target the debuff doesnt pop and i will not get any damage prevented from that azerite trait.
Even i got the debuff on myself while it should be on enemies who got the intimidating shout.

|T132126:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288642|h[Intimidating Presence]|h|r
[General] Soul Shards

While out of combat you should generate up to 3 Soul Shards, atm once you log, no matter how long you wait, you wont get any shard.
But if you respec,. you will regen them up to 3.
[Holy] Spells taking AttackPower instead of SP

Currently all spells (I tested only Holy Light, Holy Shock) benefits from AttackPower and not from SpellPower which is weird.

Dev note: same issue as for Monks, was due to a bad fix which got reverted, sorry !
[Windwalker] Invoke Xuen and Melee

How it's bugged :
1) Melee from Xuen aren't scalling with Haste, did the test with 10% and 20% no difference in numbers of hits

2) Also numbers of hits are false, at the moment Xuen last for less than 20sec and he does only 19 hits with Melee and Crackling Tiger Lightning

How it should work
Xuen melee should scall dynamically with haste player

Invoke Xuen, the White tiger should last for 21sec and have to do exactly 21 hits of melee (21 + Haste) and 21 hits of Crackling Tiger Lightning

Melee retail :
Crackling retail :

Don't forget to apply this to Fury of Xuen aswell (Azerite trait)
[Windwalker] Bases Damages

Following a recent fix, formulas no longer match for most spells.

Dev note: reverted the wrong fix, sorry !
Necrotic strike vs Festering wound

Necrotic strike does not convert the last Festering wound, so out of 3, 1 necrotic will not do anything just damage.

|T132481:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:223829|h[Necrotic Strike]|h|r

|T1129420:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:194310|h[Festering Wound]|h|r

Tested on both dev and live.

Note for devs: actually with 6 stacks if you explode 5 festering wound and with the last wound you use necrotic it won't apply necrotic strike healing debuff.

Also can clearly see on the gyazo gif that with 3 hits it should be 150k absorb but it is still 100k.
[Misc] Spellpower formula issue

Currently for classes that are using abilitydamage(true) part in their formulas to count spellpower is missing weapon dps part in spellpower formula.
How it should be for ret paladins (making an example for ret palas) :
> ((weapon dps x 6) + attackpower ) x 0.96

How does it work now for ret paladins:
> attackpower x 0.96
[PVE][BoD] Mekkatorque - Buster Cannon

If you get hit by Buster Cannon, some of your hasteaffected spells can no longer be used.
The same goes when you apply dots on boss while with Buster Cannon debuff,