BFA - Live Changelog

January 28, 2020

[Misc][Quest] Moxie Lockspinner disappear

When player reward one of the 2 quest the NPC gave, she disappear and players are no more able to reward the 2nd quest and continue the questline.

Quests :
[PvE][SotS] Aqu'sirr

This boss shouldn't be able to move.
[PvE][Waycrest] Bosses vs Necrotic

These bosses don't trigger necrotic, but they should
[PVE][SotS] Aqi'sirr

Randomly changes the way he looks while casting Surging Rush
[PvE][SotS] Abyssal Eel vs on death affixes

shouldn't proc on death affixes.
[Misc] Crafting interrupted

Problem with work, we can't do "craft all". The craft stops immediately after the first object created. This is an aura problem because when we remove all the aura the bug disappears. But he comes back later.

List of aura that cause this bug :
Ysera's gift Aura ID 145108
Ancient Ahk Talisman ID 287774 / 287775 / 287777
Honorless Target ID 2479

Dev note: Made a generic fix that should prevent all similar auras casted periodically to cancel your crafts clientside
[PvE][AD] Vol'kaal vs Holy Priests

Currently Holy Priests will never be affected by Vol'Kaal's green pools that are spawning under players on phase 2.
[PvE][SotS] Vol'zith the Whisperer vs Holy Priests

Currently Holy Priests will never be affected by Whispers of Power during Vol'zith the Whisperer fight.

|T1386549:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:267034|h[Whispers of Power]|h|r
[Misc][Quest] Global report concerning phasing on questlines

This bug is about 90% of the IG tickets concerning quest issues.

How to reproduce : add 2 or 3 quest which will following, complete and reward one of them, the NPC will disappear and player will not able to rewards others quests. The player is no more able to continue the questline without doing a ticket, due to invisible NPC, GM have to complete, reward and add the next quests.

Alliance side :
Stormsong Valley :
Add +
Complete and reward

Horde side :
Nazmir :
Take + (warning, this quest is not give by an NPC, it's auto added to players) +
Complete and reward one of theses 2 last quest in the wrong order and the NPC will disappear.

Take +
complete and reward > you'r fucked
[Misc][Enchanting] Coastal Surge

1.When Coastal Surge procs it doesn't do any healing.

2.Coastal Surge should proc from Hots
[Misc][Item] BoD's item set Keepsakes of the Resolute Commandant

Atm if you got 2 exemplars of the sword equipped, it activates the effect of the set.
The set should be completed only if you wear weapon + Ring.

|T135780:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:290362|h[Keepsakes of the Resolute Commandant]|h|r
[USEBUG] Autoattack speed

You can make your main hand autoattack speed really fast. Simply log your character with second game window, while attacking a dummy.
(to fix the issue, just reequip your weapon)

January 27, 2020

[Demonology] Hand of Gul'dan

"...and summons up to 3 Wild Imps, based on Soul Shards consumed."
IF target dies and you already casted spell (while meteor is travelling to the ground, mob died) imps wont be summoned.
Imps should be summoned, becouse you spend shard, it doesnt matter if target is hit or no, just on spent shards.

"..Deals up to [3 (16% of Spell power)] Shadowflame damage on impact to all enemies within 8 yds of the target..."
IF target dies and you already casted spell (While meteor is travelling to the ground, mob died), spell wont hit other mobs that are near its location, but it should since its AOE.

|T535592:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:105174|h[Hand of Gul'dan]|h|r
[Windwalker] Pressure Points Reset CD

How it's bugged :
When you have |T606552:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:287599|h[Pressure Points]|h|r talent, and cast Touch of Death on your target and the target die by anything else while the debuff is still up, your ToD CD isn't reseted.
[Mistweaver] Overflowing Mist + Mist Wrap Duration

How it's bugged :
|T775461:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273334|h[Overflowing Mists]|h|r Overflowing Mist duration isn't increased when you pick |T988196:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:197900|h[Mist Wrap]|h|r talent

How it should work:
Overflowing Mist should have the same duration as Enveloping mist no matter what
[Windwalker] Sunrise Technique and Mastery

How it's bugged :
After few tests on retail, Sunrise Technique don't seem to be affected by Mastery even if AskMrrobot is saying that it does

Test : Tooltip 639
639 x 0.79 x 0.7 x 1.05 = 371.03
Retail : 369

How it should work :
|T642415:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273298|h[Sunrise Technique]|h|r should be affected by Core passive, Armor reduction, Mystic Touch and Versatility only
[Windwalker] Glory of the Dawn and Mastery

How it's bugged :
After few tests on retail, Glory of the Dawn don't seem to be affected by Mastery even if AskMrrobot is saying that it does

Test : Tooltip 13294 / Versatility 0.99%
13294 x 0.79 x 0.7 x 1.05 x 1.0099 = 7795.58
Retail : 7796

How it should work :
|T1381297:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288634|h[Glory of the Dawn]|h|r should be affected by Core passive, Armor reduction, Mystic Touch and Versatility only
Strength of Spirit

How it's bugged :
1) Mistweaver only : |T606546:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:274774|h[Strength of Spirit]|h|r isn't affected by Monk Core passive (40%)

2) All specs ; Strength of Spirit isn't affected by Versatility

How it should work :
Strenght of Spirit should be affected by both MistWeaver Core passive and Versatility.
[Restoration] Solar Wrath Empowerment in Balance Affinity

Empowered Solar Wrath doesn't get any bonus after you cast Starsurge with Balance Affinity.
It works if you are Feral and Guardian spec (this is fixed before). but not if you are Restoration spec using Balance Affinity.
Links with correct IDs for spells are under, becouse Solar Wrath and other spells don't use same ID in different specs.
Balance Affinity as Restoration uses different ID than Feral and Guardian aswell.
Travel Form

Basically if you get in combat while in Travel Form you should not get slowed, it should happen only when you cast/recast it while in combat.


|T132144:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:783|h[Travel Form]|h|r
[PVE][BOD] Mekkatorque Hide doesn't work behind rock

Even if the players are hiding behind the rocks with : |T2065637:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:286646|h[Gigavolt Charge]|h|r

they can take loads of
|T136050:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:283411|h[Gigavolt Blast]|h|r

And player behind the rock take 3 stack instead of 1.

Maybe it's a texture bug
[PVE][BoD] Mekkatorque - Crash Down

Crash Down hits twice even when player is outside of the Impact circle, This shouldn't happen, the damage that's beeing dealt is like if player was inside the circle, Only 1 damage should be applied.
[PVE][BoD] Stormwall - Kelp-Wrapping

KelpWrapped Debuff from tanks does not apply KelpWrapping on nearby allies and enemies (Except the boss)
[PVE][BOD] Mekkatorque - Shrunk

During the shrinkage, some players cannot enter the robots (the mouse remains a sword especially during the 1st narrowing of the transition), but can enter it once they have returned to their normal size.
[PVE][BoD] Mekkatorque - Tank targeting

[Shrunk](|T236446:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:284168|h[Shrunk]|h|r) and [Gigavolt charge](|T2065637:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:286646|h[Gigavolt Charge]|h|r) never target tanks. Normally, they can affect tanks, even the target of Mekkatorque.

Shrunk proof ( for ):
[Threat]() vs [Debuff]()
[PVE][BoD] Mekkatorque - Shrink

The number of people [shrunk](|T134164:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:284219|h[Shrink]|h|r) in p2 must be half the group with a limit of 11.

15 players = 7 shrunk per wave
20 players = 9 shrunk per wave
25 players = 11 shrunk per wave
30 players = 11 shrunk per wave
[PVE][BoD] Opulence - Doors

1)The Doors to Opulence Constructs should only close once construct has passed into the next room, Currently, they close on a timer.
Video Proof (From the start of the video)

2)Also, Doors around Opulence it self should NEVER close, all 4 ways should be opend for the duration of the fight. Video Proof :
[PVE][BoD] Opulence - Ruby Beam

When one ruby beam ends, another one should be already spawning 3 seconds after the previous one stopped spreading, currently, it takes like 8 seconds to spawn another one.

Another issue, The beam should show where the beam is pointing to everyone, currently, only the marked player which it will follow will see it.

Whenever a beam is about to spawn, and the swirly circle is on the ground, it shouldn't be moving (the circle) only the beam it self should be moving when it spawns.
[PVE][BoD] Rastakhan - Greater Serpent Totem

Any remaining Greater Serpent Totem should disappear once entering PH2
[PVE]BoD] Mekkatorque - Melee

Currently melee autoattacks does low damage on all difficulties.

[PVE][BoD] LFR Alliance transfer to Horde

On Alliance side of LFR, player are not beeing changed to Horde when they enter the wing.
[PVE][BoD] Mekkatorque - Shrunk on Tanks

Shrunk should be able to target tanks, However, it should target only 1 tank at a time.
Video Proof: 1:20 in the video.
[PVE][BoD] Mekkatorque - Spark Bots Root

Spark Bots can be mass rooted in the air, making them inactive for 40 seconds, they won't cast stun and won't follow players.
[Misc][Mount] Stormcrow (from shop) disappeared

Player who buy on the shop haven't got it anymore.

This mount was create as a custom spell but it's add IG now.

It's quite urgent because player buy it in the shop with their money.
[PVE][BoD] Jaina - Alliance Release Spirit

After alliance players kill Jaina and release spirit, (If dead) they will be teleported back to the encounter boat, instead of the finish boat in boralus.
[PVE][BoD] Mekkatorque - Pterrodaxes

The Pterradoxes dissapear once taken, meaking that if you disconnect or die and release on the trash pack before Mekkatorque, you will be stuck on the balcony.
[PVE][BoD] Jaina - Ring of Ice LFR

On LFR Difficulty, Ring of Ice shouldn't root players that are outside of the circle.

[PVE][BoD] Opulence - Spirit of Gold Movment speed

Spirits of Gold do not reset to thier normal movment speed once they have been slowed.

January 24, 2020

[Fury] Enraged Regeneration

Enraged Regeneration healing part stopped working after the latest fixes.

|T132345:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:184364|h[Enraged Regeneration]|h|r
[Holy] Avenging Crusader Missing PvP Mod

Avenging Crusader is missing its PvP Mod;
It should heal for 140% of damage done instead of 250%.

|T589117:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:216331|h[Avenging Crusader]|h|r

Proof: Seiny and Authai tested that on retail and discovered this pvp mod. For any info @Seiny
[Marksmanship] Lone Wolf

|T1033494:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:155228|h[Lone Wolf]|h|r

Lone Wolf increases the damage of the hunter by 10%
All his abilities you can see in the link all the affected spells

Atm It is not increasing the damage of Auto shot by 10%
I did 514 auto attack damage with and without the buff for 10 minute test.
[PVE][Uldir] Mother - Trash Crawgs ignoring stuns

Trash crawgs are ignoring stuns
[Misc][Quest] Repairing the Past

Players cannot complete the quest. Akunda does not appear.
[Misc] Cast issue when dismounting in world

Some players complaining about that they can't cast anymore after dismounting on a building.
"can't do it while in movement"

The problem is also the same with Mage transfer in arathie
[PVE][BoD] Mekkatorque - Idle bots

If you die while fixated by a bot, this one will stop moving.
It's targetrelated, if you use spells that reset aggro such as Vanish and Feign Death, the bot will stop moving.
[PVE][BoD] Mekkatorque - Spark Bot fixate

Fixate from Spark Bot should dissapear once shrunk player enters another Spark bot, currently, they will be stacked on top of eachother.
[PvE][ToS] Static-charged Dervishe(s)

Staticcharged Dervishes, mobs before the 3rd boss in Temple of Sethraliss, are spazzing out all over the place when being pulled, making it very annoyng to predict their movement and damage. Clip only shows one spazzing out, previously it was all of them but one, but we couldn't get a good clip in time
[PVE][BoD] Mekkatorque - Wormhole Generator

Wormhole Generator selects dead players, It shouldn't
it also teleports all dead players.
[PVE][BoD] Jaina - Wall of Ice 1st intermission

When player interrupt Jaina's Howling Winds during 1st intermission that Wall of Ice should spawn in 10 sec after interrupting spell.
[Misc][Quest] Of No Consequence_27547

[Cowering Trooper]( dont count
[Misc] RPPM Calculation

We're currently missing the reset of the "last proc" and "last proc attempt" on raid boss pull & arena start.

Dev note: Added, and also on aura apply (meaning your trinket or weapon won't proc right away if you just equipped it)

January 23, 2020

[Arms] Intimidating Presence

As you can see after fear expired or get removed from target the debuff doesnt pop and i will not get any damage prevented from that azerite trait.
Even i got the debuff on myself while it should be on enemies who got the intimidating shout.

|T132126:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288642|h[Intimidating Presence]|h|r
[General] Soul Shards

While out of combat you should generate up to 3 Soul Shards, atm once you log, no matter how long you wait, you wont get any shard.
But if you respec,. you will regen them up to 3.
[Holy] Spells taking AttackPower instead of SP

Currently all spells (I tested only Holy Light, Holy Shock) benefits from AttackPower and not from SpellPower which is weird.

Dev note: same issue as for Monks, was due to a bad fix which got reverted, sorry !
[Windwalker] Invoke Xuen and Melee

How it's bugged :
1) Melee from Xuen aren't scalling with Haste, did the test with 10% and 20% no difference in numbers of hits

2) Also numbers of hits are false, at the moment Xuen last for less than 20sec and he does only 19 hits with Melee and Crackling Tiger Lightning

How it should work
Xuen melee should scall dynamically with haste player

Invoke Xuen, the White tiger should last for 21sec and have to do exactly 21 hits of melee (21 + Haste) and 21 hits of Crackling Tiger Lightning

Melee retail :
Crackling retail :

Don't forget to apply this to Fury of Xuen aswell (Azerite trait)
[Windwalker] Bases Damages

Following a recent fix, formulas no longer match for most spells.

Dev note: reverted the wrong fix, sorry !
Necrotic strike vs Festering wound

Necrotic strike does not convert the last Festering wound, so out of 3, 1 necrotic will not do anything just damage.

|T132481:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:223829|h[Necrotic Strike]|h|r

|T1129420:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:194310|h[Festering Wound]|h|r

Tested on both dev and live.

Note for devs: actually with 6 stacks if you explode 5 festering wound and with the last wound you use necrotic it won't apply necrotic strike healing debuff.

Also can clearly see on the gyazo gif that with 3 hits it should be 150k absorb but it is still 100k.
[Misc] Spellpower formula issue

Currently for classes that are using abilitydamage(true) part in their formulas to count spellpower is missing weapon dps part in spellpower formula.
How it should be for ret paladins (making an example for ret palas) :
> ((weapon dps x 6) + attackpower ) x 0.96

How does it work now for ret paladins:
> attackpower x 0.96
[PVE][BoD] Mekkatorque - Buster Cannon

If you get hit by Buster Cannon, some of your hasteaffected spells can no longer be used.
The same goes when you apply dots on boss while with Buster Cannon debuff, the ticks are correct (100% haste), but when the debuff expires you always have to wait for you dots to expire before applying them again, otherwise they'll tick as if it's still 100% haste
[PVE][BoD] Jaina - Time Warp

Time Warp should not be used on Normal and LFR Difficulties.
[PVE][BoD] Stormwall - Ring of Peace on SisterBrother

Ring of Peace should not be affecting Brother and Sister.

January 22, 2020

[Mistweaver] Overflowing Mist vs Periodic Damages

How it's bugged :
Overflowing Mist don't proc on periodic damages at the moment, it should
Test :

How it should work:
Overflowing Mist can proc on any damage you take but have an internal cd of 0.5sec.
[Marksmanship] Aimed shot spell missing

How to reproduce the issue:
1) Be in Bm spec
2) Respec to Marksman ( nothing is wrong spell aimed shot is there
3) Relog Now Aimed shot is gone from spell book

Fix plz
|T135130:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:19434|h[Aimed Shot]|h|r

Dev note: yikes, spell has been given back, sorry hunters !
[PVE][BoD] 3rd Wing Release!

BoD's 3rd wing is fully available in LFR / NM / HM.
Good luck, champions !
[Misc][PvP] Hidden Expertise mechanism

In pvp, there is a hidden mechanism called "expertise" that makes it so melee and ranged spells can't be dodged nor parried if not using a spell that allows you to dodge / parry.
This is made to counter the base dodge & parry stats that some classes / specs have.

This system is implemented, but doesn't work properly, here is a list of the issues:

Pets do not benefit from this hidden expertise, meaning your kill command as a hunter can be dodged naturally.
This is not effective in Duels nor open PVP (this isn't critical, and i'm actually unsure if it should, but I don't see any reason as to why it shouldn't.)
Spells that should make you dodge everything, like Evasion should reduce that expertise to 0 from 20%.

Dev note: fixed those 3 issues.
[Misc][Trait] Fight or Flight
[Misc][Item] Geti'ikku & damage mods

Cut of Death |T1848077:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:281712|h[Cut of Death]|h|r shouldn't benefit from any damage mods besides versa and crit damage

January 21, 2020

[Fury] Bloodthirst cleave

Bloodthirst heal works with Whilrlwind cleave, when it obviously should not.
Also it's stacking in a weird way, if you hit 5 targets, it will heal you 5% max HP on first target, 10% on second, 15% on 3rd, etc resulting in 75% max health.

This is the reason of the insane regen Fury Warriors have atm
[Marksmanship] Double Tap AOE

Aimed shot shot from double tap proc should automatically aoe without having to cast multishot to proc trick shot.

We cast [Multi Shot] to proc [Trick Shots] that allows [Aimed Shot] to cleave to multiple targets.

Another way to activate the cleave effect is by Casting [Double Tap].which allows aimed shot to hit multiple targets.

How it works:
Hunter casts double tap " now his aimed shot can hit multiple targets should be available for the duration of double tap " so the hunter can cleave his aimed shot spell.

Aimed Shot: |T135130:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:19434|h[Aimed Shot]|h|r
Double Tap: |T537468:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:260402|h[Double Tap]|h|r
|T461846:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257621|h[Trick Shots]|h|r
MultiShot: |T132330:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257620|h[MultiShot]|h|r
[Marksmanship] In the Rythm buff

Spell link: |T461115:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:272733|h[In The Rhythm]|h|r

This trait is facing big issues currently: after the end of the rapid fire channelling it doesn't show the haste buff anymore in your buff bar.

How it should be:
During the time you benefit from the buff, you should see the icon of the buff.
the trait should increase your haste after the end of the channelling of rapid fire
Traits are cumulative (granted haste = base haste number of traits)
Pet speed issues

1) While hunter is mounted the pet is crawling in the water and moving extremely slow.

2) When you use mount , pet does not adjust his speed speed and gets left behind. It's very anoying in BG when you have to dismiss / summ pet or wait 30s he come slowly .
Lunar Strike AOE in Balance Affinity

Call down a strike of lunar energy, causing (76.5% of Spell power) Arcane damage to the target, and [(76.5% of Spell power) x 33 / 100] Arcane damage to all other enemies within 8 yards.
Bolded part doesn't work if you are Restoration, Feral and Guardian and using Balance Affinity, when you use Lunar Strike it deals only 910dmg instead of 33% of your SingleTarget damage.
For Balance spec it works fine.
[Restoration] Early Harvest

Early Harvest trait is missing Versatility bonus from TotalHealingMultiplier
AzeriteItemEffectBudget(AzeriteEarlyHarvest, 7.055214) x TotalHealingMultiplier
[Restoration] Wild Growth

Wild Growth should heal up to 6 injured allies, but curently its heals up to 7.
[Restoration] Efflorescence

This works like a HoT fixed to a location (ticks are hasted and will do a partial tick at the end)
Efflorescence is curently missing partial tick at the end.
[Havoc] Furious Gaze

Somhow since last update Furious Gaze got a bit broken.
Itt's only a visual issue, though.

Whats is bugged:
After fully casting eye beam you don't get the buff anymore, but only not showed (you still get haste, and you are beeing able to stack it still)
Buff will not show if you just cast eye beam alone, but if you eybeam > metamorphosis > eyebeam you will be able to see it.
[Misc][Quest] Honor the Dead_27180

[Forsaken Insignia](|T338784:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:60862::::::::120:::::|h[Forsaken Insignia]|h|r) can't be looted from [Veteran Forsaken Trooper](
[Misc][Quest] Relios the Relic Keeper_27478

[Relios the Relic Keeper]( are missing
[Misc][Quest] On Whose Orders?_27364

Respawn timer for [Master Sergeant Pietro Zaren <7th Legion>]( are too long
[Misc][Quest] Emissary of War

Emissary of War weekly quest gives base 370 ilvl gear from BoD, but should give base 400 hc ilvl gear.
[Misc][Quest] On Whose Orders?_27364

This quest should be an auto accept quest once player have finished Break in Communications: Rutsak's Guard, atm nothing happened
[Misc][Quest] Break in Communications: Rutsak's Guard_27350

This quest should be as an auto accept quest, atm she dont
[Misc][Quest] Excising the Taint_27181

This quest should be an auto accept quest once player have finished [Honor the Dead](, for the moment it is'nt and therefore player stuck on it
[Misc][Trait] Traits giving low value

Currently most of all the traits avaible are bugged for some reason and they are scaled for 50% less even in mm+ keystones ( pve scenarios) or in open world.

Note: In open world even if you are flagged in warmode you should have full power from azerite traits, and they should only scale when you are in combat with other players.

This is an urgent issue because its killing dps classes in pve, barely doing damage, more for class dependent traits users, like rogue for example

Dev note: A recent generic fix induced this issue. Sorry about that, it has been reverted !

January 20, 2020

[Arms] Rend and Armor

How it's bugged :
Rend have two part : Direct physical damages then Periodic bleeding damage for 12sec
Direct damages done by Rend aren't reduced by armor :

Formula :
0.265 x AbilityDamage(true) x TotalDamageMultiplier x ArmorReduction

Only Rend DoT ignore the armor, at the moment both does.

Rend DoT : 0.232 x AbilityDamage(true) x TotalDamageMultiplier
[Arms] Mortal Strike vs Sharpen Blade

As you can see on the Gif if you Mortal strike with Sharpen blade and then mortal strike without it, mortal wound doesnt pop out. It should pass from 50% of sharpen to 25% of standard mortal strike.


|T132355:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:12294|h[Mortal Strike]|h|r
|T1380678:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198817|h[Sharpen Blade]|h|r
[Fury] Bloodthirst healing

Bloodthirst healing multipliers working a bit wrong.
Multiplicators got mad somewhere...
[Fury] Slaughterhouse healing

Talent is not script healingwise. It is missing up to an additional 50% part. It should heal up to 50% more health depending on target's health. If it has 1% of hp, then it should get max benefit from it.

[Holy] Guardian angel vs guardian spirit

Talent (guardian angel spell=200209) Reduces the cooldown of (Guardian Spirit spell=47788) even if the target is saved "" from death"" which is wrong, it should only be reduced IF the target is not saved by Death. So the talent reduces the total cooldown of guardian spirit either if the target dies or survives. No gyazo required since tested both on Live and dev realm, holy priest that know about that are already abusing it Which is game breaking because you can use Guardian spirit every 1 minute if pvp talent is selected (Divine attendant spell=196602)

GUARDIAN ANGEL: |T612969:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:200209|h[Guardian Angel]|h|r

GUARDIAN SPIRIT: |T237542:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:47788|h[Guardian Spirit]|h|r
[Holy] Crusader Strike damages

How it's bugged :
Crusader Strike damages in Holy spec seems to be wrong

Formula : 0.765 x TotalAttackPower x TotalDamageMultiplier x ArmorReduction

Test : Spellpower : 2991
TotalAttackPower : SP x 1.04 = 2991 x 1.04 = 3110.64

0.765 x 3110.64 x 0.7 = 1665.74
Damage in game : 1960
[Beastmastery] Pet Spirit Mend

|T237586:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:90361|h[Spirit Mend]|h|r can be used on ennemies, when it shouldn't.
[PvE][Motherlode] Addled Thug

should prefer ranged,and should only charge once,it can charge 2 players within the same cast .It can target tanks,and it's cast too often.
[PVE][SoB] Pet take Heavy Ordnance (1st boss spell)

Pets take damage and be stun by Heavy ordnance |T1141394:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273716|h[Heavy Ordnance]|h|r. they should not
[PVE][SoB] Ashvane Spotter and Crowd Control

Once the ashvane spotter is slowed, you can apply all kind of cc to it : sap, stuns, fears ...

Spotters should not be cc'able, they're only affected by slows and roots.
[Misc][Trait] Seductive Power
[Misc] Engineer Auction NPCs and should be located in BFA major cities since patch 8.1.0

Brassbolt in Boralus
Reginald in Dazar'Alor.

Only Engineers should be able to interact with them.

Dev note: Spawned the missing ones + added phasing so only engineers can see them. In case you learn engineering right next to them, you need to relog to update your phasing !

January 17, 2020

[Protection] BloodSport

The Azerite trait Bloodsport gives the wrong amount of leech.

For example, the 415 ilvl azerite trait should give 40 leech, it gives 84 atm.

Bloodsport : |T1377132:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:279172|h[Bloodsport]|h|r
Spell Reflect vs AOE Attacks

Spell reflect shouldnt be able to reflect AOE spells (for example Ring of Frost)
|T132361:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:23920|h[Spell Reflection]|h|r
Spell reflect vs thorns

Actually Spell reflect doesnt reflect thorns while it should.


|T132361:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:23920|h[Spell Reflection]|h|r
[Fury] Cold Steel, Hot Blood
Shadowy Duel

1. Whenever player and his target go into shadows, they should be able to see nearby players.
2. If any other player uses divine shield or ice block, debuff from duel should disappear

|T1020341:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:207736|h[Shadowy Duel]|h|r
[Windwalker] Tiger Eye Brew

How it's bugged :
Damages reductions done by |T613399:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:247483|h[Tigereye Brew]|h|r are currently wrong

Test done on armor Dummy :
Rising Sun kick : 26.42% Mastery / 5991 AP / 214.6 Wep

Without Tiger Eye Brew
1.05 x 1.264 x 0.79 x 1.26 x 1.7 x 1.15 x ( 5991 + 214.6 x6) x0.7 = 13159.11
Damage done on Armor Dummy : 13159

Now with Tiger Eye Brew : Nature Damage (so without Mystic Touch :Using BoP on target ) (and with 20% damages reduction from Te Brew)

1.264 x 0.79 x 1.26 x 1.7 x 1.15 x ( 5991 + 214.6 x6) x0.8 = 14322.84
Damages done on Armor Dummy : 13428

If we try with Mystic touch enabled on target :
Damages done on Armor Dummy : 14099

How it should work :
Damages done while Tigereye Brew is up shouldn't be affected by Mystic Touch and should be reduced by 20% only.
[Survival] Bloodseeker with allies

Blood seeker should stack for the hunter in 12meter radius for every enemy that has bleed effects on them from the hunter and allies, bleed effects can be from spells.
[Survival] Harpoon Animation

Missing Swing Animation on pull.

Fs :

[Marksmanship] Explosive Shot

NEW: Explosive Shot will now blow up after 3 seconds at the target's location,
even if the target dies while Explosive Shot is applied to them.

Currently, if I use it on a target and it dies, it doesn't trigger.
[PvE][Affixes] Volcanic

Somehow it proc on melee, even if everyone is near the mob / boss.
Also if someone is away from the mob / boss it still can proc on melee.

How it should work:

While in combat, enemies periodically cause gouts of flame to erupt beneath the feet of distant players.


Note that "distant" refers to the distance from the enemy mob. In most cases, melee DPS and tanks do not have to worry about this mechanic, and if ranged DPS and healers stand close to the enemies, Volcanic Plumes may not spawn. However, if there is an enemy that leaps away, or an add that spawns far from its summoner, Volcanic Plumes may begin to appear in melee range.
[Misc][Trait] Treacherous Convenant

Buff isn't removed when falling below 50% health

|T1778226:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288953|h[Treacherous Covenant]|h|r
[Misc][Item] Diamond-Laced Refracting Prism

Concerning the recent change to this trinket, the trinket should STACK regardless of combat. (so when out of combat it should stack normally but the the reset part when starting raid encounter/starting key/starting pvp is correct).

The other "urgent" issue about this is that the base amount that adds each time to the shield is upped by versatility each time.
[Misc][Azerite] Elemental Whirl

Currently it is missing crit buff.
Master, versa, haste is still there, but crit is missing.

|T1029585:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:263984|h[Elemental Whirl]|h|r

January 16, 2020

[Fury] Bloodthirst Enrage proc

Bloodthirst should have 30% proc chance on Enrage or 45% if you take the talent from 1st row.
Currently doesn't work at all
Dwarf Dawnforge Ram

Currently all paladins are missing Dawnforge Ram as their mount over the default Divine Steed spell animation for any paladin who is playing Dwarf race.
Retail gif:
|T1980722:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:270564|h[Summon Dawnforge Ram]|h|r
|T1360759:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:190784|h[Divine Steed]|h|r
[Marksmanship] Surging Shots

Surging shots damage is scaling way too much when coupled with double tap.
Each shot beyond the 10th should deal the same damage as the 10th, not scale past it.
[Misc] Mounts disappearing

Both mounts:
|T132261:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:161910::::::::120:::::|h[Reins of the Smoky Charger]|h|r
|T132261:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:161912::::::::120:::::|h[Reins of the Dapple Gray]|h|r

Are not present in your collection even if you have them.
If you try to buy them again / learn them again it says you already know them.
[BoD][Rastakhan] Plague of Toads

It currently hits further than 5 yards away, approximately 20 yards.

It should only hit you if you're closer than 5 yards.
[Misc][Quest] Assault on Broken Shore

After completion, it can't be turned in / rewarded. (Says completed, but the quest is active)
[PvE][Dungeon] Critical heals

Whenever you get inside a Dungeon, there's a chance the critical heals on yourself or even other players are reduced by 50%, just like in PvP.
Letting the player that receives half heals relog inside the dungeon will fix it

Dev note: Added an additional check so you're not considered in PVP inside a dungeon. should prevent this random issue from happening again
[Misc][General] Visual interrupting bug

Interrupting a casting spell will not show the correct visual of the spell that has been interrupted.
[Misc][Azerite] Fury of Elune

Simply doesn't work, doesn't grant neither haste, nor moving speed.
|T135900:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:287467|h[Shadow of Elune]|h|r

January 15, 2020

[PVE][Darkshore] Glimmerspin

Glimmerspin give always azerit power even if we have already done.
[PvE][ToS] Krolusk Hatchling & Bolstering

They shouldn't proc bolstering
[PVE][TD] Handcuff can target pets

Handcuff (|T132507:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:258313|h[Handcuff]|h|r ) spell cast by adds, can focus pet (like hunter pet) while he should not .
[PVE][KR] Necrotic adds

Some adds don't trigger Necrotic affix when they should.
[PvE][ToS] Shield of lightning

Whenever one of the bosses dies Shield of Lightning shouldn't do damage even if its applied.


January 14, 2020

[Restoration] Tidal Waves vs Healing Wave

Tidal Waves effect (cast time of the next Healing Wave) disappears once you fake cast it.

With Tidal Waves 1.6s then you move or cancel cast and it's back to 2.3s without consuming Tidal Waves.

I don't know if it has the same issue with Healing Surge crit chance but give it a look!
|T136043:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:77472|h[Healing Wave]|h|r
|T237590:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:53390|h[Tidal Waves]|h|r
Divine shield vs xalzaix the debuff you get from this trinket after reaching required hp (40%) you can remove it with divine shield|T524354:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:642|h[Divine Shield]|h|r
this can be abused mostly in pvp
[Windwalker] Pressure Point
[Mistweaver] Overflowing Mist in PvP

How it's bugged :
Overflowing Mist effectiveness is reduced by 75% in PvP,
OM test : Tooltip 879
879 x 1.4 x 1.4 = 1722.84 (Healing are correct when it's PvE)

Now in PvP situation (Duel) :
879 x 0.5 x 1.4 x 1.4 =861.42
Healing done : 431 (879 x 0.25 x 1.4 x 1.4 =430.71)

So it's indeed set to 25% only in PvP

How it should work :
Overflowing Mist effectiveness is reduced by 50% only.
[Windwalker] SEF + Hit ComboMastery

How it's bugged :
Each time you cast Tiger Palm when you have SEF ON, your Hit Combo stacks are reseted making the whole talent useless

|T574573:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:196740|h[Hit Combo]|h|r

Bugged after :
[MM] trick-shots

|T461846:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257621|h[Trick Shots]|h|r.
This passive will now increase the damage of Rapid fire by 50% ( Was 100%)
[Restoration] Soul of the Forest with Regrowth

Soul of the Forest should buff Regrowth HoT by 200%, but curently it isn't.
Triggers, Type, Hot Applied, Guaranteed?, Yes, Filter, Whitelist, RegrowthTick
(0.05 x TotalSpellPower + AzeriteItemEffectBudget(AzeriteRampantGrowth, 1.656442)) x TotalHealingMultiplier
if HasTalent(SoulOfTheForest)
= Healing x PeekSavedValue(SotFRegrowth)
[Restoration] Lively Spirit

"When Innervate expires, for each spell the target cast using Innervate, you gain 181 Intellect for 20 sec and 0.5% mana."
Curently you don't get mana back, only part for Intellect works.

The movement speed of your glides should not be affected by how many times you have used gliding. Right now on both DEV/Sethraliss, the first time you use glide while in the air speed is correct, but after the 2nd time and afterwards while using glide midair you have way reduced movement speed.
Edit: Exact same thing happens on Vengeance aswell.
[Misc][Item] Diamond-Laced Refracting Prism + Incandescent Sliver

|T1412203:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:165573::::::::120:::::|h[DiamondLaced Refracting Prism]|h|r
|T612098:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:165571::::::::120:::::|h[Incandescent Sliver]|h|r

Both trinkets buffs should be cleared upon pulling a boss or Arena / BG starting:

Also for both PvP and PvE the trinkets shouldn't be able to stack up outside of combat.
[Misc] BattlePet UI dead

Decided to cage my BattlePet and then learned it back.
And my battlepet ui got broken. clearing cache / reloging doesn't help
[PvE][King's Rest] Severing Blade

|T1033474:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:270487|h[Severing Blade]|h|r should work exactly like |T132360:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273185|h[Shield Bash]|h|r ,it's currently hitting random targets in melee range,even if the tank is next to the npc.
[PvE][Freehold] Blacktooth Scrapper

Blind rage [|T841383:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257739|h[Blind Rage]|h|r does not reset agro after it is done channeling.
It should go back to the target that has generated the most aggro (aka Tank)


you can see on this POV that he is "channeling" the Blind Rage spell, and that at the end of it, he goes back to the tank.

Also using enrage dispell, should remove the fixate :
[PvE][Freehold] Mythic+ Timer

Currently, Mythic+ timer for freehold is wrong. The timer for +2 is not correct. (Not sure about the +3 timer)
I only noticed when doing keys, I was expecting a +2 but instead it was a +1 even though we did it in a +2 time.

Record from dev :
[PvE][Freehold] Ring of Booty

Whenever you are fighting with you shouldn't be able to Release.

[PvE][Freehold] Irontide Enforcer

Timing between each Brutal Backhand should be 1315 seconds. Currently he casts it WAAAAY to often.
[Misc][Quest] BFA Herbalism

Fixed interaction for allow quests and learn superior rank of gathering on BFA

January 13, 2020

[Fury] Bloodthirst

After a charge , players are full life when they use Bloodthirst in arena. Normally they will have max 37.5% of life .
Greater heal

Greater heal currently heals for 65% of total priest hp not target hp which is wrong.
|T135915:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:289666|h[Greater Heal]|h|r
[Holy] Ultimate Sacrifice

Damage isn't properly transfered at all to the paladin: whatever the damage his ally takes, he'll only get a dot of around 500.

Dev note: got broken with the generic fix on dynamic dots & hots, fixed !
[Holy] Divine Favor

If you are using Holy Light or Flash of Light while your Divine Favor active your mastery shouldn't be applied twice with this scaling.
So formulawise divine favor should be before mastery and then at the very end of formula (+mastery value) and used as number value, and not flat modifier.

> For Devs:
Watch description for proper understanding.
1.1: Explanation #1

Retail GIF if you are standing near your target with stats opened:

Usual crit value:
( 363 x 1.5) x 1.12 (mastery is not halved) x 1.4 (core) x2 (crit value) = 1707
Divine favor value:
( 363 x 1.5 ) x 1.06 (because mastery is halved) x 1.4 (core) x2 (Divine favor non crit) = 1616
Retail GIF if you are standing far away from your target so your mastery doesn't work.

Usual crit value:
( 363 x 1.5) x 1.4 (core) x2 (crit value) = 1525
Divine favor value:
( 363 x 1.5) x 1.4 (core) x2 (Divine favor noncrit) = 1525
In both cases mastery doesn't work, because I'm at max range.
Same goes for testing in between of your max range and your target. Calculation acts same
1.2: Explanation #2 (a lot easier to understand)

Retail GIF:

High ranged healing (that means mastery is not active) : 762 (so crit value is 1524)
Melee ranged healing (that means my mastery is fully active): 854
That means my mastery value is 92.
So let's cast it with Divine Favor in melee range:
(363 x 1.5) x 1.4 x 2 + 92 = 1616 as you can see on GIF

|T135915:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:210294|h[Divine Favor]|h|r
[Mistweaver] Surging Mist

How it's bugged :
Surging Mist healing are wrong and don't use the correct formula, or have double modifiers applied

How it should work :
Formula for Surging Mist:
1.28 x Spellpower x Core Passive (40%)

Test : SP = 5504
1.28 x 5504 x 1.4 = 9862.16
Healing done : 12245
[Mistweaver] Crane Heal and Enveloping Mist

How it's bugged :
At the moment, Crane heal isn't affected by Enveloping Mist healing increasing part (30%)

How it should work :
Crane heal should be affected by Envloping Mist
[Mistweaver] Overflowing Mists

How it's bugged :
1) When you refresh Enveloping Mist, Overflowing Mists don't get the same duration as EM
2) Overflowing Mists isn't affected by Versatility
[Windwalker] SEF Melee Clones

How it's bugged :
1 Clones melee don't match the current formula, and don't even seem to use Off hand.

Earth Spirit Melee

0.45 AbilityDamage(true) / 6 x 2.6 x ArmorReduction x TotalPetDamageMultiplier

Test done : 5938 / 186.7 Wep / 0% Versa / Mystic touch / Qa dummy
1.05 x 0.45 (5938 + 186.7 x6) / 6 x 2.6 = 1445.16 vs 1336

Earth Spirit Melee Off

0.45 x 0.5 x AbilityDamage(true) / 6 x 2.6 x ArmorReduction x TotalPetDamageMultiplier

Test done :
1.05 x 0.45 x 0.5 x (5938 + 186.7 x6) / 6 x 2.6 = 722.58 vs ??
[Restoration] Focused Growth

Focused Growth is not increasing Lifebloom's healing at all.

|T1408837:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:203553|h[Focused Growth]|h|r
[Havoc] Eye of Leotheras

"You keep a watchful eye over the enemy. Whenever they cast a harmful spell, they suffer up to 5% of their health in Shadow damage and refresh the duration of Eye of Leotheras. Lasts 6 sec."
Atm hits 1% instead of 5%.
Should hit 5% of enemys hp in pvp.
Should hit 5% of casters hp in pve.

|T1380366:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:206649|h[Eye of Leotheras]|h|r
[Havoc] Mana Break

Mana Break should not deal 5% hp to world bosses to avoid insane amount of damage.
|T1380369:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:203704|h[Mana Break]|h|r
[Havoc] Fel Rush

Fix Fel Rush when ?
Fixed pog

Fel Rush wasn't keeping your velocity / momentum if you jumped then fel rush.
Resulting a very short Fel Rush that aslo made u fall direclty to the ground.

Now Fel Rush will be closer than ever than is blizzard counter part.

Enjoy Havoc Main :)
[Misc][Racial] Lightforged dranei: Light's Judgment

Racial spell |T1724000:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:255647|h[Light's Judgment]|h|r

Formula is working fine, its missing pvp mod 0.5

People is abusing this spell on pvp arenas with crits around 37k 40k (made by holy paladins)

Tested on Dev realm
[Misc][Item] Seabreeze haste bonus dont work

Seabreeze :
which give haste bonus dont proc on live/sethraliss.

it should give haste bonus stacking during 30s
[Misc][Achievement]Lord of the Reins

With this achievement normally players must have this title , actually they have just the mount ingame ( and
[Misc] Changing talents

For horde side, you should be able to change talents at dummies zuldazar.
proof : 7:18
[PVE][BoD] Rastakhan - No visual seperation during P3

Players in Bwonsamdi phase can see players in Rastakhan phase. They don't see boss / mobs / spell from the other phase, only players.

See also for healing abuse due to this issue
[Misc][Trait] Overwhelming Power

You don't lose a stack each second, only when getting hit.

|T252174:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:271705|h[Overwhelming Power]|h|r

January 9, 2020

[Fury] Enrage Regeneration vs Dodge

If you bloodthirst under the effect of enrage Regeneration while a rogue is on evasion, it will dodge the damage but still healing. It shouldnt heal.

[Arms] Execute vs Sweeping Strikes

_Attempts to finish off a foe, causing up to [2.0 (92.2% of Attack power)%] Physical damage based on Rage spent. Only usable on enemies that have less than 20% health._

_Arms (Level 28)
If your foe survives, 20% of the Rage spent is refunded_
When you hit two targets with Execute while having Sweeping Strikes, it refunds the double amount of rage while it should refund only the 20% of the MainTarget hit.

|T132306:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:260708|h[Sweeping Strikes]|h|r
[Discipline] Atonement and Damage Modifiers

Currently Atonement healing mechanic is working a little bit incorrect with %damage modifiers.

On retail your healing shouldn't be affected with boss %damage modifiers;
i.e. Taloc 99% damage taken spell or M.O.T.H.E.R. 100% more damage taken debuff or Harlan Sweete from Freehold after reaching 30% hp and taking 100% more damage.

Your damage should be reduced by 99% if you're hitting Taloc during second phase BUT your healing shouldn't be reduced as if there was no debuff at all, and it DOES work on Firestorm now.

Your damage should be increased by 100% if you're hitting M.O.T.H.E.R. during last chamber BUT your healing shouldn't be increased with it, even if it should logically scale out of your damage but it should not.

Thanks to Diademinka for let me notice this issue.
[Retribution] Hammer of Wraith vs Divine Shield

Currently if you will use Divine shield (or blessing of spellwarding) your Hammer of Wraith will not grant you any holy power.

|T524354:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:642|h[Divine Shield]|h|r
|T135880:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:204018|h[Blessing of Spellwarding]|h|r
|T613533:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:24275|h[Hammer of Wrath]|h|r
[Windwalker] Mastery calculation

Dev note: moved + cleaned script. Nothing should change, but putting this ticket here just in case. Also fixed an issue which made Jab always benefit from mastery.
[Windwalker] Tiger Palm

How it's bugged :
You can spam Tiger Palm without loosing your Mastery.

How it should work:
Your second Tiger Palm should not beneffit from mastery if you cast it twice in a row.
[Mistweaver] Burst of Life

How it's bugged :
Burst of Life isn't affected by Mistweaver Core passive (1.4) and Versatility

|T627485:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:277667|h[Burst of Life]|h|r

How it should work :
Burst of Life should be affected by Core passive and versa aswell

Barrage isn't doing the intended damage, most likely formula is wrong.
Check if something is applied twice or idk.

Serrated Jaws

Kill Command is doing more damage than intended with this trait.


[Restoration] Early Spring

Talent should work like this: Wild Growth is now instant cast, and when you heal 6 allies with Wild Growth you gain Full Bloom. This effect has a 30 sec cooldown.
But curently only first part is working, while second part about Full Bloom doesn't.
You should get the Full Bloom buff for 30s if you heal 6 targets with Wild Growth. Making that your next Wild Growth applies Lifebloom to all targets.
[Unholy] Necrotic Strikes and Core Passive

How it's bugged :
Necortic Strikes isn't affected by Unholy Core Passive (0.97)

Test done on dummy :
With Core Passive applied : 0.97 x 0.3 x (AP + Wep x6 ) x Mastery = 1346
Without Core Passive applied :0.3 x (AP + Wep x6 ) x Mastery = 1388 vs 1388 in game

|T132481:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:223829|h[Necrotic Strike]|h|r
[unholy] Magus of The dead

Magus of The dead Frostbolt should have 2.4 sec CD so after casting 1 frostbolt,it should cast shadow bolt again until frostbolt cd is up.

Trait: |T348276:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288417|h[Magus of the Dead]|h|r
Retail proof:
[PVP] Weekly Chest

It has been reported by players that the PvP weekly chest awards disproportionally low ilvl azerite gear in comparison to the current rating/rank.
Associated bugtracker report:

How it should work:
[Misc][Item] Xalzaix's Veiled Eye missing PvP modifier

The absorb granted by Xalzaix's Veiled Eye is reduced by 70% while engaged in combat with enemy players.
|T236407:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:160653::::::::120:::::|h[Xalzaix's Veiled Eye]|h|r
[Misc][Trait] Ephemeral Recovery

Ephemeral Recovery is not working whatsoever at the moment. It was changed in 8.1 to be a proc once you reach 20% mana instead of restoring mana over time as you heal.

|T133020:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:267886|h[Ephemeral Recovery]|h|r
[Misc][Trait] Blessed Portents

At the moment, if you go below 50% HP the buff won't consume and consequently it isn't healing at all.

|T135905:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:267889|h[Blessed Portents]|h|r
[Misc][Item] Kimbul's Razor Claw

How it's bugged :
|T132135:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:165579::::::::120:::::|h[Kimbul's Razor Claw]|h|r is affected by Armor reduction

How it should work :
|T132135:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:165579::::::::120:::::|h[Kimbul's Razor Claw]|h|r are bleeding damages and should not be reduced by armor.

:warning: Note :
Damages : ItemEffectBudget2(4.607143) TotalDamageMultiplier
PPM = 4 x (1 + TotalHaste)
[PVE][BoD] Opulence - Soaking doesn't reduce damage

When ppl need to stand in AOE to reduce damage, damage are done to all ppl in the zone without a reduce of damage.

Boss can't be down

Tried 56 times
[Misc][Quest]Horde War Compaign Drustvar Krazzlefrazz Outpost

Players can't interract with these various objecives of this quest, especially with

from 0:11 to 0:34
[PVE][BoD] Rastakhan - Meteor Leap

Even if you stack with Meteor Leap you will still get oneshoted
|T236171:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:284688|h[Meteor Leap]|h|r
[PVE][BoD] Rastakhan - Abuse heal p3

When an healer is BR during P3, he's able to heal ppl on the 2 phase (players on Bwon and players on Rasta)
[PVE][BoD] Elevator between Conclave and Rastakhan missing phase

The elevator between conclave and Rastakhan is missing on horde converted in alliance player phase. Even with relog 100 times, there is no elevator.
[PvE] Mythic+ scaling issues

There are some spells that for some reason scale differently.
They are scaling waaaay more than the current key level + fortified.
Note that these spells are affected but not the rest of the spells of the same add, maybe they are scripted independently or whatever.
Here's a checklist of known spells that are scaling wrongly and see if there is a generic issue behind it.

Dev note: Indeed, some spells got buffs applied twice (meaning in a +15 key instead of damage being x4, it was x4 x4 = x16... RIP) fixed now !
[PVE][BoD] Horde - Location of rez

Issue Between start point of 2nd wings (where you are tp when you speak with NPC for switch) and opullence. Before do the first pull of opulence, when you are switched to alliance char and rez, you are not revive at begining of second wings, but in the begining of raid, horde side.
It's a probleme because you are in alliance phase, with Rastakhan hostile and can't back to Opulence by walking.
[PVE][BoD] PvP Icon broken

When you go out of the raid after having received the "Alliance buff", your PvP icon might remain in the color of the opposite faction (cf. attached screenshot).

The visual bug seems to affect only the player, but when you target yourself, you see the pvp icon in red.

More detail about this issue is described in the following link:
[PVE][BoD] Faction switch & mounts

Horde players that got switched to Alliance inside BoD, and when they got out and properly switched back to Horde, couldn't use some Horde mounts.
[Misc][Item] Geti'ikku vs Fury's Mastery

Currently Geti'ikku is benefitting from Fury's mastery.

|T132344:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:76856|h[Mastery: Unshackled Fury]|h|r
|T1848077:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:159644::::::::120:::::|h[Geti'ikku, Cut of Death]|h|r

This weapon damage should not benefit from anything except Versatility.

January 6, 2020

[Outlaw] Grappling Hook

Grappling Hook is missing a delay before launch.
Also GH missing rogue's weapon swing after you've been gripped.

Retail GIF:

|T1373906:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:195457|h[Grappling Hook]|h|r
[Restoration] Waking Dream

Germination (Rejuvenation) should buff Ysera's Gift when you are wearing Waking Dream trait. but curently its not.
= TotalMaxHealth x 0.03
if AzeriteTraitRank(AzeriteWakingDream) > 0
= Healing + AzeriteItemEffectBudget(AzeriteWakingDream, 2.3) x (HotCount(Rejuvenation, None) + HotCount(RejuvenationGermination, None))
= Healing x TotalHealingMultiplier
if SubSpec = DruidGuardian
= Healing x 0.5
[Misc][Item] Trinkets PvP Mod

As title says, I'm posting these trinkets with particular PvP mods since most of them are not applied yet.

Note: there are equip/weapons too, pls do them.
[Misc] Share damage spells

Spells that share damage between players don't work atm: everyon in the AOE will take full damage.

This happens on Opulence's Coin Shower for instance

Dev note: woups sorry, fixed !

January 3, 2020

[elemental] Exposed Elements

Exposed Elements [Spell ID=260694] Is still up on some shamans on Sethraliss

Passive got removed in 8.1.0
|T136014:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:260694|h[Exposed Elements]|h|r
[Enhancement] Ascendance vs Stormbringer

Currently Stormbringer doesn't work well with Ascendance's Windstrike.
Even if you have proc active Windstrike will still have cooldown.


Cheat Death damage reduction

Cheat Death talent scripted insanely wrong. Currently it gives you damage resistance with 0.85 value, like warrior's Ignore Pain ability for 7% of your health.
This results almost invulnerability for it's duration, while on retail you can easily die under it's effect.
It just should set your HP TO your 7% health and give you 85% damage buff under it's duration.

Dev note: Damage reduction was applied twice, which resulted in 98% damage reduction instead of 85%.
[Holy] Greater Heal vs Healing Reduction Effects

Greater Heal healing is not affected by Dampening/Healing Reduction effects.

|T135915:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:289666|h[Greater Heal]|h|r
[Holy] Divine Favor vs DispelPurgeSpellsteal

|T135915:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:210294|h[Divine Favor]|h|r whenever this gets spellstealed purged or dispel magic(priest) it stays intact for some reason the big heal still goes off but u can kick though

what should happen whenever it gets purged spellstealed or dispel magic it should remove the buff since you don't have it anymore
[Windwalker] Fist of Fury and BoP

How it's bugged :
When you are casting Fist of Fury and Paladin cast Blessing of Protection of You, Your target get 0 damages from Fist of Fury but you still channeling the cast

How it should work :
BoP shouldn't make your Fist of Fury deal 0 damages when you cast it.
[Mistweaver] Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane

How it's bugged:
Crane heal don't crit atm when it should
Crane heal isn't affected by Haste
ChiJi, the Red Crane is jumping on your Transcendence aswell

How it should work:
Crane heal can crit and should be affected by % haste of Mw.

|T877514:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198664|h[Invoke ChiJi, the Red Crane]|h|r
Chi Burst Range

How it's bugged :
Tested on Ww spec, and it should be bugged for Mw and bm aswell since it's the same spell,
Chi burst [ Spell id= 123986] doesn't heal/damage targets (healing monk included) in the first 20 yards of its path.
How it should work: the damage/healing system should damage/heal targets during its path not only at the end of the path.
[Mistweaver] Soothing Mist and Overflowing Mists

How it's bugged :
Enveloping Mists can be casted without interrupting Soothing Mist cast, however when you have Overflowing Mists azerite trait, and you take any damages, your SM cast is interrupted

How it should work :
Overflowing Mists should not interrupt your Soothing Mist cast.
[Brewmaster] Blackout Combo and Breath of Fire

Apparently Black out Combo work fine except for the reduction of breath of fire who cooldown shoulded be reduced by 3 sec but somehow still remain at 15 sec.

|T574568:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:228563|h[Blackout Combo]|h|r

Ring of Peace

As you can see on the Gif actually if u jump into the Ring of peace u will not get knocked back out.


|T839107:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:142895|h[Ring of Peace]|h|r

Rachell : Also you can't lock the target near the wall using RoP (trick)
[Mistweaver] Mastery Visual Healing

How it's bugged :
The Mastery on the MistWeaver currently shows it only healing for just 9 and not much it actually heals for.
Ofc it's only visual.
[Fire] Cauterize & Temporal Shield
Tar Trap vs Druid Shapeshifts

Tar Trap is not slowing Druid after changing form anymore but if Druid reenters it, gets slowed again.
Aspect of turtle dont immune vs stun

Actually on Sethrtaliss Aspect of the Turtle dont immune vs stun like Intimidation.
Aspect of turtle should give total immunity vs spells.

Aspect of turtle should also deflect/immune spells that are casted on the hunter

Enemy uses casted spell >(spell is moving towards hunter)> hunter uses aspect of the turtle ( should be imune/deflect while buff is active)
Hunter uses aspect of the turtle > aspect of the turtle is now active on the hunter > enemy uses spells/casted spells ( should reflect/be imune)
It's a big problem for pvp players.

|T132199:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:186265|h[Aspect of the Turtle]|h|r
Heart of the Wild

1. Bonus effect from your wildgrowth procs when you STARTED your cast, but should be only when you've FINISHED it.
2. This effect is also can be triggered from casting it on yourself, but should be only on other players.
|T1408835:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:236440|h[Heart of the Wild]|h|r
Feline Adept
[Unholy] Magus of the Dead not scaling with haste

The NPC spawned from the trait Magus of the Dead cast time is supposed to scale with your character's haste. Right now it always has a static 2s cast time no matter how much haste you have.
|T348276:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288417|h[Magus of the Dead]|h|r
Anti-Magic Shell vs Healing Reduction Effects

AntiMagic Shell Absorb is not affected by any Healing Reduction Effects.

|T136120:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:48707|h[AntiMagic Shell]|h|r
[Misc][Trait] Bonded Souls

Bonded Souls procs by itself, without casting any spell or ability.

|T895888:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288839|h[Bonded Souls]|h|r

10/12/2019 note: it isn't healing at all, only procs haste.

also it procs on pets:
[Misc] Negative Haste & CD

Currently, if your haste is negative due to a buff (for instance |T236304:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273930|h[Hindering Cut]|h|r) your spells that have their CD scaling off haste can end up having a longer CD than the base one, which should NOT happen.
[Misc][Trait] Impassive Visage not affected by Dampening

Azerite trait |T1387707:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:268437|h[Impassive Visage]|h|r is not affected by dampening.

proof :
[Misc][Trait] Concentrated Mending

when it procs the heal should be doubled every 2 sec, instead of that the heal stays 94 (low because of my gear obviously) whole time, the tooltip updates to x1 double in the start, to 94>188 but then just stays like that.

when it start at 94, the heal should be doubled every 2 sec. 94(2sec)>188(2sec)>376 etc etc.

[Concentrated Mending ID:267882](|T970412:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:267882|h[Concentrated Mending]|h|r)
[Misc] Pets aggro while mounted

Pets can't go into combat while the class which summoned them is mounted, which means they are not supposed to agro anything, they are not supposed to cause mobs to follow you or go into combat with the group " in mm+ in openworld in raid Everywhere "

HOW it should work?
" If for example a hunter is skipping a 1 million pack of adds in a dungeon and the pet walked through those adds it should not agro anything at all "

December 27, 2019

[Protection] Dragon Charge

The PvP talent Dragon Charge should be slower when the warrior has the flag in a Battleground
|T1380676:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:206572|h[Dragon Charge]|h|r
should be 250%
[General] Command Demon

You should only use Command Demon ability if you have pet summoned.
Atm you can use it even without pet.
|T236292:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:119898|h[Command Demon]|h|r
[Destruction] Rain of Fire

When you put Rain of Fire and go 45+ yards away it wont do damage.
Rain of Fire should do damage on impact zone no matter where is caster.
Ancient Ankh Talisman
[Enhancement] Roiling storm trait

if u stack more then 2 trait the damage should be stacket too...atm the damage is added only by 1 trait, if u equip more then 1 piece of armor with this trait, the damage is still the same (the damage buff should be applied only to the stormbringer empowered stormstrike)

Guardian angel

There is a problem with the talent Guardian angel. Indeed, sometimes it doesn't reduce the CD to 1min. We have make multiple test but we haven't find the trigger. It's not due to range or other healing spells..
Most of the time it doesn't work
|T612969:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:200209|h[Guardian Angel]|h|r
[Windwalker] Storm Earth and Fire

How it's bugged :
1) SEF and Fist of Fury :
When you cast SEF on your target that's moving then you cast Fist of Fury, your clones will be stucks on the moment your start casting and you have to fixate them again to debug out

That dosen't happen when you cast SEF on your target that's not moving then you cast Fist of Fury and the target start moving, clones will follow it and don't bug out.
[Windwalker] Mastery and WDP

How it's bugged :
Mastery is Disabled when you cast Whirling Dragon Punch
Exemple :
RSK and FoF are on CD (to use wdp)

Cast Tiger Palm (Mastery On) > WDP (Mastery On) > Tiger Palm (Mastery Off)
That makes your 2nd Tiger palm unaffected by mastery and you loose your stacks of Hit combo if the talent is selected.
Same thing if you test with any others spamming spell like Blackout Kick
[Arcane] Arcane Pummeling

"Clearcasting procs 10% more often, and each wave of a Clearcast Arcane Missiles deals 558 more damage than the previous."

The bug: Dmg bonus is applied always, should be only on Missiles affected by Clearcasting

|T136096:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:270669|h[Arcane Pummeling]|h|r
PushBack Reduction


This is a hidden aura that needs to be applied to MM hunter ASAP
it basically reduces the pushback for Revive pet/Aimed shot and Rapid Fire( might be why there are some missing shots/extra shots). cus this aura is missing.

Note: Survival also benefits from it while casting revive pet.
Note Bm also benefits from it while casting Barrage and revive pet.
Note Hunter Aimed Shot and Rapid Fire are not considered to be casted spells like for example " Chaos bolt or Fire Ball ".

like for example, Quaking in m+
doesn't interrupt any hunter abilities including aimed shot and rapid fire
They're not technically coded as casts
You can see all the spells that benefit from it in the link.
[Marksmanship] Double Tap

|T236185:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:194595|h[Lock and Load]|h|r
|T537468:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:260402|h[Double Tap]|h|r
|T461115:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257044|h[Rapid Fire]|h|r

In arenas/bgs Marksman hunters use this Combo and it's not working on our servers because double tap is not giving double aimed shots from lock and load proc.
On retail it doesn't instantly consume it, you can channel double Rapidfire and right at last second of rapidfire you use Aimed shot proc from lock and load.
Resulting 2x Rapid Fire and 2x Aimed shot.

Proof from retail:
[Unholy] Festering wound timer reset

Festering wound( |T1129420:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:194310|h[Festering Wound]|h|r) timer Shouldn't reset after Scourge Strike and Necro Strike.

Actually timer is resetting each hit of scourge/necro strike :

Festering wound timer should reset ONLY when you apply them by Festering strike.

proof(from 27:50):
[Vengeance] Flame Crash

|T1344650:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:227071|h[Flame Crash]|h|r
When you fly with wings and use Infernal Strike (while having Flame Crash as talent) the Sigil of Flame will stay in the air (the position from where u jumped)

It can also happen while not jumping but maybe like 1 out of 15 jumps
[Havoc] Revolving Blades

"Blade Dance deals 1664 additional damage, and the cost of your next Blade Dance is reduced by 3 Fury for each enemy struck by the final slash."

Atm after casting Blade Dance (you get "Revolvign Blades" buff), and castign Blade Dance again (while you still have buff) you will get Fury reduced (thats normal) and DMG increased by around 20% (that should not be)

1st use azerite item with no trait and use blade dance check dmg (lets say 900)
2nd use azerite item (same gear) with trait and use blade dance check dmg (lets say 1100)
3rd use blade dance again after CD check dmg (lets say 1300)

|T1305149:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:279581|h[Revolving Blades]|h|r
[PVE][BoD] Hex of Lethargy in LFR

|T136093:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:284470|h[Hex of Lethargy]|h|r

This spell must not be included in LFR version of the fight.

Only normal/hc/mythic
[PVE][BoD] Rastakhan - Plague of Toads count

Number of toads are wrong in HC difficulty. Should be 3 in hc and 5 in mythic.

|T1802889:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:284933|h[Plague of Toads]|h|r
[PVE][BoD] Rastakhan - elevator issue

After wype, when ppl release, they can't came back to Rastakhna room because of the elevator is not here.

No animation and the gob seems to be not here.

EDIT : All the raid have to relog to see the elevator. Some ppl are TP on Dazar'alor capital as an alliance player (as if they're from Horde)
[PVE][BoD] Opulence - Reset after server crash restart

Currently if you already killed Opu and Conclave and will wait server to restart itself Guardian Golems will respawn (so you can engage them) and if you will kill them, Opu will spawn again.

looks like this:
[PVE][BoD] Opulence - Doors closing themselves

After wiping on Rastakan, some players encounter the bug where the doors next to opulence close themselves (see attached screenshot).
[Misc][Racial] Zandalari Troll - Embrace of Kimbul

Embrace of Kimbul isn't working for casters due to not converting Attack Power into Spell Power, so only AttackPower classes can use it.

Only Mage has this issue atm.

|T2446018:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:292363|h[Embrace of Kimbul]|h|r
[PVE][BoD] Changefaction issue

In case of ID recovery (after being on the side of the alliance), when we enter the raid. we are phased on the alliance side, but we are at the entrance on the horde side. Impossible to leave the raid, impossible to return to the alliance side.
[PVE][BoD] Rastakhan - Bwonsamdi aura missing during P2

At the begenning of phase 2, when Bwonsamdi appear, sometime he haven't got some aura/ spell :
[PVE][BoD] Opulence - Melee attacks

Melee attacks from guardian golems and boss itself are not even doing damage, can't feel anything as tank.

> example of the damage it should do

December 24, 2019

[General] Soul Leech

"All singletarget damage done by you and your minions grants you and your pet shadowy shields that absorb 8% of the damage dealt for 15 sec, up to
10% of maximum health."
Its not capping on 10% if both you and pet attack target
If you dont have pet and you attack target, it will cap on 10%, but if you summon pet (once you reached 10%) , and let pet attack, it will go more than 10%
Shield should cap on caster at 10% of casters hp
Sheild should cap on pet at 10% of pets hp

|T571320:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:108370|h[Soul Leech]|h|r
[Demonology] Doom

"If Doom kills the target, there is a 5% chance to summon a Doomguard to fight for you for 25 sec."
atm there is 100% chance to summon Doomguard
formula and modifers are wrong should be
= 0.6875 x TotalSpellPower x TotalPetDamageMultiplier
if TargetHealthPercent < 0.2
= Damage x 1.2

last link is with modifers and formula

[Demonology] Random Demon: Shivarra

Formula is wrong for Multislash, should be:
0.1325 x 0.85 x 0.5 x TotalSpellPower x TotalPetDamageMultiplier
[Restoration] Missing Hotfix
Blade Flurry vs Crit

Currently if you will crit with your Between the Eyes ability, Blade Flurry will do wrong 90% of damage. Also BF transfers 60% of damage by crits, instead of 30%
This bug causes INSANE dps into reaping.

[Outlaw] Combat Potency

Doesnt seem it is 75% chance from offhand to get 10 energy. If dev can check it if it is really 75% and if it is not it would be nice to fix.

|T135673:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:35551|h[Combat Potency]|h|r
[Windwalker] Reverse Harm vs Hit Combo

Reverse Harm is proccing Hit Combo while you don't have it talented and also its behavior is wrong, Hit Combo should not stack if you repeat the same attack.

|T627486:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:287771|h[Reverse Harm]|h|r
|T574573:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:196740|h[Hit Combo]|h|r

Note: you should not be full hp, you can't see the bug if you're overhealing.
[Frost] Glacial Spike vs Flash Freeze

Glacial Spike should have 25% chance to proc Fingers of Frost due it counts 5 Icicles to its damage and as Flash Freeze trait say _when an Icicle deals damage you have a 5% chance to gain the Fingers of Frost effect._

|T1698699:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:199786|h[Glacial Spike]|h|r
|T236209:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288164|h[Flash Freeze]|h|r
|T236227:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:112965|h[Fingers of Frost]|h|r
|T135855:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:76613|h[Mastery: Icicles]|h|r
Twin-Pipe Buster Cannon

Actually the effect of this weapon (raid loot of BoD) is doing damage on the hunter himself ...
[Misc] Merry Christmas!

From everyone at Firestorm :heart:
[Misc] Detection eye vs Shadow Dance

Currently you can't use Shadow Dance if you have Detection Eye effect active on yourself.
Retail: 2:05
|T236279:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:185313|h[Shadow Dance]|h|r
[Misc] CC break threshold

From the PoV of this video, you can see that the trash got fear with around 52,7% HP, and fear broke when the trash took around 1% of his max hp (52,7 > 51,8%)

here u can see the Ironhull Apprentice (the bottom one) got his fear break when taking not even 1% of hp in damage (48,8% > 48,2%

Currently on FIrestorm CC that break with HP aren't blzzlike AT ALL.

From everything i've read / seen so far on retail, fear break (and other cc) itsn't something flat.
Aka every damage has his own chance to break it.
Like dots have less chance to break than direct damage.

I guess all type of cc that have a chance to break uppon damage should act that way:

a max cap of damage + each attack / damage receive should have his own chance to break the cc

Dev note: Since it's hard to get proper information, and it might even be different for each spell, I reduced the threshold of damage to break FEARS, ROOTS and TRANSFORMS from 10% Max HP to 2% (same value as the other kinds of CCs). Polymorphs still break instantly as it should.
[Misc] Dots keeping you in combat

When you don't hit someone directly (weapon attack, spell) your combat timer shouldn't reset:
Dots or procs (those that you cast, AND those applied on you) shouldn't keep you in combat.
This prevents Rogues from using stealth, and all others from mounting / regen

December 23, 2019

[Demonology] Demonic Felstorm

formula should be 0.33x 0.575 x TotalSpellPower x ArmorReduction xTotalPetDamageMultiplier x 4

atm its 300% instead of 400%
|T236292:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:267171|h[Demonic Strength]|h|r
[Elemental] Lightning Lasso

Lightning Lasso should be kickable/interruptable. At the moment it is not.

|T1385911:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:305483|h[Lightning Lasso]|h|r
[Elemental] Lave Shock PVP

How it's bugged :
Lava Shock damages in PVP don't seem to be accurate :

Test done : Spellpower : 3561 / Tooltip 331 / 0 Versa
Modifiers : 0.9 for Earth Shock and Lava Shock
0.5 for Lava Shock Azerite 331 x0.5 = 166
0.98 Core Passive

Without trait :
2.1 x 3561 0.98 x 0.9 =6595.68 vs 6595 (Correct )

With 1 trait : 1 stacks of Lava Shock
0.98 x 0.9 ( 2.1 x 3561 + 166) = 6741.65 vs 6758 (In game)

With 1 trait : 2 stacks of Lava Shock
0.98 x 0.9 (2.1 x 3561 + 166 x2)= 6888.5 vs 6920 (In game)

With 1 trait : 20 stacks of LS
0.98 x 0.9 (2.1 x 3561 + 166 x20) = 9523.92 vs 9849 (In game)

Now with 2 traits and 20 Stacks of LS:
0.98 x 0.9 (2.1 x 3561 + 331 x20) = 12434.52 vs 13837 (in game)
[Enhancement] Lightenning Shield

Enhancement Shaman's talent Tier Lightening Shield [Spell ID=192106] is having buff reset each time you gain a stack using stomstrike.
Steps to reproduce: Get talent, use the spell, wait to lower the duration of the buff then use stormstrike.
[Elemental] Lava Burst & Surge of Power

If you have a flying Lava burst towards your target and gain Surge of Power(Earth shock buff),it consumes it when your lava burst hits the target.
It should consume on the beginning of a cast,not the end of it.This only happens with Lava Burst currently.

|T237582:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:51505|h[Lava Burst]|h|r
|T136088:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:262303|h[Surge of Power]|h|r
[Enhancement] Stormbringer
[Elemental] Earthquake damages

How it's bugged :
Earthquake damages are currently wrong and don't match the following formula :
0.2875 x TotalSpellPower x TotalDmgMultiplier x Core Passive

Test done : Intel 1464 / 0 Versa (Neaked character)

0.2875 x 1464 x 0.98 = 412.482
Damages done on Dummy : 337
Combo Points Sync

After the recent energy regen smoothness fix, combo points were affected.
When you use an ability that generates combo points, sometimes it doesn't display the real amount of combo points you generated.
Example :
Open with garrote with shrouded suffocation trait, you should gain 3 cp, but you see only 1cp.
Mutilate, you should gain 2,3,4 cp, but you see 1 cp.
Energy loss

Energy regen of rogues is not smooth.
Energy jumps back and forth and sometimes abilities are usable but in the next frame they are not, meaning loss of energy.
[Mistweaver] Soothing Mist and Cocon Life

How it's bugged :
Cocon Life cast shouldn't interrupt your Soothing Mist channeling Cast

How it should work:
You can use Cocon Life without interrupting Soothing Mist cast.
Retail :
Auto-shot broke cc

When target is under cc, the hunt dont stop autoshot. It broke cc, and it"s a problem on pvp.
[Feral] Jungle Fury

If you will use two Tiger's Fury in a row having this trait (with Predator talent active), you will get permanent crit buff from it.


|T132242:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:274425|h[Jungle Fury]|h|r
[Unholy] Ghoul Claw damages

How it's bugged :
Claw damages done by Ghoul don't seem to be accurate :
Formula used :
0.97 x 0.6 x AbilityDamage(true) x 0.3 x TotalPetDamageMultiplier x ArmorReduction

Test done : 2065 AP / 21% Mastery / 259 Wep dmg

0.97 x 0.6 x (2065 + 259 x6) x 0.3 x 0.7 = 442.31 vs 535 (Game)
Looks like it's affected by Mastery
1.21 x 0.97 x 0.6 x (2065 + 259 x6) x 0.3 x 0.7 = 535.2

Since Claw is affected by Armor reduction and Askmrrobot is saying that base damage is traited as Physical damage, Mastery shouldn't be applied

Claw Cleave is affected by Mastery only when Dark transformation is on since it's shadow damage

= 0.6 x AbilityDamage(true) x 0.15 x TotalPetDamageMultiplier x MasteryValue(DeathKnightUnholyShadow,true)
[Unholy] Reanimation speed & HP

Reanimation zombies try to chase the target at unbelievable speed after the DK get CC'd.

Sometimes zombies spawn with 160k HP and it's impossible to stop them.

[Unholy] Festering Wounds on Death

Festering Wounds Shouldn't do Damage to a Dead Mob(when the mob dies),should only generate 3 RP.
This is causing sometimes an AoE damage to mobs close to the target wich dies with Wounds up,for the excess damage.

Firestorm proof :
2+ mobs :
[Misc][item] Galecaller's Boon

report :
The item doesn't work as intended. This trinket is supossed to increase your haste and speed when you're inside of it. The issue is that you have to move out of it and go back in to get the haste and speed increase.
( Trinket and value )
( The buff area says 0p haste and 0p speed )
( I leave the area)
( I went back and it gave me a lower value instead of the specific one )
[PVE][BoD] Rastakhan - Zombie Dust Totem

Once you kill the Zombie Dust Totem, there's a chance the MCd player will not break free from it
[Misc][Pets] not obeying commands

this is considered for every class with pets
first gif you move pet with then try attack and it doesn't obey it just stands still
second gif pet is already attacking and u move him and he doesn't obey
[PVE][BoD] Opulence - Encounter fails to start (Horde)

Once you start the Opulence encounter (dealing with the 2 adds) the real boss encounter doesn't start, which means you can stay out of combat, have infinite battleresurrections, just like you're dealing with 2 trash mobs
[Misc] PVP Titles

Reaching the achievement mark, the player receives it, but not the title

Dev note: Fixed. Once this fix is applied (when you read this) all titles will automatically be given to anyone who has the corresponding achievement!
[PVE][BoD] Opulence - Overload

Overload shouldn't target Pets.
[Misc][Assault] Stormsong Valley

Issue: Players can use Aleforged Warbringer to kill enemies

When you complete the quest [Bomb Them Again!]( with the reindeer it does not count as done.
[Misc][Trait] Apothecary's Concoctions

Apothecary's Concoctions simply not scripted. Doesn't do damage, doesn't heal.

|T463547:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:287631|h[Apothecary's Concoctions]|h|r
[Misc][Achievement]Bros. Before Ho Ho_Horde

Players can't complete this achievement because :

[Brother Keltan]( missing
[Brother Malach]( and [Durkot Wolfbrother <Stable Master>]( we cant use [Mistletoe](|T134189:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:21519::::::::120:::::|h[Mistletoe]|h|r) on him.
[PVE][BOD] Changing Gear when faction switched

A player (Troll Drood, faction changed to Night Elf drood on 2nd wing) couldn't change his gear while inside the raid: he had to quit it, change gear and then come back

December 19, 2019

[Holy] Flash of Light PVP mod

PVP mod is missing:
Flash of Light healing increased by 15% in PvP.
Heal is healing same open world and closed PVP, if you add all in formula without 15% its matching (and all is fine in PVE), so 15% mod is missing
[Misc] Reaping Shadow Smash & Avoidance

Reaping affix and the spells that come with it is near oneshotting pets from all classes.

[Shadow Smash] is dealing A LOT of damage to pets. it shouldn't.
I can see on Retail, this DK pet took ZERO damage from these spells but on firestorm, pets are getting destroyed by it!

|T236300:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288694|h[Shadow Smash]|h|r
|T236300:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:295215|h[Shadow Smash]|h|r
(timing 8.47) slow motion

Proof from Retail:

Dk pet took zero damage on Retail&This needs to be applied to ALL pets that have [Avoidance].
[PVE][BoD] Conclave - Boss not dying completly

Sometimes one of the boss doesn't die and causes double spawn of Paku's Wrath, Krag'wa's Wrath and Gonk's Wrath


This issue prevents clearing the boss
[PVE][BoD] Opulence - Guardian stops working

when guardian's target die while it's changing room, he will go full retard and stop doing anything
[PVE][BoD] Rastakhan - Phase 4 Dread Reaping

There is way too much dread reaping in phase 4
[PVE][BOD] Relogging when Faction switched

If you're Horde inside 2nd wing (so you're faction changed to Alli) and you relog, you get back to the beginning of the instance (horde side) still appearing as Alliance.

You should relog at the beginning of 2nd wing, or a future checkpoint if you had reached it
[PVE][BOD] Zandalari Troll Issue

When a Zandalari troll gets faction changed to alliance in BOD's 2nd wing, once he gets out and properly returns to his natural race, he can no longer retrieve any Loa's blessing, even after relogging

Dev note: Fixed for futur cases, if you encountered the issue you will need to wait the 'remaining CD' of your racial (you can't see it, but it's 5 days starting when you last took a blessing)
[PVE][BOD] Teleports when faction changed

If you're horde, faction changed to Alliance and get out of BoD through the portal at the beggining, you'll end up in Boralus, back in your horde race.
Sooooo u're gonna have a bad time !
[PVE][BOD] Faction switch Racials

There seem to be some fuckups with racials when a horde player gets switched to Alliance:

Orc Magar > Ironforge dwarf: No Racials from the dwarf learnt. (Hunter)

Troll > Night Elf: No Racials from the Night Elf learnt (Druid)

Zandalari troll keeping |T2446020:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:292361|h[Embrace of Pa'ku]|h|r (check this log: )

December 18, 2019

[Fury] Whirwind Secondary

Rampage 360 got broken again (additional range missing for Rampage, to make it same as other spells in aoe)

test on ads in open world and dungeons, don't test on dummies
[Arms] Whirlwind vs Tactician

Whirlwind should trigger Tactician. Currently, it's not triggering it.
Lying in Wait

The Azerite trait Lying in Wait gives more speed than supposed to
|T132301:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288158|h[Lying In Wait]|h|r
[Outlaw] Keep Your Wits About You

The azerite trait Keep Your Wits About You works in single target. When you blade flurry and hit in single target, the trait procs.

The trait should not work in single target at all. The trait should proc when your blade flurry hits secondary targets.

Trait : |T132350:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288979|h[Keep Your Wits About You]|h|r
Proof :
[Discipline] Mindbender

Mindbender is not generating any mana.

Mistweaver] Overflowing Mist

|T775461:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273334|h[Overflowing Mists]|h|r
Currently missing mods.

= AzeriteItemEffectBudget(AzeriteOverflowingMists, 4.907976) TotalHealingMultiplier

is currently not benefitting from any mods, neither the monk passive
and is also not benefitting from the passive +30% (40% if talent selected) i have 2 traits (1000 heals per trait), and it heals 2k on proc, no matter what. (420 ilvl trait)

ALSO: Currently missing internal cooldown of 0.5 seconds, it procs on EVERY dmg taken, it was changed in 8.2 to have a internal cooldown

Rachell : Also when you reapply Envelopping Mist, Overflowing Mist don't get updated, and you can't get OM buff anymore until your Evnelopping Mist fade away.
[Windwalker] Reverse Harm vs Healing Reduction Effects

Reverse Harm heal is not getting affected by Healing Reduction Effects such as Mortal Wounds (25% heals) or Dampening.

|T627486:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:287771|h[Reverse Harm]|h|r
[Windwalker] Touch of Karma and Versatility

How it's bugged :
Touch of Karma damages are affected by Player Versatility only at the moment

How it should work
Touch of Karma should be affected by Monk Versatility aswell
[Marksmanship] Buff Precise Shots

Missing Visual effect.

When the MM hunter gains precise shot buff, arrows should display around the character ( visual effect )
Aspect of the Turtle

There is still some CC that can bypass the Turtle.
For what i saw, it's Physical stun (from War / Dk), may be other.

|T132199:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:186265|h[Aspect of the Turtle]|h|r
Pet stop dps when cc other target.

When you have to target, pet attacking one ; when you want to cc with frozen trap the 2nd target, the pet will stop to dps the first target.
Pet should continue dps the first target who is not cc by trap.

Video to show the bug :
[Feral] Leader of the Pack

Leader of the Pack should not be able to crit, but at the moment it is critting resulting to heal 8% of health instead of 4%.

|T135881:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:202636|h[Leader of the Pack]|h|r
[Restoratiion] - Balance Affinity Starsurge with Solar Wrath

Starsurge with Balance Affinity must buff damage of your next Solar Wrath and Lunar Strike.
Currently only Lunar Strike gets buff while Solar Wrath is not buffed.
[Feral] Feral Frenzy

|T132140:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:274837|h[Feral Frenzy]|h|r.
This Feral Druid Talent is supposed to award 5 Combo Points when you use it but it only gives 1 CP.
[Unholy] Reanimation

Reanimation shouldn't spawn over your target,sometimes it does that on firestorm.

Somone is abusing this on arenas apparently.


Proof :
Dark Succor vs Personal Absorb-o-Tron

When you damage a target that has this Trait/Absorb, it will count that you killed the little robot thing and you can use Dark Succor, which is completely wrong.

|T878217:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:178819|h[Dark Succor]|h|r
|T237517:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:49998|h[Death Strike]|h|r
|T1336885:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:280181|h[Personal AbsorboTron]|h|r
[UH] Raise Abomination Auto-attack and Haste

How it's bugged :
1Current formula used for Raise abomination melee are wrong and don't match retails calculations :
Neaked 120 DK Retail : 698699
Neaked 120 DK Firestorm : 457458

How it should work :
The new formula should be :
[(Strength + WDPS x 6) 2.4] /6 x 1.75 x Versatility x Armor Penalty x UDK Core Passive

Exemple (1):
Str : 1467 / WDPS : 162.6

DEV : 7 Auto attacks
457 x7 = 3199

Exemple (2):
Str 6008 / WDPS : 247.2

DEV Realm : 7 Auto attacks
457 x7 = 3199

Im doing same damage with neaked damage just as 385 ilvl DK

DEV : 7 Auto attacks with updated formula :
1263.63 x 7 = 8845.42 vs 3199

2 Raise abomination dosen't scall dynamically with Haste
[unholy] Bursting Sores on death

Bursting Sores (|T236158:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:207267|h[Bursting Sores]|h|r) Is hitting 24 times X wound if Mob is dying with Festering Wounds still up,instead of hitting 1 time X wound.

proof :
[Unholy] Apocalypse delay

Apocalypse (|T1392565:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:275699|h[Apocalypse]|h|r) ghouls are summoned instant so they attack the target instant(Animation is not working well too).
They should wait animation to finish before starting attack.

Proof Firestorm :
How should it work:
[Havoc] Thirsting Blades

Example hows it atm for MH
(0.35 x AbilityDamage(true) + AzeriteItemEffectBudget(AzeriteThirstingBlades, 0.9386499 x 0,5) x BuffStack(ThirstingBladesBuff)) x TotalDamageMultiplier

should be
(0.35 x AbilityDamage(true) + AzeriteItemEffectBudget(AzeriteThirstingBlades, 0.9386499) x BuffStack(ThirstingBladesBuff)) x TotalDamageMultiplier

Same goes for OH, annihilation MH and OH.
[Misc][Items] PVE trinkets PVP mod

Dev note: Reverted all fixes made to PVE trinkets' PVP mod, as the information was incorrect (it was from end of Legion, not BFA).

Another ticket will follow, where BFA trinkets get their pvp mod added (only a few are concerned, not all of them this time)
[Misc] PVP mods in duels

Dev note: Crit damage / heal was 100% in duel, when it should be 50%. Same goes for pvp mods, they weren't applied for heals on yourself
Rewritten check of IsInDuel to work with our new system
[Misc][Item] Kaja-fied Banana

damage isn't split
[Misc][Item] Ward of Envelopment

when you take damage the damage should be shared between allies who have enveloping protection buff

Player versus Player
The following items have had their effects reduced in PvP combat:
Ward of Envelopment Ward of Envelopment 's effectiveness in PvP is reduced by 30% for healer specializations, and 65% (was 50%) for nonhealer specialization characters.
[Misc][Quest] Mountain Sounds

Phase is changing at the Norwington Estate when a player rewarded quest "No Party Like a Trogg Party". If a player has not taken quest "Mountain Sounds", he will never be able to take it.
[PVE][BoD] Second Wing available !

Opulence, Conclave of the Chosen & King Rastakhan are now available in LFR, NM & HM difficulties!

December 16, 2019

[Arms] Crushing Assault vs Fervor of Battle

Crushing Assault proc should reduce Whirlwind (while having Fervor of Battle talented) cost by 20 when Slam will light up.
The Damage part is fine, just Whirlwind rage cost is the issue.

Note: on Wowhead you can see:
Effect #3 Apply Aura: Modifies Power Cost (14)
Affected Spells:
Whirlwind Whirlwind

|T132340:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:278826|h[Crushing Assault]|h|r
|T236286:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:202316|h[Fervor of Battle]|h|r
Dark Pact vs Healing Reduction Effects

Dark Pact absorb is not getting affected by any Healing Reduction Effect

without any healing red:

with Wound Poison/Mortal Wounds:

|T538538:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:108416|h[Dark Pact]|h|r
[Elemental] Master of the Elements vs Heed My Call

Master of the Elements is getting consumed by Heed My Call proc, should not be like that.

|T237589:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:263987|h[Heed My Call]|h|r
|T136027:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:16166|h[Master of the Elements]|h|r
[Assasination] Double Dose & Wound Poison

When Multilate applies Lethal Poison, it poisons the target for additional damage. Right now it doesn't work with Wound Poison.
|T134197:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:8679|h[Wound Poison]|h|r
|T132304:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273007|h[Double Dose]|h|r
[Outlaw] Blade Flurry range

There is some issue with Melee range from Blade Flurry seems smaller than it is supossed to be.
I compared on FS with Retail and indeed there is issue, I made some gifs of this how it works or supposed to be working.

First test was made without Acrobatic Strikes talent with max range where blade flurry spell can hit:


Second test was made with Acrobatic Strikes talent with max range where blade flurry can hit( i moved a bit left because of this talent):


And it seems Acrobatic Strikes talent doesnt increase range blade flurry so it would be nice fix together with this.

|T132350:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:13877|h[Blade Flurry]|h|r
|T589068:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:196924|h[Acrobatic Strikes]|h|r
[Retribution] Divine Purpose vs Empyrean Power

Divine Purpose proc overwrites Empyrean Power proc, shouldn't be like that.
Issue Video:

|T236263:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:286390|h[Empyrean Power]|h|r
|T135897:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:223817|h[Divine Purpose]|h|r
[Windwalker] Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger

How it's bugged :
Xuen have few bugs explained here ;

1 Xuen is actually affected by Fears such as (Psychic Scream or Turn Evil, Howl of Terror, Intimidating Shout, Fear.)
2 Xuen don't use Tiger Leap when he can't reach his target, he's just running around
3 Xuen stop attacking when Paladin use BoP, he's just standing here, have to force Tiger Leap so he can attack again
4 Xuen is casted without any passif enabled

How it should work ;

1 Xuen is immune to any kind of Fears
2 Xuen use Tiger Leap when his target is out of Range (6sec CD)
3 Xuan should continu to dps Paladin into BoP even if he is immune to melee damage, Xuen can still cast Crackling Crackling Tiger Lightning (Nature damages)
4 When Xuen is casted he should have "Assist" and "Attack" enabled

Retail :
[Windwalker] Reverse Harm

How it's bugged :
Reverse Harm is actually healing your target and the Monk at same time.

How it should work:
Reverse Harm can heal only one target per cast
[Marksmanship] Rapid Fire Cleave

How Rapid fire (CLEAVE) works?
You use [Multi Shot] on 3 or more Targets
Then your Rapid Fire attacks all enemies in range

The issue is that Rapid Fire STOPS if the targeted target died during the channel.
It should continue shooting until the channel duration expires.

All that you need to modify is to make it keep channeling even it the main target dies.
Exhilaration vs Healing Reduction Effects

Exhilaration is not affected by any Healing Reduction debuffs, from classical abilities like Mortal Wounds to Arena Effect Dampening.

Exhilaration example: 222460 x 30 /100 = 66738
In arena, as you can see in the gif, it heals still 66738 even with 41% less healing effects. 66738 x 0.59 = 39.375 < this should be the correct healing value.
So the spell is simply not affected by dampening

[Marksmanship] Double Tap & Rapid Fire

Rapid fire should fire 10 shots doubled with double tap into 20 shots.
(Tested on live)
Case: Deplete all focus, use rapidfire, the hunter should regen 10 focus+ his passive fps, shooting randomly 47 hits and not regening correct amount of focus.

Case: Deplete all focus use Doubletap and Rapidfire, you regen the same amount of focus although you shot double shots. " Should be 20 focus + passive focus regen of the hunter. " On live its shooting double whatever wrong value was generated from rapidfire"

The first issue is Rapid fire is not shooting 10 shots
The second issue is doubletap not giving 20 shots
The third issue is you should get 10 focus back 1 focus per shot
The fourth issue is you should get 20 focus back if you use double tap because you shoot 20 shots.

Please also take into consideration, Azi trait [Focus Fire] cus each shot has a 30% chance to give double focus with and without double tap!

|T878211:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:278531|h[Focused Fire]|h|r
|T537468:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:260402|h[Double Tap]|h|r
|T461115:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257044|h[Rapid Fire]|h|r
Mastery: Spirit Bond vs Healing Reduction Effects

Mastery: Spirit Bond is not affected by any healing reduction/dampening effect. Tested with around 60% dampening and warrior 25% heal reduce still heals the same amount.

222460 (player hp) x 1.9% (mastery: spirit bond) / 100= 4.226

with dampening at around 60% like on the gif it should heal 2.641

|T236180:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:263135|h[Mastery: Spirit Bond]|h|r
[Marksmanship] Double Tap

When using Double Tap, the second Aimed Shot proc should be able to proc a critical strike too, and independently from the first aimed shot proc.
[Unholy] Abomination AS

Abomination from PVP talent Raise Abomination should have 3.5 As instead of 2.
Currently it can do 12 autos, it should do 7 max (checked on retail)
[Unholy] Necrotic Strike Absorb

Necrotic Strike absorb should do Max 5% hp absorb x hit,actually it's not capped and it's doing a bit more than that: exemple > 100k hp target > 1 necro > 5490 absorb != 5000

spell : |T132481:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:223829|h[Necrotic Strike]|h|r

Note: Necrotic Strike is benefitting from Versatility once again, it shouldn't. Also, it shouldn't be able to crit, but currently it can
[Misc][Racial] Zandalari - Embrace of the Loa

Actually , the buff issue from this racial spell don't stay when the player die.
Normally they should stay until the death.
|T1850548:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:292751|h[Embrace of the Loa]|h|r

exemple : |T2446020:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:292361|h[Embrace of Pa'ku]|h|r
[Misc][Item] Chargestone of the Thunder King's Court
[PVE][BOD] Grong - Megatonic Seeker MissileVoodo Blast

Voodo blast [A] and Megatonic Seeker Missile [H] should not target any melee players, even if they are far away from the boss, it should prioritize targeting ranged classes.
[PVE][BoD] Jadefire - Whirling Jade Storm

whirling jade storm should not be interruptable by melee attacks from pets, only players.
[PvE][WM] Devouring Maggot

None of Devouring Maggots near Raal the Glutonous shouldn't proc Sanguine and Bursting affixes, BUT they should trigger necrotic.

(you can watch any wm mm+ video with this affix and see it yourself, tested on retail myself aswel)
[PvE][SotS] Aqu'sirr - Choking Brine

As you can see on this video:

The spell choking brine is randomly (even tank) trageting ppl.
Currently on FS its always healers (if he doesn't have debuff).

|T893779:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:264560|h[Choking Brine]|h|r
[PvE][AD] Teeming Missing pack g27

G27 pack missing during Teeming week (can be seen in .gm on though, it just doesn't activate itself during teeming week)
[PvE][AD] World Quest Atal'dazar:A Little Mojo

The npcs for this world quest should not be present in mythic keystones

[Misc] Battle Pets disappearing

Issue: If you learn a pet/pets and you disconnect and connect (or use /reload or similar), the pet/pets will disappear (usually)

Steps to reproduce the issue: Learn a pet and disconnect and connect (not 100% but you will have a high % to lose it)

Note: They can't do nothing with the pet but the spell of the pet still in his character

In the screenshots you can see that the pet disappear after 26 min (he has 92 pets and after 91)

December 12, 2019

[Arms] Crushing Assault vs Tactician

Slam procs from the Azerite trait Crushing Assault shouldn't trigger Tactician since there is no rage used.
|T132340:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:278751|h[Crushing Assault]|h|r
[Arms] Tactician vs Sudden Death

Execute procs from Sudden Death talent shouldn't trigger Tactician


|T132346:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:29725|h[Sudden Death]|h|r
[Destruction] Havoc

Warlock should not hit if target is LoS.
1 put havoc on target
2 havoced target goes los
3 hit (example mortal coil) target thats not havoced
4 both targets will get hit, even if 2nd target is line of sight

[General] Succubus Whiplash

Whiplash should not have DR anymore, since its not knockback, its slow spell now.

[Enchancement] Elemental Spirits

Molten weapon damage is not scripted at all, hits for 1 damage.

>Molten Weapon
Increases fire damage dealt from your abilities by 20%, and Lava Lash now causes the target to burn for an additional 35% of the direct damage done over 4 sec.

|T237577:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:262624|h[Elemental Spirits]|h|r
|T1032474:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:224125|h[Molten Weapon]|h|r
[Subtlety] Subterfuge

Subterfuge gives 25% bonus damage to shadowstrike for it's duration, shouldn't be like that.

FS gif:
Retail gif:

Shroud of Concealment

This spell should also work on Classes with pets like hunters, Dks, Mage etc. in party / raid group.

|T635350:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:262176|h[Shroud of Concealment]|h|r
[Shadow] Searing Dialogue

Searing Dialogue formula damage is added after multipliers instead BEFORE them.
Should be:
Damage = 0.218 TotalSpellPower
if HasDot(ShadowWordPain)
= Damage + AzeriteItemEffectBudget(AzeriteSearingDialogue, 3.97546)
= Damage TotalDamageMultiplier PeekSavedValue(ThoughtHarvesterProc)

At the moment is:
Damage TotalDamageMultiplier PeekSavedValue(ThoughtHarvesterProc) + AzeriteItemEffectBudget(AzeriteSearingDialogue, 3.97546)

If you gain Searing Dialogue while channeling a normal Mind Sear, it gets empowered and consume the debuff while it should enhance the NEXT CAST of Mind Sear.

|T237565:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:272788|h[Searing Dialogue]|h|r
|T237565:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:48045|h[Mind Sear]|h|r
[Arcane] Dampened Magic

"Magical damage over time effects deal 20% less damage to you."
Doesnt work at all.
Mage vs Druid.
Druid puts Sunfire on me WITHOUT talent, deals 196 dmg to me with DOT.
/forfeit, take talent
Druid puts Sunfire on me WITH talent,. deals 196 dmg to me with DOT

same gear, same all, just talent on/off, even after relog its same.

|T252267:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:236788|h[Dampened Magic]|h|r
[Arcane] Arcane Pressure

Trait is missing TotalDamageMultiplier
Damage + (TotalDamageMultiplier x AzeriteItemEffectBudget(AzeriteArcanePressure, 14.779141) x BuffStack(ArcaneCharge)

atm it works like damge x multiplers + trait

tested in pvp (pvp mod is applied fine, x0,5), just there are not other multiplers on trait (versa, core passive, mastery etc)
[Marksmanship] Rapid Fire and Aimed shot desync

The spell is ready yet nothing happens when you click it, refunding the cd and the gcd.

[Marksmanship] TrueShot

|T461115:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257044|h[Rapid Fire]|h|r

Note Aimed shot is reduced by 60% + Hunter haste ( also reduces the recharge timer of the charges )
Note Aimed shot Cast speed is also reduced by haste.
Note Rapid Fire Cast speed is also reduced by haste.

Retail video of how it should work: 7:20 ( i suggest slow motion )
Trueshot broken

Actually Trueshot show :
"Reduces the cooldown of your Aimed Shot and Rapid Fire by 15%, and causes Aimed Shot to cast 50% faster for 15sec."

This "15%" should be "+60%"

Crowd control on Pet

Pets shouldn't be able to use ability when they are CC.
[Balance] Starfall

Starfall actually doesn't hit every target on the area.
[Misc] Sending pet to attack instant Combat

Sending pet to attack instantly gets you into combat without pet even hitting your target.
It should put you in combat when your pet successfully hits your target
This does not only happen to Hunter but Warlock and Death Knight pets too

This is annoying for rogues trying to get a SAP opener with this bug they cannot vs those classes.
[Misc][Trait] Treacherous Covenant

Treacherous Covenant bugs out when you die. You have to reequip the piece of gear/relog to make it work again.
[Misc][Professions] Cooking: Feastfood don't work

Feast of Blood & Feast of the waters do not work

December 10, 2019

[Windwalker] Touch of Karma PVEPVP

How it's bugged:
Damages of Touch of Karma in PVP situation are insanly low (183/2k hit) when you target is bursting you.
Same thing about PVE :
Test made :
106k Absorb > 43k Dmg redirected should be (74200 + Versatility)

How it's should work :
Touch of Karma absorb 50% of Your HP and redirect 70% + Versa of that amount to your target.

0.5 TotalMaxHealth / 6 (1 + TotalVersatility) 0.7

This making Touch of Karma pretty useless in PVP since anyone can run into karma and break it and take 2k dmg

Dev note: Spell is now enabled back
[Marksmanship] Cooldown bug

Rapid Fire needs to be fixed ASAP! now there is not only the desync issue, but also the cooldown that buggs; Cf attached screenshot (8 days of cooldown remaining).

And sometimes you can have the opposite bug, where the CD simply comes to 0 all the time, which enables you to simply spam Rapid fire.

This bug completly breaks the spec.
[Misc] Parangon reputation issue

Since the begin of this week, there is some bug with Paragon reputation :
when you reach 10k/10k, there is no quest to return and your reputation show 0/10 000, but you can't earn more point for this reputation, it's probably stuck at 10k/10k, but no way to reset Paragon reputation whithout the quest.
[Misc] Parangon not giving the chest

After being exalted in a BFA reputation and earning 10k more reputation, you should earn your parangon chest.

Description of the bug: after gathering the extra reputation, some players don't get their chest as supposed to.

Link of the report:
[PvE][Motherlode] Azerite Catalyst

Good old stuff from legion is back.

If you will Divine Shield inside of this pool, and then come out of it, it will bug out and stay permanently on you.
[Misc][Quest] Draenei - Rescue the survivors

The quest according to WowHead requires you to use "Gift of Naaru" one only one survivor, however in game the description says " Draenei Survivors Saved" where " " probably stays for unidentified amount and when you heal a survivor nothing happened.

Even with a command the quest cannot be finished.
[Misc][Quest] Blood Elf - Thirst Unending

The quest:
when you use the spell "Arcane Torrent" (blood elf racial) on one of the Mana Wyrms in the area, the quest should be completed but it doesn't count right now. its one of the first quests of a blood elf
Bugged on
monks (|T136222:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:129597|h[Arcane Torrent]|h|r)
paladins (|T136222:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:155145|h[Arcane Torrent]|h|r)
hunters (|T136222:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:80483|h[Arcane Torrent]|h|r)
priests (|T136222:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:232633|h[Arcane Torrent]|h|r)
[PvE][TD] Bobby Howlis

Bobby Howlis

he shouldn't be able to move while casting |T607852:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257791|h[Howling Fear]|h|r

before casting the Fear, he should run in the corridor.


Also on retail he didn't seemed to be using the fear quite often.
For each rotation of |T132140:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:260067|h[Vicious Mauling]|h|r
he only seemed to use/cast fear once
[PvE][SoB] Scrimshaw Gutter & Kul Tiran Footman & Sanguine

Scrimshaw Gutters should be instantly killed when a player approaches them and is close to them. However, they should not spawn a pool of sanguine on death, even if the player manages to deal a point (or more) of damage to them.
How it should be working:

How it is working on the ptr:

December 9, 2019

[Shadow] Thought Harvester

Thought Harvester seems to increase Mind Sear damage by 50% and not by 150%. On formula should be x 2.5 instead of x 1.5.

without trait:
with trait:

|T135978:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288340|h[Thought Harvester]|h|r
|T237565:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:48045|h[Mind Sear]|h|r
[Windwalker] Pressure Point Formula

How it's bugged :
|T606551:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:278577|h[Pressure Point]|h|r damages aren't correct, damages being reduced instead of being boosted

How it should work :
Tiger Palm and Pressure point are both affected by Ww Hidden aura (0.79/1.26) and any modifiers

0.79 x 1.26 x Mastery x Versatility x Mystic Touch x Armor reduction x [0.27027 x (Attack Power + MHWDPS x6) + Pressure Point]
[Windwalker] Pressures Points vs Cheat Death

How it's bugged :
The PVP talent |T606552:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:287599|h[Pressure Points]|h|r dosen't ignore Cheat Death of rogues, instead of that Rogue is taking full damage > Cheat Death proc > your tod reset and you can spam it until he dies.

How it should work:
Pressures Points can bypass Cheat Death of rogues and instantly killing him

Note : Please be aware that Touch of Death can bypass Cheat Death only when Windwalker take Pressures Points as PVP talent.
[Windwalker] Touch of Karma

Spell is disabled as it was dealing billions of damage.
Will be fixed (& reenabled) tomorrow morning !
[Brewmaster] Blackout Combo and Purifying Brew

How it's bugged :
When you have Blackout Combo buff and then you cast Purifying Brew you will loose your BC buff for no reason.

How it should work:
Purifying Brew shouldn't remove your Blackout Combo buff.

|T574568:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:196736|h[Blackout Combo]|h|r
|T133701:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:119582|h[Purifying Brew]|h|r
[Windwalker] Open Palm Strikes and Ww Passive

How it's bugged :
Open palm Strikes isn't affected by our Hidden aura (0.79)
Actual formula used is :
Mastery x Mystic Touch x Versatility x Armor reduction x (0.79 x 1.2075 x ( Attack Power + MHWDPS x 6) + OPS)

How it should work :
Correct one is :
0.79 x Mastery x Mystic Touch x Versatility x Armor reduction x (1.2075 x ( Attack Power + MHWDPS x 6) + OPS)
[Windwalker] Fist of Fury vs Feign Death

How it's bugged :
When you cast Fist of Fury on a Hunter and he use |T132293:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5384|h[Feign Death]|h|r, your cast is canceled

How it should work:
Your Fist of Fury cast shouldn't be interrupted while Hunter cast Feign Death
[Mistweaver] Burst of life

|T627485:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:277667|h[Burst of Life]|h|r

As stated in the trait : "When Life Cocoon expires, it releases a burst of mist that restores 36640 health split among the target and nearby allies."

BUT currently the burst of mist only occurre when cocoon expire naturally, aka at the end of the 12s.

How it should work: When cocoon expire mean also when it gets broken y damage. So if the shield is broken via damage, Burst of mist should occure
Dire Beast broke cc

When you cast dire best by talent or trait azerite, the beast summoned can break the cc and dont stop dps if the target is under cc (trap ...). It could be very annoying in arena.

Video to show the bug :
[Beastmastery] Chimaera Shot

Chimaera Shot should generate 10 focus for each target hit. Currently, it doesn't generate any focus
|T236176:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:53209|h[Chimaera Shot]|h|r
Beast cleave issues

is the main multi target build for hunt

Several issues:
Wrong damage multiplier (75% of pet attack)
Buff missing on FS (wolf Icon)
Masterful Instincts

Masterful Instincts should proc when you rightclick on Survival Instincts, or out of /cancelaura'ing it

|T236169:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:50322|h[Survival Instincts]|h|r
|T236169:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273344|h[Masterful Instincts]|h|r
[Restoration] Hotfix 10%

How it's bugged :
Resto Druid spec have actualy double 10% on all their healing, looks like the hotfixe is applying twice.
Healing reduced by 10% in PvP situations
Grip of the Dead slowing party too

With the talent Grip of the Dead,Death and Decay reduces the movement speed of enemies within its area by 90%, decaying by 10% every sec.

The bug is actually that the talent is slowing even the player and his party when they stand on Death and Decay making this talent completely useless.

talent: |T132102:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273952|h[Grip of the Dead]|h|r
[Unholy] Crypt Fever vs Atonement

Crypt Fever should not refresh from Atonement healing of Disc Priests.

|T136066:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288849|h[Crypt Fever]|h|r
[Vengeance] Soul Barrier & Hour of Reaping

There is 2 issues currently:

First: Soul barrier absorb shouldn't be able to crit
Second: Hour of Reaping can proc this and extend/add to it (or vice versa).
aka if you use soul barrier (getting lets say 100 shield for 12s) and then proc Hour of reaping it should extend and add the shield value (so 100+X shield for 12+Xs).
Atm it overwrite the buff, granting a new one.

|T2065625:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:263648|h[Soul Barrier]|h|r
|T615099:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288878|h[Hour of Reaping]|h|r
[Misc][Item] Geti'ikku, Cut of Death

Should proc out of your melee attacks only.
[Misc][Quest] Eastern Plaguelands - Marauders of Darrowshire
When you try to loot the fetid skull from the Scourge Champion it doesnt go in your bag, seems like it just disappears
Once you loot it you should be able to use the quest item provided and the Fetid Skull should have a 50/50 change to turn into trash item or the quest item
[Misc][Quest] Eastern Plaguelands - Duskwing, Oh How I Hate Thee...
In this quest when you use the item provided, if you are in range, Duskwing should aggro you and fly down. Right now he completely ignores it and he is too far away to be aggro'ed with normal spells
[Misc][Quest] Helfire Peninsula - Arzeth's Demise

The quest "Arzeth's Demise" doesn't work
The stick does not work and we can not attack the target

[Misc][NPC] Sapper Odette

Odette should use Artillery Strike and Shoot and she does'nt use Disengage is the correct way

December 5, 2019

[Destruction] Backdraft

Backdraft charges should ONLY be consumed on Chaos Bolt and Incinerate casts.
Atm Rain of Fire consumes then aswell.
1st cast Conflagrate (to get stacks)
2nd cast Rain of Fire
3rd wait 12sec
4th no more stacks

"Conflagrate reduces the cast time of your next Incinerate or Chaos Bolt by 30%. Maximum 2 charges. (Flashover 4 charges maximum)"

[Outlaw] Ace Up Your Sleeve

Normaly : Ace Up Your Sleeve : Each combo point spent on Between the Eyes increases damage by an additional 45 and grants a 2% chance to gain 4 Combo Points.

Spending 1 or 5 doesn't affect the change of damage.
[Holy] Spirit of redemption

In holy spec, the priest's passive Spirit of redemption [Id=20711] can not be clickable or removed by a cancel aura macro.
Blessing of Protection

We've found some more issues with Blessing of protection.
On retail ur suppose to be able to use BOP on another player while feared by a warrior, due to recent changes u cant do that on Firestorm! Keep in mind! u are ONLY able to do this with warrior fear! This should not affect warlock fear or priest fear etc.


There's also an issue with DKs asphyxiate, we thought this was counted as a physical stun, which it is but somehow even on retail u are able to BOP ur team mates while in this.

[Windwalker] Tigereye brew vs BoP

How it's bugged ?
Tigereye brew transform your physical ability into nature damages and atm it's still don't bypass Blessing of Protection

How it should work:
Tigereye brew should bypass BoP since it's immune to physical dmg only

|T613399:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:247483|h[Tigereye Brew]|h|r
[Arcane] Clearcasting

After the recent fix to the Rule of 3s talent, Clearcasting has a few issues:

1. When spec ed with the pvp talent Arcane Empowerement and you have 2 stacks of Clearcasting, using Missiles will consume both stacks which is not right.

2. When the caster does not spec in the above mentioned pvp talent, Clearcasting does not get consumed by Arcane Explosion, leaving room to aoe exploits.
Currently: You proc Clearcasting and you are free to spam Arc Explosion for the full duration without a cost until the buff goes away.
How it should work: You proc Clearcasting and it will get consumed by Arcane Explosion ( only without the pvp talent ) when adressing this, check to not self consume the buff upon the same cast of Arc Explosion, since it can also proc Clearcasting.

[Fire] Dragon's Breath - damage proc traits interactions

Some hidden fix from Blizzard allows this to be fixed here as well.
Until now, DB was subject to this issue because of its damage+incap nature, meaning it would often break from damage proc ruled traits.

It should not do so anymore, so the incap stays upon DB triggering such types of traits.

|T237589:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:263987|h[Heed My Call]|h|r for example, and all traits similar to it.
Pet Special ability: Ancient Hide

The ability should proc ONLY when the pet falls below 40% hp.
#Currently the ability is proccing when pet is above 40% or below 40%.

Pet Type:

Pet Talents:
Cunning (Damage)

Pet Special ability:
Ancient Hide.
|T2032174:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:279399|h[Ancient Hide]|h|r
Stomp issue w Mastery & Crit

Stomp damage should be related to PetDamagemultiplier, which for BM hunt include mastery.
Actually debug mastery on dev mod only, pet basic attack, mélee, and KC. Stomp is not affected.

= 0.5 AbilityDamage(true) TotalPetDamageMultiplier ArmorReduction

Pictures show that KC is affected by mastery, but not Stomp

Also, Stomp proc crit chance is underestimated related to crit stat of hunt.
Freezing Trap & trinket interraction

The freezing trap is proccing the trinket special effect and this breaks cc.

|T135834:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:240572|h[Freezing Trap]|h|r

[Balance] Lunar Strike

Currently Lunar Strike AoE formula is wrong, it should do 0.33 the damage you do on Single Target but at the moment it does more.

Should be like this:

Code Name LunarStrikeAoE
Damage = 0.33 SpellDamage(LunarStrike)

|T135753:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:194153|h[Lunar Strike]|h|r
[Balance] Twin Moons

"Twin Moons", level 90 talent for balance druid |T136096:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:279620|h[Twin Moons]|h|r
the spell is glitchy, sometimes it strikes 2 targets, sometimes only the main target.
[Feral] Energy regen

Energy regen is lower than it should when you first use Feral form after logging. But having a changment to your haste fix it (used troll racial on that case)

used troll racial:
Dark Simulacrum

|T135888:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:77606|h[Dark Simulacrum]|h|r as tooltip states
but its not for all spells currently it works on some like (paladin hammer of justice) should work on like cyclone/polymorph etc.

Also i reported this some time ago was fixed but can't see the ticket (prob cause trello wipe)
Infected's note: Outbreak and Death Coil are consuming Dark Simulacrum aura.
Grip of the Dead

When you have the talent Grip of the Dead it should reduce the movement speed of enemies within its area by 90%, decaying by 10% every second when Death and Decay is used.
Currently if you will use another Death and Decay beneath same ad, it won't be slowed, cuz it's kinda snapshots slow effect.

Retail GIF done on same ad:

|T132102:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273952|h[Grip of the Dead]|h|r
|T136144:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:43265|h[Death and Decay]|h|r
[Unholy] Festermight

Festermight should not refresh when a mob dies while affected by Festering Wound.


Dona edit: Festering wounds are not Bursting if somone else kill Mob,and you are not getting festermight too.

Every Mob that die with a festering wound up should Burst All the wound he has on.

Proof on live :
[Unholy] Raise Abomination

When you summon Raise Abomination and have a near hostile player/mob it will target and chase the mob instead assisting the DK.
It should focus the target the DK is attacking.

|T298667:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288853|h[Raise Abomination]|h|r

<clip from retail when you spawn the raise abomination it brings stealthed players out without them even having the Dot on them (i don't know what the range for that is) but u can see on the video he doesn't spawn it on top of the rogue and he gets out without having the dot applied(40 yards i suppose) .
[Unholy] Necrotic wound wrong duration

Necrotic Strike debuff ( Necrotic Wound) is using a wrong timer(maybe spell id also)on firestorm,actually is 10 sec timer,but on retail 8.2 is 18 sec.

As you can see this is the link for Wowhead Necrotic Strike : |T132481:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:223829|h[Necrotic Strike]|h|r

But for Necrotic wounds(pvp) there are actually 2 links with 2 different spell id:
1|T132481:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:233409|h[Necrotic Wound]|h|r last 10 sec (actual timer on firestorm)
2|T132481:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:223929|h[Necrotic Wound]|h|r last 18 sec
(8.2 timer on retail)
now,i watched many videos of 8.2/bfa pvp,and from all of them,the duration of the spell was 18 sec instead of actual 10s of firestorm.

Firestorm :

8.2 video proof: Min 15:00
BFA season 3 arenas here you can see from the enemy portrait that currently the debuff last 18 sec even on arenas
[Misc][BG] Twin Peaks : error in message "flag dropped"

Description is flag dropped by $n instead of name of player
[Misc][BG] Isle of conquest Debuff of bomb

When you leave the BG isle of conquest, and you had a bomb in your bag before, the debuff of carrying the bomb (cf screenshot) doesn't always vanish).
[Misc] Azerite Effects not applying

When you reforge or obtain an azerite equipment and then put your desired traits, they won't work until you unequip/equip again the equipment or relog.

Part 1:
Part 2:
As you can see there's no Radiant Incandescence on first crit but on second yes cause I unequip/equip the azerite.

Many people are complaining about azerite dont stack, azerite dont work blabla cuz of this bug.

Update: most of the times when people dies, some azerite traits stops working until you unequip/equip or relog. This can be annoying due to the fact you can't change gear on MM+ nor relog cuz you'll be throw out of party kekw.
[Misc] Knokback vs cast

Somehow, (while it was fine in 8.0) you cannot knokback a trash that cast a spell (spell that he can't cast while moving ofc).

How to reproduce: take a druid or a monk, go in a dungeon, go in combat with a trash, let him cast a spell.
Then use ring of peace, or Typhoon.
Nothing will happend, trash won't get knoked, or just the spell won't be interrupted.
[Misc] Rewards from PvP chest

There seems to be an issue with azerite rewards, secondary ring is missing.
[Misc] Rated Arena Items

Items that u get from rated arenas currently they have no chance to be warforged or titanforged

myself i have gotten over 50+ items but none of them even have warforged+
items only getting sockets right now

Dev note: indeed, fixed.
[Misc] Zul'Farrak issue This NPC in Zul'Farrak is not attackable.
[Misc] Missing NPC to Pandaria

The NPC supposed to teleport you to Pandaria in Orgrimar is missing

Dev note: & added too
[PvE][AD] Shield Bash

Shieldbearer of Zul enemies cast Shield Bash on the tank or any nearby caster if the tank is not in melee range of the Shieldbearer.

Currently they only hit the tank.

|T132360:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273185|h[Shield Bash]|h|r
[Misc] Stockades various fixes

First 4 Screenshots are from Aliance at 23:24 23:26
Last Screenshot is from Horde prospective.

Dev note: lots of stuff fixed !
[Misc] The Slave Pens Loot

All the 3 bosses in this dungeon don't drop any loot at all on normal difficulty. On hc it works fine but e.g. if you are leveling a new character and you're doing this dungeon it'll be useless.
[Misc] Zidormi in Silithus

Using [Zidormi]( gossip to return on the old silithus does nothing and player are also in the current Silithus map
[Misc] The Stockade event is missing
Warden Thelwater event at end of Hogger fight is missing
Trash don't talk or cast spells
Missing spawns
[Misc] Darkshore ressurection

When player die and reach his corps to resurrect, he can't resurrect directlly, player's have to relog and reach corps position again.
[PvE][ToS] Agitated Nimbus vs Knokout

You should be able to knokout Agitated Nimbus. (using ring of peace / typhoon)
Currently you can only grip them.
[PvE][SoB] Dread Captain Lockwood vs Knokback

You should be able to knokback the Dread Captain Lockwood using ring of peace / Typhoon.
[Misc] Rogoc missing items

He only sells 1 item on FS, would be nice to get the rest!
[Misc] Crow's Nest Scope
[PvE][AD] Reset of Vol'kaal

Somehow even if u bring him out of the boss area he won't reset until a certain point (like 15y away from the room).
He should reset if u bring him out, where the door / portail is.
[Misc] Burning aura persist on player

player keep the aura burning (282051) from assault
[Misc] Silvermoon City

few spawn are missing
no directions
[PVE][Underrot] Sporecaller Zancha - Upheavel

Upheaval shouldn't be on healers
[PvE][Underrot] Bloodsworn Defiler
You should be able to knock them back with Ring of Peace,Typhoon,Thunderstorm etc. or dk grip.
[Misc] Magister's Terrace

Can't exit the dungeon by the entrance portal, because it kills us
The orb doesn't work to escape the island
[Misc] Link MM+ item in game chat

Linking Mythic + item in chat doesnt work,work with raid/wolrd quest items,but not with MM+ items.

December 3, 2019

[Windwalker] Dance of Chi-Ji

How it's bugged :
Dance of ChiJi damages are wrong and don't use the correct formula.
|T607849:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:286585|h[Dance of ChiJi]|h|r
|T236216:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:137025|h[Windwalker Monk]|h|r

How it should work :
Dance of ChiJi should be affected by :
Ww Hidden aura (0.79/2.4)
Armor reduction
Mark of the Crane / Mystic Touch
And general damages split into 4 hits of
Spinning Crane Kick.

|T236216:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:137025|h[Windwalker Monk]|h|r
|T607849:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:286585|h[Dance of ChiJi]|h|r

November 29, 2019

[Arms] Bastion of Might

Bastion of Might is prot spec ability, but can be learned and switched into Arms spec. Should grant you both effects, when using Avatar in Arms Spec.


Bastion of Might ID: 287377
Avatar ID: 107574
Drain Life

Animation goes bonkers if you are using Drain Life several times in a row.


|T136169:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:234153|h[Drain Life]|h|r
[Demonology] - Nether Portal

"Tear open a portal to the Twisting Nether for 15 sec. Every time you spend Soul Shards, you will also command demons from the Nether to come out and fight for you."

Not working now.... Every time you spend shard you should summon random pet (1 of 10), that part doesnt work.

|T2065615:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:267217|h[Nether Portal]|h|r
[Restoration] Swelling stream

the trait Swelling Stream(|T135127:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:275488|h[Swelling Stream]|h|r) should be allied also if u use the talent Cloudburst (|T971076:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:157153|h[Cloudburst Totem]|h|r) totem that replace Healing stream totem
[Assassination] Shiv

Shiv isn't applying Deadly Poison if you've Wound applied or viceversa (if you've Deadly Poison applied on wep, Shiv doesn't apply Wound to the target

[Shadow] Psyfiend

At the moment the Psyfiend is following the caster while it should stand still where priest casts it. Also if someone uses Blessing of Freedom, Druid Shapeshift and other movement enhance abilities, the Psyfiend will stop casting after few seconds.

[Shadow] Mind FlayMind Sear Visual Issue (Low Priority)

Mind Flay (out of Voidform) and Mind Sear has visual issues when you try to recast it while already casting Mind Flay or Mind Sear as seen in the video below in the comments.

|T136208:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:15407|h[Mind Flay]|h|r
|T237565:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:48045|h[Mind Sear]|h|r
[Holy] Mastery Calculation

If the formula hasn't changed since that post was made |T133041:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:183997|h[Mastery: Lightbringer]|h|r
This is how the mastery should be calculated:

Lightbringer: It's 100% effective at 10 yards, 0% effective at 40 yards, falling off linearly in between (e.g. it's 2/3 effective at 20 yards).

Upon checking, 2 things came to light:
The distance is taken with hitbox included. I don't know if that's how it should be on retail, but it is how it is on FS
the most important one is that the formula used on FS doesn't match the one given here.

With the gear i have, and doing .una 183997, my Holy Light heals 40749
Less than 10yd i heal 54840, with 34.58% mastery, this checks out.
By being at 25yd (hitbox included) my mastery should be halved, but I heal 49506 (21.5% mastery increase instead of the theorical 17.29%).
By being at the absolute max range, I heal 44200, which is an icrease of a little more than 8.5% (when I should be nearing 0% increase from mastery).
[Holy] Divine Purpose

Divine Purpose buff can't be consumed from Holy Shock right now, which results free holy shocks.

|T135897:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:197646|h[Divine Purpose]|h|r
Buff ID: 216411
[Holy] Avenging Light

Avenging Light is hitting cc'd people while it shouldn't, missing some smart mechanic.

|T571555:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:199441|h[Avenging Light]|h|r
[Mistweaver] Soothing mist Visual

Casting soothing mist for the second time makes it appear invinsible but its still there healing you.
[Marksmanship] Rapid Fire Missing Animation (Low Priority)

It doesn't really do any animation after casting Rapid Fire.

[Survival] Mongoose Bite Missing Visual (Low Priority)

When you're able to spam Mongoose Bite 5 times, the 6th time it hits does no animation but if you wait a little longer it will works normally.


|T1376044:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:259387|h[Mongoose Bite]|h|r

Edit: it happens when you hardly spam Mongoose Bite but most of the times happen after the 5th stack.
[Marksmanship] Animation Aimed Shot

When opening a mob or whatever, without being in combat, the animation of the aimed shot gets cancelled (see in attached screen) whereas the cast continues.

|T135130:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:38861|h[Aimed Shot]|h|r
[Balance] - Fury of elune

This spell is the last row 2nd position talent.
how it's currently working : The Damage is Correct. but the way the spell works is like legion , it stays in it's place.
how it should work : Fury of Elune under BfA scripting should follow the target at around 95% mouvement speed .
Details can be found here :

|T132123:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:202770|h[Fury of Elune]|h|r

< Watch the fury of elune at 2:33 it doesn't stay stuck to the target, it follows it.
[Balance] SootheDispells remove Moonkin form

whenever you use "Remove Corruption" or "soothe" in moonkin form, you lose your moonkin form. On retail :
|T135952:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:2782|h[Remove Corruption]|h|r |T132163:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:2908|h[Soothe]|h|r
[Balance] Lunar Strike vs Owlkin FrenzyWarrior of Elune

Lunar Strike is consuming both Owlkin Frenzy and Warrior of Elune, while it should consume only one of them each time you cast it.

|T135753:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:194153|h[Lunar Strike]|h|r
|T236163:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:157228|h[Owlkin Frenzy]|h|r
|T135900:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:202425|h[Warrior of Elune]|h|r
Feral] Soul of the Forest

It doesn't grant 5 energy/combo point when the druid use Ferocious Bite

it works with other finishing moves.

[Soul of the Forest ID:114113](|T236160:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:114113|h[Soul of the Forest]|h|r)
[Ferocious Bite ID:22568]()
[Restoration] Overgrowth+germination

Overgrowth shouldn't apply germination, germination can only be applied if the target already have rejuvenation and then casting another rejuvenation will apply germination.

overgrowth, (stated in tooltip) only apply rejuvenation. so if the player have a rejuvenation already, then casting an overgrowth, should apply germination since there was already a rejuvenation on the target.

alone overgrowth shouldnt apply germination, only lifebloom,rejuvenation,wild growth, and regrowths HoT.

[Overgrowth ID:203651](|T1408836:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:203651|h[Overgrowth]|h|r)
[Rejuvenation ID:774]()
Feral AffinityFeline Swiftness

Feral Affinity and Feline Swiftness %s are wrong. They are moltiplicating the speed for the % and not adding it.

Example: Should be 200%+15% and not 230% (15% of 200 is 30)

|T538517:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:131768|h[Feline Swiftness]|h|r
|T611425:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:197490|h[Feral Affinity]|h|r (Restoration)
|T611425:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:202155|h[Feral Affinity]|h|r (Guardian)
|T611425:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:202157|h[Feral Affinity]|h|r (Balance)
[Balance] Starfall

Starfall is pulling adds through walls in Tol Dagor.
Wild Fleshrending

It is not increasing Swipe damage at all.

|T236305:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:279527|h[Wild Fleshrending]|h|r

Note: it is similar to the Feral but on Guardian Specialization doesn't have any particular multipliers.
[Frost] Latent Chill

Currently this trait is not using correct formula.
It should be:

= (0.31 x AbilityDamage(true) + AzeriteItemEffectBudget(AzeriteKillerFrost, 2.312883)) x TotalDamageMultiplier
if PowerToMax >= 3
= Damage + AzeriteItemBudget(AzeriteLatentChill, 1.0) x TotalDamageMultiplier

= (0.31 x AbilityDamage(false) + AzeriteItemEffectBudget(AzeriteKillerFrost, 2.312883)) x TotalDamageMultiplier
if PowerToMax >= 3
= Damage + AzeriteItemBudget(AzeriteLatentChill, 1.0) x 0.5 x TotalDamageMultiplier

true is for MainHand, false for OffHand.

|T237520:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273093|h[Latent Chill]|h|r
[Unholy] Necromancers-bargain correct working

Necromancersbargain DOT
(Crypt Fever :|T136066:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288849|h[Crypt Fever]|h|r) it's not refreshing on instant cast healing targeting the affected player ,as it should do.
Also it's refreshing on some AOE spells like tranquillity and revival,when it shoudn't work with spell that don't have a target.(i didn't test all,some it's working some it's not)

SPELL: |T1392565:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288848|h[Necromancer's Bargain]|h|r
[Unholy] All Will Serve

The Minion summoned with All Will Serve talent should despawn when your your DK pet despawn.

Wowhead: |T132151:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:194916|h[All Will Serve]|h|r
[Vengeance] Infernal strike

The damage should be dealt when your char touch the boss and not a the moment you press the spell.
And if you jump with the talent Flame crash and then dash sometime it will pop the sigil under your feet.
|T135801:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:227322|h[Flame Crash]|h|r
|T1344650:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:189110|h[Infernal Strike]|h|r
Detainment vs Moonkin


You canno't use Imprison talented with detainment on Balance Druide that are in Boomkin form.

Imprison was fixed early 8.0 for that case, but its still not working with the PvP talent.
[Misc] Scrapping Horde items

Since the previous fix, only Alliance items gave back breath of Bwonsamdi when scrapped.

Dev note: Equality brought back !
[PvE][SoB] Sighted Artillery

Spell damage is not synced with it's animation. You can see i'm recieving 52k damage before I got hit by a bomb.

|T132212:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:272421|h[Sighted Artillery]|h|r
[PvE][King's Rest] King Dazar

|T1035036:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:268586|h[Blade Combo]|h|r deals way too much damage

Retail numbers 10 fortified:
Live/PTR numbers 10 fortified :
Live/PTR numbers Tyrannical 10 :
[PvE][King's Rest] Spectral Berserker

Their spell |T1033474:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:270487|h[Severing Blade]|h|r doesn't seem to scale with the key level(?) and or fortified affix

Current PTR:
[PvE][King's Rest] King Rahu'ai should recast his spell |T136014:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:270889|h[Channel Lightning]|h|r unless you knock him back after the 2.5 sec cast,otherwise his spell won't go on cooldown,and he will recast it again.

[Pve][BoD] Champion - H Blinding Faith

when darkforged crusader is casting Blinding Faith spell, he correctly grows bigger, however, he should become red, and have an red arrow above his head (all difficulties)
[PvE][TD] Event after killing Jes Howlis

As you can see on this picture, the 2 trash mobs should go out, walk in front of the door after you kill Jes Howlis.
Also the Ashvane Jailer shoul hold the Blige Rat looter in his hands or something.
[PvE][TD] Keys and Cells

If you take a key inside toldagor, it should allow you to open 1 cell.

Currently it doesn't, its like if you didn't took the key.
It says : "Skill not high enough"
And doesn't give a buff when you pick up the key.
[PVE][ToS] Aspix - Cyclone Strike

On the first boss, the hitbox of the tornados is way to wide, you cannot dodge them as casters, and even the tank located behind the boss will get hit.
Makes the dungeon impossible in MM+

|T511543:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:263573|h[Cyclone Strike]|h|r
[PvE][SoB] Sighted Artillery 8.2

|T132212:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:272421|h[Sighted Artillery]|h|r
The spell currently does no damage,to players or npcs.
Additionally,it should not deal damage to and applies to 8.0.1 live)

Current PTR:
[PvE][ToS] Shrouded Fang

There is currently 2 issues with Shrouded Fang.

First is when you attack him before he reach you (aka when he is still in stealth) it should remove his stealth and make that he doesn't use the spell |T132092:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:268993|h[Cheap Shot]|h|r

Second issue is, you don't see his nameplate at all (tested with regular UI and Elvui)
see the screen.

note: Nameplate part is the same issue as
[Misc][Darkshore] Chest bug

There are two chest who was unable to be looted
[Misc][Azerite] Treacherous Covenant

|T1778226:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288989|h[Treacherous Covenant]|h|r

When the debuff procs, you keep it forever even if you get back above 20% health.
[Misc][PvP] Shadow Sight

|T136155:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:34709|h[Shadow Sight]|h|r
if you are in stealth and you take it it should bring you out of stealth and you should not be able to restealth until buff is gone this applies for every class with stealth mechanics.
[Pvp] Weekly Chest

PvP weekly chest won't open if you did not turn in the "conquest 500 quest"
happened to me and another player i even turned in the quest after but still can't open when i hover over the chest it says i have earned my weekly chest
[Pve][BoD] Champion - H outro

after the boss is defeated, and the cinematic starts playing, npcs like talanji,rokhan amd nathanos should not move, or have a dialogue while the cinematic is playing, they should only move once the cinematic is fully finished for everyone.

on another note, they do not have a dialogue; at all, they just move.

November 27, 2019

Unbridled Ferocity interaction

If you have Recklessness proc out of this trait and will use your own Recklessness it will "overwrite" existing effect, but it should extend it.
Same goes for reverse effect.

|T132344:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288056|h[Unbridled Ferocity]|h|r


Warrior got proc out of his rampage at 3:07 and then he used his own recklessness
[Fury] Slaughterhouse

Slaughterhouse deals 50%more dmg and healing & reduces the remaining cooldown by 1 sec when the target is under 50% hp
Problem: the cooldown doesn't get reduced
[Restoration] Tidal Waves

Tidal Waves doesn't stack up to 2 times, only 1 at the moment.

|T237590:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:51564|h[Tidal Waves]|h|r

Somehow Tidal Waves proc is getting consumed by Unleash Life

|T462328:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:73685|h[Unleash Life]|h|r
[Restoration] Flash Flood

flash flood is consumed by any spell, not only healing weave, surge and chain heal (the casted healings)
|T135861:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:280614|h[Flash Flood]|h|r
[Elemental] Lava Burst & Lava Surge

If you are casting Lava Burst and get a proc of Lava Surge during it,it gets automatically consumed and cast on the target,or you simply lose it.

Credits to: Vick

|T237582:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:51505|h[Lava Burst]|h|r
|T451169:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:77756|h[Lava Surge]|h|r
Totem Mastery

totems are removed by aoe attacks, especially resonance totem
|T511726:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:210643|h[Totem Mastery]|h|r
[Elemental] Master of the Elements

Lava Burst should give Master of the Elements when you finish the cast, not when it hits the target
|T136027:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:260734|h[Master of the Elements]|h|r
[Enhancement] Sundering

It has some range and hitbox issues:

First hit miss?

Hitting from behind:

[all] Hex

Hex instantly breaking on any damage, while it should break after taking 10% of the hexed target base health damage.

[Hex ID:51514](|T237579:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:51514|h[Hex]|h|r)
[Resto] Tidebringer honor talent

It is consuming all of 2 charges instead of 1. As tooltip says, they are charges, not stacks.
[Subtlety] Shadowy Duel

|T1020341:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:207736|h[Shadowy Duel]|h|r you shouldn't be able to see or attack others when you use this spell only the target you have chosen or marked (used on) and other players should not see whoever is in the duel either
Side note on sethraliss when a rogue uses it on me (arena) it keeps saying "vision is obscured" and i cannot attack him we have tried reproducing it but can't figure it out as you can see in this screenshot it says it "vision obscured" and i can't attack him (also heard a few players having same issue) not being able to attack.
[Assassination] Mind-Numbing Poison

MindNumbing Poison it is not applying even tho I've it talented.

|T136066:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:197050|h[MindNumbing Poison]|h|r
[Outlaw] Snake Eyes

The only issue with this trait is when you spend Combo Points on Roll the Bones / Slice and Dice(Talent) it doesnt increase damage sinister strike correctly.

Example: Lets say 385 azerite trait will increase 181 sinister strike damage per combo point spent on Roll the Bones / Slice and Dice(Talent)
Currently how it is working: When you spend for example 5 combo points on Roll the Bones / Slice and Dice(Talent) so tooltip and damage still stay at 181 damage.

How it should work: When you spend for example 5 combo points on Roll the Bones / Slice and Dice(Talent) so it should increase 5 x 181 damage = 905 damage

|T132336:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:275863|h[Snake Eyes]|h|r
|T1373910:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:193316|h[Roll the Bones]|h|r
|T132306:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5171|h[Slice and Dice]|h|r
|T136189:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:193315|h[Sinister Strike]|h|r
[Discipline] Premonition

The only issue this spell has is the delay of damage.
It doesn't look like 1.5 sec but more like 0.85 or so. Should be 1.5 sec and not 1 sec.

[Holy] Guardian Angel

At the moment Guardian Angel is reducing the cooldown of Guardian Spirit by 60 seconds BUT should reduce its remaining cooldown to 60 seconds.
(means that from 3 minutes, goes to 1 minute cd, atm it's 3 minutes to 2 minutes)

|T612969:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:200209|h[Guardian Angel]|h|r
|T237542:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:47788|h[Guardian Spirit]|h|r
Chi torpedo

How it's bugged :
If you try to use Chi torpedo while you're running back, the speed of Chi torpedo is reduced and same goes for the distance traveled.

How it should work:
Speed and distance should be the same for both way

Retail :
[Frost] Water Elemental

Water Elemental's Freeze ability currently cannot be casted while Waterbolt is set to auto cast.

|T135862:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:31687|h[Summon Water Elemental]|h|r

Freeze should not be on GCD, regardless of pet's stance or if waterbolt is set to autocast.
Flare during Camouflage

Flare don't work when you are hide by Camouflage.

Flare: |T135815:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:1543|h[Flare]|h|r

Camouflage: |T461113:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:199483|h[Camouflage]|h|r
[Survival] Spell overlap

There seems to be an overlap going on with some spells ( Dot ) based.
Serpent Sting dot Not overlapping
Wild fire bomb dot Is overlapping! Bugged

Ok, tested on live with another hunter. As survival [Guerrilla Tactics][Wildfire Infusion] talents
It seems like when the other hunter casts any of the wildfire infusion spells he steals my dot and mine gets removed! Bug

Main spell: |T2065634:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:259495|h[Wildfire Bomb]|h|r
Is changed/Morphed into |T915852:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:271014|h[Wildfire Infusion]|h|r when picked from the talent tree.


Case: While Camouflage is active, cast any of the following spells Steady Shot/Aimed Shot/ Sniper Shot/TrueShot Aura/ Exhilaration Breaks invisibility when it should not.

Hunters mark/disengage/ mend pet/ Doubletap/ feign death Are not breaking it.

Camouflage should only break when the Hunter DEALS or TAKES damage, the same goes for his pet.
Camouflage should break AFTER the Casted spell dealt damage to the enemy not while casting it!

For example on retail you can even do fishing while being camouflaged :D
you can cast heals from your spirit beast to self, you can cast first aid to self without breaking invis.
Travel Form

Its speed should be 200% if casted out of combat. It's 160%
if you are level 18 without riding skill travel form don't increase your movement speed

|T132144:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:783|h[Travel Form]|h|r
[Blood] Dancing Rune Weapon + Heart Strike

Heart Strike is not following this formula:
Damage = 0.2668 x 0.2668 x TotalAttackPower x TotalPetDamageMultiplier x ArmorReduction

"For some reason this is its own spell for the DRW"
[Frost] Killer Frost

This spell is using wrong formula. Right now it is (true for MH, false for OH):

= (0.31 x AbilityDamage(true)) x TotalDamageMultiplier + AzeriteItemEffectBudget(AzeriteKillerFrost, 2.312883)

= (0.31 x AbilityDamage(false)) x TotalDamageMultiplier + AzeriteItemEffectBudget(AzeriteKillerFrost, 2.312883)

but should be:

= (0.31 x AbilityDamage(true) + AzeriteItemEffectBudget(AzeriteKillerFrost, 2.312883)) x TotalDamageMultiplier

Azerite Trait Damage should be put after calculating AbilityDamage and not after TotalDamageMultiplier (Mastery, Versa, Core Passive, etc..)

|T135305:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:278480|h[Killer Frost]|h|r
Death's Advance

Currently this spell has two issues:

You should not grip DKs when they have Death's Advance but atm you can;

When DKs have Death's Advance activated, all kinds of Slow will not hit the DK, it will say "Immune" or "Miss". You should be able to put the debuff of the slow but as tooltip say, your movement speed will be always 100%.

|T237561:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:48265|h[Death's Advance]|h|r
[Unholy] Pet cast range

This spell should have 5yd30yd range but somehow you can use it even if pet is inside player (around 0yd1yd), also spell tooltip is red.

[Misc][PVP] Glad titles & mount

Dev note: Made a few verifications to gladiator titles, to keep them relevant (since atm if you were glad on MoP 6 years ago and transfered to WoD, then legion, and finally BFA you would still have it, when it's not supposed to last more than a season):

You will keep the gladiator title if you have one of BFA's gladiator achievement (when we get to season 3, the season 1 achievement will no longer count. This is made that way because we also reward this title in 2v2 at the end of a season on FS)

you will keep the BFA R1 titles (Dread, Sinister gladiator) only if you have the corresponding achievement: a reuse of an old title id by blizzard for those titles made them available on our shop (it was a mistake), and people that had the old title corresponding to the title id now have Dread or Sinister Gladiator title when they shouldn't).
[PVE][Misc] Absorb vs Aggro

Currently when an add or a boss have an absorb shield on them, tank doesn't generate threat when he damage them.

healer will insta get aggro on those following adds if he cast any heal : having |T458717:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:274210|h[Reanimated Bones]|h|r at the start on them

tank will often lose aggro of the boss : having this passive |T1035055:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:269185|h[Blood Barrier]|h|r
[Misc][Item]Proudmoore Admiralty equipment cache

|T2486871:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:165869::::::::120:::::|h[Proudmoore Admiralty Equipment Cache]|h|r
The emissary chest does not open when you click on it.

Dev note: The chest should open itself when you loot it. This should be fixed, and we resent everyone who had a chest a new one that contains loot.
[PvE][Motherlode] Mechanized Peacekeeper
|T132361:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:262412|h[Energy Shield]|h|r
His shield doesn't do anything,it should block attacks based on where his shield is facing during the cast.
[Misc][Quest] The World Awaits
20/20 Quests done, Npc doesn't have option to finish/deliver the quest.
[Misc] Loots Off-hand holdable for wrong specs

Offhand holdable items shouldn't drop as personal loot for Holy Paladins & Elemental/Restoration Shamans. Only Shields.
[Misc] HS relocates to Lost Isles

A lot of people reported to GMs, in discord, and on the BT that their HS relocated to the Lost Isles, meaning they can't get out (one dude was lvl 47 there, unstuck on website was bound there too, so rip)
No clue what provokes it, but quite a few people are affected

November 26, 2019

Intimidating Presence

It gives way more absorb than supposed to. It also gives the debuff to everyone in the party
|T132126:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288644|h[Intimidating Presence]|h|r

Debuff should be put on the mod, currently its kinda weird cuse debuff is applied to the warrior + his party (it seems).

How it should work: You have 1 trait of this (lets say 385390 version)
You fear trashs (lets say 3).
It will put on them (when fear break) a debuff that absorb the next X (17k in that case) damage they dealt (to anyone).
[Demonology] Hand of Gul'Dan GCD

Sometimes your spells wasted your GCD, especially you can notice it with Hand of Guldan spell. Happens only if you are wielding wand and offhand.

Watch vid:

|T535592:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:105174|h[Hand of Gul'dan]|h|r
[Restoration] AscendanceRestorative Mists

At the moment Restorative Mists healing is no distributed but it's healing all allies for the 100% of it. Kinda game breaking for PvP instances or in PvE.

|T237590:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:114083|h[Restorative Mists]|h|r
[Shadow] Spiteful Apparitions

Somehow it brokes again. Trait damage is put at the end instead after SpellPower.

Example: (0.25 x SpellPower) x TotalDamageMultiplier + TraitDamage

Should be: (0.25 x SpellPower + TraitDamage) x TotalDamageMultiplier

|T458229:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:277682|h[Spiteful Apparitions]|h|r
|T458229:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:78203|h[Shadowy Apparitions]|h|r
[Holy] Glimmer of Light damage

fixed glimmer damage impact (was too high before)
[MM] Rapid Fire and Trait Focused Fire

Focus regen of Rapid Fire is not giving the correct amount of focus when joined with Trait [Focused Fire] focus, I am just normal regenerating focus.

|T461115:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257044|h[Rapid Fire]|h|r
|T878211:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:278531|h[Focused Fire]|h|r
Ferocious Bite

Ferocious Bite is consuming more Energy than intended, should be 50 Energy max but actually is 75.

|T132127:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:22568|h[Ferocious Bite]|h|r
[Vengeance] Thrive in Chaos

Thrive in Chaos (|T1392554:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288973|h[Thrive in Chaos]|h|r) is currently not working as it is intended while specced Vengeance, since it provides way more healing than 5230 (which is the amount of pain Soul Cleave costs) as is indicated in the picture below.

Edit: Should note that this is only happening with veng dh, while being specced as havoc everything behaves appropriately.

Malkith Edit: Tryed a bit (on Havoc spec, so i guess its the same for veng if we don't take in account the bugged value), and currently its not affected by Versa.

= AzeriteItemEffectBudget(AzeriteThriveInChaos, 0.319018) TotalHealingMultiplier TriggerPower
[PvP]MMR Ranked queue

Currently once u reach above 1500 MMR the queue system acts weird, and once u get 1800+ MMR u have to wait 30mins+ and sometimes 1hour or more to get into games.

Dev note: Fixed the system: it searches for teams around your MMR (+150) and each minute adds 150 more range, with a cap at 10mins where any team available will be considered a match. This should drastically shorten queue times
[Misc][Item] Ancient Knot of Wisdom

Dev note: Item got disabled for a while because of a wrong fix, but it's now available again and fully working !
[Misc] Guardians Dynamic Stats

The ghoul summoned with Army of the Dead (|T237511:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:42650|h[Army of the Dead]|h|r)and Apocalypse (|T1392565:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:220143|h[Apocalypse]|h|r) keep the % of Stats you have when you summon them instead of changing them Dinamically during the fight.

proof on live : 374 hit with 15% str, 374 after 15% str

ps: i suppose army of the dead is not the only "minion" with this problem, i will make further tests on other minions

proof of dimanic stats on Retail(From Retail dk discord ):

Dev note: Fixed generically, before that only Hunter pets had dynamic stats, now all pets & summons do.
[Misc][MailBox] Crafting Reagents disappearing

Weird issue is happening via mailbox, bought items from auction house, received mail, sent mail from alts.
You take the items but they disappear and they are taken into your bank
[Misc][Quest]Dubious Offering

From BT

Players can't use [Zalamar Messenger Bat]( because he is far away

Tested on PTR82 the same issue (see my screen)
[General] Trading system

Currently, trading reagents of all sorts cause items to be deleted. items can't be recovered by relogging or any type of actions InGame.
[Misc] Reclycing Crafted item

When you recycle crafted item with Tidal Core/Sanguicell/Hydrocore/Breath Of Bwonsamdi you should get back your thing (^) atm it doesn't work with Breath of Bwonsamdi.
[PvE][TD] Cutwater Striker & Ashvane Spotter should only target the tank "highest aggro target" with |T135242:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:272620|h[Throw Rock]|h|r should only target the tank "highest aggro target" with |T132222:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:185857|h[Shoot]|h|r

Cureently they target random ppl, ressulting in pretty much one shot ..
[PvE][ToS] Shrouded Fang patrol

this patrolling pack respawns constantly,in keys and in mythic 0.
[PvP] Dodge and Parry in PvP for Non-Tanks

Currently, all melee classes can dodge and parry attacks without having any cooldowns active or being inside a tank specialization. No class on 8.0.1 should be able to parry attacks in pvp.

Tested on Warrior, DK, Rogue, Monk DH and Pala.

November 25, 2019

[Assasination] Poison bomb

I tried out poison bomb on retail and on the PTR. As what happens in the video it breaks all kind of cc, Polymorph, blind, repentance and more.
It should not break cc of any kinda when it procs on the target ur on.

|T538441:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:255544|h[Poison Bomb]|h|r
Blessing of Protection

So you aren't suppose to be able to BoP other players while you are blinded. This has been since 8.0

Bop is usable on stuns, blinds and silences from rogues.
It's usable from warriors fear and stuns.
So in general it's usable from pretty much every cc which it shouldn't be.



[Windwalker] Touch of Death and Gale Burst

How it's bugged :

|T574573:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:271233|h[Touch of Death Amplifier]|h|r

Gale burst (10% storage damage in ToD) is taking in account damage done from Xuen pet and SEF Clones while it shouldn't
In same case, Gale burst don't take in account damage done by trinkets, essences/traits and ToK

How it should work:
Gale burst take in account damage done by Monk only (Spells, Touch of Karma, Trinkets and Essences/traits.)

Explanation about SEF interaction with Touch of Death:
To make SEF not nerf Gale Burst since damages done by clones aren't stored in ToD burst; there's a hidden effect that during SEF, Gale Burst goes to 30% contribution instead of 10%
Karma/Trinkets/Essences also contribute 30% to Gale Burst, instead of 10% and are not nerfed by 55% since they aren't coppied by SEF.
Ring of Peace vs Bm pet

How it's bugged :
Atm Oondasta (Bm pet) can't be pushed by Ring of peace and completly ignore it

|T839107:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:116844|h[Ring of Peace]|h|r
[Beastmastery] Spirit Mend

Spirit Mend doesn't heal the player (works when u heal allies or pet)
|T237586:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:90361|h[Spirit Mend]|h|r
[Marksmanship] Excessive Focus Regen

The focus regeneration of the Markmanship spec is way too high. Currently it is impossible to fall under 50% by spamming arcane shot.

Bursting Shot

Apparently a rogue used evasion " increases dodge chance by % " and dodged the Bursting Shot, bug

Bursting Shot has had its knockback range increased, can no longer be dodged, and snares targets for 6 seconds now.

|T1376038:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:186387|h[Bursting Shot]|h|r

Mend Pet bugged after respec.

Case: In Bm spec respec into Marksman and the Mend ability will morph into revive ability, the revive ability will continue to heal while making revive sound.
Can be fixed if the player relogs.
Command Pet Doesn't work

The ability of the hunter to [Command Pet] does not work.

Case: Moved my [command pet] from the spellbook to the action bar, click, not working.
Case: Dismissing the pet causing the command pet spell to be replaced with pet special ability [Survivals Call] regardless of the pet specialization you had summoned ( talentwise ).
It should be:
Tenacity > survivals call / Ferolocity >Primal rage / Cunning> Masters call
Case: Tried different sorts of pets with different spec, dismissed, always ended up with Survivals Call Bug

Issue 1: Command pet not making pet use its special ability.
Issue 2: When the hunter dismisses the summoned pet, command pet spell must be replaced with the special ability of the pet according to its specialization.

This is a problem for pvp players, because they need to use this ability with cunning pets in order to escape cc
[Restoration] Germination GCD

When you take the talent [germination] and use rejuvenation second time (first time it apply the normal rejuv, second time its apply germination) the gcd visually bugging out,
you get the germination on yourself, but the gcd doesn't go off (we had this issue already fixed on legion)

[Germination ID:155675](|T1033478:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:155675|h[Germination]|h|r)
[Rejuvenation ID:774]()

[GIF explaination]()
[Unholy] Necrotic Strike

Necrotic Strike Healing Absorb should not be able to crit nor get benefit from Versatility

Tested on 100.000 HP Player. 4 casts 100% hp of target absorb? KEKW?
|T132481:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:223829|h[Necrotic Strike]|h|r
[Unholy] Festering Wound after used cloak

|T1129420:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:197147|h[Festering Wound]|h|r
How it should work vs Rogue cloak of shadows:

if you apply festering wound on a rogue and he uses CLOAK it should remove the festering wounds stacks.
After the rogue has used his cloak and you apply festering wound you should be able to apply the stacks
Retail GIF ( yes it shows firestorm skirmishes) cause he was playing on FS but u can see the characters are from retail u can even look up the armory)
[Misc] Guild Creation

After the first person signs up for creating the guild, no one else can sign.

Message response " XXX Already signed "
[Misc] Champion of azeroth & alts

Currently with Exalted chars on account all my alts are not able to upgrade their ilvl via the magni quests on the neck of azeroth.

For the most people it works perfectly, but for a few it does not i have no idea why, i've tried with clean char, friendly char etc. all have the problem.

Dev note: You need to at least log once on the exalted char since the fix is applied for it to work on other chars.
[Misc] Dungeon WQ are submited anywhere

i got Atal'Dazar : A little Mojo in BC zone
[Misc] Gren Tornfur

There are twice the same npc
[Misc] Dampening active after arena

dampening stays active after arena can be annoying if ur doing world pvp relogging seems to remove it
[PVE][SoB] Hotfix - Hadal Darkfathom's Tidal Surge

Hadal Darkfathom's Tidal Surge now properly scales with Keystone level.
[Misc] Darkshore Resurrection

Players can't res at darkshore (reported day 1)
[Misc] Silvermoon NPCs are gone

Gone on holidays it seems.
[Misc] Missing elite

Missing on live realm, but not on the PTR
[Misc] NPC Spawned twice

Spawned twice
[Misc] Twilight Prophet Graeme

This NPC is spawned twice
[PvE][ML] Feckless Assistant & Blowtorch

"Feckless Assistants will cast Blowtorch towards the tank. If the 2 second cast goes uninterrupted, the assistant will spew fire in a cone towards the tank for 5 seconds, dealing high fire damage every second."

So blowtoch is a spell, first the trash cast something that can / should be interrupted, then channel the spell (not interruptible) that deals damage to the tank.

You should be able to interrupt the cast of Blowtoch, you currently can't.

[Misc] Burninator Mark V

The NPC doesn't spawn
[Misc] Ancient Protector control range

In dark shore, we can talk with the add called Ancient Protector. This add can be controllable.
[Misc][Racial] Embrace of kimbul

November 22, 2019

[General] - Grimoire of Sacrifice

Grimoire of Sacrifice buff should dissaper when you summon new pet (any other pet) atm its not, so it results having GoS buff + pet active.
"Lasts 1 hour or until you summon a demon pet."

|T538443:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:108503|h[Grimoire of Sacrifice]|h|r
Nightfall Demonic Calling Procs

When your Nightfall procs and your Shadow Bolt is traveing to target, once it reaches target, it will consume buff
(but it should not work liek that, only your next casted by yourself spell should consume that)
same happens for Demonic Calling,
if Demonic CAlling buff happens while you already casting Call Dreadstalkers, it will consume buff and it will disspaer.

|T460856:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:205145|h[Demonic Calling]|h|r
[Shadow] Mind Sear

Somehow Searing Dialogue (Azerite Trait) effect is occurring even while you're naked and it affects the target on who you casted the spell even if it's an ally. Should only slow enemies.

|T237565:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:48045|h[Mind Sear]|h|r
|T237565:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:272788|h[Searing Dialogue]|h|r
[DisciplineShadow] ShadowfiendMindbender

Pet doesn't attack any Player, it just afk, even if you order him to attack.
Happens only in PvP.

Disc: |T136214:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:123040|h[Mindbender]|h|r
Shadow: |T136214:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:200174|h[Mindbender]|h|r
[Ww] Touch of Karma Damages

How it's bugged :
Damages done by Touch of Karma are broken it's 9% of the damage absorbed instead of 70%

How it should work:

0.5 TotalMaxHealth / 6 (1 + TotalVersatility) 0.7

Touch of Karma absorbe 50% of your maximum health and redirects 70% of that amount :
Exemple : I Have 160k Hp, my ToK will absorbe 80k and it will damage my ToK target by (56k Versatility)

At the moment it deal only 7k

Related issues :
[Ww] Dance of Chi-Ji proc

How it's bugged :
Dance of ChiJi (AT) proc from the proc itself
Exemple : You use Tiger Palm> Rising Sun Kick > Dance of ChiJi proc > You cast SCK (Free chi) > You get another proc of Dance of ChiJi without consuming chi

How it should work:
Dance of ChiJi should proc only when you consume chi.
[All] Dampen Harm

The spell script is still in 7.0 when looking at the code.


/// Last Update 7.0.3
/// Dampen Harm 122278
class spell_monk_dampen_harm: public SpellScriptLoader
spell_monk_dampen_harm() : SpellScriptLoader("spell_monk_dampen_harm") { }

class spell_monk_dampen_harm_AuraScript : public AuraScript

void CalculateAmount(AuraEffect const /p_AuraEffect/, int32& p_Amount, bool& /p_CanBeRecalculated/)
p_Amount = 1;

void Absorb(AuraEffect p_AuraEffect, DamageInfo& p_DmgInfo, uint32& p_AbsorbAmount)
Unit l_Target = GetTarget();

uint32 l_Health = l_Target>CountPctFromMaxHealth(GetSpellInfo()>Effects[EFFECT_0].BasePoints);

if (p_DmgInfo.GetAmount() < l_Health)

/// The next 3 attacks within 45 sec that deal damage equal to 10% or more of your total health are reduced by half
AuraEffect l_AuraEffect = p_AuraEffect>GetBase()>GetEffect(EFFECT_1);

if (l_AuraEffect == nullptr)

p_AbsorbAmount = CalculatePct(p_DmgInfo.GetAmount(), l_AuraEffect>GetAmount());


It should be:
Reduces all damage you take by 20% to 50% for 10 sec, with larger attacks being reduced by more.

Reduced damage should be looked before stagger/ or damage reduction (aka should look at full non reduced damage).
The scaling (since we don't have real info of it) should be scale uppon those bruh damage taken (aka if brut damage taken = 50% or more of your hp max, should reduce it by 50%, 40% = 40%, 30%= 30% and so on ...)

|T620827:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:122278|h[Dampen Harm]|h|r
[Misc] Guild Charts

Fixed guild creation.
[Misc] Repair doesn't cost gold

[PvP] Attenuation Debuff keep after skirmish arena

After arena you keep the debuff of healing : "attenuation" in the world. It shouldn't
[Misc] Archeo sites

[Misc][BG] Eyes of the Storm

When you capture base or flag it's write "$n capture" instead of name of player
[Misc][Racial] Embrace of Kimbul

|T2446018:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:292363|h[Embrace of Kimbul]|h|r
this spells should do X in 6 sec, 3 ticks and it actually deals X every tick. Damage on the tooltip fits calculation following wowhead formula, so it's not a tooltip issue where damage should be x3 or something.
[Misc] Barber as zandalari troll

as MALE zandalari troll (female is ok) you cannot use the barber, clicking on "okay" won't do anything. apparently Kultiran have the same issue, i assume it works on one gender but not the other

Dev note: Fixed on both
[Misc] Linking stuff in chat

Currently you can't link anything in chat, exept in /w (whisper chat)
[PVE][BoD] Grong Bestial Combo

When Grong does his combo, if you taunt him he becomes retarded
[Misc][Quest] Flight from the Fall

The bats are too high, players can't cry out in the cave.
[PVE][BoD] Grong Bestial Throw

you can't heal player when Grong picks up and squeezes player(Tank)
[Misc][Quest] Greystone Keep side quests

Fixed the phasing issue caused by Assault world quests
[Misc][Quest] Goldfields War

Fixed the issue with NPC flag
[Misc][Quest] Make our Case

Fixed the condition to trigger cinematic
[PVE][BoD] Trash loot chances

Nerf BoD trash loot drop chance,

make it the same as Uldir
[PVE][Freehold] Dive Bomb

''Sharkbait charges across the battlefield, inflicting X Nature damage and knocking back all players in the way.''
The problem is when you face Sharkbait and walk he won't hit you

|T1029584:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:272046|h[Dive Bomb]|h|r
[PvE][KR] Loot in HM missing

no loot in heroic mode
[PVE][BoD] Jadefire - Pyroblast

Pyroblast damage low
[PVE][BoD] Jadefire - Magma Trap

Magma Traps debuff sometimes doesn't work
[PvE][King's Rest] No hydrocore

No hydrocore loot on Dazar First king
[Misc] Sinister Gladiator Title

The Sinister Gladiator title id is a reuse of a former title, which induced a lot of people already having it.

Dev note: Title removed on loggin for everyone

November 21, 2019

[Arms] Sharpen Blade

Buff that granted from this talent can be consumed from any other spell, but should be only from Mortal Strike.

|T1380678:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198817|h[Sharpen Blade]|h|r
[DiscShadow] Shadow Mend

Wraps an ally in shadows which heal for (180% of Spell power), but at a price.

The ally will take [(180% of Spell power) / 20] damage every 1 sec, until they have taken [(180% of Spell power) / 2] total damage from all sources, or leave combat.

Shadow Mend isn't applying the DoT nor the HoT on yourself (if you've talented Masochism in Discipline Talent Tree) when you're in combat.

|T136202:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:186263|h[Shadow Mend]|h|r
[Windwalker] Storm Earth and Fire + Trinkets

How it's bugged :
Storm Earth and Fire dosen't interact with Burst Trinkets or Gladiator's Medallion

How it should work:
When you have SEF on and you use any burst trinket only burst (That up your Agility/Mastery/Crit/ Versa) the stats should go into :

Stats x 1.35 /3 per clone
Exemple : I use SEF+ Lustrous Golden Plumage that give 900 versatilty : with SEF it's 900 x 1.35 /3 = 405 per clone so in the final calculation im gonna have 1215 versatility instead of 900
Since stats are dynamical; clones don't need to get any buff, just make the monk get the final stats after applying the modifiers (1.35)

2 For Gladitaro's Medallion :
If me and clones get controlled by any cc (stun zone etc) and i use Gladiator's Medallion both clones will use is too.
[Windwalker] Touch of Karma

How it's bugged :

1 You can't see the buff 122470 from ToK on you, so you can't see the duration, have to use WA or addon to track it

2 When you cast ToK on your target, the spell have a 10sec duration, when you get hit by anything your target get the debuff 124280 who have 6sec duration

The problem here is that that debuff is reseting each time you get hit
instead of refreshing the remaining debuff of ToK

3 Rogues can use Vanish to avoid damage from ToK while it should break their stealth since it's a nature/magic damage
Ring of Peace

Ring of Peace push power diverses from retail.
First push should be strong, other ones should be half powered.



|T839107:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:116844|h[Ring of Peace]|h|r
Ring of Frost

So, recently with the 8.2 patch i noticed that in PVP ring of frost doesn't work at all!
Out of PVP it works with a delay.
This is not how it's suppose to be.
Its critical for pvp

|T464484:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:113724|h[Ring of Frost]|h|r
[Restoration] Overgrowth

Overgrowth isn't applying Rejuvenation at all:

With Germination:
as you can see, it applies only Rejuvenation (Germination) but not Rejuvenation (should apply both)

Without Germination: it doesn't apply Rejuvenation.

[Unholy] Raise abomination

|T298667:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288853|h[Raise Abomination]|h|r for some reason its not breaking stealth when it should since it applies a dot to nearby targets in this gif u can see it appears its friendly to enemy players when enemy players are in stealth
Side note don't know what the max range of the Dot is )
Also been happening to me alot pet just stays passive and doesn't attack enemy players

This is one of their main cooldowns in PvP having it sit their AFK is really bad only reason its in priority.
[Misc] MMR in rated Arenas

Some people have 0 MMR at the moment, which results in super long queue times. It shouldn't be that way, when you start rated you should have 1500 MMR.

Dev note: Issue is fixed, and we've put back to 1500 MMR every player that was below that.
[Misc] Trinkets for the wrong spec

You can loot agility trinket as warrior, or intel trinket as rogue for instance.
[Misc] Parry Block from trashs bosses


So according to several topic, warcraft logs also:

Bosses and trashes shouldn't be able to block anymore, but the still are able to parry.


All characters now have a 100% chance to hit, 0% chance to be dodged, 3% chance to be parried, and 0% chance for glancing blows, when fighting creatures up to 3 levels higher (bosses included).
Tanking specializations receive an additional 3% reduction in chance to be parried. Tank attacks now have a 0% chance to be parried vs. creatures up to 3 levels higher.

But if the boss doesn't have any "back / side" they can't parry
Stormwall for exemple
[Jadefire][H]Living bomb spot

The bomb on the side are popping on the stair they should pop a bit near the middle. Cf video
[PVE][Grong][HA] Reset with throw

When he trow anyone the spell is casted instantly and he reset just after that
|T132937:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:289292|h[Bestial Throw]|h|r
[Misc][Quest] The Perfect Offering

Players don't get Jorak's Offering

November 20, 2019

[Arms] Overpower

Overpower reduce the cooldown of Mortal Strike, it shouldn't. It only reduce with the trait Striking the Anvil.
[Subtlety] Night's Vengeance

If you have equiped azerite gear with Night's Vengeance trait and enemy rogue put on you nightblade so you get Night's Vengeance but it shouldnt happen.

|T1373907:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273419|h[Night's Vengeance]|h|r
Cheat Death

Cheat Death debuff should be gone when you join / leave Arena, currently you keep the debuff.

|T132285:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:31230|h[Cheat Death]|h|r
[Shadow] Spiteful Apparitions

Spiteful Apparitions is currently missing a hotfix from early 8.0.1. This hotfix changed Spiteful Apparition's damage bonus to be increased by 75% while NOT talented into Auspicious Spirits.

Spiteful Apparitions is also currently not benefiting from damage modifiers such as Auspicious Spirits, Shadowform, Void form and shadow priest core passive.

|T458229:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:277682|h[Spiteful Apparitions]|h|r
|T458229:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:78203|h[Shadowy Apparitions]|h|r
|T1022944:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:155271|h[Auspicious Spirits]|h|r
[Mistweaver] Secret Infusion

|T611418:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:287829|h[Secret Infusion]|h|r
|T611418:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:231876|h[Thunder Focus Tea]|h|r

Doesn't work.

only the Renewing Mist part seems to work (not always tho)


How it should work:

After using Thunder Focus Tea, your next spell gives 695 of a stat for 10 sec:
Enveloping Mist: Critical strike
Renewing Mist: Haste
Vivify: Mastery
Rising Sun Kick: Versatility

Talent Interraction

Using the talent |T839394:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:197895|h[Focused Thunder]|h|r shouldn't interract with the Azerite Trait, aka only the first spell empowered by focus thunder tea will give stats.


What is bugged:

Enveloping Mist, Vivify, Rising Sun Kick doesn't give any stats. Renewing Mist doesn't always proc the buff

Having multiple traits doesn't seems to give more stats:
with 3 of the trait, so should grant me like 600 + 636 + 672 of stats when used, but only got 726 or so.
[Brewmaster] Hot trub

Hot trub isn't doing the good damage (Like when it should hit for 10k~ it hit 2k~)
|T623775:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:202126|h[Hot Trub]|h|r
[Frost] Frigid Grasp

The 66% intel nerf for this trait, should be applied only when the caster picks the Ice Form pvp talent, currently its applied even without the pvp talent selected.

10 October

|T135838:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:278542|h[Frigid Grasp]|h|r
Pet focus

Pet focus is not correct max amount on bar (yt video from 8.2 raid is 120)

And regen focus seems to be lowest : i used aspect of wild on FS and on PTR not and the player on retail have more regen focus

[Marksmanship] Rapid Fire

You should be able to keep channeling Rapid Fire when you Disangage.
At the moment you can't, it interrupts the channeling.

|T461115:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257044|h[Rapid Fire]|h|r

Additional point:

According to

Rapid Fire doesn't require constant line of sight anymore to deal damage to the target. It means that rapid fire should continue to deal damage to your target, even if it's moving and not anymore in your lign of sight.
[Marksmanship] Consumming of Master Marksman and Precise Shot buff

After casting an Aimed Shot, you get 2 buffs (depending on your talents)

Master Marksman ( )
Precise Shot ( )

Description of the bug:

if you spam your "Arcane Shot" key directly after the end of the cast of aimed shot, you will use only the buff of the "MasterMarksman" .

How it should be: the first arcane shot used after aimed shot should use "Master Marksman" and "Precise shot" simultaneously.

NB: if you wait a bit after using aimed shot, and use arcane shot, you will correctly consume the 2 above mentionned buffs.
[Marksmanship] Master Marksman

At the moment you get proc once Aimed Shot hits the target but should be after you finish casting Aimed Shot.

|T132177:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:260309|h[Master Marksman]|h|r


After some rough testing i have finally figured it out i thought it was fixed but due to me being in perma combat i could not spot it.
As you can see when im out of combat and my pet is on passive it works fine
Now here im out of combat but with pet on defensive the stun bugs out
Here out of combat but pet on assist
it bugs out too

everything else works fine only this issue left
[Guardian] Protector of the Pack

_20% of all damage done to nearby allies is redirected to you. This effect is disabled when you fall below 35% health._
Damage is not redirected at all. It is doing absolutely nothing.

|T136088:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:202043|h[Protector of the Pack]|h|r
Ferocious bite

With ferocious bite, you can use 25 more energy than the 25 initial, to increase the damages by 100%

On the PTR
25 energy > 17k
50 energy > 21k
100 energy > 34k

Good behaviour:
25 energy > 17k
50 energy > 34k
100 energy > 34k

Tested with Feral affinity. Should be the same in feral spec :
|T132127:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:213826|h[Ferocious Bite]|h|r
Death gate

If you use DK death gate in Ebon Hold it should bring you back to the previous location cast. Actually it always bring you to the Ebon Hold.

spell :|T135766:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:50977|h[Death Gate]|h|r
[Frost] Dead of Winter

"Dead of Winter" works even when u don't have the talent and works too in PvE.
|T538770:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:287250|h[Dead of Winter]|h|r
[Frost] Runic Empowerent + Breath of Sindragosa

Runic Empowerment is not working during Breath of Sindragosa,or atleast not working well,if math is not an opinion...

100 Rp is atleast 6 tick of 15 runic meanwhile Breath of Sindragosa is up = 152 to get a rune = 30% chance. i did this test alteast 2030 times,and from 100 to 0 spamming obliterate that's atleast 78 ticks i always gain almost 0 free runes during breath. BUT math is not an opinion,and probability says that the OPPOSITE probability is (1prob) so,each tick of BoS have 70% to NOT get a rune,BUT,if we apply this probability to the Time we are keeping UP BoS,and on Firestorm is really really short,but it's still enought to get 78 ticks of 15 RP, math says that the probablility of NOT getting a Single RUNE from all the ticks is: 70%^(numbers of tick),let's try with 8 , 70%^8 = 8.75%

Steps for reproducing the issue: go 100 Runic Power,0 runes UP,use breath of sindragosa,and keep spamming onbliterate meanwhile watching the rune gained,you gain runes only from normal CD.

|T1029007:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:152279|h[Breath of Sindragosa]|h|r
|T134423:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:81229|h[Runic Empowerment]|h|r
[Vengeance] Souls

You're missing the tracker of souls in your buff so you can't consume your souls with spell.
[Misc][NPC] Prince Liam Greymane

Fixed talk spam on starting zone of Worgen
[Misc][Quest] Blood Troll on the Outside

Fixed interaction with Blood Troll Skull
[Misc][Quest] Taming their Beasts

Fixed possible missing spawn
[Misc][Quest] Cracking the Curse

Fixed the completion
[Misc][Quest] Beehemoth

Fixed phasing issue
[Misc][General] Adventurer Journal

You can now accept quest from the Advendurer Journal
[Misc][Profession] Trainers in Outland

Fixed a bunch of trainers for learn correctly Outland skills
[Misc] Elvui & AP display

the AP display when using an Addon like Elvui is completely broken.

[PVP][Twin Peaks] Respawn Missing

Ally side missing respawn NPC
[Misc] PvP Mod in DungeonRaidNon-Warmode instances.

Somehow if you heal (ST or AoE) someone in a dungeon group (inside a dungeon) your traits are halved by 50% and Mana Regen is like from 45% to 55% reduced. (depend on what spec and class you play, not all classes have same mana regen in arena)
[Misc] Outland professions

Proffesions in outland that you can learn with outland recipes:
[PVE][Ivus] Missing Context looted by a monk doesn't have any azerite trait, probably that it's missing context.
[Misc] Leech sources proc

Currently Leech can proc from selfdamaging sources:
Stagger from monk tank :
Fall damage:

IT should only proc from damage inflicted
[Misc] Client crash on mail

if a player receive an item with a gem from customer service the client crash
[Misc] Guild Creation Charter issue

Guild Charter doesn't work and so people are unable to create new guilds
[Misc][Profession] Mists of Pandaria: Alchemy

Crafting can now discovery new recipes

November 19, 2019

[General] - Pet Haste

1st List of pet spells that SHOULD SCALE WITH HASTE (means their base interval should be like 2/haste)
Vilefiend melee 2sec interval
ALL random demon melee (demons from nether portal or inner demon) 2 sec interval
Felguard melee 2 sec interval
Sucubuss melee 3 sec interval
Felhunter melee 2 sec interal
Imp melee 2 sec interval
Voidwalker 2 sec interval
INfernal melee2 sec interval
infernal immolation 2 sec interval
wild imp firebolt 2sec cast time
imp firebolt 2 sec cast time
Tyrant demonfire 2 sec cast time
Darkglare 2sec cast time
Bilescourge (random pet) 1,5sec cast time
Dreadstalkers melee 2 sec interval
Grimoire Felguard 2 sec interval

2nd Pet energy SHOULD scale with haste (note that WILD IMP energy SHOULD NOT scale with haste, becouse it has specific scaling > starting with 100, and each firebolt consumes 20, so no regen of energy)

3rd List of pet spells that SHOULD NOT scale with haste (they have static interval, mostly 5sec, and they do their speciall ability every lets say 5 sec no matter of haste)
ALL random demon melee pets special abilities (ex. Overhead Assault etc.) 5sec interval
vilefiend headbut 5 sec interval
vilefiend bile spit DOT 2 sec interval
eye of gul dan (random pet) 3 sec interval

4th Spells that interval and tick SHOULD scale with haste
Felguard Felstorm 5sec duration, 1sec interval
Grimoire felguard felstorm 5sec duration, 1 sec interval

5th spells that happen only ONCE on summon
Dreadstalker dreadbite
Infernal Awakening
Vilefiend bile Spit DIRECT

everything worked fine before, sth generic idk happened and broke this
also pet who scale with haste should act "dynamic" with haste.
[DiscShadow] ShadowfiendMindbender not affected by haste
[Discipline] Penance

Penance breaks when you go out of range after channeling and when you look back. It shouldn't be.

Proof : (out of range)
(looking back)

Penace should have some "safe" range, that you can cast it while out of range, and if you will bypass it, it will interrupt it. Watch gif:
You can see, I've casted 2 shots only, not 3
[Windwalker] Pets and haste

How it's bugged :
Atm SEF clones and Xuen aren't affected by haste

1) Xuen
isn't affected by our current % haste

Test done :
11% Haste : 10 Melee

With debug haste + 127% Haste : 10 Melee

2) Storm, Earth and Fire

Test done:
11% Haste : 8 Melee (Main+Off hand)

With debug haste + 127% Haste : 8 Melee
[All] Paralysis

How it's bugged :
If you use Paralysis on any add and you walk near it you don't get the aggro, so you can avoid a lot of adds in MM+

How it should work:
Paralysis is an Incapacitated mechanic not a sapp like Imprison of DH

[Windwalker] Mystic Touch + SEF Stacks

How it's bugged :
Atm when you cast SEF all of your target get 3 debuff of Mystic Touch, it should be only 1 stack per target
[Windwalker] Mystic TouchMotC Stacks

How it's bugged :
When you have more than one monk hitting the same target, that target can get multiple stacks of Mystic Touch/Mark of the Crane and Gale burst 271233 (10% storage to ToD)

How it should work:
One target can have only 1 Stack max of Mystic Touch
same goes for MotC and Gale burst
[All] Mystic Touch Pvp

How it's bugged:
We are missing a hotfixe for Mystic Touch in pvp

How it should work :
Mystic Touch have a duration of 15sec in pvp situation only and can be refreshed

Hotfixe : Mystic Touch correctly has unlimited duration outside of PvP.
[Beastmastery] Pet (main) auto-attack not correlated to haste

The pet autoattack is not correlated to haste. Tested with debug haste 1Million % is doing 30 hit over 1 min = same with haste 20% : 30 hits too.

Pet auto attack should be linked to haste :

please take of correct it for the 3 spec (MM/SV/BM), and take care to not disable other reduce cooldown bonus (barbed shot ...)
[Survival] Dire Consequence

Trait [Dire Consequences] does not add damage to the ability to " Kill command".
[Marksmanship] In the Rythm

The trait in the rythm have some issues :

|T461115:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:264198|h[In The Rhythm]|h|r
[Marksmanship] Hunters mark bugged

1) Hunters mark is proccing traits like |T514016:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:279899|h[Unstable Flames]|h|r when casted,
it shouldn't
2) Causing the pet to Attack the target while the pet is in defensive mode.
3) Able to use [Hunters Mark] From my talent tree,use it on the boss, then use tome of knowledge to learn another talent, hunters mark remain on the boss the entire fight (Screenshot as proof)
[Marksmanship] Surging Shots

The trait "Surging Shots" don't work. With that, Aimed Shot has 15% chance to reset the cooldown of Rapid Fire. It doesn't work actually, tested this during 10mn without any reset of Rapid fire.

|T132212:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:287707|h[Surging Shots]|h|r
[Marksmanship] Unerring Vision

Unerring vision should give a bonus of crit and can stack 10 times when Trueshot is active. Actually the trait dont work.

The trait can be stacked with 3 trait to rise faster 10 stack of crit.

Wowhead theory : |T132329:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:274445|h[Unerring Vision]|h|r

Video how it work : (5min 47)

Dont forget script 2 and 3 trait effect = better because can reach 10 stack of crit bonus and have more time at most crit bonus.
[Marksmanship] Steady Shot

The spell Steady shot isn't currently increasing the duration by 3 sec of Concussive shot debuff.

|T132213:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:56641|h[Steady Shot]|h|r
Primal Instinct trait

Primal Instincts which is gave one charge of Barbed Shot is reseting the
reset the previous cd. It should not.

Retail video (the previous cd is maintained and continues to give other charge) :

|T136074:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:279806|h[Primal Instincts]|h|r
[Beastmastery] Spirit Walk dont give 20% bonus

Spirit walk should give 20% bonus for the next attack. Actually it dont. In exemple i did claw with Spirit walk buff it's doing 6458, and after (without buff) it's doing same 6458.
Dire Beast stands passive

When you summ a dire beast in 50% of cases it could be bug and stand passif near hunter, attack nothing. It's random.
[Marksmanship] Hunter's Mark

When using Hunter's Mark on your target as a Zandalari troll with the Paku buff, it can apply him the dot of the zandalari racial (which shouldn't be the case).

Hunter's Mark should not be a trigger for procs like the zandalari troll racial.

|T236188:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257284|h[Hunter's Mark]|h|r
[Feral] - Ferocious Bite

Finishing move that causes Physical damage per combo point and consumes up to 25 additional Energy to increase damage by up to 100%.

Currently damage is increased by 100% if uses 50 Energy and that's OK, BUT if you use with 49 or less energy, damage is always same (use normal damage).

Damage should scale from minimun on 25 energy (Use this formula: Damage = (0.9828 / 5) x AbilityDamage(true) x AlternatePowerSpent) to maximum on 50 energy (Use tihs formula: Damage = (0.9828 / 5) x AbilityDamage(true) x AlternatePowerSpent x 2), any energy spent between 26 and 49 energy should scale damage between minimun and maximum damage

Damage should scale with Berserk and Incarnation too

BaseCost = 25
if HasBuff(Berserk)
baseCost = baseCost x 0.6
if HasBuff(IncarnationKingOfTheJungle)
baseCost = baseCost x 0.6
costMultiplier = PowerSpent / baseCost
[Unholy] Apocalypse Pets & Haste

Apocalypse/Army of the dead pet's dont get Correct Dk haste,i tried with 20%50%100% haste,and they are doing the same ammount of hit from Melee attacks and Pet claw.

With all 3 test i always got 32 hit from apocalypse and 120 from army.

Probably pets dont gain haste = current DK haste.

spell: |T1392565:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:275699|h[Apocalypse]|h|r

AMR spell :

AMR army of the dead :
[Unholy] Pet is not affected by haste

DK pet (|T136119:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:52150|h[Raise Dead]|h|r) is not affected by his master Haste as it should be.

Here are the formulas used by AMR for autoattack and Energy Reagen:
[Misc][Creature] Grand Admiral Jes-Tereth

Fixed the option for fast travel to Nazmir
[Misc][Quest] Krag'wa's Favor
Fixed the completion
[Misc][Quest] Be More Uniform
[Misc][Creature] Zandalar Campaign

Fixed interaction with

Allow you to complete quests:
[Misc][Achievement] Tides of Vengeance

Fixed completion when you have finished the 8.1 campaign
[Misc][Quest] Ship Logs
Fixed loot interaction
[Misc][Shop] Fixed Issues

Some people had issues buying items or premades, it's now fixed !
[Misc] Taunt vs cosmetic events

If you taunt a trash / boss to aggro him while he was doing an event / cosmetic animation, he won't move.

Got fixed before in 8.0 by Hayden.

October 2, 2019

[Misc] Bank

Fix taking items from bank by right clicking on them
[Misc] Fix faction of couple of creatures

So it now works with "Dragonmaw Illusion"
aura 40216 and 42016
[PVE][Uldir] Zekvoz Shatter

Spell currently can't be blocked when it should be blockable.
[Misc][Quest] Westfall Storyline

Dev note: Fixed entire Westfall Storyline, completely rescripted
[Misc][Item] Golden Ravasaur egg

When i have [Golden Ravasaur Egg](|T651737:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:156963::::::::120:::::|h[Golden Ravasaur Egg]|h|r) you can talk with [Jani]( but with the message `` i have a shiny trinket for you, Jani '' you cannot deliver it to him.
[Misc][Item] Singing Crystal

item 103641 fixed
[Misc] Faction of creatures in ZulDrak
[Misc][Profession] Archaeology sites

Fix an issue due to which players couldn't see new sites until relog
[Misc][Profession] Archaeology Research

Fix an issue due to which players were able to research 10 sites instead of 9
[Misc][PVP] Conquest Bar

When a player has completed 20 conquest caps, conquest points no longer accumulate on the scale.

Dev note: Added a fix to unlock the chest after obtaining 500 conquests during the week, even if you've already completed all 20 conquest caps
[PVE][ICC] Blood prince council

Used to appear dead after encounter starts, should be fixed now
[PVE][ICC] Valithria Dreamwalker

Health & loot fixed.
You can no longer finish encounter with only 1 heal cast
[PVE][ICC] Fix double loot of deathbringer saurfang

[PVE][ICC] Lady Deathwisper's elevator

Fixed it
[Misc] Sending lots of links in one chat message

Improved system
[Misc][Quest] Just around the corner

Land Mines didn't knock you back, now fixed.
[Misc][Quest] Lou's Parting Thoughts

Area trigger are broken and therefore the thug speech and the rest of script are unavailable

September 23, 2019

[Misc][NPC] Zuluhed the Whacked

Corrected spawns
[Misc][Quest] Walls have ears

The npc that gives you the mission disappears and becomes your ally (and you give the mission to that npc). This NPC for X reasons disappears, so you can complete the mission but not deliver it. In my particular case when testing it, he went to hit an enemy npc, we killed him and he stood still, a few seconds later, to disappear.
[Misc][Quest] Dressed for Battle

Nisha dissappears, and unables you from completing the questline
[Misc][Quest] A Weather Eye

The bird auto attacks the npcs, while being controlled, and consequently gets killed, and making it very difficult to take the Scout Points
[Misc][Quest] Answering their attacks

Nisha dissappears, and unables you from completing the questline
[Misc][Quest] Azsuna: Trailing the Tidestone

The quest cannot be completed, as Farondis keeps dissapearing when you escort him, creating a leveling block to complete the quest chain and the intended chapter.

This is basically one of the first chains when reaching Azsuna, and as most of the players start with it upon reaching Legion content, it might make them quit trying the zone, without checking the other hubs to bypass this chapter.
[Misc][Quest] Stormheim: Grapple points

All of the grapples on the Stormheim map are leveling impairing for quests which require them, midway in the chapters while leveling into the zone.
At the moment you need to be very close to them 5 yards or so in order to use them, but the idea of those is to use them/ be able to interact with them from 30 yards+.

Please review the Stormheim grapple points, as those need to be adjusted to allow players under 110 to level in the zone.
[Misc][Quest] Tracking Tidesages

Sometimes Rexxar just dissapears
[Misc][Quest] Evidence of Evil

Sometimes Zolani just dissapears, and its not found on neither of the locations
[Misc][Quest] Armed and Ready

Nisha dissappears, and unables you from completing the questline
[Misc] Heart of Azeroth + Bank interaction

If you put the "heart of Azeroth" in the bank and at the same time make a relog, then your neck will become level 0, regardless of actual level.

Dev note: Fixed
[Misc][Quest] Forming the Scroll

[Misc][NPC] Removed wrong spawns of Generic Invisible Man

[Misc][NPC] Gooey Ghoul Drool

Will now despawn after clicking on it
[Misc][Quest] Round 'Em Up

[Misc][Quest] At the Yak Wash

[Misc][Quest] Get Kraken!

[Misc][Quest] Free the Dissenters

[Misc][Quest] Admiral Taylor has awakened

[PvE] Classes dispells

Actually almost none of the classes dispell are blizzlike in PvE.

Insted of removing 1 stack per 1 stack, you remove all of them if its the same buff.

Note that it should remove all of the stacks if used in PvP

ATM only 3 of those dispells seams blizzlike:

DH : |T828455:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:278326|h[Consume Magic]|h|r
Mage : |T135729:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:30449|h[Spellsteal]|h|r
Blood Elves: |T136222:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:28730|h[Arcane Torrent]|h|r

And those who need to be fixed are the following:

Hunter Spirit Beast: |T136096:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:264265|h[Spirit Shock]|h|r
Priest : |T136066:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:528|h[Dispel Magic]|h|r
Priest : |T135739:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:32375|h[Mass Dispel]|h|r
Warlock Felhunter :
Shaman :

the following GiFs are here to show how it should work / vs how it currently work for few classes.

DH ConsumeMagic:
working as intended

Priest Dispel Magic:
not working as intended
[Misc][Quest] Out of Jovite

[PVE] WotLK Various Fixes

Fix Ruby Sanctum areatrigger (in next update, the SQL didn't get applied)
Fix Onyxia's 'Many Whelps Handle It' achievements
Fixes for malygos encounter
Fixed channeled spells being interrupted for passengers when vehicle moves
Remove immunity from Ulduard's vehicles
Couple of changes to Halion encounter
Lady Deathwisper's elevator fixed
Valithria's loot fixed

September 16, 2019

[Arcane] Mirror Image Arcane Blast

Currently arcane mage Mirror Image's Arcane Blast formula is a bit wrong and needs adjustments.
Based on some sims and per further investigations, I concluded the clones have a charge system of their own, and they should not benefit from mastery at all ( they still do benefit from the rest of the modifiers like intel, versa, crit, haste ).

The baseline formula is:
0.21 x 0.6 ( pet mod ) x SP x modifiers x owner charge system ( which is composed of 60%+ mastery bonus from 0 charges up to 4 ).

The correct formula should be:
0.21 x 0.6 ( pet mod ) x SP x modifers x ( 1 + 0.25 x clone charges ) which means, after the calculator elaborates the damage from the baseline formula and modifiers, when it takes the charges into account it will deal 25% per clone charge, up to 4 times based on the 0 charge value, giving a maximum value of minimum x 2.

For example if 0 charges clone Arcane Blast is 1k:
second AB charge 1 is 1250
third AB charge 2 is 1500
4th AB charge 3 is 1750
5th AB charge 4 is 2000
the rest until clones die 2k the total damage will further be modified only by the primary modifiers, like arcane power, intel and versa procs during the clones being up, which works fine minus the mastery part currently.

25% per stack theory is here and no mastery reference in the affected by list.
[Misc][Quest] Forces of Nature: Treants
[Misc] Mechanized Lumber Extractor

You get dismounted when gathering herbs on this mount, while you shouldn't.
[Misc][Quest] Do the Right Thing
[Misc][Quest] Scourged Mass
[Misc][Quest] Thirst Unending
[Misc][Profession] Archeology

Fixed Legion spells
Fixed legion projects
[Misc][Quest] To Win a War, You gotta become War
[Quest] A Risky Ploy Won't Complete

No matter what you do, you can not get this to complete. This is the same issue we reported on PTR when it was on it. Might of been missed.

When you fight the guys you do everything as normal and how it is suppose to be done but he will just dissappear after he mentions he wants his family safe again. The quest does not complete after that.
[Misc] Elwynn Forest Rescripted

Dev note: Whole zone rescripted, like Kezan & Gilneas were a little while ago.
Hope you guys will like it !
[Misc][Quest] The Endless Flow
[Misc][Quest] Learning the Ropes
[Misc][Quest] The Princess Unleashed
[PVE][Ulduar] Misc Fixes

added missing broken Harpoon
Added Runemaster Molgeim
[Misc][Quest] Forces of Nature: Wisps
[Misc][Quest] The Kodocaller's Horn
[Misc] Pandaria teleport

You can now access pandaria at lvl 80 (down from 85)
[Misc][Quest] Unusual Behavior... Even for Gnolls

September 15, 2019

[Enhacement] Primal Primer

Currently, Primal primer an azerite trait is giving almost the double bonus damage from what it should.
10 Stacks: 56% mastery : Bonus lava lash damage : 4595
Lava lash without trait : critical hits 12k/ lava lash with trait crit hit : 32k.

|T236289:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273006|h[Primal Primer]|h|r

August 29, 2019

[PvE][King's Rest] Spectral Beastmaster

These mobs shouldn't be able to be feared.
[PvE][King's Rest] Spectral Berserker

These mobs shouldn't be able to be feared.
[PvE][King's Rest] Spectral Hex Priest

These mobs shouldn't be able to be feared.
[PvE][King's Rest] Spectral Witch Doctor

These mobs shouldn't be able to be feared.
[PvE][King's Rest] Honored Raptor

These mobs shouldn't be able to be feared.
[PvE][King's Rest] Spectral Headhunter

These mobs shouldn't be able to be feared.
[PvE][Freehold] Pistol Shot vs dodge

You should be able to dodge Pistol Shot.

|T1373908:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:255966|h[Pistol Shot]|h|r

It seams that it currently always target the tank insted of beeing random.
[PvE][Freehold] Powder Shot vs dodge

You should be able to dodge Powder shot.

|T960906:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:256979|h[Powder Shot]|h|r
[PvE][TolDagor] Stun Bobby Howlis in mm+

There's a bug with bobby who can be stun in the dungeon by 2 spells "Ring of Frost" and "Frost Trap" despite all others stun aren't working.
[PvE][Motherlode] Mogul Razdunk

Boss shouldn't be stunnable, when he reaches phase out of his mount.
[PvE][TolDagor] Jes Howlis - Flashing Daggers vs dodge

You should be able to dodge Flashing daggers

|T236273:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257785|h[Flashing Daggers]|h|r

August 27, 2019

[Misc][Shop] Nazjatar Blood Serpent

|T1519580:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:161479::::::::120:::::|h[Nazjatar Blood Serpent]|h|r

When learning the spell it says "interrupted" and doesn't learn it.

Dev note: Fixed, and I resend the mounts to everyone who bought it so you can use it properly this time.
[Misc] Can't see some objects

Some players can't see gates, flags or Angels in Battlegrounds.

Dev note: Fixed was induced by a wrong code in one quest, sorry about that ! Issues fixed for everyone who had it + prevented it from happening again.
[PvE][Freehold] Rat Trap

The Rat Trap should not activate the milisecond it lands, It should take aprox 2 seconds to arm, and then activate.
[PvE][Freehold] Visual bug on the pig

If many people click the pig at the same time and completes sometimes one character will go above another.
they go normaly after 10 sec more or less
[PvE][Freehold] Trothak - Shark Tornado and Taunt

You can cancel the boss' shark tornado if someone else besides the tank taunts the boss
[Misc] Missing game objects in origrimmar

Currently it is impossible to smelt in org because of these missing game objects.
[Misc][Achievement] Eating Out of the Palm of My Tiny Hand

I bought the [Extradry Fruitcake](|T132934:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:163564::::::::120:::::|h[Extradry Fruitcake]|h|r) and when i want to use the item on [Irritable Maka'fon <Endangered Species>]( nothing is happening.
[Misc] Feathered Viper Scale

Once the [Feathered Viper Scale](|T1526612:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:157794::::::::120:::::|h[Feathered Viper Scale]|h|r) is obtained, you must click on the mysterious trashpile to invoke Jani. on the Dev nothing happens.

August 21, 2019

[Fire] Fireblast does not remove Invisibility

Fire blast dosen't remove invisibility . In fact , any action should cancel invisibility .
spell ID: 108853 Fire Blast
spell ID: 66 Invisibility
[PVE][Nighthold] Mythic Guldan Mount

From WarcraftDevs: The Mythic Gul'dan and Argus mounts will remain 100% for the next month, until Battle for Azeroth launches and the level cap goes up.

Dev note: fixed the loot chance, it's now 1% personnal down from 100%.
[PvE][Uldir] Zek'voz eye beam

Currently, Eye beam doesn't spread as it should, It spreads on targets only within the circle, Instead of on players, that are outside, What i mean is the following example:
When player is targeted by eye beam, and people make a line from one side of the room, to the other, and each one is let's say 45 yards away from eachother, EVERYONE should get hit by eye beam, Not just the single player within the circle, Each person should act as a new conduit, It should work basically like Chain lightning, If there is a player within 5 yards, it spreads to another and another, and another, till it can't find a target within those 5 yards,

This should affect all difficulties.
[PvE][Uldir] G'huun - Spawn of G'huun

You are able to taunt them when they are fixating players.
[PvE][Uldir] Zek'voz - Nerubian Voidweaver Void Trance

When Nerubian Voidweaver reach 10 stacks of Void Calling and get Void Trance buff he should not be immune to interrupts such as kick from rogue, counterspell from mage, pummel from warrior etc. currently he is immune to this.

spell ID: 278220

August 19, 2019

[Misc][Achievement] Treasures of Vol'dun

Several issues listed in the checklist
[Misc][Achievement] Mythic Kil'Jaeden

Achievement works, but doesn't deliver the title

Dev note: Fixed, and everyone who already had the achievement should have received the title upon logging !
[Misc][Quest] Emissary of War

Quest disabled while we wait for a fix.

Currently on the realm, people can just relog to instantly get 4/4.
From there, you only need to complete 1 dungeon to complete the quest and get a 370 ilvl item

Dev note: Fixed, now you will properly need to do the 4 mythics starting when you take the quest
[Misc] Alliance Contribution not working at all.

The NPCs for the Alliance contribution arent showing up on Live Server.

It should be like this if u want it Blizzlike:

Horde holds Arathi Control = Worldboss etc.
=> Alliance Faction gets the contribution Quests
=> Portal for the Alliance Faction is closed

Alliance holds Arathi Control = Worldboss etc.
=> Horde Faction gets the contribution Quests
=> Portal for the Horde Faction is closed

It's not supposed that u have the contribution quests every week active even if you hold the control over the Zone. The contribution part is only for the faction who will attack on the next ID to build their Base up.

So far Horde had 2 weeks contribution Alliance had them never.
[Misc][Item] Warlord's Trophy

|T311945:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:164587::::::::120:::::|h[Warlord's Trophy]|h|r
When you have the trait +5 item level active on your azerite gear and you use warlord's trophy to upgrade the item it doesn't scale it correctly it scales it 5 item level so for example it should scale it to 385 + 5 = 390 but it just upgrades it to 380.

Dev note: Fixed, and for those who have the issue on some items, another fix is comming, where you will just need to remove the traits from it and take them again for it to work fine.
[Misc] French Locales broken

Some Items don't have the correct name in french, they have the name of another item which ID is close (like + 10 differences).

Dev note: Fixed ! You will have to clear your cache and everything should be fine :)
[Misc][Quest] Dousing the Flames

Player can spam the same fire to achiev the quest despite the fire being extinguished
[Misc][Quest] Fertilizer Duty

You need to throw the meat to a hyena, then follow that hyena for 510 seconds and then loot the fertilizer, but you can't throw the meat to the hyenas because they appear as an invalid target.
[Misc][Quest] Mushroom Harvest

[Portuebello]() missing
[Misc][Achievement] Scavenger of the Sands

All items are either missing, dont count or dont work
[Misc][Quest] Unnecessary Duress

Player can spam the same [Exhausted Laborer]( to achieve this quest.
[Misc][Achievement] Dune Rider

Rickety Plank dont work or simply missing

August 16, 2019

[Frost] Frozen Orb Collision

Frozen Orb |T629077:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:84714|h[Frozen Orb]|h|r ability should slow down upon hitting the enemy target, but instead it passes through them and it only stops moving upon reaching end of room/wall

August 13, 2019

[Fire] Duplicative Incineration - Firestarter interaction

Duplicative Incineration's extra Fireball proc should work with the pvp talent Firestarter.
Currently it works with all the other Fireball modifiers ( Combustion, Heating up, Firestarter tier talent, etc ) so this one was missing.

|T135812:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:278538|h[Duplicative Incineration]|h|r

Legion Pet specializations

Currently, all pets that were tamed on Legion, and who got ported to BFA when the Sethraliss opened and chars were copied from Legion have wrong Specializations: Either they don't have any, OR they have the one you selected on Legion.

On BFA, each creature has 1 specialization that you cannot change. This works fine when taming them on BFA, but not when summoning Legion pets.

Dev note: Indeed, this should be fixed for all pets now ! Just summon them and it will automatically set them to the correct "default" spec of this pet.
[Havoc] First Blood

First Blood doesn't add enough damage atm: it's x2 instead of x2.35

|T538039:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:206416|h[First Blood]|h|r

Dev note: Aaaaand that's what happens when you work with ints instead of floats :^) Fixed !
[WQ] Emily Mayvile

Once you start the chat with her you can choose the options till :
What is it?, once there even if you click the option it dosen't work

After talking with here she shoud transform into a witch and you kill her in order to complete the WQ.
[Misc] Duplicated NPCs & GOBs in Stormsong

It's a general finding, there is a lot of NPC and GOB who are duplicated in different areas on the zone, if it's possible to clean the DB because it is very difficult to list all of them

Dev note: DB cleaned, it should be alot better now !
[Misc][Quest] Dousing the Flames
[Misc][Quest] The Missing Fleet

Missing Dialogue and Event where Taelia rides to the Ferry master in Boralus on Quest accept
She shouldn't offer quest while the player is at the ferry master
Camera is underwater while on the Ferry boat ride.
[Misc][Quest] Forbidden Rites

The Kris works on some of its intended targets and not others; the fail rate is about 2030%.
[Misc][Achievement] Adventurer of Stormsong Valley

I know that the rare ones are not yet script, but this is a listing of the rare available but without spells and the ones that are missing :)
[Misc][Quest] Having a Blast

[Bundle of Dynamite](|T133713:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:160738::::::::120:::::|h[Bundle of Dynamite]|h|r) not working, palyers can't pick the Dynamite nor are they highlighted
[Misc][Quest] Burn It All Down

Two issue with this quest :
extra button missing
siege tower should explode, not just burn
[Misc][Quest] Unneccesary Duress

Rejuvenating Water duplicates NPCs when used.
[Misc][Quest] Problem Solving with Gunpowder

If player's spam the same [Live Explosive Trap]( he can get 3 or 4 hit on the same and therefore finish the quest very quickly.
[Misc][Quest] A Question of Quillpower

This part of dialog are missing on Sergeant :

Sergeant Calvin says: We're out! I'll make my way back to Roz with the report. You've saved the town, hero!

And this part on complete :

Major Roz says: I'll spare you the flowery words, friend. I was never good at them anyway.
Mayor Roz says: Throwing back the quilboar, across the farms and into the kraul itself. Rescuing the citizens and farmers... you've done more for us than the militia ever could... or would.
Mayor Roz says: No offense, Calvin.
Mayor Roz says: I don't like speeches much, so I'll keep it short. Thank you. You will always have allies in Stormsong Valley.
[Misc][Quest] Bomb Beats Rock

After openning the two cave, it's impossibl to reward quest
[Misc][Quest] Two Faced Pirate Scum

This spell [Club Smash](|T926310:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:275882|h[Club Smash]|h|r) is missing on [Two Faced Tom](
[Misc][Quest] Gathering Storm

Player can spam the same [Focusing Rod]( at the same place to achieve this quest.
[Misc][Quest] Get your Bearings

Several issues fixed
[Misc][Quest] Searching for Answers

The portal and the Occulists should not be here
[Misc][Quest] Heavy Artillery

Some visual issue and one minor issue listed on the checklist

Dev note: Added initial Spawnpoints to make it look better, siege towers have health regeneration on top of fixing issues
[Misc][Quest] Bombs, Away

Some issue with [demolisher](
[Misc][Quest] Means to an End

The NPC for reward this quest seems diseapear when players want to validate this one.
[Misc][Quest] Bone Needle
[PVE][Firelands] Ragnaros chest

The chest spawned when you kill Ragnaros is now lootable
[Misc][Quest] The Abyssal Council

[Wavespeaker Reid <Tidesage Council>]( is missing
[Misc][Quest] Proclamation Investigation

Stormsong Proclamation is not Highlighted by yellow outline.
[Misc][Quest] I Want It All Now

[Moxie Lockspinner]( must follow the player and help him kill NPCs.

For the moment she just stay behind the questgiver and do nothing
[Misc][NPC] Collector Kojo in Stormsong

Report from BT and i can confirm that the NPC isn't clickable.
[PvE][Uldir] Zek'voz Void Weil

There should be an animation under the feet of a player 6 seconds before he is mindcontrolled, Visible to everyone, Notifingy that his Pact is soon expiring, Currently, the animation appears only for 1 second after player is fully Mind Controlled.
[PVE][World Boss] Loot + quest loot issues

The world quest for killing World bosses doesn't give the reward literally get nothing from world bosses quest reward and the loot on boss must be given automatically not looteable on boss either you get golds or the loot go directly in bags even you engaged boss and you are dead or ghost
[Misc][Item] Pterrordax Egg which starts a mount questline

Missing item loot drop from most Pterrordaxes around zuldazar which should drop |T132834:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:157782::::::::120:::::|h[Pterrordax Egg]|h|r which should start a short questline, of repeatable daily quests, which afterwards, rewards a mount.

This item is Horde only specific, alliance should be unable to get it.
[Misc][Achievement] Adventurer of Vol'dun

Relic Hunter Hazaak (missing)
Zunashi the Exile (missing)
Captain Stef "Marrow" Quin (It is not considered as rare and does not give loot but it does count for the achievement)
[Misc][Toy] Fishing Chair

|T132930:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:33223::::::::120:::::|h[Fishing Chair]|h|r

dosen't work at all (doesn't even summon the chair)

Dev note: Now properly summons the chair and you can sit in it
[Misc][Achievement] By de Power of de Loa!
[Misc][Quest] Welcome to Zuldazar NPCs visible as alliance.

Currently, the NPCs from the horde quest Welcome to Zuldazar, are visible to alliance, they shouldn't be
[Misc][Quest] A Wall of Iron

NPCs most of the time do not die from the cannon shot.
[Misc][Quest] Earl-E Bot Gets the Worm

Bunnies are visible
EarlE <Stolen Bot> doesn't go directly to the target & sometimes does not bring the worm out
[PvE][Uldir] Mythrax Oblivion Sphere

As an only hunter in the raid, I got targeted nearly by every single Oblivion Sphere three ID's in a row. There has to be something wrong with target selecting.

Dev note: Was always targetting the same player because of a flaw in the code logic that appeared when Mythrax's hotfix got applied (before, the sphere could target tanks, it cannot anymore), should be fixed now !
[Misc][Quest] We're Not Friends

[Moxie Lockspinner]( must follow the player
[Captain Calico McGee]( spawn twice, and when we kill him it's impossibl to reward quest
When player pick this quest, [Moxie Lockspinner]( disappears and dont let player pick the second quest [The Proof of Piracy](
[Misc][Quest] On the Hunt

When player takes the rope, and rows with the boat, at the end of the ride, he is thrown off the boat, into the water, isntead of onto the land, Worked before.
[Misc][Quest] Break 'Em Out

[Ball and Chain]( are not Highlighted and not working correctly it's like 50% fails and therefore we can't finish this quest.
[Misc][Quest] All Laid Out For Us

Several issues
[Misc][Quest] Goldfield's War

once the quest objectives are completed, the NPCs of the quest should disappear. currently they remain on the spot and disappear when quest are rewarded and not when we finish the objectives
[Misc][Quest] No Bot Left Behind

[Mud Burrow Guardian]( spell missing + spawned twice
[Misc][Quest] The Proof of Piracy

Mixie Lockspinner must follow the player
Irontide Rum Stash are not highlighted
[Misc][Quest] Sabertron quest missing

This WQ are missing
[Misc][Quest] Searching for Answers

NPCs repeating thier lines even tho player is nowhere near them and they spam the chat when they talk, Same case as ZEPPELIN OUT!
Player should not be able to interact with the NPCs gossip more than once.
When you talk to Sister Anndriana, she says her line, then repeats her introduction line, and then turns enemy, she shouldn't do those things, same happens to Sister Celicia.
When you accept the quest, Taeliea should say "You know, someone around here has to know something. You can't just lose a whole fleet!"
[PVE][Uldir] G'huun - Power Matrix & Imperfect Physiology

Currently u are available to catch the Orb and carry it again if u are under the effect of Imperfect Physiology This is completly wrong.

Ontop of that ur instantly reciving the Imperfect Physiology Debuff if u throw the Orb, this is bugged aswell.

That mean's in the current state all u need to change are the throwers. The reciver and dunker can always be the same.


You can pass the Orb as many times u want until it gets dunked. As soon the Orb is dunked everyone who touched it in the meanwhile will get affected by the Imperfect Physiology.



August 10, 2019

[Drustvar][Rare] Emily Malville

Fixed the interaction
[Dungeon][Utgarde Pinnacle] Skadi the Ruthless

Harpoon drop on heroic mode now

August 9, 2019

[Pve] [ToS] Impossible to finish the instance.

When u kill the 3rd boss on ToS and you get to the skull of setraliss to put the eyes on it you can't do anyhitng.

August 2, 2019

[Subtlety] Shadowy Duel

|T1020341:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:207736|h[Shadowy Duel]|h|r shadowy duel PvP talent

When you cast this PvP spell on a hunter, which has a pet summoned, it will totally abandon hunters pet and its not in his pet arsenal anymore, its gone...literally. So hunter needs to find another beast after this spell is used.
This shoudnt happen.

in gif i used Shadowy Duel on hunter and after 1s in duel, he lost his pet, never to be seen again.
[Holy] Holy Word: Sanctify

Holy Word: Sanctify currently has no target limit/is healing a lot more than the intended 6 targets. Keep in mind when fixing this, that Holy Word: Sanctify should prioritize low health players, and should more specifically follow this priority list:
Most injured players > most injured NPCs/pets > full health players > full health NPCs/pets
Do note that this means if a player is on 95% health, and an NPC/pet is on 5% health, it should still prioritize that injured player over the 5% health NPC/pet.

|T237541:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:34861|h[Holy Word: Sanctify]|h|r
[Marksmanship] Steady focus.

Steady focus talent has been broken for 2 weeks after a previous fix .
[Misc] 3rd Content Update !

Vol'dun, Stormsong Valley & Arathi Highlands are now available !
[PVE][Uldir] Vectis - Plague Bomb
[PvE][Uldir][Mythrax] Intermission Timings

Currently the Timings from Obliteration Beam and Visions of Madness are not working right on Live in the Intermission.

Retail Timers are on the Screenshots.
[PVE][Uldir] Mother - Wind Tunnel

[Wind Tunnel](|T463565:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:267878|h[Wind Tunnel]|h|r) have just the visual effect and do nothing to the players on Mythic mode
[PvE][Uldir] Mythrax: Oblivion Sphere

I think it's about a time we finally introduce the hotfix blizzard made few months after release of Uldir to Oblivion sphere, where it should only target ranged players, Instead of both melee and ranged.
[Misc][Quest] From the Maw of Madness

If [Kill Credit: Samuel Williams Found]( are out of the room, the script will not continue
[PVE][Arathi] World Bosses Issues

Several issues:
When you try to bonus roll, it spins forever but doesn't grant anything.
The 2 world bosses are spawned at the same time
You can loot them several times
[Misc][Arathi] Falling endlessly when dying

WHen you die around the area in my video you end up endless falling through the ground.

Dev note: added missing Angels & respawn points !
[Misc] Summoning Stone & similar

Since a few days they stopped working, you click but nothing happens.
Same for the Warlock's closet ritual

Dev note: Should work fine now !

July 29, 2019

[Retribution] Fist of Justice

Currently on Sethraliss you can reduce your Hammer of Justice cooldown with your Inquisition talent without even Fist of Justice talent learned.

|T135963:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:853|h[Hammer of Justice]|h|r
|T135906:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:234299|h[Fist of Justice]|h|r

July 24, 2019

[Retribution] Relentless Inquisitor

Currently on Sethraliss Relentless Inquisitor gives you only 1 stack if you are using Inquisition, regardless if you are using it with 1 HP or 3 HP.

|T135897:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:278617|h[Relentless Inquisitor]|h|r
[Feral] Ferocious Bite - Berserk interaction

As druid feral when you use Ferocious Bite with Berserk, you do less damage than without Berserk. However, Berserk should not interact with any form of damage since it only affects the energy cost and the maximum of energy.
After conducting some tests, I kept doing 14742 damage without Berserk and 14100 with it.
There should be no relation between the two spells.
I tried many other spells and their damage were not reduced by Berserk.

You'll see the maximum (done without berserk) and minimum with it on the screenshot below.
[PvE][SoB] Roleplay trash and affixes

The roleplay fighting mobs should NOT give bursting or bolstering when pulled,only full hp add should when killed.

Video proof:
Example from firestorm:
[PVE] Mind-controlled in Raids.

Bosses that have any kind of mechanics of mind controlls, such as Mythrax & Zek'voz, after being mind controlled you will be unable to heal some players in your raid group.
[PVE][Uldir] Mythrax - Xalzeix Hitbox completly wrong

The Add has a complete wrong Hitbox Indicator.
[PVE][Uldir] Mythrax - Xalzeix Beam Issue

When Xalzeix reaches 50% while he casts his Beam and jumps back into the Boss he is still using it. Normaly it just cancels.
[PVE][Uldir] Mythraxx's living weapon.

Living weapon is targeting pets (hunter, warlock, priest ...) which shouldn't happen.
|T537022:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:276922|h[Living Weapon]|h|r

And the Targeting in general is wrong aswell. It should go like this: Damage Dealers > Healers > Tanks
[PvE][TolDagor] Deadeye VS Dodge

The last Overseer Korgusof of Tol Dagor cast the spell Deadeye (|T132385:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:256039|h[Deadeye]|h|r).

You should be able to Dodge it, like a DH using the spell BladeDance shouldn't receive the Deadeye spell, nor the debuff.

|T1305149:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:188499|h[Blade Dance]|h|r
[PvE][SoB] Ashvane Commander - Trample

Atm when the Ashvane Commander use the spell Trample, he doesn't charge towards the way he face. He seams to follo the player.

How it should work:

Charges towards a random enemy. Aka at the begginning of the cast he should target the player position (not the player itselve) then charge to the position he targeted.

[PvE][SotS] Abyss Dweller and affixes

Abyss dweller should not be affected by Bolster and Sanguine affixes,they currently do.
[PvE][MogulRazdunk] Drill Smash

Issue appeared on live: 5man Group: 1 tank 1 heal 3 dps (mm+), so the Problem is, when he does Drill Smash you get hit twice (the big one and the small one) EVEN if you dont stand inside the circle.
NOTE: couldnt reproduce it alone on ptr, but on live if you do it like i said it will trigger 100%
[PvE][ToS] Avatar of Sethraliss and Xuen

Atm pet of monks |T620832:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:123904|h[Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger]|h|r don't do anything when you summon him on adds located in Avatar platforme: he's just here running and don't dps
Note : I asked dev spell and it's a pve issue since it's bugged only on this boss
[Misc] Combat Ress Mana %

For example if u get a combat ress and u had 100% mana u will revived with 20% it should work like this (if u get ressed u should have the same amount of mana that u had but if u died with 10% mana u will get revived with 20%)
[PvE][SoB] Broadside

After the mob finished casting the spell, it should get knocked backwards.
[Misc][Quest] A Poisonous Touch

Quest can be rewarded now on creature "Krag'wa the Huge"
[Misc][Quest] To Old Friends

Quest can be completed correctly now
[Misc][MoP] Missing Loot for all Rare Mobs on MoP

Here a little list for the Rare Mobs on the normal Mists of Pandaria Content who are dropping nearly nothing currently. Some of them arent even spawning in general.
[Misc][Quest] Gathering Mementos

You can see the objects "Flotsam" for get the item "Sailor's Cutlass"
[Misc][Profession] Khorium Vein

You can gather the khorium from vein correctly now
[Misc][Quest] The Assassin

Quest are now complete when you are near to creature "Fel Orc Corpse"
[PvE][SoB] Sighted Artillery and friendly npcs

The spell |T132212:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:272421|h[Sighted Artillery]|h|r deals damage to the friendly cannon spawned on Dread Captain Lockwood and also to both and (it kills this one in 1 hit,and it's the one we use to kill the boss)

Second boss
In mythic + :
In basic mythic :

Final boss
In mythic + :
In basic mythic :
[PVE][Uldir] Mythrax - Xalzeix Beam Issue #2

In the Intermission Phase the Beam from Xalzeix is targeting Tanks and Healers aswell. It's supposed to go on Damage Dealers first, then Healers, then Tanks.

That means that Damage Dealers are always the main priority of the cast from him.

July 23, 2019

[Misc][Achievement] Cursed Game Hunter

[Misc][Achievement] Drust the facts, ma'am

July 21, 2019

How it works on FS:
How it suppose to work:
You cannot click the bucket to activate the wq.

July 19, 2019

[Protection] Shield Wall

Currently Shield Wall animation plays twice.


|T132362:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:871|h[Shield Wall]|h|r
[Restoration] Earthen Wall w Rogue's Smoke Bomb

You shouldn't be able to place Earthen Wall (totem) into the Smoke Bomb of a rogue.
[Enhancement] Sundering


Should interrupt the cast and then it should make you unable to cast a spell for 2sec.

Currently Interrupts the spell but there isn't a Incapacitate for 2 seconds.
Earth elemental

|T136024:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198103|h[Earth Elemental]|h|r

Gets you in combat when you summon "earth elemental" You get in combat.
But if you command him to attack you will out of combat.
Shadow Stepping under water

If you use Shadowstep on a target under water, you will spawn on the ground in the water, not behind your target.
[Subtlety] Shadow dance

|T236279:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:185313|h[Shadow Dance]|h|r can use it 2x.

When you use 1st Shadow dance, it doesn't allows you to use 2nd Shadow dance until the first one isn't active anymore, every Shadow dance lasts 5s .
You should be able to use 2nd Shadow Dance anytime, even when 1st Shadow dance is active.


This ability is main for sub rogues in other to maintain dmg, in state that is now is negating to use some rotations.
Energy Regeneration and Haste

The base energy regeneration formula for rogues seems to be low.

Correct formula should be : Power Regen/Sec = 10 x (1 + TotalHaste)
For example if you have 40% haste, TotalHaste should be 0.40.

Keep in mind that the energy regen modifiers such as outlaw passive (35%) and Vigor talent (10%) are working fine and are multiplicative, it's the base formula that's off.
[Windwalker] Flying Serpent Kick + Mastery

How it's bugged :
Atm isn't affected by our Mastery,
generaly we start any fight with Flying Serpent kick.
[Mistweaver] Refreshing Jade Wind

[Refreshing Jade Wind] 196725id
This talent is not healing at all, it was working few days ago properly
[Windwalker] Fist of the White Tiger + Mastery

How it's bugged :
second hit (with off hand) don't benefit from our Mastery
[Arcane] Mass invis

Currently Mass Invisibility breaks upon casting Charged Up and Evocation, it should not. This ability should break the moment you start dealing damage before the timer on the mass invis goes off.

|T1387356:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198158|h[Mass Invisibility]|h|r

Polymorph doesnt dismount players if they're are on a flying mount but on the ground. Flying mounts should only grand immunity to polymorph while being in the air.

Another issue is that sometimes after poly dismounts the player, it will have the normal char animation, missing the polymorphed visual, but correctly under its effect.
[Survival] Mending Bandage

Mending Bandage does cancel in PvP after using an Immunity like Aspekt of the Turtle for no reason. It dispells all bleeds/poisons and still cancels after 1 tick by itself.
[All] Camouflage

Camouflage sometimes isn't usable as ist cd comes right off, often taking up to 3045 seconds bevor it comes usable again, making the total cd of it 1,45 min cd.
[Frost] Pillar of Frost+Rime proc

Pillar of frost is not working correctly with rime proc.
|T458718:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:51271|h[Pillar of Frost]|h|r

For each rune spent it is supposed to increase your strenght for an additional 1% from basic 15%. It is also supposed to give you the ammount from the basic rune cost.

So even with Rime proc which makes next Howling blast free it should give you additional 1% strenght.
[Havoc] Demonic


When you use "Eye Beam" 0.3 seconds before "Metamorphosis" expires
you won't get the extra 8 seconds of the "Metamorphosis" Form.
[Misc][Quest] World Quest of Legion doesn't appear correctly

The map show correctly all world quests on Broken Isles now & rewards are now displayed with an addon like WorldQuestList
Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part One

We need several other achievement to complete,

What is bugged:

We don't get credit for : (resets always from 25/100 for example it went back to 0/100 After daily reset or relog idk what causes it exactly)
[Misc][Quest] Work Order Supplied Needed from legion

Quests are not added to your questlogs anymore.
[PvE][Atal'Dazar] Reanimation Totem should not heal itself at all when you are obviously hitting and keeping it in combat,it currently does.

[PvE][SotS] Tidesage Spiritualist , Swiftness buff

As a mage when you spellsteal the buff you get the 20% haste but when it's over it removes some of your stat haste which makes your spells cast time even longer .
Wowhead Link for the buff Swiftness : |T1385912:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:276265|h[Swiftness]|h|r
[PvE][Dungeon] Utgarde Pinnacle

Fixed problem with the boss Skadi the Ruthless
[PvE][Dungeon] The Oculus

Fixed portal for go to first boss
Added quest when you enter in dungeon
Fixed bug with MageLord Urom
Fixed scenario credit when LeyGuardian Eregos are killed
[Misc][Quest] Multiple quests not acceptable

Fixed quests not acceptable for example: Armies of Legionfall (Broken Shore), Khadgar's Discovery (Suramar), The Hand of Fate (Argus) etc...
[PvE][Raid] Sunwell Plateau

Fixed phase with Kalecgos when you are solo
Felmyst spawn correctly after defeated Brutallus now
Fixed position of creatures "Hand of the Deceiver" for start Kil'jaeden
[Misc][Quest] An Improvised Arsenal

Fixed the interaction with the object "Battered Hand Cannon"
[Misc][Quest] A Steady Ballast

Fixed the interaction with "Angus Ballaster"
[Misc][Quest] Assault on the Dark Portal - The Cost of War

Fixed the interaction with Archmage Khadgar
[PvE][Raid] Throne of Four Winds

The raid is totally reworked and now available
[Misc][Quest] Gilneas - Last Stand

Your character are not freeze anymore if you take the quest after the event or if you disconnect.
[Misc] Raid ID extension

Currently you can't extend your ID Lockout and can't continue your old raid after raiding week ends.

[Misc] Human Racial: Diplomacy

Diplomacy passive doesn't grant you 10% reputation bonus.

[Misc] Sylvanas's Resolve

July 18, 2019


When u try to complete the quest and take the bottle from Nathanos , the bag is empty everytime u click on it / relogged several times / retaked quest didn't worked / ppl can't complete the questlike ,

July 16, 2019

[Fury] Reckless Flurry

Currently Reckless Flurry trait has some issues with stacking same traits in your gear. You need to reequip all gear with this trait to activate "stacked" version of it.

(all gear is the same)

|T132147:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:278758|h[Reckless Flurry]|h|r
[Fury] Rampage

Rampage should recieve a little popup animation (lasts 5 seconds) when you have enough rage to use it.


Missing visual on spell

Healing tide Totem [Spell ID=108280] is missing visual big time, you can't notice the shaman using it in arenas and this is a problem.
visual :
[Restoration] Torrent

Torrent is currently buffing both the initial heal and the periodic heal (the Heal over Time component) for Riptide. Torrent should only buff the initial healing done by Riptide.

Touch of the Grave removing stealth

when you are playing an undead rogue, you got subterfuge as a talent and touch of the grave procs while you are in stealth ..the stealth will be removed
|T136157:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5227|h[Touch of the Grave]|h|r
[subtlety] Shadow dance

When you use the spell called "Shadow Dance" as Subtlety your character should become purple, meaning that spell has been used. This doesn't happen.

|T236279:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:185422|h[Shadow Dance]|h|r

Doesn't work. Gives speed only to your self, not allies.
[Outlaw] Pistol Shot

When a Paladin uses Blessing of Protection on a rogue, pistol shot won't generate combo points as it should normally do. Other spells like Sinister Strike work just fine on the other hand.

|T136189:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:15581|h[Sinister Strike]|h|r
|T136243:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:240073|h[Pistol Shot]|h|r
|T135964:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:1022|h[Blessing of Protection]|h|r
[Assassination] Poison Bomb breaks cc

Poison Bomb is breaking Repentance, Blind, Sap and Polymorph.
Under Cloak of Shadows Ursol's Vortex

ursol's is a magical effect that should be removed when you use cloak of shadows but it don't when you re in ursol's vortex and use cloak of shadows it still pulls you back
|T571588:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:102793|h[Ursol's Vortex]|h|r
|T136177:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:178055|h[Cloak of Shadows]|h|r
[Discipline] Premonition doesn't break Hex

You should be able to use Premonition to break Hex.
It's also called "Death" you use it in PvP before you are getting Polymorphed, Hexed, Trapped or Blinded to break the cc.

Check comment: Because the break shouldnt be 100%...its literally a chance to break the CC.
[Shadow] Psyfiend

If target of Psyflay become invulnerable to slow, Psyfiend is stopping casting Psyflay and just standing afk.
How it should work: Psyflay shouldn't be dispelled.
![from PTR 8.2]()
[Shadow] Dark Ascension During Voidform

Casting Dark Ascension while you're in Voidform will cause Dark Ascension to not deal any damage to your target(s).

Edit: Currently the issue is if you cast Dark Ascension while in voidform, it'll use void bolts instead of void eruption bolts. Also if you cast Dark Ascension while your void bolt is on cooldown, it won't deal any damage and won't use any bolts.

|T1711336:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:280711|h[Dark Ascension]|h|r
[All] Blessing of Protection doesn't remove Physical stuns

Bleesing of Protection should remove Physical stuns like Mighty Bash, Kidney Shot, Cheap Shot.
[Retribution] Art of War

Current chance to proc Art of War is too high:
The rule for its procs is:
4 per minute multiplied by 1 + 0,haste%, so basically if you have 25%, only then you will have 4 x 1.25 = 5 per minute.

While using the Blade of Wrath talent the bug is even more obvious.

Current situation on FS:
Procs without the Blade of Wrath talent and 0 haste matches almost 6 or 7 RPM vs the intended 4.

Procs with Blade of Wrath talent will give ya double that amount, reaching 10+ RPM.

watch from 6:20 to 7:30 and see how from constant attacks he procs the ability only once...which puts into shade even the 4 RPMs

The issue is rather big, since proc'ing this medium to strong dmg ability too often increases their dps in an unintended way, alongside fast building holy powers for the stronger abilities TV and JV at specially in pvp
BoP while you're in Blind

You aren't suppose to be able to BoP a team mate while you are blinded.
Glyph of Fire From the Heavens

Currently, you cant even use this glyph in Protection and Holy specs (you can't right click it)

Retail had this bug on 8.0.1:

|T254301:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:43369::::::::120:::::|h[Glyph of Fire From the Heavens]|h|r
[Blessing of Sacrifice] Doesn't break repentance

|T135966:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:6940|h[Blessing of Sacrifice]|h|r

Doesn't break repentance.
Should break repentance.
[Mistweaver] Rising sun kick no cd

How it's bugged:
With the last talent "Focused Thunder" |T839394:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:197895|h[Focused Thunder]|h|r that give 2 Charge of Thunder focus tea, Rising Sun Kick don't have any CD while it should have 2.8sec remaining, the bug isn't from Thunder focus tea but from the fact that we have 2 charge and it's stacking '9s+9s'> 18sec cd reducing for the first RSK

Proof :
Glyph of Polymorphic Proportions

Glyph of Polymorphic Proportions should make your Polymorph become larger,and the target should be larger only during the period of time that they are affected by it.
How it works on SethralissYou polymorph target and their polymorph becomes huge,after that the target shrinks,after every polymorph cast they shrink more and more,untill they relog and remove the size issue.
Glyph |T254300:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:139352::::::::120:::::|h[Glyph of Polymorphic Proportions]|h|r
Pet damage

In certain situations, some pets deal very little damage.
For example, a non bugged pet will deal 6k with Kill Command, but a bugged one will deal 250.

Dev note: Issue was only visual: the damage dealt is always correct, but the client scaled it in case your pet came from an NPC that can't scale past a certain level. For example, if your pet came from an NPC that could only scale up to level 60, the client would scale the 6k it deals as a level 120 pet to 250 for a lvl 60 pet. This also messed up details or recount addons, but should be fixed now !
[Marksmanship] Precise shots

Precise Shots buff should be applied when aimed shot is fired, not when it hits the target.
[Survival] Serpent Sting

Currently if you have two survival hunters in a raid one of them will overlap other's Serpent Sting completely removing it.
You can't apply more than one Serpent sting to one target.

|T1033905:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:268423|h[Serpent Sting]|h|r
[Survival] Flanking Strike

Flanking strike damage is lower than it should be and the formula for pet is wrong.
Flanking strike :

On our calcs : (1.17 x (5074 + 6 x 170.3)) x 1.03 x 0.93 = 6831
For pet : 1.17 x 5074 x 1.03 x 0.93 = 5686
Both hit for 5936 each.
[Beastmastery] Stomp

Stomp pull the entire instance while used in close area dungeons (tol dagor, waycrest manor, ...)
talent id : 199530
spell id : 201754
[All] Camouflage is consumed before the target is hit.

Here is how it works in retail
Here is how it works in FS
Pets are an example that the aura is consumed before target is takes damage.
Also i notice that some a pvp spell with cast time consume the aura before the cast is finished.
|T1412205:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:203155|h[Sniper Shot]|h|r
[MarksManship] Double tap

|T537468:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:260402|h[Double Tap]|h|r

Double tap talent buff should be consumed after aimed shot's cast is successful. Right now, it is consumed on hit.
[Survival] Mastery bonus damage

Dev note: Issue was that mastery only took the "bonus" part into consideration for its calculations: if you had 30% mastery like this: (13.2% + 16.8%) your damages would be increased by 16.8% instead of 30% for concerned spells. On top of that, Chakrams damage was hackfixed so didn't benefit from any buffs. This is fixed now + improved targetting of the spell
Aspect of the turtle

Aspect doesn't deflect many spells for example: death knight's grip
Spell id 186265
[Feral] Earthen Grasp PvP Talent

This pvp talent affects Entangling roots (Check effects in the wow head site)
How it's currently working : it is applying the effects listed in the tooltip BUT it makes Entangling roots instantly breakable (auto attack it once and it's gone).
How it should work : This talent shouldn't affect the 'Vulnerability' of the entangling roots.

Details :
|T136100:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:66070|h[Entangling Roots]|h|r
< With the PvP Talent.
< Without the PvP talent.
[Balance] Force Of Nature Treants Agro.

The treants that spawn of using Force of nature as a balance druid , Forcefully take agro from the tank that had the boss on his hands.
As you can see in the gif Sketter agroed the boss , once i used FoN Agro goes to one of the 3 treants that've spawned.
The treants shouldnt be able to steal agro / take it , but for example , if the druid is alone and he uses the treants , the agro shouldnt go to him but to the treants it seems that the treants have a higher agro than what the Tank specs have.
Details :
< Inraid example.
|T132129:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:205636|h[Force of Nature]|h|r
[Boomkin] Glyph of Stars

If you have the Glyph "Glyph of Stars" and you are in your moonkin form and then enter an arena/bg etc. it will show you the Moonkin form without the Glyph you have to re press the the form to get the proper Moonkin form(with Glyph of Stars).
[Balance] Sunblaze

This trait should increase the dmg of starsurge, currently is not increasing the dmg at all.

When you refresh the duration of rejuvenation more than twice at 53 seconds of expiration, the buff of abundance dissapears. Meanwhile rejuvenation is active on target, the buff from abundance should be active aswell, but this buff dissapears when u refresh the spell few times.

To Precise even more the issue , it's not refreshing once the buff hits 3 5 seconds left but rather 53 less than the uptime time.
[Balance] Nature's Balance

|T132113:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:202430|h[Nature's Balance]|h|r

While out of combat you gain 50 astral power.
When arena match starts it resets to 0.
Should stay on 50.
Travel Form in BGArena

Travel Form speed in BG/Arena should be 140% and not 200% as it is currently
[Restoration] Clearcasting

Lifebloom has 4% chance to cause clearcasting statement, making your next regrowth cost no mana, but if you are casting regrowth and you get the buff middle cast, the buff will get consumed and you still use mana on the spell.

[General] - Renewal

Versatility shouldn't add healing to talent Renewal.
Instantly heals you for 30% of maximum health. Usable in all shapeshift forms.
Protector of the Grove

When casting regrowth on an ally the initial heal will be "always" critical but this effect is not working, as sometimes it doesn't crit.
|T136062:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:209731|h[Protector of the Grove]|h|r
[Unholy] All will serve

Passive talent "All will serve" [Spell ID=194916] should the summon the other add in the opposite side of the Raise Dead Pet.Right now, they are summond at the same location this visual can cause serious isues in PVP. The pet also in pve runs everywhere and pulls sometimes, this is an issue in Hardcore Pve(M+ for example)
Death Grip vs cloak of shadow

Cloak of shadow |T136177:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:31224|h[Cloak of Shadows]|h|r is an immune for magical spells which means , death grip ( school shadow ) |T237532:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:49576|h[Death Grip]|h|r , it a magical spell , atm u can grip rogues in cloak , where u shouldn't The problem might be Death grip it still showing as Physical School instead of Magic one
[Vengeance] Cycle of Binding vs Sigil cd reduction

Afflicting an enemy with a Sigil grants you 138 Agility for 6 sec and reduces the cooldown of your Sigils by 2 sec.

So when you hit an ennemie with any of your Sigils:

|T1344652:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:204596|h[Sigil of Flame]|h|r
|T1418288:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:202137|h[Sigil of Silence]|h|r
|T1418287:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:207684|h[Sigil of Misery]|h|r
|T1418286:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:202138|h[Sigil of Chains]|h|r (if talented)

it should lower the cd of every Sigils by 2s.

Atm it seams only Sigil of Flame reduce the CD of other Sigils

|T1344652:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:278502|h[Cycle of Binding]|h|r
[Misc][Pets] - Debuff after pvp instance

Pets currently tend to keep debuffs like the DH one or the MONK one as you can see in the screen after an arena / bg etc ... and you can't remove this debuff out of them even after dismissing and recalling em.
The debuffs should go off after the loading either winning or losing that pvp instance.
[Misc][Quest] Signs and Portents 47968

After arriving by ferry from Boralus to Drustvar i completed first quests The Vanishing Lord and then we should take from bulletin there quest called Signs and Portents but bulletin is unclickable so we can t take quest and continue in storyline and also can t get reputation with order of embers which is required to do world quests repair it as soon as possible thx
[PVE][Uldir] Mother - Endemic Virus LOS

Currently |T136182:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:279662|h[Endemic Virus]|h|r was fixed and is applied to players. but we have new issue with it. mobs have same LOS mechanic as players on Mother and players in 1st room shouldnt get debuff from adds casting it in 2nd room. (currently they do)
[Misc][Quest] Marking Our Territory 51438

Actualy it's impossible to interact with banner
[Misc] Azerite Globules

|T646670:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:279955|h[Azerite Globules]|h|r
Stacks should reset to 0 after explosion.
Currently target has 3 stacks permanently.
[Misc] Quest System

Huge revamp of the quest system

Dev note:
When you click on a creature with only one quest, the creature opens directly the quest interface instead of the menu where you need to click on the quest. (The quest details will automatically pop)
When you have accepted/rewarded a quest and the creature doesn't have more quest for you, the window will be automatically closed.
If you have more than one quest to reward, after rewarding the first one, it will pop the dialogue to directly reward the next one.
Daily/Weekly/Monthly Quest (for example quest for weekly seal) display directly the required item/money/currency and they are not added to (hidden) the questlog
Autocompleted Quest (for example quest for follower when you finish a foothold) are now display correctly and you can just click on "Complete" instead "Accept" > Click again > "Complete"
Now when you want to reward a quest and you don't have the requirement (money/currency/item), you get an error and the quest is not rewarded
Fixed the interaction with some gameobject questgiver, for example atm you can click on gameobject and open a window with "Greetings..", now you can't click on this gameobject if he doesn't have any quest for you
[Nightborne] Cantrips

when you are a nightborne and use your racial spell cantrips the mailbox will appear to you and you are able to open it but you can't use it doesn't work you can't send messages you open them it's currently useless
[Garrison] Mine (HordeAlliance)

the mines are not correctly spawned and player can fall undermap
[Misc][Pets] Pets can attack while under incap CCs

When you will cast an incap CC on the enemy's pet you will notice that the pet is still attacking even when it should not:

examples blind/poly vs hunter, mage, dk pets

Details :
(Mage PoV)
[Misc][Pet] React state at the initial levels

Hunter and warlock pets don't work at initial level
[Misc][Tanks] Main stat + dodge and parry

Some Tank specs supposed to gain Parry or Dodge from their main stat. It DOES work now, BUT its not flexible.

Like if you have agility trinkets that gives you agility on use, you won't recieve any dodge (if you are druid) and if you are Paladin and you will recieve buff from any trinkets that increase your strength you won't recieve any Parry.

This results huge underperformance of all tank specs.
Tested with: 159625 trinket and 147010
[Misc] Band of Brothers & Bounty Hunting

[Misc] Azerite Fortification

Azerite Fortification shouldn't heal players by every knockback from monk's Ring of Peace.
[Misc] Tanking Dummies

Currently tanking dummies missing spells that they can cast to maintain their damage on tanks to test their survivability. All tanking dummies should be able to cast these two spells:
|T237244:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:167385|h[Uber Strike]|h|r
|T589119:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:167381|h[Dummy Strike]|h|r

I don't know should they do damage as auto attacks (as they do now) or as dummy strike

List of all Tanking dummies in game:

Note for devs: you can delete this NPC List from ticket, if you don't need it
[Misc] Warlords Trophy

"Warlords Trophy" is an item which can be obtained through the Weekly PvPchest and it scales with Rating:
|T311945:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:155622::::::::120:::::|h[Warlord's Trophy]|h|r
|T311945:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:164584::::::::120:::::|h[Warlord's Trophy]|h|r
|T311945:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:164585::::::::120:::::|h[Warlord's Trophy]|h|r
|T311945:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:164586::::::::120:::::|h[Warlord's Trophy]|h|r
|T311945:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:164587::::::::120:::::|h[Warlord's Trophy]|h|r

Additional fix: Looks Pretty nice..but i think if u upgrade for example a rival non azerite item which is 375+ from the Weekly chest with the 385 Trophy(Gladiator) then it should also Change the Name on the item and not say rival anymore but not sure About that tho..but would make sense..because like that u can see a rival item 385 without the Name titanforged on it etc. :D
[Misc] Resounding Protection vs Death

If you die with the trait Resounding protection, and revive, you won't have the buff 30s after you came back to life.

Basically you need to reequip the gear or relog in order to have it proc again.

|T1769069:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:263962|h[Resounding Protection]|h|r
[Misc] Portal Honeydew Village to Orgrimmar Issue

The portal undermap the player.
[PvE][SoB] Sighted Artillery vs kul-tiran-engineer

Atm the Kul Tiran Engineer take damage from the Sighted Artillery.

He shouldn't

July 15, 2019

[General] - Imp Firebolt

Atm its using 8.1 formula (0.5 x sp).
Formula in 8.0.1 should be 0.4 x sp.
Pet was buffed in 8.1 patch: "Imp Firebolt damage increased by 25%."
[Engineering] Not possible to learn Legion Engineering

Right now the players can't learn the Legion Engineering, which should be a reward from the quest

The quest is there and you can complete it, but the reward seems to be wrong, since it should give you the spell |T136243:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:264491|h[Legion Engineering]|h|r , which unlocks the Legion Engineering. When you complete it, it show as if you learn the skills, but it ain't get added to the Profession. Only by .learn 264491 you are able to get Legion Eng.
[Inscription] Not possible to learn Legion Inscription

Right now the players can't learn the Legion Inscription, which should be a reward from the quest

The quest is there and you can complete it, but the reward seems to be wrong, since it should give you the spell |T237171:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:264507|h[Legion Inscription]|h|r , which unlocks the Legion Inscription. When you complete it, it show as if you learn the skills, but it ain't get added to the Profession. Only by .learn 264507 you are able to get Legion Insc.
[quest ]Beachhead

This quest does not work, when I send spell 1 to kill the mob it does not validate it

July 13, 2019

Missing npc for horde fly point

A NPC is missing for this fly point.

July 12, 2019

[PvE][Uldir][Vectis] Blood Geyser hitbox

The hitbox of this is insanely too high. Did attache a screen where u can see what i mean. You shouldnt get hit when u stand there. Only on the red line.

July 1, 2019

Intimidating Shout

Intimidating shout should make the targeted enemy stay in place, while 5 additional enemies within 8 yards run away in fear. Right now all 5 enemies run away in fear, even your target. The enemy you had targeted before you cast shouldn't flee.
|T132154:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5246|h[Intimidating Shout]|h|r
[Shadow] Vampiric Embrace

Vampiric Embrace is currently healing for all Priest spell related damage dealt, however it should only heal for single target Priest spell related damage dealt. Currently its healing from AoE spells like Mind Sear and Shadow Crash while it should not.

|T136230:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:15286|h[Vampiric Embrace]|h|r
[Retribution] Law and Order

Law and Order should extend your active Hand of Hindrance on your target, instead of overwriting it.

|T135971:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:204934|h[Law and Order]|h|r
[Mistweaver] Song of Chi-ji

|T332402:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198898|h[Song of ChiJi]|h|r
Aparently the radius of effectivness is bigger that it should. As you can see, you are not even gettin' touched by the mist and you are already sleeping.


Bugtracker source:
[Marksman] Piercing Shot deals 0 damage
Freezing Trap breaks

If you're out of combat and cast Freezing Trap as the first spell, your pet will attack the target causing the trap to instantly break.
[Balance] Warrior of Elune - Astral Power

This talent makes your next 3 Lunar Strikes instant and generate 40% more astral power, that is the intended mechanic.
But here with every instant Lunar Strike in conjunction with the mentioned talent, gives the extra 40% twice. The generated resource as base is 12 AP x 1.4 = 16.8 AP, currently it gives 80 AP from the 3 instant Lunar strikes, which would be about 26.6 AP for each lunar strike instead of 16.8 AP.

|T135900:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:202425|h[Warrior of Elune]|h|r
[Balance] New-Full Moon damage

The current formula for NewFull Moon transition is wrong.

New Moon is doing about 60% of its intended damage, and the transition upwards to Full Moon ( which does with the current bug from base about 75% of intended dmg ) is also faulty.

= 1.17 TotalSpellPower TotalDamageMultiplier

I have 3039 intellect and I should theoretically do 2915 dmg ingame is 1868
(3039 x 1.17 x 0.82 = 2915,6)

Half Moon ingame currently is doing 2 x New Moon, which is not exactly right, the formula should be:


= 2 TotalSpellPower TotalDamageMultiplier
4984 intended math vs 3738 ingame

Full Moon is currently doing two times the damage of Half Moon, which technically is correct by formula, but New Moon and Half Moon damages are not right


= 4 TotalSpellPower TotalDamageMultiplier
9967 intended math vs 7475 ingame
[Feral] - Maim

Maim should use this formula:
= 0.062322 AbilityDamage(true).
Curently it uses formula which is buffed by 50% in 8.1
"Maim Energy cost reduced to 30 (was 35), and damage increased by 50%."
Energy usage is correct (35).
[Feral] - Primal Fury

Every time you critically strike with a combo generating ability you gain an additional combo point.
When your Swipe and Trash critically hit target it genereates just 1 cp, and it should generate 2cp.
Spells thath should give addidtional cp per critical hits are:
Moonfire, Rake, Shred, Swipe, BrutalSlash, Thrash.
[Feral] - Feral Frenzy

Feral Frenzy direct DMG is OK,
but its DoT is bugged,
curently DoT is using this formula = 0.1096 x AbilityDamage(true) x TotalDamageMultiplier x PeekSavedValue(FeralFrenzyBuffs) , but it should use = 0.1 x AbilityDamage(true) x TotalDamageMultiplier x PeekSavedValue(FeralFrenzyBuffs).
feral passive should increaseits DMG by x1,12, but curently it increases DMG by x4,083.
Runic power reset

At the moment runic power doesn't reset when encountering a boss as it should do. You can prestack max runic power to enter fight with and get significant dmg boost. When you enter a combat with boss your runic power supposed to be reset to basic value which is 0.
[Unholy] Glyph of the skeleton

A form of Ghoul doesn't get removed after removal of glyph. (Aura is still active on Ghoul) [147157 Skeleton Transform]
[Frost] Froscythe runic power

does give runic power even when it doesn't hit any target.
It should give you runic power only when it does dmg to a non critter target.
[Frost] Frozen Tempest Azerite Trait

Frozen Tempest is supposed to trigger Rime when Remorseless Winter deals damage to 3 different enemies for the first time. Currently Remorseless Winter when I have Frozen Tempest is not giving Rime proc, as you can see in the attachment.
|T629077:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:213083|h[Frozen Tempest]|h|r
[Blood] Bloodworms vs Dampening

Bloodworms are not scaling with dampening.
Still heals at 100% dampening.
[Havoc] Mana Break vs facing target

The spell Mana Break require a target to be casted.
But in fact atm you don't even need to be face the target in order to use it.

Aka if you are looking the opposite way to your target you can still use it.

|T1380369:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:203704|h[Mana Break]|h|r
[Havoc] Mana Rift vs facing target

The spell Mana Rift require a target to be casted.
But in fact atm you don't even need to be face the target in order to use it.

Aka if you are looking the opposite way to your target you can still use it.

|T1033912:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:235903|h[Mana Rift]|h|r
[Misc][Enchant] Navigation enchants give the wrong amount of stats when fully stacked.

All Navigation enchants give 600 stats instead of 400 when fully stacked.
Stalwart Navigation:
|T463531:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:159789::::::::120:::::|h[Enchant Weapon Stalwart Navigation]|h|r
Aura id for fully stacked: 268910

Versatile Navigation:
|T463531:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:159788::::::::120:::::|h[Enchant Weapon Versatile Navigation]|h|r
Aura id for fully stacked: 268856

Deadly Navigation:
|T463531:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:159785::::::::120:::::|h[Enchant Weapon Deadly Navigation]|h|r
Aura id for fully stacked: 268904

Quick Navigation:
|T463531:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:159786::::::::120:::::|h[Enchant Weapon Quick Navigation]|h|r
Aura id for fully stacked: 268893

Masterful Navigation:
|T463531:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:159787::::::::120:::::|h[Enchant Weapon Masterful Navigation]|h|r
Aura id for fully stacked: 268898
[Misc] Fanny Firebeard client crash

talking to this npc make the client crash
[Misc] Food Disappearing

If you eat food that gives you any kind of buff. And you reeat the food it will disappear, it shouldn't.
[PvE][Uldir] Vectis - Contagion Cast

Vectis atm on Firestorm cast 4 time Contagion on the first phase, while on retail he cast 3. (affect all difficulties)

As you can see from several retail logs:

Vectis HC :

Vectis MM:

Checked on FS, timers seams to match, so i guess he shouldn't cast the last one (like he he stuck at 96 energy before going into Liquify) before going into Liquify or Liquify sooner.
[PVE][Uldir] Ghuun - Amorphous Cyst

Amorphous Cyst on upper platforms will keep smaller pool for rest of the fight when you attack it (I didnt used any dot on it). It should a few secs when nobody is attacking it anymore grow back to his bigger pool size.
[PVE][Uldir] Ghuun - Amorphous Cyst vs Corruption with Absolute Corruption Talent

If Affliction Warlock use Corruption spell while have Absolute Corruption talent to Amorphous Cyst duration should be 24 secs atm it is perma on them.

|T1117878:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:196103|h[Absolute Corruption]|h|r
[PvE][SotS] Forgotten Denizen and Melee

The adds FOrgotten Denizen when interrupted can do melee attack (see screenshot), while they shouldn't. (watched several logs)
[PvE][Underrot] Chosen Blood Matron

When the Matron charge, she apply direct the debuff so we can't dodge him
[PvE][Waycrest] Soulbound Goliath

Sometime Soulbound Goliath can die but you don't get the credit and reward

June 27, 2019

[Fury] Enduring Enrage

Currently it refreshes your Enrage instead of prolonging it.

|T132352:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198877|h[Enduring Rage]|h|r
[General] - Command Demon + Seduction

Using Command Demon Seduction (when controling Succubus) makes caster cast Seduction instead of pet.
|T236292:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:119898|h[Command Demon]|h|r
[General] - Spell Lock

If you use Spell Lock (from pet spell bar or Command Demon ability) from 40+yard range it won't interupt target, but it will still be on CD.
Spell Lock should have 24sec CD and 40yard range.
|T136174:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:19647|h[Spell Lock]|h|r
[Assassination] Mind-Numbing Poison

|T136066:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:197050|h[MindNumbing Poison]|h|r

When applied on the enemy, when enemy will insta cast dmg spells on you, it will do dmg to the target.

For example which is part of proof, when mage is casting blizzard on me while being poisoned by the poison, every time blizzard attacks the rogue, the pvp talent will dmg the mage as well.
Same is for the frost orb. It should never deal dmg, when having poison.

Third example is when disc priest has atoment on himself and applys shadow word:pain, every time dot ticks, it deals dmg on disc priest.
This only happens on casters.

Below are some gifs, which shows how it does on fs. Check the dmg log when spells are casted, you will see how it shoudnt work.


POV casting Blizzard

Frost orb


When applied on the enemy, it will deal dmg if:

Enemy puts a dot on the rogue (Feral, Warlock, Priest, etc)

Enemy channels spell on you (example: Mind flay)

Enemy pet uses ability (not applied poison on player but his pet, it deals dmg on pet when it uses ability)

Enemy which is melle (for example Warr or Hunter) uses melle spell / ability


dmg by dot from warlock

dmg by dots from feral

dmg by melle ability

dmg by channeled spell

I would ask someone with power to disable this spell until this isnt fixed ty.

UPDATE ON THE ISSUE 20. 7. 2019 11.30

me and stick went test it on dev and its like this:

still procs when dot is applied

still procs when ur hit by melle abilities

UPDATE ON CHANNEL CAST: upon casting channel spell, it will proc at beggining since its insta cast and it doesnt proc anymore when channel procs every 2s

UPDATE ON INSTA CAST: this was new problem today, any insta cast will proc it and i gues the game thinks channel spell is insta cast (cause no cast time) and only procs at beggining

still procs on pets wich uses abilities
[Assasination] Internal Bleeding

The issue is, it is not scaling with combo points anymore, it deals same damage as with 1 combo point.

0.0312 x AbilityDamage(true) x AlternatePowerSpent x TotalDamageMultiplier

AlternatePowerSpent this part is not working anymore.

|T236268:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:154904|h[Internal Bleeding]|h|r
[Outlaw] Blade rush missing bug

When using Blade rush on the Target in "Melee range" which in this case is really close, next to the Target, it will not do damage, but will generate the 25 energy over 5s and it will go into cooldown. Its not even appearing on damage log, its like it never was used.

If you use Blade rush on the target and then get pulled, it will hit and give energy regen. This happens when ur rly close to the Target when you dont get pulled towards the target.

Blade rush works on dummies but not on any other target.

Link to spell |T1016243:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:271877|h[Blade Rush]|h|r

Proof of the bug

Ps. watch the distance of enemy when i used Blade rush.
Also this is realy a problem for outlaw rogue, cause this talent is used in raids or in mm+ and when your close to the target, you need that dmg.
[Protection][Holy] Hallowed Ground

Hallowed Ground should dispell movement imparing effects and prevent you from getting slowed (ONLY SLOWS, NOT ROOTS), currently you can be slowed while standing in Consecration.

|T135926:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:236198|h[Hallowed Ground]|h|r
[Protection] Stamina

Since around 12th of June, some Protection Paladin lost some HP, going from 175k to 162k max hp for example.

Dev note: Removed old "fix" that changed prot pala Stamina bonus % from 45% to 35% that got reapplied on the 12th June due to a generic fix.
[Retribution] Hammer of Reckoning

Issues with Hammer of Reckoning:

This spell should be usable only if you have 50 stacks active on yourself, currently you can use it anytime.
Using Hammer of Reckoning shall extend your active Avenging Wraith by 6 seconds.
Using Hammer of Reckoning shall extend your active Crusade by 12 seconds.

|T236251:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:247675|h[Hammer of Reckoning]|h|r
Steed of Glory

Currently if you are using Divine Steed for the second time (Cavalier talent) while having Steed of Glory effect on yourself already, it doesn't refresh.

|T135890:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:199542|h[Steed of Glory]|h|r
[Retribution] Divine Punisher

Currently it gives you 4 holy power for each Judgement hit, exept for the first one, but it should give you 4 holy power for each Second Judgement hit.

1st Judgment will give 1 Holy Power;
2nd Judgment will give 1 + 3 Holy Power (4 in total);
3rd Judgment will give 1 Holy Power;
4th Judgment will give 1 + 3 Holy Power (4 in total).

|T460689:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:204914|h[Divine Punisher]|h|r
Gallant Steed

Currently if you are using Divine Steed for the second time (Cavalier talent) while having Gallant Steed effect on yourself already, it doesn't refresh.

|T1360759:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:280189|h[Gallant Steed]|h|r
[Protection] Dauntless Divinity

Dauntless Divinity trait doesn't work if your Guardian of Ancient Kings is modified by Glyph of the Queen.

|T135919:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273553|h[Dauntless Divinity]|h|r
|T254301:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:137293::::::::120:::::|h[Glyph of the Queen]|h|r
[WindWalker] Chi Wave Boucing

How it's bugged :
At the moment, Chi wave is boucing and targeting same type in a row like enemyenemy or friendfriend
[Ww] SEF and retargeting issue

How it's bugged :
Clones don't retarget anymore and they don't apply Mark of the Crane when you cast Tiger Palm/RSK or BK and their current focus already have one or /they retarget only once and then they stop doing it

How it should work :
When you cast SEF once and the current target of clones already have Mark of the Crane debuff and i cast RSK/Bk/Tiger palm they switch to a new target and apply MoC. They do it over and over until all targets have the debuff, so they can spread the debuff to all ennemies in combat near 15y

When you cast SEF twice (SEF+Fixate) they can't retarget anymore.

Video :

Mark of the Crane:
|T2065583:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:261947|h[Fist of the White Tiger]|h|r should apply "Mark of the Crane debuff"

About Mark of the Crane visuel debuff missing with SEF :
It's only visuel but it can be realy helpfull to track your MoC stack (with weak aura etc)
Pet abilities do not reset between Arenas

Hunter's pet abilities do not reset when they're used in arenas which makes it hard to spam arenas with the same pet.
[Misc] Guild - raid boss kills

On Guild News should show up if Guild members killed Raid Boss in current expansion. For example 12 guild members killed Zek'voz and it should show up at Guild News as "Name guild has defeated Zek'voz, Herald of N'zoth" or "Name guild has defeated G'huun" etc. doesnt matter which difficulty except LFR. I think it requires minimal 5 guild members to show up in Guild News.
[Misc][Achievement] We Came Here For Two Reasons

slaying demon on argus don't count for the achievement
[Misc][Item] Gorshalachs Legacy

After reaching 15 stacks, they don't get consumed when you trigger the effect.

|T511516:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:152093::::::::120:::::|h[Gorshalach's Legacy]|h|r
[Misc][Achievement]... And chew mana buns

Dev note: All players that have this achievement have to relog in order to get the mount (directly added in the spellbook).
Other players won't have any issue completing it, same for the following achievement which will correctly rewards the title.
Those who already completed it also have to relog in order to get their title "Demonslayer".
[Misc][Item] Ai-Li's Skymirror

Dev note: Spell is now disabled to prevent abuses with characters becoming invisible (each time one way of abusing is fixed, another one gets found)
[Misc] Vantus Rune: Uldir

|T2178531:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:153673::::::::120:::::|h[Vantus Rune: Uldir]|h|r

After relogging buff simply disappears, It shouldn't.

Dev note: Fixed, it should now stay until the next boss reset (which happens on Wednesdays)
[Misc][Temple of Kotmogu] Orbs

In kotmogu, you shouldnt be able to "leave" the orb by mounting (and take the orb again to "reset" the stacks of the debuff/buff). The only way to loose the orb should be by dying.

June 25, 2019

[Arms] Bladestorm

Currently, while casting Bladestorm you can be gripped by a DK, but you shouldn't be able to.
Heroic Leap

There seems to be a 1 second delay after landing with heroic leap before it does any damage. It should be instant
|T236171:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:6544|h[Heroic Leap]|h|r
[Arms] Executioner's Precision

Executioner's Precision effect should be consumable only by a player who applied this aura. Currently any arms warrior in your raid can consume this stacks to amplify his mortal strike.

|T132355:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:272866|h[Executioner's Precision]|h|r
[General]- Demonic gateway

You should be able to cast demonic gateways into places you can reach with your char by just walking, at the momment if you try to cast the gates between your place and a little slope an error message will pop "no path avaliable". You shouldnt be able to cast the gates on top of the building to the ground and viceversa
Leap of Faith

When priests use Leap of Faith on druids that are using travel form, the druids don't get pulled towards the priest. Instead, nothing happens.
[Holy] Symbol of Hope

Symbol of Hope is currently restoring 2% of healers' maximum mana instead of 2% of healers' missing mana. It should calculate the amount of mana restored with this formula:
0.02 x (Maximum Mana Current Mana)

For example:
0.02 x (100000 5000) = 1900 mana restored

Do note that each tick (6 total ticks) should be calculated separately/on their own.

|T135982:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:64901|h[Symbol of Hope]|h|r
[Disipline] Purified Resolve PVP Talent

The tooltip says: ,,Removing harmful effects with Purify will apply Purified Resolve to the target, granting an absorption shield equal to 5% of their maximum health. Lasts 8 sec.''
Right now you get the shield buff whenever you use Purify no matter if the ally player has any dispellable buff or not, which means you can spam shield on player for 5% at any time, you should only get 5% shield if you remove a harmful effect on ally
[General] Divine Shield vs Cyclone

Paladin should be able to use Divine Shield to exit Cyclone that druid casted on him.
|T135896:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:642|h[Divine Shield]|h|r
[PvE][Motherlode] Engineering salvaged materials
[PVE][Uldir] Fetid Devourer - Shockwave Stomp

You should not Dodge Shockwave Stomp
[PvE][Uldir] Zek'Voz Roiling Deceit

It shouldn't proc and spawn huge ad if people while MC'ed will step in it.

|T538560:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:265360|h[Roiling Deceit]|h|r
[PvE][MOTHERLODE] Coin-Operated Crowd Pummeler

The boss randomly stops casting "Footbomb Launcher." Only 1 or so balls appears,
The balls also can be invisible for some time once they get spawned and only will appear mid way.
the cast instantly stopped and no balls appeared.
[PVE][Uldir] Fetid Devourer - Consume Corruption

Fetid should not use if Corruption Corpuscle or Mutated Mass dies during his run
[PVE][Dungeons] % required on teeming week

With the teeming affix, the number of npcs u need to kill to get 100% is increased (because more npcs are there) but currently on teeming week it's the case for every key, even the ones that don't have teeming (like lvl 2 and lvl 3 keys) making some dungeons impossible to complete
[PVE][Uldir] Fetid Devourer - Rotting Regurgitation

changes target over time, should not
[PVE][Uldir] Fetid Devourer - visual Mutated Mass or Corruption Corpuscle

after death Mutated Mass or Corruption Corpuscle should be visual
[PVE][Uldir] Fetid Devourer - Malodorous Miasma AOE

Malodorous Miasma should ignore LOS
[PVE][Uldir] Fetid Devourer - Hitbox pool

very big hit box on the sides
[PVE][Uldir] Fetid Devourer - Energy

energy return back after successful use of spell Consume Corruption
[PVE][Uldir] Fetid Devourer - Summon Adds timer

summons too quickly
[PvE][Underrot] Cragmax the infested - Indigestion

The boss spell Indigestion is making the boss following the tank while doing it.This is a serious problem, it shouldn't.
Proof :
check from 4:35 this video is 8.0.1.
[PvE][Uldir] Zek'voz - Adds before the boss.

These adds respawns once everyone leaves the raid.
Happens in all difficulties.
[PvE][Freehold] Council'o Captains stops doing any of his brew buffs or debuffs if a player takes |T135999:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:265168|h[Caustic Freehold Brew]|h|r
[PVE][Uldir] Vectis - Immunosuppresion

On mythic immunosuppresion give 58k absorb debuff with 1 stack so if you heal for example for 31k so now you will have 27k absorb left and when add cast 2nd time immunosuppresion so you get 117k absorb with 2 stacks which is wrong instead you should get 27k + 58k = 85k absorb

This is how it is bugged atm >

[PVE][Uldir] Mythrax - N'raqi destroyer debuff

on Mythrax first phase when N'raqi destroyer spawns ( they get debuff Critical Mass (|T236295:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:276900|h[Critical Mass]|h|r) which should which should be removed by spreading them but current on live (starting from today) the debuff is permamently applied to mobs even if u spread/respread/kill one of the adds. it makes boss almost impossible to kill
[Misc][Profession] Leather Skinning rank 3

After killing and skinning hundred if not more than a thousand skinnable mob in both kultiras and zandalar, I've never dropped the item on 2 chars with max skinning. The drop chance is low, but not impossible to get after few dozen to hundred mobs killed
For alliance
|T1064503:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:161424::::::::120:::::|h[Ivory Handled Dagger]|h|r
For horde
|T463557:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:161431::::::::120:::::|h[Ancient Skinning Knife]|h|r
[PvE][Underrot] Chosen Blood Matron

The npc has a way too BIG hitbox range.

How it is currently: both her cleave and melee hitbox are too big
Example from retail: as you can see here,her hitbox is roughly half of what it is currently on live/ptr.
[PvE][Underrot] Fetid maggot MM+

The npc very often evade bugs if you wipe to it.

Example: in this image I simply died to it,I did not even move it from it's original spawn.
[PvE][Underrot] Cragmax the infested - Charge

Underrot Cragmax the infested's charge ability is hitting players behind and close to boss, it shouldn't i will only hit the players when the boss starts to charge. So the solution is to make the boss starting to hit players when he starts to charge and only the players in front of him not behind not right or left (close to him).
Proof : Any mythic key video.I can confirm it also since i play on Retail until now.
[PvE][SotS] Spirit's Swiftness

The add Tidesage Spiritualist have the passive Spirit's Swiftness :
"Being interrupted causes Swiftness, increasing cast speed by 20%. Stacks."

But when you dispell the buff the add keep the haste / cast speed buff.

How it should work: dispelling a stack of Spirit's Swiftness should remove / lower the cast time / haste of the add accrodingly
|T1385912:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:276266|h[Spirit's Swiftness]|h|r
[PvE][SotS] Forgotten Denizen

If you will use kick and then instantly taunt, the adds will be able to move.
They will still cast but you'd be able to stack them up.
[Misc][Shop] Voidtalon of the Dark Star

This item doesn't learn you the mount, when using it it says "interrupted" and doesn't do anything.

Dev note: Alright, was linked to a previous fix we did, from early June.
Fixed the issue + re sent every purchase of that mount dating from June !
[Misc][Item] Organic Discombobulation Grenade

|T2115304:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:153487::::::::120:::::|h[Organic Discombobulation Grenade]|h|r

Can currently target players, it shouldn't (based on Wowhead comments)
[Misc][Garrison] 'Laughing Skull' reputation loss

if you upgrade the trading post from wod garrison your reputation level is down
[PvE][King's Rest] Spectral Beastmaster

Their damage is currently overtuned in mythic +.

June 23, 2019

[PVE][KR] Kula the Butcher - Whirling Axes hitbox

The hitbox is kinda bigger like 1 yard. Here you can see im getting knockbacked and getting debuff near this.

|T999952:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:266206|h[Whirling Axes]|h|r
[PVE][Uldir] Fetid Devourer - Berserk

His Berserk should come in 5:30 mins, currently he use it a lot later.

June 20, 2019

[PvE][Uldir] Taloc - Enlarged Hearth vs immunities

Enlarged Hearth shouldn't damage through immunities .

As you can see on the several videos inside the report, on retail paladins are solo soacking the spell with divine shield

June 14, 2019

[General] - Pet auto attack speed

Pet auto attack speed should scale with haste.
Felguard = 2 / (1 + TotalHaste)
Succubus = 3 / (1 + TotalHaste)
Felhunter = 2 / (1 + TotalHaste)
[Subtlety&Assassination] Subterfuge vs Flare

Currently, hunters' flare removes completely the stealth action bar regardless of anything else, plus it has weird interaction with subterfuge.

How it should work :

If stealthed, when i enter flare zone, i should be unstealthed and don't gain subterfuge buff, therefore having normal action bar.
If i have subterfuge buff up (i proc it before entering flare zone), when i enter flare zone i should keep subterfuge buff up and have access to stealth action bar. (Currently, i lose my stealth bar when i enter flare with subterfuge up)

PS : When i unstealth my self (right click on stealth buff), i gain subterfuge buff (not normal) but have access to normal action bar (works fine).
Death from above

The pvp Talent Death from above should increase damage of finisher moves by 10%.

Currently, it increases it by 50% like it was on legion and it affects all 3 specs.

Spell : |T1043573:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:269513|h[Death from Above]|h|r
[Discipline] Evangelism

It should extend duration only of your active atonements. For now it randomly extends your or any other Disc Priest's atonements.

[Holy] Aura of Devotion

The spell Values aren't matching AskMrRobot:
right now on FS the value you get is floor(10 / NbOfAllies) while it should be like this:
1 Ally = 10%
2 Allies = 6%
3 Allies = 4%
4 or more Allies = 3%

Atm for example, if you have more than 5 allies, everyone will get only 1%.
(note that with Aura Mastery Everyone should get 20%)
[Arcane] Time Anomaly - Evocation

Currently the 1s Evocation buff from the Time Anomaly talent acts as a cast, adding some gameplay issues with the other spells the caster is using.
This mechanic should only add the 1s as a buff, at the moment it does an 1s cast which can be cancelled while attempting to move, or it will interrupt other abilities you were casting at the moment of the proc.
[PvE][King's Rest] Minion of Zul affixes

The minions of zul should trigger a bursting stack when they die(purge,spell steal etc.)

,you can see on the minimap the Dh(blood elf) goes and racials them all,giving the group 6 stacks immediately.
[PvE][ToS] Eyes of Sethraliss

Eyes of Sethraliss should give 4.55% each (on teeming)/ 5,45% on not teeming but currently gives 0.
20;00 you can see it gives 4.5%
[PvE][Mythic+] Sanguine Affix

The hitbox of sanguine after u stepped inside is too much (when u try to go out of it). Watch GIF >
[PVE][King's Rest] Mount drop %
[PvE][Dungeons] URGENT Combat bugs

If you release after you died, you get in most cases instantly in Combat again.
Example: Im the tank and we are Fighting 1 mob. I die and the rest of the Group still fights with that mob, i release and i instantly get in Combat EVEN though i had no dots or w/e on that mob.
[PvE][Motherlode] Coin-Operated Crowd Pummeler - Footbomb Launcher

If you hit Footbombs to the direction of a wall it goes inside the texture then it explodes there and gives stack .
[PvE][Freehold] Infest affix and target dummy

Target Dummy npcs inside Freehold can receive Infest,it should not be targetting them in the first place.
[PvE][Freehold] Infest

Infested affix can be applied to critters or friendly targets(depending on the week).

Example image:
[PvE][Uldir] Mythrax - Autoattack vs Obliteration Blast interaction

Sometimes Obliteration Blast animation can be bugged cuz of Boss' autoattack animation.

1:07:00 watch boss
1:09:30 watch boss' autoattack + casts (you can't even see him casting)

|T1022950:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273554|h[Obliteration Blast]|h|r
[PvE][Freehold] Sharkbait's Favorite Crackers

The Drop Chance of this Mount is way too high. It's supposed to be at 0.5% but it seems like 50% in general.
[PvE][Mythic+][Affix] Bursting

Atm when you take 1 stack of Bursting, it tick 5 times( dealing way more damage than it should).

How it should work: when you take one stack of bursting, it should only tick 4 times.

Edit: added few elements.

So in fact Bursting was uppped in 8.1 going from 5% per stacks to 7%.

But Bursting does 7% of the target max HP every 2s, so 3,5% per seconde (aka 1 stack does 14% in 8.1)

So based on that, on other videos / informations:

Bursting should deal 2,5% of max hp target per tick > 5% per 2s (10% over 4s)
[PvE][Uldir] Zul - Debuff stay on pet
[PVE][Uldir] Ghuun - Undulating Mass

You will keep perma many Undulating Mass debuffs even if you are out of it. Probably easier to reproduce is having warrior with Heroic leap and be on upper platform with amorphous cyst and jump over them with heroic leap.

|T136134:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:263321|h[Undulating Mass]|h|r
[PVE][Uldir] Taloc Slimes

On first boss the spawned Slimes don't die, They are alive on 'one' hp but don't damage the player.
[PVE][Uldir] C'thraxxi Breaker (trash mob)

He should be immune to every cc stun, knockback, slows, fear etc.
Shadow Crash the hitbox of this spell is more than 8 yards.
|T136201:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:277540|h[Shadow Crash]|h|r
[PVE][Uldir] Zek'voz - Eye Beam Surging Darkness sequence

|T236407:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:264382|h[Eye Beam]|h|r is casted during |T1022950:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:265451|h[Surging Darkness]|h|r

Boss' timings are insanely broken! Just as Surging darkness animation, which makes boss INSANELY hard.

Issue #1
Pools from Surging darkness lasts 6 seconds on the ground, but they should last 4 seconds acording to retail. That timings is VERY crucial to fix, because it makes Surging Darkness overlap with Eye Beams.
Issue #2
Eye Beam timings are broken aswel. I will link you screenshots and logs for all of it.

Firestorm eye beam ticks:

Retail eye beam ticks:

Firestorm Surging darkness ticks:

Retail Surging darkness ticks:

Dev note: Rescripted the Mythic spell sequence to match retail info.
[PVE][Uldir] Ghuun - Amorphous Cyst

Amorphous Cyst which spawn when Phase 3 starts should not be Targetable and also you should not be able to damage them.
[Misc] Portal to Silithus horde Side

The portal from Zuldazar the great Sea to silithus is causing players to undermap then crashing their game.
Step to reproduce the bug: you just need to take the portal.
[PVE][Uldir] Zek'voz's Roiling Deceit

Roiling Deceit |T538560:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:265360|h[Roiling Deceit]|h|r should be applied in a stager mode on 3 targets

Naw on live all 3 debuffs are aplied in the same time
Also sometimes all 3 debuffs get applied on the same person making 2 debufs that should be aplied on raid completly gone

Retail log
[PVE][SoB] Feral Bond

Atm players can get the buff |T236184:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257042|h[Feral Bond]|h|r which increases their damage by 125%.

This buff should only affect the NPCs, not players nor their pets.
[PvE][SoB] Hadal Darkfathom - Puddle hitboxissues

The "ice/frost puddle" the boss leaves on Ground has a huge hitbox issue. You get Damage while you are far away from it.
Watch the Screen you can clearly see im out of it and i still get the debuff and Damage from it !!
[Misc] Goblin Glider Kit

If you use goblin glider kit, and you pass into different zone while having the slow fall buff, you will lose the buff
|T133632:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:109076::::::::120:::::|h[Goblin Glider Kit]|h|r
[PVE][Uldir] Zek'voz - Roiling Deceit

When the boss respawn each roiling deceit should disappear. At this moment sometimes the roiling deceit dont disappear.
[PvE][Uldir][Mythrax] Existence Fragment

1. While Divine Shield and immunities like this (Blessing of spellwarding) if you go to those orbs you dont get stacks (destack).

2. If you Gather those orbs "fast" for example divine steed or if they are realy Closer to each other than u will not get the correct stacks reduced, but the orbs will disappear.
[PVE][Uldir] Zek'voz - Surging Darkness Hitbox

The hitbox for each explosion is a bit bigger than should be, like 2 yards,
[PvE][Dungeons] URGENT: Spell bar of mobs

Before 3days around almost all spell bars on Mobs/bosses got bugged. The spells are shown as not Interrupt able but you can Interrupt it. It was working fine before. It bugged out when the update got applied.
[Misc] Black rook hold client crash

player report they crash during the questline of blackrook hold and the recue of maiev

can't reproduce it but we have like 20 reports since march
[Mount] Depleted-Kyparium Rocket

This mount isn't normaly a 2 seated mount thats why the issue in the gif below happens.
[Misc][Achievment] A Good Start

When a azerith vein is collected, it must give 100 or 200 points for the achievement but it only give 1 or 2 .
[Misc] Thunder Totem Portal

This portal should be phased only for Highmountain Taurens to be seen, but we could also add a condition to the spell that checks if the player is a highmountain tauren.
Atm, anyone can take it, including Alliance players
[PVE][Uldir] Mother bonus roll

If u die on mother u cant bonus roll after boss gets killed,bonus roll window doesn't appear after boss dies
[Misc][Achievements] Glory of the Uldir Raider
Works but doesn't give the mount

Dev note: Fixed, and for everyone that had the achievement before the fix, the mount should now be directly in your mount collection.
[Misc][Achievement] shot through the heart

[PVE][SoB] Sergeant Brainbridge not done

We have several reports of players that say Sergent doesn't count:

Dev note: Kill credit wasn't given to players in case the boss died from its bombs
[Uldir] [Heroic][Vectis] Blood Geysers speed

The Geysers move too fast compared to retail, making the fight alot harder than intended.

Dev note: Indeed, speed changed from 30 yd/sec to 20.
[Temple of Sethraliss]The eyes of sethraliss

Right now if you try to pick up one of the eyes while you are already holding 2nd one, they merge and u will loose 1 of the eyes forever (doesnt respawns) and wount be able to open gates to last boss. this happened quet a lot of times playing with pugs, cause they are inpatient and if someone drops both eyes next to each other and they spam click it, they pick up both. which results in loosing one of the eyes and another gm ticket asking for help
[PvE][Uldir][Mythrax] Obliteration Beam

Mythrax is not doing its Obliteration Beam in transition which makes the fight ridiculously easy.
[PvE][Waycrest Manor] Soulbound Goliath - Burning Souls vs Necrotic

|T1100178:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:268045|h[Burning Souls]|h|r should NOT give necrotic affix stacks,they currently do.
[PvE][Mythrax] Existence Fragment

You shouldn't be able to pick up Existence Fragments if you have no Annihilation stacks

|T613397:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:272480|h[Existence Fragment]|h|r

June 8, 2019

Tirigarde Sound Treasures

June 7, 2019

[Demonology] - Call Felhunter
[Restoration] Cloudburst totem

The spell Cloudburst totem [Spell ID =157153] is healing injured and not injured allies. It should, it only heals injured allies no matter what their % health is.
Proof: (Check the video from 5;40)
[Assassination] Twist the knife trait

The current Twist the knife formula is not correctly calculated.

Currently the formula for envenom with Twist the knife traits is something like this :
(( AbilityDamage x 0.16 x TotalDamageMultiplier ) + TTK traits ) x ComboPoints

The correct formula should be :
((AbilityDamage x 0.16) + TTK traits)) x TotalDamageMultiplier x ComboPoints

TotalDamageMultiplier means versa + mastery but that's working fine, it's really the TTK traits that are misplaced in the formula.

Please note that this formula concerns only envenom if you had TTK traits.

Envenom :
[WindWalker] SCK + Mastery

How it's bugged ?:
Atm only the first hit of |T606543:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:101546|h[Spinning Crane Kick]|h|r is affected by Mastery

How it should work :
All hit of SCK must benefit from Mastery.
[WindWalker] Retarget of SEF Clones

When Clones from SEF retarget they stop autoattacking melee.
[General] Boralus Portal

Mage Portal for Boralus spell does not work at all,you can cast it,but portal does not appear.
|T2176537:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:281400|h[Portal: Boralus]|h|r
Camouflage isn't consumed from pets when they're in passive state

When attacking with a passive pet, camouflage is consumed on the player but not on the pet even after using kill command and the spell is unusable for a while. It's only consumed if the pet auto attacks, which never happens in passive state.
[Frost] Breath of Sindragosa

The problem here is with the damage dealt to secondary targets. It should deal 30% of its main target damage in AOE to all secondary targets. At the moment it does 50% of its main target damage to all secondary targets.

Screen shots show the 50% damage of main target instead of 30%. There
seems to be some minor issue in determining which is the main target too. Second screenshot is from askmrrobot which shows the 0.3 multiplier on secondary targets.

TLDR Spell is fine, just need to reduce secondary target damage from 50% to 30%

|T1029007:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:152279|h[Breath of Sindragosa]|h|r
[Frost] Frostwyrm's Fury

Frostwyrm's Fury damage is not doing fixed damage it seems to have some element of RNG to it. With 335 ilvl this random generation of damage was in the range of 2k to +2k damage so a total of 4k damage range. As ilvl goes up the damage difference from this RNG element keeps growing. On AOE packs this adds up a lot.

|T341980:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:279302|h[Frostwyrm's Fury]|h|r
[Generic][Enchant] Quick Navigation

Stacks from Quick Navigation doesn't disappear when reach 5 stacks.
[PVE][Uldir] Mother - Endemic Virus Missing spreading

Link |T136182:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:279662|h[Endemic Virus]|h|r
Issue currently, if the dot gets dispelled or its time runs out, it doesn't applies to player 2nd debuff Spreading Epidemic (|T2115303:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:279663|h[Spreading Epidemic]|h|r)
[PVE][Uldir] Fetid Devourer - Malodorous Miasma

|T538518:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:262313|h[Malodorous Miasma]|h|r

Is getting applied to all kind of pets aswell. Dosnt matter if its a Infernal, Hunter Pet or just normal Pets in general.
[PVE][Uldir] Taloc Add in P2 melee

the "blob" that's supposed to explose onto you sometimes has the time to melee attack, ez clapping u to death.
[PVE][Uldir] Fetid Devourer - Tank Damage in MM

The Tank Damage u take from Fetid is too high. Even with Defensive Cooldown up ur reciving 70k meele hits and 150k+ hits from Terrible Trash.

Dev note: Checked and lowered damage to match retail logs. Reduction is about 2530%
[PVE][Uldir] Ghuun - Bursting Boil

Bursting Boil should spawn kinda more far away from boss, currently they are close to boss. There was also hotfix about it.

Just an example from Retail:

|T1394887:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:277007|h[Bursting Boil]|h|r
[Misc][WC] Horde Choose a Foothold

Sometime when you choose a foothold with the table, this doesn't complete the quest and you are stuck because you can't abandon the quest.

Note Developer: It's fixed only for the next players.
[Misc][Quest] WC: Meeting of the Minds

If you fail on the quest, like a logout or teleport on RLF. You can't complete the quest anymore.

Note Developer: If you encounter again the issue, abandon and take again the quest
[Misc] Wrong numbers on Lightforged Racial.

Light's Judgement, the Lightforged Draenei racial is supposed to deal 50% of its real damage in PvP (according to this post : )
Yet it deals 100% of its damage against a player, as we can see on the screenshot linked. (Player had 0% armor)
[PVE][Uldir] Vantus Rune Uldir

When you use a vantus rune you should get a 277 versatily buff on that boss. At this moment you get the buff but you dont get the versatily. Also if you leave the instance or disconnect you lose the buff.

Dev note: Issue was that it was disabled in Mythic mode, it's fixed now. Will work on the "save" of the aura later on.
[PVE][Uldir] Vectis - Spawn parasite in MM

Link: |T236197:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:275055|h[Spawn Parasite]|h|r

At 12 stacks, the player should spawn an engorged parasite whenever they are struck by contagion

Dev note: Template was missing from this add, added him.
[PvE][Uldir] MOTHER - Monk Statue

It shouldn't taunt through rooms.
[Misc][Shop] All Artifact Appearances missing some

When buying the all artifact appearances thing with a paladin, you don't get any appearances for the protection spec:
< you can see i only got the base one.

Here is what go added when i logged in after buying this:

As you can see only Ashbringer (Retribution spec) and The Silver Hand (Holy spec) got added.

EDIT: This affects all specs on which the artifact is the OFF HAND, so Paladin Protection, Warrior Protection and Warlock Demonology

Dev note: We gave the purchase back to everyone, so people that were affected will get their missing appearances back
[Misc] Not able to learn companions, that Blind Wunja is selling.

All three companions that you can buy from Blind Wunja won't be added to your collection, making it waste of your currency.

|T1726347:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:163506::::::::120:::::|h[Accursed Hexxer]|h|r
|T804966:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:163510::::::::120:::::|h[Crimson Frog]|h|r
|T1723703:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:163500::::::::120:::::|h[Bloodfeaster Larva]|h|r
[Misc] Lost Platysaur

Upon trying to learn |T1888348:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:163568::::::::120:::::|h[Lost Platysaur]|h|r Lost Platysaur you don't obtain him
[Misc] Hellheim client crash

the crash happens at reward.
[Misc][Item] Twitching Tentacle of Xalzaix

Actualy the trinket work like this :
1 Proc
2 Proc
3 Proc
4 Proc
5 Proc
6 Intel Proc

It should work like this :
1 Proc
2 Proc
3 Proc
4 Proc
5 Intel Proc

|T254105:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:160656::::::::120:::::|h[Twitching Tentacle of Xalzaix]|h|r
[PVE][Deadmines] Helix Gearbreaker - Ride Oaf

This spell that breaks your character animation sometimes stays forever on your character, requiring help of a GM to remove it.

Dev note: Made the aura removed on logout / teleport out of map
[Misc] Adventure Journal Quests

Adventure Journal quests are not working. At this moment they are displayed but the quest doesn't pop when clicking the button.
[Uldir][Mythic][Mother] Depleted Energy

She is not taking the Debuff anymore in general. It apply's every 0.2 seconds and recives never the 100%+ more damage at the last room

June 5, 2019

[Affliction]- Agony shard reg changes

Agony accumulator ammount was increased by 15% with BFA, so current accumulator ammount is 0,16 x 1,15= 0,184

This should only be applied if you are not running the talent Creeping death. If this talent is spected, accumulator remains as 0,16
[WindWalker] Chi Wave range

How it's bugged :

|T606541:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:115098|h[Chi Wave]|h|r don't hit at range;
"Chi wave can't target add/player who's not in combat with you/party but if you cast Chi wave and you are targeting that add/player it should hit him"

Last change made to Chi Wave :
[WindWalker] SEF + Chi Wave

How it's bugged:

|T136038:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:137639|h[Storm, Earth, and Fire]|h|r don't coppy |T606541:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:132466|h[Chi Wave]|h|r, Damages are being reduced by 55% but clones don't cast anything.
[Arcane] Time Anomaly - Arcane Blast charges interactions

|T458224:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:210805|h[Time Anomaly]|h|r
|T135735:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:30451|h[Arcane Blast]|h|r

Time Anomaly has a passive where at any moment, you will gain 4 stacks of Arcane Charge , in which , will effect the damage of Arcane Blast. Currently, it does not work, when you get 4 charges, arcane blast should do 10k+ damage, but for the moment, it deals 4k, as base damage with no charges
[Frost] Ebonbolt vs silenceinterrupt

Ebonbolt at the moment cannot get kicked/silenced. It should get kicked since its only frost school, compared to legion shadowfrost.

[Survival] Up close and personal

|T135134:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:278533|h[Up Close And Personal]|h|r

Up close and personal should decrease Mongoose bite's focus by 10. Right now, it does the opposite.
[Misc] BattlePet cause client crash

everytime you start a fight you game will crash due to memory see SMSG_PET_BATTLE_FIRST_ROUND and SMSG_PET_BATTLE_ROUND_RESULT structure, retail sniff in SniffStorage
[Misc][NPC] Charred Invaders

They both hit from veeeery far away, they shouldn't.

Dev note: Made them hit in melee range (60 yards > 2.5 yards)
[PvE][AtalDazar] Yazma - souls not supposed to be affected by fear effects
[Pve][Dungeons] Sanguine Affix

Currently Sanguine Affix damages you instantly whenever you are stepping in it, but you are supposed to have "1 tick in a favor of a player" to avoid being oneshotted if you killed many mobs in one time, or just to cross it fast.
This mechanic is exactly similiar to Taloc sanguine pools or Argus Blight pools.
[PVE][Mythic+] Volcanic Affix hitbox

The hitbox is too big, you get hit by it at places where u shouldnt.

Proof> watch at 18:00 18:15 how close they stand to the vulcano and nobody gets Damage.
[PvE][Dungeons] Crowd controls

Freezing Trap
Entangling Roots
Wyvern Sting
Shackle Undead

All those spells shouldn't trigger combat on a target . If a npc is part of a group and under the effect of one of those spells , it shouldn't trigger combat on him when the other npc of the group are pulled.

QA Note: Proof for the second part!
[PvE][Motherlode] Rixxa Fluxflame - Chemical Burn

This spell shouldn't get reflected.
Source : |T132100:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:259852|h[Chemical Burn]|h|r
[PVE][MM+] Bolstering & CC immunity

Mobs that get bolstered in m+ should get immunity only to the Asleep, Charmed, Grip, Disarm, Snare and Slow cc
Right now, they also get immunity to Fear, so basically Priest's fear, Warlock's fear, Warrior's intimidating shout are useless once the mobs get bolstering buff
[PVE][Uldir] Zek'voz - Roiling Deceit

The Roiling Deceit debuff should be casted three times with 4s between each cast.

Currently, it only casts one time on one player.
This is for normal,heroic,mythic and no matter the size of raid.

June 3, 2019

[Affliction] Absolute Corruption

Absolute corruption inside Uldir on some "Boss encounter add" doesnt get the infinite duration.They have the 24sec duration which is only suppose to happen when the warlock is applying Corruption"talented absolute corruption"
to a Player.
Issue happens on Vectis adds called Plague Amalgum
Mythrax adds are called Visions of Madness. |T458229:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273951|h[Visions of Madness]|h|r
[Affliction] Deathbolt vs bosses damage mods

Deathbolt is atm affected twice by any bosses damage mods, like mother(100%) or Ghuun(100% too).

How should it work?

In this cases, deathbolt is already buffed by the dot damage increase, so it is already doing 100% more damage, only the damage buff to the deathbolt itself should be removed
[Demonology] Umbral Blaze

"Your Hand of Guldan has a 15% chance to burn its target for 4191 additional Shadowflame damage every 2 sec for 6 sec."
Only Hand of Gul'dan should proc this, atm every spell procs it.
|T236296:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273526|h[Umbral Blaze]|h|r
Grimoire of sacrifice + Spell lock

Using Spell lock with Grimoire of sacrifice does nothing. The spell goes on cooldown but it doesn't interrupt the target spell cast.

Also the warlock can't make a macro with it. While the Felhunter is alive it works perfectly but as soon as he sacrifices the Felhunter the macro goes grayed.

|T136217:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:691|h[Summon Felhunter]|h|r
|T136174:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:19647|h[Spell Lock]|h|r
|T538443:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:108503|h[Grimoire of Sacrifice]|h|r
|T236292:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:119898|h[Command Demon]|h|r
[Demonology] Call observer

|T538445:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:201996|h[Call Observer]|h|r

It is proccing on melee spells and healing spells atm

How should it work

It should only proc on "magical harmful spells"
[Outlaw] Snake Eyes

The current Snake Eyes formula is not correctly calculated.

Currently the formula for Sinister Strike with Snake Eyes traits is something like this
( CompositeAbilityDamage x 0.45279 x TotalDamageMultiplier ) +( SE traits x ComboPointsSpentOnRollTheBones )

The correct formula should be :
( CompositeAbilityDamage x 0.45279 + SE traits x ComboPointsSpentOnRollTheBones )x TotalDamageMultiplier

The difference is that Snake Eyes damage are not increased by TotalDamageMultiplier.
TotalDamageMultiplier includes Versa and core.

Please note that this formula concerns only Sinister Strike if you had Snake Eyes traits.

Snake Eyes : |T132336:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:275858|h[Snake Eyes]|h|r
Sinister Strike : |T136189:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:193315|h[Sinister Strike]|h|r
[Subtlety] Death from Above

Currently Death from Above doesn't teleport you to the target, it just hits it from the range.

|T1043573:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:269513|h[Death from Above]|h|r
Blind vs Adaptation

Currently, when you are Blinding a player or NPC, while using Adaptation PVP Talent it procs when its not even supposed to.

Stealth interaction with Longstrider trait

When u have that trait activated on your gear, which is equiped, there are 3 ways to lose stealth randomly:
1. If you equip or replace item with that trait it, you will lose stealth
2. If you attack player or mob with ally border and if u kill him, normal stealth will be like you are in battle and will take 45s to be able to activate but after 5s later, u will lose stealth.
3. If you attack player or mob with ally border and if you kill him and then vanish, after 5s you will lose stealth.

Mind Control vs Moonkin Druid

Currently, you can't Mind Control druids, affected by Moonkin Form.
Red message says: Player can't be your target.
[Shadow] Mind Bomb

Mind Bomb has a little issue when it comes to NPCs. Currently if you use Mind Bomb on an enemy NPC and the fear/effect ends, it'll cause those NPC(s) to run away in all directions. This is not intended, Mind Bomb should only fear the NPC(s) during the debuff's uptime and should not cause them to run around in this fashion.

See video in comments on how to reproduce the issue.

|T136173:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:205369|h[Mind Bomb]|h|r
[Holy] Ultimate Sacrifice doesn't break cc

Ultimate Sacrifice doesn't break cc (Blind,Polymorph,Repentance etc.).
For example, if you preSacrifice a Polymorph and then someone attacks the target where you used Sacrifice, your sheep should break, but it doesn't.
[Retribution] Holy power generation issues

You can not generate holy power anymore during Divine Shield, Blessing of protection and Blessing of Spellwarding.
[BeastMastery] Pack Alpha

The trait is currently not working at all.
It should boost your pet's damage by x amount based on how many pets ( not companions you have active ).
For example you have:
1 pet active, your main pet no bonus
2 pets active, your main pet will get the trait bonus to Claw/Bite, over the already created damage value from modifiers ( this bonus doesn't go to the base damage, but added on top the already modified one, as with most traits )

This trait has been buffed in the 8.0.1 builds by 60% which is currently implemented in the core tooltip, but unchanged to pvp:

which means this trait should have a composed mode of 0.62 vs players, which is 100 x 1.6 ( the buff ) x 0.62 = 100 to keep the value relevant for pvp based on the log.
|T132203:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:278528|h[Pack Alpha]|h|r
[BeastMastery] Wild protector disables

Pvp talent wild protector disables sometimes.
This can happen in world pvp, at the entrance of an arena or a bg. You have to change your talent to put it back.
- Travel form wild charge.

Currently wild charge has the right distance but kindoff the wrong speed / Altitude.
As you can see in this picaso drawing, the first picture is druid on FSSethralis, Second one is from retail.
You can see from the Youtube video at 1:46 the jump.
In Sethralis the jump is way too fast.
Details :

|T454039:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:102417|h[Wild Charge]|h|r
< Fs wild charge maximum hight
< Speed issue that affects the velocity an thus more distance.
[Resto] Autumn leaves trait

A trait you can find in the Flashpower hood it's also the BiS Resto, under dev it's working , but in sethralis (Live server) it ain't.
Setting up one rejuv as you can see on this screenshot from a Rdruid player with Flashpowder hood. heals 1671. (with autumn leaves on) But even without the hood he gets the same healing tic.
Details :
|T136081:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:274432|h[Autumn Leaves]|h|r
[Restoration] Photosynthesis

When Lifebloom expires or is refreshed with 4.5 seconds or less remaining, it Blooms — heals its target for a large amount.

While playing talent Photosyntesis and your Lifebloom is on an ally, your periodic heals on them have a 5% chance to cause it to bloom. On firestorm whenever it blooms, Lifebloom disappears from the ally. It should not.

Credit :

Lifebloom (tick) : |T134206:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:33763|h[Lifebloom]|h|r
Lifeblook (bloom) : |T134206:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:33778|h[Lifebloom]|h|r
Photosyntesis : |T464030:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:274902|h[Photosynthesis]|h|r
[Misc][Mercenary] Stuck in the other faction

Dev note: After several reports about players being "stuck" in the wrong faction, attempted fix to prevent that: If the player logs outside of BG, it now removes all his Mercenary auras.
[Misc] Azerite Veins

Azerite Veins duration should be reduced to 9 seconds in PvP, and it's healing to 33%.

|T1129419:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:267683|h[Azerite Veins]|h|r
[PvE][Tol Dagor] Combat bug (explosive)

Those 2 Mob groups that fight with each other (watch screens) proccing explosive even thoe u never attacked those Mobs and u never went in Combat with them...but they give u from time to time Combat because of the procc of the explosive.
Explosive shouldnt procc from those Mobs if they Arent in Combat with Players !!
NOTE: Probably same issue with volcanic!
[PvE][Motherlode] Rixxa Fluxflame - Azerite catalyst damage tick

As you can see on those videos, boss put the AZerite Catalist AOE on them, but they didn't get damage right away.


i guess the AOE should be active 2s after they spawn.
[PvE][Motherlode] Rixxa Fluxflame - Azerite catalyst

Puddles on the floor "Azerite Catalyst" have a very weird effect area even though you are not inside it it will still damage you.
[PVE][Uldir] Zek'Voz - Surging Darkness

On second Surging Darkness when adds spawn , if we do a rotation with boss on adds , while he is casting Surging Darkness and move fast to the main point where the boss should stand (moving it more) , it can be intreruptable by movement
[PvE][Motherlode] Rixxa Fluxflame - Searing Reagent

Rixxa use the spell Searing Reagent on the main target (tank).

Atm she uses that spell / autoattack way to often like 1 per second.
Since this spell does massiv damage it make the boss fight almost impossible in hight keys

She should use this once every 2 second

|T2065562:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:259474|h[Searing Reagent]|h|r

May 29, 2019

[Mount] Azure Water Strider

Disable it in bgs, or just ship the fix from legion, because in bfa they can still walk on water in bgs!

May 28, 2019

[Demonology] Demonic Calling

"Shadow Bolt and Demonbolt have a 20% chance to make your next Call Dreadstalkers cost 1 less Soul Shard and have no cast time."
Proc is too low now and its not 20%, i have to cast 80140 Shadowbolts/Demonbolts to get 1proc.
|T460856:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:205145|h[Demonic Calling]|h|r
[Restoration] Wellspring

Shaman restoration talent spell Wellspring [Spell ID =197997] doesn't have the correct visual or function, it should create an arc of water like in the video below and heal everyone who is in the path of the arc. right now some players who were in the path are not healed correctly.
[Assassination] Poisoned Wire

There are 2 issues with Poisoned wire :

Currently, each cast of garrote gives 2 stack of Poisoned Wire and 1 single mutilate consumes both stacks (resulting in 100% crit).
How it should work : each cast of garrote should give 1 stack of Poisoned Wire and it should be stackable to 2 (if i cast 2 garrotes) but 1 mutilate should consume only 1 stack.

Currently, casting poisoned knife or envenom consumes a buff of Poisoned wire.
How it should work : Only mutilate should consumme the Poisoned wire buff.

PS : The crit part works fine.

Poisoned Wire : |T463899:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:276072|h[Poisoned Wire]|h|r
Mutilate (MH) : |T132304:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5374|h[Mutilate]|h|r
Mutilate (OH) : |T132304:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:27576|h[Mutilate]|h|r
[Outlaw] Acrobatic Strikes

Currently Acrobatic Strikes gives additional range only for your melee attacks, but it should affect your spells aswel.
(and probably this range is extremely wrong)
[Protection] Blessed Hammer

Currently, Blessed Hammer has extremely weird interaction. Sometimes it doesn't even absorb damage, sometimes debuff doesn't disappear, sometimes both. Watch vid.

|T535595:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:204301|h[Blessed Hammer]|h|r
[Windwalker] Control the Mists

CD of |T1360977:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:233766|h[Control the Mists]|h|r don't get reduced sometimes: it happens when :
You use Fist of the white tiger > Fist of Fury
When you use Rising sun Kick > Blackout Kick x2
Others situations can be possible and it's likely random

When you already have the debuff and it remain few sec (1.51s) and you cast Vivify you get the debuff again
[Arcane] Clearcasting

There are a few issues left to correct with Clearcasting::

1. The buff doesn't go away when casting Arcane Explosion, and you can spam it for the full duration of the buff mana free ( please note that when used with the pvp talent warmode active Arcane Empowerment, it no longer adds a benefit to Arcane Explosion, so it shouldn't be consumed there which works and most likely is the cause of the bug, when used without the pvp talent ).

2. Clearcasting should be able to proc from multiple mana using abilities, at the moment it does only from Arcane Blast and Explosion. The only difference is the chance to proc, as the other abilities either cannot be spammed or don't have a big mana cost, since the % is based on mana spent.

Exception for the second issue:

Clearcasting should not proc from mana free spells ( Arcane Blast or Missiles with Rules of Tree proc ) works
Arcane Missiles with Clearcasting proc and Arcane Explosion with Clearcasting proc ( unless Arcane Empowerment is used and no longer adds the mana free mechanic to Arcane Explosion ). works.

[Fire] Flame On - Fire Blast cd reduction

At the moment Flame On cooldown reduction is not working, it should reduce the recharge time by 2s.

it should also count for the haste, as in if the Fire Blast cd is 11s with haste down from the base 12s, when you pick the talent it should not decrease to 122=10, but take into account the haste and from there deploy the 2s
[BeastMastery] Dire Beast Basilisk

Considering the current issues with the Dire Beast Basilisk damage, and the lack of solid evidence from sources such as wowhead or AskMr, we deducted the formula to be the following based on retail tests.

360 AP
1.15 mastery ( base mastery at 120 )
0.94 class aura
0.7 armor from dummy
186 dmg

360 x 1.15 x 0.94 x 0.7 = 272,4
now from 272,4 to 186 is basically the ratio with which it should scale the AP
its aprox 0.7 x AP as the base formula
the auto attacks from pets can also 2 x based on crit chance
if yes, then it can also be 0.7 x 2

so we can rewrite the formula to AP x 0.7 x 2 ( that double dmg mechanic ) x mastery x versa x armor reduction x class aura
implement the 18% pvp mod from October pvp hotfixes for hunter's pets overall dmg ( the previous 30% nerf on Basilisk is already implemented as in the video since 8.0.1 retail, since its a pvp talent and was designed to have the full damage value on players beside the October nerf ).
Death Grip versus CC Effects

when ur ally is under cc like sheep sometimes u grip him but he dosent rly move and which is rly crucial in pvp
[Havoc] Netherwalk vs Area Trigger

It seams that Area Trigger bypass Netherwalk (|T463284:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:196555|h[Netherwalk]|h|r)

Exemples: Paladin consecration or the Spore Pods inside Underrot on the Third boss (

|T134522:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:259830|h[Boundless Rot]|h|r
[Misc][Trait] Ephemeral Recovery

Ephemeral Recovery's tick interval should not be delayed when you refresh the buff, in other words, it should grant you the mana every 2 seconds. Currently on Firestorm, as long as you keep refreshing the buff, you won't get mana restored to you.
This trait shouldn't proc out of combat aswel.
|T133020:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:267886|h[Ephemeral Recovery]|h|r
[PvE][ToS] Adds stuck in the walls

Dev note: Pathfinding improved
[PvE][Motherlode] Bombs & Fear
should be immune to |T136184:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:22884|h[Psychic Scream]|h|r
[PvE][ToS] Avatar of Sethraliss

The last boss doesn't seem not to scale with tyrannical.
Both were on tyrannical & same level key.
Retail: Starting HP End HP
Firestorm: starting HP Ending HP
[PvE][TolDagor] Mobs having 5 stacks of bolstering at the start

Mobs start the dungeon while having the affix Bolstering with 5 stacks of the buff already on them making them unkillable

On the image we can see a group trying to fight them
[PvE][ToS] Scaled Krolusk Rider

The add Scaled Krolusk Rider should dismount when he reach 50% hp, and become stunable.

and stop using the spell Noxious Breath.
|T136182:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:272657|h[Noxious Breath]|h|r
[PvE][Dungeon] WarmodePvP Issues

Even tho both players have warmode on for some reason you cannot ress, and error comes out. "While pvp target has pvp is disabled."
Happens mainly in Waycrest, never got the bug in any of the other dungeons so far.
Also other spells sometimes like healing and stuff like this (you cant heal someone else etc.)
[Misc][Toy] Gnoll Targeting Barrel

This toy has extremely wierd behavior.
1. I dont actually think it should follow you.
2. When you will start fighting with it and reset the fight, it will just follow you, like a regular pet.
3. This toy will unbind from your toy collection after a relog. (that's literally waste of 1k gold)

May 25, 2019

[GuardianFeral] Fist WeaponArtifact Appearance

Guardian druids should still be able to wield one fist weapon (not dualwielding). And in Firestorm they can't even wield one, says "You can never use this item", even though the item isn't red/saying we can't use whenever we hover the mouse in it like other weapons.
With or without fists/daggers, guardian druids and ferals should still be able to apply their Artifact appearances on their polearms/staves/maces, but in Firestorm they cant. Whenever you click apply, nothing happens.
Here is a small video of a guardian druid, applying/using artifact appearances.

May 24, 2019

[PvE][Freehold] Ludwig von Tortollan - Shells

As you can see in the screen i marked 3 spots where you can stand and not get pushed back from the Shells also not geting the debuff+hit (because of leaving the area), probably you shouldn't get the hit+debuff there, but you shouldnt be able to dodge the Shells. Well something is bugged for sure!
[Mythic+] Mythic + weeklys Best

Weeklys best is way crest 11 and it says atal dazar 11.
While i only finished 1x 11 key and it is way highest atal dazar key is +10 as you can see in the screen.
The Background though is legit, its the waycrest Background (that ghostlady thingy there on the Right in the screen)

May 23, 2019

[Arms] Sudden Death doesn't reset cooldown

The talent Sudden Death doesn't reset the cooldown of Execute when it procs.
[Elemental] Thunderstorm

When you use honor talent "Traveling Storms 204403"
You are unable to cast on your ally. "Thunderstorm 204406" while stunned.

But without the talent spell works fine.
[Outlaw] Drink Up Me Hearties present on other specs
[Shadow] Misery

Currently Misery causes your Vampiric Touch to apply Shadow Word: Pain to your target even IF they have an ''immunity'' up. It ignores the ''miss'' and ''reflect'' from certain class spells such as: Cloak of Shadows, Aspect of the Turtle and Spell Reflection and applies it regardless. Both Vampiric Touch and Shadow Word: Pain should be stopped/missed/reflected if used on a player with one of these cooldowns up.
Do note that complete immunities such as Ice Block and Divine Shield doesn't have this issue.

|T132361:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:23920|h[Spell Reflection]|h|r
|T136177:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:31224|h[Cloak of Shadows]|h|r
|T132199:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:186265|h[Aspect of the Turtle]|h|r
|T135978:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:34914|h[Vampiric Touch]|h|r
|T136207:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:589|h[Shadow Word: Pain]|h|r
[Holy] Mastery: Echo of Light Interactions

Holy Priest's Mastery is currently missing a few interactions with healing spells/effects. The following are notable Spells, Items or Traits that should be proccing Echo of Light:
Vampiric Speed, Impassive Visage, Twist Magic, Lady Waycrest's Music Box, Inoculating Extract, Healing Potions, Healthstones and Darkmoon Deck: Tides.

|T237537:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:77485|h[Mastery: Echo of Light]|h|r
[Protection] Last Defender

Currently the damage output part of this talent doesn't work at all. I'm doing same damage with 0 mobs around me or 10 mobs around.

|T135897:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:203791|h[Last Defender]|h|r

also, check if it has 50% damage reduction cap active (but no cap for dealing damage)
[Arcane] Evocation mp5 formula

At the moment evocation mana regen is faulty.

A full evocation cast should restore almost full mana from near oom, considering the 7.5 x normal mp5 which is about 7.5 x 12434 ( my case ) = 93255 + the one extra second of increased mp5 with or without haste scaling, but I am getting about 75k.
[Frost] Water Elemental Debuff

As the title says , the bug with water elementals and prolly the same issue with hunter pets, is that they tend to keep debuffs be it magic brand from dh's or corrupted blood as u can see in the screen shot etc.

The debuff that this elemental has got a bit serious , corrupted blood starts ticking inside uldir wich kills the pet slowly but surely , and the problem about it is that even if i resummon the pet. the debuff doesnt go. For hunters (a report i made previously) the debuff gets removed after the pet dies.
[BeastMastery] Aspect of the Beast

This talent is not adding up the 30% damage bonus to pet's attacks such as Bite/Claw.

|T575534:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:191384|h[Aspect of the Beast]|h|r
[BeastMastery] Serrated Jaws

Serrated jaws does not seem to work. I tested it on dummy, dungeon and raid.
|T132176:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:272717|h[Serrated Jaws]|h|r
[PVE][Uldir]Fetid Thrash

Fetid Thrash is not gettin 300% increase dmg on 4 th hit from melee
[PvE][Freehold] Fire

Those NPCs and the Fire should not be there untill Trorthak comes underneeth it.
[PVE][Uldir] Zul - Dark Revelation

Zul Dark revelation 114k it should 80k 81k
if u stay inside ( atm is to much)
[PVE][Uldir] Fetid melee

Fetid is dealing 165k hit (should be 118k max 62.5k average hit) cuz Thrash is 300% damage of melee so it 165.312x3.0 = 500k+ and it overkill , it should be 62.5k or max 118k x3.0
[PVE][Uldir] Taloc -Enlarged Hearth

Enlarged Heart tanking debuff it dealing 243k without soaking ( should deal 827k without soak) and the part with soaking is not working
[PvE][Freehold] Pig interaction

Upon reaching 3rd boss to trigger it,you have encounter with Pig that needs to be clicked 5 times,if players spam pig on start,the pig will run to wall and stop moving (pig will run to the NPC that tossed the pig inside of ring).
[PvE][Uldir] Zul - Player corpse position when fell down

Acording to retail confirmations your corpse should appear in the center of the platform if you managed to fall down from the Zul platform, that results players can be battle ressed. (basically same mechanic as falling down in Antorus from Portal Keeper)
[PvE][FreeHold] Painful Motivation 10 Yard Radius not working.

Irontide Ravager in Freehold area before last boss cast Painful Motivation which should effect to the caster and 2 mobs within 10 yards a buff that increases their Damage done by 45% and inflicting 3% maximum health as damage every 1 sec. Currently it seems to randomly effect a few mobs and the 10 yard radius range is not working.
Spell ID: |T135936:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257899|h[Painful Motivation]|h|r
[PvE][Uldir] Taloc Animation

While taloc is going into the middle of the platform for Elevator phase, if he is beeing attacked, his animation is beeing canceled, and he keeps standing up and down.
[PvE][Freehold] Painful motivation not giving % enemy in mm +

When enemy that has painful motivation dies and the last tick of damage that killed the mob was painful motivation, he does not give % enemy force in mythic plus. This is wrong as it should give normal % for every mob that the spell kills even if the last tick of damage that killed the mob was painful motivation.
Spell: |T135936:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257899|h[Painful Motivation]|h|r
Video timestamp:
[PvE][Freehold] Sanguine puddle

The puddle goes inside the trextures (when there is something like a "hill") when the Ground "rises" .
[PvE][Freehold] Sharks vs Sanguine puddle

When 2 sanguine puddles are realy Close to each other, and a Shark spawns on top of it it "eats" instantly both sanguine puddles
[PVE][Uldir]Taloc Plasma Discharge ticking

1. Pools that you are supposed to spawn near the walls, are instantly ticking for you, that means you are getting smth around 60k per tic for 3 seconds (no one can outheal that, even through defensives) u should have 1 sec before tickrate (Same as Argus SoulBlight |T1778231:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:248396|h[Soulblight]|h|r)
[PvE][Uldir] Fetid - Walk speed out of combat

Fetid is walking too fast out of combat atm, he seams to be running while he should walk slowly

See : 1:20
[PvE][Uldir]Taloc - Monk interaction

Currently Diffuse Magic talent can return Plasma Discharge debuff back to the boss, so it will spawn pools instead of the player.
|T1029738:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:278888|h[Plasma Discharge]|h|r
|T775460:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:122783|h[Diffuse Magic]|h|r
[Misc][Item] Darkmoon Deck: Fathoms and hunt BM, MM

THe trinket |T2178500:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:159125::::::::120:::::|h[Darkmoon Deck: Fathoms]|h|r, doesn't proc at range, so for the both hunter specs (they are agility so fanthom is BIS for them) in order to have any proc of the trinket they need to be near the target.

It shouldn't work that way, they should have proc regardless how far away they are.
[PvE][Uldir] Ghuun - Matrix and Warrior interaction

Currently you can dispel active Matrix slow stacks using warrior's Bladestorm.


May 22, 2019

[PVE][Uldir] BOEs

The mobs in Uldir should have a chance to drop this items on each difficulty.




[Mythic+] Finishing Dungeon Display

It should Show the Level of the key at the end, as you can see in the screen it says 3 for 3 chests but where i put the arrow it should say the noumber of the current key u just completed.

May 21, 2019

[Arms] Anger Management

Currently Anger Management lower you cooldown for Avatar talent aswel, but it should lower your cd for Avatar only in Protection spec.

|T971080:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:152278|h[Anger Management]|h|r
Death SentenceSudden Death
Stealth emote on stealth

When you use Stealth (when you dont move or anything) you will be as standing, while you should stealth emote or something. It happens to all specs and races. In 1 screenshot you can see im standing while stealthed and 2nd screenshot is how it should be.

[Subtlety] Shadowy Duel

in arena after you use this spell on a target this target still can attack your mate it's supposed to make both of you and the target invisible to the other players so they can't see you and you can't see them but none of that works so currently this ability
is useless
|T1020341:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:207736|h[Shadowy Duel]|h|r

It shouldn't break when breaking stealth
[Holy] Enlightenment

Enlightenment currently doesn't increase mana regen by 10%. For example with 4000 mana regeneration you should have 4400 mana regeneration with Enlightenment.

[Protection] Aegis of Light

The Effect of Aegis of Light should cover caster aswel, for now it covers only players behind the caster.

|T135909:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:204150|h[Aegis of Light]|h|r
Divine Steed

Currently, if you will mount up and use Divine steed while jumping it will instantly remount you back after Divine Steed buff will expire, but it should just dismount you.

|T1360759:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:190784|h[Divine Steed]|h|r
[Windwalker] Fist of Fury Damages

How it's bugged :

Fist of Fury is using Attack Power instead of AbilityDamage (Which is AP+Wep dmg6) which result in nerf of FoF ability

Last changes made to FoF:
[Windwalker] Merdian Strike SCK

Atm you can spam |T606543:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:101546|h[Spinning Crane Kick]|h|r to get the CD of Touch of Death reduced using |T606552:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:278580|h[Meridian Strikes]|h|r

How it's bugged: Each hit of SCK is reducing the CD of ToD by 0.3

How it should work : ToD should be reduced only 1 time per cast and not per hit since it's following Mastery : Combo Strikes
[Fire] Ignite spreading in dungeons

Ignite should have an 8 yard range on spreading, at the moment in dungeons, either of an issue with hitbox vs vmaps, it can pull mobs from long distances or other rooms, which makes it a hinder for the group.

info on ignite spreading if necessary for a fix.
[Frost] Splitting Ice spread to friendly targets

If you use Splitting Ice and reach 5 icicles, the moment you will cap them and cast another spell that generates icicles, if any friendly target is next to your enemy one, will take that split icicle on themselves and yourself.

This should not occur, if you have a single target enemy, even if you use Splitting Ice, icicles should not spread to damage a friendly target when capping them at 5 ( the release of the extra icicle split mechanic should check if there is a second enemy target, if not then doesn't launch).

|T429385:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:56377|h[Splitting Ice]|h|r
Flare vs Camouflage

Flare should break enemy hunter from comouflage. Currently it doesn't.
[Havoc] Furious Gaze

The haste bonus is activated even when Eye Beam is interrupted by an enemy CC, it should not give the haste buff unless the full cast is successful.

|T1305156:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273231|h[Furious Gaze]|h|r
[Pve][ToS] - Avatar of Sethralis not completing it self no counting

Today in sethralis ( the server) done ToS +9 (key depleted) but last boss we killed him and he didn't count (We killed reseted killed he just doesnt want to count)
you can see that on the screens
[PVE][Uldir] Zek'voz Corruptor's Pact

Zekvoz Corruptor's Pact , If u fear the mind controlled target , after 20 sec after fear dissapear , the mind controlled targets can move by themself (shouldn't) , they can control character and move

so reproduce is (if u fear an target which got mind controlled) after the finish of fear the target mind controlled can move freely to the corner and stop attacking people
[PvE][ToS] Scaled Krolusk Rider - Noxious Breath

When mounted the rider cast the spell Nixious Breath:
this spell target the tank position, and then after a 2,5s cast it will spew forth a breath that deals a burst of magic damage and applies a 9 second poison dot on all players hit.

What is bugged: atm the cast time is INSTANT
|T136182:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:272657|h[Noxious Breath]|h|r
[PvE][Motherlode] Mechanized Peacekeeper vs Raging affixe

The Mechanized Peacekeeper is currently immune to dispell rage spell type.
we should be abe to dispell him the raging affixe

Spell: druid Soothe ID: 2908
[PvE][TolDagor] Bobby Howlis cast

After Completing Jes Howlis (aka defeating him) Bobby Howlis runs downstairs and disappears,but while he is running he is casting Fear (he shouldn't)
[PvE][ToS] Aderis - Arc dash

Aderris Arc Dash [263424] hit the players when they doing trash upstairs at the beginning, the problem should be that the spell hits the players even above the boss. It shouldn't.
This Bug happened in mythic+
[PVE][ToS] Trigger for Lightning bolts from snake heads

Make a trigger bigger for it. Basically most of times it wont trigger and you will have still this bolts at avatar which make ppl drops their FPS.

Im talking about this
[PvE][Ataldazar] Missing trash "Shadowblade Stalker"

He should have 2 creatures on the stairs and 1 near to Vol'kaal
[PvE][AtalDazar] Yazma - Spiders & Volcanic Interaction

Currently on Yazma, when boss casts Echoes of Shadra and spiders spawn, they are triggering Volcanic Affix. Volcanic even when in melee range on boss is being triggered by spiders.
Spell: |T134321:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:250050|h[Echoes of Shadra]|h|r
[PvE][Uldir] Vectis - Omega Vector

Omega Vector should not be removable by Bubble/Cloak Of Shadows, For bubble, it should stay on the player, But for Cloak of Shadows, it should jump instantly onto another nearest player.
[PvE][Uldir] Trash - Animated Rot outside of map

there is few trash mobs that are outside of the Area (RIng of containment)
We can only damage them with some AOE, making the add fight paintfull and making whole raid Combat Bugged for the rest of the raid.
[PVE][MM+] Affixe: Ragging

If an add get the Rage buff (aka beeing lower than 30% hp) and you wipe, he will reset to full life and he will keep the raging affixe.

note: if they get healed (aka via the infested affixe or whatever other reason) they should still keep the Rage buff.

"Enraged mobs will keep the Enrage affix even if they are healed about 30% for any reason."
[Misc][Item] Stone Knife of Sealing

Wowhead item link
|T135426:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:56012::::::::120:::::|h[Stone Knife of Sealing]|h|r
The item can be used to avoid fall damage and undermap.
No restriction area
It Works on PTR
[PVE][Uldir] Vectis Plague bomb

Vectis circles shouldn't spawn inside the boss in liquify (plague bomb)
[PVE][TOS] Gale force Aspix.

The spell Gale Force [263778] makes the player unable to move, they keep getting pushed back even when the wind is gone

got more info: if you take the last tick of the spell, you will get perma push back.

See: those 2 issues are related, if you fix one, you fix the other one.
[PVE][LFR] Dungeon Deserter Queue issue

Upon trying to que for normal or heroic dungeon difficulty you can encounter issue of LF system saying specific players have Dungeon Deserter Debuff,while they don't have it.
[PvE][Uldir] Zek'Voz - Surging Darkness

If boss reaches 100 energy, starts channeling Surging darkness, and players reach point of another phase, he won't cast Surging darkness again, even when he reaches again 100 energy.
[PvE][Motherlode] Rixxa Fluxflame - Propellant Blast

The spell Propellant Blast can bug out, i think i figurred why:

At the end of the cast if you take the last pushback tick, you will bug and be perma pushed.

It appenned to me twice, and had exactly the same issue on Temple of Sethraliss 1st boss, took the last tick of Gale Force, and got perma pushback.
[PVE][Uldir] Trading Items

It's currently not possible to trade Uldir loots with anyone from your group.

Dev note: Should be fixed !
[PVE][Uldir] Random Reset ID

Dev note: Made a fix that should prevent ID resetings (down to 2 boss down usually when you come back after clearing more).
Will monitor this to see if some still have an issue after the fix.
[Misc][NPC] Herald Zaxuthril

It's friendly and with lvl 1
[Misc] Gathering while mounted

As Alliance, you can gather while being mounted, shouldn't be possible.
[Misc] Sanguicell back on scrapping

We should get back Sanguicell (same as hydrocore) when we scrap an item that costed Sanguicell.

Atm only the 385 items give Sancuicell back.

this is all the 370 items that u can get from professions:


Feet: 162493
Legs: 162494

Feet: 162489
Legs: 162490


Waist: 162492
Legs: 162491


Legs: 162488
Hands: 162487
[Misc][Battleground] Cyclone flag interaction

Getting cycloned while wielding a flag shouldn't make you drop it.

[PVE][Mythic+] Mind controled NPCs HP

When using a charm on an NPC, its stats are properly reduced, but when the charm ends, the NPC's HP doesn't get properly recalculated with MM+ buff.
[PvE][TolDagor] Valyri Ignition ability

Knight Captain Valyri uses |T236215:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:256970|h[Ignition]|h|r Ignition ability to light up barrels,this ability currently spawns underneath boss and instantly explodes,which kills players (it shouldn't spawn underneath the boss,nor it should explode instantly when it spawns).

May 20, 2019

[PvE][Uldir] Zek'voz - Roiling Deceit + Ominous Cloud

Ominous Cloud aoe zone which results from Roiling deceit expiring shoudn't vanish after someone steps on it.

It should be permanent aoe zone and each time someone steps on it, the guardian of yoggsaron spawns. (Add spawning is working)

Spell : |T538560:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:265360|h[Roiling Deceit]|h|r

In addition, the debuff Roiling deceit should not affect tanks, it should affect random non tank player
[PvE][Uldir] Ghuun's Collapse throwing into "dying zone"

Sometimes, Ghuun's Collapse can throw you into the "Dying Zone" immediately killing all people that got there. I think that's completely related to ticket that was done before.
Even if you got hit by it, and you got knocked back very high, some classes are able to outlive fall damage, or completely ignore it.

[PvE][Uldir] Mother - Respawn after kill

Sometimes, after kill, Mother instead of moving to the next room, after a seucessful kill, she respawns as if players wiped, the door opens, but after few seconds closes, and players are unable to continue, even the next bosses react as if she was still alive. (Reseting)

May 17, 2019

[Outlaw] Plunder Armor disabled

Dev note: This spell has been disabled while we wait for a fix (induced a huge bug)
[Protection] Ardent Defender

Currently Ardent Defender doesn't grant you 20% damage reduction and moreover, can absorb ANY lethal hit you take, but on retail it cant absorb hit that dealt more than 200% of your total HP.

|T135870:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:31850|h[Ardent Defender]|h|r
[WindWalker] Storm Earth and Fire + Fist of Fury

Bugs :
One/Or both Clone(s) from SEF is/are moving non stop while casting |T627606:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:113656|h[Fists of Fury]|h|r and not even facing mobs making them loose whole targets hits and dealing less damages
Clones stop doing anything when their target die or just switch to my main target and start autoattacking only (can't copy anything)

How to reproduce : Use it on pack of mobs (Exemple: in Freehold), you will see Earth or Fire spirits moving and trying to stack on you

As you can see in screen : Last one is Earth Spirit and hit only 4 targets > 3906 damages vs First one which is Fire Spirit hitting full pack of mob > 26.6k
[WindWalker] Meridian StrikeMastery

From :

Atm |T606552:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:278580|h[Meridian Strikes]|h|r don't benefit from our Mastery, forumla is like
(0.5 HP x Mastery x Versa) + Gale burst + Meridian Strike

How it should work:
(0.5 HP + Meridian Strike) x Mastery x Versa + Gale Burst.

Info: Touch of Death ignore armor reduction
Freezing Trap - traits interaction

Freezing Trap is a major CC, at the moment it gets nullified by traits and trinkets that are ruled by a damage component, it shouldn't as Freezing trap doesn't do damage.

This needs a quick fix as its impairing the class in pvp.

|T135834:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:187650|h[Freezing Trap]|h|r
[Survival] Posthaste interactions

Currently the talent Posthaste which gives the hunter a 50% speed bonus for 4s, can be triggered from Harpoon, which is not intended.

It should be triggered only by Disengage.
[PvE][Motherlode] Mogul Razdunk - Not moving after P2

When the boss reach 50% we enter into part 2 of the boss fight.

THe issue here is that after the p2 , when the bos come down he won't move until he casted the spell Gatling Gun

|T249177:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:260280|h[Gatling Gun]|h|r
[PvE][ToS] Merektha - Not moving after Burrow

When the boss unburrow, he won't move until he casted the spell Noxious Breath

|T136182:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:263912|h[Noxious Breath]|h|r
[PvE][Uldir] No trash loot on adds

We should be able to loot gey / green and even epic gear on the Uldir Trash, atm they desn't drop anything.

see exemple:
Avatar of Sethraliss - Plague Toads

Plague Toads should spawn:
Normal 2
Heroic 4
Mythic 6

Currently on Normal and Heroic they spawn always 6.

EDIT: atm on MM+ there is only 2 Toads spawning, they should spawn 6 of them same as on MM difficultie
[Misc][Quest] Show Me What you got

Zeppelins gives 50 base points again
[Misc] PVP mods for Auras

Dev note: Infinite Auras aren't currently recalculated upon entering PVP environment (duel, arena, bg, or open world pvp), only newly added auras had their pvp mod applied.
Added a generic recalculation upon entering / exiting PVP environments.
This will probably apply quite a few pvp mods that were previously there, but not applied.
[Misc] Melee Attacks and Melee Spells issues

Currently melee attacks and melee spells lack 12 yards to be active.
Example: watch video and see list of issues that we've found.

This issue results huge uncomfortable gameplay to melee specs, when every yard matters
[Misc] Azerite Trait - Tidal Surge

At the moment the chance to proc this ability seems to be to high gameplay wise.

Internally it should have a 5 PPM chance to proc, meaning 5 procs per minute, it can go way above that on Fs.

The issue with it might be the fact it takes the hits from all the targets in aoe scenarios, when it should probably calculate the chance to proc, just from 1 target even in aoe, being it dot or direct attack.
[Misc][PvP] Rated Season Reward

Season Reward for rated PvP Always resets after some time (like if you are few Hours off)

May 16, 2019

Glyph of Disguise

When you use "Glyph of Disguise" which allows you to transform into anything you pick pocket, and leave stealth, you lose the skin. You should only lose the skin when entering combat, not when leaving stealth/shadowdance.
[Assassination] Subterfuge PvP mod

Garrote's damage increase granted by Subterfuge doesn't have the 50% effectiveness reduction modifier as supposed in PvP.

It is increasing Garrote's damage by 80% in PvP (It should be 40%).
Glyph bugs damage of pet.

Priest's Pet (Shadowfiend) receives a massive decrease in damage when a player uses a glyph to change its appearance. Without glyph the pet was doing approximately 42k damage in 15 sec. With the glyph the pet didn't do more than 3k damage in 15 sec. Glyph should only effect appearance and not damage of the pet.

Glyphs Tested:
1) |T254302:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:153031::::::::120:::::|h[Glyph of the Lightspawn]|h|r
2) |T254302:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:153033::::::::120:::::|h[Glyph of the Voidling]|h|r
[Fire] Trait - Flames of Alacrity

This trait can still reach 10 stacks without casting non critting Fireball in some specific scenarios.

Based on a faulty string in the code the spell was able to proc from healings received.
[BeastMastery] Pet attacks and KC pvp mods

There are several issues:
the 30% damage in PVP for Claw & Bite is applied in all specs instead of just BM spec
there is an additional 18% damage in pvp for claw, bite & Kill command from the following hotix. Again, only in BM.

Dev note:
With the fix, this is what will change on Sethraliss:
MM & Survival: Bite & Claw back to no PVP mod
BM: additional 18% damage nerf on Claw, Bite and Kill Command in pvp
[BeastMastery] Pet's abilities focus cost

The Focus cost for the pet's abilities ( Bite, Claw ) is still doubled when going under 50 focus.
The pet's attack cost for when focus is under 50 should be 25, and when its above 50 it should be 50 ( the second part works ).

The damage component is fine, respects formula and rules.
[Survival] Mastery: Spirit bond

The damage part was not updating correctly.

Healing provided is not scaling with mastery rating. It heals for 1% health all the time (base amount).

|T236180:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:263135|h[Mastery: Spirit Bond]|h|r
[Unholy] Ghoul

Spells aren't replaced in Spellbook / Pet bar,

Huddle > Putrid Bulwark (they're currently both on bar, not in spellbook)
|T136187:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:91837|h[Putrid Bulwark]|h|r

Once Dark Transformation is active, a ghould should have replaced huddle with putridbulwark in 1 spell button.

Putrid Bulwark appears again on spell bar along with Huddle after abandoning the pet "/run PetAbandon()"
[Misc] Nazmir World-Quest , world quest , atm the boat is missing and the ransacked supplies are flying above water and we can't reach them
[Misc] Profanity Filter

Totems are Invisible, instead, there is a flame.
[Misc] NPC's Disciple of Tizeja

If the Npcs Disciple of Tizeja( ) are taking dmg, they are getting interrupted.
[Misc][Quest] Reclaiming Cargo

Object isn't highlighted like seen on the WoWHead screenshot, and isn't lootable either, making the WQ impossible to complete.
Road of Pain

when player finishes healing the NPC, the npc should stand up, and run away, currently, they stay in sleeping position.
[PvE][Uldir] Vectis - Plague Amalgam

The spell Gestate spawn a Plague Amalgam at the end of it.

When the Plague Amalgam spawn he should start to grow: see animation in video, then be active when he fully grown and strat casting Immunosuppression.

It should take around 4 to 5s.

Atm he is instantly active and start to cast Immunosuppression right away.
[PvE][Uldir] Vectis - Lingering Infection

It seams that Lingering Infection % increase damage value improve with the raid size, where it shouldn't.

It should be always 5% regarding retail Guide + wowhead on every difficulty.

Atm we have 8% in HC

See those reports:
[PvE][AtalDazar] Echoes of Shandra

When Yazma cast Echoes of Shadra and players are not in LOS of boss, they don't spawn.
[PvE][Sots] Mini bosses and Minor ReinforcingSwiftness Ward

Both Mini bosses and are casting a Ward spell like the second boss, atm the hitbox is a bit to big they keep the buff even when then doesn't stand in it, beeing like 12 yard away.

|T1589501:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:268211|h[Minor Reinforcing Ward]|h|r
|T1589500:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:268184|h[Minor Swiftness Ward]|h|r
[PVE][Uldir] Vectis - death during interphase

When the boss dies from the dots during interphase, the boss doesn't loot anything.
[PvE]|Waycrest Manor] Alchemical Fire and intro

When Inquisitor Yorrick doesn't have finish his movement and the boss are start, he don't cast the first alchemical fire
[PvE][SotS] Colossal Tentacle invisible

Sometime when you decast the mob near to Colossal Tentacle, tentacles doesn't spawn but inflict damage to the group
[PvE][Atal'Dazar] Yazma - Soulrend add hp

Currently the adds spawned by Soulrend in MM+ have too much hp: the mm0 hp of the add is 29,434 and mm10 hp is over 80k
[PvE][SotS] Volzith & Explosive (Affix)

On Volzith, if an orb "Fel Explosive" spawn and you are on Void Realm, you can't kill / target him.
[PvE]|SotS] Whispers Of Power

Sometime the priority target (healer > ranged > others) doesn't works correctly
[PVE][Uldir] Laser Matrix + Reorigination Array.
[Misc][Profession] Alchemy - Mystical Cauldron - Rank 3

Rank 3 of Mystical Cauldron should drop at 100% chance from Uldir bosses (any difficulties) when you are lvl 150 and know how to craft the rank 2.

The rank 3 effect doesn't work it should give a chance to give more Cauldron

|T1387622:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:162521::::::::120:::::|h[Recipe: Mystical Cauldron]|h|r
[Misc] Appearence collection at additem

issue : actually the apperarence is added when the player loot the item, the issue is if the item is added in bag by core like from shop player have to equip the item to collect it.

what i should be: Add appearence on additem
[Misc] Trinkets spec specifics

You can loot dps trinkets as healer, and vice versa. Trinkets aren't filtered at all it seems.

Dev note: Should be fixed now
[PVE][Mythic+] Summoned Mobs from boss Benefit from fortified

Summoned Mobs from bosses should have in fortified and tyrannical same hp/dmg.
Atm they Benefit here from fortified.

May 15, 2019

[PVE][Mythic+] Weekly Chest items tradeable

Rewards from Weekly Chest are currently tradeable, they shouldn't.
[PVE][Uldir] Zul - Adds when re-entering raid

After killing Zul the Reborn in Uldir and exiting raid,and reentering again his adds will stay there (the adds from BOSS encounter).
[PVE][Mythic+] Control Undead with MM+ buffs

Whenever you use Control Undead to control an enemy undead, the damage they deal should be based on the lowest level of the content you're doing. If for example you control undead a mob in a +20 Atal'Dazar, that mob should then do damage with auto attacks as though it was controlled during a normal Atal'Dazar run. All M+ keyrelated buffs should drop from that mob as well, such as Raging's 100% damage increase and Challenger's Might increasing their damage based on the key. This is an extremely big issue since players can abuse this and deal A LOT more damage than intended.

|T237273:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:111673|h[Control Undead]|h|r

Dev note: Charmed mobs now lose their Challenging Might buffs & Enrage, and have their damage scale of normal difficulty
[PvE][MM+] Raging affix CC Immunity

Raging Affix shouldn't give any additional immunities to the NPC when it triggers, but currently it does.

Example of affected spells:
Storm Bolt [ID=107570]
Hammer of Justice [ID=853]
Kidney shot [ID=408]
Capacitor Totem [ID=192058]
Repentance [ID=20066]
[PVE][Mythic+] Bonus loot on last boss

Some people get a "bonus item" when killing the last boss of a MM+ dungeon, this shouldn't happen.
[Misc] Seal of Wartorn Fate Reset

Every Wednesday you should be able to buy 2 Seals.
Reset happened today, but alot of people can't buy anymore seals.

Dev note: Fixed the reset, will be working starting next Wednesday. As we can't know for sure who got the reset working properly this week and who don't, we unfortunately can't do anything for people that had the issue today.

May 14, 2019

Test of Might

This isn't working anymore, it seems it got bugged recently, cause currently it gives you 0 strength when CS/WB expires.
|T236314:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:275529|h[Test of Might]|h|r
[Demonology] Random Demons

Random Demons summoned from Inner Demon or Nether Portal, that use melee attacks, follow caster instead of focusing on attackign target.
When you summon them they will stay at caster place and attack target only if caster comes in melee range of target.
Once they are summoned they should go on their own to target and attack it.
[Enhanement] Shamanism

Shamanism PvP talent is not working at all.
Sap vs Moonkin Druid

Currently you can't sap Druid in Moonkin form.
Red message says: "Can't target players"
Can't sap Adaptation

If you try to sap someone (in arena or even out of) who uses Adaptation it should get removed but it doesnt. So that means, If you sap someone Adaptation doesnt remove the Sap, as it should.
Ring of peace

Currently ring of peace can be countere by jumping inside the ring multiple times.
While RoP is placed, no ennemy player / npc can get inside that circle.
< Sethralis realm.
[MistWeaver] Font of Life

The Azerite trait Font of Life:

Your Essence Font's initial heal is increased by 384 and has a chance to reduce the cooldown of Thunder Focus Tea by 1 sec.

the heal part work fine but the cd reduction of Thunder Focus Tea isn't.

As you can see on the video at 0:50 the cd of Thunder Focus Tea is reduced by 1s several time.

Atm its only reduced once (and not always) at the initial use of Essence Font.

It should reduce with a % of chance like Mr Robot says.

Ingame testing suggests somewhere around 1020% proc rate on the cooldown reduction. Our guess is that this uses a "deck of cards" proc system and that it uses a 30 card deck with 5 procs, for a 16.67% proc rate.

|T1360978:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:279875|h[Font of Life]|h|r
[WindWalker] SEF and cast

How it's buged :
Use |T627606:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:113656|h[Fists of Fury]|h|r with SEF ON and cancel it (by using Tiger Lust or anything else) it cancel Fist of Fury on clones too

How it should work :
If you cancel your Fist of Fury, clones shouldn't cancel it :
if i use Fist of Fury and cancel it to cast |T574575:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:100784|h[Blackout Kick]|h|r or |T642415:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:107428|h[Rising Sun Kick]|h|r or any other spell
Clones follow this : Fist of Fury > BK/Rising Sun Kick/Dragon Punch or what ever > And remain time of Fist of Fury
Video explaining how it's should work:

In case you get CC while you are casting Fist of Fury
Clones continue casting FoF no matter what cc u get (Polymorph, stun etc)

Another thing
Atm if clones are attacking/casting on target and it die they stop doing anything you have to use "Focus" again where they should jump to your new target and start attacking again
[WindWalker] Flying Serpent Kick + Roll

How it's bugged :
If you use |T606545:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:101545|h[Flying Serpent Kick]|h|r and before it end use |T574574:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:109132|h[Roll]|h|r, you will roll in your place and don't move any where
[Arcane] Evocation

Atm the spell evocation channel time is reduced by haste: 6 / (1 + TotalHaste)

But the mana regen isn't affected by haste, resulting that the more haste you have less mana it will give.

It should be also affected by haste : 7.5 (1 + TotalHaste)

How to reproduce: use Evocation with Time warp and without and see how much mana you get back.
[Fire] Flames of Alacrity - Firestarter interaction

Currently the trait stacks up for no reason reaching insane amounts of haste when the caster has the Firestarter talent, it should proc just from Fireball hits since it takes into account Enhanced Pyrotechnics, and so it should proc only from it, and go away the moment you crit with Fireball or when the Enhanced buff disappears.

|T135810:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:272932|h[Flames of Alacrity]|h|r
|T135812:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:157642|h[Enhanced Pyrotechnics]|h|r
[BeastMastery] Predator's Thirst

The pet ferocity passive does not seem to work properly, indeed it is supposed to increase the leech by 10%.
For a leech of 10% given by this buff, the recovery does not exceed 400 per shot (video). While there is damage effected up to 16000 per shot. We are not in the 10% back.

|T136231:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:264663|h[Predator's Thirst]|h|r
[BeastMastery] Basic Pet attack problem (Bite, Claw...)

The basic pet attack is supposed to do 100% more damage and cost 100% more focus when the pet has more than 50 points of focus.
It's effective for the cost of 100% more focus but not for the damage that remains the basic ones.
The rare cases of attack that inflict doubles are related to the crit and not the bonus.

A player made a report in the bug tracker I got the same result on the live server [
tested with a manual cast of the pet attack when focus is more than 50] : .

A normal attack makes 2000 to 3000 damage (depending on stuff / mastery) and should make 5000 to 6000 constant when the pet has more than 50 focus. I put more detail (screenshot) that shows that it is the crit that gives
occasionally the 5000 to 6000 damage and not normal operation.
[BeastMastery] Haze of Rage

Haze of Rage should not proc from Exhilaration, but only from Bestial Wrath.

Check within the code that other similar double buffs multipliers to not add up to the trait's activation outside Bestial Wrath.

[MarksManship] Camouflage and Double Tap

Double Tap interrupts the camouflage. On official it would seem that no :

|T537468:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:260402|h[Double Tap]|h|r
[Restoration] Grove Tending

Grove Tending restoration druid trait HoT should be affected by Mastery: Harmony, currently only initial healing is affecting.
[Havoc] Fel Rush vs Slows

At the moment the travel distance and speed of the ability are lowered by slows, even if the terrain is smooth and latency is fine.

Should ignore slows, similar to charge, for the duration of the Fel Rush cast.

Should be fixed to add a bit more quality to DH gameplay.

|T1247261:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:195072|h[Fel Rush]|h|r
Chaos Brand stacking

Currently Chaos Brand can stack, it shouldn't.

|T1450142:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:255260|h[Chaos Brand]|h|r
[PvE][TolDagor] Cannons

Atm you can attack, target even move the Cannons.
Plus if you go inside a Cannon and start attacking mobs, they wont aggro you and reset all the time.
Also you shouldn't be able to turn the cannon at 360°

On MM you can hit your party menbers if you touch them with the cannon spell. (need to check if you can do the same on nm / hc)
Atm it does 2 hit for 1 shot.
[PVE] Mythic+ Abillities not scaling with levels

Mogul Razdunk Gaitling Gun
Mogul Razdunk Homing Missile Damage + DoT
Rixxa Fluxflame Propelant Blast

When the boss splits into 3 when reaching 50%. You are able to use "Taunt" on "Aqualing" and they will start moving.
[PvE][Underrot] Fetid maggot

The add Fetid Maggot, is perma rooted after using his spell Rotten Bile
|T132104:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:265540|h[Rotten Bile]|h|r
[PvE][SotS] Tidesage Council - Hindering Cleave

The boss Brother Ironhull, when he cast his first Hindering Cleave (|T460959:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:267899|h[Hindering Cleave]|h|r), he will always hit target behind him, even if he aiming in front of him.
[PvE][SotS] Drowned Depthbringer & Abyss Dweller

When you stun the adds that are supposed to summons tentacles with a spell, the tentacle start to attack you while beeing invisible.

See the adds on the screenshot :

+ if you stun the cast Reveal Darkness, he should recast it right away

|T1386549:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:274212|h[Reveal Darkness]|h|r
[PvE][Freehold] Skycap'n Kragg - Sharkbait and Vile Bombardment

When Skycap'n Kragg reaches 75% health, he will dismount Sharkbait and engage players on foot.

Sharkbait will now take to the air and drop down Vile Bombardment patches.

Atm Sharkbait target random players with Vile Bombardment.

As stating in this video + several other videos i've seen, it seams to prioritise the player farthest from Skycap'n Kragg.

But here confirm that it's almost that: actually Sharkbait should target the player the closest from him

at 4:40 and after
and 2:20

|T1500941:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:256005|h[Vile Bombardment]|h|r
[PvE][Underrot] Elder Leaxa - Blood Effigy

We should be able to grip Blood Effigy.

[PvE][ToS] Spark Channeler missing Call Lightning

The add Spark Channeler ( that you fight just after defeting the boss Galvazzt ( must cast multiple Call Lightning (|T237589:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:272821|h[Call Lightning]|h|r)

EDIT: atm there is only 1 AOE per player, as you can see on the screen there is much more than 4 AOE beetween 6 to 8.

So i guess there should spawn 1 to 2 AOE per player not only 1.

capped to 8.
[MM+] Hydrocore drop from the chest

Hydrocore should drop on the end MM+ chest with 100% drop chance, like when you kill the last boss in mm0

Dont Forget that this hydrocore shouldnt take a Slot for the gear Drops (shelby knows).
[PvE][Freehold] Ludwig Von Tortollan

You shouldnt be able to stand out of the Arena or at this rock and avoid all spells from this "mini boss"
[PvE][Freehold] Azerite Powder Shot

|T134536:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:256106|h[Azerite Powder Shot]|h|r

He'll face a random player and cast Azerite Powder Shot. This unleashes a spray of azerite, dealing damage to all players within the 30yard cone directed at the randomly selected player.

It should target a random player, atm it only targets the tank
[PvE][Freehold] Irontide Enforcer

The add Irontide Enforcer is sometimes perma rooted after using one of his spell.

It wasn't appenning before in mm0, but it append a lot in mm+
[PVE][Uldir] Force of Nature

|T132129:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:205644|h[Force of Nature]|h|r
Force of Nature taunt shouldn't work on raid bosses .
[PvE][Uldir] Mythrax Vision of Madness

Ads that Mythrax creating out of players should be interruptable, currently, they are not, and according to wowhead comment section they are cc immuned, but currently they can be stunned.
[PvE][Uldir] Mythrax Annihilation

Sometimes Annihilation debuff bugs out when Boss is dead and it stays on player outside encounter, reducing his hp percentage. You can't dispel this aura in any ways, even fixing your character in CP, only .unaura.

[PvE][Motherlode][Mogul Razdunk] Homing Missile

Normaly it should explode when it touches the focused Player or after 10 sec. and currently the 10sec. dont Count it never explodes if you dont touch it.
[PVE][Uldir] Fetid Devourer Melees

The damage of Fetid Devourer's melee attacks is far too low, and since most of his spells scale of it, it deals ridiculously low damages.
This affects all difficulties
[Misc] Invisible mounts

Mounts like Sandstone Drake where the player is transformed don't work and the player is displayed with an invisible model.
[Misc] Personal Absorb-o-tron vs aggro

Sometime it pull around him in a large zone.
Azerite :
|T1336885:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:280181|h[Personal AbsorboTron]|h|r
[PvE][Dungeons] Taunt vs Cosmetics

If you taunt a boss during a cosmetic event (at pull), he won't move until someone retaunt it.

exemples: Yazma, Tidesage Council, Jes Howlis

May 13, 2019

[Gorak Tul] Alchemical Fire

When you're near the stair. It can pop in high point so we can't had it.
|T134804:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:266198|h[Alchemical Fire]|h|r

May 12, 2019

Mythic Keystone Overflowing visual

If you get mythic keystone you will see for example mythic keystone level 2: Fortified & Overflowing, it should only shows Fortified or Tyrannical. That overflowing was affix from 7.0.3 7.1.5 legion which got removed after that, but it is only visual and wont works in dungeons.

May 10, 2019

Storm Bolt

Currently Storm Bolt has some kind of a delay after it's animation.

Retail: (timings: 0:50)
(lower video speed to 0.25 and you will see the delay)

|T613535:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:132169|h[Storm Bolt]|h|r
[Discipline] Atonement + Azerite TraitTrinket DoTs

Discipline priest's damaging spells (Smite, Schism, Shadow Word: Pain, etc) are the only sources of damage that should be able to proc Atonement.
Currently however it is possible for nonpriest DoTs to transfer healing via Atonement. These DoTs/Effects include azerite traits and trinkets such as
Darkmoon Deck: Squalls, Rezan's Fury (DoT portion), Filthy Transfusion, Rotcrusted Voodoo Doll (DoT portion), etc

|T2011133:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273790|h[Rezan's Fury]|h|r
|T840409:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273834|h[Filthy Transfusion]|h|r
|T2178509:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:159126::::::::120:::::|h[Darkmoon Deck: Squalls]|h|r
|T1716867:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:159624::::::::120:::::|h[Rotcrusted Voodoo Doll]|h|r
Leap of Faith

Spell is broken, doesn't work at all
Repentance on shape shift druids

As the title says ;
Druids are affected by Repentance if they shape shift at the last second of the cast or so (As you can see on the gif)
Wich obviously shouldn't do so , > Repentance once the druid shape shifts should say <Immune> for the paladin caster and shouldn't affect the druid targeted ; That is if the paladin casts on a shape shifted druid like in our case the spell should go on cd.(15 seconds)
Details :
[Frost] Frozen Orb procs RNG

Frozen Orb currently gives more procs in aoe scenarios, compared to what is intended.

The ability as it currently is working on retail, per proc ing Fingers of Frost indicates a hybrid proc chance composed of actual hits ( 20 max ) with a 10% chance per hit ( up to 20 ) to proc the buff, regardless of the number of targets.
You can have 1 proc ( the free one ) or up to 6 in total if lucky enough with the RNG, 10% means you will constantly have 1 free proc and 2 additional ones for the full duration in average.

( clear examples are at 3:30 and 5:00 ).
- [Frost] - Frozen orb

Frozen orb is an aoe / ice lance procing spell,
The issue that happened this morning is that the orb doesnt stop on the target it hits , it keeps going further and further and frost mages lose a mad amount of damage from this issue.
Details : < this is the issue.
|T629077:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:84714|h[Frozen Orb]|h|r
[Frost] Frozen Orb not slowing down on hit

Frozen Orb Mage should slow down once it hits enemy unit,currently it doesn't and it just passes through em,the only way to stop its movement is by Frozen Orb hitting wall.
|T629077:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:84714|h[Frozen Orb]|h|r
[BeastMastery] Bestial Wrath

At the moment Bestial Wrath double dips the pet's damage, which is not intended.

The current bug is mostly observable with:

Kill Command
Pet's bite/claw attacks

The buff should be 25% to the owner and 25% to the pet, not stacked up. Even if some of the abilities implies multipliers to be copied from the owner, these are not subject to double dip with Bestial Wrath.

The bug is major and at the moment is affecting this spec in an OP way.

( watch from 35:00 the video is from 8.1, but the mechanics of BW, KC did not get modified between the 2 patches ).

You can see how the normal dmg is about 6k on KC, and the moment he pops BW it goes up to 7.5k, while on FS, you will get previous damage x1.25x1.25

|T132127:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:19574|h[Bestial Wrath]|h|r
[Restoration] Flourish

Flourish is the 3rd talent in the level 100 Talent row.
How it's currently working : The talent extends the duration of every 'HoT' but doesn't boost the Ticking Rate by 100%.
How it should work : Both the Time Extension and the Rate of heal (100%) (How fast the tic is) should be applied on every HoT casted within Flourish Uptime.
Details :
< Look how fast his dots tick with the 100% Buff from flourish.
< In this Gif i used Wild growth with flourish and it Ticked as if Flourish wasnt applied Though the uptime of wildgrowth did get an additional 8 seconds.

This issue affects Resto Druid quite heavely in Dungeons and in futur raids.
Death's Advance

Currently Death's Advance ignores Stun effects at all. All Stun "debuffs" becoming "buffs" instead.

you can see my Hammer of Justice is in buff section, that means target can move and cast like normal
[PvE][ToS][Avatar] Encounter doesn't finish

Happens on ptr/live mm0 and mm+
Everything works same as mm0 but in mm0 when u get the buff in the end from boss and then if u kill the remaing adds Encounter mm+ it doesnt finish..and no more adds spawns Nothing.
[PVE][Uldir] G'huun Cyclopean Terror should lose its stacks of |T1386551:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:267427|h[Torment]|h|r whenever it's kicked / finishes its cast
[PVE][Uldir] Mythrax

After wipe boss can start phase 2
[PVE][Freehold] Harlan Sweete

sometimes near the bridge boss evade
[PVE][Uldir] Mother

sometimes door not open after defeat Mother
[PVE][Tol Dagor] Overseer Korgus

boss not reset after wipe in mythic plus
[PvE][ToS] Adds in the Bazaar event VS affixes

As you can see on all of those videos the adds present inside the Bazaar of Watchful Eyes:
shouldn't proc the following affixes


Boolstering: at 28:00

Sanguine: at 20:00

Bursting: at 18:20
[PvE][ToS] Beacon of Virture on last boss

If you cast "beacon of virture" on the boss a paladin tier 7 talent, it will not apply on players. But if you cast it on a player there's a chance of it applying on the boss. As beacon only limited to 3 injured allies.
[PvE][Tol Dagor] Barrels on third boss: Knight Captain Valryri

On thrid boss, main mechanics is to move barrels out of flammes or they will explode.

atm there is few issues with them:

you can duplicate them if 2 players click on them at the same time.

if a player hold a barrel and then click on another one, he will make the clicked barrel dispawn

See SS :
(holding one barrel)
(clicking on another barrel while holding one)

when ure holding a barrel you shouldn't be able to click on another one.

sometimes barrels are non clickable when they spawn (idk how to reproduce)
[PvE][ToS]Trash Mobs Missing Loot

Goes for every trash in the dungeon except those for the Eye event and 3rd boss event.
[PVE][Tol Dagor] Jes Howlis HP

In MM+ after wipe reset hp/damage isn't properly recalculated with MM+ aura
[PVE][Uldir] Zek'Voz - Orb of Corruption

After we get transformed in Orb of Corruption (friendly of Zek'voz) , if our friendly don't kill us , and encounter dies when we are transformed , we can't loot the target since (zek'voz is friendly with us)
[PVE][Uldir] Fetid Devourer - ShockWave Stomp

In this moment Shockwave Stomp is dealing 29k 30k dmg , it should deal 42k (i had only 3% versa on me , means 1% reduce dmg
[PVE][Uldir] Zek'Voz - Silithid Warrior does not ignore threath

Silithid Warrior is not ignoring threath and seeking the one who's dealing dmg to them (on start is going for random target but if an tank or dps doing more dmg to them they just run to that target) , which it shouldn't
[Azerite] Meticulous Scheming

Currently this Azerite trait can proc out of anything, literally anything: equipping gear, summoning companion(battle pet), mounting up etc. It should proc only from casting spells and abilities.
Also, this trait doesn't require you to cast different abilities to trigger Haste buff, you can use three times same spell and you still will get the buff.
Mounting up, summoning pets and etc. also triggers your counting phase for this trait: you can mount up three times, and you will get Haste buff aswel.
Another thing: this trait shouldn't proc out of combat.

|T132299:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273682|h[Meticulous Scheming]|h|r
[Misc] Rated Arenas as Priest

Can't tag in rated arena with a priest at the moment.
At least not in Shadow or Discipline Priest
[Misc][Profession] Herbalism Gathering

Currently on Sethraliss Horde and Alliance BFA herbalism doesn't work at all (looting herbs doesn't give you any loot)
Still investigating what causes this problem...

UPD: linked some gifs of how does it looks like
[PVE][Freehold] Harlan Sweete - Swiftwind Saber

It should Knockback and damage only once the player. Currently it can Knockback and damage several times the same player.

|T796638:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257278|h[Swiftwind Saber]|h|r

May 9, 2019

Intimidating Shout in PVP

Its duration should be 6 seconds against Players. Currently it works like in PvE, 8 seconds against all.

|T132154:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5246|h[Intimidating Shout]|h|r
[General] Earthbind totem

It broke again. The totem no longer slows enemies.
|T136102:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:2484|h[Earthbind Totem]|h|r
[Assassination] Venom rush

Currently, the Venom Rush talent adds its value towards Venomous Wounds, meaning when specced into Venom rush, Venomous wounds refunds 7+5=12 energy for each bleed tick on a poisoned target.

Venom rush is only meant to work with mutilate, which this part is fine.

Venom rush :
Venomous wounds :
[Protection] Soaring Shield

|T135874:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:278954|h[Soaring Shield]|h|r
Without that trait Avenger's Shield hits the main target and jumps to 2 near enemys, so 3 Targets, but with that trait it should hit the main target and jump to 3 near enemys (cause trait says 4 Targets), but with this trait it hits the main target and jumps to 4 other so 5 thats wrong.
Ultimate Sacrifice

The damage stacking of this aura is wrong, if you keep getting hit it goes bonkers and the damage stored by the aura keeps ramping up, without taking into account the damage already dealt to the paladin by the aura itself.

Dev note: indeed, fixed it to take that into account.
[BeastMastery] Animal Companion dmg

With this talent on the main pet(first pet) should deal less 40% damage than its doing without it[40% damage reduction of main pet abilities,stomp].
[Unholy] Harrowing Decay Trait

If you apply Harrowing Decay twice the damage should be stacking, for example you use "Death Coil" once a dot will be applied "Harrowing Decay" That deals 277 per tick for 4sec. If you use "Death Coil" Twice the damage of the dot should be doubled to 554. Currently it doesn't stack, also there was no info on what are the max stacks of it, only that the trait should stacked.
[Havoc] Chaos Brand vs pets

Chaos brand should not stay forever on players' pets it should have limited duration like against players.
[Misc]Casting and losing target

If you start casting a spell, but you lose the target (he goes stealth for example) the cast doesn't get interrupted only on the end, the problem is, if the target leave stealth (or such spell like stealth) before the cast ends, he will get the spell even tho he's not even targeted.

when you lose the target your casting should be interrupted instantly.

example of the bug: if a druid casting cyclone and the rogue vanish (goes stealth) but he leave the stealth before the cyclone cast ends. rogue will get the cyclone even tho the druid lost the target, so he had noone targeted.
cyclone should be interrupted instantly when the rogue goes stealth.

this got fixed on legion but its broken again on bfa [here is the card]() if it helps.
[Misc] BFA worldbosses have Legendary chance

BFA worldbosses shouldn't grant any Legendary chance
[Misc][Items] Battle-Scarred Augment Rune

the item |T840006:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:160053::::::::120:::::|h[BattleScarred Augment Rune]|h|r
is removing Well Fed buff when you using it or Well Fed buff remove it.
[Misc][Achievement] 350 Mounts

Upon completing the 350 mounts achievement you should receive a mail with the "Biting Frostshard Core" mount, though you don't get any mail.
[PVE][Freehold]Trash Mobs Missing Loot

title :)
[Misc][Azerite] Longstrider snapshot

At the moment this trait does not snapshot the stats from which it calculates the speed bonus.

If you change gear and create a new MAX value secondary stat, the trait will not adjust based to it, when it should.

It should also count buffs that add up to the stat from which it will scale ( up to the max limit of 5% per current ilvl path )
[PvE][ToS] Viperis and Aspis multiple loot

It is possible to loot several times the boss in mythic difficulty

if I kill Visperis last, I can reloot by killing Aspis last
[Misc][Profession] Gathering Professions

Currently you can't even level your skinning.
Currently you can't level up your profession because "orange" mining vein doesn't grant you any skill points.
[Misc] Role stacking in RATED arenas

currently in rated arenas you can que as double healer or double tank, in both 2v2 and 3v3 bracket the rule for roles should be : max 1 healer, max 1 tank in the team.
[Misc][Azerite] Reorigination array

The first stack should be gained after killing 1 boss, and from there on every 3 boss
Currently you need 3 kills to get the first stack.

Here's how it should be :
75 = 1 boss
150 = 4 boss
225 = 7 boss
300 = 10 Boss
[Misc][Quest] The Warpack

GM report: When you reach the mountain the quest doesn't get completed and for most of the players, they get dismounted from Gonk at a random spot.
[PVE][SOTS] Tidesage Council (Reinforcing Ward)

Brother Ironhull casts Reinforcing Ward on Galecaller Faye. It spawns a green zone on the ground and it gives 75% damage reduction to anyone (boss &/or players) who stays in it. Currently on Live Server the 75% damage reduction will stay on anyone who touched the green zone will keep 75% damage reduction even if they are out of zone (Same bug on PTR). On higher keys this will be impossible boss to pass without fix.

Spell id: |T1589501:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:268186|h[Reinforcing Ward]|h|r
[PvE][ToS] Last boss: Wrong Gossip at the end of encounter

ON the last boss of Sethraliss, on MM+ after finishing the keystine, the Avatar come down and he doesn't have the right gossip (he have the one to relaunch the boss fight)

So if you speak with him it will relaunch the boss fight even if you comleted the keystone.

After that he will show the proper Gossip

See screenshot.
[PvE][Motherlode] Coin Operated Crowd Pummeler no loot

If boss will kill himself with explosive balls (that you are supposed to knock into him) endencounter won't trigger and you will get no loot and boss won't be marked as 1/1 in the dungeon boss list.
[PvE][Waycrest][Lord and Lady] Virulent Pathogen

Lord Waycrest gives a debuff which is called "Virulent Pathogen". If you Use shapeshift(druid)/Blessing of Freedom(paladin) to dispell that debuff, then it doesn't put the green thing on the ground.

May 6, 2019

Green Fire Account bound

Warlock's green fire should be account bound.

|T666475:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:101508|h[The Codex of Xerrath]|h|r

Dev note: Added this spell to the account when at least one char from the account has the spell on any realm (Garrosh, Guldan, Sylvanas or Sethraliss).
This means every Warlock on one of said accounts will automatically have the spell
[Subtlety] Cheap Shot

It should deal 10% of the caster's max health if the target has more max health than the caster (similar to every other %max health damage spells)
Divine steed + pick up and BG flag

Currently, if you will pick up the opposite fraction flag and use Divine Steed you will lose it, but you shouldn't on retail AND if you will pick up the flag, while having Divine Steed buff active you will pick up the flag for half a second and lose it afterwards.

Video: 6:45
Hand of Freedom + Forbearance pick up BG flag

Currently if you have Hand of Freedom buff active on yourself or you have Forbearance debuff active on yourself, you cant pick up the flag at all, BUT you can carry the flag while having Hand of Freedom or Forbearance active on yourself.

|T135968:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:66115|h[Hand of Freedom]|h|r

Counts for Capture the Point flags (i.e Arathi basin) and regular Capture the Flag (i.e warsong gulch)
[Windwalker] Clones stacking

Clones from |T136038:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:137639|h[Storm, Earth, and Fire]|h|r are acting wierd when you spawn them like 5/6 of times

They stack on each other and don't copy anything you have to click on "focus/Sef" again.
Mirror Image Damage formula incorrect

Mirror Images is missing modifier of 60% of master's spell power on Frost,fire and arcane.
how its currently on Sethraliss: 1467 x 0.27 = 396
how it should be calculated : 1467 x 0.6 x 0.27 = 237
[Arcane] Mana regen

Arcane mage's mana regeneration is being affected by both, the mana increase and the mana regen increase provided by Master: Savant.

Current formula is something like this:
0.02 x BaseMana x Mastery(Mana increase) x 5 x Mastery(Mana regen).

It should be like this:
0.02 x BaseMana x 5 x Mastery(Mana regen)

The issue is that Mastery applies both the 1.x regen mod and 1.x bonus mana to the mix of current mp5 ( when it should ignore the second ).

|T135738:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:190740|h[Mastery: Savant]|h|r
[BeastMastery] Quilen pets

This type of pets are exotic and they should has their exotic ability called "Eternal guardian " |T136080:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:267922|h[Eternal Guardian]|h|r
atm it doesn't have this ability.
[BeastMastery] Direhorns

The direhorn's ability "Gore" is not avaible.


The effect is comparable to Monstrous Bite (|T133726:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:54680|h[Monstrous Bite]|h|r) of dinosaurs (healing debuff).
Freezing Trap

Freezing trap should freeze a target whcih nearer to trap center position.
Currently it might freeze random target in 3y radius of the cetner.
[Frost] Crystalline Swords

Currently Crystalline Swords Artifact trait (not azerite) works without even using Artifact or ever Equipping it at all. It shouldn't proc out of your Obliterate or Frost Scythe.
Kinda hard to reproduce, 'cuz if it's randomness, but it still exists.
You can open warcraftlogs and check logs for this spell, you won't find any for BFA.

|T135855:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:243122|h[Crystalline Swords]|h|r
SS: top 5 Crystaline Swords
[Unholy] Skulker Shot damage

Skulker Shot's auto attack damage isn't dynamically changed / affected by AP.

|T132213:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:212423|h[Skulker Shot]|h|r
[Surv] Bloodseeker

Kill command should always trigger a bleed on a target and this bleeding should proc this talent

[Misc] Draenor pathfinder Account bound

Draenor Pathfinder, and its mount should be account bound.

|T1032149:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:191645|h[Draenor Pathfinder]|h|r
|T1027878:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:191633|h[Soaring Skyterror]|h|r

Dev note: Added this spell to the account when at least one char from the account has the spell on any realm (Garrosh, Guldan, Sylvanas or Sethraliss).
This means every character on one of said accounts will automatically have the spel.l
[PVE][ToS] Aspix & Adderis - Lightning Shield

If Aspix got Lightning Shield and Adderis at the moment dies, Aspix should give Lightning Shield instantly to Adderis corpse.
Same goes to Adderis. If Adderis got Lightning Shield and Aspix at the moment dies, Adderis should give Lightning Shield instantly to Aspix corpse.

|T136051:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273411|h[Lightning Shield]|h|r

May 5, 2019

[Azerite Trait] Unstable Catalyst

Currently grants 289 instead of 269 that the ingame tooltip.

May 3, 2019

[Outlaw] Deadshot + Opportunity Damage

The damage for free Pistol shot procs combined with deadshot is wrong.

Opportunity : |T1373908:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:195627|h[Opportunity]|h|r
Sinister strikes has a chance to hit an additional time, making your next Pistol Shot half cost and double damage

QuickDraw : |T331438:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:196938|h[Quick Draw]|h|r
Halfcost uses of Pistol Shot granted by Sinister Strike now generate 1 additional combo point, and deal 50% additional damage.

Deadshot : |T1373908:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:272935|h[Deadshot]|h|r
Between the Eyes increases the damage of your next Pistol Shot by 3322.

Now the formula should be something like this (assuming you have Opportunity proc + deadshot buff) :

(BaseDamage + DeadShot) x Opportunity x Versa x Core

where :
Opportunity = 2 if no quickdraw spec , 2.5 if quickdraw specced

Currently, you deal way less damage than expected making our bis trait useless.
[Shadow] Mind Sear Proccing effects on allied NPC's
[Protection] Redoubt

It is currently increasing both: the dmg reduction and the block chance, while it should only increase the dmg reduction.
[Holy] Breaking Dawn

|T461859:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:279406|h[Breaking Dawn]|h|r
Instead of increasing the range from 15 to 40 metres, it adds 40 metres on it, making it to 55 metres.
Trusted Steed Glyph

Currently If you have Divine Steed with Glyph of the Trusted Steed you can´t mount inside of indoor Dungeons
[Windwalker] Touch of Death

Dev note: Changed the order of values in the formula.
Before, the formula was:
(%HP from caster + Gale burst + Meridian Strike) x Mastery x Versa
Now the formula is:
(%HP from caster x Mastery x Versa) + Gale burst + Meridian Strike

That way, Meridian Strike and Gale burst no longer benefit from mastery nor versatility damage increase (which makes sense, even tho it's nigh impossible to get proper retail info on this).
From testing done with 338ilvl random gear and full burst during ToD, the formula change reduced the damage from 71k to 62k.

We'll assess this change to see if the spell ends up in an ok spot.
[Ww] SEF Damages

Part 1 (Damages %)
split into 3 spirits each one dealing 45% normal damages and healing

Problem here is:
Spirits (Fire and Earth) are taking wrong % of base damage

Exemple : Rising Sun kick normal (base) damage on dummy ; 5598

Now with SEF on :
Fire spirit : 1729dmg.
Earth spirit : 1729dmg.
Storm (Me) : 2519dmg

Fire and Earth spirits should do the same damages as Storm is doing (because each spirit should do %45 of the normal base damage (5598 here)

Fire and Earth aren't taking in count Abilitydamage from weapon, just use lvl 1 weap > damages will be the same for each clones, now try with 325+ weapon and you will see how it's bugged.

This bug happens with every spells that spirits can copy (Tiger Palm, Rising sun kick, fist of fury, Blackout kick, RJW, Fist of the white tiger..)

Note : If any dev can check if Autoattack melee is affected by this bug (with SEF on)



Part 2 (RJW Missing)
Clones actually don't copy |T606549:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:116847|h[Rushing Jade Wind]|h|r (Was working as intended but got broken after few hotfixes)
[Arcane] Slow proc rules

Similar to previously polymorph and spellsteal issues with procing traits and trinkets, Slow is also faulty on that regards.

Only damaging/healing abilities should proc them.

[General] Spellsteal Rules

Spellsteal is having the same issues with the polymorph spell , when spellsteal is casted it can trigger azerite/trinket abilities either when it's stated that it will trigger if used damaging abilities. Spellsteal only triggers if succesfully a buff is stolen , does not proc if it's not sttolen
[Arcane] Mass Invis

Mass Invisibility should not break from actions that do not imply targeted casts ( this is only for mass invis, greater or normal invis is still subject to break on any action ).

Spells like:
Shimmer, Blink, Displacement, Arcane Intellect, Prismatic Barrier, Ice Block, Ring of Frost, Charged Up, Presence of Mind, Rune of Power, Arcane Power should not break Mass Invisibility.
Nether Tempest ( dot ) if used previously to casting Mass Invis.

|T1387356:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198158|h[Mass Invisibility]|h|r
[Arcane] Clearcasting cast vs hit

The Clearcasting buff should disappear the moment you start casting Arcane Missiles, at the moment it does when the Missiles channeling is complete.


Note the ability can double stack with a pvp talent, be sure to not break the stacks mechanic when fixing the above
[Feral] Rip

Rip consume the player's combo point when ticking.
[Feral] Moment of Clarity Talent

The 1 st talent in the lvl 100 row ;
How it's Currently working : Choosing the talent doesnt add 30 energy to your cat form which means that Ferals currently have 100 energy with this talent.
How it should work : All ferals who have this talent, must have 130 energy instead of 100.
~Details :
|T1033483:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:236068|h[Moment of Clarity]|h|r
[General] On A Pale Horse

Doesn't increase flying mount's speed / has no effect. (It works fine for ground mounts).
[PvE][ToS] Combat bug after last boss

After the boss encounter is complete, players still stay in combat, and since the loot is in a chest, which requires you to be out of combat to open, the players without means of leaving combat are forced to run back to earlier parts of dungeons to kill themselves to get out of combat bug and be able to loot the chest.
[PvE][TolDagor] Achievment on 3rd boss Knight Captain Valyri

We killed the 3rd boss but we got the Achievment, while we had betonated a lot of Munitions
[PvE][TolDagor] Cannon vs Knight Captain Valyri

If 1 player will stay in cannon and another players will be tanking boss next to door the boss can take damage from cannon, it should not be possible.
[PVE][TolDagor] Blacktooth Arsonist - Torch Strike

Torch Strike debuff on player doesnt deals any damage every 2 sec.
|T135432:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:265889|h[Torch Strike]|h|r
[PVE][ToS] Adds that you should be able to grip

You should be able to grip those adds: 136076 134691
[PVE][ToS] Neurotoxin

If player have Neutroxin debuff with saying "if he move so sleep will be triggered" so this debuff with movement should be gone when he move and get new debuff with only sleep. Currently he keep his Neurotoxin(about movement triggered) for whole duration.


[Misc] Mining - Rich Deposits

All the BFA rich Deposits give only 12 ores:
Rich Storm Silver Deposit
Rich Platinum Deposit
Rich Monelite Deposit

Atm you can pull Mogul Razdunk into the stairs, he should reset if you pull him there.

You can still pull the boss near the stairs and hit him while you are standing in the stairs (aka doing that you just bypass bomber and gatling gun mechanics)
[PVE][Sethraliss] Lighting Traps

Some of them still doesnt work at all.
[Misc] Inscription - Darkmoon card of war don't give any skillup
[Misc] Warmode turning on within PVE instances

If you enter PvE instance with Warmode on,and you switch spec within instance,you will get triggered Warmode inside of dungeon,depending on class your abilities can get affected by PvP talents,you cant use them inside of instance but they can prevent you using half of abilities due to some PvP talents affecting normal abilities on some classes.
[Misc] Missions Table - Troop Portal Network doesn't work

as you can see on this report :

The recherche : doesn't work, it should recruit troops instantly for both factions.
[Misc] Profession - Skills check are outdated

in ```SkillType GetRequiredLootSkill() const``` we should check the creature expansionhealthscaling and then choose the correct skillline

```SpellCastResult Spell::CheckCast(bool strict)``` checks for SPELL_EFFECT_SKINNING are outdated, on retail if you have the basic skill (300) you can skin any creature for vanilla/cata maps
the color don't work as check anymore, you can skin a creature where "skinnable" is red, you have 100% chance of skill gain

creature HealthScalaingExpansion should be check to give skill gain to the proper skilline
[PvE][ToS] Eyes of Sethraliss

Currently if you will "lose" in any ways one of the eyes that you are suppose to insert into the door, It won't respawn, making this dungeon impossible to complete.

May 2, 2019


Currently you can get healed by Bloodthirst hitting an Immune targets, i.e players affected by Divine Shield or Ice Block, according to retail confirmations you can't do the same there.

Spell: |T136012:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:23881|h[Bloodthirst]|h|r
[Elemental] Fire elemental maelstrom regen

Fire elemental generates maelstrom when flame shock deals damage.

This is not working whith Primal Fire elemental (from Primal elementalist talent).

|T135790:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198067|h[Fire Elemental]|h|r
|T651081:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:117013|h[Primal Elementalist]|h|r
|T135813:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:188389|h[Flame Shock]|h|r
Divine steed + character morphs

Currently if you will try to use Divine Steed spell while shapeshifted (changed appearance via toys, or some spells) your Divine Steed will be consumed (it will go on cooldown) but you will get 0 effect from it, you just won't receive buff from it.

According to my tests on retail with some kind of Toys and Spells some of them will keep your appearance and some of them will not.
I.e if you will use Guardian of Ancient Kings (Paladin Protection ability) and then use Divine Steed you will loose your Kings appearance for Divine Steed duration and then you will get your Kings appearance back till it expires.
BUT, if you will morph into some kind of Playable race (i.e Gammon toy or Manastorm one) you will ride Divine Steed as Tauren and Gnome.

|T1360759:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:276112|h[Divine Steed]|h|r

April 29, 2019

Leap of Faith vs Disorienting CC Effects

Using Leap of Faith on a friendly player while they're under the effects of a disorienting spell/effect/CC (CC that causes your character to move on its own) will cause the Leap of Faith to not move the target at all. These effects include spells such as Scatter Shot, Polymorph, Blind, Dragon's Breath, Fear, etc.

Video on how to reproduce the issue can be found below in the comments.

|T134153:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:31661|h[Dragon's Breath]|h|r
|T463835:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:73325|h[Leap of Faith]|h|r
[Protection] Warrior of Light

This talent causes your armor value from your Shield of Righteous spell to break within consistent using, totally breaking this spell.
I.e if you will use Shield of Righteous 3 times consistently armor value from this spell will grow for no reason.

|T1030099:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:210341|h[Warrior of Light]|h|r
Divine steed + mount

If you will use Divine Steed and then Mount Up with your regular mount and wait till your Divine Steed buff expired you will be dismounted from your mount.
How it should be: Divine steed buff should be gone and you should be still mounted. (mount overrides Divine steed)

Spell: |T1360759:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:276112|h[Divine Steed]|h|r

will be nice if you will port this fix to legion too

Retail interaction:
[Protection]Avenger's Shield + Shield of Righteous

Avenger's Shield should increase your Shield of Righteous by 20% but it doesn't.
You DO recieve buff from it, but it doesnt work.

|T135874:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:31935|h[Avenger's Shield]|h|r

how does it work now

If you are throwing shield and then casting SoR WITHOUT hitting anyone, you gain amplified ammount of armor.
[Holy]Beacon of Virtue overlaps Regular Beacons

Beacon of Virute overlaps regular Beacons from other Paladins in your group/raid, making it impossible to heal with several holy Paladins in your raid if someone from them using Beacon of Virtue

|T1030094:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:200025|h[Beacon of Virtue]|h|r
|T236247:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:53563|h[Beacon of Light]|h|r
|T1030095:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:156910|h[Beacon of Faith]|h|r

I remember this happening on Legion aswell
[WindWalker] Storm, Earth and Fire

Hotfixes from 7.1.5 are missing for Storm, Earth and Fire
Proof :

Clones should instantly jump on their target when you cast SEF()
Clones use Flying Serpent Kick to comeback to the monk when the CD is over.
Clones now choose a target within 15 yards of themselves (was 30yards), to make them more responsive and give you tighter control of them, You may still manually retarget them or summon them in a location closer to your intended target.
Clones will no longer target immunes enemies, or crowdcontrolled enemies, or enemies you aren't in combat with.
Clones now travel much faster between targets by using Flying Serpent Kick ()
[Marksmanship] Dire Beast Vs Bestial Wrath

After I use Dire beast It will reduce the Bestial Wrath CD by 12 sec which is a bug , this talent shouldn't reduce at all only barbed shot.
[General] Switching spec

Tier 2 Talents :

If you switch spec while Dash Tiger Dash Renewal or Intimidating Roar are on cooldown then your tier 2 talents become unavailable until you change your talent.

Restoration affinity :

If you switch from restoration while wild growth is on cooldown to a spec with restoration affinity , then wild growth become unavailable until you change your talent .

Tier 4 Talents :

If you switch spec while Mighty Bash Mass Entanglement or Typhoon are on cooldown then your tier 4 talents become unavailable until you change your talent.
[Feral] Savage Roar Tiger's Fury + bleeds dynamic

Savage Roar doesn't work dynamiclywith bleeds.
Tiger's Fury doesn't work dynamicly with bleeds.
[Misc] Scrapping items

Scrapping items that are crafted with Hydrocore wouldn't give the hydrocore back for Hordeonly equipments (worked for multifaction and Allyonly items).
Dev note: Sorry, For the Horde !
[Misc][Item] Socketing don't bind item

i created a ring and a primatic socket proc, i socketted a green gem on it and thge item is still bind on equip, it's should be bind to the player on socketing
[Misc] Faction Change BFA Quests

When you faction change from Alliance to Horde (and the other way around), if you had done the intro quests of Alliance (Horde), you'll automatically have the Horde (Alliance) one done.
[Misc] Mass Milling Prospection don't skill up

using spell like
Mass Prospect Platinum 256622
Mass Mill Anchor Weed 256308
should increase the profession skill and actually just give loot

Once you are skill level 50, you will pick up Mass Mill recipes such as Mass Mill Riverbud that allow you to mill 20 herbs at a time. Since you will need to be milling a large number of herbs anyways, this is a great way to level up your Inscription. These recipes turn yellow at 70, green at 75, and grey at 80. It is a good idea to run this all the way to skill level 80 since you will be needing to do large amounts of milling anyways.
[DruidPriest] Brambles interaction with Shadow Mend

Guardian druids |T415052:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:203953|h[Brambles]|h|r has an issue with |T136202:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:186263|h[Shadow Mend]|h|r DoT. Each time Shadow Mend deals damage, it procs damage through Brambles to friendly player priests, which shouldn't be happening.
[Misc][Quest] The Deadliest Catch

Phase in Cannon if player is outside the vehicle but havent completed the quest.
[Misc][Quest] Shell Game

Upon starting World quest Shell Game in you can interact with NPC to start the quest,but you cant interact with shells (you need to be closer to interact with that target).
[Misc][Quest] Horse Show

Harpoon Jab no longer hits players
[Misc] Order Advancement - Seafarer's Hearth

Seafarer's Hearth ability should lower you Hearthstone cooldown by 40% when used in Zandalar or Kul'Tiras,instead it removes full cooldown,no matter where you use it.

April 25, 2019

[PvE][ToS] Orb Guardian

If the [Orb Guardian]( reset the orb on its base, it is impossible to take back the orb and the dungeon is finished here

April 24, 2019

[Fury] Bloodcraze

When you die the buff never appears again, you have to unequip the azerite gear and equip it for it to appear.

[Protection] Brace for Impact

Brace for Impact has two issues.
1. Brace for Impact should be able to stack up to 10 times. Currently it can stack only up to 5.

2. Brace for Impact should always lose a stack 9 seconds after gaining a stack, currently however its possible to stay at 5 stacks permanently since it doesn't lose any stacks like it should.

|T134951:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:277636|h[Brace for Impact]|h|r
|T134951:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:23922|h[Shield Slam]|h|r
Command Demon Ability : Spell Lock issues

|T136174:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:19647|h[Spell Lock]|h|r
The spell doesn't interrupt in two cases , warlock is stun but it should still work if the pet isn't stunned since it's the pet that cast the interrupt. Second case , not in line of sight but it's supposed to work if the pet is in line of sight but as the first case it doesn't.
[Destruction] - Chaotic Inferno + Backdraft

Incinerate casted when you have Chaotic Inferno and Backdraft together should only consume Chaotic Inferno buff since its instant cast, atm its consuming both.
|T135789:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:278748|h[Chaotic Inferno]|h|r
[Demonology] Hand of gul'dan triggering auto attack

When hand of gul'dan is casted it is triggering an autoattack and bugging out the gcd. This is also related to a wand bug in the following ticket:
|T535592:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:105174|h[Hand of Gul'dan]|h|r
[Elemental] Earth elemental auto attack damage

Earth elemental (And Primal earth elemental) are doing way more damage than supposed with their auto attacks.

0.25 x TotalSpellPower / 6 x 2 = Damage x TotalPetDamageMultiplier x ArmorReduction

The /6x2 is probably missing.

|T136024:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198103|h[Earth Elemental]|h|r
|T651081:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:117013|h[Primal Elementalist]|h|r
[Elemental] Primal elementals damage and AI issues

There are a few issues related to the elementals summoned by this talent:

1 Meteor (Primal fire elemental) damage is not being increased by Primal elementalist 80% damage modifier.
2Immolate (Primal fire elemental) direct and dot damage are not being increased by Primal elementalist 80% damage modifier.
3Eye of the storm (Primal storm elemental) damage is not being increased by Primal elementalist 80% damage modifier.
4Commanding the Elementals to cast Eye of the storm or Meteor should make them to interrupt their current spell cast and use these spells inmediately.

|T651081:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:117013|h[Primal Elementalist]|h|r
|T135790:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198067|h[Fire Elemental]|h|r
|T2065626:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:192249|h[Storm Elemental]|h|r
|T132845:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:157375|h[Eye of the Storm]|h|r
[Assassination] Internal Bleeding

The assassination talent : Internal Bleeding's damage doesn't scale with combo points spent. The damage is always as if it was casted with 1 combo points.

Correct formula : Damage = 0.0312 x AbilityDamage(true) x AlternatePowerSpent x TotalDamageMultiplier

Spell :
[Sublety] Secret Technique cd

When you have for example 4 sec cooldown left on Secret Technique and use some spell(you need 5 combo points) which consume combos spells like eviscerate, nightblade etc.
so it wont reduce cd for some reason.
Same happens if you have 3 sec left cd on secret and use spell(with 4+ combo points) so it wont reduce cd.

In this video he show he should 6 combo points and 5 sec left cd on Secret Technique and he used eviscerate to reduce cd secret technique but it didnt reduced cooldown.

|T132305:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:280719|h[Secret Technique]|h|r
[Assassination] Scent of blood

The Scent of blood buff seems to have a max duration of 24s starting from the last rupture you casted on a fresh target.

For example i have 3 targets : A, B, C
i cast 3 ruptures on A then on B then on C, the 24s timer will start after i cast rupture on C. After 24s, even though i still have rupture up on all targets, i will lose all 3 stacks of the buff scent of blood.

Another example for 1 target :
I cast rupture, after 24s i'll lose the buff and if i still refresh rupture before it fades, i will not gain the buff. i need to wait for rupture to fade then reapply a clean one to gain the buff.

How it should world : Scent of blood buffs should be active when i have rupture up on my target at any time, and the more targets are affected by rupture the more stacks i have (Capped at 10 stacks)
[All specs] Leap of Faith bugs you under the water

If you use Leap of Faith(|T463835:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:97640|h[Leap of Faith]|h|r ) while you're under water, the player you used it on will bug under you and not to you as it should be.
Mind Control vs Touch of Death

If an opposing Monk used Touch of Death on you or any of your allies and that Touch of Death expires while Mind Controlled by you, he should be considered friendly/allied, which causes that Touch of Death to deal no damage. Currently however, Touch of Death deals its damage regardless.

|T136206:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:605|h[Mind Control]|h|r
|T606552:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:115080|h[Touch of Death]|h|r
[Shadow] Purify Disease vs Shadowform

Casting Purify Disease while in Shadowform should not remove/cancel your Shadowform, currently however it does remove it.

|T135935:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:213634|h[Purify Disease]|h|r
Seraphim's blessing pvp

|T571555:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:204927|h[Seraphim's Blessing]|h|r

if you are dead seraphim's blessing effect triggers and resets on 4 sec while in ghost form and you can use it instantly when you revive (it shouldn't proc in ghost form)

when you're close to friendly players that can trigger seraphim's blessing your screen is constantly spammed by "invalid target" message, regardless of you or them being in combat or not

It putting u in combat(sometimes) even if u don't help/attack the add if u are a nearby random player and u take aggro on u , (not party) , seraphim should apply on party members or people who attack with u same person(wpvp)
[Protection] Righteous Protector vs No Target

When Shield of the Righteous doesn't hit any target, |T236264:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:204074|h[Righteous Protector]|h|r will not reduce the cooldown of Avenging Wrath and Light/Hand of the Protector
[Holy] Beacon of Virtue + Cast healing

When casting Flash of Light or Holy Light, this should be replied to Beacon of Virtue, if Virtue is used right at the moment the cast ends.
In simple words, cast Holy/Flash of Light, right at the end cast Virtue, the healing from that specific heal should be replied to the Beacon.
spell: |T1030094:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:200025|h[Beacon of Virtue]|h|r
(should also Happen with Light/Faith, although this tactic is useless to use on them as they stay up forever, therefore only Virtue needs the fix)
proof: at 15:24
[Mistweaver] Renewing mist and Vivify

Mistweaver monk's vivify has an additional effect "all allies with your Renewing Mist active are healed for (70% of Spell power)".
Currently it is working with other monks' Renewing Mist. It should only work with YOUR own renewing mist.

As an example, right now if Monk A uses Renewing mist A, Monk B benefits from the extra heal vivify provides as if Renewing mist A was casted by Monk B and vice versa.

Monk A should only be able to benefit from the extra heal on Renewing mist A, and Monk B from Renewing mist B.

Notes: Each monk can have multiple instances of Renewing mist on different targets. Wanted to point it out just in case.

Base spell: |T1360980:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:116670|h[Vivify]|h|r
Rank 2: |T1360980:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:274586|h[Vivify]|h|r
|T627487:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:115151|h[Renewing Mist]|h|r

[All Specs] Chi Wave

Chi wave jumps to the statue randomly when it shouldn't do so. Diademinka and I have tested both on FS and on Retail and the results are that it should only jump to targets in combat(which it doesn't here) and never jump to the target unless you cast it directly

|T606541:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:115098|h[Chi Wave]|h|r
[Windwalker] Rushing Jade Wind

Rushing jade wind the 2nd talent in the lvl90 talent row ;
How it's working : Currently in sethralis and dev realm Rushing jade wind is using 1 Chi and has a total uptime of 6 seconds ;
How it should work : under the 8.0.1 Patch that we are working on, Rushing jade wind should use 3 energy per second and should have an uptime of total energy (until your energy reachs 0 or unusable just like enh shamans with their AoE).
More Details here :

Wowhead has wrong info because they didn't update the spell tooltip.

PS : Dont change the damage as Askmrrobot says , just the usage.
[Fire] Ignite damage from Hot Streak Pyroblast

"Getting two directdamage critical strikes in a row will make your next Pyroblast or Flamestrike spell instant cast, and cause double the normal Ignite damage."

Well, the damage dealt by Ignite when you use a Pyroblast with Hot Streak is bugged at this moment, it doesn't double, but it works properly with Flamestrike.

|T236218:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:195283|h[Hot Streak]|h|r
|T135818:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:12846|h[Mastery: Ignite]|h|r
[General] Polymorph rules

Polymorph encounters the following issues:
1. Nova vs morphed target
2. Procs from trinkets and traits not breaking it sometimes.
3. Casting Polymorph is giving procs from damage ruled abilities such as traits and trinkets.

Polymorph |T136071:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:118|h[Polymorph]|h|r
[Beastmastery] Wild Protector

This buff should apply on hunter himself as well as applying to allies in 8yards range. sometimes this buff vanish and wont apply again until I retalent it from honor talent (it happenes when I change zones like from orgrimmar to durator or when I fly with a mount changing zones removes this buff which is a bug).
[Beastmastery] Dire beast

It is summoning 2 pets instead of just 1.
Auto attack formula is broken:

0.15 x AbilityDamage / 6 x 2 x TotalPetDamageMultiplier x ArmorReduction
[General] - Wild Charge + Aquatic Form

When you use Wild Charge in Aquatic Form swim speed should be increased
by additional 150%, but currently its not.
[Guardian] [Trait] https:www.wowhead.comspell=278510gory-regeneration

|T132091:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:278510|h[Gory Regeneration]|h|r

Currently there is no cap, and with incarn u can stack it too like 40second buff if not more.
Should be 1 second per cast, and up to 3 seconds total exstention.
Currently procs per hit, and stacks endlessly..
[Vengeance] Fel Devastation mechanics

There is 2 issues on this talent. (|T1450143:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:268063|h[Fel Devastation]|h|r)

First you can't interrupt it at all.

Second it's say that it should apply:

Effect #2 Apply Aura: Decrease Run Speed %
Value: 200%

but atm you can still move while channeleing Fel Devastation.

I guess make a similar script as the EyeBeam mechanics ()
[Havoc] Fel Barrage VS jump double jump

The talent Fel Barrage (|T2065580:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:258926|h[Fel Barrage]|h|r) should allow you to jump/doublejump without breaking, acting same as Eye beam (only that you can still move while channeling Fel Barrage)
[All Specs] Reverse Magic

Reverse magic ==> |T1380372:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:205604|h[Reverse Magic]|h|r
Not working properly with some spells i've done multiple tries with all spec/classes here's what we found:

Scorch ==> |T135818:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:12654|h[Ignite]|h|r ==> Dispell but doesn't reflect spell caster

Polymorph ==> |T136071:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:118|h[Polymorph]|h|r ==> Dispell allies but doesn't reflect on the spell caster

Shadow Word :Pain ==> |T136207:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:589|h[Shadow Word: Pain]|h|r ==> Dispell but doesn't reflect on the spell caster

Vampiric Touch ==> |T135978:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:34914|h[Vampiric Touch]|h|r ==> Dispell but doesn't reflect on the spell caster

Corruption ==> |T136118:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:172|h[Corruption]|h|r ==> Dispell but doesn't reflect on the spell caster

Entangling Roots ==> |T136100:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:339|h[Entangling Roots]|h|r ==> Dispell me allies but doesn't reflect on the spell caster

Hammer of justice ==> |T135963:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:13005|h[Hammer of Justice]|h|r == Dispell but does not reflect.

Fel Eruption ==> |T1118739:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:211881|h[Fel Eruption]|h|r ==> Doesn't dispell and doesn't reflect.
Note :I just want to make you know that's an exeption and Fel Euruption is dispelled/reflect even if it's not magical
[PvE][Motherlode] Addled Thug - Inhale Vapor

The spell Inhale Vapor should be interruptable.
[PVE][ToS] Orb Guardian + Eye of Sethraliss

When Orb Guardian succefully return Eye of Sethraliss (Orb) where it was, players wont be able to pick it up anymore.
[PVE][WQ] Zandalari Battlesaur

Most likely World Quest Wrath of Rezan allows to ride "Zandalari Battlesaur" instead of "Old K'zlotec", while doing the World Quest, it shouldn't be possible to kill other players with the NPC (causes one shots).
[PvE][Motherlode] Azerokk - Earthrager

Earthrager should be unable to move while casting Raging Gaze, only when he is channeling it.
[Misc] Wands and GCD

If you have a wand equipped, you won't be able to cast after casting smite pretty often, since the wand will occasionally try to shoot after casts for some reason which will trigger global cooldown.
This is an actual issue since wands are gear in BFA again (even if they are stat sticks, this problem currently would corner players into using worse stat weapons than a better stat wand because of this bug hindering them)

Note: tried to reproduce this issue on mage, but only ran into this problem with smite casts so far.
[PvE][Tol Dagor] Ashvane Warden

the add ( shouldn't be immune to all type off cc (fear, stun, blind, incap ...)
(|T1723691:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:259188|h[Heavily Armed]|h|r ? > need check)
[PvE][Tol Dagor] No reset last boss

The supervisor Korgus he dosn't reset if you brin him out of the fight area and be killed with cannons (in group)
[PvE][TolDagor] Adds inside prison cells with hordeally prisonners

The adds isnide the prison cells where the Horde / Ally prisonners are (those when you open they prissonners will give buff) are not going out off the cells and engage you if you open it.
[PVE][WQ] Kulett the Ornery

Kulett the Ornery doesnt reset properly. He just will evade all your attacks.
[Misc][Item] Paper Zeppelin

Actualy the paper zepelin don't go in the bag when you send it to someone.
(It should work at the same way than : |T237272:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:119159::::::::120:::::|h[Happy Fun Skull]|h|r).
[PvE][ToS] Loose Sparks

OK so (tested on ptr):
1st sparks: if you go to Right its almost impossible to pass..from left side ez(working)

2nd sparks: left and Right hitbox too big

3rd sparks: hitbox too big…(was working i think on ptr a while ago but not anymore)

April 19, 2019

[Affliction] - Siphon Life

Siphon Life should have partial tick (depands on haste), atm it doesnt.
[Affliction] Inevitable Demise

the trait |T537517:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273522|h[Inevitable Demise]|h|r Affects Drain Soul, when it should only affect Drain Life
[Affliction] Fear breaking

Fear is breaking instantly.

50k target, apply fear 1 dot, and it breaks after 1400 dmg.
u can also dot a target > cast fear and it will instantly break, on any dot dmg.
[General] Succubus seduction

Succubus pet can't cast Seduction if she's moving.

Whenever the warlock commands her to use that spell she should stop moving and cast the spell and move again after the channeling ends or is interrupted. Currently if you try it an error message appears "Can't do that while moving"

[Elemental] Echo of the elements lost upon leveling

Echo of the elements talent is lost every time the player levels up while under level 29.
Past level 30 this stops happening. It's probably related to Mastery: elemental overload, that's learned at level 29.

|T538566:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:108283|h[Echo of the Elements]|h|r
|T136050:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:168534|h[Mastery: Elemental Overload]|h|r
[Sublety] Shadowy duel in battlegrounds

|T1020341:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:207736|h[Shadowy Duel]|h|r
"You lock your target into a duel contained in the shadows, removing both of you from the eyes of onlookers for 6 sec."
In kotmogu, if you have any orb, and some enemy rogue use that PvP talent on you, that forces you to drop the orb, making IMPOSSIBLE to do the bg propperly, since you should not drop the orb. Very ABUSABLE.

Ps: Not tested with flags yet, but if works on them its gonna be worst.
[Assassination] Shrouded Suffocation formula

The current shrouded suffocation formula is not correctly calculated.

Currently the formula for garrote ticks from stealth (subterfuge and SS traits) is something like this :
(( AbilityDamage x 0.12 x TotalDamageMultiplier ) + SS traits ) x 1.8

The correct formula should be :
((AbilityDamage x 0.12) + SS traits)) x TotalDamageMultiplier x 1.8

The 1.8 is coming from subterfuge.
TotalDamageMultiplier means versa + mastery but that's working fine, it's really the SS traits that are misplaced in the formula.

Please note that this formula concerns only garrote casted from stealth if you had SS traits, and 1.8 is only related to subterfuge.
[Ret]Fist of Justice talent

For now the only way you can lower your cooldown for your Hammer of Justice is using your Divine Storm and Templars Verdict but you should be able to lower it down aswel with Inquisition(talent) and Execution Sentence (talent)
I've checked this on retail aswel.

|T135963:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:853|h[Hammer of Justice]|h|r
|T135906:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:234299|h[Fist of Justice]|h|r
|T613954:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:267798|h[Execution Sentence]|h|r
[Holy]Radiant Incandescence

Radiant Incandescence can proc from Holy Light, Light of the Martyr, Flash of Light and Holy Shock, but should be able to only from Holy Shock.
If your Holy Shock will deal critical damage you will get Radiant Incandescence buff on yourself aswel

Trait: |T135972:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:277674|h[Radiant Incandescence]|h|r
[Holy]Avenger's Might

Avengers Might azerite talent should work with Avenging Crusader, currently it doesnt work.

|T135875:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:272903|h[Avenger's Might]|h|r
|T589117:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:216331|h[Avenging Crusader]|h|r
[Retribution] Hammer of Reckoning

Using Hammer of Reckoning with 50 Stacks in order to procc Avenging Wrath/Crusader is bugged, if you Chose as T8 Talent Crusader, because you will get 12 Seconds buff for Crusader and also 6 Seconds Avenging Wrath.
(while you should only get 12seconds on crusader)
|T236251:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:247675|h[Hammer of Reckoning]|h|r
Divine shield + Forbearance

|T524354:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:283627|h[Divine Shield]|h|r and |T135964:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:1022|h[Blessing of Protection]|h|r Give u an debuff of 30 sec of |T135952:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:25771|h[Forbearance]|h|r , but if we bubble and 1 boss put on us or add an debuff we will get permanently debuffed by him (harmfull or dmg dot effect) or , it can be |T252270:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:259753|h[Lei Shen's Legacy]|h|r even this buff from ground we can get it permanently if we bubble before entering the circle we exit circle waiting for expire and we will get perma buff or an perma dot depends of npc/boss

Edit : this works only if u wait for bubble or bop to expire (blessing of protection or divine shield) , if we cancel the debuff or buff is not permanently and we still get forbearance(which is good)
[MW] Chi Torpedo and Spinning Crane Kick

When using Spinning Crane Kick and then CHi torpedo you shoud dash forward but still spinning.
Atm he stop using spinng crane kick if you use Chi Torpedo.

see : at 13:45

(was the same on Legion)

|T606543:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:107270|h[Spinning Crane Kick]|h|r
[Survival] Camouflage

Traps, Wildfire bomb, Shrapnel bomb should break camouflage from hunter, atm it doesn't.
Heartstop Aura

Aura works but not as intended, sometimes it applies the debuff on enemy, and sometimes not, also debuff doesn't disappear within 8 yards but looks like it has longer time to drop, after that it won't reapply aura again on enemy within 8 yards [20%].

Aura Debuff |T1390944:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:214975|h[Heartstop Aura]|h|r
Honor Talent |T1390944:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:199719|h[Heartstop Aura]|h|r
[Misc][Guild] Instant Mail's between guildies.

With Perk "Guild Mail" you should be able to send instantly mail to guild members,but it does not work.
[Misc] Warmode 10% bonus

It's not working at all for
War Resources (i think)
[Misc] Darnassus Stormwind's Portal

The portal to Darnassus in Stormwind isn't working. When you click on it , it disappears and it won't teleport you. The boat isn't working either, so it's quite hard to go to Kalimdor.
[Generic][Azerite Trait]Overwhelming Power

Stacks are going down only with time, not taking damage and time.
But it should have an internal cooldown of 1 second for losing stacks from taking damage (retail confirmation)

|T252174:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:266180|h[Overwhelming Power]|h|r
[Misc] Portal Dalaran Orgrimmar

When we take the gate that goes to Orgrimmar in Dalaran (Legion) we spawn in the void and we die when we arrive in Orgrimmar each time .

April 18, 2019

[BM]- Spirit walk

That spell not working at all .
Also with this spell on the pet it moving speed is slower than the 2nd pet that without this buff which is a bug. both pets should move in the same speed even with this buff on .

April 16, 2019

[General] - Imp Auto Attack

Imp from Summon Imp spell is doing 8 times more with Auto Attack than it should.
Dmg formula of auto attack should be same as Felhunters
[Assasination] Blindside

When you logout while selected this talent and log in back so the talent wont work anymore so you have to unlearn and learn again to make it work again.
It doesnt work with Multilate 25% chance to proc Blindside when you logout and login back it wont be working anymore.

[Shadow] Dark Void + SW:P Initial Damage

Shadow Word: Pain's initial damage dealt when it gets applied to a target should not be proccing off of Dark Void's cast. If you were to cast Dark void it should only deal Dark Void's damage, but currently its dealing Shadow Word: Pain's initial damage too.

Do note that Shadow Word: Pain itself should still be applied to the targets hit, it just should not deal that initial damage.

|T132851:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:263346|h[Dark Void]|h|r
|T136207:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:589|h[Shadow Word: Pain]|h|r