BFA - Live Changelog

March 23, 2019

[Misc][Item] Leyshock's Grand Compilation

does not proc at all

March 21, 2019

[Prot] Into the fray

Atm this talent is only working with enemy npcs/players, it should also works with friendly npcs/players, as the tooltip says.
[Mistweaver]Soothing mist + vivify

If you cast soothing mist + vivify, the soothing stop the cast after the first vivify. Only happend with vivify, with renewing mist works perfectly.
[Herbalism] Gather Herbs while mounted

Atm u can gather herbs while mounted (aka every mount)

You should only be able to do that with a special mount or in druid from

March 20, 2019

[Brewmaster] Stagger

Stagger doesn't work correctly with High Tolerance talent, Ironskin Brew and
Fortifying Brew. It should be calculated like that:
base = 1.4
if HasTalent(HighTolerance)
base = base x 1.4
if HasBuff(IronskinBrew)
base = base x 3.5
if HasBuff(FortifyingBrew)
base = base x 1.5
base = base x TotalAgility
Result = base / (ArmorConstantNpc(TargetLevel) + base)
if not IsPhysical
Result = Result * 0.35
[Unholy][Pvp talent] Reanimation

Reanimation honor talent should have the limit: 10% of DK's hp against non-player enemies.
Chaos Nova & Leg Sweep duration in PvP

Chaos Nova and Leg Sweep duration when used/engaged in PvP combat should be full which is 5 seconds, regardless of the tooltip saying 2/3 seconds.

March 19, 2019

[Destruction] - Crashing Chaos

When you have Havoc on 1 target, and hit other target, it should consume 1 stack of trait.
Also visual buff is bugged atm, it says that it consume 1 but it consumes 2.

March 18, 2019

[Assassination] Crimson Tempest

Currently the instant damage of this spell is way too high. The correct formula would be:
(1 + AlternatePowerSpent) x 0.036 x AbilityDamage(true) x TotalDamageMultiplier x ArmorReduction

for the ticking dot the formula would be:
0.09 x Attackpower x Damage Multiplier

The dot from Crimson Tempest shouldn't proc Venomous Vim.
[Gladiator Azerite gear PvP drop]

Currently Gladiator Azerite gear drops from end of match rewards, it should not.

Only aspirant drops (the blue ones) from non rated and boxes, which is fine. but currently ranked gear the gladiator, drops from wins, they should only be from the weekly content such as weekly pvp chest, weekly conquest etc.
[WQ] Tortollan cache

Tortollan cache is empty

March 17, 2019

[Enhancement] Stormbringer instantly consumed

Stormbringer procs off most attacks and make your next Stormstrike free cost and deal additional damage.

The issue comes when Stormstrike procs Stormbringer. It procs and at the same time it's consumed by the stormstrike that procced it, making Stormstrike spend maelstrom and consume Stormbringer.

Adding a small delay to Stormbringer proc may fix the issue.
Restoration] Earth Shield vs spell damage

Currently earth shield stacks doesn't get consumed(so no heal) from spell damage, only from physical melee attack.

it should heal/consume stack from any damage taken.

[Earth Shield ID:974](
[Shadow][Honor Talent] Void Shield

Void Shield is not working at all.
[Shadow] Void Eruption Double Cast

Currently its possible to cast Void Eruption twice in a row if you use Void Eruption/Void Bolt very quickly after the first cast (spam click). This extra cast of Void Eruption will count as Void Bolt casts, so each target hit will get their Vampiric Touch and Shadow Word: Pain duration increased as well as giving you 16 insanity per target hit. This allows for shadow priest do bit more AoE damage than intended. This issue is mostly present when using Legacy of the Void. It occasionally also drains you of all your insanity and causes you to immediately exit voidform.

Video in the comments below showing the issue and how to reproduce it.
[Survival] Wildfire Infusion

The type of bomb always comes back on the Shrapnel bomb after a few seconds.

Death's Advance

Death's Advance's should make you immune to enemy knockback and forced movement effects while the buff persists. Currently however this effect is not working at all. Some spells/examples are:
Ring of Peace, Death Grip, Typhoon, Ursol's Vortex, Shining Force, etc.

This issue also extends to PvE content and NPC spells like Brutal Backhand from Irontide Enforcers in Freehold, Undertow from Aqu'sirr in Shrine of the Storm, etc.

Do note that the other effects of Death's Advance is working perfectly.
[Azerite Trait] Liberator's Might

Currently doesn't give any stat, it should give crit and haste.

[Liberator's Might ID:280623](
[Enchanting] Siphoning

This enchant should increase your character's leech by up to 100, scaling with your character level, right now it doesn't add any leech to your character.

March 16, 2019

[General] Average ilvl should be a float

[Zone][Silithus] Map update

Currently, the map is in the old version of the zone
[Azerite] Heart of Azeroth bonding to player, not to item

Artifcat power for the HoA should be linked with player and not with the HoA item bcs can be occur some situations when players lose their HoA and get a new one.
[Marksmanship] Trick shots

The buff Trick shots doesn't appear as it should, after Multi shot hits 3 or more targets. This is an essential mechanic for AoE of this spec.