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July 1, 2022

[Brewmaster] Stagger

##Issues of Stagger:

Retails Logs:
Live logs :

###The stagger is applied 2 times (in migated damage and in absorb shield)

The stagger influences the damage mitigation when it should not. Because currently it mitigates damage and absorbs damage as well.

On retails the monk mitigates 2 times less and the absorbed shield is much higher compared to FS (about 39%41% in retails for 63%73%in Live ) Moreover we can see that the mitigated damage increases with the |T642416:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:322120|h[Shuffle]|h|r.

Live (mitigated damage 63%73%):

Retails proof (mitigated damage 39%41%):

Retails proof (shuffle don't increases the mitigated damage):

###K Value is inccorrect in the stagger calculation

Kvalue array:

Retails proof:


base = 1,05 x 1,25 x 3,3 x 1420
base = 6 150,375

stagger value = base / (k + base)
stagger value = 6 150,375 / (3050,0 + 6 150,375)
stagger value = 0,66849177343314810537613955952882

Stagger Absorb shield Melee 1
= (40656 16839) x 0,66849177343314810537613955952882
= 15 921,468567857288425743515889298

Stagger Absorb shield Melee 2
= (42860 17751) 0,66849177343314810537613955952882
= 16 785,159939132915777889488200209

Stagger Absorb shield Melee 3
= (41238 15808) 0,66849177343314810537613955952882
= 16 999,745798404956319715228998818

Live :


base = 1,05 x 1,25 x 3,3 x 1 546
base = 6 696,1125

stagger value = base / (k + base)
stagger value = 6 696,1125 / (3050,0 + 6 696,1125)
stagger value = 0,68705471027550728559720606549534

Stagger Absorb shield Melee 1
= (42878 31625) 0,68705471027550728559720606549534
= 7 731,4266547302834848253598550191

Stagger Absorb shield Melee 2
= (47819 36418) 0,68705471027550728559720606549534
= 7 833,1107518510585630937463527124

Stagger Absorb shield Melee 3
= (52204 39758) 0,68705471027550728559720606549534
= 8 551,082924088963676542826691155

###The damage of the stagger is inccorrect

The damage of the stagger must be equal to the absorbed shield of the stagger.

Retails proof:


= 1844 / 20
= ROUND( 92,2 )
= 92

Live :


= 7624 / 20
= ROUND( 381,2 )
= 381
[Covenant][Necrolord] Bonedust Brew vs Dmg multiplier

The Bonedust Brew damage should not be modified by the damage multiplier.

Bonedust Brew Damage calculation:
= trigger x 0,35
if has |T3528295:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:337295|h[Bone Marrow Hops]|h|r
= value (1 + |T3528295:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:337295|h[Bone Marrow Hops]|h|r Value)

I took the first boss of MIST as an example to see the difference because |T134218:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:323059|h[Droman's Wrath]|h|r , this also applies to SOA and NW spears, SD jar buff, ... (view [retails Monk Discord]()

S1 Retail Proof ( without |T3528295:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:337295|h[Bone Marrow Hops]|h|r ) :

Bonedust Brew 1:
= 478 x 0,35
= 167,3

Bonedust Brew 2:
= 474 x 0,35
= 165,9

Bonedust Brew 3:
= 1833 x 0,35
= 641,55

S2 Retail Proof :

Bonedust Brew 1:
= 12186 x 0,35 x 1,80
= 7677,18 x 2 (crit)
= 15 354,36

Bonedust Brew 2:
= 6171 x 0,35 x 1,80
= 3 887,73 x 2 (crit)
= 7 775,46

Bonedust Brew 3:
= 11120 x 0,35 x 1,80
= 7 005,6 x 2 (crit)
= 14 011,2

Live :

Bonedust Brew 1:
= 1535 x 0,35 x 1,60
= 859,6 x 3 (|T134218:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:323059|h[Droman's Wrath]|h|r)
= 2 578,8

Bonedust Brew 2:
= 2538 x 0,35 x 1,60
= 1 421,28 x 2 (crit)
= 2 842,56 x 3 (|T134218:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:323059|h[Droman's Wrath]|h|r)
= 8 527,68

Live (without pride):

S1 Retails:

S2 retail :

|T132180:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:34477|h[Misdirection]|h|r should not work if the target is in a mount.
[Restau][Balance] High Winds vs Entangling Roots

How it should work : Only Cyclone should trigger the 30% heal and damage debuff for 4secs.

What's wrong now: |T136100:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:339|h[Entangling Roots]|h|r is triggering High Winds debuff, only Cyclone should.

Link : |T132119:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:200931|h[High Winds]|h|r
|T136100:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:339|h[Entangling Roots]|h|r
Hibernate vs Bearform shapeshift

Druids should not be able to use Hibernate in bearform, except as Guardian Spec. Right now, as Resto/Feral/Balance you can use Hibernate in Bear form shapeshift.

|T132276:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5487|h[Bear Form]|h|r
Unholy] Raise abomination vs stealth

The abomination should give the DoT (Virulent plague) to every ennemy who are near to him, the problem is , the abomination doesnt give this Dot to ennemy in stealth and it should ,+ instant remove the stealth if the ennemy get hit by the Dot

wowheadspell : |T298667:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288853|h[Raise Abomination]|h|r

June 30, 2022

[Unholy] Magus of the Dead

Magus of the Dead from |T1392565:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:276837|h[Army of the Damned]|h|r have some issues:

#Retail pics of damage:
Shadow Bolt:


#Retail formula:

Frostbolt: 0,13 x (6 x 1,7 + 158) x 1 (Versatility) x 1,1440 (Mastery) x 1,03 (9.2 core passive) = 26

Shadow Bolt: 0,11 x (6 x 1,7 + 158) x 1 (Versatility) x 1,1440 (Mastery) x 1,03 (9.2 core passive) = 22
Frostbolt: 0,13 x (6 x 1,7 + 447) x 1 (Versatility) x 1,1440 (Mastery) x 0,97 (Core Passive since 9.1.5 got changed in 9.2) = 66 vs 160 ingame

Shadowbolt: 0,11 x (6 x 1,7 + 447) x 1 (Versatility) x 1,1440 (Mastery) x 0,97 (Core Passive since 9.1.5 got changed in 9.2) = 56 vs 136 ingame

June 29, 2022

Evasion + Fleshcraft vs Kick

Physical kicks shouldn't work through Evasion, so you can get kicked while casting Fleshcraft with Evasion active.
Only for physicals kicks, not magics kicks

WH : |T136205:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5277|h[Evasion]|h|r
[Assasination] Numbling poison + Shiv

|T135428:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5938|h[Shiv]|h|r should apply a concentrated form of nonlethal poison, which works fine with crippling poison but, it doesn't apply the concentrated form of |T136066:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5761|h[Numbing Poison]|h|r if u have this on. With the buff shiv active the reduce casting speed from the poison should be 30%

|T136066:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5761|h[Numbing Poison]|h|r
[Assasination] Envenom's buff

Assassination's Envenom should retain 30% of its duration when reapplied.

Currently reapplying Envenom removes the duration of the previous Envenom buff and applies the new duration

Moonfire vs Bearform shapeshift

Druids should not be able to use Moonfire in bearform, except as Guardian Spec. Right now, as Resto/Feral/Balance you can use Moonfire in Bear form shapeshift.

|T132276:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5487|h[Bear Form]|h|r
[Resto] Ursol's vortex vs drink

Description of the bug

Ursol's Vortex don't cancel enemy player drink

How to reproduce

Use Ursol's Vortex on someone drinking

How it should be

Ursol's Vortex should cancel any player drink

Informations of the spell

|T571588:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:102793|h[Ursol's Vortex]|h|r

June 28, 2022

Intimidation vs Line of sight

|T132111:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:19577|h[Intimidation]|h|r can stun your target trough a pilar. Your pet have to be in target's line of sight for stun.

WH : |T132111:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:19577|h[Intimidation]|h|r

June 27, 2022

[DOS] Necrotic Distortion

The NPC on Ardenweald area can get you in combat. Mainly |T3578227:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:325216|h[Bonedust Brew]|h|r applies a debuff on it and keeps you in combat so you have to full team wipe to be able to click portal.
[Assault][Fae] War Chest of the Wild Hunt

War Chest of the Wild Hunt reward from the final quest for Night Fae's assault is empty.
Item ID: |T3753378:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:185991::::::::120:::::|h[War Chest of the Wild Hunt]|h|r
[Assault][Venthyr] Harvester's War Chest

Harvester's War Chest reward from the final quest for Venthyr's assault is empty.
Item ID: |T3753384:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:185990::::::::120:::::|h[Harvester's War Chest]|h|r
[DOS] Bridge before The Manastorms vs Mass ress

If you die on bridge with oil and fell down, you cant be ressurected by mass ress, but you should be able to. Its huge time loss, if someone dies there, he needs to release and thats often pride buff wasted.
[Misc][Legendary] Keefer's Skyreach and immune effect

When monk has |T2032605:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:337334|h[Keefer's Skyreach]|h|r legendary equipped following happens:

Currently Apply Aura: Immunity(All or Physical) spells like |T135964:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:1022|h[Blessing of Protection]|h|r, |T524354:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:642|h[Divine Shield]|h|r, |T135841:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:45438|h[Ice Block]|h|r etc. Don't remove |T132094:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:337341|h[Skyreach Exhaustion]|h|r debuff when it should.

Retail examples that it should:
[Misc][Item] Hateful Chains

New issue: the ticket doesn't crit anymore (see attached screenshot (taken as bm hunter Nightfae)

retail proof that the trinket should crit:
[Misc][Profession] Tailoring: Shadowlands Cloth Scavenging

Description of the bug: is not teaching the passive |T3528456:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:343634|h[Shadowlands Cloth Scavenging]|h|r

How to reproduce:
Go to at Oribos and click in the recipe.

June 23, 2022

[HoA] Echelon vs Immunities

Currently, if you pull Echelon while having a |T524354:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:642|h[Divine Shield]|h|r or |T135964:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:1022|h[Blessing of Protection]|h|r
Echelon will get bugged and can't get killed anymore.

He will stay behind the wall and just permanently heal back to full hp every few seconds, which makes the dungeon undoable to complete.

Can be played around tho if you don't pull him while having bubble or bop.

[PTR proof]()
[CN][Heroic][Denathrius] P2 Overlaps

> Timers still need to be adjusted. Weird overlaps are happening.More specifically the time delays between |T136129:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:330042|h[Command: Massacre]|h|r
and |T136225:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:330627|h[Hand of Destruction]|h|r
. Right now on live when the 2nd |T136129:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:330042|h[Command: Massacre]|h|r is cast 6 seconds later the 3rd |T136225:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:330627|h[Hand of Destruction]|h|r pulls you in which makes it impossible to dodge. Massacre timer on live Hand of destruction Timer on live Massacre timer on retail Hand of Destruction timer on retail It's always Hand of Destruction > Massacre , currently Massacre happens followed by a Hand of Destruction which grips you into the blades and kills you.

|T136225:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:330627|h[Hand of Destruction]|h|r:
Every ~40 seconds, the boss will drag all players to his current location and then summon an image of himself at that location.

|T136129:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:330042|h[Command: Massacre]|h|r:

Whenever Denathrius reaches 100 energy, he will cast Command: Massacre. This cast resets his energy back to 0%.
When the cast completes, Remornia will despawn and a series of large swords will appear around the encounter space.
Each sword will mark a large line attack towards the location of a random player for a few seconds before shooting down that line.
Any player hit by a sword will take a large amount of shadow damage.
[Profession][Enchanting] Eternal Bounds

Eternal Bounds is increasing Mana Regeneration by 6% aswell, should only increase Max Mana.

I don't know which one is the correct so I put both :pray:
|T136243:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:323923|h[Eternal Bounds]|h|r
|T136244:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:323761|h[Eternal Bounds]|h|r

June 22, 2022

[SV] Bloodseeker

The damage of |T132139:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:260248|h[Bloodseeker]|h|r bleeding should not be increased by the mastery

June 20, 2022

[Marksmanship] Multi-Shot

MM's MultiShot is hitting ALL targets within 40yds or more, including the targets not in combat.

How it should be: MultiShot should hit MainTarget + all enemies within 10yds of MainTarget. (Same as BM MultiShot)

[Unholy] Leap vs Dark Transformation

While our ghoul is under Dark Transformation and when we use the "Leap " ability the pet doesn't charge at the target . The other mechaincs of the ability are working , only the charge part is missing .

How to reproduce:
1. Use Dark Transformation on your ghoul.
2. Use it's Leap ability on a far mob.
[SD] Anima cage vs neutrals adds

how its bugged
the neutral adds dont give stack or refresh stacks of |T3528307:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:340433|h[Sinfall Boon]|h|r when they are killed near the lantern

how to reproduce
bring some neutral and kill them near the anima cage

how it should be
every add (even affix like spiteful/explosive) should give stacks and refresh the stacks of |T3528307:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:340433|h[Sinfall Boon]|h|r

[ptr proof]()
[SoA][Devos] Dispel vs Lost Confidence

Description of bug
when a healer dispel someone who has |T237555:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:322818|h[Lost Confidence]|h|r they will instantly get the |T136193:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:322817|h[Lingering Doubt]|h|r debuff which is incorrect

how to reproduce
just dispell someone when they get |T237555:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:322818|h[Lost Confidence]|h|r

how it should be
when the player who has |T237555:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:322818|h[Lost Confidence]|h|r they shouldnt instantly get |T136193:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:322817|h[Lingering Doubt]|h|r debuff they should only get it when they stay in the puddle or if they go into it.

additional info
[ptr proof healer pov]()
[ptr proof]()
[retail proof]()
[NW] Rotspew Leftovers vs Sanguine

Rotspew Leftovers in pack G34 should leave sanguine on floor.

Retail proof:
[NW] Goregrind bits vs Sanguine

Goregrind bits in pack G33 should leave sanguine when they die.

Retail proof:
[NW] Goregrind bits vs Spiteful

Goregrind bits in pack G33 should spawn spiteful ghosts.

Retail proof:
[NW] Rotspew Leftovers vs Spiteful

Rotspew Leftovers in pack G34 should spawn spiteful ghosts.

Retail proof:
[Mist] Mistveil Gorgegullet

Mistveil Gorgegullet sometime casts Tongue Lashing while is in middle of his spell Crushing Leap. So it hits with tongue in random directom while in mid air.
It shouldnt overlap abilities.
|T236171:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:340305|h[Crushing Leap]|h|r
|T350575:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:340300|h[Tongue Lashing]|h|r
[Mist] Misteveil Defender

Spear Flurry damages everyone even at back of Mistveil Defender. Hitbox is way bigger then its shown.
[SD][General Kaal] Wicked Rush vs Evasion

When general Kaal jumps on rogue with Wicked Rush, you should be able to dodge it with Evasion. You wont take any damage, but this doesnt work on ptr.

Retail proof:
[ToP] Harugia the Bloodthirsty

Harugia the Bloodthirsty has bigger hitbox on jump than its shown. It hits everybody outside of brown circle on ground. Sometimes it deals damage while in middle of jump instead of when she lands on circle.
[PF] Fleshcraft vs slimes

Currently on ptr when you want to pick up necrolord buff with Fleshcraft, you need to stand right on top of corpse of slime, othervise you wont get it.
Problem with that is that if you want more then 1 buff, you need to kill slimes on exact same spot to get both buffs.
On retail you can cast flashcraft wherever you want, as long you get close to corpse, you will get "souls" from them and if u get close to dead slimes, you will get souls + necrolord buffs.

retail proof:

[NW][Amarth] Necrotic breath spell queue issues

Description of the bug

when necrotic breath gets cast he follow's the tank and when the cast finishes he instantly snaps to the intended position making it unpredictable to dodge

after necrotic breath has been added to the spell queue the boss will cast necrotic bolt and the moment the bolt cast is finished or interrupted he will instantly cast necrotic breath

[ptr proof]()
[retail proof]()

how it should be

When necrotic breath gets cast and the boss chooses a position and direction he should instantly turn to that direction and start the cast.

after necrotic bolt is cast there should be a delay before he starts casting necrotic breath

additional info
|T2576097:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:320171|h[Necrotic Bolt]|h|r
|T2576093:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:333488|h[Necrotic Breath]|h|r ( the cast )
|T2576093:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:333489|h[Necrotic Breath]|h|r ( the channeled spell)

June 17, 2022

[CN][Heroic][Denathrius] P3 Overlaps

Issue: Right now in phase 3 the 2nd Fatal Finesse overlaps with another Fatal Finesse. What happens is boss casts 2nd Fatal Finesse and casts Hand of Destruction which is normal but here on live realm, its immediately casting 3rd set of Fatal Finesse making the overlap kind of hard. [Video Proof]() you can start watching from 6.24 to see it clearly from DPS POV.

Proof: [Warcraft Log]() (Check the 11th and 12th pull)
[Tank POV]() Watch from 5.24

|T3528309:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:332797|h[Fatal Finesse]|h|r
|T136225:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:330627|h[Hand of Destruction]|h|r,players%2C%20reduced%20based%20on%20distance.&text=Instant,Denathrius%20pulls%20all%20players%20to%20his,conjures%20an%20image%20of%20himself.

June 16, 2022

[PVP] Death from Above vs CC immunity

`Spell:` [Death from Above]()

# When a Rogue uses Death from Above he should be immune to all incoming CC's (Stuns,fears,blinds,grips,roots etc) while the animation of flying up in the air and coming down is present, currently on LIVE and PTR its not working correctly
`Additional information`: CC immune period should be as follows, when you fly up your cast bars gets disabled/grayed out while that effect is present the rogue should be immune to all CC's during that time. Just watch the videos you can notice when I press DFA that all of my spells are non castable until the point I land on the ground.
`Video proof:`

[PTR HoJ]()
[Live Blind]()
[Live Sheep]()

`Marking as High Prio due to it being crucial in PVP for those who use this PVP talent.`
Divine ShieldHand of Protection vs Intimidating Shout

|T524354:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:642|h[Divine Shield]|h|r
|T135964:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:66009|h[Hand of Protection]|h|r

Currently if you're under the effect of Intimidating Shout you can either Bubble or use Hand of Protection while feared you won't get Forbearance debuff.


This is a big issue in PvP

June 15, 2022

[Profession] Recipe: Crafter's Mark's

When I purchase the recipe for Crafter's Mark II from Ve'nari in The Maw and click to learn the item nothing is happening in to the Inscription and recipe is missing and unlearned.
Item link: |T442732:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:183870::::::::120:::::|h[Recipe: Crafter's Mark II]|h|r

June 14, 2022

[Conduit] Virtuous Command in Holy Spec

Description of the bug

Although its a ret conduit, it should be working in Holy as well.

How to reproduce

Equip the conduit in holy and use judgement it wont give you the buff.

How it should be

It should give the buff which does additional damage when the Holy paladin will use crusader strike and melee attacks. It should only proc from Crusader strike and melee attacks for Holy paladin

P.S. I am aware its not a mainstream potency conduit but there are people crying for it on BT and retail allowed it.

Information's of the spell

|T135969:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:339518|h[Virtuous Command]|h|r
[BT Report]()
Custom: WoD Garrison Vendor

Spawn Some usefull WoD Garrison Specific vendor in Ashran hubs

June 13, 2022

[Balance][PVP Talent] Star Burst doesn't give astral power

Description of the bug

Currently Star Burst Doesn't give 15 Astral power when it does damage.

How to reproduce

Use Starfall to proc star burst , pick it and go to an enemy to deal damage with it and check if you get astral power.

How it should be

Star Burst burst should give 15 Astral Power when it does damage

Information's of the spell

|T1408832:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:356517|h[Star Burst]|h|r
[Proof from Live]()
[Auction House] Runecarving option

Currentely the AH option does display useless things including BOEs and etc., instead of strictly showing up Runecarving items according to the armor type.

[Retail Proof]()
[PTR Proof]()

June 9, 2022

[Misc][Covenants] Boon of the Ascended

June 8, 2022

Scatter Shot

Currently |T132153:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:213691|h[Scatter Shot]|h|r doesn't break on damage. The debuff should be removed from target that receives any amount of damage. At the moment it has a treshold set too high. Should be any damage as long as its not 0.

Bug demo:

It says so in description and it has always been like that throughout history of this spell.
[CN][Heroic][Sludgefist] Destructive Stomp

Description of the bug

After the last generic fix, Sludgefist Destructive stomp has a larger aoe radius then intended, making the fight kind of hard to do it. as most of the melee get killed in the stomp. The stomp is also destroying the pillar which is like 5 yards away from the stomp aoe.

How to reproduce

Pull Sludgfist and when he stomps get out of the aoe of the stomp.

How it should be

Getting out of the stomp aoe shouldn't kill people. right now its the radius of the spell is larger than it should be.

Information's of the spell

|T136025:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:332318|h[Destructive Stomp]|h|r


June 6, 2022

[Covenant][Necrolord] Death Chakram

|T3578207:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:325028|h[Death Chakram]|h|r

Death Chakram isn't triggering |T3459801:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:323090|h[Plaguey's Preemptive Strike]|h|r , it should.

Also Death Chakram is putting two debuffs on your target, one 10% damage increase and another 0% damage increase. It should only display one debuff.
[Misc][Covenants] Death's Due vs Defile


When using Death's Due with the Defile talent on, the target doesn't get the debuff of the Death's Due, neither the player doesn't get the buff that it should.

This only happens when you have the Defile talent on, the Death's Due works fine when its not combined with Defile.

Death's Due applying the effect that it should, without Defile talent on

Death's Due effect doesn't apply while having Defile talent on.

|T3636837:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:324128|h[Death's Due]|h|r
[Bastion][Campaign] The Last Labor

Description of the bug

Missing speach

"Xandria says: Coward! I will rip your carcass from my temple and cast it into oblivion!" undermap

Phasing issue

Xandria and Alexandros should help player and kill the NPC together, acutally they are not visible

How to reproduce

Take the quest 59700
Speak with Xandria to fly
The part of the missing speach should be lunched when player reach the top

How it should be


Proof :
Retail :
[Misc][Covenants] Soul Rot

Description of the bug

Targets should be Main Target + 3 nearby, atm it's 3 random targets
Damage of secondary targets (nearby ones) should be / 2
"For the next 8 sec, casting Drain Life will cause you to also Drain Life from any enemy affected by your Soul Rot, and Drain Life will not consume any mana." is not working;

How to reproduce

Cast Soul Rot

How it should be

Should apply the debuff to primary target + 3 nearby and damage of secondary targets should be half of the primary.
For the next 8 sec, Drain Life should any enemy affected by Soul Rot and not consume any mana.

Informations of the spell

|T3636850:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:325640|h[Soul Rot]|h|r
[Soulbind][Necrolord] [Plague Deviser Marileth] Plaguey's Preemptive Strike

|T3459801:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:323090|h[Plaguey's Preemptive Strike]|h|r

Auto attacks don't trigger Plaguey's Preemptive Strike, they should.

June 3, 2022

[Covenant] Wild Spirits VS Multi Shot & Carve

Description of bug
currently if you use |T132330:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:2643|h[MultiShot]|h|r while wild spirits is active |T3636840:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:328231|h[Wild Spirits]|h|r will hit each target 5 times and it is uncapped (meaning it will hit every add 5 times)

how to reproduce
use |T132330:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:2643|h[MultiShot]|h|r during |T3636840:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:328231|h[Wild Spirits]|h|r is active

how it should be
|T3636840:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:328231|h[Wild Spirits]|h|r should hit each target 1 time per cast of hunter spell
it should have a cap at 5 targets > shouldn't hit more than 5 targets

5 Targets = 5 Hits per Hunter Ability. Rn it's 25 Hits per MultiShot.

[Ptr proof]()
[ptr proof 2.0]()
[GuardianFeral][PvP] Malorne's Swiftness

Talent [Guardian]: |T1394966:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:236147|h[Malorne's Swiftness]|h|r
Talent [Feral]: |T1394966:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:236012|h[Malorne's Swiftness]|h|r

The 20% Movement speed increase is missing over the movement nerf while in PvP scenario to the Travel Form in all specializations.

Issue Proof:

June 2, 2022

[Talent][Holy][Discipline] Divine Star

Casting [Divine Star](|T537026:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:110744|h[Divine Star]|h|r) is healing allies and damaging enemies forward but it should also do the same on the way back. Right now it's only working forward. If there are >6 targets the healing gets reduced, but it still has to heal/do damage.
[Misc][Legendary] Kindred Spirits vs arena prep

How it should work :

You should be able to use |T3565444:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:326434|h[Kindred Spirits]|h|r during arena prep.

How it actually works :

You actually can't use |T3565444:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:326434|h[Kindred Spirits]|h|r during arena prep.

June 1, 2022

[Spell Tome] Dirty Tricks, Vol 1: Detection

`Item: `[Dirty Tricks, Vol 1: Detection]()

# When you use the tome its supposed to give you a spell called [Detection]() thats spammable creates a swirly ball around you, its rogue specific, on the PTR you do not get the spell in your spell book, the spell Tome just gets consumed.
`Additional information`: Apologies in advance for using WoWDB links, WoWhead is banned in my country for some reason.
[Misc][Profession] Battle Potions vs Macro

A bug has been fixed that made players able to use more than 1 BFA battle potion at the same time

May 31, 2022

[Misc] Instance channel

Since last Friday it's no longer possible tu read nor use the /instance channel.

Dev note: related to a fix made, it should work fine now !

May 30, 2022

[Demonology] From the Shadows vs Demonfire

How it should work :

|T1378282:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:267170|h[From the Shadows]|h|r should increase tyrant's |T252172:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:270481|h[Demonfire]|h|r.

Retail proof : _without From the Shadows_
_with From the Shadows_

How it actually is working :

|T1378282:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:267170|h[From the Shadows]|h|r isn't increasing tyrant's |T252172:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:270481|h[Demonfire]|h|r.
PTR proof : _without_
[Holy] Symbol of Hope
[The Maw][Quest] Rule 5: Be Audacious
After the dialogue with the broker, the task is not completed
[The Maw] Venari Upgrades

Venari purchasable items such as Maw Upgrades, and Torghast ones should vanish from the vendor once purchased and used.
[NW] Death Burst - Permanent Silence
[Misc][Item] Spatial Realignment Apparatus

Description of the bug
Buying the item when you have your rep from Ve'nari on Appreciative isnt showing available slots where you can put sockets on gear.

How it should be
When you press the Spatial Realignment Apparatus item you should be able to apply sockets to designated slots on gear without them being blacked out.

Links to spells
|T463459:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:184361::::::::120:::::|h[Spatial Realignment Apparatus]|h|r


May 27, 2022

[PvP Talent] Death Sentence

|T237517:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198500|h[Death Sentence]|h|r
|T135358:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:163201|h[Execute]|h|r Ignore 6 sec cooldown it is a 9.2 change.

On our live server Death Sentence has wrong interaction with Execute. If you use Execute while directly facing your target it works fine but when you either use it from behind or from the sides it charges you to your target even if it's in melee range.

It should charge you to your target but that's only when you're outside melee range meaning when they're outside 5 yard range it should charge you to your target, if the target is 5 yards away from you it shouldn't.

Also if you're rooted you can use Execute on targets that are outside 5 yard range due to Death Sentence giving you 15 yard range, but if you're rooted you can't charge to your target therefore it should only be usable if the target is in 5 yard range of you, if they're outside 5 yard range you can't use it while rooted.
[Elemental] Elementals Vs portals

When you have a pet active as shaman either |T136024:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198103|h[Earth Elemental]|h|r or |T2065626:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:192249|h[Storm Elemental]|h|r and you take a portal for example warlock gate or a boss mechanic sends you in a type of portal like |T1322720:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:320114|h[Blood and Glory]|h|r or |T2576087:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:321894|h[Dark Exile]|h|r or the portals in Top between platforms , your active pet will dissapear. but this only happens when you have |T651081:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:117013|h[Primal Elementalist]|h|r talented.
Rune of Power

Currently |T609815:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:116011|h[Rune of Power]|h|r is melee attacking (enemies and friendly people)

How it should work:
Rune of Power should NEVER melee attack. No matter what.

Basically the only thing which needs to get adjusted is that Rune of Power should NEVER no matter what auto attack. It basically daze's (slows) people in Mythic+ so they die by mechanics (on the ground etc) which is a critical factor in raiding and mythic+ (idk about pvp)

How it is rn:
[Oribos Proof]()

Also check screenshots
[Unholy] Bursting Sores

On our server Bursting sores talent detonates all the remaining Festering wound stacks . It should only detonate 1 stack when an NPC dies .

How it works : If a NPC dies with 6 Festering wound stacks , Bursting sores counts all the remaining stacks and detonates each one of them .
If Bursting sores should do 1k dmg on 1 wound pop , it will do 6x1k bcz of all the wounds on it.

How it should work : If a NPC dies with any remaining stacks of Festering wounds 16 IT ONLY DETONATES 1 Wound and does Bursting Sores dmg .
[Battleground] Fleshcraft vs Capture Points

May 26, 2022

[Soulbind][Venthyr] Service In Stone PvP mod

Currently |T399041:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:340473|h[Shatter]|h|r damage from |T399041:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:340159|h[Service In Stone]|h|r isn't modified by 0.5 damage mod in PvP situations or Versatility damage reduction.
[Torghast Upgrades][Item] Animaflow Stabilizer

Npc is present but it doesnt teleport you or do something.

Once you learned it, device is at 48.29, 41.45. It ports you oneway to 33.99, 15.85

Item: |T348285:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:180949::::::::120:::::|h[Animaflow Stabilizer]|h|r
Spell: |T3528304:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:341097|h[Animaflow Stabilizer]|h|r
[Torghast Upgrades][Item] Encased Riftwalker Essence

Npcs are present but dont teleport or do anything.

"Encased Riftwalker Essence is used to enable transportation via Chaotic Riftstones in The Maw.

Link 1
/way 34,8, 43,6 Chaotic Rifstone Blue
/way 23,4, 31,2 Chaotic Rifstone Blue

Link 2
/way 19,1, 47,6 Chaotic Rifstone Red
/way 25,1, 17,9 Chaotic Rifstone Red"

Item: |T2451604:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:184613::::::::120:::::|h[Encased Riftwalker Essence]|h|r
Spell: |T632845:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:347080|h[Encased Riftwalker Essence]|h|r

May 25, 2022

[Outlaw] Blade Flurry vs Serrated Bone Spike

Description of the bug

Blade Flurry doesnt deal cleave damage when i use Serrated Blade Spikes.

How to reproduce

Use Serrated bone spike while you have blade flurry active.

How it should be

Blade flurry should do cleave damage with serrated bone spike's doing damage.

Informations of the spell

|T132350:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:13877|h[Blade Flurry]|h|r
|T3578230:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:328547|h[Serrated Bone Spike]|h|r
[Covenant][Venthyr] Fallen Order secondary stat

Currently |T3565721:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:326860|h[Fallen Order]|h|r clones aren't affected buy Monk player secondary stats. So at the moment clones have 0 haste,crit,versa.

You can see that clones can crit on retail also there is mention of secondary stats affecting clones in [Mr. Robot formulas]()
[TW] [Quest] Timeworn Keystone: Battle for Azeroth

The issue with the reward of this quest, only the anima is given.

May 24, 2022

[Soulbind][Venthyr][Nadjia the Mistblade] Dauntless Duelist

Description of the bug

"Dauntless Duelist" switches constantly between targets every time you attack a new one. It should not switch targets, it should lock onto the first one you attack in combat and you can't make it switch to a new one, except when you leave combat or target dies.

How to reproduce

Randomly aoe enemy targets, and you'll see the duellist debuff jumping between targets

WH : |T2015861:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:331584|h[Dauntless Duelist]|h|r

Live :
Retail :

May 23, 2022

[Conduit] Mortal Combo Damage

|T970853:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:339386|h[Mortal Combo]|h|r

Mortal Combo proc is doing rank 1 Mortal Strike damage when in fact it should do rank 2, therefore doing 20% less damage than it's supposed to.
[Conduit] Cloaked in Shadows VS stealth breaking

`Spell: `[Cloaked in Shadows]()

`Spell:` [Shuriken Storm]()

# Currently on LIVE if a Rogue has [Cloaked in Shadows]() the shield up from said conduit upon entering stealth or in stealth, taking any damage will not kick the Rogue out of stealth while affected by the absorb shield the conduit provides. that's not how its supposed to be, even with the shield from the conduit Rogues should get kicked out of stealth.


`Additional information:`

Even if the Rogue has the absorb shield any incoming damage should knock him out of stealth, currently on PTR this is highly abusable in arena since you do not get knocked out.

For example you can use Shuriken Storm and test this easily and see it wont remove the Rogue from stealth.

`Video proof:`

[Retail]() You can clearly see the Rogue having the absorb shield and getting kicked out of stealth once hit.
[Conduit] Imbued Reflections

Description of the bug
The conduit at the moment doesnt work at all.

Links to spells
|T3528307:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:337301|h[Imbued Reflections]|h|r
[Frost] Ice wall's level requirement

Description of the bug

|T4226156:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:352278|h[Ice Wall]|h|r can't be learned at level 55+.
It can only be learned at level 60.

How to reproduce

Get a frost mage, he needs to be between the levels 5559 and you'll not be able to learn |T4226156:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:352278|h[Ice Wall]|h|r.

How it should be

Frost mages should be able to learn |T4226156:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:352278|h[Ice Wall]|h|r at levels 55+.

Informations of the spell

|T4226156:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:352278|h[Ice Wall]|h|r
[Venthyr] Mirrors hit vs cast

Mirrors of torment at the moment have conditions that fails to proc the intended effect for their spec.
It follows a strict hit rule, when it should follow cast complete of the target affected by the mirrors.
Most notable this can be seen in group fights, when the enemy casts an attack ( spell or melee swing ) that lands on a different party member or misses your hitbox, not delivering the proc to yourself, because it did not hit the caster.

|T3565720:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:314793|h[Mirrors of Torment]|h|r
[Havoc][PvP Talent] Glimpse interaction with Storm Bolt

Description of the bug

Currently Dh can be stunned with storm bolt even when he is midair and has the glimpse buff on him.

How to reproduce

Use vengeful retreat with the pvp talent glimpse and while the dh is midair use storm bolt on the DH

How it should be

With the pvp talent glimpse, the DH should be immune to CC when he uses vengeful retreat and is mid air.

Information's of the spell

|T1348401:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198793|h[Vengeful Retreat]|h|r
|T613535:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:107570|h[Storm Bolt]|h|r
[Video Proof]()
[Bastion] [Campaign] Crest of Greatness after completing it a lot of NPS in the sanctuary disappear, (For example Polemarch Adrestes, Haephus <Sanctum Upgrades>, Hermestes <Courier>Forgelite Neptira <Kyrian Armorsmith>, Adjutant Galos <Renown Quartermaster> and others) and also impossible to continue the campaign and take the quest for the 6th chapter of the Assistance from Sinfall
When removing the quest Crest of Greatness all NPS return, but the progress is rolled back (this quest is important for the covenant) rerun leads to the same result.
[Soulbind][Venthyr] Token of Appreciation

|T133784:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:336245|h[Token of Appreciation]|h|r

Currently this spell is procing on you with your own healing spells.
You shouldn't be able to proc it on yourself with your own healing spells
This was tested on retail by seiny and he couldn't proc it.

You should get this to proc on yourself if you get healed by an ally healer or if a hunter uses Misdirect on you, should also work with Tricks of the Trade.

To avoid confusion this should proc on you if you heal someone who also has token of appreciation, otherwise it shouldn't and now works as intended.

May 20, 2022

[Misc][Covenant] Deepening Bond

|T236542:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:344052|h[Deepening Bond]|h|r

No stamina increase is added to the char, no matter what level of renown.

May 19, 2022

[Unholy] AotDApocalypse

and |T1392565:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:275699|h[Apocalypse]|h|r summon ghouls that have the same abilities as your main pet but with different AP% scales and cooldowns .

Claw is extremenly overused by the ghouls . Due to a few reasons upon summoning the ghouls from either of these 2 spells they instantly pop their whole energy on Claw ( They attack 3 times without cooldown with the same spell ) . [Proof of that happening:]()

Source from [AskMrRobot :]()
>Claw is an ability that should have 1 second cooldown for those ghouls , currently it's being cast whenever it has energy delaying the ghoul's meele attacks which should take priority when it comes damage wise .

Another issue with the same spell , upon casting Army of the Dead and Apocalypse the ghouls have a preset DELAY on their spell .
Source from [AskMrRobot :]()

The delay prevents CLAW from being cast the same moment they start their actions which means MEELE attacks take priority as the 1st thing the ghouls should do . I posted a screenshot where you can see it clearly stating the same.

>Leap is an ability that makes the ghouls from Army of the Dead / Apocalypse catch up to targets that are far away from them when summoned or when being commanded to attack from far away . It shares the same cooldown as the main pet's 30 sec long cd and the same range requierments to be cast 530 yards . |T237569:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:91809|h[Leap]|h|r

For instance you start a PvE encounter 15 yards away from boss , you cast Army of the Dead they will use their Leap ability to close the gap between the two or PVP Scenario you cast your Apocalypse in arena and the target dashes /teleports far away they leap towards the target.

[Retail proof of that happening :]()
Yes , this is a BFA video but no changes have been made to this mechanic so far in the patch notes .
[CN][Denathrius] Denathrius and Remornia porting delay

Description of the bug

After going into the mirror both Sire and Remornia dont port to tanks for next 510 seconds while they are out of range, that could make them kiteable in phase 2 by going into mirrors all the time.

The issue mainly happens when Hand of Destruction cast is active boss doesnt use the Inevitable at all for the whole duration of that ability.


|T136225:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:330627|h[Hand of Destruction]|h|r
[CN][SLG] Wicked Blade

|T589068:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:333387|h[Wicked Blade]|h|r right now if you phase bosses on the cast and it gets skipped, next cast of Wicked Blade will remember the old 2 targets and add 2 new ones on top of that, making it a 4 targets cast on new cast, it shouldnt remember the old targets on the cast that got skipped

[Video of the issue]()
[The Maw][NPC] Mawsworn Tormentor

Mawsworn Tormentors are dropping Stygia like the Rares in The Maw (4050 Stygia per mob), but they are just normal NPCs and they shouldn't.
NPC link:
[Necrolord] Vendor requirements

[Armored Bonehoof Tauralus]
[Standard of the Necrolords]
are missing their renown requirements to purchase
npc id 172176

173003 sells [Memory of the Rattle of the Maw]
[Sanguine Depths] General kaal vs player out of boss area

If the boss casts |T589068:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:323845|h[Wicked Rush]|h|r on a player who is out of the boss area the boss will simply go afk and never do anything until the end of the fight.
This is very easily abusable.
A friend of mine captured this happen while playing with pick ups.
video proof:
[Revendreth][Campaign] Break Out quest item quest item "" isn't working properly.
Currently you can use it on any trash mob () but you can't use it on Escaped Captives when you should.
[Revendreth][Quest] Beautiful, But Deadly

Database Links


Currently if you complete the quests "Accidental" Arson and An Invitation to Treachery you are unable to see the mushrooms for the quest "Beautiful. But Deadly" leading to it not being completable

Relogging and delete the Cache folder do not fix this issue. It leads to players being stuck on the Venthyr Campaign
[SOA] Ventunax - Dark Stride

The spell |T132303:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:324148|h[Dark Stride]|h|r should target in priority the furthest player and in priority the casters. If no caster alive it will target a melee player than if no mele players alive it will target healers.

On this warcraft log you see that cac + tank aren't hit because mage + warlock are the furthest ones:

Currently its not the furthest one who gets hit (got targetted as rogue on melee range when there are caster further range).
[Bastion][WQ]Enemy of my enemies
[Soulbind][Venthyr] Token of Appreciation individual ICD

At the moment |T133784:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:336245|h[Token of Appreciation]|h|r has global 20 sec ICD after proc. So no one will be able to proc it on themselves for the following 20 sec after they heal you or use beneficial magic affect on you.

How it should work:
It should have 20 sec cooldown on each individual friendly unit who procced it.
While at the moment it has global 20 sec ICD no matter who procced it.

Current bug demo method:
Heal hero with token> Gain |T133784:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:337470|h[Token of Appreciation]|h|r on yourself > Goes on 20 sec ICD > Friendly unit heals you while you have |T133784:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:337470|h[Token of Appreciation]|h|r > Friendly unit will not get |T133784:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:337470|h[Token of Appreciation]|h|r until your 20 ICD ends.

While it should work as:

Heal hero with token > Gain |T133784:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:337470|h[Token of Appreciation]|h|r on yourself > Goes on individual unit 20 sec ICD > Friendly unit heals you while you have |T133784:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:337470|h[Token of Appreciation]|h|r > He also gets |T133784:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:337470|h[Token of Appreciation]|h|r > Goes on individual unit 20 sec ICD > etc...

1. According to [wowlogs]() you can have |T133784:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:337470|h[Token of Appreciation]|h|r on few friendly units simultaneously while on our server that is impossible

2. It also says so in spell description: "You will only shield each ally once every 20 sec."
[Misc][Covenants] Kindred Spirits

Description of the bug

Does nothing other than applying the 1 hour buff to yourself or allies.
Missing the 1 minute cooldown that empowers you depending the specialization used.

How to reproduce

Cast Kindred Spirits

How it should be

The specific empowerments for Kindred Spirits broken down by specialization are as follows:

Damage, Balance, or Feral 20% of your damage dealt will build a reservoir that your bonded partner can spend to deal damage, heal allies, or absorb damage.

Tank or Guardian 40% of damage taken by your bonded partner will be redirected to you instead unless you fall below 20% health.

Healer or Restoration 30% of all healing done by you will be replicated onto your bonded partner.

If you choose to not bond with a partner then the empowerment will be entirely on yourself and role specific as follows:

Balance, or Feral 15% increased damage for 10s via Lone Empowerment.
Guardian 10% incoming damage reduction for 10s via Lone Protection.
Restoration 15% increased healing for 10s via Lone Meditation.

Informations of the spell

|T3565444:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:326434|h[Kindred Spirits]|h|r
Video: |T3565444:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:326434|h[Kindred Spirits]|h|r#videos:id=175903
[The Maw] Wrath of the Jailer

Currently, we are missing the Event which rewards 183 gear (Has a chance to drop it, not 100%) and for Druids rewards a Legendary Memory (|T135730:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:183228::::::::120:::::|h[Memory of Arcane Pulsars]|h|r).

This even consists of two parts:
Part 1 will consist of killing mobs in the area to progress the bar.
Part 2 will consist of killing one of the Jailer's lieutenants.

Once you defeat the boss, you will gain 250 Ve'nari reputation, ~100 Stygia and a chance at item level 183 loot. As with most things in the Maw, this will also give you some Eye of the Jailer progress. These rewards are weekly.
[The Maw][NPC] Imprisoned Soul

After saving the soul, the player should receive 20, but this has not been happening since recently.
[The Maw][Rare]Darithis the Bleak Friendly

description of bug
the rare Darithis the Bleak is friendly to the players and cannot be engaged

how it should be
the rare Darithis the Bleak should be hostile towards the players

May 17, 2022

Shattering Throw

Currently on our live server there's a bug when you Shatter big absorbs like |T135841:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:68252|h[Ice Block]|h|r or |T524354:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:642|h[Divine Shield]|h|r and it does damage beyond the absorb shield, what I mean by this is it Shatters the shield and does damage. This was also a bug on retail.

It should only Shatter the shield and not do extra damage beyond that, I labelled this as high priority because Shattering Throw can hit hard in PvP and this can lead to 12k Shattering Throws after shattering Immunities.
[Unholy] Harbinger of Doom

|T136181:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:276023|h[Harbinger of Doom]|h|r
|T136145:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:47541|h[Death Coil]|h|r

Harbinger of Doom is consuming both Death Coil charges, this shouldn't be the case.

It should consume stacks individually, not both after you use Death Coil once.
[Zandalari Troll] Embrace of Bwonsamdi

Description of the bug
The Bwonsamdi passive doesnt seem to be active at all, theres no procs even after several minutes of hitting mobs, tested on both dummy and a m+ dungeon.

Links to spells
|T2446016:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:292360|h[Embrace of Bwonsamdi]|h|r
[Addon] Details vs Damage Counting

How should it work:
The addon should register overkill damage like this:

Registered damage= Total DamageOverkill Damage

How to reproduce it:
Be in an instance.
Overkill a mob with a spell.

How is it working right now:

Addon registers overkill in an instance as 1

May 16, 2022

[Enhancement] Crash Lightning

|T1370984:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:187874|h[Crash Lightning]|h|r

Currently on PTR if you try to hit a target with Crash Lightning that's on your side the spell will do no damage.

It should damage targets on your side like every other spell.

PTR Proof:
[PvP Talent] Psyfiend vs NPCs

Shadow Priest's PvP Talent spawn Psyfiend who cast Psyflay attacking the target with 1% max healt per sec for 10s. Rignt now this effect is working fine for PvP, but it's not working correct on enemy NPCs and it's hitting them with 45 Shadow damage per sec (0.1% of Priest's max health) instead of 1% of Priest's max health near 450 Shadow damage every sec.
Spell ID: |T537021:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:211522|h[Psyfiend]|h|r
Psyflay: |T136208:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:199845|h[Psyflay]|h|r
[Shadow] Surrender to Madness

How it should be works :
Deals damage to the target and activates Voidform.
For the next 25 sec, your Insanitygenerating abilities generate 100% more Insanity and you can cast while moving.
If the target does not die within 25 sec of using Surrender to Madness, you die.

How it works on PTR :
Deals damage but you don't turn into Voidform, this should turn you into void form.
You can cast while mooving and you abilities generate 100% more Insanity.
If the target does not die at the end of Surrender to Madness, you don't die, this should not be the case.
[Soulbind][Kyrian][Forgelite Prime Mikanikos] Hammer of Genesis

Description of the bug
So currently on live in AoE situations or with just 2 targets |T613955:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:333935|h[Hammer of Genesis]|h|r keeps refreshing itself since it counts the 2nd target you hit as a new target , effectively giving you permanent haste in AoE.

How it should be
It should give a stack and refresh it on a target just once , similar to how Fresh Meat works on warriors.

May 13, 2022

[Assassination][PvP] Creeping Venom

|T1398086:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198092|h[Creeping Venom]|h|r

Currently on our live server Creeping Venom isn't working properly, while it does refresh every time your target moves it doesn't stack.

Every time your target moves Creeping Venom should refresh the duration and stack, up to 18 times.
[Guardian] Ironfur stacks cap

Spell : |T1378702:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:231070|h[Ironfur]|h|r
|T1378702:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:183487::::::::120:::::|h[Layered Mane]|h|r

How it's working :
The spell Ironfur for the Guardian druid is caped at 6 stack max.

How it should work :
According to Wowhead Ironfur Apply Aura: Modifies Max Stacks (37)
Value: 19
[Blood][Talent] Voracious

How It should work :

The talent |T1035055:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:273953|h[Voracious]|h|r should also increase your minimum healing done by |T237517:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:49998|h[Death Strike]|h|r by 50%.
so the normal minimum healing done is 7% with the talent the minimum damage should become 10.5%.
How It's working on Live :

It's increasing the minimum healing done by a total of 10.07 instead of 10.5. So it's an increase by 43.9% instead of 50%.

It's a big deal in mythic + scenarios in overall healing since it's dk's most important spell.
Proof of math on retail and on PTR with same lvl chars totally naked, no gear in the screenshot attached below.
[PVE] MM+ runs reset

Admin note:
On the week of May 2nd May 9th some people exploited a venthyr quest abuse to run high keys and thus boost their RIO.

We have therefore reseted all of the suspicious runs that happened that week. The next time something similar happens we won't only reset their ranking, but also suspend the accounts of those players: do not under any circumstances try to exploit the game to your advantage, and rather report such issues directly to us. This will benefit everyone and preserve you from any punishment.

May 12, 2022

[Worgen] Running Wild

Description of the bug

Currently your cant use the worgen Racial Running Wild in Maw to gain the increased movement speed.

How to reproduce

Use the Worgen Racial in The Maw

How it should be

Worgens were an exception even on retail who were able to use there racial Running Wild in Maw since the beginning

Information's of the spell

|T514641:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:87840|h[Running Wild]|h|r
[US Blizz Forum Post]()
[Misc][Item] Sinful Gladiator's Silk Robe

Requires a ventyer covenant for the purchase, which should not be.

May 11, 2022

[Fury] Onslaught

Currently on live both the tooltip and damage of |T132364:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:235285|h[Onslaught]|h|r seem to be incorrect.


May 10, 2022

[HoA] Halkias, the Sin-Stained Goliath vs Refracted Sinlight

> |T537468:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:322913|h[Refracted Sinlight]|h|r
> The beem is doing damage (killing) to the players regardless of avoiding the mechanic!

[SoA] Imbue Weapon Mender

Mender is casting ( |T132866:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:327332|h[Imbue Weapon]|h|r) Its a 5 stack buff that can be purged with Purge, Arcane torrent or spellsteal. When you do you should remove ALL stacks in one time, the weapon should drop on the ground and you should be able to pick it up with 5 stacks (even if you dispell it when it has less stacks as you can see from retail proof).
At the moment you are forced to use 1 purge or spellsteal ability for each stack and the weapon does NOT drop on the ground. Also spellsteal should act as a purge in this scenario. So it shouldnt give you the buff.
It should remove it from the target and the weapon has to fall on the ground.

How it should be :
[SoA] Forsworn Mender

In Spires of Ascension, [Forsworn Mender]('s [Imbue Weapon](|T132866:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:327332|h[Imbue Weapon]|h|r) can not currently be dispelled instantly. Any sort of purge effect will only remove one stack instead of all of them. In addition, once removed, the weapon should fall on the ground. Players should be able to interact with it and use it for extra damage.

Retail proof of weapon being usable, timestamp 1:20:
[SoA] Infuse Weapon Champion

Same issue with the mender on this card:

Should remove everystack at once and the weapon should fall on the ground.


May 9, 2022

[SoD][Tarragrue][Anima Power] Ten of Towers

|T979581:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:347988|h[Ten of Towers]|h|r It also stuns the boss, which should not be, if y stun the boss on cast |T1778230:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:347737|h[Hungering Mist]|h|r boss behaves incorrectly.
[Torghast] General Issue

[Mobius Graft]() power in Torghast is causing an issue for selecting and rerolling, once you chose Mobius the next 3 choices have no description and then once you press Escape or move they should minimize and allow you to get back to them before you proceed to next floor, and at the moment that doesn't happen and the powers just disappear.

[Soulbind][Necrolord] Fleshcraft vs Mage Counterspell

Currently |T3586267:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:324631|h[Fleshcraft]|h|r isn't kickable by Mages. However, it can get kicked from all the other classes.

How it should be:
Mages can also interrupt Fleshcraft.

Recorded it with @maykelhero 's Rogue and Mage.
[PTR proof]()

May 5, 2022

[Protection][Holy][Retribution] Divine Toll not working after last restart.

After the last restart for implementing the the 6th chapter for all covenant, divine toll is now not shooting any skills if you use it, you just get the mastery buff if you have chosen Pelagos. If you have the Ringing clarity conduit then divine toll will shoot one shield/judgement/ holy shock based on specialization. If you don't have the conduit then it wont use any skill and just go on cd

[Video Proof]() without conduit it wont use any skills
[Video Proof]() with ringing clarity conduit it will fire one skill

Divine Toll should fire off 5 shields or judgements or holy shocks depending on the specialization of the paladin. on the hostile targets he is combat with.
[Soulbind][Nightfae][Korayn]Wild Hunt Strategem

Currently |T3528274:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:352805|h[Wild Hunt Strategem]|h|r procs eventho you don't have it enabled (Since it's 9.1 and not 9.0) (gets unlocked at 57 renown) So it's baseline with the Korayn Soulbind, which shouldn't be happening.

[Live Proof]()

May 4, 2022

[Holy] Surge of Light

Description of the bug

Surge of Light is behaving wrong, it should proc from all healing spells and Renew and at the moment Renew healing is not proccing it.

How it should be

Surge of Light should proc from any source of healing by Caster (except Mastery)

Informations of the spell

|T135981:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:109186|h[Surge of Light]|h|r

[Covenant] Divine Toll & Ringing Clarity
[Guardian] Earthwarden vs absorbs

Description of bug
the earthwarden stacks generated by direct hits of trash are not getting consumed when player has some sort of absorb active(trinket, legendary absorb, etc)

how to reproduce
gain some earth warden stacks and have some absorb active and check if the stacks are getting consumed or not

how it should be
earthwarden stacks should be consumed by enemy auto attacks regardless if the player has absorbs or not

additional information
[retail proof]()
[my warcraftlogs if needed]()
[SoD][Dormazain] Mawsworn Agonizer size

Mawsworn Agonizer should slowly (probably something related to energy) increase their size every sec.
[SoD][Dormazain] Mawsworn Agonizer corpse

Mawsworn Agonizer corpses should despawn after a few secs.
[SoD][The Nine] Intro

Sylvanas is not spawned and dialogues for valkyr, Bolvar & Sylvanas missing. (Valkyr flying around room and bolvar with 4 other npcs spawning from death gate is working)
Boss is not attackable since probably its missing some trigger.
[CN][Stone Legion Generals] Stone Legion Skirmisher

[Stone Legion Skirmisher]( deals insignificant damage on melee attacks (13).

[CN][Sludgefist Myth] Hateful Gaze

If the target tank dies during the Hateful Gaze, the boss becomes bugged, stops hitting and casting.
[PVE] The Maw: Perdition Hold

Dev note: Some work has been done on The Maw to add new content !
Here is the changelog:

Rares & Bonus:


Perdition Hold Questline available until Rule 6: Concealment is Everything

All trash mobs have been scripted in the main zone as well as Perdition Hold

Have fun !
[Covenant] Chapter 6 & 3rd Soulbind

Dev note: Covenant Campaign's 6th chapter is now available accross all covenants!

Once it is completed, you will need to relog to properly unlock the 3rd and final soulbind, which is as a reminder unlocked on all characters of the account!

Remember that with great power comes great responsibility !

May 3, 2022

[CN][Mythic][Denathrius] Neutralize on Mirror Phase

Description of the bug

The mechanic "Neutralize is currently not working.

How it should be

If 2 players standing both in different realms colide (one player with the buff |T458243:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:338738|h[Through the Mirror]|h|r and the other one in regular realm) they should both die from the mechanic called "Neutralize"


Proof of the mechanic on retail and retail log

Mirror phase description:

Proof on how it currently is on live realm
[PvP] Conduits ilvl vs rating at Zo'sorg

Currently sells 200 ilvl conduits whatever the player's rating. should sells conduits with different ilvl depending to your rating :

200 ilvl for 01799 rating
213 ilvl for 18002099 rating
226 ilvl for 2100+ rating

May 2, 2022

[Conduit][Destro] Combusting Engine

Item: [Combusting Engine](|T524793:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:182769::::::::120:::::|h[Combusting Engine]|h|r)
Item ID: 182769

Spell [Immolate](|T135817:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:348|h[Immolate]|h|r)
Spell ID: 348

TriggerSpell: [Conflagrate](|T135807:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:17962|h[Conflagrate]|h|r)
TriggerSpell ID: 17962
Conduit's effect [Combusting Engine](|T524793:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:339896|h[Combusting Engine]|h|r) is to empower the remaining damage of [Immolate](|T135817:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:348|h[Immolate]|h|r) after [Conflagrate](|T135807:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:17962|h[Conflagrate]|h|r) has been used on the affected target.
> Currently on PTR this effect doesn't take place, Immolate's remaining damage is unaffected by Conflagrate.


_PTR proof in attachment_
[Enhancement] Maelstrom Weapon Visual

|T237584:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:187880|h[Maelstrom Weapon]|h|r

Currently on Oribos Maelstrom Weapon stacks are not displaying on your screen.
[Shadow] Devouring Plague

"If this effect is reapplied, any remaining damage will be added to the new Devouring Plague."
This effect is working badly (atm it's missing damages)

1000 tick damage with 3 DoTs (x3 Mastery)
Total ticks: 3 (3000 total damage)

First Devouring
First Tick (1000)

Apply Second Devouring
Math: 1000 tickdmg x 2 (remaining ticks) = 2000
New Devouring Damage Damage Calc: 2000 (prev devouring) + 3000 (new devouring)
Tick damage = 5000 / 3 (total ticks) = 1666 damage

|T252996:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:335467|h[Devouring Plague]|h|r
[Retribution] Of Dusk and Dawn

Description of the bug

Currently when you have 5 holy power, you do not get the 6% increased damage buff from the legendary. but when you have 0 holy power, you get the 4% damage reduction buff.

How to reproduce

Use skills to get up to holy power, you will notice that you don't get blessing of dawn buff which should increase the damage you do by 6% for 12 secs

How it should be

When you get 5 Holy power, you should get the buff blessing of dawn which increases the damage done by 6% and when you have 0 holy power you should get the buff blessing of dusk which reduces the damage taken by 4%

Information's of the spell

|T133745:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:333121|h[Of Dusk and Dawn]|h|r
[Video Proof]()

P.S. Currently only blessing of dawn is bugged, you do get blessing of dusk when you have 0 holypower.
[Brewmaster] Stagger out of combat

Description of the bug

Right now the stagger dot duration and damage doesnt expire twice as fast out of combat. Stagger should be getting reduced by 15% of the value every second out of combat and duration should be dropping by 2 seconds not by 1.

On the video you can see that his stagger dropped rly fast after bursting expired, while on live realm it always goes down second by second.
[Retail video]()
Another proof without bursting where stagger duration drops really fast and he takes almost no damage out of combat from stagger [video]()
[Feral] Tiger's Fury vs Moonfire (Lunar Inspiration)

[Tiger's Fury](|T132242:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5217|h[Tiger's Fury]|h|r)
[Lunar Inspiration](|T1033491:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:155580|h[Lunar Inspiration]|h|r)

Currently if Tiger's Fury buff fades, the DoT component of Moonfire will lose its amplified damage.

[SoD][Tarragrue] 2x same Anima Powers

You should not be able to get same anima power for second time as option if you already have it.
[CN][Mythic][Sludgefist] Fractured Boulder

Description of the bug

Right now the |T135237:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:341102|h[Fractured Boulder]|h|r soaks are put right on the edge of the pillar model that Sludgefist hits with |T136215:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:331209|h[Hateful Gaze]|h|r. All 4 boulder soaks should be moved away from the pillar hitbox for several yards.

[Firestorm example]()
[Retail example]()
[CN][Sun King] Greater Castigation

|T3528313:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:328889|h[Greater Castigation]|h|r cast right now targets 6 players, it should be 4.

[Firestorm log]()

[Retail log]()
[Sanctum][Quest] Advancing Our Efforts

Venthyr Covenant Sanctum Quest Advancing Our Efforts is not working. I start and finish more than one adventure, but quest is not completed.
[Soulbind][Necrolord] Lead by Example Procing in Plague Diviser Marileth

Description of the bug

Lead by Example is a soulbind for Emeni, but when I get fodder to the flame buff it procs even in Plague Diviser Marileth. which shouldn't happen

How to reproduce

For me I switched to Emeni once to test the spell, and after that I played plague diviser marileth. So switch back and forth between those 2 and then attack a hostile unit and wait for fodder to flame buff.

How it should be

You should get the buff from Lead by example only when you Emeni enabled.

Information's of the spell

|T442743:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:342156|h[Lead by Example]|h|r
|T3591588:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:350570|h[Fodder to the Flame]|h|r
[Video Proof]()
[The Maw][Rare] Borr-Geth

The Health should be 540 483. Right now is 958k.
NPC link:
[SoD] Infused Goliath - Anima Power

When Infused Goliath is dead, Anima that you need to click to select one of 3 powers is currently invisible.
[SoD] Hollowsoul dialogue

On pull Hollowsoul should yell: "The Banished One will not be stopped!"
[The Maw][Rare] Eternas the Tormentor

We're not able to attack the NPC, because its Neutral.
NPC link:
[Bastion][Fishing] Silvergill Pike School

Object [Pocked Bonefish School](

Currently Pocked Bonefish School is missing loot. Whenever players would fish in the school they should have 100 % chance to find Pocked Bonefish
[Maldraxxus][Fishing] Pocked Bonefish School

Object [Pocked Bonefish School](

Currently Pocked Bonefish School is missing loot. Whenever players would fish in the school they should have 100 % chance to find Pocked Bonefish
[Generic][Fishing] Elysian Thade School

Object [Elysian Thade School](

Currently Elysian Thade School is missing loot. Whenever players would fish in the school they should have 100 % chance to find Elysian Thade
[Generic][Fishing] Lost Sole School

Object [Lost Sole School](

Currently Lost Sole School is missing loot. Whenever players would fish in the school they should have 100 % chance to find Lost Sole
[Ardenweald][Fishing] Iridescent Amberjack School

Object [Iridescent Amberjack School

Currently Iridescent Amberjack School is missing loot. Whenever players would fish in the school they should have 100 % chance to find Iridescent Amberjack
[The Maw][Rare] Cyrixia

The spawn position on the NPC is wrong. NPC is in the air.
NPC Link:
[SoD] Mawsworn Shackler

How should it work:

Whenever you engage the s in front of
the The npc should start casting Dragging Chains. After finishing the first cast. It should go down to edge of the platform (Melee range)

How it is working right now:

It doesn't do these.

April 29, 2022

[Misc][Covenants][Venthyr] Fallen Order

Description of the bug
The Fallen Order covenant spell is pretty complex so i will try to explain all the issues as much as possible.

|T3565721:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:326860|h[Fallen Order]|h|r
[Havoc] Eye beam usable while chaos locked.

DH eyebeam shouldn't be usable while Chaos locked.
[Misc][item] potions vs keystone start

description of bug
currently if you use any potions( stat pots etc) before starting a keystone their cooldown doesn't reset when keystone has started

how it should be
the cooldown need to reset of the pot or any items(toys ,etc) whose cooldown are above 3 mins

[ptr proof]()

April 28, 2022

[Havoc] Eye beam incorrect hitbox

T1305156:16tcffffd000Hspell:198013hEye BeamhrEye Beam has a small 360 degree hitbox, meaning it can hit targets from behind/side of the caster if close to it, however, that isn't a thing on live as of right Retail:
[SoD][Tarragrue] Anima Power - The Stone Ward not Working

Description of the issue:After taking the Stone Ward Anima Power, I didn't get any Shield for 30 of my HP. How it should workAfter taking the Anima Power, you should get a Shield for 30 of your HP every 20 seconds. Spell: T236224:16tcffffd000Hspell:347963hThe Stone Wardhr
[SoD][Mawsworn Infuser] 1 Ability missing only

Npc :;mode:lfrHow it's working :The Mawsworn Infuser have 3 main abilities but only one is missing so far The ones that are working are :Infuse DeathsightThe abilities that are missing :Dark LashAuto attackNote : The Npc doesn't do any auto attack range/melee he stand still and cast Infuse Deathsight in occasion. Another Note: you can find every ability detail on the link above it !
[SoD][Mawsworn Lancer] Not all Abilities working

Npc :;mode:nHow it's working :The Mawsworn Lancer have 6 abilities but only few of theme are workingThe abilites that are working :Empower Lance (spell cast and target debuff)The abilities that are missing so far :DisengageStaggeredThrow LanceAuto attackNote : The Npc doesn't do any auto attack range/melee he stand still and cast Empower Lance in occasion. Another Note : you can find every ability detail on the link above it !
[SoD][Tarragrue] Boss buggs out after being pushed during Mists

Description of the issue:The Boss starts doing nothing when he gets pushed to less than 10 while he casts Mists.How it should workMists should stop, and he should start casting the Chains. When Chains end he should start doing his normal Stuff againSpells:
[SoD][Tarragrue] The Jailer's Gaze 500% Dmg Buff

Description of the issue:After Casting The Jailers Gaze and we loose the Anima Power's the Tank should get OneShot. We currently take 13k per Auto attack before the cast and 28k after the Dmg buff is applied. How it should workAfter Casting the Jailer's Gaze Melee attacks should OneShot everyone. Spell:

April 27, 2022

[ElementalEnhancement] Mana regen in pvp

How it should work :Elemental : mana regen in pvp should be 1120 mana per 5 sec.Retail proof : Enhancement : mana regen in pvp should be 1440 mana per 5 sec.Retail proof : How it is actually working : Elemental : mana regen in pvp is 1040 mana per 5 sec.PTR proof : Enhancement : mana regen in pvp is 1120 mana per 5 sec.PTR proof :
[Windwalker] Xuen the white tiger

Currently T620832:16tcffffd000Hspell:123904hInvoke Xuen, the White Tigerhr has 2 big issues.How Xuen works:You deal damage while he is active, he will store 10 of that damage, then every 4sec he will deal the stored damage. T620832:16tcffffd000Hspell:335913hEmpowered Tiger LightninghrIssue one:The stored damage doesn't get splitted between all the mobs. So in case you stored 5k damage, every mob in the pack takes 5k damage. With 10 Targets it should be 500 each instead of 500010 (50000)How it should work:The damage should get splitted between the mobs, so if you stored 5k (for example) damage on 10 mobs, your xuen should do 500 damage on 10 targets instead of 5000. T620832:16tcffffd000Hspell:335913hEmpowered Tiger Lightninghr
Expel Harm

Description of the bugT627486:16tcffffd000Hspell:322101hExpel Harmhr for Brewmaster and Windwalker spec has 0.5 sec GCD after usage which shows visually correct, but the issue is that it delays next spell cast for a whole 1 sec GCD instead of 0.5 sec which makes both specs really clunky.Basically 0.5 sec GCD is only working visually right now.
[Guardian] Basic attack rage

Basic attacks on Guardian generate 7 rage (Live realm) instead of 4 rage (Retail) per hit.
[Guardian] Blood Frenzy

T132139:16tcffffd000Hspell:203962hBlood Frenzyhr right now gives 2 bonus rage per cast of Thrash ability per mob, only dot that is applied by Thrash should give that 2 rage.

April 26, 2022

[Conduit] Seeds of Rampant Growth

T464030:16tcffffd000Hspell:356218hSeeds of Rampant GrowthhrT2065626:16tcffffd000Hspell:192249hStorm ElementalhrCasting Fae transfusion is not resetting the cooldown of Storm Elemental. Having the anima power Seeds of Rampant Growth should reset it.BT:
[Conduit] Swirling Currents vs Primordial Wave

T237549:16tcffffd000Hspell:338339hSwirling CurrentshrT3578231:16tcffffd000Hspell:326059hPrimordial WavehrT136043:16tcffffd000Hspell:77472hHealing WavehrT136044:16tcffffd000Hspell:8004hHealing SurgehrT252995:16tcffffd000Hspell:61295hRiptidehrOn Oribos whenever you use Cloudburst Totem and then use Primordial Wave the stacks aren't consumed correctly, but it works fine if you don't use Primordial Wave.
[Conduit] Shattered Perceptions

Initial damage aren't increased by the conduitT3565723:16tcffffd000Hspell:323673hMindgameshrT3528308:16tcffffd000Hspell:338315hShattered PerceptionshrT3528308:16tcffffd000Hitem:182130::::::::120:::::hShattered Perceptionshr
[Brewmaster] Dodge Chance rating

Description of the bugBase dodge chance on brewmaster monk and dodge chance from gear is scaled wrong.Scaling dodge should be: 1 AGI point is 0.00727272727 dodge chance
[Conduit] Everfrost

Everfrost is reaching 8 stacks and then it doesn't refresh anymore.Should reach 10 stacks max and then, if it's the case refreshing the duration. Somehow it broke.T236214:16tcffffd000Hspell:337988hEverfrosthrBT:
[SoD][Eye] Annihilating Glare

1) Now there is a zone on the edge of the platform that the beam does not reach. You can stand there and not use the grappling hook. Check screenshot.2) It seems that our beam always goes from right to left. He must randomly choose a direction
[SoD][The Nine] Shard of Destiny

Incorrect puddle animation it is almost invisible.Retain on screen, PTR on video.

April 25, 2022

[Outlaw] Blade rush

Currently, T1016243:16tcffffd000Hspell:271877hBlade Rushhr makes you dash inside the hitbox of the enemy. It should not, it should make you dash to the outer hitbox or not dash at all if you are in hitbox rangeLive : Retail :
[Holy][PvP Talent] Divine Ascension

T642580:16tcffffd000Hspell:328530hDivine AscensionhrCurrently on live when you press Divine Ascension and you try to cast a spell when you're leaping up in the air it doesn't let you cast. You should be able to cast while leaping up.PTR Proof: Retail Proof:
[M+ TW] [KING'S REST] [The Council of Tribes] [Aka'ali the Conqueror] [Barrel Through] Mechanic Skip

Spell : T1037259:16tcffffd000Hspell:266940hBarrel ThroughhrHow it's working :Aka'ali the conqueror will target a player with Barrel through, Inflicts Physical damage to the target and knocks them back. If you are a night elf or rogue for example you can use your invisibility Vanish or Shadowmeld and the boss will switch target and cast the mechanic again ones more but if you are a mage you can use invisibility and instead of changing target the boss will just skip the mechanic instead. How it should work:When the player targeted with Barrel Through uses invisibility spell the boss will cast the spell again on another player instead of skipping the mechanic.
[SoD][Mawsworn Husk] Unattackable (Orange target)

How it's working :The four adds MAWSWORN HUSK can't be attacked but they still auto attack the tanks we had to kill theme with command to progress on the raid otherwise you get stuck in combat bug
[Covenant][Necrolord] Fleshcraft absorb VS DoT damage stealth breakers

Spell: Fleshcraft() While a Rogue player has the effect of Fleshcraft absorb, stealth should not break due to DoT ticks, currently on Firestorm if you have the absorb shield up and vanish or leave combat stealth you will get knocked out from stealth, that's not how it supposed to work.Additional information: Marking as High Prior due to it being crucial for PVP.Video proof: Retail 1() Warrior Bleed (physical damage) Retail 2() Priest dot (magical damage) Retail 3() Rogue bleed (physical damage)
[Legendary] Expanded Potential

Expanded Potential(T236223:16tcffffd000Hspell:327489hExpanded Potentialhr) Doesn't work correctly , it gets consumed on buff proc.How it should work example for Frost:Frost bolts should proc expanded potential, once you have the proc next brain freeze shouldn't get consumed and expanded potential falls off.
[Misc][Legendary] Warrior's Echo of Eonar

Issues with the legendaryT636335:16tcffffd000Hspell:338477hEcho of Eonarhr
[Misc][Legendary] Norgannon's Sagacity

Norgannon's Sagacity issues are listed here:T236499:16tcffffd000Hspell:339340hNorgannon's Sagacityhr
[PvP] Rated BGs

Currently people are not losing rating uppon leaving RBGs, and they don't get deserter either.
[ToP] Mordretha adds

Currently right now the adds spawned by Mordretha , Deathwalkers are scaling with the keystone level when they shouldn't. This could result in actual wipes from teams maybe not focusing on team that hard when in reality you shoulnd't focus on them anyway just cleave.Proof: ( they have about 100k hp )Retail Proof: ( they have 16k hp )
[TW][KR][Mchimba the Embalmer & Interment Construct] Burn Corruption

When the boss puts the red AOE: Burn Corruption, the red aoe sometimes are invisible before turning into flames, which makes it difficult to know where the zone will appearSpell: T892832:16tcffffd000Hspell:267639hBurn Corruptionhr
[TW][KR] Spell Hunting Leap (Raptors)

The spell Hunting leap T249173:16tcffffd000Hspell:270502hHunting Leaphr is not working correctly, the raptors are not channeling. They should be channeling this spell for 5 secSpell: 270502NPC: 137487
[SOD] Maw Assassin - Missing abilities

NPC :;mode:lfrHow it's working :The four Maw Assassin have 6 abilities but only few of theme are working for example the one that are working are :StealthKickThe abilites that are missing so far Fan of KnivesFlankstepShattered PsycheVorkai AmbushNote: you can find every ability detail on the link above it !
[SOA] Forsworn Stealthclaw mob

when you pull the 2 sthealthed packs together, only one pack will cast T132142:16tcffffd000Hspell:323744hPouncehr
[MoTS] Pool of Radiance - Mistveil Matriarch Mob

Healing zone for both players and monsters. T3528277:16tcffffd000Hspell:340189hPool of RadiancehrIs currently not healing the players staying in the pool
[SoD][Eye] Stygian Abductor

After 6 secs if players manage survive this chains Stygian Abductor should come to the ground and attack players.Currently he is not coming to the ground and keep recasting Dragging Chains.
[MoTS] Mistveil defender fight after first boss interaction

After first boss, the adds Mistveil Defender ID (171772) are fighting against mobs, and they should be loosing hps. Issue 1The drust npcs 172991 should then dispawn when you approachg them, but if you pull 171772 adds before the 172991 dispawns, they should not regen HP. (cause still in combat / shouldnt reset)But if you pull the defender after that the drust duspawns, they should get up to full life again (because not in fight again)Issue 2 Interaction with affixWhen the 2 Drust dispawn, they should not spawn any affix (on live realm for example they are spawning shades)
[SoD][Tarragrue] Anima Powers

Anima Powers that you selected should be shown in "Anima Powers" tab when you click it on it. Currently you can see them as buffs.
[SoD][Tarragrue] Hungering Mists

During this spell there are missing "clones" tarragrue that should be in dark zones.
[SoD][Tarragrue] Hungering Mist damage

Currently Hungering Mists can hit you multiple times if you are in dark zone while it should be always only once.
[SoD][Tarragrue] Anima Powers vs wipe on last phase

If players wipe on last phase after boss remove all anima powers from players. They should get their anima powers back after wipe.
[SoD] Bonesteel dialogues

On pull Bonesteel should yell: "You will break!"On spell cast "Release Their Screams", Bonesteel should yell: "There is no escape!"
[SoD][Eye] Boss eye visual

After finishing casting Immediate Extermination boss eye should change to red.
[SoD] Deathseeker Husk

NPC : it's working :When ever you pull the adds on his left side he enters combat with them and start auto attacking you and you can't kill him cause he is not attackable How it should work :This Npc should be neutral can not attack and can't be attacked
[SoD][Eye] Stygian Abductor intermission

Stygian Abductor should not spawn during intermission with Deathseeker Eyes.
[SoD][Eye] Immediate Extermination

Damage part seems working only issue is debuff with healing reduction is not applied to players.
[SoD][Eye of the Jailer] Stygian Abductors on NM

Spell : it works;this mechanic is a heroic mechanic only but the boss is casting it on normal difficulty, it shouldn't be like that.
[SoD] Shadowsteel Colossus

Shadowsteel Colossus should be patroling between both stairs.
[PvP] Que Timer based on Rating

Issue: Que timer isn't based on rating.

April 22, 2022

Vanish VS Murder of Crows

Spell: A Murder of Crows()Spell: Vanish() If a Rogue is affected by A Murder of Crows() and uses Vanish() the DoT from A Murder of Crows should get removed. Currently on Firestorm the DoT stays after you Vanish and breaks stealth.Video proof: Retail 1() BFA expansion example 1. Retail 2() BFA expansion example 2. Retail 3() WoD expansion example. Retail 4() SL expansion example.
[Retribution] Blessing of Sanctuary vs other Blessings

How it should work :When using T135911:16tcffffd000Hspell:210256hBlessing of Sanctuaryhr on a player already affected by T135964:16tcffffd000Hspell:1022hBlessing of Protectionhr, T135966:16tcffffd000Hspell:6940hBlessing of Sacrificehr or T135968:16tcffffd000Hspell:1044hBlessing of Freedomhr, it should cancel T135966:16tcffffd000Hspell:6940hBlessing of Sacrificehr but not the other ones.Retail proof > How it actually works :Using T135911:16tcffffd000Hspell:210256hBlessing of Sanctuaryhr on a player cancels every single type of Blessing affecting him.PTR proof >
Collective Anguish

DB:T1305156:16tcffffd000Hspell:198013hEye Beamhr T1392554:16tcffffd000Hspell:337504hCollective AnguishhrIssue: If someone plays with collective anguish you can't kick their eyebeam.Proof:
[SoA] Third boss- During Recharge Anima the orbs (Coalesced Anima) go through players.

Database: > T3528288:16tcffffd000Hspell:331997hAnima SurgehrIssue: > T237587:16tcffffd000Hspell:323878hDrainedhr causes the boss to activate T237030:16tcffffd000Hspell:324046hRecharge Animahr when Players are unable to touch/soak the Coalesced Anima orbs to prock T3528288:16tcffffd000Hspell:331997hAnima Surgehr Proof: > Skip to 01:4002:00 and 03:2503:40
[CN][Inerva] Sins and Suffering

Sins and suffering currently is not working.If people walk in the chains its not leading to it being "soaked".Leads to wipes since they cant be contained
[Human] The Human Spirit

Description When you change your faction via the website from horde to alliance and choose human, you do not benefit from the human racial T132874:16tcffffd000Hspell:20598hThe Human Spirithr who incrise crit, haste, mastery and versa by 2.
[Battleground] Silvershard Mine

Cart spawn at wrong location when BG start, only the East Cart should spaw at the center: they should spawn like this (cf. retail screenshot 1).Carts are not display on Map or MiniMap.Cart capture should be faster when no enemy is defending cart: tested on retail (while alone to capture): Retail speed difference when enemy defending: Location of the second Berserk buff (on the East) should be closer to the NorthEast capture point (cf. retail screenshot 2).

April 21, 2022

[Conduit][Demonology] Carnivorous Stalkers

Description of the bugWhen Carnivorous Stalkers conduit procs it doesnt aoe every target if talent T1380868:16tcffffd000Hspell:339656hCarnivorous Stalkershr is taken and doesnt apply T1378282:16tcffffd000Hspell:267170hFrom the Shadowshr talent debuff if its taken.LinksT1378282:16tcffffd000Hspell:267170hFrom the ShadowshrT1378282:16tcffffd000Hspell:271971hDreadbitehrT1380868:16tcffffd000Hspell:339656hCarnivorous StalkershrT1378282:16tcffffd000Hspell:104316hCall Dreadstalkershr
[Protection] Parry Scaling with Bonus Strength from gears.

Description of the bugCurrently the scaling of Parry from strength from gears is incorrect. Due to which Prot paladins are getting less parry. Currently it feels like parry is getting diminishing returns right from 0.How to reproduceCompare parry gained from strength from gear from retail with firestormHow it should beParry gained from strength from gear should be same as it is on retail. Diminishing return for parry should start after 5On Retail 1158 Strength from Gear gives 8.35 parryOn Our Server 870 Strength from gear gives 1.89 parry Retail Proof()Our Server Proof()Even with Ilvl difference the difference in scaling of parry is quite high.
[Conduit][Restoration] Floral Recycling

Description of the bugThe healing buff to Swiftmend seems to be completely random it could either heal to much with no healing left on the consumed heal over time or heal less with a lot of healing remaining on the heal over time. Theres an issue too on wrong priority consuming of the hot, its prioritizing T136081:16tcffffd000Hspell:774hRejuvenationhr right now over T236153:16tcffffd000Hspell:48438hWild Growthhr which shouldnt be the case.
[Legendary] Crimson Rune Weapon

T1392952:16tcffffd000Hspell:334525hCrimson Rune WeaponhrT135277:16tcffffd000Hspell:49028hDancing Rune WeaponhrHow it should work: Dancing Rune Weapon generates 5 Bone Shield charges. When a charge of Bone Shield is consumed, the cooldown of Dancing Rune Weapon is reduced by 5 sec. Additionally, when Dancing Rune Weapon fades, your Rune regeneration rate is increased by 40 for 10 sec.How it actually works: Rune regeneration part works fine, but whenever you consume a stack of Bone Shield the cooldown on Dancing Rune Weapon isn't consumed. BT:
Spellwarden vs Crit

Spellwarden's absorb amount should not be able to crit. At the moment if it crits, it doubles the amount absorbed.T425952:16tcffffd000Hspell:356332hSpellwardenhr
[ToP] Ancient Captain - Commanding Pressence

Commanding Pressence that is on Ancient Captain is applied twice, he should have only one.
[HoA] Lord Chamberlain Erupting Torment hitbox

T3528313:16tcffffd000Hspell:327885hErupting Tormenthr hitbox seems to be a bit bigger than the visual indicator. Not really a big real but it has caused some wipes on high keys. gif as proof
[SOA] Impact Issue

The spell T463835:16tcffffd000Hspell:323740hImpacthr should also knockback on landing if a player stands in the aoe. Its currently not knocking back the player.
[CN][Denathrius] Inevitable

Description of the bugInevitable cast is not casted instantly after the tank is out of melee range, boss takes some time to cast it (spell queue issue i have a feeling)Inevitable should port the boss in front of the tank not behind the tank.Link to spellT463284:16tcffffd000Hspell:328936hInevitablehr

April 20, 2022

Curse of Weakness

Same problem as . (But with different duration)How it worksWhen you are using T136138:16tcffffd000Hspell:702hCurse of Weaknesshr on a player, the duration of the curse is 2min instead of 20s.How it shouldIt should be only 20s on player. Retail proof : Put timer on 15:10 (Top left unit frame).
[Elemental] Earthquake

T451165:16tcffffd000Hspell:61882hEarthquakehr is nature school so its damage shouldn't be affected by armor but it is on fs.Proof that the damage is being affected by armor on Fs in the combat log below :Proofs that it should ignore armor : DMG vs a lvl 60 dummy on retail :DMG vs a lvl 70+ skull dummy with more armor on retail :DMG vs a random add in a mm0 dungeon on retail :we notice that the dmg of an T451165:16tcffffd000Hspell:61882hEarthquakehr tick didn't change when armor changed . but on FS it did.
[Outlaw] Sinister Strike GCD

This player is talking about some animation that are cut/interrupted by other when he spam T136189:16tcffffd000Hspell:193315hSinister Strikehr.For what i tested, it's probably related to some GCD issue:
[Brewmaster] Clash

T628134:16tcffffd000Hspell:324312hClashhr right now doesnt interrupt the target you use it on and doesnt apply aoe slow after hitting the target to every target around it in 6 yards.
[PvP] Interlope

T132180:16tcffffd000Hspell:248518hInterlopehr is currently missing the Range Indication. It should only redirect spells when the Pet is being within 10 yards of the Player that is affected by Interlope.
[Havoc] Meta Reset vs Interrupt

How should it work:It should reset your T1305156:16tcffffd000Hspell:198013hEye Beamhr.How it is working right now:If your Eye Beam cast gets interrupted(you get locked). Then you use Meta to reset your cds. It doesn't reset your eyebeam. It only does visuallyT1247262:16tcffffd000Hspell:162264hMetamorphosishr
[SoD] Ashen Phlyactery

How should it work:The object shouldn't be able to move from the players.How it is working right now:You can move the object with for example T237532:16tcffffd000Hspell:49576hDeath Griphr T538767:16tcffffd000Hspell:108199hGorefiend's GrasphrIf any players move this object to the boss room. It's easily exploitable to get free healing.
[Misc] Some conduits cant be equipped in certain slots.

Currently some conduits cant be activated in certain slots. So far necrolord seems to be affected the most. I am attaching proof below from void but it can be evidently seen in proof uploaded in the BT Report. The conduit can be equipped but cannot be activated.BT Report().
[Battleground] Preparation phase

During the preparation phase of each Battleground, Bloodlust, Heroism, Time Warp, Primal Rage and Drums of Deathly Ferocity/Maelstrom shouldn't be usable.
[PVP] Silvershard Mines

The map shows that all captured trolleys are neutral, although it should show who captured it.
[PvP]Mage Food Table

T135739:16tcffffd000Hspell:43987hConjure Refreshment TablehrMage table is only usable by the mage when in Skirmishes. Should be usable for everyone.Proof:
[Misc][Item] Gluttonous Spike

How should it work: 7 procs in 1:46 min fight 23 procs in 4:07 min fight 32 procs in 5:41 min fightHow it is working right now: On Dummy with less APM + without BL I got 28 procs on a dummy in 1:47 min. Damage part doesn't crit right now. It should have a chance to critFormula: T839980:16tcffffd000Hitem:184023::::::::120:::::hGluttonous Spikehr
[PF]Stealthling adds

T839107:16tcffffd000Hspell:116844hRing of Peacehr makes right now stop channeling T1387708:16tcffffd000Hspell:329163hAmbushhr so they instacast T1387708:16tcffffd000Hspell:329163hAmbushhr .Ring shouldnt make them cast Ambush.
[SoD] Infused Goliath

How should it work:Corpses should stay forever.You should be able to renew your anima powers when you reset them.How it is working right now:Issues are listed.
[SD] Juggernaut Rush delay

T132335:16tcffffd000Hspell:319713hJuggernaut Rushhr should have a 9 second delay after T132335:16tcffffd000Hspell:319713hJuggernaut Rushhr cast, right now because of this issue T613397:16tcffffd000Hspell:319657hEssence Surgehr stacks dont drop when the rush hits and he does way more damage than intended.Retail logs proof()PTR logs proof((263193,20132463,20132464,257045,19434,319657,319718,330468,319715))
[PF]Slime Injection

T3459797:16tcffffd000Hspell:329110hSlime Injectionhr cast from has a chance to bug out and give combat bug on spawn/death and it lasts for the whole duration of the dungeon unless you full wipe the group to reset combat.
[SOA] P21 - Aggro Range

It would be necessary to increase aggro range because the skip is easy.
[SOA] Hurl Issues

the mobs are currently running while they are casting. They should not move while they are casting. when the tanker is on melee range, the adds should not cast the T132324:16tcffffd000Hspell:323682hHurlhr.proof: Example of the bug, on this situation, Dnaria gets the hit but the target is still remaining Zaada the tank: Mobs
[SoA] Ventunax Recharge

At the moment when the boss is doing recharge the dark bolts are not changing direction ever. You can just find a safe spot and stand still. During recharge they should change spot from where they spawn. Spell link : |T3565449:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:334485|h[Recharge]|h|r

How it should be : 20:30
[M+ TW][Shrine of the Storm][Vol'zith the Whisperer] Wrong phasing in Grasp of the Sunken City

Spell: T136194:16tcffffd000Hspell:267360hGrasp of the Sunken CityhrHow it works right now :After the boss has finished his Cast of Grasp of the Sunken City, and the Tank Phase Add dies, the Healer and Tank couldn't target the 2 remaining Sunken Denizens, but where still able to target the Players.How it should work : When 1 group kill their add/adds they should be phased together and be available to attack same adds of the phase you got into.Note: The issue is present on the LIVE realm
[M+ TW] [Affix] [Awakened] Phasing problem - healing

If someone dies inside the Obelisk the player is not targetable anymore for the whole group. Video :At the beginning Heagl dies inside the Obelisks. As soon as he releases we cant target him anymore. > shown at the end of the video.
[M+ TW][Affix][Blood of the Corruptor] Defiled Ground

DESCRIPTION OF THE ISSUE:The pads on the ground after 23 second of spawning they just turn invisible, but they still do ticking damage as you can see on this screenshot.The visual of the aoe is not dissapearing, its just going back to his first stage.It's growing and going back to 1st stage.Spell : T136201:16tcffffd000Hspell:306726hDefiled Groundhr
[M+ TW] [Atal'Dazar] [Yazma] Not moving

How its working right now : The Boss is not moving from it's position no mather where the Tank goes.How it should work :The Boss should chase the Tank who has aggro. Note: The issue is present on LIVE realm.
[M+ TW] [Shrine of the Storm] [Sunken Denizen] melee attack

NPC: it's working :Melee attack from Sunken denizen are so high that in a +2 key tank was getting tons of dmg ( 25K ) and if you go high key the damage will be scaled up obviously which will make this pack deadly.How it should work :When start kiting, Sunken Denizen moves slowly and swings mighty attacks (but those attacks should be scaled down).Note: The issue is present on LIVE realm and Dev.
[CN] Vantus Rune Technique: Castle Nathria

How should it work:Use: Attune yourself to the energies of the targeted Sanctum of Domination raid boss, increasing your Versatility by 100 when fighting that boss. This effect lasts for an entire week.If a player has T237171:16tcffffd000Hspell:309805hShadowlands Inscriptionhr learned has a chance to drop the recipeYou can only use one Vantus Rune per week.How it is working right now: There is no chance to drop it right now. Vantus Rune isn't working.T1392955:16tcffffd000Hitem:173068::::::::120:::::hVantus Rune Technique: Castle NathriahrT3716924:16tcffffd000Hitem:173067::::::::120:::::hVantus Rune: Castle Nathriahr
Raid Finder

Implemented multi queue

April 19, 2022

[Sub] Shadowstep charges getting consumed incorrectly

Spell: Shadowstep() Shadowstep has 2 charges but for some odd reason both of them get consumed once you use the spell.Video proof: Live realm()I'm labeling this as "High Prio" due to it being really important to rogue players in PVP.
Fan of knivesShuriken storm VS Sap

Spell: Shuriken Storm()Spell: Fan of Knives()Spell: Sap() If Rogue A hits Rogue B with Fok/SK, those 2 spells should put both rogues in combat instantly and sapping should not be doable in this scenario. This is really annoying and those who PVP all day have been complaining a lot about it to me.Additional information: As you can see in the videos below the rogue that uses one of the 2 AoE spells puts the other rogue in combat and gets sapped which should not happen, those spell should put them both in combat which makes sapping impossible.Video proof: Firestorm 1() Shuriken storm. Firestorm 2() Fan of knives.I'm labeling this as "High Prio" due to it being really important to rogue players in PVP.
[Protection] Avenger shield silence

Description of the bugT135874:16tcffffd000Hspell:231665hAvenger's Shieldhr silence effect is capped to one target. You can't have the silence effect from avengers shield on multiple enemies.How to reproduceCast multiple avengers shield on different targets. You'll see that the silence effect is removed from the previous target and applied to new one. You can even try with divine toll and you'll see it'll only silence one target.How it should beThe silence effect should not have any target cap, meaning you can apply it to different targets at once. A good synergy with divine toll where you can silence for 4s an entire pack of mobs.Informations of the spell T135874:16tcffffd000Hspell:231665hAvenger's Shieldhr
[Ret] Wake of Ashes vs Blinding light

How it should work :T1112939:16tcffffd000Hspell:255937hWake of Asheshr should break T571553:16tcffffd000Hspell:115750hBlinding Lighthr cc when dealing damages to people affected.Indeed, Wake of Ashes doesn't deal holy damages.How it actually works :Wake of Ashed isn't breaking Blinding Light's cc when damagin people affected.PTR proof :
[Protection][PVP] Guardian of Forgotten Queen.

Description of the bugCurrently if you use the guardian of forgotten queen and have a hostile target selected the angel doesn't cast the divine shield on the paladin himself.How to reproducePull a set of add in open world and use guardian of forgotten queen and you will notice the angel just standing there afk, until you have no target or you select yourself for a sec.How it should beWhen you use guardian of forgotten queen while having a hostile target selected, the angel should cast the divine shield on the paladin himself.Information's of the spellBT Report()Video Proof()T135919:16tcffffd000Hspell:228049hGuardian of the Forgotten Queenhr
[Conduit] Tumbling Technique

Description of the bugT897136:16tcffffd000Hitem:181640::::::::120:::::hTumbling Techniquehr conduit doesnt seem to give T574574:16tcffffd000Hspell:109132hRollhr charges at all.
Polymorph variants

1. The duration effect of Polymoprh in critters when you have the Glyph of Crittermorph works correctly, but when you try to cast it in another critter, the first polymorph dissapear when it should affect both, and others critters with polymorph casted on them. 2. Tome of Bumblebee not obtainable Steps for reproducing the issue: Interact with Sister Lilyana Tome of Polymorph doesn't appear.T133739:16tcffffd000Hitem:162626::::::::120:::::hTome of Polymorph: BumblebeehrT575586:16tcffffd000Hspell:56382hGlyph of Crittermorphhr
[Torghast] High Priest's Mythos

High Priest's Mythos() and any other similar spell that grants an extra talent would cause the main talent affected to reset and technically doesn't grant a new one if you already had it specc'd.Proof()Edit1: In addition to this, once you leave Torghast your Talents are defaulted to the Extra once you selected inside of Torghast.
[Night Fae][Soulbind] Called Shot

T132208:16tcffffd000Hspell:352501hCalled ShothrIt should occur only once every 10 seconds but currently it can occur once every 5 seconds, duration is also decreased by 1 second, should last for 5s while it lasts for 4s.
[PvP] Silvershard Mines wow error

In almost every of my Silvershard Mines BG i got Wow Error when i'm around the center column; i heard some other player have the same issue in the same area.
[CN][Denathrius] The Nightcloak

There are several problems with this mechanics in combat, and it is almost impossible to kill them now.
[Soulbind][NF][Niya] Swift Patrol

Swift Patrol(T132142:16tcffffd000Hspell:320687hSwift Patrolhr) should not be a permanent buff while in combat, it should reset on damage taken and entering combat. PTR Proof: Retail Proof, Timestamp 04:00
[Torghast Upgrades][Item] Loupe of Unusual Charm

Brokers don't offer discounted Anima Cell. Both Brokers on Floor 3 and Floor 6 should offer T134336:16tcffffd000Hitem:184662::::::::120:::::hRequisitioned Anima Cellhr instead of 1 T134336:16tcffffd000Hitem:168207::::::::120:::::hPlundered Anima Cellhr.Item: T2531330:16tcffffd000Hitem:184619::::::::120:::::hLoupe of Unusual CharmhrSpell: T2531330:16tcffffd000Hspell:347109hLoupe of Unusual Charmhr
[Torghast Upgrades][Item]-Rank Insignia: Acquisitionist

How it should work:This should give 1 additional rare option to buy from the vendor. a rare option would cost 300 phantasma.How it's working :you get 3 extra rare choices on every vendor.proof in Screen shot.Wowhead link: T1397652:16tcffffd000Hitem:184618::::::::120:::::hRank Insignia: Acquisitionisthr
[PF] Unstable Canister

Currently, when you die inside of the radius of a You still take the debuff of the canister ( T252179:16tcffffd000Hspell:328986hViolent Detonationhr ) eventho you're dead. If you then get battle ressed or just release, you will still have the debuff. In keys at 18+ ish and above you will just instnatly die again. You shouldn't get the debuff if you are dead.Proof()
[Torghast] Achievement Twisting corridors: Layer 6

T3642306:16tcffffd000Hitem:184412::::::::120:::::hTitle Reward: Spirestalkerhr
[Misc][Item] Shadowgrasp Totem

This trinket right now is not working on live ( doing 0 damage ) but it's working on PTR, and I haven't seen any post about it getting fixed.Live Proof : PTR Proof : WoW Head link : T3159929:16tcffffd000Hitem:179356::::::::120:::::hShadowgrasp Totemhr

April 18, 2022

[Discipline] Shadowfiend

Shadowfiend should regen 1 mana each time it attacks a target, atm it's restoring only 0.5 wich is the ammount for mindbender (talent)T136199:16tcffffd000Hspell:34433hShadowfiendhr
[Retribution] Healing Hands

Healing Hands talent is not working at all.T236254:16tcffffd000Hspell:326734hHealing Handshr
[Arcane] Arcane Infinity

DB: T132096:16tcffffd000Hspell:332769hArcane HarmonyhrIssue: PvP mod is missing (Should stop stacking at 10 when engaged in PvP Combat.Proof: (GM Sprst helped in testing (has no trello access)
Incarnation's vs Mythic Keystone Start

Incarnation's and Celestial Alignment auras are currently being canceled when you start a Mythic Keystone, the buff should stay and the CD should be resetted (reset is working).Blizzard brought us more logic :pray: How to reproduce:>Cast any spell listed below>Insert the Keystone to start the Mythic Dungeon>Look at your aura being canceled >CryT236157:16tcffffd000Hspell:33891hIncarnation: Tree of LifehrT571586:16tcffffd000Hspell:102560hIncarnation: Chosen of ElunehrT571586:16tcffffd000Hspell:102558hIncarnation: Guardian of UrsochrT571586:16tcffffd000Hspell:102543hIncarnation: King of the JunglehrT136060:16tcffffd000Hspell:194223hCelestial AlignmenthrBT: ;
[Restoration] Keeper of the Grove

Keeper of the Grove issues:T136107:16tcffffd000Hspell:740hTranquilityhrT4067365:16tcffffd000Hspell:353114hKeeper of the Grovehr
Travel Form wild charge

DB:T538771:16tcffffd000Hspell:102401hWild ChargehrProof:Issue:Wild Charge should reset height in fall damage formula, but currently it seems to sometimes work and sometimes not.
[Frost] Killing Machine

Description of the bugThe T135305:16tcffffd000Hspell:51128hKilling Machinehr procs right now seem to be overtuned and procs from almost every crit on melee attack that a frost dk does. It should have 70 chance to proc with 2H weapon equiped and 30 to proc with two 1H weapons. Every time he doesnt get a proc the proc chance is increased by 30 meaning 2H weapon is 100 proc chance on 2nd melee hit and 1H weapons are 60 on 2nd melee hit.
[Legendary] Blind Faith

T3565443:16tcffffd000Hspell:355893hBlind Faithhr is not working at all.How it should work:Blind Faith should cause T3565443:16tcffffd000Hspell:306830hElysian Decreehr to shatter 2 more T136210:16tcffffd000Hspell:215393hLesser Soul Fragmenthr (for a total of 5) and should grant us Blind Faith for 20 seconds.For each Lesser Soul Fragment we consume while Blind Faith is active you gain 1 Mastery and 10 Fury.AMR:
[Legendary] Demonic Oath

T3591588:16tcffffd000Hspell:355996hDemonic Oathhr is not working.How it should work:When the demon from T3591588:16tcffffd000Hspell:329554hFodder to the Flamehr explodes, it applies T1344647:16tcffffd000Hspell:204021hFiery Brandhr to 5 nearby enemies for 5 seconds. In addition, T607854:16tcffffd000Hspell:178940hShattered Soulshr duration is increased by 8 seconds.AMR:
[SoD] Stygian Ember

Stygian Ember should be as currency not as item added in bag.
[M+ TW] [Kings Rest] [Dazar the first King] Gale-Slash Tornado

DESCRIPTION OF THE ISSUE:Gale Slash spawns a Tornado that does either nothing or the visual is not aligned with the location of the TornadoHOW IT SHOULD WORK:If you get hit by a Tornado you will get a Debuff and be knocked back.Spell: T1029585:16tcffffd000Hspell:268403hGale Slashhr
[SoD][Eye] Dragging Chains

Stygian Abductor on spawn should cast Dragging Chains on random player.Currently there is delay before he cast this spell.
[M+ TW] Shrine of the Storm Gate

How should it work:Whenever you go inside of the portal you should get tp'ed inside of Shrine of the Storm instance. How it is working right now:It doesn't port you.
[SoD] Shadowsteel Goliath

This 2 Shadowsteel Goliath should be pulled together.
[Soulbind][Night Fae][Dreamweaver] Podtender

Whenever the Player is getting the Proc of the Soulbind Podtender it visually spawns next to the Player aswell as the Regenerating Wildseed can be targetted but it has no healthbar causing the Enemy not being able to kill the Player.ID ID
[SoD] NPCs that should drop Stygian Ember

[M+ TW] [Atal Dazar] Soul Rend

How it is working right now:Health of Soulspawn's is wrong. Its not scaling correctly. Its too high.
[SoD][Eye] Deathseeker Eye CCs

Deathseeker Eyes should be immune to every type of CCs.
[Maldraxxus][Quest] Search the Place

Database Links the quest "Search the place" you do not gain a visual indicator on the Minimap for the location of "Foreman's Chest"ProofLive realms Retail

April 15, 2022

Intimidating Shout vs Spell Casts

T132154:16tcffffd000Hspell:5246hIntimidating ShouthrCurrently on Oribos if you try to fear a cast that's above 80 done even though you fear your target the spell will go through. It should stop the cast.
[Fury] Execute missing

Currently on live if you turn your character fast enough you can whiff your execute cast , dealing no damage.
[Enhancement] Focused Lightning Conduit

DB:T839974:16tcffffd000Hspell:338322hFocused LightninghrProof:With the conduit.Without the conduit.Issue:The conduit doesn't increase the damage done.
[Misc][Legendary] Vault of Heavens

|T463836:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:336470|h[Vault of Heavens]|h|r
|T463835:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:73325|h[Leap of Faith]|h|r

Currently on Oribos this legendary sometimes ignores textures and line of sight. For example if the target is above you and there's no path to them you can still Leap of Faith to them which shouldn't be the case.

You can only Leap of Faith to your target if there's a path to them.
[Havoc] Consume Magic vs Casts

How should it work: Usable While Casting?YesHow is it working right now:For Example while casting T1305156:16tcffffd000Hspell:198013hEye Beamhr if you use it. It cancels the cast.T828455:16tcffffd000Hspell:278326hConsume Magichr
[Havoc] Eye Beam vs Dreadfire Vessel

How should it work:Use: Unleash incendiary flames at your target inflicting xxx Fire damage. How is it working right now:If T971287:16tcffffd000Hitem:184030::::::::120:::::hDreadfire Vesselhr contacts/deals damage on the target while casting T1305156:16tcffffd000Hspell:198013hEye Beamhr It cancels the cast right now.
[Instance] Global ID issue on all instances

Currently when you join any instance (dung, TW, thorghast,...) the following message (see attached pic) is displayed even if nothing is killed.
[CN][Council] Not Able to See the Dance Macabre Light

Some players are unable to see the Dance Macabre light, it happens quite frequently
[Soulbind][Night Fae][Dreamweaver] Field of Blossoms

Remaining issue: Sometimes the Field of blossom just doesn't spawn at all after the first usage. Proof()

April 14, 2022

[Restoration] Nourish

The Talent of Restoration Druids T236162:16tcffffd000Hspell:289022hNourishhr isn't working properly. The mastery of the druid (which should get a 3x bonus) doesn't get a bonus, it's the normal 1x. It doesn't apply the bonus which basically makes the talent useless.
[Feral] Rake PvP Mod

Rake has currently 0.6 PvP Mod on it but should be only when casted while Stealthed.T132122:16tcffffd000Hspell:1822hRakehrBT:
Balance Affinity vs AutoAttack

Auto Attack Range is not following the 5yd range increase from Balance Affinity TalentPTR: (Feral, Guardian): T236156:16tcffffd000Hspell:197488hBalance Affinityhr(Restoration): T236156:16tcffffd000Hspell:197632hBalance AffinityhrBT:
[M+ TW] [WM] [Heartsbane Triad]

How should it work:Whenever you kill a sister or push her health to 50 it should give the orb to the next Sister. If the next sister is dead. It should give the orb to the next one.How it is working right now:It gives the orb in order. Doesn't matter if she is dead or not.
[M+ TW] [WM] Devouring Maggot

How it is working right now:After you got hit by Infest and the mobs spawn. If they cast Infest too after the mobs spawn while they are casting spit they disappear.How should it work:They shouldn't disappear.
[M+ TW] [Affix] [Awakened] Phasing problem

Spell : Awakened Obelisk PortalsHow it's working :Healer can heal the party members who are outside of the portal while the heal is inside the obelisk portal. Any interaction ( Standing in the Aoe, Damage from mobs ) wont affect the person inside the Obelisk.How it should work : The players inside the obelisk should be phased and can't interact with the others outside of the obelisk portal. If someone starts combat outside the portal, you should be automatically teleported out of the Obelisk.
[M+ TW] Linking keys in world channel

Players are currently able to link their M+ keys in world channel: bfa ones and SL ones, which should not be possible to force players to use premade group tool
[M+ TW] Premade group with BFA keys

It is currently impossible to chose the name of the BFA key when you create a premade group with the group finder tool.The only solution is for player to manually type the name of the key, but the display will have a shadowlands dungeon
[Misc][Item] Brimming Ember Shard

How it is working right now:The trinket only has a beam that doesn't heal nor do damage.How should it work:Channeling on a friendly target to heal and channeling on an enemy target dealing holy damage.Ally healing Sniff: Enemy damaging Sniff: T876916:16tcffffd000Hitem:181360::::::::120:::::hBrimming Ember Shardhr
[Soulbind][Kyrian][Forgelite Prime Mikanikos] Bron's Call to Action

Description of the bugAfter having used 75 damaging or healing spells and abilities, you summon Bron. Currently Bron is absolutely doing nothing after being summoned. (see attached screenshot) . The only way to make Bron hit something atm, is to have him take aggro, otherwise he will do nothing.Other issue: Periodical spells for example Consecration on Paladin or Rushing Jade Wind on Monk are one of the spells that stack it to fast.Right now every tick of the periodical spells gives 1 stack, while only initial cast should give 1 stack.How to reproduceUse 75 damaging or healing spells to summon BronHow it should beWhen Bron spawns: he should: knock back ennemies whback on arrival Attack and heal your target for 30 sec Internal cooldown: 0.05s Informations of the spell T3257748:16tcffffd000Hspell:333950hBron's Call to ActionhrCurrent situation:
Korrak's Revenge Issues

Fixed a bug when quest items would disappear. Removed respawn time for Korrak's Revenge, Captains, Lieutenants and commanders Fixed loot error

April 13, 2022

{Legendary][Affliction] Wrath of Consumption

Description of the bugCurrently if the target dies with agony and corruption on it, it only gives one stack of wrath of consumption.How to reproduceKill a mob after putting agony and corruption on it.How it should beIf the target dies with agony and corruption on it then it should give you 2 stacks of Wrath of consumptionInformation's of the spellVideo Proof()T136139:16tcffffd000Hspell:980hAgonyhrT136118:16tcffffd000Hspell:172hCorruptionhr
[Assassination] Seal fate

The following spells should award 1 extra combo point when they crit because of the passive seal fate(T236281:16tcffffd000Hspell:14190hSeal Fatehr). Currently, they do not award an extra combo pointT236281:16tcffffd000Hspell:14190hSeal FatehrBT :
[Conduit] Echoing Blessing

Description of the bugCurrently the conduit doesn't apply the buff 100 of the time instead its RNG, while testing it sometimes applied and sometimes didn't apply. moreover the value you get was 15 instead of 8. 226 ilvl conduit was used while testing.How to reproduceEquip the conduit and use the blessings on yourself or ally. you will notice that you don't get the buff after each cast.How it should beYou should get the respective buffs after the respective blessings end and as per the value of the conduit you have equipped Information's of the spellT255347:16tcffffd000Hspell:339316hEchoing BlessingshrBT Report()
{Covenant][Retribution] Divine Toll not hitting targets behind the player.

Description of the bugCurrently Ret divine toll doesn't hit targets behind the player even if the target is in combat.How to reproduceUse Ret Divine toll when you have 12 targets behind you, make sure the targets are in combat with you or else divine toll wont fire judgement. How it should beDivine toll should hit the targets regardless if they are in front or back. the only thing that should matter is that the paladin should be in combat with those targets.Information's of the spellT3565448:16tcffffd000Hspell:304971hDivine TollhrBT Report()Video Proof()
[M+ TW] [Kings Rest] [Spectral Berserker] Blooded Leap

DESCRIPTION OF THE ISSUE:When you kick or stun the add, the cast will go through after and the stun finishes and the add will knock you back and deal dmg. HOW IT SHOULD WORK:If you kick or stun the add the cast will be canceled.Spell : T236171:16tcffffd000Hspell:270482hBlooded Leaphradd location : trash in the way to the third boss.
[M+ TW] [Kings Rest] [Dazar the First King] Quaking Leap

DESCRIPTION OF THE ISSUE:He doesn't use the Spell.HOW IT SHOULD WORK:King Dazar should use the Spell periodicallySpell: T878213:16tcffffd000Hspell:268932hQuaking Leaphr
[M+ TW] [Kings Rest] [Mchimba the Embalmer & Interment Construct] Entomb

DESCRIPTION OF THE ISSUE:After opening a Tomb it doesn't close. If a player gets locked into an already open one the Player can't be freed. The Tombs stay even open after a Wipe.HOW IT SHOULD WORK:After casting Entomb, Mchimba will move between the crypts, opening them one at a time, beginning with the crypts that do not contain the entombed player. and players can open the crypts by themselves to free the one been stuck (this part is not working on firestorm) Note : after opening a crypt the door doesn't close again and it stays openNote 2: at the end we couldnt open any tombs even when players where insideSpell : T236399:16tcffffd000Hspell:267702hEntombhr

April 12, 2022

[Holy] Holy Word: Chastise

Holy Word: Chastise is removing any debuffs applied by Priest on the target and stun isn't applied correctly. Once debuffs are on it should briefly stun the target for 0.5s(roughly you can see video below) and then get removed by the already applied dots, at the moment it removes all debuffs and sometimes stun won't even apply.PTR Proof()Retail Proof()
[Unholy] Reanimation

Zombies spawned from this PvP talent have abnormal explosion trigger range. Basically at the range they explode, you can't even autoattack or do any ability so it's further than 5 yards.Retail: PTR: GIF1: GIF2: T1390947:16tcffffd000Hspell:210128hReanimationhr
[Soulbind][Night Fae][Niya] Grove Invigoration

Grove Invigoration(T236160:16tcffffd000Hspell:322721hGrove Invigorationhr)Redirected Anima(T236160:16tcffffd000Hspell:342814hRedirected Animahr)The stacks of Redirected Anima don't seem to overlap outside of using your covenant ability.Proof: (from Forums)

April 11, 2022

[Conduit] Righteous Might VS PvP Scaling

Righteous Might(T3528294:16tcffffd000Hspell:340192hRighteous Mighthr) Conduit is missing a 0.5 modifier in PvP on damage part.Proof()In game proof that it doesn't work in PvP()
[All] Divine toll vs echo of sin

T3565448:16tcffffd000Hspell:304971hDivine Tollhr is not at all hitting the echoes of sin that Sire denathrius spawns in P1 even if your primary target is the Echo itself. This makes kyrian ability for paladins pretty useless on the whole P1 of the boss.Proof Ptr : Combat log :

Description of the bugT629534:16tcffffd000Hspell:115078hParalysishr right now after expiring gives combat. Its no supposed to give combat after expiring since it doesnt generate threat.
Shifting Power vs Field of Blossoms

How it should work:When you choose Field of Blossoms trait (SpellID:319191) in Dreamweaver soulbind as a Mage whenever you press Shifting Power you will immediately get the Field of Blossoms buff under your characters feet for 12 seconds.How it currently works:When you press Shifting Power you won't get Field of Blossoms buff until you fully channel your Shifting Power and canceling the channel at any point will not grant you the buff.T3636841:16tcffffd000Hspell:314791hShifting PowerhrT306845:16tcffffd000Hspell:319191hField of Blossomshr
[Conduit] Bloodletting

The conduit should reduces the cooldown of the barbed shot by 1 sec. Currently, it is impacted by haste.T236304:16tcffffd000Hspell:341440hBloodlettinghr
{Restoration] Soul of the Forest vs Swiftmend spam

Currently, if you cast T236153:16tcffffd000Hspell:48438hWild Growthhr or T136085:16tcffffd000Hspell:8936hRegrowthhr and you spam T134914:16tcffffd000Hspell:18562hSwiftmendhr (for example to top somebody off) You don't get the T236160:16tcffffd000Hspell:158478hSoul of the Foresthr buff.How it should work:If you spam swiftmend to top somebody off while casting T236153:16tcffffd000Hspell:48438hWild Growthhr or T136085:16tcffffd000Hspell:8936hRegrowthhr , you should still get the T236160:16tcffffd000Hspell:158478hSoul of the Foresthr buff. This is not the case right now (if you spam swiftmend, which will happen a lot in dungeons)Oribos Proof()
[Legendary] Verdant Infusion

Using T134918:16tcffffd000Hspell:338829hVerdant Infusionhr overscales the healing of the T236153:16tcffffd000Hspell:48438hWild Growthhr spell.
Restoration] Cenarion Ward vs Grievous

The talent of Restoration Druids (T132137:16tcffffd000Hspell:102351hCenarion Wardhr) isn't proccing whenever the target with the Hot (Heal over time) gets damage by the grievous affix.
[Misc][Conduit Embrace Death

DESCRIPTION OF THE ISSUE: Death Embrace Conduit does not deal extra damage to next death coil when Sudden Doom is triggeredHOW IT SHOULD WORK:Death Ebrace Conduit should deal the extra dmg of the sudden doom proc, thats how it usually works.T538560:16tcffffd000Hspell:334728hDeath's Embracehr
[DOS][Hakkar] Blood Barrier VS Sons of Hakkar

The damage of the T1394887:16tcffffd000Hspell:322773hBlood Barrierhr on the should be more or less the same as on the players. Currently, they are automatically One shot.
[SD]Severing Smash

Description of the bugThe orbs that Severing Smash ability summon arent updating the boss placement in the fight. Orbs always explode and go to the place where boss casted the ability even after you move him from initial spot.How it should beIf you move the boss to the other side of the room balls should update their trajectory with boss placement and follow the boss in turn making it possible to kite the orbs.LinksT1778230:16tcffffd000Hspell:319685hSevering Smashhr
[DOS] Tombs vs Death's Embrace

Right now, the Death Speaker mob can empower the tomb's from the last boss with his T135945:16tcffffd000Hspell:333875hDeath's Embracehr skill. That shouldn't happen since this makes the Death's embrace spell useless because the Tomb's can't attack and are basically just a thing you have to click for last boss. Oribos Proof()
[ToP] Chain Pulling

When Gasbag reaches either of the red Lines. He will sit afk there for over 5sec before moving. Should be max of 2 sec until he starts patrolling back.And also Gasbag chain pulls Left side of the pull when it hits the max distance which it shouldn't. Same goes for the middle pull the distance for the chain pull is way too big. Which it makes it nearly to impossible to pull the middle adds.
[SD] General Kaal vs Stonewall Gargon Spawn

NPC: ID: 171455 don't get triggered at all after passing the bridge(triggering after half of the bridge), thus not spawning. Note that they should spawn every 15 seconds. After the boss runs away from that area(10 boss health), the current spawn point changes with the next one. Gargons stop spawning when the boss runs towards the room where you kill him.The first 2 spawn points are in the next pack behind the boss, between the pilons, like this:!()!()The 3rd spawn point is somewhere in the middle of the last 2 packs.!()PTR Proof PTR()Retail Proof Retail()
[SD][Regal Mistdancer] Echoing Thrust

Description of the bugThe cast is being recast to fast and sometimes makes 2 frontal beams instead of one.How it should beThe spell should have a 10 second delay between castsLinksRetail Proof()Firestorm Proof()
[MoTS] Mistveil Nightblossom

Description of the bugHe didnt used any abilities at all.How to reproduceFight with mistveil nightblossomHow it should beHe should use poison abilites and debufs on tankInformations
[HoA] Boss - Lord Chamberlain

Lord Chamberlain( current issues.1. The Statues are LoSing the player, meaning you are not able to attack while your target is behind them.2. The Statues do not currently have collision. When statues are hit into one another, they should have a collision impact and be pushed away from each other.3. After the boss casts Telekinetic Onslaught(T135822:16tcffffd000Hspell:329113hTelekinetic Onslaughthr) and the beams from Ritual of Woe(T237536:16tcffffd000Hspell:323393hRitual of Woehr) happen, their hitbox is extremely small. Sometimes, they will go above the players if they are too close to the boss. This is also references in the Trello Card here() where players were able to soak 23 beams on retail by staying inside the boss' hitbox. Proof statues LoSing() Proof statues not having collision() Proof 1 Ritual of Woe, how it is working at the moment() Proof 2 Ritual of Woe, how it is working at the moment()Retail test for all the bugs above() 0:14 I am able to hit through the statue 1:20 I am able to soak the beam during the Ritual of Woe even though I'm moving away from the straight line 1:55 The statues collide and bounce backCredit to Nyndra, Shilen
[SD] Chamber Sentinel combat bug

Description of the bugSometimes when Chamber Sentinel doesnt spawn, he do animation for spawning and just sits there in stone mode, but puts us in combat bug, so we have to wipe later to skip other packs.How to reproduceBe close to Sentinel that doesnt spawn.How it should beIf he do animation he should spawn, and if he isnt spawning then there is no animation nor combat bug.Informations
[PF] MYTHIC Margrave Stradama

Tentacles mid phase are wrong. Should either be Hitbox of tentacles should be around the pool that is colored in red.No mater where the tentacle is if u go inside the water it should hit u.Also the water should leave a debuff on you with like a "red skeleton icon" that should do insane amount of damage.
[MoTS] Maze walls after death of Mistcaller

All remaining mists walls should dispawn once Mistcaller is dead. As you can see on the screenshot, those walls are remaining
[MoTS] g25 spawn after first boss

description of bugthe g25 pack should pre spawn after the players have killed the first boss which is not happening right now this fix will be needed for the upcoming mdi
[TOP] G25 skip

Description of the bugAt the moment you cant skip G25 by using Invisibility, the pack that spawns from the sides enters combat with you instantly even in stealth.Retail proof()
[PF] Plaguebelcher + Globgrog

Plaguebelcher Beckon Slime "327581"This add spawns slimes and you should be able to Dragon Breath + Blinding Light the adds. But when you do it they ignore it totally and still carry on moving through the CCGlobgrog Same goes for the boss Slimes & big one you are able to use monk incap but once you usePaladin Fear "Turn Evil 10326" It complete ignores it and carries on walking to the boss. I guess it goes same to any DB Effect Like Blinding Light "115750"
[PF] Spawned Slimes vs Fear

Spell/NPCs: T3459153:16tcffffd000Hspell:327584hBeckon Slimehr Slimes that are spawned by NPCs like don't get feared properly, thus, after fear, the slimes will start going straight back towards the NPC as if they weren't feared.PTR Proof PTR()Retail Proof Retail()
[DoS] Risen Cultist

Description of the bugRight now this mobs are spam casting Scribe cast even when youre outside of their melee range. How it should beProviding a video from retail so you can see that adds dont cast while the tank is kiting them since they are outside of melee range. They should start casting the cast only when they enter your melee range.LinksT132851:16tcffffd000Hspell:328707hScribehrRetail Proof()
[MoTS] Bramblethorn Coat

If you dispell the debuff, it shouldn't trigger Bramblethorn Entanglement (only if shield is broken before duration ends).T136006:16tcffffd000Hspell:324776hBramblethorn Coathr
[PF] Domina Venomblade Shadow Ambush

Currently T1305160:16tcffffd000Hspell:325245hShadow Ambushhr is going through Ice Block , which shouldn't be the case , as the ability in higher keys is gonna always one shot the mage if he doesn't have immunity.Proof : Retail Proof:
[PF]Blighted Spinebreaker

Description of the bug spawn dead after dies so that gives combat to players it seems.Links Belchhr
[PF] ickor bileflesh vs bolstering

description of bugthe ickor bileflesh is currently getting bolstered by the adds around it which shouldnt be the caseptr proof()retail proof()
[SD] spiteful vs anima cage

description of the bugwhen you kill a spiteful add in the anima cage aoe you should be able to refresh the stacks of the T3528307:16tcffffd000Hspell:340433hSinfall Boonhr buff which is not happening right nowhow to reproduceopen the anima cage lantern and kill spiteful add in the aoe and check the stacksptr proof()retail proof()additional info Boonhr
[NW] Icy Shard

Description of the bugFrom the logs i provided we can see that damage of the Icy Shard cast is not being mitigated properly.LinksT135855:16tcffffd000Hspell:320771hIcy ShardhrFirestorm log()Retail log()
[M+ TW] [Freehold] Rat Traps

How should it work:The caster hurls steel traps at nearby targets. When triggered, the traps root the target and inflict Physical damage every 1 sec for 5 sec.How it is working right now:It does an absurd amount of damage. 3x higher than what tooltips is saying. (+15)T1467588:16tcffffd000Hspell:274383hRat Trapshr
[M+ TW] [Underrot] Fatal Link

How should it work:When a dies, the link between it and the Unbound Abomination is severed, inflicting 17 of the abomination's maximum health.How it is working right now:It is doing 25 of the abomination's maximum health.T136133:16tcffffd000Hspell:269692hFatal Linkhr
[SoA] Friendly npc vs affix

description of bugwhen the friendly npc die(angels) they are spawning spiteful,sanguine,bolster enemies etc which shouldnt be the casehow it should befriendly npc shouldnt be affected by affixeshow to reproducego to G6 area and watch after the friendly npc die they will spawn spitefuls
[M+ TW] Malicious Growth

How should it work:Whenever you enter the obelisk of , aoe effect gets larger and at some point stops.How it is working right now:Whenever puddles gets to max area they become invisible
[M+ TW] [Freehold] Dive Bomb

How should it work:Skycap'n Kragg on 2nd phase. He gets off from the bird and the bird casts spells one of them is T1029584:16tcffffd000Hspell:322724hDivebombhr . Whenever it casts this It should dive through.How it is working right now:Whenever It casts Dive Bomb. Visually the bird is stuck in the ground but still does the spell.
[M+ TW] [Freehold] Sea Spout

How should it work:Causes water to violently erupt beneath the feet of enemies, inflicting Frost damage and knocking them into the air.How it is working right now:The first cast of Sea Spout is hitting almost 10x higher than 2nd and other hits.T132852:16tcffffd000Hspell:258777hSea Spouthr
[M+TW] [Freehold] Swiftwind Saber

How should it work:With a flick of his saber, Harlan bends the tradewinds to his will and sends them flying forward. Enemies that collide with the winds are knocked back and suffer Nature damage.How it is working right now:The hitbox from the spell is wrong.
[M+ TW] [Underrot] Blood Harvest

How should it work:Charges to a random enemy, inflicting Physical damage.How it is working right now:It is casting on the tank all the time.T236268:16tcffffd000Hspell:265016hBlood Harvesthr
[M+ TW] [Underrot] Dark Omen

How should it work:Channels dark magic at enemy for 6 sec, inflicting Shadow damage to all enemies within 4 yards of their location every 1.5 sec.How it is working right now:Befouled Spirit doesn't cast the spell.T1726347:16tcffffd000Hspell:265568hDark Omenhr
[M+ TW] [Underrot] Creeping Rot

How should it work:Elder Leaxa summons corruption that moves forward, inflicting Nature damage to all players in its path every 0.5 sec.How it is working right now:The first cast of Creeping Rot doesn't move forward.T236271:16tcffffd000Hspell:260894hCreeping Rothr
[M+ TW] [Underrot] Spirit Drain Totem

How should it work:4 sec castStuns all enemies within 6 yards, rendering them unable to move or attack for 12 sec.Inflicts 75 Shadow damage to enemies within 6 yards.After the cast it disappears. How it is working right now: disappears automatically before finishing the cast
[M+ TW] [Atal Dazar] Wildfire

How should it work:Launches a bolt of fire at a random target inflicting Fire damage and an additional Fire damage every 2 sec for 8 sec.How it is working right now:The DoT from the spell is scaling wrongly. It does too high damage.T135812:16tcffffd000Hspell:253562hWildfirehr
[M+ TW] [Atal Dazar] Corrupted Gold Orbs

How should it work:Corrupted Gold During the encounter, the golden cauldrons expel their corruption slowly outwards. Players who come into contact with this corruption are afflicted with Corrupted Gold.How it is working right now:Orbs doesn't spawn at all.
[M+ TW] [Atal Dazar] Toxic Pool

How it is working right now:Toxic pools are spawning nonstop. If you make them stack a lot. It even lags the game.T136145:16tcffffd000Hspell:250585hToxic Poolhr
[M+ TW] [Atal Dazar] Echoes of Shadra

How should it work:Summons forth several shadowy spider images. Touching an Echo of Shadra causes it to burst inflicting Shadow damage to players within 3 yards, creating a pool of Shadowy Remains at the location.How it is working right now:Boss isn't summoning / casting T134321:16tcffffd000Hspell:250050hEchoes of Shadrahr
[SD] Executor Tarvold Circles speed

The circles rotating in the room are probably set with different speed. They overlap making impossible to dodge them. You should never have a situation where you overlap them. Only by playing the boss where near his spawn Location. Proof: How it should be:
[Affix] Raging

raging shouldn't affect adds that are related to boss mechanics. It's actually right now affecting Most adds or even totems or bombs and banners related to most boss mechanic son any dungeon.
[SD] Essence of Z'rali

While carrying Z'rali's Essence and you die in air, the object Essence of Z'rali will be stuck in air and you wont be able to get back.If you jump off the platform (e.x. General Kaal's last boss platform) with Z'rali Essence it will be also stuck somewhere below where player cant reach it and get it back.
[PF] Fleshcrafting slimes

Description of the bugUsing Fleshcraft(T3586267:16tcffffd000Hspell:324631hFleshcrafthr) on the Gushing Slime's corpse( will grant the Necrolord the Corrosive Gunk(T237273:16tcffffd000Hspell:340210hCorrosive Gunkhr) aura for 3 minutes doesnt work.While you Fleshcraft or have the Fleshcraft shield up by walking over the slimes you should be able to pick all 3 buffs, not just the first one that you come in contact with.Links
[HoA] Toiling Groundskeeper melee damage

Toiling Groundskeeper melee damage are doing too much damage, it should be reduced by halfPTR : RETAIL :
[SD] Quest missing

General Draven at beginning of dungeon should offer quest to rescue Z'rali and defeat General Kaal. Quest is missing atm.
[SD] Wrack Soul

Description of the bugT236295:16tcffffd000Hspell:321038hWrack Soulhr cast right now doesnt seem to have a proper internal cooldown, on retail it was approx 10 seconds between casts but here adds just spam cast the ability.Retail log()Firestorm log()
[HoA] Aleez - Volley of Power

The boss doesn't cast the volley in the fight. It seems it bugs out when you kick the bolt of power (323538), afterwards the boss doesn't cast the volley anymoreHigh Adjucator Aleez (165410) Volley of power (323552)
[SD] Dark Bolt

Description of the bugMobs instantly recast T3528312:16tcffffd000Hspell:326712hDark Bolthr after being cced, there should be a 3 seconds delay between casts always.Retail log()Firestorm log()
[TOP] Kul'tharok - Draw Soul

Normally, The feign death should stop the draw soul cast and directly trigger Soulless.Same for Vanish and ShadowmeltT2576083:16tcffffd000Hspell:319521hDraw Soulhr
[HoA] Inquisitor Sigar vs Tormented souls

Once the add take the life of Tormented soul (167892), it should create an add and make disappear the tormented soul (by removing all their life) atm the add can take the life of tormented soul many times while it shouldn't
[HoA] Siphon Life - Depraved Collector Mob

Depraved Collector (165529) should recast Siphon life(325701) when cc'd Lifehr
[HoA] Lord Chamberlain Stigma of pride

Link ability: T538039:16tcffffd000Hspell:323437hStigma of Pridehr is missing the increase damage by 30 per tick. Atm the damage is scaling properly with the key level but its not increasing.proof:
[DOS] Hakkar Touch of Death

Hakkar is casting Blood barrier ( T1526632:16tcffffd000Hspell:329849hBlood Barrierhr) Which isnt an HP increase, its an absorb. Touch of death from Monks should go through the barrier since the ability is HP related. Atm its only damaging the barrierProof:
[SD] Research Scribe - Moving

The scribes never move unless the tank LOS them, they are supposed to follow him if he is close enough, and stop following him if he moves too far away.
[Sanguine Depths] Gauntlet Anima Collectors

During the Gauntlet intermission before General Kaal's fight in Sanguine Depths the Anima Cage() is not affected by NPCs that are "spawned" so it doesn't get filled by these, in that instance Sinfall Boon() does not any extra stacks as it should.P.S.: An example of spawned NPC is Stonewall Gargon() which gets spawned during the Gauntlet intermission.Extra Info on the spell( Proof()Retail Proof()
[SD] Grubby Dirtcruncher

Grubby Dirtcruncher( is currently not increasing his HP by 300 when affected by Motivated(T3554193:16tcffffd000Hspell:334470hMotivatedhr) instead healing to full healthnote haste increase works as intended

April 8, 2022

[Survival] Bloodseeker bleed

For no reason, bleed from T132139:16tcffffd000Hspell:260248hBloodseekerhr is working even if you didn't pick this talent.
Teleport: Moonglade Return

DB:T135758:16tcffffd000Hspell:18960hTeleport: MoongladehrProof:Issue:Teleport: Moonglade does not teleport you back to your departure point.
[Frost] Dead of Winter

How should it work:Stack's count of Dead of winter shoud be on target, not on player. How it is working right now:Stack count of Dead of winter are on player, making stack growing faster than intended (so, faster stun since you stun with 5 stacks)Spell : T538770:16tcffffd000Hspell:287250hDead of WinterhrRetail stacking : Here you can see each target has his own stack counter PTR stacking : Here you can see I get two stack per second, this bug allow dk to get faster stuns stack & more stuns.
[PvP] Skulker's Wing Wrong PvP mod

DB:T2103921:16tcffffd000Hitem:184016::::::::120:::::hSkulker's WinghrProof:Issue:Skulker's Wing has wrong PvP mod applied
[Soulbind][Venthyr][General Draven] Service In Stone

"Service In Stone" don't work at all.WowHead : T399041:16tcffffd000Hspell:340159hService In Stonehr

April 7, 2022

[Conduit][General] Inspiring Presence

T463829:16tcffffd000Hspell:335034hInspiring Presencehr is supposed to increase health granted and duration of T132351:16tcffffd000Hspell:97462hRallying Cryhr . Duration increase is correct but the HP increase seems to cap out at 4 while if you have 226 version of the conduit it should give a 6.4 increase.
[Discipline] Spirit shell

How it should works : For 10 sec, Penance, Power Word: Radiance, and Atonement create absorb shields for 80 of their value, instead of healing.How it works on PTR : There is no shield generate by your Atonement, Penance and Power Word: Radiance.
Flamestrike + Hot Streak

Flamestrike doesn't consume Hot streak proc

April 6, 2022

[Brewmaster] Monk pet bar missing

Description of the bugThere is currently no pet bar as you summon Niuzao with the spell T608951:16tcffffd000Hspell:132578hInvoke Niuzao, the Black OxhrThere should be one.It's concerning every monk pet !How to reproduceUse the spell T608951:16tcffffd000Hspell:132578hInvoke Niuzao, the Black OxhrHow it should beThere should be a spell barInformations of the spell Wowhead link : T608951:16tcffffd000Hspell:132578hInvoke Niuzao, the Black OxhrThe absence of spellbar (base UI) : Retail video of the spell (00:16) :
[Feral] Primal Wrath initial hit damage

Description of the bugPrimal Wrath initial hit right now is missing damage multiplier, which makes the spell hit 15 damage less than intended at the moment. It could be the Attack Power Issue of 5 needs to be checked.T1392547:16tcffffd000Hspell:285381hPrimal Wrathhr
[Ardenweald][Quest] A Shooing Wildlife

Currently if you abandon A shooing wildlife and complete the other quests you get phased out and unable to continue with storyline
[Misc][Legendary] Chains of Devastation

T136015:16tcffffd000Hspell:336735hChains of DevastationhrT136015:16tcffffd000Hspell:188443hChain LightninghrT136042:16tcffffd000Hspell:1064hChain HealhrAfter casting Chain Heal your next Chain Lightning should be instant cast and after casting Chain Lightning your next Chain Heal should be instant cast. This effect has no cooldown.Issue is the legendary doesn't work at all it seems, after I cast Chain Heal it doesn't make my Chain Lightning instant cast and Chain Lightning doesn't make my Chain Heal instant cast.BT:
[Torghast][Twisting Corridors] Legendary drops

description of bugCurrently on live legenaries from all classes can drop while you do Twisting Corridors.How it should be : You should get legendaries for your class only and depending on which wing you completed. (for example completing the Soul forges wing giving that wing specific legendary)
[Battleground] Speed Up buff

Currently on FS, this buff appearance is use in Battle for Gilneas when any random buff (that have fix location) are in Cooldown; on retail it's a buff in its own (cf. screenshots): T136106:16tcffffd000Hspell:294701hSpeed Uphr.This buff should be in every bg where buff aren't fix: Battle for Gilneas, Seething Shore, (probably Arathi Basin and Eye of the Storm, i don't have proof for those).
[Battleground] Buff vs Stealth

Currently on FS, every buff can't be pick up when player is in stealth (cf. screenshot).Spells ID: T136012:16tcffffd000Hspell:314058hBerserkinghr / T132870:16tcffffd000Hspell:296577hSpeedhr / T134062:16tcffffd000Hspell:296575hRestorationhr
[Battleground] Twin Peaks

Currently on FS, Speed Buffs have wrong location, on retail they moved, i can't find my screenshot from Horde Speed Buff location so i marked new location on this map: Also, the Horde Berkerk Buff should be outside of the House (cf. retail Screenshot 2).As for Temple of Kotmogu (), there should be 2 Graveyard for each Faction (the additional one should be near each Faction Base).Respawn should be almost always in the farthest Graveyard too; example: if you die in enemy Base you'll respawn in your Graveyard Base, and if you die in your Base (or in your Faction's side of the river) you'll respawn in the middle Graveyard. It work almost the same as Temple of Kotmogu, split in two part: Norht and South.
[Battleground] Temple of Kotmogu

Currently on FS, when BG start, the animation of Gate openning start; animation should start few sec before as we can see in this retail gif: When you carry an Orb or/and kill the carrier from the opposite faction, Victory points should be display (cf. retail screenshot).There should be 2 Graveyard for each Faction:Horde in South West (the actual we have) and an other in South East.Alliance in North East (the actual we have) and an other in North West.To decide in what Graveyard you'll respawn: Map is split in 2 part (West / East), if you die in West Part you'll respawn in your East Graveyard, and if you die in East Part you'll respawn in your West Graveyard. (Always the farthest Graveyard of your die location).
{Covenant][Necrolord] Lead by Example

Description of the bugCurrently the Lead by Example Soulbind for necrolord under Emeni is not giving the buff for increase agility to DH after getting fodder to flame buff. But if you do a quick relog then it will give you the buff with 0 agility boost. How to reproduceKill a demon and gain fodder to flame buff and check your buff and agility. Then relog and check your buffs and agility. How it should beWhen you kill the demon to gain the fodder to flame buff. you should also gain the Lead by example buff increasing your agility.P.S. Even after the relog you get the buff but you still don't get the increased agility.Information's of the spellBT Report()Video Proof()T442743:16tcffffd000Hspell:342156hLead by Examplehr

April 5, 2022

[Mistweaver] Resplendent Mist via soothing mistrevival doesn't work

Currently T136006:16tcffffd000Hspell:336812hResplendent Misthr healing bonus doesn't work for T988198:16tcffffd000Hspell:191894hGust of Mistshr if it is generated via T606550:16tcffffd000Hspell:115175hSoothing Misthr or T1020466:16tcffffd000Hspell:115310hRevivalhr.
Death's due vs Field of Blossoms

DESCRIPTION OF THE ISSUE:Field of blossoms soulbind doesn't give the 15 extra haste for 3s when u stand within flowers that should spawn on your covenant ability Death's Due.HOW TO REPRODUCE:1.Get covenant night faes.2.Use death's due.T306845:16tcffffd000Hspell:319191hField of BlossomshrT3636837:16tcffffd000Hspell:324128hDeath's Duehr
[Release] Alterac Valley (Beta)

Fixed issues with graveyards Fixed issue with disappearing capture flag Fixed issue with summon Ivus/Lokholar Fixed issue with summon ground assault Fixed toys (Teleport to base) Fixed tower buffs Fixed loot Fixed respawn time for creatures in horde/alliance base, now they will respawn after 2 min, before was 2 hours
[MoTS] Lava damage in water

When you are in the water you take lava damage (seems to be just above the water, jumping + levitation)See attached screenshot
[PF] Rotmarrow Slime vs Fear

NPC: ID: 163891If feared few seconds before would normally do a cast, the mobs will start casting as if they aren't feared.PTR Proof PTR() fear aura can be seen on nameplates
[PF] Slime Tentacle Grab Priority

Slime Tentacles should prioritize grabbing Nontank targets if there are any in the melee range, if there are not, It should grab the tank.
[PF][Domina Venomblade] Assassinate

Currently, T3159976:16tcffffd000Hspell:333406hAssassinatehr doesnt seem to deal enough damage on high stacks. On Mythic 0, it was dealing 747 damage on 23 stacks. Should be much higher.
[MoTS] Mistveil Guardian

Currently the T132368:16tcffffd000Hspell:331743hBucking Rampagehr is being casted way too often making it impossible to play melee in the maze. It should be casted with an interval of 20 seconds.Retail Proof : Proof on PTR :
[PF] Globgrog and Plaguebelcher frontal

Description of the bugT132108:16tcffffd000Hspell:327233hBelch Plaguehr and T132104:16tcffffd000Hspell:324667hSlime Wavehr are sometimes changing their direction randomly. It should always cast on their current aggro target and never change the angle of the casting frontal even when the person moves.
[PF] Belch Plague

Description of the bugThe frequency of T132108:16tcffffd000Hspell:327233hBelch Plaguehr cast is to much right now.Our log((263193,20132463,20132464))Retail log()
[PF] Brood Ambusher

Description of the bugBrood Amusher casts Ambush on a random target in the group.How it should beAmbush cast always should go on its current target that the add is attacking.Links
[misc][General] combat ress vs mana

description of bugafter a healer or player is combat res( using rebirth or warlock/dk ress) they should have the same amount of mana that the had at the time of death but right now they get 1 mana when they are combat ressedptr proof()

April 4, 2022

Unleash Shield

How should it work:"Summons a whirlpool for 6 sec, reducing damage and healing by 50 while they stand within it." with Water Shield should work only if you stand in whirlpool. How it is working right now:"Summons a whirlpool for 6 sec, reducing damage and healing by 50 while they stand within it." with Water Shield is staying even if you go outside/leave whirlpool.Spell : T538567:16tcffffd000Hspell:356736hUnleash ShieldhrProof :
[Elemental] Static Field Totem

DB:T1020304:16tcffffd000Hspell:355580hStatic Field TotemhrProof:Issue:Static Field Totem does not lose health, unless getting oneshoted.
[All] Sepsis

Description of the bugWhen Sepsis(T3636848:16tcffffd000Hspell:328305hSepsishr) expires, it makes you go stealth(T132320:16tcffffd000Hspell:115191hStealthhr), which acts like a vanish, proccing stealth effects like subterfuge(T571317:16tcffffd000Hspell:108208hSubterfugehr) and crit lego(T135661:16tcffffd000Hspell:340094hMaster Assassin's Markhr).How to reproduceCast sepsis on target, wait for it to expire then you'll see go in stealth.How it should beWhen sepsis expires, it should not give you a stealth buff, just a sepsis(T3636848:16tcffffd000Hspell:347037hSepsishr) buff that lets you cast 1 stealth ability.
[Frost] Bone Chilling Talent

Currently the (T236208:16tcffffd000Hspell:205027hBone Chillinghr) talent is working only with Frostbolt and Flurry. Frozen Orb, Blizzard or Cone of Cold aren't giving you the damage increase buff. Whitelist of Bone Chilling() Retail Proof() Oribos Proof()
[Frost] Remorseless Winter ticks

How should it work:T538770:16tcffffd000Hspell:196770hRemorseless Winterhr should works with 9 ticks of damages How it is working right now:T538770:16tcffffd000Hspell:196770hRemorseless Winterhr damages are working with 10 ticks of damages, making a double stun combined with PvP Talent T538770:16tcffffd000Hspell:287250hDead of Winterhr (1 stun every 5 ticks, so with 10 ticks instead of 9 you get double stun)Spell : T538770:16tcffffd000Hspell:196770hRemorseless WinterhrRetail proof :
[Misc][item] Unbound Reality Fragment

[Misc][Covenants] Vesper Totem

How should it work:Your next 3 damage spells or abilities will cause the totem to radiate Arcane damage to up to 6 enemies near the totem, and your next 3 healing spells will heal up to 6 allies near the totem for health.How it is working right now:The Totem has no max target cap for healing part. It should be 6 for damaging and healing.T3565451:16tcffffd000Hspell:324386hVesper Totemhr

April 1, 2022

[CN][SLG][Mythic] Boss timers reset

Description of the bugTransitioning bosses between phases doesnt reset their timers on main abilities they are casting.
[SoA] Orphyrion

As of right now after;mode:normal starts casting T237030:16tcffffd000Hspell:324046hRecharge Animahr , the balls that are being summoned should be soaked with immunities but when you are using an immunity , the balls are going through you which shouldn't happen.Proof: Retail Proof of how it should work :
[NW] Throw Flesh casted only on tank

Link spell: T2032171:16tcffffd000Hspell:338653hThrow FleshhrAt the moment they cast the spell only on tank. They should cast it on the party. Favouring closest non tank targets. This ability deals a lot of damage and at the moment you can ignore it completely.Proof:
[DOS][Manadstorms] Phase 2 Millificent vs Shadowfury

There is a visual issue, when you have to put the aoe on the boss to stun him, it happens that when you are on it, the boss isn't stun.It seems like it's a pathing issue, like the boss isn't really where it is displayed
[TOP] Ricocheting Blade

Normally, The feign death cancels the ricocheting blade spell, however the adds should instantly restarts ricocheting blade on another player.Same for Vanish and ShadowmeldT3154690:16tcffffd000Hspell:333861hRicocheting Bladehr
[HoA] Prideful vs Loyal Stoneborn

Currently if you control the Loyal Stoneborn , Prideful will do "Belligerent Boast" ability on it , which shouldn't happen.Proof : Controlled bats are currently getting the spikes debuff "Belligerent Boast" (from the Pride while they shouldn't342466Spell: T3528311:16tcffffd000Hspell:342466hBelligerent BoasthrNPC: T3614367:16tcffffd000Hspell:342021hLoyal Stonebornhr
[DOS] Atal'ai Deathwalker's Spirit Insta Melee

Atal 'ai Deathwalker's Spirit Spawn upon Atal'ai Deathwalker's death. Its doing a lot of damage with its melee and atm he is doing it instantly as soon as Deathwalker dies. It should have a delay.Proof:
[SoA] Winged Champion

Normally you should be able to click the NPC even if you are mounted.Proof of the bug : Retail proof of how it should work :
[HoA] Ghastly Parishioner - Aleez

Ghastly Parishioner (mob from Aleez fight) 165913 if you vanish / fd / die / immune when the mob is going towards you,he will become crazy and start walking everywhere making your group die.The mob should just fixate someone elseT236548:16tcffffd000Hspell:323597hSpectral ProcessionhrBT report:
[DOS] Manastorms - Shadowfury

Currently right now T136201:16tcffffd000Hspell:320132hShadowfuryhr is not stunning the boss resulting in a permanent wipe , this happened way too many times in a row.Proof :
[DOS] Atal'ai Hexxer Healing wave

Atal'ai Hoodoo Hexxer is supposed to cast his first Healing wave as 1st ability as soon as his hp goes lower than 45. Atm its not following this rule.You can see from vod that as soon as he drops below 45 he casts the Healing waveProof: Vod: 7:24 or 8:30 both hexxer cast healing wave only after being pushed below 45
[Battleground] Warsong Gulch

It's seems that Warsong Gulch got the same Phasing System than World Area: you can't see other player that are at 100+ yard from you.This issue probably cause the display issue of Flag carrier on the map (that isn't actualize on map if you're not enough close to it).
[Battleground] Food Buff

Eating one of those Battleground's Food T644273:16tcffffd000Hitem:138478::::::::120:::::hFeast of Ribshr / T651596:16tcffffd000Hitem:138479::::::::120:::::hPotato Stew Feasthr should instantly give Well Fed.Gif from retail (9.1.5): Also on FS, if you have this Well Fed buff, you can't receive buff from Priest T135987:16tcffffd000Hspell:21562hPower Word: Fortitudehr, it say "A more powerfull spell is active" (it work fine if you get buff by priest before you eat, but not in the other order).No matter the ordrer you take those buff, it shouldn't interfered.

March 31, 2022

[All] Polymorph breaking

Polymorph at the moment is breaking from heals over time present on the cc ed target. Polymorph should erase dots from the target when casted, and should not be broken by heals over time on the target.T136071:16tcffffd000Hspell:118hPolymorphhr + variants
[Conduit][Kyrian] Deep Allegiance

Description of the bugThe conduit does not decrease the cooldown of the empowerment at all.LinksT3565444:16tcffffd000Hspell:341378hDeep Allegiancehr
Wild Growth vs Flourish

Description of the bugExtending T236153:16tcffffd000Hspell:48438hWild Growthhr with T538743:16tcffffd000Hspell:197721hFlourishhr spell breaks the healing of it and makes it heal 50 more the amount it should.
[CN][SLG][Mythic] Unstable Ground

Description of the bugRight now the duration of T2101174:16tcffffd000Hspell:344503hUnstable Groundhr on the floor is to long which makes it so you have to soak more than 8 of them later into the fight. The first T2101174:16tcffffd000Hspell:344503hUnstable Groundhr should disappear before 9th cast of T2101174:16tcffffd000Hspell:344500hReverberating Eruptionhr, same goes for 2n disappearing before10th cast and so on. This makes it so hard cap is always 8 soaks.Retail proof()
[CN][Generals][Mythic] Stone Legion Commando

Description of the bugWhen enter the arena during intermision they start casting T3528310:16tcffffd000Hspell:336231hCluster Bombardmenthr while in the air every 8 seconds .How it should beEach commando should cast every 16 secondsProof : Here you can see first cast going off at 2:02 and the 2nd one going out at 2:18
[CN][Generals][Mythic] Draven vs Stone Legion Commando

Description of the bugCurrently during every intermision General Draven is leaping to a every 12 seconds , hits them 5 times and then they drop to the ground at 80.How it should beGeneral Draven should leap to a commando every 6 seconds , 1 hit it and drop it to the ground at 72.proof:
[CN][SLG] Wicked Slaughter

Description of the bug adds dont come back to melee range of the tank right after casting T132303:16tcffffd000Hspell:342253hWicked Slaughterhr
[Soulbind][Necrolord][Emeni] Lead by Example

Soulbind is working fine, but the duration buff for stats after Unholy Nova cast is only 5 sec and it should be 10sec for Priests.Spell ID: T442743:16tcffffd000Hspell:342156hLead by Examplehr

March 30, 2022

[Shadow] Silence

How it should work : Silences the target, preventing them from casting spells for 4 sec. Against nonplayers, also interrupts spellcasting and prevents any spell in that school from being cast for 4 sec.Preventing any spell from the same school magic should only be when used against nonplayers, playrs should only be silenced.How it is actually working :When T458230:16tcffffd000Hspell:15487hSilencehr is used on players, it silences them but also prevents any spell from the same school magic.PTR proof >
[Mistweaver] Enveloping Breath

Currently Enveloping breath(T988193:16tcffffd000Hspell:325209hEnveloping Breathhr) triggers on players who are nearby the target that are affected by Soothing Breath(T606550:16tcffffd000Hspell:343737hSoothing Breathhr) and enveloping mist(T775461:16tcffffd000Hspell:124682hEnveloping Misthr).Enveloping breath should be casted on anyone nearby the player that has been affected by Enveloping mist. They don't have to have Soothing breath for it to work. Enveloping breath should only be casted while Yu'lon summon is present.Proofs:Paladin affected by Enveloping breath without Soothing breathMonk casted Enveloping mist on Paladin and triggered Enveloping mist
[Feral][PvP Talent] Strength of the Wild vs Predator's Swiftness

Strength of the Wild(T1408835:16tcffffd000Hspell:236019hStrength of the Wildhr)Predator's Swiftness(T132185:16tcffffd000Hspell:16974hPredatory Swiftnesshr)Regrowth(T136085:16tcffffd000Hspell:8936hRegrowthhr)T136085:16tcffffd000Hspell:8936hRegrowthhr)The buff from casting Regrowth only works if Regrowth is hardcasted. If casted with Predator's Swiftness, talent will not work.How it should be()
[CN][Inerva][Mythic] Hidden Desire

T1476626:16tcffffd000Hspell:335322hHidden Desirehr issuesVideo()
[CN][Inerva][MM] Concentrated Anima

T3684827:16tcffffd000Hspell:342321hConcentrated Animahr issues (see in mythic mode): shouldn't target pets should spawn one and 2
[MoTS] Anima injection - Mistveil Stinger Mob

Applies a DoT on a random player. Upon expiration or dispel, the DoT triggers an 8y AoE.Currently only the one who has the aggro is getting focused by the charge. It should be on a random playerT132274:16tcffffd000Hspell:325223hAnima Injectionhr
[PF] Rigged Plagueborer

Rigged Plagueborers are not affecting Prideful upon explosion.Same goes to Canisters , they are not applying the debuff nor the damage to Prideful , making the dungeon harder than it's supposed to be.Proof : Retail proof :

March 29, 2022

Death Sentence vs Condemn

T237517:16tcffffd000Hspell:198500hDeath SentencehrT3565727:16tcffffd000Hspell:317349hCondemnhrCurrently on Oribos there interaction with Condemn and Death Sentence is wrong. If you stand 23 yards away from your target it will properly Charge you to the target but if you stand further than 3 yards it will just hit them from range.
Ring of Frost vs CC

T464484:16tcffffd000Hspell:113724hRing of FrosthrT135841:16tcffffd000Hspell:68252hIce BlockhrT132154:16tcffffd000Hspell:5246hIntimidating ShouthrT613535:16tcffffd000Hspell:107570hStorm BolthrRing of Frost has multiple issues on Oribos. If you CC the Mage while Ring of Frost is active you can freely walk out and also if the mage trinkets the CC and you're still inside of it you can still walk out of the ring.
[Survival] Latent Poison Injectors vs Hydra's bite

T132272:16tcffffd000Hspell:336902hLatent Poison Injectorshr only applies to 1 target while having T2065587:16tcffffd000Hspell:260241hHydra's Bitehr talent, so it should apply to all 3 nearby targetsPTR proof : Spells : T2065587:16tcffffd000Hspell:260241hHydra's BitehrT132272:16tcffffd000Hspell:336902hLatent Poison InjectorshrBT report :
[Sanctum][Necrolord][Quest] Blink of an Eye

Description of the bugGM report :This quest suddenly seems to have an issue actually. It can no longer be completed since the chapter three of Necrolord campaign release, but i could be wrong about the origin of the problem.It seems like the portal that makes you come back in the Seat of the Primus isn't visible for some players and the objective of this quest is precisely to use this portal.EDIT New information : The player made a swap of convenant in the past, from Kyrian to Necrolord. The player didn't go through Threads of Fate at all.How to reproduceMake the previous sanctum quests and just take that one ID : 63059 and swap convenant from Kyrian to Necrolord.How it should beYou should be able to see the portal and use it to return in the Seat of the Primus.Informations Wowhead link : Youtube link of the video : Bugtracker Report :
[HoA] Pull of Loyal Stoneborn on Aleez fight

You should be able to pull Loyal Stoneborn (174175) during the fight against Aleez with your pets or distance spells to make them join the fight and controle them with a venthyr
[Bastion][Quest] The Final Countdown

Quest: The Final Countdown( Marrowmaw( acts like a dummy, doesnt do any melee attacks nor did he ever use any of the spells in his kit.Video proof: PTR() Retail()
[Bastion][Quest] The Prime's Directive looting the quest item, they don't show in my bags nor the looted quest item counts towards the quest. This is should get fixed ASAP because you can't advance through the storyline.
[Bastion][Quests][General] RP Quests

Quests that have mainly RP in them tend to have next issues:1. If it's a quest that gets completed after a single RP of the quest giver, the RP can be bypassed by relogging, thus it instantly completes.2. If a quest starts with the RP of the quest giver, abandoning the quest after he starts the RP makes the NPC to continue its RP and another quest giver gets spawned, thus it can be continuously spawnedPTR Proof1. Instant completion after relog / RP bypassedProof 1()Proof 2()2. Continuously spawning the quest giverProof 3() Proof 4()Proof 5()Proof 6()
[HoA] Turned to Stone debuff - Echellon

On Echelon, the debuff Turned to Stone (319611) doesn't appear on the player's debuff bar. The effect of stun is currently already working, just the visual in the debuff bar is missing.T134450:16tcffffd000Hspell:319611hTurned to Stonehr
[Hoa] High Adjudicator Aleez Ghost ability

The ghosts summoned by the boss have an ability called Pulse from beyond Link ability: T511651:16tcffffd000Hspell:323852hPulse from BeyondhrThis ability should NOT scale with key level. Atm it is making this fight harder especially for melees.Proof:
[Bastion][WQ] Ahhh!Real monster! X2 :Aspirant thetes is not spawned to start the WQ :The wq bar progress get stuck at 100 and Wq wont be finished
[Ardenweald][Story] End of Dreams

Quest: End of the Dream( Witness the end of the spirit's life(
[Exile's Reach] Darkmaul Citadel drops boss doesn't drop class/specspecific weapons
[Maldraxxus] House of the Chosen phasing

Handle phasings before and after Krexus death (storywise) in the entire area; swap between Chosen npcs and Vyraz Chosen npcs + new objects spawn
[Battleground] Double Buff Oribos buffs like Berserker or the Restoration buff it's possible for 2 people to pick it up, while it should be ONLY 1 person. All you have to do is get 2 people to pick up the buff at same time to reproduce this.
[Bastion][Campaign] A Conduit For Good

Currently, players can interact with the Forge of Bonds before completing the quest: It should not be interactable untill players have gotten this quest.
[DOS] Enraged Mask

Currently the Enraged Masks spawned by the Spirit are not taking damage , which in any case shouldn't happen forcing you to just CC them.Proof : Retail proof of how it should work :
[Exile's reach][Quest][NPC]The Rescue of Herbert Gloomburst

Quest:;After the 3 sets of adds killed, Bloodbeak does show up but stays on the raid for way too much, it does not even move.If Shujia Grimaxe gets killed, Bloodbeak just stops attacking and moves near Herbert Gloomburst, doing nothing. If player tries to do damage, the npc just resets itself , making the quest unable to be finished
[SD] Insatiable Brute

Description of the bugInsatiable Brute add currently casts Slam(T132154:16tcffffd000Hspell:321178hSlamhr) on his closest target if tank is out of range. He should never cast it on another target if a tank is kiting away from the mob.LinksT132154:16tcffffd000Hspell:321178hSlamhr;mode:lfr
[PF] G34 Health value wrong

Description of the bugCurrently the g34 pack that is fighting are having wrong currect hp values.How it should beLinked in proof how that adds shouldnt be full hp and those that are 50 should be 30.LinksRETAIL PROOF()
[HoA] Halkias & Houndmaster

Still seems to happen.Also Halkias has energy bar when he starts spinning it goes to 0HE HAS A CHANCE TO TURN ONCE AT 20 Energy.Currently on FS he turns randomly and sometimes even twice.Depraved Houndmaster casts an ability Loyal Beasts should only cast once when he reaches 50 health and then put it on cooldown.
[NW] Nar'zudah vs Mind Soothe

NPC: ID: 165824Using T135933:16tcffffd000Hspell:453hMind Soothehr on should let you pass the whole pack which you currently cannot do.PTR Proof PTR()Retail Proof Retail Gameplay() Retail()
[MoTS][Trednova] Mind Link

T3528276:16tcffffd000Hspell:322648hMind Linkhr should target all players in the group on Mythic difficulty and above. Currently targets only 2 players.
[MoTS] Repulsive visage - Ingra Maloch

Ingra Maloch should not cast Repulsive Vusage anylore, if Droman is under 25 hpT136184:16tcffffd000Hspell:328756hRepulsive Visagehr
[MoTS] Protectors Rage - Mistveil Defender Mob

The spell T134919:16tcffffd000Hspell:324736hProtector's Ragehr Protectors rage casted by Mistveil Defender (163053) should be stackable (currently it doesn't stack)Sources: //
[MoTS] Spinemaw Acidgullet - Volatiled Acid

Spinemaw Acidgullet Volatiled Acid does 400 more damage on PTR 2 ticks are 1shotting fully geared players right now
[ToP][Mordretha] Adds vs Raging

Mordretha's adds are affected by raging, but they shouldnt cuz those are adds from boss.
[Bastion][Quest] The Aspirant's Crucible

Quest: you relog while flying on the quest mount you get dismounted. Depending on the altitude of the mount you could die.Even after relog, you should still be on the mount, flying.Usually, you shouldn't be able at all to relog while flying with a quest's NPC and a message 'You can't logout now' should appear.PTR Proof()
[NW] Bloody Javelin

As of right now , T3054897:16tcffffd000Hspell:328325hBloody Javelinhr is going through the selected target of the player , pulling all the entities at the start of instance , making any group wipe.To be mentioned there was a card that stated this issue was fixed but apparently is not Proof : Retail proof of how it should work :
[Bastion][Quest] Light the Forge, Forgelite

Quest: can complete the last task of the quest before all the other ones. You should be able to complete them only in this order: Carry raw materials, Clear the vents and Tidy Up.PTR Proof()
[Revendreth][Object] Command Table in Sinfall

Currently, we are missing Command table in Sinfall. It should become acessible after player researches it at Sanctum Upgrades.
[General] Anima Power error when changing floors.

Once a player selects an Anima Power and goes to the next floor they will get an error on their screen and the game will ask them if they want to continue as if they haven't chosen an Anima Power.Video proof: Oribos() I already picked the Anima Power, it should not show me this error.
[Dungeons] Lieutenant mobs | Distract

This issue is not specific to necrotic wake but all dungeons.Currently, "lieutenant" mobs (level 61) are immune to rogue's distract(T132289:16tcffffd000Hspell:1725hDistracthr). They should not be immune to distract
[HoA] Echelon Timers

In Halls of Atonement, during the Echelon( Mythic encounter, the timers of his main abilities are completely off compared to the retail ones. Please see the images/spreadsheet attached.I have color coded the abilities to make it simpler and easier to read. Please note that Column C contains the timers for each individual ability. E.g.: Timer after which Stone Call 2 has been cast vs Stone Call 1. This logic applies to each cast and spell and are compared to their previous casts (Cast 2 vs Cast 1, Cast 3 vs Cast 2, Cast 4 vs Cast 3 etc.)Retail Logs()PTR Logs()
[DeOtherSide][last boss ] - undermapping

After testing on ptr we found that still any class with dashes that go into the boss or his clones for example ( dh the hunt , shriekwing trinket (Skulker's Wing ) , rogue shadowstep ...) is teleporting you inside the boss and you will fall and die.
[Affix] Inspiring

Some mobs are missing or have wrong applied inspiring in dungeons.
[Revendreth][Questline] Phasing issues

After completing i am not able to give the quest to the NPC unless i use gm on in order to see the other phasing in which i can see the quest givers.PTR Proof PTR()
[Revendreth][Quest] The Master of Lies - Stage 5 resurrection

What is wrong? If you die in this area, during this Stage... And you release the corpse... You are left falling into the space.Url quest:
[Revendreth][Quest] Herald Their Demise that come with have no Internal Cooldown on T132141:16tcffffd000Hspell:316509hClawhr, resulting in players dying really fast if they dont kill adds ASAP.Retail: You can see animation of their Claw spell having cooldown, unlike on PTR
[Revendreth][Quest] Blinded By The Light

Quest: using a mirror the blue quest's mirror area should disappear. Also, when you start the quest, it doesn't really show where to go.PTR Proof()Retail Proof()Retail Proof() where to go
[Revendreth][Quest] Anima Awakening

Quest: ID: 59323The RP will continue even if you abandon the quest.PTR Proof PTR()
[Revendreth][Creatures] Unskinnable Beasts

This Creature should be Skinnable, currently it's not on PTR.
[Ardenweald][WQ] Wrath of aliothe

if you take Aloithe's form you can Kill players from ur own faction Wich shldn't be the case
[Maldraxxus][Rare] Indomitable Schmitd

Indomitable Schmitd( is a Rare that can be found in Maldraxxus.Creature ID: 161105Location: 3019.999512 1810.829102 3224.163330ISSUE 1>Currently on PTR this NPC is only using melee attacks, abilities are missing.PTR proof()Retail proof()ISSUE 2> NPC should not award XPPTR proof()Retail proof()
[Maldraxxus][Quest] The Seat of the Primus

Quest: ID: 60886Relogging/crash while flying on dismounts the player and because of the altitude you might die.PTR Proof()
[Maldraxxus][Quest] Replenish the Reservoir should update the criteria when you obtain any item that contains Anima.I tried to do a WQ and got the anima item but the objective didn't update.Not sure if looting mobs work, didn't test
[Maldraxxus][NPC] Melody Madcap

NPC displacement of this NPC is bugged, see following gif:
[Maldraxxus][Campaign] Stitching Time

quest you already learned Abominable Stitching previously, you won't be able to complete the quest.On this video you see that the guy already had Abominable Stitching to rank 1 (or higher), which auto completes the quest
[Maldraxxus] Pool of Mixed Monstrosities

NPC: sniff for not checked ones
[Bastion][WQ] Things remembered X2

U can interact with the T979574:16tcffffd000Hitem:177186::::::::120:::::hForgotten Memorandumhr even if u don't have the WQ activeApplies for both these Wqs with the same name but different ID
[Bastion][WQ]Assault on the vestibule
[Ardenweald][WQ] Pupa Trooper

Description of the bugAfter the T2103853:16tcffffd000Hspell:313053hFaerie's Blessinghr ends, the flight may not end. The player will be able to fly throughout the location. How to reproduceUnfortunately, the bug was found only on a regular player, it is not known how to repeat it. How it should beAfter the effect ends, the player slowly sinks to the ground Informations
[Bastion][Quest] A Proper Reception

Quest: ID: 604921. Starting the RP and abandoning the quest gets multiple quest givers to spawn.2. If you relog after you start the RP the quest giver will disappear. Instead, you should be teleported back near the quest give, at the time before you started the quest.2.1 The new NPCs that appear while RP is active should disappear after abandoning the quest.PTR Proof PTR 1() PTR 2() PTR 2.1()
[DOS] Mythresh - Wailing Grief

Normally, Wailing Grief attracts players to the centre within an 8 metre radius.T237555:16tcffffd000Hspell:340026hWailing GriefhrProof:

March 25, 2022

[Arcane] Arcane Missiles

T136096:16tcffffd000Hspell:5143hArcane MissileshrSince main "filler" ability for Arcane is Arcane Missiles its kinda uncomfortable to pull packs for a tank / yourself while doing dungeons / questing with missiles, because missiles behavior is different whenever you are starting to cast it. On Firestorm you are literally wasting mana, trying to pull some mobs for you.FS: Retail: Bugtracker:
[Fire] Meteor & Ignite

At the moment Meteor does not provide the mastery effect when dealing damage to a target.T1033911:16tcffffd000Hspell:153561hMeteorhrT135818:16tcffffd000Hspell:12654hIgnitehr
[Fire] Sun King's Blessing hotfix

The legendary should also proc from a noninstant flamestrike, beside nonin Pyro after completing the initial hot streak rule.T236216:16tcffffd000Hspell:333313hSun King's BlessinghrT135826:16tcffffd000Hspell:2120hFlamestrikehr
Arcane torrent resource gen

Currently Arcane torrent(T136222:16tcffffd000Hspell:202719hArcane Torrenthr) sometimes generates more resource than it should. It should generate 15 max. Sometimes it goes beyond that.Demo:
[Ardenweald][Campaing chapter 4] Cleansing the Forest

Quest: healing , for a split second it shows that the npc is healed to max, but after that, goes back to what his hp was before getting healed. The healing does count in the progression of the quest , visual bug
[m+ timewalking] obelisk interaction issues

Description of bugas of now its impossible to enter the obelisk realm after clicking the pillar
[m+ timewalking] scaling issues

Description of bugcurrently scaling of the adds and boss hp and spells is not proper they have close to m0 scaling ptr timewalking log()

March 24, 2022

[Fury] Reckless Abandon

T132333:16tcffffd000Hspell:202751hReckless AbandonhrT132215:16tcffffd000Hspell:335100hCrushing BlowhrT236304:16tcffffd000Hspell:335096hBloodbathhrT136012:16tcffffd000Hspell:23881hBloodthirsthrT589119:16tcffffd000Hspell:85288hRaging BlowhrCurrently on Oribos if you have Reckless Abandon learned it won't replace Bloodthirst with Bloodbath and Raging Blow isn't replaced by Crushing Blow.BT:
[Sub] Flagellation stacks vs Weaponmaster Talent

Spell: Flagellation()Talent: Weaponmaster() If players use the Weapomaster talent they will get incorrect stacks of Flagellation after they use for example 5 combo points finisher. If 5 combo points used it while target is affected by Flagellation it should give you 5 from Flag + 5 combo points from the finisher used resulting in 10 stacks, currently it only gives 5.Additional information: Weaponmaster causes this bug to happen, i tested with Premeditation and it worked correctly.Video proof: Live 1() Works correct with Premed Live 2() Does not work correctly with Weaponmaster talent
entangling roots vs dungeon adds

Description of bugif a druid roots any add in a dungeon and pull the adds around it it does not come into combat and will remain out of combat after root ends which should not be the casehow it should beentangling root is not a hard cc its a normal cc it will just root and add to prevent it from moving but it will not keep it out of combat when fighting adds around itptr proof()
[CN][SLG][Mythic] 2nd intermission - Last Anima orb

Description of the bugRight now when you deposit last T3528312:16tcffffd000Hspell:332393hAnima Orbhr in 2nd intermission with Grashaal active (Grashaal on 50) you are getting the knock as if you didnt fill up's energy bar, which gives knock back on the last orb instead of him instantly putting T1519262:16tcffffd000Hspell:332683hShattering Blasthr in his spell queue and ignoring the knockback from the orb deposit. Retail proof()
[CN][SLG] Seismic Upheaval

Description of the bugT136025:16tcffffd000Hspell:334500hSeismic Upheavalhr shouldnt be casted by Grashaal at all on second intermission where he is the active boss (Grashaal on 50).Retail proof()
[CN][SLG][Mythic]Heart Rend dispel

Description of the bugRight now the person that is dispelling the debuff gets afflicted by Hearth Hemorrhage while it should only apply it to the targets that got dispelled from Heart Rend.LinksT1390944:16tcffffd000Hspell:334771hHeart HemorrhagehrT135811:16tcffffd000Hspell:334765hHeart RendhrRetail log()
[Misc][Legendary] Druid's The Natural Order's Will

How should it work:When it begins or ends in Bear Form, you gain Ironfur and Frenzied Regeneration.How should it work:The Natural Order's Will issues are listed here:T1408838:16tcffffd000Hspell:339063hThe Natural Order's WillhrT136097:16tcffffd000Hspell:22812hBarkskinhrT1378702:16tcffffd000Hspell:192081hIronfurhrT132091:16tcffffd000Hspell:22842hFrenzied Regenerationhr

March 23, 2022

[Creature] Rare loot don't scale with Renown

Rare equipment loot should scale with the renown ilvl increase
[Maldraxxus][Rare] Corpsecutter Moroc

Rotation seems wrong : Rare is spamming too much T1373906:16tcffffd000Hspell:320463hHack Tendonhr in a row, wich means you can't destack and you finish completely stuck in meleeAccording to videos, you should have only 2 debuff instead of 5 directly T132358:16tcffffd000Hspell:340130hTenderizehr is also casted too much in a row wich means you can stack infinitely Maybe it should be tenderize >hacktendon> Belch organs> ground pound >tenderize > etc
[Soulbind][NF][Deamweaver] Faerie Dust

Should only happen once per minute, atm it procs all the time Should only proc if you fall farther than 20 yards Should not proc if you don't have choose this soulbind T463521:16tcffffd000Hspell:319214hFaerie DusthrT463521:16tcffffd000Hspell:319970hFaerie Dusthr (buff)
[Soulbind][NF][Niya] Grove Invigoration

The stack of grove invigoration of Fae Class Spell do not have an internal cd (30 sec).

March 22, 2022

[Conduit] Deadly Chain

The damage of ''Trick Shots'' doesn't change at all with the Deadly Chain Conduit. Trick Shots(T2065591:16tcffffd000Hspell:257621hTrick Shotshr) Deadly Chain(T461120:16tcffffd000Hspell:339973hDeadly Chainhr)The tooltip is saying the wrong amount and the damage isn't getting affected by that conduit. I tested it with a 226 ilvl conduit (11 dmg increase) and it didn't increased the dmg at all + the tooltip only said 65 damage instead of 71 damage (because the base damage of Trick Shots is 60)
[Havoc] Dancing with Fate and death sweep

Currently T1108795:16tcffffd000Hspell:339228hDancing with Fatehr increases damage for all the strikes from T1309099:16tcffffd000Hspell:210155hDeath Sweephr. It should only increase damage of the final strike from T1309099:16tcffffd000Hspell:210155hDeath Sweephr and not all of them as a whole.Values demo: Tooltip demo:
[CN][Sun King] Soul Infuser

Soul infusers currently do not continue to move towards a pedastol, after being Gripped by Death Knight.
[MoTS] Spinemaw Larva

Description of the bugThey are bolstering addsHow to reproduceKill them on bolsteringHow it should beThey shouldnt bolster adds.Informations
[CN][Inerva] Bottled Anima

T3684825:16tcffffd000Hspell:325769hBottled Animahr Issues (see in mythic mode): The bottles should appear randomly next to the members of the group (melee and caster), currently they appear only in melee. There should be 3 bottles with 20 players, actually there is 2 bottles. the bottles should bounce when the jar is at 66. For information, the first bottle must appear near the players, but the bounce must necessarily be at the back of the platform.
[Misc][Legendary] Hunter's Pouch of Razor Fragments

"Pouch of Razor Fragments" covenant legendary don't work at all.T4067366:16tcffffd000Hspell:356618hPouch of Razor Fragmentshr

March 21, 2022

[Feral] Regrowth vs Core Passive

Regrowth and his HoT part is missing the 40 buff from Feral Druid Core Passive.T136085:16tcffffd000Hspell:8936hRegrowthhrBT:
[Feral] Mana regen

How it should work :Feral's mana regen should have same mana regen as moonkin.How it actually works :Feral's mana regen is really low, making it awful in pvp for example.PTR proof > Retail proof > Both level 50 screens.
[Frost] Obliterate vs Koltira's Favor

Currently, Obliterate has the effect of Koltira's Favor Legendary of refunding 2 runes. (damage seems ok)PTR: I didn't have any legendary equipped and .list aura didn't show any Koltira's Favor.T136158:16tcffffd000Hspell:334583hKoltira's FavorhrObliterate IDs: 222024, 66198, 325461
[CN][MM][Hungering Destroyer] Gluttonous Miasma

The damage inflicted to the player in the Gluttonous Miasma is too small. with a log of 9.1:on retail (between 11 and 13 stack of Essence Sap), the damage are 11747, 12244 and 12744.on fs (between 11 and 13 stack of Essence Sap), the damage are 8615, 8999 and 9381.PTR: Retail: currently we can go up to 60 stack of Essence Sap and hold without too much problemT136158:16tcffffd000Hspell:334755hEssence SaphrT1390943:16tcffffd000Hspell:329314hGluttonous Miasmahr
[CN][MM][Shriekwing] Ravenous Horrors

Allowing the T971281:16tcffffd000Hspell:341684hThe Blood Lanternhr to be hit by T2103878:16tcffffd000Hspell:342923hDescenthr or T2103878:16tcffffd000Hspell:343021hDeadly Descenthr should shatter it, releasing T2032221:16tcffffd000Hspell:344761hRavenous Horrorshr.
[CN][Council][Mythic] Dark Recital timer 3rd phase

Description of the bugRight now T607854:16tcffffd000Hspell:331634hDark Recitalhr is casted 10 seconds to early on 3rd phase where you only have Niklaus boss alive.The interval of the cast changes to 45 seconds cooldown instead of 40 seconds cooldown too which is scuffing boss timers. This makes for some weird overlaps on the boss. Mainly the problem is the first cast happening 10 seconds sooner.LinksPTR log proof()Retail log proof()
[CN][Denathrius] Movements vs Blood Price

Boss should be unable to move while casting Blood Price.
[CN][Denathrius] Echo of Sin

Description of the bugLooking at the minimum and maximum damage taken comparing Retail and Firestorm it seems that Echo of Sin adds Painful Memories cast does almost double the overall damage compared to retail.LinksT237555:16tcffffd000Hspell:326824hPainful MemorieshrRetail log()Firestorm log()
[CN][Denathrius]Remornia auto attack frequency

Description of the bugRemornia is melee attacking at twice the speed right now.LinksFirestorm log()Retail log()
[CN][Denathrius] Second Phase Massacre

Description of the bugThere is no visual animation of the swords that should travel on the red lines that the cast makes.LinksT3565727:16tcffffd000Hspell:330137hMassacrehrVideo()
[PF] Slime Tentacle

Slime Tentacle 168022 Crushing Embrace(T254105:16tcffffd000Hspell:270624hCrushing Embracehr) 328432/329224/328429 You should be able to use Blessing of Freedom & Tiger's Lust to get out of the CC.
[Maldraxxus][Rare] Nerissa Heartless

Rare should say "The journey from who I was, to what I have become, was tread over the corpses of fools such as you." when you engaged it Rare should say "I have risen countless times... so I shall again." when it dies T236922:16tcffffd000Hspell:292942hIron Shackleshr iron shackles seems to not work properly, if you move too much the spell is cancel(should drop mount with 2 drop chance T3456126:16tcffffd000Hitem:182084::::::::120:::::hGorespinehr)

March 18, 2022

[Conduit][Demonology] Fel Commando

Description of the bugThe conduit seems to have stopped working. Felguard does same damage with conduit equiped.LinksT615025:16tcffffd000Hitem:182752::::::::120:::::hFel Commandohr
[Sub] Find weakness uptime

¨  ¢¨ ­ ­¨ ­¡  :Thanks to T132295:16tcffffd000Hspell:316219hFind Weaknesshr whenever you use T1373912:16tcffffd000Hspell:185438hShadowstrikehr for example you'll apply the Find weakness debuff on the target for 18 seconds. Subtlety also has T132090:16tcffffd000Hspell:53hBackstabhr R2 passive that applies Find weakness if backstab crits for 6 seconds. Description of the bug:If you just used a shadowstrike u have a new 18sec long find weakness applied and when you use a backstab right after it and crit it will reduce the timer of find weakness from 18 sec to 6 sec. as you can imagine it's insanely bad in single target situation since find weakness is a most important debuff that you have to keep on your target for close to 100 uptime.Video proof : Bt report :
[Misc][Covenants][Venthyr] Wasteland Propriety

Wasteland Propriety is a soul bind trait available on row 8 of Theotar the Mad Duke's soul bind tree. It causes your Venthyr class ability to grant you and your allies a temporary versatility bonus.Currently its giving the buff only for 10 sec instead of 40 sec for paladin. It should be 10 sec only for Venthyr Warrior as they don't have a cooldown on condemn.T132810:16tcffffd000Hspell:319983hWasteland ProprietyhrBT Report(()
[Brewmaster] Stagger vs Invisibility

Description of the bugStealth effects like T3566868:16tcffffd000Hitem:171266::::::::120:::::hPotion of the Hidden Spirithr and T136243:16tcffffd000Hspell:310495hDimensional Shifterhr are insta breaking while stagger is active, stagger should never break invisibility state.
[Legendary] Disciplinary Command no CD

Currently Disciplinary Command(T135820:16tcffffd000Hspell:327365hDisciplinary Commandhr) doesn't have 30 sec like it says it should.
[Legendary] Draught of Deep Focus

Description of the bugThe legendary right now doesnt increase Moonfire damage if you pick talent Lunar Inspiration.LinksT967555:16tcffffd000Hspell:338658hDraught of Deep FocushrT1033491:16tcffffd000Hspell:155580hLunar InspirationhrT136096:16tcffffd000Hspell:8921hMoonfirehrBT REPORT()
[Conduit] Born Anew

Description of the bugAt the moment conduit doesnt give any buff at all.LinksT136080:16tcffffd000Hspell:341280hBorn Anewhr
[Unholy] Convocation of the Dead

T538560:16tcffffd000Hspell:338553hConvocation of the Deadhr of the dead has 2 major issues. 1st issue it doesn't reduce cooldown when you pop your apocalypse .2nd issue is it doesn't reduce the cooldown when the target with wounds dies similar issue was on retail and it got fixed.
[Misc][Legendary] Warlock's Wilfred's Sigil of Superior Summoning

This Legendary Power, after spending Chaos Chards, is not reducing the CD of the main burst spell cds of each specialization.T1416161:16tcffffd000Hspell:205180hSummon DarkglarehrT2065628:16tcffffd000Hspell:265187hSummon Demonic TyranthrT136219:16tcffffd000Hspell:1122hSummon InfernalhrT607513:16tcffffd000Hspell:337020hWilfred's Sigil of Superior Summoninghr

March 17, 2022

[Legendary] Bountiful Brew

Description of the bugBountiful Brew legendary not getting a proc even for extended period of time hitting mobs.How to reproduceEquip Bountiful Brew legendary power and attack mobs.How it should beBountiful Brew should give a small chance on any ability to cast Bonedust Brew at the target location.Links to spellsT3578227:16tcffffd000Hspell:356592hBountiful BrewhrT3578227:16tcffffd000Hspell:325216hBonedust Brewhr
[Hitbox] Convoke interaction with Mueh'zala

Description of the bugRight now when druids use Convoke on the Shattered Visages it doesnt recognise the totems are in range so it doesnt get the casts off to deal dmg to them.Links the Spiritshr
[CN][Denathrius] Commanding Presence

Commanding Presence that stacks up durning phase one after each Ravage should reset and dissapear upon entering intermission.
[CN][Sludgefist] Shattering Chains vs Death

Sometimes if 2 players break the chain links, only 1 of them will trigger Shattering Chains and dieT1390941:16tcffffd000Hspell:335295hShattering ChainhrT463560:16tcffffd000Hspell:335293hChain Linkhr
[CN][Sludgefist] Chain Link priorities

Currently the Chain links is linking random people but it should be: Melees with Melees (including Holy Paladin/Surv Hunter/Mistweaver Monk) and Casters with Casters.Retail Logs: PTR Logs: T463560:16tcffffd000Hspell:335293hChain Linkhr
[CN-Myth][Denathrius] Spiteful lives for more than 14 seconds, and does not return stuck T1394892:16tcffffd000Hspell:326699hBurden of Sinhr but he can return if you kill him.
[Engineering][Item] Disposable Spectrophasic Reanimator

T3610508:16tcffffd000Hitem:184308::::::::120:::::hDisposable Spectrophasic Reanimatorhr
[CN][Huntsman Altimor][Mythic]Rip Soul vs Sinseeker

Description of the bugIf a person dies from Sinseeker the Soul spawned from that player is not healable by direct healing spells.LinksT1378703:16tcffffd000Hspell:334797hRip SoulhrT236174:16tcffffd000Hspell:335114hSinseekerhr
[CN][Sire Denathrius] Blood Price - damage

On PTR the damage of Blood Price( is overtuned.On average, multiple Retail logs indicate a damage of +/ 384 damage per person, while on PTR the average damage is 916.
[CN] Night Hunter and Insatiable Hunger

Description of the bugInsatiable Hunger right now hits its target several times depending on the amount of the people soaking Night Hunter.The problem is that Insatiable Hunger should be doing only one application of the damage and the damage part be reduced by the amount of people soaking it.Right now the more people soak Night Hunter the more hits Insatiable Hunger does to the target so in turn it does way more damage.LinksT134298:16tcffffd000Hspell:327823hInsatiable HungerhrT1357795:16tcffffd000Hspell:327810hNight Hunterhr

March 16, 2022

[Legendary] Kiss of Death

It should not apply atonement, it should only heal through atonement (if you have it applied)
"and causes the damage it deals to also trigger your Atonement effect when used on targets below 20% health."

Atm it triggers atonement buff on you while it shouldn't

|T2394967:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:336133|h[Kiss of Death]|h|r
|T136149:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:32379|h[Shadow Word: Death]|h|r
Shadow Word: Death

How it works :
Inflict Shadow damage to the target.
If the target is not killed by Shadow Word: Death, the caster takes damage equal to the damage inflicted upon the target.
Damage increased by 150% to the target below 20%.

How it works on PTR :
No increased damages on the target below 20% hp.
You don't take the damage if you don't kill the target.
[Conduit] Righteous Might pvp mod

How it should work :T3528294:16tcffffd000Hspell:340192hRighteous Mighthr (Necrolord Conduit) damage and healing reduced by 50 in PvP combat.Source : How it actually is :PVP mod on T3528294:16tcffffd000Hspell:340192hRighteous Mighthr is missing, PVP mod only is visible on conduit tooltip.PTR proof: on dummy on player (reduction is because of versatility)
[Misc.][Covenants][Necrolord] Vanquisher Hammer doesn't increase divine storm damage.

Description of the bug

Currently Vanquisher Hammer is not increasing the damage of next divine storm which procs after using Templars Verdict with vanquisher hammer buff.

How to reproduce

Use divine storm normally and then use templar verdict with vanquisher hammer buff and check the divine storm damage from the proc and compare the damage between both divine storms. make sure the target doesn't have the judgement buff on it before using divine storm or templars verdict.

How it should be

Vanquisher hammer should increase the damage of divine storm which procs after using templars verdict with vanquisher hammer buff by 25%

Information's of the spell

[Video Proof]()
[BT Report]()
|T3578228:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:328204|h[Vanquisher's Hammer]|h|r
[MW&WW] Diffuse Magic

Diffuse Magic reflect the damage of some spells or just reflect but not damage.
[Survival] Bloodseeker Talent

The talent [Bloodseeker](|T132139:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:260248|h[Bloodseeker]|h|r) isn't working properly. At it's current state it's not giving you any bleed damage. The attack speed is working fine tho.

[Oribos Proof]()
[Maldraxxus][Rare] Devour'us

Rare is not using any abilities
should cast this |T136170:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:336834|h[Debilitating Smash]|h|r
should cast this |T462651:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:336868|h[Tear Rift]|h|r

[DoS][Hakkar] Adds vs Raging

Hakkar adds are currently affected by raging affix. Boss adds shouldnt be affected by Raging.
[Revendreth][Campaign] Medallion of Avarice

The object doesn't seem to be spawned / summoned, thus the 5th chapter of the venthyr campaign cannot be started.
[Bastion][Quest] A Life of Service

Durning the quest, when player interacts with the Eternal Flame for second time, a vision of Scourge is displayed (Correctly) however, the dialogue from Eternal Watcher is wrong, she says the dialogue for 3rd vision, instead of the 2nd one. She should say "<Name> did no falter in the face of swarms of undead that threatened to overtake thier world!"

March 15, 2022

[Restoration] Core Passive Issues

Some of Restoration Shaman's spells have higher healing/damage, with .unaura all the damage was matching so I guess it's something existing causing this stuff;

Here's its Core Passive Aura:

|T236216:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:137039|h[Restoration Shaman]|h|r
##Chain Lightning: |T136015:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:188443|h[Chain Lightning]|h|r
0,635 x Intellect x Versatility x CorePassive
0,635 x 389 x 1,018 x 1,61 x 1,15 = 465 vs 495 ingame

##Flame Shock DoT: |T135813:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:188389|h[Flame Shock]|h|r
0,116 x Intellect x Versatility x CorePassive
0,116 x 389 x 1,018 x 1,15 = 53 vs 64 ingame

##Frost Shock: |T135849:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:196840|h[Frost Shock]|h|r
0,45 x Intellect x Versatility x CorePassive
0,45 x 389 x 1,018 x 1,15 = 197 vs 250 ingame

##Healing Rain: |T136037:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:73920|h[Healing Rain]|h|r
0,265 x Intellect x Versatility x Mastery (put 1 if you're full HP on Mastery) x CorePassive
0,265 x 389 x 1,018 x 1 x 0,96 = 101 vs 62 ingame

##Wellspring: |T893778:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:197995|h[Wellspring]|h|r
1,9 x Intellect x Versatility x Mastery x CorePassive
1,9 x 389 x 1,018 x 1 x 0,96= 722 vs 495 ingame

##Lava Burst: |T237582:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:51505|h[Lava Burst]|h|r
0,972 x Intellect x Versatility x CorePassive
0,972 x x 389 x 1,018 x 1,27 x 1,15 = 562 vs 592 ingame

##Lightning Bolt: |T136048:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:188196|h[Lightning Bolt]|h|r
0,95 x Intellect x Versatility x CorePassive
0,95 x 389 x 1,018 x 1,15 = 433 vs 530 ingame
[Prot] Vanquisher's Hammer vs Divine Shield

While you are under the effect of Divine Shield "642"
Abilities such as
Divine Toll "304971"
Avenger's Shield "31935"
Do not give Holy Power.
Vanquisher's Hammer "328204" necro lord ability
Doesn't give holy power & it should empower your next ability depending on what spec you are, you gain a debuff on yourself and that gets immuned.
[Windwalker] Tigereye brew

Currently [tigereye brew](|T613399:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:247483|h[Tigereye Brew]|h|r) generates stacks upon 3 x [Chi resource]( expiry out of combat. Tigereye brew should only generate after consuming chi using spells that require chi.
[Windwalker] Mark of the Crane vs SEF

Description of the bug
Clones arent applying Mark of the Crane debuff on their targets.

|T136038:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:137639|h[Storm, Earth, and Fire]|h|r
|T606543:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:228287|h[Mark of the Crane]|h|r
[PvP Talent] Den Mother

[Den Mother](|T1408834:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:236180|h[Den Mother]|h|r)

This PvP talent IS currently highly exploitable. SELECT Guardian spec, SELECT the talent, switch speccs THEN relog. The talent will NOW be permanently active, giving bonus HP TO everyone around you, even IN Arenas, Raids AND Mythic+ keys.

[NW] Frostbolt Volley not working

Frostbolt volley casted by the Brittlebone mage ( is not even doing damage. This is a high prio cause those mobs are an important part of the dungeon and that spell makes the pack way more difficult since it should do a lot of damage to the party and players need to manage those casts. Atm you can just ignore everything and dps the mobs.


March 14, 2022

[Misc][Legendary] Signet of Tormented Kings

How it should work :

|T970854:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:152277|h[Ravager]|h|r will trigger this if taken by Arms, but not Protection.
Durations are : |T236303:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:46924|h[Bladestorm]|h|r 5 seconds, |T458972:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:1719|h[Recklessness]|h|r 6 seconds, |T613534:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:107574|h[Avatar]|h|r 8 seconds.
|T236303:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:46924|h[Bladestorm]|h|r / |T613534:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:107574|h[Avatar]|h|r can trigger this if talented by Fury / Arms.

How it actually works :

|T970854:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:152277|h[Ravager]|h|r when used by Arms doesn't trigger anything.
Fs proof >

^ Double Ravager proc(that's fine but read checklist)

Duration of |T236303:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:46924|h[Bladestorm]|h|r's proc is wrong for ARMS, it is 7 sec or some instead of 5.

Fs proof >
In addition, |T236303:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:46924|h[Bladestorm]|h|r should be affected by haste with same amount of ticks.

|T458972:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:1719|h[Recklessness]|h|r's duration with proc seems to be 7 sec instead of 6.
Fs proof >

|T1025263:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:335266|h[Signet of Tormented Kings]|h|r
Intervene Pathing


Currently on Oribos with Intervene you can path where you can't with Charge. If the enemy is standing above you and there's no path to them you won't be able to Charge but you can do it with Intervene pathing should be the same for both spells and I shouldn't Intervene my ally unless there's a path towards them.

PTR Proof:


On Oribos if there's no path to your target and you try to Charge it does nothing and consumes your Charge.

Instead it should say "No path available." and it shouldn't consume your Charge.

Second thing about it's pathing, sometimes it doesn't path you towards your target if it's above you even when there is a path.
[Enhancement] Maelstrom Weapon Stacks

|T237584:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:187880|h[Maelstrom Weapon]|h|r

On Oribos you can only generate Maelstrom Weapon Stacks with Stormstrike and Auto Attacks.

You should be able to generate them with Lava Lash and Crash Lightning as well.

RollTorpedo while dead

[Roll](|T574574:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:109132|h[Roll]|h|r) and [Chi torpedo](|T607849:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:115008|h[Chi Torpedo]|h|r) should be used during being alive and when you have [Ghost debuff](|T132331:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:8326|h[Ghost]|h|r) on you.
Currently you are able to use it at 0 HP before getting ghost form. Which makes you roll in one spot and taking away your charges.

Our server bug demo:

Retail demo:
[Feral] Tiger's Fury vs Feral Frenzy

[Tiger's Fury](|T132242:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5217|h[Tiger's Fury]|h|r)
[Feral Frenzy](|T132140:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:274837|h[Feral Frenzy]|h|r)

If Tiger's Fury fades at any time during the DoT component of Feral Frenzy, the DoT will lose its amplified damage.

[Unholy] Army of the Dead

Sometimes the main Unholy Death Knight burst spell, Army of the Dead, spawn but doesn't attack the enemy and just stays.

It can easily happen in pre burst phase, for example if u use ur army 3 seconds before pull of the m+/raid boss. It bugs out exactly as the issue description above.

|T237511:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:67761|h[Army of the Dead]|h|r
[CN][Inerva] Anima Release

Once a player tries to release anima from one of the canisters, there's a chance the canister won't start releasing anima. The player will still receive x1 stack of |T135817:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:325117|h[Anima Release]|h|r, but the canister will keep gathering anima.

If the issue doesn't occur, the player will receive x2 stacks of Anima Release (should be x1)

Moreover, it's way harder to right click the canisters, the interaction "hitbox" should cover the whole canister, instead it seems to cover a small part of it (anima probably)
[CN][Sludgefist] Broken Pillars LoS

Once a Pillar is broken, it should not block Line of Sight (not casters, nor melees). They should be able to keep casting/attacking the boss while standing behind the pillar
[CN][Council] Afterimage Niklaus

Afterimage Niklaus should disappear after finishing cast Dutiful Attendant on Mythic. Currently he stay with you attacking.
[CN][Council] Afterimage Stavros

Afterimage Stavros should disappear after finishing cast Dark Recital on Mythic. Currently he stay with you for remainder encounter attacking you.
[CN][Council] Afterimage Frieda

When Afterimage Frieda spawn on Mythic she should cast only 3 dreadbolt volley, after interrupting from players or succefully casted she should disappear.
Each time she spawn she should always cast only 3 dreadbolt volley.

Currently she cast dreadbolt volley nonstop and doesnt disappear.
[NW] Morbid Fixation not working

Morbid fixation (Link: |T132284:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:338610|h[Morbid Fixation]|h|r) casted by Separation assistant (link: isnt working. The mob is fixating correctly but he isnt doing anything while he is supposed to attack.

[CN-MM][Inerva] Concentrated Anima

Currently Concentrated anima is only giving 2 debuffs which means only 2 adds but in mythic it needs to be 3 (1 Conjured Manifestation and 2 Harnessed Specter).
FS Proof:
Retail Proof:
[CN][Council] Mythic Oppressive Atmosphere issues

description of bug
the debuff is currently doing double the damage shown on the tooltip which is making the mythic fight of this boss extremely hard

how to reproduce
fight the boss in mythic and check damage taken it will be double of what is shown on the debuff tooltip

[ptr proof]()

[retail mythic log]()
here you can see that the mythic debuff is doing 80% less damage than [retail heroic log]()
it might be that the mythic difficulty has same damage as heroic one but it shouldnt be like that
[Misc][Legendary] Obedience

Atm, when you use combot points, it only reducing by one sec the CD. No matter how much combot points you spent

"Each combo point spent while Flagellation is active decreases it's cooldown by 1 sec. "


March 11, 2022

Intervene vs Soft CC


Currently on Oribos if you PreIntevene ccs like |T132154:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5246|h[Intimidating Shout]|h|r and then the target you Intervened gets hit, the cc won't break. All soft CC like |T135834:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:187650|h[Freezing Trap]|h|r , |T136071:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:118|h[Polymorph]|h|r should break if you PreIntervene a friendly target and they take dmg while Intervene is active on them.
[Elemental] Master of the Elements vs Earthquake

|T136027:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:260734|h[Master of the Elements]|h|r

Master of the Elements increases your next spell damage by 20% and it's not effecting Earthquake, it's always doing 531 damage per tick.

It should be doing around 640 per tick with Master of the Elements buff.

[PvP-Talent] Static Field Totem

|T1020304:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:355580|h[Static Field Totem]|h|r

Currently this totem has only 10HP when it should have 10% of your maximum HP, example if you have 30,000 health it should have 3000 health.

[Retribution[ Sanctified Wrath Interaction with Divine Purpose

Description of the bug

Currently if you are using Sanctified Wrath and Divine Purpose as talents, then if divine purpose procs then your templar verdict or final verdict wont trigger the damage part of sanctified wrath

How to reproduce

Take Sanctified Wrath and Divine purpose as talents and when you get divine purpose proc use wings and then use templars verdict or final verdict.

How it should be

When you have both of this talents taken Consuming the Divine purpose proc by using Templar while Wings are up should trigger the damage part of Sanctified Wrath talent

Information's of the spell

[BT Report]()
[Video Proof]()

Spell links

|T236259:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:53376|h[Sanctified Wrath]|h|r
|T135897:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:223817|h[Divine Purpose]|h|r
|T461860:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:85256|h[Templar's Verdict]|h|r
|T461860:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:337247|h[Final Verdict]|h|r
[Conduit][Mistweaver] Jade Bond

|T636337:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:336773|h[Jade Bond]|h|r

Currently Jade Bond doesn't work at all, no cooldown reduction and Yu'lon's soothing breath isn't boosted either.

[Fire] Blazing Barrier & Polymorph interaction

Enemies that cast a range physical attack such as Judgement or Shuriken toss right before Polymorphed is batched will self trigger the damage component of Blazing Barrier into dispeling the just landed polymorph, which is not intended.
Basically Blazing Barrier should not trigger the damage component on ranged physical attacks unless those are made in melee range.
The issue itself is highly important for pvp when facing pala and rogue comps.

|T132221:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:235313|h[Blazing Barrier]|h|r
|T136071:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:118|h[Polymorph]|h|r + variants
|T135431:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:114014|h[Shuriken Toss]|h|r
[Kyrian] Radiant Spark

|T3565446:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:307443|h[Radiant Spark]|h|r has multiple issues at the moment:

1. |T1033906:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:153626|h[Arcane Orb]|h|r not adding a stack.
2. |T136096:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5143|h[Arcane Missiles]|h|r not adding stack or stacks ( with respecting the internal stacking mechanic of allowing a short delay ).
3. |T1506795:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:228354|h[Flurry]|h|r bolts does not add stack/s ( would require a decrease in the stacking window to 0.3ms or enough to count every bolt )
4. Direct damage items ( trinkets ) should not add stacks ( example: |T133254:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:178826::::::::120:::::|h[Sunblood Amethyst]|h|r
Barber forms

Description of the bug

Since SL player are able to choose a form applied on shapeshift.
ATM many item unlocking a new form are broken (Mark of ..." items)
[Blood] Death's Due vs Grip of the Dead

Death's Due currently isn't applying the slow from Grip of the Dead talent.
Since it replaces Death and Decay the talents affecting Death and Decay should be applied to this spell aswell.
Proof of it not applying slow :
Proof on retail that it should affect enemy npcs :
[Frost] Blinding Sleet

Bliding sleet frontal cone isn't working properly and it's damage treshold is wrongly set.
The cone from your char is supposed to be bigger . Don't have any specified range values but right now it's impossible to hit someone that's standing close to one of your sides , meanwhile at max range it's working properly.
The damage treshold breaks right after 3% ish where as it should around the 910% max hp mark from what I tested on retail back in the past. I have no specified value for PvP dmg treshold but they should be the same .

Proofs on retail vs ptr range:
Felblade Fury Generation


Currently on Oribos Felblade's Fury generation is wrong and in some cases it generates more than 40 Fury.

According to Ask Mr Robot it should generate only 40.

I don't have Demon Blade passive learned while conducting this test.
Demon's Bite and Shear Fury Generation

|T135561:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:162243|h[Demon's Bite]|h|r
Currently on Oribos Demon's Bite is generating more Fury than it should, on multiple occasions I've gotten over 30 Fury generated.

It should only generate 20 to 30 Fury according to ingame tooltip, 20 to 31 according to AMR.
[Havoc] Demon Blades talent fury gen

Currently [Demon blades](|T237507:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:203555|h[Demon Blades]|h|r) sometimes generate more fury than they should.

They should generate random amount from 12 20 per hit.

Our server demo:
From 10 fury jumped to 34 in one hit. Meaning it increased fury by 24.
While details addon actually reads values differently.
[Havoc] The Hunt with Meta

How should it work:Charge to your target, striking them for (455 of Attack power) Nature damage, rooting them in place for 1.5 sec and inflicting (227.7 of Attack power) Nature damage over 6 sec to up to 5 enemies in your path.How it is working right now:When you have T1247262:16tcffffd000Hspell:162264hMetamorphosishr aura up. The Direct hit from T3636838:16tcffffd000Hspell:323639hThe Hunthr doesn't register.
[ToP] Gorechop vs Tenderizing Smash

Currently the Hitbox of |T623773:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:318406|h[Tenderizing Smash]|h|r is smaller then the visual giving Players the posibility to stand within it and avoid the Damage.

[Soulbind][Venthyr][Theotar the Mad Duke]Soothing Shade

[Soothing Shade](|T644385:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:336239|h[Soothing Shade]|h|r) for Holy Paladin spawns at the location of the target you've healed/assisted instead of it being on top of you as it should work. (Case is for ranged classes, mostly healers)

[SoA] Klotos

In Spires of Ascension, [Klotos](;mode:m) does not currently cast [Diminuendo](|T463835:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:328452|h[Diminuendo]|h|r). Diminuendo has no cast time, the creature is supposed to do a levitate animation, create a visual on the ground where it will land and upon impact, it should project out missiles in addition to leaving a pool on the ground, [Residual Impact](|T897139:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:323739|h[Residual Impact]|h|r).


Retail Proof:
[Misc][Cooking Vendor] 10x cost if you buy in stacks.

Currently if you buy stuff from vendors like in stacks its charging you 10x the amount. i.e. if you buy 1 stack of lusterwheat flour its 3 gold 50 silvers, but if you 10 of this stacks then it should be 35 gold but currently its taking 350 gold from you. When you buy multiple stacks it is considering the cost of one lusterwheat flour as 3.5 gold while in reality the cost of 1 stack which consist of 10 lusterwheat is 3.5 gold

[BT Report]()
[Video Proof]()
[CN][MM][Sun King] Cloak of Flames

Cloak of Flames should one shot the raid if the shield is not heal entirely.

|T132093:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:338600|h[Cloak of Flames]|h|r
[SD][General Kaal] Out of Map issue

If you get hit by [Craggy Fracture](|T348539:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:328170|h[Craggy Fracture]|h|r) and then get hit by [Gloom Squall](|T1035055:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:322895|h[Gloom Squall]|h|r) while standing close to a wall, you will get kicked out of the map. If you have the shield on you, the dungeon isn't even finishable because the last boss can't be killed without the shield.

[HOA] Bat n 6

The bat n 6 must be able to be attacked at the bottom (blue cross on the screen). Moreover it is not linked to the G29 pack.
[SoA] Astronos

In Spires of Ascension, [Astronos](;mode:m) does not currently cast [Charged Spear](|T1508065:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:333887|h[Charged Spear]|h|r). As a side note, the spear should target random players' location, including the tank's.


Retail Proof:
[SoA] Lakesis

In Spires of Ascension, [Lakesis](;mode:m) is currently not casting [Diminuendo](|T135398:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:328458|h[Diminuendo]|h|r).


Retail Proof:
[General][World Quests] World Quests vs Relog

It seems World Quests are disappearing form quest log and map after a relog as long as you have any progression on it.

As an example, after I looted the necessary item and relogged, the world quest is not there anymore and it appears back only after a server restart.

The same outcome for 3 different world quests in different zones.

March 10, 2022

[Conduit] Merciless Bonegrinder

|T1035055:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:335260|h[Merciless Bonegrinder]|h|r

Merciless Bonegrinder doesn't proc after your Bladestorm ends(fury), but it works fine on Arms.

[Conduit] Indelible Victory wrong healing and dampening immune

|T132356:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:181469::::::::120:::::|h[Indelible Victory]|h|r has two issues :

Dampening don't reduces it

Amount of healing is wrong :
My conduit : (200% of Victory Rush)
My damage with Victory Rush :
My healing from conduit :

Something is wrong, I get 3520 healing while I damaged for 440. It's way more than the 200% of 440 intended. Conduits heals too much.

Urgent issue since wrong healing formula + dampening immune makes some warrior absolutely broken
[Fire] Pyroblast dot

Pyroblast should have a dot component that is at the moment missing.
Wild Charge

Description of the bug
Same issue as
In Travel form Wild Charge should reset your fall damage.
[Live proof]()
|T132144:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:783|h[Travel Form]|h|r
|T538771:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:102401|h[Wild Charge]|h|r
[TOP] Skippable Mobs

These mobs cannot be skipable without invisibility. Only the first one is skipable but it will be pulled in the fight against Xav the Unfallen. It is necessary to increase the pull range of these mobs.
[Soulbind][NF][Korayn] Face Your Foes

Buff is proccing while you don't have chosen this talent

Should proc only if the target is facing you, at the moment if you are behind your target it still works while it shouldn't
Buff should be applied on target not on the caster (atm it's on the caster

|T132344:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:325068|h[Face Your Foes]|h|r
[SD] Kaal - Blink Step

Kaal does not use the Blink Step in the corridor.

|T2103898:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:329749|h[Blink Step]|h|r
[NW] Blightbone - Heaving Retch

Normally, The feign death cancels the heaving retch spell, however the boss should instantly restarts heaving retch on another player.

Same for Vanish and Shadowmelt

|T136182:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:320596|h[Heaving Retch]|h|r
[NW] Rotspew - Spew Disease

Normally, The feign death cancels the spew disease spell, however the boss should instantly restarts spew disease on another player.

Same for Vanish and Shadowmelt

|T136182:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:333479|h[Spew Disease]|h|r
[CN][Artificer] Arcane Vulnerability

|T132097:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:340533|h[Arcane Vulnerability]|h|r Is not at all getting applied on tanks after the |T236219:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:325361|h[Glyph of Destruction]|h|r mechanic. making this boss possible to do with only 1 tank.

More info about the mechanic:
[CN][Artificer] Glyph of destruction

When |T236219:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:325361|h[Glyph of Destruction]|h|r expires it inflicts up to 39181 Arcane damage to all players and afflicts the primary target with Arcane Vulnerability for 45 sec.
This part is working really wrong , instead of the players taking less dmg when further away from the blast , it's working like this :
Players are taking less damage the further away from the Boss.
Because of this tanks running away with the explosion is no longer useful , and everyone is getting one shot from the explosion.
[DoS][Dealer Xy'exa] Explosive Contrivace

At the moment if you kill the boss while he is casting [Explosive Contrivace](|T1360978:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:320230|h[Explosive Contrivance]|h|r) the boss will still do the dmg of the spell, even if he dies mid cast.

[MoTS] Spinemaw - Reaver Stinging Assault

Spinemaw Reaver cast Stinging Assault only on tank

|T132274:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:326090|h[Stinging Assault]|h|r
[Halls of Atonement]Shard of Halkias

[Shard of Halkias]() spell [Sin Quake]() still goes off even after the NPC is dead and has no animation but inflicts the damage.

[DOS] 4.RF-4.RF - W-00F

Normally, The feign death cancels the W00F spell, however the boss should instantly restarts W00F on another player.

Same for Vanish and Shadowmelt

[ToP] Grasping Hands

Description of the bug

Right now the cast doesnt insta immobilize the clone from Draw Soul cast from Kul'tharok boss when you soak the puddle so people will always get mindcontrolled after the 3 second fear.

Its a new bug that came today and dungeon is not rly doable at the moment because of that.

|T2576086:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:319589|h[Grasping Hands]|h|r
|T2576083:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:319521|h[Draw Soul]|h|r
[SOA] Kyrian Dark-Praetor

Kyrian Dark Praetor must not move except with dash.
[CN][Xy'Mox][Mythic] Seed of Extinction

Description of the bug

Right now entering phase 3 of the boss makes the seeds cast timer brake and they are getting casted every 40 seconds instead of every 1 min 20 seconds. So its twice faster right now which changes the way of how to play the boss and pretty impossible to be killed.


|T3636841:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:329090|h[Seed of Extinction]|h|r

[Log proof from Oribos ]()
[HOA] Echelon Stone Shattering Leap

Normally, The feign death cancels the stone shattering leap spell, however the boss should instantly restarts stone shattering leap on another player.

Same for Vanish and Shadowmelt

March 9, 2022

Shattering Throw vs Mortal CoilFear

|T311430:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:64382|h[Shattering Throw]|h|r
|T607853:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:6789|h[Mortal Coil]|h|r

When you get Mortal Coiled or Feared above 80% of Shattering Throw cast, it will go through but it won't shatter any shields and will be on CD.

It should stop the cast when you get CCd above 80% of the cast.
[Misc][Legendary] 9.1 lego Decaying Soul Satchel

How it should work :

Each target affected by Soul Rot should increase your haste and critical strike chance by 5% for 8 sec.

How it actually works :

Legendary is not working at all.

Fs proof >
|T828455:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:356362|h[Decaying Soul Satchel]|h|r
[Legendary][Elemental]-Echoes of great sundering

The legendary power |T451165:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:336215|h[Echoes of Great Sundering]|h|r got bugged since after the fix for Earthquake not critting got applied. IT's doing 100% Additional damage instead of 120% .

Proof : in the 2 screenshots . the damage without legendary proc is 175 , the damage with legendary proc is 350 which is 175x2 . when it should be 385 , 175x2.2

Bt report :
[Misc][Legendary] 9.1 lego Resounding Clarity

How it should work :

_Kyrian's spell legendary_

|T3565450:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:323547|h[Echoing Reprimand]|h|r should anima charge 4 combo points.

How it actually works :

|T3565450:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:323547|h[Echoing Reprimand]|h|r actually anima charges only 1 combo point, legendary isn't working at all.

|T3565450:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:354837|h[Resounding Clarity]|h|r
Fs proof >

BT report link :
[Feral] Scent of Blood

[Scent of Blood](|T451161:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:285564|h[Scent of Blood]|h|r)

Currently Scent of Blood appears as a debuff instead of a buff.

[Legendary] Blazing Slaughter

|T3636838:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:355890|h[Blazing Slaughter]|h|r is currently not working.

How it should work:
Once you reach the main target, you should automaticly cast |T1344649:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:258920|h[Immolation Aura]|h|r and if talented (Havoc) you also gain this |T1392567:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:347461|h[Unbound Chaos]|h|r.
Also, each enemy hit by |T3636838:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:323639|h[The Hunt]|h|r should give a buff of 4% agility that lasts 12 seconds.

[CN-MM][Inerva] Containers energy

Currently there is a big issue with the speed and how the Containers gain energy.
In FS the energy of the active container goes 1% each 1s and the ones inactive get 1% each 3s and it makes the fight impossible to do.

In Retail there is a different way of how the containers gain energy. First they are spread in 2 groups Container of Desire (1st) and Container of Sin (3rd), the other group is Container of Bottled Anima (2nd) and the Container of Concentrated Anima (4th).

The energy gain in retail is like this:
At the start of the fight the 1st Container gains 1% of energy.
3rd Container gains 1% energy 2s after the fight starts.
2nd and 4th Containers gains 1% energy 8s after the fight starts.

The active Container gains 1% each 2s.
The Container of the group active gains 1% each 4s.
The Containers outside the group gain 1% each 18s

So for example if 3rd Container is active it will gain 1% each 2s, the 1st Container will gain 1% each 4s and 2nd and 4th Containers will gain 1% each 18s. If 2nd Container is active it will gain 1% each 2s, the 4th Container will gain 1% each 4s and 1st and 3rd Container will gain 1% each 18s.

PTR Proof:

Retail Proof:
[Misc][Item] Pre-SL Potions

Issue: some preSL shouldn't be usable at max level, according to the [9.0.1 undocumented changes]((undocumented_changes)#Items).

Currently most of them work at maximum level, with the exception of Lightfoot Potion, which works as intended (you get the buff, but it doesn't affect your movement speed).

[Soulbind][Necrolord][Emeni] Pustule Eruption

If you cast Fleshcraft you always have pustule spawning and they explode even if you don't get any damage or healing
It should only explode if you get damage or healing and you should have a buff displayed

Cast Fleshcraft
|T132100:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:351094|h[Pustule Eruption]|h|r
[Soulbind][Necrolord][Plague Deviser Marileth] Undulating Maneuvers

Only works once (first damage after taking talent)
It should overlapp

= PeekSavedValue(SoulbindUndulatingManeuversPool) DequeueSavedValue(SoulbindUndulatingManeuversDone) + TriggerHeal

Same as monk tank spell |T132285:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:124255|h[Stagger]|h|r

Take damage
|T3601538:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:352109|h[Undulating Maneuvers]|h|r

March 8, 2022

[Misc][Legendary] Signet of Tormented Kings

How it should work :

|T970854:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:152277|h[Ravager]|h|r will trigger this if taken by Arms, but not Protection.
Durations are : |T236303:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:46924|h[Bladestorm]|h|r 5 seconds, |T458972:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:1719|h[Recklessness]|h|r 6 seconds, |T613534:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:107574|h[Avatar]|h|r 8 seconds.
|T236303:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:46924|h[Bladestorm]|h|r / |T613534:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:107574|h[Avatar]|h|r can trigger this if talented by Fury / Arms.

How it actually works :

|T970854:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:152277|h[Ravager]|h|r when used by Arms doesn't trigger anything.
Fs proof >

^ Double Ravager proc(that's fine but read checklist)

Duration of |T236303:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:46924|h[Bladestorm]|h|r's proc is wrong for ARMS, it is 7 sec or some instead of 5.

Fs proof >
In addition, |T236303:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:46924|h[Bladestorm]|h|r should be affected by haste with same amount of ticks.

|T458972:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:1719|h[Recklessness]|h|r's duration with proc seems to be 7 sec instead of 6.
Fs proof >

|T1025263:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:335266|h[Signet of Tormented Kings]|h|r
Energy Gained by PassivesProcs vs Energy Bar

When there are Energy procs such as:
|T458736:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:79134|h[Venomous Wounds]|h|r
|T132299:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:196912|h[Shadow Techniques]|h|r

You will most likely have this very awful situation:

On Video you can clearly see that even I had 50+ Energy, I couldn't cast Mutilate (cost 50 Energy) BUT if you slow even more, the Energy after casting Mutilate goes to 9 and immediatly to 19.

Definetely can't be Energy Regeneration since it goes 1 by 1 (sometimes 2 by 2 depending haste) and not procs since it should've been 9+8 = 17.

For devs/admins: this sync(?) issue got fixed on BFA Season 4 after improving the server hardware for more smooth experience.
[Bastion][Campaign] A Partner for Eternity

description of bug
The player can click a single reinforced item multiple times to complete the quest which shouldn't be the case . At the same time, the chest piece can't be clicked , which means that the quest can't be completed normally, without double clicking on the same item
[SoA][Oryphiron] Delay boss issues

description of bugs

the boss shouldnt cast [Empyreal Ordnance](|T3528288:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:324444|h[Empyreal Ordnance]|h|r) if he is below 25% energy

the delay before boss cast another spell after [Empyreal Ordnance](|T3528288:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:324444|h[Empyreal Ordnance]|h|r) is way too less on firestorm its approx 5 seconds but on retail the delay should be at least 10 seconds
[Misc][Legendary] Paladin's Seasons of Plenty

Paladin's [Seasons of Plenty](|T3636846:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:355100|h[Seasons of Plenty]|h|r) does not currently work. Highly probable that the covenant spell does not work properly and it affects the legendary.

The legendary should proc [Equinox](|T135980:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:355567|h[Equinox]|h|r) after 10 seconds of being active on the target.


March 7, 2022

Curse of Tongues

How should it work:

Forces the target to speak in Demonic, increasing the casting time of all spells by 30% for 1 min.

How it is working right now:
It doesn't increase the cast time of the target

|T136140:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:1714|h[Curse of Tongues]|h|r

NOTE: Tongues works on all kickable casts only.
[Demonology] Summon Vilefiend

Description of the bug
Vilefiend doesnt seem to be affected by your stats correctly like other demons are, he is attacking slow at the moment.

|T1616211:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:264119|h[Summon Vilefiend]|h|r
[Legendary] Deeply Rooted Elements

|T960689:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:336738|h[Deeply Rooted Elements]|h|r

Currently this legendary has a visual bug. It displays the wrong tooltip while inspecting your target and is currently showing Enhancement tooltip which is Using Stormstrike has a 8% chance to activate Ascendance for 6.0 sec, even though your spec is Restoration. Restoration's tooltip: Casting Riptide has a 7% chance to activate Ascendance for 6.0 sec.
[Subtlety] Shadow techniques

Description of the bug

[Shadow techniques](|T132299:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:196912|h[Shadow Techniques]|h|r) is missing the 9.1 change. It went from 50%/100% chance on 4th/5th melee hit to 50%/100% chance on 3rd/4th melee hit.

Currently in FS, it has 33%/50%/100% chance on 3rd/4th/5th melee hit. The 33% check shouldn't even exist.

Informations of the spell
[Subtlety] Shadowstrike Issues

Shadowstrike issues:
I'm getting teleported behind an enemy when I use shadowstrike from Death Dance. You should be able to teleport behind enemies back only from stealth or vanish, not from death dance > shadowstrike.

[Discipline] Shadow Mend

[Shadow Mend]() does not scale with Mastery currently.

[Shadow] Shadow Word : Pain

The first hit of Shadow Word : Pain should be affected by it's own mastery atm it's not

Should be =0,1292 X (mast 1) X core passiv X shadowform

|T136207:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:589|h[Shadow Word: Pain]|h|r
|T136195:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:343690|h[Mastery: Shadow Weaving]|h|r
[Legendary] Divine Resonance

Description of the bugs

1)At the moment, Divine Resonance buff is activated without casting Divine Toll.
2)Judgment spell is entering a cooldown every 5 seconds while the Divine Resonance is up

How it should work

1)The Divine Resonance buff, must only activate it when we cast Divine Toll.
2)Judgment should not enter cooldown from Divine Resonance

Spell info
|T3565448:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:355098|h[Divine Resonance]|h|r
|T3565448:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:326011|h[Divine Toll]|h|r
[All] Misdirection

Description of the bug

1) Misdirection starts right after it is casted
2) Sometimes you cant use misdirection. You cant click on spell and its not on cooldown.

How to reproduce

Cast misdirection on a target

How it should be

Misdirection should begin with next attack within 30 sec and last for 8 sec.

Informations of the spell

first part: |T132180:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:34477|h[Misdirection]|h|r
second part: |T132180:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:35079|h[Misdirection]|h|r

Bt report :
Tame Beast

When you abandon a pet, his slot is still "busy", you can't tame a new beast in this slot until you relog.
Soulborne Clasp

How it is working right now:
When a target dies, your damage over time effects on them jump to another target within 15 yards.

How should it work:

You can fix this anima power in 2 ways.

1. When the DoT effect jumps on a target. Target gets in combat.

2. The DoT can only jump on a target that is in combat.

In retail, It can jump on any target but they get in combat.
|T1519261:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:334592|h[Soulborne Clasp]|h|r
Mass Entanglement

Description of the bug
Spell itself shouldnt be inflicting ticking damage to the rooted targets.

|T538515:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:102359|h[Mass Entanglement]|h|r

[BT report]()
Frost Fever RP vs UnholyBlood DoT

Those 3 DoTs are generating Runic Power every tick and the icon is the same as Frost Fever: T132099:16tcffffd000Hspell:191587hVirulent PlaguehrT237514:16tcffffd000Hspell:55078hBlood PlaguehrT136132:16tcffffd000Hspell:115989hUnholy Blighthr

Spellwarden is proccing on Physical attacks too. Depending the arena comp or battleground, can lead to waste of procs and maybe not proccing when taking magic damage.


Note for dev: if wowhead says 50% is because this talent got nerfed in 9.2.
FelrushInfernal Strike

|T1344650:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:189110|h[Infernal Strike]|h|r |T1247261:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:195072|h[Fel Rush]|h|r

As of right now if you die, both Infernal Strike and Felrush would bug out and instead of having 2 charges they will have 1 charge unless player relogs.

Felrush before I was killed

Felrush after I was killed

Infernal Strike before I was killed

Infernal Strike after I was killed

Test was executed on live server
Issue happens on level 26, checked on level 55 and it worked fine so I suppose it might have something to do with spell ranks.
[General] Soulward Clasp

How should it work:
Your attacks have a chance to create a zone of soul empowerment nearby. Any player may collect this

How it is working right now:
Rn, Enemy mobs can get this buff too. It shouldn't be the case.

|T1013284:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:338922|h[Soulward Clasp]|h|r
[Mechagnome] Hyper Organic Light Originator

Description of the bug

Hyper Organic Light Originator doesn't summon duplicates.

How it should be

Summon Organic Light duplicates to distract your foes for 15 sec.

Informations of the spell
|T3192686:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:312924|h[Hyper Organic Light Originator]|h|r
[General] Map PinsTransmog Outfit in Chat

Right now, players are unable to link thier Map Pins in chat. When Pin is shift clicked, it will link it in the chat, but the message is not sent.

Same goes for Transmog outfits, The code is linked in the chat, but message is not acually sent.
[Soulbind][NF][Dreamweaver] Dream Delver

When auto attacking you should not be able to proc Dream Delver.
[Soulbind][Venthyr][General Draven] Regenerative Stone Skin

|T646672:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:352365|h[Regenerative Stone Skin]|h|r

This spell is not working at all

How it should be

Any overhealing done to you will heal for an additional 15% of the overhealing amount over 6 sec.
[Toy] Xan'tish's Flute

Description of the bug

Snakes don't follow the player

How to reproduce

Use the toy


|T133942:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:98552::::::::120:::::|h[Xan'tish's Flute]|h|r
[Toy] Zandalari Effigy Amulet

Description of the bug

No effigy created whatever the target

How to reproduce

Use the toy


|T646674:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:156649::::::::120:::::|h[Zandalari Effigy Amulet]|h|r
[ Engineering Shadowlands] Wormhole Generator

|T3610528:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:172924::::::::120:::::|h[Wormhole Generator: Shadowlands]|h|r

The Toy is not Working and its the only thing worth doin engineering for in SL
[Misc][Old Content] Item Tokens not generating items

Tokens don't work, whenever you use it it's consumed but the item is not generated even though it should create an item. It only works if you turn it in at the vendor
[Toy] Turnip Punching Bag Sturdy Love Fool

Description of the bug

Npc follow player
make the player enter in combat mode and never drop the aggro
should use the dummy AI

How to reproduce

Use the toy


|T134012:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:88375::::::::120:::::|h[Turnip Punching Bag]|h|r
|T1390944:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:144339::::::::120:::::|h[Sturdy Love Fool]|h|r
[Torghast] Traps while under stealth

Description of the bug

When a rogue player is under stealth, it seems that the traps (fire trap on this example) don't affect the player, unless he is very close to the source of the trap.

Gif of the situation

2 players are sitting in the flames: a hunter and a rogue under stealth. The hunter gets high damage while the rogue gets nothing

How to reproduce it

Turn into stealth and run in the fire with a distance similar to the gif: you won't get damaged.

Stay under stealth and approach yourself as much as you can from the source and you might get damage


It looks like the trap doesn't detect the player while under stealth.
[Soulbind][Kyrian][Forgelite Prime Mikanikos] Soulsteel Clamps

Description of the bug

After staying still for 5 sec, you get the buff Soulsteel clamp, but the buff will then insta vanish even if the player doesn't start moving.

How to reproduce

Stay still 5 sec, get the buff, and the buff will automatically vanish. And if you start moving, nothing happens aswell

How it should be

After 5 sec standing still, incoming stun and incapacitate durations are reduced by 15%. Lasts for 5 sec once you start moving.
Informations of the spell

|T133863:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:331611|h[Soulsteel Clamps]|h|r
[Misc][Covenants] Fae Transfusion

Description of the bug

Does damage only 1 time, damage should be split to each enemy target.

Enhancement: Fully channeling should generates 3 stack of Maelstrom Weapon, it doesn't generate any;

General: after casting Fae Transfusion, the spell becomes "Covenant Ability" and doesn't make the second part of the ability work, which is "Pressing Fae Transfusion again within 20 sec will release 60% of all damage from Fae Transfusion, healing up to 4 allies within 20 yds."

How to reproduce

Cast Fae Transfusion

How it should be

Fae Transfusion should hit all enemies on the targetted location and if Shaman is playing Enhancement, should generate 3 stack of Maelstrom Weapon if FULLY channeled

Informations of the spell

|T3636849:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:328923|h[Fae Transfusion]|h|r
[Tailoring][Item] Bandages

Currently on FS, every Bandage don't give debuff |T133678:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:11196|h[Recently Bandaged]|h|r.

|T648632:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:118076|h[The Doctor Is In]|h|r don't affect
Deep Sea Bandage
Tidespray Linen Bandage
Heavy Shrouded Cloth Bandage
Heavy Shrouded Cloth Bandage
Shrouded Cloth Bandage are not under
[Torghast] Dreadsoul Devil

Dreadsoul Devil NPC is currently keeping Players in combat even after being defeated. The NPC it self works correctly, where it respawns after some time, but it should not keep the player in combat constantly.
[Trainer] Teg Dawnstrider is not working
[Affix] - Storming

1 Hit box:the hitbox right now is absolute madness, it simply hits you as if it was twice as big.2 damage:People are getting 2 shot in keys when it should only do 15 of someone's hp in 9.0 and 12 in 9.1 Proof : 3 contact :right now on live, storming hits players before the storms fully develops , which means there's no time to see where the tornado will spawn and dodge it because it instantly knocks you up. (The spawn should be delayed by 2 seconds after you see its visual)4 you can get knocked up many times by the same tornado before you even get back to the floor. video example
[Maldraxxus][Rare] Scunner

When the rare cast creepy crawler adds should attack you but they aren't

In the area of the Rare you should have this debuff |T132100:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:308851|h[Vile Emission]|h|r (latest video)

Rotten wounds spells should spawn things that follow the players, atm it's random

[CN][Artificer] Pet Taunts

Boss should not be tauntable by Hunter pets, Or shamans Elemental, Or any other Pet taunt.
[MOTS- Warrior Spell reflect VS Volatile Acid

Warriors can spell reflect the cast of |T132104:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:325418|h[Volatile Acid]|h|r that comes from but not how it's working rn on live.
How it's working : when a warrior uses |T132361:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:335255|h[Spell Reflection]|h|r on |T132104:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:325418|h[Volatile Acid]|h|r it's not just saving the warrior from the debuff but it's also putting the debuff on the adds that casted it .
Proof :

How it should work : |T132361:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:335255|h[Spell Reflection]|h|r should save the warrior from the debuff. but not put it back on the add that casted it.
Retail proof : watch at minute 34:00 until you see him reflect the cast and you'll see that no add will have a green circle of the debuff on them .
[SD] Kryxis the Voracious

There are several Issues when the Player is engaging the Boss:

Severing smash orbs have several issues:
1) They move as soon as they spawn. They should has 12 sec delay standing in place when they spawn.
2) Orbs move way to fast the on retail
3) Orbs detonate by themselfs after some seconds, so its impossible to kite.
|T1778230:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:319685|h[Severing Smash]|h|r

You should be able to dodge Juggernaut Rush with Evasion, i was able to do it last week, but now something chaged and i cant block it with evasion.

Whenever the Player is bodypulling the Boss he is still doing his RP giving the Players the Chance to avoid autoattacks for quite some Time aswell as avoiding abilities


Juggernaut rush is currently not doing any Damage to the Player being targetted or anyone that is between the targetted Player and the Boss.
note seems like it only damages the Player whenever being close to the boss which means that whenever the Boss is having the charging animation the spell itself may bug out

wowhead ID |T132335:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:319713|h[Juggernaut Rush]|h|r

Whenever Kryxis is casting Severing Smash and he creates the Living Essences they are currently being absorbed by the Player instantly after spawning


wowhead ID |T1717108:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:319684|h[Living Essence]|h|r
[SD] Kryxis the Voracious - Juggernaut Rush

Normaly, The feign death cancels the juggernaut rush spell, however the boss should instantly restarts juggernaut rush on another player.

Same for Vanish and Shadowmelt

|T132335:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:319713|h[Juggernaut Rush]|h|r
[CN][Generals] Echoing Annihilation size

The echoing annihilation puddle is larger than it's supposed to be.
The visual whirl effect size is correct

[CN][Altimor] Devour Soul

Description of the bug

Devour Soul lasts 1 minute instead of 30 seconds.

[CN][Sludgefist] Heedless Charge

When Sludgefist runs over a player durning Hateful Gaze charge, he should damage them with Heedless Charge. Currently, there is no damage.
[CN][Sludgefist] Destructive Impact

Destructive Impact should not proc on a pillar that Sludgefist already colided with previously, he should just run over it, untill he hits a wall, or a pillar.
[CN][Sludgefist] Headless Charge

When Sludgefist charges into a pillar, he seems to move for a few second later after the tank, then stops. He should stop moving instantly when he colides with a Pillar.
[CN][Sludgefist] Dirtflap's Revenge Achievement

Dirtflap is not spawned in his location, so currently not testable.
[CN][Generals] Reveberetating Eruption

Spell currently is missing unsoaked visuals.
[CN][Hungering] Incorrect Respawn Checkpoint

If players wipe on Hungering/Inerva, they get respawn infront of Hungering Destroyer Room. There should be no such checkpoint there.
[CN][Sun King] Reborn Phoenix and taunt should not be taunted. On PTR players can taunt them.
[CN][Council] Pet Taunts

Bosses should not be tauntable by Hunter/Shaman Pets, such as Earth Golem.
[CN][Denathrius] Blood Price Knock Back

Blood Price should knockback player back once it is done channeling, Currently, it just knockes them up, instead of backwards.
[Soulbind][NF][Dreamweaver] Field of Blossoms

[Spell Field of Blossoms](|T306845:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:319191|h[Field of Blossoms]|h|r)

The Field of blossoms buff after using the NF damaging ability will only give 12 seconds of the buff whilst the tooltip says it should be 18. (tested on a fury warrior)

[CN][Council] Loot and mechanic issue

Description of the bug

The boss does not die, he continues its mechanics even after death, while the health points of the three bosses are at 0. It is therefore impossible to loot unless you drag an add over there.
On normal and heroic difficulty.

How to reproduce

Just try to do and kill the boss.

How it should be

It seems to me that he should stop casting once he is dead and should be able to loot. Unless i am a noob on these boss's mechanics.


Youtube link of the video
[CN][Denathirus] Crimson Cabalist

When Denathrius reached 40%, all alive Crimson Cabalists, should start casting "" to the Smaller circle of the boss fight arena. Currently, they stay outside of it.
Video proof:
[CN][Council] Doors

If players engage the boss, and instantly wipe, the doors will be closed and never open again, even after boss respawns.
[CN][Denathrius] Crescendo

Cabalists do not release |T3528310:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:336162|h[Crescendo]|h|r upon dying, They should spawn pools of AoE under every alive player AFTER they finish their dying animation.

Edit: They seem to be invisible. (The animation and pools)
[CN]-area between sludgefist and stone legion

You should be able to mount up in the free area between sludge and generals . it's important for repair purposes in mythic progress on last 2
Proof :
it says I can't mount here and same for everyone else in the raid.
[CN][Council] Adds Active Durning Intermission

When Boss phases into the Dance Macabre phase, Any adds that spawn while the boss is running, will not "Deactivate" and wont go to the podiums, They will stay in the arena and fight players. This shouldnt happen.
[CN][Sludgefist] Chain Link Prioritazation

As of right now, It is possible for a Melee and a Ranged target to be linked to eachother (Mage and a Warrior for example). This should not be possible, Unless they are really close to eachother. (At the same time, it shouldnt prioritize targeting the closest target. It should be somewhat random.)
[CN][Sludgefist] Heedless Charge Hitbox

Currently, there is an issue with Heedless Charge Hitbox. When the Boss charges on one of the tanks, he will kill anyone who stands behind him, or next to him.
[CN][Denathrius] Doesn't move and do mechanics at start

The Issue

Sire Denathrius doesn't move at all for the first 1015 sec after you pull him, during this time the boss doesn't do any mechanics, tanks cant taunt swap as well during this time. Right now the boss is not killable.

I will keep adding more into this, cause right now you cant lower him beyond like 90%, so right now I am not aware about the other issues this boss might have.

[Video Proof]()
[BT Report]()
[Misc][Covenant] Ascended Blast

Spell: |T3528286:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:325283|h[Ascended Blast]|h|r


Description of the bug

Ascended Blast is currently healing all allies around you when you blast an ennemy.

How it should be

Ascended blast should heal only 1 ally when you blast an ennemy.

Max target = 1

radius = 10 yards

target priorityzing: smart

Warcraftlog proof: on the attached pic

AMR proof:
[Misc][Item] Mana regen items

Numerous bt report list few items who don't give any mana regen or show a tooltip with 0 value

click on spell listed below to see affected food
[Torghast][Power] Disemboweler's Hook vs Deadsoul Devil (Mort'regar)

[Deadsoul Devil](
[Disemboweler's Hook](|T135659:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:306609|h[Disemboweler's Hook]|h|r)

Currently, if the Deadsoul Devil is "killed" by damageovertime effects and the player has Disemboweler's Hook, the player will constantly take splashback damage as long as their effects remain on the "dead" mob and they are within range.

[Torghast][Power] Blackened Boulder

If caster (you) gets stunned or knocked down, Blackened Boulder will be applied on yourself.
|T134579:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:329883|h[Blackened Boulder]|h|r

As tooltip says: enemy
[Soulbind][Kyrian][Forgelite Prime Mikanikos] Regenerating Materials

Description of the bug

When regenerating materials procs, your gear gets currently entirely repaired, and the gears that you have in your bags get repaired aswell

How it should be

Repairs only items which have been put on, does not repair items which are in the bags.
Procrate 1.5 proc per minute
Repair amount is not correct (should be Durability Damage (2) according to wowhead)

Informations of the spell

|T463858:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:331726|h[Regenerating Materials]|h|r

March 4, 2022

[Fury]-brons call to action

This passive should be stacked by every single damaging or healing spell you use .
Proof : |T3257748:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:333950|h[Bron's Call to Action]|h|r
but for Fury warrior specifically you only get stacks when you use . this makes your stacks generation extremely slow compared to what it should be and it's a huge nerf.
Proof :
[Torghast] - Seeds of Rampant Growth

One of the best shaman passives (cov specific to NightFae)
|T464030:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:333352|h[Seeds of Rampant Growth]|h|r
Is not at all working . using Fae transfusion isn't resetting your storm elemental.
Proof : In this screen shot you will see that I have the epic passive , I just used fae transfusion and my storm elem is still in cooldown.
Tremor Totem

Tremor Totem issues are listed here:

|T136108:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:8143|h[Tremor Totem]|h|r
[Holy] Saved by the Light vs crit

Description of the bug
Currently, |T1030102:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:157047|h[Saved by the Light]|h|r can crit

How to reproduce
.debug crit and get a proc of Saved by the Light

How it should be
|T1030102:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:157047|h[Saved by the Light]|h|r shouldn't be able to crit.

From AMR

Informations of the spell
|T1030102:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:157047|h[Saved by the Light]|h|r
[Fire] Triune Ward & Blazing Soul

A mage using the Triune Ward ( legendary for the 3 shields ) and paired with the fire talent Blazing Soul, will generare a faulty shield upon blinking.
Intended would be to grant the legendary effect, but at the moment it gives a blazing barrier with 0 absorb.

|T133276:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:333373|h[Triune Ward]|h|r
|T236215:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:235365|h[Blazing Soul]|h|r
[Torghast] Triune Ward

[Triune Ward](|T133276:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:320916|h[Triune Ward]|h|r)

Tested as Arcane. The absorbs of both Blazing Barrier and Ice Barrier are 0.

[Ice Barrier proof]()
[Blazing Barrier proof]()
[Marksmanship] Double Tap Interaction

There seems to be an Issue whenever the Player is using + and the Target is going into LoS before the Cast is finished that it bugs out and the Player is not able to use it anymore.

[NPC][Trainer] Didi the Wrench

NPC don't allow player to learn
[Soulbind][Necrolord][Plague Deviser Marileth] Kevin's Oozeling

Kevin's Oozeling is not spawning and your allies doesn't get any shield buffs

|T1500942:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:352110|h[Kevin's Oozeling]|h|r
[Soulbind][Kyrian][Forgelite Prime Mikanikos] Reactive Retrofitting

Description of the bug

The spell Reactive retrofitting is currently not working at all

How it should be

After taking Physical or Magic damage, gain a shield that absorbs damage equal to 6% of your maximum Health for 10 sec.

Each incoming damage type may trigger this effect once per 30 sec.

Informations of the spell

|T252184:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:352187|h[Reactive Retrofitting]|h|r
[Soulbind][Kyrian][Kleia] Hope Springs Eternal

Description of the bug

When in combats, the effects of Hope Spring Eternal (damage reduction by 20% for 8 sec) is not granted to your lowesthealth ally. (see attached gif)

Currently the buff spreads only when out of combat.

How it should be

Your Phial of Serenity reduces damage taken by 20% for 8 sec and its effects are also granted to your lowesthealth ally.

Informations of the spell

|T305294:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:351489|h[Hope Springs Eternal]|h|r
|T463534:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:177278::::::::120:::::|h[Phial of Serenity]|h|r

[Sanctum][Command Table] Resource Issue

Currently when you send a mission the anima spent is not calculated properly.

First image its off by 2 anima.
Second image is off by 1.
[Soulbind][Kyrian][Forgelite Prime Mikanikos] Sparkling Driftglobe Core

Description of the bug

The internal CD of 60 sec on Sparkling Driftglobe Core is not implemented. Which means that if you constantly <30% HP then >30%HP you can fully stun nearby ennemies.

How to reproduce

Get your char reduced below 30% health, then heal yourself a bit and get under 30% again in less than 60 sec. You will stun your ennemies each time

How it should be

This effect may only occur once every 60 sec.

Informations of the spell

|T1990984:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:331612|h[Sparkling Driftglobe Core]|h|r
[Maldraxxus][Rare] Deadly Dapperling

Explosive Fungistorm should put multiple aoe on the ground that explodes (under every players in combat) and deals damage, atm it just spawn stuffs but does no damage

(respawn time ok)
|T132119:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:340482|h[Explosive Fungistorm]|h|r
[Torghast] Two Same Animas in a Single Window

It shouldnt be possible to roll 2 same anima powers in a single window.
[Ardenweald][Rare] Wrigglemortis NYI

[SoA] Lakesis-Astronos-klotos Vs %

The last 3 adds should each give 4.21% but somehow killing and In the video down below is giving the normal % 8.42 after a delay but also gives it again which makes prideful spawn while you're doing the third add in this case this group chose which is undoable and will ruin the key for most groups . huge % issue on the last 3 adds basically , either the 4.21 is counting twice on each add or at least one of the adds is giving twice the % he should.
[Ardenweald][Treasure] Enchanted Dreamcatcher
clicking the object don't do anything
[Revendreth][Rare] Lord Mortegore

Can't loot it / no loot available (tested on 3 chars)

+ Mortegore sigil activated should glow green to show they are activated like it's shown on wowhead
[Maldraxxus][Rare] Necromantic Anomaly

|T3528297:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:330597|h[Death Tempest]|h|r is broken, it should spawn tornados but atm there is nothing and it's killing the rare

[NPC][Trainer] Artificer Farud

NPC don't allow player to learn

March 3, 2022

Intervene vs Roots

Description of the bug
Currently, |T132365:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:3411|h[Intervene]|h|r works on your partner even if you are rooted

How to reproduce
Use Intervene while rooted :

How it should be
Intervene shouldn't work if you are rooted. since you have to reach your target to |T132365:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:3411|h[Intervene]|h|r him

Informations of the spell
[Legendary] Unhinged vs Mortal Combo

|T970853:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:339386|h[Mortal Combo]|h|r

Currently you can't proc Mortal Combo conduit via Bladestorm with Unhinged Legendary, you should be able to proc it.

Earthen Wall Totem vs Smoke Bomb

Currently, you can't put Earthen Wall Totem inside Smoke Bomb
|T136098:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198838|h[Earthen Wall Totem]|h|r

How to reproduce:
Use Smoke Bomb
Cast Earthen Wall Totem inside Smoke Bomb

Smoke Bomb Assassination, Outlaw: |T458733:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:212182|h[Smoke Bomb]|h|r
Smoke Bomb Subtlety: |T458733:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:359053|h[Smoke Bomb]|h|r
[Prot] Divine Toll

Divine Toll doesn't cast on targets that are stunned.
Any kind of CC.
Mages Nova / Dragon Breath
Hunters Binding, etc
Divine Toll doesn't work like avengers shield it should should silence everyone who gets the initial hit too.
[WW] Hit combo issues

Currently if you click spell twice or more during the spellqueue window it counts as if you used spell twice or more in a row therefore resetting your [hit combo](|T574573:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:196741|h[Hit Combo]|h|r) back to 0.

PTR example:
Monk Used[ Tiger Palm](|T606551:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:100780|h[Tiger Palm]|h|r) > Gained 1 [hit combo](|T574573:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:196741|h[Hit Combo]|h|r) > Used [Rising sun kick](|T642415:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:107428|h[Rising Sun Kick]|h|r) (clicked spell twice or more during spellqueue window > Lost all Hit combos ...

Aditional issue:
You dont get a stack when using [FotWT](|T2065583:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:261947|h[Fist of the White Tiger]|h|r) and [Faeline Stomp](|T3636842:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:327104|h[Faeline Stomp]|h|r)
primal rage buff

Description of bug

after the hunter uses primal rage and then dismisses the pet the hunter will
lose the primal rage buff

if the hunter is in a party or any form of grp the hunter will be the only one who will lose the primal rage buff no one else in the party or grp will lose it

[bl buff with pet](ttp:// )

[bl buff gone after pet dismissed]( )

how to reproduce
make a hunter use primal rage and then dismiss the pet

how it should be
the buff should not go even if the pet is dismissed or killed it should only disappear after its duration has ended

[retail image with pet]( )

[retail image with pet dismissed]()

[retail video proof]()

additional information
|T136224:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:264667|h[Primal Rage]|h|r
[Misc][Legendary] DK's Grip of the Everlasting

Description of the bug
After using it 2nd or 3rd time the visual cd of the spell gets broken and we cant see the cd and how much time left to use the spell again.
How to reproduce
Get the legendary and spam it on random mob, few times.
How it should work
Death grip cd is reduced by 3 sec and for 3 sec after casting it you can use it few more times.
|T636332:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:334724|h[Grip of the Everlasting]|h|r
|T3555124:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:171418::::::::120:::::|h[Shadowghast Waistguard]|h|r <used on
|T636332:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:334722|h[Grip of the Everlasting]|h|r
[Misc] Flight path speed too slow

The SL Flight Path are too slow.

On the following video you have a comparison between FS and retail:


Firestorm version:
[SOA] Forsworn Goliath

Goliath has 100 energy. [Rebellious Fist] should take 50% energy
after 2 casts he should cast [Recharge Anima].To gain his energy back.

Goliath should lose 50% of its energy at the beginning of the cast rebellious fist . Not at the end, because if it is interrupted, it desynchronises its rotation

|T3528287:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:327413|h[Rebellious Fist]|h|r
[Holy] Light of Dawn vs Smart Heal

Spell: |T461859:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:85222|h[Light of Dawn]|h|r

Currently LoD will attempt to heal the caster every single time that is casted, regardless of the HP state of the player, this indirectly makes LoD waste one of its "5" targets if the player is at max HP, severely reducing healing output.

LoD Should always attempt to prioritize targets within its cone that are damaged, and prioritize targets that are more damaged over healthier ones.

Issue Proof:

March 2, 2022

[Conduit][Retribution] Virtuous Command
[Bastion][Campaign] Dismantling the Opposition

description of bug
after accepting the quest the bron npc just disappears making it impossible to progress through the campaign

even after using gm mode the you cannot interact with the golem
[ptr proof]()
[Revenreth][Quest] Mix, Mingle, and Meddle

Issue :
currently you are obliged to drink the potion while being in the house (where you get the quest)

if you drink while being outside, the npcs (you have to talk to) won't appear as neutral npcs but will remain red

How to reproduce :

[CN][Denathrius] Boss gates are not open for everyone.

Currently everyone is not able to see the boss gate open and its not only visual, like some players are able to enter while some cant and you have to relog to enter the boss room.
[CN][Denathrius] Boss phasing

Description of the bug
Right now the boss before the pull is phased out for some players, and for some it takes about 30 seconds to respawn so theres several instances of the same boss that players see. This is making a big issue in seeing the boss casts and boss hp since boss is lagging out on some player screens while on other screens its fine.

The problem as i see it
Boss doesnt update his casts and hp visually fast enough, it looks like he is lagging behind for some reason and it doesnt seem to happen to everyone in the raid but thats the point since whole raid is not in sync at the moment.
[PVE][Nathria] Phasing Issue

Most notably on Denathrius, some players report not seeing the boss being damaged by teammates, or doors in the raid not opening.

Dev note: Issue with server / client sync has been fixed !

March 1, 2022

[Assassination] Core Passive Missing PvP Mod

Assassination Rogue Core Passive is currently missing its PvP Mod of 0.777778.
So from 1,51 (51% more damage) to 1,39666678 (39% more damage)

Source: |T236216:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:137037|h[Assassination Rogue]|h|r

Char Stats:

Retail in duel:
Retail vs Dummy:

Formula Proof:
Mutilate MH: 0,35 x (1,1 x 6 + 152) x 1 x 1,51 x 0,7 (dummy armor) = 54
Mutilate OH: 0,35 x (1,1 x 6 + 152 / 2) x 1 x 1,51 x 0,7 (dummy armor) = 27

Mutilate MH: 0,35 x (1,1 x 6 + 152) x 1 x 1,39666678 = 78
Mutilate OH: 0,35 x (1,1 x 6 + 152 / 2) x 1 x 1,39666678 = 39
Note: PvP test has been done with 0 Armor (naked)

If PvP mod was fake and wowhead was wrong then the PvP damage would've been higher than the numbers you see.

Char Stats:

Dummy vs Player:

Formula used:
Mutilate MH: 0,35 x (58,6 x 6 + 554) x 1,0180 (Versa) x 1,51 x 0,7 (dummy armor) = 315
Mutilate OH: 0,35 x (58,6 x 6 + 554 / 2) x 1,0180 (Versa) x 1,51 x 0,7 (dummy armor) = 158

Mutilate MH: 0,35 x (58,6 x 6 + 554) x 1,0180 (Versa) x 1,51 = 451
Mutilate OH: 0,35 x (58,6 x 6 + 554 / 2) x 1,0180 (Versa) x 1,51 = 225

As you can see and calculate, if you remove the armor from 315 & 158, you will have the PvP damage so we stated that Core Passive is missing its PvP Mod.

##Note for reader:
We didn't test Bleeds/Poisons because Mastery has already a small PvP Mod applied by Blizzard and to confirm our doubts, Mutilate was our right choice.
[Retribution] Execution Sentence

Spell: |T613954:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:343527|h[Execution Sentence]|h|r
Spec & Class: Retribution Paladin

##Currently the spell is missing an important interaction with |T135959:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:197277|h[Judgment]|h|r and bonus damage effects.##


Applying a Judgment and casting Execution Sentence will not consume the judgment from the target.
PTR: | Retail:
Note: If an Execution Sentence is applied before the Judgment it should not be consumed by the Execution Sentence, but from the next Holy Power spender ability. Video:

The bonus damage of the spell is not being applied.
> A hammer slowly falls from the sky upon the target. After 8 sec, they suffer X Holy damage, plus 20% of damage taken from your abilities in that time.
Source: Tooltip

PTR: In the beginning of the video the damage is the same as in the end of the video, where I used abilities to try to activate the bonus of the spell.

Additional sources for information regarding the spell:

>How does Execution Sentence Work?
Execution Sentence has 2 parts.
The first half of Execution Sentence is the 250% AP modifier. This 250% is buffed by Mastery: Hand of Light, Judgment, Final Reckoning, and other modifiers of the sort.
The second half is the 20% of damage taken during the debuff. This includes damage from sources such as Shield of Vengeance. This damage is NOT buffed by any outside modifiers.
There are a few external factors to consider. Strength and Vers will both buff the 250% AP modifier and will be reflected in the debuff tooltip. If you lose either your Strength or Vers buff the damage on the tooltip will not go down but you will deal less damage. Mastery works in a similar way but your Execution Sentence will not deal less damage if your Mastery debuff expires.
Execution Sentence can Crit.

[Survival] Bloodseeker vs Everyone's bleeds

Description of the bug
Currently, speed attack buff is only working with hunter's bleed.

How to reproduce
While using Bloodseeker talent, ask someone of your party/raid to apply a bleed on your target, you won't get speed attack buff.

How it should be

Bloodseeker's buff should work with everyone's bleeds (in or out of group).
Be careful, this doesn't means you can stack bleeds on target to get more buff (like this previous bug ). It should be one stack per target (10 stacks max)

Retail proof :
You can see on this screenshot that I have a stack of Bloodseeker speed attack buff, with a bleed applied by druid in my party.

_Informations of the spell_


BT Report
[CN][Denathrius] Remornia

The sword in the center of the room (Remornia) has inconsistent knockback mechanic as of right now, which can be bypassed with any blink/teleport/charge/leap based ability (sometimes even walking straight through it). That causes the player to fall down on P1.

[Campaign][Venthyr][Quest] An Invitation to Treachery

We should have NPC at the top of every Mailbox to complete this quest. Right now they are all missing and quest is not doable.
Quest link:
[Bastion][Quest]Kyrestia, the Firstborne

Description of the bugPlayers right now cant click the dialogue window to finish the quest and advance in their leveling. This makes people hard stuck and not progress further with content since its a main story quest.Links report()
[Soulbind][Venthyr][General Draven] Built for War

Description of the bug

When you leave "Built for War", you keep the buff of this soulbind.

How to reproduce

Just leave "Built for War" for another soulbind, you will keep the buff, like on screenshot below.


How it should be :

Stat buff from "Built for War" should fades when you leave this soulbind.

WowHead : |T236310:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:319973|h[Built for War]|h|r

February 28, 2022

Charge Heroic Leap animation bug

|T132337:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:100|h[Charge]|h|r and |T236171:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:6544|h[Heroic Leap]|h|r have animation issues when used with specific conditions.

Proof before explaining :
> _Charge_
> _Heroic Leap_

Visual bug only happens for other enemy person, all is good from war's pov.
It can be really annoying seeing a war teleport with these spells in pvp especially.

How to reproduce :

You need a war and another player, plus another target (mobs work too).
War needs to put himself on combat by hitting the other player (duel), won't work if only the other player hits war.
War then needs to do a movement animation before using one of both spells (walking or jumping).
Finally, issue will appear.
Impending Victory

If you kill and enemy with the talent directly, you won't be able to reset the remaining cd if you kill an other add. The spell will be displayed in color but you won't be able to press it (in CD)

|T589768:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:202168|h[Impending Victory]|h|r
[Demonology] Mastery and Tyrant interaction with Infinitely Divisible Ooze

Description of the bug
First issue:
Mastery: Master Demonologist isnt working together with Infinitely Divisible Ooze trinket while on retail it does increase the damage of the pets spawned from the trinket.

Second issue:
Tyrant doesnt get damage increase from the trinket pets being active even though they should be treated as demons while being specced into Demonology.

|T236870:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:178769::::::::120:::::|h[Infinitely Divisible Ooze]|h|r
|T136203:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:77219|h[Mastery: Master Demonologist]|h|r
|T2065628:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:265187|h[Summon Demonic Tyrant]|h|r
[Demonology]Pets vs petattack macros

The demonology pets [Grimoire: Felguard](|T136216:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:111898|h[Grimoire: Felguard]|h|r) and [Dreadstalkers](|T1378282:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:104316|h[Call Dreadstalkers]|h|r)
Aren't swapping the target, even if you use a /petattack macro. Demonic Tyrant and Vilefiend are working tho.

How it should work:
Grimoire: Felguard and the Dreadstalkers should swap the target, if you use a /petattack macro. The small imps of Hand of Gul'dan should stay tho.

[Testing on PTR]()
Summon Demonic Tyrant

Description of the bug
Extending pets duration is not working properly, he does seem to give 15 seconds to the visual duration of pets but they disappear after their initial duration expired and dont stay for those 15 extra seconds.

[Problem video proof]()
As you can see on the video the weakaura i track pets with shows that pets are getting extended but they disappear.

|T2065628:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:265187|h[Summon Demonic Tyrant]|h|r
|T136216:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:111898|h[Grimoire: Felguard]|h|r
|T1378282:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:104316|h[Call Dreadstalkers]|h|r
|T1616211:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:264119|h[Summon Vilefiend]|h|r
[Demonology] Imp(s) Spawn Issue

When you use Hand of Gul'dan and spawn imps, they spawn dynamically depending if there are any walls near you. On Retail, their spawn location remain the same and if the spawn location is obstructed by a wall, object, the imps run in melee distance towards the target.

This is not a simple "pls fix spawn point" but it's a DPS mechanic to keep as many imps to be able to empower your Demonic Tyrant, which is the main dps ability of Demonology.

Retail: 1:40
[Resto] Nature's Guardian vs Arena

Current issue : Currently nature's guardian don't proc during the first 45s of the start of an arena.
It seems like when the arena start the spell goes on cd.

How it should works : When arena start, and you go bellow 35%, you get heal by nature's guardian. Then the spell goes on an internal cd of 45s.

Proof from fs :
[Subtlety] Rogue stealth bar

Description of the bug

Apparently when you use Vanish while in Shadow Dance, you will lose your stealth action bar. It will change to non stealth bar but u can still use your stell abilites because Shadow Dance is still active. But bar is changing to normal like im out of stealth/shadow dance.

How to reproduce

Use Vanish after Shadow Dance.
How it should be

Your stealth bar should stay as long is Shadow Dance active or as long are you in stealth.

Informations of the spell

|T236279:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:185313|h[Shadow Dance]|h|r
[Subtlety] Mastery: Executioner PvP mod

|T132397:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:76808|h[Mastery: Executioner]|h|r PvP multiplier is missing, it should have 0,8 PvP mod
[PvP Talent] Thoughtsteal


Spell right now has multiple issues and doesn't work as intended.

Note: The spells you can steal in the order I posted the screenshot is working correctly.

Expel Harm smart damage mechanic

At the moment [Expel Harm damage](|T627486:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:115129|h[Expel Harm]|h|r) breaks CCs on units that are in 10y radius. Expel harm shouldn't damage units that have CCs that breaks on any damage applied. Such as Polymorph, Hunter Freezing Trap, Sap, Blind, Paralysis, etc.

[Marksmanship] Precise Shots

The ricochet (Trick shot) of the aim shot should not give a precise shot stack.

|T236179:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:260242|h[Precise Shots]|h|r
|T2065591:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257621|h[Trick Shots]|h|r
Master's Call fading

|T236189:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:53271|h[Master's Call]|h|r is fading when you use it on a root. Proof :

You should keep it even if you dispell root while using Master's call. You can see on gif above that |T236189:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:53271|h[Master's Call]|h|r cancels root but I don't keep the 4s buff of freedom. It's only bugged with root, working fine with slow.

BT report :
Feline Grace

How it should work :

Reduces damage from falling while in Cat Form.
|T132914:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:20719|h[Feline Grace]|h|r should have the same fall damage reduction as |T132301:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:31209|h[Fleet Footed]|h|r.

Druid on retail :
Rogue on retail :
Other class on retail :

How it actually works :

|T132914:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:20719|h[Feline Grace]|h|r's damage reduction is way to high atm.

Druid on fs :
Rogue on fs :
Other class on fs :
[Frost] Killing Machine vs Enemy Proc

Killing Machine is getting consumed by the other DK Frost attacking you while having his Killing Machine proc.

How to reproduce:
>Get Killing Machine Proc on both players
>Use Obliterate
>Look at other player Killing Machine proc getting consumed

|T135305:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:51128|h[Killing Machine]|h|r
[Unholy] Doomburst vs Necrotic Wounds

If you have Doomburst (PvP Talent) and Necrotic Wounds (PvP Talent), Death Coil while you have Sudden Doom proc should make Necrotic Wounds proc when bursting Festering Wounds.

|T366936:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:356520|h[Necrotic Wounds]|h|r
|T136181:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:49530|h[Sudden Doom]|h|r
|T1129420:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:194310|h[Festering Wound]|h|r
[SoA] Oryphrion - Purifying Blast

Normaly, The feign death cancels the Purifying Blast, however the boss should instantly restarts Purifying Blast on another player.

Same for Vanish and Shadowmelt

|T3528286:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:323195|h[Purifying Blast]|h|r
[SoA][Devos] Issues

A few issues on this boss:

Lingering Doubt pool
Lingering Doubt pool hitbox is bigger than visual (you can notice it with getting faster debuff stacks)

Kyrestia following
Kyrestia should not follow devos after rp. (It happens only if you kill last NPC and the moment both kyrestia and devos will charge in rp)

You cant bring Devos down with spear anymore.

Spear/Anima Conduit
If someone clicked on fully charged anima conduit and he is in air with spear and die, anima conduit should be clickable again. Currently If someone die while holding spear in air and die, anima conduit wont be useable (cant click on it again) and ppl will be stuck in intermission.

First intermission timer
~~There should be 60 secs timer for first intermission only, if players get her to 70% hp a lot faster then it should still trigger first intermission.~~

Devos still doing rp
~~When killing one of 3 NPCs as last and the moment both Devos and Kyrestia will charge in rp, boss will bug out and continue doing rp with kyrestia and is not attackable.~~

Intermission boss reset
~~Boss doesnt reset if everyone is dead during intermission.~~

Lost Confidence
~~When player dispell Lost Confidence debuff it should spawn Lingering Doubt black pool under player. (when debuff expire it works fine, its only issue with dispelling debuff)~~

Missing audio dialogue
~~Missing audio for "I will strike you down!"

Lingering Doubt
~~Lingering Doubt black pool should not move away unless its during intermission.~~

Boss wont go into intermission
~~On 70% he starts animation for intermission, but shortly after he stops moving until 0% hp and he wont die there.

Run Through
~~Run Through spell seems targeting always only tank. Should be random targets/players.~~

Raw Anima
~~Raw Anima (Glowy white orb) at intermission if player die while holding it, it should spawn orb on where player died. Currently it wont spawn and players wont able finish and get spear.~~

Anima Conduit
~~If spear is fully charged during intermission but everyone die and boss reset, Anima Conduit object should not be clickable anymore after reset.~~

Archon's Spear
~~Spear that you throw to Devos seems dealing 7% of her hp while it should be 10%.~~
[SOA] G17 Skip

G17 package jump is not feasible.

[SOA] Forsworn Justicar - Forced Confession

The orbs of Dark Secrets should be on the ground.

|T134388:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:328331|h[Forced Confession]|h|r
[SOA] Forsworn Usurper
[SoA] Oryphrion - Charged Stomp

Oryphion has a tank mechanic Charged Stomp.

|T460957:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:324608|h[Charged Stomp]|h|r
[SOA] Kin-Tara - Charged Spear

The boss casts Charged Spear far too quickly.

the Charged Spear should take 3sec to complete all actions. 0.5sec for casting and 2.5sec for travel time to target player.
Actually, I think the cast time is too short.
[Soulbind][NightFae][Niya]Niya's Tools: Burrs

Description of the bug
Right now when it procs it hits every target in the melee range of the target it latches onto and gives a really big dps boost which is not intended. The spell is supposed to latch onto only one target not every target thats in range of the cast.

|T132309:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:320659|h[Niya's Tools: Burrs]|h|r

[Retail log]()
[SoA] Lakesis, Astronos, Klotos

In Spires of Ascension, prior to the last boss of the dungeon, there is a linked group of NPCs that have specific interactions with each other upon death, [Lakesis](;mode:m), [Astronos](;mode:m) and [Klotos](;mode:m).

Brief mention:
In regards to the transfer of abilities, the only issue present during the fight is the effects below are persisting through death of the NPC. When either Astronos which uses and transfers [Opression](|T132363:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:328453|h[Oppression]|h|r), either Klotos which uses and transfers [Aura of Intimidation](|T3528299:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:328435|h[Aura of Intimidation]|h|r) die, their corpses are still applying the effects of the spells, which they should not. After one of these NPCs die, or one of the NPCs that inherited these abilities, the players should stop receiving stacks from these 2 spells, they should only be kept in combat for a short duration but their debuffs should reset between each one of these mini bosses. To put it simply, when a boss dies, the players' debuffs should reset, no matter if the second/third boss is pulled shortly after or during the fight with the first.

Proof PTR:

Retail Proof 1:

Retail Proof 2:

[Misc][Item] Appearance Flask

You can actually use Appearance Flask gived by the Cosmeticator 2000 (Implemented in Firestorm only) in actual game of arena.

Some of those skins are very big like this one in the screen :

This item should not be usable in arena.
[PvP][Arena] Fleshcraft vs Arena Start

When you try to cast Fleshcraft like 2 seconds before arena starts it will cancel it, even though it shouldn't.
[SoA] Oryphrion - Empyreal Ordnance

When an invisibility is used during the casting of Empyreal Ordnance, he does not make the area appear and does not take any damage.

|T3528288:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:324444|h[Empyreal Ordnance]|h|r

February 25, 2022

[Conduit] Piercing Verdict

|T3528286:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:339259|h[Piercing Verdict]|h|r 200ilvl version does 37% more damage and rage generation.

Piercing Verdict's rage increase isn't correct, it's only 5 rage when it should be 9.
[Legendary] Exploiter PvP mod as Venthyr

Description of the bug

Currently, pvp mod of Exploiter grants 25% bonus damages instead of 18% bonus damages as Venthyr warrior, so with Condemn
Venthyr pvp mod on Exploiter legendary is missing. Exploiter pvp mod for other covenant is fine.

How it should be

Exploiter should grants 18% bonus damage on Mortal Strike, while using Condemn (Venthyr warrior). Exploiter should be more nerfed with Venthyr Covenant with Condemn. Currently, Exploiter as Venthyr has same pvp mod as other covenant warrior.

From retail hotfix :
"Exploiter will grant 25% bonus Mortal Strike damage per stack while in combat with enemy players (was 50%). For Venthyr Warriors using Condemn, it will grant 18% bonus Mortal Strike damage per stack while in combat with enemy players (was 36%)."

Informations of the spell

Patchnote : (Legendary%20Effect),enemy%20players%20(was%2036%25).
[Conduit] Fueled by Violence

|T1450139:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:347213|h[Fueled by Violence]|h|r

Conduit currently isn't working on Arms specialization, even though it's a Protection Conduit it should work on Arms.
[Conduit][Demonology] Carnivorous Stalkers
Pet abilities auto-cast disappearing

How it should work

When a minion ability is set to autocast, that ability should stay on autocast no matter what, unless the demon is somehow replaced by another one. Phasing out or relogging shouldn't effect this at all.

How it works on PTR:

Relogging or phasing out seems to take minion abilities off autocast, best way to reproduce this seems to be just to relog and summon the minion again.


[Demonology] Pet HP vs Temporary buffs

Currently at live every few seconds (it's ≈ 6 on retail) your pets should adjust their max hp to yours. This means, when soul rot is casted, with niya as soulbind, the pets should also adjust a few seconds later and gain moremax HP which translates into higher burst with demonic consumption talent.

Basically this means that any temporary hp buff doesn't increase your pet HP.
if you summon any pet while you have the hp buff active, the summoned pet will have the correct HP.
if you summon the pet and after that you receive the buff, the pet no longer gets their HP increased.
If priest buff ur hp, u do not gain more hp on ur pet

The issue is present on your main pet as well as with pets like Vilefiend, dreadstalkers, wild imps, etc.

If u summon the demon while hp buff is active,hp stays indefinitly till u summon it again or it dies. Even resummons when hes not dead dont reset hp.
HOW IT SHOULD WORK: The HP should be increased with the buffs and the other stuff listed above.

Link examples:
|T1616211:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:264119|h[Summon Vilefiend]|h|r
|T1378282:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:104316|h[Call Dreadstalkers]|h|r
|T136216:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:79958|h[Summon Felguard]|h|r

BT credit:
[Enhancement][PvP-Talent] Thundercharge


Currently on Oribos Thundercharge doesn't increase the cooldown recovery of your spells, example:

Thundercharge should reduce the recovery rate by 30% of all abilities. For example: Stormstrike cd should go from 6.5 secs to 5 secs due to the 30% reduction of its time.

Totems vs Wildfire Bomb

How it should work :

To damage Shaman's totems, you should do direct damage to them, aoe damage won't work at all.

How it actually works :

When using |T2065634:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:259495|h[Wildfire Bomb]|h|r as surv hunt, aoe damage instantly destroy totems (every totems and no matter how much hp they have).
Fs proof >


Currently if you have any rogues in your party and they use Vanish it will drop your target if you're targeting them. This shouldn't be the case for friendly rogues.


Friendly targeting issue probably linked to
Slice and Dice issues

Your first Slice and Dice is not properly showing usable in your spellbars, it might confuse players.

Note: it is usable as you see on GIF but it is Grey as you don't have any combo point to use.

ATTENTION: only the first time you attack a target, next times will be ok.

Issue might be linked to this fix:

|T132306:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5171|h[Slice and Dice]|h|r
[Conduit] Sudden Fractures

Description of the bug

Sudden fractures can proc off its proc. Meaning a tick of Serrated Bone Spike dot can make the conduit proc, and that proc can make the conduit proc again, and so on and so on if lucky.

How to reproduce

Serrated Bone Spike a dummy while having the conduit equipped, and you can see sometimes three ticks of the dot.

How it should be

The conduit should allow to have a double tick dot only. It can't proc off its proc.

Informations of the spell

|T3528294:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:183493::::::::120:::::|h[Sudden Fractures]|h|r
|T3578230:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:328547|h[Serrated Bone Spike]|h|r
[Holy] Spirit of the Redeemer

How it works on PTR : you don't have the spell

How it shoul works > Become the spirit of the Redeemer, you gain the same effect as Spirit of Redemption, but at the end you don't die.
[Protection] Avenger's Shield VS CCed enemies

[Avenger's Shield](|T135874:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:31935|h[Avenger's Shield]|h|r) doesn't bounce onto targets that are affected by any form of CC , root, fear, stun etc. and it should bounce to all of them.


[Forum Post]()
Weird Pet interaction

I've noticed while leveling my Hunter that your pet has a weird interaction which is similar to the Imp Bug(It would attack anything you would target even if you don't cast any spells at your target) and is very annoying. Whenever your first target dies and you target something else right after your first target dies your pet will go after your current target without you doing anything to it.

If you have your pet on Passive It does nothing unless you command it to do something, even if you have enemies attacking you.

If you have your pet on Defensive It will start attacking enemies attack you.

If you have your pet on Assist It will attack your targets and enemies attacking you.

[Conduit][Feral] Sudden Ambush

Description of the bug
The damage part of Rake ability doesnt work with the conduit only stun part does.

|T132167:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:340694|h[Sudden Ambush]|h|r
Wild Charge

When you're in tiger form your wild charge should "Leap behind an ennemy, dazing them for 3 sec" but it does something really weird that i can't explain you just go undermap and go threw all elements like mountains to a location. I didn't go to the location so i don't know where it is since it's really far.

|T538771:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:132302|h[Wild Charge]|h|r
[Unholy] Raise Dead

Pet summoned by this spell is not autoattacking at all anymore.

|T1100170:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:46585|h[Raise Dead]|h|r
[SoA] Spear of Destiny

Description of the bug
When trying to loot Spear of Destiny after animation of picking up ends i dont have the Spear in my special action button slot to use it.


Links to spells
|T3054897:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:339916|h[Spear of Destiny]|h|r

Additional note
Spear on the right side of the dungeon is missing
[Retail Proof]()
[Misc][Covenants] Combat Meditation

|T3528283:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:328266|h[Combat Meditation]|h|r

Combat meditation spheres should disappear once the debuff is gone, currently they remain on the ground confusing players.
Combat Meditation should have 1 min cd to be activated, currently I have my meditation proc each time I use covenant ability (30 sec CD)

[CN][Shriekwing] Echoing Sonar

Ability: |T136116:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:329362|h[Echoing Sonar]|h|r
When the 2nd phase ( Intermission ) started, after the Blood Shourd ability, the boss casts |T136116:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:329362|h[Echoing Sonar]|h|r . But currently, instead of the rings to go out, as normal, the rings just stay at the center and not move.
[Misc][Legendary] Paladin's Relentless Inquisitor

Relentless Inquisitor's legendary power is adding 2% Haste instead of 1% each stack.

|T135897:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:337297|h[Relentless Inquisitor]|h|r
[Maldraxxus][World Quest] The Spider on the Wall

Description of bug
currently in oribos there is no option to pickpocket the quest items from the specified npc making it impossible to complete the quest

this issue is most likely due to another wq overlapping with this one creating this weird issue

these both wq should not be up at the same time maybe some overlapping is happening that is causing this mishap because the chosen champions wq does not appear on the map but once u are in the area the wq pops up

February 24, 2022

[Demonology] Borne of Blood

Description of the bug
The proc that you get from casting Hand of Gul'dan having this conduit equip doesnt proc instantly after you cast the spell, it has a delay in procing my guess would be that it waits for damage to be applied which it shouldnt.

Conduit should proc instantly after you finish your cast.

|T236299:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:339578|h[Borne of Blood]|h|r
|T535592:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:105174|h[Hand of Gul'dan]|h|r
[Resto] Mana Tide Totem

How it should work : totem granting 100% increased mana regeneration to you and the allies within 20 yds.

How it works currently : Currently the mana regeneration is increased only for you. The allies are not getting buff by Mana Tide Totem and their mana regeneration is not increase.
[Elemental] Fire elemental

How it is working right now:
Fire elemental without primal elementalist talent does nothing.
When you summon him, he doesn't deal any damage or do any action.

|T135790:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198067|h[Fire Elemental]|h|r
[Subtlety] Eviscerate R2 Vs Master Assassin's Mark

these bugs were discovered thanks to this BT report :

Description :
Because of eviscerate rank 2 , When a target has |T132295:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:316219|h[Find Weakness]|h|r on it your eviscerate will also cast a second eviscerate that deals 50% damage as shadow damage.
That second eviscerate like the first one can crit on it's own as you can see in the screenshot.

So since it has the capability of criting it should also 100% of the time crit if you have the [Mark of the Master Assassin] buff up but it isn't . the 100% crit we get from the legendary doesn't affect the second part of eviscerate . that shadow damage part is only criting according to your base crit. proof of it not criting with the legendary buff in this video :

How to reproduce : simply use [Mark of the Master Assassin] use 1 shadow strike to apply find weakness and instantly use eviscerate before [Mark of the Master Assassin] buff is over and you'll see that most of the time it won't crit , sometimes it will but that's only because of your base crit and not the legendary passive.
[Sub] Shadowstep


Shadowstep makes you fall through textures. This only happens if there's downhill/up hill terrain, it's also missing a terrain limiter basically if you Shadowstep on a platform that's just a texture you will fall through, VMAPS is missing(?)
[All Spec] Blinding Light interaction with Healing overtime effects.

Description of the bug

Currently on firestorm if the target has any healing over time effects it somehow considers it has a damaging ability and breaks the Paladin Blinding light effect instantly.

How to reproduce

Duel a Paladin, put healing over time effects and ask him to use blinding light . the Blinding light will break instantly.

How it should be

Healing overtime effects shouldn't break Paladins Blinding Light

Information's of the spell

[BT Report]()
[Video Proof when tested with Druid]()
|T571553:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:115750|h[Blinding Light]|h|r
[Legendary] Tempest of the Lightbringer

How it should work : while having this legendary Passive ( |T236250:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:183313::::::::120:::::|h[Memory of the Lightbringer's Tempest]|h|r ) every |T236250:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:53385|h[Divine Storm]|h|rshould">|T236250:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:53385|h[Divine Storm]|h|r recast a second time and hit every target in melee that the initial |T236250:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:53385|h[Divine Storm]|h|r hit and also every target in front of you for up to 20 yards .

How it's working :

right now the second |T236250:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:53385|h[Divine Storm]|h|r casted by the legendary isn't hitting all targets in melee . also not hitting any target in front of the caster that are in a 20 yards range. infact the 20yard range beam animation isn't even there . basically if the main [ devine storm ] hits 16 times . the second [devine storm] should also hit 16times or even more if there are extra targets in front of you .
video proof of second part of devine storm having way less hits than the main part . also shows that the animation that's supposed to show you how far the legendary goes (20 yards) isn't even there :

It doesn't matter if you have 1 or 5 targets . the second part of devine storm is just not always procking and when it does it's not hitting all targets .

How the hits + animation should be on retail :
in this retail video the second part of |T236250:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:53385|h[Divine Storm]|h|r hit even more than the first because at 1 point the caster was positioned in a way that put 1 extra target 𝐈𝐧 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐧𝐭 of the caster.

BT report :
[Conduit]Grounding Breath

Description of the bug
When selfhealing with Vivify Grounding Breath conduit equiped only first Vivify cast is buffed.

How to reproduce
Equip Ground Breath conduit and cast several Vivifies.

How it should be
Every cast on yourself with Grounding Breath conduit equiped should have buffed Vivify selfhealing and a 30% chance to refund energy.

Links to spells
|T463566:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:336632|h[Grounding Breath]|h|r
[Arcane] Slipstream & Clearcasting stacks

The caster will not be able to use the 2nd or 3rd extra wave of Missiles while moving, when Clearcast has multiple stacks, if Slipstream is picked.
Issue occurs only when Arcane Empowerment is not selected from the pvp talents with it behaviour is correct.

[Arcane] Arcane orb

|T1033906:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:153626|h[Arcane Orb]|h|r
There are few issues on the spell itself:
Pathfinding is not working on the spell. When it goes to another terrain object, instead of following the terrain itself, it just goes trough it
Sometimes on a wierd angled position or on random chance, the orb does not appear and only gives 1 arcane charge
Mirror Image

Mirror image should cast only frostbolts ( unless thorgast specific powers ). Currently the clones are casting spec specific abilities.
Clone's frostbolts should also slow targets on the other 2 specs.
Activating Mirror Image should also give the caster a 20% damage received reduction wall, and killing just one clone upon receiving damage during the effect of the wall.

|T135994:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:55342|h[Mirror Image]|h|r
[Fire] Ring of Fire vs Versatility

Description of the bug

Ring of Fire damages aren't reduced by defensive Versatility
Ring of Fire damages are increased by mage's versatility

How it should be

Defensive versatility should reduces Ring of Fire damages taken
Mage's versatility shouldn't increases Ring of Fire damages


|T4067368:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:353082|h[Ring of Fire]|h|r
[All] Alter Time vs spellque

If the user spams the Alter Time key midway while casting another ability it has a high chance of bugging Alter Time into not being usable ( loses functionality ) until a fake cooldown has elapsed or the caster phases out.

|T609811:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:108978|h[Alter Time]|h|r

|T132294:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:781|h[Disengage]|h|r used while falling should reset your fall damage to the point where you used it . as in even if u're falling from a really high point that should kill you if you |T132294:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:781|h[Disengage]|h|r close to the floor you take no damage at all. this isn't working at all on live .
Proof :

Bt report :

I mark this as high prio only because it's actually really usefull in bosses like where fall damage is really crucial ( specially tyrannical weeks )
Play Dead bug

|T134355:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:209997|h[Play Dead]|h|r can get bugged if you press fast Play Dead into |T589118:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:210000|h[Wake Up]|h|r. You have to abandon pet and relog or your pet will play dead for ever. This bug only occurs if you do that fast.

Infinite play dead (can't wake up) :

How to bug it :

Spell : |T134355:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:209997|h[Play Dead]|h|r
[Misc][Legendary] Absolute Zero
Anti-Magic Zone

After using AntiMagic zone, up to the buffs we dont see the time remain of it.

|T237510:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:51052|h[AntiMagic Zone]|h|r
[SoA] Forsworn Squad-Leader

Description of the bug

We cant attack SquadLeader while he casts jump even with ranged attacks.

How to reproduce

Try to attack Squad leader while jumping

How it should be

We should be able to attack him all time if we are in range.

[Torghast] 2 anima powers on start

If you quickly select the 1st ability in torgast, you can click on the anima cell again
P.S. Run in Torghast should be in party
[Maldraxxus][Quest] In The Flesh deals damage to players of the enemy faction in warmode on. Can be used for unfair play.
[Holy] Avenging Crusader - Smart Heal Target Logic, cap and healing.

Spell: |T589117:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:216331|h[Avenging Crusader]|h|r

There are 3 issues with this spell.

First: Currently it has no cap on targets healed, this is incorrect, the spell should only ever heal up to 3 targets at any given time when the player casts Judgement or Crusader Strike under the influence of Avenging Crusader.

Second: The smart healing logic of the spell is flawed, it should only ever attempt to heal injured targets, since the spell is healing every target, this may not actually be an issue, but is worth mentioning just in case.

Third: Healing Formula: The healing should always be 250% of the damage output to any target affected without any DR. This is incorrect, the healing is beeing reduced by the targets affected.

= 2.5 TriggerDamage

Note\: I know that in the PTR the healing shows lower than in OBTR despite both pictures having been taken with 0 gear, the reason for that is a general problem only present in the PTR were a vast amount of spells are incorrectly affected by a DR formula, but a fix hasn't been found for it yet.

Issue Proof in images below.


[The Great Vault] Incorrect rewards for PvP

Rewards do not take current PvP rating of the player, a reward of 200 ilvl is always offered.
Rewards list for PvP:
0 – 1399 rating (200 ilvl)
1400 – 1599 rating (207 ilvl)
1600 – 1799 rating (213 ilvl)
1800 – 2099 rating (220 ilvl)
2100 – 2399 rating (226 ilvl)
2400+ (233 ilvl weapon)
[Draenei] Gift of the Naaru

Description of the bug
If Gift of the Naaru heal crits it bugs out somehow and casts aditional heal, if all casts are normal casts heal ticks go properly.

How it should be
If Gift of the Naaru heals it should be doing exactly 20% or more than 20% of the maximum hp only if a tick crits. When it crits its trying to be as close to 20% even so it lowers some other tick of the heal to low value from the testing i saw.

Links to spells
|T135923:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:59547|h[Gift of the Naaru]|h|r

[Retail Proof]()
[NPC] Coldheart Ambusher

|T1029584:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:322725|h[Divebomb]|h|r Does not discard or cause damage also, after killing the NPC, the corpse may begin to float in the air
[Ardenweald][Story] Nothing Left to Give if you talk to him while riding a mount, the criteria will not complete and NPC will disappear.
[PF] Pestilent Harvester

Player cannot select to target and deal damage
[Torghast] [The Fracture Chambers] Anima cell is not spawn

On some maps, after killing the mini boss, Anima cell is not spawn
[Torghast] [Anima Power] Scroll of Elchaver

Currently valid for both regular mobs and elite mobs. Should not work against elite or rare mobs.
[SoA] Jumping from the dungeon platforms

Description of the bug
At the moment if you jump of a platform you just die.

How it should be
After jumping down you should be teleported to next platform in the dungeon.
[Retail proof]()
[Torghast] [The Fracture Chambers] Skeletal Remains endlessly spawn from behind the door. The combat doesn't finished all the floor.
[Bastion][Quest] The First Cleansing

When players engage the Copy of the player in combat, they will get the |T3528284:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:313177|h[Invoke Doubt]|h|r debuff, This debuff should have much much lower chance to be applied to the target than now. Current chance seems to be 100%.

[Quest] End of the Dream

Also after the launch, Ysera just flies around the Temple of Elune
[Profession][All] - Lvl 52 created gear


apparently when you try to wear lvl 52 items when u're lvl 52 + it says that you should be lvl 60.
[SoA] Forsworn Helion

Description of the bug

1) He jumped under stairs
2) While he goes in midair to jump, we cant target him anymore till he lands, even with ranged attacks.
3) He doesnt deal damage with aura at all

How to reproduce

Attack Helion

How it should be

1) He should jump on stairs
2) He should be targetable all time.
3) He should deal damage overtime to all players nearby.

[Soulbind][Necrolord][Plague Deviser Marileth] Plaguey's Preemptive Strike

The soulbind trait is at the moment missing functionality, does not proc, is missing visual and no increase in damage both spell or physical.

|T3459801:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:323090|h[Plaguey's Preemptive Strike]|h|r
[HoA] Loyal Stoneborn problems

Several issues with Loyal Stoneborn that arent written yet

February 23, 2022

[Fury] Execute double rage

If you have |T135358:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:206315|h[Massacre]|h|r talent you get double rage from Execute
Demonic Gateway

This fix is essential for every Content done with Warlock and will be essential for Mythic Raiding.
Description of the bug
Right now everything you pass through with gates damages you while you shouldnt take direct damage and your aggro range shouldnt be present while traveling as you can see in [Retail Proof]()

Another issue with the spell is really bad pathfinding if you try to place it on not even grounds or far distance. The spell should work the same as |T3586270:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:300728|h[Door of Shadows]|h|r but at the moment its a way worse version of it.
|T607512:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:111771|h[Demonic Gateway]|h|r
[Elemental] Earthquake damage's school

|T451165:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:61882|h[Earthquake]|h|r damage's school is wrong. Currently Earthquake does Nature damage, when it should be Physical damages.

FS :

It's actually broken with Elemental legendary in pvp, since Nature's damage go through armor.
[Covenants][Necrolord] Vanquisher's Hammer interaction with Word of glory

Description of the bug

When you use Vanquisher's Hammer and then use Word of glory with 3 holy power, Word of Glory activates Divine Storm and it shouldn't be activated

How to reproduce
Use Vanquisher's Hammer, get 3 holy power and use Word of glory

How it should be
When you use Word of glory with 3 holy powers while having the buff of vanquisher's hammer. word of glory should just heal, it shouldn't activate divine storm after casting word of glory, only templars verdict should activate a divine storm when you have the Vanquisher's hammer buff.

|T3578228:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:328204|h[Vanquisher's Hammer]|h|r
|T133192:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:85673|h[Word of Glory]|h|r
BT Report
Polymorph doesn't break on any dmg.

Currently [Polymorph](|T136071:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:118|h[Polymorph]|h|r) doesn't break on any damage. It takes a significant amount for it to actually break. It should break on any damage the same way Paralysis, Blind, Sap, Freezing Trap and Imprisonment do.
[Marksmanship] Lethal shots

Issue descritpion

When you are using the talent |T461120:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:260393|h[Lethal Shots]|h|r as a Marksman Hunter, your (also an talent) should have 30% chance to reduce the cooldown of |T461115:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257044|h[Rapid Fire]|h|r by 5s.

I tested a lot of time and it never proced (30% chance still high and it should proc a minimum but it doesn't).

Here is some GIF.

As you see i used |T236176:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:53209|h[Chimaera Shot]|h|r a couple of time and the CD of |T461115:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257044|h[Rapid Fire]|h|r is not reduced.
[Covenants] Ravenous Frenzy

Description of the bugStacks cooldown timer doesnt scale with haste properly, so with high haste you dont get stacks from casted spells
[Legendary] Darkest Hour

Description of the bug
First proc of the legendary is fine but after the first cooldown of 2 minutes passes the legendary instantly procs after first spell you cast instead of waiting till you fall under 35% Hp.

How it should be
Legendary should always only proc when the player goes under 35% health.

Links to spells
|T1305154:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:337539|h[Darkest Hour]|h|r
[Misc][Achievement] Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season One

Dungeons are not counted in the achievement


/run for crit=1,8 do local a,_,c = GetAchievementCriteriaInfo(14532, crit); print(string.format("[%s]%12s", c and "\124cFF00FF00True\124r" or "\124cFF888888False\124r",a)) end
[Misc][Achievement] shadowlands keystone explorer: season one

Dungeons are not counted in the achievement


/run for crit=1,8 do local a,_,c = GetAchievementCriteriaInfo(14938, crit); print(string.format("[%s]%12s", c and "\124cFF00FF00True\124r" or "\124cFF888888False\124r",a)) end
[Soulbind][Venthyr] Agent of Chaos PvP mechanic

|T237557:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:331576|h[Agent of Chaos]|h|r in PvP should removes Dots on target (same mechanic as Rogue blind or Hunter ice trap)

Atm, it doesn't and any dot breaks the disorient effect of |T237557:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:331576|h[Agent of Chaos]|h|r, making this soulbind useless in pvp.
[Soulbind][Fae][Korayn] Hold the Line

Description of the bug

"Hold the Line" soulbind don't work at all.

How it should be

After standing still for 5 sec, you take 12% less Physical damage until you move.

Informations of the spell

|T136088:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:325601|h[Hold the Line]|h|r
[NW] Stitched Vanguard - Seething Rage

The tranquilizing shot should remove all seething rage stacks from the stitched vanguard.

|T136225:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:320703|h[Seething Rage]|h|r
[Misc][item] Memory of the past sins

How should it work:
Your next 5 damaging abilities inflict Shattered Psyche stack on the target.

How it is working right now:

Multi ticking abilities counts as a new damaging ability

For Example: 1 Cast of |T1305156:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198013|h[Eye Beam]|h|r counts as 5 abilities

|T1357803:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:184025::::::::120:::::|h[Memory of Past Sins]|h|r
[Mechagnome] Combat Analysis

Description of the bug
The passive is not scaled at all with the character lvl its a baseline 25 stats per stack.

How it should be
The passive should scale with character lvl in turn making it give 4.8 stat per stack on lvl 60 character.


|T3192685:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:313424|h[Combat Analysis]|h|r
[SD][Executor Tarvold] Manifestation hp

Description of the bug

Manifestation add has more hp then on retail. FS hp on m22 180k, retail hp 149k

How to reproduce

Pull boss, look hp of adds.

How it should be

It should be less hp, like on retail.

[PvP][General] Silence's display

Description of the bug

When you get silenced, you have the silence display and you are silenced. You can't use spell during silence so this part is fine, but your spells aren't locked on spell bar. It's only visual but can be really annoying in pvp.

Every silence of the game should lock spells concerned by the silence (in spells bar), with timer of the silence's duration

Example of silence :
|T132211:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:356719|h[Chimaeral Sting]|h|r
|T252188:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:78675|h[Solar Beam]|h|r
|T136228:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:316099|h[Unstable Affliction]|h|r after dispell

How to reproduce

Apply any silence on a target, and check your spells bar
[Misc][Item] Stolen Maw Badge

How should it work:
Your attacks or attacks made against you have a chance to increase your Critical Strike by 11 for 20 sec stacking up to 3 times. (Item LvL=81)

How it is working right now:
It doesn't give any crit, It doesn't stack.

|T134422:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:175731::::::::120:::::|h[Stolen Maw Badge]|h|r
[Misc][Achievement] Shadowlands Keystone Conqueror: Season One

Dungeons are not counted in the achievement


/run for crit=1,8 do local a,_,c = GetAchievementCriteriaInfo(14531, crit); print(string.format("[%s]%12s", c and "\124cFF00FF00True\124r" or "\124cFF888888False\124r",a)) end

February 22, 2022

[Fury]-changing gear reduces damage

As fury warrior if you have 2 weapons of different ilvl , let's say 213 and 210. you should ofcourse use the higher ilvl weapon on mainhand for more damage. something weird is happening with fury rn is that when you swap the placement of the 2 weapons your damage will obviously go down , but when you swap back it doesn't go back up it gets even lower.
update: ( It's not just weapons it happens with any pieces of gear ) .
Video proof with the help of @campnl13 :
[Subtlety] Eviscerate R2 Vs Master Assassin's Mark

these bugs were discovered thanks to this BT report :

Description :
Because of eviscerate rank 2 , When a target has |T132295:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:316219|h[Find Weakness]|h|r on it your eviscerate will also cast a second eviscerate that deals 50% damage as shadow damage.
That second eviscerate like the first one can crit on it's own as you can see in the screenshot.

So since it has the capability of criting it should also 100% of the time crit if you have the [Mark of the Master Assassin] buff up but it isn't . the 100% crit we get from the legendary doesn't affect the second part of eviscerate . that shadow damage part is only criting according to your base crit. proof of it not criting with the legendary buff in this video :

How to reproduce : simply use [Mark of the Master Assassin] use 1 shadow strike to apply find weakness and instantly use eviscerate before [Mark of the Master Assassin] buff is over and you'll see that most of the time it won't crit , sometimes it will but that's only because of your base crit and not the legendary passive.
The exact same thing is happening with |T608955:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:319175|h[Black Powder]|h|r
[Retribution] Blade of Wrath

What's wrong?

The procs of Art of War |T236246:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:267344|h[Art of War]|h|r are pretty the same with or without the talent. It's not increasing that 100% (double chance) proc.

How should it works?

The procs of Art of War with Blade of Wrath talent, should be the double (or very near at double at least, cause its "rng") compared to the procs without the talent selected.

Proof and how my friend tested this:

1 thing to note about these tests is that 1 proc of art of war is 3 seconds in detail.
after multiple 5min long tests only using melees we had very similar results each tests so it's consistent.
Here is one of the tests with the |T1360757:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:231832|h[Blade of Wrath]|h|r talent . (5 mins , only melees ):
So we have 36sec/3= 12 procs.

Here is one of the tests without the |T1360757:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:231832|h[Blade of Wrath]|h|r Talent . (5mins only melees) :
We have 30sec/3 = 10 procs

For further proof we compared retail retri logs of a random paladin not a top player or anything .
retail log:

4min long fight 90% uptime on boss they had 9 procs 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐭 The blade of wrath talent.

firestorm log:

4min24seconds long fight 95% active 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 The blade of wrath .
so this fight was longer , more uptime and a talent that's supposed to give you DOUBLE procs and he still only had 9 procs .
[Fire] Searing Touch

Description of the bug

Currently with the searing touch talent scorch isn't 100% critical when you hit a target below 30% health

How to reproduce

Take the talent and hit a target below 30% health, it wont critical 100% of the time.

How it should be

With the Talent scorch should be 100% critical when you hit a target below 30%

Information's of the spell

[BT Report]()
|T236290:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:269644|h[Searing Touch]|h|r
[Video Proof]()
[Legendary] Collective Anguish - Fel Dev Healing

Description of the bug

Currently the Fel Devastation part of the Legendary in Havoc doesn't heal the Demon Hunter.

How to reproduce

Use it on a pack or dummy and check for the healing received in combat log

How it should be

When the Veng DH spawned by the collective anguish uses his Fel Devastation, The Demon Hunter should be healed by it.

Information's of the spell

[BT Report]()
[FS Video Proof]()
|T1392554:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:337504|h[Collective Anguish]|h|r
[Blizzard Hotfix January 14 2021]()
[Proffesions] Players Equipping higher level items

Seems that players are currently able to equip crafted items on lower levels than they are supposed to be able to.

Side note This issue seems to be only affecting items that have chance to have their item level reduced
[Misc][Profession] Alchemy: Potion of Specter Swiftness

How it should be works:
Use: Increases your movement speed while dead by 100%. Only usable in the Shadowlands. Lasts 2 min. (1 Min Cooldown)

How it works on PTR:
We are not able to use the potion and with click for use we have "You can't do that yet."

|T3566866:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:171370::::::::120:::::|h[Potion of Specter Swiftness]|h|r
[Misc][Enchanting] Godan enchanting trainer

Can't learn enchanting in Orgrimmar, when you clic on the NPC nothing happen
[Misc][Inscription] Old content Herbs don't loot pigments;1:1;0:0

February 21, 2022

[Arms] Glyph of the Blazing Saviour

|T254306:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:137188::::::::120:::::|h[Glyph of the Blazing Savior]|h|r

This glyph is supposed to work like Glyph of Blazing Trail with the charge, : Your Intervene leaves a trail of fire in its wake. If you're going to Intervene why not do it with some style? This does not work on Oribos.
[Arms] Defensive Stance

|T132341:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:197690|h[Defensive Stance]|h|r

Sometimes when you leave a battleground or an arena skirmish the visual of Defensive Stance will have the Alliance one even though I'm horde.
[Necrolord] Decimating Bolt formula

|T3578232:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:325289|h[Decimating Bolt]|h|r is doing more damages than formula with only core passive (without |T135799:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:77220|h[Mastery: Chaotic Energies]|h|r) :

= 0,345 x 448 x 1,05 = 162 on retail vs 226 ingame
^ Coeff x SpellPower x CorePassive = 162 ^

It should not scale with |T135799:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:77220|h[Mastery: Chaotic Energies]|h|r, according to formula check with retail damages
[Demonology] Doom

Description of the bug
If you refresh the duration of Doom on a target it deals damage properly but doesnt generate a soul shard when dealing damage.

[Retail video proof]()
[Legendary] Primal Tide Core

|T538571:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:335889|h[Primal Tide Core]|h|r

Right now the legendary only gives an extra riptide after 4 casted, while in retail it energized with primordial wave (necrolord extra riptide), here it doesn't work, tested it this morning.

How it should work : casting riptideriptideriptideprimordial wave = extra riptide to a 5th player in raid (or whatever), now the proc it's skipped to a 4th riptide (normal cast) that's not how it should work

|T538571:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:335889|h[Primal Tide Core]|h|r even here in the comments it's explained , did it in retail too

[Elemental] Earthquake knock vs Diminishing Returns

Description of the bug

|T451165:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:61882|h[Earthquake]|h|r knock count as a "Stun" in DR category.

How to reproduce

Get a knock with Earthquake, then use another Stun, you'll get a DR stun.

How it should be

Knock from Earthquake should have his own DR category, only for Earthquake knock.

Example :
if I Earthquake knock into stun a target (|T135963:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:853|h[Hammer of Justice]|h|r for example), I shouldn't have a DR Hammer of Justice stun.
if I get quickly two proc of Earthquake's knock, the second knock will be DR.
It's like Earthquake knock only shares DR with himself.

Informations of the spell


My dms are open if you have any question about DR category or anything.
[PVP] Vanish vs Flare

How it should work :

When a rogue is in a hunt's |T135815:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:1543|h[Flare]|h|r, his |T132331:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:1856|h[Vanish]|h|r should be unable, he can't use it.
Retail proof >

How it actually works :

When in a Flare, u can use Vanish, causing you to be instantly spotted by it.
Fs proof >
Holy Word: Chastise

If you cast Holy Word : Chastise on a target with dots from an other player, the spell will only remove your dots and not the dots from the other player wich is breaking the stun
[Discipline] Shadow Covenant vs Atonement

When the Priest have debuff from casting Shadow Covenant every damaging spell is not healing the targets with Atonement.
Spell ID: |T136221:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:314867|h[Shadow Covenant]|h|r
Spell ID: |T458720:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:81749|h[Atonement]|h|r
BT link:
Mind Control

Spell [Mind Control](|T136206:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:605|h[Mind Control]|h|r)

The spell itself is currently applying a weird effect where whenever the players are getting Mind Control, they keep the movement that the Mind Controlling players had last left as input.

Reproduction >

>Mind Control

>Run in circle, before the end move the camera to side

[Discipline] Shadow Mend vs Mastery

Shadow Mend is not scaling with Mastery. First cast is with 26% Mastery, Second is with 49%.
|T136202:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:186263|h[Shadow Mend]|h|r
|T237543:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:271534|h[Mastery: Grace]|h|r
BT Link:
[Retribution] Hammer of Wrath

How it works ?

|T613533:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:24275|h[Hammer of Wrath]|h|r damaged can pass through the immune of |T132199:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:186265|h[Aspect of the Turtle]|h|r , mean you can die by this spell damage during your turtle time.

proof :

How it should works

During |T132199:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:186265|h[Aspect of the Turtle]|h|r you should not taking dammages from any spell used AFTER your pressed aspect of the turtle.
[Protection] Consecrated Ground

Consecrated Ground Talent makes Consecration invisible

|T236260:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:204054|h[Consecrated Ground]|h|r
[Mistweaver] Peaceweaver immunity to negative effects

Currently [Peaceweaver](|T1020466:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:353319|h[Peaceweaver]|h|r) doesn't make monk immune to [Spear of bastion grip](|T3565453:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:307963|h[Spear of Bastion]|h|r) nor [Unstable Affliction silence](|T135975:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:196364|h[Unstable Affliction]|h|r) negative effects. Due to talent's special negative effect immunity aura applied for 2 sec it should make monk immune to these effects.

Retail Proof:
[Conduit] Brutal Projectiles

How it should work :

|T2065620:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:339924|h[Brutal Projectiles]|h|r should only be able to stack once.

How it is actually working :

|T2065620:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:339924|h[Brutal Projectiles]|h|r is able to stack 20 times.

Actually on PTR, conduit doesn't increase damage at all.

Fs proof >
Mend Pet

Currently on FS, Mend Pet is usable even if you can't see your pet (ex: behind a wall).
You shouldn't be able to heal your pet if he's not in Line of Sight.

|T132163:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:982|h[Revive Pet]|h|r (Mend Pet and Revive Pet share the same Spell ID)
Track hidden

Currently on FS, |T132320:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:19885|h[Track Hidden]|h|r don't work at all, it should increase stealth detection by 15yard.
[Unholy][Pvp] Reanimation vs VersaDefensives
[Conduit] Meat Shield

Description of the bug
The Meat Shield conduit doesnt increase the duration of Dancing Rune Weapon spell.

How it should be
Dancing Rune Weapon should get 3 seconds added to its duration.

Links to spells
|T135277:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:49028|h[Dancing Rune Weapon]|h|r
|T538039:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:182187::::::::120:::::|h[Meat Shield]|h|r
[Legendary] Priest's Clarity of Mind

The effect from legendary Clarity of Mind for Spirit Shell is not working in the raid. With this legendary if we use Spirit Shell we should extend the Atonement's duration with 3 sec on every player with Atonement, but now Atonement duration is not extended after Spirit Shell cast. I tested the legendary in Durotar, Torghast and Heroic dungeon and its working fine, but for some reasons its not working in Castle Nathria. Proof 1 is from CN Raid Finder, Proof 2 is from CN Heroic mode.
|T135977:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:183318::::::::120:::::|h[Memory of a Clear Mind]|h|r
Proof 1:
Proof 2:
[Ardenweald][Creatures] Unskinnable Beasts

This Creature should be Skinnable, currently it's not on PTR.
[Ardenweald][Quest]The Restless Dreamer-Group

If one party member clicks the portal the others members don't get credit and cant click/see it anymore
[Ardenweald][Quest]End of the Dream

If u start this quest with mount on or Pets summoned u'll have no special action bar when controllin Ysera
[TOP][Xav the Unfallen]Glorious Combat Stacks

The debuff [Glorious Combat](|T985880:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:332670|h[Glorious Combat]|h|r) Should be gone whenever somebody won the [Blood and Glory Duell]( However, that's not the case on Firestorm. The debuff will stay for both players.

[Retail Proof, Check Min 23:0023:30]()
[CN][Sludgefist] Quest: Getting a Head

Sludgefist does not drop the quest item to progress
(the quests are different depending on raidmode)
[Undead] Touch of the grave

Description of the bug
Crits from the Touch of the Grave passive from Undead race doesnt heal for the same as it does damage. So crits basically do 50% of healing cause its treated as a normal hit.

How it should be
Healing should always replicate same value as the damage part as you can see in the logs i provided down in Attachments.

Links to spells
|T136157:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5227|h[Touch of the Grave]|h|r

[CN][Sludgefist] Collapsing Foundation

If Sludgefist collides into a wall, sometimes won't trigger, no players will be debuffed

I managed to reproduce it just by letting the boss hit the left or right wall of the encounter room, but no idea why it does not trigger the debuff yet
[Bastion][Quest] A Soulbind In Need

Missing Personal phasing
[WB] Oranomonos the Everbranching don't drop anything except Anima x Renown.
[Bastion][Quest] The First Cleansing


Those are the issues on this quest:
1. 'Peer into Soul Mirror' quest part can be completed by doing an instant click on the mirrors and skipping the part where the mobs spawn from them(instead of the last one which spawn the
Interaction with a mirror should count only after the channel and not the click.
2. Moving out of the mirrors zone makes you to get out of combat with the quest mobs, which will continue to follow you, as enemies, but without doing anything, until you kill them.
[Legendary] Ancient Teachings of the Monastery

Description of the bug
The heal from Teachings of the Monastery stacks only works on the first stack of the buff, second and third stack of the spell still heal the same even tho the damage is higher and you have more casts from Blackout Kick.

|T1360978:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:191837|h[Essence Font]|h|r
|T574575:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:100784|h[Blackout Kick]|h|r
|T611422:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:116645|h[Teachings of the Monastery]|h|r

[Retail explanation]()

[Misc][Dark Iron Dwarf] Dungeon Delver

Description of the bug
Passive right now works anywhere in the world.

How it should be
It should only be working in instances.

Links to spells
|T1786405:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:265223|h[Dungeon Delver]|h|r
[Misc][Item] Death Fetish

Normally this item requires only Exalted reputation with The Undying Army, but when I purchase this item from Oribos Quartermaster in the Appearances requires Necrolord Covenant or Renown 80+ with Necrolord. The item on Quartermaster in Maldraxxus is not the same as this one in Oribos (Proof 2).
Item: |T3222435:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:181808::::::::120:::::|h[Death Fetish]|h|r
Proof 2:
Additional Info:
Oribos vendor:
Maldraxxus veldor:
[Misc][Item]Faewoven Pack

When I try to purchase this Item from the NPC in Oribos Im not able to, because requires Night Fae Covenant (Proof 1).
I can purchase this item from the NPC in Ardenweald, but i can't use this Appearance, because requires Night Fae as well. (Proof 2)

Item link: |T3284375:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:181309::::::::120:::::|h[Faewoven Pack]|h|r
Proof 1:
Proof 2:
[Misc][Item] Barbarous Osteowings

Normally this item requires only Exalted reputation with The Undying Army, but when I purchase this item from Oribos Quartermaster in the Appearances requires Necrolord Covenant or Renown 80+ with Necrolord. The item on Quartermaster in Maldraxxus is not the same as this one in Oribos (Proof 2).
Item: |T3221590:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:181807::::::::120:::::|h[Barbarous Osteowings]|h|r
Proof 2:
Additional Info:
Oribos vendor:
Maldraxxus veldor:
[SD]Research Scribe

Description of the bug
Add should be casting Throw Research and running to its current target until its out of line of sight.

|T133733:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:334534|h[Throw Research]|h|r

February 18, 2022

[Fury] Execute + Whirlwind

Currently when you use Execute with the Whirlwind buff to do damage to 2 or more targets sometimes the Execute OffHand doesn't hit the same amount of targets that Execute did, for example if you hit 2 targets with execute you should do 2 hits with Execute of the main hand and 2 hits with Execute OffHand.
Here is the proof:
As you can see here I hit Huntsman Altimor and Hecutis at 03:53.991 with Execute but the Execute OffHand didn't hit Hecutis.

Retail Logs:

FS Logs:

Execute without Massacre: |T135358:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5308|h[Execute]|h|r
Execute with Massacre: |T135358:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:280735|h[Execute]|h|r
Execute OffHand: |T135358:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:163558|h[Execute OffHand]|h|r
[Affliction] Shadow Bolt

Description of the bug
Theres a big unintended feature right now with Shadow Bolt on Affliction spec, every cast of the spell generates a Soul Shard while that mechanic should only be working for Demonology.

That issue makes Affliction warlock play totally different playstyle and making them have to much source of pooling resources.

|T136197:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:686|h[Shadow Bolt]|h|r
|T134075:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:246985|h[Soul Shards]|h|r

[Demonology] From the Shadows vs Dreadlash

Description of the bug
At the moment the talent doesnt work at all if you use it together with Dreadlash talent.

|T1378282:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:267170|h[From the Shadows]|h|r
[Legendary] Warlock's Implosive Potential

DESCRIPTION OF THE ISSUE: the Implosive Potential legendary sometimes gives double the haste. So when for example exploding 3 imps on 3 targets we get 30% haste and not 15% haste.

Video proof FS:
First Implosion: 11 Imps 55% Haste
2nd Implosion: 9 Imps 45% Haste
3rd Implosion: 9 Imps 90% Haste

|T615097:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:337135|h[Implosive Potential]|h|r,GrimVeiled%20Hood
[Restoration] Mastery: Deep Healing

Mastery: Deep Healing is wrongly scaling. Currently you can achieve almost x3 of the mastery value when your HPs are 1%.

How to reproduce:
>Cast Healing Spell at 100% hp
>.damage yourself at 1% hp
>Cast same Healing Spell
>Notice that you exceeded the bonus %healing from Mastery by 3 times.

How it should work:
If you heal 1000 (1k) at 100% hp and you have 100% Mastery, at 1% hp you should heal 100% more of 1k which is 2k.

|T136041:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:77226|h[Mastery: Deep Healing]|h|r

[Protection] Baseline Parry Missing

Description of the bug

Currently on Firestorm Protection paladins are missing the baseline parry of 2.27%

How to reproduce

Remove all gears on your character and see the parry stat in character info.

How it should be

Protection Paladins should get a baseline parry of 2.27%
[Protection] Righteous Protector

Description of the bug

Righteous Protector reduces the cooldown of avenging wrath and guardian of ancient kings . But currently Righteous Protector doesn't reduce the cooldown of avenging wrath and guardian of ancient kings when you the proc of divine purpose and if you use the free word of glory from shining light passive.

How to reproduce

Take the Talent Righteous Protector and Divine purpose, try spending the divine purpose proc and free word of glory from shining light passive. you will notice that it doesn't reduce the cd of avenging wrath and guardian of ancient kings.

How it should be

Righteous Protector should reduce the cd of avenging wrath and guardian of ancient kings when you spend a divine purpose proc or use the free word of glory from shining light passive. Consuming a divine purpose proc basically means that you are spending 3 holy power and same goes for the shining light passive. So when ever a divine purpose proc and shining light free word of glory proc is consumed it should reduce the cd of avenging wrath and guardian of ancient kings by 3 sec per cast.

Information's of the spell

[BT Report]()
|T236264:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:204074|h[Righteous Protector]|h|r
|T1360764:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:321136|h[Shining Light]|h|r
|T133192:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:85673|h[Word of Glory]|h|r
|T135897:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:223819|h[Divine Purpose]|h|r

[Shining Light PTR]()
[Divine Purpose PTR]()
[Mistweaver] Essence Font vs Revival

Description of the bug
Heal over time effect of Essence Font doesnt work together with Revival spell exactly as it should.

How it should be
When you use Revival it should proc your Gust of Mist passive twice if you have Essence Font heal over time active.

|T1360978:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:191840|h[Essence Font]|h|r
|T988198:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:191894|h[Gust of Mists]|h|r
[Fire] Ring of Fire

The Ring of Fire debuff isn't reapplying to the target when it stands inside of the edge (fire) of the ring or goes out and back into it. It doesn't extend the duration of it, which it should.

[Ring of Fire](|T4067368:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:353082|h[Ring of Fire]|h|r)
[How it is right now on Firestorm]()
[How it is on retail]()
[Guardian][PvP]Survival of the Fittest

Description of the bug
The passive effect is lost after your first death in a pvp instance.

|T132126:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:203965|h[Survival of the Fittest]|h|r
[Feral] Berserk interaction with Shred

Description of the bug
While Berserk is active only the damage part of Shred seems to be empowered, it doesnt generate an extra combo point as it should and it doesnt seem like the crit modifier changes for the spell while the buff is present.

[PvP] Dome of Ancient Shadow
[NW] Nalthor the Rimebinder

On the picture above you see how the boss should be taking down players.
2 players cannot be on the same side.
The add must respawn a lot faster after it has been killed.
Currently you can go down to the same side, and there will be no add.

15% HP. [Dark Exile] doesn't take you down anymore:
[Conduit] Wrong drops

It seems that offclass conduits are able to be looted while not even playing that class.

BT report:
[PF] Congealed Slime

Description of the bug

75% reduced dmg debuff are affecting other slimes (pestilence slime and gushing slime).
How to reproduce

Pull pack with purple slime and other slime or double purple slime.

How it should be

Purple slime debuf shouldnt affect other slimes.

[DoS][Mueh'zala] Shattered Visage hp

Description of the bug

Visages have way to more hp then they should. On fs tyra m17 they have 197k and on retail 146k.

How to reproduce

Go in phase on Mueh'zala

How it should be

fs m20:

retail m20:

[Mythic Plus] Season Total Rating

Season Total Rating reduced after server restart

February 17, 2022

Blessing of Protection vs kicks

Description of the bug

Currently, |T135964:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:1022|h[Blessing of Protection]|h|r protects paladin from every kicks of the game, even magical kicks

How to reproduce

Use Blessing of Protection, and try to get kick with a magical kick like |T237527:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:47528|h[Mind Freeze]|h|r

How it should be

Blessing of Protection should protects from physical kicks only (like |T608940:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:116705|h[Spear Hand Strike]|h|r)

Informations of the spell

|T135964:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:1022|h[Blessing of Protection]|h|r

List of kick's category :

My dms are open if you have any doubt about a kick's category.
[Protection] Divine Bulwark

Description of the bugCurrently on firestorm mastery is not increasing the block chance of Protection Paladin. Moreover the mastery is providing more damage reduction from standing in consecration then mentioned in the tooltip.How to reproduceCheck Block chance with and without mastery gears equipped. you will see the block chance is capped at 10. It wont increase. To check consecration check the tooltip value and use consecration, the damage reduction you get is more than mentioned in the tooltipHow it should beIncrease in mastery should increase the block chance for protection paladin and Consecration should provide the damage reduction as mentioned in the tooltipInformation's of the spellT135923:16tcffffd000Hspell:76671hMastery: Divine BulwarkhrVideo Proof For Block Chance()Video Proof For Consecration()
[Survival] Diminushing Return of Harpoon vs Root

How it should work :
|T1376040:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:190925|h[Harpoon]|h|r root effect shouldn't have root DR category.
Harpoon should have no DR category.

How it actually works :
Atm, Harpoon has a root DR category

How to reproduce :
Use Harpoon then Steel Trap or any root, you'll get a DR Steel Trap


My dms are open if any info about this no DR category isn't clear.
[Bastion][Campaign]Food on the table

Description of the bug

[Redridge Rabbit]( remains at 1hp and players can not kill them and therefore complete the quest criteria

How to reproduce

take the quest 58948 and go on the location to kill bunnies

How it should be

Players should kill and loot the bunnies


Wowhead link
Youtube link of the video

February 16, 2022

[Fury] Meat Cleaver

Meat Cleaver second part "now affects your next 4 singletarget melee attacks, instead of the next 2 attacks." is wrongly working.
You need to do x2 Whirlwind to stack up to 4 but should be x1 Whirlwind.

|T132369:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:280392|h[Meat Cleaver]|h|r
[Affliction] Seed of Corruption

How should it work:

Embeds a demon seed in the enemy target that will explode after 12 sec, dealing (50% of Spell power) Shadow damage to all enemies within 10 yards and applying Corruption to them.

The seed will detonate early if the target is hit by other detonations, or takes (Spell power 50 / 100) damage from your spells.

How it is working right now:

Issues are listed.

|T136193:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:27243|h[Seed of Corruption]|h|r
[Enhancement] Frost ShockFlame shock vs haste

How it should works :
With haste, the CD of frost shock and flame shock is reduce by haste. They share the same CD.

How it works on FS :

While frost shock and flame shock share the same CD, If the CD for frost shock and flame shock is 5.1s and you press frost shock, the cd for flame shock is not reduce by haste (6s baseline).

On the following screen, the player use frost shock, the CD reduction with haste is only apply on frost shock and not on flame shock.
[DP & Shadow] Twist of Fate

How it works currently :

for example : When you heal a target under 35% with a shadow mend and the target goes immediatly higher than 35%, Twist of fate don't proc.

How it should work :

You heal the target under 35% with a shadow mend and the target goes higher than 35%, twist of fate should proc.

the issue is that the talent should be trigger when the target's starting HP and not the incoming ones
[Conduit][Discipline] Exaltation

Class: Priest
Specialization: Discipline
Conduit: |T135977:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:337790|h[Exaltation]|h|r

####It is not increasing the shield absorbtion at all.
Duration increase is working.
[Retribution] Execution Sentence

Spell: |T613954:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:343527|h[Execution Sentence]|h|r
Spec & Class: Retribution Paladin

##Currently the spell is missing an important interaction with |T135959:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:197277|h[Judgment]|h|r and bonus damage effects.##


Applying a Judgment and casting Execution Sentence will not consume the judgment from the target.
PTR: | Retail:
Note: If an Execution Sentence is applied before the Judgment it should not be consumed by the Execution Sentence, but from the next Holy Power spender ability. Video:

The bonus damage of the spell is not being applied.
> A hammer slowly falls from the sky upon the target. After 8 sec, they suffer X Holy damage, plus 20% of damage taken from your abilities in that time.
Source: Tooltip

PTR: In the beginning of the video the damage is the same as in the end of the video, where I used abilities to try to activate the bonus of the spell.

Additional sources for information regarding the spell:

>How does Execution Sentence Work?
Execution Sentence has 2 parts.
The first half of Execution Sentence is the 250% AP modifier. This 250% is buffed by Mastery: Hand of Light, Judgment, Final Reckoning, and other modifiers of the sort.
The second half is the 20% of damage taken during the debuff. This includes damage from sources such as Shield of Vengeance. This damage is NOT buffed by any outside modifiers.
There are a few external factors to consider. Strength and Vers will both buff the 250% AP modifier and will be reflected in the debuff tooltip. If you lose either your Strength or Vers buff the damage on the tooltip will not go down but you will deal less damage. Mastery works in a similar way but your Execution Sentence will not deal less damage if your Mastery debuff expires.
Execution Sentence can Crit.

[BM] Bestial Wrath

Description of the bug

Pet doesnt deal damage to target

How to reproduce

Cast Bestial Wrath on target

How it should be

When you cast Bestial Wrath, pet should deal [Attack power x 0.65 x 1 x (1 + Versatility) x 1] physical dmg to target.

Informations of the spell

|T132127:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:344572|h[Bestial Wrath]|h|r
[Legendary] Serpentstalker's Trickery

Description of the bug

1) Currently Serpent Sting is not casted if Hunter is at max range from target and cast Aimed shot. It should always cast Serpent Sting no matter how hunter is far from target.

2) Serpent Sting is not casted at all if target is under any cc like Binding Shot root, Freezing trap incap etc.
It should still cast Serpent Sting together with Aimed Shot even if target is under any cc.

How to reproduce

for 1) You must be at max range, cast Aimed Shot spell and it wont cast Serpent Sting with it.
for 2) I tested on mobs from the maw (No idea if its same for dummies) use binding shot to mob and when mob is rooted use Aimed Shot and see it wont cast Serpent Sting, same for freezing trap when mob is cced use Aimed Shot and it wont cast Serpent Sting.

Informations of the spell

|T135130:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:336870|h[Serpentstalker's Trickery]|h|r
|T1033905:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:271788|h[Serpent Sting]|h|r
[Unholy] Sudden Doom vs Lichborne

Death Coil is not consuming Sudden Doom while you're under the effect of Lichborne resulting in an infinite healing throught Death Coil.
Of course the proc should be consumed.

|T136181:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:49530|h[Sudden Doom]|h|r
|T136145:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:47541|h[Death Coil]|h|r
[PF] Slime Tentacle G43 vs crowd control

description of bug
the slime tentacle of the pack G43(can be checked through mdt for pack number) should be immune to all type of crowd control(stun, fear etc) but currently in firestorm it can be crowd controlled like any tentacle in the dungeon
[retail proof]()

important note

this is the only tentacle in the dungeon that should be immune to crowd control other tentacle can be crowd controlled
[SD] Executor Tarvold

Boss Issues:

Fleeting Manifestation is currently studdering and having a weird pathing issue whenever doing the aoe tick from [growing pride](|T1357812:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:323548|h[Growing Pride]|h|r) and increasing the size


Fleeting Manifestations spawn with 100 Energy instantly so they never create pool of Residue only upon Death whilst on Retail they should spawn with 0 Energy and gain it over time until they reach 100 errupt and create a pool of Residue

ID |T3528309:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:323551|h[Residue]|h|r

[PF][Globorg] boss adds combat after death

Description of bug

if you kill the boss at the same time he spawns his adds the players will be perma combat with the adds even if they have dispawned

how to reproduce
kill the boss the moment it spawns its adds

how it should be
the moment the boss dies the players should loose all threat from the boss and the adds spawned by the boss

additional info
[link of the spell that spawns the adds](|T3459153:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:324459|h[Beckon Slime]|h|r)

February 15, 2022

[Demonology] Soul Conduit Talent

The talent [Soul Conduit](|T136213:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:215941|h[Soul Conduit]|h|r) isn't working correctly. You should have a chance on every soul shard you spend to refund it (15%), however, you don't have that. I tested in total around 200+ casts of [Hand of Gul'dan](|T535592:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:105174|h[Hand of Gul'dan]|h|r) and I've never gotten more than 2 Soul Shard refunds. However, it's even kinda rare to get 2 Soul Shards refunded. I never got 3 shards refunded.

How I think the talent works right now: It doesn't give you 15% chance on every Soul Shard you spend. Maybe has to do something with Hand of Gul'dan since the cast is useable at 13 Soul Shards.

[Testing on PTR]()
[Destruction] Bane of Havoc

Description of the bug

Even after the recent fix to havoc, the PVP talent associated with it Bane of Havoc still doesn't work. When you put bane of havoc on ground the single target spells don't hit everyone affected by bane of havoc debuff

How to reproduce

Gather a lot of adds in open world, use bane of havoc and cast single target spells

How it should be

After casting bane of havoc all the single target spells should hit everyone affected by bane of havoc debuff

Information's of the spell

|T1380866:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:200546|h[Bane of Havoc]|h|r
[BT Report]()
[Video Proof From BT]()
[Video Proof]()
Mind Control vs Purge

On firestorm, it is not possible to his mate when he is by a priest. Only dispell is possible and it's a problem if the priest mindgames after that for example.
Error message is like "Invalid targuet" when trying to purge.

On retail,
TrufiGCD down right of the screen, he is purging his DH to remove MC.
[Pet Commands] Pet Commands interaction

Pet Commands like "Follow" "Move To" and so on don't seem to work properly. Additionally the "Follow" command has some delay.
[Survival] Bloodseeker talent

ID of the talent: 260248
ID of the buff: 260249

Description of the bug

You are currently able to stack the predator buff (that comes from bloodseeker talent) when you have only one target having multiple bleeds

How it should be

Each target bleeding in a range of 12 yards should grant you a stack, but if one single target is having multiple bleeds, it should not stack you with buffs.

I was able to get 3 stacks on single target (KC bleed + bomb bleed + trinket bleed) which is not correct
[Vengeance] Fallout

How should it work:

Immolation Aura Blast (initial burst) has a chance(0.6 for every target) to shatter Lesser Soul Fragments from enemies.

How it is working right now:
Immo Aura Blast can shatter Lesser Soul Fragments without hitting anything. It should only be whenever you hit targets with the blast.


|T1344649:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:258920|h[Immolation Aura]|h|r
[HoA][Lord Chamberlain] Telekinetic collision

Description of bug
if the player gets hit by this spell he gets the double the damage( gets hit by the pillar 2 time even though was hit only once)

how it should be
if the player gets hit once he should get the damage of one pillar being hit

how to reproduce
start the boss and get hit by the pilla( usually happens for the first pillar after start of encounter)

|T236305:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:323126|h[Telekinetic Collision]|h|r
[SD] Releasing after Second boss

Description of the bug

When you die after killing second boss, you will release at first boss area.

How to reproduce

Kill second boss and then die and release.

How it should be

When you kill second boss, your spawn point shold be at start of ring halway.

[Ardenweald][Treasure] Darkreach Supplies
chest don't have loot
mushroom to enter and exist don't work
[Ardenweald][Treasure] Ancient Cloudfeather Egg
clicking the object don't do anything
[CN][Sludgefist] Chain Slam vs Aspect of the Turtle

Currently you can't avoid the damage from Chain Slam with Aspect of the Turtle active.

Retail Proof:
[CN][Inerva] Bottled Anima

|T3684825:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:325769|h[Bottled Anima]|h|r should spawn near to a player's location.

Atm it's usually spawning at the back of the room, where usually there are no players.
It's important since in Mythic players have to position correctly in order to bait the puddles and avoid a messy encounter room

Retail: (all bottled anima are baited close to boss)

to be furtherly checked in live realm
[CN][Generals] Eruption vs Echoing Annihilation

The max amount of puddles present at the same is 3.

Once a player is targeted by and is about to drop the 4th echoing annihilation, the 1st echoing annihilation (which expires right after eruption, so that the max amount of puddles will still be 3 and not 4) still explodes dealing raid wide dmg, as if it wasn't soaked by a player (you can also see the visual swirly effect coming back for a split second before the explosion+expiring)
[CN][Sludgefist] Chain Slam vs Chain Link

Currently the player marked with Chain slam is getting gripped 1s before anyone else so it breaks the Chain Link. Here is a proof:
[Ardenweald][Quest] Lady Moonberry sparkles quests

Sparkles Rain from Above and It's Raining Sparkles allow you to kill players with the bomb while flying, you shouldn't be able to

[Ardenweald][Campaign] The Recovery of Tyrande Whisperwind

If you die in the scenario, you will appear in "unknown" and you will fall indefinitely (you need to unstuck on website)

You should revive at the begining

[SD] Pack g34 vs Distract

Description of the bug

Pack g34 after 3rd boss cannot be distracted

How to reproduce

Use distract on those 3 mobs

How it should be

They should be distractable



February 14, 2022

[Protection] Ignore Pain

|T1377132:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:190456|h[Ignore Pain]|h|r

Ignore Pain has 2 issues right now:

1. Ignore pain stacks up to 150% of its base value, should be 200% with consecutive uses.

2. "Weak" Ignore Pain overrides "Stronger" versions of it. If you have attack power procs, your strong IP will be overlapped with the weak one. (TALKING ABOUT MAX AMMOUNT OF IP, NOT THE ONE IT GRANTS AFTER USAGE)


My weaker IP overlaps the one I've used while Necro Banner is active, shouldn't be the case.
Retail gif:

[Sub]Shadowy Duel vs Vanish

When casting |T1020341:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:207736|h[Shadowy Duel]|h|r on a rogue, if the rogue uses |T132331:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:1856|h[Vanish]|h|r then he disappears from the duel and can't be killed.

Firestorm :

Retail :
[Holy][PvP] Divine Ascension vs kick

Description of the bug

You can use Divine Ascension while kicked (holy school)

How to reproduce

Kick a holy spell on priest, he'll be able to use Divine Ascension

How it should be

Priest shouldn't be able to use Divine Ascension while kicked.


|T642580:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:328530|h[Divine Ascension]|h|r

BT report :
[Legendary] X'anshi, Return of Archbishop Benedictus

|T1697996:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:337477|h[X'anshi, Return of Archbishop Benedictus]|h|r

When you die you should get Spirit Form and depending how effective your healing was you should revive, up to 100% hp. Currently on Firestorm you don't revive at all no matter how much you've healed.
Alter Time vs dispell

Description of the bug

Purging/Dispelling Alter Time is making the Mage go back at his position/hp state.

How to reproduce

Dispell/purge Alter Time, mage will get his HP/position back

How it should be

Purging/Dispelling Alter Time should NOT bring back the Mage at his HP/Position. It should act as a normal dispel.


|T609811:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:108978|h[Alter Time]|h|r

[Legendary][Fire] Sun King's Blessing

From the previous issue of the same legendary, there was 1 issue that was still present:
When the final proc of SKB is up to do a noninstant cast of Pyroblast to trigger the combustion, the proc does happened , but there is 1 thing that was missing. When the player casts the noninstant Pyroblast, it should cirt all the time, but currently, there is a chance to be non crit and it should benefit from combustion
[Marksmanship] Explosive Shot vs Dispell

Currently, if you dispell |T236178:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:212431|h[Explosive Shot]|h|r you'll take damages of Explosive Shot.

You shouldn't get damaged if you dispell Explosive Shot.

BT report :
Hunter's Mark vs Vanish
[Legendary] Vision of Unending Growth vs SOTF

Description of the bug
Currently, if you have [Soul of The Forest](|T236160:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:158478|h[Soul of the Forest]|h|r) buff active when a rejuvenation jumps it consumes the SOTF buff.

|T1052644:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:338832|h[Vision of Unending Growth]|h|r
[Firestorm issue proof]()
[Bluepost proof from blizzard]()


[BT report]()
[Restoration] Tranquility

Description of the bug
"Healing increased by 100% when not in a Raid" part isnt working, the spell heals the same in both Raid and outside of Raid setting.

[Feral] Bloodtalons vs Primal Wrath

Description of the bug
Bloodtalons buff is getting consumed per target that you hit with your Primal Wrath so maximum 2 targets can be affected at the moment.

How it should be
On retail Primal Wrath cast consumes only 1 stack of Bloodtalons regardless of the targets hit and all get improved damage of the Rip bleed effect.

|T1392547:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:285381|h[Primal Wrath]|h|r
[Feral] Primal Wrath

Description of the bug
Primal Wrath applies its Rip debuff only to targets that are strictly infront of your character.

How it should be
Rip debuff should be applied on every target that gets hit by Primal Wrath regardless of your positioning towards the target.

|T1392547:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:285381|h[Primal Wrath]|h|r

[Feral]Berserk interaction with Rake

Description of the bug
Only initial hit of the Rake cast in Berserk gets buffed, the bleed damage afterwards doesnt get buffed by the Berserk effect.

Regrowth missing rank 2

How it should work :

|T136085:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:8936|h[Regrowth]|h|r _spell_
|T136085:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:231032|h[Regrowth]|h|r _rank 2_

Initial heal has a 40% increased chance for a critical effect if the target is already affected by Regrowth RANK 2 ONLY

How it actually works :

This rank 2 is missing.
Fs proof:
Gif is with 60% crit base, so should be 100% with rank 2. But there are some regrowth not critting.
[Zone] Allied Race


After creating a allied race dk on the PTR realm, we aren't able to take any quest in the Icecrown Citadel (the linked below quest is missing)

[Ardenweald][Treasure] Aerto Body

clicking the npc don't do anything
[Misc][Legendary] Vanquisher's Hammer vs Final Verdict

When you have the legendary Final Verdict and you use it being Necrolord, it does not activate the proc of Vanquisher's Hammer and this should be activated as in the official one.

To Equip legendary of Final Verdict , then charge 3 holy power the use Vanquisher's Hammer and finally use Final Veredict

Player's proofs:

Retail video:

|T3578228:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:328204|h[Vanquisher's Hammer]|h|r
|T461860:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:337247|h[Final Verdict]|h|r
[Maldraxxus][Campaign] Grand Theft Necropolis

Speechs missing

Speechs missing

On accept:

Khaliiq says: Now that we control the necropolis, we can open a portal to the Seat of the Primus.
[Maldraxxus][Campaign] This Way Out

At the completion of the quest a cutscene must start, for the moment the cutscene is missing

"On complete a cutscene plays: Members of the House of Constructs unleash a massive volley on the necropolis, but it shrugs off the blows as it moves away.

In this phase, the necropolis is slowly moving about the zone, so disregard any coordinates provided by other sources."
[Ardenweald][Treasure] Cache of the night
|T3450573:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:180652::::::::120:::::|h[Fae Dreamcatcher]|h|r don't removed the barrier
[MoTS] Tears of the Forest

Description of the bug
Right now Tears are dropping 4 times per channel of the ability, the cast should be adjusted that Tears drop only 2 times per channel which is how it happens on retail.

This issue becomes really obvious in high keystones because you run out of space on the boss quick.

|T463570:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:323177|h[Tears of the Forest]|h|r
[Retail proof]()

[MoTS] Demonic Gateway Terrain issue

As warlock we are unable to skip trough that ''wall'' with Gateway it shows line of sight.


|T607512:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:111771|h[Demonic Gateway]|h|r
[Torghast] Misc changes

1. Changes in the save system. All loot from the boss will now be saved and given out in case of a server crash or exit from the dungeon.
2. Increased the chance to drop repeated anima powers.
3. Increased the number of souls on the floors.
4. Increased chance to drop anima cells from elites and normal units
5. Animics have been fixed, they could not be activated on some floors.
6. Now a maximum of 1 chest can spawn per floor.
7. Fixed interface loading. Previously, there were issues with displaying the UI while reentering a dungeon.
8. Removed anima powers that shouldn't drop.
9. Fixed issue with units falling under texture
10. Increased spawn chance for quest units
11. Increased spawn chance for treasure chest

February 11, 2022

[Shadow][PvP] Megalomania

Fixed an issue where health was reduce to 35% even when you kill the target in 30 seconds.
[Conduit] Dissonant Echoes

|T136204:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:338342|h[Dissonant Echoes]|h|r

The shadow priest voidbolt proc from the conduit dissonant echoes does not apply the debuff from huntering void ( 10% damage taken for 6 seconds) or extend the duration of dots on the target by 3 seconds.
The 15% damage increase from the conduit does however work.

Medallion trinket vs Pets
[Balance] Shooting stars & Astral power generating

When you generate astral power with shooting star and you gain astral power from another source at the same time, the astral power visual amount goes up and then falls down
|T631519:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:202342|h[Shooting Stars]|h|r
[General] Memories & Conduits not being Class Loot

Currently, all Memories (aka Legendary Powers) and Conduits are not currently dropping unless you select their appropriate Specialization which is wrong.

These two items should be looted regardless specialization.

I, as player, didn't loot any single Unholy or Blood Legendary nor Conduit since SL release cause I always kept my Frost Specialization as Loot.
It goes for Normal/Heroic/Mythic/M+ Dungeons, Raid, Torghast and World Bosses.
[Misc][ZandalariTroll] Embrace of Pa'ku

Embrace of Pa'ku seems proccing more than 1 + Haste per minute. Tested naked.
5 procs in 1 minute
|T2446020:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:292361|h[Embrace of Pa'ku]|h|r
[Misc][Item] Goldenpaw Kit - Free in vendor.

As you can see on the proof, we have 2 versions on this item in Ascended Quartermaster in Bastion. One of them is normal, but second one is free. This issue is only with Quartermaster in Bastion.

Item link: |T3072463:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:180857::::::::120:::::|h[Goldenpaw Kit]|h|r
NPC link:
[Soulbind][Kyrian][Kleia] Valiant Strikes

Description of the bug

When an ally gets healed by the stacks of Valiant strikes, you will still be able to increase your aliant strikes stacks.

You should not be able to benefit from valiant strikes during 1 min after having healed an ally this way.

On the attached screenshot you see the debuff but also that the player is continuing to gain stats.

Furthermore, according to AMR: the cooldown between each stacks is 1.5 sec

Other bug: when you switch from Kleia to another Kyrian char, the buff doesn't vanish from your buffs

How to reproduce

Increase your stacks of Valiant strikes until an ally gets healed. At this moment your stacks will vanish and you will get the debuff Dormant Valor.

Even with this debuff you will still be able to increase your valiant strikes strikes.

How it should be

Your critical strikes grant you stacks of Valiant Strikes, up to 20. If a nearby party member drops below 50% health, you consume these stacks to heal them for 1% of their maximum health per stack.

After healing this way, you may not benefit from Valiant Strikes for 1 min.

Informations of the spell

Soulbind: |T135946:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:329791|h[Valiant Strikes]|h|r
Debuff: |T135946:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:348236|h[Dormant Valor]|h|r
[CN][Sludgefist] Fractured Boulder

Fractured Boulder on mythic is missing visual when players stand on circle. Atm it still shows circle as unsoaked even if players stand on it.
[CN][Generals] Renown drop

You get 2 renowns for killing this boss, should give only 1. (I guess it counts both bosses)
[NW] Blight Bag

[Disgusting Guts] Are back to stacking debuffs instead of extending.
[NW] Zolramus Bonecarver

Description of the bug

It seems that they are hitting too hard. Our full geared tank got 1shoted by 2 guys on m20 and other tanks said that those adds are hitting rly hard. Maybe scaling or dmg formula isnt right.

How to reproduce

Pull bonecravers (on higher difficulties you feel bigger difference than to other adds)

[CN[Council] Determination

Currently you get 3 stacks of Determination buff in LFR if you wipe on Council bosses (probably counts all 3 bosses). You should get only 1 stack of Determination buff if you wipe on Council bosses in LFR.

[CN][Council] StavrosIntermission

When you push stavros to 50% hp and at exact moment he will use Evasive Lunge on target, the dance intermission will start but Stavros still stay down with players and you can basically dps him without his 100% dmg reduction buff.
[CN][Denathrius] Searing Censure

Sometimes single anima missile can damage you twice, should be only once on Mythic.
[CN][Denathrius] Wracking Pain vs Mythic adds

Denathrius with Wracking Pain spell should put debuff on Lady Sinsear, Lord Evershade, Baron Duskhollow, Countess Gloomveil on Mythic which increase damage taken by 50%. Currently mythic adds dont get any debuff.
[CN][Generals] Stone Legion Goliath HP

Currently the Stone Legion Goliath HP is lower than Retail.

FS (1.25M):
Retail (1.33M):

FS Log:

Retail Log:

February 10, 2022

[PvP Talent] Demon Armor

|T136185:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:285933|h[Demon Armor]|h|r

Pvp talent for affliction and destruction warlocks 'Demon Armor' is a bit bugged. It should be a passive buff that last till u die but it's constantly trying to activate by itself in Bgs or Arenas. Demon Armor is on GCD so it gets really annoying when u are in dire situation, you are trying to cast a spell but you can't since demon armor just randomly activated himself again and you are on GCD. Even when I'm running mounted the sing "You are mounted" pops up which means demon armor is trying to take gcd again. This doesn't occur in open world while in war mode, only in BGs or Arenas.

FS Proof:
[All Specs] Earth Elemental

|T136024:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198103|h[Earth Elemental]|h|r

Earth Elemental doesn't hold aggro properly, it's buggy. Whenever you summon it, the elemental should take all aggro away from the caster and hold it. It's not the case here and you can even taunt bosses which shouldn't be a thing.

Important: You can as a player taunt this elemental.
Greater fade and spear of bastion

Currently when priest is under [Greater Fade](|T135994:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:213602|h[Greater Fade]|h|r) buff he is still getting pulled by [Spear of Bastion](|T3565453:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:307963|h[Spear of Bastion]|h|r). The grip effect should miss priest for the duration due to the aura mods.

Retail Proof:
[Conduit] Hallowed Discernment

Hallowed Discernment is healing all allies and damage all enemies for an additional time depending the ilvl of conduit.

How it should work:
Should heal the ally with lowest health (ONLY 1 ALLY) and damage the enemy with lowest health (ONLY 1 ENEMY) for xx.x% of its effect.

|T3528309:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:340212|h[Hallowed Discernment]|h|r
[Legendary] Keefer's Skyreach

Description of the bug
Legendary has an issue where the dash effect makes you enter into the mobs model instead of putting you on the edge of their hitbox.

|T2032605:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:337334|h[Keefer's Skyreach]|h|r
[Mistweaver] Combat vs Soothing Mist & Tea interactions

Currently on Live Oribos, and Dev realm, while we attack a target cast Soothing Mist and use some of either Mana Tea or Thunder Focus Tea, we get interrupted.


We shouldn't get interrupted by the enemy target attack while doing the interaction with the Tea's.

BT credit:

|T611418:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:116680|h[Thunder Focus Tea]|h|r
|T608949:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:197908|h[Mana Tea]|h|r
|T606550:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:115175|h[Soothing Mist]|h|r
|T651940:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:209584|h[Zen Focus Tea]|h|r
[Brewmaster] Invoke Niuzao, the Black Ox

Description of the bug

Okay theres 3 things that have to be adjusted:

1st pet doesnt have same HP as monk right now, its lower than it should be

2nd when summoned pet clears all your stagger bar which it shouldnt, it only absorbs 25% of the stagger not 100% of it

3rd pet stop cast damage is still not getting increased by 25% of the stagger damage you purified in the last 10 seconds (third issue works like this: if you have 1000 stagger lets say and you use purifying brew to clear 50% of the stagger so youre on 500 currently, half of the 500 is 250 damage to the pets next stomp cast and that damage spreads for how much target it hits so lets say we have 5 targets then 250/5=50 every target gets hit for 50 damage more from stomp.

4th pet auto taunting came back, it needs to be disabled


How it should be
Niuzao should help you delay stagger and do damage when you purify.

|T608951:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:132578|h[Invoke Niuzao, the Black Ox]|h|r
[Conduit] Well-Honed Instincts

Description of the bug
Currently, the conduit uses a charge of Frenzied Regeneration in Guardian specialisation when it shouldnt, the conduit should be a sepparate spell cast not linked to your normal Frenzied Regeneration stacks.

On other forms except Guardian it heals only first second instead of healing whole duration of 3 seconds.
|T236169:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:340553|h[WellHoned Instincts]|h|r
|T132091:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:22842|h[Frenzied Regeneration]|h|r

[Legendary]Memory of the Mother Tree

Description of the bug
Legendary currently doesnt increase the healing done to all targets when you have the buff Soul of the Forest, it only affects 1 out of the 4 targets.

How it should be
Soul of the Forest buff should work on all 4 targets that got affected with Memory of the Mother Tree legendary.

|T236160:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:158478|h[Soul of the Forest]|h|r
|T1033482:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:183240::::::::120:::::|h[Memory of the Mother Tree]|h|r

[Conduit][Frost] Unleashed Frenzy

|T237526:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:338492|h[Unleashed Frenzy]|h|r is not giving the correct Strenght value if it has higher ilvl than base.
Base is 1% Strenght, my conduit gives 1,2% but still gives 1%.
[Conduit] Spirit Drain

Spirit Drain Conduit is not working at all.

How it should work:
When we successfully interrupt a cast, we should gain Runic Power.

Note: only when we actually kick, not just by pressing Mind Freeze :D

|T237527:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:47528|h[Mind Freeze]|h|r
|T237527:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:337705|h[Spirit Drain]|h|r
[Unholy] Life and Death

Life and Death's "When targets afflicted by your Virulent Plague are healed, you are also healed for 5% of the amount. is not working at all."

|T348565:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288855|h[Life and Death]|h|r
[Vengeance] Fel Devastation vs Demonic

How should it work:

The Save value (extending) =1
Whenever you use |T1450143:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:212084|h[Fel Devastation]|h|r it should add 8 secs of |T1247263:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:187827|h[Metamorphosis]|h|r .

How it is working right now:

If you have |T1247263:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:187827|h[Metamorphosis]|h|r buff up and cast |T1450143:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:212084|h[Fel Devastation]|h|r it adds 4 secs.(Save value= 0.5).

Fel Dev has Meta aura limit that cant go up from 14 secs.
If you have meta aura more than 20 secs. Whenever you use Fel Dev it makes it go 20 sec. (It should add 8 secs not lower it).
[CN][Council] Frieda's melee hits

Stavros and Niklaus' melee hits are fine
Frieda instead should not have the same scaling (should be 2.5k average, right now it's 20k average)



[CN][Sludgefist] Sludgefist HP

Currently the HP of the boss is not scaling correctly.

With 10man
Retail (10.2M):
FS (10.2M):

With 20man
Retail (21.0M):
FS (22.7M):

With 30man
Retail (31.6M):
FS (35,1M):
[CN][General] Melee hits scaling

Currently the boss/adds melee hits in raid are not scaling with raidsize, and they're currently set to 10men damage (which is too low, since having 30 people will not have any repercussion on the tanks). Scaling it to 20men will be more adequate.

That means increasing every boss/add damage by around 8k per melee hit on all bosses except Inerva and Council of Blood
[CN][Generals] Wicked Blade is hitting the 2 targeted players twice, it should only hit once
[PF] Brood Ambusher - Enveloping Webbing vs Spell Reflection

It should deflect the root. As you can see in the video the warrior uses Spell Reflection when the cast is about to finish and he deflects the root.

|T237431:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:328409|h[Enveloping Webbing]|h|r

[CN][Generals] Ravenous Feast should not be cast on a tank, atm it is
[CN][General] EruptionEchoing Annihilation visual effect puddles should show a yellow whirl effect when the boss starts casting, and it should vanish if at least a player is on top of it

it's quite important, cause right now the visual is not shown, so it's harder to check if they're being soaked or not
[ToP] Sathel the Accursed

Description of the bug
Searing Death spell is beying cast on more than one target. The spell should be capped to max one target per cast.

|T2576089:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:333231|h[Searing Death]|h|r
[NW] Dark Exile

Description of the bug
If you die in the gauntlet your body doesnt get transfered to upper platform.

How it should be
Dying in the gauntlet should bring you up and you should be ressable.

|T2576087:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:321894|h[Dark Exile]|h|r
[Vengeance] Fel Devastation hitbox.

Description of the bug

Currently Fel Devastation hitbox is smaller on Firestorm when compared to Fel Devastation on Retail

How to reproduce

Cast Fel Devastation on dummies close to each other.

How it should be

Fel Devastation should have a wider cone.

Information's of the spell

|T1450143:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:212084|h[Fel Devastation]|h|r
[BT Report]()
[Retail Proof]()
[Firestorm Proof]()
[CN][Sludgefist] Heedless Charge

While charging ( the boss will collapse into the very last position of the tank before the fixate expired (boss gets stunned and behaves exactly as if he hit a pillar). It should instead keep charging until he meets a pillar or a wall.


(tanks can even walk away right after the 6 seconds fixate expires, as shown in the video)
[NW] Flesh crafter | Throw Cleaver

If the [flesh crafter]('s [throw cleaver](|T237517:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:323496|h[Throw Cleaver]|h|r) gets interrupted (cc,knocback), he should cast it again instantly. Currently, he doesn't cast it again until his spell is off cooldown.
[CN][Generals] Generals HP

Currently the HP of the boss is not scaling correctly.

With 10man
Retail (3.86M):
FS (3.86M):

With 20man
Retail (7.9M):
FS (8.57M):

With 30man
Retail (12M):
FS (13.27M):
[CN][Generals] Stone Legion Goliath Melee hits

Currently the melee hits of the Stone Legion Goliath is not scaling correctly.

With 10man
Retail (23K):
FS (14K)

With 20man
Retail (31K):
FS (18K):

With 30man
Retail (37K):
FS (23K):

February 9, 2022

[Mistweaver] Refreshing breeze PvP talent

1. Currently stacks of [Refreshing breeze](|T628675:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:353509|h[Refreshing Breeze]|h|r) don't get consumed upon using [Expel harm](|T627486:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:322101|h[Expel Harm]|h|r), nor is anything gets dispelled.

2. Also Accumulated [Refreshing breeze](|T628675:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:353509|h[Refreshing Breeze]|h|r) stacks don't vanish when stop casting [soothing mist](|T606550:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:115175|h[Soothing Mist]|h|r)?
[Fire][Legendary] Sun King's Blessing

Power: |T236216:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:333313|h[Sun King's Blessing]|h|r
BT Reports: /
1. When player casts noninstant Pyroblast after the 8th stack of Sun King's Blessing , the combust buff the player gets, does not get added on the already going Combustion.
2. If the player has Combustion active when the player casts the Pyroblast, instead of adding it normally, the 6 second combust gets replaced of the combustion that the player has active

Example1: 3 seconds left of the normal combust, the buff from legendary gets applied, it should be 9 seconds, but instead it gets to 6seconds, rewriting the current combustion
Example2: Player has just casted combustion normally with 12 seconds on it , casting noninstant Pyroblast with Sunking's blessing buff, it goes from 12 seconds to 6 seconds, not even adding that up.
[Conduit] One With The Beast

Damage multiplier increase from conduit doesnt work pet damage. its fine for player spells.

ex case:
conduit with 4% damage increase
base bestial wrath multiplier 1.26 with conduit 1.26 + 0.04 = 1.3

how does it work now

cobra base dmg x (1.26 + 0.04) = fine

smack, claw, bite, x (1.26 + 0.00) = not fine, multiplier should be (1.26 + 0.04) as well.
[BM] Spitting Cobra

Damages from Spitting Cobra are too high.

With same gear :

On retail : 69 average hit

On fs : 247 average hit

Formula : = 0.54 x 0.312 x AbilityDamage(true) x TotalPetDamageMultiplier
[Unholy] Necromancer's Bargain

Damage of Necromancer's Bargain is currently not set "over 4 sec.
So it does 8% of damage each tick.

|T1392565:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:288848|h[Necromancer's Bargain]|h|r
[Blood] Mastery vs Vampiric Blood

Currently the absorb increase by vampiric blood is not count in the Mastery.
It should be the case.

Example on how it works on fs with 16% mastery :

Death strike with vampiric blood : 3816
shield from mastery : 3816 x 0.16 = 619

How it should works :

Death strike without vampiric blood : 2204
Death strike with vampiric blood : 3816
shield from mastery : 3816 x 0.16 x 1.35 (absorb increase by vampiric blood) = 835
[CN][Sludgefist] Broken Pillars

Broken Pillars still work as if they were intact, the boss would still crash if he hits them while charging with
[CN][Sludgefist] Crumbling Foundation vs Stomp

Players should get affected by when one or more pillars are broken. At the moment if pillars are broken by , the debuff is not applied
[CN][Sludgefist] Crumbling Foundation stacks damage is not increasing with stacks, it's always the same damage
[CN][Sludgefist] Destructive Stomp is dealing 0 dmg
[shaman][elemental] Storm Elemental

On firestorm storm ele doesn't cast his basic ability Call Lightning. He should instantly cast it into the same target u are attacking, it's also bugged and cancels the cast randomly. & also he should be standing still where u summoned him UNLESS you move him or the target goes line of sight. On the video you clearly see the difference.
[General][Quest] SL Reputation Supplies Quests

Quests for Paragon chests with 10k reputation after Exalted for Shadowlands factions are missing.
Court of Harvesters:
The Ascended:
The Undying Army:
The Wild Hunt:
[Misc][Battleground] Flag Capture

When you capture a flag there should be an Animation (some red light turning around the flag:
This animation concern normal flag (Arathi Basin, The Battle for Gilneas, Deepwind Gorge, Isle of Conquest) and it concern also node in Seething Shore.

Also, when someone is capturing flag (during the cast to capture Flag, while previous animation mentioned occur), Graveyard should already be disable for the faction that own this Base; by this i mean that if you die when someone is capturing the flag you're trying to defend, you won't appear at the Graveyard of the same base, but to an other Graveyard under your control, but if you're already dead at this same Graveyard, you're still able to revive here until the Base/Graveyard is captured by other faction.

February 8, 2022

[WW] Flying Serpent Kick

Description of the bug

The movement stops/breaks when getting hit in water and also sometimes on normal ground

How to reproduce

Cast it while a mob attacks you in the water

How it should be

it should not break

Informations of the spell

|T606545:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:101545|h[Flying Serpent Kick]|h|r
Youtube link of the video
[ToP] Xav the Unfallen

If you use [Alter Time](|T609811:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:108978|h[Alter Time]|h|r) before the boss casts his [Blood and Glory]( then your Alter Time will bring you back to the boss area. After that, everybody of your group can attack and kill you. Then you can casually attack the boss, but the second person will be trapped ''downstairs'' until the duell ends by time. When the mage gets killed he will also loose the duell, eventho he didn't got killed by the other person who he got battled with.
[PF] Pestilent Harvester - Doom Shroom vs Spell Reflection

It should deflect 1 tick of the AOE in the ground.

|T571318:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:330513|h[Doom Shroom]|h|r
Retail Logs:
FS Logs:
[Misc][Item] Heavy Desolate Armor Kit

Armor kit should last 2h and currently its lasting only 1h.
|T3528447:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:172347::::::::120:::::|h[Heavy Desolate Armor Kit]|h|r
[CN][Sun King] Smoldering Plumage

Currently the spell is doing less damage than Retail.

FS (3896):

Retail (5844):

|T526578:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:341254|h[Smoldering Plumage]|h|r
[SoA] Azules - Attenuated Barrage vs Spell Reflection

It should deflect 1 missile.

|T3528304:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:324370|h[Attenuated Barrage]|h|r
Retail Logs:
FS Logs:
[SD] Executor Tarvold - Residue vs Spell Reflection

It should deflect all the ticks of the puddle in the ground without consuming Spell Reflection.

Retail Logs:
FS Logs:
[NW] Rotspew - Spew Disease vs Spell Reflection

It should deflect the damage from the spell.

|T136182:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:333485|h[Disease Cloud]|h|r
Retail Logs:
FS Logs:
[MoTS] Drust Boughbreaker - Bramble Burst vs Spell Reflection

It should deflect 1 tick of the spell.

|T134218:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:325027|h[Bramble Burst]|h|r
Retail Logs:
FS Logs:
[MoTS] Ingra Maloch - Spirit Bolt vs Spell Reflection

It should reflect the damage to the boss right now it doesn't reflect.

|T425953:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:323057|h[Spirit Bolt]|h|r
Retail Logs:
FS Logs:
[SoA] Forsworn Squad-Leader - Residual Impact vs Spell Reflection

It should deflect 1 tick of the puddle in the ground.

|T897139:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:323739|h[Residual Impact]|h|r
Retail Logs:
FS Logs:
[SoA] Kin-Tara - Ionized Plasma vs Spell Reflection

It should deflect 1 of the ticks of the spear in the ground.

|T1508065:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:324662|h[Ionized Plasma]|h|r
Retail Logs:
FS Logs:
[PF] Decaying Flesh Giant - Toxic Pool vs Spell Reflection

It should deflect 1 tick of the puddle in the ground.

|T132108:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:320072|h[Toxic Pool]|h|r
Retail Logs:
FS Logs:
[HoA] Echelon - Blood Torrent vs Spell Reflection

It should deflect 1 tick of the puddle in the ground.
|T1394887:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:319703|h[Blood Torrent]|h|r
Retail Logs:

FS Logs:
[DoS] The Manastorms - Power Overwhelming vs Spell Reflection

It should deflect randomly ticks of the spell.
|T1394893:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:320786|h[Power Overwhelming]|h|r
Retail Logs:

FS logs:
[SD] Vestige of Doubt - Growing Mistrust vs Spell Reflection

It should deflect 1 tick of the puddle in the ground.

|T3528309:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:322212|h[Growing Mistrust]|h|r
Retail Logs:
FS Logs:
[HoA] Inquisitor Sigar - Anguish vs Spell Reflection

It should deflect 1 tick of the puddle in the ground.
Retail Logs:
FS Logs:
[MoTS] Mistveil Defender - Spear Flurry vs Spell Reflection

It should deflect 1 tick of the spell.

|T608940:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:331721|h[Spear Flurry]|h|r
Retail Logs:
FS Logs:
[MoTS] Tred'ova - Decomposing Acid vs Spell Reflection

It should deflect 1 tick of the puddle in the ground.

|T132108:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:326309|h[Decomposing Acid]|h|r
Retail Logs:
FS Logs:
[MoTS] Droman Oulfarran - Anima Puddle vs Spell Reflection

It should deflect 1 tick of the puddle in the ground.

|T463570:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:323250|h[Anima Puddle]|h|r
Retail Logs:
FS Logs:
[NW] Nalthor the Rimebinder - Razorshard Ice vs Spell Reflection

It should deflect all the ticks of the spell without consuming the Spell Reflection.

|T612394:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:328212|h[Razorshard Ice]|h|r
Retail Logs:
FS Logs:
[MoTS] Drust Harvester - Spirit Bolt vs Spell Reflection

It should reflect the damage to the add right now it doesn't reflect.

|T425953:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:322767|h[Spirit Bolt]|h|r
Retail Logs:
FS Logs:
[NW] Rotspew - Disease Cloud vs Spell Reflection

It should deflect 1 tick of the AOE damage.

|T136182:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:333485|h[Disease Cloud]|h|r
Retail Logs:
FS logs:
[DoS] Rising Warlord - Reaver vs Spell Reflection

It should deflect 1 tick of the AOE in the ground

Retail Logs:

FS Logs:
[DoS] Son of Hakkar - Spilled Essence vs Spell Reflection

It should deflect 1 tick of the AOE in the ground. There is 2 ID's for this spell and both are deflectable.

|T1035041:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:323569|h[Spilled Essence]|h|r
|T1035041:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:332332|h[Spilled Essence]|h|r
Retail Logs:

FS Logs:
[ToP] An Affront of Challengers - Necromantic Bolt vs Spell Reflection

It should reflect the damage to the boss currently it doesn't reflect.

|T2576097:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:320300|h[Necromantic Bolt]|h|r
Retail Logs:
FS Logs:
[ToP] An Affront of Challengers - Plague Bolt vs Spell Reflection

It should reflect the damage to the boss currently it doesn't reflect.

|T1029009:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:320120|h[Plague Bolt]|h|r
Retail Logs:
FS Logs:

February 7, 2022

[Destruction] Havoc

Description of the bug
At the moment Havoc spell doesnt work at all.

How it should be
When Havoc is used it should replicate your single target casts to your marked target while the debuff is active.

[Misc][Legendary] Perpetual Agony of Azj'Aqir

How it should work :

Agony has a 20% increased chance to generate a Soul Shard.

How it actually works :

Seems like legendary doesn't work at all.

Even tho proofs are not highly significant, it is a bit impossible that it works with these results.
Fs proof > _without lego_
Fs proof > _with lego_
Both proofs were tested on a 5 min duration, each |T236296:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:324536|h[Malefic Rapture]|h|r corresponds to 1 soul shard generated (malefic rupture costs 1 soul shard)

|T237567:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:337106|h[Perpetual Agony of Azj'Aqir]|h|r
[Misc][Legendary] Relic of Demonic Synergy

How it should work :

_Demonology :_
_Damage done by you or your primary demon has a chance to grant the other one 15% increased damage for 15 sec.

_Affliction / Desctruction :_
Damage done by you or your primary demon has a chance to grant the other one 10% increased damage for 10 sec.

How it actually works :

Legendary doesn't seem to work at all. Tested with hundreds of casts / pet attacks.

|T252272:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:337057|h[Relic of Demonic Synergy]|h|r
Holy Word: Chastise

|T135886:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:88625|h[Holy Word: Chastise]|h|r

Holy Word Chastise without the talent to make it a "hard cc" should remove all your dots from your target. On Oribos this does not happen and the spell is useless.

[Legendary] Tempest of the Lightbringer High Damage

~~Tempest of the Lightbringer is currently hitting for 100% of Divine Storm damage instead of 20%.~~

Divine Storm 20% damage should not be affected by Versatility or Mastery.
So should be TriggerDamage x 0.20 and that's all.

|T236250:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:337257|h[Tempest of the Lightbringer]|h|r
[Conduit][Retribution] Templar's Vindication

Damage from this conduit should not crit.
Also, should be 0,3 x SpellDamage of Templar Verdict OR Final Verdict. Wings and etc should not increase the damage of this conduit.

|T458968:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:339531|h[Templar's Vindication]|h|r
[Windwalker] Mark of the Crane

Description of the bug

Currently Mark of the Crane stacks can be kept up by refreshing them on targets already having Mark of the Crane.

How to reproduce

Use Tiger Palm Kick to apply debuff Mark of the Crane on the enemy. Hit few non debuffed enemies to get more stacks of the debuff. Stacks can be monitored on [Spinning Crane Kick Spell](). Once you reached few stacks you can no longer care about hitting anything else but your main target with Tiger Palm Kick to keep your current stacks.

How it should be

Each stack should have an individual 20 sec timer. After which it should expire. So lets say you have 3 stacks:
1. 10 sec
2. 7 sec
3. 3 sec

So after 3 sec you will only have 2 stacks. Stacks can be monitored on the [Spinning Crane Kick Spell]()

Retail Demo:

16:32 Monk gained 4 stacks of Mark of the Crane
16:42 We see monk only facing one target still with 4 stacks that are slowly expiring.
17:09 We see monk still attacking only one target but not only with 1 stack because the other ones have expired and he wasn't able to refresh them due to lack of non debuffed extra enemies.

Information of the spells

|T606543:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:228287|h[Mark of the Crane]|h|r
|T606543:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:101546|h[Spinning Crane Kick]|h|r
[Misc][Covenants] Bonedust Brew

Description of the bugs

1st Bonedust Brew doesnt work on allied characters, it only puts its debuff on pets and enemies. Allies should get a buff on themselves from Bonedust to get increased healing from monk abilities.

2nd Bonedust in pvp even on enemies has a chance to miss, that shouldnt be happening.

3rd Bonedust chance to crit doesnt seem to be working. The damage that bonedust does should be able to crit.
[Misc][Covenants]Adaptive Swarm

Description of the bug
Adaptive Swarm doesnt increase your Frenzied Regeneration spell healing.

|T3578197:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:325727|h[Adaptive Swarm]|h|r
|T132091:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:22842|h[Frenzied Regeneration]|h|r
[Legendary]The Dark Titan´s Lesson

Description of the bug
While using The Dark Titan´s Lesson legendary the Photosynthesis talent on Restoration druid doesnt work at all.

How it should be
The legendary shouldnt disable the effect of Photosynthesis talent.

Links to spells
|T1033486:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:338831|h[The Dark Titan's Lesson]|h|r

[Misc][Legendary] Superstrain

Currently the legendary [Superstrain](|T237521:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:334974|h[Superstrain]|h|r) doesn't apply the other 2 DoT's properly with Unholy DK's abilities .
Both Outbreak and Unholy Blight should be applying Frost Fever and Blood Plague on targets on AoE .
Currently it works like this :
Unholy blight places the other 2 DoTs on yourself .
Outbreak only palces the 2 other DoTs on the main target but not on the other targets in close proximity of the Outbreak target.
[HoA] Halkias

Description of the bug
His Cumbling Slam ability sometimes gets casted faster than intended or it gets delayed, not sure what changes that spell to not be consistent but it should always have 1 second cast time.

|T134459:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:322936|h[Crumbling Slam]|h|r
[Legendary] Ancient Teachings of the Monastery

Description of the bug
The legendary effect should start at the end of the Essence Font cast, right now you get buff instantly on Essence Font cast which lowers the overall duration of the buff.

Consuming Teachings of the Monastery stacks doesnt work with the legendary, every cast of Blackout Kick that got triggered from Teaching of the Monastery stacks buff should be healing too.

|T1360978:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:191837|h[Essence Font]|h|r
|T574575:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:100784|h[Blackout Kick]|h|r
|T611422:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:116645|h[Teachings of the Monastery]|h|r

[Retail explanation]()

[Misc][Torghast] Layer unlock account-wide

In Torghast when you complete higher layer on 1 character (for example layer 3) and you want to do on your alt/second character which he didnt do torghast yet, he should have access up to layer 3. Currently alt/second character need to progress layers from start as if never did torghast on his account.
[Misc][Alchemy] Mixology

BT report
[Torghast] Hunter Pets VS Anima Rift

# When BM Hunters use an Anime Rift (the portal that teleports you to somewhere else) their pets movement speed is super slow, which results in players having to wait for their pets to arrive or constantly having to dismiss pets.

`Video proof:`

[Oribos]() Here you can see that Hunter pets are super slow.
[Retail]() As you can see here Hunter Pets are following the hunter super fast when he uses the Anima Rift.
[Quest][Legendary] The Great Vault

Currently on Oribos, we are missing the Great Vault Quest, that rewards legendaries for some classes.

NPC that should offer the quest:

[Revendreth][Venthyr][Quest] Sinfall

Currently, doesn't appear when you cross the portal during, you can't turn in this quest. (cf. screenshot)

Retail video:
[Soulbind][Venthyr][Nadjia the Mistblade] Agent of Chaos pvp mod

Description of the bug

"|T237557:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:331576|h[Agent of Chaos]|h|r" pvp mod of duration is missing.

How it should be

Disorient from |T237557:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:331576|h[Agent of Chaos]|h|r should have 50% duration in pvp (3s duration instead of 6s)

Informations of the spell

|T237557:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:331576|h[Agent of Chaos]|h|r
[HoA]Depraved Houndmaster

Description of the bug
Houndmaster mobs sometimes after line of sighting them stop moving and casting in general so they get stuck in a spot afk.

How it should be
They should always follow their main target to get in line of sight with them.

[DoS] Risen Cultist

Description of the bug
Add is currently casting |T132851:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:328707|h[Scribe]|h|r even when its main target is out of range.

How it should be
If dps/healer is in range of the cast it shouldnt switch the cast on them if youre out of range as a tank.


February 4, 2022

[Demonology] Demonic Tyrant vs Demonic Core

The Warlock spell [Demonic Tyrant](|T2065628:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:265187|h[Summon Demonic Tyrant]|h|r)is giving you [Demonic Core](|T571321:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:267102|h[Demonic Core]|h|r) procs eventho it shouldn't. That was a mechanic on BFA, but not on Shadowlands anymore.

How to reproduce:
Spam Hand of Gul'dan / Demonbolt to get as many Imp's as possible (I always tested it with around 812 imp's) then cast Demonic Tyrant and check if you get the Demonic Core proc. (Happened for me in 80%+ of the cases)

I also made sure that my Imp's didn't died in that time because a dying Imp or Dreadstalker can give you a Demonic Core proc.

[Proof Video]()
[Legendary] Sacrolash's Dark Strike

|T3163624:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:337111|h[Sacrolash's Dark Strike]|h|r

Currently Sacrolash's Dark Strike doesn't extend the duration of Agony. It works with every other curse but Agony.
[Demonology] Grimoire: Felguard duration

The spell [Grimoire: Felguard](|T136216:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:111898|h[Grimoire: Felguard]|h|r) doesn't have the duration he should have. The spell itself should have a duration of 17 seconds, however it's only 15 seconds. There are 2 seconds missing.

[allspecs]- Sepsis

|T3636848:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:328305|h[Sepsis]|h|r second part that should give you the opportunity to use spell out of stealth is not working correctly. the spell bar isn't changing to stealth spellbar .
Power Word: Fortitude vs loading

|T135987:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:21562|h[Power Word: Fortitude]|h|r shouldn't fade after every loading (like summon or teleport)

BT report :

[Brewmaster] Invoke Niuzao, the Black Ox

Description of the bug
While Niuzao is active the Stomp damage of the pet is not increased by "25% of Stagger damage you have recently purified" .


How it should be
Niuzao should help you delay stagger and do damage when you purify.

|T608951:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:132578|h[Invoke Niuzao, the Black Ox]|h|r
[Brewmaster] Stagger

Description of the bug
Currently Shuffle doesnt increase correctly your Stagger by 100% , its value is lower at the moment which makes it harder to tank without the corect value of core mechanic of the spec.

How it should be
Using Keg Smash, Blackout Kick and Spinning Crane Kick to trigger Shuffle should give you double your value of your current stagger.

|T594274:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:121253|h[Keg Smash]|h|r
|T574575:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:100784|h[Blackout Kick]|h|r
|T606543:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:101546|h[Spinning Crane Kick]|h|r

[Legendary][Arcane] Arcane Infinity

The Legendary Arcane Infinity [Arcane Infinity](|T132096:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:183271::::::::120:::::|h[Memory of the Infinite Arcane]|h|r)
Isn't working properly, if you engage a boss fight. The stacks you earned at adds before the boss will get resetted, once you start the boss fight. The stacks should stay.

[The stacks you gain](|T132096:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:332769|h[Arcane Harmony]|h|r)

[Video of it not working]()
[Marksmanship] Trick Shots

During |T537468:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:260402|h[Double Tap]|h|r, both |T135130:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:19434|h[Aimed Shot]|h|r should benefit from |T2065591:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257621|h[Trick Shots]|h|r ricochet.
Currently on FS, only the first Aimed Shot does ricochet.
Gif from retail:

Also', the second Aimed Shot hit doesn't hit the main target, but a secondary target:
[Legendary] Rylakstalker's Piercing Fangs

Rylakstalker's Piercing Fangs is not increasing the Critical Damage of Kill Command.
Kill Command scales with Hunter's Mastery and should logically be increased by Legendary Power.

|T132176:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:205440|h[Kill Command]|h|r
|T237395:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:336844|h[Rylakstalker's Piercing Fangs]|h|r
[Legendary] Apex Predator's Craving High Damage

Apex Predator's Craving has 2 issues:

1) (URGENT) when Legendary procs, your Ferocious Bite should do damage like you spent 5 ComboPoints but instead it is 5 CPs x CPs spent.

Example of formula: BaseDamage x 5 (CP) x 5 (CP spent when legendary proc)

2) ~~You should be able to cast Ferocious Bite (when Legendary proc) with 0 Combo Points since the cast should be "your next Ferocious Bite free and deal the maximum damage." free and max damage (x5)~~

3) It should not spend any Combo Points so it is similar to the 2) issue.

|T132139:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:339139|h[Apex Predator's Craving]|h|r
|T132127:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:22568|h[Ferocious Bite]|h|r

Description of the bug
The lvl 52 spell upgrade doesnt work for Restoration druid.

How it should be
It should give 50% mana reduction on spell casts to you if you use it on a friendly target.


[Player proof]()
[Unholy] Epidemic

Epidemic damage done to targets affected by Virulent Plague (not AoE part) is hitting nearby targets without Virulent Plague on.
Should hit only targets with that DoT.
As you can see on GIF, I'm dealing the "Main Target" damage to the dummy without DoT.
(2 Targets):
2 Main Target Hits, 3 AoE hits

(3 Targets):
3 Main Target Hits, 4 AoE hits

Note: the part that is wrongly working is Causes each of your Virulent Plagues to flare up, dealing (20% of Attack power) Shadow damage to the infected enemy

[Revendreth][Rare] Hopecrusher

The rare should be directly on the prey, but now even if you clic on the large prey nothing spawns (can't kill it since it doesn't appear)

[CN LFR] [Hungering Destoryer] Desolate Damage

Npc [Hungering Destoryer](

Spell [Desolate 329455 ](|T1778230:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:329455|h[Desolate]|h|r )

Currently Desolate is doing 364 % less damage than on Retail. Basically making the spell loose the purpose.

[Retail Proof]()
[CN LFR][Hungering Destoryer] Volatile Ejection Damage

Npc [Hungering Destoryer](

Spell [Volatile Ejection 338619 ](|T342917:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:338619|h[Volatile Ejection]|h|r)

Currently the Average damage doesn't seem to match the retail damage by quite a lot.

If you would be to compared the average damage dealt on Retail to PTR it seems that the Damage dealt on PTR is currently 23 % less than on retail.
[Misc][Legendary]Warrior's Seismic Reverberation

Description of the bug: This Legendary doesn't Work at all

How to reproduce: Use Whirlwind on 3 or more targets(Fury/arms/prot) Revenge(Prot)

How it should work:
Seismic Reverberation
Runecarving Power
If Whirlwind hits 3 or more enemies, it hits them 1 additional time for 100% damage.

If Whirlwind hits 3 or more enemies, it hits them 1 additional time for 80% damage.

If Whirlwind or Revenge hits 3 or more enemies, it hits them 1 additional time for 75% damage.

|T236305:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:335758|h[Seismic Reverberation]|h|r
[Misc][Legendary] Reanimated Shambler

Reanimated Shambler's issues are listed here:

|T135983:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:334836|h[Reanimated Shambler]|h|r
[CN LFR][Inerva] Unleashed Shadow Damage.

Currently Unleashed shadow is doing 3900 damage on PTR compared to 8200 damage on retail.

[PTR Log]()
[Retail Log]()
[Misc][Torghast] Skeleton Cauldron Spawns

Currently, Skeleton Cauldrons that spawn Lesser Skeletons aggro on players instantly when player enters the floor with them in it. The Lesser Skeletons shoukld only aggro when player is close by to them.
This issue keeps player in combat constantly.
[CN LFR][Hungering Destoryer] Consume Damage

Currently Consume seems to be doing 1/3rd of the damage it is supposed to be doing.

You can see it if you look on [Retail Logs]() vs [PTR Logs]().
[CN][General] First Completion Per Week Reward

LFR is currently missing First Week Completion reward each week. Apparently, should be some gold if player finishes whole wing.
[CN LFR][Inerva] Unleashed Volatility

Currently Unleashed Volatility Damage on PTR is around 3000 average, where as the Retail damage for the same was around 10900.

[PTR Log]()
[Retail Log]()
[General] FearHorrify movement issue

Fear/Horrify Mechanics are causing (again) some visual movements issue where you see the enemy player/mob standing still in your Point of View but they see normal movement while feared.
This is confusing for PvP players and PvE players when CC'ing anything.

On these GIFs above you can see the issue we're talking about:

Small movement issue:
Huge movement issue:
After 4 seconds target will run fast as hell:
Note: after 4 seconds of CC, it will "unbug" but will reproduce in FastForward (fast 3rd gif) all of the movements the player did meanwhile feared.
Note 2: not confirmed probably something happened here and fucked movements.
|T607853:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:6789|h[Mortal Coil]|h|r
|T132154:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5246|h[Intimidating Shout]|h|r
|T134153:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:31661|h[Dragon's Breath]|h|r
|T132118:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:1513|h[Scare Beast]|h|r
|T136184:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:8122|h[Psychic Scream]|h|r
Or probably it's general issue.
[Threads] Leveling Dungeons

If you picked Threads of Fate system all 4 dungeons (HoA, NW, PF, Mists) should be available from lvl 50 and should be able to que for 4 dungeons in dungeon finder.
Currently you cant enter any of them and que for this 4 leveling dungeons.
[CN][Denathrius] Smoldering Ire vs Spell Reflection

It should deflect the first tick of the orb.

|T3528312:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:336007|h[Smoldering Ire]|h|r
Retail Logs:
FS Logs:
[CN][Denathrius] Rancor vs Spell Reflection

It should deflect 1 tick of the puddle in the ground.

Retail Logs:
FS Logs:
[CN][Council] Unable to reset boss

Boss doesn't reset by pulling them outside of the encounter room, they will keep following and attacking players
[CN][Denathrius] Blood Price vs Spell Reflection

It should deflect the first tick of the spell.

|T1035055:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:326858|h[Blood Price]|h|r
Retail Logs:
FS Logs:
[CN][Sun King] Infuser's Orb

Currently some of the Infuser's Orb, that is left by the Soul Infuser when they die, are falling behind textures so those are impossible to take making the fight way harder.

Here is a proof:
[CN][Council] Main doors vs reset

The main doors that lead to the encounter room never open again after the first wipe/reset/bosskill
[CN LFR][Inerva] Boss Melee Hits

Currently Boss does 454 Damage on average on PTR, meanwhile on Retail it does 1800 average. This results in the boss doing 4 times less damage on PTR compared to Retail.

[PTR Proof]()

[Retail Proof]()
[CN][Inverva] Stopping the Flow of Anima

Once you defeat Inverva on any difficulty, players should see a changed skybox in Revendreth. The Anima flow from Castle Nathria should stop, and the skybox should remain red.
[CN LFR][Hungering Destoryer] Overwhelm Damage

Npc [Hungering Destoryer](

Spell [Overwhelm 329774](|T1778230:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:329455|h[Desolate]|h|r )

On PTR the average damage is 2.2k meanwhile on retail it is 5.3k

[Retail Proof]()
[Quests] Paragon reputation

Paragon quests of Shadowlands can now properly be completed

February 2, 2022

[Conduit] Merciless Bonegrinder

|T1035055:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:335260|h[Merciless Bonegrinder]|h|r

Merciless Bonegrinder doesn't proc after your Bladestorm ends(fury), but it works fine on Arms.

[Holy] Halo

Spell [Halo](|T632352:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:120517|h[Halo]|h|r)

Halo is currently having incorrect visual which is showing that it's capable to each further distance than it should.

The visual is showing to be affecting within 35 yard range, instead of 30 yards.
[ToP][Mordretha] Dark Devastation

Description of the bug

Dark Devastation laser sometimes hits targets that are behind boss.

How to reproduce

Im not sure when this happens, but sometimes with boss cast laser, it hits everyone behind boss.

How it should be

It should hit only where animation is showing.

[HoA] Shard of Halkias

Description of the bug

Sometimes Shard will stop casting Trash after 1 or 2 seconds.

How to reproduce

Im not rly sure how it happened, but yesterday we did halls and 1st and last shard stopped 1 of their casts after 1 second of casting.
How it should be

Trash cannot be stoppable.

[CN][Council] Soul Spikes damage

The |T3259845:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:346681|h[Soul Spikes]|h|r that is cast on the tank (ID 346681) should do 17.766 dmg (reducible by armor), increasing by 25% after every spike lands, and every channel shoots 4 spikes.
Atm it's not, it's doing more dmg than intended



The |T3259845:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:346685|h[Soul Spikes]|h|r that is radiated towards the other raid members (ID 346685) should be 45% of the damage inflicted to the tank. At the moment it's way less.
Moreover there is an additional tick on every spike, 29k out of nowhere


[CN][Hungering] Spell timers

At the moment the spell timers are incorrect, resulting in many unwanted overlaps during the fight (ex: Consume + Expunge)


Overwhelm (it starts from a 1s delay, but eventually grows)


Volatile Ejection



[Misc][Covenants] Summon Steward

Only dialogues aren't working properly, everything else is.

|T3586266:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:324739|h[Summon Steward]|h|r

Currently Kyrian covenant ability is not scripted at all.

List of what Steward gossips can do:

1. Sell items to vendor and purchase some food and water. [1 Hour CD after steward is gone]

2. Ask stward to change your talents and souldbind nodes (only the soulbind paths, not actual conduits). (ID 325012) [4 Hours CD after steward is gone]

3. Ask steward to apply 325101 aura to your friendly target. (Not that it Summon Steward ability will be replaced with the new one) [24 hours CD after steward is gone]

4. Ask for a good song.

5. Ask him to go away.

Situational Gossips:

6. You can discharge several golems in Nectotic Wake with a gossip that will appear only if you are standing near Anima Golem. (gossip should disappear after discharging)

7. If you have special transport network upgrade you can ask your steward place a transportation beacon, that you can use to teleport to one of the network locations.


P.S Current steward scale is way too huge in comparison to retail one.


Note: players can see other player's steward but he will be even smaller, so your steward will be always taller than other ones

[Misc][Item][PvP] Arathor Battle Tabard [A]

Item: |T135026:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:20132::::::::120:::::|h[Arathor Battle Tabard]|h|r

This tabard is currently been granted to players instantly after succesfully holding 5 bases in an Arathi Basin Battleground, this is incorrect, the tabard should only be obtainable through 2 sources, marks of honor at a specific NPC, and after completing a quest that is given to players once they reach exalted reputation with

Proof: (Minute 4:10)

Note: This tabard is also incorrectly being rewarded to horde players.
[Misc][PvP] Hostile towards your partner

On Oribos your team mate and yourself are registered as enemy towards eachother, you can't heal them if you're a healer and you can attack your partner as well. If this happens to someone from the enemy team they will be friendly to you, though it doesn't happen every arena but is often.
[Misc][PvP] Missing rewards in BG

Description of the bug

Rewards at the end of the BGs are currently missing (example: marks of honor, crates).

How it should be

On the following screenshots, the players have a chance to get marks of honor or crates at the end of the bg.

|T1322720:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:137642::::::::120:::::|h[Mark of Honor]|h|r

February 1, 2022

Power Infusion

How should it work:
You should able to have only 1 Power Infusion Aura on you. If anybody uses Power Infusion on you while you have the buff already. It should reset the aura duration.

How it is working right now:
It is stacking right now.


|T135939:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:10060|h[Power Infusion]|h|r

You can't unsheath your weapon while Levitating.

[Conduit][Windwalker] Calculated Strikes

Description of the bug
Calculated Strikes at the moment increases the damage of Spinning Crane Kick baseline without stacks.

How it should be
It should be increasing the effectiveness of Mark of the Crane passive.
So for every stack it should give bonus % to the damage of Spinning Crane Kick.

|T135994:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:181435::::::::120:::::|h[Calculated Strikes]|h|r
|T606543:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:228287|h[Mark of the Crane]|h|r

[Arcane] Touch of the Magi

Touch of the Magi damage should not be affected by taken mods
[Conduit] Endless Thirst

Description of the bug
Right now Endless Thirst seems to have wrong scaling and giving 10x times more crit chance than intended. Its pretty game breaking since it makes druids get to 100% crit easily.
|T3565718:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:341383|h[Endless Thirst]|h|r
[CN][Inerva] Sins of the Past

3 Players are never linked in the fight with sins of the past, to disarm the red bombs. We had 3 dps, and it never linked us. (It should not target tanks)
[Misc][Professions Shadowlands] Maximal Points Incorrect MaxSkill

[Proffesion Tailoring]()

Seems that Tailoring has been set to Maximal of 175.

Currently on retail players are only able to get up to maximal of 100 Tailoring.
[Misc][PvP] Rated Battleground

Rated Battleground's queue doesn't work between 2 team of the same faction (cf. screenshot).
[affix] pridefull vs 100% trash

Description of bug

if you finish the dung after completing the 100% trash count the dungeon will be over but you will be able to fight the 100% prideful which shouldn't be the case

how to reproduce
finish a m+ key by completing the trash count (100%) and the pridefull will spawn at same time the dungeon will be completed

how it should be
after a m+ key is completed no enemy should be interactable( be able to attack them)
[CN][Hungering] Obliterating Rift vs Spell Reflection

It should deflect 1 of the orbs and consume the Spell Reflection.

|T132849:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:329835|h[Obliterating Rift]|h|r
Retail Logs:
FS Logs:
[CN][Inerva] Lingering Anima vs Spell Reflection

It should deflect 1 tick of the puddle in the ground.

|T1035041:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:325713|h[Lingering Anima]|h|r
Retail Logs:
FS Logs:
[CN][Council] Dark Recital vs Spell Reflection

It should deflect following spells.

|T631503:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:334743|h[Dark Recital]|h|r It should deflect consuming the Spell Reflection.
|T607854:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:347425|h[Dark Recital]|h|r it should deflect without consuming the Spell Reflection.
|T607854:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:331638|h[Dark Recital]|h|r it should deflect without consuming the Spell Reflection.
Retail Logs:

FS Logs:
[CN][Council] Renown drop

Currently you get 2 (possible also 3) renowns for defeating Council bosses (I guess it counts all 3 bosses) should get always only 1 renown.
[SoA][Mythic+] Astronos, Klotos, Lakesis

Currently this 3 NPCs Atronos, Klotos, Lakesis are not giving any enemy forces % in mythic+.
[CN][Council] Dark Recital pairs pairs should scale with number of players in raid, atm with 16ppl we only had 1 pair per cast.

From wlogs it seems to be 2 pairs with 16ppl, even though later into the fight they become 3 pairs for some unknown reason
(there are 2 different spell IDs for Dark Recital 331636 331637)

In 30 ppl it's 4 pairs per cast
[CN][Artificer] Possession vs Boss dmg

Currently the absorb shield given by can be easily broken by boss dmg/spells. Boss spells should not deal any damage to MCd players
[CN][Huntsman Altimor] Petrifying Howl vs Spell Reflection

Petrifying Howl: It should deflect the tick damage from the spell without consuming the Spell Reflection.
|T136243:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:334919|h[Petrifying Howl]|h|r
Retail Logs:
FS Logs:

Petrifying Howl: It should deflect the instant damage from the spell consuming the Spell Reflection.
|T3386971:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:334889|h[Petrifying Howl]|h|r
Retail Logs:
FS Logs:
[CN][Hungering] Gluttonous Miasma vs Spell Reflection

It should deflect all the damage without consuming Spell Reflection.

|T1390943:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:330590|h[Gluttonous Miasma]|h|r
Retail Logs:

FS Logs:
[CN][Inerva] Concentrated Anima vs Spell Reflection

There is 2 spells in this issue: Concentrated Anima Highly Concentrated Anima.

Concentrated Anima: |T3684827:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:332664|h[Concentrated Anima]|h|r this can be reflected and goes to the boss like it should and when the debuff expires it spawn de add but it shouldn't.
Here is a proof:
As you can see in the video the warrior reflects the spell to the boss and when it finishes the add doesn't spawn.
In FS the boss get the debuff and when it expires the add spawn.
Retail Logs:
Highly Concentrated Anima:|T3684827:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:340477|h[Highly Concentrated Anima]|h|r This should have the same behavior as Concentrated Anima but right now it cant be reflected.
Here is the proof:
[CN][Council] Waltz of Blood vs Spell Reflection

It should deflect the spell.

|T236279:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:327619|h[Waltz of Blood]|h|r
Retail Logs:
FS Logs:

January 31, 2022

[Windwalker] Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger

Description of the bug
Xuen pet is missing pet bar and an ability.

|T620832:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:123904|h[Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger]|h|r

[Retail picture of pet bar]()
[Picture of the ability]()
[All] Chi Wave

Chi Wave behavior is currently broken.
You either damage 1 target OR damage 1 target and heal yourself.
The bounce effect between targets is missing.

If you're 1v1 against a dummy for example, it should act like this:
Damage, Healing, Damage, Healing, Damage, Healing, Damage. (7 bounces total)

|T606541:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:115098|h[Chi Wave]|h|r
[Survival] Harpoon

Description of the bug

Harpoon stops if player encounters an obstacle. it should go through obstacles and reach to the target. Ex: target in elevated floor

How it should be

It should go through any obstacle and fly to the target like a direct line without any pathing. It's working fine on 8.3.7 core.

Informations of the spell


old desc

Right now, harpoon has a weird pathing. It behaves like a charge. Check vid
Feign Death vs targeting in PvP

Description of the bug

While using |T132293:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5384|h[Feign Death]|h|r, enemies and allies loses targeting of the hunter who used Feign Death.

How to reproduce

Target a friendly hunter's player, and ask hunter to use Feign Death, you'll loses the hunter's targeting. You have to be in PvP area like arena.

How it should be

In PvP, hunter's allies shouldn't lose targeting of hunter when he uses |T132293:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5384|h[Feign Death]|h|r, only enemies player should loses targeting of hunter.
It's a major issue in PvP, making Feign Death a problem for hunter when it should be a useful cd.
Notice that this issue happens only in PvP, can't reproduce it outside PvP.

Informations of the spell

|T132293:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5384|h[Feign Death]|h|r

Issue from Live (Oribos)
Binding Shot vs Charge

|T462650:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:109248|h[Binding Shot]|h|r

As you can see in this video Warrior's Charge range is halved compared to FS. On FS you get rooted once you're in melee range of the Hunter which shouldn't be the case.
[Legendary]Lycara's Fleeting Glimpse

Description of the bug
The legendary always resets to 0 timer when you go out of combat. This is making the legendary proc way less than it should.

How it should be
Legendary should remember the timer you spent in combat since it should proc every 45 seconds you spend in combat even if you keep going out and in of combat.

Links to spells
|T136233:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:340059|h[Lycara's Fleeting Glimpse]|h|r

[Misc][PVP][BG] Deserter issue

A lot of players are complaining that they get deserter when joining a BG midmatch.
Some also mention getting it at the end of the BG when they have won for example.

This is pretty annoying for a lot of players, as it prevents them from playing again !
[Misc][Legendary] Druid's Legacy of the Sleeper

Druid's Legacy of the Sleeper issues are listed here:

|T1129695:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:339062|h[Legacy of the Sleeper]|h|r
[MoTS] Spinemaw Acidgullet

Description of the bug
Right not the Volatile Acid cast is getting applied on the add itself.

How it should be
Add shouldnt be applying the Volatile Acid debuff on itself after cast because everything in melee range of the add right now takes ticking poison damage which is gonna be a problem in m+.

Add should be casting on a random player.

|T132104:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:325418|h[Volatile Acid]|h|r
[HoA] Tormented Souls vs Storming

Description of the bug

There is way to many stormings in tormented souls room, we cant even move.

How to reproduce

Pull adds.

How it should be

[HoA] Tormented Souls vs Bolstering

Description of the bug

Tormented souls are giving bolstering.

How to reproduce

Kill tormented souls.

How it should be

They should give bolstering
[CN][Hungering] Consume

Description of the issues

1) Consume max damage should be 26.494 if a player is on top of the boss, and is reduced by distance down to min of 2.6k.

At the moment max hit from Consume is 22k while standing on top of the boss, and is reduced by distance down to min of 3.3k.

Peak dmg should be higher, and should be reduced a bit more by distance

2) Boss should heal the same amount of damage he deals to the players (absorbs do not count)

Right now the boss is overhealing himself, he's often healing more than 20k, no matter the damage on the players.

Damage taken:

Protpaly 22.8k
Matthias 5.3k
Protpaly 22.8k
Matthias 4.9k

Boss healing:

+22.8k ← Protpaly
+26.494 (max heal) ← Matthias
+22.8k ← Protpaly
+26.494 (max heal) ← Matthias
[ToP]- [blighted sludge-spewer]- death aoe Visual

What should happen :
after the add dies he spawns a green aoe at the same location that explodes and does damage to whoever is inside it . the damage hits as soon as the green disappears.

proof in this retail video from min 25:12 to 25:30 :

What's happening :
Very often the green of the aoe disappears instantly making the dangerous spot invisible but the damage still happens in the correct time.

This doesn't ALWAYS happen but happens A LOT and it's really dangerous because the aoe does a lot of damage and not seeing it will make it so difficult to dodge .
video proof and example :

PS : bug happens with all of the blighted sludgespewers not only the specific one in the video
[ToP] Disgusting Refuse

Description of the bug
Disgusting Refuse adds in the dungeon shouldnt be giving bolstering stacks.


[ToP] Kul'Tharok - Draw Soul

Description of the bug
Draw Soul cast shouldnt target healers at all. Its a spell that only targets dps players.

|T2576083:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:319521|h[Draw Soul]|h|r
[NW] Blight bag vs Bolstering

Description of the bug

They are giving bolstering now.

How to reproduce

Kill them

How it should be

They shouldnt give bolstering stacks.

[Keystones] End of key screen

Description of the bug

At end of key there is no ending screen that you completed/depleted.

How to reproduce

Finish keystone

How it should be

You should get animation at end of dungeon that you finished key.

[CN][Council] Council of Blood HP

Currently the HP of Council of Blood is not scaling correctly.
FS (3.31M):
Retail (3.84M):

FS Logs:
Retail Logs:
[IntroTheMaw][Quest] The Lions Cage

Spikes on the tower on the way to Anduin are missing.
[CN][Council] Sintouched Blade

The damage of the spell is doing less damage than Retail.
FS (24657):

Retail (38106):

|T3502072:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:346790|h[Sintouched Blade]|h|r
[CN][Sun King] Kael'thas Sunstrider HP

Currently the HP of Kael'thas Sunstrider is not scaling correctly.

At 11%
FS (385K):
Retail (506K):

At 45%
FS (1.75M):
Retail (2.27M):

At 91%
FS (3.42M):
Retail (4.53M):
[CN] [1st Wing Shriekwing] Missing Objects when queing on LFR

There are 2 pillars that are missing whenever the players have Qued on LFR Difficulty.

[Retail Proof]()
[CN][Sun King] Concussive Smash

Currently the First hit of Concussive Smash is doing less damage than retail, in FS it starts from 6623 and the next cast is 8278 but in Retail it starts from 8278.

FS Logs:

Retail Logs:

|T1016245:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:325506|h[Concussive Smash]|h|r
[CN][Sun King] Essence Overflow

When an Essence Font is healed to full it should heal Kael'thas by a 779% of the HP of the Essence Font but currently it doesn't.

FS Log:

Retail Log:
[CN][Council] Dance Macabre

If players push one boss to 50% and trigger the Dance Macabre Intermission, If they cleave the other bosses to 50% at this point, they should no longer trigger Dance Macbre untill at least one boss has been killed.
[CN][Artificer] Stasis TrapDimensional Tear vs MC

Players affected by are not supposed to trigger and be trapped inside , nor they should be debuffed with
[Bastion][Campaign][Chapter 3] Lakeshire's Last Stand

Horde Only While on the quest to warn the Citizens, only the children can be clicked, the adults are hostile
When the player reaches to Family Warned, the option to interact with Sarah Nowell is not present. The Door should be opened before the scourge showing up to attack Ben. Unable to continue on the quest
[CN][Inerva] Change of Heart

Currently the spell is not scripted in the fight, the spell should put an AOE in the tank who drops the stacks of |T3684826:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:325382|h[Warped Desires]|h|r and it should do moderate damage to the raid depending on the location of the tank who was the Change of Heart debuff, which means further away = less damage.

Here are the proofs:

as you can see in the video when the tank drops the stacks of Warped Desires the Change of Heart is triggered.


Retail Logs:

FS logs:
There is no Change of Heart in the Abilities Menu.

|T796637:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:325384|h[Change of Heart]|h|r
[DoS] Atal'Ai Hoodoo Hexxer

|T252174:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:332608|h[Lightning Discharge]|h|r currently hits multiple times even without players being close to eachother.
[PF] Ickor Bileflesh

Currently,, after reaching certain Health treshold correctly leaps into another Pack of mobs, Problem is, He is leaping into the futherest DEAD pack of mobs in the Building, He should leap only twoards random ALIVE pack of mobs.
[NW][Nalthor] Razorshard Ice

Currently, Razorshard Ice does spread correctly dephending on how many stacks player had when it was removed, however, the damage and the slow do not follow the example. The AoE only acts in a really small circle.
[MoTS][Tredova] Exit Portal

After defeating the boss, The Exit portal is not acessible.
[PF][Doctor Ickus] Plague Bomb

Currently, if you defeat the boss before the Plague Bomb spawns fully after the boss throws it, It will spawn after the boss has been defeated and will stay there, making players waste time.
[CN][Council] Soul Spikes

Each time a Soul Spike ticks on players, (While Frieda is last one alive) It should create a Manifest pain Pool. Currently, it spawns only under the main target of the Soul Spikes.
[CN][Council] Soul Spikes

Currently the split damage of the this spell is not getting triggered.


FS Logs:

Retail Logs:

|T3259845:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:346685|h[Soul Spikes]|h|r
[HoA] Tormented Soul

Description of the bug
Tormented Soul adds shouldnt give bursting stacks.


January 28, 2022

[Conduit] Hallowed Discernment

Description of the bug

Currently the healing and damage of hallowed discernment is quite low its roughly doing like 1012% of ashen hallows value, sometimes its just random. but its not more than 12%.

How to reproduce

Cast Ashen Hallow with the Hallowed Discernment conduit and check the values you get in healing and damage

How it should be

Hallowed Discernment should heal or damage the lowest ally or heath for certain % of heal and damage of ashen hallow. It should scale depending on the ilvl of the conduit, I tested it with 226 ilvl conduit which scales the damage and healing to 64% of ashen hallow.

Information's of the spell

|T3528309:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:340212|h[Hallowed Discernment]|h|r
[BT Report]()
[Video Proof]()
[Mistweaver] Thunder focus tea PvP talent

Revision required:

When using [Essence fount](|T1360978:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:191837|h[Essence Font]|h|r)t under [Thunder focus tea buff](|T611418:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:116680|h[Thunder Focus Tea]|h|r) it gives the spell special effect (70% speed, immune to roots). However, it doesn't consume the Thuder focus aura and furthermore it completely deactivates [Thunder focus tea pvp talent](|T611418:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:353936|h[Thunderous Focus Tea]|h|r) after. So it will no longer give any special effects for your [Crackling Serpent Lighting](|T606542:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:117952|h[Crackling Jade Lightning]|h|r) or Essence Font until you relog out of the game.

Old report:

Currently [Thunder focus tea pvp talent](|T611418:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:353936|h[Thunderous Focus Tea]|h|r) doesn't allow [Crackling Serpent Lighting](|T606542:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:117952|h[Crackling Jade Lightning]|h|r) or [Essence fount](|T1360978:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:191837|h[Essence Font]|h|r) to consume [Thunder focus tea buff](|T611418:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:116680|h[Thunder Focus Tea]|h|r) to gain special effect.
[Windwalker] Chi-Ji talent proc with Storm, Earth and Fire

Currently [Spinning Crane Kick](|T606543:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:101546|h[Spinning Crane Kick]|h|r) damage with [ChiJi talent proc](|T606543:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:325201|h[Dance of ChiJi]|h|r) done by clones isn't split evenly. So the clones besides player himself just doing normal [Spinning Crane Kick](|T606543:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:101546|h[Spinning Crane Kick]|h|r) damage. They should all do exact same damage as the player.

It has been hot fixed in BfA 8.1.5:
[Windwalker] Dance of Chi-Ji

Description of the bug
Talent in the current state seems to proc only when using Blackout Kick on the target, while other Chi consuming abilites dont proc the talent at all.

Aditional note:
The talent itself has a chance to proc itself again thats not working too.
[Retail proof 0:10 seconds mark]()

How it should be
Every Chi spending ability should have a chance to proc the talent
[Soulbind][Kyrian][Pelagos] Combat Meditation Mastery in PVP Scenario

Description of the bug

Combat Meditation tooltip in PPVE shows 315 mastery and gives 315 mastery, but in PVP scenario the tooltip shows 157.5 mastery and gives 78 mastery.
Combat meditation should give 50% of its PVE value in PVP which is 157.5 but its giving 78 which is half

How to reproduce

Select Pelagos in Kyrian Covenant and use combat meditation in PVE and then try using it PVP scenario. Check the value of mastery given in both scenarios.

How it should be

Combat Meditation should give 157.5 mastery in PVP scenario which is exact half of its value 315 in PVE Scenario. but currently its giving 78 which is approx. 25% of its PVE value. Although the tooltip says 157.5 when you enter PVP scenario

Informations of the spell

|T3528283:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:328266|h[Combat Meditation]|h|r
[BT Report]()
[Combat Meditation Value in PVE]()
[Combat Meditation Value in PVP]()
[Torghast] Coil of Rope

|T1119938:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:324371|h[Coil of Rope]|h|r should dissapear after player leaves Torghast or the current floor.
[Misc][Covenants] Decimating Bolt vs Havoc

|T3578232:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:325289|h[Decimating Bolt]|h|r

The necrolord decimating bolt on warlock dosen't work with havoc it is supossed to hit 2 targets when combined with havoc but only hits 1 target and this is a major bug for dps

[General] Great Vault Raid Column

How should it work:
Great vault should show the item that you can pick

How it is working right now:

Some people have issues about not seeing the weekly vault option.

Characters that had this issue and reported to me:

[Torghast][General] Group search

Description of the bug

If players enter Torghast in a group, then only the leader is transferred inside.

How to reproduce

Enter Torgast as part of a group.

How it should be

All players are transported inside.
[General] Damage vs CrowdControl Break

Our system of Crowd Controls that has a chance to break with damage is put at 2% of NPC/Player's max HP.
This system was originary put at Season 1 or 2 of BFA with a larger health pool than Shadowlands. This is hindering some CCs made in both PvE and PvP instances such as Roots, Fears, Disorients etc.

Said so, @seiiny provided me some videos from Retail (you can DM him for videos as proof) and all CCs such as Roots or Fears (breakable Crowd Controls) mechanics were breaking after receiving damage at around 4%5% max HP.

In Shadowlands, 2% of our max HP (full gear 40k hp) is around 800 damage done which is incredibly low.

January 27, 2022

[Protection] Ravager


Whenever you activate Ravager your parry chance is also increased by 35% and is generating 10 rage per hit which shouldn't be the case since the buff was removed in Shadowlands, you should ONLY generate 10 rage per Ravager hit.

[Resto][PvP] Living Tide

How it works on fs : Living Tide does not increase the healing from Healing Tide Totem with each new pulse. Currently it's just a flat 100% buff on the healing.

Example :

Healing tide totem healing without living tide : 700 per pulse
Healing tide totem healing with living tide : 1400 per pulse

How it should works : healing tide totem healing increase by 100% each time it pulse which means :

1st pulse : 700
2nd pulse : 1400
3rd pulse : 2100
4th pulse : 2800
[Covenant][Kyrian] Vesper Totem

Description of the bug

Currently when you cast chain lightning when vesper totem is active it only does the arcane damage on the first, it doesn't do it on the 2nd and 3rd cast of chain lightning. where as it does radiate damage on all 3 cast, when a single target damaging spell is cast i.e. lightning bolt and lava burst.

How to reproduce

Drop vesper totem and cast chain lightning.

How it should be

When vesper totem is active all 3 charges should radiate arcane damage regardless if the spell is AOE or single target.

Information's of the spell

|T3565451:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:324386|h[Vesper Totem]|h|r
[Video Proof for AOE Damage Spell]()
[Video Proof for Single target damage spells]()
[AllSpecs]-Kidney shot VS [Rushed Setup] conduit.

when you have the |T1029589:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:183501::::::::120:::::|h[Rushed Setup]|h|r conduit equipped your kidney shot duration is affected and it's 3 seconds instead of 6seconds with 5 combo points and it's 4 seconds instead of 7 with 6 combo points . bugged on all 3 specs .

this is really bad in pve , but also a huge nerf in pvp since the conduit is a bis for rogues and a short kidney means a lost game.

you will find below screenshots of kidney with 5 cb points and kidney with 6 cb points this is with the conduit equiped .
and 1 SS with conduit not equiped and kidney shot duration is fine.
Shadow Word: Death vs Absorbs

Currently on Oribos any target hit by your SWD that has a shield on them doesn't return the damage making the spell pretty much useless in PvP scenarios since it's used to break soft CCs.

Also seems there's a visual bug with the spell not having the animation and not lighting up on the bar once a mob is in execute range of SWD.

[Retribution] Holy Power generation against immune targets.

Description of the bug

Currently you don't get holy power from judgment and crusader strike when you hit a immune target. but you do get holy power with blade of justice and hammer of wrath.

How to reproduce

Cast judgment and crusader strike against classes who have used their immunity spell like ice block, bubble, netherwalk, aspect of the turtle.

How it should be

Judgment and crusader strike should give holy power like blade of justice and hammer of wrath when used against classes who have used there immunity spell.

Information's of the spell

[Video Proof]()
[BT Report]()
|T524354:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:642|h[Divine Shield]|h|r
|T135841:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:145533|h[Ice Block]|h|r
|T132199:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:186265|h[Aspect of the Turtle]|h|r
[Covenant] Divine toll vs not in combat mobs

Description of the bug

Actually when we cast |T3565448:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:304971|h[Divine Toll]|h|r , the spell go to the far away target/s, even ignoring the actual target. Adicionally, hit targets too who aren't in combat.

How it should work

When we cast |T3565448:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:304971|h[Divine Toll]|h|r , always should go to our actual target, and then should go the 5 nearest targets from our actual target. And for the adicional targets, only should hit them when are in combat.

PTR (happen in live too):
[Brewmaster] No pet bar - Invoke Niuzao, the Black Ox

Description of the bug

There is currently no pet bar as you summon Niuzao with the spell |T608951:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:132578|h[Invoke Niuzao, the Black Ox]|h|r
There should be one.

How to reproduce

Use the spell |T608951:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:132578|h[Invoke Niuzao, the Black Ox]|h|r

How it should be

There should be a spell bar

Informations of the spell

Wowhead link : |T608951:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:132578|h[Invoke Niuzao, the Black Ox]|h|r

The absence of spellbar (base UI) :

Retail video of the spell (00:16) :
[WW] Spinning Crane Kick

Description of the bug

Sometimes spinning crane kick stacks for increased dmg doesnt increase dmg. I have full stacks on dummies and it hits for 5600, but sometimes while stacks are still up it hit 1700. It wasnt proc of chi'ji, both time were normal spinning crane kicks used. Sometimes even stacks will dissapear before 20 sec.
For example 12th sec of video is 1700 dmg, next use of spell is 5600, both tries same amount of stacks.

How to reproduce

Mark 5 targets and start spinning.
How it should be

Stacks should last 20 after using tiger palm, rising sun kick, blackout kick and dmg should be increased for each stack by 18%.

Informations of the spell

|T606543:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:101546|h[Spinning Crane Kick]|h|r
[Fire] Meteor vs Fears in PvP

How it should work :
Meteor impact should do damage if Meteor was used before Fear on mage.

How it actually works :
If you use Meteor and you get feared by warrior, priest or lock, the impact doesnt do dmg, it still burns on the ground, but the impact is 0.

Spell :
[Guardian] Berserk

Description of the bug
Right now after casting Berserk the Thrash cooldown doesnt adjust on the first cast so if you cast it before using Berserk you need to wait full cd time instead of reduced cd time that the ability should give you.

How it should be
Using Berserk should cut even the first Thrash cooldown time by 50%.

Links to spells

[Balance] Incarnation: Chosen of Elune Visual

Same issue as Celestial Alignment, not granting any Eclipse buffs.

|T571586:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:102560|h[Incarnation: Chosen of Elune]|h|r
[CN][Artificer] Stasis Trap vs Spell Reflection

Warriors Spell Reflection spell should be able to reflect the Stasis trap, without trapping the Warrior.
[Covenant][Venthyr] Ravenous Frenzy

As Restoration, if you have Soul of the Forest talent and then do Swiftmend, it counts twice towards Ravenous Frenzy stacking. Should be only once.
I got told that somehow, Balance druids can double stack Ravenous Frenzy but not sure, give a check to the code :eyes:

|T3565718:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:323546|h[Ravenous Frenzy]|h|r
|T236160:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:158478|h[Soul of the Forest]|h|r
[Misc][General] PvP Item Upgrade

You can't upgrade items from Rival to Duelist even if you have the rating, relog doesn't work.

[CN][Artificer] Artificer Xy'Mox HP

Currently the HP of the Artificer Xy'mox is not scaling correctly.
FS (10.8M):
Retail (11.3M):

FS Logs:
Retail Logs:
[Misc][Release] Threads of Fate released

[Misc][Release] Covenant Swap released

[CN][Huntsman Altimor] Huntsman Altimor HP

Currently the HP of the boss is not scaling correctly.

FS (27.2M):
Retail (30.2M):

FS Logs:

Retail Logs:
[CN][Artificer] Possession

All damage dealt towards a player affected by , will not be towards the absorb shield of the MC, but it will be towards the player's HP, killing him
[CN][Artificer] Stasis Trap vs Immunity

Using an Immunity after getting trapped will break the player out of the trap, but the trap can still be attacked by players. It should disappear
[CN][Sun King] Bleakwing Assassin vs Return to stone

Apparently Bleakwing Assassins seem to stop casting Crimson Flurry after having their hp restored by Return to Stone
To be furtherly checked
[CN][Council] Pulling the Boss

When players pull the boss, Only one of the bosses should have a starting dialogue. Currently, all 3 of them speak at once. It should always be only the one that got hit first to start the encounter.
[CN][Artificer] Dimensional Tear

Dimensional Tear is not doing damage and it should.
|T1041234:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:328545|h[Dimensional Tear]|h|r

FS Logs:

Retail Logs (6241):
[CN][Council] Drain Essence

Currently the spell is being casted only on caster players but it should in melees as well.
FS Logs:

Retail Logs:

|T1003601:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:346651|h[Drain Essence]|h|r
[CN][Sun King] Soul Infusion

Soul Infusion should damage the player by 1.122 per stack, atm in FS it starts from 20k and increases by 10k every stack.


[CN][Council] Castellan's Fury

Niklaus should not have his damage boosted by , even though he receives the buff

Retail (4:08→4:20 he has the buff, but the damage is the same)

FS (5:52 → 6:10) 600k+ melee hits
[Affix] Explosive - Health Scaling

Affix: contains information as well.


The explosive orb's health is currently scaling with keystone level. According to the changelogs and the warcraftlogs below, the health should be the same accross all keystone levels.

Additional info:

Images from PTR

[M4]() 185 HP (Although it's a level 7 affix, including this only for an example for another smaller issue listed in the notes below.)

[M10]() 296 HP

[M20]() 638 HP

The health value during season 1 in retail was 160 in every keystone level, for example warcraftlogs:

[M10]() 160 HP

[M14]() 160 HP

[M20]() 160 HP

>Explosive Orb health has been reduced and no longer scales with keystone level.



According to the [changelog]() above, the explosive orb's spawn distance has increased as well:

>Explosive Orbs now spawn 4 to 8 yards from the unit that summoned them (was 3 yards).

From the images(if I am standing correctly under the spawning NPC) they spawn below or near to 3 yards as it used to be. Obtained VIA the .distance command.
[Bastion][Campaign][Chapter 3] Redridge Mountains

If the player plays this part of the campaign on Horde, most of the npcs will be hostile ( except the ones who are giving the quest / completing it). Guards can attack the player while is in this phase
[CN][Council] Dancing Fools on The Floor

Sometimes, there appear to be some dancing fools on the floor of the boss fight arena instead of dancing above the floor.
[CN][General] Destroyers Breach

In the zone between Huntsman Altimor, and Hungering destroyer, players can jump into the water and then swim to any wall and glitch under texture, There should be a trigger to kill them.
[Misc][Release] Third chapter of campaign released

Release campaign chapter 3 for every covenant.
[CN][Council] Bosses Hitting Tanks while Dead

After the bosses are killed one by one, Sometimes, durning the encounter, The bosses start following players while "dead" and start meleeing them. This shouldnt happen.

January 26, 2022

[Arms&Fury][PvP] Death Sentence vs Roots

|T237517:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198500|h[Death Sentence]|h|r

Currently on Oribos you cannot use Execute while you're rooted paired with Death Sentence talent when they're in melee range. How it should be is even when you're rooted and if they're melee range you should be able to use Execute as soon they walk out 5 yard range you shouldn't be able to.
[Brewmaster] Celestial Brew

Celestial Brew is absorbing more than it should do, probably related to |T656166:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:216519|h[Celestial Fortune]|h|r or I don't know.



Crit 407
Haste 475
Versa 372
Mastery 440

Wep DPS:


Firestorm vs Retail w/ same stats above:
|T1360979:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:322507|h[Celestial Brew]|h|r
[Mistweaver] Soothing Mist channel

Description of the bug
While channeling Soothing Mist and casting Vivify/Enveloping Mist if youre in melee range of an enemy target your channel interrupts because you instantly basic attack after the instacast.

Thunder Focus Tea and Mana Tea are off gcd spells so they should be able to be used while channeling Soothing Mist, right now they interrupt the cast.

How it should be
After instacasting Vivify/Enveloping Mist you should continue channeling Soothing Mist and not basic attack an enemy in melee range.

Links to spells
|T775461:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:124682|h[Enveloping Mist]|h|r
|T606550:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:115175|h[Soothing Mist]|h|r
|T611418:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:116680|h[Thunder Focus Tea]|h|r
|T608949:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:197908|h[Mana Tea]|h|r

[BT REPORT for Tea]()
[BT REPORT for last tick]()
[Mythic Plus] Stacking dungeon score

After complete m+ and logout your dungeon score x2 for current dungeon
[Mythic Plus] Current Affixes

Does not show current affixes in the tab mythic plus
[Affix] - Tyrannical Hotfix

Bosses now gain 30% increased health when Tyrannical (Affix) is active (was 40%).
[Affix] - Nathrian Inquisitor for calling prideful when timer is expired

January 25, 2022

[Fury][PvP] Slaughterhouse


On Oribos Slaughterhouse doesn't work properly. Every hit of Rampage should apply the healing reduction debuff but right now only the initial hit of Rampage applies the debuff.

[Fury][PVP] Death wish

How it should work :

|T136146:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:199261|h[Death Wish]|h|r increases your damage taken and done by 5% for 15 sec at the cost of 5% of your health. Stacks up to 10 times.
_Damages ignore shield, only health._

How it is actually working :

|T136146:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:199261|h[Death Wish]|h|r isn't costing you health.
Fs proof >
Retail proof >
[Elemental] Elemental Blast

|T651244:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:117014|h[Elemental Blast]|h|r

Currently on Oribos you can get double proc of Elemental Blast from 1 cast, you're only supposed to get 1 proc. It happened once in 13 EBs

Earth Elemental vs Roots in pvp

How it should work :
Earth Elemental shouldn't be immune to root (like |T136100:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:339|h[Entangling Roots]|h|r)

How it actually works :
Earth Elemental is immune to root

Spell :
|T136024:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198103|h[Earth Elemental]|h|r
[Outlaw]- between the eyes

Between the eyes debuff uptime on target is lower than it should be.
It's 9 seconds instead of 15 at 5 combo points and 11 seconds instead of 18 at 6 combo points.
Video of the test with 6 combo points:
Psychic Scream

Currently on FS, |T136184:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:8122|h[Psychic Scream]|h|r have only 5yard range, when it should have 8yard range.
Touch of Death vs Pets in PvP

Description of the bug
Touch of Death become usable on pets even if they have 100% hp, and using it literally one shot pet.
At the moment pets count as normal mobs and so PvE mode is active on them which is wrong.

How it should be
Player's pets should count as players and so Touch of Death should be usable only at 5% target HP in PvP.

Proof :

|T606552:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:322109|h[Touch of Death]|h|r
[Frost] Ice Form vs fears in pvp

How it should work :
Ice Form should grants immunity to stun and knockback effects only

How it actually works :
Ice Form grants immunity to stun, knockback and Fears (it's a weird issue, you get feared but you can move while feared)

Spell :
|T1387355:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198144|h[Ice Form]|h|r
[CN] Raid vendors

How it should work :

There should have 4 different vendors, one for each raid difficulty : Lfr, normal, heroic, mythic. You are able to buy gear to these vendors with token looted in the raid, token corresponding to the difficulty you dropped it in.

There are different token, corresponding to different classes.
> |T3528311:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:183893::::::::120:::::|h[Abominable Anima Spherule]|h|r for Dk / Warlock / Dh
> |T3528311:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:183892::::::::120:::::|h[Mystic Anima Spherule]|h|r for Hunt / Mage / Druid
> |T3528311:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:183891::::::::120:::::|h[Venerated Anima Spherule]|h|r for Paladin / Priest / Shaman
> |T3528311:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:183899::::::::120:::::|h[Zenith Anima Spherule]|h|r for Warrior / Rogue / Monk
> |T3528312:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:183888::::::::120:::::|h[Apogee Anima Bead]|h|r for Warrior / Paladin / Priest / Monk
> |T3528312:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:183894::::::::120:::::|h[Thaumaturgic Anima Bead]|h|r for Shaman / Mage / Warlock / Druid

How it actually works :

When i tested the first time and from what people were telling me, you could buy mythic vendor gear with normal mode token for example. It seems ok on PTR but i don't know on OBTR.

Some gear require wrong token to be bought. For example, every Warlock's needed |T3528311:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:183899::::::::120:::::|h[Zenith Anima Spherule]|h|r instead of |T3528311:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:183893::::::::120:::::|h[Abominable Anima Spherule]|h|r (weapon) or |T3528312:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:183894::::::::120:::::|h[Thaumaturgic Anima Bead]|h|r (offhand).
_Btw it seems to be the case for every necrolord weapons._
Fs proof > (Necrolord)
Fs proof > (Fae)

[Bastion][Campaign Chapter 3] A Day in the Life

1. Quest can't be completed. The npc does not have the option to talk to get trough the quest
2. :red_circle: If the quest get's abandoned and get out of the phase, player can't get the quest up again, softlocking the player from the campaign :red_circle:
[Misc] Azerite Powers shadowlands

Azerith powers should only work outside of shadowlands areas
At the moment they are working everywhere despite the message on gear

[Misc][PvP] BFA Weekly Quest

BFA weekly quest are still automatically proposed when you enter in related activity.
I got in Skirmish, and i guess it concern too.

January 24, 2022

[Conduit] Mortal Combo

|T970853:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:339386|h[Mortal Combo]|h|r

Mortal Combo conduit proc chance is too low, after casting Mortal Strike 40 times on a dummy I've only gotten 2 procs and right now doesn't seem to be 10% chance to proc it.
[Conduit] Lashing Scars

Lashing Scars is currently making Flagellation hit 1 + 4 times but its behavior is completely wrong.

How it should work:

As you can see on GIF from retail, Flagellation with Lashing Scars does two hits. First hit (50% of attack power) + other modifiers and then the damage as you used 4CP Ability and adds 4 stacks to the buff (making it 5% Haste);

How it is working on FS:
Casting Flagellation makes it hit 5 times the same damage.

|T133802:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:341310|h[Lashing Scars]|h|r
[Fire] Tinder

Currently the pvp talent Tinder, loses its bonus speed cast while phasing out ( teleport ).

Avoidance missing on pets

|T136126:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:65220|h[Avoidance]|h|r is missing on hunter's pets.
This makes hunter's pets incredibly weak in pve and pvp.

Tested with aoe vs pet, and checked aura list + pet spellbook. Avoidance is missing.
[Marksmanship] Chimaera Shot vs Precise Shots

Chimaera Shot (Talent) issues when Precise Shots proc are listed here:

How to reproduce:
Cast Aimed Shot, Cast Chimaera Shot.
Must be 2 or more targets.

|T236176:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:342049|h[Chimaera Shot]|h|r
|T236179:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:260240|h[Precise Shots]|h|r

[Misc][Covenants] Primordial Wave

|T3578231:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:326059|h[Primordial Wave]|h|r

Primordial Wave buff gets canceled when I use Lava burst ( and some other spells), Should only be consumed when I use Healing Wave. Also right now it doesn't heal me when I have Riptide on myself ( Should heal all targets that have Riptide including myself if I have riptide on me)

[Arena] Rewards

Currently on Oribos you get Sinful Gladiator's Tabard and Sinful Gladiator's Cloak at 1,2k rating, this is incorrect.

Cloak> 2,1k rating
Tabard> 2.4k rating

You also get "The Elite" title which should also be obtained from 2,4k.
[Arena] Deserter debuff

How it should work :

If you hit an ennemy once, leaving arena should not give you deserter buff at all.

How it actually works :

Leaving an arena gives you a 15 min deserter buff, should only be for bgs.
[General] Anima reward from first Random dungeon.

Anima rewards from first Random Heroic Dungeon and Random Normal Dungeon of the day are missing. Looks like reset of the reward is weekly, not daily.
[Bastion][Rare] Corrupted Clawguard

~~To start the rare, we should be able to clic an object on the ground, and collect it (discarded phalynx core) , but it doesn't exist atm
FS :
Retail :

Clawgward should use this spell (atm it doesn't or maybe just once): |T132167:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:319644|h[Empyreal Reflexes]|h|r

Relentless Mauling spell doesn't stun the target, it's like if it was interrupted before finishing to cast it

|T464140:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:340226|h[Relentless Mauling]|h|r

|T133018:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:180651::::::::120:::::|h[Discarded Phalynx Core]|h|r
[CN][Inverva] Concentraded Anima

When boss marks two players with the Concentraded anima, One of the player spawns 1 Spectre, and the other one should spawn Manifestation. Currently, one of the players spawns 2 Manifestations instead of 1, and they spawn outsdie of the circle, where player was standing, Instead of directly on top of him.
[Battleground] Battle for Wintergrasp

Currently on FS, when you start a Wintergrasp, Broken Temple and Sunken ring are controled by the Faction that defend, those two base should be controled by the Faction that Attack (cf. retail screenshot).

About Rank to craft engine, destroy Turret or engine should count as a credit, also second Rank need 5 kill to reach (work well on FS), but the final Rank should need 10 additional kill to reach (only need 5 additional kill credit on FS):

For what i tested on retail, damage of Range spell from Engine or Turret (that have area effect) should deal reduced damage further you are from the center of the impact (on FS it deal constant damage on the area hit, but i guess it's not an issue until lag are fixed in this BG).

Currently on FS, only the 3rd tower destroyed reduce the Time remaining by 10 min; on retail each tower destroy reduce the time by 5min (for a total of 15min reduction):

Also on FS, |T252179:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:50025|h[Plague Barrel]|h|r from Wintergrasp Catapult don't spread the Plague area.
[NW] Shadow Well

Description of the bug
Currently the cast can go on any target in the group.

How it should be
This is a tank mechanic cast, it should always be casted on tank to force him to move.

|T2576095:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:320573|h[Shadow Well]|h|r
[NW]Boneshatter Shield

Description of the bug
At the moment breaking the shield before the buff expires on the add doesnt make it die instantly, in turn making those adds way harder to kill.

How it should be
After breaking the shield buff in time before it expires they should instantly die.

|T458717:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:343470|h[Boneshatter Shield]|h|r

[DoS][Manastorms] Shadowfury

Shadowfury spell from Millhouse should also stun Millificent Manastorm if player is close to her.
[ToP] Necrolord Banners

Description of the bug

Buffs are lasting way longer then 6 min (maybe even forever). Its maybe only for necrolords, but i think this last for everyone.

How to reproduce

Use banner and after 6 min u will still have buff and vers
How it should be

It should last 6 min.

[ToP] Altras of Agony zone

Description of the bug

Green circles that drops on floor in altras zone still drops when we go through door to next pack.

How to reproduce

Go to next zone and look at ground or stay in middle of that door, it will still hit u

How it should be

Green circles should drop untill door, not inside and at start of next zone.

[ToP] Shackled Souls

Description of the bug

It seems like they do too much dmg for a key lvl. They are currently haredst pack in ToP but they shouldnt be.
How to reproduce

Check dmg formula for our patch

How it should be

They should do less dmg

[CN][General] LFR Enterable by Portal

Currently, if you Join LFR Raid, and leave it, your Difficulty will stay to Looking for Raid, and can enter the raid on such difficulty by the Portal in Revendreth. This shouldnt be possible.
[Havoc] Darkness

For players in a group or raid, who are affected by the darkness of the demon hunter, frames is bugging see to screenshot.


January 21, 2022

[Holy] Beacon of Faith

Description of the bug

Currently you are not able to get Holy power when you heal the target with Beacon of Faith buff with Flash of light and Holy light. But you are able to get Holy power when you heal the target with Beacon of Light.

How to reproduce

Use the Holy talent beacon of faith and use beacon of faith talent on friendly player and try healing it with flash of light and holy light to generate holy power.

How it should be

Beacon of Faith mark a second target as a Beacon, mimicking the effects of Beacon of Light. Your heals will now heal both of your Beacons, but at 30% reduced effectiveness. Healing the target with Beacon of Light as well as Beacon of Faith with Holy Light and Flash of Light should reward you one holy power per cast.

Information's of the spell

|T1030095:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:156910|h[Beacon of Faith]|h|r
[BT Report]()
[Restoration] [Conduict] Floral Recycling

Class: Druid
Specialization: Restoration
Conduit: |T348548:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:340621|h[Floral Recycling]|h|r

Floral Recycling is only partially working.

Rejuvenation does not add healing. (It should)
Regrowth does not add healing. (It should)
Wild Growth works correctly.

[Vengeance] Infernal Armor.

Description of the bug

Infernal Armor increase the demon hunters armor by 20% and cause attackers to take 5% of attack power as damage, it scales with Meta and Infernal armor. But currently its not scaling with demon spike and total armor gained doesn't have the 20% increased value from infernal armor.

How to reproduce

Take Infernal Armor as talent, use demon spike and then use infernal armor the value of armor the demon hunter gets doesn't add up.

How it should be

Infernal armor should scale with demon spike and should give 20% increased armor by also including the armor gained from demon spikes. I have attached a video proof and the calculations I did.

Information's of the spell

|T1344649:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:320331|h[Infernal Armor]|h|r
[BT Report]()
[Video Proof]()
[Icy Vein Guide]()
[Maldraxxus][Rare] Tahonta

[Tahonta]( can be found in Maldraxxus.
Creature ID: 162586
Location: 2691.479492 2146.185547 3297.344482

> On PTR the NPC is only using melee attacks and none of its [abilities](;mode:lfr) :

> [Gore](|T237402:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:328940|h[Gore]|h|r) = ID 328940
> [Tantrum](|T237402:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:328910|h[Tantrum]|h|r) = ID 328910


> On PTR the NPC respawns 2 min after it has been killed, while on retail the respawn timer is around 15 min.

Proof in attachment
[CN][LFR] Dancing fools

Zone: Castle Nathria
Difficulty: LFR

##If [Lord Stavros]( gets "Empowered with Anima" it calls down [Dancing Fools]( which will coat the entire floor with [Violent Uproar](|T3528309:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:346303|h[Violent Uproar]|h|r) and one of the pair is killable, but on PTR the killable couple regens massive amounts of health every couple of seconds and this shouldn't be the case.

Retail Proof:
PTR Proof:
[CN][LFR] Dance Macabre

Zone: Castle Nathria
Difficulty: LFR

##The time to get into your position is too little compared to retail. On PTR it's around 4 seconds when on retail is 7 seconds.

Retail Proof:
PTR Proof: h
[CN][LFR] Starvos' Lunge vs Dance Macabre

Zone: Castle Nathria
Difficulty: LFR

##If go into intermission while [Lord Starvos]( is in the middle of casting [Evasive Lunge]( it stays down and attacks the player while dancing.

PTR Proof:
[CN][LFR] Leaps vs Defenders

Zone: Castle Nathria
Difficulty: LFR

##If you try to leap near the edges of the room you are instantly knocked backed even if you are not passing the arena's limits.

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[CN][LFR] Lunge vs Outside mobs

Zone: Castle Nathria
Difficulty: LFR

##Every time [Lord Stavros]( uses [Evasive Lunge]( and gets outside of the arena, it pulls additional unattackable mobs.

PTR Proof:
[CN LFR][Sun King's Salvation] General NPC Pathing

`NPC:` [Vile Occultist](;mode:lfr)

Vile Occultists mobs are pathing onto the boss pedestule and resetting the boss fight as you can see in the video. The area where boss is placed shouldnt have any pathing available to it.
[DOS] Atal'ai Deathwalker;mode:m
[Misc][Legendary] Druid's Ursoc's Fury Remembered

Ursoc's Fury Remembered issues are listed here:

|T1413870:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:339056|h[Ursoc's Fury Remembered]|h|r
[Misc][Covenants] Flagellation

Description of the bug

Flagellation issues:
1) Flagellation buff shouldn't refresh each time you spend combo point(s) or gain a stack
2) After the first 12 seconds, the buff should not take combo points spent in consideration. At the moment you can have 100% uptime;

How to reproduce

Cast Flagellation

How it should be

first 12 seconds you gather stacks from combo points and haste, then it refresh to 12 seconds and keep the haste but no more combo points stacking (watch yt video)

Informations of the spell


January 20, 2022

Execute animation cancel

|T135358:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:163201|h[Execute]|h|r has an animation during more time than most of the other spells.
Actually, when you are using execute on a target and the target goes out of your sight during spell's animation (like turning around or your target moving), your execute will be reseted.
It should not be possible, execute should hit the target even with a mage tp or things like that.

Fs proof >
[Fury] Execute

Execute in Fury Specialization has these issues:

Execute without Massacre (Fury): |T135358:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5308|h[Execute]|h|r
Execute with Massacre (Fury): |T135358:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:280735|h[Execute]|h|r
Massacre (Fury) Talent: |T135358:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:206315|h[Massacre]|h|r
Stealth and shields vs dots

How it should work :

Dots' damages should remove stealth BUT shields should prevent dot's damage _if absorb value is enough_ to remove stealth.

How it actually work :

Dot's damage remove your stealth even with a shield absorbing damages.
Fs proof >
[Discipline] Penance vs LoS


Currently on Oribos if you cast Penance on a target that's moving behind LoS cancels out the spell completely, it should be cast on your target even if they move behind LoS as long as they were in your LoS before moving.

[Survival] Wildifre Infusion vs Diminsihing AoE20

How should it work:

Bombs average damage =1050

Diminishing AoE Calculation

Diminished Damage = baseDamage (20 / 25)

= 1050 0.8

= 840 correct

Bombs DoT average damage = 361

Diminishing AoE Calculation

Diminished Damage = baseDamage (20 / 25)

= 361 0.8

= 288 correct

How it is working right now:

They don't have Diminishing AoE20.

|T915852:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:271014|h[Wildfire Infusion]|h|r

|T2065637:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:270335|h[Shrapnel Bomb]|h|r |T2065635:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:270323|h[Pheromone Bomb]|h|r |T2065636:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:271045|h[Volatile Bomb]|h|r
[Frost] Gathering Storm vs Rime

Fixed an issue where Gathering Storm aura wasn't given while Rime buff procced.
[Conduit] Relentless Onslaught

How should it work:
The Conduit should replica of |T1303275:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:201427|h[Annihilation]|h|r or |T1305152:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:162794|h[Chaos Strike]|h|r
40 Fury Melee Range

Slice your target for [(57.5575% of Attack power) + (90.4475% of Attack power)] Chaos damage. Annihilation has a 20% chance to refund 20 Fury.
How it is working right now:
Right now its only copying the second(offhand) damage.
Its hitting twice but It only doing the 57.5575% of Attack power part.

It should do (57.5575% of Attack power) + (90.4475% of Attack power)] Chaos damage.


|T1354410:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:339151|h[Relentless Onslaught]|h|r

[HoA] High Adjudicator Aleez

1. In Halls of Atonement, players are able to reset the encounter with [High Adjudicator Aleez]( by walking close to the entrance fence.


2. Boss' [Anima Fountain](|T1392546:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:329340|h[Anima Fountain]|h|r) gets cancelled after first pool appears.

[MoTS] Tred'ova - Gormling Larva Fixate

In Mists of Tirna Scithe during the [Tred'ova]( encounter, the [Gormling Larvas]( should fixate on one player via [Marked Prey](|T841383:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:322563|h[Marked Prey]|h|r). At the moment, the Gormling Larvas can be aggroed by other party members/tanks which renders the mechanic useless.
[MoTS] Ingra Maloch

In Mists of Tirna Scithe, [Ingra Maloch]( is currently unable to move after interrupts, the boss will remain still no matter what which causes some issues for players who need to be in the close proximity of the boss (tank/melee) while other encounter mechanics are happening.

[Covenant][Quest] Elysian hold npc vs spires dung entrance interaction

Description of bug
when the npc polemarch adrestes picks up the player to fly them to the elysian hold(kyrian covenant hall) he will fly through the spires of ascension dungeon portal and the player will automatically enter the dungeon instead of flying to the covenant hall in turn not allowing the player to continue the questline
[ptr proof]()

Suggestions for possible fix
Disable the spires dungeon interaction while the player is doing this particular quest and once the quest is completed the dungeon interaction can be reemabled again

Hope this helps
[Misc][Legendary] Druid's Cat-Eye Curio
[Misc][Arena] Season Reward

Currently on Oribos your games won above 1k rating don't contribute towards season reward. Every game you win above 1k rating should contribute 1% towards season reward.
[Misc][Arena] Observing Arenas

Currently after winning an arena battle you don't get honor count towards the quest, it's perma 0/1500.
[Misc][Transmogification] legion artifact transmog

Description of the issue
in the shadowlands update the players now can transmog their wepons into their preffered legion artifact apperance individually for example a fury warrior could transmog his two hand wepons to the arms artifact apperance(Strom'kar, the Warbreaker) individually and have dual wepon apperance but atm its not the case in firestorm if the warrior tries to transmog them individually the ending result is the warr having only a single wepon apperance

retail proof
[please read this link it has the blizard blue post attached to it]()

firestorm proof
[oribos proof]()

January 19, 2022

[ArmsProtection] Execute

After the recent changes on the damage of |T135358:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:163201|h[Execute]|h|r (Arms/Prot) is not increasing the more Rage we spend on it. So the base damage of it will always be as we spent 20 Rage, doesn't matter if we spend 30 or 40 Rage.

Now, with Sudden Death is all fine so no need to touch this talent.

#Correct IDs:
#Execute without Massacre: |T135358:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:163201|h[Execute]|h|r
#Execute with Massacre (Arms): |T135358:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:281000|h[Execute]|h|r
[Legendary] Deeptremor Stone

Fixed an issue where |T136024:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:336739|h[Deeptremor Stone]|h|r can't critic, while it should.
[Retribution] Zeal vs Art of WarAbilities

Selecting Zeal (Talent), makes some Retribution Paladin spells to have reduced cooldown upon casting Judgment.

NOTE: this bug happens only when you don't have any Zeal buff on your char. If you've already a buff of Zeal you won't be able to reproduce

How it should work
Upon casting Judgment, only your autoattacks should be 30% faster which is working :thumbsup:
[Restoration] Wild Growth

How should it work:
When you reach level 49 you should learn Rank2 and it should make you heal total 6 targets(including player).For only Restoration spec
How it is working right now:
Rank2 basically doesn't work. You only heal 5 targets

|T236153:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:48438|h[Wild Growth]|h|r

Rank2: |T236153:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:328025|h[Wild Growth]|h|r
[Guardian] Tooth and Claw talent

Description of the bug

While using |T134298:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:135288|h[Tooth and Claw]|h|r talent, you have 3 issues :

Proc have 100% chance, every auto attack triggers Tooth and Claw talent instead of 20% chance
When you get a proc, you get 2 stack instead of 1 stack
When you use |T132136:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:6807|h[Maul]|h|r after proc, buff from proc don't fade, you can spam Maul with active buff

How to reproduce

Just hit a pilar with Tooth and Claw talent, you'll get infinite proc with 100% chance instead of 20% chance

How it should be

Proc shouldn't have 100% uptime
Proc should fade after using |T132136:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:6807|h[Maul]|h|r
After a proc, you should get 1 stack instead of 2

Informations of the spell

|T134298:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:135288|h[Tooth and Claw]|h|r
[Conduit] Eradicating Blow

|T1373362:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:181943::::::::120:::::|h[Eradicating Blow]|h|r

I currently have this equipped in my conduit slot but it doesn't work at all.

[Frost] Gathering Storm

Fixed an issue where Obliterate extended Gathering Storm buff and Howling Blast was giving 2 stack instead of 1.
[Unholy] Army of the Damned


The following talent, doesn't spawn magus of the dead pets.


Try without the talent
Choose the talent
Check if there's Magus add's


It should spawn magus pets/adds aswell.

|T1392565:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:276837|h[Army of the Damned]|h|r

BT Report: (es one, lazy to check for en :laughing: )
[Legendary] Crimson Rune Weapon

|T1392952:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:334525|h[Crimson Rune Weapon]|h|r
|T135277:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:49028|h[Dancing Rune Weapon]|h|r

How it should work:

Dancing Rune Weapon generates 5 Bone Shield charges. When a charge of Bone Shield is consumed, the cooldown of Dancing Rune Weapon is reduced by 5 sec. Additionally, when Dancing Rune Weapon fades, your Rune regeneration rate is increased by 40% for 10 sec.

How it actually works:

Rune regeneration part works fine, but whenever you consume a stack of Bone Shield the cooldown on Dancing Rune Weapon isn't consumed.

Allied races missing Death Gate

|T135766:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:50977|h[Death Gate]|h|r

Currently on Oribos Allied Races are missing Death Gate from their spellbook.

[Havoc] Mastery - Demonic Presence

Description of the bug

Currently DH mastery is not giving the increase walking movement speed, the chaos damage increased is working fine.

How to reproduce

Check your mastery and then check your walking movement speed without mount in Havoc

How it should be

Demonic Presence should increase the walking movement speed along with the chaos damage done by the demon hunter. Currently only the increased chaos damage part is working fine,

Information's of the spell

|T236293:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:185164|h[Mastery: Demonic Presence]|h|r
[BT Report]()
[Misc][Covenants] Wild Spirits

Description of the bug

Damaging abilities of pet does not trigger Wild Spirits;
Wild Mark keeps appearing and disappearing when it should stay
When having the Wild Spirits active on the target, when using Bestial Wrath it should trigger a hit from the Wild Spirits. It currently does not.
Rapid Fire are triggering Wild Spirits like 7 times instead only 1 on cast

When using Serpentstalker's Trickery legendary it does 2 hits of wild spirits. Blizard nerfed this to do only 1 hit


How to reproduce

Cast Wild Spirits
Use Bestial Wrath to gain stack of Wild Spirits.
Use rapid fire when wild spirits active.
Equip Serpentstalker's Trickery legendary and do Aimed shot while wild spirits active.
How it should be

Pet Abilities should proc Wild Spirits
Bestial Wrath on cast should proc Wild Spirits
Rapid Fire should only proc wild spirits once at cast.
Legendary should proc it once not twice.

Informations of the spell

|T3636840:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:328231|h[Wild Spirits]|h|r

|T3636840:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:328275|h[Wild Mark]|h|r
|T132127:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:19574|h[Bestial Wrath]|h|r