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New arena seasons!

Greetings, everyone!

It's been some time since the current PvP seasons are active on our realms, so it's time for us to end them! We have reached the end of the PvP seasons for our Legion, WoD and MoP seasons! All the arena seasons will end on the 31st of July. The rewards will be given the same day, and the new arena season will start at the same time, for all the realms! See the prizes and reward sheet for each PvP season here:


The rewards will be distributed to 2v2 and 1v1 regardless of the factions nor the realms. The ladder 3v3 was too inactive and therefore it's excluded from getting rewards.

Here is the level of rewards for 2v2:

Top 1 to 7 (minimum rating: 2300): Fierce Gladiator, and the mount

Top 8 to 15 (minimum rating: 2200); Gladiator, and the mount

Top 16 to 30 (minimum rating: 2050): Duelist,

Top 31 to 50 (minimum rating: 1950): Rival and

Top 51 to 75 (minimum rating: 1850): Challenger and

Here is the level of rewards for 1v1:

Top 1 to 7 (minimum rating: 2150); Gladiator, and the mount

Top 8 to 15 (minimum rating: 2050): Duelist,

Top 16 to 30 (minimum rating: 1950): Rival and

Top 31 to 50 (minimum rating: 1850): Challenger and


About rated battlegrounds, ( / will be given to for the top 1 to 10 players by their faction.

Please remember that you must have at least 50 matches during this season in order to be eligible for rewards.



The rewards will be distributed to 2v2 regardless of the factions. The ladder 3v3 was too inactive and therefore it's excluded from getting rewards.

Top 1 to 7 (minimum 2200 rating): Primal Gladiator, and the mount

Top 8 to 15 (minimum 2100 rating): Gladiator, and the mount

Top 16 to 30 (minimum 2000 rating): Duelist,

Top 31 to 50 (minimum 1900 rating): Rival and

Top 51 to 75 (minimum 1800 rating): Challenger and


The rewards will be distributed to 3v3. Here is the level of rewards:

Top 1 to 5 (minimum 2100 rating): Title Relentless Gladiator, achievement, the mount and 100 Firestorm Points on their account.

Top 6 to 15 (minimum 2000 rating): Gladiator,, the mount and 50 Firestorm Points on their account.

Top 16 to 30 (minimum 1900 rating): Duelist,

Top 31 to 50 (minimum 1800 rating): Rival and

Top 51 to 75 (minimum 1700 rating): Challenger and


About rated battlegrounds, Hero of the Alliance ( / Hero of the Horde ( will be given to the top 10 players in rated battlegrounds.


We will also be banning and removing players who have been win-trading during this season.

Please remember that you must have at least 50 matches during this season’s rated battlegrounds in order to be eligible for rewards.


A new season is about to start and the question is whos gonna be the next champions?


Have a nice day and see you all on the battlefield


It's great to see so many players involved with the past expansions and as we said previously we are still working on them often. Now a new season is about to start and the question is: who's gonna be the next champions?

Have a nice day and see you all on the battlefield!

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July 22, 2019
2nd Update on Sethraliss!



During our previous announcement we told you guys that we'd release one Uldir LFR wing every 2 weeks, and planned on releasing the full Mythic difficulty alongside the release of the 3rd and last wing: last Wednesday, the 2nd wing was released, which means that next Wednesday the final one is to be delivered on live.

Well, we're gonna deliver on our promises, with some extras! Uldir Mythic, alongside King's Rest, Siege of Boralus and the full War Campaign will ship to live on Wednesday, June 5th at 11:00 AM Server time!

Note: With this update, the realm ilvl cap will be increased to 395.  




The mythic mode of Uldir will be available on all 8 bosses! Be ready to face them all in their true form and battle your way to the top of the ladder, while ending G'huun's corruption once and for all! All bosses will loot base 385 ilvl gear.

In Mythic difficulty, the challenge is increased, with some new mechanics on the bosses, be sure to check them before getting into the fray!

We grouped them for you here:

Taloc Mother Zek’voz, Herald of N’zoth   Vectis Fetid Devourer Zul Mythrax the Unraveler G’huun





The 8.0 War Campaign will be fully released, both Alliance & Horde sides! Since the release, only the Footholds were available: now is the time to continue what you started, and lay waste on the opposing faction! (NB: you need to complete all available Footholds before continuing the War Campaign questline).

Horde side: You will be able to get to the 5th chapter 'The Strike on Boralus' Alliance side: You will be able to get to the 5th chapter 'The Strike on Zuldazar'

Note: Island Expeditions are still under development, and won't be released with this update.  




The last Kul Tiran dungeon, Siege of Boralus will be available in Mythic, and Mythic difficulties! EDIT: To unlock this dungeon, whether you are Alliance or Horde, you will need to finish the war campaign.





The last Zandalari dungeon, King's Rest will be available in Mythic, and Mythic difficulties! EDIT: To unlock this dungeon, whether you are Alliance or Horde, you will need to finish the war campaign.





Things have evolved since the last time we shared, here are the standings now:

 Vol'dun is almost fully scripted and will begin testings shortly. Stormsong Valley is a bit behind, but still progressing. Arathi Outdoors' tests have begun, but the contribution system still needs to be implemented & tested. Islands Expeditions are soon finished and will then have to be tested. Some of our developers began working on 'old content' namely Tanaan Jungle questline, as well as Gilneas & Kezan to improve player experience when leveling. One of our devs is working on implementing the 'Role Check' system for PvP queues (the window that pops up asking you to confirm your role for arenas & BGs). It should be testable soon, and after that will be shipped to live.


As a reminder, our Quality Assurance team could use your help! Whether you're more familiar with raids, dungeons, questlines, professions, or classes, you can help us improve the server! You can send your application here (in English) and if you have questions, feel free to ask any admin on discord, or the Head QAs directly (Citryne for PVE side, and Tweek for Class Masters).

Thank you for your time, we wish you all good luck & fun while enjoying those new contents! The Firestorm Team.

May 29, 2019
Sethraliss Update!



Greetings Everyone! Following our latest news regarding the 1st content update on Sethraliss, here comes the release announcement, including detailed information on what's to come, as well as the shipping date: Wednesday, May 8th at 11:00 AM server time!

Note: With this release, the realm ilvl cap will be increased to 385.

We also received a message from Boris, who returned from a dangerous adventure around the world. He asked us if he could come and say hi, and we didn't dare say no to an old friend! He'll be joining us on all expansions from Friday, May 3rd at 6 PM to Monday, May 6th 11:59 PM (both server time)

In this post, we'll be reviewing in detail everything that's gonna be released. Are your seat belts fastened? Alright, let's go!




Uldir will be fully released (all 8 bosses) in Normal & Heroic Difficulty, plus the 1st wing of LFR: The Halls of Containment (which will include the first 3 bosses listed below).  As opposed to what was stated in our previous post, we chose to release the LFR version of the raid wing by wing rather than all at once. The 2nd Wing should be released 2 to 3 weeks later, and the 3rd and final wing 2 to 3 weeks after the second one, alongside the full Mythic difficulty. The ilvl of gear is as follows, with a hard cap at 385 as stated in the introduction: LFR 340 / Normal 355 / Heroic 370 . As a reminder, only non-azerite gear can proc.


Taloc Mother Zek’voz, Herald of N’zoth   Vectis Fetid Devourer Zul Mythrax the Unraveler G’huun




Mythic will be added: this means tougher challenges, new affixes, but also better rewards! Push your key to get the best possible gear at the end of the dungeon, and in your weekly chest. Some changes have been made to the MM system, here is a list of the most important ones:

Azerite armor pieces (Head - Chest - Shoulders) can only be obtained in the Weekly chest, you cannot get them in the end-of-dungeon chest. You cannot swap gear inside the MM , so you will have to choose your gear prior to entering the dungeon. You can now Bonus roll inside the MM : the rolled bonus can contain a random piece from the current dungeon, taking into account the key level to define the base ilvl (item can still proc).

On top of the system changes, the affixes themselves underwent some changes (including balancing). Here are the most important ones:

Tyrannical and Fortified become lvl 2 affixes, which means they will be present on every key now. There is now one special lvl 10 affix each season of MM . The first one is Infested: every key of lvl 10 or higher will include this affix during the course of the first MM season The affixes present on the first week will be: Tyrannical (2) / Raging (4) / Volcanic (7) (number in parenthesis is minimum key level for the affix to be active).

The reward system is in essence similar to the one from Legion: The weekly chest reward is based on your previous week best completion, while the end of dungeon reward is based on the current dungeon's key level. Rewards will be as follow. As a reminder, all looted gear except azerite ones can proc, with a hard cap of 385.




If you want more information about the Mythic System, you can check here.




For those of you that thrive in the heat of PvP fights, start climbing the ladder in 2vs2 and 3vs3: face your opponents on the arena and prove your worth as a champion of Azeroth! This will be the first PvP season and will last until the second raid, Battle of Dazar’alor is released (expected duration is 4-5 months). Here is a list of the most important features of this system:

At the end of an arena match, you will have a chance to get a piece of gear, with its ilvl scaling based on your current rating (see below) Winning a rated arena match, or winning your first rated battleground of the day fills up your conquest progression, and will earn you some gear pieces at specific breakpoints: it starts off at an LFR-level and scales up as you progress. If you fill up your conquest bar entirely for the week, you will now be able to get a weekly PvP cache, with its rewards depending on your highest PvP rank (see below): Everything you need to know can be found here.


List of rewards for Season 1: (again, only non-azerite gear can proc, up to a hard cap of 385):

 Rank  Rating  EoM*  Cache**  Cache (Azerite Item)  Rewards  Unranked  0-1399  340  355  355    Combatant  1400-1599  350  365  355  Elite Appearance - Bracer, Belt  Challenger  1600-1799  360  370  370  Elite Appearance - Gloves, Legs, Boots  Rival  1800-2099  365  375  370  Elite Appearance - Helm, Shoulder, Chest  Duelist  2100-2399  370  380  385  Elite Appearance - Cloak  Gladiator  2400  375  385  385  Elite Appearance - Tabard / Gladiator Title (50 wins)






*EoM = End of Match, occasional **Cache = Weekly PVP Chest, available at Hook Point / Mugambala PVP Hubs





Each week (rotation happening on Wednesdays), you will get a new World Quest regarding a World Boss: team up with other people to bring them down, and get a chance to loot a 355 piece of gear! A different one will be available each week, you can learn more about them here.

List of scripted World Bosses:

T'zane, The Soul Terror Azurethos, The Winged Typhoon Hailstone Construct Ji'arak





On top of that, Boris will be visiting all of our realms the weekend preceding the update! From Friday, May 3rd at 6 PM to Monday, May 6th 11:59 PM (both server time), once per account per expansion you will be able to talk to him and ask him for a free boost. This boost will get you to max level (except on Sethraliss, our BFA realm where you will be put lvl 110), and will include some gear and a bit of gold so you can hop straight into the action!  



This is it, our first update on Sethraliss! We hope everyone will enjoy all the new content that is being released. You guys still have 1 week to fully prepare, so don't waste your time, and let's see which guild climbs the ladder first, which 5 man groups hold the best key record for high MM keys, and who's gonna be the uncontested dread gladiator!

PS: Following our latest roadmap, and for those interested, there has been some progress!

War campaign is almost fully scripted and needs testing now, alongside Siege of Boralus. King's Rest is already fine. Stormsong Valley and Vol'dun are both at around 3/7 chapters done. Testing sessions will begin shortly. Arathi Outdoors is close to being finished as well, and will then need testing. (scenario is not included) Islands Expeditions have been started!


Again, there is no set date for now: it's just to give you guys an idea about what's being done behind the scenes development wise! As you can see, all those new contents need testing before being shipped to the live realm; If you're interested in giving a hand, you can apply to become a member of our Quality Assurance team here.

That's all for today! We hope you're excited about all this and wish you all good fortune in the wars to come! (And fun too. Fun is important). The Firestorm Team.

April 30, 2019
Sethraliss 1st Content Update

Hello everyone, we hope you are all enjoying our newest expansion! We have dedicated all our time and resources to make it the best possible Battle for Azeroth private server, we’re happy with the results so far, and we’re continuously fixing issues that you guys might encounter to make sure the gaming experience is at its best for everyone.

Now let’s talk development: When we released the realm Sethraliss, we told you guys that the first big content update would include, among other things, the first wing of Uldir: well there has been some changes! We heard a lot of people complain that, by releasing Uldir wing by wing, it would cut out most of the hype a raid release is supposed to bring: the experience is different than retail, because you would be able to do the first wings several times before reaching G’huun (the final boss) that would be released week later, and the guild race wouldn’t feel the same when you have bosses released 3 by 3, with weeks between them. You probably know where this is going by now: We decided to release Uldir fully in one update, in LFR, Normal & Heroic difficulties (Mythic will be released later, not the next week). Since we have 3 different developers working on the raid, this change of plan won’t actually delay the update by much, and we’re currently expecting to release it late April / early May.

As you may guess, releasing the full raid implies heavier testing sessions to make sure that everything works fine: this is made possible thanks to our Quality Assurance team ! If you’re interested and want to help us out, feel free to apply there to join the team! Now let's get to it!


Uldir will be fully available in Looking for Raid(LFR), Normal and Heroic. All the bosses, loot and achievements released in one single patch: get ready, read the strats with your guildies, and climb the PvE ladder that will be available on our website! As a reminder, we will be releasing the Mythic Mode a few weeks later. Bosses:

Taloc Mother Zek’voz, Herald of N’zoth   Vectis Fetid Devourer Zul Mythrax the Unraveler G’huun



Mythic will be added: this means tougher challenges, new affixes, but also better rewards! Push your key to get the best possible gear at the end of the dungeon, and in your weekly chest. Some changes have occurred since Legion, be sure to check them here.

Season 1 Special Affix: Infested, for the rest of the affixes you check here.






For those of you that thrive in the heat of PvP fights, start climbing the ladder in 2vs2 and 3vs3: face your opponents on the arena and prove your worth as a champion of Azeroth! This will be the first PvP season, and will last until the second raid, Battle of Dazar’alor is released. Here is the list of rewards you can get while defeating your enemies. Alongside the ranked system, you will now be able to get a weekly PvP cache, when you cap your conquest, with its rewards depending on your PvP rank: Everything you need to know can be found here. Rewards of the weekly chest, based on your highest rating:




Face World Bosses in epic battles. Work with other Champions in order to get those big baddies down and claim their prize! A different one will be available each week:

With this release, we hope to give everyone new challenges to face alone or with friends, both PVE and PVP wise: more content to do every week, with better rewards. Join the battle, get the best gear possible in the meantime to make sure you’re ready for it!

Regarding other content still under development and testings, you can expect several updates (no clear roadmap yet: those will be released at different times, but no set date as of now): - War campaign, alongside King’s Rest and Siege of Boralus dungeons. - The 2 last zones: Stormsong Valley in Kul Tiras, and Vol’dun in Zandalar - Arathi Highlands Warfront

Thank you for your time, and we hope you are as hyped as us about this! Have fun on Firestorm, and see you next time The Firestorm Team.  


April 5, 2019
Cross-faction available on Sylvanas!

Greetings, Firestorm players!


Today we get to talk about Sylvanas. It's no surprise that a big part of our population switched to our newest realm/expansion and therefore we want to make sure our players remaining on Sylvanas still have the best environment possible! Right now we have switched 2 of our best developers back to Legion. The goal is to fix any issues still pending there and keep providing our Legion community with the best available realm! So, in order to ease our Sylvanas player base and facilitate group finder, raid finder and other elements of the game, we have enabled cross-faction!

Alliance and Horde Grouping. World content, Dungeons and Raids with inter-faction. Mixed Chat channels. Guilds.

We hope you have enjoyed this news. Now unite and defeat the Legion threat, Champions!


The Firestorm Staff

March 22, 2019
The realm of Battle for Azeroth opens on March 16!

The closed Beta of Battle for Azeroth (BFA) has been launched on February 11, welcoming hundreds of players to try it in early access. We thank all of them for helping us fixing different types of issues along the weeks and it is now time to officially announce the Sethraliss realm!


The realm opens its doors on March 16 at 2:00pm CET  

A whole new realm named Sethraliss will be available for Battle for Azeroth next week. If you wish to have a glimpse of the new expansion of World of Warcraft you can already participate to the open Beta available until Friday, 15 March. The realm of the open Beta will then be deleted, as well as any character progression done on the server.



Summary of the content


Every character on Sylvanas will be copied to Sethraliss.

Players will keep all their gear along with a maximum of 10,000 golds per character.

Guilds will be saved but guilds' banks will be cleared out.


Two new allied races: Dark Iron Dwarf and Mag'har Orc.

Four fully available zones (the two last zones will be completed later).

Eight dungeons will be available at launch (the two last dungeons will be added later).

No raid at launch.

Addition of the heart of Azeroth.


Two new arenas will be available at launch, as well as a rework of arena.

War mode will include air supply drops and the Dueler’s Guild.

Prestige has been deleted and the maximum level of honor has been increased to 500 (honor is reset for every player of the realm).


Application of the professions rework.

Removal of the profession First Aid.


New mounts, pets and items.

Get the collector mounts for free (Gilded Ravasaur and Seabraid Stallion) by logging in during the launch weekend.

Content to come

First raid

Mythic season

Arena season

World Bosses


Get Battle for Azeroth

To install the full client of Battle for Azeroth you will need 52 GB of free disk space. You will also need a torrent software (µTorrent, Bittorent or Transmission for Mac) to download the BFA client (version 8.0.1 28153).

You can also download BFA through the minimal client to enjoy the expansion more quickly or use the Firestorm launcher.

You can already download Battle for Azeroth to play on the open Beta or to be ready for March 16:


Download Battle for Azeroth  

Every character on Sylvanas (Legion) will be copied to the realm. On Sethraliss you will keep all of your gear and unlock content -only your gold will be lowered to start the new expansion.

Every character will be transferred with a maximum of 10,000 golds in their inventory. It will avoid giving some players an unfair advantage that would unbalance the realm's economy.

Guilds will be saved but the entire content of Guild's banks will be cleared out (items and golds).

You will have the opportunity to start the adventure with one of your already existing character from Sylvanas or from scratch with a whole new character.

On Battle for Azeroth the maximum level is 120 and every statistics of the game have been lowered (some items have also been deleted or edited): your characters and gear statistics will then all be lowered and some of your items may have been removed or edited (ex: mythic keystone or depleted items like artifact power tokens).


PvE Content - Player vs Environment

To start the main quest of Battle for Azeroth you will have to travel to the capital city of your faction: Stormwind and Orgrimmar. The first quest of the expansion will automatically launch once you arrive.

New races

Two new allied races come with Battle for Azeroth: Dark Iron Dwarf for the Alliance and Mag'har Orc for the Horde. Those two races will be immediately available and you will start at level 20 instead of level 1. Once you reach level 110 on the Dark Iron Dwarf or the Mag'har Orc you will receive a unique appearance set as well as the mount exclusive to this race.

New zones

Two new continents will be available in Battle for Azeroth, each with its own zones. On each continent, two zones out of three will be entirely available at the launch of Sethraliss:

Zandalar, new continent for the Horde: Nazmir and Zuldazar

Kul'Tiras, new continent for the Alliance: Tiragarde Sound and Drustvar

Each available zone offers all of the quests (main & secondary), emissaries and world quests. Nevertheless, you can freely travel through Vol'dun and Stormsong Valley and set up the war campaign camp.

You will need to set up the 3 war campaign camps (one on each zone of the opposing faction) to get access to emissaries and world quests.

Vol'dun and Stormsong Valley will soon be entirely available.


At the launch of Sethraliss, 8 dungeons will be available (out of 10):

Zandalar: Atal'Dazar, The MOTHERLODE!!!, The Underrot, Temple of Sethraliss

Kul'Tiras: Freehold, Tol Dagor, Shrine of the Storm, Waycrest Manor

The dungeons King's Rest and Siege of Boralus will be added later when the rest of the war campaign will be available. You can watch the replays from the team's streams during the closed Beta here.


Raid is currently in development and will be added later. The available raid will be Uldir (first wing).

The heart of Azeroth

The heart of Azeroth is a new feature from Battle for Azeroth which use the same system as the Artifact weapon of Legion. You obtain it at the beginning of the expansion and you can upgrade it gradually during your progression by collecting azerite (more informations here).


PvP content - Player vs Player


Two new arenas will be added with this expansion: Mugambala and Hook Point. The Nagrand arena will also get a rework.

The arena season will start with the launch of Mythic . No ranking will be available at the launch of Sethraliss.

War mode

War mode will be available in Battle for Azeroth with a few new features: air supply drop and Dueler's Guild. When this mode is active you get 10% of experience, reputation point, golds, azerite and war resources.

In war mode, a plane travels in the sky and regularly drops a crate full of rewards (only on BFA continents). Members of each faction then have to fight to get control over it in order to claim their personal loot (limited time).

The Dueler's Guild is a new PvP feature which allows 1v1 combats to obtain achievements. Go to Zuldazar for the Horde and Boralus for the Alliance to participate (more informations here).

Prestige and honor

Prestige has been removed in Battle for Azeroth and the honor level has been increased to 500. Now bound to the account, the honor level will be reset for every player.



The experience system of the professions got a rework in Battle for Azeroth: hence all players' professions levels will be copied and transformed accordingly. Every plans you learned will be kept.

The profession First Aid has been removed (talk to the instructors of Tailoring and Alchemy to find the recipes).


Classes and spells

Every class and spell were tested for several months and are now at a very advanced state. They are now currently in balancing phase (changelog BFA).



Battle for Azeroth also have some new mounts, pets and items that you will discover in game.

Every player logging in during the launch weekend* of Battle for Azeroth will get the collector mounts Gilded Ravasaur of the Horde and Seabraid Stallion of the Alliance, for free (account bound).

*Offer available from Saturday, 16 March 2:00pm CET to Sunday, 17 March 11:59pm CET.


Content to come

First content update

Second content update

Third content update

Raid: Uldir (first wing)

Mythic season

Arena season

World Bosses

Dungeons: King's Rest and Siege of Boralus

Rest of war campaign chapters

Zones: Vol’dun and Stormsong Valley

Island Expeditions


March 7, 2019
Battle for Azeroth: Release of the Open Beta!

Greetings, everyone!

The time has come. The Open Beta for Battle for Azeroth will get released to everyone this Monday 4th at 14:00 (2pm) server time. Come back to Azeroth and start your new adventures and challenges with all the content we have to offer! The download guide for the Battle for Azeroth client is here. You can read more about the Closed Beta and it's content here.

See you all in there.

March 1, 2019
BFA Closed Beta - Livestream replay

Greetings, Firestorm community!


As we previously announced, on February 7th the Quality Assurance Team did a Livestream on our Closed Beta for BFA showing all the working content and features we currently have implemented there. In case you missed the livestream, or if you just want to rewatch it, don't worry! We got you covered!


Also, if you want to jump to a certain point on the video, you can just click on one of the following links and it will open the video on a new tab on the precise moment where the feature is being explained:


Countdown 0:00 Intro 1:30:00

Heart of Azeroth Quest line:

Hour of Reckoning 1:36:03 The Battle for Lordaeron 1:37:32 A Dying World 1:39:55 The Heart of Azeroth 1:50:22 Infusing the Heart 1:52:42 The Speaker's Imperative 1:54:42

Zandalar Quest line:

Mission Statment 1:57:37 The Stormwind Extraction 1:59:32 Welcome to Zuldazar 2:04:41 Rastakhan 2:06:32 Speaker of the Horde 2:10:31 Discreet Discussions 2:11:57 To Matters at Hand 2:15:06 We Need Each Other 2:15:40 Zuldazar 2:19:26 Trust of a King 2:19:41 Tal'Gurub 2:21:18 The Port Of Zandalar 2:21:27 Needs a Little Body // The Urn of Voices 2:29:45 Fuel for the Voodoo 2:30:13

Rare mob:

Gahz'ralka 2:34:18

Dungeon - Atal'Dazar:                Trash

Trash 1 - To the first boss 2:38:43 Trash 2 - To the second boss 2:45:03 Trash 3 - Way to the end boss 2:58:28


Boss 1 - Priestess Alun'za 2:43:43 Boss 2 - Vol'Kaal 2:49:33 Boss 3 - Rezan 2:56:00 Boss 4 - Yazma 2:59:53

Duel Area:

Battle against Cybra 3:05:38 Battle against Cybra Nr2 3:07:38 Battle against Sketter 3:10:55

Air Drop:

Air Drop Looting 2:23:48


Extra info:

War Campaign 2:16:54 Level up and select trait 2:24:20

Firestorm Staff:

Special thanks 3:17:28


Have a nice day!

February 8, 2019
Battle for Azeroth: Opening of the Closed Beta!

Hello everyone,

It's been a few months since Battle for Azeroth was released, and although our players asked us to launch the expansion as quickly as possible, we had decided to finish Legion’s primary content first.

As time went by, and as we were reaching the end of it with Antorus release, developers have gradually shifted towards BFA, and have been working on several aspects: Stats formulas, Classes, Quests, PVE content and Expansion features among others.

Our goal is simple: Making sure our new Battle for Azeroth realm has the most content at release, with the highest quality available. We are close to that goal today and we feel like it's time to give our community the opportunity to try themselves what we have been working on.

In order to achieve that, we are launching a Closed Beta realm and we will give access to players who want to help us test the expansion and give us feedback. Players will have all their Legion players available on this realm, so they will be able to test all the BFA content, dungeons, classes, mechanics… everything!


The closed beta begins on February 11th.

Players willing to help us test the realm will be able to apply for access from the Account Management Page. We will be giving access to players that applied in waves. All selected players for the closed beta will receive a mail on their Firestorm email address informing them. The progress on the Closed Beta won’t count towards the progress on the Live realm. The point is to test the content and report the issues, not to make progress with your copied characters! For obtaining the BFA client, players will have a full guide on the forum and on the website giving them several options to download and install it on different languages. There will be several options for downloading the client on the "Join us" page on the website, as well as on the Firestorm launcher! It will be added this week. Meanwhile, you can download the client using one of the following links: Minimum client for Windows (64 bits only). Put the wow.exe in the folder you want to download the game and open it. Minimum client for Mac. Uncompress the files on the folder you want to download the game and open the .app file. Full client for Windows (64 bits only) and Mac. You need a TORRENT client in order to be able to open this link properly. Once it's downloaded, uncompress on the folder you want to play and execute wow.exe. For Mac users, there's a zip file inside the downloaded client called WoW Uncompress it inside the Game client and execute in order to be able to play. Do not forget that BFA client will be needed for the PTR Closed Beta Realm and later on for the Live Realm, so you will need it in order to play!


If you ever find any glitch or issue while playing on the Closed Beta PTR Realm, you will be able to report them on our bugtracker so we can fix it before the release of the BFA Live Realm, Sethraliss.






Classes We have been working on the scripting and balancing of the classes since early September and kept reviewing them because we know how important it is: so far, more than 500 fixes have been made on spells alone, including damage / healing values, interactions with other spells, and hotfixes. The QA team has been working with the developers in order to provide you with the best experience possible when you are playing your class. You can see their work on the Live Changelog.  

Stats Formulas We updated our templates so that each race, class, and spec has the most accurate values possible across the board: from your primary stat to your dodge and parry chances, your haste scalings, your block chances and damage reduction, or your auto attack damage, everything was reviewed and updated to be as reliable as possible.  

New Allied Races Dark Iron Dwarves and Mag'har Orcs are unlocked without any requirements! Once you get to level 120 with the race you will also unlock the transmog set and mount!


Azerite Traits and Gear: The Heart of Azeroth unlocks the ability to unlock Azerite Traits on new kind of Armor, This new type of gear is fully implemented and almost all sources of obtention will be available at release. We will then implement all other sources (weekly mythic chest, the new weekly PvP chest, world bosses and the first raid, Uldir). All traits are scripted. Learn more about them here:  

Each piece of equipment has a single Azerite feature tree. This tree is gradually released from the outside to the inside when the prodigious necklace gains levels. Here is a summary of these 5 tiers:

Tier 0: this level grants two features for each of the specializations in your class. Tier 1: this level grants a line for each of the specializations of your class and 1 general line. Tier 2: this level grants 3 traits that are useful for the different roles that your class can hold. It only appears on epic pieces. Tier 3: this level grants two useful or defensive features. Tier 4: this level grants the trait Reinforced by Azerite. It only appears on gear with item level 340 .  




Player versus Environment


Zones: On BFA, there will be 2 main cities for each faction, and they will be fully available at the release: Zuldazar for the Horde. Tiragarde Sound for the Alliance There will be a secondary zone of each new continent, Nazmir and Drustvar. Inside each available zone, you will be able to complete all the quests and chapters of the main storylines, fight against rare creatures, find lost treasures and also the world quests once you unlock them. The zones of Stormsong Valley and Vol'dun are still under development and will be released later. We will make announcements when the zones are ready to be implemented.

You will be able to report any issues regarding these zones on our bug tracker.

Dungeons: Fully scripted Dungeons and available when the Closed Beta opens: Freehold Waycrest Manor Atal'Dazar The Underrot Shrine of the Storm Under development and testing expected to be available during beta tests: The Motherlode Temple of Sethraliss Under development and testing expected to be available at launch on Live: Kings’Rest (Mythic ) Will come after release: Siege of Boralus (Mythic ) Tol Dagor




Player versus Player



Battlegrounds, Arenas and Skirmishes All currently available battlegrounds on Legion will be accessible at the launch of the realm. Two new arenas: Hook Point, Mugambala, and the remastered version of Nagrand arena will also be implemented. The ranked brackets will be up once the PvP season starts.



The War Mode In Battle For Azeroth, the distinction between PvP and PvE in the open world no longer exists. It is replaced by a new game mode that can be activated or deactivated, which is called the War Mode: War mode is the new wild PvP mode of Battle for Azeroth. By activating the war mode, you will only meet players in war mode. In this mode, your PvP talents will still be active no matter where you are. Doing quests in war mode will give you bonuses to experience and rewards. Killing players in war mode will grant you Conquest Points. To activate or deactivate the war mode and choose your Honor Talents, you will have to be in Stormwind or Orgrimmar, according to your faction. Once activated, your Honor talents will also be active all the time, whether you are engaged in PvP combat or not.   War mode offers a new way to engage wild PvP in BFA. In addition to activating your PvP abilities, this game mode allows you to kill players of the opposing faction and offers bonuses when becoming the assassin as well. The assassins who killed the most players (10 ) will have bigger bounties for their heads. You can freely attack and be attacked by the players of the opposite faction. The item level of your equipment is adapted to not create too big imbalances between the players. If you successfully defeat 10 consecutive players, you become an assassin, increasing your damage and healing by 15%. If you kill a lot of players, your position will appear on the enemy’s player map and your head will worth a bounty.   Regularly in war mode, a Horde Zeppelin will drop a crate on an area of Kul'Tiras and a flying machine of the Alliance on Zandalar. Such as games like "Battle Royale", you will have to go to the location of the supply crater to loot its content. Which means that the drop zone will be extremely dangerous, you will have to be ready to fight! To learn more, refer to this guide here.   Dueler’s guild: a 1vs1 arena feature! This is one of the big news for PvP on BFA: you can now make the arena solo and you can fight directly other players. Several rewards will be available, such as high-facts, titles and tabards. You will need to be at level 120 and have War Mode enabled to be eligible for this feature. NPCs will be located in the Duelist Guild, in Boralus for the Alliance, and in Zuldazar for the Horde.  To join the queue for the duel arena, you will need to contact the Guards of the Dueler’s Guild to play it. Once in the queue, you will be able to move around the area’s headquarters, but do not go too far or else you will lose your slot. After a while, two players are called into the arena to fight against each other, and a countdown of 15 seconds will be triggered to indicate the start of the duel. This outside zone is vulnerable to attacks by the opposite faction, although the guards will try to defend it during your match.




War Campaign Fight and conquer the territories of the opposing faction, establish outposts and recruit allies to claim territory. Rewards will be given as you progress! You will be able to follow your war campaign missions in real time at the top right corner of the quest log. The upgrades for the war campaign will be available after level 114. They will cost war resources and give your character various bonuses into the open world or certain game modes. Just like Warlords of Draenor garrison missions or Legion's class hall missions, you can send champions and troops to complete them for you, using war resources. War resources are the main currency of the campaigns. You can get some by completing quests, by finding treasure chests and World quests (which will be available at level 120). The bases of the war campaigns are located inside warships placed at the capitals of Kul'Tiras and Zandalar. They will unlock many features of the expansion and will offer various rewards. There are two military campaigns: one for the Alliance, one for the Horde. These will be the main chain quests of this new expansion, just like Legion's class field campaigns.


We hope our community enjoys this new expansion and we will keep doing our best to provide you with the best services and content

The Firestorm Staff


February 4, 2019
MoP : Season 15 #5 PvP!

The current season on our Garrosh realm will end on Friday, February 1st, 2019. The conquest points will be reset when the new season starts, so you will have to spend them before the season ends. The award distribution will happen during the week of February 4th, 2019. Titles from the last season will be removed for those who aren't eligible, except the Season Gladiator one.

The rewards will be distributed to 3v3. Here is the level of rewards:

Top 1 to 5: Title Furious Gladiator, achievement, the mount and 200 Firestorm Points on their account, as it was specified on the previous arena season post. Top 6 to 15: Gladiator, and 200 Firestorm Points on their account, as it was specified on the previous arena season post until top 10. Top 11 - 15 are excluded. Top 16 to 30: Duelist, Top 31 to 50: Rival and Top 51 to 75: Challenger and


About rated battlegrounds, Hero of the Alliance ( / Hero of the Horde ( will be given to the top 10 players in rated battlegrounds who have won at least 50 games during the season.

Good luck and congratulations to all participants.

January 25, 2019