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Siege of Orgrimmar (Heroic)

After several months of waiting, something promised is finally coming, and here is the biggest raids of Mists of Pandaria. Come face the 14 bosses in Siege of Orgrimmar in Heroic mode! The corrupt warlord Garrosh sank into madness and the thirst for power, so much that he completely denied his owner faction and ideals. It's now up to you to stop him and no matter what faction, he will face you with the same fury and fighting spirit. Do not let him get a hold of Pandaria!

He surrounds himself with the best Lieutenants and ferocious beasts to achieve his ends and become the sole supreme leader of Azeroth. You will have a lot of trouble during this long ordeal, but it's a necessary evil, and do NOT let it go!

Siege of Orgrimmar will be available on February 27th, 2018 at 13:00 (CET). Loot and achievements will be available, except for Skeer and Garrosh as they're in testing mode.

Garrosh has many unwary protectors, who are;
February 26, 2018

Located in Suramar, the biggest buildings of the Broken Isles await you! Continue an adventure of the third raid in Legion, Nighthold! The raid offers you to face a total of ten bosses, including the final boss who is known as Gul'dan! Its time for you to put an end to this treachery perpetrated by the Nighthold! 

Nighthold will be released on February 14th, 2018 at 18:00 (CET). Loot and achievements will be available as well! (Note: Mythic will be available in a few weeks, depending on the tests performed). Revisit these well-known old bosses of the old world; Deep within the foundations of the Nighthold, beneath the sea, lie long-forgotten vaults that give access to the Nightwell itself. This monstrous armored scorpid has made its home in one of these vaults. Infused with the power of the Nightwell, and surrounded by a teeming brood, Skorpyron presents a serious complication to an otherwise-promising back entry to the Nighthold. The cavern at the base of the Nightwell is a maelstrom of raw energy, as the power to fuel an entire civilization courses from the earth. Born from this chaotic flux, the Chronomatic Anomaly is an embodiment of the power of the Eye of Aman'thul. As it lashes out with energy attacks, the bursts of energy warp the very flow of time. Trilliax, once proud servant to the nightborne aristocracy, has been discarded and left to slowly deteriorate among other surplus constructs. While an unwavering will to carry out its tasks remains, the passage of time has splintered this construct's personality matrix. It now unpredictably switches from one mode to the next, ranging from doting caretaker to homicidal sterilizer, craving recognition and validation from a master that no longer exists. Aluriel always had an affinity for magic. She rose through the ranks of the Nightguard effortlessly, having a natural talent with the sword. But no matter how strong she became, she wanted more. She studied with the mages at the University of Suramar, spending her days in combat training and her evenings in the artificery. She forged her weapons and armor in the Nightwell, weaving magic spells into the precious metals. She is the first Spellblade, adept in the schools of Fire, Frost and Arcane. The nightborne astromancer Etraeus has devoted long years of research to scouring the skies of Azeroth, seeking answers to the great mysteries of the universe. His scrying has shown him worlds beyond our ken, and the power of the Nightwell allows him to draw upon the essence of those worlds to amplify his own powers. From his youth, the nightborne Tel'arn was fascinated by plant life: the resilience and adaptability of weeds, the ability of simple grass to harness the power of the sun, the way a tree may be divided into two, or two branches grafted into one. Aided by the energies of the Nightwell, he has transformed himself to the point that he is scarely recognizable as a nightborne elf. He now considers himself something far, far greater. This colossal doom lord, one of the largest and mightiest creatures in the armies of the Legion, was defeated at the Broken Shore through the combined might of the greatest heroes of the Horde and the Alliance. Having recovered from his wounds, Krosus emerges from the bay between the Nighthold and the Tomb of Sargeras to crush any who would oppose the Legion. The dreadlord Tichondrius, once leader of the nathrezim, was once slain by the newly-awakened power of none other than Illidan Stormrage. Reconstituted in the Twisting Nether, Tichondrius returns to watch over Gul'dan on behalf of the Legion, ensuring that the orc warlock does not once again fail his masters. Elisande once distinguished herself by resisting the Legion. She and her highborne followers broke away from Queen Azshara and the dark path she was taking, harnessing the power of the Eye of Aman'thul to create the Nightwell to protect Suramar from the Sundering. But over ten thousand years later, the Legion's arrival offered her no such recourse. She has cast her lot with the demons, hoping to once again use the power of the Nightwell - albeit this time in a very different sense - to save her people. The chain of events set in motion when Garrosh escaped to Draenor has continued, unbroken for all its twists and turns, leading to this very moment. Thwarted in Draenor, Gul'dan now stands on the precipice of achieving ultimate victory on behalf of his Legion masters. Standing atop the Nighthold, as the vortex of fel energy swirls in the skies overhead, the outcast orc warlock awaits his destiny.

In addition to the release date of Nighthold, the following things have changed;

The maximum item level will increase to level 915 (formerly 895). Legendary items will now be at level 940 when you receive one. Woah, don't yell at us yet, remain calm! If you already have a legendary item, we'll make a quest available to you so you can upgrade yours ( Player versus Player (Battlegrounds) and World Quests item level will be increased to 850 (formerly 835). Remember that if you encounter any issues during the raid, please report it to the feedback thread. 
February 1, 2018
Trial of Valor (Mythic)

Since the high treason of Loken, Odyn is trapped in the Trial of Valor while Helya tries to seize the souls of its Valarjar champions. However, great heroes have recently arrived on the Stormheim lands in the wake of the Legion, you! Hoping that your power and determination will be enough to tip the scales and overthrow the reign of Helya, but also Odyn who is summoning all his champions forged henchmen in a final mission to become unstoppable.

Trial of Valor will be released in mythic mode on January 13th, 2018 at 18:00 (CET). Loot and achievements will be available as well!

December 28, 2017
A Magical Christmas (Boris... has done it again)!


We’re ready for the holiday spirit, are you? We couldn’t celebrate Christmas without a reappearance of our favorite person. He has decided to visit for Christmas and give you all a gift. Here is the details of what’s going down on Firestorm during Christmas;

Boris Tis' the season to be jolly! Did you forget about Boris? I'm back to spread the Holiday Spirit. Just in time for Christmas and a present for you! Boris and his chicken took the Zepplin to come back for December 22nd, 2017 at 16:00 (CET). To celebrate the holiday spirit, and returning of Boris, he'll offer you a pre-equipped character on each Firestorm Expansion. All you have to do is login between December 22nd, 2017 and December 29th, 2017 and speak with Boris! He will level up your character to the maximum level and gives you all the items you need to start your adventures on Firestorm.   Boris arrived with a Christmas Promotion Get an extra 30% points from any purchases of points from December 22nd, 2017 to January 2nd, 2018 at 11:56pm (CET)! You can buy points from this page. With your points, you will have a wide access to choices of weapons, mounts, companions, and other stuff. Visit our shop  here . This promotion will be available until January 2nd, 2018 at 11:56pm (CET).   Christmas Lootbox That’s not all of it yet! We’ve launched a new Christmas Lootbox which is available for a limited time. This lootbox is only available on Sylvanas and Greymane. Try your luck and unlock a unique cosmetic for this winter or even a mount. For more information on the Christmas Lootbox visit our  shop .  

Ontop of that the in-game event “Winter Veil” is awaiting you in-game. The event will be available until January 2nd, 2018.

On behalf of the entire team at Firestorm, we wish you and everyone around you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, and Happy New Years to all of you guys. We hope that everyone will be safe and have a good time during their holiday break

December 22, 2017
Introducing... Greymane (A PvP experience like never before)

As we announced in our birthday development blog, we would be opening a new player vs. player realm called Greymane. We've been teasing the grand opening of this realm, the development team has been working on it, implementing the initial features and will keep working on further improving upon it depending on the feedback our pvp community gives us. Before we go into detail what to expect in this realm, we'll inform you what you receive upon connecting to the realm. Upon joining the realm you will receive the following;

Instant level 110.

Starting gear 840 item level.

Max artifact Knowledge.

Player vs. Player templates are enabled world-wide.

Now, you're probably asking yourself what makes this server unique from others? Well, here's a list of what you can expect on the realm;

Starting Hubs for Alliance and Horde.

Custom vendors with faction flavored rewards.

Special currency obtained from the following;

World - Player vs. Player.



Unique one vs. one type matches.

Server player vs. player events, and Gurubashi Arena daily quest.

Portal Master, Npc that teleports the players to a given location.

Global duel zone with cooldowns reset feature.

Cross-realm battlegrounds and arenas with Sylvanas.

And… much more!


Before, we provide you the information and the release date of the realm. Many of you may have questions, which is why we provided a Frequently Asked Questions about the realm below.

Q: Can I transfer my characters from Sylvanas to Greymane?

A: No you cannot, and you’re not able to transfer from Greymane to Sylvanas.

Q: Can I sell my character on Greymane in the Character Marketplace?

A: Yes, but there are some limitations, requires the character to be 870 item level or above and they can be sold/bought only within Greymane.

Q: I found a bug on the server, what should I do next?

A: Please report the bug to our bug tracker!

Q: I found someone breaking the rules on Greymane, what should I do?

A: You can report them via the forums and the player will be dealt with appropriately.


Pre-Season Ending and Starting Information;

We reached the end of the pre-season. We will be giving rewards for this pre-season but only for 3s and rated battlegrounds. They will be processed in a similar way retail does, top alliance and top horde (requires 50 games played on 3s).

Gladiator: Top 0.5% and 100 Firestorm gold points.

Duelist: Top 3.0% and 75 Firestorm gold points.

Rival: Top 10.0% and 50 Firestorm gold points.

Challenger: Top 35.0% and 25 Firestorm gold points.

The season will officially start on December 18th, 2017 and you can expect;

New and optimized templates.

Battleground and arenas fixes.

Increased item level to elite 875 with a weekly reward 880.

Rewards matching Legion Season 1.

December 5, 2017
Dont miss out! Loot box & Character sales updates

Hello, Our Lootbox item level has been updated on Legion to match the current item level cap, the base reward is now 865 instead 855 and they can reward up to 895. That, of course, will depend on your luck!

We've also listened to the community feedback about the character action house and decided to remove the dynamic minimum price based on the item level, the minimum price is now 300 Firestorm points no matter what gear the character has (across all expansions). About the highlight feature, its used by almost everyone and currently isn't working the way it was supposed to, this feature is meant to make the character being sold stand out from the rest, so we've increased the highlight cut to 45% (previously 30%) and the regular cut is now 30% (previously 25%). The auction house will be wiped so players have to add their character again with the new price they want! Thank you all for your time and all the feedback you keep giving us. And stay tuned for the upcoming releases and updates

November 21, 2017
Return to Karazhan

The time has come, battle against the twisted shade of the Guardian Medivh and a new, fearsome Legion commander, known as Viz'aduum the Watcher. Champions you have to stop him from opening a second major gateway for the Burning Legion to flood Azeroth with their unholy forces.

Gather all your strength and enter on a new Karazhan! Better bring your best friends along or else you might face your demise inside its walls! The fate of Azeroth is in your hands! We are counting on you!

The full release will be on Friday, November 3rd, 2017 and it includes our special event Nightbane scripted! Loot and achievements will be available.

November 2, 2017
Stormheim World Quests

They are here, Stormheim World Quests!

A new adventure awaits you in this area, get ready for 52 unique world quests that will take you from to Use your grappling hook and explore this area like never before.

November 1, 2017
New Arena Season

The current season on our Gul'dan realm will end on Monday, November 13th, 2017. The new season will start directly on the same day and will last approximately 4 months. The conquest points will be reset when the new season is set.

The rewards will be distributed to 3v3 (& 2v2 Top 10 teams due to activities). Here are the level of rewards:

Top 1 to 10: Warmongering Gladiator, Warmongering Glad Season 3 and the mount Warmongering Gladiator Felblood Gronnling. Top 11 to 25: Gladiator, Glad Season 3 and the mount Warmongering Gladiator Felblood Gronnling. Top 26 to 50: Duelist, Top 51 to 75: Rival and Top 76 to 100: Challenger and

Rewards for 2v2 :

Top 1 to 10: Warmongering Gladiator, Warmongering Glad Season 3 and the mount Warmongering Gladiator Felblood Gronnling.

About rated battlegrounds, / will be given to for the top 10 players in rated battlegrounds who have won at least 50 games. 

Good luck and congratulations to all participants.

October 30, 2017
2017 Halloween pomotion

The 2017 Halloween arrives on Firestorm!

Are you looking for something special from our store? Now its the time, we are giving 25% Firestorm points on any credit card purchases you do from 27 October, 20h GMT 2 to 1 November at 23h55 GMT 2!

Also, keep an eye on store promotions to find great deals at cheaper prices!

Thank you and have a great Halloween

October 27, 2017