MoP - Actualizaciones

January 29, 2022

Flametongue Weapon

Flametongue Attack damage is no longer reduced by attack speed.
Healing Totems

Fixed an issue where Healing stream totem & Healing tide totem were healing more than 1 person at a time without the rushing stream talent.

Fixed an issue where shaman totems were not affected by the shaman's haste.
[General] Pet Haste

Fixed spell haste buffs slowing down player controlled pets attack speed instead of increasing it.
Fixed an issue where spell & melee haste was reducing player controlled pets dps by increasing its attack speed.

Player controlled pets from classes like Beast mastery hunters or demonology warlocks should now again attack faster with buffs like bloodlust or berserking.
This fix doesn't affect guardians like the Doomlord or Wild Imps.

January 26, 2022


Execute max damage is now capped at 100% of the warriors maximum health due to it's interaction with vengence.
Mana regeneration

Haste rating (Haste from gear) now increases affliction & Demonology warlocks mana regeneration.
Demonic Rebirth (Demon Forms)

Having your pet die/Summoning a pet with the demonic rebirth buff, while in Dark Apotheosis or Metamorphosis properly consumes the demonic rebirth buff.
Spirit Link Totem

The spirit link totem is now the right size.
Combat Potency

Proc rate of Combat Potency is now correct.
All Poison and Flurry of Xuen

the legendary cloak "Flurry of Xuen" no longer proc poisons on the target.
Renewal and Prayer of Mending

(Discipline spec) Critical heals for Renewal and Prayer of Mending will proc now Divine Aegis
Holy Word: Sanctuary

Holy Word: Sanctuary no longer has increased amount of ticks per enemy inside of it.
Surge of Light

Surge of Light (Holy/Disc) now has a chance to proc per spell cast rather than per heal done.
Gift of the Serpent

Healing Sphere is no longer able to proc Gift of the Serpent.
Expel Harm is no longer able to proc Gift of the Serpent.
Surging Mist is no longer able to proc Gift of the Serpent.
Eminence(monk) now has a 0.20 chance to proc Gift of the Serpent (down from 1.0).
Pet Spiked collar

Fixed Spiked Collar for pet's Ferocity spec.
Auto Shot

Fixed an issue where Steady Shot or Cobra shot would prevent the hunter from doing auto shots until changing targets.
Rip's Refresh

Ferocious Bite will now properly refreshes the own feral Rip, ignoring others. This should prevent Ferocious bite refreshing other players rip on bosses.
Anti-Magic Shield

Reworked AntiMagic Shield for it to be more consistent at absorbing magic damage especially Garrosh Hellscream abilities like Whirling corruption.
Spell Ranges

Renewing Mist (monk), Atonement (priest), Blade Flurry (rogue), Holy Radiance (paladin) now heal/damage around the target/caster instead of in front of the target/caster.
[Inscription] Glyph of supernova

Cannot be learned from Scroll of wisdom anymore.
/who commands

Change in the /who search commands:
/who n<name> to search for a player
/who g<guild name> to search for a guild
/who z<zone> to search for people in a particular zone (e.g. /who zdalaran)
/who c<class> to search for people of a certain class (e.g. /who cwarlock)
/who r<race> to search for people of a certain race (e.g. /who rhuman)

You can also add levels to the commands
"/who cmage 50" will search for level 50 mages.
"/who cmage 5060" will search for mages between level 50 and 60.

These commands can be used in combination:
E.g. "/who zdalaran cmage rhuman" will search for human mages in Dalaran.
[Quest] Misc. Quest Fixes (fixed) (Fixed starters and enders) will now only be accepted through the item

Fixed the Previous quest criteria for following quests: will no longer be required for the pandaria cooking questline now has the correct model has been removed from the game has been removed from the game
[SoO] Rik'Kal the Dissector

Amber Parasite will now focus & attack a random player when spawned.
[General] Ancient Dread + Vengence

Fixed the ancient dread passive haste exploit.
[SoO] Tears of the Vale

Fixed the chest after defeating Immersus in Heroic Mode: The chest can now drop heroic warforged items.
[Raid] Siege of Orgrimmar

Fixed the following zones in the siege of orgrimmar:

Cleft of shadows
Fixed the number of NPCs in the cleft
Spawned Grol'dar & The Doomlord
Fixed casting sequence for the Doomlord.
Added visual weapons to Kor'kron Shadowmages
Fixed health for Kor'kron Shadowmages & the Doomlord
The Doomlord is now hostile to players

Ragefire Chasm
Fixed the placement of the NPCs in the Ragefire Chasm up to Nazgrim.
Added Kor'kron Warshamans on the bridge in Ragefire Chasm
Added 1 Kor'kron Assassin on the bridge in Ragefire Chasm
Added visual weapons for Kor'kron Arcweavers, Assassins, Warshamans & Ironblades.
Fixed Warshamans spell casting sequence.
Fixed the health of NPCs in the entire zone.

General Nazgrim Room & Encounter
Fixed placement for Kor'kron Ironblades prior to the encounter.
Fixed Health for Orgrimmar Faithful in every difficulty.
Added weapon visuals & fixed positioning for Orgrimmar Faithful in every difficulty.
Fixed Nazgrim pathing prior to the encounter in every difficulty.
Fixed Health for the Kor'kron banner during the General Nazgrim encounter in 10 Normal, 10 Heroic, 25 Normal & 25 Heroic.
Added weapon visuals for Kor'kron Warshamans, Ironblades, Assassins & Snipers summoned by Nazgrim.
Fixed Health for the Kor'kron Warshaman during the General Nazgrim encounter in 10 Normal, 10 Heroic, 25 Normal & 25 Heroic.
Fixed Health for the Kor'kron Ironblade during the General Nazgrim encounter in 10 Normal, 10 Heroic, 25 Normal & 25 Heroic.
Fixed Health for the Kor'kron Assassin during the General Nazgrim encounter in 10 Normal, 10 Heroic, 25 Normal & 25 Heroic.
Fixed Health for the Kor'kron Arcweaver during the General Nazgrim encounter in 10 Normal, 10 Heroic, 25 Normal & 25 Heroic.
[General] Teleport and Charge spells

Teleport or charge spells works now correctly.
[NPC] Misc. NPC fixes will now only spawn during the quest
Fixed an issue that caused a lot of critters to wield swords now has the correct HP now has the correct HP removed this NPC from spawning without using the correct item now sells and trains in all that he should! He also has all the right gossips.
Fixed an issue that caused a to fly around now has the correct gossip
Deleted from the game

|T132212:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:272421|h[Sighted Artillery]|h|r will no longer spawn on itself.
[SoO] Ricochet

The Iron juggernaut now only launches 1 ricochet in 25 Heroic Difficulty instead of 3.
[SoO] Reactive Armor

Death knights spreading their dots from the automatic shredder to Siegecrafter Blackfuse with the electrostatic charge debuff will no longer make the dots on the boss do increase damage.
[SoO] Seismic Slam

Malkorok's now casts Seismic Slam on 3 targets in 25HC mode (instead of 1 target).
[Quest] The Endless Hunger

The Intro quest for death knight is now completable. Unworthy Initiate can now be freed from her chains.
[ToT] HP Correction

Fixed HP of all NPCs in ToT.
[General] Weapon damage

Fixed haste wrongly increasing or reducing weapon damage. This should make dps for melee classes with high haste or buffs like bloodlust feel more consistent.
[NPC] Glorious Conquest Quartermasters

Glorious Conquest Quartermasters selling season 15 elite pieces are now spawned at the place of malevolent gladiators vendors at their respective vendor location for both horde & alliance.
[SoO] Desecrate

Desecrate should no longer deal increased damage to death knight compared to other players due to their mastery.
[SoO] Xaril the Poisoned Mind

Fixed the following catalysts on Xaril in Heroic mode:

Catalyst Reaction: Orange
Catalyst Reaction: Purple
Catalyst Reaction: Green
[SoO] Hisek the Swarmkeeper

Reworked Hisek Rapid Fire hitbox.
Reworked Hisek Aim: You can now use Vanish/Spectral Guise/Feign Death and Invisibility to cancel the cast.
[Zone] Night Elf Starting Zone

Minor bug fixes and general updating of the Night Elf starting zone!
This update includes:
15 NPC fixes
11 Quest fixes
1 Item fix
Cleave trinket (heal)

Cleave (heal) now no longer heals the targets that procced the effect. Healing up to 5 targets in an 8y radius around the target.
[Zone] Shrine of Seven Stars

The shrine of seven stars has received an substantial update! This update includes:
29 NPC fixes
5 small events
2 quests
1 gameobject
[Item] Rune of Re-Origination

Fixed the RPPM for every rarity of the Rune of ReOrigination trinket.
Energy based classes like ferals should now be able to proc the trinket.

January 25, 2022


Psyfiend is no longer affected by the priest haste and now is able to fear a target once instead getting feared many times.

October 21, 2021

[SoO] mount garrosh 25 HM

Players will no longer receive multiple copies of the mount as loot from Garrosh in 25HC.
[SoO] missing loot

Fixed an issue in SOO 10 & 25 that caused the bosses to drop less items than they should.

October 13, 2021


Dematerialize no longer procs when the monk stuns a target, only when the monk gets stunned.
Renewing Mist

Renewing Mist now displays the amount of charges is has remaining.
Renewing Mist will no longer lose its charges after it fails to bounce to a new target on the first heal.
Gift of the Serpent

Gift of the Serpent no longer procs from Cleave & Multistrike (SoO trinkets).
Soothing/Enveloping/Surging Mist

Soothing Mist will now cancel its cast when using Surging Mist or Enveloping Mist on another target.
Mana Tea

Mana Tea will no longer give more than 2 charges at once (used to sometimes gives 3 charges).
Mana Tea (and Tigerseye Brew) will now properly generate a charge every 4 chi consumed. Previously, you always needed to spend another 4 chi after generating a charge.
Infinite rune in BDK

Fixed a rune exploit as blood death knight using the T16 4p & Dancing rune weapon that prevented death runes to go back to normal.
Bonus Roll

Now you won't be able to bonus roll a mount or shared boss item from raid bosses.

The "bad luck streak protection" has been implemented too, which will increase your chance to bonus roll an item by 5% per roll failed (winning a pet on bonus roll won't reset it; only items), and after winning one, it will reset to the base %.
[General] Battle Res

If a player now revives any party or raid member with Rebirth or Raise Ally while in combat, the player revived will also be in combat.
[Boss] 25 Heroic Man SoO Warforged Items Drop Chance

The drop chance of hc wf on 25hc difficulty has been correctly fixed at 25% (was lower).
The drop chance of hc wf on 10hc difficulty has been correctly fixed to 10% (was higher).

Also, now there is a possibility of the same item dropping twice (one as hc, the other as hc wf)
[SoO] Spells ignoring armor

On Siegecrafter Blackfuse:

The spell "Throw Sawblade" won't ignore armor anymore.

On Paragons of the Klaxxi (Hisek the Swarmkeeper):

The spell "Aim" won't ignore armor anymore.
[General] Innkeeper Madam Vee Luo

The hearthstone works correctly again.
[SoO] Add's grab immune

The following mobs in siege of orgrimmar are now immune to death grip like spells:
Embodied Fear
Embodied Doubt
Embodied Despair
Desecrated Weapon
Essence of Corruption
[SoO] Transport Pipe Fixes

Weapons on the belt now stop heal themselves over time.
You're correctly ejected from the belt, even if you keep spamming jump.
You can correctly channel spells on belt.
You can't pass through lasers by running between them.
Warlocks can't use their gates from the main area to the belt.
[SoO] Mobs Health Scaling in 25/10HM

In siege of orgrimmar, fixed the HP% of the following mobs in their respective difficulty:
Minion of Y'Shaarj
Unstable Spark
Captive Cave Bat
[SoO] Kor'kron Warbringer critical strikes.

In Siege of Orgrimmar, Kor'kron Warbringer should no longer deal critical strikes to players.
[General] Old raid HP correction

A lot of creatures have had their HP corrected in all modes! This change affects the following raids:
Bastion of Twilight
Icecrown citadel
[Quest] Fear Itself

The item "Chimera of fear" |T656551:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:87210::::::::120:::::|h[Chimera of Fear]|h|r from the legendary quest Fear Itself is now lootable from every difficulty in Terrace of Endless Spring
[General] Old Raid Language update!

A lot of creatures and bosses from following raid have had their names translated to all languages:
Bastion of twilight
Icecrown Citadel

August 31, 2021

[Prot] Avenger's Shield

The formula now considers: "0.8175 AP / 0.315 SP" and not "0.5 AP / 0.315 SP".
Gift of the Serpent + Eminence

Fixed an issue where Eminence's chance to proc Gift of the Serpent was too high.

Rejuvenation now has the correct amount of ticks. Previously, it was missing its final tick of healing.
[SoO] Malkorok reset dummy exploit

Malkorok now immediately resets if he leaves the room/passes the gates.
[General] Multistrike trinket

Multistrike trinket no longer affected by armor.
[General] Cleave trinket

Cleave trinket doesn't proc on the main target and no longer affected by "Physical Vulnerability" or similar effect.
[General] AH Spanish Issue

Now players are able to search in Spanish on the AH again.

August 23, 2021

Shield Guard

Shield Guard should now heal the warrior correctly when consumed after the damage is done.
Unleash Flame

Unleash flame buff is now consumed when the lava burst hits the target instead of when it leaves the player.
[Combat] Blade Flurry

Now Blade Flurry hit only the targets around the main target.
[Combat] Mastery : main gauche

Mastery : Main Gauche is now also triggered by :

Sinister Strike
Revealing Strike
[Assassination] Venomous Wounds

Now Garrote doesn't trigger Venomous Wounds if the target is afflicted by your Rupture.
[Prot] Holy Wrath

Fixed an issue with Holy Wrath where enemies affected by Holy Wrath became immune to its damage due to the stun diminishing return.

Eminence can now proc Gift of the Serpent. Previously, only Eminence(statue) was able to proc Gift of the Serpent.
Xuen's Eminence and Eminence(statue) are now able to proc Gift of the Serpent.
Life Cocoon

Mistweaver monk's Life Cocoon increase to period healing is now correctly 50%. Previously, PvP Power increased this effect to up to 80%.
Wild Growth

Restoration druid's Wild Growth's healing is no longer increased by 50% when used with Soul of the Forest. Previously, Wild Growth had 50% healing increase on top of the 100% increased haste.
Blood boil & Pestilence

Reworked Pestilence, Blood Boil and Roiling Blood.

Pestilence now spreads dots correctly instead of refreshing them on every target.
Blood boil now doesn't generate runic power or proc reaping when the spell doesn't hit an enemy.
Fixed Roiling blood and pestilence dots snapshotting mechanic: The spell now spreads dots from the current death knight target to others as well as their power & duration.

Fixed an issue with the legendary tank cloak where the cloak would proc after purgatory. It will now proc before purgatory.
Summon Gargoyle

Summon gargoyle has been reworked entirely according to how it worked on official servers:

The gargoyle debuff now cannot be moved from target to target using pet controls
The gargoyle now attacks its target from a distance instead of going in melee range.
Corrected the gargoyle summon animation
Corrected the gargoyle AI with line of sight
The gargoyle now properly disappears after being killed.
The gargoyle now does not cast while moving.

After the last update, achievements were no longer being awarded. This has been fixed.
[Quests] Greenfire Questline removed from the game (handins still possible) removed from the game (handins still possible) is now in the right location and has the banishement debuff, also fixed stats updated quest texts and no longer needs to be handed in at an NPC. Fixed. Also made it possible to hand in at the location, not at an NPC. Spawned. Fixed level, HP and mana.
[General] Endurance of Niuzao

Tank cloak proc has been fixed when the player is affected by the following spells:
Anti magic shell
Shield Barrier
Any magic shield spell
Arena Spectator

Fixed the display of classes from Arena Spectator.
[HoF] Loot

Counts of loots on 25 mode fixed.
loots on Grand Empress Shek'zeer added.
[Zone] Shadowmoon Valley is now visible to players fixed HP fixed a problem where one of the guardians would go flying is not killable by players

fixed an issue where a was floating around is no longer spawned 3 times will now be flying around in the air can now fly around fixed the gossip text fixed the gossip fixed model corrected the faction, and is not invisible to players without the goggles.
[Zone] Bloodmyst and Azurmyst isle

Fixed and improved a lot of quests in the Azurmyst and Bloodmyst Isles.
Including but not limited to:
Urgent Delivery!
All Monk quests
All quests for nonDraenais
Saving princess Stillpine

Also fixed and improved a lot of NPC, such in attackability, gossip text, placement, etc...
[Dungeon] Ragefire Chasm

Ragefire Chasm has been completely overhauled, fixing:
All the loot
All spawns for every NPC
All quests in the dungeon, and the ones leading to the dungeon
All stats of all the trash and the bosses
All gossip for every NPC
Ambient effects (such as sounds and lava)
Item bugs after last update

Some items have gone missing since last update, these have since been fixed.
[Quests] Halfhill questhub updated position added ingame fixed starters and enders fixed starters and enders
[Zone] Burning Steppes

Burning steppes has been given multiple quest fixes, including but not limited to:
The Kodocallers Horn
Strategic Cuts
Locked and Loaded
A Delivery for Thorgizog

Multiple NPC's have also been fixed.
Herbalism and mining

An issue has been fixed where Mining and Herbalism were not able to be leveled from level 1 to 75 and from 1 to 600 (in pandaria)

Both are now possible!
General NPC fixes added loot added loot added loot is now restricted to movement in water.

Removed "Autumn Blossom Tree" objects from the world. (should not have been spawned without using the item)

Fixed the quest starters and enders of

Fixed name of now says his line on aggro and his damage got corrected. now says his line on aggro and his damage got corrected. added gossip

deleted from the game is now unattackable
[Zone] Order of the cloud serpents

Fixed 15 quests and 3 NPCs at the cloud serpent hub in the Jade Forest.

Also fixed the amount of quest per day and at what reputation they become available.
[Zone] Shrine of the two moons

Fixed 27 NPCs and 3 quests in the shrine of the two moons.
[Professions] Disenchanting

Disenchanting a high ilevel piece of gear (522+) didn't provide the enchanter with anything.
This has been fixed and disenchanting a high level piece will now properly reward players with the correct matierials.
[General] Magic Shields + Fear effects

Crowd Control effects like fear will now break if the target receives enough damage while shielded.

July 10, 2021

Arcane Charges

Now Arcane Charges increased damage per charge are limited to Arcane Blast, Arcane Missiles and Arcane Barrage. Other spells affected by arcane charges are corrected.
[SoO] Mechanics affecting the entire raid

Since the new update, some raid mechanics affected the entire group instead of a few people.
Those have been corrected.

July 9, 2021

Blood Tap

Fixed an issue with the newest changelog where blood tap would not reset a random rune.

July 8, 2021

Pet control

Warlock pet bar does not disappear anymore after taking demonic gateway.
Molten Core

Fixed Molten core tooltip.
Molten core now stacks to a maximum of 10 stacks.
Drain Life

Drain life now does not generate 10 fury while consuming fury as well in metamorphosis form.

The drain life in dark apotheosis form from the demon hunting glyph is now the normal drain life spell instead of the drain life exclusive to the metamorphosis form.
[Elemental] Overload

Overload now can't trigger more than once on a chain lightning cast and per Echo. Also fixed its damage from 35% to 75%.

Lava Burst: Elemental Overload now does the correct amount of damage when used with Unleash Elements + Flametongue weapon enchant. It was lower than 75%.

Lava Burst: Elemental Overload should do 75% of the damage when used with the talent Unleashed Fury.
Stormlash totem

The damage and the chance of triggering has been corrected.

Stormlash effect must be able to proc on controlled pets. (hunter pet, warlock pet, unholy dk, shaman with elementalist primordial, etc...)

Stormlash effect must be able to crit and take into account the player's crit rate
[Elemental] Elemental focus

Chain Lightning consume now one stack of Clearcasting by cast instead of tow.

Lava Beam consume now one stack of Clearcasting by cast instead of tow.

Unleash Elements trigger Elemental Focus with weapon enchant Flametongue Weapon or Frostbrand Weapon if he does a critical hit.

Unleash Elements consume a stack of Clearcasting when used with weapon enchant Flametongue Weapon or Frostbrand Weapon.

Elemental Blast trigger Elemental Focus if he does a critical hit.

Elemental Blast consume a stack of Clearcasting when used.
Permanent Invisibility Exploit

Fixed an exploit where using spectral guise when affected by the rogue shroud of concealment would make the priest permanently invisible.
Atonement from penance

Atonement critical heals from damaging a target with penance now now give divine aegis shields to the priest.

Penance now continues to deal damage & heals targets while the cast is channelling even if the target or priest isn't in line of sight.
Vampiric Embrace

Reworked Vampiric Embrace completely to prevent heavy FPS & Lag issues for players in raid, battlegrounds and arena:

Now heals every second for the damage done (the healing done is still the same as previously).
Vampiric Embrace now has a limit of 15 players healed simultaneously.
Vampiric Embrace now also heals players pets.
Prayer of Mending

Prayer of mending now heals while consuming the charges.
Spell Reflect + Dominate Mind

Dominate Mind now consumes spell reflect when casted on a warrior with spell reflect up.
Divine Purpose

Fixed an issue where Divine Purpose couldn't proc with itself.

We also fixed a wrong interaction between T16 Retry 4x bonus proc with Divine Purpose proc, so when both procs are up and player uses Divine Storm both consume. Now T16 4p bonus proc will be the first one consumed.
[Retry] Inquisition + Hand of Light

Fixed an issue where Inquisition's 30% increase on Holy damage applied on Mastery: Hand of Light.

Mastery: Hand of Light can't be affected by any modifier except the % of Mastery that the Retribution Paladin has.
Roll and Chi Torpedo

Fixed an exploit where you could maintain 275% or 300% movement speed after logging out while rolling.
Healing Elixir (PvP)

Healing Elixir now heals in dampening (arena).
Storm, Earth and Fire

Fixed an issue where attack speed increase the damage done from the elements.
Fixed the amount of ticks from Rushing Jade wind from the elements.
The elements no longer snapshot attack speed and weapon damage when summoned.
The elements now benefit from Tigerseye Brew when they were summoned while the buff was active.
Alter time now refresh gem + trinket procs

Now alter time refresh, for the duration of the spell, the seconds of procs on your character after Alter time finishes.
[Arcane] Arcane Barrage exploit + Arcane Charge damage

Damage per arcane charge has been corrected, and Arcane Barrage now resets correctly your character's arcane charges to 0 and not 1.
4xtier (fire)

4p bonus fixed (fire spec). Now it will increase your next Pyroexplosion's critical chance by 100% correctly.
Pet's abilities

Pet's attack power is now equal to 100% of the player's Ranged Attack Power.
Kill command and Bite/Claw/Smack now only take in count player's Ranged Attack Power and Combat Experience one time.
Lifebloom (Bloom)

Fixed an issue where PvP Power affected the final heal of Lifebloom twice.
Death Runes bug abuse/exploit

Fixed the unlimited death runes exploit with blood tap while switching specialisations.

Reworked the rune system while using death strike & blood tap.
[General] Ignoring healing modifiers

Fixed the following spells ignoring PvP healing reductions on live servers.
Ancestral guidance
Vampiric Embrace
Blackout Kick
Leeching poison
Game event dates

Fixed the starting and ending days of:
Lunar Festival
Love is in the Air
Pilgrim's Bounty
Children's week
Harvest Festival

And added them to the calendar
[Quest] Halfhill Quests

This quest has been translated to English:

All following quests have had their requirements (Rep, skill, lvl, previous quest) fixed. They are now in the correct order.
Netherstorm Updates

The following quests have had their starting and ending NPC's fixed: Has been made more blizzlike.

Fixed now has the correct gossip text. now requires the correct quest in order to get this one.
[Quest] Orc Starting zone

Fixed NPC's, quests chains & objectives in the Orc starting zone
Quest fixes

correction of the following quests :
NPC fixes should be immune like a boss. should be immune like a boss. sells correctly. sells correctly. sells correctly.
Add in game. sells correctly. sells correlty. sells correlty.
Add in game. fixed:
Blingtron now has his buff, his music, the correct gossip text, and the "Let's party" option. The loot of his gift also has been updated.
Rogue-specific event

The RogueSpecific event to obtain |T133666:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:94154::::::::120:::::|h[Survivor's Bag of Coins]|h|r is now functional, allthough the item itself does not work yet.
[SoO] Trash loot

All trash in SoO that needs to loot can now loot.
Human Starting zone

Fixed 20 NPC locations & 69 quests bugs in the human starting zone.
Shields issues

Battle fatigue should apply on shielded enemies on pvp scenarios.

Earth Shield should proc when the absorb is fully broken on the target, not before.

Earth Shield stacks should not consume until damage breaks the shield.

Prayer of Mending should proc when the absorb is fully broken on the target, not before.

CCs like fear should break while receiving damage while shielded.

April 8, 2021

Demonology Instant Pet Summon Cost

Summoning any pet in metamorphosis or dark apotheosis properly drains the demonology warlock of 200 demonic fury
Demonic Gateway & Warrior Charge Interaction

Using warrior spell "charge" on a warlock during demonic gateway travel animation doesn't stop the warlock or his allies.
PvP Set x4p

The 4piece effect PvP set bonus for warlock "Your allies can use your Demonic Gateway again 15 sec sooner." now properly reduces the demonic gateway debuff.
Soul Link

Soul Link is now affected by the following

Dark regeneration
Battle Fatigue
PvP Power
Fel Armor
Immolation Aura in Dark Apotheosis form

Immolation aura now works correctly in dark apotheosis form
Elemental Fury

Changed critical strike modifier from 300% to 250%.
Restorative Mists

Restorative Mists is no longer affected by mastery twice.
bug abuse : Vendetta

Now you can't keep the vendetta debuff after a change of specialization.
Echo of Light

Reworked Echo of Light healing, it now stacks like fire mage's ignite. When the target gets healed, the amount of healing is taken off from the total HoT.

Reworked Psyfiend, it no longer takes 12 seconds to cast fear. Psyfiend now casts fear instantly when summoned.
Discipline Critical Strikes

Fixed an issue where critical heals as discipline healed for 150% of the normal amount.
Divine Aegis

Divine Aegis now caps at 60% of the priest's max HP (was 40%).
[Holy] Glyph of Light of Dawn

Fixed a bug that made Glyph of Light of Dawn's extra 25% healing on Light of Dawn be applied twice (50% extra).
[Retry] Inquisition

Fixed a bug where the Glyph of Inquisition didn't have the 2 min cap. Now it can only go up to 2 min instead of hours like before.
[Holy] Holy Prism

Fixed a bug where Holy Insight's 25% extra healing was not applying on Holy Prism. Also, we fixed an issue where critical heals from Holy Prism on Holy spec created shield as a non critical heal; now critical heals create the correct amount of shield. Finally, shield created by Holy Prism renew the target's shield, when it only added extra shield but didn't renew it.
[Holy] Glyph of Divine Plea

Fixed a bug where Glyph of Divine Plea calculated the amount of Spirit as if the mana gained wasn't halved.

Mistweaver's Eminence is now affected by healing modifiers such as Stance of the Wise Serpent (20%) and PvP Power.
[MoP Dungeons] Shadopan Monastery

You can no longer use cyclone on Gu Cloudstrike to break Charging Soul's damage immunity.
Darkmoon Fishing Cap

add Darkmoon Fishing Cap [item=93732] in game.
Pet energy regen

Pets with the energy resource (warlock & dk pets) now display their energy regen to players. They have a baseline energy regen of 10 energy per seconds, increased by haste rating.
[MoP Dungeons] Valor exploit

You can no longer go into another dungeon to gain Valor Points while queuing for random dungeons.
[SoO] Kor'kron Warbringer

Damage correction for Kor'kron Warbringer [npc=71979].
PvP healing

Fixed the healing of the following spells in PvP:

Blackout Kick (Windwalker)
Eminence (Mistweaver)

Ancestral Guidance (Talent)
Restorative Mists (Restoration)

Vampiric Embrace (Shadow)
Echo of Light (Holy)
Spirit Shell (Discipline)
Divine Aegis (Discipline)
Atonement (Discipline)

Guardian of Ancient Kings (Holy)
Beacon of Light (Holy)
Illuminated Healing (Holy)
Holy Radiance (Holy)
Daybreak (Holy)

Leeching Poison (Talent)

March 11, 2021

Mana Tide Totem

Fixed an issue where Mana Tide Totem gave 200 spirit instead of 200% of the shaman's spirit.
Killer Instinct

Balance & Restoration druid's passive 'Killer Instinct' now correctly gives 100% intellect as agility. Previously, it used to give more agility due to stat buffs such as Mark of the Wild (5% buff) & Heart of the Wild (6% buff).
CC on pets

Pets no longer ignore crowd control effects such as polymorph, blind, disorient and fear.
Critical strike modifiers

Fixed the critical strike modifier of Skull Banner: it now has a 2.2 modifier, down from 2.4.
Fixed the critical strike modifier of T16 2set shadow: it now has a 2.4 modifier, down from 2.8.
Correction on total critical strike modifier with multiple effects, such as 3% critical effect meta gem + Skull Banner.

March 9, 2021

Demonic Rebirth

Demonic rebirth is now properly consumed after summoning a warlock pet.

Earthliving now adds 2873 healing spell power, rather than adding 2873 healing to every heal/tick. This bug caused small heals such as Riptide, Earthliving HoT and Healing Rain to heal more than they should, especially at low ilvl & in PvP scenarios.

When you use Cheapshot, Garrote or Ambush on a target, Subterfuge should trigger.
Shuriken Toss

Shuriken Toss [spell=114014] should not apply nonlethal poison.
Smoke bomb

Smoke Bomb works correctly.
Divine Aegis + Atonement

Divine Aegis now heals for the correct amount when procced by atonement or other healing spells.
Atonement healing is now based on healing from the noncritical damage.
If a 100k noncrit would heal for 100k noncrit, a 200k crit would heal for 100k crit plus a divine aegis based on the 100k crit heal.

Mindbender now has the correct damage (~88% of shadowfiend). It used to have 180% spellpower from the priest, instead of 80%.
[Holy] Holy Insight + Judgement

We fixed an issue where Holy Insight's extra 15% chance on Judgement was actually increasing by 15% the chance to miss.

Now increases correctly the chance to hit.
[Holy] Seal of Insight

Seal of Insight now applies its 5% extra healing to every spell.
[Holy] Beacon of Light

We fixed an issue where Beacon of Light was interacting wrong with some spells:

Daybreak and Lay on Hands now heal the Beacon for 50% of the amount.
Execution Sentence's amount healed to the Beacon lowered from 100% to 50%.
Critical ticks from Eternal Flame's HoT are now healing the Beacon correctly.
Bestial Wrath

BM hunter's Bestial Wrath now removes crowd control effects from the hunter.
Pet aura

Hunter pets in Ferocity spec no longer benefit twice from the attack speed increase from Spiked Collar.
Hunter pet's attack speed is no longer affected by the hunter's haste & attack speed. They now only benefit from the hunter's attack speed.
Hunter pets now receive the correct amount of armor from the hunter. They used to gain 100% of the hunter's armor.
Focus Regen

Hunter's focus regeneration has been reworked.
It now only scales from haste rating as it should. Previously, it scaled from both haste rating and spell haste.

Hunter pet's focus regeneration has also been reworked.
They now generate 2 focus per 0.333 seconds. This interval is reduced by haste rating, causing pets to regenerate focus faster.
Risen Ally & Army of the Dead

DK's ghouls are no longer affected by raid buffs multiple times, such as Unholy Aura, which reduced the pet's speed 3x.
Ghouls now also have the right amount of attack power. They now receive 70% of the DK's attackpower, previously this was 100%.
Death and Decay

Death and decay now deals damage again.
DK Rune Regen Exploit

Unholy death knight runes are now reset during the arena preparation & before the arena gates open.
Energy regen

Buffs and debuffs that affect spell casting speed no longer affect energy & focus regeneration. Previously, effects such as rogue's MindNumbing Poison, Malkorok's Languish, mage's Time Warp, troll's Berserk racial, etc. used to affect energy & focus regeneration.
[Gobject] Veins and herbs in Pandaria


Fixed the loot of all pandaria mining nodes (Ghost Iron, Trillium and Kyparite)

Fixed the loot of all pandaria herb nodes (Green Tea, Rain Poppy, Silkweed, ShaTouched Herb, Golden Lotus, Snow Lily)

Pandaria mining nodes will only give gems if you have

All Herb and Mining nodes are now gatherable at skill level 1 (and player level 85)

Mining nodes will now give (Or similar for Kyparite) if you are under the required skill level.

All herb nodes now give |T876368:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:97621::::::::120:::::|h[Silkweed Stem]|h|r (or similar for other herbs) if you are under the required skill level.
[Quest] Dwarf starting zone

The whole questchain for coldridge valley is now correct

Fixed the quest starter en ender for:

Fixed an issue where wasn't kneeling



now walks around the cave


Fixed the loot of

Fixed the location of

now walks around and says her lines in Anvilmar

All class masters now correctly give the right quests


[Quest] Tauren starting zone

fixed quest starters and enders for following quests:



fixed the requirements for:

fixed all quests starting from/to


fixed (tauren)

Fixed four creatures that were flying around instead of walking

Removed the double spawning of

Fixed the entire questchain order of BloodHoof village

Removed quests that should have been removed in cataclysm: and

Removed quest that should have been removed in MoP:

Added to the game

Added the staff and keg to

Fixed a double aura issue on

fixed the position of:

fixed the hp for and removed its loot

The NPC's at Adana's camp are now stationary

now correctly sells all that she should

Removed a double spawn

added following NPC's:

added following gameobjects
(wildmane well)
(wildmane well)

now walks around the place
Achievement reward fixes

The following achievements now give the correct reward:
[QUEST] Echo isles troll starting zone

Fixed some more things that I forgot with the other update to this zone:

Fixed all quest to and from

Fixed a problem introduced with last update with

fixed the position of

Also added the lines and added some quests to

All monk quests should now work
[Quest] Blood elf Starting zone

Is now completable. (The crates will not longer cast spells on you)

Fixed the following class quests (Objectives, givers and enders, etc..):

Fixed the quest givers and enders for following quests:

Updated Requirements for following quests:

Following quests are fixed and blizzlike:

Fixed the lootchance for

Fixed the gossip text of

Fixed the position of

now kneels, and has the correct faction

Now floats above the ziggurats
Random quest fixes

Added (monk version)

Is now completable


Made more blizzlike, Lillian Voss now says her line and runs away

Made more blizzlike, the chickens can now be picked up, instead of killed and looted.
Random NPC fixes

The following NPC's have had their names corrected:

Added the following NPC's to the game:

(Valentine Event)

The reputation from these NPC's have been fixed:
Pandaria Blacksmithing

All 'project' recipes to level Blacksmithing 1500 have been added to: and They also now require level 85 to learn.

Fixed the requirements for the blacksmith quests:
spoil of pandaria chest loot

You can now distribute the loots in master loot.
Critical strike modifiers

Critical strike modifiers have been reworked.
Previously, all critical strike modifiers worked like the '3% increased critical effect' meta gem. This gem gives critical strikes a 2.06 modifier (100k noncrit becomes 206k crit). These meta gems should be the only items/spells that should work this way.

The 553 ilvl SoO stat trinket gives 7% crit modifier, which now works as 2.07 (100k noncrit becomes 207k crit), instead of 2.14
Skull banner now correctly gives a 2.2 modifier (100k noncrit becomes 220k crit), instead of a 2.4 modifier

February 12, 2021

Spirit Link Totem

Healing from shaman's Spirit Link Totem is no longer affected by PvP Power & Mastery
Glyph of Rebirth

Players resurrected by Rebirth [spell=20484] with Glyph of Rebirth [spell=54733] are now resurrected to life with 100% health.
[Feral] Symbios

When we symbios [spell=110309] a paladin we receive divine shield [spell=642], when we are stunned or feared we can now use divine shield.
Army of the dead

The spell Army of the dead (42650) is not working well.

When you start with spell of the aoe and without pet, the army not attack.
Dark Simulacrum, Copyable Spells in PvE (Siege of Orgrimmar)

Dark Simulacrum doesn't copy all spells on npc.
Furthermore some spells are a lot important in raids like Siege of Orgrimmar.

Norushen's Titanic Corruption (Tank Trial Add): "Hurl Corruption" [144649]

Galakras's Shamans: "Tidal Wave" [148522][147820]

Dark Shaman, Kardis: "Froststorm Bolt" [144214]
Furthermore this spell should be affected by Frost DK Mastery.

Nazgrim's Korkron Arcweavers: "Arcane Shock" [145564]

Spoils of Pandaria, Zar'Thik Amber Priest: "Magic Residue" [145786]

Spoils of Pandaria, Set'Thik Wind Wielder: "Rage of the Empress" [145812]
When copied by dark simulacrum it should become a 5% damage buff

Garrosh's Farseer Wolfs: "Chain lightining" [144584]
[SoO] Kor'kron Arcweaver exploit

Kor'kron Arcweaver [NPC=71771] should teleports itself close to players if he's not able to cast a spell on one of them. Currently, he's not and players abuse of this bug and go to the door at the back of the room with the boss to avoid mages.
Ancient Guo-Lai Cache

Add loot For Ancient GuoLai Cache.
Correctly despawn after searching the chest.
Quest correction

Easy Money objectives show correctly.
Correction of Buried Blades.
Nice Hat... no longer given by an NPC to zul'drak.
Location correction of Jorgensen.
Add gameobject Open Prayer Book for Impatience.
Add item quest Cobalt Eye for Eyes of Desire.
Update faction reward for Allies in the Shadows.
Update position of Untamed Ambertail for The First Riddle: Mercy.
Add item quest Rusty Shipwreck Debris for Scavenger Hunt.
Creature correction

HP value correction for Crawler.
Narkk <Pirate Supplies> now sells correctly.
Blazzek the Biter <Legacy Arena Weapons> now sells correctly.
Cera now loot correctly.
Chosen Zealot now loot correctly.
Wild Onyx Serpent now we can kill and loot correctly.
Add and correction for Nighthowl.
Traduction of creature (wildpet) in Pandaria.
Library Guardian could be skinning correctly.
Loot removal Bottle of Infinite Stars on Vizier Jin'bak.
Karaaz <Consortium Quartermaster> and Paulsta'ats <Consortium Quartermaster> now sells correctly.
Loot removal on Bloodmaul Evil Spirit.
Faction fix Krasarang NPC.
Add Eredar Deathbringer in Alcatraz dungeon.
Add item Dark Rune in game.
Add loot for Seawing.
Add loot and skinning for Duronn the Runewrought <Servant of Loken>.
Add loot for Willy Wilder.
[Quest] Never Again!

Horde version of the quest : 26449
Needed item ( 45477 ) can't be looted from the boss Gorgannon ( 17300 )

Reward is a BiS ring for twink 19 players.
Battle and guardian elixir

You cannot stack two battle or guardian elixirs.
[Scrolls] Intellect, Strength and Agility Scrolls/Flask

Intellect Scrolls IX and Agility Scrolls IX should not be stackable with flasks.
[SoO] Trash HP value and damage

All trash in SoO were rework (HP and damage).
[SoO] Garrosh Hellscream disarm

Garrosh Hellscream [npc=71865] should be immune to disarming.
Pandaria Rares Loot

All Rares in pandaria can be loot correctly now.
Realm First! Garrosh Hellscream (25 player)

This achievment was obtained wrongly and randomly for some players defeating Garrosh Hellscream in 25H mode.
Now, this Achiev it's going to be deleted and reseted, and will be obtained by the first guild to defeat Garrosh Hellscream after the fix.

Condition: All the players in the raid, must to be strictly in the same guild.
[Soo] Garrosh Hellscream Bug abuse

Garrosh [npc=71865] have a bug with energy generation in interphase, When a pet hit him by any way garrosh stop generating energy.
But normally yshaarjs protection [spell=144945} have to stop all incomming damage.

If you wanna test, i check with wrathguard Wrathstorm [spell=115831]
[Siegecrafter Blackfuse] afk bombs

In the assembly belt, if you don't kill the bombs, it goes to the boss room, but it stay afk, and doesn't follows the players.
[Garrosh Hellscream] Manifest Rage Exploit

Using every taunt in the boss during the channeling or cast for the spell=147011/manifestrage the boss was able to cancel the mechanic and no adds were summoned.

|T897143:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:147011|h[Manifest Rage]|h|r
Spectator NPC

You are now able to use arena spectate commands:

".sp player (name)" to spectate a player in any place of the world.
".sp leave" to leave spectating.
".sp reset" to fix the addon frames.
Item and Gameobject loot correction

Add and correction loot for Serpent's Cache.
Add and correction loot for Small Bag of Goods.
Add and correction loot for Small Bag of Zandalari Supplies.
Add and correction loot for Fortuitous Coffer.
Add and correction loot for Treasures of the Vale.
Add and correction loot for Big Bag of Zandalari Supplies.
Add and correction loot for Trove of the Thunder King.
Add and correction loot for Dark Soil.

February 11, 2021

Cleansing Waters

[Glyph of Cleansing Waters] healing is not taking into account Battle Fatigue and Dampening, giving resto shaman a huge advantage in arenas.
Glyph of Cleansing Waters

Glyph of Cleansing Waters is now affected by Battle Fatigue
Glyph of Cleansing Waters is now affected by PvP Power
Glyph of Cleansing Waters is now affected by Dampening
Glyph of Cleansing Waters can no longer crit
Glyph of Cleansing Waters can no longer heal twice when dispelling a magical & a curse effect
Shoot ability

Mage's Shoot ability now works correctly.
Mirror Image

Mirror Image now has the correct amount of spellpower from the mage.
Spirit Bond

Spirit Bond is no longer affected twice by PvP Power.
Spirit Bond can no longer crit.

Treants in Feral Spec should root and apply bleeds without disappear.

Efflorescence now has the correct amount of ticks.
Death Pact

DK's Death Pact is no longer increased by PvP Power twice.
[Loot] Scarlet Monastery

The trash now correctly drops its normal and heroic loot. Pickpocket loot has also been added to the heroic difficulty.
[Items] Random Item and Loot Fixes

Cracked Egg Now has correct lootchances.
FlameScarred Junkbox Now has correct loot.
Sack of Emperor Salmon Now has correct loot.
Crystalline Tear of Loyalty Now correctly loots off of every NPC that it should.
All of the items needed for the Clamshell Band now correctly loot off of their respective NPC counterpart.
A lot of Cataclysm items that are normally only gotten through pick pocketing, have been corrected and are now no longer dropped by NPC's.
[Quests] Random quest fixes

Thrill of the Hunt Is now available to be taken.
Rasha'krak The dropchance of the required item has been fixed
A New Master... But Who? The dropchance of the required item has been fixed.
The Haohan's Vote questchain now correctly requires the previous quest to be completed and requires the correct Tillers Reputation.
Gura the Reclaimed is now hostile to players.
Saltheril's Haven is now available to be accepted.
The HP of Haethen Kaul has been corrected.
The Proving pit has been updated to be more retaillike

Pets and guardians had a static dampening value (summon a pet at 0% dampening and the pet will stay 0% until resummoned).

Pet's dampening debuff is now equal to the player's dampening debuff
Entering arena/battleground

You can now enter an arena or battleground while in combat.
[Malkorok] Phases / Spells

Malkorok is not actually doing its respective mechanics.
You can defeat the boss even when it doesn't cast any spell.
Probably exploit.

Crowd Control + pets

Pets are now able to attack CC'd targets. Previously, they could only attack on stun & disorient effects.
Courageous Primal Diamond

Courageous Primal Diamond now works with channeling spells.
[Loot] Scarlet Halls

The trash now correctly drops its normal and heroic loot. Pickpocket loot has also been added to the heroic difficulty.

December 30, 2020

Slam under Sweeping Strikes

While having the Sweeping Strikes [spell=12328] buff , 35% of the damage from Slam [spell=1464] you deal will be applied to all targets within 2 yards which creates a second slam in the recount which has as id [146361]
Currently there is a slam that is done but that counts as Sweeping strikes damage and with 50% of base slam damage instead of 35%.
Assurance of Consequence

The Assurance of Consequence [Item=104725] reduction cooldown is not working correctly with the Fire Elemental Totem [Spell=2894] with Glyph of Fire Elemental [glyph=217].

For example :
When you have an Assurance of Consequence [Item=104725] in heroic, the cooldown must be 5/1.49=3.35 and 3.35/2= 1.675.
So 1 minutes and 40.5 sec in game.

But in game it have a cooldown of 1 minutes and 1.2 sec.
Healing Rain

When you use Healing Rain with a haste buff like Bloodlust the haste buff snapshot and last all the time of the Healing Rain even if the buff disappears. It shoudn't.

It is now dynamic.
Earth Elemental Totem

When you use "Earth Elemental Totem" with the talent of "Primal Elementalist" the elemental do a little amout of damage.

Now the "Earth Elemental Totem" will do correct amount of damage.

When you cast stampede[Spell=121818] pets that you summon don't attack.
4 set t16 Beast Mastery

When you cast bestial warth[Spell=19574] with the 4 set t16 and remove your pet, you and your pet will keep the 4 set buff while you shouldn't.
Moreover, If you delete your specialization (Beast Mastery) and take Marksmanship or Survival you will keep the buff while this is an exclusive buff to Beast Mastery.
(it only works if you delete your spec, changing between your first and second spec doesn't work)
Army of the Dead

Army of the death (23655) is actually not working at all, because when you summons you army, all the pets are afk.
Summon Gargoyle

The spell Summon Gargoyle (49206) is not working well.

You start hitting to dummy with abilities (except gargoyle) and having all processes activated, you invoke the gargoyle.

The gargoyle working only if the Dk has invoke his pet.
[SoO] Echoes of War

Being a shared boss loot we can now have a loot chance on all bosses and not just on garrosh.
[SoO] Archery Target

Archery Target [npc=72590] should not aggro players.
[SoO] Norushen auto attacks damage

Correction of the damage of automatics attacks of amalgam of corruption [npc=72276] in 25 NM, 10 HC and 25 HC.
[SoO] Loot on galakras

adding a Drop in 25 nm (6 instead of 5).
Quest availability bug

NPC's that do not offer a quest will no longer show a question mark above their head!
Trash loot on norushen

Now we can no longer loot Seebo's Sainted Touch [item=103753] in normal mode and Seebo's Sainted Touch [item=105842] in heroic mode on norushen.
[Items] SoO Trash Loot.

All trash in SoO that needs to loot can now loot.
[NPC] Pandaria Rare's Spawn Time (Krassarang Wilds)

The rare NPC'S listed /(here actually have a wrong respawn time.
The info has been taken from WowHead, Wow Freakz DB, Wow DB, and Wow Wiki DB.

Cournith Waterstrider (50768)
Actually: 8h
Correctly: 1h

Gokan (50331)
Actually: 8h
Correctly: 2h

Spriggin (50830)
Actually: 8h
Correctly: 1h

Qu'nas (50352)
Actually: 8h
Correctly: 90m

Arness the Scale (50787)
Actually: 8h
Correctly: 1h

Ruun Ghostpaw (50816)
Actually: 8h
Correctly: 4h

ToricEthis (50388)
Actually: 8h
Correctly: 4h

Gaarn the toxic (50340)
Actually: 8h
Correctly: 6h
[NPC] Pandaria Rare's Spawn Time (The Jade Forest)

The rare NPC'S listed /(here actually have a wrong respawn time.
The info has been taken from WowHead, Wow Freakz DB, Wow DB, and Wow Wiki DB.

Aethis (50750)
Actually: 8h
Correctly: 60m

Mister Ferocious (50823)
Actually: 8h
Correctly: 3060m

Ferdinand (51078)
Actually: 8h
Correctly: I could find no info

Morgrinn Crackfang (50350)
Actually: 8h
Correctly: 23h

Sarnak (50782)
Actually: 8h
Correctly: 1h1h30

Urobi the Walker (50808)
Actually: 8h
Correctly: 1h

Kor'nas Nightsavage (50338)
Actually: 8h
Correctly: 50m

Krax'ik (50363)
Actually: 8h
Correctly: 1h
[NPC] Pandaria Rare's Spawn Time (Valley of the Four Winds)

The rare NPC'S listed /(here actually have a wrong respawn time.
The info has been taken from WowHead, Wow Freakz DB, Wow DB, and Wow Wiki DB.

Nasra Spothide (50811)
Actually: 8h
Correctly: 1h

Sulik'shor (50339)
Actually: 8h
Correctly: 30m2h

Nal'lak the Ripper (50364)
Actually: 8h
Correctly: 20m

Blackhoof (51059)
Actually: 8h
Correctly: 6090m

JonnDar (50351)
Actually: 5m
Correctly: 1h30

Sele'na (50766)
Actually: 8h
Correctly: 45m

Bonobos (50828)
Actually: 8h
Correctly: 3h

Salyin Warscout (50783)
Actually: 8h
Correctly: 30m
[Soo] General Nazgrim bug abuse

The Kor'kron Arcweaver have to walk to the nearest player if they are not in range to cast.

December 8, 2020

[Demonology] Immolation aura

The duration of Immolation Aura will now scale with the haste of the caster.

Immolation aura will now take 14% of the caster's Spell Power (down from 21%)
[Holy] Holy Radiance and Illuminated Mastery

When Holy Radiance [spell=82327] only overheals, it does not apply Illuminated Master [spell=86273] on the target. Not working either when the other healed allies are also only overhealed
Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger

Glyph of Mirror Image - Arcane

Using Glyph of Mirror Image made the Images cast the wrong Arcane Blast spell. They will now cast the right one.
Bestial Wrath

Bestial Wrath will no longer remove movement impairing effects on the hunter, but only on the pet instead.
Ironbark and Heart of the Wild

When a druid is silenced while using a nature spell, every nature's spells should be locked. Currently, Ironbark [ID=102342] and Heart of the Wild [ID=108288] are nature spells but when you got silenced, these spells are not locked. They should be locked.
[Al'akir] Throne of the Four Winds

After kill the three firsts bosses you should be able to be teleported on the center of the instance. Here it should be stay the last boss, Al'akir but isn't.
[NPC] Pandaria Rare's Spawn Time (Valley of Eternal Blossom)

The rare NPC'S listed /(here actually have a wrong respawn time.
The info has been taken from WowHead, Wow Freakz DB, Wow DB, and Wow Wiki DB.

Moldo One Eye (50806)
Actually: 8h 4m 51s
Correctly: 3040m

Kang the Soul Theif (50349) [LOOT MISSING]
Actually: 8h 4m 10s
Correctly: 30m

Kal'tik the Blight (50749)
Actually: 8h 5m
Correctly: 1h 30m

Urgolax (50359)
Actually: 8h 5m
Correctly: 3040m

AiRan, the Shifting Cloud (50822)
Actually: 8h 5m
Correctly: 35m

Yorik Shapeye (50336)
Actually: 8h 5m
Correctly: 1h

Major Nanners (50840)
Actually: 8h 5m
Correctly: 5055m

Sahn Tidehunter (50780)
Actually: 8h 5m
Correctly: 1h 15m 1h 30m
[NPC] Pandaria Rare's Spawn Time (Kun Lai Summit)

The rare NPC'S listed /(here actually have a wrong respawn time.
The info has been taken from WowHead, Wow Freakz DB, Wow DB, and Wow Wiki DB.

Korda Torros (50332)
Actually: 8h 5m
Correctly: 1h 1h 30m

Havak (50354)
Actually: 8h 5m
Correctly: 3060m

Zai the Outcasts (50769)
Actually: 8h 5m
Correctly: 1h 1h 20m

Ahone the Wanderer (50817)
Actually 8h 5m
Correctly: 45m

Nessos the Oracle (50789)
Actually: 8h 45m
Correctly: 2h 2h

Ski'thik (50733)
Actually: 8h 5m

Scritch (50831)
Actually: 8h 5m
Correctly: 30m 2h

Zandalari Warscout (69768)
Actually: 45m 48m
Correctly: 10m

Zandalari Warbringer (69841)
Actually: 51m
Correctly: 3050m
[NPC] Pandaria Rare's Spawn Time (Townlong Steppes)

The rare NPC'S listed /(here actually have a wrong respawn time.
The info has been taken from WowHead, Wow Freakz DB, Wow DB, and Wow Wiki DB.

Eshelon (50772)
Actually: 8h 5m
Correctly: 30m

Lon the Bull (50333)
Actually: 8h 5m
Correctly: 50m

Norlaxx (50344)
Actually: 8h 5m
Correctly: 30 60m

The Yowler (50832)
Actually: 8h 5m
Correctly: 1h 30m

Lith' ik the Stalker (50734)
Actually 8h 5m
Correctly: 1h 30m

Kah'tir (50355)
Actually: 8h 5m
Correctly: 1h 4h

Siltriss the Sharpener (50791)
Actually: 8h 5m
Correctly: 1h

Yul Wildpaw (50820)
Actually: 8h 5m
Correctly: Couldn't fine info.

Zandalari Warscout (69768)
Actually: 45m 48m
Correctly: 10m

Zandalari Warbringer (69841)
Actually: 51m
Correctly: 3050m
[NPC] Pandaria Rare's Spawn Time (Dread Wastes)

The rare NPC'S listed /(here actually have a wrong respawn time.
The info has been taken from WowHead, Wow Freakz DB, Wow DB, and Wow Wiki DB.

AiLi Skymirror (50821)
Actually: 8h
45m 1h

Karr the Darkener (50347)
Actually: 8h
Correctly: 1h 1h 30m

Omnis Grimlok (50805)
Actually: 8h
Correctly: 15m 20m

IkIk the Nimble (50836)
Actually: 8h
Correctly: 30m 45m

Nalash Verdantis (50776)
Actually: 8h
Correctly: 30m 50m

Dak the Breaker (50334)
Actually: 8h
Correctly: Didn't find info.

Gar'lok (50739)
Actually: 8h
Correctly: 30m

Zandalari Warbringer (69842)
Actually: 51m
Correctly: 30m 50m

Zandalari Warscout (69768)
Actually: 44m
Correctly: 10m

November 20, 2020

[demonology] Fury/Corruption

Reapplying Corruption on Metamorphosis will now longer increase its damage.

Fixed a bug where your first Demonic Furygenerator spell cast granted you an additionnal 99 Demonic Fury for no reason.
[affliction] Malefic grasp

Haunt will now properly increase Malefic Grasp's damage.

The 2 set bonus from Siege of Orgrimmar will now properly affect the instant dot damage from Malefic Grasp and Soul Drain
bug abuse : Marked for Death

Switching Marked for death for another talent will now make you lose your combo points on the target.
Sap + Cheap shot

Now, NPC's are not getting dummyied after using sap + cheap shot.
Shroud of concealment

Shroud of concealment will now conceal every summoned pets
Spirit Shell Exploit

Spiritual Shell will no longer work with Cascade, Divine Star and Halo
Atonement + Galakras Npc's

Atonement will now prioritize players over NPCs
From Darkness Comes the Light

Fixed the visual effect on your UI when you have 2 charges of Surge of Light
Bug abuse : Talent swaping

You will no longer be able to keep the buff from certain talents after you've changed them (exemple : Heart of the Wild, Incarnation, Sanctified Wrath)
Ruther's Harness

The Yak Ruthers, summoned by the item Ruther's Harness will now have a PvP mark.
[Pets] General pvp bug with pets

Summoned pets will no longer trigger your PvP if they attack another player with PvP off.
[Professions] Mining nodes

Fixed various issues regarding nodes spawns, especially Thorium, Saronite, Cobalt and Titanium.
[Immerseus] Corrosive Blast

Corrosive Blast will now properly follow the target of Immerseus.

September 29, 2020

Glyph of Bloodcurdling Shout

Using Battle shout or Commanding shout while having Glyph of Bloodcurdling Shout will no longer fear Matter scramble from Anima golems on spoils.
Spell reflection on dots

Reflecting a Damage Over Time spell with Spell reflection or mass spell reflection will now redirect the correct amount of damage
Burst of speed

Burst of Speed will now correctly remove the Dazed effect
Divine Insight

Power word : Shield will correctly work with the talent Divine Insight
[Retribution] : Guardian of the Ancient Kings

The buff Ancient Power from Guardian of the Ancient Kings will now correctly increase caster's strength
Glaive Toss

Corrected a visual bug where you could not see the return of Glaive Toss
[SoO] : Health Values

Fixed the health of the bosses / adds of SoO encounters in all difficulties
Post-update Issues

Raids Buffs and Passives will now grant the correct amount of stats
Players will no longer be able to stack Stamina raid buffs
Players will now be able to interact with the vendors when mounting Mammoths and Yacks
Fixed an issue where some spells healed players for a huge amount of hp
Players will no longer have their mana/energy drastically drop before going back to normal
Spell reflection and mass spell reflection will now redirect the correct amount of damage
Spells like Burst of Speed will now correctly remove slow effects
Celestial Bosses appear as dead on their corners once they're killed, and move to the middle dead, stay there dead for 20min.
Health Scaling system of Celestial Bosses has been reworked
Galakras doesn't lose hisFlames of Galakrond [spell=147043] stacks after a wipe
The buff Unholy Strength [spell=53365] from the Dk enchant Rune of the Fallen Crusader is not removed when you change weapon.
Windsong proc will no longer interrupt your cast.
Fixed an issue where you could not see Blind Hatred from the Amalgam of Corruption
Windsong Proc

Getting a Windsong proc will no longer interrupt your cast

August 28, 2020

Celestial Bosses

Celestial World bosses have been reviewed and their spells have fixed.
Celestial bosses will now give proper loot and a treasure box as well.

August 27, 2020

Charge mid-air

Charge id=[100] should be able to be used in air if timed righ. Like on Iron JUggernaut when the bombs knock up us.
Evidence 1: 26:06
Evidence 2 0:52
Glyph of Resonating power

Glyph of Resonating Power item= 43430 will now increase the cooldown properly. (It was 100% instead of 50%)
[Demonology] Hellfire

Several fixes regarding Hellfire ;
Hellfire will now damage the caster for the good amount.
Hellfire will now generate the correct amount of Fury and not consider the caster as an enemy.
Damage reduced by 20%.
[Demonology] Wild imps

The Glyph of Imp Swarm [item=42465] will now correctly increase the cooldown of Wild Imps by 4 seconds.

The Wild Imp [npc=55659] summoned by Imp Swarm [spell=104316] and Wild Imps [spell=145592] will have the latest 5.4.8 formula.

Casting Reincarnation [spell=20608] in a boss fight inside an instance will no longer cause players to get combat off and resurrect allies.
[Subtlety] Cloak and Dagger

Cloak and Dagger [spell=138106] : Cloak and Dagger will no longer apply to skills when Shadow Dance is active.
It will only works in stealth and for 3 seconds of Subterfuge.
Nerve Strike

Nerve Strike [spell=108210] doesn't apply the 10% reduction of care. It should.
[Discipline] Atonement

The healing by Atonement (81749) is now affected by the priest [Mastery: Shield Discipline] and the Pvp power.
[Holy] Symbiosis / Sanctuary

Holy priest will no longer lose his Chakra and enter cooldown when a druid symbiosis him.
[Frost] Brain Freeze on Reflections

"Frostfire Bolt" spell [ID: 61206] (instant cast) combined with the "Brain Freeze" [ID: 57761] buff on a target with Spell Reflecting will no longer cause the mage to fully crit on that target.
Glyph of Aspect of the Cheetah

"Glyph of Aspect of the Cheetah" (Minor Glyph) (ID= 45732) : will now give the penalty when the player gets hit.
Various Spells that do not work while affected by Fear/Horror effects

Here's a list of Spells that do not work at all if the Hunter gets affected by Fear (Fear, Psychic Scream, Howl of Terror, Indimidating Shout) or Horror (Mortal Coil) effects.
Pet Attack with Camouflage

Camouflage, ID : 51753 has been adjusted, pets were behaving incorrectly when hunter was stealthed.
Bonus NPC

Bonus roll Npcs are now friendly to both factions.
[Instances] generic pet avoidance issue

Pets will now benefit 90% avoidance from these spells;
All Pets : Avoidance

All class pets will no longer die from Aoe spells.
Pet avoidance has been increased to 95% (up from 90%) and several spells that were causing the issue have been added.
Dungeon Finder System

Dungeon finder system is currently encountering a bug with the reward system:
How it is working : killing 1st Boss will grant the players their rewards.
How it should work : Players must finish the dungeon in order to receive the rewards mentioned in the Dungeon find Tool.
[Dungeon] Scarlet Monastery

Scarlet Monastery has been fixed and challenge mode implented.
Gem : Nightmare Tear

This gem Nightmare Tear [item=49110] Will no longer cause to scale with item level.
[General] [Misc] Abuses

These are the latest abuses gathered :
1) Mana potion : |T650641:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:76098::::::::120:::::|h[Master Mana Potion]|h|r this item can be spammed while in fight and thus full regenerating mana.
2) |T133980:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:86591::::::::120:::::|h[Magic Banana]|h|r this item can be abused by dks before pulling if they kill it with Soul reaper and thus putting dots with insane amount of %Haste
[Dungeon] Scarlet Halls

Scarlet Halls has been fixed and challenge mode has been implented.
[SoO] : Dark shamans reset system

A bug regarding the wolves which allows the players to remove Haroom with resetting the boss has been fixed.
[Dungeon] Temple of the Jade Serpent

Temple of the Jade Serpent has been fixed.
PvE Tokens

Siege of orgrimmar tokens can now be upgraded before exchanging for the proper item.
Issue was the upgrade being removed from once the item is bought.
[General] [Soo] Trinkets

Several fixes regarding Siege Of Orgrimmar trinkets;
Assurance of consequences/Evil Eye of Galakrass : Trinkets will no longer lose passive buff after raid wipe or player's death in combat.
Rook's unlucky Talisman : trinket will now reduce aoe damage once active spell used.
Ticking Ebon Detonator : will no longer proc on direct healing spells.
Nazgrim's Burnished Insignia : The intellect proc will now trigger by Atonement and Eminence.
Amp trinkets: Purified bindings of Immerseus, Prismatic prison of pride, Thok's tail tip will now add proper value of stats.
Frenzied Crystal of Rage : The cleave proc will no longer be dodged if player has hit cap.
Garrosh heirlooms/ enchant abuse

Heirloom items obtained from Garrosh Hellscream will now lose class weapon enchants once item sent to another player's character.
[Soo] Garrosh Hellscream

Embodied Doubt Health points has been fixed for 10 Man Heroc.
[All class] Weapon enchantment

Weapon enchants including Dancing steel, Windsong and jade spirit buff will now disappear after changing weapon.

Players that are capturing flags in Battlegrounds will now be interrupted when hit by a Damage over time, such as Shadow Word: Pain.

July 27, 2020

Mirror images

mirror Image will now take 30% Sp of the caster (down from 100%).

July 5, 2020

Void Shift

Void shift will now properly swap the health percentage of the 2 players concerned.
Void Shift - bug

Priest Shadow
Void shift will no longer be usable on Psyfiend.

March 20, 2020

[Misc] [Plant] Snow lily

Snow lily missing spawns have been updated and correct spots have been added.

March 18, 2020

[Pvp] [Battle ground] Misc aura and Bg's objectives

Goblin glider aura should remove any Flag aura in pvp instances. Currently it is not (Aura of the goblin glider: ID = `126389`)
Immunity spells must not allow you to capture pvp objectives/ Flags such as bases, etc... (Divine Shield spell)

Proof: ``In the Arathi Basin battleground, you cannot use Divine Shield and then attempt to capture a node, otherwise known as a flag or base. Similarly, when you capture a flag in Eye of the Storm or Warsong Gulch, the use of Divine Shield will cause you to automatically drop the flag. You cannot continue to carry it while under the spell of Divine Shield.
Quote from wow.gamepedia``

January 22, 2020

Spirit Link Totem

Spirit link will no longer critical hit/heal.
Spirit link totem was able to critically hit/heal players which could result in killing them sometimes.
Double invisibility Exploit

Stealth talent will no longer stack and player will now be off stealth when they will use shurikens or any other ability.
[Assassination] Venomous Wounds

Venomous Wounds [spell=79134] : "If an enemy dies while afflicted by your Rupture, you regain energy proportional to the remaining Rupture duration." Currently the energy gain is equal to the remaining Rupture duration. If there are 12 seconds left, you will gain 12 energy.

how it should works :
If there are 12 seconds left, we should gain 60 energy.

(12/2)10 = 60
Renew (Critical Effect)

Renew critical hits will now proc Divine Aegis.
Divine Aegis

Divine Aegis will now takes into account the health points of the target (It was taking into account the priest's health points).
Void Shift

Actually you can use your Void Shift (142723) in the copy created by the talent Spectral Guise (112833) . There is no way to do this..............
Lightwell HP

Lightwell HP it should has the 50% of the priest HP. Actually it has 1p.
Spell ID: 126135
Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger

Xuen will now dynamically scale with the AP
Xuen will now be able to trigger Eminence from the monk's stance and the statue.
Xuen will no longer cast Tiger Leap if he is already in melee range
Lifebloom + Soul of the Forest

If a player put a Lifebloom [ID=33763] on a player, procs Soul of the Forest [ID=114108] and uses an instant spell on the same player (Regrowth [ID=8939] / Healing Touch [ID=5185] / Nourish [ID=50464]), the Lifebloom will be buffed by Soul of the Forest. However, we know that when we cast an instant spell on a player buffed by a Lifebloom, it should reset every haste's buff on the Lifebloom. That's why it should be impossible to do this.

2 things are still bugged on the specialization Feral:

1: While in cat form ( the autoattack should be 100% of that with out cat form. At this moment the autoattack dmg of cat form is lower then without cat from. (see pictures)

2: The buff from mastery for the bleeds (|T237389:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:77493|h[Mastery: Razor Claws]|h|r) isnt used in the formula for calculation of the right dmg. At this moment with:

88.25% mastery and no procs the bleeds does:
RiP = 40.3k per tick (|T132152:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:1079|h[Rip]|h|r)
Rake = 36.2k per tick (|T132122:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:1822|h[Rake]|h|r)
Trash = 22.5k per tick (|T451161:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:106830|h[Thrash]|h|r)

339.45 % without procs the bleeds does:
RiP = 94.2k per tick (|T132152:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:1079|h[Rip]|h|r)
Rake = 84k per tick (|T132122:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:1822|h[Rake]|h|r)
Trash = 55.2k per tick (|T451161:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:106830|h[Thrash]|h|r)

The more mastery you have, the more dps you should do. But now on live it seems like it affects to less.
Dark Simulacrum

Dark simulacrum has been updated. It used to copy spell power plus the spell and gave the spell power to shadow damage spells which increase damage a lot.
[World event-dungeon] Loosely turned soil - Headless Hordeman

Headless Hordeman Boss will now spawn when you click on the loosely turned soil.
[Misc] goblin glider

Players in Bg now will no longer keep the flag while under |T136243:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:126392|h[Goblin Glider]|h|r Aura.

October 15, 2019

[Enhancement] Snapshot spells

Primal Fire elemental, Fire elemental will no longer snapshot attack power like it used to be.
Formula has been updated and adjusted.
Spirit wolves will no longer take incorrect Attack power inheritance. Spell formula has been adjusted and updated.
[Windwalker] Earth, Storm and Fire

Clones will now deal correct amount of damage. They were doing higher damage than indicated in spell formula.
Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead will now take correct % in spell formula and will no longer be snapshotted.
Correct formula has been applied to the 3 specializations.

October 9, 2019

[Elemental] 2set Bonus T15

The 2 pieces set Bonus T15 will no longer proc on every spell of the elemental Shaman but only as indicated and the damage is now as indicated and divided evenly among all targets.

September 24, 2019

[Holy] T16 4P bonus

The buff "Absolution" gained from Priest T16 Healer 4P Bonus is available in Discipline spec which is abnormal because the buff empowers a holy spec' spell ( holy word : serenity / holy word : sanctuary / holy word : chastise ) which basically are the holy priest main spells
here's a screenshot :

you can see that i'm in disc spec and on the right top of the screen the absolution buff is active
Priest T16 Healer 4P Bonus

Absolution [spell=145336] is only affecting the first tick of Holy Word: Sanctuary [spell=88685] not all the ticks of that area you create.
Glyph of Lightwell

Glyph of Lightwell [spell=126133]
We aren't able to click on the Lightwell while stunned, feared, falling or sapped, while we should (if we are using the Glyph of Lightwell).


> Glyph of Lightwell significantly changes the functionality of Lightwell, requiring players to actively interact with the well in order to receive healing. While much of the above applies equally to both forms, below are some notes and tips specifically regarding the modified Lightwell.
>You can click to receive a HoT from a Lightwell even when you're:
> Stunned
> Sapped
> Casting
> Running
> Feared
> Falling
> Eating
> Drinking
Glyph of Blessed Life

Glyph of Blessed Life [spell=54943] is not working at all.

This glyph should make you have a 50% chance to gain a charge of Holy Power whenever you are affected by a Stun, Fear or Immobilize effect.
This effect cannot occur more than once every 20 sec. (20 seconds cooldown)
[Balance] Increasing DoT duration

Moonfire ID 8921
Sunfire ID 93402

Those spells said "Your Wrath and Starsurge critical strikes on the target will extend your Sunfire's duration by 2 sec." or "Your Starfire and Starsurge critical strikes on the target will extend your Sunfire's duration by 2 sec"

The duration of DoT increase is not influenced by haste ! Even if you put a DoT with 20k haste or 1k haste the increasing duration is the same

The duration MUST be determined and FIXED at the moment where the DoT is applied

As we can see on my record. I apply a DoT with 153% haste so more or less 0.75 sec increase during the all duration of it. I let you see in the record if I increase the duration by 0.75 sec....

" As we see on this record during the open of this balance druid, the duration of his DoT are increased by 1 sec maximum. On mine, they are increased by 2 second
[SoO] Garrosh Hellscream

Iron Star and bombardment fires will now despawn upon wipe/defeat.
[Misc] The Black Prince Reputation NPCs

1. Shan'ze Bloodseeker will give reputation with The Black Prince to alliance as well now.
2. Animated Warrior will give reputation with The Black Prince to horde as well now.

September 4, 2019

Mirror Image

The copies don't always attack the target.

Efflorescence ID 81262 should be dynamic with haste, AP, critical, mastery even out of combat.
[Balance] Starfall

If we reapply starfall while another is in progress, we will not have ticks of this new starfall.
Edit by cortex: While one is not yet finished, the new starfall cast will continue the first starfall duration.
How it should work : The new starfall will start its new duration and remove the first starfall.
Record in appendix.
[General] Colision

Improved collision system Fixed some cases where NPCs went underground (for example: Lich King encounter).

August 28, 2019

[PvE][SoO] Paragons of the Klaxxi

Added Kovok pet to boss & personal loot.
[PvE][SoO] Siegecrafter Blackfuse

Added Blackfuse Bombling pet to boss & personal loot.

August 26, 2019

Halo & Cascade

Halo & Cascade will now properly aggro NPCs when they're hit by them.

Invisibility will now make your screen foggy.
Mirror Image

Mirror Images will now update their Spell Power dynamically from their owner.
Desecrated Ground

1. Desecrated Ground will now properly remove Sap and Freeze effects upon cast.
2. Fixed some spells showing players CCed in the interface while immuned by Desecrated Ground.
3. Desecrated Ground will now properly remove Asphyxiate.
[General] Spirit of Chi-ji

Spirit of ChiJi will no longer be able to crit.
[General] PvE Lootbox

Valor points will no longer drop back to 3.000 (max limit) if you had more than 3.000 obtained from PvE lootboxes.
[General] Calendar

Improved calendar system. It will now display world events properly & fixed guild event system.

July 31, 2019

[Discipline] Spirit Shell

1. Spirit Shell absorb formula reduced.
2. Spirit Shell will have a maximum cap of 60% of the caster's HP now.
3. Casting Spirit Shell will no longer replace other priest' Spirit Shell anymore. They can stack now.

July 29, 2019

[Guardian] Bear Form

If you relog while in Bear Form [spell=5187] and Guardian spec, you will now properly receive the Think Hide [spell=16931] % bonus to Bear Form.
[Guardian] Mastery: Nature's Guardian

Corrected % of armor bonus received from Master: Nature's Guardian [spell=77494].
[Restoration] Wild Growth

Not every cast of Wild Growth is registered by the game. Sometimes you can have 5 casts that won't do anything, but you will get the CD.

July 22, 2019

[PvP] Dampening

Fixed saved dampening application upon player reconnection.
[PvE][SoO] Garrosh Hellscream

1. The explosion of the Iron Star will no longer be triggered by summoned units (pets / minions / etc..), only by a player or the boss.
2. Malice will no longer appear on the player kiting the Iron star (being fixated by it).

July 19, 2019

[Restoration] Efflorescence

Efflorescence will now be able to do critical hits.
[Restoration] Soul of The Forest & Lifebloom

Reseting a Lifebloom boosted by the talent Soul of The Forest with an instant spell (Regrowth / Healing Touch / Nourish) will now consume the haste buff of the lifebloom.

July 11, 2019

Mirror Image

Your weapon's transmog will be copied into your copies as well now.
[PvP] Battleground Inactivity

1. Inactive debuff will popup if you are 3 minutes without performing any activity in the battleground.
2. Inactive debuff will now be 90 seconds long.
3. Added chat warning for when you get the Inactive debuff.
4. Added more activity triggers.

July 10, 2019


1. Fixed Glyph of distract.
2. Fixed Glyph of Improved Distraction.
4. Fixed Glyph of Decoy.
[Discipline] Divine Aegis

Casting Divine Aegis will no longer replace other priest's Divine Aegis anymore. They can stack now.
[Windwalker] Storm, Earth, and Fire

1. Elemental spirits will have 10% of player's HP now.
2. Each elemental spirit will have the same chance to spawn now (Fire Spirit was never spawned first).
3. Summoning one elemental spirit will make him (and you) deal 70% of your original damage now.
4. Summoning two elemental spirits will make them (and you) deal 55% of your original damage now.
5. Elemental spirits will benefit from Tigereye Brew (increasing the damage after the reduction) and Tiger Strikes now.
6. Rushing Jade Wind, Spinning Crane Kick, Zen Sphere, Chi Burst & Chi Wave will also be copied by the elemental spirits now (healing from Chi Wave, Chi Burst & Zen Sphere will also be reduced).
7. Elemental spirits will dynamically scale with the monk's Attack Power.
[Balance] Starfall

Starfall will now hit a maximum of 20 targets on its duration.
Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead will no longer snapshot owner's AP.
[General] Disconnect with mount in a raid

If you disconnect with a mount in raid and when you log back, you are teleported someplace in the raid where no mounts are allowed, you will no longer keep mount speed.
[PvE][SoO] Kor'kron Dark Shaman

Fixed speed of Falling Ash.

June 7, 2019

[General] Visuals

1. Glyph of the Blazing Trail (Warrior): Implemented fire visual trail.
2. Halo (Priest): Implemented visual energy ring.
3. Binding Shot (Hunter): Implemented visual tether between enemies & arrow.
4. Rune of Power (Mage): Implemented visual range.
5. Falling Ash (Kor'kron Shaman): Implemented visual effect.
6. Contaminated Puddle (Immerseus): Implemented visual explosion when reaching Immerseus.
7. Gong Lu, Strength of Xuen (Legendary Cloak): Implemented visual scratches.
[General] Cooking

Spell Noodle Cart Kit will no longer lower cooking skill to 75 (when completing the quest Catch and Carry).

June 3, 2019

[Protection] T16 2P Bonus (Shield Guard)

Warrior T16 Protection 2P Bonus (Shield Guard) will no longer proc twice while absorbing with Shield Barrier.

June 1, 2019

[General] Raid Passive Buffs

Raid Passive Buffs will kick in the moment a temporary buff (like Arcane Brilliance wears off).

Here a list of the spell affected by the fix (class raid passive buffs):
Mind Quickening (Shadow Priest in Shadowform)
Trueshot Aura (Hunter)
Moonkin Aura (Balance Druid in Moonkin Form)
Leader of the Pack (Feral/Guardian Druid in Cat/Bear Form)
Burning Wrath (Shaman)
Grace of Air (Shaman)
Elemental Oath (Elemental Shaman)
Unleashed Rage (Enhancement Shaman)
Unholy Aura (Unholy/Frost Death Knight)
Swiftblade's Cunning (Rogue)

May 31, 2019


Bloodbath will affect players with absorbs now.
Flames of Xoroth & Grimoire of Supremacy

Destruction warlocks will no longer be able to summon Demonology pet by using Flames of Xoroth.
Rain of Fire

Rain of Fire will no longer generate Burning Ember when there are no targets being damaged.
Soul Link

Soul Link aura will be removed from yourself when you remove the talent now.
Spell Lock

If the target is not casting anything, Spell Lock will properly silence the target for 3 seconds now.
Primal Elementalist & Searing Flames

The autoattacks of the Fire Elemental summoned from Primal Elementalist talent will proc Searing Flames now.
[Restoration] Healing Rain, Earth Shield & Chain Heal

1. Healing Rain healing formula reduced.
2. Earth Shield healing formula reduced.
3. Chain Heal healing formula increased.
Mind Sear

Mind sear will now take in consideration the priest's mastery.
[Holy] Divine Purpose

Divine Purpose will now have 25% chance to proc from AoE heals.
[Windwalker] Blackout Kick

Corrected Blackout Kick healing formula in PvP.
Touch of Death PvP

Touch of Death (with the 4 Set PvP) will instantly kill the target under 10% HP, ignoring absorbs & damage reduction.
[Brewmaster] Provoke & Black Ox Statue

When Provoke is used on your Black Ox Statue, it will no longer cause the nearby NPCs to attack the Statue, instead they will attack the monk now.
Mirror Image

If target is affected by an Incapacitate CC (Freezing Trap, Ring of Frost, etc...), copies will stop casting and change target now.

Traps will have an activation time of 1s (instead of 2s) now.
[Balance] Starfall

1. Starfall will now damage every player (instead of 2 players) within the 40 yards radius every tick.

2. Starfall will only damage enemies you're in combat with now.
[Balance] Shooting Stars multi-target

The percentage of procs of Starsurge in multitarget (4 and more targets) has been reduced (it was 15%, it'll be 8% now).
Death Grip

1. You won't be able to grip rooted targets anymore.
2. If you have Glyph of Resilient Grip & 4 Set PvP bonus (Relentless Grip), if you fail the first grip, CD won't be triggered anymore.
[General] Collisions

Improved collision system.

Affected spells:
Spells that TP the player: Blink / Shadowstep / Displacer Beast / etc...
Also Frozen Orb & Knockback effects.
[General] Rune of Re-Origination

Rune of ReOrigination will no longer procc if the buff is still active in the player.
[Quest] Test of Valor

1. Corrected discrepancies with the progress of the quest (quest getting autocompleted or not completed when you obtained 3.000 valor points, etc...).

2. The achievement A Test of Valor will properly track the progress of the quest now.

October 2, 2017

[GM] .char getrename

When looking up a player's rename it doesn't show the actual name they renamed too. It shows:

[00:52:43] [90:Jyna]Le nom actuel du joueur 'Obitøjxj' est : '' (guid : '10064618')

Not their actual name the changed too.

April 4, 2017

Donjonsraids - aura du déserteur

Il manque beaucoup de SetBossState sur les vieilles instances (et c'est le SetBossState sur le dernier boss qui permet de finir le donjon).
Spoils of Pandaria (Boss #10 SoO)

Vérification des scripts/spells des adds
[Raid] Several boss exploits that players are abusing.

I'll make a check list because it's long. Sorry for the lack of proof on this one.
Bug Iron Qon (ToT)

En gros lorsque le premier chien est terminer (25%) il remonte et continue de restack son énergie et se met à spam sa surcharge du magma (si je ne me trompe pas de nom) dès qu'il en fini une autre tuant tout le raid.

J'avais test de voir combien de temps il le faisait et sa dure plusieurs minutes (le temps des autres phases) et c'est donc intenable peut importe le raid.
Ajout de Thok (SoO - Boss 11)

Ajout de Blackfuse Siegecrafter (SoO - Boss 12)

Fix sur Thok (SoO 11)

Fix sur Siegecrafter Blackfuse (SoO 12)

February 10, 2017

Command: pinfo

missing class informations in info command

December 12, 2016

Primordius' Talisman of Rage

|T132352:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:94519::::::::120:::::|h[Primordius' Talisman of Rage]|h|r
Should stack up to 5 times. It never stacks.

This trinket is used for lots of classes and specializations, so it's important for both PvP and PvE.
[Log] log GM

Empêcher les commandes ".ticket onlinelist" et ".ant g" d'être mise dans la table "log_gm"
[Ingame] Warden

A suggestion that was previously talked about three months ago. Warden messages shouldn't appear in the middle of the screen, you barely can copy/catch their name. It should sent to a private chat channel i.e: /j anticheat which is accessible by Game Masters who have security level 2, if they don't they cannot join. If they have security level 2 and greater, then they can join.
UB sort emprise

On aurait un UB avec le sort emprise () sur MoP :

> Si j'ai bien compris, quand tu lances "emprise", tu prends possession d'un tiers pendant 5 secondes, et la vitesse d'attaque est augmentée de 100%. Là, elle a lancé "emprise" sur un garde, et il a one shot un autre garde avec une emprise illimitée, donc non limitée aux 5 secondes initialement prévues.
> Sur le forum, les gardes attaques à la chaine en tapant entre 60 et 90k

December 2, 2016

[Spell] Bag that gives nothing (empty bag).

Flag Rename

Ul est possible de consommer le flag rename sur un personnage restauré sans que le nom soit changé, le joueur se retrouver avec un personnage nommé "#rename" et ne peu plus utiliser sont personnage.

October 18, 2016

[MountShop] Reins of the Crimson Water Strider

Player continues to lose the |T648868:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:87791::::::::120:::::|h[Reins of the Crimson Water Strider]|h|r after he relogs, not sure if it's a bug on his side however it works fine when I removed my reputation, and had reputation. You need reputation for this mount.

Player: Aerandyr
Account ID: 236818

October 17, 2016

Calendar Events

Events on the Calendar aren't ending properly and starting way too early. Not sure if this was changed in an update. (YYYY/MM/DD)

Start: 2017/09/20 at 10:00 AM
End: 2017/10/06 at 10:00 AM

Hallows End:
Start: 2016/10/18 at 10:00 AM
End: 2016/11/01 at 11:00 AM

Events are NOT ending on proper dates, nor are starting on proper dates. This possible goes for other events.

September 27, 2016

Commande "played"

la command /played est réinitialisé sur mop, le played est important pour la vente de personnage.

Please make it so players are not able to use Pet Biscuits on themselves or other players. It was patched before, but people are continuously abusing the bug.

September 16, 2016

Jin'rokh the Breaker sends you to the void after casting |T627606:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:137180|h[Thundering Throw]|h|r. Photo: