MoP - Live Changelog

October 15, 2019

[Enhancement] Snapshot spells

Primal Fire elemental, Fire elemental will no longer snapshot attack power like it used to be.
Formula has been updated and adjusted.
Spirit wolves will no longer take incorrect Attack power inheritance. Spell formula has been adjusted and updated.
Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead will now take correct % in spell formula and will no longer be snapshotted.
Correct formula has been applied to the 3 specializations.
[WW Monk] Clones

Clones will now deal correct amount of damage. They were doing higher damage than indicated in spell formula.

October 9, 2019

[Elemental] 2set Bonus T15

The 2 pieces set Bonus T15 will no longer proc on every spell of the elemental Shaman but only as indicated and the damage is now as indicated and divided evenly among all targets.

September 24, 2019

[Holy] T16 4P bonus

The buff "Absolution" gained from Priest T16 Healer 4P Bonus is available in Discipline spec which is abnormal because the buff empowers a holy spec' spell ( holy word : serenity / holy word : sanctuary / holy word : chastise ) which basically are the holy priest main spells
here's a screenshot :

you can see that i'm in disc spec and on the right top of the screen the absolution buff is active
Priest T16 Healer 4P Bonus

Absolution [spell=145336] is only affecting the first tick of Holy Word: Sanctuary [spell=88685] not all the ticks of that area you create.
Glyph of Lightwell

Glyph of Lightwell [spell=126133]
We aren't able to click on the Lightwell while stunned, feared, falling or sapped, while we should (if we are using the Glyph of Lightwell).


> Glyph of Lightwell significantly changes the functionality of Lightwell, requiring players to actively interact with the well in order to receive healing. While much of the above applies equally to both forms, below are some notes and tips specifically regarding the modified Lightwell.
>You can click to receive a HoT from a Lightwell even when you're:
> Stunned
> Sapped
> Casting
> Running
> Feared
> Falling
> Eating
> Drinking
Glyph of Blessed Life

Glyph of Blessed Life [spell=54943] is not working at all.

This glyph should make you have a 50% chance to gain a charge of Holy Power whenever you are affected by a Stun, Fear or Immobilize effect.
This effect cannot occur more than once every 20 sec. (20 seconds cooldown)
[Balance] Increasing DoT duration

Moonfire ID 8921
Sunfire ID 93402

Those spells said "Your Wrath and Starsurge critical strikes on the target will extend your Sunfire's duration by 2 sec." or "Your Starfire and Starsurge critical strikes on the target will extend your Sunfire's duration by 2 sec"

The duration of DoT increase is not influenced by haste ! Even if you put a DoT with 20k haste or 1k haste the increasing duration is the same

The duration MUST be determined and FIXED at the moment where the DoT is applied

As we can see on my record. I apply a DoT with 153% haste so more or less 0.75 sec increase during the all duration of it. I let you see in the record if I increase the duration by 0.75 sec....

" As we see on this record during the open of this balance druid, the duration of his DoT are increased by 1 sec maximum. On mine, they are increased by 2 second
[SoO] Garrosh Hellscream

Iron Star and bombardment fires will now despawn upon wipe/defeat.
[Misc] The Black Prince Reputation NPCs

1. Shan'ze Bloodseeker will give reputation with The Black Prince to alliance as well now.
2. Animated Warrior will give reputation with The Black Prince to horde as well now.

September 4, 2019

Mirror Image

The copies don't always attack the target.

Efflorescence ID 81262 should be dynamic with haste, AP, critical, mastery even out of combat.
[Balance] Starfall

If we reapply starfall while another is in progress, we will not have ticks of this new starfall.
Edit by cortex: While one is not yet finished, the new starfall cast will continue the first starfall duration.
How it should work : The new starfall will start its new duration and remove the first starfall.
Record in appendix.
[General] Colision

Improved collision system Fixed some cases where NPCs went underground (for example: Lich King encounter).

August 28, 2019

[PvE][SoO] Paragons of the Klaxxi

Added Kovok pet to boss & personal loot.
[PvE][SoO] Siegecrafter Blackfuse

Added Blackfuse Bombling pet to boss & personal loot.

August 26, 2019

Halo & Cascade

Halo & Cascade will now properly aggro NPCs when they're hit by them.

Invisibility will now make your screen foggy.
Mirror Image

Mirror Images will now update their Spell Power dynamically from their owner.
Death Knight: Desecrated Ground

1. Desecrated Ground will now properly remove Sap and Freeze effects upon cast.
2. Fixed some spells showing players CCed in the interface while immuned by Desecrated Ground.
3. Desecrated Ground will now properly remove Asphyxiate.
[General] Spirit of Chi-ji

Spirit of ChiJi will no longer be able to crit.
[General] PvE Lootbox

Valor points will no longer drop back to 3.000 (max limit) if you had more than 3.000 obtained from PvE lootboxes.
[General] Calendar

Improved calendar system. It will now display world events properly & fixed guild event system.

July 31, 2019

[Discipline] Spirit Shell

1. Spirit Shell absorb formula reduced.
2. Spirit Shell will have a maximum cap of 60% of the caster’s HP now.
3. Casting Spirit Shell will no longer replace other priest' Spirit Shell anymore. They can stack now.

July 29, 2019

[Guardian] Bear Form

If you relog while in Bear Form [spell=5187] and Guardian spec, you will now properly receive the Think Hide [spell=16931] % bonus to Bear Form.
[Guardian] Mastery: Nature's Guardian

Corrected % of armor bonus received from Master: Nature's Guardian [spell=77494].
[Restoration] Wild Growth

Not every cast of Wild Growth is registered by the game. Sometimes you can have 5 casts that won't do anything, but you will get the CD.

July 22, 2019

[PvP] Dampening

Fixed saved dampening application upon player reconnection.
[PvE][SoO] Garrosh Hellscream

1. The explosion of the Iron Star will no longer be triggered by summoned units (pets / minions / etc..), only by a player or the boss.
2. Malice will no longer appear on the player kiting the Iron star (being fixated by it).

July 19, 2019

[Restoration] Efflorescence

Efflorescence will now be able to do critical hits.
[Restoration] Soul of The Forest & Lifebloom

Reseting a Lifebloom boosted by the talent Soul of The Forest with an instant spell (Regrowth / Healing Touch / Nourish) will now consume the haste buff of the lifebloom.

July 11, 2019

Mirror Image

Your weapon's transmog will be copied into your copies as well now.
[PvP] Battleground Inactivity

1. Inactive debuff will popup if you are 3 minutes without performing any activity in the battleground.
2. Inactive debuff will now be 90 seconds long.
3. Added chat warning for when you get the Inactive debuff.
4. Added more activity triggers.

July 10, 2019


1. Fixed Glyph of Disguise.
2. Fixed Glyph of Improved Distraction.
3. Fixed Glyph of Distract.
4. Fixed Glyph of Decoy.
[Discipline] Divine Aegis

Casting Divine Aegis will no longer replace other priest's Divine Aegis anymore. They can stack now.
[Windwalker] Storm, Earth, and Fire

1. Elemental spirits will have 10% of player's HP now.
2. Each elemental spirit will have the same chance to spawn now (Fire Spirit was never spawned first).
3. Summoning one elemental spirit will make him (and you) deal 70% of your original damage now.
4. Summoning two elemental spirits will make them (and you) deal 55% of your original damage now.
5. Elemental spirits will benefit from Tigereye Brew (increasing the damage after the reduction) and Tiger Strikes now.
6. Rushing Jade Wind, Spinning Crane Kick, Zen Sphere, Chi Burst & Chi Wave will also be copied by the elemental spirits now (healing from Chi Wave, Chi Burst & Zen Sphere will also be reduced).
7. Elemental spirits will dynamically scale with the monk's Attack Power.
[Balance] Starfall

Starfall will now hit a maximum of 20 targets on its duration.
Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead will no longer snapshot owner's AP.
[General] Disconnect with mount in a raid

If you disconnect with a mount in raid and when you log back, you are teleported someplace in the raid where no mounts are allowed, you will no longer keep mount speed.
[PvE][SoO] Kor'kron Dark Shaman

Fixed speed of Falling Ash.

June 7, 2019

[General] Visuals

1. Glyph of the Blazing Trail (Warrior): Implemented fire visual trail.
2. Halo (Priest): Implemented visual energy ring.
3. Binding Shot (Hunter): Implemented visual tether between enemies & arrow.
4. Rune of Power (Mage): Implemented visual range.
5. Falling Ash (Kor'kron Shaman): Implemented visual effect.
6. Contaminated Puddle (Immerseus): Implemented visual explosion when reaching Immerseus.
7. Gong Lu, Strength of Xuen (Legendary Cloak): Implemented visual scratches.
[General] Cooking

Spell Noodle Cart Kit will no longer lower cooking skill to 75 (when completing the quest Catch and Carry).

June 3, 2019

[Protection] T16 2P Bonus (Shield Guard)

Warrior T16 Protection 2P Bonus (Shield Guard) will no longer proc twice while absorbing with Shield Barrier.

June 1, 2019

[General] Raid Passive Buffs

Raid Passive Buffs will kick in the moment a temporary buff (like Arcane Brilliance wears off).

Here a list of the spell affected by the fix (class raid passive buffs):
Mind Quickening (Shadow Priest in Shadowform)
Trueshot Aura (Hunter)
Moonkin Aura (Balance Druid in Moonkin Form)
Leader of the Pack (Feral/Guardian Druid in Cat/Bear Form)
Burning Wrath (Shaman)
Grace of Air (Shaman)
Elemental Oath (Elemental Shaman)
Unleashed Rage (Enhancement Shaman)
Unholy Aura (Unholy/Frost Death Knight)
Swiftblade's Cunning (Rogue)

May 31, 2019


Bloodbath will affect players with absorbs now.
Flames of Xoroth & Grimoire of Supremacy

Destruction warlocks will no longer be able to summon Demonology pet by using Flames of Xoroth.
Rain of Fire

Rain of Fire will no longer generate Burning Ember when there are no targets being damaged.
Soul Link

Soul Link aura will be removed from yourself when you remove the talent now.
Spell Lock

If the target is not casting anything, Spell Lock will properly silence the target for 3 seconds now.
Primal Elementalist & Searing Flames

The autoattacks of the Fire Elemental summoned from Primal Elementalist talent will proc Searing Flames now.
[Restoration] Healing Rain, Earth Shield & Chain Heal

1. Healing Rain healing formula reduced.
2. Earth Shield healing formula reduced.
3. Chain Heal healing formula increased.
Mind Sear

Mind sear will now take in consideration the priest's mastery.

|T237565:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:48045|h[Mind Sear]|h|r
[Holy] Divine Purpose

Divine Purpose will now have 25% chance to proc from AoE heals.
[Windwalker] Blackout Kick

Corrected Blackout Kick healing formula in PvP.
Touch of Death PvP

Touch of Death (with the 4 Set PvP) will instantly kill the target under 10% HP, ignoring absorbs & damage reduction.
[Brewmaster] Provoke & Black Ox Statue

When Provoke is used on your Black Ox Statue, it will no longer cause the nearby NPCs to attack the Statue, instead they will attack the monk now.
Mirror Image

If target is affected by an Incapacitate CC (Freezing Trap, Ring of Frost, etc...), copies will stop casting and change target now.

Traps will have an activation time of 1s (instead of 2s) now.
[Balance] Starfall

1. Starfall will now damage every player (instead of 2 players) within the 40 yards radius every tick.

2. Starfall will only damage enemies you're in combat with now.
[Balance] Shooting Stars multi-target

The percentage of procs of Starsurge in multitarget (4 and more targets) has been reduced (it was 15%, it'll be 8% now).
Death Grip

1. You won't be able to grip rooted targets anymore.
2. If you have Glyph of Resilient Grip & 4 Set PvP bonus (Relentless Grip), if you fail the first grip, CD won't be triggered anymore.
[General] Collisions

Improved collision system.

Affected spells:
Spells that TP the player: Blink / Shadowstep / Displacer Beast / etc...
Also Frozen Orb & Knockback effects.
[General] Rune of Re-Origination

Rune of ReOrigination will no longer procc if the buff is still active in the player.
[Quest] Test of Valor

1. Corrected discrepancies with the progress of the quest (quest getting autocompleted or not completed when you obtained 3.000 valor points, etc...).

2. The achievement A Test of Valor will properly track the progress of the quest now.