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September 11, 2019
Devblog 8.2 + Q&A!
September 15, 2019 17:39:51
When will island expeditions come to in game?
September 15, 2019 14:06:02
Can we please get free 120 character boost?
And x10 rates
<Bulgarian Legion>
September 15, 2019 14:02:34
I want if you can first to fix all low level (old data) quests and dungeons and raids and after you start fixing BfA new things. I love quests and want to get every possible achievment in game. I know you cant fix all things in game, because of Blizzard restrictions, but will be very good and nice if you fix around 90% of game like quests, dungeons and raids and missing NPC's. For me quest lines and story is very important and its 1st priority in game! Thank you!
<Wardens Of The Vengeance>
September 14, 2019 00:10:26
when will 8.2 come out
<happy Warcraft>
September 13, 2019 20:54:29
I would really like if we can play kul tirans and zandalari without rep grinding
September 13, 2019 18:49:49
fix the boring quesing in pandaria/Northrend/cataclysm then im returning
September 13, 2019 17:08:09
which version of the Azerite traits will be implemented? 8.1 or 8.2?
September 12, 2019 19:00:01
omg new race is comming i love you firestorm :D
September 12, 2019 17:35:53
You are the best guys
September 12, 2019 16:48:39
For the love of god fix the float bugg in dhs fel barrage