Legion - Live Changelog

July 19, 2018

[Mistweaver] Vivify

If the secondary targets that Vivify is supposed to heal is at full health, Vivify will not apply any heal (overheal) on them, when it should. It should still focus injured allies over full health ones.
[Unholy] Defile

Defile --> http://www.wowhead.com/spell=152280/

Not working on Sylvanas. If you set this talent and put it on the ground its not doing any Dmg to the Targets or stack your Mastery, it just disappears.
Goblin Glider Kit in Raids/Dungeons

Shouldnt be useable in raids & dungeons, it should says to your screen "You can't do it right now"
Glyph of the Doe

When the glyph is used, it does not display the doe look. It remains as a stag. I posted a picture comparing between the doe and the stag. This was done in PTR via morphing.
[Brewmaster] Elusive Dance

Increases damage purified by Purifying Brew for way less then it should.
For this talent it should be
40%(which is base for Purifying Brew) + 20%(from talent) = 60%(as the tooltip says but it actually doesnt clear that amount)

[Fire][Glyph] Glyph of smolder.

Glyph of Smolder for Fire mages (http://www.wowhead.com/item=139348/glyph-of-smolder) should activate after Combustion ability (http://www.wowhead.com/spell=190319/combustion) EXPIRES,but instead it activates as soon as Combustion is used.
[Arms] Executioners precision with Sweeping Strikes

How it is bugged:
On a situation when you have EP (Executioners precision) applied on targets 1-3 and talented with Sweeping strikes and you cast Mortal strike it will only consume the main target stacks.
How it should work:
Mortal strike should consume up to 3 targets affected by EP (Executioners precision) when talented.

[General PvP Issue] Purge/Dispel vs Stackable Buffs

Category: Mechanic
Priority: High
Name of the bug: all purge effect spell vs stackable buffs
How it's bugged: If a dispellable spell stackable on the enemy target, purge only dispell it stack by stack
How it's supposed to work: purge should dispell the whole buff. (Dispell,Purge,Mass Dispel,Devour Magic)
Wowhead link:http://www.wowhead.com/spell=528/dispel-magic
[Blood] Blooddrinker

Should be interruptable in pvp
Stuns work but kicks don't interrupt the cast
Glyph of the Spectral Raptor

The glyph should make **[Ghost wolf](http://www.wowhead.com/spell=2645/ghost-wolf)** turn you into a **[Spectral Raptor](http://www.wowhead.com/spell=212631/glyph-of-the-spectral-raptor)**

Right now it doesn't change the appareance, you'll still turn into a wolf
[General] - Soul Harvest

Soul Harvest does not cap at 36 sec again, for all 3 specs. Atm it can go more than 36 sec.
[Elemental] [Talent] Path of Flame

Lava Burst deals 10% more damage and causes Flame Shock to spread from the target to a nearby enemy.

This talent is broken since the release of version 7.3.5, the talent only works on the targets next to us, and should apply on the target and not me (shaman)

Operation: Put flame-shock on the target and cast Lava burst, if the target is far it should spread flame-shock on other nearby targets, the problem is that the target that propagates flame-shock is me the shaman

In addition: flamme shock spread on other target even if I did not apply flame-shocks on the enemy.

Conclusion: the talent Path of Flame increases the damage of lava burst by 10% but the problem is the propagation of flame-shock in more than this one spreads even on the targets that we are not supposed to see such as the adds on the first boss of MOS or the wolves on Fenryr. We are able to see them only with a .gm on, this problem causes a constant combat bug throughout the MM + Dungeon or raid.

[Affliction] - Compounding Horror

Compounding Horror dmg is not affected by Affliction Warlock aura
atm with 27941 SP and 0 versa, it deals 44705dmg always (0.32 * TotalSpellPower * TotalDamageMultiplier * BuffStack(CompoundingHorror))
0.32 * SP * 5stacks = 44705 (there is no total dmg mult)
it should hit 50964 with multiplier
[Balance]Legendary cloak Radiant moonlight

The lego got fixed and the mechanic work fine, but when you cast the first full moon it reduces the overall recharge cooldown by ~4~7 seconds, it shouldn't.
[Affliction] - Phantom Singularity

Duration of Phantom Singularity is not affected by haste now.
Tooltip says correct but duration is not (duration is always 16 sec).
Formula for duration is 16 / (1 + TotalHaste), with my 19% haste its 13.44 (on tooltpi 13.4)
Dmg, mana cost, tick rate WORKS fine, only duration is issue.
12:13 on video shows tooltip on retail https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oli8D-G9u7s

July 16, 2018

[MM] Cyclonic Burst

Cyclonic Burst should hit everyone that are walking\standing on the wind trail from your windburst spell but instead it wont do any dmg to those target that are not walking within it (standing steel) it will only dmg those who are moving within it which is a bug.

Windburst - http://www.wowhead.com/spell=204147/windburst
Cyclonic Burst - http://www.wowhead.com/spell=238124/cyclonic-burst
[Restoration]Nature's Essence and mastery

The healing from this trait doesnt get increased from mastery no matter how many hots you have on you
[Talent] Blind Fury (Fury Gains)

Eye Beam normally has 10 ticks on target, with this talent its duration is increased by 50% so it makes it 15 ticks. Talent Blind Fury says Eye Beam generates 35 fury every 1s for the duration of Eye Beam channel, but its actually generates Fury on each Eye Beam tick.

35x3=105 Fury generated
105/15(ticks)=7 fury/tick

Eye Beam with this talent generates 7 fury per tick, instead of 35 fury per second.

[Holy] Holy Mending

Holy Mending is currently not benefiting from healing modifiers (Divinity, Velen's Future sight, Versatility, etc). Another issue is that its not proccing Holy Priest's Mastery: Echo of Light.

[Discipline] Psychic Scream on players flying

If you use Psychic Scream on someone who's flying on a flying mount, he should be immuned, on Firestorm he's feared and he goes slowly on the ground.
[Discipline] Penance and spell reflection

On Firestorm, if a warlock or a warrior uses his spell reflection and you can Penance on it, your Penance goes through the reflect whereas your Penance should be reflected like any other spell.
[Holy] Ray of Hope and damage immunities

Category: Honor Talent
Priority: Medium
How it's bugged: If you take damage during ray of hope, and block/divine shield before you get the delayed damage, you still get the damage even in block or divine shield
How it's supposed to work: Ice Block and Divine shield, should prevent damage taken from any source, so the delayed damage should be immune.
Wowhead link:http://www.wowhead.com/spell=197268/ray-of-hope
[Item][Legendary] Velens Future Sight


15% healing doesnt work for current HoTs you have on targets, only works for those you apply after you activate the trinket.
[Retribution]Judgment debuff

Class: Paladin
Specialization: Retribution
Category: Spell
Priority: high
Name of the bug: Judgement
How it's bugged: Debuff of Judgement misses the 10% base value.
How it's supposed to work: Debuff of Judgement, that increases damage done by x% (depending on mastery) on holy power spender abilities, should have 10% base value. So it’s supposed to be 10% base value + current mastery.
WoWhead Link: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=20271/judgment
Additional Comment: /
[Disc/Holy] Angelic Feather

There is currently an issue with Angelic Feather's pickup priority. Currently if you were to place the feather on yourself while standing on top of another player, the other player will occasionally steal the feather/buff. When placing the feather on top of your hitbox you should be guaranteed to pick up the feather/buff, even if another player's hitbox is closer than yours. If a feather is placed and no one is initially hit by it, then the person that reaches it first should get the buff/feather.
Placement targeting priority should be as follow: priest (caster of Angelic Feather); closest player; closest NPC (pets, guardians, etc).

[Shadow] Psychic Link

Class: Priest
Specialization: Shadow
Category: Honor talent
Priority: (very) High
Name of the bug: Psychic Link
How it's bugged: It affect main target that u are casting void bolt/mind blast on.
How it's supposed to work: It should only affect your off targets with pain, and ignore main target.
Wowhead link: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=199484/psychic-link
Evidence: https://youtu.be/k7vHIsg63jg?t=17m13s 17:21
[Restoration][Trait]Dreamwalker and germination

The trait isn't procing from the germinaion HoT, which is basically a second rejuvenation

- http://www.wowhead.com/spell=155675/germination
[Discipline]ToS trinket modifier and Atonement Interaction

Disc priest is missing a modifier on ToS dps trinkets. (This Modifier should only be active while you're in the Discipline priest specialization)
should be 55% less dmg on these trinkets


and 65% less dmg on this trinket.

Another Issue is that these Trinkets should interact with Discipline Priest's Atonement healing.
[Discipline] Penance's move speed buff

If you have the trait Speed of the Pious, you should get 30% movement speed for 2s upon casting Penance. On Firestorm, the buff is active only if you're casting Penance, that means if you cancel Penance it'll remove the buff, and the buff can't last 2s because Penance's cast length is less than 2s. On retail the buff always fades after 2s, no matter what happens.
[Discipline] Penance

If you're targetting an enemy target and you cast Penance, you shouldn't be able to cast it if you don't face your target. On Firestorm, you can cast it no matter what your orientation is, just like defensive Penance on retail.
[Discipline] Penance

If you're targetting an enemy target and you cast Penance, you shouldn't be able to cast it if you don't face your target. On Firestorm, you can cast it no matter what your orientation is, just like defensive Penance on retail.
[Havoc][Talent] Chaos Cleave

Chaos Cleave should hit main target for additional 10% aswell, atm it doesnt work.

Be sure to implement for Annihilation aswell:
[Legendary]- The master havester

The lego buff overrides current active soul haverst buff(talent one). Instead it should just accumulate 8 seconds to already existent buff time if applicable.
If you unequip and equip the lego again, Soul harvest(talent) duration will be 8s instead of 12s.

[Unholy] Black Claws

Trait http://www.wowhead.com/spell=238116/black-claws dont work corect its only burst Wounds from one target.

how its should:
-If you have for example on more than on one target Wounds and you use Dark Transformation your Ghoul or Abomination should burst randomly Wounds from targets.(tested on Retail!!)
[Unholy] Dark Arbiter

Dark Arbiter : http://www.wowhead.com/spell=207349/dark-arbiter

Damage of Dark Arbiter is low. For each runic power spent Arbiter is supposed to deal 1% more damage, including if you use sudden doom, it should count also. For start it hits 80 to 200k, but it starts with random amount for some reason instead of one correct number each time, for example after spending 240 runic power ( sudden doom proc included ) it is supposed to deal 240% more damage but sometimes Sudden Doom procs dont count and the % from dmg dont goes up

Formula for DMG!!! https://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/theory/mechanic/spell/valkyrstrike?spec=DeathKnightUnholy&version=live
Holy - Light's Hammer

The spell currently appears as a totem which is wrong, it's supposed to appear like ( Efflorescence - Resto druid spell ) Also the spell wich appears as totem can be targetble from npcs. '' you can test the npc encounter by casting light's hammer and using '' Potion of the Old War '' together.
[MM] Freezing trap + Tar Trap

Freezing trap and tar trap have limit of 1 only for each kind of trap which means you can use only 1 trap (freezing\tar) every 1 min But in firestorm you are able to use a second (freezing\tar trap) after the first 30 sec while the first one will be still exist which is a bug.
Freezing trap - http://www.wowhead.com/spell=187650/freezing-trap

Tar trap - http://www.wowhead.com/spell=187698/tar-trap
[Arms] Soul Of the Slaughter

This trait should also include spell Execute to the rage proc but currently it does not.

[Destruction] - Immolate ticks

Immolate ticks are not affected by mastery
here is calculation
IMMOLATE TICK = 0.7215 * TotalSpellPower 20159.4315
27941 SP 0versa
4% 20965.81 Flames of the Pit
24% 25997.6 Residual Flames
5% 27297.48 Stolen Power
10% 30027.23 Flames of the Black Harvest
all x1.15 34531.316 Desto lock aura
29%mini mastery 44545.4
29%mini+ 29% 57463.56
hit ALWAYS 34532 ----- > means no mastery on immolate ticks

immolate direct works fine
IMMOLATE DIRECT = 1.332 * TotalSpellPower 37217.412
27941 SP 0versa
hit from 82.7k - to 100.7k ON MOB (23hits)
4% 38706.11
24% 47995.57
5% 50395.35
10% 55434.89
all x1.15 63750.12
29%mini mastery 82237.66
29%min+29% 106086.58


here is video (this guy is talking about other thing), but you can see immolate RNG ticks on dummy , he is naked but still 16% base mastery (starts 2:17)
[Enhancement] Winds of change

**[Winds of Change](http://www.wowhead.com/spell=238106/winds-of-change)** should make** [Windfury main hand (ID:25504)](http://www.wowhead.com/spell=33757/windfury)** and **Windfury off-hand (ID:-25504)** generate 2 maelstrom resource per hit.

It just doesn't work right now
[Aff]- Sweet souls

The trait effect(25% additional healing) only procs if you are in party. This part should also proc if you havent party on any PvP or PvE enviorment

[Affliction] - Reap Souls + Winnowing + Unstable Affliction

With 23% crit from items, Inherently Unstable trait 8% and Winnowing 7% (4%+3 from relics) , Unstable Affliction should crit 38% time , and on my tests its always aroud 40% so its fine. BUT when you use Reap Souls ( i keept it 100% uptime) crit chance should be 53%, but it crits 77%+ all time.

I tested same on other char with 19% crit, 12% Ingerently Unstabel trait ( 2 relics), and Winnowing 4% , and without Soul reap it crits 36.2% time ( calc its 36%), but with Soul Reap its 72% time ( calc - 51%)
I had Soual Reap 100% uptime all times, and same thing happens on live realms, where it crits 70%+ all time in overall boss fight.

I simmed char and it says crit around 50% , here is sim ( its sim of 2nd char i tested with 19% crit) https://www.raidbots.com/simbot/report/r9vJWifWdFwoSfxF34XGqr/simc
And on sim it says UA shoudl do 20.1% overall dmg done, but it deals 43.9%
All Afly spell forumals are corect so its not forumal problem.

I added SS from my testing, and in sims i shoudl do 870k dps for 5mins without moving with TW, food, etc. But i did 1m+ for 5min witohut tw and other buffs,
All other crit traits works fine, with Soul Reap and without, i tested 1 by 1, and Winnowing with Soul Reap is only issue.
[Mistweaver] Essence Font

1. Essence Font's healing over time effect should be affected by pandemic effect
2. Essence Font should try to jump to (heal) targets that do not already have Essence Font healing over time effect on them, in case that all of the friendly targets already have Essence Font Healing over time effect on them, then it should randomly chose one of the targets that already have it.
Currently spell choses 6 targets and heals them 3 times, in best case scenario it should try to heal 18 targets only once IF possible.

Auction House Stormwind NPC not functioning.

Stormwind City,middle Auctioneer within Trade District,is interactable,but only dialogue appears,not a option to use him as a Auctioneer.

July 12, 2018

[Protection] Ignore Pain

The formula is wrong.
It currently scales from Stamina (you can see it when you don't have any gear equipped).
Plus, all the interractions with talents and such need to be checked (including PVP modifier)
Refer to this for every info you need ! https://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/theory/mechanic/spell/ignorepain?spec=WarriorProtection&version=live
[Fury][Arms] ToS trinkets

Fury and Arms warrior should have SPEC SPECIFIC -40% damage modifier on certain trinkets, for now lets deal with ToS ones first.


1. http://www.wowhead.com/item=151190/specter-of-betrayal&bonus=3561:1492 (damage effect is http://www.wowhead.com/spell=246464/dread-torrent)
2. http://www.wowhead.com/item=147011/vial-of-ceaseless-toxins
3. http://www.wowhead.com/item=147012/umbral-moonglaives
4. http://www.wowhead.com/item=147009/infernal-cinders
[Fury] Unrivaled Strength

[Fury] Unrivaled Strength
Category: Artifact Trait
Priority: High
How it's bugged: It gives currently gives 10% critical strike damage/level
How it's supposed to work: Should give 5%/level (as the tooltip says)
Wowhead link:http://www.wowhead.com/spell=200860/unrivaled-strength
[Arms] War Banner

Should be displayed under player's frame.
[Retribution][Spell] Greater Blessing of Wisdom/Kings

These two spells are deleted when we enter an instance that is in bg raid or dungeon and should not be deleted.

[Unholy] Army of the dead

Dragged to Helheim is not doing dmg on firestorm.

Whole army of the dead do less autoattacks than on retail.

Ability "Claw" of army of dead is not critting at all.

(Ghouls from artifact trait Apocalypse are same bugged as from AoTD)

google docs with proofs:

I've used the same gear, traits, relics and talents as on askmrrobot on firestorm and same type of fight of the same lenght(300sec on dummy)
[Holy] Consecration

Class: Paladin
Specialization: Holy
Category: buff
Priority: medium
Name of the bug: Consecration
How it's bugged: Consecration isn't displayed under players frame.
How it´s supposed to work: Consecration supossed to show accordingly under a players frame, when it i's up.
WoWhead Link: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=26573/consecration
Additional Comment: /
Evidence: https://gyazo.com/49c2f94f623cd88ae389db6baacbd34b

Runeforging of Dk is bugged after last update, when you applied proc of fallen crusader in pvp. You can enchant your weapons with Fallen crusader and then runeforge it back to something else and your fallen crusader remains there. This bug/abuse can be reproduced on every spec. On frost you can have two razorice runes and still you can proc Fallen crusader. On unholy and blood you can have Stoneskin gargoyle and have procs of fallen crusader.

This bugs occurs only with Fallen crusader, you cannot bug other runes like this.
[All] Divine Shield vs Cyclone

The bug: Paladins can use Divine Shield while they are in a cyclone. The spell goes on CD.
How it should work: Cyclone should prevent the use of Divine Shield. The spell shouldn't even be clickable.
[Unholy]Sludge Belcher (Abomination)

Sludge Belcher http://www.wowhead.com/spell=207313/sludge-belcher
doing less DMG like it should.
When u use *Dark Transformation* Pet get 200% more DMG buff + Abomination´s *Vile Gas* [http://www.wowhead.com/spell=212338/vile-gas] should doing 80% shadow DMG but the scaling with mastery is wrong and its doing 10-15k less dmg

[Holy] Pure of Heart

Class: Paladin
Specialization: Holy
Category: Honor talent
Priority: High
Name of the bug: Pure of Heart
How it's bugged: Whenever u or allies are healed within 20yards it should clean diseases and poisons, but it doesnt.
How it's supposed to work: Whenever u or allies are healed within 20yards it should clean diseases and poisons (on the target receiving the heal).
[Frost] Frostscythe

Frostcythe crit doesn't work, even when its crit dmg should be 400% damage it crits for a regular crit dmg.

https://imgur.com/a/YqLOumW -damage on live

http://www.wowhead.com/spell=207230/frostscythe -wowhead link

https://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/theory/mechanic/spell/frostscythe?spec=DeathKnightFrost&version=live -ask mr robot with formula
[Holy] Avenging Crusader vs Cyclone

Class: Druid & Paladin
Specialization: Holy & Restoration
Category: Honor Talents
Priority: high
Name of the bug: Avenging Crusader vs Cyclone
How it's bugged: Avenging Crusader heals allies, who are in Cyclone.
How it's supposed to work: Cyclone should prevent any healing. Avenging Crusader shouldn’t heal people, who are being in Cyclone or cycloned.
WoWhead Link: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=216331/avenging-crusader
[Frost][Crystalline swords]

Crystalline swords doesn't work like they are supposed to.

I've tried all the interactions possible and compared them with retail.
Throne breaker was hitting even without swords flying around you on both firestorm and retail, so that is fine.

But the problem was at passive regular attacks of crystalline swords. I had 8 crystalline sword hits on retail and only two on firestorm with same ammount of 60 basic attacks.


[Holy] Tyr's Deliverance

Class: Paladin
Specialization: Holy
Category: buff
Priority: medium
Name of the bug: Tyr's Deliverance
How it's bugged: Tyr's Deliverance doesn't procc the Bonus of Tyr's Deliverance
How it´s supposed to work: Tyr's Deliverance should trigger the bonus of Tyr's Deliverance. And the Bonus will always refresh back to 10sec, whilst the original Tyr's Deliverance is still active. You can see in the video how it works.
WoWhead Link: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=200652/tyrs-deliverance
Additional Comment: It seems to proc, but only when player takes damage. It supposed to procc immediately, after casting Tyr's Deliverance. Regardless of Players or Party Member health.
Evidence: https://streamable.com/9yqc7
Wraith walk

Wraith Walk shouldnt negate fall damage
[Holy] Avenging Crusader


The Honor Talent Avenging Crusader doesn't heal when the damage dealt by the Paladin is absorbed, with Power Word: Shield for example, or other absorb effects. It should heal.
[MM] Aspect of the Turtle against Healing shell

Once you use Aspect of the turtle and get the healing over time from the trait Healing shell, you have an option to cancel the Aspect of the turtle(shield only)
and keep the Healing shell trait actives for its cd, But in firestorm once you cancel the Aspect of the turtle ability the healing from Healing shell is canceled aswell which is a bug.
Aspect of the turtle - http://www.wowhead.com/spell=186265/aspect-of-the-turtle#comments
Healing shell - http://www.wowhead.com/spell=190503/healing-shell
prove from retail - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSDh_2A1Hw4 - at 2:50
the macro that used- #showtooltip Aspect of the Turtle
/cancelaura Aspect of the Turtle
/cast Aspect of the Turtle
[Items]Melee dps trinkets

Melee dps trinkets in ToS should do 50% less dmg for tanks, healers and ranged dps
this includes

Also theres a missing modifier for unholy dks on shadow dmg trinkets in ToS they should do 30% less dmg for them
http://www.wowhead.com/item=151190/specter-of-betrayal (not yet implemented)
Quilen - Stone Armor spell

Currently Quilen can use that spell nonstop and even at full hp.
The spell should active when Quilen get below 40% hp and when spell actived then he should use again in 120 secs if get below 40% hp.
[Blood] March of the Damned

Currently while using this talent you can only remove snares and slows with Wraith Walk and not stuns. Even though i can use Wraith Walk during a stun, it doesn't remove it.

Note: It should work on same stuns like Icebound Fortitude and If it is a non-eludible stun, this talent shouldn't work.

[BM] Dire Frenzy

Dire Frenzy should have 40 yards https://imgur.com/a/p4FR5oS and if your pet is more than 40 yards from target so it should show http://prntscr.com/jvcf2y "Your pet is out of range of the target"
Path of frost

Path of Frost currently Negates falling dmg, and should NOT
[BM-MM] Barrage new animation

New animation for barrage is missing.
[Havoc][Talent] Demonic Appetite

Gives your Chaos Strike chance to spawn Lesser Soul Fragments which give you 35 Fury when you walk through them. Whats wrong with it currently is that it spawns the Fragments all the way around the target, in random directions.
It should spawn them only left or right of player, on few yards range.


Mr.Robot says something different https://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/theory/mechanic/spell/demonicappetite?spec=DemonHunterHavoc&version=7_3_5_25864

however, after watching many DH videos/streams from retail, fragment didnt spawn once behind the target which happens here a lot.
It makes rotation much harder because you have to move all around the target (raid boss for example) in order to keep picking up the fragments.
[Havoc][Talent] Demonic

Buff duration should be 10s, from beginning of channel of Eye Beam.
Also, since Metamorphosis get applied on beginning of the cast, 25% haste you get from Meta must be calculated into Eye Beam formula.> >https://trello.com/c/zRl4C3ZG

[Vengeance][Talent] Spirit Bomb Damage Type

Spirit Bomb should deal Fire damage and benefit from Charred Warblades but instead it does Shadow damage.

[Unholy] Dark Transformation & Leap

[Unholy] Dark transformation with Leap
Category: Spell
Priority: Medium
How it's bugged: In dark transformation, leap instantly interrupt the spell cast, without charge animation.
How it's supposed to work: should be delayed a little bit (~1 sec) because of charge animation
Wowhead link: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=63560/dark-transformation
Evidence: /
[Veng][Talent] Spirit Bomb + Frailty

Spirit Bomb applies 'Frailty' debuff to target which makes you heal for 20% of all damage you do to the target.
But, it doesn't work for Spirit Bomb itself. Since Spirit Bomb is one of the hardest hitting abilities it impacts selfhealing alot.
How it should work: If Frailty is already present on the target, Spirit Bomb should benefit from debuff and reapply it, not just reapply it.

[Havoc][Trait] Bladedancer's Grace

http://www.wowhead.com/spell=243188/bladedancers-grace is not increasing critical strike *damage* of Blade Dance.

Note: This counts for Death Sweep also http://www.wowhead.com/spell=210152/death-sweep !
Do not forget to implement for Death Sweep aswell!
[Havoc][Talent] Prepared

If you hit an enemy, you should to generate 100 fury in 10 seconds.

*EDIT*(x3nn): tested on 7.3.5 ptr and retail w/ Pantoufle


Should generate 10 fury per sec and it does. BUT interval isnt 10 fury per 1second for 10s it's 1 fury per 0.1s for 10s.
Also if you use the spell out of combat you should lose 1 fury each second (out of combat loss) but on 7.3.5 fury gained from talent overrides the out of combat loss so you end up on 100 fury after 10s anyways, instead of 90.

Regen ends @ about 94 or 95 due to the 5 or 6 secs of regen out of combat
[Trait] Critical Chaos

Trait Critical Chaos doesn't increase critical damage of Chaos Strike/Annihilation.

So crit should be: Damage* 2 * (1+ 0.06* TraitRank)

Spirit bomb

Damage is way too high (440% of spellpower instead of 180%)
Souls are just despawned instead of Consumed.
[Vengeance] Soul Cleave Healing

Soul Cleave should heal based on Pain spent. Right now, it always heals for a lower amount.
Check the formula please.


[Feral][Legendary] Behemoth Headdress

Effect from legendary is present all the time, even if player does not have the legendary.
Frenzied Regeneration

Frenzied regeneration should stack. The current bug is that overrides. Will try to explain better:

**HOW IS WORKING: ** You use Frenzied Regeneration TWICE (Spending both charges) and you get healed a 5% of your life.

**HOW SHOULD WORK: ** If you use Frenzied twice, the remaining heal should be added to the new Frenzied. Let's put an example:

You use Frenzied Regeneration and let's suppose it will heal for 300k during all the time.

At second 2 you use Frenzied again and the first Frenzied healed 200k (50k * 4) so it lasts 100k to heal.

So the healing of the second Frenzied would be: XXX + 100k.

*XXX -> Is half of the damage taken over the last 5 seconds

[All] Cheat Death and Cloak of Shadows

Class: Rogue
Specialization: All
Category: Talent
Priority: High
Name of the bug: Cheat Death
How it's bugged: Cheat Death's cooldown is not triggered if it procs during Cloak of Shadows, which can result in multiple Cheat Death procs.
How it's supposed to work: Cloak of Shadows should not interract in any way to the cooldown debuff caused by Cheat Death.
Wowhead link: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=31230/cheat-death
[Feral]Shadow Thrash

the trait seems to be procing on hit instead of on cast, making it close to 100% proc chance on multiple targets

the proc chance should only be on cast
[Subtlety] Shadow Dance vs Subterfuge

[Subtlety] Subterforge vs Shadow Dance
Category: Spell
Priority: Medium
How it's bugged: If you use shadow dance while subterforge is up, when you lose subterforge, you lose your stealthbar too even if shadow dance is still up
How it's supposed to work: Shadow dance should always enable stealthbar (in duration of course)
Wowhead link:http://www.wowhead.com/spell=185313/shadow-dance
[Feral] Moment of clarity

When it procs it procs with 2 stacks(The debuff says only 1 charge but you can cast it twice until the debuff is gone), that's wrong. It should proc once and allow to stack up to 2 charges.

[Outlaw] Between the Eyes DR

[Outlaw] Between the Eyes DR
Category: Spell
Priority: Medium
How it's bugged: If you use it on the enemy target, you get the stun dr too.
How it's supposed to work: Only the enemy target should get the stun dr.
Wowhead link:http://www.wowhead.com/spell=199804/between-the-eyes
[Restoration]Focused Growth and bloom healing


the buff should also increase the final big heal, which it doesnt right now, it only increases the over time healing part
[Assassination] Master Poisoner

[Assassination] Master Poisoner
Category: Talent
Priority: High
How it's bugged: Currently Master Poisoner does not increase the healing reduce effect on Wound Poison (tested in PvP) and it does Not increases the damage of Creeping Venom.
How it's supposed to work: It should increase the healing reduce of Wound Poison to 24% in PvP (up from 20%) and it should increase the damage of Creeping Venom by 30%
Wowhead link: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=196864/master-poisoner
Evidence: https://i.imgur.com/f5fkQWX.png
Shapeshift out of form

When you cancel form (from any form -> human) should cancel any roots and slows (should work as transforming to any form)

Proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Eaf8ZeZTnk&feature=youtu.be&t=1m27s
[Feral] Scent of Blood

Should be displayed as buff, currently its a debuff on the druid.
[Discipline] Strength of Soul

Class: Priest
Specialization: Discipline
Category: Honor Talent
Priority: high
Name of the bug: Strength of Soul
How it's bugged: It doesn't benifit from Versatility.
How it´s supposed to work: Should benifit from Versatility
[Disc] Stackable Power Word: Fortitude

There should only be maximum one Power Word: Fortitude buff per player. In other words, you should not be able to stack Power Word: Fortitude buffs on a target.
[Guardian]Roar of the crowd trait

the trait should give an additional 5% movement speed for each target hit up to 25% when yo cast stampeding roar, it doesnt give that bonus right now '

also the caster counts to that 5% so using it on without allies around you should still give 1 stack of the bonus alone

[Holy] Incorrect Modifier on Heal

Heal is currently using an outdated PvP modifier. At the moment the PvP modifier is 200%, it should be 250%.

[All] Bear Form armor & stamina values

Bear Form misses PvP modifiers.
It should increase Armor by 200% and Stamina by 55% in PvE, and Armor by 125% and Stamina by 40% in PvP scenarios. Currently, it always increases armor by 200% and Stamina by 55,% even in PvP instances.

It is worth mentioning that we did retail testing for this? The weird thing is that on retail tooltip goes to 125% for Armor when in PvP, but Stamina remains 55%. However the math shows that it's 40 on retail. I'm typing this in case we later find another mod which auses stamina to drop, and have to revert that fix, but for now we haven't found anything more related to stamina, and well... Numbers are as follow :

2,193 Armor (Normal Form)
6,579 Armor (Bear Form)

79,373 Stamina (Normal Form)
123,028 Stamina (Bear Form)

2,193 Armor (Normal Form)
4,934 Armor (Bear Form)

79,467 Stamina (Normal Form)
111,187 Stamina (Bear Form)

[Balance] Moonkin Form Armor

Moonkin Form is missing armor on Firestorm in PvP. It's supposed to be 125% base, + a trait, called Bladed Feathers, ading 25% armor per trait in PvE, 12.5% per trait in PvP. With 4 traits it's 50% increase, so Moonkins should have 175% more armor. As you can see on Live values, 2193 x 2.75 = 6301, and on Firestorm, we don't have these numbers.


2,193 Armor (Normal Form)
5,614 Armor (Moonkin Form)


2,193 Armor (Normal Form)
6,031 Armor (Moonkin Form)
[Feral] Feral Instinct

Is currently being snapshoted, it shouldnt.
It should increase all your damage/bleed damage only for the duration of the buff.
[Balance]Full moon damage doesnt split on secondary targets

when hiting more targets than 1 with this spell, the main target always takes full damage, but the secondary targets should take the same damage split between them

2 targets
main target-full damage
second target-full damage too

main target-full damage
2nd target-1/2damage
[Holy] Incorrect Modifier on Renew

Renew's Initial heal should not benefit from the 175% PvP modifier. Only the Healing over Time should.

[Discipline] Power Word : Shield and Archangel

Class: Priest
Specialization: Discipline
Category: Honortalent
Priority: medium
Name of the bug: Archangel + Power Word: Shield
How it's bugged: Power Word: Shield doesn't increase properly with Archangel.
How it´s supposed to work:

545,188 Absorb without Archangel
708,744 Absorb with Archangel

Formula: 545,188 * 1,3 = 708,744

543,281 Absorb without Archangel
685,006 Absorb with Archangel

Formula: 543,281 * 1,3 = 706,265
But you only get 685,006 instead of 706,265
It seems, that it increases by 1,261 instead of 1,3
Seems currently to be: 543,281 * 1.261 = 685,007
Instead of: 543,281 *1.3 = 706,265
WoWhead Link: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=197862/archangel
Additional Comment: /
[Feral] Ashamane's Frenzy in PVP

[Feral] Ashamane's Frenzy
Priority: Medium
How it's bugged: Doing too much dmg, initial dmg is fine, just the dot after is doing around 180k dot tick on pvp dummy (-10% on players).
How it's supposed to work: We are missing PvP mod on this, should be 50% in pvp instance.
[Holy] Greater Fade

[Holy] Greater Fade
Category: Honor Talent
Priority: Medium
How it's bugged: Spells, like heals and buffs miss you in greater fade even from friendly targets.
How it's supposed to work: Priest with greater fade up, should only miss spells from enemy targets.
Wowhead link:http://www.wowhead.com/spell=213602/greater-fade
[Guardian]Legendary Cloak-Fury of nature

Currently when you unequip the item while in bear form, the bonus doesnt go away untl you go out of bear form

Same thing happens when you equip it in bear form, you have to change forms and go back in bear form to get the bonus
Shamanism + Sence of Urgency

When Enhancement shaman has Honor Talent called Shamanism, the Bloodlust duration talent gives is 10 seconds.
Sence of Urgency should grant Resto shaman 25% increased healing only while he has Bloodlust buff, but currently when Resto shaman gets Shamanism buff, it triggers 40 seconds of Sence of Urgency instead of 10.
[Mistweaver] Jade Statue Soothing Mist

1. Statue should be able to crit, with chance equal to player's crit chance.
2. Statue should despawn after talent is unlearned.
3. Statue's healing should be increased by Enveloping Mist's healing recieved increase.

[Restoration] Riptide PvP Modifier

Class: Shaman
Specialization: Restoration
Category: Modifier
Priority: medium
Name of the bug: Riptide (Modifier)
How it's bugged: Riptide currently has a 115% Modifier in PvP/World.
How it´s supposed to work: Riptide shouldn't have any Modifier in PvP/World.
WoWhead Link: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=185875/riptide
[Mistweaver] Jade Serpent Statue

Class: Monk
Specialization: Mist Weaver
Category: buff
Priority: medium
Name of the bug: Summon Jade Serpent
How it's bugged: Summon Jade Serpent isn't displayed under players frame.
How it´s supposed to work: Summon Jade Serpent supossed to show accordingly under a players frame, when it i's up.
WoWhead Link: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=115313/summon-jade-serpent-statue
Additional Comment: /
Evidence: https://gyazo.com/694e6941cd3c8576b76137f2b747f696
[Restoration] Earthern Shield Totem

Class: Shaman
Specialization: Restoration
Category: Talent
Priority: High
Name of the bug: Earthen Shield vs. Dampening
How it's bugged: Earthen Shield Totem's damage absorption effect is currently not affected by Dampening.
How it's supposed to work: Earthen Shield Totem's damage absorption effect should be affected by Dampening.
Wowhead Link: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=198838/earthen-shield-totem
Additional Comment: /
Evidence: https://imgur.com/m82bSSp
24% Dampening
No Dampening
[Enhancement] Infernal Cinders trinket nerf

Enhancement shaman should have SPEC SPECIFIC 30% reduced damage on Infernal Cinders.
[Mistweaver] Way of the Crane

Amount of healing it provides if my damage done was absorbed is insanely low.
Without absorbs in my tests it was healing 165k, with absorbs 158 (just 158 not 158k :P)
[All] Skyfury Totem

Class: Shaman
Specialization: Elemental
Category: Spell
Priority: high
Name of the bug: Skyfury Totem
How it's bugged: Values are false
How it´s supposed to work:

Skyfury (Crit Damage)
World: 40%
PvP Instance: 18%

Skyfury (Crit Healing)
World: 15%
PvP Instance: 15%

Crit for Damage in World PvP: 200%
Crit for Healing in World PvP: 150%

WoWhead Link: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=204330/skyfury-totem
Roll / Chi Torpedo

Both charges can be consumed if clicked on spell really fast.
[Windwalker] Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger

Should be displayed under player frame AND as a pet.
[Mistweaver] Rising Thunder

[MW] Rising Thunder
Category: Talent
Priority: Medium
How it's bugged: Rising Sun Kick doesn't reset the remaining cooldown on Thunder Focus Tea when used on totems.
How it's supposed to work: Should reset remaining CD on thunder focus tea when used on totems.
Wowhead link: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=210804/rising-thunder
[All] Counterstrike Totem

The Honor Talent Counterstrike Totem should not reflect more than 1M damage. Currently, on Firestorm, it has no cap.
[Brewmaster] Invoke Niuzao, the Black Ox

Should be displayed under player's frame AND as a pet.
[Restoration] Tidal Totem

Class: Shaman
Specialization: Restoration
Category: Trait
Priority: medium
Name of the bug: Tidal Pools (Tidal Totem)
How it's bugged: Tidal Totem can be targeted and is displays as totem.
How it´s supposed to work: Tidal Totem should be untargetable and should not displayed as totem, nor should have a nameplate.
WoWhead Link: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=208932/tidal-totem
How it looks on Live: https://gyazo.com/11f10a8dce89efdc2b04731b66e6ce85
How it looks on Firestorm: https://gyazo.com/8a609b8c2679758268a73ed2933d32f5
[Brewmaster] Black Ox Statue

Should be displayed under player's frame.
[Restoration] Riptide and Concordance

Class: Shaman
Specialization: Restoration
Category: Honor Talent
Priority: low
Name of the bug: Concordance + Riptide
How it's bugged: Concordance doesn't empower the hot of Riptide.
How it´s supposed to work: The hot healing of Riptide should get empowered by concordance.
WoWhead Link: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=185875/riptide
[Mistweaver] Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane

Should be displayed under player's frame and as pet.
Also dash speed between targets should be way faster.
[Elemental] Static Overload Trait

The spell ' http://www.wowhead.com/spell=191602/static-overload' is consumed when using a lava blast or other, and should not

The spell works very well the problem is that when we use the prodigious weapon we get this buff 'http://www.wowhead.com/spell=191602/static-overload ' until here everything is fine, but in my cycle I decided to make a lava explosion before and that's when the buff gets deleted, it should not
[aff]- Soul shard generation with agony


Agony has 2 ways of generating a shard:

First one:

Every tick of Agony, a hidden accumulator is incremented. When it exceeds 1, it generates a shard and rolls over the remainder to start the next one.

The added value per tick is currently 0.16 on average, with some variance (we'll try to remember to update this since there's no way to see it in-game). Each added amount is divided by the square root of the number of Agonies you currently have active.

When you have no Agonies out, the accumulator is cleared. When you next cast one, it's reset to a random value from 0 to 0.99.

This hidden acumulator inst a chance, it is a number that grows everytime agony ticks and when the accumulation of this numbers surpass 1 a shard is generated. Example

As it is written on the explanation, when you cast agony on a target, you get a random number of this accumulator from 0 to 0,99, so lets say I use agony once and I get an accumulator of 0,50. Upcoming ticks are going to add 0,16 to this accumulator, so 0,5+,16=0,66, next tick 0,66+0,16= 0,82; next tick 0,82+0,16= 0,98 and next one 0,98+0,16= 1,14, we surpassed 1, so a shard is generated and the next one starts with 0,14 accumulator and as before, eah tick adds 0,16, so first tick it would be 0,14+0,16= 0,3 and so on

Remember, this is an accumulator, it is not a chance, this makes the spell to grant a shard after few ticks.
This accumulator is cleared when agony duration is over on the target, but if agony is active and you refresh the dot, the accumulator keeps going as before.

Second one:

Along with the accumulator, agony has a 2,5% chance to generate a shard, increased by the ticks with no shard generated. So first tick 2,5%, second tick 2,5+2,5=5; third 5+2,5 and so on. If a shard is generated by the hidden accumulator, this chance resets to 2,5%. If this chance is the one that generates the shard instead of the accumulator, the accumulator does not reset to 0, it keeps going until a shard is generated and keeps following the behaviour explained above.

For multitarget

= Value + DequeueSavedValue(SoulShardTracker) + RandomFloat * 0.32 / Sqrt(DotCount(Agony))

lets do an example

2 targets, 2 agonies
I've got 0,16 as increasing accumulator
Got 0,11 accumulator from a previous shard generated
0,50 as random value when I cast agony on a target without agony

0,16+0,11+0,5x0,32/ sqrt of 2= 0,38 accumulator added

As the comment says, "The value is reduced when you have Agony on 3 or more targets." which means it caps at 3 targets
[Frost][Trait] Obsidian Lance interactions

The trait Obsidian Lance interacts only with legit frozen targets, it should also interact with Ice Lances affected by Fingers of Frost and Winterchill..


* This bug might not seem much, but depending on pve mage build like Thermal Void spec, where ice lance makes about 50% of the mage total dps, with this bug the frost mage dps is gutted by 6%
[Elemental] Static Overload Trait

The spell ' http://www.wowhead.com/spell=191602/static-overload' is consumed when using a lava blast or other, and should not

The spell works very well the problem is that when we use the prodigious weapon we get this buff 'http://www.wowhead.com/spell=191602/static-overload ' until here everything is fine, but in my cycle I decided to make a lava explosion before and that's when the buff gets deleted, it should not
[Arcane] Amplification

The way the talent builds up the bonus damage per stacks at the moment is bugged, instead of adding that +12% per charge to Missiles based on the 0 charges value, it adds up to 20% based on the 0 charges value, and continues to behave that way while stacks increase, jumping from 20 to 24% compared to the normal +12%.

How it should work: The description from above sounds a bit complicated, but the fix is rather clear, the way Missiles should work with that talent is this:

0 stacks - normal dmg
1 stack - normal dmg + mastery + 12% based on 0 stacks
2 stacks - normal dmg + mastery +12% based on 0 stacks
and so on, to put it better will give a mathematical one:

0 stacks - AM damage 50k hit per wave ( mastery bonus damage base value is 60%, this also can increase with other mastery from gear at 30% mastery, you get an extra 15% bonus per charge - the 60% value is a base value increase per charge )
1 stack - AM damage should be 50k*1.72 ( 72% from 50k is 36k ) hit per wave ( 60+12 base+talent )
2 stacks - AM damage should be 86k+36k ( stack 1 value + 72% of 0 charges value )
3 stacks - AM damage should be 122k+36k hit per wave
4 stacks - AM damage should be 158k+36k hit per wave

NOTE: Arcane Missiles stacking damage works perfectly fine without this talent, so issue is related to talent only.

[Enhancement] Landslide procs

Talent **[Landslide](http://www.wowhead.com/spell=197992/landslide) procs off:
**[Lightning bolt enhancement](http://www.wowhead.com/spell=187837/lightning-bolt)

[Flametongue initial cast](http://www.wowhead.com/spell=193796/flametongue)

[Frostbrand initial cast](http://www.wowhead.com/spell=196834/frostbrand)

[Earthen Spike talent](http://www.wowhead.com/spell=188089/earthen-spike)

[Fury of air talent](http://www.wowhead.com/spell=197211/fury-of-air)

Should only proc off [Rockbiter](http://www.wowhead.com/spell=193786/rockbiter)
[Elemental] Crits

Class: Shaman
Specialization: Elemental
Category: Spell
Priority: high
Name of the bug: Elemental Fury
How it's bugged: It gives 50% crit in PvP situations.
How it´s supposed to work: It should give 25% crit in PvP situations. Since Crit is 150% in PvP, it would be 150% + 25% = 175% crit, instead of 250% how it currently is.
WoWhead Link: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=60188/elemental-fury
[Elemental/Enhancement][Cleanse Spirit]

Cleanse Spirit should only trigger GCD and CD on the spell only when there is something to dispell
[Elemental] Primal Storm Elemental

Primal Storm Elemental, summoned by **[Storm elemental spell](http://www.wowhead.com/spell=192249/storm-elemental)** while **[Primal elementalist talent](http://www.wowhead.com/spell=117013/primal-elementalist)** is chosen, Is dealing about 4 times less damage than the normal version of **[Storm elemental](http://www.wowhead.com/spell=192249/storm-elemental)**
Primal elementalist should take the base damage formula of the normal Storm elemental and add a *1.8 damage modifier.

These are the damaging spells the elemental casts:
[Wind gust](http://www.wowhead.com/spell=157331/wind-gust)
[Call lightning](http://www.wowhead.com/spell=157348/call-lightning)
[Restoration] Healing Stream Totem

Class: Shaman
Specialization: Restoration
Category: spell
Priority: high
Name of the bug: Healing Stream Totem
How it's bugged: Healing Stream Totem is level 100.
How it´s supposed to work: Healing Stream Totem should be the same level as the player, which is 110 in Legion.
WoWhead Link: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=5394/healing-stream-totem
Additional Comment: /
[All] Swelling Waves

Class: Shaman
Specialization: all
Category: Honor Talent
Priority: high
Name of the bug: Swelling Waves
How it's bugged: Heals for 100% of the original cast.
How it´s supposed to work: Should heal for 50% of the original cast.
WoWhead Link: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=204266/swelling-waves
[Elemental] Earth Shock

There is no animation with the Earth Shock spell, however it works properly and does the damage.
[Restoration] Undulation

Class: Shaman
Specialization: Restoration
Category: Talent
Priority: high
Name of the bug: Undulation (Healing Surge)
How it's bugged: Procs too often. Undulation even procs, if you fake cast with Healing Surge. However for Healing Wave it works totally fine.
How it´s supposed to work: Undulation should only proc on every 3rd Healing Wave or Healing Surge
WoWhead Link: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=216251/undulation
Fear-like spells damage breakpoint

Crowd control that should break on damage currently have a cap that is way too high, it should break on first or second damage application.
Plus, DoTs that are applied prior to the fear aren't breaking it, which is wrong, confirmed by retail testing