report : [Tanaan Jungle Questline overwiev] (Full)

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Title : [Tanaan Jungle Questline overwiev] (Full)
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Creation date : May 2, 2016
Update date : February 21, 2017 15:19:46
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[Tanaan Jungle Questline overwiev] (Full)
May 2, 2016 23:04:17

This overwiev will containt my best try to detail every single quest, if there is something out of oder. I will be focusing on every detail there is missing.

This has been done on the PTR realm. Date - 2.5.2016 after weekly update.

Quest num.1 - The Dark Portal
Stright off starting with this quest. The NPCs are totaly out of thier places
-Cordana Felsong, Vindicator Maraad and Lady Liadrin are suppose to be on the sides near the Giant Bonefires
-Thrall and Khadgar are the only NPCs that are in Correct place.
-The Following NPCs are not even suppose to be on the Upper floor with Thrall and Khadgar. (Ariok, Hansel Heavyhands, Olin Umberhide, Qiana Moonshadow and Thaelin Darkanvil.
-Lady Liadrin is suppose to be on her Mount.
-NPCs should have some dialogue and Spell effect while proccesing in this area.
-Enemy NPCs (Iron Gromling) should be part of the battle bellow, not sitting idle doing nothing.
-Missing several Orcish NPCs and Friendly NPCs.
-Missing backround noice. (Bombs exploding on the battle below.)
Quest num.2 - Azeroth's Last Stand
-I do not know why. But this quest has been skipped instanly.

Quest num.3 - Onslaught's End
-Incorrect model for the Entrance Doors into the Prison.
-Teron'gor s Prison Door is suppose to be blown up by Thaelin Darkanvil near his prison when you approach. (He should say: "Don't worry, . We've got your back!") As he activates the fuse.
-Cho'gall s Prison Door is suppose to be blown up by Hansel Heavyhands near his prison when you approach. (He should say: "Get on in there, champ!.") As he activates the fuse.
-When you enter. Cho'gall and Teron'gor are Attackable and the form stays there durning the dialogue while the true copy jumps down and talks.
-Before you destroy the relic, Cho'gall should say "You...outsider. Destory that relic, and set us free. (Crush the relic! Smash the relic!)" When you walk inside the Prison
Teron'gor should say " You...strange invaders..." " You seek to disable the Dark Portal?" " I can help you. Just...set me free."
-Once you free one of the Prisoners (Either Cho'gall or Teron'gor. Hellstream should yell from distance "Iron Horde! The intruders are freeing our prisoners!"
"Stop them!"
-Once you free both of them and approach the Dark Portal, Khadgar should say "Look! The portal grows weaker!" "Hold that front! Our work is nearly done!"

Quest num.4 - The Portal's Power
-Once you Accept the quest, Khadgar should say "Use whatever means are necessary, champion. Azeroth's final hope lies with you."
-Some of the Tormented Soul NPCs in Gul'dan s Prison should be flying in the air.
Upon entering, Gul'dan should say " Sever my bonds...and the portal falls."
-Gul'dan is Attackable.
-When you click the Mark of the Burning Blade, Gul'dan should say " The bonds weaken. Freedom will be mine!"
When you click the Mark of the Shatterd Hand, Gul'dan should say "Grommash will pay for his arrogance."
When you click the Mark of the Blackrock, Gul'dan should say "Yes...Yes!"
-Upon coming back to Khadgar, All NPCs should be stacked at the stairs.

Quest num.5 - The Cost of War
-At the end, when Khadgar kills everyone in the hut, Some of the NPCs corpses are missing, laying dead on the floor.

Quest num.6 - Blaze of Glory
-Upon accepting the quest, Khadgar is suppose to say "We cannot stay here long. Soon, the entirety of the Iron Horde will be upon us." " , our champion, will stay back and disrupt the enemy camp. The rest of us will seek safe passage through the jungle."
Maraad (Alliance) should say "Fight well, "
Thrall (Horde) should say "Good luck, "
-After finishing the Dialogue, the NPCs should start running to the next waypoint near Heartblood, Not exacly there
-Upon approacing the group, The NPCs should finish thier way to Heartblood completly. (They were waiting)

Quest num.7 (Side Quest) - Vengence of the Fallen

Quest num.8 (Side Quest) - Bled Dry
-Uppon Accepting. The quest giver is suppose to die.
-When the NPC dies. His mate should cry over him.
-The Prison Cage Doors dont open after beeing intercated with.
-On top of Eastern Cage, there is suppose to be Enemy Orc NPC
-While approaching Easter Cage, One of the Prisoners should yells, "Is anybody out there?"
-While approaching Southern Cage, one of the Prisoners should yell "Help! Anybody!"

Quest num.9 - Altar Altercation
-Upon talking with Ariok, he should say "You and I against an entire clan? Sounds like my kind of fight." "The Bleeding Hollow orcs use savage blood magic to transform their warriors into hulking berserkers." "With any luck, we will escape before they can complete their transfomation ritual."
-All 3 Interactable Orbs of Blood should be connected to the Orc in middle with Red link.
-All 3 Orbs should be floading above he ground.
-Ariok should not dissapear while approaching the ritual area.
-There should be floating Eye of Killrog above the ritual.
-Upon entering the site Ariok yells "Here we stand, cowards! Come...FIGHT US!"
-Upon dispatching the first blood orb, you get a whisper from Kilrogg: "I'm coming for you, intruders..."
-Upon dispatching the second blood orb, Ariok says: "It looks like Khadgar and the rest are on the move. Our work is nearly done, champion!"
-Upon dispatching the third blood orb, Ariok says "Look!" Right before the cinematic starts.
-On the way to Khadgar, infront of the Bridge, the Orcs should be dead, not alive

Quest num.10 - The Kargathar Proving Grounds
-Khadgar should say "First, we deal with the bridge" "Now, let's get moving!"

Quest num.11 - A Potential Ally
-Missing Shatterd hand Orcs around the torture area.
-Corpses at Khadgar have wrong animated postion.

Quest num.12 - Kill Your Hundred
-Kargath not interfiring with the Arena.
-Ally NPCs standing Idle, doing nothing,
-Enemy NPCs stacking at one point, sometimes caousing crashes
-When you kill your 99, Khadgar freezes every Orc in the arena, But with Incorrect Animations, They stay Idle
-After handing in the quest, Khadgar should say "Lady Liadrin, take Olin with you and scout the cave.".


Quest num.13 - Masters of Shadowns
-Missing Animations for NPCs
-Missing Dialogue when engaging Enemy.
-Ankova the Fallen is already suppose to be dead, Yrel is kneeling next to her. Kill credit for this NPCs instantly Autocompletes.
-When you approach Yrel, she says "Who's there! Oh - I'm glad I'm not the only one fighting these monsters.".
-Yrel should give you the next quest called "Yrel"

Quest num. 14 - The Shadowmoon Clan
-Missing Portals behind NPCs.
-Missing spells
-NPCs not walking around.

Quest num.15 - Yrel
-Yrel should say "We must hurry - these Shadowmoon orcs are under the command of "Ner'zhul." once you pick up the quest.
-After few seconds later, Yrel should say "With his commanders dead, Ner'zhul will surely come looking for us.".
-Once you reach the stairs, Yrel should say "I see your friends in the chamber above. I think I can get there safely.".

Quest num.16 - Keli'dan the Breaker
-Missing door, Or door dosent open after accepting the quest.
-After accepting the quest, Maraad (Alliance) should say " This acolyte and I will retrieve the rest of our group. Do everything in your power to stop that orc from opening that portal!
Yrel says "We will return with help."
Ladria (Horde) should say "I'll take this draenei back to Khadgar. Stop that orc from opening that portal!"
Yrel says "We will return with help."
-Upon engeging Keli'dan the Breaker, he should yell "You - from beyond the portal! You will make a marvelous sacrifice." "The void consumes you!"
At low health, he should yell "Ner'zhul...Help me..." and Cinematic starts.
-Boss is missing Spells/Abillites

Quest num.17 - Prepare for Battle
-Weapon racks cant be interacted and looted.
-Some Blackrock Forgeworkers should wear bunch of weapons in thier hands (Visual).
-Upon coming back to the Quest giver after collecting all Weapons, Blackhand should yell "What's this? What's going on down there?"
-Upon completion, all the draenei, minus Maladaar and Maraad, run down to start fighting the orcs.
-Thrall and Drek'Thar should be traiding the Prisoners.

Quest num.18 - The Battle of the Forge
-After Cutscene, Khadgar says " You three! Follow onto the battlefield, and listen for my call." "I have a plan."
-Right after, Cordana Felsong says "We are yours to command, ."
-NPCs not fighting eachother.
-After reaching the quest objective, Khadgar yells "We don't have much more time! Everyone, get to high ground!"

Quest num.19 - Ga'nar of the Frostwolf
-While you are running around doing this quest and the next one, Blackrock Laborers yell things about Ga'nar "Don't let up on that Frostwolf pup. We must break his spirit." "Is that Frostwolf runt broken yet?" "Tell that Frostwolf to keep shoveling! Hrah hrah hrah..."
-The NPC is not chained to the pole

Quest num.20 - The Gunpowder Keg
-While using the fuse, Hansel Heavyhands says "There she goes..." "..wait for it..." "KER-PLOW!" After that, Orcs flies out of the building and Hansel says "Ohhh, weren't that the prettiest thing?"

Quest num.21 - The Shadow of the Worldbreaker

Quest num.22 - Polishing the Iron Throne
Upon accepting the quest, Ga'nar says "Just get me free, stranger. I could kill a hundred of these pigs with this shovel alone."
-Quest NPC has no Abillities, No attacks
-Once engeged, Overseer Gotrigg yells "Interrupting cretins! I'll sear that pretty armor right into your skin!"

Quest num. 23 - The Prodigal Frostwolf

Quest num. 24 - Taking a Trip to the Top of the Tank
-Gorgluk is not using any abillities/Spells nor his cannon on his shoulder.
-Upon accepting the quest, Thaelin Darkanvil should say "You do the fightin' and I'll do the fixin'. Now let's get up on that tank!"
-Upon reaching said chains, Thaelin should say "Look back there. I think we can climb up those chains.!
-Upon climbing the chain to the top, Thaelin should say "I see the controls!"

-Quest num.25 - A Taste of Iron
-Cannon contols can be clicked on instantly, bugging the quest if you skip the 200 kills Objective.
-Thelin is there twice. One of the should be at the cannon control after the completion of this Quest.
-While in the control of the cannon, the enemy tanks do no damage to you.

Quest num.26 - The Home Stretch
-Some NPCs dont react, stand idle, Incorrect postion.
-Regarding faction, You hop on a wrong ship, without animations, and the original ship Model is there,while there is a copy of it sailing away.

I hope i helped somehow, to make the server experience better if somebody even notices this.
I will futhermore add Bugs in the comments bellow if needed

Feel free to also add bugs you found durning leveling in this zone!

Welcome to Dreanor friend.

[Tanaan Jungle Questline overwiev] (Full)
May 3, 2016 15:19:32

Shadowmoon Valley Quest overwiev coming soon!

[Tanaan Jungle Questline overwiev] (Full)
May 3, 2016 15:30:27

Hello, I appreciate your effort and work but it would be better if you report buggued quests which arent working instead of details about quests which are working nowday. Its nice because we will can fix it in the future but we need to focus in not working quests first.
Thanks you for your report by the way.

[Tanaan Jungle Questline overwiev] (Full)
May 3, 2016 18:24:41

Hello!, Is there any possible way i could contact you? I have few quests in Mind that are not working and Prevent me from continuing the questline in Shadowmoon Valley, Should i just make new report about each one of them?

[Tanaan Jungle Questline overwiev] (Full)
June 15, 2016 16:00:00

Sorry, i didnt read your replique before..yes,contact me in forum with pm if you want.

[Tanaan Jungle Questline overwiev] (Full)
August 23, 2016 00:55:35

status changed from new report to report confirmed

[Tanaan Jungle Questline overwiev] (Full)
February 21, 2017 15:19:46

Hi, you should post this in a forum topic. This is not really a tracker ticket.