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Legion - Actualizações

September 27, 2021

[Misc] [Greymane server only] - Sowram updated!

Sowram in Gurubashi Tower now offer new toys for purchase!
[Misc] [Greymane server only] - New Greymane Token!

Introduction of the new Greyman Token! A token exclusive to the Greymane server that can be used to purchase various ingame items and mounts.
[Misc] [Greymane server only] - Appearances flask come back!

When collecting Firestorm loyalty points, if a player does not have the Flask of Appearance, Jeanne will automatically give it to them. This marks the return of the Flask of Appearance on Greymane!
[Misc] [Greymane server only] - Gems & Enchantments vendors updated!

Enchantment and gem sellers now also offer flasks! Eight new flasks are available for purchase for 35 mark of honour.
[Misc] [Greymane server only] - Mounts vendors updated!

Custom mounts vendors have been updated with dozens of new mounts now available for purchase!
[Misc] [Greymane server only] - Custom boss!

14 Custom bosses have been introduced in the Greymane database, with a chance to loot an epic mount by killing them! They will be added ingame with time by the team!
[Misc] [Greymane server only] - Daily/Weekly update

A script has been created to give directly the daily/weekly quests without going to an NPC to get them, they are autocomplete and autorendered (it will be as if the player received a reward at each connection for the daily and each week for the weekly).
[Misc] [Greymane server only] - Two new NPCs have been created!

Ursken who will allow players to enter the arena and Livka who will allow players to leave the arena (only if they are out of combat). There are now only two ways out of the arena, via Livka or by death!
[Misc] [Greymane server only] - Teleport Master update.

The Teleport Master now offers Nagrand Arena instead of Gurubashi.
[Misc] [Greymane server only] - New arena located in Nagrand!

Gurubashi has been wiped out, there is no NPCs or GameObjects left. A new arena is waiting you in Nagrand!

April 7, 2021

[Trinket] Terminus Signaling Beacon

The trinket itself doesn't deal any damage anymore (it used to). When you use, the ship spawns, but then nothing happens.

This trinket is an always used trinket for Fire Mages and Shadow Priests in AOE situations.

March 26, 2021

We are working on Druid class at the time!

Some change can be visible, don't hesitate to report anything to the Quality Assurance Team on Discord or ingame if you know some of them!

March 20, 2021

[Shadow] Mind Sear

Issue: This passive spell is currently not working for Shadow Priests.
How it should work:: Screenshot.

SpellID: 234702

November 25, 2020

[Blood] Fixed Gorefiend's Gasp

[Frost] Frost Strike vs Razorice + Shattering strikes

[Blood] Fixed T21 4P

[Unholy] Fixed Dark Arbiter Val'kyr Strike and damage

Fixed Thronebreaker vs Frostscythe

[Unholy] Fixed Virulent Eruption

[Blood] Fixed Vampiric aura

[Blood] Fixed Decomposing aura

Fixed Umbilicus Eternus

[Frost] Fixed Delirium (PvP)

[Unholy] Fixed Gravitational Pull in PvP

[Unholy] Fixed Crypt Fever

Death Grip

Dark Succor & Death Strike heal

[Frost] Frostscythe vs Icecap + Oblit + Froststrike

[Blood] Fixed Tombstone

[Blood] Fixed Bone shield

[Blood] Fixed Service of Gorefiend + DRW

[Frost] Fixed Death strike

Shadow Empowerment & Unholy T21 4P

[Frost] Fixed Chains of Ice

[Unholy] Fixed Virulent plague

[Blood] Fixed Purgatory

[Frost] Gathering storm vs Rime proc

[Frost] Fixed Max Stacks of Icy Edge

[DeathKnigt][Unholy] Fixed Pandemic

November 24, 2020

[Havoc] Eye of Leotheras

The honor talent Eye of Leotheras should proc on harmful magical spells.
[Havoc] Fix Metamorphosis vs spec change

Unending Hatred - Only procs from Magic spells

[Vengeance] Runemaster's Pauldrons vs Demon Spikes

The legendary should only grant you one charge of Demon Spikes and not affect its cooldown, right now it resets its cooldown instead keeping the cooldown and giving the charge.
Empower Wards will no be affected by Necrotic DoT

[Vengeance] Demonic Infusion talent

Using this talent only refills your charges and gives you 60 pain but doesn't activate Demon Spikes.

Now, your charges gives you 60 pain and proc Demon Spikes.
[Vengeance] Cleansed by Flame

You don't get dispelled on cast but you do get dispelled on hit.
[Vengeance] Fixed Flame Crash

When using Infernal Strike with this talent, the Sigil of Flame activates before landing. Sigil of Flame should activate with landing and not before.
[Havoc] Eye beam VS haste ticks

The ticks of Eye Beam shouldn't get affected by haste. Only it's channeling time should affected by haste.
[Havoc] Fixed Antorus 4P

[Vengeance] Soul Barrier

The absorb values of Soul Barrier increase when getting hit by melee/spells. They sometimes decrease a bit, but the value jumps up and down increasing and decreasing.
The only time the Soul Barrier shoul get increased absorb value is when you consume a soul fragment, as the tooltip says. (Consuming a Soul Fragment adds 175.587 to the shield).
[Vengeance] Sephuz's Secret vs Sigil of Chains

The legendary Sephuz's Secret now proc from Sigil of Chains.
[PVE][Aggramar] Molten Remmants

Molten Remmants will be not casted if Ember explode before
[Misc] Greymane - Disable Gurubashi arena chest

[PVE][Aggramar] Fixed Power rate of Wrought in Flame

[PVE][Aggramar] Fixed Power Regen Rate on Embers

[PVE][Aggramar] Fixed count of Embers in non mythic modes

[Misc] Greymane - Rework fun pvp quest

November 19, 2020

[Protection] Warbringer

Warbringer should not have diminishing return and it should stun players when you use Intercept on allies it doesn't
Command Demon

Fixed command demon button
[Affliction] Drain Soul

Fixed an issue where Drain Soul gets increased channel time by too much when you recast it by the pendemic effect .
PvP - Cremation

[Demonology] Talent - Shadowy Inspiration

Shadowy Inspiration should be consumed on cast not on hit
[Demonology] Hand of Gul'dan and Call Dreadstalker will ignore player immunity

[Affliction] Talent - Fixed Death's Embrace

Now The Death's Embrace tier 7 talent give damage increase under 35% health of the target.
Fixed The Master Harvester stack issue

Healthstone & healing reduction auras

Healthstone is not affected by healing reduction spells like Wound poison. Also please check Sweet Souls trait on this subject.
[Destruction] Fixed Backdraft

[Affliction] Soul Harvest vs The master harvester

Fixed an issue where The Master Harvester proc overrides the Soul harvest talent on a certain situation.
[Affliction] Fixed Soul Flame

[Affliction] Soul flame artefact talent proc

Fixed an issue where Soul Flame proc without the lock being in combat or hiting a target..its need just to be near to targets
[All] Succubus Seduction

Does not remove any damage over time effects from the target when you seduce.This affects also Grimoire : Succubus.
Burning Rush

Fixed an issue where Burning Rush kills you instead of automatically turning off
[Affliction] Tormented Soul

Fixed an issue where stacks don't drop when you leave combat and they don't reset when you relog
Demonic Power proc

should not proc off of nondamaging spells like Fear, Banish, Havoc, Mortal Coil
[Affliction] Nightfall

Now Nightfall is consumed on cast, no( on hit.
[Affliction] Soul Harvest now will have the right duration

[Affliction] Soul Leech & Demon Skin dampening

[Assassination] Creeping Venom issues

Seems like it doesn't get affected by Master Poisoner 1.3x dmg poison damage increase mod.
[Windwalker] The Emperor's Capacitor inconsistent stacking

The Emperor's Capacitor sometimes doesn't gain a stack after using a chi spender.

This is most likely due server hardware limitation. Since on the logs it shows that you actually gain the buff stack before you used a chi spender.

Possible solution would be applying a custom delay of 50 100ms for the buff to get applied after using a chi spender.
Polymorph vs dampening

Polymorph should be affected by Dampening.
[Marksmanship] Piercing Shot

The damage modifier of Piercing Shot on the main target is wrong, it should be double.
[Survival] Spitting Cobra assist

The issue that Spitting Cobra has as of now is that it attacks your target instantly even though you haven't actually attacked that target nor are you in combat with it.
[Balance] Celestial Aligment & Eclipse

[Unholy] Dark Arbiter

[PVE][Viz'aduum the Watcher] Explosive Shadows

Explosive Shadows will be triggered only on dispel or expire phase
[Misc] Hall of Valor - Holy Light will be not casted in Mythic diff

[Misc] Challenge - Volcanic Affix will do a fixed dmg amount

[PVE][Aggramar] Hotfix - Fixed Empowered Flame Rend Damage

[PVE][Lord Kur'talos Ravencrest] Fixed Hitbox and visuals in Dark Obliteration

[PVE][Kin'garoth] Ruiner will not stun the targets

[PVE][Agronox] Multiple fix on Agronox

[PVE][Aggramar] Fixed Health Pct of 2nd transition in Mythic

[PVE][Argus the Unmaker] Soulburst will not do damage if the target is immune

[PVE][Aggramar] Fixed CC Immunities of Catalyzing Link

[Misc] Cathedral of Eternal Night - Fel Strike will be affected by Challengers Might

November 17, 2020

[Mistweaver] Fixed Revival & Blessings of Yu'lon threat

Fixed Waylay vs Explosive Trap

[PVE][Advisor Melandrus] Returns doors at anciens stats

Should fix issue with the doors
[PVE][Echo of Sylvanas] Reworked

[Misc] Challenges - Challengers Might will be taken for all damages spells

[Misc] Court of Stars - Fixed silence immunity on Gerenth the Vile

[Misc] Challenges - Fixed Hitbox of Volcanic

[Misc] Hall of Valor - Fixed Holy Radiance difficulty damage

[PVE][Imonar] Fixed despawn of Conflagration

November 16, 2020

Fix Stealth apply after Vanish

Fix Rupture PvP damage

[Windwalker] Spinning Crane Kick shouldn't apply Mark of Crane

[Marksmanship] Lock and Load consume fix

[Misc] Fixed Shifting Cosmic Sliver item

[Misc][Black Rook Hold] Whirling Blade - Fixed hitbox

[PVE][Varimathras] The Shivarra Coven will be immune to attacks if Varimathras is in progress

[Misc][Neltharion's Lair] Blightshard Shaper will kite to tank

[PVE][Argus] Soulburst will be not removed with immunities

[PVE][Argus] Fixed Cone of Death Dmg Trigger

[PVE][Lord Kur'talos Ravencrest] Fixed Timer of Dreadlord Guille

[Misc][Neltharion's Lair] Rockbound Pelter

Now check the distance from main target before throw Jagged Disc
[PVE][Lord Kur'talos Ravencrest] Fixed image phase duration and initial timer of Dreadlord Guille

[PVE][Lord Kur'talos Ravencrest] Fixed Hitbox of Cloud of Hypnosis

[Misc] Fixed Archive of Faith item

[Misc] Fixed Ravaged Seed Pod item

[PVE][Argus] Impeding Inevitability will trigger from Silence effects

[PVE][Medivh] Disabled movement in Image of Guardian

[Misc][Neltharion's Lair] Fixed Piercing Shard cast

[Misc][Hall of Valor] Infernal Flames - Fixed Hitbox

November 13, 2020

Fixed Nightblade damage

[Holy] Bulwark of Order vs Necrotic

[Feral] Rip dynamic damage updated

[PVE][Aggramar] Fixed Immunity Mask of Catalyzing Presence

[Misc] Genereth the Vile - Fixed Timers of cast and immunities

[Misc] Glowing Fragment - Fixed issue with Hitbox

[PVE][Kin'garoth] Fixed Ruiner Hitbox

[Misc] MOS Fixed Barbed Spear Behavior

November 12, 2020

Demon skin pvp modifier

Fixed Demon Skin pvp modifier.
Demon Skin should have a regeneration rate of 0.5% of maximum health per second instead of 1% of maximum health per second while in PvP instances.
[Arcane] Arcane Missiles proc

Arcane Missiles! should be proced on cast instead of on hit.
[Fire] Fixed Combustion wrong percentage

Combustion is supposed to give you 50% of your crit stat. In the following proof you will see that out of the 1292 crit, i get 1645 mastery which is wrong. The currect amount of mastery i should get is 1292/2=646.
[Survival] Fix Mongoose Bite pvp modifier

The 70% PvP modifier is applied on the base damage of the spell which it shouldn't be which can be clearly seen from the proof listed from the player.
[Misc][Generic] Fix Light's Judgment and Light's Reckoning pvp mod

Should deal 40% more damage/heal on PvP
[PVE][Aggramar] The intermission phase will interrupt all Taeshalachs Technique

[PVE][Aggramar] Fixed Trigger of UnleashedFlame

[PVE][Aggramar] Fixed Regen Power Duration of Wrought of Flame

[Misc] Fix immunities on some Trashmob

Stormforged Sentinel
Valarjar Marksman
Valarjar Mystic

November 11, 2020

[All] Fix Sin'Dorei Spite proc from Grimoire of Supremacy

[Fire] Blazing barrier vs Molten skin

The trait Molten skin isnt working at all. On this proof you will see that i should have a damage reduction of 20% on physical dmg. The first hit of Rake is 144, 660. With the blazing barrier you will see that last hit is 102,409 (42,152 absorbed). Which is exactly the same hit as the one without blazing barrier. The correct hit with the working trait should be 144,660 20% = 115,728.
This has high prio since its an important survivability trait.
[Restoration] Fix The Dark Titan's Advice

The "Lifebloom's periodic healing has a 5% chance heal for its final healing amount." part of The Dark Titan's Advice is now fixed.
[Quest] Nath'raxas Hold: Rescue Mission

Category: Quests
Priority: High
Name of the bug: Nath'raxas Hold: Rescue Mission
How it's bugged: The quest cannot be taken from the npc.
How it's supposed to work: The quest can be taked from Chieftain Hatuun after the previous quest "Nath'raxas Hold: Preparations" is completed.

https://www.wowhead.com/quest=48443 Nath'raxas Hold: Rescue Mission
https://www.wowhead.com/npc=119388 Chieftain Hatuun
[Misc][Zone] Tanaan Jungle

Tanaan Jungle Intro is now completly doable properly.
[Misc] Trinket vs Crowd Control

Trinket that should not break CC on damage or proc on CC targets :

Terror From Below
Prototype Personnel Decimator
Dark Blast
Fel Meteor
Flame Wreath
Void Tendril
Rancid Maw
Volatile Energy
Shadow Blades
[Misc] Dul'Zak HP Mythic fixed

[Misc] Fix Mortar cast time

Foul Mother mortar cast time fixed.
[PVE][Domatrax] Fixed Portal Positions

[PVE][Moroes] Garrote will have a priority in healers to init the rotation

[PVE][Aggramar] Fix Hp percentage of Transition

It's now 40% instead of 35%
[Misc] Nightmare Dweller will not be immune to Grip

July 26, 2020

[Restoration] Cloudburst totem

Cloudburst totem is healing all allies rather than just injured targets. This causes a large amount of the healing to be wasted on full health targets. When activated the healing from the totem should only be applied to targets who aren't already full health.

|T971076:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:157153|h[Cloudburst Totem]|h|r
[Elemental] Liquid Magma Totem

The talent Liquid Magma Totem for elemental shaman can damage and kill NPCs in dalaran for example: Illnea Bloodthorn the blood of sargeras vendor.

|T971079:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:192222|h[Liquid Magma Totem]|h|r
[Subtlety] Shadowy Duel vs Flag Keeper

Now flags keepers will not lose the flag when targeting by Shadowy Duel in Battleground
[Holy] Beacons being removed by other Holy Paladins

If you have two Holy Paladins in a raid, and hpal 1 places whatever beacon on a target, and then hpal places that same beacon on that same target, the beacon from hpal 1 will be removed. This should not be the case, both paladins should be able to have beacons present on the same targets as each other, they shouldn't get removed/replaced by each other's beacons.
[Survival] Terms of Engagement

This artifact trait is meant to reset the cooldown on Harpoon whenever you kill an enemy. This is meant to work as all other similar spells/talents/traits and reset if an enemy you have dealt damage to dies, even if the final blow is dealt by someone else. However, it currently only resets when it's you who deals the final blow to the enemy.

|T1376040:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:203754|h[Terms of Engagement]|h|r
[Survival] Butcher's Bone Apron vs Butchery

When you equip Butcher's Bone Apron and choose the talent Butchery, you should lose the stack of Butcher's Bone Apron Spell like with Carve (Since Butchery replace Carve spell)
[Misc] Timeless Wraith

Fixed an issue where Timeless Wraith doesn't cast Time Lock
[PVE][Ivanyr] Nether Link shouldn't tick for the first second

Issue: Atm it instantly ticks, not giving players time to react.

How it should work: It shouldn't tick for 1 second to give players time to move out of the area.

Spell: |T429383:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:196804|h[Nether Link]|h|r
[PVE][Ivanyr] Volatile Magic doesn't deal damage to player with debuff

Issue: Players don't take damage from their own Volatile Magic debuff. Players only take damage from it if it's from an other player.

How it should work: The player should take damage from his own Volatile Magic too.

Spell: |T1041232:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:196570|h[Volatile Magic]|h|r
[PVE][Glazer] - Pulse

normally the boss : https://www.wowhead.com/npc=95887/glazer
must be affected by Pulse : |T1033906:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:214893|h[Pulse]|h|r and take the damage (which reduces the amount of pulse in the boss room)

as we can see on a retail video :
(20:38 to 20:50)

currently, the pulse passes through it and it undergoes no damage
[PVE][ViceroyNezhar] Collapsing Void visual

Collapsing Void visual thingy should instantly despawn when boss is defeated.
At the moments it takes some time than it disappear.
[Misc] Work on server stability

July 12, 2020

[Demonology] Implosion

Implosion deals 30% less damage inside pvp instances
[Discipline] [Sins of the Many]

Fix an issue where |T135921:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198074|h[Sins of the Many]|h|r is not removed when you disconnect nor changing zone.
[Retribution] Fix Healthcliff Immortality abuse

It's now impossible to keep the buff of Healthcliff Immortality as a Holy or Protection paladin, you can't keep in after a disconnect
[Mistweaver] Soul of Grandmaster

Fixed an issue where Mist Wrap is removed in arena and battleground
[Mistweaver] Artifact Trait Celestial Breath

The artifact trait Celestial Breath should also heal the caster, currently it doesn't.
[Mistweaver] Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane

Invoke ChiJi, the Red Crane
doesn't crit, even though it should
[Mistweaver] Jade Serpent Statue and Mana

Jade Serpent Statue currently has mana, which it shouldn't. In PvP situations with Ancient Mistweaver Arts selected it does actually spend mana, which again shouldn't happen
[Brewmaster] Fundamental Observation

With Fundamental Observation, Zen Meditation becomes uninterruptible by moving or getting melee attacked. The spell never gets interrupted by spells but currently it gets interrupted by melee abilities, which shouldn't happen.
[All] Ring of Peace knockback distance

Fix distance of knockback effect of Ring of Peace.
[Mistweaver] Dome of Mist

Fix an issue where dome of mist is not applied to the target.
[Mistweaver] Healing Spheres

Spheres should spawn 1.5 seconds after casting, right now they spawn instantly.
[Brewmaster] Niuzao's Essence

When talented into Niuzao's Essence, using Purifying Brew should dispell all snares on you, currently it doesn't do that.
[Mistweaver] Chi'ji with Haste & Versatility

Right now the amount of times Chi'Ji heals during the 45 second duration is not increased by haste, which it should

Formula: Cast Time (sec) = 2.64 / (1 + TotalHaste)

Seeing as all summons benefit fully from Haste/Crit/Versatility/Dodge/Parry of the Caster.
Additionally it doesn't scale with Versatility either, which it should.
(2 pictures attached, one where I have 10.5% versa, and one with 0 versatility, in both instances Crane Heal does 22685 healing, which proves that it currently does not scale with versatility).
[Windwalker] Damage Aura

Reduce damage of Windwalker Monk from 16% to 9%
[Markmanship] MKII Gyroscopic vs Battlegrounds

You can't use MKII Gyroscopic Stabilizer in Battleground anymore.
[PvP] Travel speed while holding orb on battleground Temple of Kotmogu

It seems like seems players are abusing this: if you hold orb and then switch to travel form, the speed is not being adjusted as of how it does on retail wow and it's kept as mount speed. There are several reports banning players due to this.
Probably reducing the speed from +100% to +40% fixes the issue.
[Restoration] T21 2P vs Mastery

The "Dreamer (ID:253432)" HoT effect should be affected by Mastery: Harmony.
[All] Fix Lanathiel's lamentation

You can't keep Lanathiel's lamentation buff after unequip |T629694:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:133974::::::::120:::::|h[Lana'thel's Lament]|h|r
[Vengeance] Demonic Trample vs Flags

Demonic Trample now provides a 50% movement speed increase while carrying a Flag in battlegrounds.
[Vengeance] Last Resort and amount of absorb

While running with Last Resort i managed to get OS with a 13M hitting spell,

Legion Patch 7.2.5 (20170613): Last Resort will not absorb a killing blow of more than 200% of the player's maximum health.

I have 10M hp, i shouldn't get killed.

Maybe the value of absorbtion is wrong, (but Elliot told me that it was set on infinite). So maybe the formula must be look into
[Vengeance] Demon Spikes duration adding up

The duration of Demon Spikes should be added on top of the current remaining duration every time you use the spell, up to a maximum of 3 times the initial duration (so 18s), so the same as for Brewmaster's Ironskin brew. Currently, using Demon Spikes while it's already up will refresh its duration to 6s.

For example, if you do 3 demon spikes back to back, you should have 18s duration remaining on it. If you use Demon Spikes with 15s remaining, it will only go up to 18s. If you use it with 3s remaining, it will go up to 9s, and so on.
[Misc][Item] Riftworld Codex

This item can procc 3 different buffs on you..and they also can overlap, but 1 of them never proccs:
|T525026:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:256415|h[Flames of Ruvaraad]|h|r < doesnt procc

Those 2 work:
|T136079:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:251938|h[Winds of Kareth]|h|r <Healing one
|T135843:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:252545|h[Light of Absolarn]|h|r <Absorbshield
[rogue][Sub] Death From Above

The death from above is a twopart attack:
First, you whirl, dealing aoe dommage, then leap into the air.
Second, eviscerate, fort subtlety (envenom for assa, and dispatch for outlaw), your target on the way back down.

Here, the problem is sometimes when you use DFA, you don't really leap into the air, but just give above the ground. So you don't "drop", so you don't execute eviscerate.
proof :

July 5, 2020

[Demonology] Fix condition loot of Orb of the Fel Temptress

It's not necessary to have Demonology spec to loot [Orb of the Fel Temptress](www.wowhead.com/item=147117/orbofthefeltemptress) now
[Shadow] [PvP] Fleeting Embrace.

[Disicpline] Skjoldr, Sanctuary of Ivagont

The "Your Power Word: Shield absorbs 15% more" part of Skjoldr, Sanctuary of Ivagont should work now
[Shadow] Shadowfiend with Glyph of the Sha

[Discipline] Inner Hallation proc

Void eruption visual

Void Eruption doesn't show the lightup glow/visual between 6599 Insanity while talented Legacy of the Void (it does at 100 Insanity only)
Dominant Mind

Fix an issue where Dominant Mind send an error message "Target is too high level"
Muze's Unwavering

Should be usable with all priest specs now
[Discipline] Overloaded with light

The priest keeps Overloaded with Light buff when he gets summoned into a raid, so he can deal massive damage with it.
Binding heal vs Enduring Renewal

Binding Heal isn't refreshing Renew on healed targets while talented Enduring Renewal.
[Brewmaster] Fix correctly Niuzao, the Black Ox

[Mistweaver] Fix Life Cocoon absorb value

Basically Life Cocoon isn't absorbing enough damage, according to the tooltip it should be 4.7 million + the trait that increases the absorb by 20%, clocks in at 5.6 million. Right now absorbs 4.2 million.
[Mistweaver] Shroud of Mist vs Relogging

Shroud of Mist shouldn't remain after a disconnect/relogging
[Brewmaster] Fix Smashed Artifact Trait

The trait is giving a 5 yard range increase instead of the 10 yards
[Windwalker] Whirling Dragon Punch wrong damage aura

The wrong Aura period, the periodic damage should be every 25 seconds, not 45 seconds.
[Windwalker] Fix damage aura (passive)

The modifiers for spell damage and dot damage (Effect 0 and Effect 1) should be 25.
Right now they are 9
Chi orbit vs Hit combo

[Windwalker] Spinning crane kick vs Mark of the Crane (Visual)

Chi orbit vs Hit combo

Each hit from the orbs will grant you hit combo buff. It shouldn't give any hit combo at all.
[Mistweaver] Fix T20 4P

after the 2p bonus procs and you consume it, both on yourself or on another target you do not receive the 12% healing increase from the 4p. Additionally to this, if you let the 2p effect run out, the 4p effect will activate on its own.
[Brewmaster] Fix Celestial Fortune and Absorbs

Fix an issue where Celestial Fortune doesn't work for absorbs and besides heals, absorbs should also benefit from the Celestial Fortune buff, currently they don't.
[Brewmaster] Gifted Student

The trait ''Gifted Student'' (Spell ID: 227678) only grants you 1% critical strike chance, regardless of how many ranks you have in the trait. It should increase by 1% per trait rank.
[Survival] Explosive Trap

The initial explosion of Explosive Trap doesn't deal AoE damage. It does now
Move button

The moving order button is now fixed
[Survival] Hunting Companion

Hunting Companion should give a stack of Mongoose Bite and not reset the cooldown of the current charge, meaning that if you have no stacks and have 5 seconds to get a charge and get a proc, the timer should still be that 5 seconds, atm after getting a proc the cooldown is reseted to the spell base cooldown which is 12s
[Item] Fixed Exposed Flank remove in T21 2P Bonus

An exploit where you can conserve T21 2P bonus aura even if you don't have T21 2P
[Legendary] Shadow Hunter Vodoo Mask will heal 20% of heal

[Marksmanship] Trick Shot

Trick Shot it seems to wrongly calculate the damage of Aimed Shot Copy when the shot it is a critical hit, on normal hit the calculations are made correctly
[Beast Mastery] Heart of the Phoenix

Spell work correctly now.
[Marksmanship] Scatter Shot Dminishing Return

Scatter Shot should have a diminishing return
[Beast Mastery] Wild Call

Resets the remaining cooldown instead of giving a flat charge.
[Restoration] Wild Growth

Fix an issue where Wild Growth is healing 7 targets instead of 6.
Power of the Archdruid

Power of the Archdruid is triggering from every instance of Wild Growth uppon casting the ability. This should proc from casting Wild Growth with a 25% chance once casted, instead its triggering from every player affected by Wild Growth once casted as an independant instance (essentially 6x25% odds nonstacking)
Note: Chaincasted the ability for 10 minutes in a row and got a 86% proc chance/cast on 7 targets. And around 23% on a single player.
Wild Charge

Jump distance is too short
Starfall LOS

Starfall shouldn't it mobs that are in LoS (valable for players too)
bloodtalons being consumed by Ashamane's fenzy

both stacks of bloodtalons will get consumed when you cast Ashamane's Frenzy. only one should be consumed and should buff the whole spell ( it does 15 attacks in 3 seconds)
[Guardian] Embrace of the Nightmare

You are now immune to all Loss of Control when you use Embrace of the Nightmare while Rage of the Sleeper is active.
[Guardian] Regenerative Fur vs Duration 4P T21

The buff is been canceled instantly after the proc is activated. Instead it should last 20s after Barkskin fades.
[Guardian] Fix Wildflesh bonus was applied twice

The healing done is increased by 5% now and not 10%

It shouldn't causes combat bug because it hits npcs that you otherwise shouldnt be able, also can pull mobs that you already wiped(with shadowmeld).
[Vengeance] Fiery Demise and Immolation Aura

Demonic flames extends Fiery Demise (or Fiery Demise's duration equals Fiery Brand's) now

Immolation Aura extends Fiery Brand through Flaming Soul

June 28, 2020

[All] Demonic Gateway

Now |T607512:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:111771|h[Demonic Gateway]|h|r can be used by a member of the opposite faction if he is in the same party/raid group.
[Balance] Fix Stellar Empowerement effect

We've fixed an issue where Stellar Empowerement (Starfall) passive was taked every damage in calculation and not only periodic damage of Moonfire and Sunfire
[PVE][Naltira] Skill missing

Sometimes the boss doesnt do Blink Strikes , jumps on a random player and back to the tank but without casting.
[Misc][Karazhan] Fix trash loot

[Misc] Withered Fiend

We've fixed positions of two Withered Fiend too close from Advisor Vandros
[PVE][Advisor Vandros] Wiping issue


If you wipe on this boss once, the second time u re engage him, if u do not manage to kill him before he casts banish in time, he will not be there at the location u need to run to reengage him hence preventing you from completing the dungeon.
[PVE][Advisor Vandros] Force Nova

|T1041235:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:203139|h[Force Nova]|h|r

If you are hit by Force Nova and get pushed back to a wall while the force nova is still pushing you, you get stuck with the knockback effect and even death does not remove it. You will need to relog to remove it.
[PVE][Advisor Vandros] Banish In Time

After a few seconds of the intermission spell, the NPC dissapears and also removes the visual debuff for you to hunt him down in 2 minutes. After the 2 minutes pass well, he just explote you all but he is never targeteable anymore.
Here is the link of the issue happening
[PVE][Naltira] Blinking Strike

Fixed an issue where Nal'Tira jump on a player, casts then does not jump back to the tank.
[PVE][Naltira] Spiders


The big spiders which spawn before the boss and during the fight sometimes jump onto random players and root them while doing dmg to them over time. If you do sufficient damage to the spiders they are supposed to stop channeling and jump off but this doesnt really happen. CCing the spider or even killing it doesnt remove the root and you have to use freedom/tiger's lust/etc to remove it. The damage from the root goes through immunities like ice block/bubble/netherwalk. The root mechanic also lets u mount the affected player if the spider is killed.
[PVE][Smashspite the Hateful] - Fel Vomitus

it happens that Fel Vomitus : |T1129418:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198501|h[Fel Vomitus]|h|r continues to give you the debuff while you are not Standing there anymore
[PVE][Naltira] Fix Spiders position (LoS issue)

We've fixed two spiders with LoS position, they shouldn't get that LoS position anymore.
[Misc] Rolling Stones

Instance: Black Rook Hold
Difficulty: ALL
The second time, where you meet the down rolling stones (NPCID: 111706), they are supposed to roll solo down. Actually they are twice and double stones are rolling down.
1. .go crea id 111706
2. get hit by 2 stones

Tested on 7.3.5 LIVE
[Misc] Barbed Spear

Barbed Spear does not have a range at the moment.

Npc: https://www.wowhead.com/npc=97043/seacursedslaverabilities

|T135134:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:194674|h[Barbed Spear]|h|r
[PvE][Corstilax] Nightwell Energy

Nightwell Energy properly stack now.
[Misc] Moving route

Instance: The Arcway

Fix path of an Acidic Bile in the right way
[Misc] Forgotten Spirit hp on Normal/Heroic & Mythic 0

Instance: The Arcway

Fix an issue where a Forgotten Spirit near Advirsor Vandros has only 250k HP in Normal/Heroic and Mythic Mode.
[Misc] Wrathguard Felblade & Eredar Chaosbringer Moving route

Instance: The Arcway

Fix path of two Wrathguard Felblade and Eredar Chaosbringer before General Xakal boss.
[PVE][Ivanyr] Interrupt issue

If the boss is interrupted while he's channeling Overcharge Mana, he will not move/cast anything for the duration of that cast.


Cast is 8 seconds long

Boss gets interrupted at 6 seconds left from the cast

Boss will not move for 6 seconds.
[Misc] Doors and Way (Important!!)

Instance: The Arcway

The passage must be generated randomly, open to the left close to the right or vice versa according to the week

You must follow https://www.wowhead.com/thearcwaydungeonstrategyguide now to handle correctly your M+ key

June 25, 2020

[PVE][ArgustheUnmaker] Avatar of Aggramar

Category: PVE
Priority: High
Name of the bug: Avatar of Aggramar
How it's bugged: If players get this buff (and Aggramar's Boon as well) and logout then they will have Aggramar's Boon forever after logging in.
How it's supposed to work: It should not be possible.

|T135947:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:255199|h[Avatar of Aggramar]|h|r Avatar of Aggramar
|T237539:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:255200|h[Aggramar's Boon]|h|r Aggramar's Boon

June 21, 2020

[PVE][MoS] Ymiron RP event adds should not bolster other mobs. (m+ affix)

June 19, 2020

[Misc][Generic] Rewrite hast calculation

May 21, 2020

[PVE][High Command] Diffuse Magic vs Antoran High Command

Fixed a bug where monk players were able to reflect |T133009:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:244729|h[Shock Grenade]|h|r on https://www.wowhead.com/npc=125012/chiefengineerishkar and https://www.wowhead.com/npc=125014/generalerodus
[PVE][Imonar] Conflagration

Fixed an issue where you got |T1097741:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:248321|h[Conflagration]|h|r debuff where the bomb wasn't even spawned on the marked ground and got the debuff on the marked zone.
[PVE][Imonar] Blastwire and Shrapnel Blast don't visually despawn

Fixed an issue where |T133710:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:247923|h[Shrapnel Blast]|h|r and |T133035:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:247962|h[Blastwire]|h|r weren't visually despawned on the 2nd (and 4th bridge on Mythic).
[Misc][Quest] Tomb of Sargeras: Aegwynn's Path

Fixed quest Tomb of Sargeras: Aegwynn's Path
[PVE][High Command] Psychic Scarring and Exploit Weakness

Fixed an issue where you can use some spell, like shadowmeld to removes the debuff and so enter a pod again.
[PVE][High Command] Entropic Mines hitbox

Fixed hitbox of |T133009:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:245161|h[Entropic Mine]|h|r (3yard instead of 4).
[PVE][Hasabel] Poison essence + diffuse magic

Fixed an issue where you can use |T775460:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:122783|h[Diffuse Magic]|h|r spell monk to reflect the damage of |T538440:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:246316|h[Poison Essence]|h|r used by https://www.wowhead.com/npc=122212/ladydacidion
[PVE][Imonar] Grenade/Trap and Immunities

Fixed an issue where players can be immune to |T133009:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:247376|h[Pulse Grenade]|h|r and Trap when they use spell like Divine Shield and other immunity spells.
[PVE][Imonar] Infernal Rockets

Infernal Rockets would now be triggered 10sec after Intermission is passed.

May 20, 2020

[PVE][Antorus] [Coven of Shivarra] LoS Exploit

Fixed an exploit where players made Lose Sight of the Shivarra.

May 4, 2020

[PVE][Cathedral of the Eternal Night] [Mephistroth] Shadow Fade

After 40 seconds, once Mephistroth has gained 100% energy, the cast of Shadow Fade [|T132095:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:233206|h[Shadow Fade]|h|r should start, making Mephistroth invisible and starting Phase 2.
This doesn't happen on ptr and live; what happens here is that the cast is postponed until 1 minute and 40 seconds, making the boss a lot easier.

Screen link: [ 1&2
[Misc][Achievement] And were all out of mana buns

The achievement doesn't give the title when it should
[Misc][Arena] [Greymane] 1v1 bracket

Currently you can enter a 1v1 arena as a Healer or Tank, which shouldn't be possible since when you try to queue as these 2 roles you get a warning message saying it's only for dps, but if you queue as dps and then switch specs you can access the arena as a healer or tank.
[Misc] Smart loot not implemented for hidden artifact appearances

You can no longer get an artefact appearance or something related to artefact appearance that is not for your class.
[Misc][Quest] Dreamcatcher

Totems are not spawn

Shriektalon Totem
Fearfeather Totem
Reaverbeak Totem

/way Val'sharah 59.3 82.2 Shriektalon Totem
/way Val'sharah 56.3 81.3 Fearfeather Totem
/way Val'sharah 59.2 80.1 Reaverbeak Totem cave
[PVE][Karazhan Upper] [The Curator] Hitbox fix

We've fixed the hitbox of https://www.wowhead.com/npc=114247/thecurator
[PVE][Court of Stars] [Talixae Flamewreath] Talixae vs knock back

You can't knock back https://www.wowhead.com/npc=104217/talixaeflamewreath anymore.
[PVE][Maw of Souls] [Ymiron] Spam

Fixed an issue where Ymiron spamming his intro talk.

April 23, 2020

Death From Above vs Kin'Garoth

You will not fall anymore in the center if you use |T1043573:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:152150|h[Death from Above]|h|r on

April 18, 2020

[Misc] Fsdie command

We have implemented the .fsdie command, usable by all players, it's a suicide command that can be useful when you are stuck for example.

April 14, 2020

[PvE][Neltharion's Lair] [Ularogg Cragshaper] Ularogg vs Enrage affix

The boss benefits from the "Enrage" affix that buffs damage by 100% when below 20% HP (it should only affect non boss ennemies)
[PVE][Darkheart Thicket] [Xavius] Growing Paranoia vs Waking Nightmare

(|T460691:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:200289|h[Growing Paranoia]|h|r) cancels Waking Nightmare if present on the target.
[PVE][Darkheart Thicket] [Xavius] Waking Nightmare vs Growing Paranoia

(|T1357795:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:200243|h[Waking Nightmare]|h|r) cancels Growing Paranoia if present on the target.
[PVE][Darkheart Thicket] [Xavius][Waking Nightmare]

(|T1357795:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:200243|h[Waking Nightmare]|h|r) sometimes it isn't canceled when you're close with a friend, and all the fight you'll silence.
[Misc][Gilneas] Save Krenann Aranas

Fix an issue where players can't use the ability to save Krenann Aranas.

April 13, 2020

[Misc][Court of Stars] Missing - Guardian Construct (second bridge) Patrol

in all the difficulties on bridge in midnight yard, he misses a Guardian Construct : https://www.wowhead.com/npc=104270/guardianconstruct
he must patrol with a Watchful Inquisitor and Legion Hound already present on firestorm
[Misc][Court of Stars] Missing - Guardian Construct (first brige)

in all the difficulties a Guardian Construct : https://www.wowhead.com/npc=104270/guardianconstruct is missing on the first bridge
we put a blue sign where the addition should be in normal times
[PVE][Black Rook Hold] [Amalgam of Souls] Restless Souls vs KnockbackStunRoot

When he cast [Call Souls](|T460857:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:196078|h[Call Souls]|h|r) druids can root one of the summoned Souls preventing him from casting [Soul Burst](|T1120185:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:196587|h[Soul Burst]|h|r)
(goes same for monks incap etc..)
[PvE][Black Rook Hold] [Amalgam of Souls] Amalgam vs Affix

The boss benefits from the "Enrage" affix that buffs damage by 100% when below 20% HP (it should only affect non boss ennemies)

note : this makes surviving Soul Burst quiet impossible as it's already a deadly oneshot mechanic.
[PVE][Black Rook Hold] [Amalgam of Souls] Amalgam vs Affix

The boss benefits from the "Enrage" affix that buffs damage by 100% when below 20% HP (it should only affect non boss ennemies)

note : this makes surviving Soul Burst quiet impossible as it's already a deadly oneshot mechanic.

April 8, 2020

[Misc] Stormwind Skychaser and Orgrimmar Interceptor 2 seater issue

Mount Stormwind Skychaser (|T1634245:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:151618::::::::120:::::|h[Stormwind Skychaser]|h|r) and Orgrimmar Interceptor (|T1634246:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:151617::::::::120:::::|h[Orgrimmar Interceptor]|h|r) are 2 seater mounts,but they don't work properly,only 1 person can use it (and that's the mount owner),heres a picture even of proof that its 2 seater.

April 7, 2020

[Misc][Maw of Souls] Most mobs not moving after 1st boss

Most of the mobs after the 1st boss and until Skjal (the miniboss before Helya, not included) don't move when you aggro them, and instead just sit on the spot, making it very easy to outrange their abilities and kite so you flat out don't take damage. It also means you can't do any big pulls, which considerably slows down the pace of the dungeon because you have to do all the pulls separately.
[PVE][Maw of Souls] [Harbaron] Taking the boss through the right side of the room make him be static

Taking the boss through the right side of the room make him be static, which makes that the encounter has to be above the purple areas (SPELL_NETHER_RIP_MISSILE 199457) that he is invoking (and making the raid die)

April 4, 2020

[PVE][Antorus][Argus] Loot ilvl

Currently, Argus' loot is always the regular raid ilvl, instead of 10 ilvl above. This, however, only happens with items that aren't relics. Tested on Normal and Heroic, relics are 940 on Normal and 955 on Heroic, but the rest of the loot is 930 on Normal and 945 on Heroic instead of 940 and 955, respectively.
[Misc] 3 minute cooldowns not resetting on boss wipe/reset

Currently, all cooldowns reset except 3 minute cooldowns, and I'm not entirely sure why. Higher duration cooldowns seem to be working properly, at least some; Havoc Demon Hunter's Metamorphosis does reset, however Guardian Druid's Survival Instincts doesn't (Feral Druid's Survival Instincts does reset tho, weirdly enough). Below is the list of all the cooldowns I have tested and that do NOT reset, please feel free to add any if you know of any others.

April 3, 2020

[PVE][CoEN][Mephistroth] Fel Portal Guardian issues.

FPG = Fel Portal Guardian (portal npc / it's trigger)

The two spells that are mentioned are not the only spells causing the issue.


FPGs can vanish if the player starts hitting it with a spell like Starfall and Dimensional Rift. (these spells won't make the portals vanish if they are damaged with an other ability that does not bug them. So if the players hit the portals with these 2 spells first, only then they will vanish.)

After vanishing a 90% FPG with a spell, and the same FPG is opened after boss reached 50% HP, it will be visible, but it will 'evade' everything casted on it. After the group wipes, this exact same FPG will evade.

Infinite imps will spawn if the group wipes after they killed a FPG, and the boss in the next pull picks that exact same FPG again. (it'll turn invisible and spawn imps)

The FPG will bug out on the first pull if the players with a spell make the first FPG vanish, and beacuse it wasn't killed, the boss can pick it again at 50% but it will evade everything and spawn mobs.

FPG after the boss it is used on is dead, will just randomly open a portal.

The player can trigger the bugged FPG with Mephistroth's (last and final boss) Demonic Upheaval (by standing near the bugged FPG and spawning the spike near it) and it will spawn infinite imps, these imps will target NPC(s) too.

the last 2 points could be solved by making the triggers vanish/die after their boss (Domatrax) dies

Also ensuring that the boss doesnt choose the same trigger (FPG) for the 90% and the 50% portal will prevent all other issues (there are like 8 FGS make the boss choose 2 different ones each time).

April 2, 2020

[PVE] [Antorus][Argus] Soulbomb Detonation

During phase 2 of Argus the Unmaker, when at 100 energy, he puts a Soulbomb on a random healer, which after 12 seconds, triggers a Soulbomb Detonation, which, on Mythic, deals 35 million damage to everyone, decreasing with distance, up to a maximum of 45 yards. Currently on Sylvanas though, the amount it is decreased is lower than it is meant to be. It is currently 85% at maximum range, so 5,25 million damage, where it is supposed to be 90% (2% per yard), so 3,5 million damage. This isn't all that noticeable in Heroic and Normal, but is absolutely gamebreaking in Mythic, to the point of making the second phase completely undoable, as most people will die from the explosion if they aren't above 90% health, which is definitely not how it is meant to work.

March 31, 2020

[PvE][Maw of Souls] The Seacursed Mistmeider

In Maw Of Soul https://www.wowhead.com/npc=97365/seacursedmistmender are immune to grab, silence, fear and maybe another cc (tried with a Vengeance DH) which it shouldn't be immune.
[PvE][Maw of Souls] Bone Chilling Scream

When a player gets stunned by a trash on the upper part of the ship, he gets undermap and falls down in the ship's hold.

Wowhead ID of the broken spell: |T136184:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198405|h[Bone Chilling Scream]|h|r
[PvE][Antorus][Aggramar] Twisted Engineer's Fel-Infuser

The relic Twisted Engineer's FelInfuser can currently drop from Aggramar, which it shouldn't since it is a drop from Antoran High Command.
[PvE][Return to Karazhan][Nightbane] Fixing loot

Loot of https://www.wowhead.com/npc=114895/nightbane is properly fixed now.

March 30, 2020

[Unholy] Sludge belcher's Hook

Reduce the distance you can use it to 30 instead of 35.
[Misc][PvP] Spells vs Flags in Battleground

Fix multiple spells when you take the flag in a battleground and you don't drop the flag. Now you can't use those spells if you handle the flag.
[PvE][Seat of Triumvirat] Vixx the Collector


This Rare elite NPC is not spawned on hc and mythic difficulties.

He drops 2 items
|T1542862:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:152982::::::::120:::::|h[Vixx's Chest of Tricks]|h|r
|T1386548:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:153004::::::::120:::::|h[Unstable Portal Emitter]|h|r
[Misc][Quest] Darkheart Thicket: Enter the Nightmare ID"40567"

Tyrande Whisperwind are not visible and therefore imossible to validate the quest

On GM on he is visible.

March 25, 2020

[all] Mind Control

Currently on live if you MC a player and you move him or not when the MC channel is finished he gets teleported to the original location where he got the first Mind Controlled.
Meanwhile, on the player screen, you look completely still like you're not even moving.

How it should work: MC should control the player location during & at the end of the channel without him being ported back.

Wowhead link: |T136206:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:605|h[Mind Control]|h|r
[Quest] Shattering the Veil

Issue: The NPC "Minion of Gurok" dont spawn when the quest item "Gordawg's Boulder" is used on the NPC "Shattered Rumbler".
How it should work: The player uses the quest item on a Shattered Rumbler, it dies and should spawn two Minion of Guroks.
Quest: https://www.wowhead.com/quest=9849/shatteringtheveil
Quest item: |T135242:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:24501::::::::120:::::|h[Gordawg's Boulder]|h|r
NPC(Shattered Rumbler): https://www.wowhead.com/npc=17157/shatteredrumbler
NPC(Minion of Gurok): https://www.wowhead.com/npc=18181/minionofgurok

Video of how it currently works:
Video of how it should work:

note: Minion of Gurok cannot be spawned with the command ".npc add 18181"

March 24, 2020

[PVE][Karazhan][Opera] Spotlight

Uppon finishing the opera boss and doing the mobs behind the opera stage, they will from time to time summon a "Spotlight" Increasing the damage of everyone that stands in it by 50%, this spell can be abused by keeping the mobs alive resulting in them spawning alot of Spotlights, now this becomes an issue when the buff won't leave the player if they stand long enough inside the Spotlight.

By abusing this you can finish the dungeon in 5 minutes no matter the key level.

Note : this also works in reverse aswell, standing long enough inside an aoe that deals damage results in the debuff not leaving the player even if they leave the aoe.

Wowhead link :

March 22, 2020

[PVE][Antorus][Argus the Unmaker] Strength of the Sky/Strength of the Sea not stacking properly

In the 1st phase of the Argus the Unmaker encounter, the buffs Strength of the Sea (+2000 versatility and haste) and Strength of the Sky (+2000 critical strike and mastery) will most of the time not stack with one another, therefore not extending their duration and losing the buffs sooner than intended. Not necessarily an issue on NM and HC, but huge on Mythic. See the screenshot (top right corner, debuffs next to minimap).

with timestamp to see how getting the buff does not stack it with the others.


This video shows how the buff ONLY stacks if the buff comes from the same player every time (0:20, 1:15, 1:40, 2:30, 3:25, 3:50, and then 4:50 and 5:15) and gets put on a different stack if picked up from a different player (3:00 and 4:15). This testing was executed with me (@endyxion) as a Worgen Druid, @mileycirus0 as a Goblin Shaman and @justcat1 as a Human Monk. We initially thought about it being a faction issue, but the point doesn't stand since both @justcat1 and me are alliance. Besides, I get 3 different stacks as rogue in the screenshot, and there's obviously not 3 factions in the game. So it's either class/race bound or character bound.

March 21, 2020

[PVE][DHT] Nightmare Dweller

Normally the Nightmare Dweller (https://www.wowhead.com/npc=101991/nightmaredweller) must all be killed in order to wake up the boss and start it (Oakheart) : https://www.wowhead.com/npc=103344/oakheart
as we can see on this video from the retail :
(3:40 to 3:55)
[Antorus][Argus] Buffs stack

U can stack the buffs from argus the mastery/crit haste/versa ...normaly u should be able to get only mastery/crit or haste/versa atm u can stack both (watch screen) buffs and just geting HUGE Advantage

BUT also something that is negatively bugged is that if u get lets say crit/mastery buff and before it expires u get a new one then it doesnt stack most of the times causing u to lose the other stack...

March 20, 2020

[Zone] Gilneas

The whole starting zone is now available on Sylvanas.
[Zone] Kezan

The whole starting zone (including the Lost Isle) is now available on Sylvanas.
[PVE][Antorus][Argus] Hungering Soul 2

Hungering Soul(https://www.wowhead.com/npc=129635/hungeringsoul): Hungering sould should pop before the player are able to release their spirit during the encounter allowing them to dodge them more efficiently.
[PVE][BRH][Dantalionax] Cloud of Hypnosis

The cloud of Hypnosis will not focus on the players now.
[PVE][HoV][Static field]

Static Field cannot hold you in combat anymore.
[PVE][Maw of Souls] Helarjar Mistcaller before Skjal

The last Helarjar Mistcaller before Skjal (the one targeted in the picture) goes undermap if anyone tries to get close to it, making it go out of line of sight and keeping the group in combat for the remainder of the dungeon unless they wipe, meaning the only way to kill it is to have melee sit back up the stairs and wait for the ranged to take it down.
[PVE][BHR][Lord Ravencrest] Legacy of the Ravencrest

You cannot stack anymore Legacy of the Ravencrest on Black Rook Hold.

March 10, 2020

[Mage Tower][All classes] Stealth issue

No matter wich class challenge you do,you should be able to go invisible or vanish/stealth. (example druid or rogue,if you go vanish bosses disappear and its a wasted attempt).
[PVE][Seat of Triumvirat] L'ura

Sometimes when you pull the boss she doesn't stop channeling "call the void" and resulting in not being able to kill her.

The issue occurs when the players kill both adds at the same time before Alleria Windrunner starts casting, so she will only close one portal.

Tested when the players kill it while she's casting (closing one), but she will still close both portals.

Video of the bug happening: Miley(taan)
[PVE][Darkheart Thicket][Dresaron] Down draft perma pushback

|T1029595:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:199345|h[Down Draft]|h|r

Sometimes if u hit a wall while getting pushed back by down draft, u get bugged by the pushback mechanic until u die.
This is similar to the force nova bug in arcway.
[PVE][Court Of Stars] Teleportation after finishing the dungeon

after finishing the dungeon if you want to leave the dungeon and make a teleportation with Dalaran Hearthstone or Hearthstone, we find ourselves teleported to the location of the 2nd boss : https://www.wowhead.com/npc=104217/talixaeflamewreath
[PVE][Darkheart Thicket] [Shade of Xavius] - Induced Paranoia

The Induced Paranoia : |T460691:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:200359|h[Induced Paranoia]|h|r does not inflict damage and not horrified
[PVE][Darkheart Thicket][Shade of Xavius] Waking Nightmare

Waking Nightmare |T1357795:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:200243|h[Waking Nightmare]|h|r doesn't silence the player even if anyone isn't near him(aka ability doesn't silence at all).
[Mythic+] Teeming affix

Teeming should reduce the trash value of every mob in the instance by the following amounts:

Cathedral: 9%
EoA: 15%
Arcway, Upper Kara: 16%
The rest: 17%

Source :
Credit :

(30.03.19) Salpii>Teeming should also affect Always the same Mobs, and not random ones.
[Misc][Legendary] Aggramar's Stride

This legendary works only with crit and haste it should work also with mastery and versatility.
|T466268:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:132443::::::::120:::::|h[Aggramar's Stride]|h|r
(The speedbuff)

[PVE][Antorus][Argus] Sargeras rage

Sargeras rage(|T237553:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257869|h[Sargeras' Rage]|h|r): The debuff stacking speed is too high (around 3 per seconds right now), it should be 1 per second.
[PVE][Antorus][Argus] Hungering Soul

Hungering Soul(https://www.wowhead.com/npc=129635/hungeringsoul): The hitbox of the add that triggers soul detonation(|T136214:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:256899|h[Soul Detonation]|h|r) is too big by 2 yards.
[PVE][Antorus][Argus] Unleashed rage

Unleashed rage(|T1320372:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257911|h[Unleashed Rage]|h|r): The stack are removed from players when sargeras' rage expire.
[Misc][Food] accured

[ Salt & Pepper Shank & Fighter Chow ] Those buffs can be stacked
[Misc][COEN] Helblaze Imp = animation

meanwhile the second boss room on the first pack of Helblaze Imp there is like a mob that will have to be a simple animation
but on firestorm it's an real add, it remains stuck behind the wall and this causes a bug fight

LinkedID : A2663D11CE8D572188D19393AE86B107C61E9261

fs :
retail :

we can see on the video that it's an animation and not a real mob
retail video :
(14:09 to 14:17)
[Misc][All classes] Summoned pets vs stealthed players

I'll just use destro as example :

Class: Warlock
Specialization: Destruction
Category: Spells (summoned pets)
Priority: Medium
Name of the bug: Imp (just e.i, this works with all pets)
How it's bugged: The Imp follows you even if you go in stealth (Vanish, Night elf racial, invisibility, classic stealth if you can break combat...), but doesn't attack so the warlock can know where you are by following the Imp.
How it's supposed to work: The Imp shouldn't follow you if you go into stealth.
Wowhead link: |T136218:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:688|h[Summon Imp]|h|r

this bug works for most of the pets (e.i : dk valkyrie pet)
[Misc][Quest][Tailoring] Return to Karazhan: The Big Bag Theory

|T1029751:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:142122::::::::120:::::|h[Bag of a Thousand Pockets]|h|r and |T1029751:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:143548::::::::120:::::|h[Fel Sinew Bag]|h|r doesn't loot

March 2, 2020

[Achievement][Violet Hold] I Made a Food!

Doesnt work, killing the boss after you kill a "Black Bile" doesnt reward you with the Achievement.

February 25, 2020

[Misc] PVP Improvements

Backport of a lot of fixes from BFA. They address:

Dodging induces loss of rating + deserter
rewrite of MMR & Rating calculations & behaviour
Improvement on Arena history to always show players

February 22, 2020

[Frost][Item]Runes of the Darkening

Runes of the Darkening Should have 100% drop chance from world boss
This is hidden artifact appearance
The Soultakers is the quest for the world boss
[Closing the Eye] The shadow barrage stack

The shadow barrages after images are too stacked.
[Closing the Eye] Air stuck

Using DFA Or other special abilities might bug the boss to stay in the air until his teleport.
[Closing the Eye] Ice Spikes

There should spawn 2030 spikes around you that hit fatal damage if u touch. instead some air spawns that does nothing unless u stay in it.
[PVE][Kruul's Intention] Nether storm

Nether horror are moving while casting Nether storm spell=240763 they should stand still during the cast when you're doing the challenge as a death knight
[End of the Risen Threat] Allies stop aggro

Sometimes when an enemie die and the next enemie supossed to be focus by allies is far of us, allie stop aggro and do nothing until the enemie will be near to them.
[End of the Risen Threat] Allies

npc allies and enemies who do not do any more action

The 3 npc allies, order jarod shadowsong
,callie carrington
,granny marl
who have bug following the use of a control spell
, Paralysis
on the only npc enemie that was focused by the allies, so the npc allies have stopped fighting, for not removed the spell of control, and following his il have bug, and the npc enemie is also bug, even after he inflicted damage he does not react always

Test on PTR realmlist
[Misc] Turnip Punching Bag

|T134012:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:88375::::::::120:::::|h[Turnip Punching Bag]|h|r

shouldn't aggro players that hit it, nor moove.
[PVE][Amalgam of Souls] Soul Echoes

BRH first boss Amalgam of Souls { Soul Echoes } spell should focus one of the nontank players at the party.
However, on Firestorm, it focuses the tank sometimes causing many unpleasant situations.

Source: https://www.wowhead.com/blackrookholddungeonstrategyguideamalgamofsouls

February 18, 2020

[Retribution] Unbreakable will

|T461857:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:182234|h[Unbreakable Will]|h|r

The artifact trait is supposed to remove any cc which lasts for more than 2 s while u are in combat. But currently, any cc (even out of combat) which lasts more than 2 s is removed by this wasting this ability against rogues sap/ poly etc.
Cyclone vs Ice Block

As a mage when you get Cycloned by a druid and you try to use iceblock to evade it, Ice Block goes on CD but its effect is not triggered and you stay in Cyclone untill it ends.

Wowhead link :


|T135841:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:45438|h[Ice Block]|h|r

Dev note: Ice Block remove correctly Cyclone now.
[PVE] Raid ID extention

Raid ID Extention: There is an option that allows players to extend the ID of a raid to allow them to focus on the certain boss but right now when you chose to extend the ID of a raid nothing happen and you have to reclear up to the boss you were.
[Misc] Thermal Anvil

Thermal Anvil |T136241:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:87216::::::::120:::::|h[Thermal Anvil]|h|r is not usable at all,if you got it you cannot use it cant be placed.
[Misc] MOLL-E

Currently the mobile station is not appearing anymore.

[PVE][Antorus] Clobex

Clobex should be immune to all ccs,stuns.

[PVE][Lord Kur'talos] Cloud of Hypnosis

The Clouds are moving too far away from their spawn Position, which they shouldnt, and the hitbox is too much.
[Misc] Human racial- Every Man for himself

List of All spells being removed by human racial which it shouldnt be able to

Shaman Hex
Shadow priest Silence
Vengence DH Sigil of Silence
Hunter Spider Sting
Blood elf racial Arcane torrent
Prot Paladin Shield of virtue
Blood dk Strangulate
Assasination Rogue Garrote
Affliction warlock Unstable affliction (when dispelled)
[Achievement] Crazy for Cats


This gives u the title https://www.wowhead.com/title=365/thecrazycatladycomments which should be lady for female chars and man for male chars but atm only crazy cat man is learned from this achivement and its the same on all your chars whether ur char is male or female
[Misc][Item] Darkmoon elixirs and stacks

Category: Item
Priority: High
Name of the bug: Stacking of Darkmoon flasks
How it's bugged: All of the flasks stack wrong, players are able to have all their buffs at the same time.
How it's supposed to work: They should stack as Battle/Guardian elixirs.

|T463931:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:124645::::::::120:::::|h[Darkmoon Draught of Precision]|h|r
|T464028:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:124652::::::::120:::::|h[Darkmoon Tincture of Deflection]|h|r
|T463902:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:124646::::::::120:::::|h[Darkmoon Draught of Flexibility]|h|r
|T463898:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:124642::::::::120:::::|h[Darkmoon Draught of Supremacy]|h|r
|T463927:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:124650::::::::120:::::|h[Darkmoon Draught of Deftness]|h|r
|T464025:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:124654::::::::120:::::|h[Darkmoon Tincture of Defense]|h|r
|T464029:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:124653::::::::120:::::|h[Darkmoon Tincture of Deftness]|h|r
|T464026:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:124656::::::::120:::::|h[Darkmoon Tincture of Alacrity]|h|r
|T463928:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:124649::::::::120:::::|h[Darkmoon Draught of Defense]|h|r
|T463930:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:124647::::::::120:::::|h[Darkmoon Draught of Alacrity]|h|r
|T463920:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:124659::::::::120:::::|h[Darkmoon Tincture of Supremacy]|h|r
|T463926:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:124651::::::::120:::::|h[Darkmoon Draught of Deflection]|h|r
|T463925:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:124658::::::::120:::::|h[Darkmoon Tincture of Flexibility]|h|r
|T464024:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:124657::::::::120:::::|h[Darkmoon Tincture of Precision]|h|r
|T464027:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:124655::::::::120:::::|h[Darkmoon Tincture of Divergence]|h|r
|T463929:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:124648::::::::120:::::|h[Darkmoon Draught of Divergence]|h|r
[PVE] Spell cooldown not resetting after boss encounter is done

Havoc Demon Hunter has a spell Metamorphosis that has base 5 minute cooldown (4 minute because of artifact trait). After boss encounter is ended every spell with cd superior to 2 minutes should reset its cooldown but this one does not. Same thing happens with Mage's Time Warp, Shaman's Heroism, Bloodlust etc.

Here is the list of all the spells that have cd superior to 2 minutes and have been tested for their cd not resetting upon boss encounter end:

Metamorphosis |T1247262:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:191427|h[Metamorphosis]|h|r
Time Warp |T458224:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:80353|h[Time Warp]|h|r
Heroism |T132313:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:32182|h[Heroism]|h|r
Bloodlust |T136012:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:2825|h[Bloodlust]|h|r
Divine shield |T524354:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:642|h[Divine Shield]|h|r
Lay on Hands |T135928:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:633|h[Lay on Hands]|h|r
Hand of protection |T135964:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:150630|h[Hand of Protection]|h|r
Ice block |T135841:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:145533|h[Ice Block]|h|r
Ancient Hysteria |T136224:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:90355|h[Ancient Hysteria]|h|r
Netherwinds |T135739:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:160452|h[Netherwinds]|h|r
Guardian of ancient kings |T135919:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:86659|h[Guardian of Ancient Kings]|h|r
Fortifying brew |T615341:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:115203|h[Fortifying Brew]|h|r
Zen meditation |T642417:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:115176|h[Zen Meditation]|h|r
Pain Suppression |T135936:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:33206|h[Pain Suppression]|h|r

February 3, 2020

[Retribution] Hammer of Reckoning

|T135882:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:247675|h[Aura of Reckoning]|h|r should proc only |T135875:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:66011|h[Avenging Wrath]|h|r instead of |T236262:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:231895|h[Crusade]|h|r and |T135875:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:66011|h[Avenging Wrath]|h|r
[Mistweaver] Soothing mist forced channel with Effuse

As a (any spec ww/mw/bm) monk, casting Effuse on another friendly mistweaver monk forces that monk to cancel whatever cast/action they were taking and start channeling soothing mist as though they were the original casters of the spell. This can be exploited to grief players who are trying to use heartstone/ cast a spell etc.
[Guardian] Embrace of the Nightmare

While Rage of the Sleeper is active, you deal 25% increased damage, gain 25% increased Leech, and are immune to all effects that cause loss of control of your character.

Loss of control part doesn't work. You should be immune to fears, stuns, slows, mind controls, knockbacks...

|T134218:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:200855|h[Embrace of the Nightmare]|h|r
|T1129695:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:200851|h[Rage of the Sleeper]|h|r
[Quest] Mass Primal Obliterum

The daily quest Mass Primal Obliterum can be picked up on the NPC https://www.wowhead.com/npc=114719/tradercaelen and turn in off
[PVE][Hall of Valor][Hyrja] Casts spell in the wrong order at open

When pulled, Hyrja should start by her linked ability (Expel Light or Arcing Bolt) then cast the ultimate link ability (Eye of the Storm or Sanctify) then cast Shield of Light. Right now, she shields, then linked ability then Ultimate ability
[PVE][The Emerald Nightmare][Il'gynoth] - Il'gynoth moving

Fix an issue with players can move the Eye of Il'Gynoth.
[Rare NPC] [Feasel the muffin thief]

How is it bugged: The NPC named Feasel the muffin Thief is a rare npc in Mac'aree and if you get in combat with it and it uses Burrow it will go under the ground and stay there untill you reset it.

How it should be: When the NPC cast Burrow it should be under ground for a few seconds and then come back up on land and not stay down
[Closing the Eye] Adds HP

In 2nd phase when 3 adds appear,their hp scaling is too high,they have around 6 million,retail wise they had 34 million.
[Profession][Fishing] Spoilin for salty sea dogs

The quest https://www.wowhead.com/quest=29513/spoilinforsaltyseadogs is available and can be completed
[Quest] Primal Obliterum

The daily quest Primal Obliterum can be picked up on the NPC https://www.wowhead.com/npc=114719/tradercaelen and turn in off
[Quest] It's Hammer time

The quest https://www.wowhead.com/quest=29463/itshammertime is fully available and can be completed.
[Misc][Quest] An Ample Supply

Category: Quests
Priority: High
Name of the bug: An Ample Supply
How it's bugged: There are no quest objects at the location.
How it's supposed to work: There should be chests with the quest item.

https://www.wowhead.com/quest=43375 An Ample Supply
[Misc][Broken Shore] Syaith


This NPC is missing from near the wq arena in broken shore "where there is a whip". Doing /kiss emote on her as a scribe gives u this inscription recipe https://www.wowhead.com/item=147120/techniqueglyphoftheshadowsuccubuscomments
[PVE][Antorus][Argus] Soulbomb

Category: Raid
Priority: High
Name of the bug: Soulbomb
How it's bugged: The debuff always targets nontank players.
How it's supposed to work: The debuff should target healers first and then other nontank players if there are no healers.

|T1778228:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:251570|h[Soulbomb]|h|r Soulbomb
[PVE][Antorus][Argus] Soulbomb & Soulburst detonation

Category: Raid
Priority: High
Name of the bug: Soulbomb & Soulburst detonation
How it's bugged: The auras don't explode if the player uses Ice Block or other immunities.
How it's supposed to work: The auras should explode if the player removes them by immunities.

|T1778228:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:251570|h[Soulbomb]|h|r Soulbomb
|T1778229:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:250669|h[Soulburst]|h|r Soulburst
[PVE][Antorus][Argus] Sentence of Sargeras

Category: Raid
Priority: High
Name of the bug: Sentence of Sargeras
How it's bugged: Seems it requires 40+ yards to get the chain broken.
How it's supposed to work: The chain should be removed if the distance is 35+ yards.

|T132507:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257966|h[Sentence of Sargeras]|h|r Sentence of Sargeras
[Zone] Darkmoon Fair

Get a turn on Darkmoon Fair and enjoy!
[Quest] The Humanoid cannonball

The quest https://www.wowhead.com/quest=29436/thehumanoidcannonball is fully available and can be completed.
[Profession][Archaeology] Fun for the little ones

The quest https://www.wowhead.com/quest=29507/funforthelittleones is available and can be completed
[Profession][Herbalism] Herbs for Healing

The quest https://www.wowhead.com/quest=29514/herbsforhealing is fully available and can be completed
[Profession][Tailoring] Banners, banners everywhere

The quest https://www.wowhead.com/quest=29520/bannersbannerseverywhere is available and can be completed
[Profession][Skinning] Tan my hide

The quest https://www.wowhead.com/quest=29519/tanmyhide is available and can be completed
[Profession][Mining] Rearm reuse recycle

The quest https://www.wowhead.com/quest=29518/rearmreuserecycle is available and can be completed
[Profession][Leatherworking] Eyes on the prizes

The quest https://www.wowhead.com/quest=29517/eyesontheprizes is available and can be completed
[Profession][Jewelcrafting] Keeping the Faire Sparkling

The quest https://www.wowhead.com/quest=29516/keepingthefairesparkling is available and can be completed
[Profession][Inscription] Writing the future

The quest https://www.wowhead.com/quest=29515/writingthefuture is available and can be completed
[Profession][Engineering] Talkin tonks

The quest https://www.wowhead.com/quest=29511/talkintonks is fully available and can be completed
[Quest] He shoots, He scores

The quest https://www.wowhead.com/quest=29438/heshootshescores is fully available and can be completed
[Profession][Enchanting] Putting trash to good use

The quest https://www.wowhead.com/quest=29510/puttingtrashtogooduse is fully available and can be completed
[Profession][Blacksmithing] Baby needs two pair of shoes

The quest https://www.wowhead.com/quest=29508/babyneedstwopairofshoes is fully available and can be completed
[Profession][Alchemy] A Fizzy Fusion

The quest https://www.wowhead.com/quest=29506/afizzyfusion is fully available and can be completed
[Quest] Firebirds Challenge

The quest https://www.wowhead.com/quest=36481/firebirdschallenge is fully available and can be completed
[Quest] Tonk commander

The quest https://www.wowhead.com/quest=29434/tonkcommander is fully available and can be completed
[Quest] Target turtle

The quest https://www.wowhead.com/quest=29455/targetturtle is fully available and can be completed
[Misc][Toy] Swapblaster

|T308321:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:111820::::::::120:::::|h[Swapblaster]|h|r work fine now.

January 16, 2020

Coins of Air


This currency is part of the rogue only pick pocketing quest line which rewards a lot of vanity items. None of the quests are offered by the NPC Griftah https://www.wowhead.com/npc=103792/griftah in the rogue class hall and the NPC which appears as part of the questline https://www.wowhead.com/npc=123087/alabas doesnt appear either. Furthermore, the npc Griftah is not selling any item purchaseable with coins of air.
[Misc]The Mad Merchant

The Mad merchant is now spawned in Dalaran.
[Quest][Profession] Opening the Test Kitchen

Quest link : http://www.wowhead.com/quest=40991/openingthetestkitchenguides

We can't take the fish from the Barrel so we can't validate the quest.

Item we can't have : KoiScented Stormray
Item link : http://www.wowhead.com/item=133819/recipe:koiscentedstormraysoldby

The PNJ who sell the recipe don't sell it despite the requirements done.

January 8, 2020

[PVE] Death Knight's_Control Undead UB

Death Knight can use [Control Undead](|T237273:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:111673|h[Control Undead]|h|r) on mythic dungeons and therefore can control the living dead in the dungeons and use it to put NPC damages this allows to gain in DPS and to be able to finish keys of very high level.

For exemple : on Black Rook Hold, Death Knight's can control [Risen Companion](https://www.wowhead.com/npc=101839/risencompanion) up their stack of [Bolstering](https://www.wowhead.com/affix=7/bolstering) and deal damages to the other NPC.

This report are issued from a friend who listened guys from guild talking about that and trying to finish dungeons
[Misc][Elwynn Forest] Continue to Stormwind

Issue: The NPC, "Osric Strang" does not recognize the quest item "Argus' Note", the quest cannot be completed.
How it should work: The NPC should recognize the item in the player's bag.

Quest: https://www.wowhead.com/quest=26394/continuetostormwind
Quest item: |T133469:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:58364::::::::120:::::|h[Argus' Note]|h|r

[Misc][Silverpine Forest] Belmont's Report

Issue: The NPC, "Sylvanas Windrunner" is not present, the player can't return the quest.
How it should work: The NPC should be to the left of "Grand Executor Mortuus" NPC, riding a purple skeletal horse.

Quest: https://www.wowhead.com/quest=27056/belmontsreport
NPC: https://www.wowhead.com/npc=44365/ladysylvanaswindrunner

Video of how it should work:
[Misc][Silverpine Forest] Belmont's Report

Issue: The NPC, "Sylvanas Windrunner" is not present, the player can't return the quest.
How it should work: The NPC should be to the left of "Grand Executor Mortuus" NPC, riding a purple skeletal horse.

Quest: https://www.wowhead.com/quest=27056/belmontsreport
NPC: https://www.wowhead.com/npc=44365/ladysylvanaswindrunner

Video of how it should work:
[Misc][Kalimdor][Bloodmyst Isle] The Hopeless Ones...

Quest: https://www.wowhead.com/quest=9682/thehopelessones
Missing NPCs:

To complete this quest you need to kill Bloodcursed Voyagers and obtain Bloodcursed Soul from them, due to NPCs not spawning quest cannot be completed.
[Misc][Pandaria][Jade Forest] "Unfair Trade"

Quest: https://www.wowhead.com/quest=31744/unfairtrade

This quest can be completed by slaying 8 Captive Pandaren Cubs, however that's not how it's meant to be done.
Demonic eyeballs that watch over captive pandaren cubs are the ones that are supposed to be killed in order to free them but that cannot be done due to demonic eyeballs not being targetable or attackable.
[Misc] Honor Above All Else

Issue: The player cannot return the quest "Honor Above All Else" beacuse the NPC "Crusade Commander Entari" is missing.

Quest: https://www.wowhead.com/quest=13036/honoraboveallelse
Missing NPC: https://www.wowhead.com/npc=30223/crusadecommanderentari

Video of how it currently works:
Video of how it should work:
[PVE][Harbaron] Nether Rip

This spell (|T1022950:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:194235|h[Nether Rip]|h|r) must only focus one player and create a void flask on his location for 30 sec.
Actually the spell focus all the players and create void flasks for everybody.

On the video it's visible on 3:22:23
[PVE][Darkheart Thicket] Teleport out with Malfurion

Malfurion doesn't give the possibility of teleporting out after the dungeon is complete. This bug is present sinc the opening of DHT!
[PVE][Karazhan][Nightbane] Restarting Issue

Karazhan Nightbane(secret boss) transition from Phase 2 (aka when you kill add that he spawns/skeletons) he should land down on ground and start Phase 3 of Boss encounter,instead he restarts.
[Misc][Quest]Into the World of Spirits, missing object

Issue: The quest object "Reagent Puch" is not there > cannot loot the quest item.

Quest: https://www.wowhead.com/quest=11333/intotheworldofspirits
Quest item: |T133669:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:33635::::::::120:::::|h[Reagent Pouch]|h|r
Quest object: https://www.wowhead.com/object=186662/reagentpouch
[Misc][Blacksmithing] Leystone Hoofplates

We've fixed an issue with Leystone Hoofplates, players can now complete the quest correctly.
[Misc][Leytherworking] Adventuring Axieties

We've fixed an issue with Adventuring Anxieties, players can now complete the quest correctly.

December 30, 2019

[PVE][Darkheart Thicket] Mobs in excess !

We've deleted some creatures on who was overnumbered before https://www.wowhead.com/npc=99192/shadeofxavius

December 16, 2019

[Spell] Holy Prism apply damage and healing at once to allies

Holy Prism apply damage and healing at once to allies. Cad can kill low lvl or heal characters WITHOUT the PvP enabled, allies and enemies.
[PVE][Darkheart Thicket] Festerhide Grizzly

We're actually able to CC Festerhide Grizzly : https://www.wowhead.com/npc=95779/festerhidegrizzly while on retail this is impossible to achieve

which makes them harmless...
[PVE][Seat] Mythic+ Progress reset

After defeating L'ura every progress you have done will reset for some reason.

08.04.19 (salpii) = If you have lets say 100% on Mobs..and then u kill last boss..yeah it will Show that u have 0% on Mobs and it will Show u that all bosses alive but they are still dead ofc (watch cybra screen on the Right side of the screen u see it says all bosses alive but lura is dead infront of him etc.)..but u only Need to kill like 20more Mobs and then key will get finished.
[PVE][Seat of Triumvirat] Mobs % in mythic+

Upon finishing the dungeon in mythic+ (100% mobs and all bosses) your % gets reset down to 0% as soon as you finish the last boss and in order to complete the dungeon you need to do around 50% more mobs to unbug it. (Which results in having to do 150% of the trash mobs)
[PVE][Karazhan Upper] The first portal doesnt teleport you

If you use the dungeon finder the portal after killing the first boss does not tp you to the next room, so you can't complete the dungeon
[PVE][Black Rook Hold] Door after the first boss

The door after the first boss lets you click it to open it before the npcs actually open it, this means that if it is clicked twice or if someone clicks it while it is already open, the door get closed and can't be opened again, so you can't continue the dungeon. (If you die past the door you will reappear where the first boss dies so you will have to go through that door again and sometimes by mistake people click on it and close it)
[Misc] Illusion toys/potions disappearing when leaving stealth/shadowform.

Illusion toys or potions, elixirs that change the appearance of the player (examples: Noggenfogger Elixir(potion), Sira's Extra Cloak(toy)) just disappear when the player leaves stealth or shadowform, voidform.

The buff still stays on the player, only the appearance goes back to normal.

Tested classes about which spells remove these appearances:

= nothing

Priest (Shadow): Shadowform & Voidform
Rogue: Stealth
Demon Hunter:
[Misc][Greymane] Obliterum forge

The Obliterum forge Is now functional and avaible to use on the Greymane realm (with the current season gear only)
[Misc] Inscription Trainer, Stormwind

The player can't interact with the Inscription Trainer, Catarina Stanford in Stormwind, no dialog, train option, no nothing.
|T1320372:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257911|h[Unleashed Rage]|h|r

[Misc][Quest] Bigger is Better

Quest name: Bigger is Better
Quest ID: 36567 / 36592
Wowhead link: https://www.wowhead.com/quest=36567/biggerisbetter / https://www.wowhead.com/quest=36592/biggerisbetter
Problem: For both factions this quest is autocompleted which makes upgrading the garrison (that does work) to level 2 impossible.
The quest should be completed by upgrading the garrison.
[PVE][Halls of Valor] Tameable Fenryr


Killing this Boss on Mythic difficulty SOLO as a hunter should spawn the tameable version inside the cave https://www.wowhead.com/npc=119990/fenryr either directly or after soft reset (going out of instance and clicking reset all instances).

This npc Does not spawn in both cases. Soft resetting the instance respawns all bosses (u still cant loot them however).
[Misc][Quest] The fallen ones


Double condition to complete world quest Fal'dorei killed and Webbed victims killed out of which the 2nd one does not count towards finishing the quest.
[Misc][Greymane] Spawn Vendor

The npc sells now Season 4 Items with the base item level of 915.
Trinket, relics and rings have their item level increased to 915.
[Achievement][Rated BG]Achievements not rewarding anything


Two achievements above do not reward anything once completed.
[PVE][Antorus][Argus] Sargeras' Rage

Category: Raid
Priority: High
Name of the bug: Sargeras' Rage
How it's bugged: Often the player that enters the area of the spell gets two stacks of the debuff immediately.
How it's supposed to work: The player should get one stack per 500 ms.

|T237553:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257869|h[Sargeras' Rage]|h|r Sargeras' Rage
|T1320372:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257911|h[Unleashed Rage]|h|r Unleashed Rage

December 4, 2019

[Misc][Vendor] Vindicator Nuurem and Beska Redtusk at Ashran

Problem: Thoses sellers are supposed to sell cool stuff for tokens but sadly on Legion they don't sell anything.

You can now interact correctly with them and buy stuffs for tokens.

November 29, 2019

Glyph of Crittermorph

When glyph of crittermorph is slotted polymorph can be applied to multiple targets at the same time. When a new target is polymorphed it should remove the previous polymorph on the other target. This allows mages to CC all targets at the same time in arena with polymorph. With this glyph slotted there is currently no target limit.

Video of the bug

|T575586:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:56382|h[Glyph of Crittermorph]|h|r
Lunar Beam

Damage & heal are done around the drood, even if he's moving rather than around the beam
[Misc] Melee / Range targetting

Currently on Firestorm, Holy Paladins, Mistweaver Monks and Survival Hunters are being targeted by ranged mechanics by bosses such as Imonar (Sleep Canister) and Aggramar (Flare and Scorching Blaze in NM and HC, and Flare, Empowered Flare and Ravenous Blaze in MM) when they are not meant to. This makes Survival Hunter and Mistweaver Monk (Fistweaver) borderline unplayable in these encounters (fully unplayable on Mythic Aggramar), and makes Holy Paladin struggle far more than it should. Note that I only listed Antorus bosses, but this happens on every single ranged mechanic in the game. They're basically being considered as ranged classes when they should be considered as melee.

|T136090:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:247552|h[Sleep Canister]|h|r
|T459026:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:245994|h[Scorching Blaze]|h|r
|T525024:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:254452|h[Ravenous Blaze]|h|r
|T132847:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:246037|h[Empowered Flare]|h|r
[Misc][Vendor]Cannot open shop tab of the Frostwolf Orcs quartermaster as exalted with the faction.

Issue: can't open shop tab in of the Frostwolf Orcs Quartermastes "Beskae Redtusk" as exalted and without being exalted with the faction.
How it should work: the player should be able to open the shop tab of this NPC anytime.

Faction: https://www.wowhead.com/faction=1445/frostwolforcs
NPC: https://www.wowhead.com/npc=86036/beskaredtusk

[Misc]Unable to stable pet at most Stable masters

Stable masters in all old zones are missing gossip option to stable hunter pets. Instead there is one NPC from Valley of the 4 winds Pandaria https://www.wowhead.com/npc=66242/littletibcomments who has been placed as a makeshift stable master in Stormwind and Orgrimmar but is not there anywhere else. This makes questing very difficult as u cant stable or switch pets without going to sw or orgirmmar all the time.

You can now stable your pet at every Stable masters.
[Misc][Achievement]Going to Need More Leashes

https://www.wowhead.com/achievement=7500/goingtoneedmoreleashes Upon completeing this achievement we should get |T646445:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:85578::::::::120:::::|h[Feral Vermling]|h|r in the mail from breani but it doesnt arrive.

Now you get correctly the mail from breani.
[Misc][Quest] Fel To Pieces

Quest name: Fel To Pieces
Quest ID: 28342
Wowhead link: http://www.wowhead.com/quest=28342/feltopieces
Problem: The mobs should drop too but they don't (Important).
[Misc][Quest] A Flare Fight

Quest A Flare Fight Quest ID: 28334
Fix an issue with the number of NPC.
[PVE][Loot][Antorus] Vantus Rune

You can now correctly loot Vantus Rune Rank 1 to 3 on Antorus Bosses
[PVE][Loot] Anax rare mob does not drop any item.

You can now drop loot on https://www.wowhead.com/npc=111197/anax
[PVE][Loot]Coffer of Argus Equipment

You can now award follower equipment from
[PVE][Antorus] Missing loot

You can now loot https://www.wowhead.com/item=151954/blooddrenchedbindings&bonus=3610:1472
[PVE][Nighthold] Chromatic Anomaly

You can now loot
and from
[PVE][Mythic+] Keystone duration

It oftentimes happen that the keystone is deleted on monday or tuesday afternoon instead of on the weekly reset which is wednesday at around 4AM

Dev note: indeed, should be fixed now.
[PVE][Mythic][Aggramar] Ember of Taeshalach pool gets hit by Flare/Searing Tempest, respawns, can't target it

Issue: When fighting Mythic Aggramar, and an Ember of Taeshalach dies, it leaves a pool and if "Flare" or "Empowered Searing Tempest" hits it, the add gets empowered, gets the buff Catalyzed, and will not be able to be targeted, which can lead to a wipe 99% of the time. By not being able to target it, Priests cannot use "Mass Dispell", Death Knights "Death Grip", Druids "Typhoon" (these spells are needed to kill the boss), it just doesnt get hit by anything anymore.

The issue here might be when the add dies, a pool is placed, and the pool would last for 18 seconds, but when it gets hit by a Flare or Searing Tempest, the add respawns, but beacuse it was a pool, it won't be able to be targeted for those seconds when it should be a pool.

Example: Add dies, leaves pool for 18 seconds, gets hit by flare when there's 14 seconds left, respawns and won't be targetable for 14 seconds.

Ember of Taeshalach (add): https://www.wowhead.com/npc=122532/emberoftaeshalach
Molten Remnants (pool): |T524794:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:245916|h[Molten Remnants]|h|r
Epowered Searing Tempest: |T135826:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:255061|h[Empowered Searing Tempest]|h|r
Flare: |T135815:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:1543|h[Flare]|h|r


September 23, 2019

[Misc] Mechanized Lumber Extractor

You get dismounted when gathering herbs on this mount, while you shouldn't.
[Misc][BG] Seething Shore

When the player dies, he'll release to the NPC dead
and since the ship is moving
the player can't release anymore
beacuse is stuck in one place in the air

Dev note: BG disabled until it's fixed
[Misc] Missing Heritage armor for allied races

You don't get the Heritage Armor upon getting the achievement.

Dev note: Fixed, soon another fix will be coming that will add the armor to everyone who got the achievement while it was bugged.
[Misc][Loot] Felhounds of Sargeras: Antoran Charhound

You can now drop |T1709931:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:152816::::::::120:::::|h[Antoran Charhound]|h|r from https://www.wowhead.com/npc=126916/fharg.
[Misc][Loot] Mage: The Star's Design

|T1346959:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:139559::::::::120:::::|h[The Stars' Design]|h|r loot as been added on
[Misc] Dalaran: The underbelly


These rare NPCs are supposed to spawn in the underbelly but they no longer spawn. They drop sightless eyes and assassination rogue and elemental shaman hidden appearances which are no longer obtainable ingame as they are not spawning.

https://www.wowhead.com/currency=1149/sightlesseye Sightless eye drop amounts for each mob
[Misc][Profession] Herbalism: Felwort mastery


While on this quest, you should be able to loot |T136193:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:136413::::::::120:::::|h[Seed of Corruption]|h|r from cenarius in emerald nightmare (https://www.wowhead.com/object=254168/spoilsofthenightmare) on all difficulties but this item does not drop at all.
[Misc] Netherstorm Area 52 Marks of Honor vendors

Mark of Honor vendors at Area 52 sell correctly ensemble and arsenal set now.
[Misc] MoP Marks of Honor vendors

Mist of Pandaria Marks of Honor vendors sells now correctly ensembles and arsenal of their respective seasons.
[Misc] Death Hunter Moorgoth

https://www.wowhead.com/npc=100633/deathhuntermoorgoth sell now |T1115106:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:143663::::::::120:::::|h[Dark Ranger's Hood]|h|r correctly.
[Misc][NPC] Cravitz Lorent

https://www.wowhead.com/npc=106887/cravitzlorent as been added in game at Legion Dalaran and Northrend Dalaran.
[Misc] WoD Marks of honor vendors

You can now buy Ensemble and Arsenal from WoD Marks of Honor vendors.
[Misc] Cataclysm Marks of honor vendors

Every Marks of Honor vendors sell correctly the ensemble sets and arsenals for their respective seasons.
[Misc][Quest] Legion Portal Fragment

You need the quest https://www.wowhead.com/quest=40678/twistedpower to drop |T961621:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:132749::::::::120:::::|h[Legion Portal Fragment]|h|r now.
[Misc][Loot] Priest: Crest of the Lightborn

You can now drop |T237537:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:140657::::::::120:::::|h[Crest of the Lightborn]|h|r on https://www.wowhead.com/npc=95833/hyrja on all difficulties.

September 6, 2019

[Subtlety] [Shuriken Combo] missing pvp MOD

Currently inside pvp instances, Shuriken Combo gives 10% per stacks instead of 2%, which makes it a maximum of 50% increased damage to eviscerate instead of 10% as you can see in the screenshot below.

That bug is causing a huge unbalance in arenas currently due to rogues spamming Shuriken storm.

|T1375677:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:245640|h[Shuriken Combo]|h|r
[Misc][Profession] Jewelry - An Eye for Detail

The players had a problem when they were talking to https://www.wowhead.com/npc=93520/didithewrench. Now you can turn off the quest correctly.
[Misc][Azsuna] Withered Mana Rager + Energy Drain

Category: NPC
Priority: High
Name of the bug: Withered Mana Rager + Energy Drain
How it's bugged: The NPC uses "Energy Drain" spell and its debuff decrease the target's attack power to 12 (not percent, the target has 12 attack power). And it becomes impossible to kill these mobs.
How it's supposed to work: The spell should decrease the target's attack power by 2% as its tooltip says.

https://www.wowhead.com/npc=90380 Withered Mana Rager
https://www.wowhead.com/npc=181500 Energy Drain
[PVE][Antorus] Aggramar - Twisted engineer's Fel-Infuser


You can now drop this item on Commander Svirax.
[Misc][Loot] Wyrmtongue Cache of Skins

Loot has been added on https://www.wowhead.com/item=153121/wyrmtonguecacheofskinscomments.
[Misc][PvP] Echoes of Battle/Domination

At the moment, when you obliterate your Season 5 Elite/NonElite gear in the Obliterum Forge, then you will get the wrong item:
It gives at the moment the item Obliterum (ItemID=124125), while it should give Echoes of Battle (currency=1356), for NonElite and Echoes of Domination (currency=1357) for Elite gear.
[PVE][Antorus] Aggramar - Taeshalach weapon

Taeshalach(https://www.wowhead.com/item=152094/taeshalach&bonus=3610:1498): This loot is now present in aggramar loot table in all difficulty mod.
[Misc][Quest] Taking Control

The NPC was not present at the location indicated when you want turn on the quest. Now, it is present and you can return the quest.
[Misc][NPC] Ravika

Players could not talk to Ravika and buy items from him. Now Ravika is spawned.
[Misc][Profession] Tailoring - Imbued Silkweave Bag

|T134941:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:142077::::::::120:::::|h[Pattern: Imbued Silkweave Bag]|h|r
|T134941:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:142078::::::::120:::::|h[Pattern: Imbued Silkweave Bag]|h|r
Can be now looted by the players.
[Misc][Item] Darkwater Clam


The item can be looted now.
[Misc][Quest] A Hidden Message

Problem : https://www.wowhead.com/npc=55691/chargeringkillcredit don't work.

Now, you get the KillCredit and can complete the quest.
[Misc][Profession] Blacksmithing - Leystone Hoofplates

Problem : (Mei Francis will offer them only mounts without the option to finish the quest)

Now, you can finish the quest.
[Misc][Quest] Left for Dead

Clicking the Prison shackle for the world quest left for dead counts as 2, now it's count as 1.

[Misc][NPC] Lenny ''Fingers'' McCoy

What is the bug: This npc sells a few items such as a Toy item a shirt and 3 random items but when you go to the vendor in Stormwind and right click on him your character does the talking animation but the shop for the vendor does not open.

[Misc]Blingtron 6000 gift package

The Blingtron 6000 gift package is not empty anymore now.
[Misc][Quest] Adventuring Axieties


Description: When the player speaks to Mei Francis nothing happened

How it should work: When you talk to Mei Francis, it gives you a killcredit and you can turn off the quest.
[Misc] Azure Weaponry

You can now finish the quest and return it.
[Misc][Quest] Battle Bonds

Talking to Lio the Lioness complete correctly the objective now.
[Misc][Quest] Lyrelle

You can correctly complete the quest now.
[Misc][Quest] A Grapple Day

The quest can be turned correctly now.
[Misc][Quest] Talon's Call

Thisalee Crow is now spawned at the right place.
[Misc] Lieutenant Surtees

You can now buy Vindictive gladiator Set, Vindictive combatant Set, Cruel glad Set and Cruel combatant Set at the Lieutenant Surtees
[Misc][Profession] Alchemy - Pulsating Sac

You can now loot a Pet from Growing Sac with the chance corresponding of each Pet.
[Misc][Loot] Wyrmtongue Cache of Supplies

Loot has been added on https://www.wowhead.com/item=153117/wyrmtonguecacheofsuppliescomments.
[Misc] Warmage Kath'leen

|T134939:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:151541::::::::120:::::|h[Technique: Glyph of Floating Shards]|h|r, |T1278389:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:141371::::::::120:::::|h[Arsenal: Armaments of the Silver Hand]|h|r |T1487015:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:141372::::::::120:::::|h[Arsenal: Armaments of the Ebon Blade]|h|r are now sellable by Warmage Kath'Leen.
[Misc][Loot] Chest of Champion Equipment

|T463853:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:132204::::::::120:::::|h[Sticky Volatile Substance]|h|r
|T132761:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:142079::::::::120:::::|h[Shipwrecked Supplies]|h|r
|T133983:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:140753::::::::120:::::|h[Half Eaten Candy Bar]|h|r

Can't be looted anymore on https://www.wowhead.com/item=147905/chestofchampionequipmentcomments
[Misc][Quest] A Taste of Iron

The Canon do''t disappear now when you use the Canon.
[Misc] Blingtron 6000

https://www.wowhead.com/npc=101527/blingtron6000starts is now offering the quest https://www.wowhead.com/quest=40753/blingtron6000 to everyone and not only to engineer.
[Misc] Glaive Circumstances

The players had a problem when recovering a glaive. The loot rate has been corrected and now players can make the quest.

July 25, 2019

Glyph of crittermorph

This glyph extends the duration of polymorph up to 24 hours when used on a critter, however it is currently also having the same effect vs beasts. This is especially broken in pvp where you can polymorph a hunters pet for 24 hours.

|T575586:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:56382|h[Glyph of Crittermorph]|h|r
Abundance stacks

There is currently an issue with the stacks granted by the talent abundance while also talented for germination. When the druid has 2 rejuvenation hots on 2 different players the abundance stack granted by the rejuvenation on the second target will not be removed upon the HoT expiring, this allows restoration druids to stack abundance up to 10+ without maintaining their HoTs on anyone. Reapplying rejuvenation to the other player who currently has 2 rejuvenation's will cause abundance to stack up further. Bugged abundance stacks will not fall off until the druid either changes zones or dies.
I could not replicate this without taking germination and applying hots to more than 1 target.


Dev note: Fixed, All druids that abused this & people that were with them repeatedly got punished
[Misc][WQ] Cathedral of Eternal Night

In Cathedral of Eternal Night give 2 WQ but add miss for them.

Quest 1 :

NPC : www.wowhead.com/npc=120715 Need to be at last chamber before stairs

Quest 2: https://www.wowhead.com/quest=46869/cathedralofeternalnighttemptressofpain

NPC : https://www.wowhead.com/npc=120717/mistressdominix Need to be at chamber after steps
[Misc][Creature] Vethir Issue

Certains joueurs ne pouvaient pas voir Vethir au moment de rendre la qute.
Some players can't see the npc where they want turn in the quest.
[Misc][PVP] Arena Decay

Dev note: Removed Arena Decay feature as we now have far less players than when it was implemented
[Misc][Profession] Alchemy prolonged power

How it's bugged : Potion of Prolonged Power RANK 3 is not being dropped by the mob Na'zak the Fiend which only appears during weekly world quests !
[Misc][Profession] Alchemy summary flask

How it's bugged : Rank 2 Recipes for creating Flasks are NOT DROPPING AT ALL from any of the bosses where that be NORMAL/HEROIC/MYTHIC difficulty.

They are meant to be 100% drop rate WHILE you are doing the quest within that specific dungeon or after you have done it but there is no DROP. I have personally done MoS more than 50 times and 0 DROP from the chest.

Recipe: Flask of the Seventh Demon from Cordana Felsong
Recipe: Flask of the Whispered Pact from Latosius
Recipe: Flask of the Countless Armies from Helya
Recipe: Flask of Ten Thousand Scars from Odyn
[Misc] WQ Issue change on normal quest

Les commandes et commandes de fournitures ne pouvait pas tre abandonne par les joueurs, mme si ils quittaient la zone ou la World Quest s'activait, maintenant ils peuvent l'abandonne/la qute remove quand ils quittent la zone de la World Quest.
Work Orders could not be dropped by the players, even if they left the area where World Quest was active, now they can abandon/quest remove when they leave the World Quest area.
[Misc] Missing object in npc vendor

How it's bugged : NPC don't sell the item on CheckList.

How it's should be work : NPC normally sell the item on the CheckList.

Dev note: Several missing objects added
[Misc][Profession] Calligraphy - Recip glyph missing

Several items "recipe" seems to be missing on this pnj Caligraphe recipe seller
[Misc][Quest] Iminent Attack

Le PNJ n'tait pas prsent se place au moment de rendre la qute.
The NPC was not there when the players wanted to make the quest.
[Misc] Stellagosa Issue

Certains joueurs n'arrivaient pas rendre la qute au PNJ Stellagosa cause d'un problme de phasing.
Some players could not turn in the quest to NPC Stellagosa because of a phasing issue.
[Misc][Creature] Syrenne as level 1

Problem : Syrenne is level 1

How it should be : Syrenne is normally level 110

April 1, 2019

[PVE][COS] Watchful Inquisitor - Searing Glare

Watchful Inquisitor : https://www.wowhead.com/npc=105715/watchfulinquisitor throws his Searing Glare : |T1117876:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:211299|h[Searing Glare]|h|r before his incantation

it deals damage before the end of the casting
even if we decast it still inflicts the damage.

Dev note: Synced the cast and the damage, and if you interrupt the cast it despawns the eyes.
[PVE][SoT] Viceroy Nezhar - Shadowguard Voidtender

Several issues with the NPC 'Shadowguard Voidtender' spawned by Viceroy Nezhar:
When they are summoned, they should cast their shield on the boss after 3 seconds, not instantly. During those 3 sec they should go towards the players to hit them, and be CCable. This allows to pack them and to dps them for 3 sec so it's easier to kill them and thus break the shield in time to interrupt the boss.
Linked to the previous issue, Nezhar should cast his Eternal Twilight when he's shielded, so it needs to be delayed by 3 sec when the former issue is fixed.
[PVE][Coen] Perma Vulcanic

Affix=Vulcanic is proccing almost permanent in this dungeon...im Talking About not beeing in Combat it just proccs.also it starts sometimes when you put the key while on the 10sec Countdown it proccs there also "behind the wall" thingy.

Dev Note: Was caused by the NPCs fighting Maiev in one cosmetic event. Fixed the affix generically to only trigger when NPCs are in combat with a player.
[PVE][SoT] Viceroy Nezhar - Collapsing Void

as you can see in the Video..this collapsing void isnt there once the Players from retail reach that boss..in firestorm it is..and it makes it almost impossible to kill the adds, which are inside the collapsing void, because u take dmg when u stand in there..and some adds are not moving (tentacles)..and its very high possibility to pull boss with all adds.
[PVE][HoV] Fenryr - Spell Sequence

During Leap and Scent of Blood, Fenryr shouldn't cast any other spell in order to keep the fight doable

Dev note: Rescripted Spell Sequence, should now match retail and not have any overlapping spells
[PVE][HoV] Fenryr - Scent of Blood

Sometimes the Damage buff of Scent of Blood stays on Fenryr after the fixate aura is gone and also Boss gets during Fixate stacks even if he doesnt hit his target.
|T236186:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:196828|h[Scent of Blood]|h|r
[PVE][Seat] Bosses HP in MM+

HP of all 4 bosses is too high:
Zuraal: 104%
Saprish & friends: 128%
Nezhar: 123%
L'ura: 164%
[PVE][VotW] Cordana - Elune's Light

While holding Elune's Light, the player is immune to the Deepening Shadows DoT but it's not always the case here ...

as we can see in the video form retail (he is not Standing in the middle of the circle and it gets removed...here on firestorm if u dont stand in the middle it doesnt get removed)

(30:09 to 30:18)

Dev note: Scripted the fact that now, the Elune's Light a player holds, or the one droped by a player should affect deepening shadows pool from a distance (currently 8 yards from the edge of a pool).
Growing and shrinking speed seems a bit high, will reduce it for the next update

March 25, 2019

[PVE][Mm+] Mobs dont lose Bolstering buff at reset

When the mob "resets", it should lose all his bolstering stacks. This is not working here, as you can see in the screen.
[PVE][Arcway] Corstillax not moving

If you pull that boss with "taunt" from "a bit" far away, then he will not move.
[PVE][Arcway] Nal'tira: Pets vs Tangled web

Pets shouldnt get affected from tangled web, but they do.
[PVE][Arcway] Advisor Vandros: not moving

When you pull the boss from range (with taunt), it appears that the boss won't move during the fight. He only moves when you pull him by being on melee range.
[PVE][Mythic+] Dungeon Ap Drop

We dont get the right amount of AP Tokens in +11 til +35 (and also the Right Tokens) in the dungeon chest . I added a screen where u can see how it should drop. (Note: Lesser=Mos, Greater= Arc,Hov) and "Normal"= rest)

Items missing which are not in 1 of the screens and also missing in the chests, note those items will drop same way like the others for example the lesser experts Bounty will drop only in maw of souls:
|T255346:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:147812::::::::120:::::|h[Greater Expert's Bounty]|h|r
|T255346:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:147814::::::::120:::::|h[Lesser Expert's Bounty]|h|r
|T255346:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:147811::::::::120:::::|h[Expert's Bounty]|h|r
[PVE][Kara Upper] Mana Devourer: Boss starts with 100% mana in mm+

Boss starts with 100% mana leading to 1shoting the Group instantly at start of fight.this bug appeared after the hp fix..and its on live now too...it seems that it is only for mm+...in mm0 the boss doesnt start with 100% mana
[PVE][Kara Upper] Viz'aduum issues

On the 1st ship there something like a Lightning when u pass the Bridge to go to the boss..but this Thing stucks on you and boss..and makes u die instantly .it was working like 2weeks ago perfectly
And also the Speed when you take the "Portal" to go to ship is too slow.

Dev note: Fixed bubble speed + pods can't move now (as intended)
[PVE][Arcway] Ivanyr: Nether link doesnt create the puddle

Visual of Nether Link is ok, but the players are not pushed back from each other by 5 meters and no puddle Comes.

Dev note: scripted the spell
[PVE][Mythic+] Loot Amount

The Max amount of gear drop right now on live is 45 pieces on high Keys..while it should scale Til key Level 35...for example key Level 30 in Time should be 9 pieces and Not in Time 8 pieces...Level 35 key in Time 11 pieces and Not in Time 10 pieces..and we get only Max 45 no matter the key Level !! screen Shows how it should be for all key Level ...
Missing ones: IN TIME / NOT IN TIME
31: 9 pieces +40% Chance for 10th piece / 8 pieces +40% Chance for 9th piece
32: 9 Pieces +80% Chance for 10th piece / 8 pieces +80% Chance for 9th piece
33: 10 pieces +20% Chance for 11th piece / 9 pieces +20% Chance for 10th piece
34: 10 pieces +60% Chance for 11th piece / 9 pieces +60% Chance for 10th piece
35: 11 pieces / 10 pieces
[PVE][Arcway] Advisor Vandros: Accelerating Blast

Advisor Vandros Accelerating Blast Ability (|T135734:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:203176|h[Accelerating Blast]|h|r) is ability wich boss uses to gain a buff,that buff should be removable/stealable with Spell steal from mages (|T135729:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:30449|h[Spellsteal]|h|r) and it should be Stackable
[PVE][MoS] Boss and adds not moving

Bosses and adds on the ship doesn't move. they are stucked in their positions. The second boss bugged after creating 1 group of pools.

Screen Link: [

Dev note: Will need a work on Vmaps, added a temporary fix that should improve the 2nd boss
[PVE][Arcway] Advisor Vandros: Force Bomb

Force Bomb
Dev note: Scripted the spell
[PVE][VotW] [Cordana Felsong] - Detonating Moonglaive

the Moonglaive Detonating :
|T1117886:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:197513|h[Detonating Moonglaive]|h|r
must only inflict damage on his return

as we can see on a retail video :
start at 27:30

13.03.19: Maybe the moonglaive doing dmg on the way out because the Speed is extremly low compared to retail...Note: this was working like 3months ago around on Firsestorm perfectly ( the Speed everything)
also the glaive doesnt return back to the boss
AND (22.03.19) The target of the moonglaive should be random ranged player...currently its only the tank

Dev note: Fixed everything but the targetting
[PVE][VOTW] [Glazer] - Pulse

normally the boss : https://www.wowhead.com/npc=95887/glazer
must be affected by Pulse : |T1033906:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:214893|h[Pulse]|h|r and take the damage (which reduces the amount of pulse in the boss room)

as we can see on a retail video :
(20:38 to 20:50)

currently, the pulse passes through it and it undergoes no damage
[PVE][Dungeons ] Crowd controls

Freezing Trap https://www.wowhead.com/spell=187650/freezingtrap
Hibernate https://www.wowhead.com/spell=2637/hibernate
Entangling Roots https://www.wowhead.com/spell=339/entanglingroots
Wyvern Sting https://www.wowhead.com/spell=19386/wyvernsting
Polymorph https://www.wowhead.com/spell=118/polymorph
Repentance https://www.wowhead.com/spell=20066/repentance
Shackle Undead https://www.wowhead.com/spell=9484/shackleundead
Hex https://www.wowhead.com/spell=51514/hex
Banish https://www.wowhead.com/spell=710/banish
Seduction https://www.wowhead.com/spell=6358/seduction
Paralysis https://www.wowhead.com/spell=115078/paralysis
Imprison https://www.wowhead.com/spell=217832/imprison
Sigil of Misery https://www.wowhead.com/spell=207684/sigilofmisery

All those spells shouldn't trigger combat on a target . If a npc is part of a group and under the effect of one of those spells , it shouldn't trigger combat on him when the other npc of the group are pulled.

Dev note: Fixed the fact that it shouldn't trigger aggro on target, didn't fix the second part tho
[PVE][Darkheart Thicket] Respawn

When a player dies after Archdruid Glaidalis has been killed, then he should revive at Sanctum of G'hanir as we can see in this sequence from retail :

March 12, 2019

[Fury][Artifact Trait] Juggernaut

Class: Warrior
Specialization: Fury
Category: Artifact Traits
Priority: High
Name of the bug: Juggernaut
How it's bugged: Sometimes the buff doesn't stack after using Execute. For example, if Warrior uses Rampage and Execute or uses Execute twice.
How it's supposed to work: The buff should stack after using Execute always.

|T458975:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:200875|h[Juggernaut]|h|r Juggernaut
Power Word: Shield

Power Word: Shield can't critical absorb anymore, while it should be able to

This worked earlier, but something probably broke it
Freezing trap procs

Some hunters have an issue with Freezing traps triggering different effects. These then damage the target and of course intantly break the CC from the trap. Some such effects are:
|T463487:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:239042|h[Concordance of the Legionfall]|h|r
|T443373:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:142165::::::::120:::::|h[Deteriorated Construct Core]|h|r
[BM][Trait] Cobra Commander - Sneaky Snakes

The Sneaky Snakes proc from the trait should benefit from some damage modifiers:
Case 1: The 25% hotfix is not present
Case 2: Should scale with mastery even if those snakes are not technically pets, since there are some exceptions in pet mods that are not legit working with them.
Case 3: Should be affected by the 5% and 10% flat damage traits.

|T135461:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:238123|h[Cobra Commander]|h|r

Should not benefit from bestial wrath, or add up to Cobra shot via Way of the Cobra
[Beast Mastery] Dire Frenzy no damage at 3 stacks

When used at 3 stacks of Dire Frenzy, the following casts very often happen to do no initial damage at the cast. It sometimes happens in other cases as well, possibly connected to casting twice in a short time window or when switching targets.

Dev note: indeed, fixed !
[Marksmanship] Windburst pulls trash behind the hunter

The trail left behind Windburst, that deals a small amount of damage due to a trait, damages mobs directly behind the hunter, which obviously pulls them.
Crows and Explosive Trap vs Turtle

When crows are used on a hunter that is already in Turtle, the DoT shouldn't start ticking but should be instead deflected. (on live it does not deflect)

Same goes for Explosive Trap (other traps are deflected)
|T135826:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:191433|h[Explosive Trap]|h|r
[Beast Mastery] Dire Frenzy vs immunity and dodge

Dire Beast and Dire Frenzy are supposed to reduce the cooldown of Bestial Wraith when they've been cast, not when they've hit, like it is on live. This means the cooldown reduction should happen even on targets that dodge the attack or are immune.

Dev note: moved the proc from on hit to on cast so it always triggers even if dodged
[Beast Mastery] Apex predator lego works in PvP

If a hunter wears the lego ring when entering PvP content, the pet keeps the passive effects it provides. If the ring is unequiped, reequiping during PvP works as it should. Neither the death of the pet nor the hunter in that instance solves the bug either.
[Balance] Stellar Empowerment

Stellar Empowerment stopped working.

[PVE][Fortified Affix] Affects summons

For example: Stormforged Obliterator in retail has same Hp in +25 Forti and Tyra (screens) in firestorm on Tyra it has 70,3 mil on fortified 84,4.
Thats only 1 boss..all other bosses which summons adds have Buggy hp too.
[PVE][Arcway][Ivanyr] No Corpse after kill

The boss disappears after you kill him instantly, which means that you cant loot him in heroic and mm0..which shouldnt be like this..also
many Mobs which are in this room and other Rooms disappear too after u kill the boss
[PVE][VOTW] [Cordana Felsong] - Creeping Doom

The hitbox of Creeping Doom wall are too big : |T1022944:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:197422|h[Creeping Doom]|h|r

And at the 2nd+ Creeping Doom the boss shouldnt go in the air and shouldnt get immune (watch Video at 23:10)

Dev note: Fixed the first issue by making the walls not take into account player unit size
[PVE][HoV][Adds] King

King bjorn, King haldor, King ranulf, King tor No have buff mm+

Note: 07.03.19 hp is not correct (check screens, and the one add which u dont have to talk on the end..doesnt get the mm+ buff >

Hp on firestorm:
King Ranulf: 523,8 mil
King Bjorn: 349,2 mil
King Haldor: 366,6 mil
King Tor: 366,6 mil
Note: Retail all 4 Mobs have 418,2 mil

Dev note: Fixed
[PVE][Mythic+] Receiving Keystone after completing a dungeon

When you do a Mythic+ Dungeon and you own no Keystone you don't receive one.

How it should work:
Whenever you do a Mythic Plus dungeon and you own no Keystone at the end of the Dungeon you should get a Keystone that is one level lower (but also a random dungeon) from the Dungeon you've completed.
[Eye of Azshara][Lady Hatecoil] Static Nova

Lady Hatecoil's Static Nova |T237587:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:193597|h[Static Nova]|h|r has issue if a player is standing ON the "Little Island" BEFORE she is casting the ability,you still get affected by it,no matter when ability is used,if player is standing on the "Little Island",he shouldn't get hit by this ability.(If player is standing before she is casting and she starts casting it,player needs to run to water,and then run back to "Little Island" again,so it "detects" player on "Little Island").

Dev note: Fixed the fact that if u stand on a dune for > 10 sec, you lose the immunity to Static Nova (you can now stay as long as you want on the sand dune, u'll stay immune)
[PVE][HoV] Missing affixes

Bolstering, Sanguine and Bursting Affixes don't work in HoV

Dev note: fixed !
[PVE][MM+ Affix] Sanguine

When u pull an add inside 2+ sanguine pools and pull it out it will bug out and will have Always 1 stack than it had inside the Zone without staying in the Zone (example if u pull it inside a Zone with 5sanguine stacks and pull it out it will have 4stacks) >watch screen where the mob is not in the pool but has stack

Dev note: Added a check on aura update, so that if the aura owner isn't inside any pools, it gets removed. The distance check is a little more than the real pool size, but you shouldn't have any troubles pulling the mobs a few yards farther to remove his stacks now
[PVE][Eye of Azshara][Lady Hatecoil] Monsoon

Most of the Times the Tornados/monsoons are not visible, causing the People get thrown in the air during important Moments and causing a wipe because of that. So its realy important!!

Dev note: Monsoon tornado visual is now visible as soon as the areatrigger is created, to give more clarity. Speed of the tornados have been drastically lowered as well to match retail (1 >>> 0.2 speed)
[PVE][The Arcway][Advisor Vandros] Spell Sequence Stopping

On Sylvanas, when you move the boss out of the area near it's spawning point, he just stops casting spells. By that I mean only a few meters. If you go on any side of the central round circle, or before the pillars you pass by when you arrive to face him, the issue happens.
[HoV][Skovald] Damage behind shield

Once Skovald cast his Apocalypse and you lets say are the tank and you use the Shield then sometimes you still get Damage and die (mostly like never on first apocalypse..but on the later ones apocalypses)....normaly everybody inside that Shield should get 0 dmg.

Dev note: Having the debuff 'Ragged Slash' (a dot from Skovald) was removing the "protection" aura from the Aegis, which was obv not intended. Fixed !
[PVE][The Arcway][Advisor Vandros] Lost of Affixes

On MM+ difficulty, if you wipe on Advisor Vandros, the boss looses his affixes (Extra HM and damage) and when you engage him again, it's like fighting a MM0 boss.
[PVE][Arcway][Advisor Vandros][Respawn]

After dying on this boss, it appears that he doesn't respawn. And then your mythic key dies.
[PVE][BRH]Dantalionax raging affix

Dantalionax gets at 30% the Affix Raging, which shouldnt happen.
[PVE][HoV][Odyn] Glowing Fragment

The sphere doesn't dissapear if you get stunned resulting in multiple cc's one after another.

Video :
[PVE][HoV][Skovald] Infernal flames stacks too fast

Infernal flames (spell=193702) from Skovald's add stacks too fast (nearly impossible to get only one). As they hurt a lot, if you get hit you are basically dead.

Dev note: The way it was coded, you got a stack each time you entered and each time you exited the pool, with no way of removing the stacks. Now you get stacks each second you stay on the pool, and getting out of it removes the stacks (based on Retail vids)
[PVE][Karazhan] MM+ Boss HP

The HP of all Bosses in Return to Karazhan (both lower and upper) is wrong, it is alot bigger than intended.

Dev note: Fixed for every boss of those 2 dungeons, except theater bosses (coming soon)
[PVE][Antorus] Aggramar multiple Foe Breaker

During Taeshalach Technique, Aggramar strike multiple Foe Breaker on the active tank.
The problem only happened to his second technique at the end of Taeshalach Technique.
It happens that it works correctly

Test in HM on Sylvanas Wednesday 03/06
[PVE][Antorus] Hasabel Wrong cd timer

Atm on sylvanas Those 3 spells sequences are wrong.

1) Collapsing World :
(|T1044088:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:243984|h[Collapsing World]|h|r)
2) Transport Portal :
(|T459027:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:244677|h[Transport Portal]|h|r)
3) Felstorm Barrage :
(|T1122135:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:244000|h[Felstorm Barrage]|h|r)

The Problem is they get overlapped, which they shouldnt. For example there are felstorms there on the Ground during the whole Duration of collapsing world, which doesnt happen on retail, as u can see in the Video. And also the Transport Portals come very often instantly after collapsing world, which makes the imps spawn in the Purple Zone, which shouldnt happen also.

As you can see on this video from strating 5:10 (on Sylnavas) :

On retail, after Hasabel casted a spell, there's an interval of few seconds before she cast something else, as you can see on this video from strating 5:51 :
[Battlegrounds] Seething Shore

When you release your spirit you get randomly stuck in the air and can't be ressurected anymore

Dev note: Tentative fix, will monitor the results
[Battlegrounds] Seething Shore

When you release your spirit you get randomly stuck in the air and can't be ressurected anymore

Dev note: Tentative fix, will monitor the results
Delayed casting by indirect damage

The spells with cast time are impacted by AoE and groupwide damage by having their cast time progress knocked back. That should only happen with damage directly and specifically targeting the caster.
[PVE][VotW][Tirathon] Fel Mortar

After he finishes the cast Fel Mortar..there should appear INSTANTLY an Animation on the Ground, so u will know where it is going to land..but it is not working here..it just Comes without any Animation...and mostly 1shots u in high keys

March 7, 2019

[PVE] Dungeons and raid: triggers

Area and activations triggers are visible with infernals. Certains of them attacks and make high damages in raids and dungeons.
[PVE][Antorus][Aggramar] Ravenous Blaze

The spell doesn't work. The boss still applies the debuff Scorching Blaze (|T459026:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:245995|h[Scorching Blaze]|h|r )

How it should be: in mythic mode, "Scorching Blaze" is replaced bu "Ravenou Blaze". Ravenous Blaze is the Mythic version of Scorching Blaze, replacing it in all three active phases. Ravenous Blaze does ticking damage, once every 2 seconds, to the affected player as well as players within the spell's radius. The radius increases with each tick and the debuff lasts for 8 seconds.

Wowhead link: |T525024:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:254452|h[Ravenous Blaze]|h|r
[PVE][Antorus][Argus] pots cooldown

All pots cooldown should reset when player die during the encounter allowing them to use more potions most notable potion are :

Potions of prolonged power (|T967532:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:142117::::::::120:::::|h[Potion of Prolonged Power]|h|r)

Potion of the old war (|T1385259:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:127844::::::::120:::::|h[Potion of the Old War]|h|r)

Unbending potion (|T1385244:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:127845::::::::120:::::|h[Unbending Potion]|h|r)
[PVE][Antorus][Argus] Apocalypse module

Apocalypse module(https://www.wowhead.com/npc=130179/apocalypsismodule): the boss is spawning apocalypse module 1 second too early.
[PVE][Antorus][Argus] Sargeras' Rage

Sargeras rage(|T237553:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257869|h[Sargeras' Rage]|h|r): When 2 player are stacked it only trigger Unleased Rage once(|T1320372:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257911|h[Unleashed Rage]|h|r) until they spread instead of being triggered every 0.5 second until they spread.
[PVE][Antorus][Argus] Apocalypse zone

Apocalypse zone(|T897131:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:258034|h[Apocalypsis Zone]|h|r) and Death fog(|T538559:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:248167|h[Death Fog]|h|r): The hitbox of this 2 aoes are 2 yard too big.
[PVE][Antorus][Argus] Sentence of Sargeras 2

Sentence of sargeras(|T132507:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257966|h[Sentence of Sargeras]|h|r): There are only 2 sentence of sargeras spawning instead of 3.
[PVE][Antorus][Argus] Sargeras' Gaze

Sargeras Gaze(|T1357795:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:258068|h[Sargeras' Gaze]|h|r): for some reason the boss is casting this spell 2 times in a 5 seconds intervall.
[PVE][Antorus][Argus] sentence of sargeras

Sentence of sargeras(|T132507:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257966|h[Sentence of Sargeras]|h|r): The boss is only casting this ability once in the thid phase instead of every minutes.
[PVE][Antorus][Argus] Edge of annihilation

Edge of annihilation(|T1778227:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:258834|h[Edge of Annihilation]|h|r): the blade are not dealing any damage when a player get hit.
[PVE][Antorus][Argus] Rent Soul

Rent Soul(|T876915:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:258837|h[Rent Soul]|h|r): Orb doesn't deal to damage to player taking them.
[PVE][Antorus][Argus] Cone of death

Cone of death(|T348565:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:248165|h[Cone of Death]|h|r): If the boss change target during the cast of cone of death he also change the location at wich he cast it instead of having it be fixed on the initial location of the player he was targeting when casting it.
[PVE][Antorus][Argus] Fear of sargeras

Fear of Sargeras(|T237555:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257931|h[Sargeras' Fear]|h|r): When 2 people or more with fear of sargeras stack together they do not receive damage anymore even after they spread.
[PVE][Antorus][Argus] Soulburst/Soulbomb

Soulburst(|T1778229:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:250669|h[Soulburst]|h|r) and Soulbomb(|T1778228:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:251570|h[Soulbomb]|h|r): The boss shouldn't cast this 2 spell during third phase.
[PVE][Antorus][Aggramar] Wake of Flame

Wake of Flame(|T524795:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:244693|h[Wake of Flame]|h|r): The hitbox of this spell is 2 yard to big
[PVE][Antorus][Aggramar] Catalyzing Presence

Catalyzing Presence(|T463567:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:244903|h[Catalyzing Presence]|h|r): Add that have this buff are not immun to fear.
[PVE][Antorus][Aggramar] Intermissions

When the boss reach 80% and 40% the boss should instanly transition into intermission even if he is in the middle of Taeshalach technique, actually this is not the case, the boss finish his serie of 5 spell before going into intermission.
[PVE][Antorus] [Achievement] Don't Sweat the Technique !

The Achievement Don't Sweat the Technique (https://www.wowhead.com/achievement=11915/dontsweatthetechnique) does not work on firestormthe add does not get the stacks.here a Video guide how it should work:
[PVE][Antorus][Aggramar] Foe Breaker

On sylvanas, the tank can dodge the spell Foe Breaker, normally this is impossible
[PVE][Antorus][Aggramar] Empowered Searing Tempest

MYTHIC DIFFICULTY: The spell doesn't work.

How it should function:

pull players towards Aggramar
deal fire damage to the players in the radius of effect
disorienting players inside of the radius for 5 seconds

Wowhead link: |T135826:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:255061|h[Empowered Searing Tempest]|h|r
[PVE][Antorus][Aggramar] Empowered Flame Rend

Empowered Flame Rend(|T460698:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:247079|h[Empowered Flame Rend]|h|r): During Taeshalach Technique the boss stand there doing nothing for 2 second when he should be casting this spell exept when he is using it in first.
[PVE][Antorus][Aggramar] Catalyzed debuff

Currently the boss gains the catalized buff, which shouldn't be the case.

How it should be: "Embers of Taeshalach become immune to crowd control effects and have their movement speed increased by 100% for 20 sec."

Wowhead link: |T463567:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:247091|h[Catalyzed]|h|r
[PVE][Antorus][Aggramar] Empowered flame rend

After having soaked this spell, the player isn't affected by the debuff increasing the damage taken by Flame rend by 500% for 30 sec.

How it should be: Inflicts 271288 Fire damage in a frontal cone, divided evenly among all players struck, and increasing damage taken by Flame Rend by 500% for 30 sec.

Wowhead link: |T460698:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:247079|h[Empowered Flame Rend]|h|r
[PVE][Antorus][Aggramar] Taeshalach Technique

Taeshalach Technique(|T510053:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:244688|h[Taeshalach Technique]|h|r): There should only be 4 different pattern possible for the boss to use :




[PVE][Antorus][Aggramar] Berserk

The boss doesn't turn into Berserk mode after 12 minutes of fight.

[PVE][Antorus][High Command] Exploit-Weakness

On sylvanas, the tank can dodge the spell Exploit Weakness, normally this is impossible
[PVE][Antorus][Aggramar] Empowered Flame Rend

This ability not split the damage between the players that are socking the ability killing every player that soak.
[PVE][Antorus][Felhounds of Sargeras] Mount missing

The 2nd boss of antorus "Felhounds of Sargeras" should drop special mount |T1709931:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:152816::::::::120:::::|h[Antoran Charhound]|h|r on LFR/Nm/hc and Mythic mode which is missing atm.
[PVE][Antorus][Kin'Garoth] Boss Wall

When you are on kin'garoth you should be able to heal and attack robots through the wall from the boss. At this moment you cant heal other members of the raid or attack robots through the wall.

Proof that can be done: On 0:16 you can see a Shadow priest attacking robot through the wall.
on this video you can see a pally heler healing tanks from the other side of the encounter zone.
[PVE][Antorus][Varimathras] Necrotic Embrace

Necrotic Embrace(|T1029009:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:244093|h[Necrotic Embrace]|h|r): The explosion radius of this spell is 2 yard too big.
[PVE][Antorus][Coven of Shivarra] Boss script

The boss right now is an extreme mess.

There are only 3 bosses, no boss get out of the room every 3 minutes but every boss are present after 3 min of fight.

After the norgannong army spawn at 3 min there is no other torment spawning.

Torment are only spawning every 1m30 instead of 1m30 for the first one and 45 sec every spawn after.

The strangest thing is that the boss is perfectly scripted on ptr but is not applied on live for some reasons.
[PVE][Antorus][Coven of Shivarra] Shadow blades

Shadow Blades(|T135855:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:245281|h[Shadow Blades]|h|r): the hitbox of this spell is 2 yard too big.
[PVE][Antorus][Coven of Shivarra] Asara mother of night

Asara mother of night(https://www.wowhead.com/npc=122467/asaramotherofnight): The boss should be able to move while she is casting Touch of darkness(|T136197:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:245303|h[Touch of Darkness]|h|r)
[PVE][Antorus][Argus] Gift of the sea/sky

Gift of the sea(|T132852:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257306|h[Gift of the Sea]|h|r) and Gift of the sky(|T136111:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:257313|h[Gift of the Sky]|h|r): There should always be one of the debuff being applied on the tank not actively tanking the boss.

February 11, 2019

Smoldering Heart

Dev note: Fixed proc chances
[All] Rune of Power

Rune of Power has a specific rule for its buff, you can step 8 yards away from it and still benefit. It got broken at the moment, you can benefit of the buff for more then 8 yards when stepping out of the rune animation, but when you come back you don't receive the buff back, neither inside the rune, neither in the +8yards exclusion zone.
The spell has perfect scripting on bfa realm.

|T609815:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:116011|h[Rune of Power]|h|r
[PVE][TheArcway] Nal'tira + teeming

A little spider is blocked on the wall with the affixe teeming.

the only way we have found to debug that on live is to use ring of peace with a Monk.
We can't pull the boss with that, and another giants spider must come down from the ceiling, but we see them on the ground, you can only pull those Buggy big Spiders with pets (hunter, warlock, dk )
[Misc][Item] Eonar's Compassion

|T1729933:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:154175::::::::120:::::|h[Eonar's Compassion]|h|r
Normaly this item should Focusheal the injured Players, but it doesnt its simply random at the Moment here. If you want to reproduce just go low hp, make then the trinket procc and watch who it will heal, it will just heal others while it should Focus only you, if u are the only one with low hp.
Same issue was with https://www.wowhead.com/item=147004/seastarofthedepthmother&bonus=3561:1476 this trinket was also not Focusing the injured People, but it got fixed.
[Misc][Quest] The Ancient Trials

Category: Quests
Priority: Medium
Name of the bug: The Ancient Trials
How it's bugged: Lightforged Draeneis and Void Elves are not able to take the quest.
How it's supposed to work: Lightforged Draeneis and Void Elves should be able to take the quest.

[Misc][Items] Legendaries Double absorb

Items that can give shields, such as the chest lego for mage and the neck, can sometimes crit and give the double amount of shield value, which should not happen, the % in the tooltip is there with a reason 20% cant be 40%
Please add them to the list of spells in the core from previous similar issue reported some time ago, probably was missed since not all type of shields are bound to this rule.

|T341768:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:133977::::::::120:::::|h[Belo'vir's Final Stand]|h|r
|T525133:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:132444::::::::120:::::|h[Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus]|h|r
[PVE] Sanguine Affix

Sometimes with the Sanguine affix, you still keep the debuff even when not standing in any sanguine pool.
Dev note: Added a check on update of the aura to be removed if u are not on any Pool

January 31, 2019

[Subtlety] Thief's Bargain

Dev note: Removed pre7.3.5 mechanic where on top of getting +10% damage at all time, you also got an additional +10% damage during stealth or Shadow Dance

Dev note: Currently, Nightstalker +12% damage increase is counted twice during shadow dance for spells using weapon damage (Shadowstrike, Backstab for instance). > Hackfix removed.
Added pvp mod for Nightstalker (12% > 6%)
[Assassination] Bag of Tricks / Poison Bomb

Currently the % of Bag of Tricks can be doubled if you're using Anticipation talent (10 CP taken into account instead of 5).
In case you're using Deeper Stratagem, it should take up to 6 CP.

Dev note: Fixed with Anticipation and Deeper stratagem. Proc chance was also applied twice in the case of Envenom, now fixed as well
[Vengeance] Soul Fragments buff tracker

The Soul Fragments buff tracker don't reset correctly or as it should when you consume souls, sometime it show that you have more than 5 souls and stay like that.
[Misc] Max Prestige level

Max Prestige level increased from 18 to 25 with Season 5
[PVE][Antorus][Kin'garoth] Ruiner

Ruiner(|T135798:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:246840|h[Ruiner]|h|r): Sometimes the speed of the beam is increased for no specific reason.
[PVE][Antorus][Kin'garoth] Demolished

Demolished(|T136201:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:249535|h[Demolished]|h|r): This debuff is not increasing the players takes from Diabolic bombs.
[PVE][Antorus][Varimathras] Necrotic embrace

Necrotic embrace(|T1029009:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:244093|h[Necrotic Embrace]|h|r): when more than one debuff explode there is a possibility some of the debuff are not applied to players in range.
[PVE][Antorus][Kin'garoth] Apocalypse Blast

Apocalypse Blast(|T514016:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:246634|h[Apocalypse Blast]|h|r): There are too many aoe each time the boss launch this spell, on retail there should be only 3 players targeted by this spell ever 2 sec, but right now there are more than 5 players targeted every time.
[PVE][Antorus][Kin'garoth] Line of Sight

Line of Sight: right now we can't heal other player or attack target on the side of the boss when you should be able to.
[PVE][Antorus][Kin'garoth] Hitbox

Hitbox: The hitbox from Diabolic bomb(Diabolic bomb(|T1097742:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:246779|h[Diabolic Bomb]|h|r) and Detonation charge created by Reveberating Strike(|T135814:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:254926|h[Reverberating Strike]|h|r) are a bit too big by about a 5 yard radius.
[PVE][Antorus][Kin'garoth] Diabolic bomb

Diabolic bomb(|T1097742:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:246779|h[Diabolic Bomb]|h|r): damage reduction from distance is not enough bomb are dealing around 50% more damage then they should be to player far from the explosion spot.
[PVE][Antorus][Kin'garoth] Decimation

Decimation(|T236216:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:246686|h[Decimation]|h|r): The debuff explode 1 sec too early, and when the add casting it die before they expire they should be removed from the players.
[PVE][Antorus] [Kin'garoth] [Diabolic Bomb]

The 'Diabolic bomb' speed is a bit increased from retail. When i counted 1112 seconds for the full speed ball to make a full circle on retail version, here in firestorm is 89 seconds. It can be seen like a low increment of speed 'by numbers' but in real live server it makes a huge difference with the 'dodge the ball' mechanic for the intermissions to kill the adds, so that added to the already reported extra damage on the same ability, makes the fight a bit more difficult than it should.

Full retail video to compare the normal orbs speed >
[PVE][Antorus][Coven of Shivarras] Cosmic Glare

Cosmic Glare(|T135798:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:250912|h[Cosmic Glare]|h|r): Players targeted by this spell receive 2 ticks of damage.
[PVE][Antorus][Immonar] Sleep Canister

Sleep Canister(|T136090:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:247552|h[Sleep Canister]|h|r): This spell should be able to target only a maximum of 1 melee but it sometime target 2 melees.
[PVE][Antorus][Varimathras] Marked prey

Marked Prey is instantly triggering alone in the Darkness, once the boss uses the spell. Normaly alone in the Darkness should only be triggered, if a Player is Standing 8 metres away of all other Players.
|T458727:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:244042|h[Marked Prey]|h|r
|T136194:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:243963|h[Alone in the Darkness]|h|r

[PVE][Antorus][Argus] Trinkets

As you can see in the screen i droped as paladin the tank trinket 2 times (in different days each) and a priest got the tank trinket, while he cant Loot that normaly since priests dont have tank specc
[PVE][Antorus][Varimathras] Marked Prey

On live, |T458727:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:244042|h[Marked Prey]|h|r is always targetting the same person on whole fight, where it's should be "rng"
[PVE][Antorus][Coven of Shivarras] Touch of the Cosmos

Touch of the cosmos
(|T841220:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:250648|h[Touch of the Cosmos]|h|r): The boss is casting this spell too fast when not interrupted (every seconds) and not fast enough when interrupted(every 12 seconds) but the boss should be casting it every 6 seconds wether you interrupted it or not.
[PVE][Antorus][Kin'garoth] Diabolic Bomb

Diabolic bomb(|T1097742:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:246779|h[Diabolic Bomb]|h|r): the damage of Diabolic bomb is reduced too much by the distance between players and where the bomb explode(the raid should take 1m5 by bombs on average when they are on the other side of where the bomb explode).
[PVE][Antorus][Kin'garoth] Overcharge

Overcharge(|T1378283:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:249740|h[Overcharge]|h|r): This spell do no gain stack after the first time gaining stack, on retail every time you last kill an add you already last killed the boss should gain a stack of Overcharge but right now he is only gaining it the first time you last kill the same add.
[PVE][Antorus][Varimathras] Marked Prey

Marked Prey(|T458727:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:244042|h[Marked Prey]|h|r): This spell should spawn a shadow of varimathras at the emplacement of the player hit when after casting it, right no no add is spawning when he cast this spell.
[Misc] New BG: Seething Shore !

Now available
[PVE][Antorus][Varimathras] Marked Prey 2

Marked Prey(|T458727:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:244042|h[Marked Prey]|h|r): This spell is still not hitting the closest player in the direction of the initial targeted player.
[PVE][Antorus][Kin'garoth] Overcharge 2

Overcharge(|T1378283:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:249740|h[Overcharge]|h|r): This buff is not increasing the damages of the followings spell :
Diabolic bomb(|T1097742:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:246779|h[Diabolic Bomb]|h|r)
[PVE][Antorus][Garothi] DBM/Big wigs

DBM/Big wigs : there are no timers for the boss.
[PVE][Antorus][Eonar] Spear of doom

Spear of doom (|T135800:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:248861|h[Spear of Doom]|h|r) : there is sometimes a bug wich cause player to take 10 ticks in less than a second when they enter a pool, instantly killing them
[PVE][Antorus][Eonar] Add life

Ok so after checking some log it appear that monsters life increase based on the time they spawn, here is the list of all base hp of mobs on retail :

Felguard : 81m
Felhound : 24m
destructor : 220m
fel lord : 150m
obfuscator : 165m
purifier : 177m
volant kerapteron : 64m

As for the scaling it increase the life of every mobs in a spawn based on when it started, the hp increase by 10% of their base hp every 40 seconds and increase as soon as the fight begin, only exeption is the first wave that spawn wich have base hp value for every monsters.

So exept first waves it look like that :

0.00 0.40 : HP x1.1
0.40 1.20 : HP x1.2
1.20 2.00 : HP x1.3


Also hp from Paraxis Inquisitor is not influenced by this and is flat 111m during all the encounter.
[PVE][Antorus][Imonar] Intermission

Intermission on deadly ground : the strengh of the wind is too high by about 20%
[PVE][Antorus][Imonar] Conflagration

Conflagration(|T1097741:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:248321|h[Conflagration]|h|r): there should be a 12 seconds delay between each cast of this spell during intermission, but actually he is casting without delay making it almost impossible for people with pulse grenade to be kept alive by healer.
There are some invisible balls spawning at the end of the bridge even after you interrupt the boss and end the intermission.
[PVE][Antorus][Imonar] Shrapnel Blast

Shrapnel Blast(|T133710:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:247923|h[Shrapnel Blast]|h|r): The debuff of this spell correctly cumul but you only take damage from 1 of the debuff.
[Antorus][Antoran] Psychic Asault

The boss is not increasing the damage per stack or increase so slow. One person can be on the pod for the whole phase.

|T135740:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:244172|h[Psychic Assault]|h|r
[General][Trait] Light's Embrace

Light's embrace is currently healing x3 times as much as it should.
Light's Embrace should heal for a certain amount over 6 seconds, ticking every 2 seconds. For example;

45500 healing over 6 seconds, 1 tick every 2 seconds for 15167 = 45500 total healing

However, right now on Firestorm, Light's embrace will heal for 45500 PER TICK instead of 45500 over 6 seconds. For example;

1 tick every 2 seconds for 45500 = total healing 136500

Note that this effect stacks up to 5 and you can get x3 ranks in this trait, which allows massive healing just from this trait.

|T236687:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:253111|h[Light's Embrace]|h|r
[Misc][Item] Khaz'goroth's Courage low damages

1 |T1729936:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:154176::::::::120:::::|h[Khaz'goroth's Courage]|h|r
Buff damage doesn't match tooltip, something's wrong here.

Spell : |T254117:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:256825|h[Mark of Khaz'goroth]|h|r

The forumla is completly wrong and must be changed, here's comparison between 2 rets (Retail vs FS)

Live :
Versatility : 12%
Ilvl Weapon : 960
Damage on tooltip : 229 507

Versatility : 12%
Ilvl weapon 979
Damage on tooltip : 208116

Comparison between two logs from DK Frost (Same ilvl)
Firestorm :

Correct forumla from patchnote : [1,372,700% of Mainhand Weapon Speed]


2 Seems like there are some modifiers for this trinkets for differents spec, explained on checklist :
[Misc][PPM] Calculation

Dev note: For auras that proc when you get hit (and only those) it was taking the attacker's haste to calculate PPM, and since most NPCs have float 0 haste, it resulted in infinite PPM (Notable trinkets: Riftworld Codex)
Fix backported from BFA
[PVE][Antorus][Varimathras][Necrotic Embrace]

The spell necrotic embrace shouldn't be "avoidable" with aspect of the turtle or cloak of shadow according to the hotfix below:

January 18, 2019

[Demonology] - Pet melee attacks

All pets hits for 8% less with every melee attack.
Tested on 0 armor dummy.
Here are formulas how it should work:

DREADSTALKER AUTO = 0.83 x TotalSpellPower / 3.5 x 2 x ArmorReduction
dmg buffs: 5% and 10% paragon traits, and Mastery

FELGUARD AUTO = 1.1 x 1.2 x TotalSpellPower / 3.5 x 2 x ArmorReduction
dmg buffs: 5% and 10% paragon traits, 20% Left Hand of Darkness, Mastery

FELGUARD LEGION STRIKE = 1.1 x 1.6 x 1.2 x TotalSpellPower / 3.5 x 2 x ArmorReduction
dmg buffs: 5% and 10% paragon traits, 20% Left Hand of Darkness, Mastery

FELGUARD FELSTORM = 1.1 x 1.3 x 1.2 x TotalSpellPower / 3.5 x 2 x ArmorReduction
dmg buffs: 5% and 10% paragon traits, 20% Left Hand of Darkness, Mastery

FELGUARD SERVICE AUTO = 2 x 1.1 x 1.2 x TotalSpellPower / 3.5 x 2 x ArmorReduction
dmg buffs: 5% and 10% paragon traits,Mastery

FELGUARD SERVICE LEGION STRIKE = 2 x 1.1 x 1.6 x 1.2 x TotalSpellPower / 3.5 x 2 x ArmorReduction
dmg buffs: 5% and 10% paragon traits,Mastery

FELGUARD SERVICE FELSTORM = 2 x 1.1 x 1.3 x 1.2 x TotalSpellPower / 3.5 x 2 x ArmorReduction
dmg buffs: 5% and 10% paragon traits,Mastery

dev note: Removed every hackfix, all of them now work correctly generically !
[Restoration] Mastery w/ Trinkets

Healing trinkets shouldnt be affected by mastery.
|T136041:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:77226|h[Mastery: Deep Healing]|h|r
[Restoration] Mastery w/ Trinkets

Healing trinkets shouldnt be affected by mastery.
|T136041:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:77226|h[Mastery: Deep Healing]|h|r
[Assassination] T21 4P

Currently, the energize from this set is active even without the set equipped.
[Assassination] 4P Antorus

The 4 part antorus doesn't work correctly.
At the moment, you gain 3 energy for every crit of rupture, garrote and mutilate and doesn't work with poisons.
How it should work : It gives 3 energy for every crit of deadly poison (DoT and instant).

Deadly poison DOT : |T132290:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:2818|h[Deadly Poison]|h|r
Deadly poison Instant : |T132273:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:113780|h[Deadly Poison]|h|r

Credit : Bugtracker
[Holy] Avenging Light

|T571555:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:199441|h[Avenging Light]|h|r there are currently two big problems with the spell:
For it's damage it should only count effective healing, as of right now it dealing damage based on the entire healing.
The range of the damage is higher (only when healing yourself, it's fine with allies), i was able to damage enemies around 1920 yards from tests (tested with addons).
[Protection] Consecration buffs

Item=137047, if you use concecration on Paladin tank with that item, and instantly relog, then when u log in again u will have the 4% less dmg taken buff still on your buffbar without concecration on Ground..also you can just take off the legendary ring then and the buff will still stay. If u use concecration again, while u have the buff without ring for example, the buff will work again as intented.
The issue also happens with the consecration buff
[BeastMaster] Hati's thunderslash

Hati seems to have issues with procing the Thunderslash. The proc rate is often low but sometimes it doesn't proc at all. Thunderslash should occur like it does with the main pet, every pet autoattack during the time Aspect of the Wild is active.
[Survival] T21 4p stacks don't get consumed

The T21 4p bonus is working correctly in terms of Mongoose bite buffing Raptor strikes, stacking up multiple times. Raptor strike should however consume these stacks when cast and not allow these same stacks to buff the following Raptor strikes as well.
[Feral] - Tiger's Fury + Bleed dynamic

Tiger's Fury should dinamicly increase bleed DoT DMG ( Rake, Rip,
Trash, Ashenmane Frenzy), but currently it does not increase.

|T132242:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5217|h[Tiger's Fury]|h|r
[PVE][Antorus] Hasabel Leech essence + diffuse magic

Atm monks can use diffuse magic talent to reflect all damage from this spell and literally destroy the miniboss from green portal (Lady Dacidion)

|T538440:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:244915|h[Leech Essence]|h|r
[PVE][Antorus] Eonar Paraxis and pets

At the moment when class with pet (Demo, Dk, Hunt) fly to the Paraxis (use the flower to go there) they just loose their pet
Info: think that the pet just pass through the texture.
[PVE][Antorus] Eonar Paraxis Inquisitor and Wrack

When https://www.wowhead.com/npc=125429/paraxisinquisitor cast his |T132146:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:249126|h[Wrack]|h|r we can't interrupt his cast where we should be able to do it.
[Antorus][Eonar] Fel-Infused Destructor cast

When https://www.wowhead.com/npc=123760/felinfuseddestructor cast his |T135800:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:246305|h[Artillery Strike]|h|r, player should be able to interrupt it (Atm you canno't interrupt it)
[PVE][Antorus] Eonar movements spells

Movements spells : in the paraxis every movements spells (blink, roll, etc...) put the player undermap, it can also happen with the blink on the main plateform.
[PVE][Antorus] Eonar Surge of Life bug

Dev note: Fixed several issues on the spell
[Misc] Client-Server power synchro

When you gain power (energy, CP, etc) through an energize mechanic, the client usually bugs out visually for a frame.
This is mostly visible when playing Rogue for example, and casting the spell 'Garrote' (assa spec) that gives you 1CP: usually, the client will, for a really short time, highlight 2 CPs instead of 1, before deleting the second one.

Dev note: Energize packets were 'doubled' before the client resynchronizes with the server, hence why you 'gained' 2CP before losing the extra unwanted one. Fix broke the energize 'logs' in the chat & addons, will look into it
[PVE][Cathedral] Thrashbite the Scornful: Boss unattackable after wipe

Once you wipe on this boss, he is not attackable anymore.

January 11, 2019

[Protection] Block from Mastery

Warrior Protection Mastery's block should have Diminishing Return following:

Dev note: When you hover over your mastery with the mouse, the amount of block it gives is stil "wrong" (without DR) but the block amount it REALLY gives includes DR.
[Protection] Block from Mastery

Paladin Protection Mastery's block should have Diminishing Return following:

Dev note: When you hover over your mastery with the mouse, the amount of block it gives is stil "wrong" (without DR) but the block amount it REALLY gives includes DR.
[Unholy] Dark Arbiter

Reverted yesterday's fix
[PVP] Arena rating when dodging

You should lose rating when you dodge if an arena match if found, even if you're not inside the arena yet.
This will prevent people "avoiding" some opponents.

January 10, 2019

[all] Soulwell spawn

Warlock (any spec) can USE ability |T136194:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:29893|h[Create Soulwell]|h|r
but the Soulwell will not spawn,it is not visible to players.
[Affliction] - Shard Regen on 2+ targets

Every tick of Agony, a hidden accumulator is incremented. When it exceeds 1, it generates a shard and rolls over the remainder to start the next one.
The added value per tick is currently 0.16 on average, with some variance (we'll try to remember to update this since there's no way to see it ingame).
For multy target "Each added amount is divided by the square root of the number of Agonies you currently have active."
[Affliction] - Unstable Affliction Soul Shard Refund

Unstable Affliction should refund 1 Soul Shard if the target dies, this should give only 1 shard and if you have 2+ UAs on target it should still refund 1 shard. (atm it works if you have 5 UAs , it refunds 5 shards instead of 1)
|T136228:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:231791|h[Unstable Affliction]|h|r
[Restoration] Cloudburst totem

Cloudburst totem stopped working. It stores healing but it won't release it on expiration or on second cast.
[Holy] Avenging Light

|T571555:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:199441|h[Avenging Light]|h|r there are currently two big problems with the spell:
For it's damage it should only count effective healing, as of right now it dealing damage based on the entire healing.
The range of the damage is higher (only when healing yourself, it's fine with allies), i was able to damage enemies around 1920 yards from tests (tested with addons).
Note to Dev: Please check which spell proc the damage, as only Holy Light (Spell: 82326) and not Beacon Healing (when healing with Holy Light)
[WindWalker] T21 Set and SEF

SEF dosen't beneffit from 4p of T21 |T574573:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:251821|h[Item Monk T21 Windwalker 2P Bonus]|h|r

Fire and Earth are missing the 175% up on Blackout Kick! buff
[Mistweaver] T21 4p bugged

|T574573:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:251826|h[Item Monk T21 Mistweaver 4P Bonus]|h|r :
When you cast Renewing Mist, you have a 100% chance to send a bolt of healing Chi at all targets affected by Tranquil Mist, healing them for (75% of Spell power).
It's should be 100% proc chance, actually it's happening like 1/10 on times
[Arcane] t21 4p faulty mechanic

The tooltip is misleading the way the bonus works, at the moment it procs only when you build up charges until you reach max ( 4 ), it should work above that as well. Basically the correct interpretation for this is every mechanic that builds up charges has a 10% chance to proc the bonus.

second 15 to 25, procs 2 times when the caster is at max stacks in burst phase.
[Frost] Icicles cast vs hit

Ice Lance should launch them on cast vs on hit.
Should smooth the spec a bit and add some dps.

|T135855:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:76613|h[Mastery: Icicles]|h|r
[Arcane] Mp5 and faulty mechanic on cooldowns

The base value at 0 mastery is correct aprox 85k mp5, but the more mastery the caster gets, the more it becomes an issue, reaching up to 165k mp5, when a max value would be 125k mp5 with current stats.
This would allow the caster to squeeze an extra AB from 11 to 12 until going oom, in the case of AB spam.
The intended formula when composing mp5 ( mana regen ) is base 84k x mastery coeff, so for example if I got 25% mastery I should have 84k x 1.25 = 105k mp5, at the moment at this value I receive 115k mp5.

Fix would nerf the overall dps by 5% for high end stats arcane mages ( pve )

Another urgent deal to fix on Arcane:
Casting Charged up reseting charges after with Barage and casting Presence of Mind start casting Arcane Blast will lower the caster's damage by 50% until resetting charges, adding this up to get fixed along with the other major issue, this one impairs the burst drastically for the ones who pick Charged Up, and have it sequenced before Presence of Mind in the macro or rotation.
Focus regen with haste

Focus regen formula with haste is probably wrong.
7,38% haste, focus regen should be 10 x (1 + 0,0738) = 10,738 ~ 10,74 but i have 10,69
With 16,23% haste it should be 10 x (1 + 0,1623) = 11,623 ~ 10,62 but i have 10,40
With 50,33% haste it should be 10 x (1 + 0,5033) = 15,033 ~ 15,03 but i have 13,55
With 62,72% haste it should be 10 x (1 + 0,6272) = 16,272 ~ 16,27 but i have 13,86

Focus Regen per Second with X% Haste = 10 (1 + X)
[BM][Trait] Beast Master

The trait Beast Master (|T236186:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:215779|h[Beast Master]|h|r) doesn't work at all. It's supposed to buff the damage Dire Beast pet does by 12%.
[Beast Mastery] Dire Beast vs immunity and dodge

Dire Beast and Dire Frenzy are supposed to reduce the cooldown of Bestial Wraith when they've been cast, not when they've hit, like it is on live. This means the cooldown reduction should happen even on targets that dodge the attack or are immune.
[Feral] T21 4P: Apex Predator

T21 4 set bonus
|T132118:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:255984|h[Apex Predator]|h|r

Instead of affecting only your next FB, it makes you able to use multiple FB's during the buff duration.
[Feral] Legen. Item + Trait

Crits from "shadowy duplicate" of Rip should also be able to give combo points on crit, same as normal Rip, with the Wildshaper's Cluch legendary.

|T1392547:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:210702|h[Ashamane's Bite]|h|r
|T1004903:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:137094::::::::120:::::|h[The Wildshaper's Clutch]|h|r
[Unholy] Dark Arbiter

The Valkyr summoned shouldn't move at all (she has 30 yards range)
[Unholy] t21 Set

t21 Set 4p dont works right.

4p [|T460689:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:251872|h[Item Death Knight T21 Unholy 4P Bonus]|h|r ]
if you cast Death Coil during [ ] is up and you get extra Death Coil proc from 4p its not count to Arbiter.Dark Arbiter should gain with each coil 45% more dmg (Death Coil cost 45 Runic Power) but since she dont benefit from extra coil from 4p Bonus its huge DMG loose

How it should:
Every extra Deth Coil proc from 4p should count to the mechanik from Dark Arbiter and Buff her.

4p [|T460689:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:251872|h[Item Death Knight T21 Unholy 4P Bonus]|h|r ]
If you use Death Coil you have chance to proc extra Death Coil and deal dmg second time,but Set is bugged and you dont get extra Death Coil proc at All.

how it should:
Death Coil has a 16% chance to deal Dmg a second time.
[Misc][Item] Smoldering Titanguard

Smoldering Titanguard has 2 issues.
1. The damaging portion of the trinket effect, namely ''Wave of Flame'' can damage members of the opposite faction even though they don't have PvP enabled, it can also damage friendly/neutral NPCs and kill them.
2. The damaging portion of the trinket should not be able to hit a single target more than once in one cast. Right now its possible for the trinket's damage to hit one target 34 times, dealing x3 times the intended damage.
[Misc][Item] Pantheon trinket loot

dev note: Improved code that generates the correct trinket
[Misc] Logout while dead

When you log out while dead in open world, and log back in, you're automatically resurrected.
[Misc] Armor trinkets

All trinkets give too much armor, wether it's the stat the item gives, or a buff that procs from it.
[Misc][Item] Drogbar-Style Salmon

Category: Items
Priority: Low
Name of the bug: DrogbarStyle Salmon
How it's bugged: Pepper Breath fireballs don't work.
How it's supposed to work: Pepper Breath fireballs should work and deal damage.

|T1387646:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:133569::::::::120:::::|h[DrogbarStyle Salmon]|h|r DrogbarStyle Salmon
[Beast Mastery] Stomp crit in open zones

The damage from talent Stomp doesn't crit at all in certain locations. So far it seems bugged in almost every open zonebut not in instances.
[Misc][Item] Fishbrul Special

Category: Items
Priority: Low
Name of the bug: Fishbrul Special
How it's bugged: Pepper Breath fireballs don't work.
How it's supposed to work: Pepper Breath fireballs should work and deal damage.

|T1387650:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:133574::::::::120:::::|h[Fishbrul Special]|h|r Fishbrul Special

December 24, 2018

[Fury] T21 2P

Currently, if you have the meat cleaver buff from Whirlwind, and the T21 Fury 2P equiped, your rampage can hit several people, and will apply the set's debuff, 'Slaughter' to every unit hit, and base its damage on the full damage of all rampage hits on all targets.
Slaughter should only be applied to Rampage's main target, and should only base its damage of the main target's rampage hits.
On top of that, Slaughter shouldn't be able to crit.
|T136080:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:251880|h[Item Warrior T21 Fury 2P Bonus]|h|r
[Arms] Talent Trauma

Trauma doesn't accumulate damage like it should, when you use many Executes or Whirlwind you can notice that the tick deals less damage that it has to do.

[Affliction] T21 2p bonus


Its increasing the duration of 1 Unstable affliction when 2p bonus procs

How should it work

It should increase the duration of ALL Unstable afflictions active on the target
[Outlaw] Tier 21 4piece

Outlaw Rogue's Tier 21 4piece bonus is currently not working as intended.
When the effect procs, it will always proc the buffs in a certain order, namely;

Broadsides > Buried Treasure > Jolly Roger > Grand Melee > True Bearing > Shark Infested Waters

If the effect procs it should grant you random buff from the ones above, it shouldn't be in a certain order.

As a sidenote, please check if Shark Infested Waters can actualy proc from this bonus, i've never had it proc and im very sure its not included on the list of spells.

|T132292:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:251783|h[Item Rogue T21 Outlaw 4P Bonus]|h|r
[Subtlety] Master of Subtlety

Class: Rogue
Specialization: Subtlety
Category: Spells
Priority: Medium
Name of the bug: Duration of Master of Subtlety
How it's bugged: The buff has 6 seconds duration (after stealth)
How it's supposed to work: It should have 5 seconds duration.

|T132299:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:31223|h[Master of Subtlety]|h|r Master of Subtlety
|T132299:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:31665|h[Master of Subtlety]|h|r Master of Subtlety (buff)
[Shadow] Tier 21 4piece

Shadow Priest's tier 21 4piece bonus crit % per voidorm stack stays on your character, even though the aura is gone after unequiping the armor.
Also the buff that indicates how much critical strike chance you are getting from the 4piece is missing. Note that the bonus crit chance is working just fine, just the buff is missing.

|T458229:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:252909|h[Overwhelming Darkness]|h|r <missing buff
|T1060983:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:251846|h[Item Priest T21 Shadow 4P Bonus]|h|r
[Discipline] Smite

Class: Priest
Specialization: Discipline
Category: Spells
Priority: High
Name of the bug: Damage of Smite
How it's bugged: Sanctuary (passive) affects the damage of Smite.
How it's supposed to work: Sanctuary should not affect the damage of Smite.

|T135924:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:585|h[Smite]|h|r Smite
http://www.wowhead.com/spell=246393 Sanctuary
[Retribution] Divine Shield vs Holy power

During Divine Shield and Blessing of protection, you cant generate holy power any more!
[Windwalker] Spinning Crane Kick interraction

|T606543:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:101546|h[Spinning Crane Kick]|h|r should be affected by our mastery score (while it's not the case here) which remain a nerf on our SCK ability

Attack Power : 9052 / Mastery: 10%
Spinning Crane Kick without mastery : 13347 tick/s
Tiger Palm(Or Blackout kick) + Spinning Crane Kick (Mastery activated) : 13347 tick/s

Also spamming Spinning Crane Kick do not consume Hit Combo and instead of removing all the stacks it adds to them (if it is used successively)
|T574573:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:196740|h[Hit Combo]|h|r

Dev note: Mastery was actually proccing 100%. This is now fixed, along with the Hit combo interraction
[Marksmanship] Murder of Crows PVP modifier

Murder of Crows is missing the 65% pvp modifier in pvp, it deals full damage based on the spec's template. The ability has not received any change since 7.1 both pvp and pve, so the mod is intended per this changelog.
[BeastMastery] Kill Command damage

Currently the damage of Kill Command is too high according to the hunter's stats. The cause could be that the formula is using the hunter's attack power and not the one of pet's. Main pet has 60% of hunters AP and Hati has 96%. The fact that Kill Command of the main pet has a modifier 2 seems correct right now. The cause could possibly be elsewhere, alternatively, maybe it's just some other source of damage merging with kill command.

Dev note: Spell took Hunter's AP instead of Pet AP (60% of Hunter's AP)
[BeastMastery] Kill Command range

The range of Kill Command is much shorter than the 40 yards it should be. It's currently at 25 yards. If used below that distance, the pets should charge the target and stirke it with the ability damage, beyond that they only /petattack.
[Vengeance] Demon Spikes and Mastery

Demon Spikes give 12% physical damage reduction baseline, added to that the % of masterie bonus.

How it is buged, as you can see on the tooltips it say correct value. (12% + 21% = 33%)
But on the buff it say : damage reduced by 54%
Pbly mastery bonus is added twice
|T1344645:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:203720|h[Demon Spikes]|h|r
[Misc][Addon] Absorbs in Addons and Battleground healing meters

Absorption effects such as Power Word: Shield, Mastery: Blood Shield and Frost/Fire/Arcane Barrier should show as healing in Healing per Second meters (mainly Details!) and the Battleground kills/deaths/damage/healing display. Currently a lot of these absorption spells and effects are not displaying or they are displayed incorrectly.

Second bug related to absorb: If someone deals damage on a target with a shield in arena / bg, his damage won't appear in damage done because they were absorbed, on retail, your damages appear in damage done no matter if they get absorbed or not.
[Misc][Item] Smoldering Titanguard

Smoldering Titanguard has 2 issues.
1. The damaging portion of the trinket effect, namely ''Wave of Flame'' can damage members of the opposite faction even though they don't have PvP enabled, it can also damage friendly/neutral NPCs and kill them.
2. The damaging portion of the trinket should not be able to hit a single target more than once in one cast. Right now its possible for the trinket's damage to hit one target 34 times, dealing x3 times the intended damage.
[Misc][Item] Gorshalach's Legacy

Damage should always be critical hits.
On top of that, the damage is at the moment correct for NORMAL HITS (not crits), it needs to be scaled down so that when it crits (which, again, should happen 100%), the damage is correct.
[BattleGround][Silvershard Mines] Mine carts

Within Silvershard Mines battleground 2 carts that you can see on the map circled with red color (aka northwest and east,depending on faction you are,map is from horde side) are spawned on middle,but they do not move,only bottom left one (on map you can see the cart is RED colour,thats the only one that is moving).
[PVE][ToS]Sisters of the Moon: Floor mechanic

|T1392543:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:236357|h[Font of Elune]|h|r
The Floor mechanic does not work. it effects some of the abilities that might cause the players to bypass the boss really quickly, counting as an ability abuse .
Effected abilities:
Lunar Suffusion (|T1041231:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:234995|h[Lunar Suffusion]|h|r)
Umbra Suffusion (|T463284:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:234996|h[Umbra Suffusion]|h|r)
Astral Purge (|T1391783:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:234998|h[Astral Purge]|h|r)
Moon Burn (|T136057:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:236519|h[Moon Burn]|h|r)
Astral Vulnerability (|T135864:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:236330|h[Astral Vulnerability]|h|r) Mythic ability
[PVE][Antorus] Argus Soulburst

Soulburst Detonation (|T425955:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:251572|h[Soulburst Detonation]|h|r) :
Actually this spell doesn't deal enough damage at max range. It deals 15% of maximum damage instead of 2530%.
[Misc][WQ] Instructor Tarahna

Instructor Tarahna is missing
[PVE][Antorus] Hasabel: Bursting Darkness

The Bursting Darkness spell is completly missing.

Bursting Darkness : |T425955:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:244021|h[Bursting Darkness]|h|r
[PVE][Antorus] Imonar: Dark passage

Once you completed the quest https://www.wowhead.com/quest=49032/antorustheburningthronedarkpassage you can access Imonar directly after Garothi Worldbreaker but the boss constantly reset if you pull it without killing all the previous bosses
[PVE][Antorus] Argus: Avatar of Aggramar

The Avatar of Aggramar debuff should never be able to get placed on the same tank twice in a row. It should always alternate between tanks, allowing tanks to know when they get the debuff so they can help out soulbomb players. Currently its just a 50/50 for the debuff to get placed on either tank.

|T135947:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:255199|h[Avatar of Aggramar]|h|r
[PVE][Antorus] Ember of Taeshalach vs Disorientate CC

Aggramar: Currently on PTR, Ember of Taeshalach are not affected by Disorientate spells.
The disorientate debuff is applied and visible but the add keeps walking nevertheless towards the boss.

PS : The issue was tested with Blind from rogues, but i'm "assuming" it concerns all disorientate spells.

Ember of Taeshalach : https://www.wowhead.com/npc=122532/emberoftaeshalach

Disorientate spells :
Blind : |T136175:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:2094|h[Blind]|h|r
Dragon's breath : |T134153:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:31661|h[Dragon's Breath]|h|r
[PVE][Mythic+] Grievous Affix

Once you revive someone here on firestorm and the whole Group is not in Combat >he gets the Affix Grievous instantly the Moment he Comes back to life...on retail its not like this watch at 5:40 when the healer revives the mage > (this Affix has to be also ofc on the key wont work with other Affix)
[PVE][ToS] Maiden of Vigilance: Titanic Bulwark MM

The ability Titanic Bulwalk from Maiden Vifilance on mythic mode the shield amount is higher then it's normally is. Even with higher gear is still not possible to do the boss
(from about 1.6B to 600M)
[PVE][TheArcway] Nal'tira + teeming

A little spider is blocked on the wall with the affixe teeming.

the only whe have found to debug that on live is to use ring of peace with a monk.
We can't pull the boss with that, and another giants spider must come down from the ceiling but we see them one the earth, no way to pull them and start the boss
[PVE][ToS] BoE Trash Drops LFR/Normal/HC/Myth.

On every difficulty in Tomb of Sargeras whole Trash dont drop any BoEs.
Each Armor type has three BoE drops from Tomb of Sargeras waist, feet, and a variable slot.On every Difficulty the base ILvL from BoEs is same like Boss Drop!!!
LFR 885+
Norm. 900+
HC 915+
Myth. 930+
and the BoEs have same chance like Boss items to get an Upgrade as Titan or Warforged.

[ Cloth ]

[ Leather ]

[ Mail ]

[ Plate ]
[PVE][Antorus] Argus: Blood of the Unmaker loot missing

On Argus Heroic only: the boss should drop |T463517:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:152900::::::::120:::::|h[Blood of the Unmaker]|h|r which give a quest https://www.wowhead.com/quest=48954/bloodofatitan and reward you with a mount.
Atm that item (Bloot of the Unmaker) is missing from drop loot.

December 13, 2018

[Elemental] T21 4p Bonus

|T643246:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:251758|h[Item Shaman T21 Elemental 4P Bonus]|h|r both Earth shock and Frost shock oveloads should copy the damage the previous spell (Earth shock or Frost shock) including critical damage. They can't crit themselves.
Issue is that currently, if the original spell crits, the overloaded one will base its damage on the "normal hit" damage.
[Restoration] T21 4P

|T643246:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:251765|h[Item Shaman T21 Restoration 4P Bonus]|h|r is healing everyone inside healing rain. Should only affect 1 player avoiding overhealing players with 100% health
[Subtlety] Nightstalker

Issue: While Shadow Dance is active Nightstalker doesn't give a 12% damage buff to any spell

How it should work: Nighstalker should buff all damage sources while shadow dance is active.
[Holy] Antorus 4P

As per the last report, the problem with the 4p for Antorus for holy, is that the spell which should proc and increase your heal does not proc at all from holy shock, instead Holy Shock should have a 30% to proc the this buff: |T135907:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:254332|h[Purity of Light]|h|r .
Testing on DEV server by adding the spell aura on you does indeed reveal that the buff works fine, so the problem is only the proc.
[Protection] Antorus 2P set bonus

If you die while you have the 2P equiped, after you revive you lose the buff, and have to reequip atleast one piece of the set to regain the buff.

|T460689:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:251869|h[Item Paladin T21 Protection 2P Bonus]|h|r
[Holy] Mastery: Lightbringer

|T133041:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:183997|h[Mastery: Lightbringer]|h|r after research on it, via logs from boss fights and various sources it has come up that paladin holy mastery should not be able to increase healing of external healing i.e: trinkets
dev note: now only works with paladin spells
[BeastMastery] Apex Predator lego damage bonus

The 5% pet damage bonus on this legendary ring isn't working.(|T524772:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:137382::::::::120:::::|h[The Apex Predator's Claw]|h|r)
[Restoration] Mastery healing bonus

Versatility isnt being applied to mastery's healing bonus. (if heal is 10k, and should be 15k after mastery calculation, caster's versatility was only applied to the 10k, not the "extra" 5k)
|T136044:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:77495|h[Mastery: Harmony]|h|r

Dev note: actually a generic fix, so it fixed every similar issues
[Feral] T21 4P: Apex Predator

T21 4 set bonus
|T132118:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:255984|h[Apex Predator]|h|r

Instead of affecting only your next FB, it makes you able to use multiple FB's during the buff duration.
[Feral] - Behemoth Headdress and Savage Roar

While I have Behemoth Headdress on, it should extend duration of Tigers Fury when you use Savage roar, but currently it does not.
|T1095670:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:151801::::::::120:::::|h[Behemoth Headdress]|h|r
|T236167:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:52610|h[Savage Roar]|h|r
|T132242:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5217|h[Tiger's Fury]|h|r
[Unholy] Virulent Plague

Class: DK
Specialization: Unholy
Category: Spells
Priority: Medium
Name of the bug: Virulent Plague
How it's bugged: The damage is not changed if the attack power is changed during the debuff is applied.
How it's supposed to work: The periodic damage should be recalculated if the attack power is changed.

|T132099:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:191587|h[Virulent Plague]|h|r Virulent Plague
|T135882:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:53365|h[Unholy Strength]|h|r Unholy Strength (for example, the buff that changes AP)

after 00:02:00.601
[Vengeance] Last Resort

|T1348655:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:209258|h[Last Resort]|h|r

After it procs you get 8min debuff which prevents you from using it again.
This debuff should be removed if you die, but it isnt.
It should also be removed if you wipe on a boss, when it resets
[Vengeance] Spirit Bomb

Class: Demon Hunter
Specialization: Vengeance
Category: Spells
Priority: Medium
Name of the bug: Spirit Bomb
How it's bugged: The spell consumes Soul Fragments after a 1+ second delay. And It deals damage per each fragment (3 fragments = 1k damage, 1k damage, 1k damage).
How it's supposed to work: The spell should consume fragments immediately and damage only once (3 fragments = 3k damage).

|T1097742:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:247454|h[Spirit Bomb]|h|r Spirit Bomb
[Vengeance] Shattered Souls

When you kill a target as Vengeance DH a greater soul should spawn and it should heal you for 2125% of attack power (and give you 20% increased damage for 20s if it came from a demon type enemy.)
Right now Spells that should spawn a lesser soul are spawning greater ones. this concerns: Shear, Sever, Soul Carver, Immolation Aura with the 'Fallout' Talent, and Fracture talent.

|T1305158:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:204254|h[Shattered Souls]|h|r
[Misc][WQ] Instructor Tarahna

Instructor Tarahna is missing
[Misc][Addon] Absorbs in Addons and Battleground healing meters

Absorption effects such as Power Word: Shield, Mastery: Blood Shield and Frost/Fire/Arcane Barrier should show as healing in Healing per Second meters (mainly Details!) and the Battleground kills/deaths/damage/healing display. Currently a lot of these absorption spells and effects are not displaying or they are displayed incorrectly.

Second bug related to absorb: If someone deals damage on a target with a shield in arena / bg, his damage won't appear in damage done because they were absorbed, on retail, your damages appear in damage done no matter if they get absorbed or not.
[PVE][ToS] Sassz'ine Mount drop

Mistress Sassz'ine should drop special mount |T1519579:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:143643::::::::120:::::|h[Abyss Worm]|h|r on LFR/Normal/Heroic and Mythic mode which is missing atm.
[Misc][Item] Apocalypse Drive Trinket

This trinket is missing the cooldown reduction that happens every time you take a melee attack.
[PVE][Argus] Pantheon's Trinkets

Actually we're unable to drop Pantheon's Trinkets on Argus.
[Misc][Achievement] Heirloom Hoarder rewards

Category: Achievements
Priority: Low
Name of the bug: Heirloom Hoarder rewards
How it's bugged: Now the reward is Clinking Present sent by mail.
How it's supposed to work: Players should learn rewards (2 mounts) automatically after earning the achievement.


December 6, 2018

[Affliction] - Unstable Affliction extra tick

Unstable Affliction should always hit 4 times ( haste reduce cast speed of UA and duration of UA debuff on target and tick time)
Base is 8 sec debuff, and ticks after each 2 sec ( so with 19% haste, example, (8/1.19)/(2/1.19)=4 )
Atm UA hits 5+ times (with 0 haste it hits 4 times)
[Subtlety] Shadowstrike vs subterfuge

Shadowstrike 25% bonus damage should only work from stealth, shouldnt work with subterfuge up (not even when shadow dance up, but thats works fine) at the moment the 25% bonus work with subterfuge.

Shadowstrike ID:185438
Subterfuge ID:108208
[Shadow] Void Torrent interaction with insanity drain rate

When entering voidform, every 1 second you will gain 1% + 1 ( haste %) also known as Voidform stacks. You will also gain something called ''Voidform decay stacks'', this is also known as the effect that increases your insanity drain rate.

There is a spell, namely ''Void Torrent'' (Spell ID: 205065) that stops your insanity drain for as long as you channel it (This is fine already). Here is where the problem is found. Voidform should also stop your Voidform decay stacks from stacking while you're channeling your void torrent.
[Holy] Spirit of Redemption and targetting of spells in PvE

Class: Priest
Specialization: Holy
Category: Spells
Priority: Medium
Name of the bug: Spirit of Redemption and targetting of spells in PvE
How it's bugged: Some spells and mechanics can affect players if they are under Spirit of Redemption. For example, Mistress Sassz'ine's Slicing Tornado or Helya's Orb of Corruption.
How it's supposed to work: These spells should not affect players if they are under Spirit of Redemption.

|T132864:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:20711|h[Spirit of Redemption]|h|r Spirit of Redemption
|T1097742:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:227903|h[Orb of Corruption]|h|r Orb of Corruption
|T999952:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:232722|h[Slicing Tornado]|h|r Slicing Tornado
[Retribution] Execution Sentence

The spell is also hitting twice in both PvP and PvE situations. The second one is a small one, but shouldn't be there
[Windwalker] Blackout Kick! Buff + Damage

Blackout Kick's damage while the Blackout Kick! buff is active is lower then intended, suspecting its missing the mastery bonus.

|T574575:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:116768|h[Blackout Kick!]|h|r
[Frost][T21] 2p bonus

The bonus on the third flurry bolt is missing. First flurry bolt should do normal damage, second +15% from first, third +15% from second.

dev note: Okay it's actually cuz the first bolt was+15, and second already +30, so the third did the same than the second, because the way it was implemented it only worked if u were close to the target.
fixed 'properly'
[Fire] Ignite cap

During ignite munching, the ticks tend to reset near 600k which is not intended, mages with current end stats we got on Sylvanas should be able to pass 1M with the correct rotation.
This issue limits the burst potential of fire in pve.
Beside the issue above Ignite works properly.


Dev note: int32 overflow, fixed :p
[Frost] Crystalline Swords

Crystalline Swords mustn't proc by 45% / 2 swords as early. They must damage on each 9th incrementation (which has 45% chance) in hidden counter.
so due to this issue frost DKs have excess amount of DPS

is able to proc even without artifact weapons but shouldn't be able to
[Blood] Vampiric Aura

Vampiric Aura [/spell=238698] is bugged and gives for ALL raid members 20% Leech.With each more Blood DK in Raid you can stuck up the Leach % if every DK use Consumption.

How it should: If you use Consumption only DK and 4 random Player are effected by Vampiric Aura!!Vampiric Aura dont stack,you can only have 20% Leech for 15sec
[Misc][PvP] Shadow Sight

Right now when you pick the eyes you can go directly to stealth (prowl, stealth) without using (shadowmelt / vanish) to go to stealth instantly.

How it should work : when you pick the eyes you should not be able to go into stealth while you have it's buff unless you spend cooldowns like (vanish)

|T136155:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:34709|h[Shadow Sight]|h|r

side note : it's appears as a buff instead of debuff currently on live
[PVE][Cathedral] Thrashbite the Scornful: Boss unattackable after wipe

Once you wipe on this boss, he is not attackable anymore.
[PVE][Cathedral] Dromatrax: Dreadwings

If the group wipe on this boss, Dreadwings (https://www.wowhead.com/npc=120405/dreadwing) spawn and if group members decide to kill them before Dromatrax they won't be able to make spawn the last boss Mephistroth. Dreadwings should only spawn after the death of Dromatrax.

December 3, 2018

[Affliction] Grimoire of Service

Class: Warlock
Specialization: Affliction
Category: Spells
Priority: Medium
Name of the bug: Leaning/unlearning Grimoire's spells
How it's bugged: if a player has the talent and teleports to another map he sees messages about unlearning and learning Grimoire's spells. New spells appear on the action bar also. The problem can be caused in other cases, not only after teleporting.
How it's supposed to work: Players should not receive messages about learning/unlearning again and again.

|T538444:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:108501|h[Grimoire of Service]|h|r Grimoire of Service
[Destruction] - Entrenched in Flame + Shadowburn

When you use Shadowburn talent, Entrenched in Flame (PVP talent) root should benefit from it and root the target when you use Shadowburn. Atm it doesn't work.
Tooltip works fine.
With Conflagrate it works fine.
|T524795:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:233581|h[Entrenched in Flame]|h|r
[Outlaw] Shivarran Symmetry

Shivarran Symmetry is currently not working whatsoever, you should gain a 3 second buff after using Blade Flurry that'll increase the damage dealt by Blade Flurry to 65% instead of 30%.

|T132350:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:13877|h[Blade Flurry]|h|r
|T132350:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:226318|h[Shivarran Symmetry]|h|r
|T340337:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:141321::::::::120:::::|h[Shivarran Symmetry]|h|r
[Holy] Beacons

New issues
Class: Paladin
Specialization: Holy
Category: Spells
Priority: high
How it's bugged: The beacons should not be able to reply Trinket or any external healing, they should only reply the paladin healing (Beside Lay on Hands as it's blacklisted), proved via logs; also all beacons reply double healing (hits twice instead of once) for Bestow Faith. |T236249:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:223306|h[Bestow Faith]|h|r
[Mistweaver] T21 Antorus bonus

The proc chance isn't 100% for both 2P and 4P
[Restoration] Tier 21 2piece

Resto Druid's Tier 21 2piece buff called ''Dreamer'' (Spell ID: 253432) is getting applied to players via a lot more spells than Ysera's gift (Spell ID: 145108). Namely Tranquility, Regrowth, Wild Growth, Efflorescence, Swiftmend and Cultivation. Only Ysera's Gift should be able to apply the Dreamer buff to allies.
[PVE][Antorus][Kin'garoth] Garothi Annihilator - Annihilation


While 2nd phase is up and the Garothi adds appear. The Annihilator one, he does not seems to cast Annihilation at all. Even on adds such as Big Wigs or DBM, shows that the add is about to cast, but it does not do damage, does not shows marked places where people should stack to soak, and no damage is coming out of the ability
[PVE][Argus Invasion] Pit Lord Vilemus

Pit Lord Vilemus https://www.wowhead.com/npc=124719/pitlordvilemusabilities uses his Stomp ability |T132368:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:247733|h[Stomp]|h|r constantly and spamming it forever.
[PVE][Antorus] Beacon after killing Kin'garoth

After killing Kin'garoth and leaving the raid, it can happen that the beacon which should teleport you to The Burning Throne zone will disappear, amking even the 1st one not giving you that destination as option but only bringing you to The Exaust.

November 29, 2018

[All] Heroic Leap pathing

Warrior Heroic Leap (https://www.wowhead.com/spell=6544/heroicleapchangelog) ability will show as its "landable" ability or usable but upon trying to use it,it says "no path available"
[All] Intimidating Shout and Dodge/Parry

Intimidating Shout from Warriors can currently be dodged/parried, which shouldn't be the case.

I am pretty sure I know where it comes from. Soon after 7.3.5 release we discovered Rogues could use Cloak of Shadow to be immune to it, which isn't Blizzlike either. To fix this, a dev change the mask from spell to physical. This solved the CLoak issue (since Cloak makes you immune to all spells) but I guess it enabled people to dodge or parry the spell. So, this fix PROBABLY needs to be reverted, and then something should be added so that Intimidating Shout doesn't get immuned by Cloak of Shadows even though spellmask is spell.

If you have a faster and smarter way by all means go ahead, just saying that because of the last fix ;)

|T132154:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5246|h[Intimidating Shout]|h|r
[Demonology] - 2p t21 bonus

2p t21 bonus does not work at all. You get buff, but its just visual, example: after casting Call Dreadstalkers with 30 stacks dmg is same as on 0 stacks and not increased by 120%.
|T136145:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:251851|h[Item Warlock T21 Demonology 2P Bonus]|h|r
[Affliction] - 4p t21 bonus

4p t21 is wrong. Atm it gives 30%+ dmg buff instead of 15%. 2nd issue that every UA tick "procs" tier, tier should "proc" only on cast.
How it should work: "When you cast Unstable Affliction or Seed of Corruption, all targets within 60 yards suffering from your Agony take 15% increased damage from your Corruption, Siphon Life and Agony for 8 sec."
You need to put Agony on target and other dots, after casting UA or Seed, Corruption, Siphon Life and Agony dmg should be buffed by 15%.
[Demonology] - 4p t21 bonus

"When you cast Demonic Empowerment, your Dreadstalkers will immediately use Dreadbite again at 75% increased damage.
This can only occur once per cast of Call Dreadstalkers."
Dreadstalkers should hit 75% more with Dreadbite, now they hit for 90%+.

PLEASE NOTE: that demonic empowerement also increases dreadstalker damage. Those 75% must be on top of everything else
[PvP Talent] Earth shield CD

Any damage is triggering Earth Shield internal cooldown without consuming any charges. Internal cooldown must trigger only upon charge consumption
[Enhancement] Ride the lightning

Ride the Lightning makes your Stormstrike cast a chain lightning on the target.
Stormflurry gives your Stormstrike a chance to cast another Stormstrike dealing 40% of the original damage.

Chain lightning should only proc from the initial cast of Stormstrike. Additional Stormstrikes from Stormflurry shouldn't be able to proc the chain lightning.

|T839974:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:204357|h[Ride the Lightning]|h|r
[Outlaw] Between the eyes CC

Between the eyes isn't affected by CC reduction auras your target may have, such as Orc passive, or relentless Honor talent
[Sub] Shadow Techniques

This passive at the moment doesn't work as it should. There are 2 bugs revolving around this mechanic.
1. It should only proc from successive auto attacks ( so no missing counts up ).
2. Should only proc on the 4th and 5th auto attacks, at the moment it proc on 3rd as well.

|T132299:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:196912|h[Shadow Techniques]|h|r

Energy mechanic and the trait adding 2 cbp are working as intended, but the issues from above add up a nonintended gameplay, this fix will establish a slower build up on the finishers
[Assassination] From the Shadows

From the Shadows should be affected by critical strike / should be able to crit.
[Protection] Antorus T21 4p

there's something very wrong with the 4p for prot, how should it work:
Every time you don't have Shield of the Righteous buff on, the effect of Vindicator's Shield (2p of this set which increases block by 10%) should be doubled, increasing block by 20% instead of 10%.
Now if you don't have Shield of the Righteous on, the spell doesn't increase, if instead you do have the buff, you block rate skyrockets for about the first 6 seconds of the buff and then decreases back to how it was before the buff.
[Retribution] Law and Order with Hand of Hindrance

Class: Paladin
Specialization: Retribution
Category: Spells
Priority: Normal
How it's Bugged: There's an issue with the duration of Hand of Hindrance and Law and Order Honor Talent; every time a paladin uses Blade of Wrath to apply Hand of Hindrance to the target, if there's already one on the target, it should add it's duration to the existing one; Ex: Hand of Hindrance applied on the target for 8 seconds, then using Blade of Wrath will extend it to 11 seconds. This can also happen by using 2 Blade of Wrath one after another, making it 3+3 for a total of 6 seconds.
[WindWalker] Chi Wave and Crit

|T606541:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:115098|h[Chi Wave]|h|r should be able to crit and benefit from your % of Critical Strike while it never happened here no matter how much crit you have.
[PvP][Fire] Dragon's Breath

Dragon's Breath disorient doesn't break at the moment from direct damage, giving a real advantage in pvp to the caster. That mechanic exception is solely for dots ( damage over time effect present on the disoriented target should not break Dragon's Breath ).

|T134153:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:31661|h[Dragon's Breath]|h|r
MoP spell 'deterrence'

Shouldn't be available on Legion (replaced by Aspect of the Turtle)
[BM] Stomp Damage

Stomp is currently dealing kinda less damage.
3 x 1,4 x AP x Mastery x Versatility x 1,145 x ArmorReduction

AP Attack Power
Mastery Increase all damage done by pets.
Versatility Increase all damage done.

|T236216:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:137015|h[Beast Mastery Hunter]|h|r
[Marksmanship] Aimed shot pvp mod

Aimed Shot PVP modifier is supposed to be 85%, it's currently 105%.
> Shows PVP mod to be 80%
Only change that was made after that is "Aimed Shot now deals an additional 5% damage in PvP situations."
Additional being the key word here: from 80% to 85%, there was no "reset" to 100% prior to this 5% increase.
[Beast Mastery] Dire Frenzy doesn't buff pet's attack speed

The talent Dire Frenzy is apart from the initial damage also supposed to increase the frequency of pet's auto attacks, stacking up to 3 times.
[Blood] Dancing Rune Weapon + Heart Strike

While Dancing Rune Weapon is active for the Blood Death Knight, his casts of Heart Strike should grant a total of 2025 runic power (depending on whether or not you have the Mouth of Hell trait). Currently it only generates a maximum of 15.
The missing 510 runic power comes from the onhit effect of Heart Strike of granting an additional 5 runic power which can be seen in the tooltip. Each weapon summoned via Dancing Rune Weapon should also apply this onhit effect and give 5 runic power each.

|T135277:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:49028|h[Dancing Rune Weapon]|h|r
|T135675:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:206930|h[Heart Strike]|h|r
|T237518:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:192570|h[Mouth of Hell]|h|r
[Havoc] Chaos Strike fury refund

Chaos Strike crits refund 40 fury instead of 20.
There is only 1 case when you should get 40 fury refunded and that is when Chaotic Onslaught trait procs and crits in addition to Chaos Strike crit.
Demonic Appetite

Should proc only from main hand.

|T2120320:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:206478|h[Demonic Appetite]|h|r
[PVE][Antorus] Imonar Charged Blasts

Hitboxes of the Beams are way too big.
[PVE][Karazhan] Moroes' Garrote

Upon Moroes using |T132297:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:227742|h[Garrote]|h|r Garrote ability on you,you get a perma bleed debuff,but you should lose it after finishing encounter,but you do not.
[PVE][Antorus] Imonar: Hitbox of bombs

On heroic mode the hitbox of the bombs when u have to go pass the Bridge is insane..like u stay 12metres away from the bomb and it get triggered.
[PVE][Antorus] Kin'garoth: Annihilation targetting


Durring 2nd phase, when Garothi Annihilator is spawned in, not killed in time, the npc casts Annihilation after few seconds. When he is about to cast, the pools where people need to soak, there is a chance that it will spawn in outside the encounter room where players are not able to get to soak the damage.
[Misc][Item] Acrid Catalyst Injector

Acrid Catalyst Injector https://www.wowhead.com/item=151955/acridcatalystinjector&bonus=3610:1472 does not proc at all any stacks,even if you crit with abilities.
[Misc][Item] Vitality Resonator

Vitality Resonator https://www.wowhead.com/item=151970/vitalityresonator&bonus=3610:1472 when you use it FIRST time on enemy target,intellect that it grants you is 0,doesnt depend on % of HP that enemy target has,it will proc on ANY % 0 intellect for owner of it.
[PVE][Antorus] Kin'garoth targetable from outside

You should Not be able to attack the boss from behind the barrier
[Misc] Diminishing Return in PVE

Currently, NPCs don't get DR from players crowd control.
NPC>Player, there shouldn't be any DR, but
Player>NPC there should be to avoid easy chain CC
[Misc]Shroud of Arcane Echoes on BG

People can use this in BG |T1717023:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:250832|h[Shroud of Arcane Echoes]|h|r and abuse it.
We fixed it on Azeroth but not on bg. We can use this spell only on Argus.
[PVE][Antorus] Imonar Dissapearance

Upon completing 5/6 (currently 6 bosses released) on Normal or Heroic raid difficulty and you leave Immonar alive and leave raid,recreate raid group and come back in Immonar will disappear completely.

November 22, 2018

[Havoc] Rain from Above in water environment

If you use the Havoc Demon Hunter PvP/Honor talent Rain from Above (|T1380371:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:206803|h[Rain from Above]|h|r) in a water environment and if you land in such, you can spam Fel Lance pretty much forever until you die or swim out of the water.

November 15, 2018

[Protection] Ignore Pain

The formula is wrong.
It currently scales from Stamina (you can see it when you don't have any gear equipped).
Plus, all the interractions with talents and such need to be checked (including PVP modifier)
Refer to this for every info you need !
[Affliction] Agony Shard Regen

Agony shard regen does not work as it should work.
Here is how it should work:
1 . "Every tick of Agony, a hidden accumulator is incremented. When it exceeds 1, it generates a shard and rolls over the remainder to start the next one.
The added value per tick is currently 0.16 on average, with some variance (we'll try to remember to update this since there's no way to see it ingame). Each added amount is divided by the square root of the number of Agonies you currently have active. When you have no Agonies out, the accumulator is cleared. When you next cast one, it's reset to a random value from 0 to 0.99."

2 . "Agony still has a rising proc chance for each passing tick that doesn't give a shard. It's currently 2.5% on the first tick, increasing by 2.5% for each tick that goes by without a proc. This increasing value is stored on the player and is shared among all targets with Agony (the effective average proc rate per each tick of Agony is left as an exercise for the reader)"

[PvP Talent] Earth shield

Earth shield stacks should be consumed every time you get hit by an attack which deal damage greather than 4% of your total health.

Right now the damage treshold (4%) seems to be affected by increase/decrease healing effects.

Somehow this is affecting earth shield's damage treshold, which has nothing to do with it since it is not a healing. It always has to be 4%

Additionally, any damage is triggering Earth Shield internal cooldown without consuming any charges. Internal cooldown must trigger only upon charge consumption. (Dev note: this part will be fixed, but isn't YET.)

Shadowstep / Shadowstrike

Using Shadowstep / Shadowstrike on any target where there's no save location to stand behind them should result in teleporting you in front of the target, instead of behind.
Death from Above End location

Issue: Using Death from Above should place you close, but not inside the target & also from the angle where you used it,by that i mean if you use it behind the target, then you should be placed close behind him, if you use it from the front then infront of him, not inside him.

In the Attachments I've linked two scenarios, one from firestorm showing the negative effect (using the spell resulted in dying) and the other one from retail, showing the approximate distance you should be placed in front of the target
Also a Video with many interactions to clear ANY missunderstandings.
[Assassination] Zoldyck Family Training Shackles

The wrists legendary doesn't affect certain spells, while it should work on them.

Here are the bugged spells that need to be buffed by the lego :

Poison bomb, Kingsbane (all 3 parts), Poisoned Knives.

Other spells such as : Garrot, Rupture, Deadly poison are working fine.
Death from Above Miss

If you don't face your target the 2nd part of Death from Above doesn't get casted, eventho it should.
[Assassination] Surge of Toxins

The trait doesn't buff damage of some spells.
Spells not working : Poison Bomb, Kingsbane, Poisoned knives.

The only spell working is Deadly poison.

Surge of Toxins : |T236271:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:192425|h[Surge of Toxins]|h|r
[Holy] Armor with PVP templates

Right now inside pvp instances, Holy paladins armor is alot lower than what it should be. (for same ilvl: 25% reduction instead of 47%)
Dev's note: Base armor of Holy paladin is now 4500 instead of 1700 to match retail values.
[WindWalker] Crosswinds and Crit

|T574569:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:195650|h[Crosswinds]|h|r should benefit from your crit %, while on live server Crosswinds never crit
[Mistweaver] Thunder Focus Tea & Ancient Mist. Arts

When you have the honor talent 'Ancient Mistweaver Arts', Thunder focus Tea isn't consumed when you cast Envelopping Mist.
NB: If you are channeling Soothing mist, it shouldn't consume Thunder Focus tea since soothing mist from AMA gives isntant cast to Envelopping Mist already.
[Frost]Frozen orb speed reversed

From the report it stated that frozen orb speed is reversed. Instead of being :going fast, until hits target, then goes slow , now is going slow, hits target, goes fast or ports to place where it can't move
[Marksmanship] AA bug

When you are in combat and you switch target while you are casting a spell (Aimed Shot or Windburst, for example), AA stops workingnot starting at all.
[Frost] Killing machine

Killing machine doesnt work for off hand
|T135305:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:51128|h[Killing Machine]|h|r
Tested it on sylvanas and dev
It should give both hands 100% crit
But it gives 100% crit chance to main hand and not offhand
For next obliterate
Fel Rush/Throw Glaive w/ Totems Interaction

Throw Glaive
Throw a demonic glaive at the target, dealing Physical damage. The glaive can ricochet to 2 additional enemies within 10 yards.

Fel Rush
Rush forward, incinerating anything in your path for Chaos damage.

Fel Rush [159072] and Throw Glaive [185123] shouldn't target/do damage to shaman's totems.
[Havoc] Demonic Origins + Demonic

Currently if you use Eye Beam to enter Demonic form it won't cancel Demonic Origins buff, however it should cancel it everytime you are in Metamorphosis.
[Havoc] Blind Fury fury amount

Should give 7 fury per tick
[Misc][Achievement] Almost Blind Luck

Category: Achievements
Priority: High
Name of the bug: Almost Blind Luck
How it's bugged: Players are not able to get the achievement.
How it's supposed to work: Players should be able to get the achievement.

[Misc] Legendary Transmogrificator

Dev's note: If you want to use the legendary transmogrificator on an item that already has a tmog on it, it would cause to take your money without applying the legendary appearance.
Using the legendary transmogrificator now REMOVES every transmog the iteam had before applying the legendary appearance
[Misc] Healing Reduction effects stacking

Some Healing reduction effects are stacking when they should not, allowing people abusing it to completely negate healing in PvP (3 players can have someone heal for 35% of his healing instead of 75%, and that's without Dampening taken into account.

Explanation :

on retail you can apply as many number of healing reduction effects as you want on a target, the game will always take into account ONLY the highest one, and when and if it falls off, take the second highest, and so on. If a better one is applied, the game will take it into account instead of the former highest one, and follow the rules I stated above.

OF COURSE, and that is important, Dampening is an exception to that rule, and is always active WITH healing reduction effects applied by players.

What currently happens on FS :

1) applying any healing reduction effect on a player that already has one wich doesn't reduce healing by the same value REMOVES the former effect. This is wrong, bothe ffects should be up on the target and only the highest one should be working

2) Applying a healing reduction of the same value of one already present will apply them both on the target, as it does on retail, but on fs their effects will stack, reducing healing by 2 times 25%, when it should only do it ONCE, since only ONE effect can be active even if the target has multiple debuffs. Healing reduction effects of the same value are the 25% onces, coming from Rising Sun Kick (Windwalker Monk) Mortal Strike (Arms Warrior) and Gruesome Bite (pet ability from Hunter pets).

All debuffss should be active on target but their effect shouldn't stack, only the highest, or one of the highest if there are several equal, should be active, no debuff should ever remove another one, and Dampening shouldn't be concerned by all I typed above, it's special, applies before other healing reduction effects and doesn't prevent them from applying. So if a general fix is made, make sure Dampen stays out of this.

Other healing reduction effects than those mentionned above are the Wound Poison (Assa Rogue) the Fel Fissure (Warlock, don't remember the spec) and Sharpen Blade (an increased mortal strike effect from Arms Warrior, honor talent)
[PVE][Neltharion's Lair][Ularogg Cragshaper] Strike of the Mountain

In Mythic Mode:

Normally, Strike of the Mountain inflicts 2,5m damage.
In PTR, Strike of the Mountain inflicts 2,5m damage by hand (4 x 2,5m = 10m)
[Misc][Quest] Balance of Power KJ HM

Balance of power can still be completed on Kiljaeden Heroic.
Dev's note: no longer completed on KJ, you now need to do the questline.
[PVE][Antorus][Immonar] Rune of Passage loot

You can get a rune of passage with your bonus roll after killing imonar. This shouldn't be possible.
[PVE][Antorus][Eonar] Surge of Life

This effect should stay on player while he is inside the boss fight area, Currently, it dissapears after single use.

Spell is usable outside of Eonar room.
[PVE][Antorus][Immonar] Can't loot the boss if you die far away

If you die far away from Immonar (2nd phase/platform) you can't loot the boss. NB: This bug happened on Avatar aswell
[PVE][Antorus][Eonar] Eonar LFR adds arent spawning at all

As Title says, when you start encounter adds wont be spawning at all only on LFR difficulty.
[Misc] Argus professions

List of quests fixed:

Looming Over Me 48074
A colorful Key 48075
Empyrium Prospect
Empyrial Strength 48055
Limited Supplies 48002
Astral Healing Potion
Empyrium Deposit Quests
Empyrium Seam Quests
Astral Glory Quests

November 8, 2018

[Affliction] - Agony generates more than one Soul Shard

Agony sometimes gives more than 1 shard and it should not happen. Each tick has chance to give 1 shard (not more). This bug happenes like 2 times in 1 minute for me (19% haste), but it will happen more often if you have more haste (because haste increases number of ticks)
here is video (34% haste)
to reproduce bug use Agony on target and don't let it expire and don't use Soul Conduit talent or Set bonus or similar things that refund shard.
[Outlaw] Tier 21 2piece

The buff gained through outlaw rogue's Tier 21 2piece also known as ''Sharpened Blades'' (ID: 252285) is not getting consumed when you cast Run Through (ID: 2098)
[Holy] Tier 21 2 and 4piece

There are currently some issues with spells not consuming the buffs (Binding Heal), as well as incorrect spells proccing the buffs from the tier bonus.
[Holy] Power of the Silver Hand

Power of the Silver Hand is currently gaining its healing bonus from overhealing AND effective healing, while it should only gain bonus healing from effective healing.

|T236248:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:200474|h[Power of the Silver Hand]|h|r
[Holy] Ultimate Sacrifice

Ultimate sacrifice transfer 100% damage to the paladin
at the moment its insane bugged. with more targets hitting the target the amount of damage is increasing for absurd amounts.
its not just players, its how many ways the damage coming from, so if 3 player and 2 pet hitting the enemy while the paladin sacced the target then it goes even for 300m damage

as you can see on the screens its start normaly and then going for absurd numbers.

if only 1 target hitting the sacrificed target it works fine
ultimate sacrifice ID:199452
[WindWalker] Hit Combo + Touch of Death

|T606552:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:115080|h[Touch of Death]|h|r Should grant you 1 |T574573:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:196740|h[Hit Combo]|h|r when apply it to a target.
Proof :
[Restoration] Mastery

Mastery shouldn't be affected by non druid hots
Frenzied Regeneration

Frenzied Regen doesnt take into account damage taken previously IF you were out of Bear Form and then switched into Bear to use Frenz.Regen.
[Havoc][Talent] Blind Fury Mechanic

Blind Fury extends your Eye Beam duration by 50%, which makes Eye Beam have 15 ticks instead of 10.

How it works:
Eye Beam deals 10 ticks of damage in that 50% longer window and then another 5 ticks after channel time finishes, but only if you stay faced to the target.

How it should work:
Eye Beam should do 15 ticks in the channel time.

So lets says Eye Beam channels for 2s. Right now you get 10 ticks in 2s and then 5 more ticks after the channel time is finished (invisible ticks, you get damage like you are casting Eye Beam but nothing is happening, you can use other spells during that time). Instead you should get 15 ticks inside the channel time which means ticks should happen at 50% faster rate.

|T1117876:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:203550|h[Blind Fury]|h|r
|T1305156:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198013|h[Eye Beam]|h|r
[Vengeance] Soul Barrier

Category: Spell
Priority: High
Name of the bug: Soul Barrier
How it's bugged: Soul Barrier's absorption can currently be reduced below AP 3
How it's supposed to work: Soul Barrier's absorption cannot be reduced below AP 3.

[Misc][Quest] Argus: Essence of the Light Mother

Quest are work perfectly on ptr but some players report bug with this, i quote description from BT
"I cant see Velen to finish this quest "Essence of the Light Mother", Velen and Turalyon dissapear after cinematic ends then I relog just to save my progress then when I login they were not there anymore so I cant finish that quest.

Steps for reproducing the issue:
1. Take quest "The Child of Light and Shadowr"
2. Then watch the cinematic "Illidan Rejection Of the GIft"
3. at the end of cinematic take quest from Velen "Essence of the Light Mother"
4.Then they dissapear
5. Relog
6.Still no npc to hand it in"
[Misc][General]Heal over time expire tick

Expire tick formula is wrong, it can deal more damage than a full tick.
[Misc][Quest] Cursed to Wither

Category: Quests
Priority: High
Name of the bug: Cannot complete the 'Cursed to Wither' quest.
How it's bugged: Players cannot complete the quest because Runas the Shamed is not visible.
How it's supposed to work: Runas the Shamed should be visible and allow to complete the quest.

https://www.wowhead.com/quest=42567 Cursed to Wither
https://www.wowhead.com/npc=91131 Runas the Shamed
[Misc][Professions] Alchemy Rank 3 recipes

Category: Professions
Priority: High
Name of the bug: Rank 3 recipes: a chance to create additional items
How it's bugged: Description says "Chance to create multiple potions.", but it doesn't work.
How it's supposed to work: There should be a chance to create multiple potions for rank 3 recipes.

|T1385333:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:188300|h[Ancient Healing Potion]|h|r Ancient Healing Potion
[Misc] Highmountain Treasure chests

Any of the Treasure chests found in Highmountain aren't lootable,upon trying to loot them they are empty.
[Misc][Quest] WorldQuest: Holding the Spire

During this WQ (https://www.wowhead.com/quest=48592/holdingthespire) , the portals can't be destroyed (ttps://www.wowhead.com/npc=126741/killcreditportaldestroyed) if you have done the Argus questline.
[Misc] Argus Rare: Doomcaster Suprax

There's a big violet rune painted on a platform, with three small runes around.Players have to stand onto small ones to summon Doomcaster Suprax so we need at least three players. The big violet rune doesn't work on firestorm atm.

[BRH][Smashspite] Hateful Gaze/Charge

There are multiple bugs on those spells that seem to occur randomly (for most of them)
1st Hateful Charge can't be tanked (there is no animation and no damage but the targeted player get the debuff)
Hateful Gaze sometimes haven't got any casting time, which means Hateful Charge proc instant
[Misc][Quest] Argus: Quests given too soon

I just began Krokuun, and I shouldn't have a quest for SoT right now until I've done some quests in Mac'Aree.
[PVE][VotW][Cordana Felsong] Resets during fight

The Boss just "Resets" during the fight (Shadowstep is causing this) goes to the start Position and she gains all her Healthpoints back...while she goes there she is not attackable
(Probably on all difficultys same Issue and not only mm+)
[Misc][Quest] Forging a Key to the Past

The quest doesn't complete.

How it should be:

Currently: The NPC doesn't do anything.

Wowhead link: https://www.wowhead.com/quest=48803/forgingakeytothepastvideos:id=131133

Quest ID: 48803
[Misc][Quest] WQ preventing Quest completion

A world quest on Mac'Aree is preventing the completion of https://www.wowhead.com/quest=47685/gatekeeperschallengecunning
The player didn't have the WQ name, as it wasn't event on his map, but it required (just like the quest) to put the right "colors" on the objects to get to locations, unfortunately the WQ and the quest do not require to have the same colors.
[Misc] Season 4 Prestige cap

With PVP Season 4, the max prestige you can get is increased from 13 to 18.

November 7, 2018

PVE: The Black Temple: All issues

Black Temple

Upon starting Akama and killing his Shade the doors do not open and you are stuck in permanent combat.(if you .rev boss doors open,so its clearly perma combat with the Boss)
Upon killing Illidan Stormrage you are stuck in permanent combat with him aswell.

November 6, 2018

[Misc][Quest] Remnants of Darkfall Ridge

If mission succes rate is under 100% (Darkfall Ridge Supplies mission) and you fail it, you are not able to do it again becouse that mission won't show on board again. It can't be fixed if you relog, or retake quest.

October 30, 2018

[Windwalker] WW passive aura

The effect 0 on the hidden aura was set to 25% by the changelogs of 7.3.0, when it was adjusted near the netherlight crucible introduction it got modified to 9% within the 7.3.2 patch notes. Correcting this major issue with direct impact over pve and pvp, will result an overall 15% nerf on the main abilities that fall under the aura's effect.
[Frost] Splitting lance LOS rules

Splitting Ice |T429385:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:56377|h[Splitting Ice]|h|r should hit the target infront of your character (180 degrees infront of character),not behind the character.
[Frost] Frozen Touch stacks upon using talent

Upon learning Frozen Touch |T1387352:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:205030|h[Frozen Touch]|h|r talent,or just reswapping it you instantly get 2/3 stacks of Fingers of Frost (you shouldn't).
[Misc][Classhall] Global NPC issue

NPC quest reward :

Quest :
Issue : Wrong NPC, we can't speak to him and reward the quest :

All quest that this NPC have to reward works but can't be reward (test with all instance quest coming from
[Restoration] Frenzied Regeneration missing pvp mod

Frenzied regeneration missing 50% pvp mod at the moment its heal 50% of all damage taken in the last 5 seconds, in pvp situations it should be 25%

Frenzied Regeneration ID:22842
Flight Form/Speed Gear

Flying speed in Flight Form shouldn't be affected by Speed stat you get from gear.
[Feral][155672] Bloodtalons

Casting Regrowth or Entangling Roots causes your next two melee abilities to deal 20% increased damage for their full duration.

Ferocious Bite [22568], Rake [1822], Shred [5221] and Ashamane's Frenzy [210722] consume 2 stacks instead of 1. Rip works fine.
[Restoration] Focused Growth

Focused Growth stay on the target even if the lifebloom get dispelled or removed.
Focused Growth should be active only in lifebloom duration, if no lifebloom on the target, then no focused growth either.

Focused Growth ID:203553
Lifebloom ID:33763
[Havoc] Fel Rush Stack Consumption

Fel Rush's stacks should have 1 global cooldown between them, which means if you rapidly use Fel Rush 2 times in a row you shouldn't be able to spend both stack at the same time and make double distance with it.

[Vengeance] Tormentor

Category: Spells
Priority: High
Name of the bug: The spell doesn't work on BG/Arena
How it's bugged: if DH has got the talent and enters on a battleground the icon of the spell is changed but it the new spell has no effect.
How it's supposed to work: The spell should work properly.

[Vengeance] Meta+Mount

You should be able to mount while in the form. While on the mount you should take human(no form) appearance, same as on Havoc spec,

[Havoc] Vengeful Retreat

Shouldn't remove roots, only slows.

|T1348401:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198793|h[Vengeful Retreat]|h|r
[Misc] Unique Socket issue

Found bug with socets. Those socets on Agility, Intelect, Strenge can be placed only once. You can't put 3 socets on this stats with your character. This is UniqueEquipped and can be 1 on 1 character.
|T1379221:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:195879|h[Saber's Eye of Agility]|h|r
|T1379221:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:130246::::::::120:::::|h[Saber's Eye of Strength]|h|r
|T1379221:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:130248::::::::120:::::|h[Saber's Eye of Intellect]|h|r

This is so abuse when people set 3+ socets on the primary stats.
[PVE][FelhoundsOfSargeras] Flying bug

After getting polimorph (Molten Touch) you will be able to fly and move in the air.
[Misc][Argus] Parangon Chest

Army of the light chest quest can't be completed by players even tho they have 10k+ reputation.
[PVE][KilJaeden] Armageddon Hail (tank)

TOS: currently, Armageddon Hail (Path Tank only) can be dodgeable
Normaly, despite the physical school, the spell can not be avoided
[PVE][KilJaeden] Tear Rift + Flaming Orb

ToS: While Tear Rift is up it should slowly pull in and reduce the size of the Patch of Fire left by Flaming Orb's Flaming Detonation.

|T132847:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:239253|h[Flaming Orb]|h|r
|T1394890:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:239130|h[Tear Rift]|h|r
[PVE][KilJaeden] Deceiver's Veil persist on pet

ToS: If a warlock or hunter dies during the second intermission, Deceiver's Veil persists on the pet that was present during the fight and does not reset.
The debuff of the pet prevents the player from even
the hunter or warlock must change pets to continue trying by seeing
the only solution (after raid) to recover the vision is to remove its client cache
[Misc][Argus][Zone Buff] Explosive Munitions

When you click on the game object, you should get 3 stacks and when the spell is used a stack should be consumed.

Here, you get 1 stack but INFINITE use of the spell !

|T133009:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:250772|h[Explosive Munitions]|h|r
[PVE][FallenAvatar]Touch of sargeras

Touch of sargeras(|T136082:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:239058|h[Touch of Sargeras]|h|r): The Aoe of the spell are detonating instantly making the boss impossible to kill.


for exemple :
This is the cast of touch of sargeras :
This is the time when the damages happened :
[Misc][Argus] Items useable elsewhere

|T135950:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:152648::::::::120:::::|h[Brightsoul Scepter]|h|r from https://www.wowhead.com/quest=48637/cleansingfire can be used outside of Argus (even in MM+ for example)
[PVE][Icecrown Citadel][Professor Putricide] Sometimes is stucked

When Rotface or Festergut are killed too fast Professor may be stuck and untargetable.
[Misc] Mounts with Vendor npc's on them

After mounting up any vendor mounts for example Yak: (|T616692:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:84101::::::::120:::::|h[Reins of the Grand Expedition Yak]|h|r) or Tundra Mammoth :(|T236239:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:44234::::::::120:::::|h[Reins of the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth]|h|r), the vendor NPCs are never sitting on the mount,u cant remove them and they disappear after short period.pictures show great example.
[Misc]Reward missing from Achievement: Littlest Pet Shop

When you complete the achievement https://www.wowhead.com/achievement=5875/littlestpetshop , you don't receive the mail with the reward which is: |T368365:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:54810::::::::120:::::|h[Celestial Dragon]|h|r
[Misc][Quest][Stormheim]The Mystery of Dreyrgrot "ID 42635"

The Ancient Dreyrgrot Tablet gob id "251008" are missing in the boats

We can't validate the quest without this object.
[Misc][General]Heal over time expire tick

All heal over time spells are missing their "expire ticks", what that means is, every heal over time that is reduced by haste, should have an additional tick at the end of the duration based on the remaining time of the HoT.

For example:
Lifebloom heals once every 1 sec for 15 seconds for 15k each, with 25% haste, the tick interval is reduced to 0.8sec. Multiplying that by the base number of ticks we get 12 seconds. The 3 seconds left represent additional ticks that we get (still in that 0.8 interval ofc)since 0.83 is 2.4 we get 3 additional ticks in that interval :12sec+0.8x3=14.4seconds ellapsed with a total of 18 ticks.
So far everyting was fine and here is where the issue comes, you have 0.6 seconds remaining until the hot expires and that is when youre supposed to get the "expire tick". The expire tick is a % of regular ticks, based on the remaining duration.
Since each 0.8 seconds we heal for 15k and that 0.6 is 75% of 0.8, the expire tick is 0.75x15000=11 250

this goes for every heal over time effect that benefits from haste (i believe all of them do)
renew, 15 sec duration, 3 sec interval 5 ticks each for 5k
with 25% haste we get 2.4 interval
2.4x5=12 sec
adding the additional tick we get since the remaining duration is more than 2.4 we get 6 ticks over 14.4sec duration and 0.6 seconds remaining
this is when the expire tick happens and its 0.6/2.4=25% of the regular ticks
0.255000=1250 expire tick
[PVE][Lost city of Tol'Vir] All issues

Lost City of Tol'Vir
First issue is massive clouds near the first boss (General Husam).
Issue while fighting General Husam the adds from 3rd boss (high Prophet Barim) come in and cast weird lasers across the whole Dungeon
After killing High Prophet Barim,a platform should appear for you to climb up to last boss Siamat (it doesnt)
While fighting Siamat,he will use a shield on him to reduce damage he takes by 90%,while that is active players should kill the adds,and after some time of fighting with adds his shield shoudl fall off,it doesnt.
There shouldnt be any adds when you arrive on Platform
Adds shouldnt spawn beneath the platform (they do).
at 3rd boss there are explosions,you can se "Fel guards in the explosions"
at 3rd boss the Eggs continue spawning even after you kill the 3rd boss (Phoenix eggs).
At Siamat,there are invisible adds that attack you if you reach the platform.(you can see them with GM On).

[Misc][WQ] Commander Sathrenael

You cant attack Commander cause "Target not in line of sight".
[Misc][Argus][Rare Mobs] Missing Loot/Currency

https://www.wowhead.com/npc=126815/soultwistedmonstrosity Missing currency on kill: Veiled Argunite, Curious Coin
https://www.wowhead.com/npc=126864/feaselthemuffinthief Missing currency on kill: Veiled Argunite, Curious Coin
https://www.wowhead.com/npc=122838/shadowcastervoruun Missing currency on kill: Veiled Argunite, Curious Coin aswell as missing loot: AP token
[Misc][WQ]Turek the Lucid

Turek the Lucid are missing
[Misc][Rare-Elite] [Ancient Brood Mother] Movement

This Elite [https://www.wowhead.com/npc=126071/ancientbroodmother] moves when it sshouldn't, it follows who has the aggro.

Screen link: [
[Misc][Quest] Recovering the pieces

The Npc where you should turn in the quest isn't there.

Screen Link:
[Misc][Argus Rare]Rezira the Seer

impossible to buy Observer's Locus Resonator from Orix the AllSeer because Intact Demon Eye are missing and therefore it's impossible to invoke Rezira the Seer

[Misc][Quest] Fuel of a Doomed World

You can't drop any Pristine Argunite https://www.wowhead.com/item=153014/pristinearguniteobjectiveof makin The weekly quest Fuel of a Doomed World https://www.wowhead.com/quest=48799/fuelofadoomedworld impossible to complete
[Misc][WQ] Holding the spire

Rift doesn't close when you click on it https://www.wowhead.com/quest=48592/holdingthespire
[Misc][Quest] Seat of the Triumvirate Armor of the Triumvirate


Clickable spell does not appear when you are near to armory.
[Misc][WQ] Harvesters of Sorrow

The beacons (harvesters) are permanently taking 95% less damage regardless if the surrounding mobs are not channeling or are dead.
[Misc][Quest] The Mysterious Missive

The NPC to start The Mysterious Missive is missing https://www.wowhead.com/quest=47102/themysteriousmissive
[Misc][Argus Rare]Squadron Commander Vishax

to get there you have to pass through the portal.when we collected Smashed Portal Generator from Immortal Netherwalker we have Travel to 77.4 74.9 spot, it's south landing pad. Use the portal you found there to reach to Squadron Commander Vishax. the issue are the portal is not spawn.

/way Antoran wastes 77.4 74.9 Portal to Squadron Commander Vishax

[Misc][Argus Rare]Mother Rosula

Felspawn Imp missing then we can't loot Imp Meat and we can't invoke Mother Rosula

Mother Rosula www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsTTJFJ5gc
[Misc][Argus Rare] The Many-Faced Devourer

To summon The ManyFaced Devourer we need to loot this items first Call of the Devourer then Ur'zul Bone, Imp Bone and Fiend Bone
the three items are unavailable

[Misc] Argus Vindicaar light beam

Shouldn't target players
[Misc][Quest] Fire At Will


Normally, bats are visible once the player is in the cannon, but they are visible when accepting the quest. for the number it's normal, it's an invasion
Check Picture attachments
[Misc][General] Followers

Warmage Khat'leen https://www.wowhead.com/npc=120898/warmagekathleen should sell Grimoire of Lost Knowledge https://www.wowhead.com/item=153006/grimoireoflostknowledge and Relinquished Armor Set https://www.wowhead.com/item=153005/relinquishedarmorset
[PVE] VoTW: Cordana Felsong Flying

After pulling the boss Cordana Felsong you can fall off from the platform and the bats should pick you up and retrieve you up to the platform,but when they do Retrieve you,you benefit from flying,and possibility to dodge ALL boss Mechanics.
[Misc][Stormheim]What the Bonespeakers Buried "42641"

Normally, once in the room, an event begins to appear
BloodThane Lucard.
this event is missing and BloodThane Lucard can not appear.
The video is more explicit
[Misc][Stormheim]A Stone of Blood ID "42639"

The Broketooth's Ruby Amulet are missing on the boat.
[Misc] Krokuun Woeful Blast perma debuff

Woeful Blast |T135800:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:248572|h[Woeful Blast]|h|r Debuff stays permanent on player upon getting it (you either have to use bubble,or iceblock to remove it or die,relog doesn't help)
[Misc][Invasion] Fel Lord Kaz'ral

Fel Lord Kaz'ral Fel spike https://www.wowhead.com/spell=248696/felspike create invisible walls when disappearing .
[Misc] Argus questline fixes

Some of the bugs encountered in Argus so far:

Rare Mob: https://www.wowhead.com/npc=127118/worldsplitterskuul
Worldsplitter Skuul causes you to deal massive damage to him after he casts Unholy Frenzy. / + (fixed)

Rare Mob: https://www.wowhead.com/npc=126908/zultanthenumerous
Zul'tan the Numerous: You can rightclick and cancel the buff "Wretched Comp" that silences you. / + (fixed)

Rare Mob: https://www.wowhead.com/npc=125820/impmotherlaglath
Imp Mother Laglath seems to be missing after you first kill her. (possible individual issue) / + (fixed)

Rare Mob: https://www.wowhead.com/npc=122838/shadowcastervoruun
Shadowcaster Voruun doesn't have loot. (fixed, you can loot on first kill, after that it will be an elite mob)

General: Using some mounts or more specifically |T616692:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:84101::::::::120:::::|h[Reins of the Grand Expedition Yak]|h|r
will cause you to enter in a different phase. (not only in Argus)

World Quest Item: |T135950:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:152648::::::::120:::::|h[Brightsoul Scepter]|h|r
Brightsoul Scepter can be used on any target. / + (fixed)

Light's Judgement: If used around target with PvP flag enabled it will also enable the caster's PvP flag.
[Misc][World quest]Imp Mother Laglath


When the world quest for Imp Mother Laglath is on, the npc seems not to be present in order to kill it
[Misc][Quest] Defenseless and Afraid

You can use Ancient Pylon without even requiring this item |T132777:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:152408::::::::120:::::|h[Stolen Pylon Core]|h|r
[Misc][Quest] Seat of the Triumvirate: The Crest of Knowledge

The Crest of Knowledge cannot be placed on Mac'Aree once you dropped it
[Misc][Quest] A Non-Prophet Organization

Working, but Turalyon's (Lightforged Vindicator) behavior is sometimes quite erratic.

==> He's very easy to lose, forcing the player to reset the quest.
He sometimes aggro from very far.
Some pathfinding issues : once inside a building he'll climb walls and levitate.
He gets stucked for no reason.
[PVE] Invasions Reward

Argus invasions doesn't reward veiled argunite https://www.wowhead.com/currency=1508/veiledargunite . They should reward between 40 and 50 veiled argunite

October 25, 2018

[PVE][Antorus] ID issues

No ID on Antorus right now
[PVE][Felhounds] Flying on Wipe

If you wipe against the felhounds when you're stunned, you're able to fly, this should not happen
[PVE][Antorus][Teleport Console] Teleport Console follows a Player

As it happened on ptr last week, the Teleport Console after Fellhounds follows a player after that all members of the raid used it.
[PVE][High Command]Encounter continues if you kill the boss

If the boss is killed right before changing with the next boss in the line, the encounter continues, and with nonstop abilities they put out, aka Entropic mines / Fusilade
Example: At the moment when Genral Erodus is about to change places with Admiral Svirax and gets killed right before the change (1 sec before), the encounter still continues, with admiral and chief engineer inside the pods. While they are inside, the spell Fusilade is been casted nonstop
While the boss is unable to be attacked in that state, it appears that the encounter can't be reset. When someone dies, you still get the option to release, but the encounter is still going , even getting out fo the room where the bosses are,the encounter is still active

October 12, 2018

[General] Order hall Might of Dalaran trait

Mage order hall Trait "Might of Dalaran" cant be used,due to quest not working within the Class hall,the reagent that is needed for the Trait to work is unobtainable aka Focusing Crystal from the NPC <Conjurer Awlyn> https://www.wowhead.com/npc=111734/conjurerawlyn
[Unholy] Dark Arbiter

Valkyrie is bugged and dont move at all.She stand on one position and dont follow the Target.Specially in PvP if Player run away to hide,she does not follow him and just stay on same position and you loose huge DMG bcs of that.

How it should work: Valkyrie is supposed to follow the Target and do DMG on him for whole duration.
Throw Glaive

Throw Glaive should hit main target and bounce 2 times, so 3 targets in total. Atm it hits main target and bounces only once, so 2 targets.

|T1305159:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:185123|h[Throw Glaive]|h|r
[Havoc] Chaos Cleave

Chaos Strike hits all nearby enemies for an additional 10% damage.
note: It hits main target for 10% extra damage aswell, not just secondary targets.

At this moment it doesn't work with Chaos Strike [162794], only works with Annihilation [201427].

[Havoc] Chaos Cleave

Chaos Strike hits all nearby enemies for an additional 10% damage.
note: It hits main target for 10% extra damage aswell, not just secondary targets.

At this moment it doesn't work with Chaos Strike [162794], only works with Annihilation [201427].

[PVE][Karazhan-Upper] Death before Curator-kill

In LFG group search tag for Karazhan Upper or MM+ keys Karazhan Upper, If you die before killing Curator, you will return to the enter portal and will not be able to go back because the starter doors is closed (test on Sylvanas)
[PVE][Guldan] Flame Crash

1st Issue:
It doesnt do less Damage with the distance, it Always deals the full Damage.
|T1344650:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:227071|h[Flame Crash]|h|r .

2nd Issue:
And the 2nd bug is when he jumps here to the offtank he stucks there and you need to wait few seconds til he starts walking to you. Normaly he should just jump back
[PVE][Krosus] Right hand Fel Beam

Flame Beam [|T841219:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:205391|h[Fel Beam]|h|r from right hand of Krosus (left side facing Krosus) doesn't make any damage in any spot for all the fight.

Screen link: [
[Misc][Items][ToS] All items have wrong color

All the items dropped in Tomb of Sargeras Normal mode, have the wrong colors when equipped. The color it have is from the Raid Finder. I have tested atleast 1 item from each type (plate, mail, leather and cloth) and all of it had the same problem. Here is a example: http://www.wowhead.com/item=147159/radiantlightbringergauntlets&bonus=3561:1482
[Misc] Missing res point - broken shore

A missing angel in broken shore has been added.
[Misc] Gems on Trinket

On retail, Trinket have a chance to proc a gemssocket while on Live server it's never happened they can only war/titanforged or get speed/avoidance ect
[Misc] Hunter class hall dummies

Dummies(Dungeoneer range , and all of the melee dummies) in hunter class hall are following and moving to the target they got hit by which is a bug because they need to stay in their place without following.
[Misc] Movement speed gear affecting Mount speed

Speed gear (aka items with Speed Stat on them) should only increase Characters movement speed while dismounted,it SHOULDNT affect Swimming speed Flying Mount Speed and Ground Mount Speed.

October 4, 2018

[Outlaw] Roll the Bones + Anticipation

Using Roll the Bones with more than 5 Combo Points results in taking ALL instead of 5 Combo Points.
Shadowstep / Shadowstrike

Using Shadowstep / Shadowstrike on any target where there's no save location to stand behind them should result in teleporting you in front of the target, instead of behind.
[Outlaw] Alacrity and Stealth

When talented in the level 90 talent "Alacrity", gaining a stack while in Stealth breaks stealth.
To try this, gather 5 combo points, exit combat, and use Roll the bones while in stealth. Because you have 5 Combo Points Alacrity will proc (20% chance per point spent) and you will get unstealthed.

The correct behavior is : when a Rogue gains a stack of alacrity it shouldn't remove stealth if it is active.
[Holy] Prayer of Healing

Prayer of Healing's second part of healing 4 other targets is bugged when it comes to range.
Prayer of Healing has an initial range of 40 yards from the priest to its target, then it heals an additional 4 targets within 40 yards of that target. So it in theory, it should be able to reach a player 80 yards from yourself.
Currently however if the other 4 targets are not in your 40 yard radius, they will not get healed by Prayer of Healing and instead other targets that are in your 40 yard radius will be chosen instead even if they're further away than some players.

|T135943:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:596|h[Prayer of Healing]|h|r
[Holy] Ultimate Sacrifice

if you use this honor talent you dont take damage at all from sacrifice ( while the target 100% damage taken should be transfered to you)
normal sacrifice(without this honor talent) works fine.

(also theres a trait which reduce your damage taken from sacrifice by 40% on 4/4 idk if its important but i leave the link here)
Share the Burden ID:278075

Ultimate Sacrifice ID:199452
Blessing of Sacrifice (normal) ID:6940
[Arcane] Arcane Barrage

arcane barrage hitting other targets (for 50% of its damage) in 10 yards per arcane charge.
the issue right now, if you hit the main target, but theres other enemy targets in 10 yards behind a wall/pillar , arcane barrage should go through walls/pillars etc. and hit other targets too.
right now on firestorm arcane barrage just ignore other targets if they are behind a texture, hit the main target and thats it.
of course the main target shouldn't be behind anything to make this work.

video evidence from retail on 2:00

Arcane Barrage ID:44425
[Fire] Missile travel time mechanics

Considering an old dev post on Heating up, we concluded that Fireball
and Pyroblast need a 0.75s effect cap on their missiles when those 2 exceed
the travel time intended in max distance vs huge bosses scenarios PVE to
ensure a fluid rotation. This effect is not intended in PVP.

https://www.wowhead.com/spell=48107/heatingupcomments rodalpho's comment
[BM] Nighthold T19 2p set

The issue with T19 2P is during Bestial Wrath only already summoned dire beast gets buff, while during Bestial Wrath already summoned dire beasts + new one dire beasts which you use after should get that buff too and should increase stomp damage (if you pick this talent).
|T136243:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:211181|h[Item Hunter T19 Beast Mastery 4P Bonus]|h|r
|T236186:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:120679|h[Dire Beast]|h|r

[Marksmanship]- Hunter mark procs rate

The hunter mark proc rate atm is too low, its procs 45 times PPM , the formula for the proces should be : 6.5 (1 + TotalHaste) which means If I have 13% haste it should proc 7 PPM(procs per min)
yet I have only 45 proces PPM which is a bug which cause lose of dps.
[Feral] Class Specific Neck

Class Specific Necklace for Feral Druids is broken you have Perma Versatility on you doesnt mater if you are in Dungeon,Raid.This Neck is from Jewelry Profession.this neck can be Upgraded to 900ilvl and thats 2k Versa.

How it should Work: If you are outdoors and have this Neck equiped you get this Versa as stat but if you join Dungeon,Raid or any location that isnt outdoors you should lose all Versatility that you get from that Neck
[Unholy] Dark Arbiter

Valkyrie is bugged and dont move at all.She stand on one position and dont follow the Target.Specially in PvP if Player run away to hide,she does not follow him and just stay on same position and you loose huge DMG bcs of that.

How it should work: Valkyrie is supposed to follow the Target and do DMG on him for whole duration.
[PVE][Goroth] Rain of Brimstone

Four Rain of Brimstone https://www.wowhead.com/spell=233266/rainofbrimstone are spawning there shoul be only three . Four was in earlier version of the boss.
[PVE][Demonic Inquisition] Suffocating Dark

Currently, the spell targets everyone, normally it is only the distant players from Belac who are targeted by this spell
This problem is important because it prevents the mythical progress
[PVE][BRH] List of bosses

The mark/sign on the name in list and the notice of the kill of Ilysanna Ravencrest and Smashspite the Hateful are inverted.

Screen link: [
[PVE][VotW][Cordana Felsong] Resets during fight

The Boss just "Resets" during the fight (Shadowstep is causing this) goes to the start Position and she gains all her Healthpoints back...while she goes there she is not attackable
(Probably on all difficultys same Issue and not only mm+)
[PVE][Mythic+] Necrotic Affix

The Necrotic debuff placed on players by NPC's in m+ dungeons seems to be reducing only the healing received, and not absorbs, it should reduce the effectiveness of both healing and absorbs.

Noticed this issue as a disc priest in an EoA +7 and a DHT +10
[PVE][Maiden of Vigilance] Chest Token Drop %

After like 250+ Kills on Maiden (Live and ptr)
The chest token never drop (seem like eveyone that have it now have bought it by lootbox or instabuy)
|T132632:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:147317::::::::120:::::|h[Chest of the Foregone Conqueror]|h|r
|T132632:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:147318::::::::120:::::|h[Chest of the Foregone Protector]|h|r
|T132632:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:147316::::::::120:::::|h[Chest of the Foregone Vanquisher]|h|r
The drop chance % is insanely low or isn't even present on tabloot
[PVE][Mythic+] Death Not Reduces Timer

Each death in mm+ should reduce the timer by 5 seconds, right now it doesnt.
[PVE][Mistress Sazz'sine] Ossunet's Ink

Well Sazz pops like 7/9 inks sometimes which as a group of 10 is undodgable and unhealable. We can't even see the floor at some point
[PVE][HoV][Hyrja] Infinite Respawn

Since the last update on HoV, whenever you kill Hyrja, she resets, preventing the door to Odyn from opening
[PVE][CoS] Teeming on Bosses

Currently teeming affixes gets applied on bosses, which shouldn't be the case.
[PVE][CoS] Arcane Manifestation - Huge bug

This Mob "Arcane Manifestation" > https://www.wowhead.com/npc=105704/arcanemanifestationabilities
applys the buff which should get only applied on the mob from his Spell "Drain Magic" on the Players > |T571321:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:209485|h[Drain Magic]|h|r
Basicly this Mobs casts every 4 seconds "Drain magic" and the Players get the buff but also the Mob itself (which is correct for the mob). And this spell deals also 0 dmg to the Group.
The buff stacks to 50 stacks to the players which the can abuse it to get 250% more dmg done buff (watch screen).
[PVE][FallenAvatar] Kil'jaeden "npc" appearing

It often happens that Kil'jaeden npc, the one that should be in front of the portal after Fallen Avatar, comes upstairs and join the fight with him. Having 5000m hp he will follow and attack the tank for all the fight.
Wiping doesn't fix the bug.
The only way to fix it is to bring back Kil'jaeden npc to where he should normally do then wipe, if you are lucky it works, if you aren't you have to try again.

Links: [
[PVE][BRH]Dantalionax raging affix

Dantalionax gets at 30% the Affix Raging, because of the current Affix raging week...which shouldnt happen!!! ....

October 2, 2018

[Outlaw] Cannonball Barrage

The slowing effect doesn't work.

http://www.wowhead.com/?spell=185767 Cannonball Barrage
http://www.wowhead.com/?spell=185778 Shellshocked
[Outlaw] Roll the Bones + Alacrity

Using "Roll the Bones", with no matter how many Combo Points, doesn't proc the Talent called "Alacrity" at all.
[Assassination] Toxic blade + Cloak of shadows

If I use Toxic blade while having Cloak of shadows active, I don't get a combo point for it.

Cloak of shadows : |T136177:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:31224|h[Cloak of Shadows]|h|r
Toxic blade : |T135697:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:245388|h[Toxic Blade]|h|r
[Windwalker] Hit Combo + Fists of Fury

If Monk has the talent then Fists of Fury damage is broken, for example the first tick damages for 100k, other ticks damage for 80k. It seems that Hit Combo causes applying mastery on the first tick only.

|T627606:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:113656|h[Fists of Fury]|h|r Fists of Fury
|T574573:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:196740|h[Hit Combo]|h|r Hit Combo talent
[Frost] Frozen orb radius

Visual radius: 5 > 7
Damage radius: 5 > 9
Aspect of the Turtle

Outlaw Rogue's Pistol shot, Blunderbuss (Blunderbuss replaces Pistol Shot if it procs) and Between the Eyes abilities can ignore Hunters' Aspect of the Turtle and deal damage through it.

|T1373908:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:185763|h[Pistol Shot]|h|r
|T132199:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:186265|h[Aspect of the Turtle]|h|r
[Guardian] Pawsitive Outlook

The trait works if Druid is under Incarnation: Guardian of Ursoc only now but it should work always.

|T451161:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:238121|h[Pawsitive Outlook]|h|r Pawsitive Outlook
[Balance]Ironfeather armor

|T132919:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:233752|h[Ironfeather Armor]|h|r
doesn't increase armor by 25%
should add onto the base moonkin form armor, with 4 traits(175%) with this talent it should increase armor by 200%
[Unholy] Infected Claws

Infected Claws Talent dont work right,if you use Dark Transformation only than Abomination or Ghoul will apply wounds on the target.When pet is not transformed its dont apply any wounds on the target

How it should Work: Ghoul or Abomination should apply Wounds on the Target under Dark Transformation or without its doesnt matter if its transformed or not!!!
[PVE][GENERIC] NPCs flying in instanced maps

In every instancied maps, all NPCs could "fly" (eg: follow players into the air)
They now can't, as it's supposed to be.
[PVE][HOV] God-King Skovald

GodKing Skovald The boss sometimes bugs out after wiping: he tries to go for a non existing aegis and stays idle
[PVE][Stormhiem] A Trial of Will

Quest name: A Trial of Will
Quest ID: 39592
Wowhead link: https://www.wowhead.com/quest=39592/atrialofwill
Problem: If you abandon this quest you can't take it again from the quest giver
[PVE][Stormheim] Bjornharta

Drop rate of Engorged Bear Heart (https://www.wowhead.com/item=124503/engorgedbearheartobjectiveof) from Voracious Bear ( https://www.wowhead.com/npc=93095/voraciousbear ) is way to low. Drop rate is 31%
[PVE][Harjatan] Eggs disappearing and moving after wipe

After a wipe the last eggs that have hach don't respawn or when they do they literally move from their initial position.
[PVE][Harjatan] Eggs unattackable

Once you break the 99% dmg reduction buff from the eggs with the spell of the boss...they loose correctly the 99% dmg reduction buff but some times they are not attackable they dodge all the dmg (most of the times) even thoe they lost the dmg reduction buff
[PVE][Stormheim] Blood and Gold

Quest name: Blood and Gold
Quest ID: 39595
Wowhead link: https://www.wowhead.com/quest=39595/bloodandgold
Problem: The drop rate is too low of Challenger's Tribute (ID: 128511).
+20mins doing this quest still didn't finish it.
Second issue: If you complete trial of valor before finishing this quest you can't return this one.
[PVE][HoV] Hyrja - Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm buff (200682) should also increase the Natature Damage resistance on Mythic + , currently, the max is 262k from Mythic + 0
Dev note: The value of the buff itself doesn't change, BUT the absorb increases (you can check with the combat log)
[PVE][Feltitan] Aegwynn's Ward

Maiden of Vigilance: Currently in MM we have a slow fall with [Aegwynn's Ward]
Normally we fall at normal speed
[PVE][Veliskarr]Spear of Anguish should not target tanks

Desolate Host: Spear of Anguish should not target tanks. It currently does.
[PVE][Harjatan] Unchecked Rage/Draw in Sequence

Harjatan's Unchecked Rage and Draw in abilities are bugged when it comes to sequence. Currently on Firestorm Harjatan will cast his unchecked Rage and Draw in like this:
Unchecked Rage > Unchecked Rage > Unchecked Rage > Draw in > repeat

Instead it should be casted in this order:
Unchecked Rage > Unchecked Rage > Draw in > repeat

There is an extra Unchecked Rage being casted right before the Draw in cast, this shouldn't happen.
I also noticed that for some reason the draw in cast gets canceled at first, then he casts the extra Unchecked Rage and then he casts draw in again right after. Could possibly be the issue.

PS: all his other abilities' timers seem perfectly fine, its just this weird cast sequence with Unchecked Rage and Draw in.
[PVE][ToS] Artifact Power on Mythic bosses

Goroth, Demonic Inquisitor, Harjatan are giving wrong amount of AP (3m only)
They drops : |T134941:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:138781::::::::120:::::|h[Brief History of the Aeons]|h|r

The boss Hyrja of HoV doesn't reset when she goes outside of the room.
[PVE][Talixae Flamewreath] Infernal Eruption

Infernal Eruption https://www.wowhead.com/spell=207881/infernaleruption AoE should explode and spawn imps 3s after the end of the cast, 1s atm ,and imps should move and start casting 3s after spawning , instant atm
[PVE][HoV] Hyrja - Mystic Empowerment

There is a place where Hyrja is not touched by Mystic Empowerment: Thunder and Mystic Empowerment: Holy
[PVE][GENERIC] Dungeons boss reset

Similar to raid bosses, a 5 sec despawn has been added on every dungeon boss on reset
[Misc] Cooking - Can't get Nomi's research from the table.

When research are completed, it's not possible to get them on the table (the table is unvisible)
[Misc] Nomi's recipes

Can not buy recipes on Nomi GOSSIP does not display any options

The first part of the quest "0/1"(distress signal started) it does not get compelete by watching around even we cant click to the tool
we need first part to do the next part of the quest "0/1 Transponder defended"
[PVE][Stormheim] Signal Boost

The signal can't be used , the quest cannot be validated .
[PVE][Stormheim] NPCs untargetable

NPCs in this area are untagetable and will keep chasing the players + dealing damage.
Which also makes doing [Lay Them to Rest] impossible.
Quest ID: https://www.wowhead.com/quest=39791/laythemtorest
[Misc][Item] Peon's Mining Pick

The effect doesn't work.

|T134710:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:116913::::::::120:::::|h[Peon's Mining Pick]|h|r Peons Mining Pick
[Misc] Mage Tower Rated BG Weapon Skin

After getting Mage Tower skin for weapon and winning 10 rated BGs with it you should get new recolor but it doesn't work.
[Misc][Battlegrounds][Arena][PVP] Buff deserter

When a player join for a line in batteground and arena, when he join a group, he gets instant a debuff deserter 15 min. Normally players get debuff deserter when they leave current battleground/arena before the end.
[Misc][Prestige][achievement bug]

PVP achievement for Prestiges,is bugged simply you don't receive the old achies if you got prestige 6 for example,so players cant have prestige 1 achie,prestige 2,prestige 3,prestige 4 and 5,so and so,heres a picture as proof,my char is prestige 6 and it doesn't have old Prestige achievments.
[Misc] Level 15 Mythic Keystone Artifact Skin

Completing a Levle 15 Keystone or Above does not reward the Appropriate Artifact Skin Color.
[Misc][Profession][Skinning] Not working at all.

Upon learning Skinning,you cannot skin any animals.
[Misc][Item] Mysterious Egg

If the item expires its owner should get Fruit Hunter.

|T132833:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:112107::::::::120:::::|h[Mysterious Egg]|h|r Mysterious Egg
|T132598:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:117564::::::::120:::::|h[Fruit Hunter]|h|r Fruit Hunter
[PVE][TOS] Low ap on few bosses

The AP token looted in TOS are lower than they should be.

Legion Raid bosses now have a new Artifact Power item that drops 100% of the time, once per week, on all difficulties except Raid Finder. Bosses in the newest Raid drop more Artifact Power than older Raids.

September 24, 2018

[Fury] Thirst For Battle

How it is bugged:You can proc this buff from every single ability.

How it should work:You can proc this buff only from Bloodthirst when talented.

|T136012:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:199202|h[Thirst for Battle]|h|r
Battle Cry PVP trigger

If Warrior uses Battle Cry and there is an ally with PvP on then Warrior's PvP state will be switched on too now. It's wrong.

|T458972:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:1719|h[Recklessness]|h|r Battle Cry
[General] - Doomguard Doom Bolt

Doom Bolt formula for Destro and Affly is not correct for both guardian and supermacy. On demo all works fine.
1 Affly: Doombolt miss 14% from affly lock aura; and extra 4% ( 4/4 Shadowy Incantations) is added but it should not affect pets, just warlock spells
this is how formula should look like
DOOGUARD DOOMBOLT = 2.75 TotalSpellPower 76837.75
27941 SP 0versa
2% 78374.505
5% 82293.23025
10% 90522.55328
14% 103195.7107
with my stats it should hit 103.2k per hit, but now it hits 94142 (103195.7107 14% and then +4%)
same happens when use Grimoire of Supermacy (formula is 2.75 TotalSpellPower 0.8, modifiers are same) so it should hit 82556, but it hits 75314 so adds 4% and miss 14%)

2% is Crystalien Shadow trait, 5% and 10% Paragons, 14% is Affly aura

2 Destro: Doombolt adds like 2% extra from somewhere on guardian
DOOGUARD DOOMBOLT = 2.75 TotalSpellPower 76837.75
27941 SP 0versa
5% 80679.6375
10% 88747.60125
15% 102059.7414
with my stats it should bit 102k , but it hits 104721 ( adds 2% and sth)

on Grimoire of Supermacy it adds extra 2% and miss 18% from Impish Incineration trait, it hits 83776 but it should hit 96344.39)
102059.7414 0.8 1.18

5% and 10% = Paragons, 15% destro lock aura

3 Demo : all WORKS fine its fixed 23 weeks ago so no need anything here

|T538442:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:152107|h[Grimoire of Supremacy]|h|r
[Elemental] Storm elemental

Storm elemental and Primal storm elemental should last for 30s.

They last for 1min right now.
[Mistweaver] Way of the crane healing

Way of the crane's heal is affected by the monk's versatility and other healing buffs that he can have on him.
It should always be 185% of the damage dealt.
Hall teleports issue (Teleportation Nexus)

After learning Teleportation Nexus ability (http://www.wowhead.com/orderadvancement=386/teleportationnexus) you should benefit from Order Hall Portals within your hall,but instead you LOSE portals,and if you DIDNT train the ability,you see portals (basically reverse of its own purpose). Pictures show the portals,and that I don't have the ability Trained at all (I trained right one),and still benefit from portals.
[Frost][H Talent] Frozen orb missing visuals with the Concentrated Coolness talent

Frozen Orb while having picked Concentrated Coolness pvp talent will be missing visuals the moment it starts hitting an enemy player.
Important visual bug, as you cant properly see where the thing is, and the enemy cant avoid it.

|T629077:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198148|h[Concentrated Coolness]|h|r
[Marksmanship] Hunter mark vanish

If you have marked your target when(you have already a proc of hunter mark), Arcane shot is casted and flying to the target and getting a new proc right away while the first arcane shot still flying this proc will consume and wont apply any hunter mark on the target, the proc is gone and mark is not applied. (like casting the arcane shot 0.5 sec before the hunter mark proc ) same as with multishot.
[Restoration] Germination gcd issue

When you wanna apply germination (so the 2nd rejuvenation cast) you dont get gcd on rejuvenation, just a weird delay (germination still get applied)
and after this for 2 sec you are not able to cast rejuvenation.

Germination ID:155675
Rejuvenation ID:774
[Restoration] Soul of the Forest

Soul of the Forest shouldn't increase the healing of the rejuvenations gained with Power of the Archdruid (should increase only the main target.

Shouldn't increase the healing of the Rejuvenations gained with Tearstone of Elune. Should increase only the Wild Growth healing.

|T1033482:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:189870|h[Power of the Archdruid]|h|r
|T414297:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:137042::::::::120:::::|h[Tearstone of Elune]|h|r
[Restoration] Power of Archdruid

When additional targets are calculated, the main target is counted as additional one too. It's wrong.

|T1033482:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:213121|h[Power of the Archdruid]|h|r Power of Archdruid talent
|T1033482:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:189877|h[Memory of the Mother Tree]|h|r Power of Archdruid proc
[All] Anti-magic zone

Anti magic zone only affecting the dk, friendly players dont get the 60% reduced spell damage taken in the zone.
friendly players should be affected too if they are in the zone.

Antimagic zone ID:51052

September 20, 2018

[Protection] Into the Fray

Currently when you talent Into the Fray and retalent to other talent in that category the effect will stay . It will stay even when you choose a different spec Fury/Arms.

|T132334:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:202603|h[Into the Fray]|h|r
[Protection] Oppressor

Currently it counts for everyone who attacks the taunted target. It should be only for each unique player. Also when you keep taunting you will increase the targets stacks it should be only 1 from you,1 from your partner and 1 if you reflect enemies attack.
[Outlaw] Acrobatic Strikes

Acrobatic Strikes is currently not affecting melee attack range at all. Its fine for all the other melee abilities.

|T589068:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:196924|h[Acrobatic Strikes]|h|r
Rupture / Nightblade Miss interaction

If you use rupture/nightblade on a target and you MISS:

You should keep your combo points and miss the spell !

But here, you keep the combo points (correct) but you apply rupture/nightblade (bugged)
[Discipline] Tier 19 2P

Discipline priest's Tier 19 2 piece bonus is not increasing Atonement's healing at all. It should increase the healing of all your healing on the target, including Atonement healing by 30% while Power Word: Shield is active on the target, as stated by the tooltip.
[Windwalker] Transfer the power missing pvp mod

Transfer the power missing a 60% pvp mod, so instead of 10 stack 30% damage increase it should be 18% on 10 stack. in pvp instances

Transfer the Power ID:195300
[Marksmanship] Cyclonic burst trait critical chance

Cyclonic burst trait doesnt critical at all, it should have a chance of critical (seems like the crit chance on it is 0%) have to crit as you can see in that wow logs:
[Marksmanship] tier 20 set 2 pieces

After you use 2 aimed shots in a row you will get a bonus crit dmg buff, but a passive spell called "Volley" not allow you to proc it at all. if you will cast aimed shot>autoshot(volley)> aimed shot then you wont get the proc from tier 20 set 2 pieces but you should get it. volley shouldn't count as a spell since its passive.
Fury of Elune damage

How is it bugged
It's dealing spellPower x 1.768 x 2 each 0.5s

How should work
Should deal spellPower x 1.768 each 0.5s (that means spellPower x 1.768 x 2 each 1s)

Fury of Elune

Doesn't deal damage unless it's placed at the exact middle of the hitbox.

|T132123:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:202770|h[Fury of Elune]|h|r
[Paladin Monk DeathKnight][Tank spec] Inquisition,Admonishment, Murderous Intent

This spells should be stackable only by unique players (1 player 1 stack 2 player 2 stack etc)
At the moment pets can stack the spells too (every pet, even from other classes)

Murderous Intent ID:207018
Admonishment ID:207025
Inquisition ID:207028
[Unholy] Leap (pet ability)

Under Dark Transformation, when the pet use this, it should leap (charge) to the target and stop spellcasting,and immobilizing the target.
the range of this spell is 530 yard, so if the pet is closer than 5 yard, then leap is not castable
but it should only affect the leap(charge) part, pet should interrupt spellcasting even if it is closer than 5 yard. the spell should get the cooldown normally, just skip the charge part.

Leap ID:47482
[Unholy] Dark Arbiter, Portal to the Underworld missing pvp mod

Dark Arbiter should deal 60% damage in pvp
Portal to the Underworld should deal 80% in pvp

Dark Arbiter ID:207349
Portal to the Underworld ID:191637
[Unholy] Apocalypse missing pvp mod

Apocalypse bursting 6 Festering Wound but it should be only 4 in pvp instances.
[Havoc] Chaotic Onslaught

Currently Chaotic Onslaught doesn't refund 20 fury when it critical strikes.
[PVE] Taunt reactivity

If I taunt Sasszine during her casting of Burden of Pain The boss hits his old target during 1 or 2 strikes before coming back to me
Normally, the first action the boss at the end of his cast should do is redefine his target
This issue is urgent because it poses big problems on reactive tank strategies like Ursoc or Mistress Sassz'ine
[Misc][Quest] Champions of Legionfall

Follower which are related to the quest are missing
Missing follower (need to be complete) :

For some followers who are present, player who recruit them before taking the quest can't complete them
The quest is really important, it unlock news classhall talent.
[PVE][NH][Guldan] Soul Corrosion

This spell doesnt do any Damage. You get the debuff from it in the Right way and stacks and everything but it simply does 0 dmg. |T236300:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:208802|h[Soul Corrosion]|h|r
[PVE][CoS] Advisor Melandrus does not drop mythic+ key

When Advisor is killed on mythic mode, when looted, mythic+ key does not drop from it
[PVE][Cos][Talixae Flamewreath] Infernal Eruption

Infernal Eruption https://www.wowhead.com/spell=207881/infernaleruption is casted instantly it should be a 2s cast
[PVE][CoS] CC and Interrupt

Fellbound Enforcer https://www.wowhead.com/npc=104278/felboundenforcer should be immune to any kind of Crowd Control and Fel Detonation https://www.wowhead.com/spell=211464/feldetonation shouldn't be interruptible

Imacu'tya https://www.wowhead.com/npc=104275/imacutya should be immune to any kind of CC

Baalgar the Watchful https://www.wowhead.com/npc=104274/baalgarthewatchful should be immune to any kind of CC and Disintegration Beam https://www.wowhead.com/spell=207981/disintegrationbeam shouldn't be interruptible

Jazshariu https://www.wowhead.com/npc=104273/jazshariu should be immune to any kind of CC
[PVE][Kiljaeden] Dead Zone

The "death" zone of Kil'Jaeden (falling off the platform) is active only during the encounter, it should be active constantly (currently you fall forever)
[PVE][Mythic+] Volcanic affix

NO matter the keystone,no matter the MM+ level of keystone this affix doesn't show up at all.
[PVE][FallenAvatar] No Floor

There is no floor on Avatar in LFR,Normal and Heroic,he is found down, where you usually should fall. To get there you need a blink / levitate / leap, etc. Otherwise, you just die and cannot reach him, therefore making him impossible to be done.

September 14, 2018

[Protection and Arms] Anger Managment

Anger managment currently does also reduce cooldown on a lot of spells with a CD, such as Avatar, or Storm Bolt, in both specs..

Protection spec :
It should only reduce cd for : Battle Cry, Last Stand, Shield Wall, and Demoralizing Shout.

Arms spec :
It should only reduce cd for : Battle Cry and Blade Storm.

Look at last Legion patchnotes if you want confirmation :
|T971080:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:152278|h[Anger Management]|h|r
[Destruction] Channel demonfire pvp formula

Patches and hotfixes

Legion Patch 7.2.5 (20170613): Channel Demonfire damage increased by 56%, and cooldown increased to 25 seconds (was 15 seconds).

This hotfix should not be incluided in the formula inside pvp instances. Currently it is included allowing the spell to deal more damage than intended.

There should be a pvp mod for this formula which is 0,55 applied to this spell

Remember mod should only be applied inside pvp instances
[All] perma casting circle+netherward

Before arena or bg starts you can switch honor talents, so the issue is:
if you pick casting circle cast it ( stay in it) then switch to netherward you will have casting circle buff permanently on you, and also you keep netherward talent.

Netherward ID:212295
Casting Circle ID:221703
[Destruction] Rain of fire in pvp instances

Rain of fire should use the previous formula to the 25% hotfix in 7.2.5 while inside pvp instances

The new modifier should be 0,8 according to the last wowhead formula
[Destruction] Dimensional rifts hidden pvp mods

Chaos barrage rift and shadowbolt rift are doing more damage than intended, the following pvp mods should be applied to match the with retail damages:

For chaos barrage rift, pvp mod is 0,471426151761518, round it to 0,45(45% of their normal damage inside pvp instances)

For shadowbolt rift, pvp mod is 0,489300128727533, round it to 0,45(45% of their normal damage inside pvp instances)

This should only be applied INSIDE PVP INSTANCES, the spell formula is working properly outside pvp instances

cant provide links since the spells are removed from the game(retail)
[Affliction] Death's Embrace

Agony, Corruption, Unstable Affliction, Seed of Corruption, Phantom Singularity and Drain Soul deal up to 50% increased damage on targets below 35% health. Damage increase is higher against lower health targets. This is how it should work but atm Seed of Corruption and Phantom Singularity still deals same no matter of target hp. Death's Embrace should buff all those 6 spells.
Formula is correct for other 4 spells.
[Affliction] Pets and Haunt and Contagion

Warlocks pets should not get 15% dmg increase from Haunt and Contagion talents. Only warlocks spells should deal 15% more. All other spells are buffed fine just pets are issue.
[Demonology] The Expendables

When your Wild Imps expire or die, your other demons are inspired and gain 1% additional damage, stacking up to 10 times. Atm Doomguard, Infernal and Darkglare don't get any dmg increase (on 1 or 10 stacks), but they should get it, pets get buff but that buff is only visual and dmg still stays same (example: Eye laser hits 37264 without buff, when 4 imps expire, darkglate gets buff, but dmg stays same 37264)
|T460856:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:211219|h[The Expendables]|h|r
[Elemental] ToS set vs Storm elemental


Both bonuses are working but there's an issue with Storm elemental and Primal Storm elemental.

Storm elemental replaces Fire elemental.

Both bonuses should trigger their effects when using Storm elemental since it replaces fire elemental. They don't interact with Storm elemental right now.
Shroud of Concealment

After getting aggro while being in the Stealth from Shroud you shouldn't be able to reenter Stealth from Shroud, unless you have some kind of Ability / way to lose aggro.
Cheat Death

When you are in Combat with a Player, but also in que for Arena/BG, and if the moment before you join the Arena/BG your Cheat Death gets procced, you'll then proceed to have the Debuff from Cheat Death.

How it should work:
Any Cooldown or Debuff should be reseted when entering an Arena / Battleground.
[All specs] stealth and shroud of concealment

|T635350:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:114018|h[Shroud of Concealment]|h|r and stealth, when you or your group members are in stealth u shouldn't get aggro'ed so easily by mobs, you should be able to run through mobs without drawing aggro
[Outlaw] Deeper Stratagem + Ruthlessness

You should have a chance when using 6 combo points to gain an additional point since its 100%(for the first combo point) + 20%(for the second combo point)

|T644377:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:193531|h[Deeper Stratagem]|h|r
[Outlaw] Ghostly Strike Pandemic

Ghostly Strike's pandemic mechanic is currently not working. The debuff duration should be able to go up to 19.5 (20) sec duration when casted before the pandemic threshold. If you reapply Ghostly strike under the 4.5 sec pandemic threshold the remaining duration should be added onto the 15 sec duration of the ability.
[Retribution] Greater Blessing of Kings/Wisdom and Ashbringer

Paladin can have https://www.wowhead.com/spell=203538/greaterblessingofkings and https://www.wowhead.com/spell=203539/greaterblessingofwisdom
buffs at the same time which give you |T1109508:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:238098|h[Blessing of the Ashbringer]|h|r if you have unlocked this trait on your artifact, actually on live/ptr Greater Blessing of Kings replace Wisdom (inverse to) so you can't have Greater of Ashbringer if you are soloplayer.
[Windwalker] Disable root duration in pvp

When you use disable on a already snared target (so you use 2 disable) then the target rooted for 8 sec
but in pvp this root should be 4 sec (missing pvp mod).

Disable ID:116095

Evidence from retail

You can see on 12s the monk used x2 disable (first disable snare/slow the target secondone is rooting) and its only 4 sec. at the moment on firestorm its 8 sec.
[Windwalker] Fist of Fury and Hit Combo

Class: Monk
Specialization: Windwalker
Category: Talent
Priority: Medium
Name of the bug: Hit combo
How it's bugged: when you use 'fists of fury' you generate 1 stack of 'hit combo' per hit.
How it's supposed to work: it should generate 1 stack of 'hit combo' per cast & not per hit.
Wowhead link: |T574573:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:196740|h[Hit Combo]|h|r
[Frost] Water elemental Freeze

Frost mage Water elemental ability Freeze|T1698698:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:33395|h[Freeze]|h|r is not working at all,upon trying to use it,it says "invalid" and doesn't do anything
[Marksmanship] survival of the fittest trait

This trait [|T132294:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:190515|h[Survival of the Fittest]|h|r should reduce damage taken by 3% of each trait level you got but instead it wont scale with your trait lvl like if you learn this trait with 44 you should have 13% reduce dmg but instead you still got only 3%.
[Restoration] Soul of the Forest

"When you cast Swiftmend, you gain Soul of the Forest, increasing the healing of your next Regrowth or Rejuvenation by 200%, or increasing the healing of your next Wild Growth by 75%."

Examples of bug:
1. If you have only empowered Rejuvenation on target and you apply Rejuv. Germination, empowered Rejuv gets reduced to normal value.
2. If you have empowered Rejuv and normal Germination up and you refresh the duration of nonempowered HoT, the other one gets reduced to normal value.
[Feral] Bloodtalons

Class: Druid
Specialization: Feral
Category: talent
Priority: high
Name of the bug: Bloodtalons155672
How it's bugged: Bloodtalons does not affect some melee damaging abilities such as :
Brutal slash202028 || Thrash77758 || Enraged maul236716 || Mangle33917.
How it's supposed to work: Bloodtalons should empower all melee damaging abilities. (you'll find a list of all the abilities it should affect in the wowhead link down below)
Wowhead link: https://www.wowhead.com/spell=155672/bloodtalons
|T1033474:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:145152|h[Bloodtalons]|h|r (list of the spells it affects).
[Havoc] Anger of the Half-Giants

When you have equipped the legendary ring Anger of the HalfGiants you are supposed to get between 114 extra fury generation with demons bite. It isnt working as intended because the max fury you can get from the ring (after i have tested 50+ demons bite) is 6.
The fury generation from the ring for the talent demons blade is working as intended (16 extra fury).

|T1043904:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:137038::::::::120:::::|h[Anger of the HalfGiants]|h|r
[Havoc] Netherwalk vs Crowd Control

Demon Hunters should be able to be crowd controlled during Netherwalk.
[PVE][DemonicInquisition] DoTs and Torment

There's an issue with DoTs applied before one of the bosses casts his ultimate ability applying Torment on the player. This becomes quite critical when it comes to Mythic Mode
A DoT effect applied on Atrigan before he casts Bone Saw or Belac Fel Squal should not start applying Torment at the start of the cast of the spell. It should only apply Torment if the DoT is refreshed after the start of the cast.
[PVE][Veliskarr] Soulbind

Desolate Host: There are two issues with Soulbind, one that is major and one that is not. The major issue is that it spawns on 3 people, therefore two can stack on each other and remove, and the other one has to survive it somehow ( all healers must focus him ).
The minor issue is that when you are dead as shown in the picture, soulbind persists, and if you get ressed soulbind will follow you even after ress, which will cause you to die again and then it'll disappear.
I tested this only in Normal mode. I'm not aware of Heroic.

Also another issue that is not related with Soulbind but it's related with Host is that , if the whole raid members are outside of the room, let's say they're clearing the adds or they're still on their way, and if somebody pulls the boss, no matter if that person dies, Host will attack the whole raid outside even when the doors of his room are closed. This also happens with Aluriel (Common point: These two bosses can't move from their places). So this makes the whole raid in combat bug because Host tries to attack whoever is outside, but doors are closed therefore nobody dies and combat remains forever. You must disband the raid , go outside, reset raid, in order to engage him again.
[PVE][Veliskarr] Broken interaction of spiritual fonts

Desolate Host: If you use Summoning Portal or Rebirth While you are in the spirit realmd, all players in the spirit realmd can no longer interact with spiritual fonts
[PVE][Veliskarr] Respawn corporeal adds

The adds of corporeal realmd present in front of the boss before the pull do not respawn after the reinitialization of the boss.
This problem happened to us in HM on sylvanas

Sisters of the Moon: Players' pets can taunt the boss. They should not be able to.
[PVE][MistressSasszine] Immune and Tornado DoTs

So when you cast (or get) an immune (Iceblock, Divine shield, Spirit of Redemption) and you get into a tornado. After you immune breaks you get the tornado DoT (I think you get it while in Spirit of Redemption but only for this one).
You shouldn't.
[PVE][Veliskarr] Soulbind

Desolate Host: Soulbind must not target the tank
[Misc] Versatility in PVP

Currently, for all offensive direct spells, the versatility of the TARGET is counted twice.
[PVE][FallenAvatar] Desolate

The cast sequence is good, but all the cast do not give at target the debuff,
especially in p2 (maybe a problem of scope)
[PVE][FallenAvatar] Hitbox and Fist of Fury

As Windwalker monk you can't hit the fallen avatar on first phase with your Fists of Fury, even if you're near to him or on max range than you can to hit him. It look like an hitbox issue.

Live server, 14/08
[PVE][DemonicInquisition] Warlock pets Tourment

Demonology warlocks have a lot of trouble on the generation of torment with guardian type pet

Wild Imps
Call Dreadstalkers
Summon Darkglare
Grimoire of Service

Via BT
[PVE][Feltitan] Fel Remanence

Maiden Of Vigilance: When Maiden cast |T135800:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:238316|h[Fel Remanence]|h|r she spawn Light or Fel Bolt on players but when players are flying after getiing the bomb, the bolt just spawn on them while they are still flying so you have Light/Fel Bolt on air while they should spawn only on platforme.

September 10, 2018

[Protection] Sword and Board bonus damage

Sword and board give +20% damage to shield slam while shield block is active (shield block have 15% value in PVP) so its 35%

at the moment the 35% is applied twice, so shield slam do +70% damage while shield block active, while it should only give 35% increased damage.

Without shield block (so no increase) 99,704
With shield block 169,496, as you can see its exactly 70% increased damage instead of 35%

Sword and Board ID:199127
Shield Block ID:2565
Shield Slam ID:23922
[Demonology] - Grimoire of Synergy

If main warlock pet gives Grimoire of Synergy buff to warlock it should increase dmg of warlocks dmg, not his pets ( atm it increase pets dmg aswell).
Spells that should be affected are: Shadowflame, Implosion, Shadow Bolt, Demonbolt, Doom, Demonwrath, Hand of Gul' dan, Thal' kiel' s Consumption, Thal' kiel' s Discord, Thal' kiel's Ascendance; and atm they are all buffed well.

It should NOT affect: Wild Imps, Darkglare, Infernal, Doomguard, so it shuld not affect pets.
ATM only pets that are not affected are: Dreadstalker (melee and dreadbite), and Infernal Immolation. (it works as it should work)
|T538443:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:171975|h[Grimoire of Synergy]|h|r
[Outlaw] Plunder Armor

Small Hotfixes for Plunder Armor:
Should be able to mount during Plunder Armor.
You should not copy your target's weapons.
Plunder Armor should only be usable on players.
[Outlaw] Between the Eyes DR

[Outlaw] Between the Eyes DR
Category: Spell
Priority: Medium
How it's bugged: If you use it on the enemy target, you get the stun dr too.
How it's supposed to work: Only the enemy target should get the stun dr.
Wowhead link:http://www.wowhead.com/spell=199804/betweentheeyes
[MM] Marked Shot/Hunter's Mark

Sometimes when you start combat and you use Arcane Shot or Multishot with the Hunter's Mark proc, Hunter's Mark doesn't apply and Marked Shot appears as active, unable to use it.
It happens in any situation (Raids, bgs, arenas, dungeons, outdoor, etc)

[MM] Legacy of the Windrunners

That arrows which spawn and attack your target can attack too to your friendly targets in party or raid group and it will as "evade" while they should only attack to your enemy target.
|T1392555:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:190852|h[Legacy of the Windrunners]|h|r
[PVE][FallenAvatar] Door closed and adds don't respawn

When you raidoff at Fallen Avatar after you have already killed the adds to open his door and want to continue another day, these adds don't respawn and doors are still closed so you can't go to Avatar.

[PVE][FallenAvatar] Lava P2

After breaking the platforms, when u get in the lava, sometimes the debuff that you should get isn't casted on you
[PVE][Guldan] Mythic: 3rd Phase starts too fast

Guldan should reach 10% and the 2nd boss https://www.wowhead.com/npc=111022/thedemonwithinabilities should go on the platform after 15 sec. and then he should cast |T1380372:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:211439|h[Will of the Demon Within]|h|r after 25 sec.
you can see that in the Video from 19:24 >
On firestorm once guldan reaches 10% the 2nd boss gets insta on platform.
[PVE][Feltitan] Unstable Soul + Phase Two.

Maiden of Vigilance: Upon Receiving debuff Unstable Soul |T841221:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:235117|h[Unstable Soul]|h|r you should jump down in the middle of room (where hole is) and you should be knocked back UP to platform if you jump correctly,But if Phase 2 begins (aka where she teleports to other side of room and casts abilities) you don't get knocked Back on platforms,you just get knocked upwards,and you fall down into hole again.

September 7, 2018

[Outlaw] Between the Eyes + Alacrity

Between the Eyes should be able to proc Alacrity.
[Holy] ToS 4P Bonus

4P Bonus gives 0 extra heal (with all 3 lvl 100 Talents)

Example: I take the Talent "Beacon of Lightbringer" i put then the "Beacon of Light" on someone in front of me...i heal myself with "Flash of light" for 455076 it gives the exact ammount of 40% from 455076 to the beacon one, which is 182030,4...now when i use the beacon again on someone in front of me...and use also "light of dawn" (because of the 4P tos set Bonus) and then "Flash of light" it heals him also for 182030,4

"For 5 sec after casting Light of Dawn, your healing spells will transfer an additional 40% to your Beacon of Light target"

How it should be: 40% from beacon and 40% from 4P is 80%...so basicly (taken from the example above) 455076 0,8 = 364060,8
[Holy] Divine Purpose

There's a interaction bug between Second Sunrise and Divine Purpose.
If you get a doublecast from the artifact trait and get a proc from Divine Purpose, the doublecast will consume the proc, which should not happen. You should still do the double cast and reset the cooldown of Light of Dawn from the proc of Divine Purpose.

|T135931:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:200482|h[Second Sunrise]|h|r http://www.wowhead.com/spell=197646/divinepurpose
[General] Shard of Exodar Debuff

Critical issue with Shard of Exodar mage legendary |T1116962:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:132410::::::::120:::::|h[Shard of the Exodar]|h|r is that you should benefit only maximum twice of Bloodlust/Heroism/Timewarp abilities if you have this legendary equipped,but if you got this ring equipped,you can benefit as many as Time Warps as possible,but if Bloodlust or Drums are used,you get debuff.
[Marksmanship] Rapid Killing

Rapid Killing trait https://www.wowhead.com/spell=191342/rapidkillingchangelog increases critical damage by twice the amount right now (100% in PVE and 60% in PVP) instead of 50% in PVE and 30% in PVP.
[Survival] Mongoose Bite

Mongoose bite damage should be increased with every stack by 35% from BASE DAMAGE, currently on firestorm its different and missing a lot of damage
for example:

If my [Mongoose Bite] hit 76,619 without any stack
then on 2 stack ( so 35%2 increase ( 70%) ) it should hit 130,252
Currently on firestorm it hits 116,346 and its only 51.851% increase.
its the same on every 6 stack, also im not sure if on firestorm the increase is from base damage or not (cant really check bcz of this bug) maybe a dev can check it, but it should increased from base damage always.

Overall, it should be 35% increase on every stack but its not on firestorm.

(its 35% because of the pvp mod its 50% outside)
Our tip is the pvp mod is applied twice, it worth a check

Mongoose Bite ID:190928
[Unholy] Virulent plague and pandemic

When the dot is refreshed via Outbreak, the max duration should increase according to the 30% dot rule/pandemic system

So If the dot is refreshed when its duration is above 30%, the maximum duration of the refreshed one should be [Dot duration]1,3

dot duration is 20s, if refreshed above 30% of its duration, the refreshed dot should last 26s(201,3)
[PVE][HuntressKasparian] Incorporeal Shot

Sisters of the Moon: Captain Yathae Moonstrike can move during Incorporeal Shot spell=236304 resulting in an interruption of the cast . She shouldn't move during this cast
[PVE][FallenAvatar] Boss suicide himself/fall damage

It seems that if u let Avatar stack, he go to p2 but he loose almost all his HP,
when he fall he had like 1% hp left
[PVE][FallenAvatar] Fel Infusion

in phase 2 he gets sometimes stacks even tho he is standing on ground
and when he fells down (goes to Phase 2 from Phase 1) you have to move him or he will not stop to get stacks
[PVE][Veliskarr] Desolate Host issues

Some issues with DH.
About the HP problem; (This values are for Heroic only)
16 Players (on retail) ; Engine/Queen 2469m and DH ; 1302m
16 Players (on Live/Sylvanas) ; Engine/Queen 2893.43m (2.9b) and DH ; 749.2m

The boss have the wrong amount of HP (Engine/Queen and DH)
Damage of Sundering damage/Dommed sundering fix
Achivements should be given after you kill DH and not after killing Engine souls or Queen.
[Misc]Fishing AP items grating AP to normal artifact

Items like |T1387370:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:139661;::::::::120:::::|h[Oodelfjisk]|h|r |T132186:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:139653;::::::::120:::::|h[Nar'thalas Hermit]|h|r |T970822:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:139658::::::::120:::::|h[Mountain Puffer]|h|r are giving over 2M AP to our normal Artifact weapons, while it should only work with the fishing artifact (|T1053367:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:133755::::::::120:::::|h[Underlight Angler]|h|r) and not benefit from AK.
You are also able to use normal artifact tokens on the fishing artifact, which shouldn't be possible

September 5, 2018

[PVE][Feltitan] unstable soul after death.

Maiden of Vigilance: Upon player receiving debuff Unstable Soul |T841221:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:235117|h[Unstable Soul]|h|r and he dies while the debuff is ticking,it stays on him even while he is dead.

September 4, 2018

Deeper Strategem + Alacrity

When using a Finisher with 6 Combo Points you have a 100% to gain a Stack of Alacrity, but additonal to that 100% you should have a 20% to gain another Stack of Alacrity
[All specs] stealth and shroud-of-concealment

|T635350:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:114018|h[Shroud of Concealment]|h|r and stealth, when u or your group members are in stealth u shouldnt have so big agro on retail u can run through mobs without agro them
[Shadow] Mass Hysteria

The Trait ''Mass Hysteria'' is currently not buffing the intitial damage dealt by Shadow Word: Pain and only buffs the DoT component of it, it should buff both effects.

|T136207:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:589|h[Shadow Word: Pain]|h|r
Arcane] Arcane Familiar Invisibility attack

So after spawning arcane familiar,and using arcane blast on target,after familiar lands his first shot,if your target goes invisible,Familar will attack it.
Ride-able forms

Stag should be ridable by a player on the same party as the druid.

|T132144:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:783|h[Travel Form]|h|r
|T1394966:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:210053|h[Mount Form]|h|r
[Vengeance] - Soul Barrier

The talent soul barrier should work like than :
Shield yourself for 12 sec, absorbing X damage. Consuming a Soul Fragment adds X to the shield. (http://www.wowhead.com/spell=227225/soulbarrierchangelog)
So when soul barrier is up and a soul is consume, it should add a value to this shield.
Atm this is not working
[PVE][Kiljaeden] Flaming Orb/ Shadow Reflection: Wailing

|T132847:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:239253|h[Flaming Orb]|h|r and |T463284:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:236378|h[Shadow Reflection: Wailing]|h|r still there after a wipe on Kil'jaeden hc.
[Pala][Protection] Ardent Defender

It Shows that it reduces the Damage taken by 1%, it should Show 20%.
Even thoe it Shows 1% it reduces the Incoming damange correct by 20%.
So its only a visual.
[PVE][Guldan] Purified Essence

This spell |T535593:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:221486|h[Purified Essence]|h|r should cancel from the boss "The Demon Within" his spell named "Visions of the Dark Titan" > |T136215:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:226975|h[Visions of the Dark Titan]|h|r
BUT it should cancel BOTH 1st. the Load of the spell and 2nd. also when he cast it (he loads his spell for 9 sec. before he does it). You can also see it in the Video that he cancels the loading at 30:09 >
On Firestorm he doesnt cancel the loading of the spell, which makes the boss 100 times harder, cause this spell 1 shots.

[PVE][Kiljaeden][Mythic] Rupturing Singularity

During the first intermission, the sequence of Rupturing Singularity must change. The boss must throw between these spells 2 time then 4 then 2 Rupturing Singularity at 5 seconds interval

The first 2 are well put, the sequence is incomplete Log
The appearance of the orbs is done at :
(15 20 ok) 32 37 42 47 73 78

In passing on the videos we see a sequence in intermission 2 at:
10 20 40 50 ect after Deceiver's Veil cast
[PVE][Kiljaeden] Armageddon

The scaling of the spell Armageddon is incorrect

Currently it's 1 soak for 2 players + 1 soak tank

Normally it is 1 soak for 3 players + 1 soak tank
[PVE][Aluriel] Mark of Frost

Mark of Frost is casted in odd numbers, happened to us, started with only one person having it, then 3 people and so on. You can notice on the picture that only the priest has mark of frost. On the chat it displays that XXX had Mark of frost but that was from a previous one, where it was fine, 2 people had Frost.
Then it was 1 person, 3 people, etc.
We wiped and the issue occurred again.
[PVE][Guldan] Purified Essence

This spell |T535593:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:221486|h[Purified Essence]|h|r should cancel from the boss "The Demon Within" his spell named "Visions of the Dark Titan" > |T136215:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:226975|h[Visions of the Dark Titan]|h|r
BUT it should cancel BOTH 1st. the Load of the spell and 2nd. also when he cast it (he loads his spell for 9 sec. before he does it). You can also see it in the Video that he cancels the loading at 30:09 >
On Firestorm he doesnt cancel the loading of the spell, which makes the boss 100 times harder, cause this spell 1 shots.

[PVE][Kiljaeden][Mythic] Wailing Reflection

The spell Wailing Reflection is not launched on a tank, the spell never comes

I specify that in our configuration, we did not have MT2 But the spell must be able to be cast on the active tank
[PVE][Feltitan] Spontaneous Fragmentation

Maiden of Vigilance: Tanks should not be targeted by Spontaneous Fragmentation
[PVE][Feltitan] Remanence

Maiden of Vigilance: The following spells are not present in difficulty LFR / NM :
Light Remanence
Light Echoes
Fel Remanence
Fel Echoes

Via BT
[ToS][Feltitan] Buffs

Maiden of Vigilance: Essence fragments spell=236061 should give Creator"s Grace spell=235534 or Demon's Vigor spell=235538 to every nearby player when soaked . Actually gives the buff only to the player who soaked.
[PVE][Kiljaeden] Wailing Grasp

The spell Wailing Grasp does not work correctly when decurse

It should attract all players to the affected tank
Currently it draws the affected tank to a random player

I add that the affected tank must also be attracted to this position in order to cancel a bump
[PVE][Kiljaeden][Mythic] Erupting Orb

Several problems in checklist on the appearance and explosion of orbs
The frequency of the spell Erupting Essence is too important, It should make the orbs appear about 3 times slower
If a player comes into contact with an orb, he is throwing in the area but not the players around.

Edit: indeed, the problem comes from the spiral cast
with each tick, the spell must rotate

[PVE][FallenAvatar] Rain of the Destroyer

Some Path of the spell Rain of the Destroyer is found under the platform and are extremely difficult to determine
[PVE][MageTower] Agatha's Boulders

Boulders on agatha are working bad way, they keep spawning depending on where agatha is.
How it should work: They should always spawn in the upper part of room and go down no matter where agatha is.
[PVE][Guldan] Fel Scythe

|T1388065:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:243521|h[Fel Scythe]|h|r
This spell doesn't make any damage if triggered below 100% energy.
[PVE][Feltitan] Boss gettin in the air

Maiden of Vigilance: When a tank who has aggro on boss gets into the air, the boss mostly follows him, which means that it gets stuck into the air.

August 30, 2018

[Destruction] - Conflagration of Chaos crits

Conflagration of Chaos trait is wrong for both Shadowburn and Conflagrate:

1 Conflagrate deals too high crit when Conflagration of Chaos procs
formula should be; conflagration of chaos for conflagrate= 2.26551 x TotalSpellPower x 1.04 x 1.05 x 1.1 x 1.32 x 1.15 x 2 x mastery x crit chance
modifiers: 4% flames of pit, 5% and 10% paragons, 32% flames of sargeras trait, 15% destro aura

2 Shadowburn hit that procs conflagration of chaos hits more than should (normal shadow burn with my stats hits 160k but shadowbutn that procs trait hits 193k so my 21% crit chance increase its dmg but it should not)
critical chance should only be added in formula when conflagration of chaos is proced

3 the trait is also affecting chaos bolt crit damage when it shouldnt

|T135807:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:219195|h[Conflagration of Chaos]|h|r
[Destruction] Flame rift

Flame rift golden trait is doing an absurd ammount of damage inside PvP instances, this is due to a hidden mod not implemented.

Flame rift mods for pvp should be:

0,79287 for bolts launched by the rift
and 0,3382891 for the dot component

It can be rounded to 0,79(79%) and 0,33(33%)

Remember this should only be applied inside PvP instances

Cant provide links since the spell is no longer ingame(retail)
[Demonology] Pet formula calculations

Most demonology warlock mele pets formulas are wrong, pet damage is way higher that it should be in some cases. It seems they are using the wrong formula or a different one besides Mrrobot ones:
Traits are adding up properly the % they should add
Ap scaling is correct on pets
If you Unaura all yourself pets still doing more damage than intended, so it is a formula problem

Affected pets:
Felguard melee

= 1.1 x 1.2 x TotalSpellPower / 3.5 x 2 x ArmorReduction x TotalPetDamageMultiplier

Dreadstalkers melee

= 0.83 x TotalSpellPower / 3.5 x 2 x ArmorReduction x TotalPetDamageMultiplier


= 3 x 0.83 x TotalSpellPower / 3.5 x 2 x TotalPetDamageMultiplier

Legion strike

= 1.1 x 1.6 x1.2 x TotalSpellPower / 3.5 x 2 x ArmorReduction x TotalPetDamageMultiplier

There is a difference of 1k to 3k(in some casses) between calculation and ingame value

Damage reduction from dumy>65%
tested on Orc>1,01 multiplier on pet damages
[Demonlogy] Mastery

Mastery don't increase dmg of Grimoire pets, main pet (Felguard), and Dreadstalkers, but it should buff all pets.
All pets must benefit from demo mastery (melee and special attacks)
|T136203:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:77219|h[Mastery: Master Demonologist]|h|r
|T1378283:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:193396|h[Demonic Empowerment]|h|r

Pets must benefit from mastery only when Demonic Empowerment is used
[Demonology] Grimoire Felguard

Grimoire Felguard hits same as Summon Felguard (Summon Felguard hits 8% less than should, its in other report), but it should hit 100% more.
Grimoire pets should benefit from 100% more dmg increase
formula : FELGUARD AUTO = 1.1 x 1.2 x TotalSpellPower / 3.5 x 2 x ArmorReduction(0.65)
FELGUARD LEGION STRIKE = 1.1 x 1.6 x 1.2 x TotalSpellPower / 3.5 x 2 x ArmorReduction(0.65)
FELGUARD FELSTORM = 1.1 x 1.3 x 1.2 x TotalSpellPower / 3.5 x 2 x
and modifiers for grimoire: 5% , 10 % (paragons), 100% (grimoire) , and mastery

0.65 is for dummys
other grimoire pets hits fine
[Destruction] Flame rift

Flame rift golden trait is doing an absurd ammount of damage inside PvP instances, this is due to a hidden mod not implemented.

Flame rift mods for pvp should be:

0,79287 for bolts launched by the rift
and 0,3382891 for the dot component

It can be rounded to 0,79(79%) and 0,33(33%)

Remember this should only be applied inside PvP instances

Cant provide links since the spell is no longer ingame(retail)
[Elemental] Elemental Focus interactions

Some spells are consuming Elemental focus (ID:16246) aswell (which souldn't).

Earthquake (ID: 61882)
Earthen rage (ID:170374)
Volcanic inferno (ID:192630)

All 3 spells are consuming Elemental focus stacks each tick they do damage.
For now just make them not able to consume elemental focus stacks.
Ghost Wolf Appearance

It's very random, but this often happens to shamans: Weapons (Mace and Shield) appear in ghost form.
[Windwalker] Touch of Death in PVP

Should do 15% of caster HP and not 25% in PVP
[Windwalker] SCK with Hit Combo

Right now on Firestorm, when you have the talent "Hit Combo" and use Spinning Crane Kick, it gives you one stack per HIT instead of one on cast, which allows you to get all 6 Hit Combo stacks in one spell cast in the right circumstances. This is obviously wrong, you should get only 1 stack of Hit Combo when casting Spinning Crane Kick.
[All] Chi Burst

Chi burst cannot be kicked(interrupted) by other players, but it should be kickable.

Chi Burst ID:123986
[Unholy] The shambler

The shambler artifact trait is hitting more times than intended which means in 1 proc on 1 target, the trait is hitting 2 times the same target making the spell to deal double damage whenever it procs

How to reproduce the issue:
1 Purchase trait
2 Go dummy or any creature in the game(make sure there are no more npc surrounding, it should be in a single target situation)
3 Autoattack
4 See how 1 proc hit 2 times
[Unholy] Sludge Belcher

if you set Talent [Sludge Belcher] you get Abomination as Pet.
This Pet have spell called [Hook] its actually bug out and you can grab/pull Friendly(not killable) NPCs with it!!

How it should work: Abomination can only grab/pull targets what can be attacked and killed
[Frost]Gathering Storm

Gathering Storm
|T429385:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:194912|h[Gathering Storm]|h|r
Obliterate Should Add 2stacks even in obliteration
|T135305:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:51128|h[Killing Machine]|h|r
And Rime proc should give 1 stack and also extend duration of remorless winter by 0.5 second

This may sound wrong, but Gathering storm is based on the BASE RUNE COST and not the actual of spells. Tested on Retail on 7.3.5
[Misc][Item] Engine of Eradication

The part with orbs doesn't work.

|T526765:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:147015::::::::120:::::|h[Engine of Eradication]|h|r Engine of Eradication
[Misc][Quest] Save Yourself

The NPC who should validate your quest is missing almost everytime.
[PVE][FallenAvatar] Respawn issue

When Fallen Avatar Transfer to stage 2 and doesnt get aggroed immediately he respawns and imprison players in his phase 2 platform

August 28, 2018

[General] - Empowered Life Tap

Empowered Life Tap talent should not buff pets dmg for both affliction and destruction.
It should buff destro lock rifts (atm it does).
It should increase only your dmg, means only warlocks damaging spells.
|T136171:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:235157|h[Empowered Life Tap]|h|r
Gateway Mastery vs CC

When you are CC'ed while you are travelling from one gate to another, you are stopped mid air and dont finish being teleported to the other one and fall under the textures.
If you are CC'ed mid air while travelling, you should finish the teleport to the other gate
|T607512:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:111771|h[Demonic Gateway]|h|r
[Outlaw] Slice and Dice and Roll the Bones Pandemic

When reapplying Roll the Bones or Slice and Dice under the 30% threshold for the Pandemic mechanic, the duration of the buff will be set to the minimum amount. For example:
Casting Slice and Dice at 6 combo points will grant you a 42 second duration buff, recasting it at anytime above 12.6 seconds left will refresh the buff to 54 sec duration (this is fine), but when recasting anytime under 12.6 seconds left the buff duration will be set to 42 seconds again instead of 42 sec + duration you had left.

|T132306:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5171|h[Slice and Dice]|h|r
|T1373910:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:193316|h[Roll the Bones]|h|r
[Outlaw] Loaded Dice

loaded dice should give ATLEAST 2 buffs from roll of the bones but its only work IN the adrenalin rush duration
so after the 20 sec adrenaline rush ends, the remaining duration of loaded dice(25 sec) doesn't work so you still can get 1 buff from roll of the bones

|T1373910:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:238139|h[Loaded Dice]|h|r
|T136206:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:13750|h[Adrenaline Rush]|h|r
[Outlaw] 2P T20 bonus and Blunderbuss

Blunderbuss should trigger Rogue T20 Outlaw 2P Bonus.

|T135340:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:242276|h[Item Rogue T20 Outlaw 2P Bonus]|h|r Rogue T20 Outlaw 2P Bonus
|T135616:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:202895|h[Blunderbuss]|h|r Blunderbuss
[Fire] Combustion interaction with Mastery

Combustion should add 50% of the critical strike stat to the mastery stat during the buff's duration. At the moment it gives about 45% of the crit stat, making mastery to constantly miss about 500600 rating of what it should recieve while Combustion is up, making up to 2% less mastery under combustion.
Also it should 'snapshot' with what crit procs the mage recieves while Combustion is active, at the moment it only gives the bonus based on crit procs ( like enchant or a trait ) only if those procs before Combustion is casted.

we got here an example at 0:39 when he procs a trait recieving more crit and more mastery while in the last seconds of Combustion.

|T135818:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:12846|h[Mastery: Ignite]|h|r
[Unholy] Dark Succor vs enemy player pets

Dark succor proccing when the dk killing other players pets, while it should only proc when kill something which give experience or honor.
its not happening with all pets so we tested all pets, and here is the list about pets affected by this problem.

hunter: normal pets
dk: normal ghoul, transformed ghoul,dark arbiter, ghouls (from army of the dead), ghouls (from apocalypse), ebon gargoyle ( from summon gargoyle),Abomination(from sludge belcher) Risen Skulker (from all will serve), Zombie(from Reanimation), Unholy mutation ( from unholy mutation)
warlock: imp,felhunter, doomguard, infernal, dreadstalkers (from call dreadstalkers), wild imps (from improved dreadstalkers), Darkglare
mage: water elemental
shaman: spirit wolf (from feral spirit), Greater earth elemental (from earth elemental), Greater Storm elemental ( from storm elemental) Greater fire elemental (from fire elemental)
monk: Xuen ( from Invoke xuen, the white tiger), Clones (from Storm,earth and fire), Chiji ( from invoke chiji, the red crane)
druid: Treants ( from force of nature)

|T1100170:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:46584|h[Raise Dead]|h|r
|T342913:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:63560|h[Dark Transformation]|h|r
|T298674:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:207349|h[Dark Arbiter]|h|r
|T237511:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:42650|h[Army of the Dead]|h|r
|T458967:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:49206|h[Summon Gargoyle]|h|r
|T298667:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:207313|h[Sludge Belcher]|h|r
|T132151:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:194916|h[All Will Serve]|h|r
|T136182:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:201934|h[Unholy Mutation]|h|r
|T136218:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:688|h[Summon Imp]|h|r
|T136217:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:691|h[Summon Felhunter]|h|r
|T615103:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:60478|h[Summon Doomguard]|h|r
|T136219:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:1122|h[Summon Infernal]|h|r
|T1378282:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:104316|h[Call Dreadstalkers]|h|r
|T236294:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:196272|h[Improved Dreadstalkers]|h|r
|T1416161:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:205180|h[Summon Darkglare]|h|r
|T135862:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:31687|h[Summon Water Elemental]|h|r
|T237577:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:51533|h[Feral Spirit]|h|r
|T136024:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198103|h[Earth Elemental]|h|r
|T2065626:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:192249|h[Storm Elemental]|h|r
|T135790:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198067|h[Fire Elemental]|h|r
|T620832:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:123904|h[Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger]|h|r
|T136038:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:137639|h[Storm, Earth, and Fire]|h|r
|T132129:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:205636|h[Force of Nature]|h|r

dk passive: |T878217:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:101568|h[Dark Succor]|h|r
[PVE][Goroth]Shattering Star

The Shattering Star is currently following players who move very quickly instead of going just straight, for instance a mage or a drood dashing.
[PVE][Inquisition] Shadow priest

There are two issues with shadow priest on Demonic Inquisition first Shadowy Apparition spell=148859 is stacking torment during either Fel Squall spell=235230 and Bone Saw spell=233444 while it should not add torment and Silence spell=15487 doesn't stop belac from casting Pangs of Guilt spell=239401
[PVE][FelTitan] Cast sequence

After a wipe Maiden of vigilance start her cast sequence from where it was before the wipe, it should start over from the beggining.
[PVE][KilJaeden] Vision in Deceiver's Veil

Upon reaching phase where Kil'Jaeden casts Deceiver's Veil |T136122:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:236555|h[Deceiver's Veil]|h|r Your vision is not limited,and you can attack from any range,you do not need Illidan Stormrage's buff at all.
[PVE][Veliskarr] Dissonance

Desolate Host: The Dissonance spell persists after the death of the boss
[Misc][Item] Specter of Betrayal

The item effect doesn't work correctly. Reflections appear but they doesn't do any damage.

|T463286:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:151190::::::::120:::::|h[Specter of Betrayal]|h|r

Several Issues:
The adds that spawn when a rain of Brimstorne is not soaked cast Fel Fire. This spell SHOULD NOT be decastable.
CCs should not work either. Bumps currently work (like monk's Ring of Peace) and therefore interrupt the cast.
The add HP amount is too high. It should be around 620M
[Misc]Friendly target vs Vanish, Feign death, Shadowmeld

If you use these spells, only enemy players should lose your target, friendly players should keep it.
at the moment the enemy part works fine, but friendly targets lose the target too.

|T132293:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5384|h[Feign Death]|h|r
[PVE][HuntressKasparian]Astral Vulnerability

Sisters of the Moon:
When a player triggers Astral Purge, he's currently the only one to receive the Astral Vulnerability debuff. Every player in the raid should receive it.
[PVE][HuntressKasparian]Twilight Glaive

Sisters of the Moon:
If the player targeted by Twilight Glaive is running, the glaive will follow him and hit him several times, instead of just hitting once and flying back to the boss.
[PVE][Veliskarr] Respawn + ID

Desolate Host have some serious problems with respawning and ID;

August 23, 2018

[General] - Summon Infernal

Infernal Guardian hits more on Destro and less on Demo ( on Affly its dmg is correct).
On Destruction its dmg should not benefit from Flames of the Pit artifact trait ( here is comment from devs "Flames of the Pit does not apply to pets" http://www.wowhead.com/spell=215183/flamesofthepitcomments), atm that trait increase its dmg on Immolation and Awakening.
On destro Infernal Awakening hits 16.8K (CRIT 33.6K) with my gear, but it should hit 4% less.
INFERNAL AWAKENING = 0.5 TotalSpellPower 13970.5
27941 SP 0versa
5% 14669.025
10% 16135.9275
With my gear it should hits 16135, but atm it hits 16781 (adds extra 4%)
On destro its dmg should increase: both paragons (5% and 10%)

Other issue for Destro is immolation, it adds Flame of the Pit aswell and some extra dmg, it should hit less.
INFERNAL IMMOLATION = 0.65 TotalSpellPower 18161.65
27941 SP 0versa
5% 19069.7325
10% 20976.70575
15% 24123.21161
With my gear it should hit 24.1k, but it hits 27.7K (CRIT 55.5K), so it should hit less.
On destro its dmg should increase: both paragons ( 5% and 10%) and Destro lock aura (15%)

For Demo, only Immolation is issue and it miss 5% dmg increase (from paragon or Breath of Thal'kiel trait)
INFERNAL IMMOLATION = 0.65 TotalSpellPower 18157.1
27934 SP 0versa
5% 19064.955
5% 20018.20275
10% 22020.02303
51% 33250.23478 (EMPOWER)
Infernal on Demo hits always 20971 (no Demonic Empower), but it should hit 22020 (miss 5% buff), empowered hits 31666 and should hit 33250 (miss 5%)
On demo its dmg should increase : both paragons (5% and 10%), Breath of Thal'kiel and Mastery(only when Demonic Empwoer cast).


For Grimoire of Supermacy:
Affy works fine, Destro has same issue as gaurdian ( hits 27.7 instead of 24.1k)
But Demo hits more that it should when take Grimoire of Supermacy (it hits 25165, when cast DE it hits 57756), issue here it hits like 1k more when not cast DE, and it benefit from double mastery)
Formulas are same as above, just for demo it adds 10% more becouse Left Hand of Darkness trait (if 4/4 rank)
[Destro]- Planeswalker

Planeswalker trait should not proc from self healing like mortal coil or leech stat. It should only proc when using demonic gateways (which works at the moment)
[Legendary] - Odr, Shawl of the Ymirjar

Immolate ticks, Drain Life and Chanell Demonfire are not buffed with 15% increase dmg when Havoc is on target and you use Odr, Shawl of the Ymirjar, they should be buffed.
Here is list of spells that should be buffed ( its for bfa, but still same on legion): |T135826:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:212173|h[Odr, Shawl of the Ymirjar]|h|r
|T464507:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:132375::::::::120:::::|h[Odr, Shawl of the Ymirjar]|h|r
Earthgrab Totem radius

Earthgrab totem seems to be rooting for more than 8 yards distance.
Placed Earthgrab and Lightning surge at max range (and the same place). Surge totem didn't stun whereas Earthgrab did when both should have 8 yards distance.
[General] - Glyph of Lingering Ancestors

This glyph should spawn an ancestor (ghost), that would follow the person for a few seconds, but it is not working.
|T254304:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:104127::::::::120:::::|h[Glyph of Lingering Ancestors]|h|r
[Enhancement] Lashing Flames

Shaman's Lashing Flames is removed by other shaman's lava lash now. It's wrong.
The debuff should be separate for each enhancement shaman,
The shaman that applies the debuff should only benefit from it, not the other debuffs applied from different shamans
|T135814:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:238142|h[Lashing Flames]|h|r
[Assassination] Nightstalker + Subterfuge bug

Issue: When you switch from Subterfuge to Nightstalker you can actually keep the Garrote Buff (3 seconds no costs & cooldown + damage). Weird is that either the first Garrote you put on a target deals normal damage or it just disappears, after silence is gone, without dealing any damage.
reproduce: Select Subterfuge, go in Stealth, switch to Nightstalker, use Garrote on all possible targets in 3 seconds.


Casting Garrote, Vanish & then Garrote rightaway applies not only the 125% increase from subterfuge, but also the 50% buff from Nightstalker.

Subterfuge: |T571317:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:108208|h[Subterfuge]|h|r
Nightstalker: |T132320:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:14062|h[Nightstalker]|h|r
[Outlaw] Control is King

Category: Honor Talent
Priority: High
How it's bugged: When you get adrenaline rush from control is king, you dont get blurred time (golden trait) with it.
How it's supposed to work: You should get blurred time when you activate adrenaline rush (even if its from control is king)
Wowhead link:|T132298:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:212217|h[Control is King]|h|r
|T132301:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:202769|h[Blurred Time]|h|r
[Assassination] Deadly Poison

The artifact trait Poison Knives (192376) procs on every tick of the DoT part of Deadly Poison regardless of circumstances. It should only proc when Fan of Knives hit someone affected by Deadly Poison.
[Holy]Beacon of Virtue

|T1030094:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:200025|h[Beacon of Virtue]|h|r
1. Buff should prioritise players over pets/companion pets.
2. In raids it can get applied on 5 or even 6 targets (which are somehow damaged).
3. In mm+ (when whole group isnt at full hp) buff gets applied on everyone
should be 3 injured targets + your target
[Class Hall] Portal to Peak of Serenity

Portal does not work, when u click it nothing happpens.
[Mistweaver] Ring of Peace

You can Charge, Heroic Leap, Feral Lunge, Felblade, Metamorphosis jump,and DH double jump fly to the target in the Ring of Peace without the knocback effect.

It should knockback everyone who enter the ring insantly,

|T236171:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:6544|h[Heroic Leap]|h|r
|T1027879:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:196884|h[Feral Lunge]|h|r
[General] Illusion

Mage Glyph/Spell Illusions (|T133564:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:131784|h[Illusion]|h|r) should copy appearance of another chosen target that you use ability on,but its not working properly,the model is completely naked and weird.
[Frost] Second Brain Freeze

When a Brain Freeze https://www.wowhead.com/spell=190447/brainfreeze proc while you already have a Brain Freeze active the proc should be slightly delay to give the mage time to use the first Brain Freeze. This used to be functionnal
[Fire] Meteor + Pyretic Incantation

Pyretic Incantation: (|T463856:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:194331|h[Pyretic Incantation]|h|r) all your abilities that crit should increase your crit by 2% but if you cast Meteor(|T1033911:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:153561|h[Meteor]|h|r) and it crits,the buff from Incantation does not proc.
[All] Flare vs Stealth without pvp on

How it's bugged: If you have pvp disabled, and the rogue too, flare still remove the rogue stealth.
How it's supposed to work: Without pvp enabled, flare shouldnt remove stealth from rogue.
Wowhead link:|T135815:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:1543|h[Flare]|h|r
[Balance]Celestial Downpour

|T236168:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:200726|h[Celestial Downpour]|h|r
With this honor talent you should only be able to have one starfall up at a time, the issue is that you can have more than one currently
[Unholy] Necrotik Strike

[Necrotik Strike] doesn't Absorb the right amount from Heals per stack.
Tooltip gives a value, but when the buff activates, the amount is less than expected.
[Frost]Howling blast with rime proc

|T135833:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:49184|h[Howling Blast]|h|r sometimes consumes runes with |T135840:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:59052|h[Rime]|h|r proc and it should never consume when it procs
[Vengeance] Soul Fragment max stack mechanic

How it works: When you have 5 fragments and you spawn new ones old ones just go to waste.

How it should work: When you have 5 fragments and you spawn new ones, everything more than 5 should be consumed.
[Havoc] Metamorphosis causing stun DR

Metamorphosis slow should not cause any DR to stun effects.

[Misc] Global spell mechanic when max range

On retail, there is a mechnaic that allows a spell cast to not fail if the target is out of range after you started casting. For example, if I cast a Smite on a player who's 39yd away from me, then he starts moving and at the end of the cast he's 43yd away from me, the cast won't fail because there is some kind of treshold when someone is out of range after a cast started.

This is a really important bug, too many times of Firestorm your spells get canceled due to this, you can't play priest at 39yd because if your arena partner move a little bit while you're casting, your cast will fail. It can also be used to out range incoming CC, for example if you stay 39yd from an enemy mage and he starts casting Polymorph, you just need to move a bit to outrange the cast and that way you can avoid most of the CC like Polymorph, Repentance, Cyclone etc
[Misc][Food] Bear Tartare

Bear Tartare food buff should be procable from level under 110 and even on critters. Right now it's procing only on mobs that are the same lvl
[Misc] Removing Transmog price

Removing a transmog shouldn't cost any gold.
[PVE][Veliskarr] Spiritual realm adds

Desolate Host: After the update of today 20/08/2018 on live:
The adds from Spiritual realm are targeting a player(random) on physical realm and even if tank taunt them they switch on physical player again and they cause insane damage of
[PVE][Veliskarr] Adds in P2

Desolate Host: When the second phase starts on desolate host, the add sequence must stop
If I am in P2, no add should appear
[Misc][Quest] Planting Season

Missing killcredit
[PVE][Veliskarr] Additional adds

Desolate Host: 2 Ghastly Bonewarden have just been added to the initial sequence of adds, they have nothing to do here
Retail initial sequence

August 20, 2018

[Destruction] - Cataclysm

Cataclysm uses old formula (750%), it should use new formula (1000%)
here is changelog http://www.wowhead.com/spell=152108/cataclysmchangelog
atm it hits 373.7k 457.5k instead of (497.9k 609.8k)
calc here for new formula (for my stats):
CATACLYSM = 10 TotalSpellPower 279410
27941 SP 0versa
4% 290586.4
5% 305115.72
10% 335627.292
15% 385971.3858
29% min 497903.0877
58% max 609834.7896

4% is from Flames of the Pit, 5% and 10% from Paragons, 15% from Destro lock aura, and 29% and 58% from mastery (my stats)
[Destruction] - Shadowburn + Conflagration of Chaos

Conflagration of Chaos never procs when you use Shadowburn. Atm it procs only from Conflagrate, but not from Shadowburn, it should proc from both.
[Destruction] - Eradication

Eradication talent should increase dmg of warlocks spells, not his pets.
List of pets that benefit from Eradication now, but they should NOT: Dimensional Rift (Chaos Barrage, Shadow Bolt, Chaos Bolt), Infernal Awakening, Doomguard's Doom Bolt.
Destro Warlocks Rifts are counted as pets.
For all other spells this talent works fine, so it adds extra 15% only on those 5 spells above.
[Destruction] - Summon Imp Firebolt

Flames of the Pit should not affect Imp's Firebolt dmg (4% dmg buff), atm Imp hits 4% more dmg. Formula is here:
IMP FIREBOLT = 1.0 TotalSpellPower 27941
27941 SP 0versa
18% 32970.38
5% 34618.899
10% 38080.7889
15% 43792.90724
50% (only if Immolate is on target) 65689.36085
atm pet hits always 45544 (without Immolate), but it should hit 43792 (without Immolate), so it adds 4% more.
Pet hits 4% more even with Immolate ( hits 68.3k instead of 65.7k)
Imp should benefit only from: Impish Incineration (18% dmg), Stolen Power (5% dmg), Flames of the Black Harvest (10% dmg), Destro lock aura (15% dmg), and Immolate should add 50% to its dmg when applied on target.
"Flames of the Pit does not apply to pets."

[Restoration] TOS 2 set bonus

The proc chance is alright, but the effect of the set should make your riptide crit on a different target
Currently it crits only on yourself, should crit both on yourself and on your target while the effect is active
|T1698701:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:246729|h[Tidal Force]|h|r
[Restoration][Talent]Flourish and talent HoTs


1. First issue
The duration of the hots that you get from talents isnt being increased if they are the only hots on you
they are

|T306845:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:207385|h[Spring Blossoms]|h|r

>Example: you use effloresence with the talent and you have no other hots on you except spring blossoms, then you cast flourish and the spring blossoms hot doesnt get increased duration

2.Second issue
When you have either of these hots increased by flourish, their duration should refresh until they drop to under 6 seconds(their base duration)

>Example :you have spring blossoms on you and cast flourish (if the first part was working correctly ofc) the duration gets increased and currently, if youre staying in effloresence, it gets back to base duration immediately.
it shouldnt, the hot should keep ticking with the increased duration until it drops under 6 seconds and then refresh back to the base duration.

how it should look like (timestamp 23:35):
[Balance][Talent]Stellar Drift

|T236168:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:202354|h[Stellar Drift]|h|r
The talent should increase your starfall radius by 30%, but doesnt currently
[Restoration] Soul of the Forest

Wild growth and Rejuvenation are not affected by soul of the forest.

|T236153:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:48438|h[Wild Growth]|h|r
[Blood] 4P ToS Tier set

4piece set from tos tier set isnt working on blood dk
|T135770:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:242009|h[Item Death Knight T20 Blood 4P Bonus]|h|r
It should reduce cost of Death strike by 5 when you have Gravewarden buff active
[Unholy] Soul Reaper

SR doesn't works correctly:
If the Target has Soul Reaper Debuf and its dies, the DK doesn't get 21%Haste for 15sec (3x7% haste= 21% haste)
How it Should work:
If a DK apply Soul Reaper on Target and the target dies(by the DK or any another Enemy,Player) with Soul Reaper debuff ,the DK should get instantly 21% haste.
[Frost][Sindragosa's Fury]

|T341980:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:190778|h[Sindragosa's Fury]|h|r

Doesn't reset CD after wipe or Boss kill like other spells.
[Misc] Miscellaneous Fixes

Loot: Technique: Glyph of the Doe
Loot: Of a few skinning creatures
Implemented: Arrakoa Outcasts Reputation
Spawns: Added missing NPCs on Suramar
Quest :The Emerald Nightmare: The Pestilential Hide of Nythendra
Quest: Darkheart Thicket: Demons Be Different
Quest: Halls of Valor: The Hide of Fenryr

August 13, 2018

[Arms] ToS-4-Set

Mortal Strike caused by Ravager does not benefit and does not consume (remove) damage increase buffs/debuffs.

|T132355:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:242297|h[Item Warrior T20 Arms 4P Bonus]|h|r
|T970853:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:209574|h[Shattered Defenses]|h|r
|T464973:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:167105|h[Colossus Smash]|h|r
|T135358:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:242188|h[Executioner's Precision]|h|r
[Affliction] - Tormented Souls

Tormented Souls stack should reset at pull raid bosses, atm stacks not reset. And 1st 3 stacks should have greatly increased chance (now all stack chance is same).
"Souls are now reset to 0 at the start of an encounter. The buff is also canceled at the start of an encounter. Ulthalesh now has a greatly increased chance to generate the first three Tormented Souls at the beginning of a raid encounter.
Developers' note: Souls are a resource, and we have a rules about resetting your resources/stacks of a buff before an encounter, so that every attempt is standardized. Having souls the first time you fight a raid boss feels good, but it makes every other attempt after that feel worse by comparison."
[Legendary] - Wakener's Loyalty

Wakener's Loyalty stacks should reset in raids when pull boss, atm stacks remains same. (stacks should reset only in raids, in m+ they should NOT reset)
"In raids, upon pulling a boss you lose all stacks of Wakener's Loyalty."
[Demonology] - Thal'kiel's Ascendance Formula

Formula for Thal'kile's Ascendance is wrong for all pets.
Damage = 0.5 TotalSpellPower TotalPetDamageMultiplier (this is for all pets but not for Felguard and Grimoire)
if CurrentPet = Felguard or CurrentPet = ServiceFelguard = Damage 1.1 (For Felguard and Grimoire)

1. Wild Imps dmg of Ascendance is low (18.3k hit, crit 36.5k), it should hit 25.7k noncrit (someting in formula is wrong now)
Calc: 27934 SP 0versa
0.5 TotalSpellPower = 13967
5% Breath of Thal'kiel 14665.35
5% Paragon1 15398.6175
10% Paragon2 16938.47925
52% Mastery 25746.48846

2. Doomguard, Infernal, Dreadstalkers miss 5% dmg increase (from Paragon or Breath) (24.4k hit, crit 48.7k), it should hit 25.7k (24.4k x 5%)
Calc: 27934 SP 0versa
0.5 TotalSpellPower = 13967
5% Breath of Thal'kiel 14665.35
5% Paragon1 15398.6175
10% Paragon2 16938.47925
52% Mastery 25746.48846

3. Darkglare dmg is too low, and it needs rework (it hits only 4.7k and crit 9.5k), it should hit 25.7k
Calc: 27934 SP 0versa
0.5 TotalSpellPower = 13967
5% Breath of Thal'kiel 14665.35
5% Paragon1 15398.6175
10% Paragon2 16938.47925
52% Mastery 25746.48846

4.Felguard dmg is too high atm (44.4k hit, crit 88.9k), it should hit 33.9k
Calc: 27934 SP 0versa
0.5 TotalSpellPower = 13967
5% Breath of Thal'kiel 14665.35
5% Paragon1 15398.6175
10% Paragon2 16938.47925
52% Mastery 25746.48846
20% Left Hand of Dark 30895.78615
if CurrentPet = Felguard or CurrentPet = ServiceFelguard = Damage 1.1
30895.78615 1.1 = 33985.36477

5. Grimoire Felguard dmg is too low, its not affected by both of 2 Paragon trait atm ( 48.7k hits), it should hit 56.6k
0.5 TotalSpellPower = 13967
5% Breath of Thal'kiel 14665.35
5% Paragon1 15398.6175
10% Paragon2 16938.47925
52% Mastery 25746.48846
x2 Grimoire 51492.97692
if CurrentPet = Felguard or CurrentPet = ServiceFelguard = Damage 1.1
51492.97692 1.1 = 56642.27461

6. sometimes TKA hits even less for all pets ( maybe 13 times per fight)

All calcs are with same gear, same traits, and no Concerdance.
Thal'kiel's Ascendance should benfit from flasks, pots, Concerdance, The Explendables, and any dmg increase; and this works fine ONLY things above are bugged.
maybe some pets use old TKA.
|T252996:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:238145|h[Thal'kiel's Ascendance]|h|r
[Outlaw][Subtletly] Death from Above + Anticipation

When using Death from Above, with more than 6 Combo Points, the 2nd part of the Talent is also consuming Combo Points, like if you would just cast an finisher.

The strange thing about this is, that this is only appearing for Subtlety and Outlaw Rogue.
[Shadow] Call to the Void

The tentacle (Void Tendril) that spawns through Call to the Void should be be able to deal critical strikes.

There is also another issue causing the tentacle to miss the 10th (rarely even the 9th and 10th) tick of his mind flay cast all the time. This causes a slight dps loss due to not getting that extra 36 insanity from Lash of Insanity and losing out on that extra bit of damage. The tentacle should always do 10 ticks of mind flay before despawning.

|T237569:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:193371|h[Call to the Void]|h|r
|T254105:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:238137|h[Lash of Insanity]|h|r
[Survival] Diamond Ice vs Ice Block, Divine Shield

How it's bugged: If you get a freezing trap (with diamond ice talent) and use Ice Block or Divine shield, nothing happening(spell still get cd), you still in trap, after the trap duration ends, you get the remaining duration of block or divine shield.
How it's supposed to work: Divine Shield and Ice block should remove trap instantly.
Wowhead link:|T524354:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:642|h[Divine Shield]|h|r
|T135834:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:187650|h[Freezing Trap]|h|r
|T236209:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:203340|h[Diamond Ice]|h|r
|T135841:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:45438|h[Ice Block]|h|r

August 9, 2018

[Arms]Auto Attack affected by collosus smash

How it is bugged:
Auto attacks are not affected by |T464973:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:167105|h[Colossus Smash]|h|r

How it should work:
Auto attacks should be affected by |T464973:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:167105|h[Colossus Smash]|h|r
[Arms]Executioner's Precision

Does NOT calculate damage correctly when combined with |T464973:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:167105|h[Colossus Smash]|h|r. Damage done by Mortal Strike is lower then it should be.
Lets say im doing 200k with Mortal Strike without any buffs, lets say that i have 1 stack of Executioner's Precision on my target, and i have 64% mastery (mastery aka colosus smash debuff).
It should be 200k x 1.75 x 1.64 = 574k BUT CURRENTLY it does 490k or something.
|T135358:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:238147|h[Executioner's Precision]|h|r

How it is bugged : Currently the healing you receive from |T136012:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:23881|h[Bloodthirst]|h|r does not benefit from the buff |T132347:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:242301|h[Item Warrior T20 Fury 4P Bonus]|h|r.
[Elemental] Totem mastery

Upon unlearning |T511726:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:210643|h[Totem Mastery]|h|r , they should despawn and u lose the buffs granted
Currently when unlearned they stay for the full duration and then they dissapear.

1. "This effect can chain off itself" part does not work.
2. Those additional Stormstrikes should not be able to consume Stormbringer, but they should be able to proc Stormbringer.
Currently on FS they do consume Stormbringer but they do not proc it.

[Outlaw]Between the Eyes CC

Currently when you use Between the Eyes on a Target the duration of the CC isn't getting lowered at all.

So if you have for example 3 Outlaw Rogue, which are targeting one Person, everyone could CC that Target for 5 secs straight, without getting the Duration lowered at all.
(With Deeper Strategem they could CC the Target for 18 secs total)

I linked a video of me and Elliot reproducing the bug, please check it out
Death from Above + Relentless Strikes

When using Death from Above you don't gain Energy back, from the Relentless Strikes passive, for the Eviscerate that is being casted after coming back to the ground.

How it should work:
The Eviscerate from Death from Above should trigger Relentless Strikes and by that you should get 6 energy for each Combo point that you've spent for Death from Above back.
[Outlaw]Plunder Armor

When using |T133787:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198529|h[Plunder Armor]|h|r on an opposing player you should copy their appearance for the duration of Plunder Armor.

If you have Subterfuge as Talent selected and press Vanish + Shadow Dance at the same time, you won't get the increased range on Shadowstrike, eventho you are in Stealth.

Being in Stealth, with Subterfuge selected > Going out of Stealth > pressing Vanish + Shadow Dance at the same time, while having the Subterfuge buff

How it should work:
When you unstealth, while having Subterfuge as Talent, you shouldn't get the Buff at all, since the Talent clearly says "... can still be used for 3 sec after Stealth breaks.", so by that if you Unstealth you aren't allowed to get Subterfuge, because Stealth didn't break.
Mantle of the Master Assassin

When you cast any Ability on a Player, while being in Stealth, you don't get the 5 secs 100% crit Buff from the Shoulders, but also the moment your enemy gets out of Combat and you go back into Stealth you just don't gain the Buff at all.

How it should work:
When you encounter with a Player, no matter which ability you should get the Buff from the Shoulders, but also when your Target leaves Combat and you go back to Stealth, you should also gain the Buff.
[Outlaw]Ghostly Strike

|T132094:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:196937|h[Ghostly Strike]|h|r should be displayed as a debuff and not a buff when applied on an enemy.
[Disc] Purge the Wicked

|T236216:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:204197|h[Purge the Wicked]|h|r

Penance should not make the DoT spread to enemies if they aren't in combat.

Edit by Mideas: In arenas (and probably in world PvP too) if you get the following match:
Team1: Discipline Priest and a random class
Team2: Rogue and a random class
If the priest from team 1 uses Purge the Wicked on the random class from team 2, then cast Penance on it, it should get the rogue from team2 out of stealth if in was in range (looks like it's 15yd), but it should not apply Purge the Wicked on him.
Here's a video: (this is BfA prepatch but it was the same in Legion)
at 0:06 I Penance the priest which get the rogue out of stealth without applying the dot.
Twist of Fate

Example: the target has 33% health, Priest heals the target and it has 37% health after that,Twisted Fate is not triggered in this case, but it should.
It is for Shadow Priests too, Twisted Fate should proc if has > 35% before the damage and < 35% after the damage.

|T237566:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:109142|h[Twist of Fate]|h|r Twist of Fate
[MW] Stance of the Fierce Tiger

The Windwalker aura 'Stance of the Fierce Tiger' is active on Mistweaver monks in arena, which reduces GCD by 0.5 seconds.
This aura should ONLY be on Windwalker monks (in world and on cross)
[Misc] Deserter when leaving queue

You no longer gain Deserter buff when leaving a queue before a match is found.
[Misc]Mining NPCs

Duration of the summoned NPCs is too low (10s) leaving no time to kill, loot and mine the NPC.
[Misc][Profession][Herbalism]Gathering herbs + mount

Gathering herbs should dismount the player unless he has VIP or is in golem mount
[PVE][Veliskarr]Phase 2

When the desolate host pop every player are getting kicked out of spirit realm and when you try to go back in you are getting kicked out all over again. Also the desolate host is untargetable in spirit realm
[PVE][KiljaedenLegion]Armageddon Rain dot

Armageddon rain dot spell=234310 is not dealing any damage
[PVE][KiljaedenLegion][Armageddon Rain]

Only on LFR armageddon pools are stacking on each others, should not stack

|T1357814:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:236710|h[Shadow Reflection: Erupting]|h|r
|T463284:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:236378|h[Shadow Reflection: Wailing]|h|r
Should be immune to knockback.
[PVE][Star Augur Etraeus]Felflame stacks

During the 3rd stage (A Shattered World), players with targetted by Fel Ejection [|T841218:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:205649|h[Fel Ejection]|h|r will gain 1 stack of Felflame [|T135800:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:206398|h[Felflame]|h|r every 2 seconds until the end of the debuff.
This mechanics should instead give 1 stack of Felflame every time a player remains, for a short time (less or equal to 1 second or so), on the pool left on the ground under the player from the application of the debuff.

Screen link: [
[PVE][FelTitan]LFR Auto damage

Auto attacks from Maiden is LFR is too low: a tank took max 200k with a crit.
Right now she can be killed by a tank and a dps duo'ing her because of that
[Misc][Profession][Herbalism]Felwort Questline

The following has been scripted:
The Emerald Nightmare: Felwort Mastery
Felwort Analysis
Felwort Sample

You shouldnt able to dodge/parry |T135802:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:239932|h[Felclaws]|h|r
[PVE]Defensive Countermeasure respawn before Fallen Avatar

This mob has 2 hrs respawn while it should be dead till next week ID reset.
ID: 120449
[PVE][FallenAvatar]Ripple of Darkness

Ripple of darkness wasn't cast if there was a corpse in melee range

August 8, 2018

Mirror Image Clones failing to attack

Clones fails to attack a target which you do not tank, clones work when you have aggro of the target, work when you are attacked, but dont work when somebody else is tanking, they should start attacking once you do.
|T135994:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:55342|h[Mirror Image]|h|r

August 7, 2018

[Destruction]Dimensional rifts vs invisibility spells

Dimensional rifts should not keep casting his target after the target used invisibility

How to reproduce the issue
1. Use a dimensional rift on the target(this one should be chaos barrage, searing bolt or shadowbolt rift)
2. A rogue/mage or any class that have an invisibility spell should use it while rifts still casting
3. Rifts will continue to damage the target while in stealth and destealth it.

How should it work
1. Use a dimensional rift on the target(this one should be chaos barrage, searing bolt or shadowbolt rift)
2. A rogue/mage or any class that have an invisibility spell should use it while rifts still casting
3. Rifts should stop casting when the target enters in stealth. Bolts casted while the target was getting in stealth should not damage the target or destealth him
[Enhancement]Mastery decimals

Mastery should count in decimals.
|T136029:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:77223|h[Mastery: Enhanced Elements]|h|r
[Shadow]Call to the Void

Tendrils summoned by Call to the Void should not move from the spot they're spawned from at all. There should be absolutely no movement for them except their animation. Tendrils should start casting Mind flay the millisecond that they spawn/get summoned by Call to the Void.

Tendrils should target and cast mind flay only on the target you were casting mind flay on when you summoned the tendril. In the Case of this target dying, the Tendril should switch to the new target and immediately start casting mind flay as soon as you target another NPC. (Note that the Tendril should not be able to start casting mind flay on an NPC outside of combat. So if you accidentally target an NPC that is outside of combat it won't pull it and the NPCs around it.)

|T237569:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:193371|h[Call to the Void]|h|r
[Fire]Pyro Fishing

|T236218:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:195283|h[Hot Streak]|h|r
Hotstreak should have a 200ms "grace period" where it is unaffected by spells that do not crit this means spells which land in the 200 ms "grace period" after hot streak is active and don't crit will not cancel this effect.
[Arcane]Greater Invisibility vs Dots

At the moment Greater Invisibility can remove 2 dots, which should not happen since a hotfix from 7.0.3 that probably was not ported on 7.3.5
It got some benefits both in pvp and pve, which should not occur.

|T575584:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:110959|h[Greater Invisibility]|h|r
[Survival] Spitting Cobra / Cobra Spit

|T236177:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:194407|h[Spitting Cobra]|h|r
|T132104:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:206685|h[Cobra Spit]|h|r

Cobra Spit should also effect/benefit by some traits and versa.
Also versatility doesnt benefit.
Currently it seems Cobra Spit formula is only 1.4 x AP

Cobra Spit spell should also crit.
[Marksmanship] Trueshot CD

Trueshot CD doesn't reset after boss wipe/kill.

[Vengeance]Shattered Souls

When you kill a target as Veng DH a greater soul should spawn and it should heal you for 2125% of attack power (and give you 20% increased damage for 20s if it came from a demon type enemy.)
Right now Greater souls heal for the same amount lesser souls are, for 250% of attack power.

|T1305158:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:204254|h[Shattered Souls]|h|r
[Misc][GENERIC]GCD Calculations

Currently, the GCD calculation is wrong, both in PVE and PVP.
It is applied twice on some classes, and the formulas are wrong, leading in some classes, especially Mistweaver Monk and Enhancement Shaman (because they are not limited by cast time) ALOT stronger than intended.
Example: as MW Monk, with 25% haste in PVP, you have 0.8 sec GCD on Tiger Palm and Blackout Kick when you should have 1.5 / (1 + 0.25) = 1.2 sec GCD. (this is different with other MW spells, like most healing ones. Note that the client still shows a GCD of 1 sec, but you can actually cast other spells before the GCD makes the full circle on your spellbar.)
This results in MW Monks being able to weave 3 offensive spells when they should be able to cast only 2. This explains why Way of the Crane is so strong ATM in PVP.
This also explains how Enhancement Shamans can do so much damage in so short windows

Side note: Windwalker Monk had an issue because of this fix (4 Chi instead of 5 + longer GCD than intended), which will be fixed tomorrow

August 6, 2018

[Legendary] - Sin'dorei Spite

Sin'dorei Spite does not increase pet's dmg.
|T517112:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:208871|h[Sin'dorei Spite]|h|r

August 2, 2018

[Demonology] - Summon Darkglare

Summon Darkglare doesn't benefit from 5% and 10% dmg increased traits.
Atm its dmg only increase Spell Power, mastery, and one of 5% dmg increased traits.
Its dmg should increase both paragon traits (5% and 10%) and Breath of Thal'kiel, mastery and spellpower.

DARKGLARE EYE LASER = 1.1 TotalSpellPower = 30727.4
27934 SP 0versa
5% 32263.77
5% 33876.9585
10% 37264.65435
52% 56642.27461
hits ALWAYS 32.3k (crit 64.5k), when empowered hits ALWAYS 48.7k (crit 97.4k), it should hit (with my stats) 37k (no Demonic Empower) and 56k ( with DE)
[Legendary] - Kazzak's Final Curse

Kazzak's Final Curse doens't work when summon Felguard, Grimoire, and Doomguard/Infernal in same time. It counts only 1, so it adds only 5% dmg to doom instead of 15% (if all 3 summoned). For other pets Imps, Dreadstalkers it works fine.
[Enhancement] Windfury

Windfury damage goes off before the ability that procced it, it should be other way around, Windfury damage SHOULD go AFTER the damage of ability that procced it.
|T462329:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:33757|h[Windfury Weapon]|h|r
[Ancestral Protection Totem] Ressurection tab

The ressurection from the totem shouldnt be instant
There should be a tab saying "Totem Revival" and upon use it ressurects you
[Subtlety][Talent] Gloomblade and Cloak of Shadows interaction

Using Gloomblade during Cloak of Shadows will not generate any combo points.

|T136177:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:31224|h[Cloak of Shadows]|h|r
[Outlaw] Between the Eyes + Deeper Stratagem

Using Between the Eyes with 6 Combo Points doesn't increase the duration of the Stun, it's still at 5 seconds.

How it should work:
After using Between the Eyes with 6 Combo Points the Target should be stunned for 6 seconds, instead of the current 5.

|T644377:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:193531|h[Deeper Stratagem]|h|r
[Outlaw] Between the Eyes + Anticipation

When using this Talent, the duration of the Stun get's reduced by 50% no matter how many Combo Points.
1 CP > 0.5 sec Stun
5 CP > 2.5 sec Stun
10 CP> 5 sec Stun
(when using with 10 Combo Points only 5 are getting consumed, like how it should be)

How it should work:
Every Combo Point equals 1 sec duration of the Stun.

[Retribution]Soul of the Highlord

Class: Paladin
Specialization: Protection
Category: Spells
Priority: High
How it's bugged: |T133410:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:151644::::::::120:::::|h[Soul of the Highlord]|h|r the procs from this legendary do not contribute to increasing the stacks of |T236262:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:231895|h[Crusade]|h|r.
How it should work: Whenever you get a proc from the legendary which makes your next holy power ability free (i.e: Templar Verdict/Divine Storm/Justicar's Vengeance or Execution Sentence) and you use it, this should go toward increasing your Crusade stacks at the moment those free procs do not increase the stacks.
Extra info: Stacks for Crusade are 15 max, 1 stack gained per holy power spent on the spell
[Fire] Warmth of the Phoenix

Issue with Fire trait Warmth of the Phoenix (|T1392549:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:238091|h[Warmth of the Phoenix]|h|r)is that if you read it,it has 50% chance to proc the buff,it doesn't say on hit it just says 50% aka when you cast the ability,but if you got Strafing Run trait (|T1392549:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:238127|h[Strafing Run]|h|r) or even without it,you can proc almost always.
[MM][Talent] Explosive Shot

|T236178:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:212431|h[Explosive Shot]|h|r

Visually, the rocket always goes behind the detonation area, instead of going the same.
Probably the error is in the beginning, since it starts slowly.
The Rocket always fly up instead of flying infront of me.
Travel form

ground velocity of travel form should be 200% when the player is out of combat.

|T132144:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:783|h[Travel Form]|h|r
[Misc] Mounts with Vendor npc's on them

After mounting up any vendor mounts for example Yak: (|T616692:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:84101::::::::120:::::|h[Reins of the Grand Expedition Yak]|h|r) or Tundra Mammoth :(|T236239:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:44234::::::::120:::::|h[Reins of the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth]|h|r), the vendor NPCs are never sitting on the mount,u cant remove them and they disappear after short period.pictures show great example.
[Misc][Items][Legendary] Velen's Future Sight healing redistribution

Certain healing spells/healing spell effects aren't interacting with Velen's Future Sight's overhealing distribution.
DPriest: Masochism
HPriest: Renew, Body and Mind, Echo of Light
HPal: Bestow Faith, Light's Hammer
RSham: Riptide, Cloudburst Totem
MWMonk: Blessings of Yu'lon, Renewing Mist, Essence Font, Soothing Mist, Enveloping Mist
RDruid: Wild Growth, Spring Blossoms, Lifebloom, Rejuvenation, Regrowth, Cenarion Ward, Cultivation

July 31, 2018

[Protection] Demoralizing Shout

It reduce damage of enemies to all now. How it should work:

"Demoralizes all enemies within, reducing the damage they do to you" the default behavior.
"Demoralizes all enemies, reducing the damage they do" if Warrior has Morale Killer.

|T132366:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:1160|h[Demoralizing Shout]|h|r Demoralizing Shout
|T132366:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:199023|h[Morale Killer]|h|r Morale Killer
[General] Glyph of the Weaponmaster

How it is bugged:When you use battle cry you will receive the buff for 10 min. that gives you random weapon appearance from your bag but you dont see the appearance on your weapon.

How it should work: Your Battle Cry ability causes the appearance of your weapon to change to that of a random weapon from your bag for 10 min.

|T254306:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:104138::::::::120:::::|h[Glyph of the Weaponmaster]|h|r
[Class Mount]Netherlord's Accursed Wrathsteed

Class specific mount Netherlord's Accursed Wrathsteed (|T1582838:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:238454|h[Netherlord's Accursed Wrathsteed]|h|r) is only obtainable by Warlocks,by killing a boss on Broken Shore named Lord Hel'Nurath(Due to this being class specific mount),but other classes can obtain it aswell,they cant use it from collection (you cant see it in collection),but if they make macro /use Netherlord's Accursed Wrathsteed then it works.( a picture to prove that this is indeed possible,here is a monk riding this mount).
[Subtlety] Nightstalker

Nightstalker does not increase damage by 12% during Shadow Dance.
[Outlaw] Blade Flurry

Blade Flurry

When you are damaging your main target, who's standing near secondary ones, the damage dealt from Blade flurry to the secondary Targets isn't correct.
At the moment, when you deal damage to a target, while Blade flurry is activated, your damage that you deal to your main target is reduced by it's armor and additional reduction spells, afterwards 30% of the dealt damage is transfered to the secondary targets, which gets again reduced by their own personal Armor & other Reductions.

How it should work:
Hitting a Target, around secondary targets, the damage you deal, with no reduction, has to be stored to a value. Then, you take the value that is dealt to the main target, who reduces it according to it's own Armor & damage reduction abilities, 30% of the value that got stored, is dealt to secondary targets which reduce it according to their personal Armor and damage reductions, without having the damage already being reduced by the main target.
[Disc] Damage Trinkets and Atonement Interaction

Certain Trinkets are not interacting/healing through Atonement. All of these should be affected by/working with Atonement.
[Holy] Divinity + HoTs

Divinity's 15% healing increase for 6 seconds is currently snapshotting the healing increase for Renew and Body and Mind, it should dynamicly increase/decrease the healing of all active renews/Body and Minds whenever you gain/lose the buff.

[Disc/Shadow] Mindbender and Shadowfiend

There are a few issues with Mindbender and Shadowfiend regarding auto attack speed, damage formulas and temporary haste buffs.

1. Temporary haste buffs. Currently Mindbender and Shadowfiend will not benefit from any temporary haste you gain through procs/buffs such as Bloodlust/Timewarp, trinket procs, Voidform, Lingering Insanity, etc.

2. Mindbender's attack speed. At the moment Mindbender is able to almost double Shadowfiend's auto attack amount while it should be the exact same, the attack speed should be 1.5 sec reduced by your current haste.

3. Damage Formula for Shadowfiend. Shadowfiend's damage formula is really low compared to what it should be. It should look like this:

2.1844 x spell power x your damage increases (Artifact traits, versatility, etc).
[All] Blessings

On 1 target only 1 blessing spells can be active, if you cast a blessing spell on the target, while it already have a blessing spell they exchange each other.

How it's supposed to work: Should be able to use any blessing spell on 1 target without exchange.

:|T135964:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:1022|h[Blessing of Protection]|h|r
|T135966:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:6940|h[Blessing of Sacrifice]|h|r
|T135968:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:1044|h[Blessing of Freedom]|h|r
[Retribution] Execution Sentence and Fist of Justice

Execution Sentence requires 3 holy power, so it should reduce the cooldown on hammer of justice by 32.5 sec because of fist of justice talent.
Currently it doesnt work.

|T135906:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:234299|h[Fist of Justice]|h|r
|T135963:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:853|h[Hammer of Justice]|h|r
[Protection] Avenger's Shield

It should bounce between targets then returns to caster. Same goes for single target it suppose to be returning, although visually it doesn't return to the caster.
Also, you can now silence bosses in dungeons and raids, which shouldn't be possible (this helps to proc sephuz, so kind of an abuse) although it doesn't seem that it can stop any cast.
[Follower] Lady Liadrin

There's a paladin follower which gives problems in world PvP, the follower http://www.wowhead.com/champion=478/ladyliadrin if chosen as a body guard gives you the ability |T1030098:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:222619|h[Blood Vanguard]|h|r , that should be able to knock back player and enemies when used (those hit by the charge of all those steed) although here on Firestorm if you are hit, it will catapult you 1000 miles into the air, ultimately killing you.
[Arcane] Everywhere at once & Displacement

Everywhere at once increase the window to active displacement by 3 sec, so it will be 12 sec, but its only visual, in the last 3 sec (so in the increased duration) if you use displacement it doesn't do anything.

|T135736:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:187301|h[Everywhere At Once]|h|r
[Arcane Missiles]Visual Bugg

Arcane Missiles(|T136096:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5143|h[Arcane Missiles]|h|r) Is ability wich can reach up to 3 stacks to store,visually it would show that u have ALWAYS 2 stacks on Firestorm,instead of 1 or 3 depending on stacks. Only 2 Stacks are working properly on Firestorm.
[Marksmanship] Ullr's Feather Snowshoes and other effects

If Hunter has both Ullr's Feather Snowshoes and T19 P2 bonus then the cooldown should be reduced by 1.8 second, but one bonus work only. The same problem with Convergence of Fates. It seems Ullr's Feather Snowshoes breaks other bonuses.

|T344556:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:137033::::::::120:::::|h[Ullr's Feather Snowshoes]|h|r Ullr's Feather Snowshoes
|T136243:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:211331|h[Item Hunter T19 Marksmanship 2P Bonus]|h|r T19 P2
|T1391675:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:140806::::::::120:::::|h[Convergence of Fates]|h|r Convergence of Fates
[Blood/Unholy] Sephuz's Secret + Asphyxiate

The item effect doesn't proc by Asphyxiate now but it should.

|T645145:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:132452::::::::120:::::|h[Sephuz's Secret]|h|r Sephuz's Secret
|T538558:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:221562|h[Asphyxiate]|h|r Asphyxiate
|T135879:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:108294|h[Heart of the Wild]|h|r Asphyxiate
[Frost] Inexorable Assault

Inexorable Assault is stacking even if there you are in combat and there are enemies in 8 yards around you.

|T343637:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:253593|h[Inexorable Assault]|h|r
[Havoc] Vengeful Retreat and Glide

You should not be able to cancel the animation of Vengeful Retreat by jumping/gliding.
|T1348401:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198793|h[Vengeful Retreat]|h|r

July 26, 2018

[Protection][Artifact Trait] Might of the Vrykul

The buff is removed if the Warrior takes any damage now.

|T237375:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:188778|h[Might of the Vrykul]|h|r
[Aff]-Soul harvest+Artifact spell

When using reap souls while Soul harvest is up and agony is up on the target it will increase Soul harvest duration by 4s if agony is up in 1 target, 8 if its up in 2 and so on. You can remove the reap soul buff to spam the artifact spell buff and increase soul harvest duration constantly. This happends since last update with soul harvest fixes. Reap souls should not increase the duration of Soul harvest .

Steps for reproducing the issue:
1: Be buffed with soul harvest
2. Use Artifact when you: a. DONT have the harvester buff; b. While soul harvest is active
3. Click off harvester buff, and use again when you have 1 soul, again while Soul harvest is active, if you are lucky, and good enough you can have soul harvest 100% uptime.

|T1281092:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:216698|h[Reap Souls]|h|r
|T463284:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:196098|h[Soul Harvest]|h|r
|T1281092:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:128942::::::::120:::::|h[Ulthalesh, the Deadwind Harvester]|h|r
[Destro]- Chaos bolt rift pvp modifier

Chaos bolt rift should be using pre 60% buff formula inside PvP instances:

"Chaos Bolt cast from the Chaos Bolt rift now deals 60% increased damage."

= 5 x TotalSpellPower x TotalPetDamageMultiplier x (1 + TotalCriticalStrike)

aswell as the 0,9 modifier from chaos bolt should be applied on it.
[Demonology] - Thal'kiel's Ascendance

Thal'kiel's Ascendance should not proc out of combat when you use Demonic Empowerment. (Demonic Empowerment can pull mobs/bosses/etc. when not in combat now).
Another issue: it has unlimited range ( you can hit players on another end of battleground, example.)
|T252996:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:238145|h[Thal'kiel's Ascendance]|h|r
[Restoration] Totem interactions

How it's bugged: Doesn't show "immune" when healing totems.
How its supposed to work: Should display "immune" in your screen, when trying to heal totems, or anything that acts like totems.

WoWhead Link: |T135127:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5394|h[Healing Stream Totem]|h|r
[All] Totems and Line of Sight

Totems currently ignore Line of Sight. Not every one of them should A earth grasp totem will root player through a wall, shouldn't be possible. A capacitor will stun through a wall, shouldn't be possible. Same with Earthbind totem.
[All] Skyfury totem

Effects from 2 skyfury totems stack, when they shouldnt.

Hex should work in 2 ways:
If the affected target is an NPC it should work in the same way as mages' Polymorph. They should be "incapacitated" and wandering around the place where they got hexed.
If the affected target is a player they should get "silenced" and not able to attack or use abilities, but still be able to move freely.

Right now it works as if the affected target is a player in all situations, making NPCs follow the shaman while hexed.

Make sure the changes affect the following Hex effects aswell:
[Subtlety] Feeding Frenzy

How it's bugged: Only the first 2 stack works, so only 2 finishing moves cost no energy after using Goremaw's Bite, the last stack doesnt work.
How it's supposed to work: After using Goremaw's Bite the next 3 finishing move should cost no energy.

Wowhead Link:
|T1120132:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:238140|h[Feeding Frenzy]|h|r
[Outlaw][Artifact] Taste of Blood

If Rogue kills a humanoid with the Dreadblades he should get 'Taste of Blood' buff. It's a hidden artifact bonus.

|T1267793:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:213721|h[Fate and Fortune Blood Drinking Aura]|h|r Fate and Fortune Blood Drinking Aura
|T236304:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:213738|h[Taste of Blood]|h|r Taste of Blood
Mind Control cast duration

On FS, the duration of the cast of Mind Control is always the same, on retail the duration of the cast is the duration of the MC, for example, if you MC a target without any DR, the cast duration will be 8s, on a target with one DR, it'll be 4 and 2 DR will be 2.
[All] Mindcontrol and combat

How it's bugged: When u Mind Control enemy he loses combat the moment u Mind control him.
How it's supposed to work: When u Mind Control enemy he should lose combat after 6s
Wowhead link: |T136206:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:605|h[Mind Control]|h|r

When someone doesn't receive or take any action, he drops combat after 5.56 seconds, that's why if a target gets cm'ed both the target and the priest should drop combat after that time if nobody else directly attacked or healed them.
[Holy][Divine Shield]

Class: Paladin
Specialization: All
Category: Cooldowns
Priority: Critical
How it's bugged: Currently Divine Shield receiving damage from some npc abilities, lack of protection and it could apply you permanently damage over time if you step ground type or multi damage over time when shield duration is over. effects.|T524354:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:642|h[Divine Shield]|h|r
The infinite damage overtime appears after Divine Shield as ended and it can happens both if you use Divine Shield and then go take the damage over time effect and using Divine shield, and using Divine Shield while taking that damage over time
[Holy] Tyr's Deliverance

There are 2 problems at the moment with the spell:
It should be able to do overheal and apply the buff even if it does overheal, at the moment it cant.
The healing value from the trait |T1122562:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:238060|h[Tyr's Munificence]|h|r is wrong, the buff should be an additive and not multiplicative, so the buff should not be 20% x 1. (trait value), but 20% + trait, for example the end value of the buff from 4 trait would be 40%(20%+20%) on Retail, while here in Fs it's 28% (20%x1.2)
[Mistweaver] Soothing Mist

Any remaining Soothing Mist buff on the monk himself caused by the monk himself should be removed if he relogs.
|T606550:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:115175|h[Soothing Mist]|h|r
[Windwalker] Rising Sun Kick / Tornado Kicks

Right now, when you have Tornado Kicks trait learned, when you use Rising Sun Kick, it will actually cast Rising Sun Kick 2 times, first time it will do Rising Sun Kick's damage and second time it will do Tornado Kicks' damage.

Issue appears when your target dies from that first "cast" of Rising Sun Kick, meaning that actual Rising Sun Kick's damage went off and killed the target, but Tornado Kicks' damage didnt go off, what will happen the next time you use Rising Sun Kick after that is that only Tornado Kicks cast will go off, without Risin Sun Kick's damage itself.

How it should work: Using Rising Sun Kick should always apply its own damage, and then if target is alive it should also apply Tornado Kicks' damage.

|T607849:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:196082|h[Tornado Kicks]|h|r
|T642415:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:107428|h[Rising Sun Kick]|h|r
Chi Burst

Damage and healing values are not correct.

U can get all the info bout formulas on askmrrobot
[Frost] Freezing Rain

Class: Mage
Specc: Frost
When you have the trait "Freezing Rain" (SpellID: 238092)" and you cast "Frozen Orb" (SpellID: 84714)", you gain a buff which decreases the casttime of "Blizzard" (SpellID: 190356)" by 100% for 12 seconds.

The issue is, that when you get used to cast "Frost Orb" (SpellID: 84714) for a second time since the first cast, the timer in your buff windows renews to 12 seconds (only visual), but goes away when the first buff runs out of his timer.
[General] Crittermorph Glyph

Issue with Crittermorph Glyph is that its staying on mob for 60 seconds instead of 1 day if you have glyph learned
Rune of Power (being casted two times in a row)

Mage talent ability Rune of Power(|T609815:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:116011|h[Rune of Power]|h|r) if its hard spammed,u can cast double runes,they don't affect damage,but you just lose a free stack of Rune of Power for no reason(you should be able to cast 1 rune,and u would have CD of 10 seconds or more,to cast 2nd one,but since u cast 2 you lose a stack,u don't benefit anything from the 2nd rune)
[MM/BM/SV][Talent] Posthaste


When you use Disengage (MM/BM) with Posthaste in PvP (outdoor, duels, bgs, etc) it only removes roots.
It should removes root, leap backwards and give you movement speed buff.

When you use Harpoon (SV) with Posthaste in PvP (outdoor, duels, bgs, etc) it removes roots and give you movement speed buff.
It also should pulling you to the enemy.
[Survival] Expert Trapper

Does not work for Tar Trap.
|T646380:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:199543|h[Expert Trapper]|h|r
[Marksman] Feet Of Wind

Artifact trait [Feet Of Wind] Grants you immunity to snares while Aspect Of Cheetah is on you.

Effect 1 Apply Aura: Mod Dodge % Value: 50%
Effect 2 Apply Aura: Add Creature Immunity (?) (Asleep, Snared, Slowed)
Effect 3 Apply Aura: Immunity Mechanic (Snared)
|T132177:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:238088|h[Feet of Wind]|h|r
|T132242:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:186257|h[Aspect of the Cheetah]|h|r
|T136243:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:240777|h[Feet of Wind]|h|r
[Feral] Earthen Grasp + Bloodtalons

If Druid has Earthen Grasp then Entangling Roots doesn't trigger Bloodtalons.

|T136100:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:236023|h[Earthen Grasp]|h|r Earthen Grasp
http://www.wowhead.com/?spell=155672 Bloodtalons
[Feral] Ashamane's Frenzy

Ashamane's Frenzy SHOULD be snapshoting Tiger's Fury, currently it does not.
|T1278111:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:210722|h[Ashamane's Frenzy]|h|r
|T132242:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5217|h[Tiger's Fury]|h|r
[Legendary Item] Aman'Thul's Wisdom

|T903040:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:137072::::::::120:::::|h[Aman'Thul's Wisdom]|h|r

Doesnt work on refreshed HoT's.

|T1033478:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:155777|h[Rejuvenation (Germination)]|h|r

Steps to reproduce: Equip shoulders, take germination talent, use rejuv x2 and then x2 again to refresh duration, observe remaining duration.
[Unholy] Sludge Belcher Smash & Dark Transformation

How it's bugged: Smash doesnt work at all in dark transformation, and even after transformation ends. without/before dark transformation it works fine.
How it's supposed to work: Should do damage, and stun the target for 2 sec.

Wowhead link:
|T298667:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:207313|h[Sludge Belcher]|h|r
|T342913:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:63560|h[Dark Transformation]|h|r
[Unholy] Tier 20 2 Set Bonus

2 Set Bonus for Unholy DK dont works correct.
Like it works on Sylvanas: Ghouls from Army of the Dead only apply 3 sec. timer and thats it,after 3sec Buff just disappear.
Ghouls from Apocalypse dont even apply the Buff.

How it should be: each ghoul summoned by
[ |T237511:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:42650|h[Army of the Dead]|h|r ]
[ |T1392565:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:220143|h[Apocalypse]|h|r ]
must apply
[ |T135775:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:246995|h[Master of Ghouls]|h|r ]
for 3sec and if buff already on you then it must be extended for 3 sec.
So Army apply buff for 8x3=24sec (8Ghouls from Army of the Dead) and Apocalypse at 6 stacks apply it for 6x3=18sec (6Ghouls from Apocalypse)

Here you can see how it should be,start video by 17:30min!!!
Wraith Walk

You can be rooted during the duration of Wraith Walk, you shouldnt be able to.
|T1100041:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:212552|h[Wraith Walk]|h|r
[Paladin vs Death Knight] Divine Shield vs Death Grip

How it's bugged: You can grip the target to you, even if the target is in divine shield
How it's supposed to work: Death Grip should be immune to divine shield.

Wowhead link:
|T524354:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:642|h[Divine Shield]|h|r
|T237532:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:49576|h[Death Grip]|h|r
[Unholy & Frost] Decomposing Aura

How it's bugged: If target with aura is not in your range (10 yards for this aura), u will lose all stacks after like 34 sec.
How it's supposed to work: It should slowly decay every 2 sec. Lets sayu u have 5 stacks, so it should decay like 5 (2sec) 4 (2sec) 3 (2 sec) 2 (sec) 1 (2 sec).
Wowhead link: |T1390945:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:199720|h[Decomposing Aura]|h|r
[Frost][Crystalline Swords]

Proc chance of Crystalline Swords is not correct.
It should be around 45% as stated in http://www.wowhead.com/spell=189186/crystallineswordscomments
[Unholy] Raise Dead

How it's bugged: when you have a summoned ghoul you cant resummon it with your raise dead ability it says "you already have a summoned creature".
How it's supposed to work: if you already have a summoned ghoul, and press raise dead ability, it should resummon the ghoul.

Wowhead Link:|T1100170:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:46584|h[Raise Dead]|h|r
[Vengeance] Soul Cleave

The healing of Soul Cleave is off, it's a bit lowered than what it should be.
Most likely due to the old formula still being used that had 60 max Pain used.
The corresponding talent, 'Devour Souls' isn't working at all.
[Vengeance] Fracture Talent

Since the last update, the talent fractures CONSUMES 2 greater souls on cast, instead of SPAWNING 2 lesser ones
[Vengeance] Soul Cleave

Versatility doesn't increase healing done by Soul Cleave.

The cooldown of Felblade doesn't reset while Demon Hunter is on BG/Arena (crossserver only).
[Havoc] Blur

How it's bugged: Blur makes you dodge attacks from behind.
How it's supposed to work: Blur should not make you dodge attacks from behind.

Wowhead link: |T1305150:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198589|h[Blur]|h|r

Neither Blur nor any other spell should ever make you dodge attacks from behind.
[NPC] The Cape of Stranglethorn: Narkk

Narkk doesn't sell any items now.

[NPC] Sentinax Lasers

They currently can be damaged by players AOE abilities, which shouldn't be possible, as it cancels portals spawn.
[Healers] Mass Resurrection spells

All mass resurrection spells should ignore LoS.

|T413586:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:212036|h[Mass Resurrection]|h|r Mass Resurrection (Priest)
|T132125:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:212040|h[Revitalize]|h|r Revitalize (Druid)
|T1056569:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:212051|h[Reawaken]|h|r Reawaken (Monk)
|T1030102:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:212056|h[Absolution]|h|r Absolution (Paladin)
|T237576:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:212048|h[Ancestral Vision]|h|r Ancestral Vision (Shaman)
[Fishing] General Issue

Right now you can only go fishing in the dalaran fountain.
Anywhere else u get a message "You can't use that here"
Item-Feverish Carapace

Currently negates all damage you take

July 23, 2018

[Legendary] - Magistrike Restraints

Destro legendary Magistrike Restraints sometimes procs "rain of Chaos Bolts", it hits every target around. With 1 CB cast it can proc like 10 other bolts instead of only 1. Legendary should only proc from main Chaos Bolt. At the moment it can proc even in singletarget fights but it should not proc there,( legendary only procs on 2+ target). Other issue is , it is pulling nonaggro mobs. Also its animation is wrong.
Here is video of animation:
Single target info:
Nonaggro mobs:
Here are some videos where ppl use it in challenge:

This can proc from a Havoc'd target: http://www.wowhead.com/item=132407/magistrikerestraintscomments
[Demonology] - Doom Bolt

Summoned Doomguard (guardian NOT supermacy) is doing less dmg that it should.
DOOMGUARD DOOM BOLT = 2.75 TotalSpellPower = 76818.5
27934 SP 0versa
hit ALWAYS 88.7k (crit 177.4k)
5% Breath of Thal'kiel = 80659.425
5% Thal'kiel's Lingering Power = 84692.39625
10% Swarms of the Black Harvest = 93161.63588
52% (mastery) = 141605.6865 (EMPOWERMENT) hit ALWAYS 134k (crit 267.9k)
It deals like 5k less atm.
[Elemental] Flameshock

About Flameshock:
It shouldn't snapshot any stat or damage multiplier but with an exception. Elemental Focus buff is the only thing should be snapshotted
[Elemental] Lava beam + mastery interaction

Ascendance replaces your Chain lightning into Lava beam

Mastery: Elemental overload gives those 2 spells a chance to proc their overload spells Chain lightning Overload and Lava beam Overload

The proc chance formula is: Player's Mastery chance / 5 (that chance is rolled by each enemy hit, not spell cast).
On Firestorm it is just the player's Mastery chance (chance rolled by each enemy hit aswell).

Mastery chance for Lava beam/Chain lightning should always be divided by /5 in all situations.

In addition,
Chain lightning Overload proc chance formula should be as I said Mastery chance / 5 in all situations
Right now it's: mastery chance / enemies hit
[Elem] Chain Lightning Overload

Add ~500 ms delay for Chain Lightning Overload, for visual
[Discipline] Power Word: Shield on Cyclone

On FS, if you use your PW:S on someone who's cycloned, your PW:S will go off cd but your target will be immuned due to the cyclone. On retail, you get an error message saying that you can't do it right now.
Mind Control + Purge

Category: Spells
Priority: High
Name of the bug: Mind Control
How it's bugged: You can't PURGE the debuff off your ally if he's getting MC'd
How it's supposed to work: if someone of your faction is getting mind controled by a priest, he should appear as an enemy and he should have a buff (mind control one) that you should be able to purge to free him from the MC.

|T136206:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:605|h[Mind Control]|h|r
[Shadow] Psyfiend

Psyfiend currently has a few issues and incorrect interactions with some spell effects.
First off, Psyfiend is (and should be) immune to Area of Effect damage spells such as Fan of Knives, Holy Nova, Mind Sear, etc (this is working just fine). The issue lies with Area of Effect spells that apply Damage over Time effects such as Fan of Knives applying poisons.(They should not apply these DoT debuffs)

Second issue; Health increasing/decreasing spells/effects. They should not be affecting Psyfiend. Currently you can cause a Psyfiend to gain a lot of health by using any health increasing or decreasing effect like Commanding Shout or Decomposing Aura. By default Psyfiend has 10 health, but if you buff/debuff it with these buffs, it will have 3mil+ health when he should not.

Third issue, and it kinda is part of the first 2 issues. You should absolutely not be able to buff, debuff (should not be able to stun or put DoTs on the Psyfiend) or heal the Psyfiend.

Fourth issue, Psyfiend is for some reason usable during Dispersion. Dispersion ''silences'' you and you can't cast spells during that time, but Psyfiend is still castable during that time, but it should not.
[Arcane] Arcane Familiar range and duration of attacks.

Upon casting a ability on enemy and using Arcane Familiar talent (|T1041232:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:205022|h[Arcane Familiar]|h|r) your familiar will shoot missiles,no matter the range,doesnt matter if you will cast ability or not,and it can even attack if you go invisible,as long as you see target,it will attack it if you casted ability on it.
[Arcane] Arcane charge visual bug

When you gain a charge from arcane blast the animation (visual) is not correct, instead to shine on the charge you get, it shines on 2 charges, next to it ( except on 4th one)
[Blood] Dancing Rune Weapon

when Dancing Rune Weapon ends the dot Blood Plague ticks only once and it should tick 3 times becuase its aplied 3 times
[Veng] Spirit Bomb Soul Consume

Despite tooltip says it "launches" all Soul Fragments at the target and doing dmg. It should actually "consume" all fragments before exploding, which means they should heal you and proc some traits, such as Painbringer and Fueled by Pain.
[Vengeance] Soul Fragment max stack mechanic

How it works: When you have 5 fragments and you spawn new ones old ones just go to waste.

How it should work: When you have 5 fragments and you spawn new ones, everything more than 5 should be consumed.
[Trinket]Barbaric Mindslaver

|T537021:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:147003::::::::120:::::|h[Barbaric Mindslaver]|h|r
Trinket proc chance doesn't seem to be increasing
From wowhead:
6(+haste) rppm at 100% scaling linearly to 12(+haste) rppm at 20% mana

also it only procs from direct heals, should proc from hots

July 19, 2018

[Arms] Executioners precision with Sweeping Strikes

How it is bugged:
On a situation when you have EP (Executioners precision) applied on targets 13 and talented with Sweeping strikes and you cast Mortal strike it will only consume the main target stacks.
How it should work:
Mortal strike should consume up to 3 targets affected by EP (Executioners precision) when talented.

|T135358:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:238147|h[Executioner's Precision]|h|r
[Affliction] - Phantom Singularity

Duration of Phantom Singularity is not affected by haste now.
Tooltip says correct but duration is not (duration is always 16 sec).
Formula for duration is 16 / (1 + TotalHaste), with my 19% haste its 13.44 (on tooltpi 13.4)
Dmg, mana cost, tick rate WORKS fine, only duration is issue.

12:13 on video shows tooltip on retail
[Affliction] - Compounding Horror

Compounding Horror dmg is not affected by Affliction Warlock aura
atm with 27941 SP and 0 versa, it deals 44705dmg always (0.32 TotalSpellPower TotalDamageMultiplier BuffStack(CompoundingHorror))
0.32 SP 5stacks = 44705 (there is no total dmg mult)
it should hit 50964 with multiplier

|T1002600:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:199282|h[Compounding Horror]|h|r
[General] - Soul Harvest

Soul Harvest does not cap at 36 sec again, for all 3 specs. Atm it can go more than 36 sec.
|T463284:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:196098|h[Soul Harvest]|h|r
[Elemental] [Talent] Path of Flame

Lava Burst deals 10% more damage and causes Flame Shock to spread from the target to a nearby enemy.
|T451164:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:201909|h[Path of Flame]|h|r

This talent is broken since the release of version 7.3.5, the talent only works on the targets next to us, and should apply on the target and not me (shaman)

Operation: Put flameshock on the target and cast Lava burst, if the target is far it should spread flameshock on other nearby targets, the problem is that the target that propagates flameshock is me the shaman

In addition: flamme shock spread on other target even if I did not apply flameshocks on the enemy.

Conclusion: the talent Path of Flame increases the damage of lava burst by 10% but the problem is the propagation of flameshock in more than this one spreads even on the targets that we are not supposed to see such as the adds on the first boss of MOS or the wolves on Fenryr. We are able to see them only with a .gm on, this problem causes a constant combat bug throughout the MM + Dungeon or raid.
Glyph of the Spectral Raptor

The glyph should make Ghost wolf turn you into a Spectral Raptor

Right now it doesn't change the appareance, you'll still turn into a wolf
[Brewmaster] Elusive Dance

Increases damage purified by Purifying Brew for way less then it should.
For this talent it should be
40%(which is base for Purifying Brew) + 20%(from talent) = 60%(as the tooltip says but it actually doesnt clear that amount)

|T133701:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:119582|h[Purifying Brew]|h|r
[Mistweaver] Vivify

If the secondary targets that Vivify is supposed to heal is at full health, Vivify will not apply any heal (overheal) on them, when it should. It should still focus injured allies over full health ones.
[Fire][Glyph] Glyph of smolder.

Glyph of Smolder for Fire mages (|T254300:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:139348::::::::120:::::|h[Glyph of Smolder]|h|r) should activate after Combustion ability (|T135824:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:190319|h[Combustion]|h|r) EXPIRES,but instead it activates as soon as Combustion is used.
[Balance]Legendary cloak Radiant moonlight

|T1096902:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:151800::::::::120:::::|h[Radiant Moonlight]|h|r
The lego got fixed and the mechanic work fine, but when you cast the first full moon it reduces the overall recharge cooldown by ~4~7 seconds, it shouldn't.
Glyph of the Doe

When the glyph is used, it does not display the doe look. It remains as a stag. I posted a picture comparing between the doe and the stag. This was done in PTR via morphing.
[Blood] Blooddrinker

Should be interruptable in pvp
Stuns work but kicks don't interrupt the cast
[General PvP Issue] Purge/Dispel vs Stackable Buffs

Category: Mechanic
Priority: High
Name of the bug: all purge effect spell vs stackable buffs
How it's bugged: If a dispellable spell stackable on the enemy target, purge only dispell it stack by stack
How it's supposed to work: purge should dispell the whole buff. (Dispell,Purge,Mass Dispel,Devour Magic)
Wowhead link:|T136066:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:528|h[Dispel Magic]|h|r
|T135739:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:32375|h[Mass Dispel]|h|r
Goblin Glider Kit in Raids/Dungeons

|T133632:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:109076::::::::120:::::|h[Goblin Glider Kit]|h|r
Shouldnt be useable in raids & dungeons, it should says to your screen "You can't do it right now"

July 16, 2018

[Arms] Soul Of the Slaughter

This trait should also include spell Execute to the rage proc but currently it does not.

|T236280:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:238111|h[Soul of the Slaughter]|h|r
[Legendary]- The master havester

The lego buff overrides current active soul haverst buff(talent one). Instead it should just accumulate 8 seconds to already existent buff time if applicable.
If you unequip and equip the lego again, Soul harvest(talent) duration will be 8s instead of 12s.

|T1345976:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:151821::::::::120:::::|h[The Master Harvester]|h|r
|T463284:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:196098|h[Soul Harvest]|h|r
[Affliction] - Reap Souls + Winnowing + Unstable Affliction

With 23% crit from items, Inherently Unstable trait 8% and Winnowing 7% (4%+3 from relics) , Unstable Affliction should crit 38% time , and on my tests its always aroud 40% so its fine. BUT when you use Reap Souls ( i keept it 100% uptime) crit chance should be 53%, but it crits 77%+ all time.

I tested same on other char with 19% crit, 12% Ingerently Unstabel trait ( 2 relics), and Winnowing 4% , and without Soul reap it crits 36.2% time ( calc its 36%), but with Soul Reap its 72% time ( calc 51%)
I had Soual Reap 100% uptime all times, and same thing happens on live realms, where it crits 70%+ all time in overall boss fight.

I simmed char and it says crit around 50% , here is sim ( its sim of 2nd char i tested with 19% crit)
And on sim it says UA shoudl do 20.1% overall dmg done, but it deals 43.9%
All Afly spell forumals are corect so its not forumal problem.

I added SS from my testing, and in sims i shoudl do 870k dps for 5mins without moving with TW, food, etc. But i did 1m+ for 5min witohut tw and other buffs,
All other crit traits works fine, with Soul Reap and without, i tested 1 by 1, and Winnowing with Soul Reap is only issue.
[Aff]- Sweet souls

The trait effect(25% additional healing) only procs if you are in party. This part should also proc if you havent party on any PvP or PvE enviorment

|T136211:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:199220|h[Sweet Souls]|h|r
[Destruction] - Immolate ticks

Immolate ticks are not affected by mastery
here is calculation
IMMOLATE TICK = 0.7215 TotalSpellPower 20159.4315
27941 SP 0versa
4% 20965.81 Flames of the Pit
24% 25997.6 Residual Flames
5% 27297.48 Stolen Power
10% 30027.23 Flames of the Black Harvest
all x1.15 34531.316 Desto lock aura
29%mini mastery 44545.4
29%mini+ 29% 57463.56
hit ALWAYS 34532 > means no mastery on immolate ticks

immolate direct works fine
IMMOLATE DIRECT = 1.332 TotalSpellPower 37217.412
27941 SP 0versa
hit from 82.7k to 100.7k ON MOB (23hits)
4% 38706.11
24% 47995.57
5% 50395.35
10% 55434.89
all x1.15 63750.12
29%mini mastery 82237.66
29%min+29% 106086.58



here is video (this guy is talking about other thing), but you can see immolate RNG ticks on dummy , he is naked but still 16% base mastery (starts 2:17)
[Enhancement] Winds of change

Winds of Change should make Windfury main hand (ID:25504) and Windfury offhand (ID:25504) generate 2 maelstrom resource per hit.

It just doesn't work right now
[Discipline] Penance

If you're targetting an enemy target and you cast Penance, you shouldn't be able to cast it if you don't face your target. On Firestorm, you can cast it no matter what your orientation is, just like defensive Penance on retail.
[Discipline]ToS trinket modifier and Atonement Interaction

Disc priest is missing a modifier on ToS dps trinkets. (This Modifier should only be active while you're in the Discipline priest specialization)
should be 55% less dmg on these trinkets

|T237241:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:147017::::::::120:::::|h[Tarnished Sentinel Medallion]|h|r
|T463487:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:147016::::::::120:::::|h[Terror From Below]|h|r

and 65% less dmg on this trinket.
|T132330:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:147012::::::::120:::::|h[Umbral Moonglaives]|h|r

Another Issue is that these Trinkets should interact with Discipline Priest's Atonement healing.
[Discipline] Penance's move speed buff

If you have the trait Speed of the Pious, you should get 30% movement speed for 2s upon casting Penance. On Firestorm, the buff is active only if you're casting Penance, that means if you cancel Penance it'll remove the buff, and the buff can't last 2s because Penance's cast length is less than 2s. On retail the buff always fades after 2s, no matter what happens.
[Discipline] Penance

If you're targetting an enemy target and you cast Penance, you shouldn't be able to cast it if you don't face your target. On Firestorm, you can cast it no matter what your orientation is, just like defensive Penance on retail.
[Holy] Ray of Hope and damage immunities

Category: Honor Talent
Priority: Medium
How it's bugged: If you take damage during ray of hope, and block/divine shield before you get the delayed damage, you still get the damage even in block or divine shield
How it's supposed to work: Ice Block and Divine shield, should prevent damage taken from any source, so the delayed damage should be immune.
Wowhead link:|T1445239:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:197268|h[Ray of Hope]|h|r
|T135841:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:45438|h[Ice Block]|h|r
|T524354:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:642|h[Divine Shield]|h|r
[Discipline] Psychic Scream on players flying

If you use Psychic Scream on someone who's flying on a flying mount, he should be immuned, on Firestorm he's feared and he goes slowly on the ground.
[Discipline] Penance and spell reflection

On Firestorm, if a warlock or a warrior uses his spell reflection and you can Penance on it, your Penance goes through the reflect whereas your Penance should be reflected like any other spell.
|T135796:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:212295|h[Nether Ward]|h|r
[Shadow] Psychic Link

Class: Priest
Specialization: Shadow
Category: Honor talent
Priority: (very) High
Name of the bug: Psychic Link
How it's bugged: It affect main target that u are casting void bolt/mind blast on.
How it's supposed to work: It should only affect your off targets with pain, and ignore main target.
Wowhead link: |T1445238:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:199484|h[Psychic Link]|h|r
Evidence: 17:21
[Holy] Holy Mending

Holy Mending is currently not benefiting from healing modifiers (Divinity, Velen's Future sight, Versatility, etc). Another issue is that its not proccing Holy Priest's Mastery: Echo of Light.

|T458225:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:196779|h[Holy Mending]|h|r
|T237537:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:77485|h[Mastery: Echo of Light]|h|r
[Disc/Holy] Angelic Feather

There is currently an issue with Angelic Feather's pickup priority. Currently if you were to place the feather on yourself while standing on top of another player, the other player will occasionally steal the feather/buff. When placing the feather on top of your hitbox you should be guaranteed to pick up the feather/buff, even if another player's hitbox is closer than yours. If a feather is placed and no one is initially hit by it, then the person that reaches it first should get the buff/feather.
Placement targeting priority should be as follow: priest (caster of Angelic Feather); closest player; closest NPC (pets, guardians, etc).

|T642580:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:121536|h[Angelic Feather]|h|r
Holy - Light's Hammer

The spell currently appears as a totem which is wrong, it's supposed to appear like ( Efflorescence Resto druid spell ) Also the spell wich appears as totem can be targetble from npcs. '' you can test the npc encounter by casting light's hammer and using '' Potion of the Old War '' together.
[Retribution]Judgment debuff

Class: Paladin
Specialization: Retribution
Category: Spell
Priority: high
Name of the bug: Judgement
How it's bugged: Debuff of Judgement misses the 10% base value.
How it's supposed to work: Debuff of Judgement, that increases damage done by x% (depending on mastery) on holy power spender abilities, should have 10% base value. So it's supposed to be 10% base value + current mastery.
WoWhead Link: |T135959:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:20271|h[Judgment]|h|r
Additional Comment: /
[Mistweaver] Essence Font

1. Essence Font's healing over time effect should be affected by pandemic effect
2. Essence Font should try to jump to (heal) targets that do not already have Essence Font healing over time effect on them, in case that all of the friendly targets already have Essence Font Healing over time effect on them, then it should randomly chose one of the targets that already have it.
Currently spell choses 6 targets and heals them 3 times, in best case scenario it should try to heal 18 targets only once IF possible.

|T1360978:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:191837|h[Essence Font]|h|r
[MM] Cyclonic Burst

Cyclonic Burst should hit everyone that are walkingstanding on the wind trail from your windburst spell but instead it wont do any dmg to those target that are not walking within it (standing steel) it will only dmg those who are moving within it which is a bug.

Windburst |T1135050:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:204147|h[Windburst]|h|r
Cyclonic Burst |T1135050:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:238124|h[Cyclonic Burst]|h|r
[MM] Freezing trap + Tar Trap

Freezing trap and tar trap have limit of 1 only for each kind of trap which means you can use only 1 trap (freezingtar) every 1 min But in firestorm you are able to use a second (freezingtar trap) after the first 30 sec while the first one will be still exist which is a bug.
Freezing trap |T135834:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:187650|h[Freezing Trap]|h|r

Tar trap |T576309:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:187698|h[Tar Trap]|h|r
[Restoration][Trait]Dreamwalker and germination

The trait isn't procing from the germinaion HoT, which is basically a second rejuvenation

[Restoration]Nature's Essence and mastery

|T236153:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:189800|h[Nature's Essence]|h|r
The healing from this trait doesnt get increased from mastery no matter how many hots you have on you
[Unholy] Black Claws

Trait |T237535:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:238116|h[Black Claws]|h|r dont work corect its only burst Wounds from one target.

how its should:
If you have for example on more than on one target Wounds and you use Dark Transformation your Ghoul or Abomination should burst randomly Wounds from targets.(tested on Retail!!)
[Unholy] Dark Arbiter

Dark Arbiter : |T298674:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:207349|h[Dark Arbiter]|h|r

Damage of Dark Arbiter is low. For each runic power spent Arbiter is supposed to deal 1% more damage, including if you use sudden doom, it should count also. For start it hits 80 to 200k, but it starts with random amount for some reason instead of one correct number each time, for example after spending 240 runic power ( sudden doom proc included ) it is supposed to deal 240% more damage but sometimes Sudden Doom procs dont count and the % from dmg dont goes up

Formula for DMG!!!
[Havoc][Talent] Chaos Cleave

Chaos Cleave should hit main target for additional 10% aswell, atm it doesnt work.
|T135697:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:206475|h[Chaos Cleave]|h|r
|T1305152:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:162794|h[Chaos Strike]|h|r

Be sure to implement for Annihilation aswell:
[Talent] Blind Fury (Fury Gains)

Eye Beam normally has 10 ticks on target, with this talent its duration is increased by 50% so it makes it 15 ticks. Talent Blind Fury says Eye Beam generates 35 fury every 1s for the duration of Eye Beam channel, but its actually generates Fury on each Eye Beam tick.

35x3=105 Fury generated
105/15(ticks)=7 fury/tick

Eye Beam with this talent generates 7 fury per tick, instead of 35 fury per second.

|T1117876:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:203550|h[Blind Fury]|h|r
[Item][Legendary] Velens Future Sight

|T135918:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:144258::::::::120:::::|h[Velen's Future Sight]|h|r

15% healing doesnt work for current HoTs you have on targets, only works for those you apply after you activate the trinket.
Auction House Stormwind NPC not functioning.

Stormwind City,middle Auctioneer within Trade District,is interactable,but only dialogue appears,not a option to use him as a Auctioneer.

July 12, 2018

[Fury] Unrivaled Strength

[Fury] Unrivaled Strength
Category: Artifact Trait
Priority: High
How it's bugged: It gives currently gives 10% critical strike damage/level
How it's supposed to work: Should give 5%/level (as the tooltip says)
Wowhead link:|T236314:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:200860|h[Unrivaled Strength]|h|r
[Fury][Arms] ToS trinkets

Fury and Arms warrior should have SPEC SPECIFIC 40% damage modifier on certain trinkets, for now lets deal with ToS ones first.

1. http://www.wowhead.com/item=151190/specterofbetrayal&bonus=3561:1492 (damage effect is |T463286:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:246464|h[Dread Torrent]|h|r)
2. |T463902:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:147011::::::::120:::::|h[Vial of Ceaseless Toxins]|h|r
3. |T132330:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:147012::::::::120:::::|h[Umbral Moonglaives]|h|r
4. |T840198:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:147009::::::::120:::::|h[Infernal Cinders]|h|r
[Arms] War Banner

Should be displayed under player's frame.
|T603532:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:236320|h[War Banner]|h|r
[aff]- Soul shard generation with agony


Agony has 2 ways of generating a shard:

First one:

Every tick of Agony, a hidden accumulator is incremented. When it exceeds 1, it generates a shard and rolls over the remainder to start the next one.

The added value per tick is currently 0.16 on average, with some variance (we'll try to remember to update this since there's no way to see it ingame). Each added amount is divided by the square root of the number of Agonies you currently have active.

When you have no Agonies out, the accumulator is cleared. When you next cast one, it's reset to a random value from 0 to 0.99.

This hidden acumulator inst a chance, it is a number that grows everytime agony ticks and when the accumulation of this numbers surpass 1 a shard is generated. Example

As it is written on the explanation, when you cast agony on a target, you get a random number of this accumulator from 0 to 0,99, so lets say I use agony once and I get an accumulator of 0,50. Upcoming ticks are going to add 0,16 to this accumulator, so 0,5+,16=0,66, next tick 0,66+0,16= 0,82; next tick 0,82+0,16= 0,98 and next one 0,98+0,16= 1,14, we surpassed 1, so a shard is generated and the next one starts with 0,14 accumulator and as before, eah tick adds 0,16, so first tick it would be 0,14+0,16= 0,3 and so on

Remember, this is an accumulator, it is not a chance, this makes the spell to grant a shard after few ticks.
This accumulator is cleared when agony duration is over on the target, but if agony is active and you refresh the dot, the accumulator keeps going as before.

Second one:

Along with the accumulator, agony has a 2,5% chance to generate a shard, increased by the ticks with no shard generated. So first tick 2,5%, second tick 2,5+2,5=5; third 5+2,5 and so on. If a shard is generated by the hidden accumulator, this chance resets to 2,5%. If this chance is the one that generates the shard instead of the accumulator, the accumulator does not reset to 0, it keeps going until a shard is generated and keeps following the behaviour explained above.

For multitarget

= Value + DequeueSavedValue(SoulShardTracker) + RandomFloat 0.32 / Sqrt(DotCount(Agony))

lets do an example

2 targets, 2 agonies
I've got 0,16 as increasing accumulator
Got 0,11 accumulator from a previous shard generated
0,50 as random value when I cast agony on a target without agony

0,16+0,11+0,5x0,32/ sqrt of 2= 0,38 accumulator added

As the comment says, "The value is reduced when you have Agony on 3 or more targets." which means it caps at 3 targets
[Restoration] Undulation

Class: Shaman
Specialization: Restoration
Category: Talent
Priority: high
Name of the bug: Undulation (Healing Surge)
How it's bugged: Procs too often. Undulation even procs, if you fake cast with Healing Surge. However for Healing Wave it works totally fine.
How its supposed to work: Undulation should only proc on every 3rd Healing Wave or Healing Surge
WoWhead Link: |T136043:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:216251|h[Undulation]|h|r
[Elemental] Static Overload Trait

The spell ' |T839977:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:191602|h[Static Overload]|h|r is consumed when using a lava blast or other, and should not

The spell works very well the problem is that when we use the prodigious weapon we get this buff '|T839977:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:191602|h[Static Overload]|h|r ' until here everything is fine, but in my cycle I decided to make a lava explosion before and that's when the buff gets deleted, it should not
[All] Counterstrike Totem

The Honor Talent Counterstrike Totem should not reflect more than 1M damage. Currently, on Firestorm, it has no cap.
|T511726:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:204331|h[Counterstrike Totem]|h|r
[Restoration] Tidal Totem

Class: Shaman
Specialization: Restoration
Category: Trait
Priority: medium
Name of the bug: Tidal Pools (Tidal Totem)
How it's bugged: Tidal Totem can be targeted and is displays as totem.
How its supposed to work: Tidal Totem should be untargetable and should not displayed as totem, nor should have a nameplate.
WoWhead Link: |T135127:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:208932|h[Tidal Totem]|h|r
|T409600:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:207358|h[Tidal Pools]|h|r
How it looks on Live:
How it looks on Firestorm:
[Restoration] Riptide and Concordance

Class: Shaman
Specialization: Restoration
Category: Honor Talent
Priority: low
Name of the bug: Concordance + Riptide
How it's bugged: Concordance doesn't empower the hot of Riptide.
How its supposed to work: The hot healing of Riptide should get empowered by concordance.
WoWhead Link: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=185875/riptide
|T1585421:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:242584|h[Concordance of the Legionfall]|h|r
[Restoration] Riptide PvP Modifier

Class: Shaman
Specialization: Restoration
Category: Modifier
Priority: medium
Name of the bug: Riptide (Modifier)
How it's bugged: Riptide currently has a 115% Modifier in PvP/World.
How its supposed to work: Riptide shouldn't have any Modifier in PvP/World.
WoWhead Link: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=185875/riptide
[Elemental] Static Overload Trait

The spell ' |T839977:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:191602|h[Static Overload]|h|r is consumed when using a lava blast or other, and should not

The spell works very well the problem is that when we use the prodigious weapon we get this buff '|T839977:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:191602|h[Static Overload]|h|r ' until here everything is fine, but in my cycle I decided to make a lava explosion before and that's when the buff gets deleted, it should not
Shamanism + Sence of Urgency

When Enhancement shaman has Honor Talent called Shamanism, the Bloodlust duration talent gives is 10 seconds.
Sence of Urgency should grant Resto shaman 25% increased healing only while he has Bloodlust buff, but currently when Resto shaman gets Shamanism buff, it triggers 40 seconds of Sence of Urgency instead of 10.
[Elemental/Enhancement][Cleanse Spirit]

Cleanse Spirit should only trigger GCD and CD on the spell only when there is something to dispell
[Enhancement] Landslide procs

Talent Landslide procs off:
Lightning bolt enhancement

Flametongue initial cast

Frostbrand initial cast

Earthen Spike talent

Fury of air talent

Should only proc off Rockbiter
[Enhancement] Infernal Cinders trinket nerf

Enhancement shaman should have SPEC SPECIFIC 30% reduced damage on Infernal Cinders.

[Elemental] Primal Storm Elemental

Primal Storm Elemental, summoned by Storm elemental spell while Primal elementalist talent is chosen, Is dealing about 4 times less damage than the normal version of Storm elemental
Primal elementalist should take the base damage formula of the normal Storm elemental and add a 1.8 damage modifier.

These are the damaging spells the elemental casts:
Wind gust
Call lightning
[Restoration] Healing Stream Totem

Class: Shaman
Specialization: Restoration
Category: spell
Priority: high
Name of the bug: Healing Stream Totem
How it's bugged: Healing Stream Totem is level 100.
How its supposed to work: Healing Stream Totem should be the same level as the player, which is 110 in Legion.
WoWhead Link: |T135127:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5394|h[Healing Stream Totem]|h|r
Additional Comment: /
[All] Swelling Waves

Class: Shaman
Specialization: all
Category: Honor Talent
Priority: high
Name of the bug: Swelling Waves
How it's bugged: Heals for 100% of the original cast.
How its supposed to work: Should heal for 50% of the original cast.
WoWhead Link: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=204266/swellingwaves
[Elemental] Crits

Class: Shaman
Specialization: Elemental
Category: Spell
Priority: high
Name of the bug: Elemental Fury
How it's bugged: It gives 50% crit in PvP situations.
How its supposed to work: It should give 25% crit in PvP situations. Since Crit is 150% in PvP, it would be 150% + 25% = 175% crit, instead of 250% how it currently is.
WoWhead Link: |T135830:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:60188|h[Elemental Fury]|h|r
[Elemental] Earth Shock

There is no animation with the Earth Shock spell, however it works properly and does the damage.
[Restoration] Earthern Shield Totem

Class: Shaman
Specialization: Restoration
Category: Talent
Priority: High
Name of the bug: Earthen Shield vs. Dampening
How it's bugged: Earthen Shield Totem's damage absorption effect is currently not affected by Dampening.
How it's supposed to work: Earthen Shield Totem's damage absorption effect should be affected by Dampening.
Wowhead Link: |T136098:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198838|h[Earthen Wall Totem]|h|r
Additional Comment: /
24% Dampening

No Dampening
[All] Skyfury Totem

Class: Shaman
Specialization: Elemental
Category: Spell
Priority: high
Name of the bug: Skyfury Totem
How it's bugged: Values are false
How its supposed to work:

Skyfury (Crit Damage)
World: 40%
PvP Instance: 18%

Skyfury (Crit Healing)
World: 15%
PvP Instance: 15%

Crit for Damage in World PvP: 200%
Crit for Healing in World PvP: 150%

WoWhead Link: |T135829:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:204330|h[Skyfury Totem]|h|r
[Assassination] Master Poisoner

[Assassination] Master Poisoner
Category: Talent
Priority: High
How it's bugged: Currently Master Poisoner does not increase the healing reduce effect on Wound Poison (tested in PvP) and it does Not increases the damage of Creeping Venom.
How it's supposed to work: It should increase the healing reduce of Wound Poison to 24% in PvP (up from 20%) and it should increase the damage of Creeping Venom by 30%
Wowhead link: |T132108:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:196864|h[Master Poisoner]|h|r
[All] Cheat Death and Cloak of Shadows

Class: Rogue
Specialization: All
Category: Talent
Priority: High
Name of the bug: Cheat Death
How it's bugged: Cheat Death's cooldown is not triggered if it procs during Cloak of Shadows, which can result in multiple Cheat Death procs.
How it's supposed to work: Cloak of Shadows should not interract in any way to the cooldown debuff caused by Cheat Death.
Wowhead link: |T132285:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:31230|h[Cheat Death]|h|r
[Outlaw] Between the Eyes DR

[Outlaw] Between the Eyes DR
Category: Spell
Priority: Medium
How it's bugged: If you use it on the enemy target, you get the stun dr too.
How it's supposed to work: Only the enemy target should get the stun dr.
Wowhead link:http://www.wowhead.com/spell=199804/betweentheeyes
[Subtlety] Shadow Dance vs Subterfuge

[Subtlety] Subterforge vs Shadow Dance
Category: Spell
Priority: Medium
How it's bugged: If you use shadow dance while subterforge is up, when you lose subterforge, you lose your stealthbar too even if shadow dance is still up
How it's supposed to work: Shadow dance should always enable stealthbar (in duration of course)
Wowhead link:|T236279:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:185313|h[Shadow Dance]|h|r
[Holy] Incorrect Modifier on Heal

Heal is currently using an outdated PvP modifier. At the moment the PvP modifier is 200%, it should be 250%.

[Discipline] Power Word : Shield and Archangel

Class: Priest
Specialization: Discipline
Category: Honortalent
Priority: medium
Name of the bug: Archangel + Power Word: Shield
How it's bugged: Power Word: Shield doesn't increase properly with Archangel.
How its supposed to work:

545,188 Absorb without Archangel
708,744 Absorb with Archangel

Formula: 545,188 1,3 = 708,744

543,281 Absorb without Archangel
685,006 Absorb with Archangel

Formula: 543,281 1,3 = 706,265
But you only get 685,006 instead of 706,265
It seems, that it increases by 1,261 instead of 1,3
Seems currently to be: 543,281 1.261 = 685,007
Instead of: 543,281 1.3 = 706,265
WoWhead Link: |T458225:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:197862|h[Archangel]|h|r
|T135940:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:17|h[Power Word: Shield]|h|r
Additional Comment: /
[Holy] Incorrect Modifier on Renew

Renew's Initial heal should not benefit from the 175% PvP modifier. Only the Healing over Time should.

[Holy] Greater Fade

[Holy] Greater Fade
Category: Honor Talent
Priority: Medium
How it's bugged: Spells, like heals and buffs miss you in greater fade even from friendly targets.
How it's supposed to work: Priest with greater fade up, should only miss spells from enemy targets.
Wowhead link:http://www.wowhead.com/spell=213602/greaterfade
[Disc] Stackable Power Word: Fortitude

There should only be maximum one Power Word: Fortitude buff per player. In other words, you should not be able to stack Power Word: Fortitude buffs on a target.
[Discipline] Strength of Soul

Class: Priest
Specialization: Discipline
Category: Honor Talent
Priority: high
Name of the bug: Strength of Soul
How it's bugged: It doesn't benifit from Versatility.
How its supposed to work: Should benifit from Versatility
[Holy] Pure of Heart

Class: Paladin
Specialization: Holy
Category: Honor talent
Priority: High
Name of the bug: Pure of Heart
How it's bugged: Whenever u or allies are healed within 20yards it should clean diseases and poisons, but it doesnt.
How it's supposed to work: Whenever u or allies are healed within 20yards it should clean diseases and poisons (on the target receiving the heal).
[Holy] Avenging Crusader vs Cyclone

Class: Druid & Paladin
Specialization: Holy & Restoration
Category: Honor Talents
Priority: high
Name of the bug: Avenging Crusader vs Cyclone
How it's bugged: Avenging Crusader heals allies, who are in Cyclone.
How it's supposed to work: Cyclone should prevent any healing. Avenging Crusader shouldn't heal people, who are being in Cyclone or cycloned.
WoWhead Link: |T589117:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:216331|h[Avenging Crusader]|h|r
[All] Divine Shield vs Cyclone

The bug: Paladins can use Divine Shield while they are in a cyclone. The spell goes on CD.
How it should work: Cyclone should prevent the use of Divine Shield. The spell shouldn't even be clickable.
[Holy] Tyr's Deliverance

Class: Paladin
Specialization: Holy
Category: buff
Priority: medium
Name of the bug: Tyr's Deliverance
How it's bugged: Tyr's Deliverance doesn't procc the Bonus of Tyr's Deliverance
How its supposed to work: Tyr's Deliverance should trigger the bonus of Tyr's Deliverance. And the Bonus will always refresh back to 10sec, whilst the original Tyr's Deliverance is still active. You can see in the video how it works.
WoWhead Link: |T1122562:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:200652|h[Tyr's Deliverance]|h|r
Additional Comment: It seems to proc, but only when player takes damage. It supposed to procc immediately, after casting Tyr's Deliverance. Regardless of Players or Party Member health.
[Holy] Consecration

Class: Paladin
Specialization: Holy
Category: buff
Priority: medium
Name of the bug: Consecration
How it's bugged: Consecration isn't displayed under players frame.
How its supposed to work: Consecration supossed to show accordingly under a players frame, when it i's up.
WoWhead Link: |T135926:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:26573|h[Consecration]|h|r
Additional Comment: /
[Retribution][Spell] Greater Blessing of Wisdom/Kings

These two spells are deleted when we enter an instance that is in bg raid or dungeon and should not be deleted.

[Holy] Avenging Crusader

|T589117:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:216331|h[Avenging Crusader]|h|r

The Honor Talent Avenging Crusader doesn't heal when the damage dealt by the Paladin is absorbed, with Power Word: Shield for example, or other absorb effects. It should heal.
[Mistweaver] Rising Thunder

[MW] Rising Thunder
Category: Talent
Priority: Medium
How it's bugged: Rising Sun Kick doesn't reset the remaining cooldown on Thunder Focus Tea when used on totems.
How it's supposed to work: Should reset remaining CD on thunder focus tea when used on totems.
Wowhead link: |T839977:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:210804|h[Rising Thunder]|h|r
[Mistweaver] Jade Statue Soothing Mist

1. Statue should be able to crit, with chance equal to player's crit chance.
2. Statue should despawn after talent is unlearned.
3. Statue's healing should be increased by Enveloping Mist's healing recieved increase.

|T620831:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:115313|h[Summon Jade Serpent Statue]|h|r
|T775461:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:124682|h[Enveloping Mist]|h|r
[Windwalker] Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger

Should be displayed under player frame AND as a pet.
|T620832:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:123904|h[Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger]|h|r
Roll / Chi Torpedo

Both charges can be consumed if clicked on spell really fast.
|T607849:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:115008|h[Chi Torpedo]|h|r
[Mistweaver] Way of the Crane

Amount of healing it provides if my damage done was absorbed is insanely low.
Without absorbs in my tests it was healing 165k, with absorbs 158 (just 158 not 158k :P)
[Brewmaster] Invoke Niuzao, the Black Ox

Should be displayed under player's frame AND as a pet.
|T608951:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:132578|h[Invoke Niuzao, the Black Ox]|h|r
[Mistweaver] Jade Serpent Statue

Class: Monk
Specialization: Mist Weaver
Category: buff
Priority: medium
Name of the bug: Summon Jade Serpent
How it's bugged: Summon Jade Serpent isn't displayed under players frame.
How its supposed to work: Summon Jade Serpent supossed to show accordingly under a players frame, when it i's up.
WoWhead Link: |T620831:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:115313|h[Summon Jade Serpent Statue]|h|r
Additional Comment: /
[Brewmaster] Black Ox Statue

Should be displayed under player's frame.
|T627607:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:115315|h[Summon Black Ox Statue]|h|r
[Mistweaver] Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane

Should be displayed under player's frame and as pet.
Also dash speed between targets should be way faster.
[Frost][Trait] Obsidian Lance interactions

The trait Obsidian Lance interacts only with legit frozen targets, it should also interact with Ice Lances affected by Fingers of Frost and Winterchill..

|T135844:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:238056|h[Obsidian Lance]|h|r
|T236227:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:112965|h[Fingers of Frost]|h|r
|T135850:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:228358|h[Winter's Chill]|h|r

This bug might not seem much, but depending on pve mage build like Thermal Void spec, where ice lance makes about 50% of the mage total dps, with this bug the frost mage dps is gutted by 6%
[Arcane] Amplification

The way the talent builds up the bonus damage per stacks at the moment is bugged, instead of adding that +12% per charge to Missiles based on the 0 charges value, it adds up to 20% based on the 0 charges value, and continues to behave that way while stacks increase, jumping from 20 to 24% compared to the normal +12%.

How it should work: The description from above sounds a bit complicated, but the fix is rather clear, the way Missiles should work with that talent is this:

0 stacks normal dmg
1 stack normal dmg + mastery + 12% based on 0 stacks
2 stacks normal dmg + mastery +12% based on 0 stacks
and so on, to put it better will give a mathematical one:

0 stacks AM damage 50k hit per wave ( mastery bonus damage base value is 60%, this also can increase with other mastery from gear at 30% mastery, you get an extra 15% bonus per charge the 60% value is a base value increase per charge )
1 stack AM damage should be 50k1.72 ( 72% from 50k is 36k ) hit per wave ( 60+12 base+talent )
2 stacks AM damage should be 86k+36k ( stack 1 value + 72% of 0 charges value )
3 stacks AM damage should be 122k+36k hit per wave
4 stacks AM damage should be 158k+36k hit per wave

NOTE: Arcane Missiles stacking damage works perfectly fine without this talent, so issue is related to talent only.

|T135728:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:36032|h[Arcane Charge]|h|r
|T136096:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5143|h[Arcane Missiles]|h|r
[MM] Aspect of the Turtle against Healing shell

Once you use Aspect of the turtle and get the healing over time from the trait Healing shell, you have an option to cancel the Aspect of the turtle(shield only)
and keep the Healing shell trait actives for its cd, But in firestorm once you cancel the Aspect of the turtle ability the healing from Healing shell is canceled aswell which is a bug.
Aspect of the turtle http://www.wowhead.com/spell=186265/aspectoftheturtlecomments
Healing shell |T252184:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:190503|h[Healing Shell]|h|r
prove from retail at 2:50
the macro that used showtooltip Aspect of the Turtle
/cancelaura Aspect of the Turtle
/cast Aspect of the Turtle
[BM-MM] Barrage new animation

New animation for barrage is missing.
Quilen - Stone Armor spell

|T625905:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:160049|h[Stone Armor]|h|r
Currently Quilen can use that spell nonstop and even at full hp.
The spell should active when Quilen get below 40% hp and when spell actived then he should use again in 120 secs if get below 40% hp.
[BM] Dire Frenzy

Dire Frenzy should have 40 yards and if your pet is more than 40 yards from target so it should show "Your pet is out of range of the target"
[Feral][Legendary] Behemoth Headdress

Effect from legendary is present all the time, even if player does not have the legendary.
|T1095670:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:151801::::::::120:::::|h[Behemoth Headdress]|h|r
[All] Bear Form armor & stamina values

Bear Form misses PvP modifiers.
It should increase Armor by 200% and Stamina by 55% in PvE, and Armor by 125% and Stamina by 40% in PvP scenarios. Currently, it always increases armor by 200% and Stamina by 55,% even in PvP instances.

It is worth mentioning that we did retail testing for this? The weird thing is that on retail tooltip goes to 125% for Armor when in PvP, but Stamina remains 55%. However the math shows that it's 40 on retail. I'm typing this in case we later find another mod which auses stamina to drop, and have to revert that fix, but for now we haven't found anything more related to stamina, and well... Numbers are as follow :

2,193 Armor (Normal Form)
6,579 Armor (Bear Form)

79,373 Stamina (Normal Form)
123,028 Stamina (Bear Form)

2,193 Armor (Normal Form)
4,934 Armor (Bear Form)

79,467 Stamina (Normal Form)
111,187 Stamina (Bear Form)

|T132276:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:5487|h[Bear Form]|h|r
[Feral] Moment of clarity

When it procs it procs with 2 stacks(The debuff says only 1 charge but you can cast it twice until the debuff is gone), that's wrong. It should proc once and allow to stack up to 2 charges.

Frenzied Regeneration

Frenzied regeneration should stack. The current bug is that overrides. Will try to explain better:

HOW IS WORKING: You use Frenzied Regeneration TWICE (Spending both charges) and you get healed a 5% of your life.

HOW SHOULD WORK: If you use Frenzied twice, the remaining heal should be added to the new Frenzied. Let's put an example:

You use Frenzied Regeneration and let's suppose it will heal for 300k during all the time.

At second 2 you use Frenzied again and the first Frenzied healed 200k (50k 4) so it lasts 100k to heal.

So the healing of the second Frenzied would be: XXX + 100k.

XXX > Is half of the damage taken over the last 5 seconds

|T132091:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:22842|h[Frenzied Regeneration]|h|r
[Balance]Full moon damage doesnt split on secondary targets

|T1392542:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:202771|h[Full Moon]|h|r
when hiting more targets than 1 with this spell, the main target always takes full damage, but the secondary targets should take the same damage split between them

2 targets
main targetfull damage
second targetfull damage too

main targetfull damage
2nd target1/2damage
[Feral]Shadow Thrash

|T538514:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:210676|h[Shadow Thrash]|h|r
the trait seems to be procing on hit instead of on cast, making it close to 100% proc chance on multiple targets

the proc chance should only be on cast
[Guardian]Roar of the crowd trait

|T464343:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:214996|h[Roar of the Crowd]|h|r
the trait should give an additional 5% movement speed for each target hit up to 25% when yo cast stampeding roar, it doesnt give that bonus right now '

also the caster counts to that 5% so using it on without allies around you should still give 1 stack of the bonus alone

|T463283:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:77761|h[Stampeding Roar]|h|r
[Balance] Moonkin Form Armor

Moonkin Form is missing armor on Firestorm in PvP. It's supposed to be 125% base, + a trait, called Bladed Feathers, ading 25% armor per trait in PvE, 12.5% per trait in PvP. With 4 traits it's 50% increase, so Moonkins should have 175% more armor. As you can see on Live values, 2193 x 2.75 = 6301, and on Firestorm, we don't have these numbers.


2,193 Armor (Normal Form)
5,614 Armor (Moonkin Form)


2,193 Armor (Normal Form)
6,031 Armor (Moonkin Form)
[Restoration]Focused Growth and bloom healing

|T1408837:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:203553|h[Focused Growth]|h|r

the buff should also increase the final big heal, which it doesnt right now, it only increases the over time healing part
[Guardian]Legendary Cloak-Fury of nature

|T1035498:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:151802::::::::120:::::|h[Fury of Nature]|h|r
Currently when you unequip the item while in bear form, the bonus doesnt go away untl you go out of bear form

Same thing happens when you equip it in bear form, you have to change forms and go back in bear form to get the bonus
Shapeshift out of form

When you cancel form (from any form > human) should cancel any roots and slows (should work as transforming to any form)

[Feral] Feral Instinct

Is currently being snapshoted, it shouldnt.
It should increase all your damage/bleed damage only for the duration of the buff.
|T236149:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:210631|h[Feral Instinct]|h|r
[Feral] Ashamane's Frenzy in PVP

[Feral] Ashamane's Frenzy
Priority: Medium
How it's bugged: Doing too much dmg, initial dmg is fine, just the dot after is doing around 180k dot tick on pvp dummy (10% on players).
How it's supposed to work: We are missing PvP mod on this, should be 50% in pvp instance.
[Feral] Scent of Blood

Should be displayed as buff, currently its a debuff on the druid.
|T451161:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:210663|h[Scent of Blood]|h|r
[Unholy] Army of the dead

Dragged to Helheim is not doing dmg on firestorm.
|T237557:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:218321|h[Dragged to Helheim]|h|r

Whole army of the dead do less autoattacks than on retail.

Ability "Claw" of army of dead is not critting at all.

(Ghouls from artifact trait Apocalypse are same bugged as from AoTD)

google docs with proofs:

I've used the same gear, traits, relics and talents as on askmrrobot on firestorm and same type of fight of the same lenght(300sec on dummy)
[Unholy]Sludge Belcher (Abomination)

Sludge Belcher |T298667:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:207313|h[Sludge Belcher]|h|r
doing less DMG like it should.
When u use Dark Transformation Pet get 200% more DMG buff + Abominations Vile Gas [|T344804:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:212338|h[Vile Gas]|h|r should doing 80% shadow DMG but the scaling with mastery is wrong and its doing 1015k less dmg

Runeforging of Dk is bugged after last update, when you applied proc of fallen crusader in pvp. You can enchant your weapons with Fallen crusader and then runeforge it back to something else and your fallen crusader remains there. This bug/abuse can be reproduced on every spec. On frost you can have two razorice runes and still you can proc Fallen crusader. On unholy and blood you can have Stoneskin gargoyle and have procs of fallen crusader.

This bugs occurs only with Fallen crusader, you cannot bug other runes like this.
|T135842:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:53343|h[Rune of Razorice]|h|r
|T135957:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:53344|h[Rune of the Fallen Crusader]|h|r
[Frost][Crystalline swords]

Crystalline swords doesn't work like they are supposed to.
|T333546:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:189186|h[Crystalline Swords]|h|r

I've tried all the interactions possible and compared them with retail.
Throne breaker was hitting even without swords flying around you on both firestorm and retail, so that is fine.

But the problem was at passive regular attacks of crystalline swords. I had 8 crystalline sword hits on retail and only two on firestorm with same ammount of 60 basic attacks.


[Frost] Frostscythe

Frostcythe crit doesn't work, even when its crit dmg should be 400% damage it crits for a regular crit dmg.

damage on live

|T1060569:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:207230|h[Frostscythe]|h|r wowhead link

ask mr robot with formula
[Unholy] Dark Transformation & Leap

[Unholy] Dark transformation with Leap
Category: Spell
Priority: Medium
How it's bugged: In dark transformation, leap instantly interrupt the spell cast, without charge animation.
How it's supposed to work: should be delayed a little bit (~1 sec) because of charge animation
Wowhead link: |T342913:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:63560|h[Dark Transformation]|h|r
Evidence: /
Wraith walk

Wraith Walk shouldnt negate fall damage
Path of frost

Path of Frost currently Negates falling dmg, and should NOT
[Items]Melee dps trinkets

Melee dps trinkets in ToS should do 50% less dmg for tanks, healers and ranged dps
this includes
|T132330:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:147012::::::::120:::::|h[Umbral Moonglaives]|h|r
|T840198:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:147009::::::::120:::::|h[Infernal Cinders]|h|r
|T463902:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:147011::::::::120:::::|h[Vial of Ceaseless Toxins]|h|r

Also theres a missing modifier for unholy dks on shadow dmg trinkets in ToS they should do 30% less dmg for them
|T463902:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:147011::::::::120:::::|h[Vial of Ceaseless Toxins]|h|r
|T463286:16|t|cffffd000|Hitem:151190::::::::120:::::|h[Specter of Betrayal]|h|r (not yet implemented)
[Blood] March of the Damned

Currently while using this talent you can only remove snares and slows with Wraith Walk and not stuns. Even though i can use Wraith Walk during a stun, it doesn't remove it.

Note: It should work on same stuns like Icebound Fortitude and If it is a noneludible stun, this talent shouldn't work.

|T1100041:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:212552|h[Wraith Walk]|h|r
|T237561:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:219779|h[March of the Damned]|h|r
[Havoc][Talent] Prepared

If you hit an enemy, you should to generate 100 fury in 10 seconds.

EDIT(x3nn): tested on 7.3.5 ptr and retail w/ Pantoufle


Should generate 10 fury per sec and it does. BUT interval isnt 10 fury per 1second for 10s it's 1 fury per 0.1s for 10s.
Also if you use the spell out of combat you should lose 1 fury each second (out of combat loss) but on 7.3.5 fury gained from talent overrides the out of combat loss so you end up on 100 fury after 10s anyways, instead of 90.

Regen ends @ about 94 or 95 due to the 5 or 6 secs of regen out of combat
[Veng][Talent] Spirit Bomb + Frailty

Spirit Bomb applies 'Frailty' debuff to target which makes you heal for 20% of all damage you do to the target.
But, it doesn't work for Spirit Bomb itself. Since Spirit Bomb is one of the hardest hitting abilities it impacts selfhealing alot.
How it should work: If Frailty is already present on the target, Spirit Bomb should benefit from debuff and reapply it, not just reapply it.

[Vengeance] Soul Cleave Healing

Soul Cleave should heal based on Pain spent. Right now, it always heals for a lower amount.
Check the formula please.

[Havoc][Talent] Demonic

Buff duration should be 10s, from beginning of channel of Eye Beam.
Also, since Metamorphosis get applied on beginning of the cast, 25% haste you get from Meta must be calculated into Eye Beam formula.> >

|T1305156:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:198013|h[Eye Beam]|h|r
[Havoc][Talent] Demonic Appetite

Gives your Chaos Strike chance to spawn Lesser Soul Fragments which give you 35 Fury when you walk through them. Whats wrong with it currently is that it spawns the Fragments all the way around the target, in random directions.
It should spawn them only left or right of player, on few yards range.

|T2120320:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:206478|h[Demonic Appetite]|h|r
|T136210:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:215393|h[Lesser Soul Fragment]|h|r

Mr.Robot says something different

however, after watching many DH videos/streams from retail, fragment didnt spawn once behind the target which happens here a lot.
It makes rotation much harder because you have to move all around the target (raid boss for example) in order to keep picking up the fragments.
[Vengeance][Talent] Spirit Bomb Damage Type

Spirit Bomb should deal Fire damage and benefit from Charred Warblades but instead it does Shadow damage.

|T135818:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:213010|h[Charred Warblades]|h|r
[Havoc][Trait] Bladedancer's Grace

|T1305149:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:243188|h[Bladedancer's Grace]|h|r is not increasing critical strike damage of Blade Dance.

Note: This counts for Death Sweep also |T1309099:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:210152|h[Death Sweep]|h|r !
Do not forget to implement for Death Sweep aswell!
[Trait] Critical Chaos

Trait Critical Chaos doesn't increase critical damage of Chaos Strike/Annihilation.

So crit should be: Damage 2 (1+ 0.06 TraitRank)

|T1305152:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:201455|h[Critical Chaos]|h|r
|T1305152:16|t|cffffd000|Hspell:162794|h[Chaos Strike]|h|r
Spirit bomb

Damage is way too high (440% of spellpower instead of 180%)
Souls are just despawned instead of Consumed.
Fear-like spells damage breakpoint

Crowd control that should break on damage currently have a cap that is way too high, it should break on first or second damage application.
Plus, DoTs that are applied prior to the fear aren't breaking it, which is wrong, confirmed by retail testing