report : Gon - Lost Spectral Gryphon

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Title : Gon - Lost Spectral Gryphon
Status : 7
Creation date : February 15, 2020
Update date : May 5, 2020 13:17:24
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category : Creatures
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priority : normal
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Gon - Lost Spectral Gryphon
February 15, 2020 18:44:12

Realm: Sethraliss

Character (Ketelyn, Alliance, 120):

I tried to camp these two rare beasts too for 2 days for a total of 25 hours, but unfortunately I didn't find em.. then via ticket the staff told me they were bugged.
In the next day, they told me that both the mobs went fixed, and I camped em again for 4 days and I don't know how many hours.
Can someone please finally take care for good of these two scripts who allow them to spawn?

I know there are hugest issues who need more attention than this but, there's people who camp em for days and days wasting their time..
Thank you in advance.

Extra info :

Lost Spectral Gryphon ID : 121567
Lost Spectral Gryphon spawn area with coordinates :
Lost Spectral Gryphon will get summoned when a player touch his feather at Stormwind :

Gon ID : 121571
Gon spawn area with coordinates :
Gon will get summoned when a player touch his egg fragment at Orgrimmar :

Gon - Lost Spectral Gryphon
April 1, 2020 11:04:50

Firestorm, please solve this, we really want those pets.

Gon - Lost Spectral Gryphon
April 29, 2020 16:26:25

Hello,I hope that my patch is accepted ^^ ,you can check it in the forum:

Gon - Lost Spectral Gryphon
May 5, 2020 13:17:18

Hello, thanks for your report, we are aware.

Gon - Lost Spectral Gryphon
May 5, 2020 13:17:24

status changed from new report to resolved