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Title : Frozen Orb
Status : resolved
Creation date : November 21, 2017
Update date : June 16, 2019 15:50:17
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category : Classes
subcategory : Mage
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priority : critical
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Frozen Orb
November 21, 2017 22:18:44

Realm: Gul'dan

Character (name, faction, level...): Backpaddlez, Alliance, 100, Frost Mage

Complete description of your issue: After you cast Frozen Orb as a Frost Mage, it will close your game after like 0.5 sec and come up with an error, saying that World of Warcraft stopped working.

Steps for reproducing the issue:

Frozen Orb
November 23, 2017 14:25:49

This issue makes frost mages unplayable.

Frozen Orb
November 24, 2017 19:44:54

Plis atiendan este reporte hay muchisima gente en el servidor tirando a otra cercana con este bug, del orbe congelado

Frozen Orb
November 24, 2017 22:52:22

The issue is being addressed. Let's hope it will be solved soon.

Frozen Orb
November 24, 2017 22:52:30

status changed from new report to report confirmed

Frozen Orb
November 26, 2017 18:05:07


Frozen Orb
November 28, 2017 18:04:57

when will they fix this problem? I have been expelled from bg many times

Frozen Orb
December 4, 2017 04:28:47

2 weeks later and still not fixed... what are you doing? This is ruining the game for anyone that plays Mage. Give us an update.

Frozen Orb
December 9, 2017 21:39:05

Still not fixed..... OVER 3 weeks now and no fix and no update...... Why should people who main frost mage play on your servers anymore when you are simply allowing the entire class to be broken in pvp on a PVP SERVER?

Frozen Orb
December 12, 2017 20:27:24

I agree that without the frozen orb, the class is mostly useless.
But in the same time... the damage dealed by the orb were so broken that i can't be upset of this bug^^

Frozen Orb
December 20, 2017 01:22:03

A Month now and still no fix... can you guys tell us, honestly, is anyone even working on this? I've played on this server for a while and really enjoy it but I cant play my main class with this bug in arenas or in BGs and its really REALLY frustrating for me and every single mage on the server. DO you have ANY updates about this at all? Its listed as Critical on your server forums?!

Frozen Orb
December 20, 2017 03:59:18

Maybe because this bug is not on the server anymore ? I can spam cast the orb, never crashing ^^

Frozen Orb
December 20, 2017 17:39:28

Just Q'd 4 skirmishes yesterdauy , entered the skirmishes, cast frozen orb on the enemies... the SECOND it touched them my game crashed... sooooooo they must have JUST fixed that today.

Frozen Orb
December 20, 2017 20:53:31

ya... just used it... still broken : /

Frozen Orb
December 20, 2017 23:17:18

Por favor reparen el Bug del Orbe de hielo de los magos en el reino de GULDAN!!!

Frozen Orb
December 22, 2017 22:00:44

status changed from report confirmed to resolved

Frozen Orb
December 30, 2017 03:09:09

status changed from resolved to report confirmed

Frozen Orb
December 31, 2017 19:43:52

frost orb also doesnt necessarily go all the way to the targeted enemy either. part of why I don't like frost mage

Frozen Orb
January 3, 2018 21:09:41

still broken

Frozen Orb
January 4, 2018 03:45:51

I'm still waiting for you to fix the damn mistake

Frozen Orb
January 6, 2018 23:54:37

still broken

Frozen Orb
January 8, 2018 22:19:22


Frozen Orb
January 9, 2018 10:07:59

status changed from report confirmed to in progress

Frozen Orb
January 15, 2018 01:31:15

Pls just fix this damm Bug. We got crash everytime out of the BG because of the Ice Mages

Frozen Orb
January 16, 2018 01:49:07

useless gms
Why do they take so long?

January 17, 2018 00:37:26


Frozen Orb
January 18, 2018 22:34:06

1month and 28days.Firestorm Staff doesn't give a shit about WoD nomore

Frozen Orb
January 21, 2018 15:44:20

o pior agora é que muitos me culpam por esse erro as vezes os aliança lança orb e derruba todos eu nem uso mais porque sei que cai mais todos querem em acusa vale lembrar muitos de vocês quando estou na bg pedem pra eu lançar orb estou até sendo ameaçado de banimento por conta disso eu fiz vários danates arrumem isso pois os jogadores como eu que paga por itens e outros também merecem respeito obrigado

Frozen Orb
January 21, 2018 15:45:43

o pior agora é que muitos me culpam por esse erro as vezes os aliança lança orb e derruba todos eu nem uso mais porque sei que cai mais todos querem me acusa vale lembrar muitos de vocês quando estou na bg pedem pra eu lançar orb estou até sendo ameaçado de banimento por conta disso eu fiz vários danates arrumem isso pois os jogadores como eu que paga por itens e outros também merecem respeito obrigado

Frozen Orb
January 21, 2018 16:59:38

january at no fix...someone works here?

Frozen Orb
January 27, 2018 21:01:33

still bugged.... can a blue tell us why u cant fix this pls?

Frozen Orb
January 27, 2018 21:01:55

seriously can ANYONE working at firestorm tell us what the problem is with fixing this HUGE problem?>

Frozen Orb
January 27, 2018 22:47:20

This is like the recommendation list... you give to the workers and they give to the trash :3

Frozen Orb
January 28, 2018 04:55:45

The best part is that they done literally the LEAST amount of work possible to make it a non issue without actually trying to fix it, by disabling the use of frozen orb in game. This is basically them saying, "we got sick of all the players crashing peoples games and causing a bunch of forum griping, but we don't really feel like actually taking time to fix it, so we are just gonna pretend like the ability doesn't exist." This is the definition of sweeping a problem under the rug.

Frozen Orb
January 28, 2018 17:25:40

Thx at last they disabled it!! Those crashes were annoying!!

Frozen Orb
January 28, 2018 22:48:49

ya, its great except for those that play frost mage and still are lacking a major offensive ability and therefore cant push rating or play at a high level with their main characters. So frustrating that this has been a problem this long.

Frozen Orb
January 28, 2018 23:01:49

Its pretty sad that firestorm obviously took the time to go into the WoD server database and disable frozen orb, but didn't actually put the effort forth to just fix the problem while they were there. They also won't tell anyone if they are working on it or what the actual problem is. They clearly dontt give a crap about frost mages. It makes you wonder if they did this on purpose because someone at firestorm doesn't like frost mage. Otherwise why wouldn't they have fixed it as opposed to disabling it?

Frozen Orb
January 30, 2018 19:00:11

So here's an answer to those still typing messages here.

You are right when you say that WoD isn't Firestorm's priority, it's only stating the obvious that saying they are focused on Legion.
However they did spare someone to work on that issue. The problem is no fix has been found yet, and that is even harder due to the fact that the CAUSE of the issue is unknown as well. It just came when fixes were made to totally different spells.

Right now I am not aware if someone is working on it but the issue is not closed on to do lists.

@kikikjj Here's a question for you. The fact is that spell, disabled or not, is NOT usable. If a mage uses it his own game client closes. So what's the point ? That being said, do you prefer the spell still usable ? So anyone can make you crash on demand ? Arena games when you push rating ? Bgs ? A guy not happy about the fact that he lost the roll in a raid ? Chilling at SW or Orgrimmar ? They make you crash. Unless you were one of those abusing it to make other people's game experience bad, I don't see why you complain about the spell being disabled. I can understand that you want it fixed and not disabled. However, disabling it is a temporary solution while we wait for a better one. We figured it would be better than nothing, right ? Also, lets be clear, Frozen orb is indeed a great frst mage offensive cooldown. But be honest. The lack of Frozen Orb doesn't change your result THAT much, or if it does when you push rating, you're doing something wrong with your mage. Sure it's a disadvantage but hey, it's not like your burst doesn't exist without it or your dps is divided by 4.


@roguer13 You obviously know nothing of what transpired in Firestorm dev team, and still you talk. Do you do that in real life and get away with it ? Come on... It's like you are at school, you take an exam, and you come back the following day yelling "How come the teacher hasn't corrected the exams already !" Do you know his life, the fact that maybe the last evening it was his birthday and spent it with his family, that maybe someone he knew was in an hospital or something ? Point is, this is not because you're on a wow private server, hidden behind your computer that you can stop to behave like an educated human being equipped with a fully functional brain. Now for the answer. "They took the time to disable frozen orb" YES YOU ARE RIGHT SIR, but mind you, disabling frozen orb was a 20 secs job. Fixing it... Not so much. They put some effort into fixing it but failed. So maybe you didn't notice the effort. Will you always assume that it was never here as long as you don't see it ? Pretty Trump-like :p If they knew the actual problem, it would be solved. Nothing to do with their love for Frost Mages. Those who make decisions here are not players first, in love with a class and hating another. That's a business first, and a game second. Maybe the leader of a toy company doesn't even play with his toys, it's just a business, good income so alright. Your last sentence was completely out of place. The only reason why it's disabled it because the fix hasn't been found, and leaving it not fixed allowed people to crash others. So again, is it better disabled, or better when mages can crash people at will, since these are the only options for now ?

Have a nice day. If I have news I will give them to you, but when we don't say anything usually it means no news.

Frozen Orb
February 2, 2018 02:10:35

What I and many people wanted was exactly what you just gave, an answer. in many of my posts that is ALL i asked for and it took literally over 2 months to get someone to actually respond, in writing, not some auto message "work in progress" response. All so many wanted was a response, and to write a 2 paragraph response that "lets be honest" probably took you all of 10 min to write and post still will have a more positive impact then ignoring the questions. Yet the impact is that now at least we have some idea of what priority the fix is and whether or not it is simply being ignored. Peoples frustrations, and as a consequence, often their demands will grow when they feel they are being ignored and treated like they aren't important to a company that was more than happy to accept donations from said player.

As for the second point you just made about not really knowing how to play mage if I think i "need" frozen orb to push rating, That makes you look like you actually have never pushed rating in your life with a mage, and couldn't be more wrong.... I wont sit here and pretend like I am some multi rank 1 glad who knows this game backwards and forwards, but i was a 3v3 duelist 2.2+ mage in live and 2.1k+ in 2's and 5's. So as someone who is not a total and complete novice in mage pvp i must say that was the most asinine statement I've ever heard. Frozen orb in any given arena setting can easily account for close to 20-30% of all damage a frost mage does (not to mention the on demand utility of proccing FoF for possible Deep poly chains), and its essential for burst opportunities to land kills and force cds. Go ahead and take slice and dice from rogues or colossus smash from warriors, and see how many of the players trying to push rating aren't in here complaining, and rightfully so.

Of course i would love a fix but more than anything i and a lot of others just wanted an answer, which you gave, so thank you for that. and for working to fix the problem. You're right that its not a spell that a frost mage needs in order to compete on a fun and basic level in pvp, but saying its not needed to try and truly push rating makes you look like you don't have a serious understanding of pvp.

Frozen Orb
February 5, 2018 01:14:09

I fully understand the need for an answer. However I do not like it when people feel the need to ask for an answer aggressively, while making assumption about other people's work.

I indeed never pushed very far with a Mage? That doesn't make me totally unaware of their spells & mechanics. I don't say that it's a useless spell that you will not ever need but it is a spell "helps" nothing more. It's not as crucial as a warrior's colossus smash, which increases it's dps by a lot (imagine, on a plate wearer, it's like 20% more damage), or SnD, which provides more melee attacks (and melee attacks are usually n°1 or n°2 Rogue's damage dealers) and the entirety of the energy regen in both specs where the spell is an active spell.
I know that it allows for crazy burst windows, I know that it helps forcing CDs. I know that it gives procs, even though I can't recall the name of this. We can't say that it is a major spell without which you can't kill anyone though. There are mages who are still performing really well. This is the reason why I questioned your playstyle if you say you can't do anything rated w/o Frozen Orb.
I did some research. the best Frost Mage in PvE on Archimonde, with all raid buffs, all raid debuffs on the boss, 745 ilvl, which is HIGHER than PvP gear does only 2.5 % of his damage with Frozen Orb, and the average damage of the orb is only 13.5k damage, while Frostbolt average is 41.5k.

I am well aware that this is PvE and not PvP, in case some lecture on this is coming. I just give these numbers to show that if you can do 20% damage with Frozen Orb, there is an issue, don't we agree ? I mean, PvE or PvP, the % difference of damage between spells is always the same. So lets say you cast 10 Frostbolts in a game and nothing else, and Frozen Orb pulses 10 times, it will be 20% of your dps. Now, I don't think you do only 10 frostbolts, and no other spells, no comet storm, no Ice Novas, no ice lance, no icicles, for 1 minute. Right ? ;) I just want to point out that the spec isn't as destroyed as you seem to think, even if the proc part was indeed important.

Everyone, myself included, would love a fix. Sadly, WoD isn't a priority (the numbers of people logged on Gul'dan vs numbers on Sylvanas just explain why), so... We really don't know when they will decide they have more time to spare on this.

As for my understanding of PvP... I guess you'd be surprised then, if I look like I have none ;)

Frozen Orb
February 6, 2018 00:57:14

The points you make are all valid except one VERY important factor that people who do not push rating in pvp often miss. All those PvE numbers you stated which make frozen orb look like a minimal damage spell vs... say frost bolt, don't take into a account that in pve you can STAND and cast. Of course a raid frost mage will have huge frostbolt damage as a % of their recount damage compared to frozen orb, because they are standing and casting on an often stagnant pve raid target that is preoccupied with the tank . In pvp, those opportunities are FAAAR less available. Standing and casting is not a luxury that is often afforded in pvp against solid teams with constant cc and interrupts focused directly at the mage, if not just outright damage.... so although casting frostbolts is a huge part of mage pressure in arenas for general damage and burst/kill opportunities, VERY VERY often damage needs to be done on the move while trying to pursue an LoSing target or avoid damage/interupts/cc of the opposing team. Mage instant mobility damage is based around 3 back bone spells which are "frozen" ice lances primarily, and then ice novas and frozen orbs secondarily because of longer cds. Frozen orb is not only hugely important because of its use on the run and passive instant damage that the mage can rely on for solid pressure even while moving, but it also allows for a solid number of FoF procs to help finish off targets that are trying to run/los or trying to chase down the mage to shut down their damage. It is the aggressive, mobile nature of arena pvp that lowers the effectiveness of stagnant casting spells like frost bolt and increase the power of instant damage spells that arent as potent in pve settings (not to mention the need to do as much damage as possible in cc windows to score kills, also HUGE for frozen orb). That is why frozen orb is so important.

As for the "plenty of mages that are doing fine without it" claim... There is not a single mage in 2v2 that is over 2k at the moment, that is a sign that the class is ABSOLUTELY under-performing. I myself have not made a push this season simply because my partner and I already broke 2k on horde and alliance last season and wanted to make a 2.2k push this season, which, without working Frozen orb, would be insanely difficult.

You said it yourself So I will reiterate it, PvE is not PvP and the damage and abilities in 1 area of the game don't have any affect on the other necessarily. I understand that WoD is not a priority and it makes sense, you're right not a lot of people play there and that is what it is. Again I thank you for working to resolve this and for finally answering, but I stick by that the "aggressive" requests you saw could have easily been avoided if someone just took the 30 seconds to actually respond to the forum post with what you said to us before instead of letting people feel ignored. Ill keep checking to see if you have any updates on mage with fingers crossed and enjoy other areas of the game.

Frozen Orb
February 6, 2018 01:00:34

The colossus smash and SnD were examples, the point I was making was that classes can still function without spells, but that doesn't make those spells important, if not necessary, to push serious arena rating with.

Frozen Orb
February 6, 2018 13:42:10

I didn't speak about Frostbolt % damage that much, I spoke about Frostbolt average damage per cast. As it stands, my numbers show that a single Frosbolt is, on average, four times more powerful than a Frozen Orb hit. Nothing related to Frostbolt total % damage.
So yes, you need to move and can't cast just like a PvE raid mage, however the fact that Frostbolt hits 4x more than Orb never changes. And because of my arena experience, you will not make me believe that you cast only 4x Frostbolts/minute.

If there isn't any Frost mage over 2k, that's because the good Frost mage players have not been pushing this season. Sometimes they still queue and believe me they're deadly w/o Frozen Orb. They just don't want to push, really, but they are here some evenings. I never meant that you were incompetent, but maybe we can agree on the fact that there are better mages who manage oh so very well w/o Frozen Orb, while you say you can't.
Maybe I'm not the best of players, but still this season my alliance rogue is doing pretty well since I have 2k5 and I think I am good enough with it, and still when those players log in and queue into me and my priest, we're really really really not far from losing, sometimes going to 75 damp. And I see that I'm eating many Frostbolts. And consider that, as a rogue, I have 80% damage reduction against Ice Nova and Comet Storm, a thing that no other class in the game has.
Also, for the records, I'm a bad mage myself, even though I can still play the class, and yesterday, with gear that had absolutely nothing to do with Frost spec, i didn't even have the 4P set bonus, I queued a few games, and fought for instance a shunt/Rsham. These guys were very bad, but that doesn't change the raw damage of my spells. At some point, sham didn't have a trinket, deep into sheep and Frostbolt Nova Comet Nova FrostfireBolt with Icy Veins the hunter, I hit for 30k with Frost bolt, 93k Ice Nova, 6x10k Comet, 92k Ice Nova, and 54k Frostfire, for a grand total of 329k in 5 GCDs, still 2 sheeps and a Frostjaw + fear available on the Shaman (16 seconds of CC, right, when he just got 12), and my priest damage, my pet damage, my stored Icicles on the hunter. Needless to say he died. Because deep has such a low CD I believe this kind of thing is doable even without Veins every 30 secs. Really at that moment I was like "wow, he really told me that Frost mages can't burst" :p
Maybe I got lucky, but I don't see how damage would be different on a good player if you catch him without defensives. Again I am not an exceptional mage at all so I might lack something here.
As for the difference between PvE and PvP, I'll say again, that was a mean to compare the damage per hit of these abilities, not the % total damage done by the spells. And PvE or PvP make no difference here. I'd even say the difference is even higher in PvP because of the mage 4P set bonus. Am I wrong ?

I wasn't really available during the last months, hence my inactivity, and sadly you will not find many forum-authorized staff who give you updates about Gul'dan. Regular updates could indeed have avoided aggressivity, but well... WoD is fading and even I would like to see more work being actually done about it. And no work means no news... I'm being honest here, if I have any other "new" update in the near future I will tell immediately, but that's being really optimistic.

Good day ;)

Frozen Orb
February 8, 2018 03:04:04

I Appreciate the honesty, and will keep my fingers crossed that something comes about. I normally wouldn't worry much about problems with a specific server cause I could always give another a try but the sad fact is the only really legitimate firestorm server is firestorms so its sad to see it lost attention from Devs and even more sad to see the server fading. Oh well, thanks again.

Frozen Orb
February 10, 2018 21:52:12

I guess you meant "WoD" :p
Last I was told, devs said they would give Frozen Orb another try, but no promises as to the results.

Frozen Orb
May 16, 2018 20:53:29

hey tards-dev, where fix?

Frozen Orb
July 23, 2018 23:11:33

still no fix xD omg

Frozen Orb
July 23, 2018 23:12:24

this is a Spanish server so they focus on money only. Spanish people kill for money

Frozen Orb
February 6, 2019 15:58:49

no fix

Frozen Orb
June 16, 2019 15:50:09

Closing per expired resolution.

Frozen Orb
June 16, 2019 15:50:17

status changed from in progress to resolved