report : PvP - Horde abusing glider

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Title : PvP - Horde abusing glider
Status : 2
Creation date : February 7, 2017
Update date : May 10, 2017 16:34:31
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category : Battlegrounds - Arena
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priority : normal
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PvP - Horde abusing glider
February 7, 2017 15:02:50

It is buged on Mop too
repaired in 5.1 on offic
Horde is abusing bug with glider - you cant glide with flags in official
Can you please repair this fast? This is PvP server and one of the side has high advantage in those maps......

Steps for reproducing the issue:
Horde or Alliance - pick enemy flag, find good place - use glider to glide through half map, cant be stopped with dmg. Horde is abusing this more then alliance because Twin Peak - alliance base is on hill, WSG they can walk without problem to exit from base and glide half map too
Can you use Goblin Glider when holding a flag? Would be kinda OP in twinpeaks for horde.

That was nerfed with 5.1; the button with glider is grey when u carry a flag, so flying accross tha half of the map with flag in twin peaks is not an option anymore.
The glider can be used where you wouldn't normally be allowed to mount or fly. This includes indoors, in instances, in combat and in regular battlegrounds , but not rated battlegrounds, nor when you are carrying the flag/ball.
You CANNOT activate the glider while carrying the flag.

PvP - Horde abusing glider
February 8, 2017 23:23:37

well u could block twin peaks until fix

PvP - Horde abusing glider
February 10, 2017 10:06:19

they abuse it at wsg too....

PvP - Horde abusing glider
February 11, 2017 14:58:51

status changed from new report to report confirmed

PvP - Horde abusing glider
May 10, 2017 16:34:31

Le Hotfix a été mal interprété, ou n'est pas le plus récent, voir mes recherches :

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