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September 16, 2021
September 28, 2021 13:25:12
I recommend checking the arenas on the BFA realm. In 2v2 top 20 + - players never play against each other. The Dodge system has achieved a high rating.
September 26, 2021 23:24:50
wait who played 1v1 rated non get rewards? this is unfair
September 25, 2021 16:43:34
we want shadowlands
September 25, 2021 11:23:51
fix the points gains and loses, is ridiculous win 14 with same rate and lose 13 , if u havent a big win streak basically u camp at same rating at some point. Over 2100 is full donor competition , where u chain lose with trash player .
<Los Desmadrados>
September 24, 2021 17:32:19
Para cuando shadowland?
September 21, 2021 20:49:34
I gave up donating and playing months ago cos of getting 1 shotted in 2v2 or being found when invisible by hackers. No fun being quite a high spec mage and doing practically zero damge to all arena players. yea trolls can say im crap but hey you ever wonder why pvp takes so long to happen? cos players who are real and dont cheat wont join in anymore. Sad when you own team member stays afk or refuses to assist cos they dotn want to win this match or bg. Be interesting how they goner fix win trades.
September 20, 2021 18:22:13
Isn't it too late for season reset on MOP? U guys have alredy lost 80% of PvP players becoz they were bored how u guys are ignoring problems on that server for years... It's so sad, but also understandable how population went down...
September 20, 2021 11:49:44
I have 2 questions
First is does the end of the pvp seasons means that SOON u are gona make shadowlands private server
And the second is
When u made the shadowlands realm would u make it so that the boris boost will be available even after u have wasted it on other realms , I REALLY HOPE U MADE IT THAT WAY
Keep going i love firestorm hope we soon se shadowlands
<Tavern of the KinGGoblin>
September 19, 2021 13:08:37
PVP needs to repair Arena and MMR system.
Players receive a small + for winning in arenas over retail.
I saw players who didn't play even 120 arenas and had a 2500+ rating.
Here is a screenshot of Retil which has a score of 156 - 77 and has a 2708 rating.
On Firestorm, even if you had a score of 156 - 0, you don't even have 2200. And I'd rather not comment on that 3v3.

September 19, 2021 12:29:24
hi i have question when shadowlands has come?