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January 10, 2019
Legion: Season 5 PvP!
January 17, 2019 09:02:26
what a scam
January 13, 2019 16:59:09
Not best place to write this but please add new mounts in shop with decent prices. Also dont add character bound mounts. Its pretty stupid and selfish.
<ERP All day every day>
January 12, 2019 12:42:25
OMG, why do you randomly chose to not give titles this season for 2v2... At least give rewards for the top 10 like last season
<Mythic Style>
January 12, 2019 06:46:03
WTF firestorm 1v1 not balanced how to poor warrior class vs feral rogue paladins?
January 11, 2019 15:20:18
3v3 is literally either wintraded or farming 1 enemy team over and over , but most likely nobody is in que for hours ... this season seems like a big joke , and 1v1 is as it said unbalanced to the max. im dissapointed
<For the Hørde>
January 11, 2019 11:41:05
Why would you not give titles for 2v2... Nobody ques 3v3 and 1v1 is so unbalanced
January 10, 2019 23:37:37
Just give in 2v2 titles, its better than in 1v1..
<ERP All day every day>
January 10, 2019 19:00:44
R1 title from 1v1 is the worst thing i've ever seen. Rethink this.
<koala ninja>
January 10, 2019 18:51:43
Yea jovan