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February 26, 2018
Siege of Orgrimmar (Heroic)
<The Shadow Kingdom>
March 18, 2018 12:39:00
How many people we need to be to enter this raid ?
March 7, 2018 15:47:08
they will not add it cuz all is about money so ppl buy mog items
March 6, 2018 10:31:19
Many of my tickets got ignored, even if they were well written and had all info needed and fix was simple. I saw many warlocks running around having the Green Fire questline mount reward and spell changes. I open a ticket, couple of days later i get whisper from high ranked Game Master.
I was excited thinking that i will get actual help. After talking a while, getting only silly question from GM. I explained that second quest from the 12 quests if i remember well, is bugged and cannot be completed. I nicely ask him to complete last quest from chain for me so I can get the green colour of the mount and the spells. Since the questline is broken on Legion realm, only that way is possible to get the new looks. Giving quest name and quest ID, it would take 1 minute maximum for him to add the quest to my log. Questline was available on MoP realm, dont have any character there and I do not intend to make a character there and transfer to Legion realm since my legion warlock is already well geared and I would have to delete it and put alot of work in leveling a new one, transfering, leveling again and gearing. 1 minute job for GM doesnt seem too much I think. He told me that if he completes the broken chain for me , it would be like HACKING in BATTLEGROUNDS. Yes, hacking in battlegrounds. Green Fire chain gives you a green version of the class mount and some green spells istead of firey. Purely estetic but awesome looking. So how that qualifies as hacking .
<Knights of Azeroth>
March 5, 2018 23:46:17
Marius i agree with you because its true they're hungry for money and dont even care about the players ingame and how they lose it by doing this things also i do a ticket and waited like 2 days for answer and when i got the answer "i lose quest item for my hunter " the Game master who read my ticket just say sorry we cant do anything about losing items or etc...Well my question is what are you doing then when you're Game master ->Trolling people? Staying in some city zone and morph yourself?Speak many languages but not English ?->How we can keep playing like this? Can anyone answer me? I don't think so.So soon me and my friends will leave the server forever if this thing dont stop.
We need ingame real Game master for help us when we need them.Many players like "spanish,french" get transmog items and nother thing somehow from the unknown place and none wanna answer you about them.They use some kind of bug or there is a game master who help him i dont know.Its not possible to get "Frostmourne " ingame or even in the game store for real money but some people have it somehow.How much time we need to wait about the simple fixed? Everytime when you log ingame you get massive lagg?Flying with the npc guard in the towers or even in the ground and get smashed by the walls?The Visual Bugs of the items/quests? If there is really a good staff like a developer please check our bug tickets/topics we support the server and act we give money to play.This is not normal.
March 4, 2018 09:13:37
can you open this raid for LEGION pls,pls
<I N F I N T Y>
March 3, 2018 17:32:47
Can you open this raid for Legion servers? we want tmogs!!!!
March 3, 2018 17:17:16
Got a permanent ban on forum, 3 months ago, for telling that your changelogs lie and that you lied about some other stuff.
Also "Unholy Infusion" quest which is part of Shadowmourne was in bugfix tracker on HIGH PRIORITY, just to get stuck at the 8th of 9 quests, the actual one where you get the Shadowmourne Axe. No problem, I open a ticket, I loose 20 minutes almost, explainig to the GM the problem, giving him the quest name and quest ID and hoping to get the Shadowmourne. The man was really lost, he thought I want Invincible mount. Makes sense ? Not really.
Finally he had a moment of resolution and he understood I want the Axe, he simply replied "we need money hun". The quest is not working so you buy it for 100 coins that you get for real money only.
I joined this server to tryout Legion for a while. Soon after joining I donated 20 Euros, to support the server and to grab some shop mounts. Sadly after a while I realized server doesnt support its players back. Only care about little work, big lies and hoping to get alot of money.
March 2, 2018 22:30:10
LOL 3 yrs late
March 1, 2018 16:24:35
Will this be availble on Legion? so we can fkn get transmog instead of buying it for real money?
March 1, 2018 07:56:59
my account is banned for 30 days. for few bad words....
shame on u firestorm