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Freakz Account Merge

In this page, you can process the merge of your Freakz account with your Firestorm account.
If you are not logged in with a Firestorm account right now, and / or you do not have a Firestorm account, do not worry: a Firestorm account will be created after the merge process completed.

Please have in mind that merging an account is final and can not be undoed, so be extra sure that you are merging the correct Freakz account with the desired Firestorm account!

- Input your Freakz username. The Freakz username is NOT an email.
- Input the Freakz password.
- Input the Firestorm account email. It doesn't have to be the email that you used on your Freakz account.
    · If you are logged in, then the field will be filled already.
    · If you don't have a Firestorm account, then you need to put there the email address to create the Firestorm account. It does not have to be the email that you used on your Freakz account: it can be a completely different one!
    · If you have a Firestorm account, but you are not connected with it, then you need to put your Firestorm account email here to link the account.

Press on "Send merge request". if the information is correct, then a mail will be delivered to the Firestorm email address provided with further instructions. If you cannot see it, you may need to check your SPAM folder, and make sure the entered email is not a Microsoft email (hotmail, outlook, etc...).

When the merge process is completed, you will need to use your Firestorm account email and Firestorm password in order to connect and play with your Firestorm and Freakz characters, both ingame and in the website!

Full guide with more information